Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1860 Page 1
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====^==== =^^^?-==_ _ __ _______ __ J ^ ^ ^ j^'tt' * 1" * , i _ ^ ^ J S t > >^/L.]^^ ? i a. . ? ? . ? .WW rW /m/^r ] -I ^Ki H H H /\M */ / H H ^1 /^ l -m ?f J >^.V JW> M < M . H Kj// ^r r ^P' J^^y * :" ' ' '' ? m T ^.r-.?-' J?f;t t,??- ? ' . '*:; ; ... ', .fi . ... rl ;... t i '* ' i4 *';'*' !' ir ?<? A ?-"'l?- *.. : .-.,r^ 11 , p V2S. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. AUGUST 30. 1860. (N?. 2.850. THE STENING STAR ^r, . , vjn + BSW* TUBLISHBB BWHRT AFTERNOON. fBUXDATS EXCEPTED.) AT Til STAR IVILBIIISt, <J'.om*r / 11/4 k) W. D. WALLACH. P*KT? aerved ta bf irtW M 9*> f?w, or 9) o?nta per month. To Mail eabeortbara f xhe pnoe ia ?U) a year, m adr???, 92 far eix onU?; 91 Tor tktN moot ha; and for Im than three month* at the rata of MoenU a week. Siafle oopie*. o*t crrr; mi wrappers, two casta. [^ADTurituirni anon Id be eent to the afltoe before U o'oiook m ; otherwise they may not appear until the oextdar. Mectiw aad Harder. A YOVSa WON** SLAlttHTBRRD AMD T1IOVI IMTO TBI CBB.VAMOO CA5AL. [From IN Clie* Herald, August77 ] Ob Saturday last, four boys who were iah? lag In the Chenango canal diaooTered the body -of a female floating in the water. Thej im mediately celled assistance, when the body was taken oat and brought to this city. After lying ia the watch-house for some hours, Mr*. . Mary Ann MoGinnis. of No. 23 Blandma street, appeared, and oa seeing the bed/ immediate! y reoognited it u her daughter. Her agony was pitiful to behold, as she hurriedly examined the body for eridenoea of identity. 9he knew her daughter by some little marks on her hands and face, by her ear-riagl, by her ?dreaa, (of which she produced a sample aad compared it with that on the body.) and by hor general appearance. The mother also preduaed a likeneaa of her daughter in the aame case with that of her betrothed?now auspected as her murderer. A jury was summoned by Corener H. H. Roberta, and an jnquest held at the Central Hotel. Mr. John D. Regan acting at foreman. The facta derived therefrom are raeh as to make most pn>b*ble the following theory That deceased did not meet her death by drowning; but that she waa strangled and then thrown into the water; that the hand kerchief found about her nook waa used to choke her; that the murderer elntohod the handkerchief with one hand from behind, and with the other held her nose. The name of George White, a journeyman tailor, is freely used in the evidence before the coroner, but only a few circumstances omnoct him with her decease. He was betrothed to her, and no quarrel had occurred, so far as is known, but on the contrary, there is evidence that tbey were, when last seen together, on amioable terms. The evidence of the witness tlrace is, however, calculated to throw suspicion on White; for he boasted of seducing tho deceased, and declared he " was tired of her, and wanted to cat awe* from her " Rm if IVaue iru tbe murderer, the crime uait have heen committed between 4 and 7} o'oloek of Thursday afternoon?that is in broad daylight. Wkit? went to Oswego early Friday morning. and did not return according to appointment Outside of the coroner's evidence, we hear that persons here saw the dispatch calling hint thither, and he actually went to Oswego, as he said he wax going. If he had just committed a murder, he seemed not to dread its discovery, nor tbe eonaequenoes of the crime. Owin?, however, to tbe developments made, a dispatch was sent to Oswego directing the arrest of Whit* and aooordingly he was arrested, and will be brought to Utlca to-day. The deceased was said to be a very pretty girl, with blue eye* and dark brown hair. She was only 15 years old, but seemed as mature as moat girls at 20. Uer mother aava *h? ??? Tery retiring in her disposition, always preferring to be alone The deceased was engaged to be married to George White thi* fall, bhe left the tailor shop,ever Bailey 's jewelry store, where she was at work, about 4 o'clock on lharsday. About an hoar afterward she oalted on Mrs. Kielbel corner <>f Columbia and Wiley I atr?ets, and left there, stating she was going home, adding that her mother did not know where she was. This was the last seen of her, ?o far as id yet known by her friends or the authorities, till her body was found. The physicians hardly leave room for a doubt that the girl was strangled and then thrown into the water. The Yaiae et a L*i4?a Cast Heap. PrflM ? T J . - a. mm MVIV UII IUC iiUUUOl ^OOT, 111 IQ| Jaly camber of the Quarterly Renew, we cHp the following extract. It i* * quotation from book oailed "The Mining Line The contents of erery dust bin in thia rut London are carried away periodically. The dustman roeeive# a small gratuity from each householder, and when he has collected a cart load, he demtuidj another (hilling at tha gat* f the Paddi^ton wharves, aa he deposit* it within their precinct*. A dnat heap is very valuable to the contractor.-and a large one is said to be worth four or five thoasana pounds. It has to be sifted, sorted, and disposed of. We caa give bnt a slight idea of itx miscellaneous contests. lu chief oonatiinent element if cinders, mired with bits of coal, from the carelessness or iuu of thousands of servants, which the sesimbors pick oat of the heap to be aold forthwith. The largest and beat of the cinders are rvle* selected for the in of laundresses and braaiera, whoae purpose they anawer better than eoke. The far greater remainder is called breese, because it is the portion left after the wind has blown the cinder dust from it, through large upright iron glares, held and shaken eibow nigh bj the women who atand in the heap, while men throw np the staff into the sieves The breese and acnes are sold to brickmakors, the ashes are mixed with the claj of the bricks, and the breese is used as fuel to burn between their layers But the heap likewise includes software and htrdware. The former iiM>lnd?? ?ii wgVMM/IU and animal matter?all that will decompose. All th?s? ?re carried off to b? employed u manure. Stale fijb aud dead oata tomt into thia It at, Ue skins of th a latter being a tripped off by the eiflere,wbo can sell them for 4d or 6d., according to color, white being moat in reqaeat. The hardware doea not merelj mean broken pottery. tbe?gh of thia there ia a great abundance. Part of tbe pottery ia matched and ?aded by the women who find it, and bea ? their perquisite; the reat,?ith the oyster cheH', ia aold to mike new roads. Bat "hardware" in the duat heap meana rags, whioh go to the paper makera; bones, which n to tka kflKn 1--~ v -vuv**! vm IIVB, UTUfl and lead, to salesmen of tboM metala; broken g laaa, to old glnae ahope; old earpeta, old Blttresws, old boxee, old pails, old baakets, broken tea boarda, candlesticks, old fender*, old aiik hanikerehiafa, kniree and salt-cellars? not forgetting old >hoee,whieh go in baakeU to the translator*, who tarn old ahoea into new; everything, in short, that the hoaaeholder haa thought not worth mending, heeidea many a wuittfui addition which the maiUr never knew ?-- > *- - * va sHMw otbwtw ncnemD??a ana ex [ravage aoo bear rale. Sum* of the content* arc the sifter's perquisite?* certain aaoiot of cinders and as much paper and wood ac they eaa tarry, and corks of bottles, bj which alone tome boast thejean And themselre* in shoe leather; pill boxes al.?o and gallipots are their lawful property, jewelrj. silrer forks and spoons, and money, are occ*d?al \y Jbwad, and too often inro> fated by the flaler. One day a check for a considerable sum was discovered among the waste P?P*r Wmi or LAaoa.?A vegetarian rfefntljr row d la a wherry from Bostoa to New York, a dlsUoce of > miles, lu ab >ut -*) hours, or about flv- miles an Lour Durfog tb? performance *f thii frut Lr lived on whortleberries, and the fait H trumpeted ?a a proof of th? greater uowcr ?f ClMlvraaee derived from vegetable than rrom animal Nil Tbe mti who could undertake to row a boat four ha a* red ml lea. tnofog nearly three days aad a hatf the job, wlsen ho could hare performed the disUace oa a railroad In one. mav bave bit pbynlcl pow-n coaalAerahly develop <i but for hi* saeutal capacity, we should suspect tMluvutlllltkdKrtkuuiM Ifwsacccr* his physical capacity as t%e 4 rect resott of hf? veg-tib e diet we inu<t accept bf* mental Ircapaeilf at the eSfcct of rt?e >me caae. The ?dvaouge 1i our direction is mora than owuttrbaV y?asd hy Uf di?ad*satBg? la the other?PkU. i i ' Amn ?The ap|He w>p thU year will he enormous?almost uperabundsnt Trees of every variety and la evary place, from the merest shrub M Ibe pmMre up to the mature sad fall Brown tree of the orebsrd, are literally loaded and hentlnjj to ibe ((round aoder their uauaual burdens. yog uiaoy p*r? there has been no sech profusion af fruit as ihia .asaea premtsss Ths par trass h pr^^aaaajfcjaa4?ni^rtaht, and paaieh W? atoe, Madkbss im Dooa.?A rirj important work hu jut bMt iseoed on Hydrophobia (L? Moilier Preeerratif de I* Rage, Pari*, 1860, 8vo., pp. 84) bj M. Sanson, wnoae nam* is d latin guished among obomiata by Mm disooreryof dextrin? in the blood of animals, I say Hydrophobia, as that is tha term generally reoogogiuxed in America, though M. Sanson conaia1 era its use a lamentable error, aa leading to the boliof that dogs are not mad when they how no horror of water. It appears certain, on tho contrary, from many foots addneed by this savant, that in the majority of eases, when a dog runs mad ha is seiaod with a burning thirst, which is often satisfied by drinking I -W J-_*?? ? vuaMuj. vmer authorities testify to the sane fact, especially tha English veterinary utkor, You at t. Another faet established by M Sanson is, that an animal may be attacked by the disease, at the aame time remaining submissive to his master and eren caressing him?which is, indeed, almost always the case unless he is naturally fierce and intractable. Indeed, the poor brute often appears, by redoubled tokens of affeotion, to implore the aid of his master to relieve his terrible sufferings. With these caresses, however, may always do observed s downcast, guilty look which is one of the most certain symptoms of the disease. As it is difficult to desoribe this gloomy look in print, M.Sanson has introduced in his book a wood cut representing, in a very vivid man _?i >u? w?uiiuaui:i ui in a a aog. A symptom of the approach of the disease on which the author lay* great stress, ia an almost eon8 ant restlessness, without apparent cauae or motive. According to Youatt, (whose work M. Sanson praises highly, and from which, indeed, he has taken muoh of his best matter,) the dog runs about, to aod fro, and is continually getting up and lying down, changing his fosition in every possible manner. He piles is bed up in a heap, aad appears to take great pleasure in resting his chest on it; and then of a sudden he will get up and push it all away. If shut up, he will not remain a moment in repose, but turns np and down like a caged tieer. If at liberty, he will appear to he searching for some lost object, and will dig in every hole and corner with great eagernees, but with no fixity of purpose. His brain appears to be beset by phantoms. A case ia given in which a dug undertook to attack a ? // with great violence, and soon afterward died mad. But beside these general premonitory symptoms, there is one which the author considers infallible. Approaching madness impresses such a change upon the vocal organs of the dog, that his howl, once heard, ean never again be mistaken. 80 important is the sign deemed bj M. Sanson that he has tried to giva by musical notes some idea of this "rabid howling," as he terms it, in its three principal varieties. lie adds, that though this method may not entirely suoceed in conveying the right idea, "the hearing of the sound in nature, though k.t - .! 1- ?1 >? oiugio nme, prouuces an impression so distinot and bo profound that no one can ever forget it." He also calls the attention to the obtuse state of physical sensibility manifested by the mad dog, apon which subject he relates many interesting facts. He examines the question of the poisonoas properties of the virus with gre&t care, and finds that two thirds, on the averago, of persons bitten escape the disease. unless it be brought on by terror, which he belieTea to be the most powerful cause. Taking this view of the matter, he recommends the use, for the purpose of inspiring confidence, of almost any one of the almost innumerable receipts for hydrophobia that are every day brought before the public, provided that previously all the wounds by which the saliva coma nave readied the blood have been deeply cauteriied with a red-hot iron. All these remedies, according to him, are only valuable as they impart a senu of security to the patient. Soch are the ehief ideas contained in this very interesting work. I have especially detailed the premonitory symptoms of the disease, ne it often happens that a dog is.mad for a long time before any on* dreams of it; and as, moreover, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care. Grrrixo is Wibat iw Wisconsin.?A gentleman of this eity, a few weeks ago went out ,r W.I? ?V A- A tuw ?? ainuivu CUUIIIJ WJ irKUBBGl 90H10 DU81* new. At that time the country vu absorbed entirely in the securing of the harvest, and the gentleman had a great deal of trouble in findiag anybody "to home." We will let hiu tell hi# own story : I stopped at the house of my friend B , and knocked all the skin off my knuckles at his front door, but eould not start anybody, and just as I was going away, a passer-by, in answer to my inquiry, said that 11 B was getting in his wheat." I then went over into another part of the town, to where an old school-mat*, Squire E , resided. I walked in at the open aoor, sat down in the parlor a fa ?r mI a?u4 ?*<? * tv n hiiuuvcO) ?UVI UU UUC BppQIHin^ X W fliii 6'1 no atairs and down stairs, bat couldn't find a ml. Wben I got around on the porch again, the same follow came along who had answered my question before, and I hailed him? " la the Squire in town 7" " (totting in hia wheat, I reckon." " Well, where is his lady 7" " She's helping the Squire." 44 And the young ladies?" " Getting in the wheat, stranger?you'll find 'eiii *11 down in the field, about a mile from here." I then concluded I would try the hotel, and carried my earpet bag baek to the publie house. There was a notiee on the door sajing that the house was olosed for a week, as the proprietor was getting in hia wheat. Things began to look desperate now. I had earned mv carpet bag about fire miles already, in the not sun, and it was growing momentarily heavier. 80 .has T m K/?? <? >) . 5. * ^ wvj wiauu^ ww?niB iuo OOQI6, I made up my mind to give him a dollar to earry it for me. I waa somewhat surprised when, in reply to my offer, h? ri rated hia digit* at the extremity of hia natal projetion, and "gueaaed I'd hare to wait till hia dad got bis wheat in." At thia itage of the proceeding* I resolved to walk to the first hooae I anw, and demand, in the name of eiviliaatlon, the noapitality doe to a traveler. A* the hooae happened to be a boarding school for yonng ladiefc, I waa fortunate enough to eeenre a night'a rest; and the next day. not being able to see any one but yonng ladies, aa everybody waa getting in hia vnwt, lltn tK home, resolved never to return there whea people ware harv ting? Mil, rani it dentinm. I*tJk. Tub Dagger of Ovan-Hxaario*.?Violent exercise ia exceedingly dangeroui Young people are apt to ma to extreme*, as ia the following instance : A writer ia the London Time* ; lays that " almost all the young men who have been at Oxford and Cambridge,especially those who hare meddled maeh in boat races, have, a* a rale, diseased blood-vessels, arteries, or veins, and vary many of them diseased aad dilated hearts?all brought on by the strain and aadue excitement, remora, we, the doctors,call it, of the circulation iadaoed by palling at boat races. In feet, the matter Is now well recognised , both at the insurance offices and the admioiftratioa of chloroform among the upper classes, where a diseased heart is to be avoidA W* -? * ea 11 wonia mm tne delicate fibres of tbe heart* of the boji and lads seat to Oxford, eapeeially, atone* give way before tbia pressure Faoa Sp?cclati??m ? The Bergen Couety, (N.J ) Journal an ye that a capitalist of distinction inrently visited that county, aad on observing tbe Tiit amount of iriendow-lend lying Idle, co*. reived immediately tbe idea that thia wu the placo/or a aueceaaful frog apoealation. The wit. meadows of Bergen Comity, being convenient to ibe New York market, where there la a steadily Increasing demand fw fattened frogs, he con Idried of Immense vain* la the bosinew. He baa entered Into negotiation for a Urge tract, which he will proceed to fbnee In and Mock with st^amSMr' "* Amu. WINILOW, N Bxjerlen ed Nim and Female Physlotaa. preeente to the nttentioa oI mothers, her SOOTHING 8 ? R U F 9 Far OhlMra Toe th tag, VIM RMtt; (ullitttll th? ttMIM of tlllhtcf, kt NflM tBf th? fWM, MCacir ( all lillBBMlw-?ttl ?l?r ALL r*in ul ipuiMdic mSm,u4 ia SURE TO RBUULATE THE BOWELS. Dayaa d ifw K, iwtkiri, K vitl giva rMt U*>?rMiTli, u< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YO UR INFANTS Wi hit! pit By ud laid (hi* articla tar ???r tM yiut, iU CAW ?AT, IK COHriDIHC! and t?utm of it, what wi ha?i I bin ahla to. **J of u; liw Madietna? MTU MRS. ?a? it a in*lb ?n- . itawcm to airier A cons, WlUlLOW'i *hm unity aaad. !ti*ir did wi know (utllTMIhfi * ?> IniUaCi at dio atiafcetioa hy lay ?W X ani wha aaid it. Oa tha aontrnry.allari SYRUP, daHfbtad with it? erUATiom, and Jaeiak to taraa af hifbait coram(nditiai af la a\ ical ifaeta and midteal mtau. Wa ipoak ia ;hia mattar < what ?l do nnow," aftarta* yaara' aapanawai, a?d riual on nnrOTA* TIOH roe TKI rULFILUINT op what Ti Rill ?nclaK n. la alraaat *?lty moUnci vhara tha infant ia tafirtnf frafa yam and athaaiuon, ratiif will ba foaad to tflaaa or laioli miaatoa aftar tha i?r?n ? Tku valaabla preparation u ih* prtaeripuan ml mot ml tka KMl BIP BBIBItCBD and iBILFVL ItUBIBI io Hl? Kofluiiudku biMiud villi itBVBB-FAiLiits iVccbii U THOUSANDS Ot CASUS. It Ht Mil7 rali***i th? child frarn Mia, bit inaijarataa Ik* IMBaeh and bawaM, earr*eta acidity, and gi?*? tan* and laXfJ tm th* waala ayitam. It will *Imaat inctantly rall?r* 6ftIPllt? IH TH* BoWBLi AND WlltD COLIC, aad avarcama ewxalaiaM, which, U let *r**dMy r*m*44ad Md la daath. Wat ' b?*fi ft U? BBIT ARDICBBITBBM- FOR BO* Mi tb* WORLD la all ea**? ml DTI- CHILDREN fTIIT and DlAB HCi IK CBIL- TKETHINO ORB". wh*ih*r it ari**a fr-am t**tbln; L or fran any ath*r eana*. Wa weald *ay 10 a?*fy rrothar who baa a child aaffarinf frara any of tb* foragoinf complaint*?DO HOT LIT TOCB ruBJl'DICBI, ItOB THB PBBJl'DHTBI OF OTHBII tand baiwaan yaar *af*rinr child andth* r?li(f that will ba ULVTILI lUHl-tl I0I10V IM of til mtdiclnt, If Urr?l? *(!. r?ll dirteuoi.' or ninf will t Mapui #?ch bottl*. Non? fonain* iiIih th? CORTlf * PERKINS,Now Tnrk,i*?ntb* aauuia vrippa oid by Drag ;iott throorhoat tba world. Priacipal One*. If*. t> Ctdar trtft, If. T. Ma* MilvSS Cmu ptr B*tti*. ll-4*wl? ^FOR sale and rent~ I/?OR SALE-A fine aubatantial BRICK HOCBK.on llth at., betwwn Land M ati., with large Ptable and Carnage House. Anyone wanting i?noli a Hnune will be aHd on very ao ooinmodattnr terma. or exchange for amaller property For a private reiiidenoe none can xarpaiia it Inquire of GEO. T. LANGLY, on L ?t.. n*ar 14th t _? 14-tf_ F><)R SALE? Very cheep,on reasonable terms, one of the most deeirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, titrated on the north veil eort,er of6th *t.,and N?w York Avenue. Enquire of.lOS F. IIOUOSON, Stove Manufactory. No. 40."?7?h kL, between H and I st*. an 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will he for renfin a few darn. It i* beautifully utuated on Thirteenth *reet, between Georgia avenue and K *t., Navy Yard: ha* a large garden lot attached, a pump of g od wau r n* ar, and contain* 4 room*, kitchen and woodshed. Will be rentad low, with or without the lot, to a g?od tenant. For tale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: work* well in anything Inquire of T. E. CLARK, Navy * ard ; or of JOHN PATCH, 613 H *t . between 4th and Mh jy 16 FOR REN T?A large three-?tory-and-attic BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, .ituated at t No. tHb Kldvantli at ? "Knrl At mfm U* . ?- ? . -? ... -?? < ? unvi U|r ?tuuc M I *? II I 0* avenue. Rooms large; house arranged with the modern convenience; t-riok etali.n and carr.agehou?e in the rear. Re: t moderate to a good tenart. Apply to J AS C. McGL'IRH A C? an 2-eotf I^OR RENT?A three-story BRICK HOUSE on H iitreet, between ?th and 5th. Also, a twostory UK1CK COTTAG E, with garden, oorner of Tennasaee avenue aud north F street, surrounded bjr a large oommor pasture, and would be a desirable location for a da.ryman. Inquire of C. BIRGK, 446 12 h st. jy lfr->o3m? f^OUNTR Y RESIDENCE FORt*AI.K.-Thr*e vv and a half a res of Land situated at Bailey'> X roads at the intersection of the Oo!mitb an and L.eesbnrK turnpikes, six mile* from Washington and 5 f< om Alexandria. The improvements oonsist of a house, containing 16 rooms, harn. corn house, sheds, Ao. The yard is well shaded with trees and ha# i n it an exoeilent well of water. For furth-r particulars apply on the premises to VV M. FA Vi* V, or to J NO. DOWLING. Vst.,or A. G. Marshall's anctinn rooms, Washington, O. C. The above described property will be sold .ow for ca?h ir FOR RENT?That new and well arranged three story BRICK HOIJ8K.No. ISi.un (} street, between l'lth and 20th st*., First Ward, latelv occupied by Mr. Hodttoo, Russian Lmratiou. Po^s^s mon riven immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTH EY S. PARKER. next door east. ma 10-eoU _ TO LET?Two well arranced and convenient FRAME HOUSE*, containiug six rooms each; one sUuated on Uth st. west, b tween L and M sti north; the other on N ?t. north, between 14th and )Mh sts. we?t. Ecquireof J. P. Hilton. No. K sr. north, between 13th and 14th sts. went, or No 375 Uth st west, between I. and M sts. north I on m p nil t, a _ ?? ? " r ?< t ? m I a m a P>R RENT?The three utory (brown (ror.t) HOU8E, No. *67 New York avenue, between 10th and 11th *tr?ets. north aide, containing bft?en rooina. Thia houae ia couvenient to the Patent Office, Treasury , etc.: la lighted by gai.ainl >n every way aaitab Tor a boarding houae. Kelit mo era'r Ap ply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, con do r north wing of Patent Office. jy U-tf l^OR RENT-Three BRICK llOl'SES-one ol r Twelfth atreet, between C and D; one on the corner of Twelfth and H ata.; and one on H, between 12th and 13th ata. Inquire of JAMEs W BARKER, on ii street, between Uth aad 12th, No. 426. ma ?-tf m m m% n a?K>ai m m n ^rn ? ? ?- - ? ?- - li'UK ftbn r? i no r iao i r luur 01 uie ouim 1 intimmediately opposite the west win* of the City Hah, rcoently oo< med by Chaa. ?. vYallaoh aa an office. Also the front room in the aaoond tory and the third floor of the jame huildinr. For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACH.W 'J Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tl GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS f^OR HARPER'S FERRY.-CHANHE OF DAYS? On and after July,2,1880, ^ h? .tenner ANTKLO"K, Caat J. Wkll*. carry ins the United S'ates^"1"*"*** mail.will l?ava(i*orgetown K V E R Y MONDAY, WEbNESDAY awf FRIDAY, ?t7a, m.,and return ever; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. B.?Every Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdttown. au At-lm* OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after Jqjy Jd^J*?, the ,at?amer J,. J, Drongie, t,?piain w. n. Kitter.will _ _JI k leave Georgetown KV^RY TtfKS DAY, THCR3l?AY,?n.l SATUK I>A Y, ftt 7 o'clork ft in., and return every ftlternftta fty,ftt<o'clock ? m. On t^e Sftturday trip from Georgetown the boftt will ran through to Shepherdatown. je 21 3m ptRANDBLL, 0FTIC1AN, V No. 189 Bruit* ft., 0Nr|<lMM, Hfta oonatantlv on hand ft large aaaortment of Preach Near-aighted. Fenacopic. ?rtl- fkisri red. aaa ftL other SPECTACLES, oxA^F the beat?Ba.ity,in gold.ailver.ateel.and German Iver rnune*. N. B. Old F*ftmea Repaired and new i-ft?a eot in them to order. noli-b (OH. F, BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, ? Car. Bridt* and J iftr ton itt., Qeorttfwn. Hftving ft van my peraonal attention to thia branch of my bnaineaa, I am prepared to.?jw ?_ attend to all oalla with promptneea Ugdp Peraona from ft distance can foe anpplied at ft Vwrainutea' cotioe. fta lhaveftlftrce aaaonment or COFF1NB alwaye on hand. Partioaiar attention paid to the removal of tha d?ad from the old to the new burial ground*. Hear?a and Horaea for hire. ap to-6m 1CA JUST RECEIVED, lOU B8L8. WHISKY, <aaaort?J.> 1M do. HERRING and AL^WIVES, weamm ? bo*p? prime EaaternCHKEHK. F?r?alelow by JOHN J. faOGUE, | jet Georgetown, D. C. \fA38EY. COLLINS * CO.'S PHI LADELl" PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are eonitantli reoeiviog freah safeties of the above delightful leverage, and invite all peraoni who want a pure unadulterated Ala, to give it a trial. ARNY fc PHINN, Agents, IT Green at.. Oenrgetnwn. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN . ? ?B WORKS. Tha rabaoribarbaga leave to inform t)w oiti?#ri Alexandria that hehM?dd?d tolue long eaUMUfced buMotu the Mzflivi ofatMm ro?*r tor wwinc and roanafao Uruu Marble and Brown Btona Work in ?h?r va rw>?.ibmi>ohee. Marble Mao tel., fabla and Wa*h tand

ro??. Tile,. MonnmenU, T?n*?b and Head ?tonM, 8la;?. Window Lintele, 0il ?, Htem and Flatforma. Hariag pure haae* a large etook of Itvlian G.aj?fe * jirrttaMd[ ** tha lowest r*l. ii? itth oonnasiii 01 oping aDts u> nmuh Mar?> s Work u tuw h it tu b* rtrokunfin New \ ork, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trad* with Italian Marbls in block or ahs *t th* same rata m farnuksd ui >ew York, and an accommodating t?rnw. Alio, on hand. a lar*s I'amtoe 9ton?, Water of Arr Hols and Pnttr at N*v York prions. Enoosr*Ks tli* mt^r prise; it vill bs an aoqnisition to as sit?. _ ALfcX. RUTHKRFOKD , Pioneer Steam Marble and Brown Stone IT^rkt, p? A 5?JB^JSttMUSS W Btorsof Tan*) W.6 MKT7.EROTT. EDUCATIONAL. gtrawberry vale iNarrrurB fori *3 ? YOUNG LADIBH. . j Ptmek drove Put OJU*, Fhtrfmx Cmtnlw, Fa. Location one of the healthiest in the ?taie; 9ooiraJ and refined; Re lgioua privileges unsnrTke fell term of this Inetitution will commenoe on d?T of Hepteml>er, IMS.and olese on tl?? 3d of February* 1061. under the management ofooinp?M.eot teachers. Terjn* p?r Session: One-half in advance. For Tuition in Bngliah Branches, Board and Waah.. im #?>?> For I^eeeonaoaPiano IJ."0 . uae of?ame iM * French, Latin and Greek,(each' 5? * Ornamental Needle Work 3?0 " Drawing and Painting, (each,' 5.00 '* Monoehromatics 7. 5 00 ' Lighta 1.W " Fuel... 2? r?. r?it.- - * 1 r lunnrr puueiltri ?PPlJ to either of the fallowing gantlemen (the Board of Trustee*) who will l>e (lad to fu nish circulars and give any inloruia tion nestred in reference to the echool and Manager* : Board of Tru*te*>. Lewu D. Mean*, Esq., Treasurer. l.angiey, Fa.rfax county, V*. tr. Win. H. McVeinh, Ani.?, enrrJenkin*. E*q., " r jHeph Ostnun " W W Hall.Eaq , Prospect Hill, 44 Capt W.T Muse,U.?.N., 1-angly. ' " Cap t. J no. Powell, Hunter'* Mi 1, *' au J? 4t? MRS. TODD ILL Resume thedutie* of her School on Monday, September 3d. Number of pupils limited to 24. Kor term* inquire at her residence, 3*7 Dr' eet, between 6th ami 7th ?t?. au fl-lw' FIFTH 9TRHKT SEMINARY. RSJ GOODRICH Will reofen her school on A-- >-< ' i ,i .,i< ?u vi music Muglit by Mis* <><>odrich. A fine play *r<>tind is attached to the premises Apply at 435 Fii.h street, between I) andK. au 9t* f?V ERKTT INSTITUTE, J Ma*? A v., 9th 1kd irttii St? The exercises ?f tin? w<"ll known luMHute wtil lie resumed on Monday, the 3d o' September. Term# are very reasonable. For particulars see circular* at the different book ttores. or oall on K W. FAR l.EV, the proprietor,at hia residence. 449 Tenth street. ana 6t* B~ ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY, MOIfTeOMKBT COITHTY. MD. The next session will commence geptemb r3d. Boys are prepared for college or trained for bustne?s. Catalogues may be obtained by addressing the Principal,at Brookeville, Md. E. B. PRETTY MAN. A. M.. aui9 2w* F r incipal. TMRS. PLANT'S ACADEMY. IJK Duties ofthis school will lie resumed Mon<Wy. September 3d, 3*7 Ninth street, one door no th of I stree;. Terms, 4to.f made known on ap plication. au j8-eo3'* |7 KM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, [1 a i Kiv 4 unu r j " ?. i?n jfl, Kit. Mrs. 9. J. McCORMICK, pKi*r:i?AL. Tli* thirteenth annual sennon or this Institution will <y?mm?Ttci on Tuesday, September 18th, in the In>u?e r?c*ntly occupied by Sjlve.ter Scott, Esq , No. ISO King street. The oourse of study pursued will coinpri eall th? branches requisite to a thorough Kiigiuh Kdu cation, aud AIumc, F.ench, Latia and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as I fioarders. who. constituting a part of h-r own family, will be u'der her immediate care and supervision. She w ill endeavor, as far as possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindly intluencos of Home. _ _ A^resr'?.-R#T.nso H. Norton, Rev. D . Kliaa Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, Wt!l:am H Fowl?, Ksq., Kdgar Snowden, fcsq , Edmund F Witmer, Km,, Hwry Marbury, Ksq , l.ewis McK'ii/. e, F.sq., Robert M. Hunton, Esq . W D VValiach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, E*?|..Jas. Kntwisle Jr.. K*a.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun. Messrs. Blaekloek k. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brother*. Tins. Board, with Tuitiou id Ul the English B Moh??, *2f*i for the annual session?payable semi -annually. uj advance. Music and Languages at Professors' price#. fir* Mo extra charges. au 28-U W GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE ILL Bo reopened on Monday next, September 3-1 Circular# may in j ocurea at 9 kr Uitw or Crandcll Bookstore. The Prinoipal* may l>eaeen larmg th*? week at tlmr new building, Dumbarton ? , opposite M. E. Cliurch. THOS N. CONRAD./ p,; ?u '.7 Iw J.-UN S. '.ONKAD, \ ^ pa Young ladies- academv of the visitation Comer of Tenth and G Urttlt, H'aiiisifM City. The exercise* tf this academy will be resumed on Mo day n^xt. September 3, 18?). Persons desiring information will pleaae apply at the academy. an 28-1 w T* ?ONV.AfjA rni i Kcr E HE Schnl*atio exercisea of tbi? Institution will be reau tried on the lat Monday in September. . an 77 \V. T. CLARKK. S J.. I'rea't. Franklin academy, COIMKK Thietkbrtn AKD II 9TS.. A SELECT SCHOOL FOR HOY*, ( Formerly localtd t? Ike First Ward.) This lnxti'ution wi.l oomin?no? it* Third Annual Station, at ita now looatiun, on Monday. September 31. Application* for admitaion may bo mode on the premises at any tim* after the *5'h in*t. ati 2> lm R. B. UI'IRICK. Principal. The exercises of mis* m. lkwis's SCHOO.. FOR YOUNG LADIES will be re um d on Monday. September 3d, Ninth street, aeoond door north of F at. au 24 at* CENTRAL ACADEMY, ? COB*** E AKBTISTH ST?. Thia InutltulloD will it* rind** ttin.i.n.k? 3d. Applica ion?made to thePrincipalattherm>ini. Circular* at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Kejtr'nc**. Prof. Henry. I.L. I) . M. H. Mill*. K?q., Rev. John C Smith D D., Dr. C P. Culver, Rev. A. G. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Davidson, au 23-1in ' ____ Rock hill academy, Ellicott'* Mil in, M?. This Institution, conducted b> the Christian Brothers, will resume studies on Mon<lav, September 31. int_ w ASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, " CoeaBK or Ti9TH tun G Sts. The exercises of this school will be resinned on monday, September 3d. For t rnis apply at my remdence on d street, near Star Office. Circulars at an 21 HH SAMUEL KELLY, Principal gj ELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.ES *J Mi HI M. RIDDKLL will resume theduties of ker school on ?h? first MONDAY in September, at N??. 451 I welfth street. mMsi EMKKSON INSTITUTE. II ST , Bitwiik IJTH A!fT> 13TH Sts. SELECT CLA8SICA .AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOY& The Eighth Annual Session of this school will commence on MONDAY. September 3d. Number of pupil* limited. _au 20 (States) CHAS. B. YOUNG. Principal. THE PREVcOTT HIGH SCHOOL, 370 Eighth St., Bktw?bx K and L Sts. Studies will be resumed in this insti'utiou on MO o DAY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstores, au 16-tl A- C RICHARDS. Principal. \f R8. M.E EING8FORD 8SEMINARY. i'l I I A K ST. W A<1! NGT?N. I r The next ee?aion will oowmei.oe October lat.lBfin. Terina.fco., forwarded on application. au 16 tf jyjKTEOPOLlTAN (XMXBGlAfE INBTIFOR YOUNG LA DIBS, 464 E Sr., Bbtweek 6th and 7th St*. Tha fourth annual aeaaion of the Institute will commence on the brat MONDAY ia f^ft?mti r. Application* ahuuld bo made?arlr, aa the number ofpupila ia limited. For particulara m*? nl-oulara orafpl* to the principals, Mr. and Mr?. T. H. HAVENNKE, at the lnatitute. an 5> tf VILLAGE GREEN SEMINARY 19 WKJA ted u> a heauti nl and healthful village 12 inilea above Wilmington, Del., ami uear tha Philadelphia aud Baltimore Railroad. Recommended b* the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Methodist Kpinonpal Church. The oourae of study u extenaive aud thorough -in the Mathoinatica!, Classical and Enih?h Department*. SUfcleBta IM Br*Mrm4 fnr kunnMafir "nllM In the preparatory course for college special refer"52? mads to Dickinson College. The institution m provided with a lar^e philosophical apparatus to illustrate tne atari) of .Natural 5*oi?"?ee. A library of three iinndrwi volumes is accessible to popus The fifth *ear will commence MONDAY, *eptornbar 3d. IMn. ^ Boardi*|:,Tuitioa, Ac., for session of M weeks, }*rmt attootioa ismM to the moral deportment of student*.. Moathty reports root t?par*sts. For circulars or information sddress the Pnimpel, fcev J. HKKVKY BARTTN, A. M.. VillaTs ureen seimoirj, IMlMrtn nountr, Pa. Ritermerti?tCuy. L,eri Sontt. D 1). Bishop of M. K. King, Georgetown. anlltA*p5 DlLOfr NOTICE.? To^ *11 C*?bM?P jasraftrs of Vessels, liouud to the District George's Island, at the niouih of ft. M?r>'s ?iver, and uear Pinev r?lnt, sad that it is not n Mturf to take Virginia PiloU from the.r toaU, whep U* vessel is hoand to Georgetown of Wa ningtoa oitr, as Maryland PiloU can b? foand of at least equal skip and reliability. au H-eod2m* m EDUCATIONAL. ^T. MATTHEW'S FEMALE ACADEMY. Center 1*<fc enri frtit YerA sr. This Institution, ander the direction of the Sister* of Charity, will be opened for tl?e reoepUon of pnpils on Monday, September 54. The count of instruction will wshiaw the orrttnary biaaches of a gvt?l ^'nglish edeotUoa, u>l get her with music and the French language. For terms apply at the Insiitalioa. A Free School for girls will also b? ovudoctad by the Sisters at the s*me pace, but in a a*parate house. ss2* MH|RS. A. F.. BEI.I/8 SBM: N .RY. Otrmtr mf l. mn4 Tentk u . Wm *?sf lis ri(f. The next session if this school will commence Septemtier 3d, latin. The rosi g ladies of the Institution are particularly requested to l>e punctual in attendance at the opening of school, and all others who wish to become members of I lie saane to makr early application, as the number of pupils will be limited. Terms, Ac., gtwn on application. au 86-ttt AeotOct 15 * ?<T. VINCENT'S SCHOOL, ? V.UIMR or 1 KBTH AH I' (j Bt?. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the fi'it Mondar in !*eptemer next. Iu exerci*e? will I* conducted as in former year*. _auj3-?u2w ^ States > Twestkrn academy. HE Exercises of this school, under the charge of Dr P. L Looms, ami ttie Primary Departm?ut under Mi?s Asxik L Peck., will be resumed Sep teml?er 3d. Circulars can be obtained at the bookstore (Int i au 17-eo?m rpHE RIPLEY FEMALE SEMINARY 1 BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, Situated Betwiki 8th 4Xd?th ^ts. E'?t. Will commence its n*xt session on MON DAY, Soften ber 10th Ali desiring further information wiii be furnished with a catalog iiegivmgfull particular* by caHing upon or addressing th?> pi ir.cpal. au l?> en3w <>. K. RIPLEY _ S LAFAYETTE INSTITTTK. ESSION Will oomift?iiv? on M"NUAY.S?steral>er 1< the new Institute Building, -H7 1 street, adjoining Caroline Terrace, ?>pp.u>fc?* Frank hn f*fi iram Circulars at bookstores. an 11 eo^w (Con A Int. > I,. C LC)UMIS f ni? A tmrtkiM ? " -* * U?A>? liTO A.1U PAINTING. J M. bTANLBY Having taken the room* re eently occupied by the Washingtun Art Association. two <1tn>r? wefct <>f the auotion store of J. C. McGuire * Co., it is tu? purpose in addition to his accustomed art !at>ors. to open a School for Instruo tion in DRAWING, LANDSCAPE AND POR t'RAIT PAINTING. Seminaries and fti-a-din* Scho. It accoir.tii-xtated with separatecl??? rooms, upon au early application, and may find it advantageous to have lessor * in these branches civen to their pupiL, wh<re it will not mterrupt t lie routine of aeholastic instruction. Pnpils de?i'lnf to ent*r wi!! please epplr at rnr present Studio. Pi^iin. avmum, lutween lltti and 12th rtreeti, uutil the st proximo. irr*fla?s rooms open on the first MONDAY in September. Washington, August, IW. au 21 tSeptl* aTuction sales. ~ By J. C. MotiIIRK Ji CO , Aact 10leera. Brick uou&e and lot on north k St . nitwei: 19th a*d 20th r*Lic SaI.i ?Ou 1 HMDAV AFTERNOON, Sepi.-mher 4th. at 61f o'cvck.or. the premi?rf. we stiai sell part of Loi No. 15, ID Square No. S6, fr< n in* 16 feet on corth K stre-t. W?f n THh and **h . anil ru&LiQic back 80 feet, toc*th?r with the i nprove litems, c -ufcifnne 01 a ?t >rjr iiri 'k dw^Uiiif hou??. oontainm* i;x rooms, wtrh a liM~k kKchen. T h'first sUmt hu been occupied for three years p%ht a* a (r<>oer> nai 1 qnor *tt>re, ( <r which it ialminW? adapted. heing within a short di t%noe of the Western Market. Term* : $ <*) in cash; the remiir.ler in L2 month', w th i.tero.t, secured br * deed cf trait on the premise*. au a? d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. AbcU. Br A. OKEKN, Anetioneer. TtU^TKE'SAI.K OK A PAHTor A TRACT 1. OF LANDoailcd "J'eUr'i Miii Seat," situated in th? oountr of Washington, on the Pin?y Branch Hovt, and about thrse miles from the e.ty of Washington, beinc apart of the eroeert) known a* the Piney Branch Trottin* Co?rie." Br virtue ?>f two deeds of trust, oae bearine date 01 or about the nth da? ot August, lei*, and recorded in Liber J. A. 3., No 159, to toe J*",et seq., one o'the an 1 reonrds ?f the oounty of washing tin, in the Dtatriet of Columbia, and the other b*am<c dat* on or atK>ut the Uth (.aj "I Mar, 'M"*, . * Mm I -? ? * * " c* u icvvmm ijiyrT J. A* I^O. T7T, ^OJOI 4C4, 01 ??h| . a:?o one ol the land word* of ?aid canty. I wiil proct-fvi t" ??ll at publi< auction to tbe liubect hi ?der. on 'ITR8D K Y. th* ltth dajr ?f Sept-mh-r. 1W, at 5 o'oiock p. m.. at the A net on Rootn of A. t> k ki?, corner 7th and L> sue t*. Washington. * a I tha part of a tract of land called 'Peter's Mil Hte\f,' sit ate, lying, and b-ing to the count? of Washington, in the Dis rict of Cotambia, aad on the west side of the Piney Branoh road, ooatataed w thin the following met*a and bound*, to wit: Beginning lor the earn ? at a ton*. No 4, planted in tli* west in? of said road. for the no'thee&t oorner rf a lot of eaid land laid off" to Hay* *ak mk i.ani running from then?* north sixty one and a lialf degree*, west fifty sul an<l forty-four hundredth* perch's, with f?e? kroai/s n<>rth line, to a ton*, No. S. at the noitnwest corner of <*peakman'a larger lot and the beginning of hia entailer kit, then<-e running north thi<ty and a lialfdegreee. east twenty-eight and a h* f perches to a 'take in the south lin*? of a ro*d twenty-live f*?t wid?, and wth Um Mlt lire of >?! ? planted a stoa* No. S; ihence rancing a<>utt. sixtyono and a ha f degrees, eart fifty n:ne p??cbes and f? nr and one hnn J'fdth ??f a p r?k to a stair* in the weat iine of tn- Cmtj H an h road; thence with said vast line of said Piney branch r<>\a in a strauht line to th* p'aoe of beginning, "ontaiamg ten acres aud thirty-six p^reh^s of lard," mora or |n*?; together with the improvements thereon, which ooaaist of a new, spacious, and w?HI-bai>t t?o atory F ame Dwelling house, etabiing, a beds, and oat hou<ea. ? erma of sale: One third cash; the b&laaoa in 6 and It months, for which tho pi-ichat*- will be reSuiredtogive hia note* heartug interest from th* ay or rale, and s?curtd by a daed of trust upon th* pre - in??. Should th* puretiM*r fail to oomplr with the terms of sale within fcv*<ta?s after Ifce day ol Me, the trustee iwrv- s the right to re??'l i-aid prop ert?, at th-n*k and o*?st ?1 the defaulting purcHa ser, upon giving five dvs prevu us pab ic no lee by adviTtlseinent, 111 K>mc newspaper pnl>!ished in thecit* of Washiogt-u. of the time, plao*, aud imkis of ?:i<sh rwale. All oo!iv??an?ea at the coat of the purchaser. R. H. LA8KKV, Tristee. an 2 -eoidg A GRKEN. Aii.t, By J. C. MoGUIRE k CO , Anotioneera VHAMJABI.F. INLAND PROPERTY FOR Hal*?Tke whole of Square No. SKn. beauded by F ?j ?tr*t? loath, ar?l by Dt niri tv?ua? and Fir it ami Heoond atreeta weat. bavinc been auUlivid-d into fifty eon?<*niei,t but din* lota, witli f onti t*n<ir e from 14 to 3" fwt, will b? offered at Tublio ?al- , ? u 'h* preiaiaee, in l<ot?,oii THIIMS MY. the tit'i da? of Sep tew tor next, at half p*> t 4 o'clock p. w. Persons wtkluns to ??reha?e a lot or lota oan a p ply to the orde'aien''(f| at h a cflioe, where alao tae plat o( aMbdiv-ioion ir?ay be teen. Title that ol ti.e oMf trial proprietor V* rraa of aale: One f-xi tb oaah. the reeidne in three eanal instalments, at 6.13 and ii n.or.Ui*. with mt-reaf, to be aeoured on tlie pretniara. Unlea?? the terms are complied with within five flays from the day oi aale, the riibt ia rarerv?d to o five day*' public notice, at the risk and eoat of d? fruit ioc ruroliaier. Ail cunvet anoe? at the pnrohaeer'e 4" ? l/i ri a n rv a r* "? ?r *!? oc?v. rivnniii; n. v^la ni\r, Attorrejr a* Lav. oor 6*k at. and a & . an2rfoAda J C. MoQllRE A CO.. AaoU. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTg AND TO SUIT TBI: We are now mannfaot'u. mc all kinda of BOOT? and 8HOHB, aad oonitMtit r?o?ivii( aupplj ot eaattru n.ade work o< evert de-BHi oriffio", made Mtpreaalj to order, and willv J be Bold at a mnoh iu*?r anoe than hu b?en " vQfe heretofore oharged in tkii eity fur niech inferior artiolee. Peranna in vast of Boots and Blioaa of eaatara ui oity made work, will alway find a food aaaorTinen in a to re aad at the Inweet prioea Wire u a a call. GRIFFIN * BltO., aplr 114 Pecoerlvania a van a*. CM V'K HUNDRED TRAVLLINQT TI.UNO i arrived thia dar. embr&nini all auvn aaa? tiaa wad ?i*ea of Sole Leather, Ladici'HAw Ureas and PaekiBf Truuka. Our trai'k^^^"* ?ai*a room exhibit* at thi(Uui? the cr?at-?t tvMt of uvraiiM r**?ui at Budjofa Bruaa. to be JCrOIJ Trunin repaired or taken in exohasfa for new uuaa. 8TKPUKNH * COTraafc8al?a Room, mar M-tf ~?m Pa. araaaa. CJOUTTOIN TW1iH% MANUFACTORY. 0 (M Tn Bum, Ortftiu Odd ikrntmm H*u. *a?*M*#faa, Bl C. Travelers will ataflv their mtereata k, auawB my TRUNK*. VALICK# 4?TSSte y?r ? ? ? pyi CWIUIU1 ?UU ^OMOI pj? one week aoliqej tverj dewtnatUn af Knit L*4ygg?, /Ao.y frame rtfFxc#drYM\ ^.^Mfa^efTkort notice FA,,,W ?1?1M? JAMES B. TOfRAM. THE WEEKLY BTAR~ tkt ?a bit fo>?4 ui Mr tUw-u tvWtaha* ?? V+lMrtmr MoraiM* teisrr.^.- ?s " d. It lavmr>?Mj MiiuM tt* Uh?t Iim iu*<2? Tk'Kr*m*m4 Btm olr?*lM* " rwi?rfcl;T tkronf b??1 tk? oonotrt KT'B<n|UMM?lia wr%ff?T?' ?M ?? *??> ? ?t ikfonmUr, ima-diate'T *tt*r U* im*?f Pn??-THRK? CBNTS K.ili Till to lowad ?ovmaii?ioD of Jn Mu. ????? ST7M\TFT* Wl?orkT??i?o ? ? Muuv/n x o? tr?wm ....... ERNST LOEFFLER. Frayrtatar. JV?w 7?Hk (mm, Mhiiw Ut Ms. , IimIIIu tlM?tt?ibui >.| iWHblwtoi Iinali | wo?ld iU.K> Uiftt 9r?T1 MpyM1 bft* M ^ . A saftt^:T^2E& 4?n? ar* <>p?ii |? Um paNi? tr?* ?t ?W|?HiSBl firwj 1>t ft ?eWthM4. TkuM^Mtriac t)M Jmioo ft?d v?'t? vn Bud tke Mkloon in (wjulM* ord?T li> pl*fta?'? ta? *11. O" Untenttw proprietor will efc?orf?li? I1**! 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Pvtikl ta proportioa. wc* JI?V? Pa. arnnn*. Ht 1 ??????????^ WOOD AND COAL. WOOD. , " AND Dflircrarf to all parta S tua oityfat tta UiO p<M?lble rat*?. '" * " ' " ??- >7u ?^5^ ail at a v*r? lev figure for oaah. r*^^??a W OOD ??**d Mid Sylit ant aisa, Call and for roarceif. ? " * oornar^ofFo fo. ITkeys]] \ ]>EALKK IV jf WOOD & COAL, LIMEJ / SARD, CEMENT. NAII. VV \ Plaster, and WhiU OrtT?l, (f J r?4* W. E. Cor. 12tk * C SU.'I // <hw nquarr South Fran At. R WAS Win CTjj^D^Cl y-tf Nation aE1l H^I hiiition, At CinClftNATI, OHIO, 8*H.lttk 11 Th? UNITED ^TAT?i? AGRICULTURAL. SKK'IKTVwii Ir/id iU Kichth AlbbaI * rat ai?l I ?duatria< hx'iihition on thf cievnca lifwr ally provi.M I., the r.t.^nVof Cmoia2Iu wVTh tas zsy,:,sifajtrisvut rii'o WM',?* ^ exhibition at Hora** rhf Premiunu < iferad-in cmIi,?xold akivar u> bronx? tufdal*.?di^lciiuu md ? ?.' ? -ijtrj Et to * The Exhibition wl. -* n^ir open Irun Wlrtlli day,the lZth. to Thursday, the loth, ol Septoent-er, thua f ivin* tint* to fiwim ud tMt tab tap)* m?ntk ud itiachi'-er>. Ft lihta or llfbrMbei apply at tb# Offioe of the Noo?e?v. No. JM r?. avcam. imp "*" "SsfrfljjrwBGar jy H If Soe'y U. 8. Aintaltan SooHtf. OFFICE Or INSPECTOR AND BBALEfc OF OAS METERS. W tiiiMTos. J?ir U, IMS SOTTrE IS HEREBY GITKN. TkLlcrw&l>ly to the provision of the nidiiuae of tMCotpotation approved May it IM". tlw ?(l?ni|iad ii now prepared, "?Wenimilmta WTiti?? uJ on pre of the fM ?f ftfty (Mk, to Unfit, txamin . t??t, ?rvv?, andftacertoia U? uomm of Ea Ir^rf Wl V* ' ? 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