Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1860 Page 2
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y_, ^ THK KVEMiNG STAR. WASHINGTON OITTs TUESDAY Aa|<(t I960. Spirit ( ttif n*mta| frets. The Ccnttitntton discusses with an eYenlng paper ths relation of Mr Douglas to tbe old Wllmot proviso. showinz that he wa? In favor of that measure, Ac. Tbe netr descants at length upon the national Interest and Importance at present attached to New York politics, and ths necessity of combining the elements of opposition, in that State, to Republicanism. ID- Tbe Danville Register contradUti the report concerning the overaeer of -Mr. II airs ton hooting five nejroea who were on the point of murdering him, and saya there it no foundation whatever f>r the ?tory. Juat aa we expected; for which reason we did not publish tbe yarn, although we saw it in nearly every exchange paper we opened. It read decidedly too "flab y for our use. fi~7" The coat of erecting Victoria Bridge at Montreal la stated at ?7,01*',000. Tbe force engaged in its erection constituted a small army. It consisted of 0 steamboats, 7i barges, beside several small craft. These measured about 1C,000 tuna. The boats were manned by 500 men; in tbe two atone quarries were 450 men ; and on the various werks aa artizana and laborera, there were !i,000; lb all 3,MO men. rMessrs Richard Hawea, William Johnson. -W ? An Payne, James Warren, and a dozen other residents of Fayette county, Kentucky, who are the friends and supporters of Mr. Breckinridge for the next Presidency, having written him a letter requesting him to attend a mass-meeting of bis fellow citizens and address them on the political topics if the day, .Mr. Breckinridge has accepted tbe invitation, and the meeting Is afpointed to take place near Lexington, on the 5th of September. It is to 'oe made a State affair. A grand barbacue is to be given, and a very large gathering of the people is anticipated. We are at length in possession of tbe resolutions of tbe Great Powers with respect to tbe Syrian outl reak. They are framed with great caution, or rather, to speak plainly, on the strictest principles of mutual distrust. If any one wiaura w kuuw wuik iuc ureal rowers mink or each other and by what close and stringent regulations they < o.miiier it necessary to circumscribe the free action of ench of them, let him ponder 'carefully over the terms of this convention, made on the representation of the Saltan that he desires the assistance of the European Powers, in order to restore tranquility to Syria. The great Powers undertake to send a force not exce?ding 12 000 wen to the disturbed province. Half of these troops are to be found by France, the rest by the the other Powers, as may b? agreed upon. Tbey are to act in concert with the Commissioner of the Saltan; the Sultan must furnish them with provisions, and facilitate their march. The expedition is not to last more than six months. FMMl? Judge John O. Shorter and family, of Ala., are at Brown's. Admiral Zerman, of Mexico; and Hon. J. L Taylor, of Ohio, are at the National. Hon John M Landrum, M. C., of La., la at the National Hotel. Grlsi and Mario are engaged at her MajesJ ty'a Theatre, London, for the next season. Baron Mercler, French Minister at Washington; Senor Tassara, Spanish Minister; and Cnev. ilulscinaDn. Austrian Minister, are In New York. A Portland paper says that General Tom Thumb is to take a wife from that city, not only " one of Portland's fairest da Jghters," but '-the handsome and accomplished daughter qf one of our oldest and most rsteeined citizens " She is aid to be very pretty, below the ordinary Light, and heiress to quite a large estate " Important to the Pranc ?T\t Sewing Matkmt Controversy Ended ?The rccent decision of vn:ei JUiiiee u unlop, in tbe Circuit Cosirt of the L'niu-<1 Stales?from which there it no appeal? award.rig to Jus Li . \\ iison. assignee to Alkens A Feltho'inf n. a re-issne of their patent of August 6, 1-51, with ail of 1U fnurV-en original claim*, de nied wrongfully by the Patrnt Office, but now ordered by the appellant jud^e, upon the appeal of said James G. \i ilson, seems to u* to decide this Sewing Machine Controversy, and effectually to overthrow the effort* of a combined monopoly to extort front the public an exhorbitant and utii'uat price for an article which, to t>ecome tbe great lessing It it intended, should be Introduced into wide-spread and general us-. In a few words, this re-issued patent coven, and fully and clearly secures to JamesG. Wilson (an/i let U bt di?ttnet!y understood that lA it H'iltom it, by no meant, tkt " H'i.'jimi" connrrud leitk, ottacktd to, orJhe creature of the " WkeeUr tf H'tijois MiMufacturmz Co ") these points: 1st. a recip'ot ating needle; stable; a rotating wheel feed, or its eqm vaieut; a four motisn feed, and a spring-pressor foot in combination. Or. -id. a taDle, and a rotat' ug wheel, or four-nioiiou feed la combination. Or, 3d. A rotating wheel feed, or four-motion feed, and a spring-presser foot in combination, and these being the vital [>arU of the mechanism lnall tlrut-claw Sewing Machins, it will readtlv be ie?a that all manufacturers, unlicensed by Mr James U Wilson, are infringers of the plainest and moat decided characters. Among tLose thus manufactured, that is without license from Mr. James (i. Wilson, may he mentioned the Wheeler A Wilson Vanufacturtng Co , the Grover A Baker Co., I. M. Singer A Co., and others ; and we are glad to learn that vfgorous mcasarts will at onre be taken to put a stop to all illegal manufacture and vending, and even those lifting the machines manufactured by these houses vrill be forced to make restitution, aud remunerate the original inventors, who have been plundered Indeed by overbearing wealth and ill-gotten Influence. The only parties licenstd under this patent are the Sloat Sewing Machine Company of Philadt i?t.i. ..j ??- * - ru?, ?iu wuiic meir ctiebratetf machines are nip dy pronounced the best in the market, they are tbe only od<? not liable for infringement of this patent?to be seized whenever found ; consequently, It behoves nurrhasers to look closely lor ueense of James G. Wilson, and beware of those who have no hesitation in calling others by the bard names they so justly Reserve?as pirates" upon the rights of tiie aforementioned \\ llson ? Lxcki*n<! paper. rr^LEMPt?EY 4 O'TOOLE. UsJ WKDuinu AiSD VISITING CAHl) h.H(iKArERS, Importers of fine WKDDIMU I>Titi?i?i'd.. I _ ? v ? ? ? ? IV/ilUIV I , WEDDING ENVELOPKj*. the ruo*t beautiful styles. 326 Pa. At., between Mi. and i?th ats , an 27-4>m XV AeiimoTos. T) ECFI VED AND FOR SALE- ?? IL A n?o?t ehoiee a?aortme< t of*H'Iil.VS GENUINE PERFUMERY and TOIi.ET SOAP. S. C. KORL>, Jr , Drccci t. an 23-X Corner at. and Va. av. T~~ ~MRS. PLANT'S SEMINARY. HE Dutiea of this ?c 1001 will lie resume.! Monday. Sep'-ember il, 397 .Ninth *tre*t. one door uorth oil aireeU Terma, Ac., made known on ap plication. au 3f ST. MATTHEWS FEMALE ACADEMY. Comer 1u4 si. and Nev> York ?p. Tbia Institution, umler the direction of the Siatera of Cl arity, will l?e opened f>r the reception of pnpila on Monday. September 34. The eourae of instruction wiii emhraoe the ord'.... K??V.? ' " ...? ii.?utuc> ui m iuuu r.ogiian Mucition, together with music and tne French language. For terms appty tt tbe Institution. A Free School for KirU wilt alto b? conducted by th? Sister* at t ie same p.&oe, but in a separate i ou?e. an a co2w f'RRAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS! vl I bsve now ia store? Oca 1 octave rosewood Chickering Piano for #175 One 7 do do. Roeenkran's do. 2<o Oae6W do do. N nana A C ark do. 1*0 UnesS do. do. Roa-nkmau do. 176 One <& do. do. LichtA Biadbury, 175 A isu. good Seoond hand Pianos for #V to fliti. Fiatiua aad Melodeons for rent. new Music every week. JOHN F. RLLIS, Sole Agent for Chtekering A Sons' Kia o?, as ? 394 Pa. av., bet. ftk and loik ?t?. f^KPARTMKNT OF THE INTERIOR. U Pb?ho? Orrica, Aug 27,i860. proposal* will be received at this < ffice untii 12 uVlo?.k at noon on the l'*h day ol Heptem ber next, for furmahinf. for the use of tMs office, Kety cords of beat dry hickory wo d and ten cords t i ak- r's pif.e wood, (our feet in length, to be deliver-d and corded on the Hague* on the west front of ;h?i Patent Office Building <>n Ninth stireet Mt, on or liffori the hist day of October n-*xt. )*ro^o??ls should be adilroased 'o the Commissioner of Pensions, and endorsed ** Proposals for Wood." GEO.C. WHrriNO, an a-dty^epl^ Commissioner. RNEW BOOK?. ECEIVED This day, Wooes and Water*, by Alfred B. Street. The'le Beauty, by Mrs.Grey. The Mother in Law, by Mrs. Lraraa D. South^French. German.Spanish, Lat n and IUhan Laa ru**'* wit outa Master, by A. H. Monteith, ! t f Te<i for the use of peiaous studying the language v t ontateaakar. _ . _ , ap od.uoo of the Mill on the Floee, WASHINGTON KIWI AND GOSSIP. New Yo*k?Our private Information from New York at length enables ui to say that there can no longer be much doubt that such an ar rangement will be consummated between the , three antl republican-party parties there as wtll probably Insure the State's vote against Lincoln In November. The parlizans of Mr. Douglas have done thelr best to prevent that desirable consummation; but in vain. The leaders in the affairs of the Bell and Everett party in New York have coalesced with the Douglas party there, stinply to the end of securing the State's vote airainst I A n not I became they have any more affinity for Douglas, than for Breckinridge. They insist that the Douglas managers shall embrace in the union being formed, the Breckinridge interest, on fair terms to the latter. That is to say, that the electoral ticket to be supported by the three antl. Lincoln parties In New York shall consist of ten Bell and Everett men, ten Breckinridge men, and fifteen Douglas men. Fernando Wood and his efficient army of personal supporters make the same demand. If Fernando and his forces fail to act with the Douglasltes?voting for a straight-out Breckinridge ticket instead?the latter will iv?Tl a throughout the State than Douglas. This result ahead Is is so plain that Dean Richmond 4. Co. already realize it; and must therefore come to the terms proposed, If really caring to secure for Mr. Douglas a single electoral vote in tbs whole Union. The pressure upon Richmond it .Co. from the Douglaslte rank and file, In favor of the proposed thorough union of ail the anti-Lincoln Interest* In New York, is very great, and is working well Indeed. Naval*.?The Saranac, Captain Ritchie, arrived at the Navy Yard, San Fran, cisco, on the 25th of July, where she will undergo repairs. The U. S. ship Release, Lieut. Commanding 0. W Harrison, sailed from Aspinwall about the 15th of August for Boston. On her way she wil1 touch at Rio ilacha, In the State of Magdalena' ' for the purpose of Inquiring into the facts concerning ?n outrage reported to have been com* mittod, on the 11th of July, upon the flag of the United States consulate at that mirt k? ? ? ? - WJ ?UU gu?* ernment troops under lien. Gabriel de Vega. Official information has been received of the arrival of the steam sloop Dakota, Commander Radford, at Funcbal, Maderia, on tlie '-20th of July, where she touched, en route to the Ea?t Indies, for coal and water. Naval Ordkkv?Surgeon \V. S. W. Ruscben ber has been ordered to the Susquehanna as Jeet surgeon of the Mediterranean squadron, was detached from that vessel on her departure for the Gulf, and is waiting orders. Lieut. E. Lloyd Winder has been ordered to the Naval Observatory, Washingtdh. Third Assistant Engineers Win. Pollard and Jas. P. Sprague have been ordered upon special duty connected with the machinery of the steam sloop Richmond, at Norfolk. Hostilk Indians Scattered? Intelligence? a p rwr* iioo* i " ? ?? 1* ** I v?ui|' iiv?i i' wi uaiucu, natisai i crniory, Aug. 11?received at the War Department, seems to lndlcatc that the Klowas and Comanche Indiana, with whom United States troops lately bad skirmishes, are now powerless for barm. Tbey were scattered?a few roving In small bands, aud tbe others mixed with the Cheycnnes, Arrnpahocs, and Apaches. Akmy Trans fur*.?The following assignments have been made to the Adjutant General's Department: Brevet Major Nichols, to the department of Texas; Capt S. Williams, to the department cf Orrgon; Capt. Withers, to the Adjutant General's otfice at Washington. Resignation or a Midshipman.?The resignation of Midshipman E B. Hurber, attached to the stealer Pocahontas, has been accepted. Tax Wbathsk.?The following report of the weather for the morning i> made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith- , sontan Institution. The time of observation U < about 7 o'clock. Apoust 28, 19?0. < New York, N. V clear, cool. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. 1 Washington. D. C cloudy, wind NNE Richmond, Va. ....clear, ?63. Petersburg, Va clear, 7fc?. ; Norfolk, Va clear, 74*, wind W Raleigh, N. C clear, 76'. Wilmington. N.C clear, hot. Columbia, S. C clear, warm Charleston, 8. C ?0 , wind NK Augusta. Ga cloudy, warm. Savannan, Ga clear. S4?, wind S Columbus, Ga ..cloudy, pleasant. Marun. Ga #-lniw*?r Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, warm. i Mobile, Ala cloudy. H-f. 1 New Orleans, La clear, 84*. FROM THK WERT. 1 Frederick, Md cloudy, warn. Hagerstown. Md cloudy, warm. Cumberland, Md foggy, cblllv. Grafton, Va raining bard. Wheeling, Va raining bard. Cincinnati, O raining bard. Pittsburg^ Pa raining. 6?'. Cleveland, O cloudy, 5n?, wind SE barometer at the Smithsonian at 7a.m , (corrected for temperature,) 2V.Wfl?; at noon, 29 *70 Thermometer at 7 a m., 6S*; at noon, 79X0. Maximum during 21 hours ending 9 a. in. today, 84'; minimum 65". Y'OU.NU LADIES' ACADEMY OF THE VISITATION Corner of Ttmtk nntt U itfrtll, Wnfunfon Ci/y. The fijuMcmei < f thii academy will ho resumed nn Mo day n^xt. September 3,18U0. Persons desiring iuforniation will pleaae apply at theacaiemy. _au 28 lw T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY . HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oooduoted by the Spaniah Government under the anperviaton of the Captain General of Cuba, will take place at Havana on THURSDAY, September 13. 1W. BOKTEO NUMERO 642 UROiNARiO OAPITAl. PBI7.U ton aaa - ^ ? WjWVVl I 1 prise of #!(*>, eon so prises ot fl.nor 1 qo ?,oon so do . soo I do 36,006 IW do <00 i do H,n60 3" appro*. .? gjno I do 10,000 IN ALL s?SS PRIZES. Whole Ticket*, #<0? Halves, 910?Uurttra, 93. 8rises cashed at eight at ft per o?nt. discount. ills on all solvent Rank* taken at par. A drawing wiU be forwarded ae boob ae the recall beeoraea kuowa. Ail orders for eobemee or tiokete to be addressed to don rodriguez, an 28-tr flareof Citv Pmt.CkarlMtnn. H.O. O OUR A'iKNT?? AND THE PUBLIC. The dromon of Jud?e Nelsun at Cooper*town, (tlusda) an wo nc> <t; having been circu'at sd broad cast over the c>uutr> . we tl^cin it our duff io mate tlia< tun deoiaiono/ a i inferior and p'tty Court, t ru?a>nt tts tvtuene* ocrr on'y the Sou'h'.m l>itmct?f Stw Yrrlc, ha< Ixien virtually annulled or re vera d. so fa-as THE SLOaT Sr.WINU ma CHl^E lUMI'A.VV in o^nr-erned, bv the recent d cmion. of tli? llor. Chi?f Judge Du lop, of the rircnit Pniift aT?!* o-* * vninu D'lwmi Washington, which s'aWnhos clea ly the fact that the Akins & Kelthno *n Patent is the only original and valid one upon which '?lia ce can he plaoed or S wing Maori ne* maiiufactured mi the Im cd States. Under this Pa:ent the Sloat Sawing Machine Compai y are the only licenses, and, consequently , de?pito t iedici'ion atCoop r*tuwn.aV< other man vtorturer* art \nfrintm* acnriling tu tk>. hithext letil authority in t*t <anj. Thisdocisi n of Judge Nelson i? al v dy appealed from even in the limited di-trlet itaffecU. UKO B. SI.OAT, Pr sUtni th* Sloat Siring Machine Company, Philatl- Ip'iia. Augi^t 1H. 18bn. Oar AiMitiii Washington. D. C.. is J.THOMAS M * \ WHI.I., *t Maxwell * Bro.'s Fancy Store ; Pa arenue. H Ffmai.e boarding and day school, , A .hXANDHI4, VA. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK, Principal. T' e t iirt enth annual session of this Institution will to nm nee on Tuemtay, September 18th, in the hoti?e r*rti n*l? ^" J"1" 4" __ .,v > j ?vv< ii j?rcvi ujf l* O iOT r"CUll# r J .? Mn. It*? Ki"|{ itrwr. , The course of study pnrsued will compri eall Ik ' tirn dies requmitH to a thorough Knjclish fcdu nation, aul Mu ic, F ench, 1 Atin and Drawing, il desireJ. In addition today scholars. Mri. McCormick is prepared to receive* limited uurnherof pupils as boarder*. who < onatituting a part of her own family, will tie a der her immediate care an:l supervi- 1 sion. She ill end?*avor. as far a* possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindly influences 1 of Hoine. I K^nim'I-R?t.G?o H. Norton, Rev. D . K.ias | Harn. on, Rev. D F. Sprigf, Will am H Fowle, i Km-, IvUar ^riowden, hsq . Edmund F Witmer. gv*0.-/1 h.h?7O.Wd? fm^UaBK.* * ? ? 1 0?r Rie Gras4t Cerrespe^d'Bee. Bruwmville, Aug. 17, 1P60. Dtar Star : Since my l*st nothing of Importance has transpired, save the State and county elections,' which came ofl' on the 7tb lnrt. The State ttcke1 of the popular democracy of Texaa came oul triumphant on the Rio Grande, and we will dovbtless hear that it haa alio been victorious throughout the State. The election took place with but little local rivalry being manifeated by our local candidate, notwithstanding that aeversl persons were in the canvass aspiring for the sheriffalty. The vote on the Rio Grande for State officers tins becu, and at the next Presidential fiction will be, the smallest that has ever been cast since oar counties were organized. Why this is, 1 shallei daavor to explain: Unjustly, and with little more than prejudice for a cause, It was proposed by some one not long since that no polls should be opened In the upper precincts of our county at the late elections, giving as a very logical reason that the greater part of the population in that quarter are Mexicans and, htnct, illegal voters. I shall not stop to explain the motive for this intended outrage on the rights of citizens of Mexican origin; suffice it so say, that the late Cortinas war has wrought* climax in the feelings of Mexican haters which are now beginning to find vent. That this mode of revenge should have been suggested and approved by men who formerly on election days were foremost In legalising Mexican votes, is not at all strange when, in the words of Decker. I tell you that "We have here um. So apish and fantastic, will play with a feather: * Others again we have like hungry lions. Fierce as wild bulls, untamable as Hiss." Again, the Mexicans in general are not jftrticularly anxious to cast their votes, good citizens as they may be, and when they do. it is simply because they are carried to the polls. They fear the recriminations of Americans, and thii will ?ha anaillnMU gf th#> VOtP It must be said, however, In Justice to tne proper authorities, that the upper precincts ot the county all held polls and gave a majority for the right candidates. One thing Is to be remembered, however, that If anarchy and contention is to reign among ui, we know who have sown the seed of discord On the 10th instant a grand mass meeting was held at the Market Hall of this citv, for the purpose of ratifying the nomination or Breckinridge and Lane for President and Vice President. The demonstration was certainly a grand one. The enthusiasm manifested for the democratic cause on that occasion, not only by speakers but by the people in general, makes it indubitable that the Rio Grande people, at least, will do the thing "up brown" for the candidates of the Union democ uuuic ii>iinpi<iiiiciii, writing irom mil cily to one of the New Orleans pnr>ers. has Mid. with more loquacity than knowledge of our political affairs. that on the frontier, those who are not L>ous(laaites are Beil-Everetites; but the late ratification meeting, attended by almost every citizen of Brownsville, has tacitly uiven the lie to this statement, far as the New Orleans Crescent may circulate. Deeds speak higher than words, and this is an instance. Our true position, politically and otherwise, has more than once been mistaken; but this once, at least, we will assert that the reasoning of our tradncer, addressed to sensible men, " t ails on their heads like an Inverted cone, Wanting Its own base to stand upon." Things in Mexico remain in tbelr former state : little done, much lost, and nothing gained Gen. Vldanrrl, governor of the State of Nueva Leon, lias, bv his late acts, lost all the prestiue which he formerly had He has been playing a high-hand?d game He has enforced loans on merchants and f>rtvate citizens, detained whole conductas passtig through the State, aud done everything to justify a movement which was set on foot to depose him. The general-ln-chlef of his forces, Juan Zuagua, was recently killed, which has thrown great consternation, not only among the Vidaurrl clique, but also among the greater part of the Liberals, who appreciated his valour, staunchness, and military skill, all of which be possessed in a high degree. 1 translate the following Item of news concerning this attair from the newspaper publilh<H in \T . ?- 11CAIUU . "OntheSOth ultimo D. Santiago Vidaurri left Monterey, accompanied by 1). Juan Zuagua and a considerable escort, taking the road to Saltillo, and having i>een preceded by several parties of the State force*, who. mine days previous bad left for tbe same place. On tbe night of the 90th Sr. Vidaurri and bis men bivouated at San Gre*;erlo, where they were surprised at about two o'clock in tbe morning by a small force said to number twenty inen. Four of these separated from tbe rest and came up to the pla^e where Vidaurri and Zuagua slept, where wasals) to be found the famous Galvoil. Thev heard th?-ir ?m,rn?rh k..# hud no time left them for defence, nud Zua^fiu was killed. having been struck by two balls Vid'.urr; Is said to have escaped by crawling under the cot, on which he had be<*n lying, although some would make him out to have been standing as sentinel in one cf the dark corners of the room where they were attacked. It is (aid that Viiaurri's bed received three shots " Znagua was buried at La Cafullaina, and VIdaurri continued his march towards J^altillo. More anon. Excuse haste. Yours, ever, PaoilTlkKSMAH. n I CM i VROCLAM ATloN."?'?'' (l\K PR ESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, Vor the Sale of Valuable Lands in the late New York Indian Reserve, Kansas. In pursuance of law, 1, Jamxs Huchana*, President of the L'nitej states of America. do her by de:lare Ami i. ake known that pubiio sal^s will lie tieid at the undermentioned Lai.d Otficr, in the Territory n( Kansas, at tne period* hereinalter desif nated, to wit: At the i and Office at Fokt SroTT, oommencinn mi Monday, the 3d day ?'f iieoember next, for the disposal of?u<hof the pubiio lands not covered by n nvirtual Indian locations as are situated within the following townships and parts of l?wnchip* in the late reserve above mentioned lor the New York Indians, viz: -/ -* " " ' oiriiii mi iik oi?e ixnt ana east ?/ the sixth principal meridian, and in the townships and parts of town ships fatting within said rtstrvc. Th? tracts or parcel* in the part* of townships 23, 24. 25, and 2d of range 26 i he tracts or pare-W in t*?e part of township 21. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of <16, of ranee 24. The tracts or parcels in the part of township 23 la townships 24 and 25, ana in the part of 2t>, of ranee 23 The tracts or pa'oels in the part of town?hie 23 iu townships 21 and 25, and in the part oi 26, of ranee 22. Tn tracts or parcels in the part of township 23. in townships 24 a&d 25 and in the part if 26, of range 2t. l he tracts or paroela in the part of township 23, in townships 24 and 2?, and in the part of 26, of rvitean The tracts or paroxism the part of towrship 23in towehips 24 and 25, and in the pa t of *6, of ranee 19. The tr%ct* or parcels in the part of township 2(. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of ranee IK. The traota or paronla in the part of townahip 23. in town?hipe 24 and 25, and in tho part of 28, of range 17. At the Land Ofiioe at Fo*r Pcott. oommepcinf on Monday, the 17th day of UoooitibT u xt, for tie disposal of auoh of (he publie lands not covered t j individual Indian It cations as are situated within the following townships and parts of towns! ips in th* late reserve above-mentioned for New Vo l Indians, vis: Sovik of the base I in* and east of ike sink principal meridian, and in tke townships ani pirts of toienskip* falltnn triiAi* said restrve. The t aots or parcels in tin p*rt of township 23 in townships 24 and 25. and in the part of 26, l f range 16 The tracts or parcels in the part of townah p 29. iu townships 24 and 25, and In the pa't of 2?, of rancs IS The traets or paroela in the part of township 23. ta townships 24 and 25, and in the p%rt of 28, of range u The traots or pt'oela ?n the part of township 23. la townships 24 and 23, and in the part of 26. of ir jo lJ. The tract* or parodla in ths part of township 23, in townahipa 24 and 35. and in the part of 26, of ranee 12 The tracta or paroela in th^ part of t iwnahip 23 in townsbipa 24 ai>d 25, and in the part of 2?, if TO tracts or ptretls in the part of township 23- I in townships 24 and 23, and \a tha part of -6# of ranc* !<* The tracte or paroela in the part of townahip 23 in t>wnahipa 24 and 25, aad iu the part ol 26, of The tracte or paroela in the parta of townships 23,24, >5. and 2ti, of range 8 Ijuida appropriated by taw for the nee of eohoola, military Indian, and otk** 1 - ? ? Will DO OJL oluded from the nales, together with thetraots oov red by Individual Indian locations, descriptive list* of which have been furnished tie koal oft oera. Tke offering of the abov* lands will be commcnoed on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in whioh their are advertised, until the whole shall have he<Mi offered, and the sales thus olosed : bnt no sale shall be kept open loncer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be permitted until after tne expiration of the two weeks Given under hit hand, at the oity of Washington, thu SIst day of A must, anno Domini one thousand enht hundrad and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: JOS. 8. WiLIOS, Commissioner of the General Land Oftoe. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every Person entitled to the right of pre-emption to an; of the lands within the township* or rarts of town*hip4 above enumerated is retimed to establish the aam* to the satisfaction of the register ?r d receiver of the Land Oftoe. mnd mak* pmrmmtt therefore at toon as rraetirnbl* nfltr ttrtng tki* wetie*, and before the day appointed Tor the commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise snob claim wilJ be forfaited. JOS. S. WILSON, Coranussionef of the General Land Oftoe. Nora.?Under the regulations of the department, u heretofore and now existing, no payment eaa be made for advertising proclamations except to snoh Wishers ae are *p4eiaUw utktrixtd to pebllsll by the Commissioner of the General Land (Jftoe. aa K-iawltw 4 piuatot Douglas'Speech at Noefoh ?Senator Douglas addressed a large meeting on Saturday night at Norfolk. Virginia, and. in reply to the questions propounded to him by a friend of Mr. Breckinridge, declared <' tbat the election of a man to the presidency by the American people, in conformity with tbeConstitution of the United Stata*. would not justify any attempt at dissolving ! this glorious Co federacv.'' [This wai strongly applauded 1 To the further question, " If the Southern States secede from the Union upon tbe Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln before be commits an overt act against their constitutional rlghta. will you adviae or vindicate resistance by force to their secession." he replied thus: " I answer emphatically tbat it is the duty of tbe President of tbe United States, and all othera in authority under him, to enforce tbe laws of the United States as passed by Co^retw and as tbe courta propound them TCbeers ] And I.aain duty bound by my oath of fidelity to the Constitution, would do all In my power to aid the Gov- I ernmeni or the United States In maintaining the | supremacy of the laws against all resistance to ' them, come from what qnarter It might." And ! Mr. Douglas closed his response by saying: "Now these questions, pat to me the first day 1 landed on Virginia soil, haying emanated from the friends of the secessionist candidate, I ask that like questions may be also put to those candidates, and that yoa Insist upon such frank and unequivocal answers as 1 hare given."

Thk Texas Tsocble* ?The Texas papers are still filled with alarming accounts of the atsturb1 ances tn various portions of that State. We have carefully examined and compared the various reports, snd although, in the excitement and alarm whicn such occurrences necessarily create, some allowance must In* made for exaggeration and vivid coloring, autticlent la known to abow that the troubles are even more serious than at first supposed. Property to a very large amount haa bsen destroyed, ana a painful aenae of Insecurity naturally prevailaintbelnfeated regions. Nothing baa yet been developed to prove an organlzr-d conspiracy or a regular plan at overthrowing the > WM Vf no ?Cf J . cV |?| CM wm v m-mmm J ? disturbances are due to gangs of desperadoes from the prairies, perhaps also from south of the Rio Grande, whose object la plunder, and who uae the negroes as tools for their nefarious purposes. We triist that the summary and efficient measure* adopted by the citizena will aoon clear the country of these villalna, who have not even the ex- use of fanaticism for tbeiratrocities.-Mofti/e Remitter. pvrnuomMC urn viro *? X IV 111VO, au QRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION! The members of the EAST WASHINGTON QUADRUPLE ASSEMBLY woald jp*i r spectfully announce to th?ir frien<U^^^tav? t at they will givo a Moorli'lit Kx cunMon to GLVMONT on THURSDAY EVEMNG, SepUmbor 6. Tickets 5? cents. S<*e future advertisement. ? 11 2S ? ?St* MOW IS THE TIME H FOR SPORT! The steamer GEORGE W. KiliGScan he char tere 1 on reasonable terms to take 11 "? . eenilon-cn down the Potomac, by the w? -? n i i * ?i hit! pu i px'oo i'l ii milmt ami gunning ; and ilu ing the moonlight nichts seloct parties can employ her for Kxcurmomdova the river. Inquire on board, 14th ?tr*??>t bridge, Wm' nig ton cana\ JAS. I.. CATHCART, an 28 3t Owner. C'APITOL ASSOCIATION MOON LIGIIT ' EXCURSION, TO THE WHITE HOUSE, MONDAY EVENING, September 3d. The ate&mer Pimwix will leave her wharf at 4 o'clock p. m. Omnibuses will leave w corner of Pa. avonue and nh at. for th? l>oat at a quarto before 4 Good **1^*** coti'lon muxin Iia.< been tin* a gentleumn and ladies,cents. au A 5t AFTERNOON AND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION. RYLAND CHAPE'j CHURCH will give an Kxcunuun down the river, stepping at thn Furt a ?hort time, and then proceed d??wn the river, and return^^^^^^^^* ab<iiit lOo'cloek, on THI RSDAV, August 3? leavine 1 th at. wharf, Washin* on, at 3H o'ciock. Refreshments on board at r?'aso a hie rates. Good mu ic will be had on the occasion. >entlnnen's tickets so cents. * 1: ? I.&ning" " 25 S^all chi'dren IS " ail 27-31' IKST GR AND PRIZE PH' NIC OF THE ZOl'AVK Cl.l'B, at AR-jfrs>^^ I.INOTON SPRINGS, T U ES DA Y, Septemlier 4'h. Seventy-five Prize*, consisting of Waiches, Gems. Ac.. ?ill be ?iven away. The full Ma ine J'and has been enea-?<1 for the ocf-asion. It is the intertion of the Committee that ?his shall be the Pic Nic of the season, and that tho strir?te-1 order shall be preserved Omnibuses will leave the corn?r of 7th st. and Avenue every hour du inp th? dar for the Springs. TicW -te, for pentlern-n, 5>i c -nts ; ladies. 25 cents; c) iidren fre e. an 2 -td T*H K SCHOOLS ATTACHED TO ST. DOM 1 I NICK'S CHl'RCH, I'land.XTT-j..^^ preparatory to th* returning of tu 'ies, -.rill in'et in f-stive rennioi, atm rv v ? *? mm - - on raiMUAi, September 3, at the &ami ably arranged and mo ,t att'aoMve plraxur* ground known a* COLUMBIA HPR1NGS. The Ladies of St. Dominick'a wi 1 unanimously favor the ooca'ion w th their ?mil ng pr^*<?nc?-; and all love^ a of innocent mirth and patrunx of aound primary education are kindly invited. That unsurpaimed musician and ac<ompli ahed centlxinan John Esputa. supported l?jr his w II ,?e l?ct?1 company,(the best p?rforinora in Washing ton,) will dispense the (clorie? of music au iT-2t f^RANI> COMPLIM*- NTARV MOONLKiW f * h XCURS1'?N will ho si en to jr??k the WHITR HOUSE on ""r Ti P NESl>AY EVENING,3th inatant,*?*"? complimentary to, and hunefit of. the Second Bap* ti?t Church Cnoir. The Piik*ix will leave Sixth street wharf, (aland, at 7 o'clock. B agden'a wharf, 7X o'olock p. ni , touching at Aienaad- la (coins and returni g. Ominousr* will be in attendance at the wharf on the return of the boat. Music, vocal and instrumental, will l?? in attend anon. Ge ts ticketa,50oenta; ladie*.25c?nta. Re iipriiiucuiB uu me uum. Mipp.-r at tli* Pavilion, 25 oents. Commit tt* \Vnr?. Sanderton, Phillip Bohror, Uaac fcntwi?le, Sam. Kiln, Charles Wright, John Clemmonds, Fred Kmeriok, l}Mr(?Ovldii, f-teaven oiler, J. H. Spicor. an 25-4t* T EXCURSION TO GLYMONT' HK IS AND BAPTIST CHURCH AND SABBATH SCHOOL wiliriToan #IP?-k KXCURS ON to GLYMONT on FRIDAY, August SI. Tb?* apl^nilitl ttteani'-r Sr. Ninior.A* has b~en engatr<Hl. Wlthrrn'i Bsml will b#? in attendant to enliven the occasion RefrenliuionU will nm viaeo The bout will leave the font of Eleventh- ?tre??t at 8^ o'clock a. in , touching at the Navy Yard, Alex dria and return at7 o'clock p. in. fiokita Fitty Cents; children half price. Oinnilitmos wi'l !>e at the corn?r of Pa avenue and Seventh street to connect with the boat. au 24-31* POSTPONED. THE GRAND BALL DISPLAY OF" RKWORKS At COLUMBIA SPRINGS, I? POSTPONED TUESDAY EVENING, Anrmt 38th. Prosperi'a Band will b? in attendane*. Ticket* Fifty C#nU. roaches leave the corner of Seventh **reet fi? and Pa. avenue at 4,5,6-7. 8, and 9 o'clock JVB Returning Irave the Springs at in, II, 12, ara]|gB 2 o'clock. A coioh will leave Alexandria at 7 < el'k; returninc leave the Spring* at 2 o'clock, au 21-4. Am card.-small dwelling norsEs at AUCTION ? Mtention is recpe-tfully called lo the I ru*teea Palo of thiee two atory Brick dwelling House* and Lot* in the alley in the reaof I emperanco Hall, to take place on Tl/hSDAY AFTKRNOON,2ftth,at6o'cl<vk onthe pr?mi*ei. an Z7-2t JAS c McQIMK K & CO., AucU. L>OR A MIORT TIMK. oniA .-DKAFXFSS r ANU NOISES IN TH ? H L 4fl.-dk.col frTO >, member of the Royal Celine of >urgeoD* nf ! ' n u I * .1 i... - ?< - v?9 miitni, mm it now prepared to apply hi* new and ettraordinary treatment by winch he ?a* himself oued after eleven years intense suffering. Fa tioular* for self-cure sent to a") addrexn Tor po*ta:e; consultations daily from 10 till 4 o cl?jck f>*?; reference to handreda of person* otired. Address No. 312 Twelfth street, Washington, D C Ne'vona persona should read " Vita! *fatie*" for sHf-cnre. Sent free ti any ad dreaa for 13 cents in stamps. au 27-1 w* TO SOUTHERN 4 WESTERN MERCHANTS. HODEWALD^ik *I.>D\LL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AST) USALKm IN INDIOO, SPICKS. HUAP. STARCH, SODA Ar?H, 8AL Si?DA, BI CARU. SODA, 8ALERATU8. and GROCERS' DMUG8. 29 CHEAP8IDE BALTIMORE, invito the attention of Meroha ita visit i n* thia eity tn ILn ?*aminaii. ? -? L ?V'* VI mtIT ItU llf wmon IB variety and p 100 is not surpassed either in this or any of th? orthern cities JH7"Ordeis respect fully solicited and faithfully enouteri au TT-lm* 1m PARI*. August 6, I860. TAKE The pleasure to inform th? ladies that I am still iu the Capitol of Fashion, taking the gr at est pains pixaihle to sel?*ot the handsomest and latest styles good* for the trade of Washington. All goods bought by the importing houses in America are shipped ana the samples for tin- Pa isian city trade are coming out now, by trbiok I shall b? entirely guided, as experience has taught me that the ladies in Waihiur'oa are bighty cultiva eJ in taste, and will not we*.' >"'?k-*: ? I/W w IB W wi I > Paris, the efore I sha'l ni$ke every effort to a oooiplish my task. That la 10 offer good* to my 1 enstomnrs which will not bo found anywhere el?e, I and which will not be surpassed ia elegance and beauty by My ethers My arrangement* are made ali?o to rwire new goods by evert steamer durine the season. Consequently I shall be one season in advance. 1 intendrd to add a f?w words in regard to the fashions, but be lag too busy 1 must defer for the present AU the orders entrusted to me by the ladies are Executed. i aa 25 eotw M. WILLI AW. HOOP SKIRTS! HOOP SKIRTS!T New supply Just reoeived of all the new styles, f,r Ladies aiid Children, from 25^0-nu to^s. MlMt 0817th st. aod 391 &. arenas. I ????. JUST RECE3TXD AT Ho?. 3T3 and 815 ONE case fine and PURE IRISH LI Alto. 50 Down FINE LINEN CAMKRIC I AUCTION SALES. aTFot other Anctxwn SaJm, jm first ff. By WALL * BARNARD, Aaouonwra. Horse for salk-ob i&tdu4t MORNING p?xt, at 10 o'oitv-k. ve wil ?rll, in front of our nuctiou rooms. 01# Ha; Horae, > 4 for livery expn- ?< !>a ? p< sitna Terina u?*k. All iot?rett?d wi'l take notioe. 3b * >vai,' ? ihRXARD. AnaU. , UJ a. >. AHtitiaMT. Household and kitchkn furnitcekat Aicnu*.-0? MONDAY,til- 3d da; of Se^t-mber, at 1? ?'?l ok * m., 1 *ha l e?? thre*id?noe of a gcptlemon deolinmc housekeeping, ou th* vest aide of ? ourth street, between 1 and a atreeta north agood aasurtment of Hoove Furniahini Good', vix: Mahogany S -faa. Chun aod Foot Stool*. l>n. Ma bl* toy Center aod Fanoy TaWea, Do. Secretary ard Whatnot. Do. Dutuk oovereo m>faa and Eaay Chair*, Damaak, Lao- and other Carlaim, Gilt-frame Glut China Vaaea. Maho^anv Sideboard and Dreeaiog Tables, Cane, Wood seat Chaira aod Lomci, B?d?t"a<i?, Bureau* and Wardrobes. Wachttand*, Toilet Seta, losel Kaik*. Ingrain, ma - and otbe; Ca p?r? I out, ooiu?n lop aod Hmk Mattreaaae, > Ft\tb?r Beds Pi lows twt Bolsters, B&aset*, ConifoiU Sheets and Cum, Cooking, Air U(ht and otner 5 tores. Together wita a general aesortme t of Kitobwa RtquiiitM. Term*: All sums of and under #2i ouh; o??r | #25 a credit of 2 and 4 mouths, for approved eado>a?d not' a, beaing interest an28 d A. 6RKKN. knot. By J. C. MoGLIR fc * CO., Auetioaeers. RRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH K ^.o.asLrj.srvvA*-' ?BL1C ber 4th. at 5Jf o'o'oclc. on the premi?*s. we shall aell part of Lot No. 15, la !<a%r?No. M, fronting 1C feet on north K stre?t. bstwe n 19th ai?<l Both ?ts . andrunring back M> feet, together with the I-nprorenisnts, oanaisting ol a throe story ori^k dwelling house, containing six rooms, with a biiok kite hen. Tk* first story has boon occupied for tkr?a years psst as a grocery and I ?aor store, f ?r which it ia I a^mirahlt ?/1a k-i? ?* ^ ' * *" , w -ucuij wiviiiu i? inun CHUno? ofthe Wwiem MitrtM. ,? Termi: $300 in c&*h; the remainder is 12 month*, with interest, secured by a deed of trait on thi raniiiM. ftu 28 d J. C. MnfiUIRK A CO., Aacts. By A. GRKEN, Aaotione??r ON MONDAY, September 34,1864, ws shall s*H, n frort of th- pr*ini*es. m 6 o'oiook p in*, in oomplta .ce with th* termi of & deed or trait t > front Thoa. A. iirvwn mi w|f?,(i?l*' --pirm b ?r. 18 ?, ?> <1 rfc rdfd in Litny J. A. 9 No 162, pace 1^6 4.0., o e of he 1*BI reoords uf Wmnin'ton county, parti of loti >1 ?n<i 1*. tn auiive No 'Jfi, bezinriinK forth# uma 4? toet 3 inchoi from ma i -uthwe/t con rr of iiua 14111*, tunning theses 9%?l <>n aline with [) street ?>u h IS feat; thenoe ror:h 7 firt; th.-noe weit Tm>'; thenoe lonth 70 foettoth* pn.cs of hafinainc, t:ig'th*r with the iraor >.r nc. ti. 0' n-uuni of ?. t?? ?i?r? frn?? nou-e with one ?tory hnek bn dine. Tornm: On- f'Utth cv-h. ihe ba'ar.oe in 6, II Mid in month*, alter da* ?>f ?*' , n tea oured t?y a ie?Ml o<~ trust on the piemises Ifth?te msnfeale are no* oomp i*<| with wtihin five itaja efW the day ofea ethe trustees re??r e the risbt to resell the property at the porchasoi'a riak and ooat, after givinc one we k a not e *. GM?. ?\ HKNNIVO. <Tr_.t?. GKO. R. THOMPSON.* 1 &u 2* Staw&ds a GK ER *. Aact. By A. GREEN. Anetioneer. Household furniture, china,ol??? AHD ?'.*oCXEKT Will AT A0CTIOS.?On fr IDAV.tn6 31?t lu.iant,at uv'oiozk a in., I mall '11, lit mr w&'? .i>u?o, <>n ? t?tWMti6th and 7'h *u , on account of whoji it may oonosrn, a iarte lot of Furnitu e v x: Mahojam > fa.* .Chair aid Whatnot, Walnut' ent ?r Tabiea. i ma> b!e t< p ) Do. H~d tsa-lt and Wash Sink*, Do. Book Cak?? and t'aatrr Cbairi, Mahocatj Drejmnc a d <>thf r Burrau*. Lounca, Cane and Wood a-atChaira, 1 ten-f>ot Kxtfnaion Ttfrt ( wal- u',> Br?a Cast, Saloon and oth-r raM?, F?*th-r Hot!*, Bo: at r? and Pi'l?v?, Hair, Cot?<>n-t-v ard flink Ma trniftt. Single and D"ubls (^ttac J-nnj Land Bediteada, Manogan; (iff.c- ftmk and Chair*. Bl%ua>-t?, Con f'?r{?, !?b?H u an?i (Jaaea, plated Ca?t"r?- Ki net. and Fork*. Do T?a Tabir*aa<l Foika, 1 Chink T>% Set, 44 ?iece?. 1 Granite Dinner fet, (oomalet*,) | Stono china fishes, I a*e? B^wieand Pitchers, 1 G<>hiet?, rutnti'-Tt. Winn* and Ckanap&cao*, Toi ?t 5"t?. wi ite and ? ilor?d. And nr.anT otner artioles, too nnmeron* to enumarate. Termi: A)1 iibii of anl und"r, $25 ea*h;orer $25, aort*'it <>f 2 and 4 wont?, fur approved endorsed notoa, hearing int*ie?t _aui7 A. GREEN, Aaot. D iTT M77RRTSO\ A C<J7, LOUR AM) GENERAL COW MISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealer* in MILL FHEO, CORN MEAL, ft., *c., Co ner of 12th and B street*, \Va*hin(tou o.tjr. CT Caah paid Tor ail kind* of Grain, an 35 6m Flour, meal, mill feed, *e. Ju*t re>o??ive<l on co-ai'iiinent? 470 hbla Miperior brand of (Yeah (round Family, Extta and Superfine Flour, 30 bbla. No, 1 Rye do., F.enh (tro-jnd Co n Meal and Mill Feed of all kftida ootm'anlly on han<!. for nale lov in Iota to suit. au 25 6m D L. MoRRl^OX A CO. ALBEWT WOODLEY'3 RESTAUR ANT, I'a. Av., B*t\v 17th ahd 18th 8t?. A. W. he* moiit renp-c fa ir to i> form hia friends that It* is l ack afrain at hia ol?1 A . . A a and, in the Firat Ward, where he hopM.VfmV b> ki't'pi ( everTthiax of the \>tat quality, mLJLL to have a share of their patroraRfl. Yours faithfully, an 2-?* albert woopley. WGALTS' oop and coal office, QMO Pa Aw D ? It? ?*-" wv/v * m.1 ATtf unl w. li in AZfD 12TB OTB.? North id?.* Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth at., ma 17 tf Below W Ngwagt F~OR SALE?A pair of COACH HORSES, young and fa?t, ?.<ld for no fault: the /r\ owner h*vinjt no use for them. Apply at*1 W. H. UI'l'ERMAN'SGrooerr, on Penn-^^". ylvauia avenue, between 3d and ?t? an a tf t! CALVERT FORD, Ja., O. APOTHhCARY AND DRUGGIST, PKNN. A VBM'R, CoftMIB OF ElKVKJUTB St., Dealer in PURE DRUGS, CHEMICALS, AND STANDARD KAMI I.Y MEDICINES, including ikf latut and approred FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; A.LSO, CHOICE ARTICLES FOR THE TOILET, embiacinc everj varietj FRENCH. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN PER FUMERY, SOAPS, BRUSHES, Ac. The proprietor'* periuii<al attention given at all hour* to the compounding of Physicians' Prescriptions. *? u i? New supplies in FIRST-CLAS8 STAPLE DRY GOODS. Jntt opened superior Shirting Oottomand Linens, Sheetings. 'lahfe l)iaper?, Nspkus, Toweimgs. W hit? ana Colored DoVhes, TahU Cloth*, fine and medium Whit*and Colored Flannels, Scotch and Russia Diap re, Canton Flannels, new style Mous selmes and Tall style Calicos, blurting Cn .oosnd Linen Shirt Botums; inodozen I .adits' Linen Handkerchiefs, price* from 75 cents to .#8 a dozen; all >?rj Cheap; with many other seasonable foods which we are sellinc at the lowest market prices. J. W. COLLEY * ro . an 18 2w <>3 Seventh st. above Pa. av g GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL for THE inU SANE, August 22,1860. Bids are invited till Wednesday, August nth. 1*60, to furnish and deliver upon the Hospital wharf i five hundred turn m..? nr ! n ?J? ?- >-- 1 _ ? |W, W U1V ton.) of good, clean Anthracite Coal, "broken" The difference in price between ttkitt a*A ud (rat **k should be stated, and aleo the particular name or designation by which the Coal it may be propoeed to fnmiah is known in the market. A horse and driver will be furnished by the Hospital, and at its expense, to hoiet the Coal frotn the esse), and it will be received ud drawn away ae fast ae it la delivered upon the whatf, but no m*a will be ftiraiahed by the Hospital to work om board J the vessel. The Coal will be weighed ae it is delivered bp a aw ini receiver, employed and paid by the Hopiial, and accounted for accordingly. C. H. NICHOLS, an 33 eol w Superintendent. II ENQLI8H SHIRTING PRINTS. HAVE Just received one eaee 01 English Shirting Prints of extra quality and width, warranted fast colors, at Itc. per yard. H. EGAPt, au 22-flt Ml 7th at., aad 3?1 Pa av. J NEW FALL GOODS. L'ST Received mi first iiiuk of P*'1 confuting of Cloths. Casrimera, CiwiaMi. Flannels, Delains, Mtiikjs, Alpacas. Poplins. Merriinao and Kncish Caiieos. Kentuokjr J?aos, T*i<sd?, Bleacnm and Brown Sheetings and *hirtings. Cattons, Irish Linens, Ac. Also, Large assortment of Hosiery. Glove*. l.inen C?m brie Handkerchiefs, Ac. lj. KGAN. ana-<t Sill 7th st. and ??| Pa st. J COAL Oli. CJ8T Reoeived from 1 he Virginia Ofl ^orimb* SO barrels priine PARAPiNE COAL OIL Vh.efe is warranted equal to tn* New Vo k or Uo?ia? . rf. The trade oan tte sapelted on the *e? e t ime as they buy at the North sarins th? fre HH-im H.C. Pt)EDt, lWf> w. CLEAR*NV O8T sS't?CKROFST"iV\ V HAT* In ord*r todi??o>? of my ?alir?at?ck of Un'i a<>d Boy#* STRAW HATS ir?*t inducement* will to offered until tke close of tke iw on at _ LANE'S Fanhionahle Hft and Cap Mor?, au ?1 lm Pa. av., near FourM* ?* A EUROPE, bj Unmrn C. mM oo aer Jlth ?LaM Peei. ? * A VP.HY NICK PIANO IN BF.ST ?RDF* L'.?u*"- vs*r K^-v&xAJkr1 r. brice hall's, seventh street, MEN (SUcbtJr B*l*d)atsO*ta. loCmt, aa ? ? auction salkk THIS AFThKAUUfl ? TO MOtiHOW Bf barnard A BUCKEY; Orori.u.wn. DOJ'iriVK SACti OK valuable and I Dii itblb HriLr. <*o Lot i > Gj ?*oitpw*, P. C-, at PlULtC a?CTIO!*.--0? T1 AFTERNOON. ?'h 'nt.HM i? fwr rf th?> prami??a, valMto* 1*4 m*?t ?aair?t Lot, ownfil hy John Caaatn. Em < d I'm!** " i ma north v*at m*r of Pro?p*ct MjW'pa |tr*f>a, jiO?oni*t?*n, d. C . mt4 frootia? ifty V.. more or km, ob IM lOfin* ?WM mi ein-t* m"r*or !? on ih.? .?tt r. Till* ladi -f atthl*. T*rM euki m4 ftftr Am l*rt ?f u* pu-ch??- moMj to im hid ob UwiiCiiMl, or U? property -vtil b* immtditi* ; rlimit. Phm biob rtvsa upun oom?(nr,w wit' aairf t-rm?. ftnll- B\RNAR1>A. BUCEKV. AftctB Br A. GRKKN. AMioaMr. HOU9EHOI.D AND KITCHEN FUIM ttee, plajio poiti, AC., at atctlo*.?0? W F.D.N KSL>A Y th* MA iB?t..|?h*li *?ll.ftt rtad'HM of Mri Mmi?,ob boita N. tsUi End 13'b atrMta, (U? i*c Will 4?MtftftU the boa**.) M M o'oiook ?. m., ftn UMtkit ftiMMtiMit of r miDitarr, Uftkocftni Hofw. Rockin ?od oumt Cbftira, SMftrbl*- toy and CaalM Tftbifta. Bur?ftva.ftod WfttkBUad*, Cftrd, Sid*. Dining, ftori otbOf TftM?S. Piftoo Fort*. J?nn? l.ind ftoi oth?r ttftdataftd*. Oo? UftoOrom* Coiur !*?(. i ??.. ? >? ?- - -- ' - ? m nwwi, m'1 in?? nM trN, Ftwit' bo.?t?rsaod Ptllort, Hir and Shock MttUiuii, Flo* T?f ?try kid other Carp?t?, 'Hall IM stair Oi'o cth. Chin*. Itiui, at d Croc aery War*, Co.kinjand other Stnr*?, W1U1 % foofl lot of Kiekan Re^ Tarm?: AH mmi uudw |0 o?ah; or" tW*? ?um credit o| ?kd4 90 data, for note* iituftcl jruy a?g-d' ' ' ' ' A. GWEAN. Awt Br WILL A HAKNUD. iMtiMMr*. rilitCKIIR* n?yi.iii'rin?ii?v ??" VYignlMM^' w Edn jj&MLY' wtfiiV lNO.3Kk.M9S o clock. we will srr.kt *?. 44* tor?nth airtel. t ?ar th? c?rn? of 0, a rar ? ? ?>VGroMnn, <<>ff?e. T<t. mu Candle*. Ao. Wood and Willow Ware, Hardware and Out er?, Fancy Goo4?, f*h'?w Oaee, Soa'ei at4 Wrigkto. Coutiri. Hhelrtn* and hiitu M. Titm: #>' aad under caab; uwr $?> a or?4ii ?T |D %ixl HO di) ft. m Ti n WAU. t BAfcNARO. Auoto. MI^Ba R J* HAL'S SALIC.?In virta* of a wn? of fi?'i faomc iNiixd from tb? CleHc Ufto* of IK* (Smxi* ,v-? " ,u? V.IVH.* ???*? MI*U 101 "I \yO ffini? for the County of W??hinft"n. *a<l to metireeted.I will Mfow to pub i? wle, for I?ik. in f cat of th? Coirt d' Ofof imi mi-lj "? ?*KOMM DAY, th? Z? h <?at of Aagat NXt, i*e. at It o'ol?ek m. Ali <*ef<ndw.t'i nKhi, till*, c aim twl nlMMt in and to Lot No (, m !^iv< Iffj, to the City of WMbmRtoB, D. C , together wth aii a?d ?u* tint iraprore.-nei t? merenn. mud ud l?ried eron ki the property of John F. Dyer, and ?i I be lo d to aaluft {U'lioia a >?o. 9*. lo OatdWr |*ri IMP, la favor 02 Ma ja'Ct m dj?f, *i? <>( J i) Cot*. f w SpfLINSM, U. 8- Marshal for the District of Cotambi*. ae 7-dte JVf A RSH K L,83ALE.-I?tirtti? .1J writ* of i n 1*1 facia* leaned from the Clerk's ofteeof tlMCircuit Court of the Dutriet uf CoIdmHo, for the ?oanty of Waahinfton^ udto me directed. I will qa^k iu fituur u ~, ior cmii. is lrooi 01 Hi# coirl kovif duor of Mid o<?ntr, nn MONDAY. tk? IU d&r of Au(n>t nut, 186", It o'oli/ck m.U' <Wc?d *nt'? n?ht.tiil?folft>n and internalir m<I U? M Nn. 1% in tHaaro No. ?9t, in th? city of Wirt **1?''. U. C., Wether with aJl&n* ir.?? ?r the iwyroT^mnii thereon, ?ei*ed <u>H !?vi'd upon M tbe property of Ctuw. H Vtn Pitt?ii4cd vtll b? told to ?aib J?dioifc i Not 78 ?--d 1?, to October term If#, u. fcvor ol John W.Tdobmud and Z. H UMonn r w wI nRM j, lVdta 0.8. Msr.bsMor D.^net of cilombi^ ITTTHK ABOVE SALE IB POSTPONED nntu WEDNESDAY, the 9th iut.. ?ne ho?r lad plio6, IUT W.9EL0EN. V. *. M+r*h*l. FUTURE DAYS. By A. GKKfcS, Att?tu>neer. LI OUBBBOLD AND KITCHEN PURNI 11 tver, Piakovoktb. Ac, at Acctiob.?Oa THURSDAY. ti>? Snth mat, I aha-1 a?tl at the re?id?noe ofa get tVroan da-lining hon*eli*e|Miig, on Ma aaohnaetta ivMDr, between 4th and fcth iU , No. in o'eloei a in , an excellent aaaortmerit of b crri'ure. *1*; Roeew?"d Piaao-fort., ?tool tnd Cover,* food ln-tr?m?nt, Mathia' T S-fe, Parlor and other Chair*. Do Bar*aua. Walnat Extension Dining and other Table*, Par 01 and other Looking Giaaaea, Loaaga and Ile?-1 -d Chair, Cot ace and other Bed?te*le. and Mattre**e*, Fine Brutaela Carpet, Oilcloth and Matting, China. (i.a*a and Crookery W?' , Cooking. Radiator and other Store*, with a good lot of Kitchen Reqnutea. Tenia All eumi under #"2S. nittcnvar ?J5, a nredit of 80 and ?< day* for aotea wUiilac'on. j ?ador*?d bearing internet. a* d A GRFEN. A apt. or DAAI1AH1) ? MUVyKK* , AMOtlOBMrs. Gtmtne*m. D. C STOCK OF A RETAIL GROCERY. PAINT, Oil, Ship Store*. and Fikb Yotrac Maii AND HrilNBt* WaOON, A! A t"< T.ON IN HBOlAB T wn ??'n HUKMuA MoKNiNtt, tb? 3"t* last . at 10 o'clock. w? ?ha 1 ?? <I at ths Ftoreof J, ? . Johnson. No 97 Water street. a la-ja stock of O no?riM. I iqn"rs [ ti )U.Oiii, Vtr^tih, Pitob, Tar, and TBrp-?r.tiB% bring his out re stnofc. A'so, Stands Hm> having r ca-S, anil other F;*tures. Also, fi e Young Mare and fiu-tt-ss Wagon. I rm? : under f 3 1 c\sh; over that aa??Dt. a orwMt of fln dajs for approved en- notes a? ic5 d BAB.NaKU A Bl'CKKV. mm. Bf J. C. Motit'IKE A IX), Auctioneers. rv I' J D a ?*? as " ? ? * " UHr.-innoi.t U?> tL>LI>l> HU19K ON I NotTI 1. ITIIIT BBTWrilS NTH tTKBRT Wl T. Al?n VKIMURT AviMI fo* ? Oil FRIDAY AFTKKNOU.N, A or oat MU. il?i 0*0 00k. on the premwee ? a hull eeii part of Lmt B, ib eaLdinaion of nuirt Ne. 21V fronting -t fact on north L, ?t'e?t between 14th etreetat.d \ermoct ?T?nus. hack ab at 113 f??t with a front of 1$ feet ob Vermont areaae. to(?Uier with tae iaproremente,conaiatinK or* three-atory beek foai.flint, ooo'aiog six rooma.aod rtandini t?ek from the buiidiaf iiae a boot an feet, Mid adjoined on each aide by a hand?orne tfcree-etory briek d wai lia* houae. The < cation ia unexoeptionebi* for a private raeidence, and the property very daairabia a* a reeidenoe for amall fairily. Terma: On?-tftird oaah; t.e reeidae ib t. it. aad II raoDthe, with inter 1', ar cured by a decs of Want oa th? preousee Title perfooC au 2Td J. C. M06UIKE *. CO. A Beta U7*THK ABOVE HALE 15 r*>BTfONEP, inoonae^uenee of tee rain, artil WEDNfc>DA\ AFTERNOON. Ay eame hoor and p eae. ants J. C. MoGUtKh 4 CO., Aaott. B? |7c7 McOL1R E ft co . Aaetioneare. Handsome furniture and kefectb at Fcblic Abctiok.?Ob THl'RfDAY M<>R>'INu. Aucuat ?nh. at 10 o'oleek, at the re-idenoe of R. B Normert, Em No Sit north I treet. between 7th ai>4 tth att- eta weet, we ebali sell, toe Fnmture and Effeeta. compjivinc? Suite o Walnnt llantaak ?unir<J >?l?' tare, oompriting 2 large Sotae. Arm Chaif ,K*ey Chair anl ft Parlor UMtre, UdiN' WtlpthwrHv; tai Wh?toot, r> w>'od Marble tap u'tw Table, Fmcj Tablea. Two Walnat Diink o#?'r*) tte.'ae. Eu; Ckiiri, Oih frame Mirroa, C ina Vaaaa. WnnJowHiiwi.Kuili MtiClMiri, Bruis* i, Parlor and Star Ctrpw*. Oilcloth, Ma:ti?c. Irj.mii) Ca'MU, Mahogany Ch?irt, ft-ckeraaud fo ?t Ptoole. Do. Secretary and lookoMt, 8 ftafward, ?e eeat Cha re, Lounge. ?tea?!?, bureaue, Waidrob*. Waahatauda, 'I ortet Seta. I ookiog !? ?, Mattreaeee. H'later* and Ptllowr, 5aok?t?, Coanf.>ria, C<unUrpan?a, ookiog ard other ?to?aa, Refrigerator, ogethar with a general aaaoriment of Kltahaa Ke^aieitaa Term*: ?25 and tinker each : over ttaltia a orwlu offte ard fci day*, fcr aaiunoiorllr aadi read notea. bea>icg lutereet. an27-4 J. C. MoGUIRE 4 CO., Aaeta. Br J- C. MeOUIKB ft CO. Am>i?mw. npftL'STEh'SSAl.EOFTHKEK VALUABLE A BcitD H? i ora at th*co**ib trrnnff. vnrudmitio pt-oi mlll)a\ aftvkNUON. AacaatSlat. atto'olook ?a tbe prw?iaae. hi virtue oUdMd of trait dated ttejtrmber If, ISM, aid Jalj r?eo;4*d ia Likw J. A. P , US lull* 4K. eto .onecf tha la ad lor Waabinaton county, ia th? District of Columbia. I hall eeli Iota at. 9 aad an,ia Jamee C. McU aire'a nk di viaion of Square MM. Tbeee l-ot? front eaob 8 feat <H lartia on Fi at street weal. 6 and H mtmIi Math, and ranaing b<o* lan feee 4 in* baa to a*rbfft ?JUf; tojetner witb th? ia?prove?beou, 00 u> ih of aaatW two-a tor* brisk boaaaa erected on I be < tar of ea<d loU and frobtiac oa ibe a'lor. Term 1 s One fcartfa aaab, tbo reaMao ia I, ttaed II awn tha, with latere* t, iamal by a deed ot tra?t oa tbe pr emiaea I If the term* of aale abon d aot be e>a>?l?ed witb ID nve a?y? UM*?r tfee ttBate* rf**rre* tke lelelti1* >inlLwr * aod ****** ef tke <k *2.1. 2n\?7eno*nr at ?b? mmm of tfce perchta?r. TH. R J iVHK*. Tr?a?e?. ?o ?-d i, O. MefiLlRE * 6o.. A?H. By WALL ft BARNARD. Aeetieaeere. EHOSrriVB BALE OF TWO VALUABLE Low at a ret ton WiL*fV * *?? *? ice.?> FRID . T AFTER NO JN. 3 it net . et C o'clock, ia front ml tn? pr???iaM. ? wilt a?ll. two Lot* frotitiof twenty M 'Mk on Berth Omi tei atreet, between K ud F atrmt* ?ai ratine * ?c* one hyrxi m nn4 twen'j lcev Title pci bet. Terms : a* hn?fe*?h; he'nno* ia StadCawitiM. 1M. TbM maobi? ma? I* at*? lUao ? ? fear* SWlNraJ/ttTBl^St, lilt* " M a?i orthr*?m<K*?otire t?sin?M m^n ? travel for tft* aal? of tb? Ri(kL A Mmr*! ?4*r will be Mid* to uoh ?J| ahali *ri>:*o?aMM. *?BHr- EiiyaoN YKfcav. pmtn