Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. # tf~T Though Tint 9ta? 1? printed on the fasteit tram pr^ss In ose south of Baltimore, Its edition la ao large aa to require It to be pat to press at an arly hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be eut In before 12 o'clock motherwise tbey may not appear until the next day. Norte* to Wakhixstoxiaxs.?Those of our frllow-cltlxens tearing for the watering places ?nd elsewhere should bear in mind that we do not mall Tb* 8ta* exeept after payment in adat the rate of 37 cents per month. Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertisements A. V. J i .. W _ _ o a rn w wc inmra in ine daltimokk sos are receivea ?t and forwarded from Ths Sta* Ollce. Citt Councils, Aug *7?Board of Ald'rmen The board met as usual, Vice President Moore in the chair. A communication was received from the Mayor, enclosing a communication covering a copy of resolutions passed by the corporate authorities of Georgetown. relating to the annexation of Georgeto ?*n to Washington; referred to s select corrmltV* consisting of one member of the Board of Aldorinen fm*n each ward, and ordered to be published with the proceedings of the board. This latter communication is signed by Messrs Jm. Dunlop. Philip T. Berry, Esau Plckrell. snd Walter S Cox, of Georgetown, and says: "If the uiiiuu ci me iwo ctucs, on proper terms, De agreeable to you, we dp*Ire that a committee on your part be appointed to confer with ua and to negotiate the terms of anion to be submitted to the two Corporations." The preamble and resolution! read thus: W bereas a large number of the property-holders of Georgetown have addressed memorials to this Corporation In favor of r union of tbe two cities ttfe'rtfwtktiKrcfwd fffil Corporation to Institute measures for eHVcting said object,"and whereas It Is just and expedient that the subject should be fairly presented to tbe tax-payers of tbe town, and tbe wishes of a majority of them in the premises carried into effect: therefore, Resolrr4. That B~?- Junes Dunlop, Philip T Berry, Walter S Cox, Ksau I'lckrell, and David English, be, and they are hereby, appointed a committee on behalf or this Corporation, to negotiate with tbe Corporation of Washington respecting tbe t>>rms and conditiona upon which an nnlon of the twocltles can be effected; and said committee are hereby instructed to make a report of the ir>uii vi >ucu iiri^uiiavion 10 iDis uorporatlon. Rrsolrrd, further, That if the terms of union *hall he agreed upon between the corporate authorities of the two cities, the said committee are hereby further authorized to procure such legislation by Congress as may be necessary to ascertain the sense of the tax-payers of the two cities, and to carry si id union into complete effect, if the same shall be agreeable to the wishes of a majority of said tax-payers Alsa, one from the Mayor, announcing his having approved the following acts:?An act authorizing the relaying of the gutter on the south fmnt of square No. 220; an act authorizing tbe Mayor to cause a stench trap to be placed at the opening of the sewer on Eleventh street west; an act authorizing the construction of a stench trap at tbe mouth of the north side of E street north, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets -west; an act to revive an act to take ud and rrlav "the gntter in the Second Ward; an act to repair a portion of the pavtd carriage-way in Seventh street wit; an art authorizing the Mayor to purrh ie ten thousand feet of six-inch water pipes; an art for taking up and relaying a part of the gutter on Fifth street west; an act authorizing the eurbstones to t>e set and the footway paved on the west fronts of squares Nos 16? and I6H; an act authorizing the laying of a water main in N street north, from Eleventh to Fourteenth street west; an act authorizing the laying of a water main in Nineteenth street west, from Pennsylvania avenue to I street north; an act authorizing the Mayor to anticipate tbe revenuts of this Corporation to redeem certain guaranteed bonds; an act making an appropriation for certain purposes connected with the distribution of Potomac water throughout the city of Washington; an act for trimming a _? a *- ? ?nu a ^iviuuii ui iiinwi ?irpri wm, an act making an appropriation for deficiency in the expenditure? of the Washington Asylum for the year ending June 30, 1-61), an act to trinx. and gravel B street north, from Third street west to Tiber Creek, and for other purposes; an act for the relief of J. A. Fletcher Also, one from the secretary of the Board of Trustee* of the Public Schools, transmitting a copy of a resolution passed by tbe Board of Trustee* of ibe Public Schools on the 21st Inst ; referred to schools committee. PETITIONS. Of Michael Borh and Dan'l File, asking remission of a fine; of James F. Hallday and of \Va< F. B t v ly and others for water mains in certain streets; of H. B Sweeny and others for a sewer in Seventh st writ; of A. Geddes and other*, for a Hag footway; of John Smith and others, for a water main; of John D. Brandt, for relief?all of which were dulv referred COMM1TTBK EXPORTS. Bill of the lower board amendatory of tbe act providing for the innnmfnt and valuation of ill property Vn tbe city of Washington. or which may oe owned or held by the inhabitants thereof, and for other purpose*; pawed. Bill to lay a water main .in Seventh street east, between M and L streets south; phased. Bill to lay a water main in Fourteenth street west, frpni N to y streets north; * passed. Bill to take up and relay the gutter on the eest sid- of Eighth street wrst, netween H and I street* nwrtb; passed. Bill to establish an annual water rent for street washers, and for other purposes; [tbe bill fixes the rate of taxation for street washers at $3 annually;] p.v.?'-d Bill to lay a water main in G street north, from Seventh street Wfst to Ninth street west: Dassed. Bill to lav a vrntrr main In New Yorkavenue. between Twelfth and Thirteenth street* west; pasaed The Mayor'a nomination of George W. 9tuart at a member of the Board of Health, waa reported by Mr. Magrnderwith a recommendation that the nine be confirmed; confirmed. Joint resolution relating to the proposals for erecting a new Center Market; ordered to be laid on the table and postponed until next Monday evening. Tbe nomination of Andrew Carrol aa commissioner of the Western Market, waa reported bark from the police committee without recommendation; confirmed Bill to take up and relay the gutter on the north side of L street north, between ^?venth and Eighth streets west; passed Bill to lay a witermain In F street.from Eleventh to Twelfth*streets west; passed. Bill to lav a waWmain in F street.from Eleventh to Troth street Wfiij passed. bill to settle curbs-one and pave the footway along the east front of square No 961; passed Resolution authorizing the President of the Board jo purchase a rase f >r the reception of llle pipers; passed. Adjourned. Common Council ?The President In the chair. A communication was received from tb? Mayor, transmitting a paper tram the Water Registrar. Also, one transmitting a communication from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools, with the foilraring resolution attached: Rffolred. That the Board of Trustees of Public B"hools recommend to the City Councils the pro. priety of authorizing Mid Board to lease, for a period not exceeding ten years, suih buildings as may be offered them, adapted for school purpose* In the different districts, reserving the right for the Corporation to purchase the same at a fair valuation, proviaea sucn cad De leased at a aum not exceeding S100 per annum (or each school of sixty pupils. Appropriately referred. IWOLftWW. Mr Emerson offered the following resolution; which was adopted: KttoUtd. That the committee on police be authorized to Inquire Into the expediency of abolishing the office of Commissioner of Health, and providing for the appointment of a Commissioner of Improvements for each ward In the city. Mr. Powell offered the following; which was adopted: Kt*?h-'d, That the committee on drainage and distribution of water be, and they are hereby, directed to Inquire whether the law for the distribution of Potomac water is carried out, or whether there Is necessity for further legislation with re gwu aw ?a>ci *1 in Muy giarr particular; and report to this board at their earliest convenience, by bill or otherwise. Mr Wilson offered the following; which waa adopted: Rtiolvtd, That the City Surveyor be reqnested to report to tbia board tbe coat of grading Eleventh atreet weat, from Maryland avenue to the Potomac river. Alao, the following; which waa adopted: Rttoirui. That tbe City Surveyor be requested to furnish this board with a atatement of the cost of grading and graveling Half at west, from K St. north to the Eastern Branch: and alao with a copy of tbe revised grade In asld atreet Mr J?nes, from ways and mesna committee, reported the following; which was adopted: Rtttlttd, That the sum of $ to b? paid to Edw'd D Klopfer, out of the contingent fund of this board, for his services as secretary, owing to the temporary sbseace of Mr. Kennedy. BILLS, FITITIOS#, CC , ESCBIVKD A!?B Bill for the construction of a sewer, grading and graveling L street north from Twentieth to Twenty-third street; bill for grading Nineteenth strert from F to Eleventh street north; bill for taking up and relaying the gutter in frontof square 1-21; bill for the improvement of Vermont avenue from L to M street north; petition of Geo M Magruder, and others, for luiprovrmenU on H street; prUUoa of Abraham Boteler, and others,for water mail to be laid on F street; petition cf William l?ord, and others, for the laying of water main on Third street between Q and II atreets; petition of Richard H Dorr asking reinimion of tlo?; petition of 9 Norma nt. and others, for a Srwrr on the corner of Maryland av?nue and Third street; memorial from the Board of School Trust sea asking tor authority to employ a '-pitnr of vocnl ?usic la the public acbook; petition of Jos. Peak, % and others. with reference to the destruction of private property In the marketa by rowdies. BILLS PASSED Bill to grade Third street from C street to Massachusetts avenue; bill to repair the defects In the grading of the alley In reservation No. 10; bill to trim and gravel L street north, from Twenty-fourth street west to Pennsylvania ave ; bill to trim and gravel Eleventh street west, between C and G streeta north; bill for a more effectual drainage In square 677; bill for the Improvement of Vermont avenue, from M to L streets north; bill to trim and gravel Third str<>et west, between D and G streets north; bill for the construction of a stench trap on the west side of 1*1. I I -A .A - A 111 it a A inira street, near u: Dili auioonzing a wawr main to be laid In F atreet, from Eleventh to Twelfth streets; bill authorising the laving of a water main on F atreet. from fentta to Eleventh street* west; bill making an appropriation to pay Wm. L Ellis ft Bro. for 31 Inch stop-cocka; bill for the relief of Letitia Bell and others for damages sustained in conaequence of an error made by City Surveyor; bill giving Wm. H. Baum peHniteltyi for certain building purposes; bill for the relief of the Western Hose Company: bill making an appropriation for taking np ana relaying A gutter on east aide of U street west, between K and L streets, and for other purposes. Bill authorising the construction of a sewer on Slxthteentb street west; postponed until Monday. Council bill which provides for the taxation of torrign hoc ki w? reiurnca irom ice lloara 01 Aldermen amended; the amendment was disagreed to, and a committee of conference asked. A nu rcber of bills from the Board of Aldermen were read by their titles and appropriately referred. Adjourned. Mhtiko or the Jacksox Democratic Association Last Evkhiso ? Prksxntatiox or a Ba>*ir?Spreches, ttc?There was a goodly number present at the regular meeting of the Jackson Democratic Association, last evening, at their hall on Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets. After the transaction f the usual. RreJUSlWX.tNtf>ttP. son. who was in the room, to place in possession of the Association the large and magnificent banner, which had been presented to the old Jackson Democratic Association on the 14th of March, 1?57, by the Twelfth Ward Democratic Club of PhilnHplnhlii mnA arKUk ??*?* K?? J ? Ll . J *.u*vu UHU UCCU j/IBCCU IU UII (Mr Robinson's) hand* for preservation. The Chair stated that there was no immediate business before the Association, and he should be pleased to receive this valuable gift then, if it be the pleasure of Mr. Robinson. The banner was then brought in, and placed near the Chair's table, when Mr. Robinson came forward and spoke as follows: SPEECH OF XI. &OBl?tSO!Y. Fellow-citliens: This banner I conceive myself to have been the custodian of for the last four year*. 1 was made tbe prominent individual through whose hands it was brought to the city, to be presentM by Senator Bialer to tbs Jackson Democratic Association. Under present circumstances, it Is necessary that it should be placed in the hands of those who are true and faithful to the representative element of the distinguished name which itbears [Applause ] Believing sincerely, dim ironi me uouoin oi my heart, that those gentlemen who have responded to the nomination of Mr Breckinridge, as set upon great, h'gh, and constitutional provision, are the true representatives of the old Jackson Democratic Association, 1 therefore entrust it to your keepings [Applause j 1 believe as firmly as 1 believe I am standing In your presence, that if the illustrious sage of the Hermitage were still alive, and in the full vigor of bis life, that he would be with that portion cf our countrymen which is for an equality of the States [Applause ] I regret, as much as any one possibly could, the schisms which have taken place in this great party, which has ruled so successfully for su?h a length of time the internal and foreign afftirs of this glorloui and happy Government. But such thlrnr* mn?i >>- I mutation* of life, with partita as well as individuals. And whether you are successful or not In this campaign, this banner should be a nucleus arouud which again the good old party can rally with pure hands and honest hearts. [Applause.] 1 have always been, through the whole course of my life, warm and ardent in all my attachments. and 1 know that sometimes my warmth of character leads me to little rash nets, but all my feelings and sentiments ar? bas?d upon a great cardinal principle?a love of my country, her honor, her glorv, and her prosperity [Applause ] And believing as I do, firmly and sincerely, that the representative element which assembled In Baltimore and nominated Mr. Breckinridge reflects the true, constitutional, genuine and honest sentiments of the democratic party, as they were Interpreted by the illustrious Jetterson, and conserved and brought Into full vigor by Madison and Jackson, and also that this association is the true representative type of that great element of the great democratic party, I, therefore, as a democrat, as a man who has never faltered from ItaM down to the present day,who has never supported or cast a vote for any other than one who was the representative of the great element of this Gov ernment, I place It In your banda, hoping that, whether we are aucceMful or not. It will be a tropliy In the archivesof our political history; and tbat It will be placed In the haoda of tboae who will preserve It and keep it until It may be meful la after time 1 hope that wben tbia aaaociation, as It represents by name the Jackaon Aaaociatiou, If It alionld diasoive, this banner Should be again placed In the kands of Mr. McNerhany, to preserve it; or if the aaaociation malntalna its preaent organization. I hope It will keep and preserve It. [Applause ] The preaident of the aaaociation (Dr. Boyle) then replied, In the following befitting term*: THI fKESIDKJIT'8 KMroSHK. In the name and in behalf of the Jackson Democratic Aaaociation, over which 1 have the honor to pres'rte, I receive at the handa of my eloquent friend tbia beautiful banner, presented by the Twelfth Ward Democratic Clnb of Philadelphia r?r* 1t"r ~ o 11 iiu ui i'i aibu. i.ot) uj wmcn D6 Has been the custodian ever aince. Cold indeed would be the heart and dead the sensibilities that would not respond to a testimonial like thia, so chaste and elegant In design, but above all telling us in every wave of Its proud folds that our efforts In behalf of our great cause? the cause of our common country?are not without the sympathy of our friends, and especially the democracy of the old association [Applause ] Dear are such notes *f encouragement to men engaged in an earnest struggle. They nerve the ariu, invigorate the mind, stir the heart, and spur them on to renewed and incrtastd exertion. Allow me. then, in the name of the Association to thank you r>r thia beautiful banner, and assure you that it will lie chtrisbt-d and protected by e>ch member of the Jackson Democratic Association. And I earnestly hope and firmly believe mat ai no distant aay it will wave lu triumph over our head*, not merely for the success of our principles, though they be immutable as truth lself; not merely for the triumph of the true democratic party though It li the only party that has any just claim* to the suffrages of the patriot; nor yet because of the elevation of our gallant standard-bearers, Breckinridge and Lane, to the higheat offices of the nation?the proudest positions in the world; but that our beloved country, undismayed by the black cloud that loomed so fearfully on itfroqp the North, unseduced by the doc? trine of squatter sovereignty, looking smilingly with ita Januaface both North and ?outh, Is saved, at least for a period, from discord and anarchy, dismemberment ana ruin. [Applause ] This Interesting ceremony oleing concluded, eloquent and able spec ches were made by the Hon Johu M. Landrum, of La , and Mr. R. Crawford, of Pa Kach of the speakers stated that the Breckln-s -i r ? ** * * riugc umuuic bvuiimucc ui new * or* uniy waited for overturn from the Douglas-Bell-Everett party to unite in the support of the joint electoral ticket. They were sure that such would result in the election of either Mr. Breckinridge by the House or Mr Lane by the Senate. The Breckinridge party intended to make the Douglas-Bell ticket the instrument by which they would again ride into power. The speakers were loudly applauded. A* Ominocs Notice ?This morning a colored man who lives in the same quarters with white persons, found upon his door the following notice, which he thought sufficiently alarming to place la the bands of the police. It is a ?pec! in en that ought to De preserved : ' Wash i no ton City, D. C. " Look beare Negro dont you know that it U a ginst the law foe you to Mix with White Peaple look heare i tell you to leave in 1 Weake or if you Dont Jeat Get your Colfin Maid Peter Curbatoned the writer of thta " The question of law did not at all alarm tlx notified; nor even the notice to leave; but there waa something in the kind aoggestion to prepare a coffin in case of failure to evacuate the premise*, that caused acold chill to passover bis frame ana set his teeth s chattering And then the notice was written by Peter Curbstoned, snd that was enough to alarm any colored person The notice waa left with J us t Ice Donn, with a hope that he would-aee Mr. Curbstoned, and persuade him not to act hastily. r A Whaling Vissil ?Ths Alexandria Sentinel save: " The bark Warren, a regular wh&lfeur ves commanded by Capt Russell olackwell, of Bedford, Man , is now lving near Fowle'a wharf. All the Implement! used for killing the whale, subsisting of apeara, harpoon*, blunderbusses for shooting barbed bombs, ic , Ac , are on board. A number of beautiful light boata are aiao on deck, exhibiting quite a preparation for capturing the monster uf the deep The captain purposes loading with coal at tola port, and la destined for San Francisco, bat intends to capture auch whales as shall fall la bla way. Thoae who have the curiosity to examine the vessel will find the captain a polite, genuine tar, who will show them around " Bui m Mihd the grand ball and display of Are works at Columbia Springs this evening. Ills expected to bo splendid aflfclr. For particulars see advertisement. To* East Wasusotoii Ooamullb AssntILT announce a grand moonlight excursion to Glymoat on ThoisAsy sreaiog, September fth. Riot at thi Pah*.?Yesterday afternoon a I most disgraceful scene occurred at the Park, 1 where the Washington Rifle* were enjoying a j Sic nic. After a long search we have failed to ] iscover any one who can give a definite account of its origin, and the most plausible witne?s we have consulted says it began imperceptibly in a plus of whisky, and grew suddenly Into a gt-neral row between the troops and citizens who were there. One young inm named Williams was badly cut on the bead and face with a sword bayonet, and others were beaten and bruised Officer Suit, who, with Guardsman Edmonson, was detailed to preserve the p?*ac?, made an arrest, and while taking his prisoner away was at- i tacked, and slightly wounded with a sword. He j let go his first prisoner to arrest the assailant, and j was set upon oy a number with bayonets. &c.. and he could not secure bis prisoner. Suit and Edmonson, it is said, called for the aid of the officers of tbe corps in securing the man, but no aid was afforded them. Several persons were hurt during tbe riot, whose name* are not given, but who will probably make themselves known when the arrests are made of the parties who can be Identified. A gentleman who saw tbe afffclr noticed particularly the men who were most active in it, with the intention of testifying at the proper time. He says it was the most outrageous scene be ever witnessed. Suit and his partner tried hard to restore peace and arrest the guilty, but the excitement was too great to effect anything in such a crowd. He took tbe right course - marked the principals and will secure their arrest. Violent Octkagk.?We hnr that on Thursday, as the wagon of Mr. Joahua Pelrce was on its return from our market, sometime between one and two o'clock, at about a quarter of a mfle noith of the Columbian College, it was attacked by three young men who had been seen loitering about awhile previous. Jerry, Mr. P.'s marketman, well known to many of our citizens as very civil and orderly, was forced from the wagon, knocked down, and very severely beaten, recel vi ng thev were fortunately interrupted by the approach of Mr. Dennison in blswauon. As heturned into the lane they in great haste jumped over a high picket fence and fled through a corntMd. leaving the man in a state of insensibility on the ground. We understand that a suitable reward Is offered for the apprehension of the perpetrators of this outrage, strong suspicions are nad that it was done by persons who have been sometime under the watch of our police as living by plunder about our city. Accident to Mrs. L. W. Bates, in Baltimore ?The Sun of this morning says: 41 Yesterday afternoon a Dainful accident Mr* Hate*. wife of the Rev. Mr. Batea, No 10 Aisquith street. While crowing the stepping-stones at Baltimore and Fremont streets, ?b? fell, breaking her right arm, spraining her ankle, and seriously injuring herself otherwise. She wai ataiated to tbe drug store of Mr. Weiaman. by Sergeant Stan held and policeman Cox, of the western diatrict, where every attention was paid her up to the arrival of Prof. M'ltenberger. wbo set the broken limb and dressed tbe lnjurlea for the lady. She waa then removed to her home in a carriage." Mri Bates was. during the last year, a resident of this city; her husband, R*v L. W . Bates, being tbe pastor of tbe Ninth street Methodist Protestant Church, from which he was called to preside over the Maryland Conference. She has many warm friends in this city who will sympathise with her tea iuis aiuiciiuii* Correction.?In justice to the mpmbfri of the Franklin Fire Company, who turned out Sunday morning to go into the First \V>.rd to extinguish the Are on Twenty-second and F street*, we correct the Rccount given yesterday that the Union Company's hose was the means usfd. The Union Company was in no condition to render efficient service, as they stand in need of m?ny things to make their apparatus available in case of Ore. But the Franklin Company did turn out, and bv their active use of their nose and suction saved several families from b*ing turned into the streets, as but for them the fire would certainly have spread The I'nion Company does not lack willingness and ability, but the means to work with. tt> v....w o ?> ? - a ii a il A 1 ilMAL IX I V la RS O.l faradk ? i DSl plrit?d and superior drilled corps of our city, tlie National Rifles, Capt Schai-ffer, were on parade yesterday afternoon In their neat fatigue uniform, accompanied by the Marine Band There were forty-threeouton this occasion; and as they moved along our principal streets they attracted great attention, and frequently elicited the applause of the crowd surrounding them by the admirable skill with Which they went through the various evolutions peculiar to'their system of drill. We understand that those on parade yesterday were only such as intend visiting York, Pa., next wet k, where they expect to remain some four days. Shoxt Watir for a Few Hours.?In consequence of a break in the twelve-inch main in the vicinity of the reservoir above Georgetown, the water supply Is temporarily cut off from the two cities. \V e learn tnat this Inconvenience will probably cease this sfternoon, and that tbe flow of water may probably be reestablished some time betwesn three and six o:clock Those wbo bave ! boilers connected with water-mains must take | proper precautions to guard against accidents. If everybody will cut off at the curbstone, everybody will be safe. Dismissed ?Jas. Diggs. colored.was employed by a countryman to sell potatoes for him at the market this morning. He sold two bushels arid delivered three; this caused bis arrest on a charge of stealing. He was arrested by Officer Williamson and taken before Justice Donn.who. upon the restoration of the potatoes, dismissed him, there being no proof of felonious intent. 8**t Dow*.?Officer Harrover, this morning, arrested two vagrants, JobnT. Thomas and Wm. Katclifi'e, having In their possession two shUwls, supposed to be stolen. They were sent to the workhouse for 60 days each by Justice Donn, and the shawls, one a grey. and tbe other a scarlet and green plaid woolen shawl, were kept for ldentlfinitinn Editor of the Star:?Having seen It stated In the Star of August 25th that a duel had been fought between John H Sherbonrne and David Key, 1 beg leave to say that it waa not David Key, but Danitl Key who fought the said duel. Being a relation of the said K?y, I therefore make thlacorrection. J. Johnson Hutch.son. Highway Rohbery?Mr. Editor: On last Tuesday night as a young man by the name of i John Crier was returning home from Meridian ; Hill he was caught by four men, who robbed I him a'id beat him very badly. One of them ts i known, and whenever he is seen again will be arrested. A Fhiind to John Chirr. Released ?This morning. Lehne DufTner, the German woman arrested with Philip Strobel, a^_ an accomplice in the Friedenberg roblwry, was released, the case against her being dismissed by I ...11 I\ ?I- 1 ' 'J " * ' + u3woc iwuu. otic wo?, uuwcvrr, ueia io Dallas a witness for the government. Her security gives her an excellent name. Contract Awarded.?Commissioner Blake has awarded the contract for paving B street, j south front of the Smithsonian grounds, from i Seventh to Fourteenth street, to William E Dant, i and Missouri avenve, Third to. Sixth street, to George Neitzel. The License Casks.?Quite a number of tie contestants of the wagon license law have come to the conclusion to withdraw their protests and pay costs, obtaining their licenses under the law. Don't forokt the grand moonlight family picnic at Arlington Spring this evening For particulars see advertisement in another column. Don't fail to attend the moonlight pic nic (for the benefit of a widow lady) at Arlington Spring on Wednesday evening. Central Guard-House Casrs.?Joseph Miles, disorderly; dismissed. John Rodes, drunk and vagrant; workhouse sw aaya. wiatam'a Balsam or Wild Cruet. The following letter from Rev. Hk**y Wood, of Conoord. N. H., Editor of the Congregational Journal, peak* volume* in favor ot Wtstar's Balsam:? Concord, N. H., March 2. ! Mum. SlTH W. Fown 4 Co.?GentUmn: Two yeara ago, a audden and violent attack upon my Lung* confined me to my bed for several weeks, and when I recovered, I was so much oppressed by difficult; in breathing, that I was often unable to ' sleep or reat uponaoed by night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from the incfficacy of the remedies used. I supposed the disease incurable. Being persuaded to try a bottle of Wis tar't Balsam nf W\ld C/urry. without confidence in ita efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces me to make tnia publio, and recommend the artiole to othera similarly afflicted. With respect,yours truly. Hinrt Wood. 1 None genaine unless aigned I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by B. W. Fowle k. Co., Boaton, and for ait r>y u. unman,s. u. rora, jr.,?. n. waive, O. Stott, John Sohwarse, Nairn k. Palmer, Wash ing ton; and by dealers everywhere. au 29 lw,r MARRIED. 1 On the 27th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Caroth> rs JAMES SMITH, to Miss JANE McCAULl v bo'h of this oitjr. ? * DIB Ot' On the37th instant, ALICE STANLEY, infant daughter of William and Isabella II. bourse, ajed 7 months. , Her funeral vill take olaoe on Wednesday, at 11 o'clock. The friends or the family are invited to

atteud. On the morning of the28th instant, of diarrhea, Wu hf fi ntnnthi wftuncAat ann nf I m La #??"> " 10 attend o'olp?*; ^F?, Geofi'towiiKiSSS* WMhin.ton >t., u ? lN, A ??d ur^wsTfVw"^?' ua 0 0 ffc i WANTS. WA NTED?To hir?> or piirch%??a middle ac??d J*LAVE \TOMAN. Muil I* a joo.1 e?.ok, wa?h?*r and iron<?r. Address Box i63. Post Office, Washington city. P. C- an .?-3t* WANTED? A half-crown fi IR I., to do hoa?e ork. Apply at No. 464 E ?t., between 6th and 7th. It* %VANTED IMMEDIATELY?A oon>p"t?nt ** DINING-ROOM SERVANT The b*?t of refor*>a.e? required. Apply to No. 373 C Rt.. corner 4H- an 28 St WANTED?A WOMAN, to rook. wa?h, and iron for a small ffcmily. She most a (food hrft^d blikpr in 11 r^anantc a a?? a!*im cook. Apply, with recommendations, at No.'ili Gret-n St., Georgetown. lu 2t %J|7 ANTED?To rent b* the year, a small two .tor, BRICK or FRAME HOUSE, with four rooms,(Tor a family oJ three persons,) eitfler in this city or Georgetown, in aquiet locality. Addre?a A. T., stating terms, Ac, through 1'oit Office. au 27-4P VITANTED? A WOMAN, to oook, wash, 4n., " in the country ; s.nd a Man and Boy, to work on a farm. Mlaves prel *rred. For suitable servants comfortable homes and good wages may be found. Inquire at the Intelligence Office, Louisiana av , nearly oppmite City Hall au 28 St* \1LTANTED?Six COOKS, four CHAMBFR" MAIDS and two NURSES. Asalsofamiliea returning to the city from their summer re?ort? and requiring servants can produre good, civil, capable help* on reasonable terms at the Union Intelligence and House Agenc* Office, No. 1*4 Louisiana ave nue. near City Hall. A Colored Boy for ?ale, 18 years of age. au 28 3t* H. DUNCAN k. CO . Propriftors. V|7 ANTED?By a Toung girl a PI.ACE as nurse if orchamlxr'ciid. A good hom? is her principal object in seeking a place. Please address Box No. lJ Star Offioe. an 25 * VVANTED-At the Union Hotel, Georgetown, TWO WOMEN?one to wash, the other to scrub. Apply at the Office. _ au 25-3f JOHN H. WATER" # 1,000-?Wotint Wr'one'year.'^r'wfucl^a *lVf>" eial interest and satisfactory security will he given Address, through Post Offioe, with rate of interest ex pec ted, R. E X. an 25 3t* W ANTED-A P U R C H A 8 E R for a choice " Dairy often cows, toeether with the good will and fixtures of the nam*. The route will take the milk of twenty cows in the winter. Address Box 74*2, City Post Offioe, Washington, D C. au 25-1 w* W 7 A MTU n- J- J ;--? ?/?/ ? a.*?ity a Bbciwij ?mi iiiuiisiriuus man, a Tf SITUATION an collector. Best of recorn m?ndfction? given. Address M. C., Star Office. jy 13-tf PERSONAL. Thk person who took the two brown zouave hats out of the omnibus on Saturday nicht without con??*nt o' the uwrn-r i* a<lvliierl to return th?*ni to the office of t hie paper < r t iey mar leave them at the office of the omnibus line, Georgetown. It* Past, present, and future events, will be witisfac'orJy explained by a la' her re. idence No. 337 C st , between Lt and 2nd sts.. Island. Consultation f?e 3S cents, au 25-51* Ai.l persons having ci.aims against the estate of the late Erk-vezkr Kudbibd, will present them fproperly vouched ) t<> me, for settlement, on or before the 25th day of June, next. FPU R AIM B RODBIKD. corner 1st and in i ruatew tor me Heirs. an 22 2taw5t* Madame felix, fortune teller, from Paris, informs her former friends,and the public generally, tnat she ha* removed to 4K| *trt?et. t>etween K and F, where she will be happv to see all who will favor her with a vail. _ au 13-3w? MADAiME MORK1CE, The Oheat A*teolooist amd Doctke**, juft from Evropi.-This highly gift-d and intelligent lady can be consulted on the I'aut, Presentaud Future Event*. Ca!l at No. so 5 Twenty-aeoond street, between H and I. 1 Washington. je 1!? 3m* rdST"AND~FOUND. I LOST-A GOLD BRACELET. If the find-r will return the name to the Star Office, he will be suitably rewarded. It* IOST?On Sunday la -t.on F street. I>etweenl7'h -A and 24th "ts. west, a pair of steel* ^ m inuted SPECTACLES A reward*?. r 'wfS will be paid to any on* leaving them at No. 315 7in si., z aoo'S soulti ol h st. sn 28* rOST?On Sunday right, a small Mark and tan ' TERRIER- Had on a leather, j with a plat d buckle. Kars cropped. A-Tjl li ??ral reward wi I be riven for her return " to t*>e wood and coal yard of SHERIFF Sl DA \VSON,4S st. aod Canal, went mile. an 25 3t LOST?On Tuesday, August 7th, a BUNDLK of Kvcninc Star News-papers, containing four oopieK of each day for the month of J une, IX5ft. The finder will receive a liberal reward by leturning them to thin office. au 15 tf BOARDING. < CO NINTH STREET.?Persons returning to ~X'/*y the city from their ?urnmer resort* will find vacant several desirable rooina. having th* con\ eDicnoes of gas, water, and bathing Clo-ets, at 4.'?3 9th St., one doo- south of h'; suitable either for families or single gentleman. Table boarders accom rr.odafMlon moderate terms. au 18 2w* AMUSEMENTS. YY Asninu run ih t, a t k k. Sole Lessee and Manager S. W. Glkns. ' THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op^n for the r<guiar Fall and Winter Seaeon on the night of THURSDAY. Novemb** lar. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will coimner.e* an en- J garment of Twe ve Nights on MONDAY, Novemlier 5th. ai.d will be foilowd by the most BRILI.IANT STARS In the Theatrical Firmarnei t. I 1X17" Communications if addressed to S. \V. i Glum*. "Old bowery Theater," New S'ork, will meet with prompt attention. au 18-tf ( I J* >'REK CONCERTS! -^RNST LOEFFLER, New York avenue, be- ' tvtn lit and 2d streets, would respectful!* )Bfrf state to tim public that A CONCERT oflfls i SELECT MUSIC will lie Riven every MON Jfi* DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the eaaon, at hie Pavilion, oommenoing at 3 o'clock and ending lit lo p. m. Previoua to the Conoert. iu*> rvnoou ts npi'u k? moae urmruiR vo wmie away a few hour* in the inaiy dance. ICE CREAM. WATER ICE8,and every description of CONFECTIONERY alwayi ready at city prioea. j Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio par ! pos-s, are requested to <ive a day or two notioe. je 18 3m ?^ FOR SALE AND RENT. J [For other 11 For Sale and Rent" advertisements, tee first page ] FOR RENT?A desirable three-story BRICK HOU^E, N". 27 < F street, with 17 room-, in one of th? best locations in the citr for a boarding , house. Possess on riven immediately, by applying next door, of A. BUTLER. u 28 3t* < l/'OR SALE ?'R RENT-A ne* FRA>1E ! r HOUSE, "D 15th str.<et, between K and L, containing 6 c tmfortable rooms and a summer ki'ehen, ' in a pleasant locality. If not *old, it will be fntrd on moderate terms to a careful, good tenant. A pply i at No. 85'2 K st. au 23 3t? I/OR RENT-A small BRICK HOUSE on 1 r 1-V.nrlnpnth street. Iiftwecn (J nnr< R mniun. 1 inr fiv? room*. Rent 51 par month. Hefcr^iicet r quired. Inauire of JOSEPH SMITH. Four- i teenth street, between R and S streets. au 27 St For rent-a brick dwellingHOL'SK, on Sixth street west, between M and N streets north,(No. *-23(1,) containing 8 room* and , a kitchen. Rent moderate. Possession given immediately. Apply next door north. au /7-lw* | FOR RENT?a beautiful COTTAGE RESI- 1 DENCK, in K street, between 10th and 11th, i containing four elegantly furnished rooms. suitable 1 for members of Congress. Will be rentod a to ' gether, or the rooms separately. Apply on the p emisesof JOHN WATER-*. au 27 3t , O R REN T?That large and commodious BRICK DWELLING on the corcer of Sixth and N streets north, containing t?n good rooms, with gaa, and well ventilated- To a good tenant the rent will be moderate. For particulars inquire at the store of \VM, A E. LORD, under the dwel- I 1 in*. an a 3iw FOR RENT OR SALE-A amall FARM of 10 , acres situated on th* o!d Bladftnthurc road,opposite t?ie farm of Thos Cl??mson, Esq., U.S. A Iff I- I J cut unit. 4 mile* from the eity,lt of a mile from tl railroad landing. The improvements constat of a mall house, stable and good well of ?aUr, orchard, < etc A good tenant or a pnrohaser will obtain fur ther information by applying to WM. R. SMITH, Bo aoio Gardens. au 25 eo3t' FOR RENT OR SALE?Several small Frame HOUSES, well located Inquire at MOORK'S West End I>rug Store. 113 Pa. av. ati 25-3t FUK.9ai.h-An?* kkame Huuebtna uur, in the west end of the o ty, handsomely situated; price 91.350. Four or five year*' credit will he <i von on about on" half the amount. Persona wish in? to purohase will address A., oox 92 Star Office, giving name and reaidenoe. au 26 3t* FOR RENT-A newfonr-atory BRICK HOUSE, with marble inantlt?s and grates, water fizturea, with ba'h rooma. Also, gas in every room, situated on Thirteenth -treet, between L and Mas* avenue. AI?o, a three-st -ry and attic Brick Dwelling or H street, between I3th and 14th streets. Apply at WM.P.SHEDD'S Pancy Store,No. #09 Kl?wnth atreet. au .5 St' Ir*OR SALE?Very oheap, on reasonable terms, one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, situated on the north west of6th St.. and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. tidUGSON^tove Manufactory,No. 405ttlhrL, FOR RRNT-Twc beautiful sew B R I C I HOUSKS, on Bichth street west, between M and N streets north, west tide. Apply to MAR^ C. HAlSLIP, No. 3S1 ivinth street west, or Dr. KKASlfY, No, 333 Pa. avenue, between Kh aad 10th streets. Jy U Tw' STORK FOR RENT.?Situated on the Sooth side of Pa a**.. between 9th Mid 10th, suitable for ant business. For further particulars enquire at No. *03 Pa. artbetween ttfi and 10th au. an 14 tw GEORGETOWN. Correspondence of The Star. tflOKSITOWH, August 2?. I860. While nrmtions wfrr brini msde on the line of the Washington aqueduct a short distance this side of the d slrihutjug reservoir, yesterday, for the purpose of laying down the tbirtv-tnch main, a portion of the twelve-inch nialn which at present supplies tbe cities of Washington and Georgefnvn - - a ? 1 u" _ _T * _# vwu *- * tuiuwn vui ?'i lmcr uj a funvmipin wi the quicksand on which it reft*, and the consequence was a serious break. The accident orc.urrcd about It o'clock am, and in a few hours the supply grew "mull by degrees and beautifully less," and finally censed alt<n;? tLer. to the great discomfort of our citizens The inevitable washing day bad to be postponed, at.d this morning dirty bands and faces predominate, with serious talk among some grumblers of sut<stttuting whisky as a lievt-rave until the damage iarepatre<f Badinage aside, this accident is a serious evil, as our community has relied entirely upon aqueduct water for a year past, and pumps and citterns have been allowed to fall into a state of desuetude and decay We have been iuformed that the trench will probably be repaired this afternoon, ard that it will require only a few hours time to fill the ni HM in til* tl?n rlt!?a Mr. Tow?f. mat* of the brig Wbeaton. while superintending the unloading of hU vww! at Addison's wb^rf, In our city. ye?terday, was ob?er*rd to ait down near the after cabin, and in a few mi nnU* afterwards be dropped lifeless upon tbe deck A jury of tnqueat was summoned, and returned a verdkt to the effect that the detected came to his death frdm some cause unknown to them. We learn that Messrs Morgan & Rhinehsrt hare taken the warehouse and wbarf at tbe foot of High street (.southeast corner of Water and High street) for the use of tbe New York and Washington steamship line Those enterprising gentlemen are now engaged In building sh< ds on toe premises fur additional store rooms, A.C., and It in expected that the steamers will, in a abort time. Il*>r lu this city fthe natural terminus of the Tine/ and touch at Alexandria and Washington each trip. Henry Doarm an. a worthy colored man. sent nut four of "his children in a light carriage on $uuday eveninu, to take a drive, wb>-n they imprudently ventured too far over the Maryland iine,aud ?er? overhauled by the zealous officials of the enterSrising city of Uladensburg, and couslgnert to ur&nce vile. The father was aent for ne*t day. and, according to law we suppose, waa mulcted to the amount of *.-0 and over, before be could effect the release of the young prisoners. k\ e are gratified to be able to announce that intelligence has been received from .Mr John \\ Kidwell, who was injured by a fall at the residence of Col. Parsons, in Virgiuis. as stated in the Star some days since; and that be is now en ureiy out 01 aan^f r, and in a fair way for a speedy and com plete recovery. Memberi of the Floyd City Guard and all who take* an interest In military organisation*, are. by advertisement in another column, reqmstrd i<> atiend a meeting at tbe ball, corner of High and { ay streets, tbis evening. This is tbe cotiif any of young men which we alluded to some wetu since as having bad a preliminary meeting. !*in<e tben they have met several times, bave partially organized and elected a captain, and will probably elect other officers to-night. We wish them success. In our notices of improvements, wc omitted to mention that Mr Kraln bas had an additional Storv hllilt Oil tl I #n? nn ' J _ j .. ? a...v *v?i?ai'uvc vii uaf BliCTl. ai;U tde premises otherwise enlarged and beantitl I .Measri Barrett & Meein w?re the contractors f>?r tul?. and also for the sj-l-ndid improvements made on Judge Uunlt>p's property ou the opjn s.U side of the street Workmen are now engaged in taking down tLe front of the store on Bridge str-et. lately occupied by Messrs Spiluian A Hunt The t1i>or over the itore has been raised about eighteen lnche?. making the store ceiling that much higher; a neatly designed front will take the phe?- of the old one, and an additional story of eight feet will add greatly to tiie appearance of the building Mr I hos Cissel is the carpenter, and Messrs B 4c W. Hutchi'is, bricklayers The attention of parents and guardians is called t/i thp adv*prti???m?nt? i r* f-*? - ?1 * ? - ^, tu VCVI ^,rwwu <U1IIIU II , OI Mils Harrover. Mr Arnold, and the Mraare Conrad. Tbe institutions advertised will compare favorably witb any of tbe time clan in tbe country. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For other Georgetown advertisements see first p?gi ATTENTION, FLOYD (il ARl).-Mwi 'Lj at your Armory on TUESDAY EVENING, 2Htli in?tM aa tiuKiiiesii of importance requires the atteiition of every tnomU-r. Ail persons favorable to (lie cause are respectfully invited to attend. Bv order of meeting. au 27-21 J. A. \VHITE, Seo. rvLECTi RE-Prof. L. O. MATHKW?,of \l B i ...LI /->~ i ?:? J-'; - a. lijiibiii'uiK V" win urii?Pr n i/?Tiurc [ ^uTiject?Kightoenth Ceritui} ) at tin* \l I' Church, lie-<rge:own, I). C., on FR1 l)A Y,3lst of August, K'4 o'clock p.m. Admission iS centa; on?-h* i of the proceeds to 1>? appropriated towards the >ti*Mon Church, the other half towards repairing Lynchburg College. WASHINGTON ROBV, Pastor M. P. Church. *u 77-St WILLIAM LAIRU.Sr. c now rf.ady, School books and stationery, slatkjs pkncils, copybook?*, inkSTA > )? , PENS and PAPKR.ol a I ^ t vl***> ai.d jua'it ?>,at G CRaNDKLI.'S an 2b Jt No. 13S Bridge at., Georgetown. _ STRAY CO W ?Taken up a* an ?*trav, a brindlo foutf*.lo Cow. and raff, with whit" tiead; white stripe down her l>ack : white nur' k-Iiy and legs; right ear rropned. Tli >&Jbi >wri -r is r que-ted to co"'e forward, prove properly , pay charge*, and take her away. Vl'M II SI I PKPB I au 2B-3t No. sI Market si.,_Oeoriceto?rn. pKORGETOWN FIRE WOOD SAW MILL, ?.? C >kmsk Cl'jiobk** *t asdC>nai. fliekorjr Wood, sawod in 4 piece* S<v?n per cord " " " ? A split 7.?0 " Jak " . * * 5afl " " fc split 6.?0 Pine " " " . 4J0 M " ' " " A split 5<? " Quarters, thirds and ha ves at the saute rates. IVood in the stick. Hickory grti per cord " " ? Oak ?5 " " " Pine . . 4? ** All wood, delivered at the above prices. o*sh au 23-1 w K.B. BARRETT. [,^OR BOSTON, with di?patch, to sail on Wodnp??1av. Auciut 2>ih. The clipper ?chr. Arnow, Captain Croubjr. is luf recei vini: 'reicht for the above port, and will sail il*>ve For fr? iahtappiy to H ARTLEV A BRO , SO ?'id ini Wntnr st.. fJeonfetcwn. *> ? L2 " STILL ALIVE," ^PILLMAN A lit NT have Removed, temporarily, to theStoie(No.77) formerly occupied J>* U*n Paj ne, nearly opposite their old establishment. [177" DRY GOO US can be had as cheap as ever. au 2J-Sy J" 1ST RECEIVED FROM THE INTERIOR of Penns* I var.ia. a few brands of PURE RYE WHISKY, iistilled in the years 183-1 and 1839. Tnose wishing 11 purchase an unadulteratod article for medicinal purposes. Ac , seldom have such an opportunity offered to them. au 20-2w BEALL A MATTHEWS. T CLINTON ACADEMY. HE Next Arnual Session of this *ch<ol wil' eomniHnca on MONDAY. S??tember S The school has been removed to lfti West street, between Congress and Hitch. Circulars may lie ob'ained slier thn 22d of August, at the drug s-ore of Mr R. S. T. Cisul. co-ner of C"ngres* and Bridie sts. au 18 e> 1m GEO. ARNOLD. M A.. Principal. DEMRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE IN GEORGETOWN.?'I hu very desirable Buildin* Lwt on the south side of First street, opposite frig's Q nar nH ^imninv a nf lv i lliam Slemmer, fcaq., U) feet front and llOfedtdeep. Al*o, part of Lot No. 212. at the northea?t corner of Fifth snd Freienck streets, fronting 75 feet on Fifth street and abont IS* f-ct deep and part of Lot No. S3, on Sixth street, 23H feet fro^t and 150 feet deep. Apply to M. ADLKR. Georgetown. au 17-eo?w TO LET?The large and convenient store room under th? new Masonic Hail in Georgetown Possession wiii be given on the 10th of October next. Also, the back room under the hall suitable for an office of a lawjer or phjraiciaii. Apply to M. AD LI'iR orft.r.JENKI.\ THOMAS, ttealy opposite the Hall. au 17 eo2w FOR RENT?A convenient two-story HRICK DWELLING, on Firet street, with Gat and Water. Alao, a commodious Dwelling and Store, ?n Bridge street To suitable tenants the rent will be very moderate. Apply to SAMUEL M.KENNY, No. 124 Liiinharton st ,G<-orgetown. au 21 tf DECEIVED PER S ' EAMFR MOUNT VFRIt non a fresh supply of KMPIKE WATER. For sale wholesale and retail by _ S C. FORD. Jr.. Drwfgiat, an 24 6t oorner Eleventh at and Pa. av. WORSLEY'S CELEBRATED PREMIUM HOVKV SOAPi A MOST DELIUH7 FUL a hTICLE FOR THE TOILET. Rec?ived and for aa'e by 8. C. FORD. Jr., Draggtst, an 24-Gt co ner Eleventh at. and Pa. av. WHEELER A WILSON'8 ' UNRIVALLED Family Sewlag ^DUchlMi, WITH IMPROVEMENTS. which render them absolutely all that tan be deti'M, AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 PHHinvinii Avmri, tear 7th street, From #56 to #160, With lnstr motions tree of charge. asB-lm P. J. STEER, Ageal ALL KINDS OF 0AUE Bought at the Highest Prices, At KLOTZ*S REST AUK ANT. M4 awlm* Ninth at., bet. Pa.av and D si. \X7 DRESS HATS! as 17-eo6t SalM Room, Brown's Hotel. % THE LATEST NEW> . T EL EG R AJ^H 10. Th? rriwf ( WilM Mortsbal, An^ #1?Tb* opening of the Crr? tal P*i?c? wu roo4o<U4 with great form and rrrmony, the tperUtora feeing JV?r and ar)?rt After the opening, the Prince. ft.ll wed ter hia aulte, went through tb? eshlUUo*; tfl?r wf.rh, the Oratorio Society (it? the HaU-lnjah chorua. w urn m ut?iv?ivii J'IWUUUM eu, ana in WfKl wiy. A* the Prise*, oa hit way to the brtdg*. p>i4 the Hoc ton FaatWra. the b.nd playe.1 "OMfUvr the Queaa," and the company aa.uted H?nnK taken hit ae*t In tbe open car, the Prince dr?tr?d that the F laileer'a taf accompanied by the band, bould be presented to him Thla waa do? the Prince aalutlnfi tbe American flag, wb;i? tb? band played ' Hall Columbia," followed br tb? royal band ? th the National Aattjem. The Inauguration of the Victoria Bridge **? a (fraud and impoalng affair. Thooaanda of tavllrd gueata paaa>d over the road ta the bridge. and were there accommodated with aeala from whl< h tbev could wltnaaa the ccremoay Tbe^reaa w?a well taken care of. a prominent poait oa iuat above the atone being aaaig ned to them I he Prince, attended by hta iiaual auile. ascended tt e ate pa. and Immediately pror ended with the work wiui a stiver irowH.on wLlch wu an appropriate Inscription He Uld tbe bed of mortar, and wbea the atone was placed, with a woodea mallet. be btt it three tiov rapa. while the caunea roared, the flags waved, and the multitude cbeerrd tbem eves hoarae After tbe Prince bad paaaed through tbe tunnel be returned, followed by about gflOtnviird guests, to partake of a lunch served bv tbe Graad Treak Railway, at which bla Roval Highness presided, support'd on hia right by sir Kdmund Head, and on bia left by tbe Duke of Newcastle. After a hearty participation la tbe good things ef this Ufa. tbe Governor General proposed three tnasta? ' The tjueea," "Tbe Priac* Ceaeort." "Tfct Prince of Wales." At tbe first two auaooaeemenU there were Uirer regular old AaMvned cbeer* given; but tbe last waa rtceived with tbe wildest and most tumultuous expressions of cealoua loyalty, causing hia Royal Highaess to blasb and tb? tears of joy to stand la bia eyes Prior to retiring, tbe Prlaee rose to offer a toast and he profMiaed with lra peculiar pronunciation, "tbe Ileallh of tbe Governor General, success to l^< > A ~-l?- ?- >w- 1 ' ? " - ..v,. ,. ...? p.vpwI*J ?v ?UC UltW I rum Hillway," which wsa, of course, received with another outburst of enthusiasm. Additional Fereiga Advices. Farthbm Poiht, Aug 27 ?The steamer Nova Srotian. from Liverpool for Quebec,with ndv?oes to the 17th, two days later, pa?fd here this afternoon The Pope la said to have written a moat ntelan cholv Iftt. r to a f .>rdioal in France He looka u|hiii all as lost; hut. although convinced that be aUall die bv tbe Land of an aaaaaain, de< lar<? that be will quit Rome under no condition and at bo price uiNsTAM'Mim, Aug 11 ?Advices from Dama*-us to the 5th stab- that Fuad Paaha Lad surrounded Lebanon w:lb Lis troops. and threatened to put tbem to the aword If the Druse Sheika d d not surrender in two days Twenty bad aireadv been Ukm. and n< arly so other Important arrests bad !>? n made. aud a thousand camel loada of plundered property recovered i'be Sultan has made a si?*ech expressing a resolution to punish tbe Syrian ofl-i.ders most severely, and an intention of reducing tbe rnst list of tbe sinecures of high functionaries and ellef tin* ec onomy generally The Sultan Is also about to addreas another letter to (jiin-n Victoria aa<l the Kmperor Napo; lion, t xpressixg a to have the aole punishment of (he oflv-iidera. The news of the niassnrre at Balbac la contirnied, hut no details have be *n received. JosLrH*. Aug. -/7.?The Pony Hxpreat haa arrived, br ig iig San Frauaiaro advice* of the 13th Charier Duane haa commenced a suit against Capt. Pearson, of the steamer John L Stephens, f<>r tfO.uhi. and against Capt Watktss of the sieatuer Golden Gate, for the aame damages, growing out of his belug forcibly carried auriv from California at the order of the Vigilance vvtuiii wx i villi" m vvukiuu*- w ur ?rry cjciling In California and On-^on New party papers are starting and old unn changing hands. From British Columbia the steamer Oregon bad brought down 9-50.OUU In told A ailver m,ne waa expected to hare been discovered on the lower Frazer river Lead aud copper mine* aim liar to those on Lake Superior are also reported. The "Irrepressible Conflict ** Philadelphia, Aug 2S ?In the Court of Quarter Sessions this morning, Paasinore Williamson applied f<>r a writ of habeas corpus for the release of Sin* Cononest, a colored woman. In the custody of W 1 Conquest, a native of Virginia, and now a resident of this city. After the hesring, the rase waa concluded by Slna's pot t!ve refusal to accept of her freedom, and the expression of a strong desire to return to slavery. Mr. Dentins' Seathern Tear. Pktk**bc?o, Aug. 27.?Mr. Douglas arrived here this evening from Norfolk and met with an enthusiastic reception, some tbror or four thousand persona being assembled. A aalute of 100 runs was tir?-d. and the multitude, accompanied bv a band of music, escorted thedlstlngu bed gentleman to Jarrett'a Hotel Fire is Ctacnaatl. CixciwwATi, Aug. 27?Yesterday morning a fire broke out in the upper story of the bu'id'n*; occnplfd by Jame< Colten as a boat store. and r. \V Mauhope. comnilaaion store, consuming second, third and fourth storiee, and extending to the store occupied by lsham 4c Fisher Loaa fu"r insured. ( ssditlsa si tks Okie River Parkeksbuio, Va., Aug. 27.?The Ohio river at this point?the term in ua of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad?has riaen seven feet, and la still rising. Boatmen expreaa the opinion that navigation may ?>e considered fully resumed for the season r?.r ail landings on We ULlo and Ni?Usippi rivers. fatal Affray. Wtthsvill*. Va.. Aug 97?O Stalte, editor of the Wvtbeville Telegraph, oa Saturday shot and killed W. W Hanson, cashier of the rarm er a Bank of W^theville. The wound was left let* d with ? pistol, and proved fatal ia a abort time The difficulty grew out of newspaper publications. Falliaf of a Charch Bristol. R I.. Aug 27?At half pact four this mornmg the routs ana rear wall of the Episcopal Church, in course of erection, fell with a great noise The end and tide wal are cooalderahly damaged. Cause, defective column*. No oaa was Injured. The Patau Crop. Rocmihtkr. Auir *7.?The Rural New Yorker peaks at length of the disaster* that have befallen tue potato crop In several sections of thePtate la many place* tie rot has almost entirely destroyed ttirrn. and especially is this the case where the h.lit were cloee together. The Prince of Wales to Visit Bert?. Boston, Aug *7.? Mayor Lincoln has letters from the Duke of Newcastle, stating that the Prince will visit Boston, hat Is annhle to Indicate tbe precise date. BnlUnaere !*larketa. Bsxtuokb, Aug. 28 ?Flour rtaaed quiet ?nd firmer at an advance ?f Uc ; Ohio IU7: Cite Mills #5 50. Wheat has advanced 5c , closing active; western r*-d fi.18nSl.85, whlw SI *0n 140 Corn closed dull and unchanged. Previsions closed dull aud unchanged. Coffee cloned active at 14al5c Whisky cloned dull Now Terk Marksts. NiwYoii, Aug.'> ?Flour has advanced 6*1 to ; state ?5 30a5 40; Ohio ss.tuvs as, souiwrs k.7? 5 fkj. Wheat bu advanced la9c. Cera baa advanced lc.j mixed ft3*aG4cyellow ??c Pork la at-ady Lard la fcoavy Whlakv la ateady at vfllc Nnr Voek. Augu*t * ? Money market active. Liana on call, 6 per cent Blocks opened lower, cloning firmer Chicago aad Rock lalaad C? m.-enland Coal Co 1&, Illinois Central rklI Wk; MJcblgan Southern Wk; New York Crtll 84 X; Hudaon River RR 6b;Mo 6*81g. A"E"T,ON- C1TIKRN8' I i hia la tke da* to bay roar Buy vtur Fuel Winter Fnal at redaoed prtsss. WOoDtwijionbud. WM. H. H. B\*CLAY, ?t th. OU .tr~t. wMtiik Hipij* oM^urtMrtkof pLCMK. KB C^0#T1UCH SuitmUe for tnmwy Joeley HmU. Wf h?v#jo* rM?^d PI m * Cm ft(4Q*n?fc n?r hunch fci ^ ' UAVlffDt M MA ^ - M. B.-W* ?rt ifHla br ttw 8lcM Snriif M?cbi? Comp?y. m??p? y&rviib-g * : rJtsastejJJ M ^5 WJl ?14 cli Mr } Wmt %Hi