Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1860 Page 3
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v _ _____ . ..... ""local" news. 117"" Thi Star publisher the Llata of Letter* remaining In the Washington City Poet Office under the prerlalona of the law directing them to be printed in the newapeper baring the largest circulation within the delivery of the office. Ita total dally circulation la more than double that of any other Dally printed In the District of Columbia. JET Though Thi Star Is printed on the fhstrat to be Inserted in the Baltimore Su* are received at and forwarded from The Stab Offlce. A Sewii Damaged bt the Rain.?Tbe heavy Mi n vesterdav morning filled tbe gutters along the Ktreett ao suddenly that tbe water, taken by aurpr se, waa unable to find aufllctent outlet through the means provided by the Corporation In tbe way of aewer drops, and in consequence many of the gutters were overflowed, and damage thereby done to the atreets. In Tenth street, between O and H streets, the drop communl;at;af with the greet sewer which crosses tbe street in tse middle of tbe squsre, on tbe west side, was Insufficient to carry the water out of the gutter, and it overflowed just at the point where tbe workmen are engaged in building the brick arch to the continued sewer ruanlnjt through the sdjolting vacant square; and < omiag in contact with the freshly built portion of the arch, worked its way through, causing about twenty-five feet of the brick work to fail in. Tbe damage, however, 1s Inconsiderable, and will repaired. Lattr ?About an hour after tbe above was written, another portion of tbe same arch, upon which the bricklayers were working, and about fifteen feet is extent, fell is, badly crushing the foot of an irishman named Tom O'Donnell. who was engaged hi removing loose brick* that bad fallen into the sewer. Hewn immediately pulled out and carried into acarpenter shop near by,andrar' gical assistance rendered him. Notic*, in another column, the advertisement of Mr. Alexander Rutherford.who has just placed in operation the Pioneer Steam Marble and Brownstone Works,corner of Pa. avenue and Thirteenth st. Mr. Rutherford, as the oldest man in his line of business in this city, has seen the eminent propriety rf doing away with the necessity for sending out of the city for work of a superior finish, which can only be done by machinery; and with the energy of a thoroughgoing business man has added to his facilities the use of steam and machinery. Those in his line of business who have hitherto depended upon the steam marble mills of Bsltiroore, Philadelphia, and other northern -IAI J ciun, neea ao co no more, at tie 1* fully pie parr d to execute all orders. at tbe same price* a* are demanded In those cities We happened to step lato his tstablisbment a day or two ago, and were struck with tbe rapidity and perfection with wblcb his steam-impelled rubbing beds, frame sod rip saws and polishing beds do their work. Let him be encouraged In his good work of giving a forward impetus to home trade. There is no reason upon earth why Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria should depend upon north* ern cities for anything in tbe way of manufactures while we have among us men of business ability and enterprise. Rkdkmftios or ConroiATioi Cmtitjcatis? For tbe benefit of the thousands of our readers in tbe city who never see any of tbe excellent political papers of necessarily-limited city circulation, in wbich tbe municipal powers-that-be see fit, In tbeir patriotic wisdom, to do the Corporation ad-... i-U.. 1 1 J *1 - vci wc uiacM mic luuuwiDg auTrruvrmfiu gratis: Red'.mpticn of Certijicatts of Indtbtidness paid by the Corporation of Washington, amounting to 95U.UU M itni'i Off ic*,Washington, Aug 25,1^60. Personi holding certificate* of 1 ndebtednew iMued by this Corporation under authority of an act of the Councils, approved ^September 23, I8JW, are hereby notified aaid certificate* will be redeemed on presentation at this office on the 4th day of Septemoer next; after which date they will cease to bear interact. Jam. G. Bzkret, Mayor. Fukthkb Citt Census the First Ward, ss already announced, the number of free inhabitants is ~.W*. slaves 250; the de-itbs were 166; number of gardens 7; manufactories 22; number of bouses 1,477; number of families 1,473; three pjbllc schools; six libraries, containing 13.100 volumes There are churche* aa f.llows 1 Presbyterian, 1 Protestant Episcopal, 1 Methodist Episcopal, 1 Friends, 1 Evangelical Lutheran. 2 colored Methodist, 1 colored Baptist?the whole capable of accommodating 5.U50 persons, and va'ued at SlOti.UOO. The real estate is assessed at *3,U2l.fe'J, personal ?2.383,300; total *7 404.9*2. In the Seventh Ward there were, In the year ending Jane 1, 1360, 1*1 deaths Thev have nine churcbc*, which are valued at ?tft.000, and can accommodate 3,350 persons. The oldest Inhabitant Is 123 years of age. WmoTicii movement among the propertyholders In Seventh street, and the prominent merchants on Pa. avenue near Seventh st . in form of a petition (which is receiving many signatures) to be presented to the Cltv Councils, for the construction of a sewer in Seventh at , from F street to tbe canal, sufficiently large to carry off the overliow from the gutters on the occasi on of every considerable fall of rain, without datraze to th? 1property. As the nuisince caused by this frequent overflow Is a crying sne, and of long standing, It ts to be hoped the City Councils will give the subject of its amelioration prompt attention whin It snail come legitimately before them. Tib Bkll asd Evzkxtt Chtial Clci, at their meeting on Thursday night, accepted, tom*-whtt reluctantly, the resignation of Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, ?sq , as president, owing t? bis delicate health, which prevents a regular attendance, though his zeal Is unabated John C Kennedy, esq . was unanimously elected president, and Dr Noble Yonnu, esq , second vice president, Dr. Tbomas Clayton being the first The club Is daily receiving the most encouraging accounts from all parts of the country, and they begin to ft*I a confidence that by a union of the conservatlve forces of the cobntry, Bell and Everett will be elected by the people.?Ini'lt tgr.ncer. Tuu Ball asd Display or Ftax Wons announced in another column to come off at Columbia Springs on Tuesday evening next, under the auspices of the National (Quadrille Association, promises to be a decide enjoyable sflfclr to all who are fortunate enough to be present. The best of music has been engiged; the managers are tiptop bands at such things, as their former efforts have proven tbrm; and last, though not least, a whole bevy of Washington's fairest daughters may be expected to grace tbe scene. To >11 who with to have a jolly good time, we would say rinpbatirally, go to Columbia Springs on Tuesday evening aext. ' Mklox R ihm i? Uiaigi Pbxls.?Tbe papera are cautioning persons against throwing melon rtods on tbe pavements, on accountof tbe unpleasant accidents to which they gives rise. We, ourselves, know of aa aged citizen of thia place who lately received a severe fall by treading on a melon rind We would suggest to tbe benevolently Inclined that they not only refrain from throwing these things on tbe footways, but that they remove auch aa they may fiod lying there. A whirl of a cane, or the push of a root In passing by, may ssve some one a broken limb. Many feet will make light work?Alt:e Semttwl. Cistial Gcabdhocsk Casas ?John Murphy was arrested aa a fugitive from the Asylum, ana dismissed upon tbe payment of S7 IS, old tine and costs Ann Cavanagb, a young and handsome girl of 17 rears, Was brought in for being drank and disorderly; she wss "sent down'' for 60 days. Tbe dreadful effects of intemperance are plainly discerned In the condition of this young girl ana her fhmily. The examining justice says this Is the third time ahe baa been to the Asylum, and at one time she met ilere with her father and three brother* Attsmpt to Rob a Colo*id jf a*.?Yesterday, hoot two o'elock, a colored man belonging to Mr. Jonbua Pierce, on bla way home from tbe city, ?n attached by three white men, and knocked aenatleaa. They were fruatrated in their intention to rob tbetr victim, however, by tbe appearance of ? gentleman on the rood, on aeeing waom they 1? 4. Tm Y orjro Catbouc'b Finn 0otiitiii of Washington andjlaltlmore announce a if rand aoclal pic-nic at Annapolla Junction. on Thursday, the 10th lnat It will no doubt be a splendid affair For full particulars, aee advertisement in another column. Tub Piomuidi Comcbst br tbe Marine Band this afternoon pronilMi an excellent musical treat to the public. Among tbe popular pieces in today's programme an tbe new Medley Quickstep, Grand Walts, Monkey Gallope, and tbe beautiful 11 ute solo from Don raiquir Twst do Sat that Oyster keeps tbe best butter in tbe Center Market; be tbat ttitnav, ws know that be kaews uood peaches Tbe half dozen bl< specimens which be sent Mies" this tnoralntf were delicious. Madams Csosms.?This distinguished rorallst from New York ia expected during a brief soiouia bere to fetor us with her voice. To-morrow, at team pre* lu ne south ?f Baltimore, Its edition is 10 lajye aa to require It to be pot to pre* at an early boar; Advertisements, therefore, sbeuld be sent In before 13 o'clock motherwise they may not appear until the next day. Norira to Wa?hi*?to!?ia!??.?Those of oar fellaw-cltliens leading for the watering place* and elsewhere ahould bear in mind that we do not tnall Tut Sta* except after payment In advance at the rate of 37^ cents per month. Notice.?District of Columbia Advertisements Alixanotua maxvractvmim Statistics ? Weeire below, from the census of this year, aiya the Gazette, the statistics of the manufactures of thia city on the let day of June last. Since that Clod aereral manufacturing establiibmenta have n opened. The whole number of manufacturing establishments then In tbe city waa 77, of which IV were carried on with steam power, 4 by ,horae-power, and tbe remainder by band. Tbe several kinds of manufactories number reSDectivelw M fnl!?? a - ?'- "-* , , ?w ?wt/M anu boocs, iij n?a coring, II; butchers, 9; tin and copper smithing, 7; brickyards, 6; blacksmith! ng, 5; bread, Ac.,5; candv, cakes. 4c . 5; founder*, 4; cab!netware.4; fertilizers, 4; saddles and harness, 4; gent's clothing 4; coaches, Ac., 3; hats,caps. Ac., 3; railroad cars, U, machlnary, 3; ale, mineral water, Ac ,3: plumbing, 2: leather manufactures, 2; soap and candles, 2; cigars, Ac . 2; chemicals, 1; ground sumac. 1; framed and plain timber. Ac., 1; cotton cloth, 1; flour, 1} bound books, 1; carts, Ac., 1; glue, 1; barrels, casks, Ac., 2; earthenware, 1, cut stone, tombs, Ac., 2. The capital invested in manufacturing it reported at 487,12). The raw material consumed In the manufacturing establishments is estimated at #491.089 per annum, and the annual value of the manufactured product* at S857,220, exclusive of the Pioneer Mills, which were not in operation on the lit day of June. The** establishments I employ 785 hands, of whom 627 are males and 156 tastes. In lb50, as reported bv the census, there were 92 manufacturing establishments In this l_ i - 1- * * * * t?iy, wuicu cuipioyea au4 mates and 309 females. Thk Shekbursk and Kit Duel.?Mr Editor: In your paper of the '23d Inst, there ia an account of duels at the Bladensburg rronnd, taken Torn toe Philadelphia Ledger, wh ich la erroneoua In I sjme particulars In respect to the affair between the then midshipmen David Key and John H. Sherburne. They did not fight near Bladensburg, but acroas the Eastern Branch, opposite the Navy Yard. Neither did Sherburne utter the revengeful words attributed to him, but quietly received bis adversary's fire, and discharged his pistol in the air. Reconciliation being lmpoealble. a second shot vrai exchanged, which revolted la the death of Key, the eventual death of Sherburne from mental suffering, and years of anguish to two estimable families. It is much to be re& retted that such publications should continue to e made to barrow up the fmlinps of bereaved frirnda; but as a connexion of the survivor in the affair. I cannot allow his memory to be tarnished with tbe reputation of vlndlctlveness; knowing bow bitterly be regretted tbe bloody necessity wbich led to the result. Yours respectfully, Washington, Aug. 25. S. F. Gl'kk:i. Escape ot Coxvicts ?This morning two conYlcta (nam*>ri Mc nnnsM ?-j~ -1 , ..iu >1 iiauu/ niauc lUCir escape from the U. S. Penitentiary. The former was convicted at Norfolk of manslaughter on the high seas, and sent to this prison for punishment; W llson was convicted of burglary, when the dwellings of Deputy Marshal Phillips and W. H. Thomas were broken into and robbed by him; be was sentenced for six years. Both were employed In the bakery of the institution, and, as the custom is, they were turned out of their cells at an early hour, to go to the bakery to prepare breakfast for the convicts; they went and slipped off tbeir prison clothing, and scaled the walls by means of a ladder, which they obtained by some means. The warden and his subordinates were soon in search of tbem; the city police were notified, and the valuable services of Detective Officer a a a it-- - !-?i-j ? ?? * - ? ?. niicu auu utucr inuepenami couniy oinctts were eecured, but op to noon no'capture, as we bear of, has been made Census Statistics of Geokgktown.?During the year ending June 1st, I860, there were 13-* deaths and fifty-nine marriages The number of houses is 1,341. Number of familiea 1,457. There are thirty manuffcctoriea General tax ?28,013 Gas 86,002. Schools 91,195, and water 911,104. There are seven libraries containing 14,<i00 volumaa. Churches, one Roman Catholic; two O. S. Presbvt r an; one Methodist Protestant; two Methodist Episcopal; three Protestant Episcopal; one colored M K., and one Bethel; ail of which will accommodate 10.000 persons, (the entire population is 8,730,) and valued at 8104 ,W0. There are several citizens whose agea are from seventy-five upwards to eighty and eighty-three; two at ni nety. one at ninety-one. and another ninety-three, and the oldest inhabitant Is one hundred years of age. Thk Nkw Methodist Chukch South ?The wo k of demolishing the oid building, corner of Ninth and E streets, was begun some days aj;o. The lot is the site upon which the MethodUt Church South Intend to erect their new house of wcrililp. an idea of the design of which was given In the " Star" aome months line# In nr/4?r ?h?? the liberality of the friends of the church may not be checked by the extravagant atatementa of thoughtless persona, we are authorized to contradict a published rumor that the ' Society have at command #75.000 with wbicb to commence." The whole building la expected to coat btt^ern 870,(XV and S75,(*X), and though the friends of the church have been very llberalin contributing, no such amount Is yet at their disposal. SoMXAXBULiaM?John W. Kidwell, from Georgetown, D. C., a recent graduate of Geor^etivrn College, on a viait for a few daya at Col Parson's In the vicinity of Romney, Va_, retired t > bed in the upper atory of the houae, on Tuesdav night, accompanied by a companion, and about two o'clock in the morning, says the Virginia Argus, hoisted a window and leaped to the ground, a distance of about fifteen feet. Although ali^btliiv unon his fe?t the fall and it la feared his injuries are quite serious. Tbe servant* hearinp blrn ran Immediately to bia relief. Col. P summoned a physician, and tbe Foang man la doing as well aa could be expected. : appears that Mr. K. waa in the habit of walking in his sleep. Smashkd Aoaix.?A short time ago we notlrei th- runaway of a spirited hors?, beUineine to Dr. J J. Waring, and tbe narrow escape of bis little colored boy, wbo was driving Yesterday tbe same horse started in tbe same way, with tbe same i uggv and the same bov. The furious animal was entirely uncontrollable bv tbe diminutive driver, and by kicking an't jerking, soon demolished the vehicle, and tbe boy did not esrape so fortunately as before This time be waa considerably bruised, though not severely Injured. Musical?The sccomplisbed daughters of our esteemed fellow-citizen. Mr. Josenh H fl??Ul? who have been appointed to the musical department of the Huntsvilie (Alv) Female Seminary? leave Washington next Wednesday, to assume their labors there. This appointment is a high compliment to the mus-cal talent of this citv. and Is most deservedly bestowed. The Mla?es Daniel are worthy pupils of Mrs Franklin, one of Washington's best lady teachers. The Union Mkktiso in Alex andha Last Night.?The Gazette says: 4,W. S Rankin. Kaq . of Kentucky, delivered a very eloquent and f >rcible speech last night, before a large and enthusiastic Union meetiug, ^Lioertv Hall. He made a strong appeal In favo^>f the Union, anl was frequently loudly applauded. The meeting adjourned with hearty cheers for Rankin, Kentucky, and Bell and Kverett Cknti* Maexkt ?The market thia morning exhibited Its average Saturday attendance of dralera and purchasers. An ample supply, a .enay ana wuvt armina. ontK ques, ana very little variation of prices from tbe list published in yesterday's Star. Tbe business continued long after the regular hour of closing, and good order was maintained. Attempt at Burglary.?An attempt was made at an early hour this morning to force an eqtry into tbe house of Mr. Willie, a German, residing 01 Tenth street, near F, in the Seventh Ward. The family being aroused by the noise, and the burglars bearing them moving In the bouse, suddenly decamped in time to prevent an arrest being made. Camp Mrrtiwo ?Tbe camp meeting of the M. E. Church, I.oudoun circuit, closed yesterday. W e learn that about fifty persons professed conversion, snd that the meeting was very interesting and impressive. A large company from Alexandria and Washington, who had attended, re*. ?J w a iuioru uuiuc jc?vciuay. Thi Stkameb Phsmx, It will be seen by an advertisement In another column, makes an excur ton to the White House Pavilion to-morrow, (Sunday ) Thia will afford a Rood opportunity for recreation to those who cannot get away from their buaiiirM on week daya A Ntw Cehitkrt is Alexandra.?We learn, aiya the Gazette, that two-and-a-half acre* of land writ of 44 Penny Hill" have been pure baaed for a new burial ground, which will shortly be laid off for that pnrpose, under the name of " Union Cemetery '' Thi Mails.?The Postmaster General has authorised Postmaster Ashby, of Alezsndria, to forw.ird the Sooth and Southwestern malls to this city by s special carrier in the event of their not arriving in time to be forwarded by the regular, trips Brit is uinn the excursion of the German Saengerbund Society of Washington, to Glymon', on Monday next See advertisement in anoth r column. The Jacil*ox Dexocbatic Association, it will be seenbv advertisement In another colnmn, will neet at their headquarters ou Monday evening next. Several able addressee are expected. Th* Island Baptist Chcbch ajtd Sabbath School propose to give an excuralon to Ulymout on Frldajr next, the 31st lost. For particulars see Edvertlaenient. Intbbbstino to tbe Ladies.?The ladles of I be Federal Metropolis will find In the Star's advertising columns this afteraoen, letter addressed to them, from an old friend low In P*ris. TBS riSVT UBtjiu nvnic, muiiciy auu ui*n* of the Washington Rifle*, coin<* off at the Park on M?nd*y uext advertisement Ix i^cijick of the rain on Friday, the ale of finer good* at Stereos', 336 Pennsylvania ? rnue, will be poottaoed mi Monday. THE WKKKLT STAR. C7" That valuable and popular family journal, the W kxklt 9tax, fall as usual of Metropolitan new* and gossip, aad choice literary reading, la now on oar counter ready for delivery to tbe public. Embraced la its entertaining contentaare tbe following articles: Tbe Rejected?an orlzlnal poem; A Disconsolate Widower?a very amnsin? sketch; Tom Hood to his Wife?a poetic g?n; Kitty Clyde?a very pretty little story; Bow tbe Eye ia Swept and Washed; Historic Doubts; very hiuc-i po**ra; rue laif Solar Eclipse? a fbll account of the observation* on the noMt of Labrador; Mr. Seward before the Harper's Ferry Investigating Committee; The French Emperor's Letter to Persigny la England; Three Poeta in Puxxle; Sensible Wishes?poetic; Men and Women, by a Young Wife: More of Blondin's Startling Freaks; Bought her Husband; The Rescue of Syrian Women and Children by English Men-of-War; Protection of Brickwork; The Simple Secret; Operations of the Patent Office; Proceedings of the District Courts; Proposed Monument to Mr. Gales; Singular Death of a Child; A Miscarried Love-Letter; The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal; Presentation to a Masonic Lodge; Census Statistics of Alexandria: The Douglas Meeting on Monday Night?present anon 01 a nan?iprt'D o< jnr uiiuvber, ftc ; The Festival of the Journeymen Bakers; The Smithsonian Museum; The Public School*? election of teacher* for the ensuing year; An Outrageous robbery; Diabolical Outrage in Delaware?murder of a Young Girl; The Earthquake at Evansville and Henderson?its Effects on the Earth and Atmosphere: Mysterious Death of an Editor's Daughter; Trouble in Jerusalem; The Personal Appearance of the Prince of Wales; The Recent Virginia, New York, and other State Conventions; The Movements of tbe Prince of Wales; Tbe Rumor of Mr. Breckinridge's Declination Settled. Sketches of Summer Travel?Pour verv Interest Ing letters from the Editor abroad,' Two extremely spicy letters from *?C. S. N.,""on the wing- at the North; Our Saratoga Correspondence; The Late Grand Tournament at Marshall's paviiion?Watering Place Correspondence or the Star; Department News; Editorials; Washington News aod Gossip; Local Intelligence, Jcc , Jfcc.: Late news, foreign and domestic, by mail and teieerapb; Interesting Personal Items: And a great variety of cnoice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to men tlon. This Is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or S1.25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. DIED, On the 24th intlant U*RV v modti uvd the 29th year of her are. * * (Rookville and Frederick paper* copy.) In this city, on the 231 inst , WILLIAM A. RICHARDSON, in t tie 431 year of his a?e. Fathkr! I see no more that love-lit brow No more that braining sini e? That loved one's form, it moulders now. Far from a weeping child. Though long we inonrn, yet still our hearts Melt, melt in loving tear*; The husliand. father, friend, has gone? , Death in our hearts appears. Cou'd love but rail one moment back Of life's fast-fleeting breath. Or warm the elay which moulders now In i h* co d arms of death. O then I d use that power divine And wak" the life aeain? Recall nn la<her from the grave; But no! the wish is vain. The dead wh'n once on death's Uark sea Th? soft g*li-s waft them o'er, T<? yon h'ight land. fa>-. far awav. Kruhf C*manN happp alio e No more th?ir ?pi its wander l.ack. No more in sorrow roam But upward, upward wing tluir flight 'I " dwell with Christ and home. They're vain, the tears of sorrow now. And vain the d^ep-drawn sigh : Ha dw<ll< with God s bruht augela now, No more, no more to die. Where t.j?m no more slia I silent fall. Nor streams of sorrow pour, W her si j, snd sorrow, pain and death Are felt and Fared no morti. Avery nick piano in bkst order for $5 j, upon easy terms, for sale at the Music Store of (au 24) W.i; met/.frott. The EXERCISES of MISS M. LEWIS'S SCHOOi, FOR YOFNfi L.Al)IESwill t>e resum it on Monday, Septemlier 3d, Ninth rtreet, second door north oM^ ?t. an 24-5t*_ Receivkdpkr S eamKR HOUnFvkR iiuu *? noon suppij ,r* ni?inivn ha rhK< For tale wholeaa'e an?f retail by 8 C. FORD. Jr., Druggist, au 24 6t corner Eleventh at ami Pa. ay. A RUN THROUUHEUROPE, by Eraalu* C. Benedict 1 vol. THK EBONY I DO L, a novel, 1 vol. LIKE OF WM. T. PORTER .ate of "Porter'a Spirit of tne Timei," by Francia Btinkley. 1 vol. For tale by BLANCH ARD A. MOHL N, an 24 co nor 11th ?t. and Penn. ave. W~ ORSLEY'S CELEBRATED PREMIUM HONEY SOAP. A MOST DEL1UMFL L AKTICLE FOR THE TOILET. Received and for n ? by S. C. FORD, Jr., I)rue?i?t, au 24-6t co ner Eleventh at. and Pa. av. NEW CARPETS, NEW OILCLOTHS. MR. LOUIS PkRRY i* now in New York city making purchase for the fal trade, and we will be receiviug_a 1 this wewk and the next liwite Jo.a of UAKt'hTS andOIL'--' OTH^in all va'i'tiM. U_f Housekeeper* will pl<ase keep in mind the New Ca pet Rooms, "Perry Builuiug," comer of Pa av., and 9th streets au24 3t L F. PERRY A CO f JOLD AND SILVBK SPEC rACLkS.-HarVl inr had much experience in manufacturing and sale of Speotaoler 1 am now prepared to supply any or all that want a 1 ver? superior qua ity of glas<?s, With th >se tust ft-etestcalrula'?d to brneh> their sight. ! mush p actice in fiitii g the * os' difficult oa*es, I ! fie I warranted in saving that I en sleet g a>ss? nt all ti.nea tint Will kuit the wearer, and at the same time o&n sell thun at so low a price that all that wish to use them can afford to su'chase. h. u. hood, an 24 No 3H? P^nn. avenue Dress hats FALL STYLES. 1*60. BEEBE'S NEW YORK VENTILATING DRESd HATrt r? For Gentlemen, At LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Csd Store &u 23 eo3t 4'24 Pa. av., near*4>i street. PLUMES DE COQ ANU OSTRICH FEATHERS. Suitable for trimming Jockey Hats. We havejust received Plumes deCoq and Ostrich Feather* in plain jet Mack, m white and black combined, and in black aud gold, from 76 cent* to $2 50 per bunch,at MAXWELL'S, 3U8 Pa. avenue. N. B.-We are agent* for the Sloat Sewing Machine Company. au23-e<>3t i GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL FOR THE INU SANE, August 22, 186). Bids are invited till Wednesday, August 29th, 1060, to furnish and deliver upon the Hospital wharf five hundred tons, mt<re o- less, (2J14P lbs. to the ton,) of good, clean Anthracite Coal, "broken" use. The difference in price Itetween wiite a?h and gray ask should be stated, and also the particular nam* or desijnation by whioh the Coal it may be proposed to furnish is known in the market. A horse and driver will ha furnished i.jr the Hospital, and at its expense, to hoist th - Coal from the vessel, and it will be received and drawn away as fast as it is delivered upon the whatf, but no men will be furnished by the Hospital to work oh board the vessel. The Coal will be weighed as it is delivered by a sworn receiver, employed and paid by the Ho pi al, and accounted for accordingly. i C. H NICHOLS, ! au 23 eolw Superintendent, \ \MT DRESS HATS! K open this da* several cases oP'Gentbmen's DRESS HATS," from "Beeba," New York BTPUfVCfu o* r<n o i3 au 17eo6t . Salee Room, Brown's Hotel. JELLING OPF ENTIRE STOCK AT COST STORE FOR RENTED FIXTURES FOR SALE. J. C. GIBSON. No. 30 Mmiit Spacr* au 21 -eo2w tih and 9tk Stretts. giREEN GINGER AND PICKLING VINEU GAR. lObhls pure CIDER VINEGAR, (warranted,) 1 bbi. GREEN GINGER. WHITE JAMAICA GINGER, White and Black Ml STARD SEED. TUMERIC, WHITK PEPPER,and all neoeMarr ingredients for pickles. For sale l>jr WILLIAM BRYAN, No. 44. opposite Center Market, au ?l-ew6t between 7th and 8th ?tre? t? I WINTER FUEL. an ? w w * ? _ - ? ?? m. ?halii enorxiy receive two cargoes or KKU aiki WHITE ASH COAL, ofeupenor Quality, winch I shall deliver to eon?tim?ra from th<* ve?a?I? at a deduction of twenty-five oenti per ton. SAWED and SPLIT WOOD tlvMi on hand. GEO BOGUS, Snoeewor to S. H. au ?-4t ?a?t aide 9th. bet wan D and E ?U, WILLIAM B. KNTWISLE, ? _ APOTHECARY, (Formtrly with J. L. Kidteett. E?i, of Ueo. getntm,) _ nespt cuu ij iiuuruu uie cmsttUB Ol >m I i Washington that- he haa Uken tlieVUP 11 A Drug r*taud at th? corner of 13th atr?et Y? l\ I Qand Pa. ave., whare he will be found il at all hours.aod wil! keep afresh ami well elected at. ok of DRUGS, FANCY AKTIC|.K4k aad all good* nauaily found in a w?U furnished Drue Store He promiaiaa those who may favor him with their patronage hta undivided attention heiS, day or aifht, ' au ll-lw^ ? % J# f 1 _JL RltMAJNINe8' tke Waahingtob City, D. Cm AutH?t -A. Win. [Ordered to be inaerted in the Efk5im 9tu, it

beiiif UmMvijifff having the largest circulation of Ml daily paper published in Waahin<ton.] KAI1 persons applying for letters in the foiiowt. vtll please say they are a.dtb*ti8Ki>. LADIKS' LIST. A'tiu.MriL Grtr.Nircr Pip. Lot; Boacan, Mrs Artkar Uorioo, Mr* M E Pot ?. Mra M P Brant, Mr* H W (irobcj, Mia Anna 1'itrcr, Ann J Birui.Mr.MJ tir.Ca, Mri P.rk, Mr.Gio H Brack, Miaa J?a? Hood, Mrs Rrbrcc* ftiimn, Mri Ann Brigtil. Una Mar Hammond. Card' IA Katd. Mi.a frucaa B i It IV -,Mm LE Holdtn, Mn KB K * ? it, Mr* >1 Bryant, Mr* Caih Hoover. Mr* M E Ryan, Mm Nun B*lJdei>, Priaolla Howard, Mr* A 8j(?, Mm Mary Brad;. Mim L J Josti, Mri8otin Smith, Mm Gemue Blacketou, Mar|t Jon**. Mr* Sarah P S.nith, Mr* M F Cosuelly, Bridget Jordan, Mr* Paul'* Shaw, Mre Wai Carter, Mr* R 91 Jehnioa, MmOt Smipom, Mi*aA?('a Carroll, Mim R Roll. Mim Nomi Sulokowiki, Mi* R CuriM, Anna Loaf. Mm* Emai* Boptr, Mar; t C?MU{ti. M A Low,MraIh?ba tlomcrtillf, Mn 8"h Ur*o, Mr* Mary Lawrence, Mr* i'E Sweeney.MiaaMary Day, Mr* Elita Lenibaa, Ellen Thomas, Mr* W 1 Dtraott, Anna R Loufcou, Siimj Wdk, Mm P E PuPoot, Mr* R Moor*. Eiien Wmun, Mn H B Darw, Mi** Mary Moore, Mi*a 8 E Wn, M Dull, Mia* EUta May, Mr* J J Whitlock, Anna Edward*, Mr* Aw Miller, Mr* J?rob Wilkiueon, Mr* Geo Flood, MnPC Millar, Charlotte WiUon, Mri MaryE Fennall, Mm M'y Mjriri, MreWm WiUon, M)?a M..f KiU, Chriaur.e McCage, Mri Ln WheUn, Mm Mary FarrtU, Bridftt McCerron, Mm B Whim, M?r? A U U..U* ? ? - ? _ ** i iin???i?,mi?.?in tnc n iiii^ini,rii>;ii ? 1i ik??n?, i?i ^ Power, Mm Banb Otkff t Mn Wilkiua, K P Flttekir Mn M A O'Brion. Mr* P T H irrti. 8'rah A Filrtufji, MriSill; Pbtrmi, CiUinM Wkluan, Mri ? I Ur*<rt. Mm Annie INITIALS ?Mre E. D. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Ayer, JuB Hukiafuri, J oh a Rouckfndarf, W?3 ArmMrung, P?J Hnudley, Jji Rombold, Wm?3 Bradford, Wm J Hu.kry, Jntph R?tiloff M W O* Badger, Wiu Howard, ir, Ueo W Rickey. W P BiuoiMt V 9 Hdwu, Hurti Robtuieti, 8 A Breniaill. bewail Huki.I'l R I Berree, Sig ,or Hepier, E H Re <m, R U Bockhau.tu. RHL Hodman, Dr R*dacliffe, Jn? C?9 Batltr, Peter Harvey, Omul Riueb.411, J H Bandiaaii , Mr Hickling, D P Reg-ale, Gioroom BtJuahtu.M Hirjer, B B C BUek, Jm HfJti, A Reed, B Boyd, Jua H irrell, Lt A D Baiaad, Col H H Browne, J mo Hofikiaa, Capt A l?u, W? Bickle, JnoP Human, A Iidiu, W? DlfOio, J H lnf.l**, Kulu* Speclit, fhitlip 6u?ci, Ju lrwio, D 8 Shudy, Mich Baldwin, ? A John*im, Tho* 8 J 81 miter, 8 Baker, Alpheua Jordou.Tho* Steele, Cart S H Berji iu?u? A Jodd, Or?|< Sprechcr, Le wi* Croilty, W H Jame*, J no Smith, Jno C Coin, Win JmiN, U R Smith, Jobu Cal?ert, W C Kaufman, Mr 8hyu(, John A Colem,. u, P.l Kibble, tt?n W C Smith, Jno Unaint, Looie Km;, R Stewart, Jro Campbell,J U AR H Kui.ejr, J C Stephen*, J N Cbidetter, J Y Kuril, H 8t?n*r?ili?, Ju Celey.JF Kuabb, Gee W Sewcll.Ja* Cox, Harry King, lieo 8cuuellon, Jai Cracker, r P Liuck, W W Sperinaii, Jaa U?r??r, P Lenox, Walter Shorter, Jlo Q Campbell, T) B Lewi*, Mator Serofgin. Geo Clement*. Arthur Lane, S H Scale*, ??3 Church, Lt A Lamb, Jaa Sheldon, D H Dunkioeon, W H Lauhaney, Jno Stewart, 1)m. DuniWey, W Lo**land, ? J SanDecky, D T Di>?jrl i*. Wm Lokiii*?lJr Tyl*r, W n.?e:d Buiioo.Tho* Mow.ey, Tho* C Tally, Win DoPont.T D?t Ma*ou, Tho* J Thomson, Tho* Douglas, Noah Moure, Robt A 1 ilghmaii, R 3 Davenport, Mr Meidoer, Louie Tay.or, R H Driac&ll. Jarne* Morgan, J ? Tiylor, liich Dixon, Jno Mnriay,J**H Tripp.JuoA Donnelly, Ja* Mahoney, J*ren>iab Tlioin**, Jno Uon ildi-xi, J L. Millar, Jaeno muiien, jasi'-B l)?u, ticn J [< Moran, le*h Tyler, C N?3 Dinieli, F Murray, J H Tyler, CaM Dentin, E 8 Martin, Henry T?fi, Dr C 8 Denhiin, Chaa S Mori*, Q H? 3 Toleon, Altred?t Di'ii, Amm Miller, E W Wijet, Re? B Eviiif t MeCook Mayeele, Da?id Wkitiuj, ff B Evans, R.e? W B McLain, A Wilsoi, P E? t Fun?r?ld, W B-S McKay, Fhillin Wolf, Ji,o Folley, WW McDonald, P W Wiles, Jaa Forrest k P.iyna McDermot, Win Wnlkrr, Jno Finnifjfl, Mich Mcintosh, Thomaa Wilkiaua, J Fitxrer.ild, Mi'h McDowell, Ttoe WtlkerJno Fereusoa, Jno H Ne.iry.TJ Wilmmjioo. J W Foote.HW Nichols, Dr 8 F W?gir. H?,ry Graham, W N Owen, Dr JoDn D West, H H G?rrish, Wm O'Dooohot, Jno Whiteman, Geo Gray, Jaa O'Conner, Juo Whittle, KM Guthrie, Lt J J Owei.a, Jaa West,Capt FR Gormoo, Edward Owens, James B Warren, ritx Henry Gaat?n, EJwd L Oriug, Fred Wadaa-orth, E C?2 Gonx ilex,Gen A J 2 Payua,Jno Wizard, E Green, Arch Pearson, U Wi.odrolT, E W u ti. _ jt a dl -i n. d A u; a K* l. n mil, i riflu?m rnii|>a, ur r ? " ?i?i *.iij in Herr,8<ml Perry, Ewood Wheeler, P Hunirr, 8 T Porter, C*pi D D A W JD-LlTTM. MUST IH ALL CASKS BK PlKPATD. Anc 2i WM. JONES. P. M. WANTS. WANTED?A COLORED BOY ef from four t 'en to seventeen >?ars of ate, to wait 011 a cenll^inan anil drive a tin*!* horse He muU le quick, active, quiet, and relialde; none other will n lit. Apply at the Star Office for further information. lt_ WANTKU- lly a voting girl a PLACE as nurr* or cLamb^r t aia A good home i* her p'mciRal object in MeeKiiig a place. Plev?e aldr?>? Box io. 12 Star Office. au 25 3t *-?r A VTL*n a *. ?L. * . i ^ iiin.iinu-Ai nit) union uorei, ueorretown. ?? TWO WDMKN-one to wa?h, the other to scrub. A pplv at the Office. au 2&-3f JOHN H. WATERS C* I ftnn-WAM KD TO BORROW tin* i amount for one yrar, 'or winch a lib ai interestand *atisfaot?>ry security will be*ir< n Addrexn. through Post Office, with rate of interest expected, R. B X. an 25 3t* WANTED?A P U R C H A S E R for a ehoire Dairy often oows, tozether wi.h th? kcxmI will and fixtures of the sainr. The route will take the inilk of twenty cow* in the winter. Address Box T42, Citv Post Office, Washington, D C. au ^5-lw* WANTED-fo employ a PORTER, in a Grocery Store; a white m\n preferrwi. Apply to F. E HI I E A CO., No. ?>3 Louisiana ave., tsiw?'n fitli and 7tb sts., opposite the Bank of \\ ashington. au 2t 3t VI/A NT ED? B? a steady and industrious man, a ?? SITUATION as collector. B<'st of recommendations givon. Address M. C., Star Office. jy 13 tf PERSONAL. PAST, PRESENT. AND FUTURE EVENTS, will hi ka.ifcfacor: I j explained b? a 1 a y. a? her resilience No. 337 C at , between 1 t "n?l 2nd ats.. Island. Consultation foe 25 cent?. au 25-11* ALL TKRSON8 HAVING CLAIM* the estate of the lat? Lbrxezrr Rod* bihd, will present theni (prop-rl* vouched I to me, i for settlement, on or before the 25th day of June, i n?x?. FPHRAIM B ROUH1RD, corn*' Intend ! M st?.. Trii?teo for the Hejri?. au 22 2taw5t* MADAME FELIX. FORTUNE TELLER, froin Paris, informs hor former friends, and the public generally, that she has removed to 4X1 Tenth street, hetw<?en E and F. where she will be happy to nee all who will favor her with a call. au 13-3W __ Madame morkice, thkGrkat astbolooi?T AMD Doctkess, jutt from Emtopi.?Tail highly eft d and intelligent a<ly can be consulted oa the Cast, Present aiifl Future EveuU. Call at No. 205 Twenty-second street, between H and 1, Washington. je 13 3m* t hbt avn t?nn\Tn AJVyM X XXll X/ X V/ V 11 JL/ f OST?On Sunday oirht. s small black Md l?n " . TERKIKR. Had on a loather collar. with a plat d buckle. tars cropped. *i li* -ral reward wi 1 be riven for her retu'ii J* t<. t >e wood and o??al vard ?t SHERIFF A DA XVSON,4*? st. a'-d Canal, west side. an ?> 3t DO0? LOST?Two NEWFOONDLA N i) PL'PS, male and female; about five months old. Any person returning them-J^^ to No. 31 Indiana avenue. (Blasden'g " row,> will bo suitably rewarded. au 24-2t* &JTRA VED?From a d.ove of the subscriber*)* on S? the 2Ut, a good sized spotted HOG. JWTl A suitable reward will be riven for its re turn to H. RUPPELL, Eleventh etreet. near Boundary street an 24 St* LOST?On P?. avenue. c irner of Twentieth st or between 20th and G, a GOLD BRACELET engraved in squares; the owner's name inside. T?ie finder W II he suitably rewarded by leaving it a? No T'i comer Prospect and Market sts , Giorn tuwu. j?u24-dt* STRAYED A WAV-Ob the 21st instant, two l?uIVk. One large white Cow, and on* red Cow The red Cow has some whit" oa her bo'' f. Both have horns. A I.: bei al I reward will he paid for their recover) at MAR TIN'S, Franklin House, corner of 8th and D sta. au 24 ?> ' RF.WARD.?Stra>ed or stolen from the !?i>b?9>' scrib'r on the 2'st instant, a blark .1*1 J| hirnet COW, with a f II white face; aKy* and belly. The above reward w !l he gmn if returned to the owner. No. 435 Nin'h street, Mrs THOMAS STANLEY. _au 24 St* * fOST DOG.?1 will give Five Dollar* for the rej turn of iny Black and Tan TER HIK.K SI .ITT h?? . . ..,,.1! t?are place on hack of the neck; is antail^-^ ^ size, and ai?out nine months oU. HOPKINS, au 2a 3t corner ol 6th st. and I'a. tv. LOhT?On Tueadaj, August 7th, a BUNDLE of Evening Star News-papers, containing fhr.r copies of each dav for the month orJ une, 1833 The : finder will renrive a liberal reward by icturnifK them to ihia office. au 15 ti BOARDING. \ NlNTH.STREET.-Peraone returning to tne citv Irom their summer resorts will find vacant several desirable rooms having the convenience of gas, water, a*-d hathinr Cio eta, at 453 Mh sU, one doo coutli of F; suitable either for families or gentleman. Table twarders accommodated on moderate terms au 18 3w* ~ " I AMUSEMENTS. .^AfeHINGTON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager 8 W. Gum THIS ESTABLISHMENT _ WiUo?'? for the regular Fall and Winter Soaaon oa the night of THURSDAY, Novutma* tor. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, TKn rnnxHI .n ?f tKm l.r will nniumeiiM in en. jS^roVniVf DAY,folow* ^8tAR9 i ^cJSiK&SS 'sUr l Siisss1 "' GEORGETOWN. Correxpondence of The Star. (iioitiTOWR, August -Ji. 1M0. A friend has favored us with tbe following report of proceedings at the last meeting of the Bell sod Everett Association. we were un?t>ie to be present M that or st tbe meeting of tbe Republican Association last evening, on account of indisposition Th. re was quite a large and enthusiastic meeting of tbe f)e!i and Everett Association on Thursday evening A te'e^ram was received from L. A. Wbilrly, esq., Mating t'.at be had been left bv the trata. mm. therefore,could not be present Loud call* bcinf; made for John T Banc*.nq., beaddrtwed tbe iixvtinx in an able and imp a ioned speech on tbe merits ni tbe L'slon party, and wn repeatedly cheered during Ita delivery. Mr Tenney being called for responded in an argumentative speech. proving that tbere waa no necessity for a republican partv; that tbe repeai of tbe Missouri Compromise. which brought that party into existence, did not now affect any territory, that ttie slavery qnation in the Trrrttorws was settled by the laws of nature; that tbe demo era tic party was divided and powerless It was the duty of every citizen <>p;h?si d to sectional parties, either Northern or SuuUtcrn. to juiu tbe 1 - - ' - v/ uivh uuu vvuw?uuunai p?n> , BIIU inVIIIK^ All present. who bad not joined tne Assoc'ation. to come forward aud do * > ?.{uite a Urg* number came forward and signed the conut:tut oo. and the meeting adjourned until next Thursday. At the meeting of tbe Republican Association l.tst evening about twenty-live were present, we understand; but it was merely a business meeting, and after the appointment of committees. Ac , adjourned. We are iuformed tbat tbe Association Is not permanently organized yet, but will be in a sbort time. Our community baa beard wttb regret of tbe accident to Mr John W. Kidwell. son of our e* teemed fellow-citizen. John I. Kidwell. Bsu He baa been subject to somnambulism, and in this ^ i mw *? isrp'waiiin^ irn ai flfWn f?ct from t wi?4uw In Uw retldmcr of Col Paraooa. In Virginia, where he wat viatting Hl? injuriea are no doubt of a aerioua nature. *a tii? parenta were aent for. and left I.ere yeat* rdav morning, aince which nothing has been Leard from him. The death of Mr. Kerr, a gentleman well known to viaitera at Anaioatan faland tUia aumiaer, w?a quite audden. and ia regretted by a boat of frienda and acquaintance* We are informed on reliable authority that an early reaumptiou of work on all tbe uncompleted portiona of tbe Waahin^ton aqueduct u no ion^er doubtful, bat ia now a certainty, and that arranrementa .ire nearly matured for ttna ' consummation devoutly to be wiabed " We are re^ueated to atate that Rev. John Sullivan, formerly of thia city, wb?-re he waa born ami educated, wui prracU in Trinity (Catholic) Church to-mi rrow (Sunday) morning at half past ten o'clock. Alto, that Rev. V. C. Stitt, of Philadelphia, will prra^h In the Market atre?t (I'reabyWrianj Chapel on Sunday evening at 8 o"' lock. Also, that Rev. Mr. Tyng will preach in the Vlarkft Houae at 11 o'clock to-morrow morning, as uaual. About fiiij beef cattle were offered at Drovers" Rf*at yesterday All but Uo, which lay over, were 8'ild to aperulatora a> d batchera at from 92 To to $3 4U per 10" lbs . gross Sheep and lainba were telling at from S'2 50 to S3 IKI each. WSUKWfiTUWJI ADVERT'MTi* For other UeortCttovcn adrtrlutmtntt tee firtt pa*< CHEESE AN DSHOT ?Ju*trec lved persteam ' Monticello, from New York? lioxrn prim-' ChKKSK, (JO i a?s >UOT, assorted sixes. For Mile br au li 3t W. H. TKNNKV. f^ROM BOSTON.?The mip'-nor clipper choone J. C. Run> un. Capt. Matliian, tia* ar x/,v rived and is uow iliftcharyirig. Ar>pl? to HARTLEY 4 HROTIIER.* *" au 23 3t 99anHl<<i WivKr st , (ienrg<town. "STILI. ALIVE," PILLMAN 4 HI NT have Removed, temporarily, to the Store (No. 77) forine-ly occupied b* Lewi* Payne, nearly opposite thi-i'ola establishment, ir-^ nov i:, ,<ni< .... i... i-j 1 jj. f I/A? x w*/v/l/o V.OU UC IICHJ AS CUffip BkS CVCr? au i; o* ; Jo streceived from ti1k lmh-rlok of Penust Ivama. a lew brand* of 1trk rvb w iick v. ?linti!l?vH in the years 1831 and 839. TkoM wishing t purchase an unadulternt-d article for medicinal purpose.*, Ac, seldo.a have tucit an opportunity oH'tjred to them. au ai_2w beai.l k. matthe \v3._ FOR RENT?A convenient two-story KRICK DWELLING, on First street, with Gas and Water. Also, a comm -dioiig Dwelling and St. re, on B.idge street To suitable tenant* the rent will >e very moderate. Appl> to SAML'EL M. KENNY,No. 144 L)unl<art?u *t , Gt.orgctown. auSI tf Having dktek.mined to change m v banners, I'll ccninsnce frocn this date to sell Tor cash idt entire stock ot drv and fancy good**. Having purcnased o the most favora bl? terms. and heme desirous < f cosins oat as early as possible, all who may he in want of bargains will do well to give me a call. w r. hl'kdle, jy 24 1 m Corner of Huh and Gay sts. m ?'? ? ? *** Y . A HE Next A-nunl Ses?ion of th ?ch ol wil' commence on MOV DAY. September 3 The ?eh?M.| has been removed to 161 writ stre t, ween Cingress anil Hi<h. Circulars mar he ot> anm! after the 22d of Au?u?t. a' the dm; * ore of Mr R. S. T. Cmul. ?o ner of C- ncren* and Bridge ets. au 18 bo Ira GEO. ARNOLD, M. A., Principal. Desirable property for sale in GEORGETOWN ?I he very desirable Buildin* Lot on the Kouth *ide of Firnt street, opposite Cox's Row a. il adjoining t e residence of William SJem'rer, t sq., 50 fe<-t front and linf.?et deep. Al*o. part <>f Lot No. 212. at the northeast eorner of Fifth ar.d Frederick street.*, frontins 75 f>et on Fifth street and about IS f ?~t <le??p. anl psrt of Lot No 223. on Sixth x'reet.^K fret f. o t and 151 fe?t deep. Apply to M. ADLER, Georgetown. au 17 e>>2w TO LET?The large a*d convenient ?tnre ro> in. underth-*new Ma.oriic HaH in Georget<>wu Possession will be giver on the l(Hh of October nex*. Al?o, the l>ack room u,-der the ha 1 mi.table f>r an office of a lawyer or physician. Apply to M. ai) LER orA.r. JENKIN 1'HOM AS, nt-a ly oppo-.te the Hall. au 17-< o2w fqr~saLe and rent. [For otktf li-For Salt and Kent" ndvtrtittwunii, see first pagt ) F'OR RKNT OR S\I,K-Sever*! ?mnii F'*me HOUSES. well l'?cat it Inquire at MOOR K'S Went End Drug Store. 113 Pa. hv. au 25-3t FOR RE\T-A BRICK HOUSK. e nta>ninr4 rooms pa-s\za,kitchen and c~l ar in the very 1 e-1 nrd?r. beantilul jard, rrap? a-b >r. shad > tree* ami flowers. T<? & carefti' tenant rent mo.lei ate. Appl* to .Mr*. SI1HA, next door, 530 Tuirteenth *tr-*et, bet wren B and C. lala d. au 25 A' FORSAEE-Anew FRAME HOUSE and EOT. in the weit end of the o.ljr, t.aiidsoinel* Mtua ted; price Four or five >e%r*' credit will be diven on about ?n? baifthe amount. Per*on* wish i nt to purchase will add rem A., box "Jii Stir Office, giving name and residence. au tS St* FOR RF.NT-Ai?ewfour-?tory BRICK HOUSE, with marble mantle* and * rate*, water fixtures, with baih rooms. Al?o, va? in every room, situated on Thirteenth ?tr<*et, t>?tween I, an.I M*?? avenue. Also, a three-stryand attic Bick Dwelling on H street, between 13th aud 14th street*. Applr at \iru n ctmrv. . n o?__, * * * ty ;n.. r. onouii s r tncjr piore,,>o. ??u* r.l?-T?m# street. au .5 St* I^OR RENT OR SALE-A email FARM of 10 r aerea aitnated on the oid Bladeuabnrg r<>ad,op P 'Mte the farm of I hos Clemaon, Eaq., C. S. Agricul'a'ist.4 ml a from the city, V of a mile from ti a railroad landing. The improvement* t onaiat ol a a mall houae. atalile and good veil of water, orchard, etc A koo<1 tenant or a purchaser will obtain far ther information by applying to YVM. R. K wlTH, Bo ai.ic Gar Jena. an 25 eo3t* ' " O LET?Two well arranged and convenient 1 FRAMK wOL>K:?, containing aix rooma each; one altnated on 14th at. west. b tvren L and M ata uorU<;Ui?ot!ier on >> at. noitb. t*-tw?en 14th ami 15th sta. veat. Eiquireof J. P. Hilton. No. '439 F at. north, l>eiweeu 13th and M?h ata. veat. or No \V? 5 14th at veal, between I. anJJ.Vl ata. norih. au 2j-tf JOHN P. HILTON. IJ^OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable term*, on? of the most desi-able Bl'ILDING LOTS in the city, aitnated on the north veat of6th at., and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. P. HOUGSON, Stove Manufactory No. 405 7th at, between H and 1 ats. au LS-tf COR RENT?Tvo beautiful nev BRICK 1 HOUSKS, on Euhth *t>-eet w??st, between M Mid N streets north, wol side. Apply to MARV C HAHUP, No. 3*1 .*inth stro. t*? est. or Dr. KEASBY, No. 33Si Pa. avenue, between 9th a id lath BtfCte. Jy I2-7W fiToRK FDR RKNT.?Situated on the South O side off* avo., bftwet-n 9th and lOrh, auitaide for any business. h or further put cuiart eaqune at No. <1)4 i'a. avo., Uolwoen 9th and 10th ata. au 14 2w ' FOR RENT?The very comfortable and aleaa sntly ihuat'-d three-story and basement BKU K HOUSE, occupied at present by the umiertifg-d, oa the oo-aer ofS*cord st west an 1 p at. north. Alto for rent, that pretty COTTAGE on H it. do U>? tHstween l*t aud 2a st*. east, Cs-pitol Hill. Both < 1? the above houses are finished in the be?t manner. Teruis reasonable. Inquire of the subacribor. JOHN T. Klbl.M 'N, au 81-e< -tt corner Hecond ar.d D I?OR BAL.E?A fine substantial BRICK uni'UL ..M 1!?L .? I nA U mfm kjr'? vu tun o>., uciworn u *uu * ? ? ? ?.? with large Suble a;.d Carnage Houm. Anyone * ai:tiu? ?u >h a Hoose will be sold on very ^ooommodttin terms, or exrhaufe for amaller property For a private residence aone ou Mrpsu iff Inquire of GEO. T. LAN'GLY, on L st., ar 14th t. an 14 If |>OK RENT,-A new a.,d handsome FRAME F HOUSE will be lOr rent in a few days. It is beMitiinlly situated oa rhnt-enth street, betvivn (Juorgia avenue and K st.. Navy yard : lias a large warden lor attached, -a. pump of good wster n?ar, %i*d contain*4 rooms, kilchai, and Wuodthed. Will be rented Low, with or witboat the lot, to a ?w?d i truant. For sale aheap, a good,stroag WORK ! HOK5E; works well iii anything luauire of T. ZftfS&kz jssi.2?Jok* 'w: w , ???? THE LATEST NEWS TKLE GRAPHIC. A44NUMI kr U* City mt VtlUam Sr. Joan's, Ang. as ?Tt>#rr ia ?? a?w mo vein rot reported la f*rrt* TW Facltak cmatiuia looera took out authority for trtoM ax a and inarlnK to bf Und-d G?ri haldl had b**n at Napl?a to oomfrr with th# RcmlntiMHto ?* ? Tbf Neapol tana r latin to haw refiwd aa at tMiiptfd landing of Garibaldiaaa mi Reggie and at Caudr'.tril The Court party ?t Naplrs were detnaadlag the proclamation of a rate of siege, but ihe Government resisted It. It was f*por?rd that if Garibaldi laada la Nsp'os. Gen . Camortrlm will croai tbc Ronu fToi.tlar under a pri mlse at support from Austria, and that Aestria will rrnonnc* tb? oblgeUwu of Villa Franca and attack Garibaldi Austria waa acaumta^ a tbrssttiloc attitude, and tbm wtrt raaori of ai approach tag aaeulf.-sio on tbe Emprorl btrthdav declaring a reiraar from tbe VllU Fraara treaty, and uttering threats aya'ast Plfdntont Austria bad already demanded eiptaaatl one from Pr-iront cooeeroiag Garibaldi* tetter to Victor KnisiMnsl aaaouaclag a projected attack on Venice. Tber* was great activity aianlfeeted la the Auatrlan marine 4?partro?nl Tbe compile ?ataoltabnie?t of uadu stand lag between Aast-la aad Prorata la oCdallf aaboui e -d Tbe Emperor of Anitdt aad King of Bararta attended a railroad cel*bra'lon at Salseburg, and ? W a_ - wxaiLui uic apeacnea iiTwikK to Germm-] unity K u in or* of an ipprotehlif Intfrrlfw bHvna .Napoleon and the Queen of PpaU were agala cirrrat T ur Paria Bnurir waa r+rr dalt ?raV* 6?f Thf Sardinian loan cio??d with aubarrl tlooa t) thr amount of Ihnt tlmea tb? Mm at?4ij. Tbfr* waa rumor tbat BwduM ywmut to aand a rorpa d'arnrf to Naplta to prcroitcoapllca 1 >na from Oart Midi's )?nd*a?( tnere The Emprraa of Ruaala la rarnalr The Prtnc^-aa Daiu"llo. of Montonagro. bad baas shot by a Montenegrin refugee and died abartijr afterwards. Detail# of Calcutta news to July ft, and Hh|Kontt Jn'tel). are unimportant The a o >p of-war Jnita Adama w a at FnoCka* A ?l . .t. ?- ? I I Ml i. iiHiiimi ? IU OA^IQKW ( 3Ulg lul. F:?' i(bu wrr' advancing at Shanghai and drooping at Hong Hon*: Additional foliure* have occurred in tbe fe.nelt?n 1*-. trade Tbe annouac^nK-nta lacliae M ?r<. Paolepei. bout maker* <f N >rtba?nptor, } f r ?4M mod. and bdmnnd Eaeralot, leather factor of Londoa, for iK^DWi. John Dal?s. wooleu u> an i fictnrar. bad alas f Hed for a luxe amount. There w< re otber fkllurea fur ?mailer aunt* Arrival af tbe Overlaad t altforata Mall. !*T JoatrHa, Mo , Aoguat *4 ?Tbe California overland mail of tbe 1Mb baa arrived Tba iteamer lTncle 8am bad Mi ?d for Panama wltb nearly #1 000.000 In treaaure for New York Political afTtlrawrre nivli agitated The varioua county dt-mooratlc convention* bad divided. and there worId ao doubt be two electoral coarea 8*' xWti of the State Senator* who held over, ud will vote for U S Senator next winter. are equally divided between Douglas and Breckinridge Senator I<atbain contemplates It ta sa d. returning to Washington by tbe overland roeto, with bis family A fire at Grass Valley, oa the ttb, d astro rod 35 buildings. mostlv business bouaes, and two hotels. Kslimated loaa, #%,>??> Later Irsai Mec ca. Niw Oblksrr. August '24.?An arrival from Tainpico. wlih advices to tbs Wth lost, brings *1<ki.0>o 1o specie A conducts with *2 000.000 in specie arrived at Tamplco on tbe 2d Instant Tbe late storm did Immense damage to shippint' on the Mexican coast Tbe drought bad been aevera In Northern Mexico. The country was d?eolat*d by a clrll war, aad a famin<- wu also fe*r?-d Uindalitjara waa still besieged. Ml ram on was everywhere surrounded Tlie l.ibrrtli were marching on the capital, and Aftcttd to be thm <?n the 10th of September. The Prise* el Wain. Mo*t*E4L. Aug 24?The Prince of Wslss left Three Kiv#re at e?ven o'clock this morn log. and ia expected bere at three p ro. The weather ?s e*< *-rd' riff I v atornir. It Is pouring with rain, and It la feared the programme of. the day will be sadly Interfered with. Davenport. Iowa. Aug 23 ?The report that Samuel Workman, postmaster at Iowa Cltjr. la a drfiulter to the amount of 910 000 la wholly artrue Mr Workman la away from the city en private business. H la accounts for the last quarter show a balance due him _________________ Mereaacats ef Jadge Deaf I me. Noiron, A us *> ?Judge Douglas arrived h?re tbta morning In tbe Baltimore steamer, and was met and esr orted to the hotel by s large as in'tinge or citizens He will deliver a public dddreaa to-night. Accident ta BlHtMrfU. New Yoke, Aug M ?Henry Vincent, er Beaton. of Baltimore, fell ever the ba on liter* of tbe third ttory of S'ewarta to-dtv. down to U* flrtt floor, and waa dangerously injured internally. ( entreaties*! SaBiaatieE. Philadelphia, Auguat 34 ?Tbe KepublloaM of th- Flrtt Con jreeatonal District of New Jarte y hive norni bated Hun. John T. Nliut for re.1 .*( Political Haltimobf. aiwn# 94 ?Judge Douglas arrived biw o dir at 1 p. in Hs <raa met by tta conimltiw of arrangements at the depot and escorted to the hntr) Brll BBd ItlmU Moetlag. Habbibblbo, Pa., Au{ ?l-iiiru iland Et?rett masa mxUng beld here laM night wai well attended Col -? Roberta presided and speeches were made by Hon. Henry M Puller and others. Beaton Military la Caaada Mostbkal, Aug.21?Tbe Boston Kiwi leers arrived at neon and were received by the volunteer ti* 1:1 battery witn a salute of I went) -one guns, sad escorted to ttelr quarter* (on vie ted of For gory Milwach*. An* 23 ?Tbe jury ia the cass of Lynch. charged with forgery, has returned a ?* diet of guilty. Altiu4rlt Markets Alexaedeu, Aug 25 ?Flour?Family 96 00b f? 75: extra #5 75a6 super ?5 WW ?vrlilte. new, fair to good, 91 30sSl M). red 91 fit tl 38 Corn?wUite 75a 7*c.; yellow TUaTSc; mixed 7tu7*\ Rye 66.:67c. Oats ?Ht30c. Corn M?al 75aslc prr btisbel. Seeds?1 lmotby 30; Clover ?> 75s*C; Flaxseed tl 3osl 45. Prov.sions?BuUtr, roll, lsa*Jc ; liar on I Inside , Pork 7*7 AO ; Lard 13al4c. Whisky 21sJuc. BmlUsi?r* .tlarkets Baxtimoeb, Aug 25? Flour ts Arm; Howard street Ohio and City MIUs *5 37*. bet at tbe close wrre h? id st *5 50 Whe*? steady; west* rrd SI li'i?! S wblte SI ?a?l 35 Cora is dull; Selfom 67s73< ; white 70s?Sc Provtslews are quiet it suadr. Ciff ^ sdull butstesdy; Rio 14?15c. Wkisky is dull at ttc. N*w You, AegortX ?Piew it baoeiat; 8til> ?> -0a5 -25, Ohio *5 6&a5 7ft; Southern M.flu 81 Wheat is firm and acarce, aaleanominal an t prlr ^t-B-relly im?t hanged. Corn to tending a??award; mixed C$j<H#e f?* prlnoe. Pork la stead). Lard it ueav. W tsicky atrady at Itowctot New Yoke, Aug tt -Slorta ruled l?wr, bat were better after the closing of th i hoard. Chicago and Rock l?lar?d 83; I III not* Crttral >hare*B7jk ; do bondaM; Michiganbooth m 4Tj^; New York Central 81 K?- d ng M|: Uud*on River Railroid C9, Mo C'aSlft tpOR ? A'. K.?Oa gea?tn?bto Term*? Uo 1 RIGHT of ELLYSON YKRBYD PREMIUM BETTER MACHINE; Patented J.ij.TUi. ia*. i in* iu?eiHij? may be u**<d alao mm a \ i.urn and Criain F^ex^r. To ina can bcknovn t>? ?fptjring at No. 339 Twelfth at e?t. Iwtwf < M aod N, W antiunion, i). C.,or through the Watk nctoa PurtoAo*. Tha anhaerib*r wiahaato mmp oi two or three mora aclirv haameaa men tm tmwi for tfca aala of the Right. A Jiheral offer will be i?J? to r ^ w ~ fir'viJ?? v'fv^1-, ,w~ jam'ffltatfoumtS: Alao, RKVN()LL?'> IPCCiPIC for Gout or Rl?? urr?-tiam, by * C* r0K'.irr.a,li^ ? 14 Tw roniif uth at. and P? ar*. $2.50 rfcassiftfatf *"** ^ ^FaahioaaMo Bktud Ca# T IMPORTANT NOTICE. p Pnraona who har- will rooana or paa>?t? U> ; aper, ?r? offer mvoXi tkuaaaod pi?o?a of doair a'j?? v\ aLL PAPMI at net N?vi? Um tiMato net yw work iamn SttoUfnr Mat. Na tkaa * 41 4X ft. ^ wUv?