Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1860 Page 1
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- / < (Stains i ~ V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. AUGUST 28. 1860. N?. 2.848. THE EVENING.STAR ? PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Ctrnrr of Pennsylvania avenue and llfA St., ?T W. D. WALLACH. Papera eerred in paofciree by oarrlera at #4 ? year, or St oenta per month. To mail eabaonbera the pnea ia 8s_s> * year, ? advamet; 92 for aix month*; 91 for three montha; and for leae than three aoatha at the rate of K oenra a week. Sinnie oopiee, o.taca.xT; in wrappers, i\*o cshts. fU~ Advkktisexixt* anou'd h?aent to the ottoe before 12 o'o.ook m; other wim they may not appear Wttl the next day. Operatiama ef the Pateat Office. The following la a Hat of petenta laaued from tbe U S Patent Office for theweekendlng August 21, 1900?each bearing that date: ? T. Adams and David Adams, of Medina, O. For improved washing machine. Dennis Aldrtch, of St. Louis, Mo.?For Improvement In construction of tanning apparatus. David Argerbrigkt,of Gratis, O ?For Improved combined cnuck and counter-sink. Daniel Arndt, of Zanesvllle, O.?For improvement in bee hives Jacob B. Ash, of Elkton, Md.?For Improvement in grubbing machines. Edward Backus, of Rochester, N. Y ?For improved propeller for canal boats Chaa L Barritt. of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in scythe fasteners John H. Beadle, of New York, N. Y.?For lanprovement in the construction of breast pumpa improve Wm Blake, of Boston, Nut ? For improvement In cleansing and separating galvanized nails. Ludwlg Brumleu, of Hoboken, N. J ?For improvement In the mode of making exyehlorlde of lead. R. D. Bryce, of F.??* m???iiigiHMn, ra.?r?r improve atta 'bnient of covera to glaaa veaaela. A. M. Burnham, of Montpelier, Vt.? For improvement In machines for sawing stone. J. Carl and J. W. Heath, of Grenada, Miss.? F?r improvement In casting screw nugers. D. P. Chamberlln, of Hudson, Mich.?For improvement Id instruments for pruning trees. Wm. Clemsou, of Middletown, N. V.?For improved saw-set. Wm Clemson, of Middletown, N. Y.?For Improvement In tempering saws E. Ciubman and J. R. Cnshman, of Amherst. Mass?For improvement in the manufacture of leather paper stock. Geo Dan forth, of Friendsville, 111.?For 1mnrnvpm^nt in rnrn ih^llpp* L B Darling, of Providence, R I.?For improvement in the construction of stone tank*. Jacob David, of New York, N. Y?For Improvement In comhiued shutter and awning for windows Ameniua Davit, of Shelbyville, Ind.?For Improvement in cane sun. Jamea Daykin, of Cleveland, O.?For improved mode of elevating and delivering water from wella. \Vm Dechwann, of Canton, O ?For Improved bedstead. John X. Dennett, of Bath, Me.?For Improved bed bottom slat Henry Dtaston, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improved machine for grinding saw blades Aaron Dougla^a. of Paterson, N. J.?For improved lock joint for railway bars. Etbridge t?. Dvr. of Hamilton, O.-t-For improved feed motion for sawmills. James W. Evans, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in fastening for cotton bales Charles Fairfax, jr., of Cincinnati, O.?For improvement in coupllug for belts. George Farmer, or Osceola, III.?For improvement in harvesters. uav.a |i-lanery, or Jackson. Miss?For Improvement in telegraph instruments William F. George, of Cincinnati, O.?For improvement In stove* Christian Uwman, of Camden, Mich.?For improved reciprocating saw. Thomas 51 (ire?n, of Milledgevllle, Ga.?For Improvement in seed planters Origin Hall and Timothy Merrick, of West Wllllngton, Con ?For improvements machines for dressing and finishing thread. Leonard Hariman, of Anderson, Ind.?For Improvement in seed planters John M Hathaway, of New York, N. Y?For Improvement in handle fastening for augurs. Alexander Hay, of Philadelphia, Pa.?Lor Improvement in the construction of railroads. I>. K Hickok. of Morrisville, Vt.?For Improved clothes dryer. Thi:a-i tlopkini, o( Newport, Ky.?For lmj proved sack fastener. Henry A House, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improved gate R. B Hugunln, of Cleveland, and G. \V.Whitney, of Berea, O.?For Improved washing machine. John H. Irwin, of Beirdstown, 111.?For lm provement In harvestes. Adoiph Isaacsed, of New York, N. Y ?For Improvement ia construction of apparatus for destroying Insects F C Kutt o.'Hackensaek, N . J?For improve- I merit ia stopping and starling railroad cars. Samuel h Landes, of West Cocalico, Pa ?For lmprovemeat in machines for dressing millstones. Berna d Lauth, of Pittsburg, Pa?For improvement in rolling Iron bars. Lorenze I^ea,of Jarkson, Tenn ?For Improvement in surveyors' leveling instruments. Lewis Leber, of Springfield, 111.?For Improvement in cultivators. John R Marshall, o! Marine, 111?For lm provement in corn-stalk cutters. William McAfee, of Samervllle, Mich ?For Improved gate T. W. McDill. of Oquawaka, 111.?For Improvement in cultivator* Ooorge C. Miller and Richard Henry, of Cincinnati, O?For improvement in hillside plows. John A. Naylor, of Rahway, N. J.?For Improvement in extenalnn of seat for carriages. Lewis Newsom, of Gallipolis, O.?For improved device for heating rooms. Elon G Niles, of Cincinnati, O ?For Improved cooking range H. W. Norvill, of Livingston, Ala.?For improvement in car brakes David F. Patterson, of Fayette rounty, Pa.?For Improvement in construction of distiller's mash tub*. N. A. Patterson and Wm. L. Ramsey, of Kingston, Tens ?For improved washing machine, ilamuel J. Perrv. of Columbia. 8. C For tm. provement In drawing boiler tubes. David Ralston, of Carlisle, Pa ?For Improvement in rock drills." Albvrt C. Richard, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement ia devnlcanlzlng waste rubber. Jacob H Relgbird and C. JLt. Knecbt, of Birmingham, Pa ?For improved attachment for hi nged covers of glass vessels. A Rvden, of Talladega, Ala?For improvement in presses. Joseph B Sargent, of New Britain, Cona.?For improved pi- ture nail bead. John P. Scheokl, of Boeton. Mass ?For improvement in umbrella*. Geo Scrimshaw, of Milesbarg, Pa ?For composition for pavements, Ac. \Vm. Shearer, of Atlanta, Ga.?For improvement la pump*. James Smith, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement In military cap*. Walter Somerville, Jr., of Mitchell S'atlon,Va. For improved railroad car brake. P. H. Starke, of Richmond, Va.?For improvement In plough* Henry D Stover, of New York, N Y ? For Unproved shaping and moulding machine. Henry D. SUver, of New York, N.Y.?For lm? - _J 1 LSI V itu iMUiUX UJfltUIUfl Joel Haywood Tatum, of New York, N. Y ? For lBproren?nt to candle wick. Woo W Taylor, of South Dartmouth, Maa.? For Improved tree protector Ttao? Seavllle Truaa, of Darlington, Eng.?For Improvement la construction and joining of pipes. Oreenleaf L Tomer, of New York, Y?For Improvement In rattroad car springs James Van Valklnburgh, of Hfagbaratoo, N. Y ?For Improved machine for cleaning rice. C L Waffle, of Sharon, Ohio.?For improvemeat lu corn planters. Miller Warner, of West Middleborg, Ohio.? For improvement in seed planters. f tokens B. Wever of Scarborough, Ua?For 1 an proved cotton presi. r D IVt.ll> -f M ... ? kl " "? ?? I4W*? v* invw^/w, i .?r or iiu provement in construction of hernial truaa*. Luther Whitman, of Winthrop, Me , and Ezra Whltmas, of Baltimore, Md?For improvement in easting cylinders for threshing machines J D Wllioughbjr. of Petersburg, V*.?For Improvement In machines for forming grooves in tbe necks of cans. Gile J. Wilson and David H. Fox,of Reading, Pa ?For Improvement In gas meters. Bancroft Woodcock, of Williamsburg, Pa ? Fer improvement tn plou^bs Charles Worden, of Ypnlaati, Mich? For imnr?.uo/4 nra^atui tor r+v 11 La 11 ni/ the (low of W&tfr Fruin externa John Bird, of Birmingham, Pa , aaaignor to Hike well Peara k Co , of Pittaburg, Pa ?For improved futemug for metallic covert for gla? Henry A. Cbapla, of Spriogfteld, Maaa, aaalgnor to blmaelf and Peter f Jaekaua, of aame place ?For improvement la flaaka for casting Iron coIqidib Henry Denimtck, of New York, N Y , aaatgnor to biinarlf and Peter H. Jackson, of aame place ? For improveiuent la Basks for rsa'.lag iron colli m as laeac Roger*, of North Havermtrmw, N Y..aaaiguor to Samuel Deakatn, of New Yurk, N . Y.? For Improvement la deoxrdlzlng ores MwU F. ReynoUa, of Wqff Fanoa, J?. y., assignor to himself and G. E. Sherwood, of Morrisiana, N. V.?For improved telegraphic instrument. John Kelly, of West Milton, Ohio, assignor to himself and T. Coate, of aame place ?For Improvement in machines for picking mill-stones. Jeremiah H. Story, of Cincinnati, Ohio, assignor to Cameron, Story 4 Malone, of aame place ?For iinprovW machine for dressing Joists. Jamea H. Swan, of New York, N. Y., assignor to ArasG. Williams, of Broyklyn, N. Y.?For improved folding chair Rt-ifsues.?Cbas. Wiihelm and Anna C. Wilhflm of Phllad^lnhli. Pa ?Fnr lmnrnv#mpnt In lamp shades. Jos L Lowry, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in Are-plugs Peter N. Burke, of Buffalo, N.Y.?For improvement in stoves John W. Wheeler, of CleveUrtd,-Ohio ? For improved method of elevating and delivering wHMiJ?rtW.*tyoi5?per, of Pittsburg. Pa., assignee of Stanhope W. Marston, of New York, N. Y ? For improvement in trigger operating revolving lire arms. Henry A. Burr, of New York, N. Y.. assignee through mesne assignments of Alva B. Taylor, of same place ?For improvement iu machinery for making hat bodies. A Poet the Pratries. Mr. Willis, writing to the Home Journal last week, has the following prettj thought: x=??vpaiuuu uic, cpiru oi mo rrsirie!)? what man is there, with liberality of choice, who would be content to live where there are no mountains! Who would take as a gift the famous "hundred mile prairie" of Illinois?(a farm of the exten^of fertile flatness, without a fence!)?on condition of there taking up his abode I had never realised before what a cathedral influence there is in the mountains we dwell near?how the sunsets and sunrises are made reverently sublime by them?how the storms perform glorious anthems with the bill echoes?how the eye. which is lifted from the valley to the tall peak whereon rests the thunder cloud, carries the heart with it, in nn instinct of involuntry awe ! The mere prairie floor seems to me a wilderness without an altar ?Nature without gallery or dome?earth with uui proper catDedrai wherein the elements shall unbidden worship God. And the following lively description : To overtake a thunder shower, whirl through it. and outrun it, was the first of the day's exciting novelties. We"saw it ahead of us, on the prairie, as you see a simple black cloud in the sky, with sunshine all around it. It was moving in the same direction as ourselves, probably at about twenty mile* an hour; and wu soon began to overtake it with our better harnessed thunder and lightning. The conductor pointed the dark mass out to iae some ten or fifteen minutes before we entered the outer skirt of the shower; and we were in a pelting rain, with lightning and penis of thnnder, for perhaps ten minntes?emerging in fair weather on the other side, and leaving the storm to lag after us, like the "slow coach that it was ! But, certainly, it was very queer thus to give thunder and lightning the go-by. It seemed to me, somehow, anticipatory of another state of things. When we go telegraphing about at the beginning of our spirit travels in the next life. I am sure I ?hall have a vague impression of having done something of that sort before?this experience of distancing a well trained thunder cloud h?inir l?wl ??? ? ? ..?p ? ?? i u uijr uicujut/' But it is to the wild animals of the prairie that the switness of the rail train is moat inexplicable. Ages upon ages have established certain relative rates of speed between man and the subject races of creation?the mounted hunter being the fastest pursuer for which the elk and reindeer, the bear and the prairie wolf, the fox and wild cat. the skunk, otter, and marten, are at all prepared. The small line of rail track, nearly hidden in grass, is not recognized by these wanderers over the vut plains of the West, and while thinkimr t e native* > fi in their own horxon-edged wilderness, they suddenly see the coming of the new monster. It is a daily experience cn the trains on this railroad across Illinois, to overtake some one or more of them; and it is curious (so the different conductors and brakemen all told me) how none of them seem to have the sagacity to escape by running off at anjlea! Almost n aiably t hey flee before the pursuer and run down, at last, to fall fainting with terror and exhaustion in the neighborhood of the track. Ixtebbstixo from China?Progress of the War and the Rebellion.?A letter in the British Journal, dated Shanghae, May 30, rivee an account of the progesa of the rebellion in China and of the preparations making by the Allies to carry on the war : News was received on the 24th instant, from the ci y of Soochow, that the rebels were again preparing for an attack on the eity, which caused great terror and alarm among the native trading people who gathered their property together, and left in great number for Shanghae in hopes of escaping the pillaging, murdering-, Ac., which is always the result of these rebel attacks. Conflicting report* are arriving from e- i .-mocqow a any, and and we trust matters are not in such a deplorable state as the Chinese make them oat. One report says that 800,000 rebels had marched into Soocbow, setting fire to the city in every direction, and committing robberies and murder with perfect impunity. Thousands of Chinese merchants, who had bought quantities of goods in Shanghae, found such a state of things on arriving near Sooohow, that they turned baok, and are now availing themselves of the hospitalities of foreigners?paying for the same, of oourae?to store their goods for safe keeping in our godowns These bands of rebel miscreants seem to have no objeot in view but to plunder; in fact, they are oomposed of the low uneducated rabble, who caa be led about by one or two of their chiefs, jast aa they fit. Our river is now alive with small craft, which have come ,|A_ r> --j ?j j ? uvnu vuv wvwuvn vicv&o auu lunuo * rCIiUCl* youj of the foreign settlement until the excitement is over. Several Chinamen have been taken in the city recently, on susnioion of wearing the yellow jacket, and beads in their hair, which is the rebel distinction. All ?uoh u are oaaght. are dealt summarily with at the hands of the Taon-sai. Last Sunday afternoon, the 27th instant, twenty of these unfortunates were beheaded inside the wall, and their heads *mn?. ed in cages at the gate ways leading oat of the aveaues towards the foreign quarters. The Taon-sai has again applied to Messrs. Brace A Bourboalon to have foreign troops stationed in the city to protect it from the encroachments of the rebels, who are expeoted at any moment. The foreign ministers hare assured the Taoa-sai that they will protect the city and foreign settlement, should it become neceuary, and large plaeards have accordingly been posted throngn the city, urging confidence and quietness among the Chinese. Traveling, Oitb Hundred Ybarb Ago.? The advertisement of which we here five a literal copy, from the Weekly Mercury, March 8, 1759, is deserving of preservation on account of the qnaintness of the inn signs, the peculiarity of the spelling and diotion, the "shifting" of the passengers which it announces, and the general idea it rives as of the way in which traveling was performed in Amerioa at the time it was issued : - * Philadelphia Stage Wagon, and New York Stage Boat perform their Stages twice a tree*. * _ - - - ? - ?? jodd Batter, with hi* Wagon, seta ont on Monday from his Honae, at the sign of the Death of the Fox, in Strawberry Alley, mad drive# tha tame day to Trenton Ferry, when Francis Holman meets him, and proceed! on Tuesday to Brnnswiek, and the passengers and goods being shifted into tha wagon of Isaac Fitzrandolph, he takes them to the New Blasing-Star, where Rubin Fittrandolpb. with a boat well suited, will receive them, and take them to New Tork that night. John Butler retdtaing to Philadelphia on Taeeday with the passengers and goods delivered to him by Fraaeis Holjnan, will set out for Trenton Perry on Thursday, and Francis Holman, Ac , will carry his passengers and goods, with the same expedition as above, to New York. How tbb Japanese Fish.?In walking along the banks we came upon a man fishing in a most peculiar way. He was perched on a low bridge leading over a stream that joined the canal. At first I thought be had hooked an , enormous fish, but on closer inspection found "it was merely a lire decoy. Its dorsal fin was laced to two small sticks, one on each sid?; from these it was tethered to what I first took to be his rod. The poor fish sported about in the water, apparently doing its beat to attract the attention of its finny fellows. The man held a small arrow-pointed trident, with which I he dexterously struck any large fish thateame 22|l^??j??J^thi^jintirji^o^th^?th?re^decoT. Am&S. W1NSLOW, N Kzperten ed Norse and Female Phrsioian. presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP. F?r Children Tocihlnf, I Wkiak frtttij rtciaottt th? pr?c*M ?t muiinf, br mtim utg tha r*m?, radaeirf *1! lnSanacaatiao?will ilia7 ALl PAIlt tod apaamadia aaoau.and it SURE TO RBUVLATE THB BOWELS. Dspaad a pan It, matbara, it will firt raat ta yaaraaWaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YODR INFANTS Wa hava pat sp and (old thia amcla for a?ar tan yaara, and cai? in, in confidence 1110 tiuth of it,wbatwa h??i tia*ar kaan akla ta ??? oay of any THB* Madteina? xiriit MKS Hii it nillo,^ 4 IIRSLI wiiaiiia,, 't4l,cl T0 " F?CT A cm, WISSLUW'g whtn tlmaly a?ad Narardid wa knaw aitlftTilf Ml an inatanea af dia atufactlon by any ??**?*? """ ana who it. Ot tka eantrary.allara SYR J Y, Idalirhtad witfc ita I OPERATIONS, and lap**! in tarma al hifbaat eommandat'an ?f id m> -tf?l aftcia and madic&l mriaaa. Wa apaak in .hit miliar "what W do now," aftartan yaara' axrarianca, and PLIDiil our rbpl'tatio If for thb fulfilment of what vi h br b dl* clarb. In almoat a?ary limine a whirl tha infant la fnfarInf from pain and aahamtioii, raliaf will ba foand ar twaruy ninilii after tha itrup it aumlniatered. Tbia aalaabla preparation ia tna praecription of ant af tha xxet BIPBRIBKCBD ai.d Wl'mu in Naw Enfland, udbaa kiln mad with filf H-rtlLl^e ICCCBK ( THOUSANDS Oh CASES. U aat only raliavaa tha child fram pain, bat inri joratae tta etamach and bovrela, eorracu acHity, and fitee tana and anarf j to tha wbala eyetam. It will -.Imoet inetantly raliaaa Gripi^s in the Bowsls and Wins Colic, andavarcoma conaalaiana, which, if tot areediij ramadiad nd ia daaiti. Wi 1 batata it tha HIT AKDIUBB?TBBM- FOR Vf Tin tha WORLD ta all eaaaa af DT?- CHILDREN fiTIRT and DIAR bh?a in chil- tkkthisft. ??*. wh.thar it anaaa from taathinjr <w from an? Hher casta. Wa woalrt to a?ery mothar who baa a child aaffarir.g from any of tha foregoing eomplainu?DO HOT LBT OUR PRBJUDICBS, NOR THB fRBJiDI'IJ OF OTHIRI aland between your suffering child and tha raliaf that will fca IVRB-jaa.ilJOLVTBLT ?URB?to follow tha aaa of th medicine, if titrely uaed. Fall dirtcuor.a er cam; will a catnpan* eich hotue Nona genuine anleae the fre-aimila COR. 118 4 l'KRKINS.Naw York, ia an tka aataida wrappa Boid by Mrurnara ihrooghoat tha world. Principal Off. ce. Na. IS Cedar Biraai, N. T. Price hIi 25 Cante par Battia. aa U-dkwlT FOE SALE AND RENT. FOR REN T?A large three-story-and-attic BRICK DWELL1NG-HOUSK, situated at at No. 4**h Eleventh st , a short distance from l*a. avenue. Room.i large; house arranged with the modern conveniences ; nriclt stable and carpagehoose in the rear. Rent inoderat? to a good tenant. Apply to J AS*. C. AlcGUIRE & CO. an 2-? otf F^OR RENT-A three-story HRICK HlTuSH on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a twostory BRICK COTTAGE, with garden, corner of Tennessee avenue and nortli F Btreet. surrounded by a large common pasture, and would Ue a desirable location for ada:ryman. Inquire of C. UIRGE, 446 12.h st. jy 19-coSni* OUNTK V RESIDENCE FOR HA I.E.?Three and a balf a res of LAnd situated at Bailey'* X roads, at the intersection of the Columb su and L,e?*hurR turnpIk<? , six miles from \\ sfchington and 5 from Alexandria. The improvement* consist of a house, containing 16 rooms, barn, corn houie, sheds, io. The yard is well srad-d with trees and has in it an excellent well of water. For furth r particulars apply on the premises to WM. PA Y ^ F, or to JNO. DOW LING. Fs?.,or A. G. SAGE, at i ? m ? ? ? - .uarsnaii s auction rooms. w asmngton, D. <J. Ttie above described property will be sold .ow for cash jy 5-eo4w* FOR RENT.?a new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will be for rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K at.. Navy Yard; ha* a large garden lot attached, a pump of g.jon water n ar. and con'ain? 4 rooms, kitchen and w< odshed. Will t>e rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE; works well in anything Inquire ol T. F.. CLARK, Navy Vard; or of JOHN l'ATCH, 613 II st . between 4th anil Mh jy 16 TO LET?Two well arranged and convenient FRAME HOUSE?*, containing six rooms each; one situated on 14th st. west, b tween I, and M sts north; the other on >? st. north, between 14th and 16th sts. west. El,quire of J. P. Hilton, No. K s?. north, between 13ih and 14th sts. west.or No 375 14th at west, between I, andJM sts. north I an 22-tf JOHN P HILTON. FVlR RENT?The three story (brown fro t) ii/\iiar Vrt vnf vi-? v?u ........ ?? ? ? woii, iiu, ??u i now i uu avi'iiuo, uoiwrcn 10th and 11th streets. north side, containing fifteen rooms. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc.; is lull ted l?y gas, and in every way suitab e fur a boarding house. Rent mo iorate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, second tto"r north wing ot Patent Office. jy 14-tf L^OR RENT-Three BRICK HOL'SKS-oue <>l I Twelfth street, between C and D; one ou the corner of Twelfth and H sts. ; and one on II, between 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES \V BARKER, on H streot, between 11th and 12th, No. 4 23. maao-tf FOR RENT?That new and well arranged three story BRICK HOUSE. No. street, between 19th andatth sts.. First Ward, lately occupied by Mr. Bodi*co, Russian Legation. Pons' a sion given immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTH EY 8. PARKER , next door cast. ma 16-eotl FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR oftheTuikT ir.g immediately opposite the west wing of the City HaUreoently oooupiod by Chas. S. Wallaoh as an ofhoe. Also the front room in the secondstory and the third floor of the same building. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH,>fo. 9 u i * i auo avcuuci J A 1*9 U GEORGETOWN ADVERTTMTS fr?OR HARPER'S FKRRY .-CHANGE OF DAYS?On ami aiW July, 2, I860, h? ate*iner ANTELOPK, Capt a J. W?LLB.o*rrying the United mail, will leave(ieorcefown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY antf FRIDAY, at7 a. in.,anil return everjr Tuesday, Thurxday and Saturday. N. B.?Every Wedneaday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdatown. au 20-lm* 0~ FOR HA&PER*S PERRY. N And after JuU 3d, 1880, the ateamer L. J. Brengle, Captain NY. H. Ritt?r, will ^ '- ? ^ !.> LMT I?fl * ' Tfr iui 1 . & iuop?o uwikowwu n T ?ii\ i A u DAY. THURSDAY,and SATUR-" inrWi DAY, at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day,at 6 o'clock a. m. On the Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherditown. je21 3m I^RANDBLL, OPTICIAN, V> No. ia? Bndgt St., Utorrvwn, Uai oonetantlv on hand a large assortment of Frencti Near-aignted. Periacopio, ??h a r i orexl, and al. other SPECTACLES, ol*L^ the bast (ua.ity. in told. ?ilver. ?teel, and German silver frames. N. 8. Old Frames Repaired and new tasies ?t in them to order. no l?-ly JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, ? Cor. Bridf and Jeferson its., Georgetown. Having given my personal attention to thia branoh of my business, I am prepared to. a attend to all oalla with promptness Persona from a distance oan be supplied at a 'ew minutes' notioe. as 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand. Partieular attention paid to the removal of the d? ad from the old to the new banal grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap lO-flm 1 CA JUST RECEIVED, I Tint a urntnirir ? ?- ? ? tvv dolio. nnipivi . (ftNorvwj,; 1W do. HERRING and AWIVES, 25 do. REFINED SUGARS, W hhda. PORTO RICO SUGARS, ? bbla.( Bayfield) WHITR FI-H, 85 boxea prime EaaternCHEESE. For aale low bj JOHN J. ROGUE, Ja ? Georgetown. D. C. (VfASSEY. COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELLTI PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonatantly receiving frosh supplies of the above deliihtful beverace.aud invite all persona who want a pure unadalterated Ale. to five it a trial. PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captaina and owners of Vessels, bound to the Piatrict <r\ of Colombia, notice la hereby Riven, that^wjO Pilot* may be found at all tirnns at St t?*orges isiana, m *ne mourn 01 m. .Mart's river, and near Pmey Point, and that it is not n cessary to take Virginia Pilots from their boats, when the vessel is bound to Georgetown or Wa hinicton eirv, as Maryland Pilots can be fonnd ofat least equal skill and reliability. an li-eod&n* BALT,MOREbutter HOUSE. Daily reoeiving fresh andsjreet, in Goshen packX EDUCATIONAL. TGONZAGA COLLE6E. HE Scholastic exercises of this Institution will be resumed on the 1st Mondar in September;-" antt2w? W. F. CLARKE. S J.. I'res't. WM189 9. FISHER ILL Resume the duti*sof her School on Mob d*y, September 3d. at No. 400 Massachusetts av , be'ween 9th and 10th sts. au 27 3t W? GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE ILL Be reopened on Monday next, September 3d- Circulars may be procured at Sar Office or i_,ranueii s Bookstore. The Principal* i*>ay be seen during the week at their new building, Dumbarton t, opft^site M. E. Church. THO? N. CONRAD, I prmriD.'. JoHN 9. CONKAD, \ au ? lw

1|/IRS- A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY, A"ta September*!, 1WV The you e g ladies of the I nati tutioa are particularly requested to lie punctual in aiUndauoe at thtf opening of sohool, and all others wno wish to become members of the same to inake early application, as the numlier of pupils will be limited. Terms, Ac., given on application. au 25-d3 AeotOct 15* Franklin academy, Coenkk TiiiKTimn *kd H St?.. A SELECT SCHOOi. FOR BOYS, <Formerly locattd tn the First Ward.) THs Institution will commence its Third Annual Sest ion, at its new location,on Monday. September 3d. Applications for admission may he made on tlie prt-inises at any time after the *5'h inst. au 25 lm R. B. UK TRICK Prin*?in?l THK F.XKRCISKS of MISS M. LEWIS'S SCHOOi FOR YOUNG LADIFS will be resume on Monday. Septemlter 3d, Ninth trwet, second door north of F at. au 24 8t* STVNMNCE N T'S SCHOOL, ClIKN'FB OF TKTITH A*D G St*. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the fi'st Monday inSeptomer next. Its exorcises will he conducted as in former years. ail 23-?o2w (States ) COLUMBIAN COLLKGK WasHiifOTOif, D. C. The session of the Colleen opens on Wednesday, Sftpt^mberSsith; the preparatory sohool Wednesday, September 12th For terms, catalogue, or otlier iufoimation apply to the President an 22 2aw4w? G. \V. SAMSON, D. D. /CENTRAL ACADEMY. f J ?*w T a vunnnii U i a.> Til JTIi This Institution will resume its duties September 3d. Applies ions madero the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. 8. de HART, Principal. Reference*. Prof. Henry. LL. D , M. H. Mills, E?q., Rev. John c Smith. D-D., Dr. c P. Culver, Rev. A. G. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Davidton. au 23-tm Rock hill academy, Ki.licott's Mttu.Mh This Institution, conducted bv the Christian Brothers, will resume studies on Monday, September 3J. an H>t WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, Coriiek otTHXTHIXDG STS. The exercises of this school will bo resumed on MON DAY, September 3d. For t?rn>s apply at my residence on I) street, near Star Office, circulars at bookstores. au 4.'! l"t SAMUEL KELLY, Principal. M SCHOOL FOR GIRI.S. IS<* MARY P. DUNC\N Will, on the second MONDAY (the 10th) of September next, open a eo'iool for girls at No. 21 Indiana avenue, in which will be tauiht French and the ordinary branches of a good Knglinh education. au 21-2&w3w J DRAWING AND PAINTING. M. STANLEY Having tak-'ii the room* recently occupied by the Washington Art Association, two door* we*t of the auction i>tore of J. C. McGuire * Co., it is his purpose in addition to his accustomed art labors, to open a School for Instruction in DRAWING, LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT PAINTING. Seminaries a> I Koa'ding Scho .Is accommodated with separatee'' ?? rooms, upon an early applicatioii, &?l(l m*.y find it advftntaaaoui fn htvo iosnu:ii in these branches civen to their pupil*, wh^re it will not interrupt the routine of scholastic instruction. Pupils desi'ine to ent?r will please apply at mj present Studio, P? nn. avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, ui.til the 'at proximo. IfT^Class rooms open on the first MONDAY in September. Washington, A must, 1360. au 21 tSep11* C! ELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.KS. Mis* M. RIDDELL will resume the duties of her school on the first MONDAY in September, at No. 451 I welfth street. au *i-lm B^MEKSONINBTITUTE. j H St , Bbtwkkn 12th aht> 13th St*. SELECT CI.ASSlCA . AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS - The Eighth Annual Session of this school will commence on MONDAY, September 3d. Number of pupils limited. au 20 (States )_CHA9. B. YOUNG, Principal^ T WESTERN ACADEMY." FIE Exercises of this school, under the charge of Dr S. L Loomis. and the Primary Department under Mms Ansm E Peck, will be resumed September 3d. Circulars can be obtained at the book.tnrs. ' ? a?W!V7 o. ? !?? t nu I/-?;?'4lFI the PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL 1 37u Eighth St., bitwten K a*. L Sts. Studios will be reeuinod in this institution on MO >DAY, Septomb? r 3d. Circulars at tx?oke.tore?. au 16-JL! A. c. RICHARDg, Principal. The riplbypemaleseminary. HOARDING AND D*Y SCHOOL, Situated BktwcinSth axd9th St*. E?st, Will coinmcnce its n=xt session on MONDAY, September loth All desiring further information will He furnished with acatalopoc givingfull particular# b? caWing upon or addressing the princpal. au 16-en3w O. E. RIP1 .EY 8 lafayette in8titu tk. ESSION Will commeton on .sii >N DAY, September 10th, at the new Institute Building, -1(>? I street,adjoining Caroline Terrace, opposite Franklin Square. Circulars at bookstores. aull eo2w (Con&lnt.) L. C. LOOMlg. Mrs. m. e. ki xgsfords seminar y, 4 I4 E ST.. WifHiNflTOs, 1). C. The nsxt session will commence October 1st, Terms, fto., forwarded on application. au 15 tf L>TDnnm IT * w * ??r.? ?.???. Md1i\w1 uiil 1 a2^ * uliiiljljl a i \ej li^is riTUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E Sr., Uktwii.1 6th and 7th Sts. The fourth annnal session of the Institute will eomn.ence on the first MONDAY in Septemb r. Applications should be made < arljr,as tie nuinlier ofpupils is limited. For particulars see circulars or applv to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H AVENNKRt the Institute aii 9 tf VILLAGE GREEN SEMINARY 18 M?CAted io a beauti ul and healthful villa<e 12 miles above Wilmington, Del., and near the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommended b* the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Methodist Episvopal Church. The course of study is extensive and thorouck?in the Mathematical, Classical and English Depart nienta. Students are prepared for bnsiness or college. In the preparatory course for oollege special reference is made to Dickinson College. The institution is provided with a larpe philo sopniuo! ?|>p?r?ius io uiusirivio mo siuut 01 natural Bci'noe. A library of three hundred volumes 1* acoflssikle to pupil* # The fifth year will oommtnoo MONDAY, September 3d. i860. Boarding,Tuition, Ac., for aeasion of 14 weeks, 43. Great attention ia paid to the moral deportment of atudenta. Monthly reports aent to parents. For circular* or information address the Principal, Rev J. HERVEY BARTON, A. M., Village Green Seminary, Delaware county, Pa. Ke.tertnces? Rev. Levi Scott, D D. Biahop of m. E. C , Wilmington,Del ; Mr F. A. Luti, Washington, D. C ; Mr. O. W. Angeil, do.; Messrs Dick-on A King, Georgetown. au 11 tSepS The union female academy. Niw ARitnanuT. Thie well-known and popular Seminary, which has been so successful under the entire ear* of Mr* Z. RiohanU for more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in September next, under the united supervision and instructiimof Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For particulars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23-tf ,vi MRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOL. ! RS. McCORMiCK desire* to inform hei friend* and the publio generally that rhe will rmmi the dati** of her Sohool on the l*t Monday in September next. Th* coarse of st*dy parsned will comtri**a!! th* branch** requisite to a thorough English education. In addition to bar day scholar*, ah* i* desirous of reoeiTing into her family arawanpu* a* boarder* aged from 10 to 14 year*, who will b* onder her immediate oar*and oversight. Bar arrangements for the aeeonmodation and dae oare of anail* cava been oonaiderallr ircr ><as^o and otherwise improved. Tboee in Washir.jtoE ueeiriri partiouiar information with refs-erce to t^r 5ta DUkT to wT D. Wallach, Editor o For term and fartner particulars apply at h? rMtdthO*? No. 3* Cameronstreet, Alexandria, Tl >TfMT AN ARTICLE TO REMOVE PAINTS, oils, or grease of an* kind, from ilk, wool, or paper, without injuring the artiole in o >lor or texture, has at last b en found. It wilt alee clean kid flov wi noot leaving any unpleasant odor. That article is "MOORE'S BENGINE." Prioe?ots., 60 cents, and f 1 per bottle. MOORE'S an ?-2w W?et End Drag Store, US Pa. a*. AUCTION SALES. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Extensive sale of mquor estabLISHMENT A.T ACCTIOIf.?On MO>D\V. the 3d (t?y ot zteptemher, at 10 o'elock a. w , 1 aha'l ?e I, at the ?t<>re of John Frederick Gerecke, on fenn. avenue, between Ot and 6th streets. No. SSI, the whole of hu stoak &ud fixture*, vi>: FineOograo brandies, Diff rent brands of Whisky, Holland Gin, Port, Madeira acd other Wmes, ChsuiD&cue. Hook \Vinf?aa.iid Ahsvnthe. Wolfe'a Schiedam Schcappa, BitUra ami % m?gar, Sootoh Whisky, Imported Cigaia of a'l brand*, Anchoviea and Dutch Herringa. l*n snow Windowa and Stora Fixture*, And irany other articlea waioh we deem it unnecessary to enumerate. Thoattertion of riealera ia particularly called to tbia a\.t, aa Ua gain* mar be expected. iriilH; All pd'Hi u"UOf Qfi ra?)i; over S3' a' a n >t t xo*eding .*w, a em it ot S4 dnya; over $3-" and not exceeding li>?, a credit o( 90daje,for approved endorsed not>s Br order of tbe Executor and Executrix. * 27_d A. UKKEN, Auct By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. rfiRUSTEE'SALK OF A PART or A TRACT I uPl.tN iimii.^ at .n a? . ?? -T.??- ' ?, . v? >?u < V'l O iH II I fl .HilW in the onunt* of V\ a<hington. on Lie Piney Branch R >a?J, and about thr<*? mi1** from the e ty of WtahlriKloD, lieinc a part of the rropertj known a the Pine; Brat.oh Trotting Oogrse." By virtue'-if two deed* of truat, one l>#*rint Hate 01 or about the*th day ot Aii(ii't, iKiu, and re0<?rded in Liber J. A. 9 , N<? 159, fo ioi one o< the an t reamila <<f the o?<LCtf of Washing t >n. in the District of Columbia, and the other bearing .lat- on or about tk? Uth oay o| May, a o recorded in Lit?er J. A. S.. No. 177, fo 10a 4M, ? ?oq . also on" of the la?'ti eoorda of ?aid onunt jr. I will proceed to t?:l at puttiK auction to the highest hi Idor. on TUKS*D\Y, the 11'hday <>f !**?ptemb?r. Hflft, a? 5 o'clock p. m.. at the Auct on Room of A. (jkik.i, corner 7th and I) stre t*. Washington, "a I tha part of & tract of land called 'Peter's Mill Seit.' situate. Ivinr. and l?*in? ">? Washington, in th? Dis"net of Columbia, ai.d or the wast gid* of the Piney road. coi.ta.nM w th.n th? fallowing mrt?? and t.ou d?, to wit: H.'gtnring for the earn? a* a *t>>nn. No 4,p,ante?l in the wp?t :ine of *aid road. for the northeast oomer of a lot of saul land laid off to Hays Pp'ak man. an<? running from thenoe north sixty one acd a half degrees, west bftr n* ar ?l (ortr-i'inr hundredths p 'ich^B, with J'M'ltmiu'i nTth lire. t<? a t >n"?, No. 3. a' t^e northwest corner of Speak man's larg*r lot and the b-girming of hia smaller lot, then-e runmn? north thitty and a halfdegret s. rasi twenty eight and a half perches to a stake tn th? oath line of a road twentr fivef?et wide, and with the east lir.e of ^p-akman'a atria! er lot, where la planted a stone No, 5; thfnce running eoatt. sixtyI nrt* rr1 Ha*rAA? ? ?* f. fV ? ? ... ??. . w > ? > ??. ? W-. IllkJ II ' IW P"1 UII^I ftllU f? ur and one hundredth of * p reft to a ata** m the west lineof th? Pmej h road; theno* with ltd weatlineof ?aid I'iney brauon ro?u ma?traitnt line to the pace of hecinrinc, ro-.tiinin* t-n aorea aud thirty aix pfrohna oflaiid," more or lee?; together with the improvements tbereon, which conaiatofanew. apaolouti, and weil-bui"t t*o-itorj F-a-ne Dwelling house, etabling, eheda, aLd out hou <*a. . t>rma of aale: One third eMh; the ba'aree in 6 ard 12 montha. for which ths purcliare- will he re?uir<*i to give his notea bean nt inte-est from the ay of ra!a, and accurtd by a deed of truat upon the pre~ia?a. Should the purchaser fail to comply with the Wine of aale within fivetia?a after the day oi aa'e, th? tra?tee reaerv<?s ihe ruht to reae 1 ?ai 1 property , at th* ri?k and c>>at ol the defaulting purntn rt-r, up'in givint five days previous pnbiorouee by advertisement, in aome newspaper publiahed in the city of Washingt on, of the time, p!ac?, and terms of such resale. All conveyances at the oost of the nnr?hiL*er_ , - R H LA8KKY Trustee, aj 2'-f&&da A GRKKN. Auct. By J. C. McGUIRE St CO . Auctioneera VAf-UABI K ISLAND FROPKR TV FOR Sals ?Th? whole of Square 5*>. bounded by F And G Klreet* aouin. and by De aware avi.ue and First and Seo<<i,d atie^ta west, havinc been suidi> id- d into fitt* onv-nient bui dir.* lot* with f onta ranguif? froni 15 to feet, wil; he <.ffered at public sal*. on ih* premisea. in Lo*a, on ThTRS DAY. the 6th day of September next, at taif pa*t 4 o'olock p. rn. P?r?>n> wishing to aurohaae a lot or lota oan a p ply to the nnde-aien^a, at h a effiae, where alao the pint of subdivision may be aeen. Title that ot the original proprietor. Terina of sale: One fou th oath, the reaidue in three ua! instalments, at 6.12 and 18 month*, with interest, to be e?oure<1 ?.n the premiaea. I'liltait e terms are complied with withir five days f . m the da* of KftU. (Iih ri ?Kt la i ?1 ... .*.1 u K\? i v^v % V II ' C day*' public notice at t;.e ri?k and cost of inK purohavr. Ail 0"nve?aroe* at the purchaser's c?tt. hICHARO H.C,ARKE. Atior- ?y at L*w cor. 6>h rt. <n<l a a*, au 2Veo&d? J. C. MeGUIRE A CO., Aucts. CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Street, hette*en9tk and 10*A Streets. We favs just finished a numifr <>l first <iln?* CARRIAGES, such as Litkt fanry, anfyu Wntcns, r*rk Ph'atcms. Family r?r-VcRl*hSr. nates, and Fumes, wiuoh we will sella'iar?^st-z a vet' small profit. Belli* Draot eai mAohanins in di<T^r*n? knnAliM of the basinets, we tl&ttor ourselves that we kn?w the styles and qu&n'y of work that wi'l give sals fartion, combining lightness, oomfort and darabt.i ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest n< tioe a> i mort reasonable otiarges. WALTER, KARMANN ft. BOPP, Coach makers, successors to Wm. T. Hook. Bpf7-dly TCARRIA6K8. HE Snbaonber having roads additions to hi factory, making it now ono of the largest ./aMd* in the District, where hia facilities fitrVSnomlX manufacturing CARRIAGE & WAGONS of ail kinds cannot be surpassed, an* from hia long experi?n?eiii the baameM, he nopa* to give general satisfaction, All kmde of Carnage* asd Light Wsgona teptar kacd. AH RKPAlRScMtiy d?Le,ac4all?rd*r& r^ai tj to. S?c?n?-fc*r.* Ocrrla(?* ft ten ?!or ur? ios. ani>rhvv j. joyce, 4 II t* ??m?T ?f <?th *Ln? V- .? TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. Boots and shoes to suit th* times. We are now manufacturinc all kinds of BOOT* and SHOES, and oorat&nUV reoftiviux 3U|'fr>j u i ubbiui u nitm" wvi? ??* cvr| * q f-MHX aoriptio', made exproaaly to ordT, ml wilig BL1 be amd at & much io**r prioetban haa t*en* heretofore ou&rged in una oity for oiaoh inferior Itktha. 1'erkont in want of Boots and Sboea of ea**ern 01 oity made work, will t'*?Ti find a good a?aor*men in atoreand at Uifi lowoat prioea t?ive ua a oau. %RIKFIN ft BRO.t apt-r 314 Penney! vania avenue. LT4VE HUNDRED TRAV^LIN^ TRUNKS r arrived thia da*. tmhracPic ail <uVi avrM Una ?nd aixea of Sole Leather, Ladiea MHreTW Oreaa and Packing Trunks. Our trunk^1** saW room ex hi hi la at tbia time tbe cr?*t^?t variety of traveling requimtea at moderate aricea, to be i. i ? v* ;,u , r vi \r?l. * .? ?- - j ivuuu vuio dhio ui i^ow i ur&< of pry ocicrip ton or LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao. IHT'Ola Truaka repaired or taken in exchange for UOW ODM. WALL, 8TFPHEN8 & CO., Trunk Sales Room, ratrSl-tf 32-2 Pa. avenue. (SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O 499 7th Stiut, OwrosiU Odd iiows' Haii H a'kintton, D. C. Tr*vei?n will stuUj their interests hi examuun my TRUNKS, VALICES Ao , before Mr am ehatunr aleewere Aa I u?? none bat tu- HtV)W best material tbe market atforda and emploT^"**** the b?a? workmen, I oan confidently recommend mj work to !>e superior in Sirenmk and Lhmbtfitg to Trunka that are mado in other oiUea and sold here. I keep oonatantly on haud, and make to order (on one week'a notice! qyery description of BOLE T f J I1 LT r D runAt x?r> I a# n U'f/o a.y??? m-t c, ji a ii c. i?i ini/a rutin n rn/. .U /I f A B*0 ana ITOO/> BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAJfD mm4 otkm TALICES; TRAVELING BAtiS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, fr . *c. Trnnlrs, fce., Repaired and Covered, is a work manlike mMinor, at short ncrioe. Trunk* delivered in an; part of the city, Georgetown. or Alexandria. Alao-Acert for Howe'i oelebrateJ FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. ??? _ de 15-1t JAMK? S.JTOJPH AJi. PHURk. OLD RYE WHI8KY.-On hand wrera brand* of Pore Old RyeWhlt ky, Coffer Dia tilled, made by the most reliab distillera in Patnsjlv&m*. Maryland and Vtrcmia, warranted pare. Also, Imported Hr*udies, Henneeay, Otard. Dupe? fc Co., Jules Robina, &o. Also, Feaoh and Apple Brandy, pure Holland CMn, old Jamaica a d St. Croix Ram. and Win** of every variety, all at mt ta.iitim.rr4 hra nH A aWaiaa **.f ? * <w_ I I II. .. V Vi-rvaw IX-* U| V> I |KI I ftUU A 9~ baooo. YOUNG & KEPHART, Agent*, *p 14-ly ?**? Pa a*.. hatw <*h and inib at*. NEW GOO08. E Hav jnat r??<-irt4 a arc* atoek of K^aobad m<1 Brn*nO??XToN8c( tha host make *(?? , 9HEKTINGS, TAHLE 1.1NKNS. NAPKINS, TOWFLINGS. IRISH LINENS, \m yarn I.A-vNS, fro* a Mutiio 2*. HOSIERY, GLOVES. GAUNTLETT*. WHITE, RED. BLUE and GREY FLANNELS in v? ?*ty. We have a few rich ORGANDY ROBES on h rd which we have matked leaa than o^at. J? an TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. NEW STYLES OF RJCH JEWELRY-H.O* HOOD kaa jnat opanad a Ian* atooft, which be will rff^r at vary iowi?t?a Tharafora ,tho<a that ara wishing to oarry home any thine la hu una aa presanu, wu do wail to oall and axamina hia took at 339 Pa. arcnaa. jeB - THE WEEKLY STAR. This excellent Faail? *a4 N?ri J?real im* ?r*ur variety of icWtmUm reading than CMJ be foun4 i? kcj other?i? MtUaked <m Satarday moraine. Tun-Aa, MNh^iy, in mdvmmtt, Siaide eo?y. Mr Maim. $1 ? Fire o, piee - 4 on Ten oopif* m Twenty cn-piee? . IS ? Bt ?t?ecribinc la elite raieed amnnt neighbor* trtthuat u? intervention nf a a>at< M*>nt. ae vilT be peroeived * per oout. of T\' WmUt Simr wtM he raved. It invariably contains the m, a*Mn(t?n Neva" that haa made Tkt Btm aireeaf o generally throe;boat the anaatry. {rr"Sin?!e eopiee(in wrapper*> oaa he yrowiM A# I ^ . m mm r ^ a Aha a/ M UiFCUUUiVr, lillMI ! I**! Mlv IMVV VI paper. Pnce-'I HRK.E CENTS iTT" PMtmuifn who aet m ifnti will b* lowwl a comwi?)"?l of ?" a**t?. SCMMER RESORTS. f^ARD.?A? an lnduoemeat for lanulie* toaojotim V at the"l!VOEl V'llur.K the m-'Bth.A-^k of Aucsiai and Sep'etnSar,tha Proprie VrMV tort have mlne<d u?-? pnoe of Hoard to 9' iUU par day a&d f.2S? ?er *wk, from Aacuai laL JOSEPH REG *R, C C WiLLARD, tP"?;n*or?. Old Tout. Juh 26th. Jjrfr-la WASHINGTON C I TV GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER, Propnator. A'rtf Tar* icmm, bttwtm 1st mmdld ?u. Inoal! inc theattention o> tl>epabliaton ytroitd* I woald atatd that every arrangement ha m - . A (x**c made to wat* thia ' Retreat" n>or> VfaAV attractive every 4ft*. M?L(!a>? the bar liifll dena are ofN t* tlifi Mhlio irwof ohargr?? ooaairt (iven by * u ootbtud. 1 b.hiIniiIiii to*t)oy t*e UiMind vi'tt >1 ! find the n ooo id aoaaaleta order to render plMkaar* to ail. Or Mk?r dtTl tk? propr. tor wi I chowfuIlT arart U? aee of tM (rounds for school or uther Vio S10 PaiUaa without charge. h or tli? airuaement of ekiid-an h? tea Introdaaed a niraVr of lit*l? gata*a, never before eeeu in tkia oitf, and calculated at the *r Utn* to min Uw Mola folka." N. H.?Attached i?? my Bottiiet Katatxiehin at, and fomiiiea oaa be supplied nth any qaantiu at ituur eaiaenoa. of that heaiUifai dnnfc, t.AGt R OKfclK, upon short ti tic*. > <?? ?? Analostan rktrkat. OR Amioinii IIUIB, OrptwH Geertttoipm and W+tkinttmm The eaheorih*re having ?aarf* for a *er? of yaara th>? beautiful and romantic spot, oim i R . . A it lor tne aocommodattou of tfce r at-lie o ViIEt the Sl?t day of May, IMA. For b?*Dt| o ?oeij<<ry, de.iehtful promenadea. ftehiac ta . he iiaMi.i superior water, it is nnsurpa?aad la til* Union. Tbo House is large and oomnodioaa, barm* bean entirely renovated It hu a la-** Daaoinf Paloon attached to the hnaae, l?i J-i Dininc ani Di easing Kmiriii fur lH?th Is/iiea a no i?ntMn?n la adliUoa splendid Arbom detao ed f om the btuld ncs. Parties, Families and Individuals will tad it a most deal able p ace to pass the sultry days of aammer. as eve.-j attention will lie saarantied by the proprietors. The *t'i?t<*?t ?"!io* a-ranitementa wi>i I?enforced, ana poiiti a1 discaasiobs will ba prohibited Tic Larder will be fonnd to oontain all the daiicaoies r>i the aeaeon at all times. The "ar ?i, be fuuished the ohoiaaei Liquors and *N in<"? and the finest Sejars. S oietir*. Sutwla* Schools, Clubs and Military C mtanief will hud this the moat desirable reaort ne\r the metropolis for spending a p easant aad or dejjyrta*. Children unaccompanied br their oaraata or ( \ruiti.K, w. he excluded fn?m Ihe grounds. Running aad <log? prohibited. fT7- Bosts will eave the '<?ot of High Itlft, G'*<Tgrtowi.. ar.d G ?feet, Wului.ctoi, hoirly, from h o o'oek a. m. fi ! 12 p. m , daily. Pe-sons p-eferring a p'eaeant wa.k otn r?ok .ths la \nd Aqueduct. We ?<> icit t he pti >.hc to judga for tbemseleae, u4 fe 'I assured of giving ^afm'a^tinr ie ?> JACOB W. POWER** * CO. 1 DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. I.OOM I J* Hat closed his o Aos forth* season, an 1 wi ? aStxnt, a? u?uai, daring the sum rner :,t ; ? [,. : ?utne pra*tio* shout ths 1st of Oct>tM>r. of which further notice will be f irea. . )J 10-tf DOkNTlttTKY. R. HILLS, after a practical teat of Hre feels that he oan witf confidence reoois-^MAh iuduu vDPuiumuc nwun lor iDBVTtlDKMRIHV artificial teeth It hu the idnctWM or*?*"" trencth, beauty, ojaanliueM.aad ccwyiiwi. Pal opeer a eta lcaorted for |K. Partial id proportion. OWcr 3Q6 Pa. arenoe. wl WOOD AND COAL. O O D AND COAL Delivered to all parti of Ue city, at the IovmI oaaible rates. T J. ft. W. M. GALT, Office 2?2 Pa. a*., between 11th and 12th at*. in* n tf " -J ~ ? uv m mup. The subscriber raving on hand an Mt?n?tT? ?tock ofKLEL, la ?re?ar?*i to M'l at a very low fignr? for oa?h. WOOl) faw?l and Sp it aur (in. Call and ue for yonraelf. r. w. bates, Wood and Coal fcmiir, mn .4 S. R. oorner of Fourteenth andC ?ta. [c. mTkeys^ \ DEALEK IJf fj WOOD & COAL. LIMF I / SAKD, CEMENT, HAIR, \; Plaster, and White Gravel, (f Jj548 N. E. Cor. 12th * C NU.1 l! Oii? wjtuir* fc.uth Penn. At. w ( WASHINGTON, D. C.B ? ? ?-tf Nation aE,l hiJx h i b i t i o n , At CINCINNATI. OHIO, &*** Ittk-mk. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold it? Euhth Annual Auricultu r&! and ! duntrin Exhibition on the jiound* litwr%ll? provided ?>v th? citizen* of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the S??t atyi*. There will ba Ha I* nnJ '! ?? for the di?i>la? of X*PLE\| L- V ?? ? H ' ? ' -r* ** M A N1' TACT I' R E8~* FA R MAX U G A R DE N FLOtve*?jU* *A I ? r? "INK f*: with ^ttila &n< P?ni for HORSES, CATTL^, SHFiP, and 8W1NE: adan unequal ed mile id t?qcth an<f lortyjn* la width. for th? exhibition oflBoraN. * rtae Premium# offered-in oa?h,-coid, mi It nr. and nronse niC'laii,?di^luioki and MftiliMtN, lm"int 9 20,000. th? Exhibition will remain op?n from Wad dm day, the 12th, to Thursday, the Mb, oi September, thua *mntj time to examine and teat tiie impia munis and machinery. For premium li*ta or mformatton apply at the uiiice 01 im> ><>olecjr, >o P*. tup iUi.i ;)or to tii* ?u!.*rrir>er, at Cn^innati.Ohio. BfcN. PhKLfcy PVM'RK, jt 34 -tf 8w'i IT. 8- AKricuTtura gpul?t|? i \FFiCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS. WiUIIKTOX. JilTll, INK. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. Ttot, %r?dh'y to Ike provisions of tm oidiutM* ofth* Cnfporatun approved May >S IS*1, the un4arai?oad If D<?w prepare, ?Ji?ie\er rMnlrad ia wriUn?. and on pra payment oftba faa of ifty oenta, to inapaot. e.?amia. .text, prove, ami aaoertaio tka aocuraey of reg titration of an v saa m*ter ic uaa ta tbia oity. Every iTi ?ter, if found inoorrM*, will b* condemned, and anothar. sealed and market aa trae, will ba aet in Ma p.aoa. If p*?'vad to be a???i?M la i?a meakuremant ofsaa, it win ba??*!ad aoasrdiagly. - fill ! r> nut in iaw <? ?~ Offioo No 610 torenth street, (near Odd Fallow?* rial- ? Open from a. m . to 5 in. CHAIfi E8 W. CUNNINGHAM, jy U tf Innpeotor and dealer of tiu Matera._ PRA^<C18 HARPER, FAMILY G RO?ERV>AN'5*FF.ED STORK, for*, r ?/ iVrtr York w<*w and Tmxk nr?t. ftOBMetfdll) solicit* the i>alr.>naf? of thoMwho nit b? ia want of any arUols to the atow hii Hi* euieavora uliaJI be to by a ttlwtioo to th* iruii of th* publi?, to kopM to Mar It a share or their patronage. Hii toekoowwuof mwj,arjWo WMih lo to found in a fcrst-olaaa Family Qrooory and Ftto Store. aaH-tf New silk mantles . AND HOOFKD HtRTl of the fall atyloof WOVEN 8K1RT8 of saportor quality. Ladtoa ?n want of any or U* above ?ooda ma 275 iLkEN 275 > JACKSON* T I* A o 1 a K m m o , Pu5i. Atdute, Between lftth ud Utk itrMU. > It ifA6NOLU BAMS! M ilWOUA H4l0t We h*T? in at rM-irad mother Mpp'f o? oar MAGNOLIA BAM*, whin* k?*? ? * fiction for Brrar&i mn lut We final* eTwro^totaof^W^Anj;, jt ? Q/>rw * ?Mt Vonaont a* ALB! XX ALB AND XXX AUt:. JS ^iwajpK#^ wv _??n . HlMv ornwlliJi VU uc