Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1860 Page 2
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' THK EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: W*D?IE?I?AY A ngast 29, * fcpirtt ! W#rrt?* Press. The Cms!ir*iiri de*eanta at length apon the ? Irrrfr* ssi.> l - Conflict," as being " the question before the people " The I%i'Hi('Hcr treat* apon "Mexican Complications " fl r The Reform Central Committee In Baltimore have nominated Geo W. Brown, Eaq . for mayor 11 T~ The Chic*?o Z<.'?ave?, It is said, hare m>?d* thrtr farewell appearance In public, and will henccforth devote themselves to their prlrate pursuits. IXy" It 1? said that an Investigation Into the affairs of the Canada Grar.d Trunk Railway has expeoed grt-at extravagance, fraud, peculation, lid iitUqtaua^emeot. ITT The completed census of Cincinnati shows <??l ?lh. I. fc ? M - - * ? , uu, vl?| w u?*v a pt puiaiion ui oniy IOO.SOl SOU 18 1 The P?P?s ' t city Lave previously claimed a population of 2Uk>,MJ0. 1! r A man named Peter Thomas died at Cincinnati on Sunday, wblle under the Influence of Chloroform, adir uistered to facilitate an operation on one of bis eyes. fT?* The New Orleans Picayune says the Northern Texas papers speak of a bloody flgbt in the Choctaw nation between the abolition and slaveholder parties. In which over 1UU were killed. The storv is doubtful. . I irr A meeting of the Breckinridge wing of the democratic party of Fauquier was held at "Warrenton on Monday for tLe purpose of orgaolzlng for the campaign. It was determined to hold a mass meeting at some future day. d/" James Gordon Bennett, Jr., has recently had occasion to " knock down and drag out" sundry Impertinent colored waiters at the Inter, aational Hotel IVi ..* swis. ? vt-u ?- - ? , .-n uilu irai lie ! aid to have performed in the most scientific manner. _ [pr W e h*ve advice* from Denver City of the 21st inst The excitement regarding the silver lead mine d'voveries ia on the ir.cease Number* of the miner; are stamp-ding from the gold mines to those of th." silver lead. The California Gulch gold diggings continued to pay richly. ft7** The reported resuscitation of the pirate Hicks, in New York, is regarded as a miserable hoax. It is stated that neither of the Drs. Crane of that city ever before beard or know anything of such a resuscitation; and if there is such a person a* Dr. McllWry, his name does not appear In th? Directory, while Dr. Carnochan denies that i?e hid any knowledge of the affair whatever. The statement is untrue in regard to the hight to which the body was jerked from the ground. The distance wu nearly five feet. The time of suspension was thirty minute*. rttlrsal. Gen. Jo. Lane is in New York. Hon Jno. Hemphill. Texas, and Purser J Geo. Harris, V. S. N , ar? at Browns'. Mrs G VV Kimball, widow of the late Consul at St. Helena, is at the National. The lion Mr Miles, M C. from South Carolina. Is dangerously ill at Newport. In a list of f -TBons who have been presented to the Prince of Wales* at Montreal, we notice George M. Weston, fcsu.. of this citv ' r - ~ "J " Hon Kobert T Haw*. Comptroller of New York, Hon James Kelly, aad Daniel D. Couover are at S irato^a. Ion I)an!~l S Dickinson, of Rlnghamtoo. and Hen J B Untbrie, of Kentucky, are at the Fifth Ave&U;: Hotel, New York. As Attempt to ??? it Rat*.?A letter from l<yu':hburg in th?* Kich.nond dispatch says:?**A gentleman wfco resides newr Boydton, Meohlennurjj county, Va . lias asp'red to a new science? tuat of controlling tUe clouds in order to cause It to rain at will Witn t ie view of attaining this ^ end, he has built a 'Rain-tower.' which novel atr'K ture tssild tube^l f??t diamt-ler at the base, Which sizr it TeUi'.is to the height of 1U feet. To V this height it contains four tfuea, ?ach 7 feet in diameter. Tb-- niaiSer of ti ies is then reduced to two, which run up :*> feet higher, the top of the Structure reaching an altitude of 6*i feet Tbe wuvid vmccrii wu erectea at a cost of about Sl.UW. The wfius operandi of causing rain to fall ia a follows: The Uni are filled with dry pine wood, which ia set on fire, and which is kept up until the d*sired effect ia produced on the elements. Hia theory ia that the great beat produced in the air aoove the -lower1 will cause the clouda to concentrate over it. when plenty of rain will fall in that vicinity. The originator of this novel Idea i> and to be a firm oeliever in the practicability aud utility of h;a - Invention,' notwithstanding the fact, tuat after repeated trials, during which he consumed hundred* of corda of wood, hia tower faiitd tu produce the deal red etf-ct on the uD[*opitlou5 heaven*, he having be-n a great sufferer from dronght during the entire spring and summer." SivniL Old H**ds Toobtuek?Ar. Extraordinary y[teti?g ?At Jacbun, tn tbia State, aayi the Detroit Advertiser, the loth of thia month, there met at a tea-party sixteen person 1 whose abited ages amounted to one thousand one hundred and seventy-two years, and the average ag j of each was seventy-three years and three months Such a gathering is rare anywhere, and especially in the western country, where so large a portion of the Inhabitants reckon their period of residence lu.V k..? - r? ... w jrarm, comparatlvcly. Their names and ages were respectively as follow* : Ladies?Mrs Call, 85; McComb, Ho, Iierrick. fc-J, Rockwell. 74; Serjeant, 78; Foster, 74; Ruggles, 73; McGee, ??; Turner, 6#; Morrison, 90; iieebe, 7*2; Pool. 7W, Kennedy, 06; Trimbick. GtJ Gentlemen?Mr Turner, 7*2; McGee, 7U. Twelve of the ladies were widows. * fT^The Whips and others of Fauquier county Virginia, frteudly to the election of Bell and Eveiatt, had ?u enthusiastic demonstration at War renton on the 24th instant. The demonstration was kept up for two days, and commanded the attention of a large concourse of people of every party Robert E Scott, Esq., made one of his ablest efforts, and happy addresses were also made by Alexander Hives, E. C. Carrington, R H Carter, A. J. Crane, J. V Brooke, and otbera. At Bight on Siturday there was a brilliant scene. Rocketa and bonCres sent forth a brilliant light, and stirring music was beard on the streets, at In the old Whig era. During the evening enthusiastic crowds were addressed in . ..a I k* 2* pVCVUC? l>y Mean Scruggs. Crane, Rives, Snackleford, Skinner, aad John S. Pendleton. " Srnwi."-1The following is the result of a vote token on the cars from Bakimnre to Washington on the afternoon of Saturday. - ?tL : Breckinridge and Lane 40 Bell and Lverett 36 Douglas and Johnson 5 Lincoln and Hamlin , : 4 Houston 2 Another vote, on Um afternoon of Monday, 27th, resulted as follow^: Breckinridge and Lane 53 Bell and Everett :jo Douglas and Johnaou 9 Lincoln and Hamlin.... li Houston 1 [f7* A Newport correspondent writes:?The first symptoms of the Newport autumn are beginning to be visible. The crowds of guests wtiich errive are thinner, and tboae wtaicU depart are more nnmerons thaa they were. Alas, for the glory of the hotels! If the proprietors could only extend the -teasoa"slx days longer tban its usual length, they could make money, instead ot barely covering their expenses As It Is now. the hotels, notwithstanding the rush of patronage during the week or two constituting tbe hiirht <>r u? nv?ii, are poor property, and* I ain toTd,- would not sell for more than oor-halr their coat. They will, p rote hi y, keep open until the 15th of September Dvn inwcii I'oiimu.ii?Fatal RmcltThe Nashville (Tenn ) Aazrtte of the 24th baa th** folicwlnK important lt?m On Thuradiv of last week * duel waa fought in the Indian nation, betwern Or Mitchell and Mr. tinatt, <>ppoalng candidates for Congreta In tfce late election in Arkana?a. in which Mr. tiaant, the aiiocesefal aspirant. waa killed Intelligence to this effect waa y?aterday received by relative* of the decaeed liv ng in this vicinity The deceased was brother to George Gautt, Esq , a well-known ISWTer lad i.r..? - - - r? i?iu ox Columbia, Tenn." SftLMM'i Ptiruib Glci ?We have reaelved Mrvrral uu'plr* of prepared liquid glue, pat up 1b small botUea by Mr. H. C. Spalding, 3u Flatt itrtrt, New York and have tried It tn mending old forBltore It In very convenient article for donxtttc Mt, and deaervea to be kept cob Uittlv on baad in every bauarbold. It la alao t eon veafceat a/Uole for pat'em bi>w . a - - " "" or> in ronwrocttng and repairing their model* ? Stift'Jit Am>rua?. |pr Mra Mary Roopa toad, widow of l*? late ? rf f'Mw Boad, U Uuwd iftooMnicil OiatrveUff, died at Can bride* on Til ? < ?. at ttx a*e 1 * zgr*'* jmfn 1* wm'* I i i ; WASHINGTON NIWS AMD eOUlP. Genual Apathy ?For the pact four week* we have been traveling In various section* of the country?In Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, New York, Mnasachuaetta, Rhode Inland. Connecticut, New Jersey, and Delaware, thus having an excellent opportunity to acquire reliable Inform** t on with reference to the exlatlng state of politic* there. But a (Ingle fact In that connection impreaaed itself upon oar mind, travel where we would. Viz: That the great msaa of the people throughout the states named above, except In Vir glnla, Pennsylvania, and New York, are leas in. teres ted In the current itriunrlc than h*rn? In a Presidential contest. In flict, except In VIr- 1 glnia, Pennsylvania, and New York, we fouud none others than tbe politicians by trade, now existing in considerable nfcmbcrs everywhere, wbo aeem to trouble tbemaelvea In tbe least about the matter?there being no more popular excitement anywhere upon the subject than over their o dinary State elections, If aa much. Tbe flaming accounts of great and entbuslaatlc meetings of all tbe parties at the North, which tbeir partizan newspapers are publlahing from day to day, are all to be received cum grmmo talis; not a tithe of what they embrace being literally true Thla state of things strikes us aa boding extensive political cbangea soon to occur, the precise char acter of which are at yet not to be divined by the shrewdest and moat far-seeing political calculator a If it results la a better understanding between the two contending sections of the Confederacy than now ex lata, and in sluabing off from the management of party affnlrs the lobbyItea, contract apeculatora, chronic office-seekers, and conatitutional demagogue*, who have by degree* come too often to monopolize the manage* ment of the affaira of all the pirties in a great measure, to the almcat entire ezcluaion of independent and unselfish citizens from participation in their direction, it will indeed prove a godsend for the public interest. Our impression Is that such is to be Its tendency, though ? ? are free to confess that the signs on which wn base that impression are still very Indistinct. Navai. 15tkt.l10kncr.?Dispatches have been received, from Flag Officer Stribiing, cf the East India squadron, dated Shanghai, June 14., I860 Since bia arrival there In the tlartford several Important cities near h?d been captured by the rebels, causing great alarm among the Chinese and an entire suspension of b i sin ess with the interior. Several hundred men had been landed at Shanghai by the English and French forces for the protection of both Chinese and foreigners against any sudden attack. The city of Shanghai and foreign settlements were fully protected by the allied forces, which, at the Mine time, were preparing to make war agfeinst the imperial Uov r?ni?nt TV - C?11-v - - -? *?- - - .uc ungmu ma rrencu iieels were assembled at the entrance of the Gulf of Pe-tche-11, the former on the north and the latter on the south side, where It wj presumed they would remain until Lord Kigin and Baron Gross had endeavored to settle their difficulties without resorting to force. Despatches have also been received from Flag i (Ulcer William lnman, commanding the African squadron, d.tted as late as June :JU. He was then at West Bay, l'rince's Is'.and, where he had arrived with his dag ship, the Constellation, on the 23d of June, from Porto Praya. The steam-sloop Mohican, Commander Godou, was also in port. Commander Thomas J. Page, In charge of the survey and exploration of the Parana and tributiriesof the Paraguay river, reports from Buenos Ayres, under date of the lSlh June, that the work his been brought very near to a close. He had ?inn 1?1 iuiuiuu hi uue ui bis assistants, i.ieut, Chas. P. McGary, to return to the United State*. Thr Cooper Otkba Trocpk, en route for Ha. vana, have secured the Washington theatre for one week, where they will open on the 17th of September with the fine opera of Fra Dlavolo The company has made some very valuable additions, such as a new tenor of magnificent voiae, and a new baritone, besM-s Miss Annie Mlliner and Miss Kemp. Crown Diamonds, Lucreala B>rgia and Figaro are included in the repertoire, all ol wmcn. we understand, win be brought out during their stay In Washington. HorniiiTS o? thi Perstdknt.?We learn by telegraph that the President of the United States left Bedford Springs yesterday morning, lie will probably arrive in this city this evening by the train due here at sfx o'clock p. m. aixt istklligbsc*.?Surgeon R H.Coolldge bat been directed to proceed to Philadelphia on duty connected with the Medical department; after having performed which he will return to bit station. * Th* W*ath?*.?The following report of the weather for the ir.ornlug It made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the t*mlthtonlan Inttltution. The time of observation it aboat 7 o'clock. Acquit 29, 1840 Philadelphia, Pa clear, cool. Baltimore. Md clear, cool. Washington, D. C clear, wind NNW Ptlertburg, Va. clear, 74 Norfolk, Va cloudy, 75?, Wind N Raleigh, N. C overcaat, 76J. Wilmington, N.C cloudy, mild. Columbia, S. C cloudy, warm. Charleston. 8. C cloudy, 783, wind SW Augusta, Ga cloudy, pleasant Savaansh. n? ~i? ?f ?- ? > ? vtwuu y | U j W1 n Q 1^1 W Columbus, Ga cloudy. Macon, Ga. raining. Montgomery, Ala. raining, hard. VBOM TBI WXCTPlttsburg, Pa clear, 53?. wind 9 Cleveland, O clear, cool. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m . (corrected for temperature,) at noon, 20 973 Thermometer at 7 a. m61*; at noon, 7U Maximum during'24 hours ending 9 a. m. today, 75% minimum 58*. Amount of rain yesterday fifty-eight-hundredtba of an inch. YTS? VAN DEM ARK'S PORTABLE FENCE. 'U Any one can secure rights for thi? RKAM Y CuKAP a^d umivaiW'd Penc", of Agent L. \V. P A l/l'ON . corner o seventh .trcet and Pa. avenu?, where thu models can he seen for a fair nays only. Call up gentlemen and before the rights are a 1 soli. Agents wautnri. an 29- \V,K?M3t* Yy-DKMP^KY A O'TOOI.K Js_s WBDOIHU D y IS IT I If(t vTJ&'&S' ? ? i'?. A... w.i.'?f?^si'ai WA?H1HGTO!?. W,, . ? MRS. TODi) M?, BCTfi,WSBJBTiSE"1N4R*Mim Goodrich. A firi" play frr?und in stticned to tt?*- pre .1 ?es Add y atli.iFiftK\iLzr _ ,IMI miDCV, 11*71 wetjfj i) and k. an g> at* Everett institute, mim at., hxiwhk9th *.ni>10th st*. The eserotaes of thu w 41 known institute will he raiuiMtl on Alonitar, tlie }l o' September. Terms are very r-<*<>oaabl*. For particulars soe circulars at the different bookstores, or call on K W. FAR LEY, the piopnetor, at his residence, 4*3 Tenth stree*. *u? <t* Brookevillk academy, MoflTeoxuiv Cochtt, >ID The next session will ooiniueaon Soptemb r3i. Boys are prepai ed for college or trained for business. Oaiaio * lie* may 1m? obtained by addressing the Brookevil e..M .. * E. B. PRETTVMAN, A. M., an 29 2W Principal. 1~> JL'ST RECEIVKD, Ol R NEW STYLES GENTS' FASHIONABLE DRESS HAT.*, with improved Sweat r* Leathers, reader inic thern easy ai<l pleasant to^L I the wearer. At I LANES I wm? * - - raeaiooaMo lis* and Cap Emporium, 424 Pi avenue, near 4H fct. au a-eoSfe (Bt t?i4Co ? * That ... .. ?r. n-r of Pa avenue and 11th street, in th- A ^ .A Eur<-p an Hotel, where G\*E in ?et-WMf iva, Ihi beat of LIQUORS, excellentX|jHJL Cld AKS andLAGEH UKKR. which he aaaurea tue pud 10 la from the Brewery from which he baa ?o? it for eeveral ye?ra when at the plae? which be kept tiefore moving to his preae?t 1 cation. HIIO.! WOODASDr?iL, 1 am new dimhatiiuf a cargo of VN'Hl IE A83 (OAI.. K(i fiM. Mr ewt iiwiow mmM oenti per ton by ordering at ouoe aul having it delivered i o"a'kTi \K ,'"h 1CKORV WOOD> 1 " ^ " ~'k" """t. bdw. clar?, Fobkivs Items.?The English filet by the CHy of Baltimore contain the following additional Items: The London Tlmea'a city article of Thursdty evening sava:?'* Disappointment in the expeditions of a change In the weather and threatened political contingencies hare led to a further decline in the English fond*. American securities show greater firmness, owing to the anticipation of an active boaines* in brecdstullV" The select committee of the House of Ottimast have issued a report,atating that the condition tf the laws regulating the national inU>r< oafs* with France, Spain, Portugal, and the I n;ted SM?. Is most unsatisfactory During the last three Sears the Hritish merchant shipping trado has ?-en in a state of great depression. In the struggle and competition to which Hritish ship-owners are now exposed with foreigners, they vtew with the greatest jealousy the restriction still imposed by foreign powers 011 our shipping. In the home,, colonial, and foreign trade. tb?- rate of frelgtts especially has b?-en for a long time wholly nnre muneratlve Tbe report concludes with "a hope that the recominundations of the committee will receive the earliest attention of the Government. The marriage of Lady Alice Villieis. daughter of the Earl of Clart-ndon, with Lord Skelmersdale, was solemnized oil the 10th lust. The Gibraltar, carrying one <4iundr<sd and one ?uus was safely launched at Davenport on the Oth The Opintone Nationale publishes, authentically, a statement of three subalterns if the first foreign battalion of the Holy See declaring that their superior officers have advised ttem not to desert, promising thit on the sllghest rising of the population which might occur >t Perugia they would allow them to sack the town. A Souths** Lawtbr Patkonizks a? ArCTiOW 4J ? S . vivu.?mdd \> . narper is an attorney and solicitor residing In Abbeville, Henry coanty, Ala., where be expound* Coke upon Littleton, and tights the legal battle* of bis litigious neighbor* for pecuniary considerations. With L|a pocket* lined with hi.. pecuniary profit* became to this city o?? a visit. Tliii noinlnu he *tej>f'?4 into the mock auction store No. 19? Broadway: a watch was being sold, the glib tongue of tbe auctioiteer extolling it* meriti to a pitch of excellence fitting it lor presentation to tbe Prince of Wales Mr Harper bid S13. and instn liter the watch wet declared hi* proj>erty. The re*t of the story i* a thrice told tale Th? watch proved to be Ira**, and the interpreter of Blackatone wa*allowed, by paying S73 additional, to exchange it for a wit h with gold hunting case, worth about half hi* total di*bur*ements In the aecoud bargainer Harper discovered he had been as badly fleeed as in bis tlrst purchase He remonstrated Itvas of no use. To the Mayor's office came Mr Harper. He showed Col. Uuruhaoi, the city marst >1, his card, and a glow of shame on his cheek attLe manner he had been taken In. An officer va* sent to the auction *tore, and the money Mr. H. had foolishly disbursed wa* paid back to bin. " I am Some on lawr ran-t " ??i<t Mr 11 >>*?. . , < * *?? ft.I OS he put the money in his wallet, " but 1 give u>to watch cases."?Jv. Y Exerts*. ' HioiirALtTTiN.?Somebody, at a political m?etlng in Delaware, very iinprope ly said uncivil thing* of Gen. Scott. whereupon Mr. Bri?jg? arose in his defence. The following it hit enquent perch: ' 31r. Prt.sidfut?Whoever says Gen. Fcot Is not a pitriot should be kicked out the back dtor of puulic contempt, rolled down the gutter i f degradation, picked up with the tongs of g^neriW execration. and burled in the wale s of obtivftn.'' T NOTICE. HP', STEAMER BALTIMORE will, after SATl RKAY,the 1st oi Septembo., _rr??? . b? withdrawn from the Norfolk S-a route Ami placed on the mail line twe.Mi WASHINGTON anl AQIJlA CRKKK I au*9-3t tint.I> GEO. MaTTiNOLY. |^OTICE TO BOUT AND SHOK DEALERS. I hive this i!ay tasociat?d with me Hi.ahkv FobRK?T. Of Georcftown in tlm VVItnu^.u i>? 1 ? ? -? .? .../.vroic u?'H aim | Shoe HiifeincHs, under tiio nam* ami styl? <f ForBHT&P/IUI. LEWIS FAVNK. August 4th, I860. SOUTHERN BOOT AND SHOE FACTORY, WASHINGTON D. C. The undersigned won hi ca.ll the attention of the M-yU* train to their xtock nf Ml/N'x.kfai |?| BOYS', aid YOUTHS' VYKAKMgl f Hi now on hand. Constantly w>*rki k| Kv * V^^over one hundred awn, w<* are" a way? prepared io fill all orders with dispatch. The attentioa of Farmer* Planters, and other*, is call-.d to our stock of SERVANTS' SHOE*, and of our heavt work for Plantations which, iW pi ice and durability, cannot be surpaxsed. Hem*the only ma.uiacturei. engaged extensivel* in the wholesale business South, we rely upon houthern men for our trade, while our work is tar superior iu quality to the hastern manufacture ; our* are ve>y little different. Our establishment has been in operationfor about two yea:s, and otir work has Rive, universal satisfaction l?oth to purchaser and uonsnrn ir au? UatWlt FORREST & l'AVNE. UTH A WliDRH V VAif iwnTlTB TK FOP E5 1,1 VoUNG I.ADlK-*. JVM* D---1 /? ?- " - " * " itvar * ?Ul/l XJTirrr rott uj*ce, ratr'fiT Ccunty. fa. Location or.e of Hie iiealthiost in tlie f*uit<-; Society in" al tuid rebu?d; Religious privileges unsurpMMd. Tho fall term of this Institution will commence on th? 3>l ?;ajr of September, 18G0. anil uimih on tli? U?l of F^br. arr. 1861. under the management ol emupntrti.t teachers Terms per Session : One-half in advance. For Tuition in English Brai.ches,Board an<] Washing - $61(10 Ft Lessons on 1'iano 12."0 " uieof-ama 230 *' French, Latin and Greek.(each 500 " Ornamental Xnedle Work 3<0 " Drawing and j'ainting,(each 5.'*> " Monoch.'Oinatics 5 00 * Lights I.>jo " Fuel ?... 1HI For further particulars apply to cither of th? folio* me g.-ntieiuen itho Hoard of Trustees) who will bo glad to tu m?h circularN aad si ve any lmorina tiou ne?irod m reference to the school and Managers: Board ef Trustees. Lewis D. Means, Esq., Treasurer, Lang.ey, Fairfax county, V?. Dr Wm. II. McVeigh, An. a, Henipr Jenkins Esq., '* " " ;?ir jos-pu Ueiuuu " " W. \V Hall, Ksi| . Project Hill, " " Caj't W.T MuM,t'.8.N.,^iy, ' " Capt.Jno. Powell, Hunter'a Ml 1, *4 a i <9 4t* RECEIVED AND FOR SALE? A iu??'t choice a*?ortine-1 of 1,1."BIN'S GENUINE PERFUMERY and Toll ET SOAP. S. C. FORD. Jr . DruKfi t, au 28-3t Corner Elev?nlu ?t. and Pa. av. TMRS. PLANT'S ACADEMY. II K Duties oftlim nohool will be rosuin?d Monday. Sepiemlier &l, 3*<7 Ninth street, one door no. th of 1 a.reel. Termi, An., made known on ap plication. an tf'REAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS! VJf 1 h*ve now in store? One 7 octave rosewood Clnckerinr Piano fur 0175 <>ne 7 do. do Roa?iikran's do. aw Oaef'K do. do. Ni ma*. C'ark do. ion unco* <]<?. do. H i nkr&ntz do. 1/5 One ii>? do. do. Litht & ttiadbuiy, 175 Also, good Second-hand Pianoa for $50 to (loo. Piano* and Melodeons for rent. New Music every w?ek. JOHN F. KL.LM, Sole Agent fjr Chiokering A Son*' fiv o<, au 28 306 ha. ar., bet. th and 10th >U. IVOTlCF,.?Onoe more we have to o?ll the atten1^ Hon of those who are indebted to ua for n"tea pauduean for tcoeunta rendered the let of July and p e?i<?oa >o thit aatr, ?> d we beg ol a 1 lo oome forward and paj ua without further delay. CLAtihTT k. MA\ , 324 Penn. IT., b*t 9th and H>th ata. an '.t u w r 3 METROPOLITAN STEAM FLOURING MILLS, JVftr U k street and Cant!, C. L COLTMAN, Proprietor We have now on hant a superior lot of our EXTRA FAMILY KLOL'R, f esh niound, from hr?t qualitv white Wheat. Al>o,a new lot ofourold <taiuK'd KXTRA :*rPI.RlrINE, which always give* such eeneral """ X'.'.*11.'1 MKA.U KYE CHOP. aud al, k n<U of MlbL OFF A I. foe sale cheap f>r cash. The at'entii* of the public is respe tlully >olicit-*d hef re pu;chA'ior 'Isewbere. Th-? Highest cash pr-c* paid for Wheat. Kye and Com. au 27-0 3>*_ SEVENTH STREET. A b- autiful an8or!rtM>ntofGf>l,D PAPERS, with a varied *tock of medium and lowprieod GOOps, FIREBOARDS. PRINTS. Plr-Tl RKS. CORD and TAfSELS, ?c. remnants of low prised PAPERS, with a handsoms stock of WINDOW SH^.L)E:*, at greatly reduced prices. Order* left for PAJ'ER'IANGiNGS and WINDOW f HADES ?ati*factorilj executad with skill a<id ispateh in city or oountry. Plea?e jive lue a call. Don't forget Hie number. INO. M ARKR1TKR, No. 486 Seventh St.. 8 doors abort au 27 eo6t* Odd Fallows' Hall. WE HAVE FINISHED TAKING AN ACCOUNT OF STOCK, and will commeroe to day (Monday, Am 17.) to off?r veiy great bargain* in Light and Dark Silka, Silk Robes ^al^Moossejaine^ M*r iuo*s, Caahmeres mvuuse.tune Kobe*, Fine L*oes Embroideri'*, Pocket Handkerchiefs W hit* Uooda of every description Hosiery, Men's and Boys' Wear, for fall and yn i nt^ir Iriih Linens, Table Damasks, Sheetings, Shirtings, 4e. . , We incite a 1 in want of good bargain* for ea?n to give as a oa'l. The lowest cash erioeu marked on erefj aftToie in stor<. CLAGETT Jt MAY, 3*4 Penn av., bet. 9th and l*>th sta. aBl7-M,wjJ^ OBAY WATER. . NE punoheoa pure high flavored BAY HUM. t BE*.-.QLfSBTMENT^F THK^lNJ'KRiqR..^ Sealed proposal* will be roe iy*f at Una ffioe until 13 o'clock at noom on the loth day of Hepteni ber ne?t, for famishinc, for ?he t< it olfio*. ninety cords of bestdr* hickory ?n d aud (an <*>rdi be*t l'?k r'? piue wood, lour feet in length. to be del<T?r<d and corded on the flagging on (he ?rs?t r unt of the Patent OAee Building ? n N iath at- r^. t wmmt, on or before the first day of 4>?Utor I 'll, Proposals skoald be iddtmil to the CommiaaioaHi''" *"I7g^liraairSft,c!' M H-dt8*f M Commissioner. ji iwnmw*~ - 0 . ?ar>-*?- ? -? EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. Tnotick HAT TheSHIEI.D'* ROYSinteinl giving their SIXTH GRAND ASSEMBLY XTHnui'i g% Ham?. S???nthst rou I R1 DAY EVENING, M ?'iUinbwa. f^k Pvuonlars in future adrerttMnrnt. MB m it ? DHI'X, PHI N. PHUJT-fc#0* ?ST Z2* F.jlfji PHLNpY PHELLdnS'-Thr m% PIC NIC of the Phunnv Pbellaw* will t&ke 9S ?* ? "t Coltjibia ^rk:M|on Tl' ^ ft. 4. I.ook out for rht?^ ti?ff*. T!?**t?VB?V 25 cent*, admitting a g?i>tTeip'an an I lariiea. Coach* W'll leave 7th st anrlA venue from 10 o clock a. m. to in p. ni. ! are 10 eentH rach nay. __ By o.dei^of Committee. au 29-2t* THE ball ... ? . _ DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS At COLUMBIA fePRINGS, Is POSTPON'rt) to ? THURSDAY EVENING, Anrurt 3t*h, At which time it will positive!* take pl.ioan au 2>-2t BY ORDER OF COMMITT^H. T EXCURSION TO OLYMONT: HE ISt.A^D BAPTIST CHURCH AND S* BBATH SCHOOL will ?iveau -IP-" EXCURSION to OLYMONT "" FRIDAY. Aueimt*.- ? 111 The boat will leave the foot of Eleventh street at o'clock a. m , touching at the Navy Yard, Alexdria ami return at 7 o'clock p. m. Tick ts Fifty Cents; children half price. OmnihuMna will be at the corner of Pa. aveaue anrt Seventh ?tre?-t to connect with the host. An arrangement has t>e"n made br which pav senger* can visit MOUNT VERNON on this trip, by payin* 3?'t cents for the pr.vilege of landing. au 89-2>* IVIOVV is THK TIMK il FOR SPORT! The iteamer OKORGF. W. KlUGScan ha char terad on reasonable term* to take JP"** xeiitloirea down the Potomac, by tlie day or w?wk. for the purpose of in< and guiming ; anddu in* the moonlight nighta *?deot parties cum employ iter for Excurtiona down ?t? nv?T, intfuiia uii (xukitl. 11 tli Mrcet l<ri<lt?. Wan' inston cana'. JAS. L. CATHCAR T, _auJW_St O wner. CAPITOL ASSOCIATION MOONLIGHT EXCURSION, TO THE WHITE HOUSE, MONDAY EVENING, September 3d. The steamer Pittwix will leave her wharf at 4 o'clock p. m. Omnibuses will leave ^ corner of Pa. avenue ami 7th st. the I>oat at a qaartpr before 4 Bowl*"""* cotillon mnsic ha* b*en eneaeed. Ticket*, admit ting a gentleman and ladies, &> cent*. au 28 St A PTKRMiinw awn Mnnvi i???* A %Xcu?sTofTv " " *"w" 1 RYI.AND CHAPEIi CHIRCH will Kive an Excursion down the river, st-ppinx >, at the F<>rt a short time, and tlien^^4^^E? proceed d<>wn the river, and r?turn^^**^^?* about Wo'clock,on TH* RSDAY, Au*u?t3n l?avine 1-th st. wharf, Wa*hin*on, at 3>$ o'clock. Refreshment* on board at reasonable rates* Good nm ic will l?e had on the occaaion. t?entl*men's ticket* W? cents. ladie*' " 25 " 3 ^all chi'dren 1*? '* an ?7-3t* FMR*T GRAM) l'RIZK IMP NIC OF Till; ZOUAVE Cf-I H. at ARI.! N't TON SPRINGS, T I'l" tjlfflf I f DAY, September 4th. tT/wy*>** Seventy-five Prize*, consisting of Watches, Gems. Ac., will bejjiven away. The full Ma'iue Band has boen encased for the occasion. II 1* th* intertion ol the Committer that ?hia shall be tke Pic Nic of the season, a^ that the st'iete-t order ahall lie preserved Omnibuses will ieav the corner of 7th st. an I Avenue every hourdu ine the day fo<- th" Sprnn*. Tickets, for gentlemen,Sft cents ; ladies. 25 cent*; children free. an 2'-td Thk schools attachrdto st. dom inick's church. i*l?nd. p-eparn?ively to th > r^Mimine of th< Mill-lies, will rnret in f-stive ren-'ioi. tVWy' on MONPAY, September 3 at the aflmi>ahly ar ran*?rt and mo-t attractive pleasure ground known as COLUMBIA SPRINOS. The Ladiea of St. Donmtick'a wi 1 unaniittouslr favor the occasion w tli their smil ne prea^nc; and all lovers of innocent mirth and patrvns of sound primary education are kindly invit?d. That unsurpassed musician and accompliahrd rentlctnan John Ksputa. supported l>* his w 'It se leoted company,(the l?ent performers in \\ ashi " * ton,) will dispense the glorio* of music, an 27-4" Grand railroad excursion and _ PIC-NIC! nvmrining .1 rw, worn, and AUroctlTe! The YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND ?OHKTIES of Washington and IJa'ti- f " more will ho!d a liRAND ^()-AfifaL. CIAL PIC NIC in the Reantifnl**-*w ^ (irove at the ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION, on THURSDA V'.th" 3'th of Aogoat Ths occasion will afford an invitin? opportunity for the interchange of friendly gr^etingi anil civil tie? l>etwecn thr? meirihT* a d fricrJ* < f the two Societies,and ampl* arrangem nt* have Mm iirvde to insure unalloyed pleasure a>i?l deluht t.. all who may participate in the fentiviiies of the day and evening . .XUgntouwIi will h? <i*t*/it?l tn the nhtntabl* pnrp?i?ie* <f the two ?ooi<*tie*. winch are to clothe and eiducato poor and destitute children. Tiie con cioii?neHn. thnr"fo-e. o' contributing fo a B<-bln cha-ity will cive additional i?-t to the innocont pi^asure* of the occasion The friend* of both ?*ocietifta in Washington, Georgetown. Al'-xartd 1%. ami the nurroniMling oountr) , are cordially invited to aliare the pleasurrs of thi* .....ravcitn ICMkltnii Wither*' oe|ebr*ted B'asaand String Rand ha? been engaged. a d, in addition to their unrivalled cotillon mii-ic, ?ill give a choice ln*irnin-n n.i Cor.cert. making vocal tbo grand old wood a with their iiifttchleax concoiil f *weet aotinda. An excellent dinner, and refreshment* of ?h? choiceat kind*, will l>e furnished at reasonable P'lcea, to tbos* who de ire them. i y the conrt?*oua proprietor ofthe Junction Hot?l. Mr. Fiti-immons. Tieketa for the round t'ip. including ariniia*i.>n to the grove, 75eent : children between 6 and 12 jrcars of age, half prioe, no charge for ciildrnof le** a;e. T ains will l?ave the Wa?hington depot at 7.40 and 11 4<> a in , a-.d 330 and 53) p. m l.eave the Anrapolia Junction at 93> a in, and 4,6 and 8 o'clock p m Tieketa ( which ahoiild Ik? procured lifforo enter ing the car*) m*y l>e had at th* following place* : O E Dulfry'a Hook and fc'ationery Store.No SOS 7th atreet: John F. EIli*'* Mu?io Store, Pa. av , between 9th and 10?h at*.; Dr. F S. Walah'a Dms Store, Navy-Van': Dr. D. B. larke'w DrogS'^ e, corner Pa av and n<reet; l)r Kidw?ll'a D ug S'ore, (icorgetn wii a>.d of the officers* arid members of the Young Catholic'a Frmnd Society. au 2S-T MW4t i u -?? I-.-I - " ? " " I a awa, mvri. miu uon. S each ] Grand complimentary moonlight KXCURt*l?>N will l>e niven to k tko \VUITK. HOUSE oa 4 l >? t NK8UAY KVENING,29tTi n.tant complimentary to, and benefit of, the Second Baptist Church Choir. The l'HEWix will leave Sixth street wha'f Island, at 7 o'clock. H aKden'? wharf. 7K o'clock p. in , touching at Alexa?ul i\coinc and retcni p. Omninn?e? will be in attendance at the wha. f < n the return of the boat. Mnaic. vocal and instrumental, will l#e in attend anc?. Ge U tirkou, .Wc<?nt?; ladies,2ScmiU. RefrnKhmeiita on the boat. Supper at the Pavilion, JS centa. Commit tt* Wm. Sanderson, I'liillip Bohrer, I'Uc hntwisle, Sam. Kills, Charles Wright, John Ctemmonds, Fred Em?riok, Gwor** Gaddis. fct^avrn os'er, J.H.Spiewr. auaS?i* T MOON LIGHT E XCURSION HE Cansrocation of Grace Church (Island) propose giving a MOONLinHT EXCURSION for t^e benefit of the^4^|^ Ci< ir connected eitH the Churek, FRIDAY, Angast 31 The* havn chartered the steamer Phkhix. which will leavo Eleventh street wharf at 5 o'clock p. m , prroiHcly. Withers's Band has been engaged for the occasion Refreihment* on ?h* boat. Ticket* 30 ccn s; ch l?1ren 25 cents. CmtHKlM 8. E. Murphy, O. Jacob*. f*. B. Taylor, W. 8. Yeatman, W. 8 Robert*, R. F. Bartl-. J.N Gordon C.H.Hancock, au It-eo ^JREEN GINGER AND PICKLING VINE10 bMs purs CIDER VINEGAR, (warranted,) 1 bbl. GREEN GINGER. WHITE JAMAICA GINGER, White and Black MUSTARD SEED. TUMERIC. WHITE PEPPER,and aU neoestary ingredients for pickles. For tale by WILLIAM BRYAN, No. 44. opposite Center Market, an 21eo6t between 7th and 8th streets f?* ? HOYAti HAVANA LUTTfcK\. . JL RE Nut Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oondnoted by the Spanish Government, nadtr the supervision of the Captain General of Clba, will take place at Havana on THURSDAY, giFTixin IS. 1MB. MOKTEOrrVMB&O S42 ORDtNARlO UACITAL FRIZK #100,000. 1 ?<? ! Wpnjj** ot..i IIM I ao 50,000 so do ? m i do 30,000 151 do ....r... m 1 do ? 30,0(0 SO appro** <- l>M 1 do 10.014 IN ALL 996 PRIZES. Whole Tiokou, AO-Hal vm, ho^iirtm, |?. Prim oMktd ?t ?uht At ft Mr oect dieoownt. Bills on all colveut Bank* taken at par. A drawinc will fee forwarded aa soo* as Ik* result aw ? tr Care of flftr P<**t. CWHeatoa. H .C. BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO-lM O COlKliTin 1ML-J""" " >v~? ?? ? mm WNAHOTVIIf iTWbi Ht. CoULTU, J. -1,B" DoacripU A pamphlru mar be o&tuawd at Um Oompanj a A?e?ey for tha Viatnot of Colsrabia, office of L#Via JoMioa 4 Qfiv CMfttFt 4>*<l itoksv rilx^9TLwS JELLING 0FF EN*1RE STOCK AT COST STORE FOR RENT~AND FIXTURES FOR aufl eo2w Bttw-tnttk Strut?. M SMI corner Eleventh at! and ?a?a v. WANTS. WAVTED-TWO GIRLi*-<>ne to do kitchen work, and the other f r ct>eint>?r work d aewin*. Apply at 34T 1'a avenue. It* WAN'TKD-Tohir* ? purcliM** mid.II- m?4 i*I.AVE WOMAN. Mimt l?e a t?"Ml r-?<>k, ^aher and irnoer. A<tdrea* Box 3. Tort Oftee, Waehingtoa city. D. C, an 3 **_ WANTKp IMMKBlATF.LV?A competent DINING ROOM SERVANT Th? l??t of cefcr?n:?a required. Apply to No. 374 C at.. enr ef <V . V an 9 ft WANTED-A WOMAN, to cook. wa*h,and iron for a *mall family. She mu*t he a good bre\d baker, a-xl in all rtipwU a co petent plain cook. Apply, with reoomruemlatiota, at No. 119 Green at.. Gourtftown. au J8 2t WANTED?To rent br the rear. a amell twontory RRK K or FRAME HOUSE, with fonr room*, < for a family of three peraona.i either in tnia city or Georgetown. in aqniet locality. Addre.a A. T , atating term*, Jto , through Peat Office. an J7 ?t* WANTED-A WOMAN, to oook. wanh. k? . tu the ooaiitry ; and a Maa and Bor,to work on a farm. Aavea preferred. For amtahfe aerranta eomfartable home* and cood wM?a mar he foaai Inquire at the Intelligence OAoe. Louisiana av . near it opposite 1'itT Hall XI 38 ?* j WHANTK&-Six CO<>KS. four CHAMBERMAIDS and two NURSES. Aa aiao lamliee returning to the city from their fummr resort* and rMoninc aervanta can procure food. civil. capable help on term* at the l itoa IntoUicenre and Houm A|i>iwi Ofiw. No. IJ LoiiiiM* lv? nu?, near City Hail. A Colored Boj for aale, U year* of a*e. aua 3t* H. DUWCAN & CO . Prapri-tnri. W^HANTKD-A PURCHASER for a choir* Dairy of Ua wwi, toretlier with the good will and fiiturea of the ?am?. Tha route will take the imIk of twenty cow* in the winter. Addreea Ho* 744. Otty Po*tl?fice. Washington, D C. au rt lw' WB ANTED?Br a ateady and induatriona man, a SITUATION aa collector. Beat of recota J_? _ - - ~ ? ra-nuniiuna given. AUtirasa X. C., Star Office. if ii-tf PERSONAL. ft|AA RKWARD.?Ran a?T from tb? mbW l"" scrib r on Wed 4nltr morninr, AupiKt 22.1, NEGRO MAN PaTRiCK ct Hh.NRV. He ia tw -nty yeara old, but looka rather oldnr: ia Mack, with a low f r ?he??i; la 5 feet 7 Of 8 inchea lugh. a <J rM/ier toutly ? M built. He haa r-lationn linng in the nei?hborh<>-><1 of Pi?cataw?i? I'liawGi^nMconnty. 1 will gi a $25 for him if taken in Priece G< orge'a. nn<! lou if taken elaewli re; in either cans to be Mourtd ia jail ao that I get hi in again. H G STON ESTR RF.T. ail 29-tf D ... T. k. -- a ' ? wauwV| ran* PAST, PRESENT. AND FITTURK EVENTS, will 1?? *a?mfac?or ly explained bj a la^ her re-idence No. '*37 C at , Iwivmh 1-: and iml ste.. Island Confutation fee 2f> cent*. au 25-5:* MADAME FEI.IX, FORTUNE Th.Ll.KR, from Pari*, inloriii* her former friends,and the public generally, that nhe removed to 4*1 Te>ith utreet, ?-etTr.*en K and F, where ?he will be happv to nee allwiio will favor her with a ?all. a*lJ3ir* * MADAMK MOKRICK, TBIOIUT Auteoi^?HT and jutl from ??rop?.-T*l? highly aift d and intelligent laoy can he eoneulted on the Paat. I'reaent a? <i Katare Evei.u. Call at No. 205 Tweaty-aeoond street, between H and I, Washington. jel?3ni* ^UPKRIOH SHIRTING COTTONS. K7 We opon to-day, Au;list i7:h? 1 <;?? ? ' Ark ar rnl" Shilling Cotton, 1 cai* 'l^o^mia!'"" do 1 o??e Water-Twi?t" do 1 ease "N-w Y? Hr Milts" do ) ca*? "i ancftiter" do T>ie ab ve are a'J e- lehra'ed b anda. and we onfidentiy reeommerd Ihein at the verv l??st shirting* ntad? in this country. We shall offer m -m m ? ?TT 8 HUH a'i'-iince JOT on*n. We lia.'r&Uo just received? *t!?< <'iU[*?, Pi low Cottons, Cotton Check Plaid r>"m??tic?. I! own "*hretiina N w fall -t?l* Cell >-v e f? 1 Moo?ee!tne? | Mann*:*'Air pe-t Shirtiu**, B.ya' Wear Mancheater Gingnama, iuch and boy*' Kngliah H%i' !? ?* | Ladifh' Hoi-'ry, ton tlox?n pare Linen Handkerchiefs. at #1 -? ?>er <1. **? Tovetltnc - ( -iff-rent ku da, &?. I We ?ha'l ael' an? ?T above Gooda very obeap foi ea*h. ?n>1 ?? invite purchaser* from all aaoti<'P? of the city to inspect oar atock and piieea. The iuweat caak price i? marked on every article io tae atore. CI.AG BTT A MAY, 1-1 t'enn av., r et. 9th and loth ata. I au V7-* \v,r,*t F> D l7 MORRISON & CO.. LOUR AND GENRE * L COMMISSION MEKCH1MT;*, Ai d wholesaledealera in Mil L FhEl>, COKX M1CAL. ic.. fr., Co*ner of Utli and II atreeta, XVa*hmicton city. Cash paid for all kjnda of Grain, au 25 6m FLOl'K. MEAT.. MILL FKF.n, Ac. Junt r??ir?(l on consit nment470 11 hi a tuperior l>ra?:d of fresh ground Family, F.xt'a am! Superfine Flour, . lihln, No.! Rt? do., l'.eoh km iml Co u Mral and Mill Fe?d of all kind* i constantly on hand, for sale low in lot* to ?<nL au 25 6m D L. MORRI-OX A CO. WG ALTS' O O D AND COAL OFFICE 8(*S Pa- At., B*tw. 11th ant) Uth Sra., North Hide. W ill and Wiiarf foot of Seventeeuth si, I ma IT tf R?lnw V'ar Popartment. IfOR SALE.?A pair of COACH MORSES, Toung and fa>t. Id for no fault; th? rv ownir hnrinit no u*e f??r them. Apply at j-Lt* ; W. 11. L'PPERM AN'Ss Groaery. on P?m -^C?. sy.vantaavgniie, between 3d and ?S sis au a tf SCALVKRT KORD, Ji., APOTHRCAKY AND DRUdOIST, Pan*. Avixci, Comii or Eleventh St., Dealer in PURE DRUGS, CHEMICALS. STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, including I tk* tin4 most trvror^ t-KJ&NCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; CHOICE ARTICLES9FOR THE TOILET, embracing ever* varietr TRENCH .ENGLISH AND A M V.ft ICAN PER ELM ERY, SOAPS, BRISttES, Jto. The proprietor's personal attention Riven at all hour* to th* compounding of Physicians' Prescriptions. au 14 13t New supplies in first-class staple DRV GOODS. Just opened ?tiperior Shirtme Cotton* and Linen*, 8h?etints. 1 at>fe Diapers, Napkins. Toweling*, W lute and Colo ad Do\ lie*, Table Cloths, tine and medium Wh t-and Colored Flannels. Sootoh and Russia Diap rs, Canton Flannel*, new style Moos Mimes anil fall style Calicos, rhi'tinc Calico and Linen Shirt Hosoriis; l?#i1o*en Latlirw' Linen Handle "rohi 'f*, price* from 75 ce> tt io f2 a doz?n; all \ex) ch ap; wiln irany other seasonable foods which we are selling at the lowest market prices. J. W COI.LEV ft ( O , au 18 2w i'23 Seventh st. al*ove Pa. ?t LMtR A ^HORT TIMK ONI.Y.?DRAFa\RSS r AS It NOI&BS IN Til* H* 4D.-DK.COL TO - .member < [ the R?>al Crllege of t-'urgeon* of Encla>.d. has arrived, **>d is now prepared to apply his new and ettraordinary treat.i-efit by wnich he * a* linvlf e?'(d af'er eleven m WH- nun-ring. la tirulara for eelf curf nt In *> y addre*a for postacr; conaultatioi dail? from 1* till 4 o clock free; reference to hundr^da of peri aona oared AditrtM No. ilS Twelfth street. I Waahington, D C Ne'voua peraona ?h?gM read " Vital Hiatice" for aelf cure. Sent free ti *n?a I dref? for 12 oenta in stamp*. _ _ an ?T1 w* TolsOCTIIERN A WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALDfc lINDiLL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AMD D?AL?? I> . INDIGO. SPICKS, SOAP. STARCH, SODA ASH, SAL S?>DA, RI CAR B. SODA, SAL EtATUS. Md GROCERS' DHLttft. 89 iHEAPSlDE BALTIMORE, invito the attention of Merehaota viai'ing thia city to an examination of tlioir atoik, ?hioh in Yanetr and pr?ee la not aurpaaaod oitho' in thia or any oT UieAortkem cities. {JT Drdara reepectfully aolioited and faithfully oxeonted an Ttlm* f^OLD AND 61LVBR SPECTACLK|J.-Ha?1 V* ing had much experience in mannfaetnring and aale of Spwf clee.^^~ i am now prepared to "apply amy or ail that want a verr ?up*rior ?ua ity of ilu?*a, with th ae that ft'eboatcal'-ula' d to b?n?lt their night. Harii g t?a* wineh pracfioe in fitting the ?oa< diftcalt oaaea, I lee] warranted in aaying that I o?n a ?leot g a?ae? at all tiraea that will knit the wearer, and at the aaaae timooan Mil the??t an low aprioe that all that wiah to ttae ihea oan afford to pnnshaae. O. HOOD, Hi) : W? m P^M. ?m?? J CO AI OI?.. U9T Rrwind fro* 'he Virn?i? Oil Cohimut U bwrali rira? PARAFINE COAL OIL. nin I U w?rrant-o eqnnl to tit* New Yo k or Boston oiL Tha tr?d?? oh oe ffite* on ttrt teeing m "aatr ... CLEAR*NOOUrJ%^I^OF^TRAW HAT? In ordVr to di?jx>?e or my entire stock of Men's nod B oy?* STRAW HAT8 srnnt inducement* wtll be ufinred until tke close-of tke ???? at Li AN L*$ FMbionnkle Hit an4C?# m!11b Pe, ?tm near Kwjrnnd a knlf?t-_ A jfc^THKgy01* EUROPE, V Cni iiC. utMt SS17tk4.MiMlh.UwM. wOT5^|ps,:"^|r A MOST DBLlUMFVL^hTKLW tOM THE ? *r~r? ' i . ^ ? ? ?? it nn Baa n'*"' MM AUCTION 8ALBS. PjTfif otker A *rt%*n $+/ *. m> /I rat pmf. ' b7 tH<??. DOWIJNfT rUMn?tov*. B* 9* V> *tttlT. flliMMt OO AAA LK. IROWN TAM,OW. 6?,UUlr * !?,Cow ahb ? avt It <t Aw ti. k -On HON II AY me* t,ifc*a3 .f at in o'clock* tn . I *W?I1 k". ? tk# .V-iort of rk-. I?U. jaoiMU'ObBAcIlM oa 1MB itMt, bf of tk? <> anP C"nrt23.'9^ 1' Uri?Hr urf D?'lt *o?r. l,?fl ik-. Ht*4 r*d AihM. Cm timt B'tx. )- h U. j. 4?. A ?o, 1 y ?n| Co*?'<r?f l>rm? ?'f aalr fr*' " *' nwm* wditoiehBwlincsrs,,< rwrwede||?or*? w?w. augM't' TBQg. POWLINg. A?I. By A. GREEN Aaciioaw. o'clock >. n , 1 *|*i' j** *.ty the h?n?? t ;h? f?> .o?ir| a-tielaa, ri? : MO*|tny M?rh?t'y BtMWIli OU _ do. do . . 3larfa Pmth P.Ot* CMtttlb. lAr|t Oil Ptmtinii and utbw PiMm, 4 Kcga bu Ch?(id?-liar?, 1 |m OjjiinUf;, 1 Wfc'aat Kxt*a?ica, wy taa, LimmM *tlMr Cirteiai, SrimU C^ryu and Oil CUrtfc. CookjtuiDM-i Fiitorra, LotofKitohtg R^aii t-i, AmI *Mny othar aruaka too araaaroaa to?r?a*r fttl. Tarata aa4a kaowa ot day of a*V. M ? d A. toBEKW. |Wt THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW Br J. C. MoGUIRR * CO.. AMNMMn. rtEiMRABLB DWKLl.tNtt HOUSM ON J Noith 1. iTkivr inwin Mti iTtor WE-T. ISO VkBMuftT Avutl K?*? rn&-Oi FRIDAY AFTK it Aaraat Jttta. at ?i o'c'ook. on the pranme* we ball Mil fart of l^x B, ! Siitd .viPiva ?1 aiuare No. tlV. froouof ' > f*et on nortk L ?t a-t b?t*n?i Uth atreat ?>.<1 \ unwrt runn nj hark ab at 113 * with atromt of IS feat ob Vermont t>NH, u*?tiM?r witk ibm m ywrwawti, aanwatm of a tiwii alary b?> KaiM inc, ? oiaib< mx ronmi, and iUud;rii back front th?> building in* aboot XP f~e*.and adjoined oa ea*li aid* by a haad?Oipa tnrae atory Wrick dwailinc kouae. The i< oation la aae*ae#tionaWi r for a private rc?:<ier,ca, ar.d the pioaarty vary daa.iab.a aa a real dance for a mall family. Term* : U?e third eaah:tnc iawdaa ta , It.ami II inuntha. with intarea', aeoured byataa ofbiit on the iraniiiM Tifl? u*Ml J. C.'McGlTrK * CO., Aaata. B7THB ABOVE CAL.B IS *orrP?lf*n, iiouaw^uMM of Um rur .aebi WEli,NK#l>ti AFTERNOON, *b? boir ud an ts !.<?. MaCUlRK A CO , Aww. Bt BARNARD A BUCKEY. Aaotioaaora. Ge?rf??m, D. C. CJTOCK OF A RETAIL GROCERY. PAINT. *3 Oil, Ship Stobeh, add Fibb Yorao Mark awd klimuf ? at accmi m bmioi Tawi.-Ui t'HUftKUAv NUlNI NG, lb* ?<f in*t, at 10 o'clock. wa ? ha I sal i at the Wor? of J, l\ Johnson, No. 91 Water atreet. a larae atoek of 0'?o?ri?i. liquors Faints. Oils. Varatefc, Pitoh, Tar. and Tarpentia*. beta* tu* aat rr aiock. Alan, Dtanda, Bin* shaving ^oa'ae, and o'her Fixturea. Alao. ir.f Ynuit? M?r? and Be?in?a* Wafi?. I ?'nt< : ander #?>. cash; orer that awotint. a oradit of CO da; r for approved ?nrton?d notea aaasd BARNaRD k BUCKEY, AuoU By J. C. Mc6L'IRE * CO.. Aaetaoaears. UANWUIMK furniture anokkfhctb n at Pcblic Acctio*.?Oa THURSDAY MoR.^lNu, Auiuat 3uh. at l( o'eloofcat U?? f ideneeof R. B Nnrraert. Eaa . No M nnrtk K atrwct. klWH 7th and B?h *tr<-?a vnt.vt aha.. Mil tn? r?rmtiir*Md KffMU,ootaprtaiag? buiteo \N ali.?t l>ama?k o<rerH Parlor ml Ur?.onm?riilnr2 iM'lVrfM. Arm ChMr,K*?y Chair anl 6 Parlor l.a<lte*' W aln-t secretary an<i Wli*toot. K??a*woo4 Marbl? mp c*"t?r Tabla, Fancy Ta MM, Two Walnnt Dantaak eov^rw) i?ofa?. Kaay Churl, Gilt frame Mtfroia, C, ma Vm??, Windi w Shad?a. R u?h ??at Ch*ira, Bruat?'a. Parlor and Stair Carpets. Oilcloth. Matting. Inrram Carpet*. Mahogany Chair*, K< ot*ri ami ton Stool a. Do. Seorrtar* and Bookoat*. S detoard, Canf **atChar*, Lounge. Bedffteada, Btrtui, V\ aid rob*, Waahstanaa. I oilrt t*et?. Jbookitg 6 mwi, Mattr*?.e* tf olater* awl Piliowa, B aokef,Comr?rU,Co?ntnpann, uuoimi tr.a (Wr ftovt-i, KfIrne atnr. Together with a genera* aaaortnaaat of Kitofc#n Rt^aitiUi Term*: $iS and no<?er c*iH: orw that nw a ore-lit of?>> and 9" days, for a?M?metorily end<-raed note*, bea iag uttrMl an *7 d J. ? . McGI'lHF 4 CO..Aieta By A. GKKKN, Auouootw. Holsrhold and kitchen fi rm Ttti, PianoroaTK. 4c , at Afctiok.?**n THURSDAY. the yth tn*t . f aha: aei. at th? re.MdMme of a g??t'*m%n d*r lining houaefcteyi u<, on Maaaohinrtta arwi(tbtt*e*u ?t? and Mh at... No. 4**, at I* o'c'.i eta it, ai exooliant aaaort m?rt iff r nrr.?' *. v:?: Roa?w?*od P1ao<-fort , Hool and Co nr. a good In -transect. Mail t&u S da, Parlor and Chaira. Do Bareaua, Wa.uut Eitntin* Dining and other Tabtea, Par,or and other Looking SlaiaM, L?oanga and Beaded Ch'ir, Cot'ace and other Bedetet^a, ai d Mattreaaea. Klne Brusaala Caraet, Oilolotfc aad Matting. China. ??? and Crookery W w, Cooking. Radiator aad otkar Stuvea, with a good lot of Kitohrr, Reqaiattea. Te-mi: All an mi arwtor #2S, oaahtorar |r a red it of 60 aad 9u<Uya. for bo tea aaUafaoton<y en dorard hearing interact, aa*d a. GREBN, Aaet. FUTURE DATS. llr A. GHKKN. Antwiw. HOU8EHOLD FL'ft NITUR K. CHINA. Ola** AUB CKoCKKRT W 111 at Arenas?On PHI DAY, theSlit in?ta?t,at ? o'eioek a I ili? i HI, M my wK'Moaw, <>n ItitrrK, t HlWfc and ?th?tii ob tocvut ?>f vbon it nay ? iar*e lot of Fnrcitaia m: Mahoganr faa.Chair* ard Whatnot, Watimt ?"ant?r TaMae. < inarb'o tr? I Do. B*4rt?ii aad Waik Sir.k?. Go. Hook Caaea and r?at*r Chain. Mfth jfar.y D">?nnr and ntMr nure?a?, l#o?ni?i, Cane ai>^ Wood iNU^ktiri. 1 tan-not F.xtoaaioa Talwa twain at.) tiraa?fa*t, Saoon autl <?th-r Taolaa, Feather Be<3?, Uu at-naod Pi'Jotra, Hti',Cot?on t?i and Hnk Ma<traaa*a. Single and D<ut>le C? ttaca Jeaay Lturf Ma4a?a?1?, Mahogany Oftoa Oaak and Cbaira, 4 B Mitrta, C<>Rif<.rU,9hr*u jnn Caaai, Plated Cart?r?,Kniv*aud Porta, Do > * Tabie and Kor ka, 1 China T?a Sot, 44 aicoaa. 1 Granite D>nn?r Sat, (oomrlet*,) Slolf rhlM Ihikaa >* ?* U.-'-.-J t - ww i? rnvavrvt fl ihlfU. r*Klii*ri, Wiiwm4 fU?te. whit* a< d ooliirMl. lid rnur other arUelee, too nameroai to Miami* rata. Tar mi: A! I awwia of aad aadar. fS mk; orar rtait of 2 Md 4 aooUa, far apfrar?4 eeaoraM not ^a, bearing ict?re*t. _?a?T A. OBFKW. i?t By J. C. McGLIRE & CO. Aaotioneera. TR I fTKK'sSAi k<?kthr kf. yai.uabi k Bcild *e r ora at tni coinn ? ? Fuit St. wnt aitd hostn *> pt-?>b KRfUAV *ptki NUON. Augatt Slat, *t? o'clock oath* prmbiam. b? ei'taaofadead ul treat dated b?-etrmb'r ! ?. J 838, and d?!y reeo da<2 la Liber J. A. ft. 15%. jolioa 436. ere , on? of tHr laid reeerd* tar A a?ki?-|i< n county, ta th* Diatnot of Oiaabi*,! 'kali aaii lota luni'c <i 28 2^ em s?,?n Jaaiea C. MoGeire aabdinaion oi ^ taro 6*4 Thee* Lota front eaeh SB feet i aehea oe F i at itrrrt w*et. between (i a?d H anat> aarik. ?d4 r iinmnc b?ok 130 feet 4ia~kae to a 90 f?et Min; tocettier with tin- >inrrov*M*at*. en ?iaueg of a?ail two iter' brick boaaea ereoted on ta? rear of aatd lot? aod Iro-nnr ?u iha a lar. Tmw : Ob*'li e\ak, tba raatdaa ia ?, 12 aad It montha, with iataraat, aaaarad by adeed o< trait oa the praauMa - |f rha miai of aala akoa'd act be ooa^liad with ia five daya thereaT or, the uaatae rreerraa the rl(k* to reeell at tkT nek aad expeaee of tkr de laaltirf ^vrrh%*fr. All eonrryaae Mat th* axgaaee of the parehea By WALL* BARNARD, Auotioaeera. OOB1TIVE SALE OF TWO VALUABLE at o*otoek, ia fron* of ta* yiewiaaa. we will e*ll, two Lota fractiac twenty feet earh en aorth Cayito. atreet, between E Bud P at r**U, and raa?inc back oa? hand red and twenty feet. ruititriwi. Trim: t>? kalftuk;teiaaotuk fyr-' ^ia.,yy.vf.r??;%rBj WALL * BARNARD. AuunMM. froat of oar Metioa rno?M. om May Ban*. oo 4 7u ^sL^Tr^tSr"'* r? ~4U?< WAL' 4 BARNAKP- iw?? B) A. GKtkEN, Aaelloooor. of S*H?wbor. at w ..?ol?.clr * m.,1 ?UJ1 a*U. a? th* roaidoeoo of a >H*I?ibb 4r? ihim fcoo*okoori?a, oa tk* ?<w ?i<l? *f atroot, teat * P*?JL *j" atronta north taood iMortaNlw Moa?o raraiahlnc Good*. ri?: _ . Mahogany S?iaa. Ctoin oad K J&ssbSSC, Dama*k. Lm and othor Ci'um, GUpTaw filw Ci.i??V?ws. otoaupycjtnfl TfcblM, lnff?iB, ?ta>r Md <rih? ? fU * ' F?i(kl(Mll f? auif*?r?, Comfo U ShMU ??4 ' ? , ?23R y.Jt't'ZiSXZXZ ? *.,*, f ~l~ir*n 1 ?? : A l ? ?t Mi iwW M ouli;ow |9ltr4l of i *o4 4 intuitu, fki^otW i*n^r''"""V < I #2.5yr.^.i&rK^v" i

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