Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1860 Page 1
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V 0 I ' i! 1 mm0m? rr> u?r i thmtv ior ihht - , i :i ?i? *- > *?u ??ntii>^ - ?w !rrw?ii?w-- ?r- *- - ? < jn<? ^ ? ? 4 - ' ~~ " f ;~ ' "* * f*..:rm Vv- { a f - *- r f - * ' ?, ., t < ? V 5 * * * J*" I 3 :? I | % " f, ? | f ?piin| Jltar. Vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 29. 1860. Nu. 2.349 ? 1 THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cirntr of P#tntsyl*aniaa*9nu* and lltA ft-, IT W. Di WALLACH. F?p?r? itrnd ia rMkt(?i by Mrrlm tt f 4 | year, or 37 mti par Month. To mail sabaoritMn th? priM is |U) * fMr, is S3 for six Math*; SI for Urw months; ?nd for 1ms than tire* foonthi at Ua rat* ofNMnUt w**k. Stn?l? COPIM, on CIITlk wrtfpdl, TWO CBMT*. D* Advr*mTi?KXWTs aaoald b* MBt to th* otto* b*lor* 11 o'oiook m; other vim they may iott|p*v mini tt*a*xt toy. Mm New* from Oca. Walker. Th* N*w Orleans Picayune hu the following dispatch : mctiviit Pass, Aug. 23.?'Th* schooner Dew Drop, from the Kaatan Islands, arrived at the bar this morning. This arrival pat* us in possession of farther particulars regarding the capture of the town of Truxillo, Honduras, by G*n. Walker and hi* small army of ninety men. The fight was more serious and bloody tbaa was previously reported. Ther* were twelve Spanish Amerioans killed and eighteen wounded, whil* on th* Walk*r side only throe received slight injuries. Gen Walker was still in possession of Truxillo. He has declared t_; - ta * m m ++ + ? - mmseii in lavoroi tiDtou. ana issued a proclamation to that effeet. The Delta publishes the proclamation, which is a* follows : To the People of HojiAirra* ? Mora than fire Tears ago I, with others, was invited to the Republic of Nicaragua, and was promised certain rights and privileges on the condition of certain services rendered the State. We performed the services required of ns; hat the existing authorities of Honduras joined a combination to drive as from Central Amerioa. In the coarae of eventa the people of the Bay Islands find themselves in nearly the same position the Americans held in Nicaragua in November, 1855. The same policy which lad Guardiola to make war on us will induce him to drive the people of the Islands from Honduras. A knowledge of this fact has led certain residents of the Islands to call on the adopted citizen* of Nicaragua for aid in the maintenance of their rights of person and property. But no sooner had a few adopted citisens of Nicaragua annrered this call of the residents VI ?UV ?t>iauus J I vpwiltli^ A?U W U ( IU*U IUV acttng authorities of Honduras, alarmed for their safety, pat obstacles in the way of carrying out the treaty of the 28th of November, 1869. Guardiola delays to reoeive the Islands, because of the presence of a few men he has injured; and thus, for party purpose#, not only Jeopards the territorial interests of Honduras, ut thwarts for the momenta cardinal objoct cf Central American policy The people of the Bay Islands can be engrafted on your Rcpublio only by wise concession* properly made. The existing authorities of Honduras have by their past acts given proof that thev would not make the requisite concessions. e same policy which (luardiola I pursued towards the naturalized Nicaraguans prevents him from pursuing the only course by which Honduras can expect to hold the Islands. It becomes, therefore, a common object with the naturalised Nicaraguans. and with the people of the Bay Islands, to place in the gov* eminent of Honduras those who will yield the rights lawfully required in the two States. Thus the Nicaraguans will secure a return to their adopted country, and the Bay Islanders will obtain full guarantees from the sovereignty nnri?r vhi^h thnv urn tn h* nlkAMl hv thn treaty of 28ih November, 1859. To obtain, however, the objoct at which we aim, we do not m%ke war against the people of Honduras, bat onlj against a government which stands in the way of tha interest* not only of Honduras, bat of all Central America. The people of Honduras maj. therefore, rely on all the protection they may require for their rights, both of person and property. Truxillo, Aug. 7,18ft0. W*. Walkik. The Delta also mentions the following details : 'k Gen. Walker took prisoners the oolleotor of the port and a lieutenant, but afterward released them. He also took 1ft cannon, among them one 24-poundcr and a brass 12-pouuder, which commands the Pass, 125 etand of arms, 1,800 pounds of powder, and large quantity of munitions, including clothing, provisions, etc. Uenerai w aiaer loeis connaent 01 oeing able to bold Truxillo for tbe next four months against any force against him." IIebrsw V.'omet?The Hebrew woman in her lore for her kindred soars abore her Christian sisters. The tender devotion which the daughters of Israel bestow apon their parents is full of beauty and pathos. In the dark alleys of the World's Ohetti, when the old Hebrew man toddles heme from his daily strife with prejudioe and lucre, a wondrous change transform* his faee as he eroeaes the threshold of his weather-beaten house. The furtive glance expands, the crooked gait is made raight, the many wrinkles of bis brow arc mtde smooth, the crouch n ; form of the peddler disappears, and the old man stands erect ? if ha am worth* of hnUftr Ihinn' th* ami's low its sinister grin, and is clothed with ( iial beauty. Rebeoea has kissed away the uriinesi of the money-changer, and to see him f t down at his table after naring sent up to Jehovah a prayer for good luck and plenty of gain for the coming day, and ehat with his daughter, who delignta in humoring his jokes, is a treat for an artist in search for the pictaresque, or for a poet in quest of the romantie. Kebeceas abound nut only in the regions of the Gbetti, bat in the middle, higher, and highest order of Hebrew abodes. Here we Una the d tughters, as a clasa, watching with Argus eyes fathers' and mothers' happiness and comfort. Here on the domestic shrine, all tha fires of Iot# and affection are barning so vigorously that unwittingly even the sympathies are oonsussed, which are wanted to kindle the great flame* round the sacred altar of common humanity Unless the drawback is constantly kept in view, oar deacription of the Hebrew daughter's love for the parent*, would be calculated to aurronnd the feeliog with a too angelic atmosphere.?Crayon. Alexander Dumas ? A lively paragraph ia given bj a oorrespondent of the London Poat, of Damaa. who vu at Catania, in Sieilj. lie aaja:?" The greatest bmtle which the place witnessed was called forth bj the arrival of Alexander Dainas, ia bia jaebt, bearing bis doga, and bia bird*, and bit monkefa, and kunself, and hia she-admiral, (the woman who accompanies him on bis cruiae, dressed in an admiral's uniform.) his photographers, his secretaries, and amanuensis; bis servant*, dressed soma like Circassians, others like Greeks, others like Spaniards, others again Ilka Indian*. What a preeious row, to be swre, they did all eoatrive to make! When Alexander the Greatest is himself on board he does nothing bat loll on the deck in bis shirt sleeves, and without any hat, playing with his dog* or chatting with the tailors of other vatsela, or with the she-admiral. Whan ha lands, the gallant she-admiral, Amite, always accompanies him, and they are constantly driving hboat in an open carriage, bowing and gossiping and laughing with all wbotn they meet. It* 'hail fellow well met' with the veriest stranger, and a lira minutes' acquaintance ripens with such marvelowa Rapidity feto the elosast friendship, that the fthal farewell is at tk* end of the ftfih minute, amid the hesrtiest shaking of th? hand? and kitting and hoggin*. Th? entrance of the other Alexander into Babylon was doubtlea* every grand affair, yat I doabt if it cau*ed a* great a *ensafioe as did the arrival of the modern Aiexaader into this town of Cataaia." Goo* Orvioi or Oia'i Sai.r?If whit* people sometime* think negroea incapable of taping care of themselves, negroea sometime* think themseieea aaaartar than vhita paopla. Hera ia an amasing instance: Tba lata Justice Marshall, while riding oaa morning to ooort in his single oarriage, his horsa fell and broke a abaft. He was pasaled what la da. Tom. a neighbor's negro wagoner, happened to drive up, ne asked him if ha aaedd help htm oat of the difficulty " Oh, yea, masaa, if yow'll land ma yoar knife." Tom took the knife and cut a sapling pole aod a grape viae from a?*|gbboring thicket, with whieh ha speedily spaced ap the broken shaft " Now, Tea*" said the Jaolge, u why didnt I think of thai?" M Oh, ? lima Modes if S?icM?. 1. Wearing thin shoes and cotton atockinga on damp nights, and in cool, rainy weather. Wearing insufficient clothing, especially upon the limbs and extremities. 2. Leading a life of enfeebling, atupid laiincss. and keeping the mind in an annatnral atata of excitement by reading traahy novels; going to theaters, parties and balla, in all aorta of weather, in the thinnest possible dress. Dancing till in a complete perspiration, then going home without sufficient over garments, through the eool, damp air. 3. bleeping on featner beds in 7 bv 9 bed rooms, without ventilation at the top ot the windows, and especially with two or three persons in the same small, unrentilated bed-room. 4. A surfeiting on hot and very stimulating dinners; eating in a hurry,without masticating the food, and eating heartily before going to bed every night,when the mind and the body are exhausted by the tolls of the day and the excitements of the ewtning. 5. Beginning in childhood on tea and coffee, and going from one step to another, through ehewing and smoking tobacco, and drinking irt ?i ic a ting liquors; by personal abuse, and physical and mental excesses of every kind. 6. Marrying in haste aud getting an uncongenial companion, and living the remainder of life in mental excitement; cultivating jealonsy and domestic broils, and being always in menal ferment. 7. Keeping children quiet by giving paregoric and cordials, by teaching them to ?uck candy, and by supplying them with raisins, nuts, and rich cake; when they are sick, by giving mercury, tartar emetic and arsenic, under the mistaken notion that thej are medicines and not irritant poisons. 8. Allowing tbe love of gain to absorb onr minds, so u to leave no time to/ttend to health. Following an unhealthy occupation because money may be made by it. 9. Tempting the appetite by bitters and niceties when the stomach says no, and forcing food into it when nature does not demand, and even rejects, it. Gormandizing between mealH. 10. Contriving to keep in a continual worry about Mmething or nothing. Giving way to fits of anger. 11. Being irregular in all oar habits of sleepin < and eating. Going to bed at midnight aud Kerting up at noon. Eating too much, too many kinds of food, and that which is too highly seasoned. Wombs is Fhasck.?Chivalry originated first in the south of France, with all its complicated code of sentiment* and customs, and left an indolible trace, not merely on the manners, but on the whole imagination of Franoe. It is the feeling which lay at the root of French chivalry that still influences the position of women in France. They are highly esteemed in England, they de?orvo it, they have made their own position. But in Franoe their society, independently of their merit, is indispensable. Few men past thirty years old will go habitually to a house except for the mistress of it. The French foeling is Dot gallantry in the usual acceptance of the word: it is not the young and "hands:>mo only that are centre* of society. The taate for woman's society and sympathy is universal, and beauties are exceptions. In England a woman's beauty and her virtues are what every man thinks of as the oharm of his bouse, lie talks with rapture of the woman who will nurse him and pour out his tea. In France you do not hoar much about a woman's coffee. " Est elle amiable"? (amiable doea not mean a virtue but an ?gr#o ment)?"a-t-elle 1' de esprit?" is the second question if not the first that every man asks It does not mean anything wonderful, it is? lias she the quiok perception that seizes what is said and returns change for your thoughts ? Sociability, the love of converging is aD absolute necessity. We know men who would rather live in extreme poverty in Paris than zo away for a comfortable income, not from any love of its localities, but they are afraid of being enuyed for want of the conversation they find in every salon. Why does a man prefer his club to drawing-room where his fady prewdea? And why do men in Germany never go to one but by special invitation, with a supper to make it bearable? They are as fond of their homes as the French, but they have less need of companionship in their But whatever is the cause, the effect is irtcin; and in consequence of this preference lor their society, the middle-aged and the old Itdiea bar* the same relative value, according to their intellectual merit, that men have. W e never heard anybody in France call a man an old woman because ne was a fool of particular twadding kind. Old women are thought quite as oanable of wisdom as old men, and. in fact, they have more influence. We do not say that women are not more amy appreciated in tng1?dc1 We bare often been etruok with the patronising and also kindlj manner in which a gentleman will go np to a lady, and endeavor to draw her out. But be doea it from good feeling, and not all for his own aatisfaction, so that she ought to be more obliged. Couldn't Tak* a Jokk.?Dr. M., an army surgeon during the American war, waa very fond of a joke, (if not perpetrated at his own expense,) and, moreover, had a great contempt for.citizen officers, who were more renowned for their courage.than their scholarship. One daj, st mess, alter the decanter bad performed sundry perambulations of the table. Capt. 6., a brave and accomplished officer, and a great wag, remarked to the Doctor, who had beun somewhat severe in his remarks on the literary defioicncies of some of the new officers, "Dr M., jou are acquainted with Capt. ti.?" "Yes, I know him well," replied the Doctor; "he's one of the new set. But what of him?" "Nothing in particular," replied Capt. S ; "I have just received a letter frem him. and I will wager jou a doxen of old port thi t jou "cannot gueaa io aix gueasea bow he apallaeat." "Done,'' aaid the doctor, '"Well," commence gueuing,' aaid S. "K, a, doable t " "No. "Kate." "No." "Catte.'5 "No ,' Catt." "No." "Kat." "No, that'a not ihe way; try again, it'a your laat gueaa." "Cagbt. ' "No," said S., "you're wrong again; and you're loat your wager." "Well, aaid the doetor, with mueh petulance of manner, "how does he ?peH it?'f '"Why, ha apella it C'A'T," replied S , with the utmoat gravity. Aaid the roar of the meaa, and ehoking with rage, the doctor aprang to hit feet, exclaiming, "Capt. 6., I am too old a man to be trifled with ia thia manner." I.VTXBSSTI5Q FROM THE WEST UOAIT Of Akkica?By the Vauderbilt we learn that the African mail steamer Athenian bad arrived at Liverpool, bringing interesting newa from the tut coast of Africa, from the 30th of June up to the 26th of July, inclusive At Cape Coast ao invasion by the AshanUee waa expected, aa runaora were received daily that they were making warlike preparation*. The oaptaia ef the American bark Edwin, of Salem, nad been accused of killing some Krooinen, and attempting the lives of othera. The United States gunboat Mohican was at Cape Coast, and the commander waa investigating the affair. The Aleeto had sailed from Lagos on the 10th of Jnly, in search of a notorious slaver, carrying American colors, and wbi?k is said previously made three suoceufal trips. At Sierra Leone the church missionary sta*2 .A II i..n L.J 1 a I? -J tit in at ju>jireti una umsd wauiouij uwuujtu and plundered ky a party of Kiaeoa, the nilsionariaa only eeeapi^c with their iiref. At Madeira tha ooehineal aad augar-oana plantations are looking well,'bat the Tina* ware almost axtiact. . .4i i( \ Je 'II' - ,; * m ... 1^ x* m , . ' n~The recent br**y ratal on the flnSMehana have proved inoet disastrons to the toiab?r bus!nca ia that region by sweeping iwajr Immense numbers of log* aad aawed lomber Ten or twelve thousand logs were ewept away la one lastance aad eight million feet In another. ?rj-it Uesttaatiad, that there were?,W?*ereon? ia atteadaace aa Sunday last at iha BapttatCamp Meeting la Oulpeper county. A nets. WIFIILOW, N Kxperlen ?J N arae ud Femaie Phy alotaa, preaeata to the attention of mothara. her SOOTHING SVKUr, Far Children Toethtaf, Wbtak fiiuly hel?li>iii th? mium ( UMhi>(, fcy nAn laf tba aama, raaacirf all nitaaiUw will allay ALL rain aaa ipum?4it uim.u! la SURE TO RhiiVLATE THE BOWELS. Dapaad a pan tt, matfcara, It vilt ftva raatta yaaraalvat, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa hava pat ap tad told thia aruclt for a?ar tan ;itn,isd can ?at, in conrioaitci ano tkutn oriL?bti*?lu*t n#T?r ti? ikli tai u; af u; OTHN Mtdiein*? 5ita* MRS' (lit* LB III- iTA!?CB TO ?? r?CT a CIII, WINSLUW'I wbtn utnaly atad. Na*ardid wa kaaw amiTiaKfl an intunc* af d>v atitfacuao by to; .*7 aaa wha aaad h. Oa lb* cantrary.allara SYR Jt, dtlirhud with it* OFSRaTiOHl, and l?r**" la tarroa at i Wfkaat caaaaandatiaa af ita on ical astcu aad madieal nrtaaa. Wa apaak ia ;Ma mattar " what wa do mo?," aftartaa yaara' aipartaaea, awd PLIDsl ?ra lirVTi* now roa tni ri'irilmirt or what wa hhi diI dull, tn IIIBMI 9VTJ mst*QC? whirl U?? loram ? ? ? I-if fr#m p?iu sad tibasstieo. rslisl will bs fosotf ftaifttae *1 iviiuj iniiiBiva !( ! ni? mjtmy i? viinnisifrfll. Tbia valaabla preparation ia tha praacription of on* of bba Nl liritllKCIO and ttlLFCL ItUR'BS in Now Enf lu4, udhai baan Baatl with KITM-FAILIR6 (CCClfl w THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Mt tmiy taliavaa th? child frara pain, bat Innyorataa Ik* ( Bach and bowala, corracta acidity, and fi??a toua and narfjr to tha wbola ayttaa. It will ulmoat inatantly ralia?t G*iP!>a in tbi Bovm and Wins Colic, a4?v?rew?? eonvalaiona, which, if jot ir?adlly ramadiad and in daatb. Wil ibiiaTafttba ?1?T IMDIumiTIIM- FOR MjT in iba V0RLD lo alt caaaa of DT*- CHILDREN ?T??T and DIaK **?? ii* CHII,- TEETHING p*"*- vhktlwr M ahaaa from taatbinf * m from any etbar eauaa. Wa woal>1 lay to M#rj mothar who be a a child ??.' faring from any of tha foraging complaint*?do not lit oci rmji'oicBi, kok thi rn bji-di'-bi of othbri land bcMlllu yoar aafaring child and tha r?li?f that will kt ORB?;m, ab30lutblt SURB?to follow tha wa of tb laadicina, if tin-aly bmiI. Foil dirtctiora or sung will a Company aach boitla. Nona ranaina anlaaa tb? fac-timilo CDRTII ft FKK.KINfl.Naw York, iaon tha oataida wrapp* o.d by Drargiata ihroBghoat Iba world. Pr(nsip?l Offfc*. No. llCadar Strtai, n. t. Prie.m mrtlw 9K (!inta nav RbI'i* ab Il.itAwl* FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR SALE?A lot of LAND con'aining 5aer?? in Prit:oo Weorge'soou ty .adjoining the District line, 5 miles north of Washington oity and 2 mile* from the Soldiers' Home, in a health? neighborhood. improved * ith a cjmfirtab edwelling and an orchard ol select fruit. Situation desirable as a building site, convenient to churches, tohools, # c. Terms liberal. For particulars inquire on the premises to the subscriber. _au 15-eolm* Mrs. E. DAVI^.' Fi^Oft 9AL.E-A fine substantial BRICK HOUSE,on 11th st., between Land M fits., with large Stable and Carnage Hcu-e. Any me ?a iti'.g such a House will bo sold on very an oominouatinc terms, or exchange for smaller property For a private residence none can surpass it Inquire of OKO.T. LA.NGLY,ou L st., n?-ar 14th >t _ au U-tf 1/OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable term*, one of the most "desi'able BUILDING LOTS in the city, sit'iated on the north wett ol 6th .? a I-' - * ?/vo r* iiow iuia AVfiiuo. r,nui;nu 01 ,IU3. r., HODGSON, Stove .Manufactory , No. 405 7th *t., between H and 1 sts. au 15-tf I70F RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME r HO USE will be for rent in a few day*. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avei.tie and K st.. Navy Yard: has a large garden lot attached, a pnmp of g on water n- ar, and contain* 4 rooms, kitchen and wi odnhed. Will be rente I low, with or without the lot, to a g?ed tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK IIORSE; works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CLARK, Navy Vard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61^ H st.. between 4th and 5th. jy 16 TO LET?Two well arranged and convenient FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms each; one situated on 14th st. west, b tween L and M sts north; Jho other on N st. north, between 14th and 15th sts. went. Ei quire of J. P. Hilton, No. 'J'*9 K at. north, between lath and 14'h sts. west, or No 373 14th at west, between L and M it*, north ?u Zl-tf JOHN P HILTON. R EVT?TK? 'hru ;tnrr iKmwn frort) I IlOliVili, No. 367 New ^ ork avenn*, between loth and 11th streets. north sido, containing feft.-en rooms This house is convenient to the I'atent Offioe, Treasury, etc.: is lighted l?y gas, and in ever) way smtat) e for a hoarding hon*c. Kent mo 'crate. Apply rw*xt door, or to A li. FOWLKR, com) Mo?r north wmgoi Patent Office. jy 14-tf k'OR RF.NT-Three BRICK HOKSKS?one77n r Twelfth street, b"tw??en O and D; one on the oorner of Twelfth and H ?is.; and one on H, be tweeii 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMK8 \V B ARKbR, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 4 Ui. masn-tf ffOR KKNT?Tk0 hlKai Fl.OO* oi tut. uuiiumg immediately opposite the west wine oi th< City Hal., recently occupied by Chaa. S. VTallach M an olfios. Also the front room in the soconc tory ana mo iniro noor <>i me ume ouuuin*. roi terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. S LoniniMiA avenue. ja IS U GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Alkxands* ?. IIball,1 [ XVm. S. Matthews N NOTICE EW GROCERY fcSTABLISHMENT, Comer Bridt* and Congrttt Stt , Gtotgeirtcn. To THE ClTlZlXS OF THE DlRTKlCT A!?D VlCIJItTT Tha underpinned would respectfully anrounce that having taken the old established ard of John >1. Belt. Esq , th ? intend to keep al?av? on hand a Jarre and vorjr selrctassorfcncntof fina fir*t-olaa? FAMILY GROCERIES of all kinds.and he e t reepectfulljr solicit call* from all who may (ieaire to be supp<i>?f with prime articles in their line, and at moderaie prices. au l^coSw BEAU. fc MATTHEWS. fr^OR HARPERS FKHRY.-CHANUE OF DAYS? On and afV?r July, 2,1860, jr?k he steamer ANTELOPE, Oapt U v J. Wells, carrying the United S'ates^?* - " ' mail, will leaveGwrceTown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, et7a. m.,and return every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. If.?Every Wfdnesday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdstown. au 20-lra* O FOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, 1M0, the strainer L. J. Brencle, Captain W. II. Ritter, will _|l leave Georic?town EVERY TilES DAY. THURSDAY.and SATUK-^?"?** I'A I t ill I ?1 tlvTt A a ill., qiiu iciuut uioi J tmi wo i uatv day, at 6 o'clock a m. On tve Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdatown. jegl 3ni rtRANDBLL.. OPTICIAN, V No. 13? firuigt St., Has oonataatir on hand a large aaaortnent ol Frenoh Near-aightad. Penacopiq, ''"' jfyikn ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, oi?fc^" "va? tae beat iua.ity. in gold, ail ver. ateei.and German ail ver Trainee. N. B. OU Frair.ea Repaired and aaw i aesea aet in them to order. no l?-ly JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jtgerton sis , Gemtttovm. Having given mr peraonal attention to thia branch of mr buaiuea*, lam prepared to -- jg attend to alloalla with pr<mptnea* Peraona from adiatanoe oan beaupplied at a *ew rainutea* notice, aa 1 have a large aaaorlment of CuFFlNS al way a on hand. Partioalar attention paid to the removal of the d?ad from the old to the new burial gronnda. Hearaea and Horaee for hire. ap lCMJra 1 Cft J UST RECKIVED, iou bbls. whisky, (,) 180 do. HERRING end ALEW1VES, 35 ?lo. REFINED SUGARS, W hhda. PORTO RICO SUGARS, bblt.<Bajrfietd) WHITE Fl-H, 29 buxea p-ime Eastern CHEESE. For Ml* Tov by JOHN J. BOOCE, je 8 Georgetown, D. C. IVf abbey, collins A co.*s phtladellti ph1a draught ale.-We are eonrtandy reoetviof freefc aapeliee of tbaabovedelightful beyera**, end invite el? peraona who want a pnra unadulterated Ale, to five it a tna.1. ARN Y A SHIN N, A genu, hi eT Ore*n at., OenrrMtnwn. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BR )WN A STONE WORKS. The eubecriber begs leave to inform the eitinr* of Washington, Georgetown and Aitxatdrie that na nas kiu-q 10 nil ion* mbmiirmi uosinees tne auxiliary of iUui >ow?r for aawiag an 1 mauufao tnring Marble and Brow a Stone Work in iboirva rionsbranch a*. Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand Top?, Tile, Monuraeata, Tomb and Head Htoaea, Wa^. Window Lintels, Sil a, Htecs and Platform*. Baring parohaeed a large stock of It V lah Marble in blook^wm fi rat hands,at the o weat is t-s, he feela confident of b?ing able to famish Marti e Work as low aa it ean be purchase in Ne# York, Philadelphia. or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in blonk or a'aba at tte sam* rate as ftarninbod in >ew V'ork, and on ac?-<>ri?nioda'ing terma Also, on hand, a large ?uppl> ol VnnriaeStone. Water of Ayr Hote and Polishing Patty at New York prices. Enor>nr*ge th? eater " ^OTWtJrpHiVA'So<T * Tionter Steam Marble *ni Brown Eton' Works, pALTPlMtlfRB^uTTga floUSK. |, ? , ,, Piao*. BaiUyora. Ij4aars.ssitasw.jt1 ? EDUCATIONAL. pEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, r At EXAXDK14, VA. Mr*, g. J. MoCORMICK, PstactraL. ThatMrt *enth annual session of this Institution I willoonm^nce on Tuesday, 8eptemf??r 18th, jn the bona# r*o*ntly oooupted by gjlv? ter Soott, Esq, No. 1M King street. The aourae of study pursued will comprise all the.branches requisite to a thorough Etiglnh Eon cation, and Mane. F.ench, Latin and Diawine, il dewrwf In addition today scholars. Mrs. McCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pnpil* as l>oardt*r?, who. (- natituting a part of her own family, will b? u der her immediate care and supervision.

Ske will endeavor, as far as possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindly influences of Home. htfftmct.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D". Elias Harriaoa, Rev. D F. Spring, William H Fowla, Esq., Edgar Snowdea, fesq , Edmund F Witin-r. Esq.? Henry Marbury, fc.sq , L<-wis McK< nz e, F.ia., Robert H. Huntnn, Esq , \V D Wallaok, !H?r, Brrhjjtmln Waters, E*q..JM. Entwine, Jr.. Esa ,Coi. John W. Minor, Laudoun. Messrs. Biaekioch A Marshall, Meaara Corse BrotJiera. . TtlML Board, with Tuition in all the English Banchea, Sl*?for the annual session?parable semi annually, ina?l vance. y 11*10 and Languages at Professor*' prices. |1T !>o utra ohargea. an 28-11 Young ladies* academy of the visitation Canter of Tenth and G street}, \Va<\in*ton City. The eaercise* cf this academy will be resumed on Ho day next. September 3. 1860. Persons desiring Miormation will please applv at the academy, au 28-Jw rGONZAGA COLLEGE. HE Scholastic exercise* of this Institution will ie resumed on the 1st Monday in September. auZ7-2W W. F. CLARKE, is J . I'res't. IV MISS 9. FISHER " ILL Resume the dcticaof her School on Mnn Wy, September 3d. at No. 400 Massachusetts av , te- w*en 9th and 10th sta. an 27 3t F'r an k li n a cad e m y, Coinki THI*VKK??TH AWD h sTS.. a sf.I.vtt sriion. run unvw (Fitrmerly loeattd in the 'First Ward.)' Utis Inxti'ution will commence its Third Annual Se? on, at it* iidw location,on .Monday. September I H. Applications for admi?iion may be mads on th^prfinises at any time aft?r the ?5rh inst. il 25 Im K. B. I)KIRICK. I'rincj-pal. T*IE F.XKRCI8K8 of MISS M. LEWIS'S I SCHOO , FOR YOI'NG LADIKSwill beresuir-d on Monday. September 3d, Ninth tr<ist, gt-c?iid door north 01 F st. au 24 at* A SCHOOL FOR im EDUCATION cnr 1JOY9 wi;l he opened on the3>1 of September by Mrs. G. ilONROfc, ?iice?mior to .Mi*? C. C. Koonts, in a o[anions and pieasautly situat-d rooin.o i Indiana aveine, nrar S?*o*nd Btreet. Instruction wi'l l?o Kivcn in Kni!ish. French. L?'iri an 1 Urawinz For tern* apply at 460 I) streot, or at the ?cho 1 room. ;irc?larg. au 24-eo3t CC.NTKAL ACADEMY', Corn kr E and Tisth St*. Tiia Institution will resume its duties S<*pteinl?er 3d. Applica'ion* made r.o the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookntores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Ke'trencrs. Pro*. Henry. LL. D . M. H. Mill*. E?q.. Rev, John C Smith. DD., Dr. C P. Culver, Rev A. G. C&rothers, Rev. J. P. Davidson. ail2M-1 m DtCK HILL ACADEMY, IX Ellicott's Mtiu.Mo. Ttii Institution, conducted by the Christian Bro kers, will resume studies oa Monday. Septrnibar tl. au 2a l"t WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, " Cor^fr of Tssth and G Sts. Tfe exercises of this school will be resumed on MOV DAY. Srptenib-r 3d. For t-rms apply at my residence on D street, near Star Office, c irculars at booksto.'ce. an 21 lot SAMUEL KJELLV, Principal. J DRAWING AND PAINTING. M.STANLEY Having taken the rooms reoeiilly upied by the \Vat.hin*ton Art Assocuk*X"Utw> Joy/''' west of the auction store of J C McGuire > (To., it ishu purpose 111 a^wiiiTon to nis accustomed art labors, to open a School (or Instruction in DRAWING, LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT PAINTING. S?<?s and lt> a d:n? S^olio 1? accommodated ?ith separate cla-? rooms, npon an early applica mar find it advanta<eoiis to have fcsso s in th*?e liranehe* Kiven to th?ir pupils, wh r? it will not luterrupt the routine of scholastic instruction. I'upili d??i*in?, to #nt?r will pkase apply a? m? present Studio, penn. avenue. between 11th ami 12th streets, ui.til the 'st proximo. jr"7"Class rooms open on the first MONDAY in September Washington, An<q>t, 1B63. an 21 tSept 1* SELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD ES. Miss M RI UDELL wll resume the duties of ker sch<?l on th? firgt MONDAY in September, at Mo. 431 i welfth streHL an an-lm I? MERSON INSTITUTE, J H St , Bktwkii I2th *:*n 13rH St?. SELECT CLASnUA AM) MATaE.MATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS The Eighth Annual Session of this ichool will commence on MO.VDAY, September 3d. Number of pupil* limited au 20 (States ) CHAS. B. YOUNG. Principal. rrHK rififWTi ti iit u sunuob, 1 37u Eighth ST., BETWH* K AXDI.^TI. studies will b? resumed in this insti'ution on MO > DAY, Septembfr 3d. Circuiarsat book*t r?>. ail ISM A C JUCHARlte. Principal. Mrs. m. e kingspord s seminary, 4 14 E ST.. WA?H sstoji, D. C. The next session will commenoeOotober let. lflfln. Terms, &o., for*a ded on application. au 15 tf GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D cT Studies will be resumed at this Institution on the first Monday of September. au 14-foSw JOHN' EARLY, H. J., Preeulo it. ill ETROPOL1TAN COLLEGIATE INSTIiTl TUTE FOR YOUNG LA DIES, 464 E ST., BETwinn 6m A.NDTTH STS. The fourth annual sesMon of the Inatitat* will commence on the tirst MONDAY in S-'ptemb r. Application- should be made ?arlv. as the number ofpupils :a limited. For particulars nee ciculars or apply to the principals, Mr. aud Mrs. T. H. HAVENDER, at the Institute. auD-tf VHILLAUE GKEF.N SEMINARY IS L'>CA tod ft beanti nl and healthful village 12 miles above Wilmington, Del., and near the Philadelphia ami Baltimore Railroad. Recommended by the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Metnodiat Episcopal Church. ... Theoourae of study is extensive and thorough? in the Mathemitioal, Claaateftl and English lx'part nienta. students are pr-pared for businessor college. In the preparatory course for college reference ia made to Dickinaon College. The institution te provided with a large philosophical apparatua to illustrate the study of Natural ScieBce. A library of three Uundred volumes is aooessikle to pupils The fifth rear will commenoe MONDAY, September 3d. I860. Boarding,Tuition, Ac., for session of 14 Teaks, f 45. Great attention is paid to the moral deportment of students. Monthly reports sent to Barents. For oircolars or information address the Principal, K?v J. HERV KY BARTON, A. M.. Village Green Seminary, Delawareeounty, Pa. ' Rtternuf?fLev. I^sri Soott, D D. Bi?hop of M. E. C , Wilmington. Del; Mr. F. A. Eats, Washington, D. C ; Mr. O. W. Angell, do.; Meears Diok-on * King, Georm town. aulltS>p& ' |, 11K UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 NiwAuaroimist. This well-known and popular Seminarr. which Kax been ao suocessfbl under the entire can of Mrs Z. Richards for more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in September next, nnd<*r the united snpervision and instruction of Mr. and Mra Z. RICH -vE D8, in the weli?rranr?d and delightfully l'?cated Union Academy Buildin*. For particalara. aee circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23-tf ATIONAr. ~ SOAF AND CANDLE WORKS, Omasa Btiiit, Betwrm Brtdg* and Wmtrr ttrtett, Qeortttovn, D. C. A large atooko? CANDLES. Brown, Family, Castile aad Faaoy 80 A PS, Also, TAJ.LOW and GREASE for Laomootives, Steamboats, and *1 kinds of machinery, alwayt oa hand, and for sale at prtoee In anil f )i A t I C. B. JkW ELLi Proprietor. <y Ift-eotf , ? J AW ARTICLF TO RKMOVK PAlNTsJ oil?, or jre??P of any kind, fromatlk, paper, wn out tnjnriii* the article in c >lor or texture, lie* at Lut h co fourui. It Till also clean kid I *Tov a Ti'itont leaving an* unpleasant odor. That ariiete ia MOORE'S BKNGINK." I'noelSou., 3D oenta, and ]_**r bo'Tl*. ' MOORk'* talwe weit Bnrt Dra|[ 9tei?, 1H H ?t. MAflNULlA HAMI! i M MAGNOLIA "AM?!! We have jaet reviftd aaotaer iiffl? of eer ***** oneio beLL IP* ' H CoramFifteenth at. and Vermont a*. J eB?.Mfi9iMRswO MpNMlpi I ?M AUCTION_SALES. Bjr A. GREKN, Auctioneer. T7?XTENS1VE SALE OF MQUOR ESTAB ij lurmm at ArcTio!?.-^0? MOKDaV. tfce 3d d*y ?I sept raber, at io o'oicok a n< , 1 I, at the *tore of John r re leriok liereck*, ??n Henn. av^nne, between 4H md 6th ?treeta. No. 3P1, the whole of hw atosk aud fixture*, viz : 5ineCo(t&o<di*?, ifT-rent brand* of Whiskr, Hoilauu Um, Port, Madeira and other Wine*, Chainr&coe. Uook Winea and Abaynthe. Wolle'e Seniedam Son: a??p*. Bitter* and Vinegar, Scotaii Whiaky, Imported Cigar* of a'l brand*, AnehoTieaand Hutch Herring*. I wo Show vv md"W* and Sior? Fixture*, And niany other article* we deem it unneoesuary t" enumerate. ' The alter.tion ?-f dealer* ia particular!) called to thia *ale, a* bai tain* may be expected. i erm*: All *nrn? under S3' ca*fi; orer #3"> and ?t?xo<-eoinf ?50, a ore it <it Ji day*, over ft* and not, 4lOJ,acreditolSKldaja,for a^p.uvau endoraed not#* oiuer of the Executor and Exec-trix* ?? 21 d A. GKfcKN, Auct. By J. C, McGUIRK A CO . Auetioieera. Brick hoise and lot on north k St . B5TWIt.? 19th a*d 30xh St*., AT cbltc S*L??On il!fe,H,?AY AFTfcHNUuN, Sep.mhi her 4'h. at o'olook. on tho premium*, we ?h?r aei: part of Loi No. 15, in Squa-e No. 86, fmn 16 fet-ton north Ki I he'Wt" n 19th and f*th '* . and ruai.iug l>aok 8Jfeet, toteth r with the l prove mrubs, uJii?i"ua( ui a uir n uwHiiuf huut'. containing six room?. wkIi & b-1 k kitcnec I hi first ?to.? has nocn occupied for three jenrs pa>-t as a gr?o?ry in"! l quor st ?re, f ?r whioh it i? a'mi'ubij adapted. being within % short di-tanje of the \Ve?'*'ii Market. Term*: $8<X)incash; the remainder in 12 nv>nthr, w th intere.t, secured by a deed of trust on the premies. mad J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aacts. Br A. green. Auctioneer. Desirable improvf-d and inim pkovkd Pjiopbrtt at Public Salx ?For aale at tha Auction Store of the undersigned. oorner of Seventn street we*t and I) street, on W r.IINfc? D \ V. the 12'h of September next, at So'o'.ock p. in., the following l.ote: Lot 5, in Sq uare 4. Lot 2?, in Square 6M3 L 11?, in Sq uare l,-?7. Part ol Lot 18, in r-qu&re 729, fronting 23 feet I'M inch** on East Capitol street, improved bj two wail tenements Thie propeitj is within 'he proposed extension o( 'he Capital f rounds Tit e perf ct. l erm? : ?;nr i"un n vin I'buuc hid, u ? << 18 month*, "oonr^d by d>>ed of truit. All oonv?*j a-dng a: the cost of the p rthav>r. If th? t?rm? of sale are not comp'ietl w th within firs f'arg from d%j ot ?aie tho prop -rty will be reaold a: th?co?t cf pnreh*?'?r. au 27 "Jla wiw A ill A. 6REKN, A not. ""carriage factories7~ Washington cark?agk factory. " D Strert, Kttipe'A 9tk nnd 10(4 Stmt.'. We have jus* 6 inched & uumwr ol firat e>ui CaRRIaGF.S, finch u L'tht Fanry. MFT^SI Watvns, Park Phmtrmf. ('tt ruttt*, and HutKin, vhiOn we will win! " "* ' a ver- mnall profit. Reier praot'cai meohaniea in diflVent branche* of the bu?in-as, we flatter t>nr*elve* that we knoe the Ftjiea and quiM'; of work that will *ive *\ti? fv.t:on, combining iightnesa, ooinfort and darabi i tj _ j. . * Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the enortest n< tice and moot reasonable eharre*. WALTKR, KARMANN A BOPP, Cnachmakers, aucoeaaora to Win. T. Hook. ap27-dly ______ _ T CARRIAGES. HE Schacribor harine n<ade addittooa to ni iaotory. making it no* one of the iarf eat.jKSiV ic the District, whore hia facilities fortiBHSSi mAiiuiaotuiiCR CARRIAGE A LI61IT*??WAtiONScf ail kinla cannot be curpaaerd ar.? from hia ionr experienoe in the bnsinoM, he hopei to ti*? jeneral aaUafaotion. Ail iukda oi Car'acoaaat L;cM Wato?a kept at aacd. A ) RBPAIRBnea*lydoae,sn4aI!?r4?ra pr*a?f y attended to. 45T-4 4 \% 9t ?*ra?r Af Uth *wl 9*". via TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. T HAVE RKMOVKO TO No. 1? MARKET 1 >pac<\ Pi'ub. avjune, between sth ami myfc* <Hh a?r~< ta. where I will tie haepi t?i wa>t BRi on ali who will favor ni# wiili a cal wiu.f ai a fine stock of HOOTS a:.d 8 fr* La<t;es',Geuts\Boye\M!s??VOh'idr** b w^ar. mi a ??tr j. h M.. Buu 1 a AND wtor.s lu sun iu> TIMES. W? ar<* now manufacturing si! kinds ef B(>OT> ml SHOES*. and ooi atantly receiving - M y|? aupp'y of eastern >nvl- work of er?"ri il?- I oriptr)', made rijueu'; toorde-. ?nJ*i!!r al Ds sold at a rnuoh mw?r prioc than ban l*-c> v%k heretofore charged in thie city for maoh irferioi artuMM. Peraoaa in want of Hoots and Shoes of ea?f?rn 01 oitr made work, wtl! always find a |"od as?or*.iran in atoreand at the lowest prirea Give ua a oaf GRIFFIN 4. BRO., ap*-r 314 Penney! va' la a?w??. LMVE" HUNDRED TRAVELING TEUNKS r arrived thi* da?. c;n>-acini an ^uaii-?WTYW ti?a and sixos of Sole Leather, La<lie? l>re?a and Packing Trunk*. Our trunk^"*"*1 *al - room exhibits at tlna time the *r?at t variety of traveling requisites at moderate pri<ea. to be found thia aid<* of New York. Also. every deecip Hon of 1ADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAGS SATCHELS, Ao. Itj-Oid Trunk a repaired or taken Ln exchange for new ones. WALL. HTKPHHNS * CO? Trunk Sato Room, mar 31-tf Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, ko 499 7th Stun, Opposite Odd t'tilotc? Han t* a kmtton, D. C. Travelers will study their interests f>- examinin my TRUNKS, VALiCfcS Ao , hofore per w ch&WDK elsewere As I u?<* nouc but lu mUtVX best material the market affords aiid empto*^"** w '.he b?s? workmen, I oau confidently rec< mmend my work to b?* superior in Strmtt.k &r>d tHirmbiluy to Trunks that are made in other cities and sold hers. 1 k-M-p constantly on band, an.I make to order ion one week's stofioe) every uesoristien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAMR FRENCH DRESS an.i WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mnd otkf TALICES: TRATFTJ^O BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, *e., *c Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a workniMiiike manner, at short notioe Trunks delivered in any part of tks city, Georjelown. or Alexandria. FAMILT delS-lr JAMES 8. TOPHAM. PROPOSALS FOR REPAIRING TaE CUSTOM HOUSE AT BALTIMORE, Mu. TlUSClf r*KP A RTM1KT, ( Washington. July IS, 1MM Proposals will be reoeivsrf at this Department until the fitteenth dar of Sesteaiber. A. D.. 1e6 I. at 12 o'clock, noon, for the repair* of the Custom Huii?e authona'd to bf repaired at Ba iunore, Mary and, aooordinc to the plana and aaee.fccsuons prepared at this Department. Bidders will be required to reoeire the old caat iron work ii?p?nacd with in part payment of tha work, at the rate of one dollar per hundred pound*, and will he required to furniaa alt tne n atariai and perform ail the neoecaary labor to ooii.pletc the repairaaoooidinr to the p ana faruiahed. Ninety prr nent, of the amount of work done and aiatenala delivered according to contract price (aaid amonut to be aaoertainej in the manner presorih-Ml by th? aontract, by the eetimate or at agent of tha Department appointed for that purpose) wi 1 be paid month)v, as the work progresses, and ten per cent, retained until the eonpletion of the entrant and aeoeptanee of the work ry the Kent a'ore*aid, and to be li>rf? ited in 1 he ere it of nun fulfilment of oontraot. Seecifioatinaa and drawinna will tie rearit on the 16th of Audit, when tii *y can be had on applioatiou to the jjapartm. nt. The propoaa a muit he sent to ?h a Department, addressed to the ^eorsta** of the T'eaeurr a'd plainly endorsed " Propouih for ike B*lti more Cwtom hour*, an<l wiH be ? p?n?a at one i> c o. k of the 1 st day nam'-d for rec trior the BOWW I- COBH, 17 '7 2tw?w Secretary of the Treasury. W NEW GOODS. E HawJust reoeived a arjs stook of Bieaehed and Brown 0??TTON8 r*f the heat mk?a A ??, SHEETINGS, TAHLE LINENS, NAPKINS. TOWELING^. IRISH LINENS, *W T^a LA^NS, from s cents to <tX: HOSIER GLOVES. 6AUNTLKTT* WHITE, RED, BLUE aodORKV PLANNERS h? va ie\y. We have a few rich ORGaNDN ROBES oa k ad which we hare marked less f>an L; j>*? TAYLOE ft HUTCWIH.IX. |\It\V STYLES OF HIGH JKWKLEY-?.<r i\ HO1 >1> h&a ju?t o^T?d a U.-*?s ftocic. win oh b? wi:l?-ffer*t r?ry Tharafwra thorn* that are vichine to oarr? homr any Ui2? lahUne* mi pre?*nt?, wit| do ?*11 to ?*U and aiainine Ma ?<<v>k ?( S "? P* l? B FEKftH ELtK LICK. BEDFORM. C"N. GRESf*, an?i ..Ui*r tHNKUL WATERS, ooivtantlj on hand, b, c FORD, Jr.. jigsaw s.. I ALL KIND? OF camb Booght attha HiIM Prioat, At ELOTZ*ft KESTAUEANT. (??-? ? ?* Mtsthac,k?t.i'a.av and !? *. aj s#iO a?:'-?i ? k.a f m KJ* THE WEEKLY STAR riui utHlMt Family u4 N??I JowmI-mt lviuihc a phw rwitty of anntm r^4i?c uuui mi to fotM ui aay ?tk<r-u rabflafcatf en Saturday mor&inf. TuMt-Owi, MMim mtmwmf. ?ia*l? o?M, pt toots 91 IB Fit* "fie* . $ M I t oor i?a , , , , Twenty oopiaa U Br tftwcrtbtng im alata rauad moii n*i?hbora vithoat the int*rrvntl"a of a ? ?>. M?acaa will bo peroairad an p?r oeot of Tk* Wmki\, Stmt will ba hvm. It laaariabl? oontain? th* * * a*funftoa Maws" thxt b*a raa4? T%? Ii win Smt otroaitO* ao (towklr tkxoachoat tha 00 an try. E7" Sing la aoaiM<ia wrapper# > oaa baproaara* IT"^ Pnalmxiltrt who Mt M UWtl Will h* ,y-o comro'^ion of SUMMER RESORTS. 117A9H1NGT03 C I t T O A ft D B N . EBN8T LOBFFLBR. PmpHOw. JVrtf T?r* krirM fe( M M. Iw?tt4d tU'? that ?r?ry fcrrma<^o,?Bt tuu A . . A m*?lr to n;ak? th:? "Rrtr?*t" i?or? frmf ?ttr?oti;e* <M>oat. Moq4?ti ?* ?*r IfjH-L :l?n?*'?op?c to th*twof otArt*-?MM{rt nwn b) 1 ( i.rottitiil, ? ?<> ??!* <'iut u> m ?o? tli* Maaoe ard ?*!t? vi 1 find the sal< on ie o? valet* ?rd*r to rMiiM t? ail. U? oia- r day* th* proprietor will th- ux ?f um ir<>un '? for aohool or other Pio Nic Pa. Um vltt at charge. Cor IIih MtaMMMit of ohud'ea b? h? lrtro>'aaad % uambfr of lit'le iaim, never before aee<. m Uua sit*. and ca ca.atad at the saioe time to an. use taa -old Talk* " V H.?Avta?b?d ii nr Bottling Katahliahm ataod laoulie* oan be *u? plied with anr ?uaut. tj at their oeioenee, of taat heathfal drink, I 4"l B UK Kit . ?>on >h?r* ? i< ?A NALOSTAN RETRKAT, ok autloftlll iuakb. Orntiti Omrfetcren aad Watkxmtm The subscriber* havu.f leased for a *ena of yaara this beautiful and romantic spot. ohd? A - ? A it for to* aooomModation of the punlic o?.YrjAT the31?t d\> of Aiajr, IMA. For beauty o'iUU *o?ii*ry, dr.i?hrfcl proirenadea, fisaina cVTw tleai.a superior is ucsarpa>a*d la tbo Union. I tie riouao ia large and oora-nodkoas. hana* beea f jtir?ly renovated It has a large DanoiM raJoon attached to tb* house b?s des Dining >n^ Dimiu Kooms for both iauie* anil feat emen In addiU< ' if!?"did Arbors detac mI from the buiidiLga. i'art! ?a. Families and Jndviduas ?ni bud it a iTKUt deal able b to mu the in'lrt dara of anm nor. m rvery attention will be guarantied by the proprietor*. The tnoteet iKi'ioe arraageaenta #l I be euforoej, Mil poi ti ai diecneeioia Will be prohibited Th* L*rder will be found to contain *11 the do!imowi ol Uis mm?i at ail Uidn. The M?r *ill be furniehnd with the ohoieect Liquor* and ** me* and the 4n*?t Seger*. S >cietir*, Sunder Schools. Clul* and Military C-'inianira wui &nd thu the most uri.rabia ru Tt neu the metiopo.u for apeactiog a p.eaaan' anc or de-ty day. flj*" Children unaccompanied by their pereaU or guardian*, will bo excluded from the grooada. jnnnin* and doge prohibited. tcr Ho*U will leare trie 'not of High utreet. 8*orgelown. and G etreet, Washington, hourly, iir a o c ock a. m. ti I IS p. m . daily. Pccona preferring a pica cant wait oaa reach .the la \ad via the Aqueduct Weeolicit the eoMio to judge for themaelToe. aad fe*i a?*ur*d ol giving aatiuiantion _ ie 9 eot/ )A'-OH W. POWER* A CO^ DENTISTRY. ra DKN'TAL CAKD. I/R. M'*NSON He~? returned and retained his profession. Oflioe M.rl house a' 463 K . /flC) tblt4 door eaat of fixtk in nJ?ltio* | PtaftVtT ery o her afp'OV'tl Myle. Dr. M h? mstu;j t choN wulo'ni e Kim lor the <ast thrM year*, and, from exp< r.eno? knows it excels all out r?. . isoid patron* ?>f Washington. Alexandria,-and -town are respectfully eolioited tj Mil. >-ii a ool? D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM l!* Hu eloeed kia oOioe forth* eea son. and will be absent, as u?ual, danni the ore mi r months ; will r*saine practice ahn?t the let of October, of wfeieh fnrtker notice will he giren. jyie-tf D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a p.acUca test of two years fnels that ke oan with c i.Lderce reoon?-^^?fc nond the Cb*cpla*tio Prooeas for iaaeruummt/Bm arufioial teeti. It has tne adnntuei 'trentth, beauty, cieaallneea, and ehaapneea. Pel upper sin* inserted for Rat. ParUai id purport on. < Hfiee S?6 Pa. wma eel WOOD AND COAL. WOOD A N D_ COAL . ? I)*l>Tn?d to all p4rt? of th# eltf, M the lOVMt possible rMm. T J. A W. M. GALT, Ofice Pa. ar., Mwmd 11th and UU iU. mt 17-tf north tvi* THK SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an extensire stock of la' EL, u prepared to sell m a ver* low firnrrfor cash. W(K'l) >&?<M a&-i ^pht any sua Ca!i ar,?l see for joureelf. Wo. .faa^C^D^r. ma 1ft 9. V. corner of Fourteenth aod C si*. fc. mTkeysJ \ DKALEK IK B WOOD & COAL, LIME,|[ C SAND. CESENT, Mil. \ \ Plaster, end White Gravel, (f I 548 N. E. Cor. 12tk dt C Sto. I ij Owe *n**rv South Penn. A*. ? B WASHINGTON, D. a- r-tf Nation aEIl heTx hibition, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, S*n. litk-mk. Tho i:\lTF.0 STATES AGRTCULTVRAL SOC1RTV will hold us Euhth A-nual Atnenllu ral and I rtuaina Exhibition on the fiv wis litw ill) provided hr till oitis?us of OncmiaU. vhtofc a<e t*> he fitted up in the best etrle. Tki?re will l>? i 1 ? , f-A. 1 n 1 L iirtii* ' na ? iui mr u<npii?f VI 1 Tl nC?MKNTS, MAOH1N KRV, T< >OI.S.L>OM F.STlC MAM FACTrRE*. FARM ASb GARDEN PRrtDU* E, FR17IT8, FI.OWER*. and NA TIVE W I N K?: with Mafia and Pert for HORSES. CATTL-, SHEEP, and gWlNEi and an uu*-qual-il Track,one mite ia length a a lorti f*et in WMl'h. for the exhtt?iti<-i ol Hofwt. The Premiums offered-m oa?h,?cold, ailv*r. and hi onxe medala,?diplomat and ofli ufiaatM, aaH>tu.t Th? Exhibition will remain om Irom Wadneadar.the llth. to Thursday, the 4*h, ol Saptemltei, thua giving tunc to examine a ad teat the iaipla m?nl? auil machinery. Sor preuti >m UkU or informatioa apply at the ice of tiie Society, No. 33t> Pa. ar^poe. (up ataira;) or to the anb^riber, at CiMinnatr. Ohio. BEN. PERI BT PO<jRF. if H tf 8??'?T. 8. icrmltnra fbnetf. OFFICE OP INSPECTOR AND ttEAl.ER LI OF OAS METERS, Waokiwto*. Jti'.r ia, nv NOTICE IS HEREBY GIfEM. That, agreeably to the proririona ?>f toe nidiaaoo* *vf the T><-porati u approved May it 1?>, the underaigceo ia now prepared, "wherever reeuired in writing. ai?<t on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to i?apeo*. eaaimn , teat, arore, and ascertain the aeanraoy f registration ofanjr gait raster ta nee in tfcia eity. Every meter. if f?ni?d n^orreet, will beaoademn-d. ana MOinrr, irwn mia mvi'a M iw.toi s? t in i'? p.fcc. if prove# U> be Mcumt* in i'e me*?ur-ment of *??, it will be etalea aoeor?lin?!y, and i<un nt in posi ioh for mm. Offise Sfo 610 Heven'h etreet.(a?CT Odd Fs.!?*?' Kai' > pen from**, m . to6p i*. CHARI.HS W. CL nninokam . jy M tf Inspector and t*eaier of t?as Metere. P RAN CI 8 HARPER, FAMILY GROCKJT'AN^?KED STORK, Orrntr ?f New Yfri nr^mt<? anA TrtuA Respectfully solicits the netionare of those who aia* bwin want of ?ny article in tbeatw*re line. Hi* eadeaTibrs shall be fo ptea?e. and by a stnot attention to the wants of?M patilie. he hoy? fee writ * ahare of their patronage. His took oonrirts of every article seaailf to be found in a ?Tst olaee Family Grocery ana Feed Store. _ wtntf ptRhOlD R\h WMlMV^Ui hand errera L brand- of Pure Old Rye VI hi ky, Coffer 0>sdHed. made hy the mast relish e distiUeraie P*oas?lvaaia, Maryland and Vinmia. warranted ??r. standard braadu A nhoie* lot of ('icarf and To trs.,. r~SK t'stanusstx. IPwJ!Z*ZUHome? *n.m oAh* UJl U* !?nf \vt?YK* Kl KTS*uf** * " *uVity. Ladiea in *4?t of*?? ?T(k? kbn'tfpiMli *yy *w pr,~ w*t* rawrfisvr275 ALi,B <**75 iiCKSON, FLA^MTMMMMB. ^ III A K_" |