Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1860 Page 3
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I,()C, A \. NE WS. U7"Tboupb The Sta* to printed on the faste* press in uae ?o?ith of Baltimore, its edition !a so luge as to require it to be pat to pfm ?' an early liour, Advert'scmente, therefore, abaold be sent in before 13 o'clock m ; otherwise they may Hot appear until the next day. Norct to Wabhixotouiax*.?Those of oar fellow-citizens leaving for the watering places and elaewbere should bear In mind that ws do not mail Tn* Star except after payment la advance ?t the rate of 37* cento per month. Noticb.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted In the Baltimore Sub are received at and forwarded from The Star Office. II ELieioes.?Yesterday was a delightful gab* bath, and the great number of attendanta at the varloiM churches showed that the weather waa appreciated by at Wast the church-going community The weitber favored the >tt*nH?iuM ?r very DMiny ?ged and tnflrm persons, and their fares azain in the sanctuaries increased the Batista t Inn of the younger who have sprung up around tliem Ckttrek of tkt Epiphany.?In the morning, the R? . Dr. Hall, rector, discoursed from the words of the third commandment. No nation, said the reverend gentleman, is brave; mo nation can p saess and occupy manly courage, nor claim even a partial virtue without having a bolv reverence /or something. Make one nation profane; begin as a bas s to teach its people constantly to Increase 1 n profane or shallow babite, and they will corrupt into cowards. Pro fineness is the loaaof faith In all noble virtue. It is therefore the loaa of tUat principle which can alone bind men together. The wretches of the bar-rooms, and the rowdies who collect on the corners of oar streets, will iifw bo the onea to atud fire in the hoar of oar country 'sdsnger That which to some nay appear manly is In reality disorganizing and debasing. This profanenesa among our people is making a fearful progress, and if we continue in our present modes of thoughtand speech, sad lessons of shame and drfeat, of disorders and troubles, will tench us that " righteousness exaltetb a nation, bat that sin ia n diagrace to any people;" will teach us that It Is written on the everlasting rock of God's purpoara that be will not bestow bis blessing on the men or people that take bis nsme in vain. St. ?High mass was celebrated at 11 a. m., in the presence of a numerous congregation, Rev Father Maguire read the pastoraf letter of Bishop Kendrick to the several churches of kis diocese, calling upon them for material aid for his Holiness the Pope of Rome in his pending <11 fflcuities, and appointing the first Sunday in September proximo for a general collection for that purpose named. Father Maguire afterward addressed the congregation briefly upon the neces slty of a religious education and the duties of C rents lotheirchlldren. basing his remarks upon e immorality of the times, and showing that the present social and political distractlona or city, Sute, and country, have resulted from a want of proper religious teaching. The choir sang the Kyrieand Gloria of Hayan's 16th mass, and the Credo. Sanctus and Agnus Dei of the 3d maaa, by the same. At the Offertorium Madame Chorae, irom >ew vorc, sang. with excellent taste, tbe beautiful "O Salvtaria" of RoMini, and at tbe benedlctus an exquisite are Maria. Methodist Protestant Church, Xinth it.?Morning, Rev. 9 Keener Cox, D. D., of Va., formerly pastor of thla church, but latterly connected with the educational Institution in Virginia. The numerous friendaof Dr. Cox were glad to see him again la tbe pulpit at Ninth st. He preached with hTa well-known ability, from Romans, b, 31 and 32. At night, Rev. P. L Wilson (pastor) preached from Matthew, 5, 'JO: "Except your righteousness shall exceed tbe rlKbteousnesa of the Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall In no case enter into the kingdom of Heaven." St. Matthew's Church.? Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost?High Ma* by Rev. J. McNally. the c loir lung Haydn's Mans No. i. The Rev C.J. White, D D., pastor, revi the pastoral letter of tbe Archbishop and prelates of the ecclesiastical province of Baltimore, and announced that a collection would be taken up next Sunday for the benefit of the treasury of the church. Wesley Chapel ?The pulpil was occupied in tbe morning by the Rev Dr. \V B. Kd wards, of Foondry Chapel, who discoursed with his usual ab lity from the text, 41 Be ye also ready ; for in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh " At night, i>r Hamilton preached from the text of Hebrews, 10.35?"Cast not away, therefore. your confidence." Mfthodist Episcopal Church South ?Morning. Rev. J. C. Uranbery preached from 1st John, 5?h chapter. 4th and 5th vervs. At night, Rev. Mr. froctor, the pastor, preached from Genesis, 19. 14. Assembly's (Presbyterian) Church ? Re*. Mr. Moore occupied the pulptt during the day?in the morning preaching from the text of Matthew '24, hi, mud at night from Matthew, 10, 32. Fairfax Cobsty CorET?The Fairfax news lay*:?A large coucourse of persona were present ou the first day of the August term of the Court. As we have before stated, l>r R C Mason was reelected Presiding J ustice. The Court abolished the office of Road Commissioners The J uaticea were claaaifled aa follows: September Court.?W. W. ball, F. E. John ton, Henry October Court.? W. L. Lee, B. F. Shreeve, B. D. L'tterback. November Court ?F1 rat day?F. M Ford, J. T. Burke, F. E Jolmaton Second day and thereafter?Geo. H. Padgett, Jamea Hunter, Alfred Leigh. December Court?A. Broadwater, Thoe. E. Carper. January Court.?F. M. Ford, J. T. Burke, Richard Johnaon February Court ?W. W. Ellzay, J amea Hunter, George Burke. March Court.?Firat day?Jaines P. Maehen, FrarciaC. Davia. A. L McKeozie. Second day and thereafter?Geo Burke, 9. T. Stuart, Jno. H. Chicheater. April Court.?Jar. P. Mar hen, Francis C. Davla, a i ?u A- Li. intnc?*ic. May Court?S.T.Stuart, Jno. H. Chichester, Alfred Leigh. June Court ?First day?Cyr>i? Hickey, W. W. F.lUey, R- L Nevitt. Second day and tlwreaftrr?Henry Jenkins, Richard Johuson, W. W. Bal July Court.?Cyrus Hlckey, G. H. Padgett, R. L. N?*ltt. August Court?First day?W. L Lfe, Benj D. L'tterbarh, B. P. Shreeve." Second day and thwe& It i n f I'.. ui *. ?'i* . i/i ?? | s iivuia? n. vai per . Mr. M. i. Wormier, the She'iff elect of the county, entered Into bond In the turn of SfiOOUU for the faithful performance tf bis duties wl?h the follovlaz sureties: Albert T. Wlllcoxen, F. P. Crocker, Walter 11 Krwin, John K on zee. R. ' A. Walker, Charles Ktrby, James A. Nelson, Hecrjr Jenkins, John H Garges, Wm H Godding. John T Rltfg, Francis L. MiflMl. Walter Powell, Lewis I> Means, Thomas H. Nelson, and J. C. Gunnel!. Col John S Stone qualified as Deputy Sheriff for Waiter PoweU There wers oaly two cases on the Commonwealth's docket? an indictment against Wm U. Taylor for a misdemeanor, la wbich a nolU Vtrqni was entered; and a scire fmtiat upon a forfaited reratnixance ugalnat Thon as Crux and aecsriUes, which was conuaoed. No coatested Jary cnei were tried, bat a large imoait of plain t><ifines* was transacted. Twenty, eight deeds wore admitted to record. Rowdtiii -Oa Saturday night, about eleven o'clock, the vicinity of Fourth and G street was made the scene at aa outrage similar to the outrages of the aame klad committed during the exciting times of the Mayoralty election two yeara ago and last June. At the boar named above, a band of desperadeea. numbering aome forty or flftv oea, came running np Fourth street to K, giving utterance to auch rallying cries aa "O! you Hibernians," ??O' vou Regulators," and "Oyea English Hill tioyn," commenced an attack on the resUuraat of Mr. HaUler, be being siek In bed Btenea, brickbats, shilalaha, Ac., were brought late requisition, and the oaths aad ] blasphemous language af the ruflans aa they pro- I ceeded op Foarth street, and while attacking the house of Mr Hailler, were oatrageoua After apeadiag their fury by breaking up the ftxturee, Ac , la Mr 11% hoase, they proceeded down Fourth to Mamacbumttsaveane, where they stoned and broke the show window of Mr. \Vm A. Gray, druggist aad apothecary, breaking everything In the window One of the partiea returned i u ivij pw w uw morning, ana recocnmeaced Um iMek on the d/u^ iton, luckily, however, he wu seea bf Lieut. McHenry, who Iin cbsee, ftrlog titer the ruffian Ire times, when officer A. R Allen came to his relief, and both being la the eh?e. caught the rascal in the vieialty of eeaator Dosglss's houee Great credit Is due to both officers for their prompt executio-i of duty ia following aad aeeurlng their prise. Lieut McHeary being barefooted and In his shirt sod paatalooas. The person caught was Michael Holohaa. lie raa into aa tlley and said he wsa shot. Beta hurried exsmlaatioa by his friends Cved that he ?U only fr)KMMd nearly to th. Lieut McHeary aad detective officer Allen piaced him in the hands of the police, aad he was committed to jtfl by Jestlce Dona The proceedings above noted were witnessed by Um police, who waited uatil the work of deooeli tloi had bona completed, aad the* advised the boys "to go home;" and this was ail they did, po:lce Lieut. McHeary's exploit excepted. tn Ret. Edwaid Wadswoets, D D , aa eminent minister of the Alnbnma Conference. Will preach la tLe Method 1st Episcopal Chore b Houtt thla eveatag at 8 o'eiork. Tto pafcUc arc iavttrd to attend-TLa choir will to la attendance Paaaoaa wishing anything In tto war oI Hoar, corn meal, -re-chop, or aay kind of mill offal, are r^erradito t?e adrerUaemeat of the Matropolitaa M?a? riMutag MUk?ia MOD?W c?toM, RxxiKiacKMrkt or t? Mktbodist Pulpit in thk Distbict or Colombia.?It appear* that no section of tbe country has been the field wherein the ability and eloquence of tbe Methodist mlnlatry baa been better represented during tbe pact fifty yean than the District of Colombia A venerable Member of that denomination, a peaking of tbe talented minister* he has beard, moat of whom have gooe to their reward, mention* the following aa having filled the pulpit* of tbe District: tUr 4<? SAiiut ?Tktsable writer and preacher was one of the most popular of the ministry ia bis day. His grtatnass did not conaist In nls eloquence so much as In the profundity of hi* thought and the mode of hi* reasoning before an audience. Fixing tbe attention of hi* hearers at the ouUUrt of his discourse?, be never sought to am use or Elease by fanciful Illustrations and gesticulations, ut aimed always to instruct and convince his hewers of the truthfulness of his position, in which he was very successful. R*v Nicholas Snitktn.?Thi? eloquent minister was a universal favorite with Methodists, and his eloquence and ability were known throughoat the country. He presented a fine appearance ia the palpit, and the rich tones of bla voice, conveying the most powerful arguments in the roost beautiful language, obtained for him the complimentary sobriquet of " The Silver Trumpet." Dr. Smrgtut, father of the present Rev. Thomas B Sargent, a talented minister of the present day, was cextemporary with these. He also was one of the able men in the early recollection of our venerable friend. Rte 8. George Roszell was well-known to the .M.r WolkwIUt 1 I 1 in 4? vmvu aww vi maiTmnU BUU Virginia A flrin and energetic preacher, and very succeaaful in hia ministry. Rev Wm Ry and?It la hardly neceaaary In Washington to refer to the successful career of this excellent inan, more than to remind our citizens of him, ao long an esteemed frllow-citizen. Thla able and ancceaaful minister waa great In many respect*, and especially for "the vralk and converantlon which adorned hia profession," during a long life. Rev Thos Butch.?He was a minister whose superior dualities wcrtknownmil >rknnwMi?^ wherever'he was stationed, and be waa one of the moat useful ministers of the Baltimore Conference. His eloquent appeals seldom foiled to melt ths most ha dened and obdurate hearts. Rev. Beverly Waugh, afterwards Bishop of the Church, waa a solid, substantial preacher, not very remarkable in bis pulpit efforts, but a very able and useful laborer in the church. Dr Emory, also subsequently a bishop; he was highly esteemed by the Methodists throughout the country. He was an able preacher, and adorned bis profession. Rev L R Fechtig, among the numerous ministers who from thirty to fifty years were the favorites of the Methodist communlry, occupies a prominent position. Eloquent, bold and ener..??( - K? ?- - -..U-J A. 41 * ire *? lunru 10 iue wori 01 preparing the way for tbe spread of tbe Gospel. He,with Frederick Stler, another of those bold and energetic preachers, were tbe favorites of the country in which they traveled, and added greatly to tbe popularity of the Methodists In Maryland and Virginia. Rev. Samuel Dmri* waa also greatly sdmtred and justly esteemed; bat in the very prime of his life be was removed from his service in this District by death Since these, the Bsltimore Conference has stationed in tbe District quite a number of ministers of considerable ability, among them Rev. Norval W1 Inn rt ... u a.?-* ?*-- --> ?? ' ??.J *. *jr. uaigcui) IUC taiurilVCU UCO LJ > Cookman. and Henry Slicer. About the year lHv? the qheallon of lay representation was agitated, and resulted In the organization of the Methodist Protestant Church out of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The same question is now again agitated, and it seems that the principle meets with no little approbation in the old conferences. The Maryland Conference began its stationing authority in the District, and ro?ny talented ministers were thereby added to the Methodist pulpit, some of whom, as fNietbe i, Sbinn and Stier we have already noticed. William We nit y Walkic* was one of tfcelr ministers He was man of distinguished ability. - ~ j _ . < ?*?uTi> avi tuc puipi%. ueuuuiu nui w idK(!D unprepared A moment's warning wassuilicient, and be would interest the most talented audience with his able off-hand discourses. R-v Dr. Dennis B Donejr?This minister combined many excellent qualities, for which he was* dWtinguished, a true Christian In pr.'festion and practice. He also combined those essentials of an aole phbllc preacher?a large stock o^icquired information, sound common sense, and the most persuasive eloquence. Thomas H Stockton, chaplain of tbe House of Representatives.?ltisnot for us to attempt to describe him as a preacher. His reputation extends throughout the country; and now, when he is so enfeebled as to be unable to stand and discourse, be alts and fills the Hall of Reprrsenta uvea wuu congregations 01 iue most .intelligent of our citizens and countrymen, whenever h? preaches Rev Levi F Reese, brother of the eloquent Dr. E. Yeates Reese, of Baltimore.?His career of usefulness ended with his life, while yet in his prime. His discourses while chaplain to Congress will never bf forgotten by the eminent men, j then member* of that body, who yet live. Rtv Josiak Varden ?He is well known to the people of Washington, having been raised in the city, and passed a considerable portion of his useful life here, where his relatives still r side Joalab Varden is emphatically a Waahingtonlan. Like biscolaborer Stockton,he is now veryfeebl*. but still continues in the ministry. Rev Dr A A Liptr.omb ?The frequent notices of thi* distinguished minister which have appeared in the literary journals throughout the country, and the intimate acquaintance of our citizens Willi film makes a reference to his talents unnecessary. He Is a native of the District, a son of Rev. Win C Lipscomb, of Virginia. He entered early into the ministry in the Maryland Cooler** nee, and soon occupied a position with the ablest of the ministers in that or any other-body 111 health indaced his removal to theState of Alabama after a term of service at the Ninth street station Hince then his labors having been mainly in connection with collegiate institutions in the J*outh. And recently he has been elected to the presidency of the L'alversity of Georgia. With such an array of talent one cannot fall to conclude that the eloquence and learning of the Methodist pulpit has been as ably represented in the District of Columbia as In any portion of the country. A Hums fob Aged Womm ?A writer in a city cotemporary says : "I saw a day or two ago auother addition to the corps of beggars who haunt markrt-g'xr* from ever , ?? th?c)ty. In this instance the addition prevent* iUeif In the form of au old woman with silvered hair, and who appear* exceedingly forlorn There is one thing vt-ry much needed here; it ia such an in*t;tut on as bas been founded in Baltim< re, namely, 1 Aii aged Woman's Home ' On the Caymeat of flOO the applicant is taken Into the ome and Utken care of for tb? rest of her life. And there are many Instances in which benevolent f*?rs >as Lave combined their pecuniary eff >rts and rescued from beggary and starvation tbose who either from misfortune or base desertion were eking oat a llfeof misery and degradation In their declining years. It is a noted tact that Providence btlps those who help themselves If such a project were set on foot as the founding of a i institution for the reception of those aged per xis, there Is no manner of doubt but ll would rrurivB tun iMrnm ana riucifUl Nippon 01 Hundreds of the good and benevolent throughout the 1 tnd. And I dare say that, although a* a general taiug,'what Is everybody's business la nobod)'s busluess,' and Congress represents everybody, an^, consequently, the District being under the care 01 Congress, 1* supposed to be under the care of nobody. yet they would doubtless make a liberal appropriation for the aid of thla benevolent Institution, which, being established in the great National Metropolis, would reflect credit on the America a people, and be an Incentive to establish like Institutions in other cities." Attempt it Bcisuit -Oi Saturday aiglt last, at a late hoar, some audacious fellow made an attempt to break into the bouse of Mr. John Dowllng,on 1 street, between Sixth and Seventh. Mrs Dowllng hearing a noise, rpeoed a wiadow, and seeing a man below, asked him what be wanted The scamp replied that it was ?on?i of her basins*. Mrs. D. exclaimed that It was her business, and again demanded to knew what ha wuted The fellow answered that he wanted to get to: that Mr Dowllng waa absent from ho jne, and there were only women there, and he waa determined to come in. "Yoa are, are you?" raid Mrs. D. "Here. Ellxa. band me that plato. on the table, and I'll era If be will come In." Hearlng thla cool threat from the undaunted lady, the would-be burglar thought better of his purpasr, and decamped, leaving the mistress of the premises iu undisturbed possession. Dun or Mb. W*. I) Km ?This gentleman, whose death was mentioned In theBtar of Frldaj, was one of the proprietors of Aaaletfan island, waUb lies In tbe Potomac river, oppoelte Georgetown Mr. Kerr will be long remembered u a gentleman of the highest social qualities, and his kind and cordial manner la the treatment of all his guest* won for him the esteem and respect of every ow whose fortune It was to visit tbe island daring his superintendence. His death was very sudden. On Thursday morning he was 1n Washington, apparently ia good health Oa his return to Georgetown la the evening he war. taken ill, aai died the same night, lathe death eC ISr. Kerr the public has sustained a sad loss, aad numbers wlli miss a kind and steadfast friend ratasc o? rmt Wisrirstok Lioht InrtmT writes us as follows: -?ln thene days of pie uica, Ac., why is It that the infaatr v do not give es ooef Socn is tbe iaqalry of the nuaseroi s mends of tbe oarpe. Barely they should bestir without on* at their old-time aad glorlous'reonlc-os Battalion W, L. I , attention! Art on tb??ugg?eti->a." A Ga*!?D complimentary moonlight excursion to the Whits douse Pavilion will be glvaa on Wedaesdsy evening next, the Mth Inst. fee the bem-flt of tie Second Baptist Chuck Choir. Far part*ajar? m Untfkmmy !sck*t>u*t Ft** ?About oVl?V-k ycrtn<Uy morning a Are occurred in one of two frame building# situated on :Md and F streets. the property of Mr Samuel Stott, and inhabited by induatriova colored familiea. It appeara that the a u beta nee used to communicate the Ire waa pitch, a lamp of wrhtch thrown between the weatherboard and lathine carried the flames upwards, so as to break forth in the roof. One frame was wholly destroyed, with the greater part of the furniture of the inmates; the other waa about half consumed The great utility of the Potomac water waa demonstrated, for very aoon after it was thrown from the tire-plug on O atreet through the Union Company's hose?which is very insufficient-the Are waa subdued. The hose of the Western Com nan v waa aiao inn)l?H in th* ??m? way ' * ACC1DBST TO TBI U.S ITIAMII ANACOSTtA. On the return of tbe United States steamer Auacostia to our Navy Yard from Annapolis, where she bad been on various service, but lastly in lightening the Constitution so as to allow her to take her berth, she met with an accident that turned out happily a very slight one. As she was pausing up tbe Potomac, off Port Tobacco, her boiler blew out on her top or side, but above the water line. No injury was done to any person on board After a short time the fracture was temporarily repaired so as to allow of getting up steam, which was done accordingly, and the Aoacostia got up to tbe Nary Yard on Saturday morning,all well. CfSTBAl. fin A ? Ti-HoTTB ff r A mwm flna^av*% Jenny, colored, stealing melons, and vagrancy: fine and costs, ?2 IS. John Ogdsn and Alfred Newton, colored, disorderly snd out after boars; workhouse 60 days each. John Connor, drunk and disorderly; line and costs. 83 15 Theodore Hurdle, rioting, shooting at the watch, and profanity; fine and costs In the Corporation ease, 10.15; security for court In the United States case. Mondsy?Martin Morrlssey. disorderly; ruled lor t-lal David Robinsoa, colored, out after hours; $3 15. Chas. Williams, Tbos. Kelly, drunk and disorderly; 93 15. Fanny Robinson, drunk and mgrancY; workhouse 00 days. Amanda Wood, drunk, disorderly, and beating her husband; do Fugitives ?Between the fugitives from the renitentary and a number of fugitive alavea from Virginia, for whom liberal rewards have been offered, the police and county constables have been kept busy since Saturday morning. We have heard of no arrest of the convicts, or positive clue to their trail; and the only succeu met with by the parties out fell to the lot of Detective Oth cer A. K Allen, who captured a fugitive slave named Wellington, from Prince William county, Va. Papers were found upon him,which are said to be forged. Slave-owners of Virginia would do well to inquire closely into the history of thoae p*pe? DnBCT.iBV ?On ftatiirilav nlwKf Messrs. Simons & Holdman, on Seventh,between M and N streets, was entered by a burglar and cloths, vestings, and ready-made clothing amounting la value to between two and three hundred dollars, were stolen. The entry was effected by cutting and breaking a panel out of the door The job was very roughly performed with a halfInch chisel, tearing away the monldlng and splitting the wood of the panel. and must have made considerable noise Tbe thieves had a light Inside the store. Washington Rifles?This tine corps of our city volunteer military, paraded this morning, under commaud of Capt A. Balback. and made a very flue appearance. " It has been some months since we have seen this corps on parade, and our citizen* were glad to see them out in excellentcondition, marching well, and showing conclusively that they have not been Inattentive to their drills. They were accompanied by Ksputa's line band, and after a short march through our principal streets, proceeded to the Park to enjoy a pic-ulc with their friends. Caught ?Abraham Neal (col.) was arrested this morning by policemen Carter and Irwin, on a charge of stealing a watch, valued at about S35, from Francis Bush. The prisoner was taken before Justice Dunn, where It appeared that Bush was Intoxicated and laid down in a place where Neal saw him, and went to him and took his watch, which he pawned for money. He was committed to jail by Justice Donn. Contract fob a nsw srwoof .wnrtff ?n? ftnl urday Mayor Berret concluded a contract with Messrs. Mclaughlin k Wilson for building a new public school-house on the corner of Fourteenth and Q sts . first district?a neighborhood heretofore very remote from the facilities of popular education. Tbe bouse is to be feet 8 Inches front, by 40 in depth, and will be neatly finished. The Members of Graee Church Choir propose to afford pleasure-seekers a glorious opportunity for enjoyment on next Friday night, in shape *f a grand moonlight excursion to the White House ravuuon, per steamer I'henix. Wither*' bind ia engaged, a fact of which the public are invited to " make a note.'' Oeamgi axd Alexandria. Railroad. The receipt* of the Orange And Alexandria Kailroad for the month of August will, it Is thought, reach 810,000. For the month of July the receipts reached ?30 000. The travel is rapidly increasing and the prospects of the road are most flattering. Look out for the excnrsion of the Catholic Total Abstinence Society of St. Patrick's Church, to Glymont, on the 10th of September See particulars in advertisement, In a day or two. Hkar ix mixd the family plc-nlc of the Na tlonal Club, to-morrow, at Arlington Springs. For particulars aee advertisement in another culumn. The roCRTn grand prc-wic of the Washington Butchers' Club, No 1, take* place at the Park toiiurrow. (Tuesday.) For particulars see advertisement Arrived at Carter s wharf (foot of Thlrtecnand-a-half street) schooner Mary P. Stephens, Reld,from I'h ladelphla, wlth'KK) tons of coal, for Mr. G. Watera Wtman. thei/reat wizard, the m!rth-DrovoV(nt? funnyman, open* at Odd Fellow*' hall mil Monday night. Juat bear it In mind. .Hollowat's Pills. Cholera or griping of the Bowtls ? Laudanum mar loll the pain hut not d^etroy it. Morphine >*te?-p the aenaes in artificial aleep, without refrenhiiiK the inva id. Holloway'it Pilla not only procure the Mm<' results without the ttaneful elJVct*, but no en tirely extinguish the element* "fth? due^te to Sromote a speedy euro without dancer of relap**. id l>y all DruKgiata, at 25c., fi2c., and 91 per Ihix. au 24 lw Rk4Dkr. have you ?e?n Prof. Wood'a advertisement in our paper. Read it; it will intereat you. au 20-eoly Lton's Masmktic Iimbct Powdii Exterminates Bed Burs, Roaches, Ticks, Ante, Gar-Ion insects, Ao. It eontaint no Poiton Lyow's Maoxbtic Pills re Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap9-3m MbYKR's MlBACDLOO* VlKMllf Dxstboyxr, the oldest and best remedy known Tor exterminating Rats and Mice, Cockroaches, Bags, Ants, Musqnitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain-Worms and Garden IwssU. fr^Prinoipal Depot, 618 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma IB-Sm Hokkopatbic Rbmxdibs All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specifio Homeopathic Remedies put np expressly for family ase, id boxes, at 26 and Sfl cents each. Also, la oases, containing 30 vials, from 94 to #s each, with book of full directions. For sato by 7: D. Oilman, 330 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent; W. A. Fitxgerald. 533 north F street; also by K. B. Winter, corner of Ma?Kachuietts ave nue and Bixth street. Also, Pond'3 Extract 0/ Witch aaxc/.for internal and external inflammations of 1 kiwis. Sold as above. ma9 1y Mm?, Wilts low, an experwaoed nsrseandlemaie ?hy?ician, has a Soothing Syrup for Ckxldtn Tuthtag, which greatly fkoilitates the process ofteathiag by softening the gams, reduoing all inflammation? will allay all pais, and is eare to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, motkara. it will give reel to yourselves, and relief aad health to yoar infants. Perfectly safe iaall oasse. See advertisement in aaofthar oolaaui. . ssll-ly Wistab's Balsam or Wild Chkxsv. The following letter from Rev. Hkbkt Wood, of Concord. N. H., Editor of the Congregational Journal, speaks volumes in favor ol Wittar's Baham:? Cohcokd, N. H., March 1 Misuse. Scth W. Fowl* fc Co.?Gtntbmrm .* Two year* ago, a sudden and violent attack upon in jr Langs confined ine to my l?ed for several weak*, and when ( recovered, I was ho much opprenned by difficulty in breathing. that 1 was often unaliln to sleep or rest uponabod \>y night. The sufP-riiig wae extreme, end judging from the mefficacy of the remedies used, I supposed the disease incurable. Heing persuaded to try a bottle of Ifuiiir'i B iltam r' Wild Ch*rry. without oosftdenoe in itsefficaoy, found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my follow sufferer* induces me to make this puMio statement, and reoommend the article to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours trely. Himt Wood. None genuine antes signed I. Butts on the {^aoarml hw a. w fiivia a pn d r? Ml* by Z, D. Oilman, 8. C. Ford, jr.,?. B Waite, 0. Stott, John Sohwarse, Nairn <fc Palmer. Waih wuton; and by deal em everywhere. an 14-lwjr .aagfettc In Wa?hin*ton the 84th Aufu?t. by the Re*. Mr. Blttanjer. T HOMAS J. DOBBINS, ti Mim ANNIE M. HOST.both of Hampton, Va. (Norfolk and PorUrnouth papera pleaee copy.) I DIED, Ob tfcetTth Auru.t, THOMAS REED, infant aonofWm. NV. aad Henrietta Cowling, aged II montta* The funeral will take place on Tueeday, Auju?t ; 31, at 4 o'clock p. from the residence of F. W Colclaser, No. 443 R ilreet, between 6:h and 7th ?U. * | In Geo.getown, on Ueereniacof the ?th, SERENA, only daughter of JaateeH. and Catenae Youn?,iath*Mhy?*r t4 hera?e. I i / WANTS. WANTED-A settled WHlTK WOMAN to

" Cook, Wash, and Iron for a family of two ?>r ^rium. Apply at C troet. nrar 4)4. It* \%I ANTED?To runt hr the rear, aflmall two ?tory BRICK or FRAMK HOUSE, with four roems.tfor annul? of thr** per?on?,iaittier i>?'this eitr or Georgetown, in a^uiet loeahtv. Adtlro?? A. f., stating term", Ao. through Po?t of no*- " au zi 4t? VV ANTED?By iioimi icirl i PLACE M nune "? ,?t chamt<erir.aii{ A good home i? her principal oejeet in seeking a place. Please address Box No. 14 Star Office. au ? St W^ANTED?At the Union Hotel. Georgetown, " TWo WOMEN?one to wash, the other to scrnh. Apply at the Office. au a-3f JOHN H. WATERS I Aft/V-WANTED TO BORROW this V* A;?V"" amo\ nt for one year, for which a liberal interest and a ? laotory ?M)iirit) will be given Address, through Post Office, with rate of interest expected, R.E X. au 25 3t? ijyANTED?A PURCHASER for a choice "'Dairy often cows, together wiih the good will and fixtures of the same. The route will take the milk of twenty cows in the winter. Address Box 749, City Post Office, Washington, D C. au *S-lw* _____ WANTED-fo employ a PORTER, in a Gro_W? oerr Store; a white m\n preferred. Apply to F. E WHIPE * rft \'n. As i between 6th an<l 7th sta., opposite the Bank ot \V Mhinston. an 24 at \U0?By a ntea<lT and mdn?trio>i* man, a " SITUATION a? ooHaclor. B?it of raoomgiven. Addreaa M. C., Star Ofics. JT ?-tf PERSONAL. PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE EVENTS, will bo sausflKjtonhr explained by a lair,at hor residence No. 33T C *t , between l?t ana 2nd sts.,UUud. Consultation foe 25 cents. au 25-ot* |\|ADAME FELIX, FORTUNE TELLER, 1"J. from Paris, informs her former fi iends.and the public generally, that she has removed to 4nl Tenth street, between E and F, where she will be happy to see all who will favor her with a call. an 1S-3W* MADAME MORRICE, ThkGikat abtbologist a!?d Doct?k*s, j?ii from Emropo,?TNie highly rifled and intelligent auy can be consulted on the Past, Present ana Future Events. Call at No. 40S Twenty-second street, between H and 1, Washington. joiS-Swi* LOST AND FOUiTD. COST?On Sunday night, a small black and tan ? I'L'DOIL'D Um.I I s.i ??-- ? ? - ? unnioiv. n<M4 ou ? icmnoi W - *? with a plat'd buckle. Ears croppod. As^fpsf liV^ral reward wt 1 l>e riven for her return " to t':e woo<l and coal yard of SH KK1FF A. DA \V f<ON,4.Sst. and Canal, we?t side. mi ^5-3t CJTRAYED?From a d'ov? of the nubi-crib**'''* on n the21st. a good sued spotted HOG.j^KV A suitable rewind will b?< Riven for it* re turn to H. RUI'PEM,, Elevonth Mreet.??ULM near Boundary street mi 2-1 St* LOST?On Pa. avenue, c ">rner of Twentieth st. or l>etween 20th and G, a GOI.D BR ACEI.ET enrraved in squares: the own- r'* name insido. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at No corner Prospect and Market id , Georgetown. _an 24-3t* (JJTRAYED AWAY?Op the 21?t instant, two kj v;uw?. une large wnite ?Jow,an<: red Cow. The red Cow has gome white Wa?f* on her Ite'ly. Both have horn*. A Liberal&aJhM reward will be paid for their recovery at MARTIN'!*, Franklin House, corner of 8th and D sts. Ml 24 Q JT REWARD.? Strayed or stolen from the mibV'* scriber on the 21st instant, a black M h?rne?l COW, with a f-'ll white face; white haf anil belly. Tii? aUive rrwardJbJUs I w II be given if returned to the owner. No. 455 Ninth street, Mrs THOMAS STANLEY. au 24 3t* OST?On Tuesday, August 7th, a BUNDLE of Li Evening Star News-papers, containing four copies of each day for the month of June, 1858 The finder will receive a liberal reward by returnir^ them to this office. an 15 tf BOARDING. | NINTH STREET.?Persons retnri in* to the city Irom their summer retorts will find vacant several desirable room*, having the ronvenit nee* of gas, water, and bathing Clo etc. at 9tli at., one doo south of F; suitable either for families or single gentleman. Table boarders accom modated oa moderate terms. au IE 2w* ????I AMUSEMENTS. ASHING TON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager 3. W. Glkns. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n for the regular Fall and Winter Seaaon on tue night of THURSDAY. Novmin lsr. , ? JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will commence ail engagementol Tweive IVlght* on MONDAY, November 5th, and will -be fo lowed bvthe mont BRII.1,1 STARS In the Theatrical Firmamei t. H7" Communication* if addressed to S. W. Gtsx*. "Old bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au 18-tf 1j* VRRK CONCERTS! iRN9T LOEFFLER, N*w York ??>????. beticetn 1*1 and 2d struts, would respectfully state to the public that A CONCERT o'lflBi SELECT MUSIC will be given ?svory MON DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at hit Pari lion, commencing at 3 o'clock and ending at 10 p. m. Previous to the Concert, tbe Saloon is open to those desiring to while awa? a few hours in the maiy dance. ICE CREAM, WATER ICES,and every description of CONFECTIONERY aiwaya ready at city prioes. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio pur poses, are requested to jive a day or two notioe. je 18 3m Avkry nice piano in order for $5', upon <?asy Urms, for sale at thf Munc Store of tau;M) W.i, metzkrott. The exercises of miss m. lewis's SCHOO FOR YOUNG LADIES will h? resum d on Monday. Scpteml>er 3J, Ninth street, second door north or F st. au 24 -St* Received per s eamf.r mount vkr non a fre,h supply of empire water. For ?ale wholesale and retail by s c. FORD. Jr., Druggist, au 24 6t corner Eleventh st and Pa. av. Worsley's celkbrated premium honey soap. A MOST DELIGHTFUL A tiTICLE FOR THE 1 {/IL.B1. Received and for wa e hv 8. C. FORD, Jr., Druggist, au 24 6t co tier Eleventh at. and Pa. av. YYHEELER A WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family Scwinf Machine^ WITH IMPROVEMENTS. _ Li Kanliital* all tlia# ^a n l>a Willvtl iwiuoi iiiuiii usuiuwij an vuoa ou uy desired, AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 Pkknrt-vama Avinci, near 7th street, From ? >? to 9100, With Instructions free of charge. au 23-lm P. J. STEER, A gent PIONEER STEAM M \RBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber beg* leave to inform the oitiora of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has adtl^d to his long established business tiie auxiliary of stoara power for sawing an i manufao turing Marbloand Brown 8tone V\orkin heir vti rion* branohea, Marble Mantelr, Table and Waibatand fop", Tile, Monuments, Tomb and Head Stones, Sia a. Window Lintels, Sil s, Steps and Platform*. Having purchased a large stock of Italian Marble in blook.lrom first hands,at the iowaat rates, he feels confident of being able to furnish Marble Work as low as it can be purchased in New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in bloek or a.'abs at the same rate as famished in New York, aud on accommodating terms. Alio, on hand, a large supply of punnoe Stone, Water of Ayr Hoce and Polishing Putty at New York prices. Enooarsge the enter prise; it will be an acquisition to the city. ALKX.RUTHERFORD Pioneer Steam. Marble and Brown Stone Work*, Pa. av.i oor. Thirt- enth st , an 21 3m Washington, D. C. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE * CO.*S SBXiBOT MPIOBB. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE. but (round from fresh 8pio#s, Mieoted and cleaned by as expressly for the purpose without referenoe to cost. TK?t are beaatiNily packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping and are foil weight, while the ordinary ground Spioes are a1 inort invariably short. We warrant them, in aoint of strength and richness of flavor, ^^BEYONO ACL COMPARISON, as a sinslo trial will abandantly prove. ****** ?" . D?RIEK * no., ( 181 Pearl iL, N?w York. 0~0 D! WOOD!! WOO D H! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the lowea T. J. * W. M. GAI.T, 999 Pa. av? between 11th aad IStn ?ts., ma 17-tf north sid BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-I* D coa mulatto lSW.?Joan L Douumo*, Pres.EH I .If ES uul HITVB WASHINGTON ~~ <K "INSURANCE COMPANY. 4imw mmd Tmtk Strut B.C. MoGUlRK, Prea<kat , ? D. HAKpON, \ ? GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS >v 0th*r Gttnfittw* 944 Jktfi T+t* nrS^I-ECTV'RK Prof. I.. g7~MATHKW?rof lk* LjiioM-urn Co Ie*e, will a Ir* ( nhjoct?Ki(ihtM>ntii Centurriat Uw M. P Churcfc, G<*TK??own. i>. o., ob FRIDAV.S1X of A i*u?U ?* ?'0toek p.m. Admixioii 35 oe?U; one-nan of the proofed* to ?? appropriate toward* tiio Mission Clin rh.the other lia,f towards repainu* Ljnohl.arg College. washington *orv, Pastor M P rhink. JM W-M WILLI AM I.Aifti>~Sf.~ ytlR BOSTON. with tli patch, to Mil r.? We<lr n?*?1a?. Auftist ZH.ii. The clipper ?chr. Arnnf, Captain <*rosl>y, i* now receivinrflg frei*lit lor the at*?e port, and wiil Mil at>ove For freight apptt to HARTLEY ft BR(I 9H and 1Q| \V?t?r >t.. G??n>t<iw. mr 31 THK UNI'EKSIGN KD CAR PENTKR AND BUI LDKK offer* hi* aerricee to the pablie of Georgetown, Warniiifton. and vioiniO, ar-1 wil contract for or snpenrtend the oon*trnrtion of pol> io and private bindings. Pan* ar-d *p?< i?. cation* will be furnished at short notice - fT* e and shop on Cong reM *U. Georcetown. mnei lately north of the Post Office au 27 Smeo HK.NRY WING ATE. S" still alive." PILLMAN k HUNT have Removed, temfo-arily, to the Store (No. 77) formerly oeeuried bjr Lewis Payne, nearly opposite their o'<1 establishment. ITT DRY GOODS can be had a* cliMp as ever. au 2J-3w Georgetown pemble seminary. i Kuimhlt Miu L. S. Kj?<.li?k's.) A BOARDiyr, A >'/> DA Y S< H(tol. The duties ol this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday ia September next. Tlieoomae of instruction embraces all that i* tausht, from the rndimeuts to tho most hixhli fin imN education. The corps of teachers, ten in nnmher,are eminently qualified a-d experienced in their several department*. Lectures F riday rvenin*?on the Natural Sciences without charge to the pupils. Circulars mar l>e obtained by addressing the Pna oipal. Mi?s M.J. ItAR ROVER, Georgetown. D.C. _au22_eoSm JUST RECEIVED FROM THE INTERIOR of Peons) 1 vania, a few brand* of PURE RYE WHISKV, * i distilled in tlie years 1851 and fR3ft. _ Those wishing vv pmciiMc au ui.iMi'iii.tTKi'Hi arucie lor ine icma! purpose*. &.? , seiftom have such an opportunity offered to them. an <>-2w BEALL k. M\TTHKW?. POR RENT?A conrenion? two story HKICK i a DWELLING, on Firrt street, with G*? and Water. Als >, * commodious Dwelline and :*, on Hi idge street To snitahl* tenants the rent will be vori moderate. Apply to SAMUEL M.KENNY. No. 13* lJunbarton st .Georgetown. an 21 tf F*OR R KNT-'I he DWELLING and SlOKh No. 7 7 llridre street. The dwellm* oon'aina 11 rooms :n exce lent order. besides c <>s? ts, water 0 oaet, bath'?>m, sm ke hoiina, milk boti*-? witi rjiiinn: wat-r, a d wootahwi; with g-v? fi?tur<*a co nrl-te, he 1? and water. '1 he o^arnnnc Tiew* of the river aa^ ndi\cent country. The store la completely fifed with atielving. court-rs. tas fixture), and water, with larte French p ate s ass window* and doora. and two ? ge drj oe.lara They wni he rented either together or aep arate, and to a rooa at d permanent tenant at very 1 iw rates. Ala<>(forr nt two URIC* PTABLEfs with carriage hoasea attached, with hydrant in the y\rd. Applj to Dr CRAG1N, l'Jl Domlarton street ti l4-a<>t/ FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otkn "For Salt and Rent" advtrtistwunit, im first pagt ] OR RKNT-A FRAME HOFSE.on Eleventh at , lietween O and P ?t?., cnnt? nin? 6 ro .ms. Rent ginnajear. Apply to C F. RICMAR I SO X, Bacon I >eal'T. Nortec n and Center Maikets. It FOR RKNT-A am all BRICK HOUSE on t-ourteenth street. l>etweeii and R, regaining fi ve rooms. Rent ?R S" per month. Ref-rer cf r^ni'od. Inquire of JOSEPH SMITH. Fourteenth street, between R and S streets. au 27 St FOR RKNT-A BRICK DWELLINGHOUSE, on Sixth street ?e?t, tetween M and N streets north.(No. 230.) containing 8 room* and a kitMien, Rent moderate. Possession (tiven immediately. Apply next door north. an /7-lw* *7H>R RKNT-A beautiful COTTAGE RESl1 ?* -? - ? - m. ur,.^i '.,in Mireei, r?etween M?th ami 11th. I containing (bur elegantly lurni?hed rooms.stiitab'e for members of Congress. Wi I be rent-?d a to getlier, or the room* separately. Applr on the premises of JOHN WATERS. au 27 at O R RUN T?That large and commodious HK1CK DWELLI NG on the oi Sixth and N streets north, containing t-u good rooms, wi'h eas. and well ventilated- To a good teuaut the rent will be moderate. For particulars inquire at the store of \VM. A E. LORD, under the dwelling. an 27 3t* fpOR RENT OR SAI.K?Soverai small Frame HOUSES, well locat -d Inquire at MOORK'S West F.nd Drug Store, 113 Pa. av. an 25-3t FH OR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE, cntamint* rooms presage,kitchen and oel a' in the very be-t ord?r, beautiful yard, grap arbor. shade trees and flowftra. I. mrftflil rfn* A??I. to Mrs. 911 EA, next door, 530 Thirteenth street, l-etwcen B and C, lain .d. au25 2t* FOR SALE?A new FRAME HOUSE aad LOT, in the wes? end of the e ty, handsomely situated; price)5 1 SVi. Four or five years' creditwill he given on alKMit on" half the am iunt. Per?ons wish i"k to purcha?e will address A., box '22 St*r Office, giving name and residence. au 25 3t* FOR RENT?A newfonr-story BRICK HOUSE, with innrlde mantles and urate*, water fixtures with bath looms. Also, ta< in every room, situated on Thirteenth rtreet, b-tween L aiul Mas*, avenue. Aiso, a three <t >ry and att.c Hiick Dwelling or H street, between 13th and Mtlt str^i*. Applv at W M. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store. No. 504 Eleventh street. au >5 3f 1TOR RENT-The two story BRICK HOUSE, F No 41S K st eet. between 9th and lf*h sts. The i ouse is a eomfortaM" one. and contain* six rooms. Apply to 15. F RlCHA^DSlN. Bae<>n Dealc, Center and Northern Markets, au 2i eo3t FOR SALK-Verr cheap, on rra?ona!>te term*, one of the m'>Kt de^inhle BUILDING LO'l>in the cit> , ?ifiated on the north west comer ol 6tl St., and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. K. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th sL, between H and I sts. au 15-tf EM)R RENT?Two lieautifol new BRICK r HOUSES, on Eighth street west, between M *nd N streets north, west side. Apply to MARY C. HA1SL1P, No. 3*1 Ninth street west. or Dr. KEASBY.No. 338 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lttth streets. jy L2 7W* CSTORF. FOR RE\T.?Situated tin the S?.?th O side of Pa av*.. between9th and 10?h, suitable for anv busineat. For further particulars enquire at No. :<*>5 I'fc. avo., between 9th and 10th as. an 14 2w frH>K 8AL.E-A fine aubetautial BRICK HOUSE, on 11th at., between Laud M sta., with large Stable and Carriage Hou?e. Anyone aantiiiK Kuoh a House will be aold on very ac coininodating terms, or eicliange for amaller property For a private residence none can surpass it* Inquire ol GEO. T. LANGLV.ou L at., near 14th at. au 14-tl FOR SAL E.-Ob Kea?onable Terms? the RIGHT of ELLYSON YEKBYt) PREMIUM BMTKR MACHINE; Patented July 27th, law. l'his machine ma) be used alao aa a Churn and Cream F?****r. Tetroa can be known by applxing at No. 339 Twelfth atreet. betwren M aitd N, Washington, D. J-., or thiomh the Wash ngton Post Ofiioe. The subscriber wiahea to en^ploy twA or three more active bn?ineaa men lo travel for the sale or th* Right. A liberal offer will be made to II.>k ?l ).*! I A4)>nA Wttll p*Arttn MS fir KLLYSON 'VEEBY, Patent??. J 1ST RRCEIVED. and for tale sir J AS. CLARKS' FEMALE PERIODICAL PILLS. Alio, REYNOLD'S SPECIFIC for ttout or Rheumatism, by 8. C. FORD. Jr., Piiai maoeutiat. aa 14 2w corner 11th ?t. and I*a a v. New carpets, NEW OILCLOTHS. MR. LOUIS PKRRY iin?* in New York city making purchase for the fall trade, and we will M reoeivinic all this weak and the next large lota of CAKPKTS and OIL'M OTHS in all rariettea. MOT Housekeepers will please keep in miod the N.-w Ca pet Rooms, "Perry Building," corner of Pa ar? aud 9th streets < au 24 3t L F. PERRY k CO TVoLDAND SILVER SPECTACLBS.-Ha?V* ins had mueh experience in tK*.([nf>fii manufacturing and nale of Spectacles ,^V~ 1 am now prepared to sapply any or ah that want a verv auperior ?; of classes, with tlmae mat a'e l>eetaaJrnla>?d to benefit thatr sight. Havirgha<i much praotioe in fitliug the ">oef diilealt eaeea, I feel warranted m aa?in< that l?*i aeleot c m*"* at all times that will suit the wearer, and at the same time oan eel I them at so low a prico that all that wiah to uae them oan afford to aurchase. H. O. HOOD, au 2? No 3** 1'wpn. avenue WILLIAM U. ENTWI8LR, v APOTHKCABY, (Formerly vntk J. L KuiveU, B*n , ?f Gemretpwn.) , R i ?p< ctf?iljr info'iTHi the riti?m* I t | Waahincton that he haa t*ken theVBp XI ADruiMaiidittliK oorner of IJth atreat lW I M L-Whi 1*a. are., where he will w> found O ^^ at all hoar*, and nrill keep a fr?ah and wall elnoted st< ok uf l/RrGS. PANCY ARTICI.K8. aud all gxoda uaually found la a well fnraiahcd Drug Store He promising tkoM who may fav??r him with th?ir patronage hi* aadividad attention to their want* N. B Excluwve personal attention fire* to the compounding of Phraieiaaa' Prescnptioaa at ail konra, da? or night. an ll-tw* JELLING OFF ENTIRE STOCK AT COST STORE BOR RENTE D FIXTUBES FOR SALE. j. C. GIUSON. No. #0 Miiiit 8nr^ AuZl-eotw B*t\c*tn tik mml 9tk Struts. /^BEEN GINGER AND PICKLING V1NEIT GAR. 10 bhla tore CIDER VINKGJCR, (mrrwlM,) 1 bbl. OR KEN GINGER. white Jamaica ginger. White anrt Black MI* ST AH D SEED, tom ERIC. white FKPi'ER, And All MtMArf *" No. 44. onp<jKlt?> Ceutrr Market. am a- MM betwon Tt n aad ith ir?to. ?T?HKOA.PANESE HAT, OPERA HAT 1 Flora Dnring hat.aad aU kiu<1<> of HAT^ at No. 460 KMroatfa MroeW aa 11 S?r "t . i i > " ti THE LATEST NEWS TKLEO BAP H 10^ Tk? Mm < Ua|M MowT?t*.L, A uguat St?Three ftleera wm brilliantly IU MintDated laat ntgbt, ta bonoc of the Prince The member* of the l^uUture arrived In tbe ateotner at Onehec at 10 e'rlock last Oltfbt, and attead~d U* Prince to thka city At the earioua potato along the rteer greuna of people asaranbled on the shorea, and cheered and wared their hate aa tbe cv-anter paawd down with the D-? i?vv v? di .. n<\iu nmimrncffl at I* o'clock, and cMtlaiiM Ult tbfc?rte|fiir.v?4 f>SMontreal The 1'rince came bv the North CUimI, and missed a number of steamers which ted come down to meet him. Tbey overtook him at Polat de I'lale. The? were crowded with people, and Itally decked with flaga. evergreen*, kr. , their pasaengers cheering lustily as tkey came up with the Prince's vessel As Kingston was rwaaed the rharch bells rany a peal, sad the crowd <?u shore cboered. The Prince's fleet mocbed Montreal at S:3D, and was received with a royal salute of SI *u?? aa It approached the city. The rala at the time i rnrd. but again commenced, and In canst que ace of tbe uiu'srorablenrss of the weather, tbe preparations for the grand reception Were not completed, and tbe landing was postponed till 10 o'clock to-morrow Tbe Illumination was alao deferred. About 1ii u?i people wbo bad aasembled on tie quays to witness the isrding, were not only dlsapp intrd but drenched Among tbe visitors wbo will be present at the br'.d/e nuguration aie the authority *of yoebwt". Tor ?.toaoa other cities. with members of theCs nadlsu legislative body. A Urge number of Americans are here, and will tola * - the grand affair. Moxt a xa l , Aug 45 ?The Prince landed shortly nfl> r 9 oVIot k, amtd the royal aalute from the batt? riea on St Helena's laland by the fla^t and r**ulara It waa a beautiful morning I pw.rd of 40,UUU people were present Tbe rtraria, wklrh were awarmlutc wlUi crowds were beaut.fully decorated All the nrietlra, clergy. firn brigades, i.tienkt-u. aud volunte^-a. were out la great a?vte It waa tbe greatest d splay ever area In thia Province Ttj< f>rocrsslon is just entering tbe ?ilubitiou building. Tbe Prince (>roceeded to Inaugurate tbe Proviticlal and the YicWri.i bridge, tbe peuoeaaioa on the occasion being aplendid At tbe bridgo celebration a ao< d gold medil, manufactured Ta Kngiand. will be presented to tbe royal vial tor Tbe medal ta Intended to commemorate the opening of the bridge The upper part of tbe front of the medal ta oocup ed t? a < oat of artM of the city of Moutreal. flanked or protected by tbe lion aiid unicorn, the protection of Canada by Kn^land. beneath the two latter ap |KW IB scroll IM BJllDfl or tll? ?reat mCineers of tbe bridge?Koes and SU-pketisoa Immediately below the coat of arm* apfieers the Bridge A raft of uib-r and a lU-smrr arc seen dttrrndiig the river. a train of cat* and locomotive U juat entering the brulge to the right, whilst m tbe eitreme left the mountain, at tbe foot of which Montreal ia situated rises to view on Um reverse of the medal apneara, at tbe top the roral arm* of l.n^land, and busts. vrhlrh are likeaesena of C^iieen Victoria and Prince Albert, aad Um Prince of Wales Toeoxto, C. W., Aug. 25.?The masonic body are making arrant m^uts to m?et the Prlace of Walea at (tttawa to aaaiat in tbe rerssnoe v of laying the foundation atone of tbe new Hoom of Parliament Fearful thunder storms bare raped for tbe last few days in this vicinity with hall. A Bomber of buildings were destroyed. Farther trmm Carape, New Yoke, august 20.?The strainer VanderKt 1? A W, .1.1. ? ? ?* * a ?*:%? U' ir ?U1> <U ITI HUUIi, UIV I Q? HUSH from Southampton on the L5tb She bring* SM pmwiftr? The commercial ed vices by this arrt vml art U><' Mine ai rccciv?l per steamer City of bait, more, via dBpe Bt-e, on Friday last I The resolution for raising a loan of ?3,000,<M) for I ndia bad been agreed to in the Hritiab Houoe of Commons Tbe Neapolitan Parliamentary election* commenced on tbe 19tb inst Refugee* are preferred by tbe Wtors, wbo openly declare for tbe annexation of Naples to Piedmont. Austria, it is said, baa abandoned tbe idea of possessing Venetia. as guaranteed by Germany. Garibaldi was expected soon to attack Yssioe. and Austria will maintain tbe conflict alone against all Italy. Prussia wll remain neutnu wuiim gurr powen ao noi nwntn. The material of war at the Aoatriaa aratnal at Venice, wai tx-ing transported to Pel*. The (jaribaldlaa steamer Veloce entered Caatcllainan at midnigbtonthe Hth, and ft red several ran nun shots at the Monarca. and retired without produciue any results Later Chinese advices say that (kmchow had been tacked and burned by the rebels Ginui. Aug 1ft ?The papers publish a dispatch announcing the unoppnaed disembarkation of Garibaldi with 6.UIU men near Reggio oa tl.e night of the loth The same dispatches report the evacuation of the fortress of Scrlia by the Neapolitans Both, however, are doubtful Tsiacvs A ?.?r 1 C 1* i- W-ll * ^ ???* - , ? ?1? uciiciia uwiuariutiai intend* to attark Austria, aot on tlie Venetian, but on tbe Ontario < oast. by attempting s disenibarkation at Tiume Tbe Austrian autLoritlea believe that be will first endeavor to provoke a revolution In Crotis and Hungary before procacding U> nttack Venetia. All u?e coasts where an attbrk may be apprehended are rigorously watcbed by tbe Imperial cruisers. Peamy 1 vaaia Ps titles. HaaaisBrae, August 22?Tbe Constitution* 1 Union 8UI* Central Committee met bere to-day, every Congrraeional district being rejweaeated. Cbeerlng accounts from all parts of tbe SU?e were received, and a strong dis;>usiUon manifested for tbe union of all national men A commit toe baa been appointed to select Presidential elector* Tbe foregoing dispatch bas been characterised by some of tbe Pennsylvania papers as glaringly false, and tbe statement made ' Lbat there was not iwent)-Ave Ball and Everett men at tbe bums meeting''and one paper asserts that there seems to be a deter mi oat oa oa tbe part of thoae who send telegraphic dispatches to tbe Associated Press to make as masy false repreacatatioaa aa possible. In reference to tbe above remarks, tbe Philadelphia agent send tbl following dispatch la jnstlflcatlon of bis transmission of tbe report to New York in tbe form in which It waa published ? Puilahelfhi a, August 45 ?Coleoel Seymour, a mwaber nrtb~ l iUun Central CMDmlttw, Mt tbe llarrlaburg diapatch, which haa-l>?ea written out by Hon. Henry M Foliar. Both declare that the dispatch waa entirely correct, and will aland by It. NareacBUal Jadge D?i|lu. Notion, Aug. v??Aa previoualy announced Jodg| i> u.laa ar 1 /ed h re Saturday from Baltlmoii . Laatulghtbe addraaaed about 5,(WO pera >na. from the front of tha City Hall. Hi* apaacb waa aa able one, principally devoted to popular a vcfelguty In the Territeriea, but touching upon tbe principal putlttoal topic* of the day. elucidating each point cla rly and forcibly. The auditory were Terr attentive and orderly, but no aatfcuaiaam marked tbe meeting. Today Jud^e Douglaa attended church, and to-morrow morning ne imtm mt rntmorg ] The Atlantic and Great M estera Rallread. Javbstowx, N. Y., Aug )fi.-Thi Ami train over the Atlantic end Greet Western Railroad has just arrived at this place, thirty-ire Da ilea from the junction with the New York eod Erie Railroad. having on ftosrd Messrs N March, C Mlnot, and others, of the New York ai.d Erie read, also Mr Kennard. chleT englaeer of the Atlantic end Greet Western Railroad, nad a number of ether excursion fata There la great enthusiasm hare la regard to the matter. The road will he opened for busiueas during the ensuing week. laterraptien ef a Mitlesl Meetlag; Evahsvillb. lad., Aug. *S?A republican meeting at Newborn, lad . last Bight, was Inter runted t>v a band of taea led oa by Sol keeper, tbe town marshal. Pistols wers fired late the crowd, and several persons injured The republicans anally drove their ?lleala fresa the ground. The Philadelphia Prlatere' DatsaatAttoMle CMw D?,I . T.., MM. A It* Tlx Printer1* Ilalaa Lard'to rtearfyat 1S^m\V WkiZtT ta'Tall at d Sl"c h?m^^3Pju^r^S ph?? t Mitnd ateftM M%s Mlefclfu Hirtb*? 47} N?w York Centna M, lMi|?k. *? * !* ? - i vlatted Atlantic City to-day la a body, at tha taritatloa of Mr. Brodbaad Thqr aunubarad four * Uuudrt-d. LoviariLLW, Aug ? ?A call Mao awriad thla morning bet?re*a an exprcai aad freight Mi am the Lou U villa aad ??*alUe Railroad, aaar the Hardstowo Junction, Mrtoualv lajaiing Jaaapfa Bwltber*. a mmmmgm of A4am? Ftpf CanKr, aad wounding (W earl not* aad Imhi of train ' Aluunu. Aug. C7 ?Flour?family 00a S? 76: extra SS TM; toper MJW W Wheal ?wbita. aew, fair to rood, ?l Jtta#l 4b, rad VI tla 1 S3. Corn?whit*rtoTtc.j r?Uow7Wk; ?'?.d TUb74c. Era ?fc*7c. Omta 9fc31c. Corn M?tl 75*sLe per battel Serd? 1 lmoOiy ? 10?1 1^ Clorw tft TteM; F1um4 tlWtt Pw* roU, ItaKte ; BMN U*attt4 Tmk ?WM ; La* ?*H*. Wklikrlli&l. i PI aw You, Aag ?7 -Pm? %m tinaorf h i ?ft ?M **Ohio H IM Htt SMtknll lte I* WhMt kM uic