Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1860 Page 2
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> I . II I THE EVENING STAR. Washington oitt: THCItMMV....... ii|W H. 1M*. ?>irH 9t ?tif Mimlm rr?* The Con'tiiution irgnn at length that It would be unsafe to place the Federal floTernment la tbe h*nds of the republicans and that thia la the tendency aad design of Douglasi?m. The [ntclligrrtrir.oTei theslg**tttfeof W llltam W. !?eaten, ita anrvivlog editor, aenonncea the aaaeriatiou of Mr J*aie*C. Welling la th? editorial coednct of tbnt paper. The ?jin.e paper descants at length upon the AlUaouti Compromise. . JJ^The Bell and Everett party in Illinois bave nominated Jehe L. Htuart, esq , far governor He is sud to be a brother-in-law of Mr. Lincoln. ^ rThe vloegrowers' convention, la aesaion for two d.iva ftt Atit'tiata. fia hm mat adioiirued' to meet at Aiken, S C., August 2u, next year. JET T^erc la to be a grand firemen * parade la ?New Yerk ou the occasion of the Prince of Wales' visit to that city. Major Wood baa offered to pay the expense* jUI^The St. Loul* Republican says it hss good reason to doubt the report of the death of Mr. Cutt, M. C. elect from Aarkansas, in a duel with Dr. Mitchell, toe opposing candidate. ICT'The State Council of the American party In Ntw York have bad a aeasion. endorsed tbe fusion ticket, and turned their President oat for being in favor of Lincoln. 1 U7"Tbs Poilee Commissioners of New York have authorized their superintendent to open s car res pond sac# with tbe police author i ties of otter cities and districts for tbe interchange of detec tlve officer* Several negroes were arrested at Memphis, Tenn., on the J5Jd, charged with having in their pa?rMion a large quantity of poiaon, which they confessed was given them by white men, for the purpose of destroying the lives of the white people In the neighborhood. fTT" As we go to press jars the Kent(Md ) News of Saturday, we learu from a private source, that the negro man John 11 Cannon, who killed and outraged the person of Miss Sarah Griffith, near Dover, a few weeks since, was forcibly takea from the j^il at that place, aod lynched by an outraged community till life was extiact. ffTThs New York Herald aays:?"It mayappear a startling assertion, bat itis nevertheless a Wuc one. that there is prabably not a residence In New York belonging to wealthy man, which has not been at some time, or is not now, under the surveillance of a scientific and desperate burglar, who is patiently waitiag a favorable opportunity for carrying out bit long matured de ajgns." Nxw Mcaic.?From John F. Lllia, 306 Pcnn vlvania avenue, we have " Breckinridge Schottiab,"' " 1 nion Bell Folka," dedicated t<> Hou. John Bell; Dougid? S?chottiaeh," and 44 Lincoln t? rand March." The above four are ail embellished with fine lithographic tikrneasea of the different Presidential candidate*. Also, the 44Kp iloo Grand March," by Horatio King; ' Dixie'* .Land." the great comic song of the day. ICr There are few peraoue who have the (lighteat idea of the extent of the fruit trade between the Rappahannock Valley and Baltimore. The team^ra that run from Fredericksburg, aaya the Herald, are tbe fuvorite modes of conveyance, and it has occurred that they were unable to carry off wheat in conaequence of the apple crop. A trip or two ago tLe steamer Wm. Seldea took to B?lt::nore eight hundred barrels of apples, bea.dea other fruit One dealer in Fredericksburg old to tw? Baltimore hockatereover one hundred I barrel* of apples, the other day. Th* G&xat Axkhcax Publication. ? We thank the publishers for sending to the Star office through the hand* of their W ashington agent, Mr. Shllllngton, bookseller, Volume 10 (from Jbr to Mac) of th? " New American Cyclopediaa Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge K.dited by George Ripley and Charles A Dana New York : Published by D. Appleton A Co ,413 and 445 Broadway. We note tbe progreM of the publication of this great work with unaffected solicitude, because sincerely believing It to be tbe great educational bock of tbe times for our countrymen. A glance at this last-published volume of tbe series has satisfied us that it fully bears out the high character of its predecessors; teeming as its every page does with substantial, valuable Information. so plainly told as to b? within the reach of tbe comprehension of all classes of readers, Including this; whose opportunities are not such as to afford time for systt malic or profound study. Whether treating incidentally ?f biography, history the arts, literature, or science in any nf it. hnI# ? , 1 * - ?**- * terest to tht? man wbo would be contemplative? and wbo would not? The further the Appletons progress with the labor of getting out this work' the clearer !? it that their policy of employing in lta preparation all toe really-valuable writing talent*to bi had in the lai.d, to as to assign to each writer a subject or subjects btst fitted to the peculiar walk of his talents and attainments, is a capital policy. Tbua, and thus only, could they produce a Cyclopedia of so great value to the world at lar^e. We also return thinks to the publishers for tending as, through the bands of .Messrs. Itlanchard ft. lUohnn, of this city, a copy of ''Cuba for Invalids," by R NV.Oibbea, H O. New- York: published by VV. A. Townsend k. Co., No. 46 Walker street. 1^40. A little volume possessing moeh interest, though upon what may be termed hacknled theme; insomuch as each succeeding season brings forth from the American press, it may be a dozen books to tbe nmr end To that of describing in en entertaining, if desultory manner, wbat tbe American luvaid or traveler sees and dosa wUeu touring in Cuba, and when and bow b? should go there. rwMUt' ? R. M Martin and Rafael Xlquss, of Cuba, are at Browns'. Mayor Swain and ftnnlv, of Baltimore, ara at the New York Hotel, New York Capt Huttoa, R. N , and i?dr; A. Sohell, N. Y . B F. Butler, Mass ; J U Blake, Pa , are at the National Col. Wra Selden, Marshal of the District of Columbia, returned to the city yesterday morning fioca a Ltl Ferdinand Maximilian, Arcbdnke of Auatria, baa ilgnijJ^d hla intention to vlait tbi* country a* an c?rly day. Mr. Won Boureicauit and Mlu Avifa Robertaon bare been engaged by Mr. Webaler, of tbe Adelpbi Theatre. London. Mr. i. T Jopt'.air, late editor of the Hamilton (C. W ) Spectator, committed aulcide by drowning biotaelf in tbe bay at that place * * Madame Le Vert, of Mobile, antboreaa ef * Souvenir* of Travel," la atopping at tue FiAbaveoue Hotel. New lork. Mr Frederick Robinson, of Marbleband, BUM, formerly high tariff of Kssex county. ba* btcMM a convert to spiritualism. twl is *o infat uatod oa the subject that be bastakeu to lecturing. Hum de s*to^efcL, Ruhuh Minister to tho failed d**te?. Blondel Vou Cuelebrcxck, MJniiter (root Belgium to tbe I'nlted StaUr*, A. Tau?b?rlick*, from Washington, ire stopping at tbe Clarendou Motel, N. Y. Tt*e Hon. L. McCallef,a graduate of Yale College, and for rear or two an aaaisiant editor of th? New Haven (Ct ) Palladium, ha* been selected spanker of the Hawaiian House of Representatives. Capt. Ellsworth, of tbe Chicago Zhhtm, resiirn^d his command on W edncaJay evening ? ? ? *L- ? J * ? -? <? * ? veeen gars au exhibition drill at tin W I|(vmi. He twi clawn u* proCr*. Ion of law. aad ha will at ooee enter the offlce of Abraham Lincoln, la Springfield, to prep**/- for tbm par mi It af an c boar a pronation. It 1* rumored tint the Hon. DaateiS. Dick)n**a, aud bit aonln-law, S. G. Courtnay, lata Putoet Attorney of Albaay, will open a law office in New York city la november mil It it alio rnmvred tbat J udge Allan, at preaeat af tba 8uCctiie Court, aa well aa Douglaa candidate for i?ut. Governor, will ba a member of the flrui Mr Wealey, tbe bualneaa manager of tba New York Timee, baa witbdrawa from tbat ratablliomeut, having aeid aut hla iattfraal (30 iOWba) U> some af the other partoere. Mr W wniaxutd la fwaadlag the Tlmaa. aad baa conducted 1U affair* with eminent ability ladaad, it* auccam la probably doe to hla azartlooa quite aa much aa ^ . K i ' Jt WittlMNR ?w? ARB MMIP, ] Visitors m Wasmisbtos ? The train that ' brought President Buchanan back to Washington ' from Bedford Springs, last evening, (in renewed i health and vigor, we are happy to be able to say.) also brought, we hesr, from tbs same point, Collectors Schell, of New York, and Baker, of Ffclladetphia, and the Hons Benj F. Butler, of M?s? sachusetts, and Edwin Croswell, of New York, all of whom are domiciled at the NaVonal Betel. The arrival of these distinguished genUesoen, coming with the Preside*!, and from Bedford, too, has set the political quid-nuncsof the Federal Metropolis, whose name is legion, to speculating noon tht; errand that brines them hither. A dozen r o different stories In that connection are of course afloat, each of them making It out to be a different political scheme. We believe wo ran solve the riddle, tbongh not to suit the wonder-mongers. AU these gentlemen have much buaineaa with the Government at thla point: the two collectora necessariiy.with the Treasury Department; Mr. Bntler, aa an attorney for Boston merchants having disputed law questions with the Government, in abeyance; and Mr. Croawell as the managing partner of a portion of the buaineaa of the late contractors for the tranaportation of the U nlted States mails to and from Aspinwall. In the settlement of questions such as theirs, consultations with and reference to the President, personally, sre often necessary; and they naturally enough come to Washington so soon as bis return here mikes it oosstble to nroceed with the transaction f tbe business of each of them with the GovernJ Blent. L'hanci th tbs Orricsas at Wiit Poist.? Tbe following is a detail of officers for duty at tbe Military Academy at West Point, to report on tbe 1st of September : Tactical Department.?Brevet Major John FReynolds, 3d artillery, instructor And commandant, Lieutenants, Chas. Griffin, 2d artillery; John H. Forney, l?*h infantry, and John B. Hood, '2d cavalry. ' Ethical Department.?Lieutenants, A. Piper, 3d artillery; 8. Breck, Jr., 1st artillery. Spanish Department?Lieutenants, G. A. Williams, 1st infantry; Westley Owen, 2d cavalry; E. G. Hush, 10th infantry. !1 UC VUiUCI HI UC IC1ICTCU li Mill ?UD ACOUmiJ will continue on duty nntil the arrival of those who are to replace them, respectively. Lieut. Alexander S. Webb, 2d artillery, will be relieved from duty at the Academy, and hit place supplied by another detail. Appointments bt Captain Bkxham os the Washtwhtoh Watii Woiu.?The following appointments oo the Washington Aqueduct have been made by Capt. H. W. Benham, U. S. Engineers, Chief Engineer, vix: Kdmuud T. D. Myera, William R. ITutton, Division Engineers; Edward Frost, Assistant; William H. Botts, William T. Howell, Sub-Aasistants; H. N. Harrison, Corresponding Clerk; William H. Shirley, Accounting Clerk; William J. McCormlck, Clerk; Robert E. Whitlocke, InBftector Falls Division; Solomon McCullough. Inspector Georgetown Division; Charl<s T. Curtis, Inspector of Bridge Masonry; Robert 8. Klnc, Inspector of Pipe-laying; Thomas A Mitchell, Richard Howarth, Assistant Inspectors of i'lpelaying; Albert W. Martin, Chainman; John Kcl ly, Hostler; John Gray, Messenger. Maisk.?On the 11th proximo, the Maine State and Congressional election comes ofl' We have private Information from there that satisfies ua that the Republican party gubernatorial candidate will be run much harder than his friends anticipate; and further, that the Democrats will gain one, if not two, or possibly, three, members of the House. So much for the thorough union between the three elements of the opposition In that State to the Republican party, which has been quietly consummated?the so evident policy of wisdom and patriotism, whalever the rabid partizan politicians may say to the contrary. A.x InroRTJM Mail Contkact Closed.?We hear that yesterday tbe Postmaster General cloaed a contract with Mr E. 9. Alvord, the superlntendent and general agent of the well-known Butterfl 'M overland-mail contract company, for tbe transportation hereafter of tbe Denver City mail t and from Kansas City, wbich service had been discontinued through tbe failure of tbe late con' tractors to meet their engagements to tbe government, it will be remembered. The Denver City settlements already contain a population of about 41MNN) souls, who, for some time past, had been without any government mail facilities whatever. Fos*ig!? Postage.?'The scale of progression for rating letters forwarded by the Bremen and Hamburg mails, have recently been modified so as to charge single rates of nostav* nn h ! ??? or picket not exceeding a half ounce, charging an additional rate for each additional half or fractional part of a half ounce. Thla new acale is the aarne aa that adopted in the United States for domestic lettera, and goea into operation immediately. Arrival or thi PRr*iD*iT.?The Preaidentof the I'nitrd States, in company with Judge Black, reached tLlarity laat evening at 0 o'clock, in good health,when be immediately repaired to hia aummer retort at Soldier*' Home. Tkia morning at 9 o'clock be waa at the White Houae, industriously engaged In dispatching the business which had accumulated during bia brief absence. Thi Fbigati Richmond?The U. 8. steam frigate Richmond, which ia being fitted out at V nrfnllr f,.. - I- ?- ? - -? 11 " " " * ........ .V. H> uc rcnuy IV sail oy we ill 01 October. She ) to be tbe lig ship of the Mediterranean squadron, and in all probability will be under the comwacd of Capt. Blaka, Superintendent of tbe Naval Academy at Annapolia. Statcbs to Gbbat Imvbxtobs.?The Commissioner of Patents haa given biabearty concurrence in a proposition for tbe erection of atatuea to tbe memory cf great American Inventor*; tbe expense to be defrayed by prlvate subscription. Niches will probably be prepared In tbe Patent Oflice building. Ixtblmgbxcb raoM ComiiaaioNBB Gbbbnwood ?In a letter received at tbe Indian Bureau n ???? ? - viii \.uiuniiMjonrr urefnwooa, that officer lUtn that he and bit party?fifteen in all?would leave Kansas City ou the 26th for Pike's Teak. The Misot Lidos Light-hoc* e, at the entrance of Boston harbor, will be illuminated for the first thne on the 15th of November next, and not September lit, as baa been erroneously reported. jcdob Black ?The Attorney General having arrived la tbe city laat evening, from a btUf tour to Bedford Springs, to-day resumed the duties of his otlcial position. ? The Wkath** ?The fallowing report of the weather for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. Acovst 30. 1800 New York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pm clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md Washington. 0. C clear, wind N\V Richmond, V*. pleasant, 94*. Petersburg, Vs. clear, cool. Norfolk. Ja clew, 72*, wind N Raleigh, N. C clear, 97J. Wilmington, N.C clear, warm. Colombia, 8. C clear, mild. Charleston, 8. C cloudy, 74?, wind E Augusta, Ga .....cloudy, damp. Saranaah, Ga. cloudy, 78?, wind NE Columbus, Ga raining. Macon, Ga. raining. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. mo* Tin was*. Frederick, Sfd dear, pleasant. 1 Hagerstowa, Md ...dear, pi?sat. Cumberland, Md. foggy, chilly. Grafton, Va elii i ' 1 whaaIf;, Va clear, cool. I Pirkinbun, Ti? clear, plnwnt. laclaaatl, O clear, rleaaant. Plttabur*, Pa clear, 54?. 1 Cleveland, O clear. UP. wtad ME Elgin, IU oJaody,^', wind 8W Cairo, IU aloar, 74s. j tfar<KB??ter al tae ftmUbnonlan at 7 a. M., (corrected for temperature,) 3u,03?; at nooa, 90 907 i Thermometer at 7 a na , 6?*. at nooo, 73^?. I Mailiuuou during 94 Hour* oadlag 4sy,75XN^hil^?^S^ J fET What la the worat klad ?f frra far a mam la ] lira mfi A??Wae^fo. | J 1 ... = Man Mumkid rot Ivftiuga a Batch or Rbba& ?One of the moat brutal murder* we have tatolr noticsd wm committed In Chicago on tbe < night of tbe 3d Instant A German baker named ] Adam Hagemaa, arho ft subject at times to demoniac flU Of passion, ffeund that his assistant. Henrf Castor. had caretasly burned a batch of brawl. Tbe Press and Tribune says: In a fit of rag* at this occurrence, he knocked j tbe Mn Castor down with his fist. The Jhlit-n 1 man got up ?nd isa Mt of tbe shop. Hageaian 1 eizeaa slit need 1b a pie rack, being a piece of wooi about the sice of a fence picket, artich from constant use lathe oven, bad been hiked until it was aiaa?t as bard as Iron, and followed him When he overtook hi an he itmrk Man > nil brat him with great violence, and finally tUruat him through the fence. Wbere the poor fellow lay ' in the ditch, until taken up by the neighbors, wben life waa extinct The murderer, istbe meanwhile, hts rare antvd, had returned to the house and coolly resumed hit avocation* When informed that the man was dead, be manifested no feeling, butrt plied.'-Then I suppose I've come to a point; all you've got to d* ts to pat th* rope aronnd my nee* ** He then requested the officers to wait until he could finish a batch of bread he was then preparing for the oven, remarking, " the dead can take care of themselves; we mint attend to the living, and they must have breed." tJagentsn baa bee* lodged in Jail. Kxtraordlnary stories are told of his violent temper and great personal strength. For a long time he has beeu the terror of the police, with whom be has had several encounters. Fbom Syria ?A correspondent of the Boston Traveler, writing from Beirut, July 26, says: ' Mustapha Pasha, Admiral of the Turkish naval forces in the Mediterranean, has been appointed Governor-General ad inttr m, and confidence is being gradually restored, so far as the safety of Beirut itself is concerned Admiral Mustapba Pacha was for several years in the BritUh navy, and U regarded as a European in bit feellngsand tactics He speaks Kn^lish very well, and ia regarded as a civilized man. There are now eighteen vessels-of-war in the harbor, all of them ao situated that tbeir guns bear directly upon the town. Everybody ia now on the qui rire for an occupation of tiie country by French troop*, as news baa been received that several thousand h. ve left France for thia place. It ia greatly to Ite faired that such an occupation will cause bloodr cents In the interior cities, ' but If wa^must come, let it come!' An occupation of Syria would be the signal of the removal of the 'Sick Man' from the stage of action. Damascus is still in a most deplorable condition. Nothing like peace, order, tranquility, or safety have yet been restored." * Naval ?The frigate Congrrw, Captiln L. M. Ooldsborouj(h, was at Maldonaio on the Oth of July. Officers and crew all wi 11. The brig Polpb'.n, Commander Charle* Steedm n, was at Buenos Ayr a on the 6th of July All well. The brig Bainbrldge, I.lent Commanding Maxwell YVoodball, sailed from Montevideo for Kio Janeiro ou the 29th of June. Officers and crew all well. Thesteanuer Pulaski, Lieut. CommandingWm. H. Macomb, was expected to arrive at liuenos Ayres on the 7th of July from the Parana, with Hag oflcer Joshua R. Sand* and sntte on board JUT" A young lady of Kicbmond, Va., while playing on the piano, struck one of the keys with such violence, as to break her right forefinger, near the first joint. O. O. F-rfRA>n KNCAMPMENT.? 11. < An a Ijotirnod meeting id the R \V. Grand Kin amptnc nt of tlie bistiot of Columbia w<ll he hold oit F H I DAY EVli\liNG,tho3i?t mulaut, at 1't o'clock, at tlie Hall, on 7th at. Patriarch* are r quot' il to be puuetuai. _ au an It WM COOP1.R. G. Scribe. nfff-NKW UUILD1NG AS^O 1A1ION ? Tho !J^_5 third inouthlj meeting oi the L nitod Build i n A?>o latiou for th* pat nn-nt ol due? will he hold on MONDAY t. VKN t X(i next, September 3d, at 12 nV.lnrk . it l*r*i nmfl /? 11.11 Anr..l. VI I i*. I _ _ s WVIIIUV nan, v<'i ii*"i uj iijai v laiiu av And 11 tli st. Persons winhinn to inke ?tock cau do so at tlu? mcc I jg without tho pa> ment ol premium. an an V CHAS WILSON, rSoo. rrar?i>KMPSEY & OTOOLK. Us_2 WEUVINO AND VISITING CAK1) ENtwKAVFRS. Importer, of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, th* most beautiful styles. 3flfi Pa. At., between 9tu acd 10th sts , au 27-6in Washirgtos. AZUMEA.?Profeiwor ?>lorri?'s Premium BAKING I'OWDEIi, just r?*c>?ived. l all and try it. JOS W. DAVI8, it* Corner ftinthand *. streets.^ W MRS. M. C BROWN ILL Resume the duties ol unr School on Monday, September JO Instruction giveu 111 Kuitiish, French and Musio. No. 9 K street, between ttth and 9th. an J0-eo4: JLST RECEIVED, a fine stock of PALL Cl*OTHlN<>, Prince of Wales Hats, Japanese nati, and ail kinds of Hats, at the PfcOPkE'S CLOTttINU STOKE, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Post Offi e an aa. i? AVKKV FINK LOT OK UENTte' SHiKT COLLARS, I IKS, UNDERSHIRTS, a.:d i/KAWKKS, Alio, ft hno clock ol FALL CL.OTH1NU, HATS and CAPS, just received at SMITH'**, No, 4*0 Seventh street, opposite Post au?? Im ,\i MERCHANT TAll OMN?. Hew fall sjyles of cloths, cassiMKRK.aMU vestings. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 3a2 Pennsjlvanift Avenue, have just received & !ar?c variutv of n??r Fall Goods, to which tncj luvite the attention ol' thmr friends and customers. ail Ji tf A green turtle. MONSTER GtiEE.N TUK I'LE, welching 3?? pounds, will t?e .-erved u? at 11 o'clock r??w TO MullRllV\ , 3!?t instant,in steaks andCSte? soup. We invite the lovers of Tur'lo to Ki .e ns a call. J (illlSON. au 3<i-2t* Post Office Restaurant 1"* FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent who wish their daughters to reC ivo a tnornoKh ana systematic educa.ion. where their ph?si?;a t ainins wnl rect ivedaMj and specia, attention, under the most approved sy utein of Calisitiemc* and Gymnastics, ar>? respectful!) invitod to visit the Union Female Acadmny, corner Fourteenth st. auU New York av. \( H Ar MUa d inn a d r\!J #i. nivnAHl/P. an 30-tf Principals. WASHINETOiN FEMALE INSTITUTE, A BOARDlMi ASD DA V SCHOOL, 923 G tikTWIK 17rh axII Wru S*T?. Tkt Frentu Lannuant Practtcilly Taunnt. Mr*. fc.MlTH presents her oonripliments to the raonU ol iiur pupils a d hope* their daughter* will b<J present puuclu&ll) ou the first day ?>l the mssion, (?M ?>U'intH-r iJ.) 'Ihebotidof instruction oon tsts, as formerly. ol t?u DrofM?nr<?n.i t. - . . .. whom tau*iit (lurini; the l&?t~ao>.?i.'H. an 30 *w* Bnkw music. ELL AND BVbRKiT PoLKA, UOUliLAS SUH??TT1SCHIS. LINCOLN I'OI.KA. B < KO*l IX RI L>G . % ^OLK\ I'HIN iK OK WALKS FOLK*, Kaoh witn a oorr-ct litbo?raphio lik*ne?? on the tilie pace, J uet received at JOHN F.ELLIS'S Fiano and lluaio Store, an 3* Pet?e?-n 9th and l"th atre^ta. WILLIAM H. POWBLL, <Sucoe?eor to 3 as. E. Waugh,) CorHtr cf 1Stte York Aventu and ilintk strut. Lift Having pti chased the entire Stock, ?4H| ITfVBGood-W ili,anil Fixtures at the aUtreR* WtWstAwl, I invite the attention of all tlteu^^P ffnvfl""! customers of tno *t?re to my hne stock KKK^H GROCERIES, W1XES, and LIQUOKS, whicn 1 am now daily receiving, arid which will l>e sold at the lowest city prioes. PI aaa call, aud "we a rive to please" will be the motto. au 3u eolw J^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS'. Youth*' and Hoy*' Clothing for School and Drest Wear. ParenU and guardian* wialucg to famish theiohi drenand warda with School aid Coll ge Outfit* for the ooming awaon, are iantcd to exan lu our resent large extensive aaaort/ner.t B )Y?' CLvTHlNtf, where they can (it out their ou<ldren i<f all rixea in a few momenta with every deacriptinn nf Hr*il> - ?' - ?, w-^ voii?iouv?,ui vuciiianiiiJ and durat>:? quality. at very m?<i<-rate pr o VVALi., STEPHENS * COan 30 tf 3a? Fenu. avrmia THTK UNION WIL' STAND. NO MAT J ER WHO'S PRESIDENT! 1 Coniequ^n'ly 1 ahaii remain in Washington and nor.tinu* to p<i?ue mjr counpau'n < f dolls'*. ' SIGN and ORNaMEN TAL I'aINTiNG. GiltliDg in tU li anohee. Old Glazing promptly atUndod to Painting and OraamMiting Cott-ge I- ar.utu'e ia iA? beat ?t?ia I aiao, c?il attei tio-i i to the Palatini of Roofa and Brick Walla All <>f ttt? at o?a 1 will do aa ohnap aa the cheap- < t. I therefore aohoit thepiironace of my friend? and fallow eitisena of tha Dutriot. Punotu*l<t/ mot y obaerrad, ana work dona in the beat nau- i ne?\ You will pl?a*e mind your atop* and atop at M T HA RKKK'f* Painting EaUhlialinient, N< . S3 33 !! 63 !!! Louisiana av , north rida, between bih and 7?h *ta. , . p a > > - - r.? -r -i - ? *sr ijhw* |ru* u Y ' OO VI C uariB, &a anal. I >? 3 -S'li i COI-t.EGK TKXTBlOKS. , HE Flowing uew Uo<>ka for elaaa o*l aohoola , ju?t bM'i puhliahed, to whioh tha attention of ( '.efccu?r? ia oailed S , ? \ Vircil'a inueid with fxplaratory notea by Han ry rt.Frieaa. Pr.-feaaor of Latin in tlw BtUj Lai raraiti ol Mwluiin; I vol.; prieo #1 14. F*J?'aA|??" j and'with not* by W. S. r???c i*rave?, PNfMwr ot (J reek m Atnhnret Colm>; prio? 75 oenta AA?N?wAJW?th.Vd0lo,/,L,orinmf 8f>anieh, after tha 9ja*cni of F. Aha. For Ml* ot BLANOAHS * MOHUN. M y> Eleventh at aaa Pa av. T" TAKE NOTICE! 1 HAT EMRICH Keep# hw Kettaai ant at oorlarofPa avenue and 11th itreet, la A fur. p an Hotel. wiier? QAMh in ?e* WC^Ay the beot of LIQl'ORS, excellentJUaBl :idARJ? ?n?t LAG En BjtfJ^Vhioi( h* ^aaurea i ??M Btt K lrt "* h?for? movtiif to Jua pretest location. I ^ I 81 "4 i'> ?* ' iftiiTi ii* j | ^ o i EXCURSIONS, PIO NIC8, *c. j^|ONDAY,THE J*mRD Of SEPTEMBER. PROMENADE CONCERT AND BALL. AT TMK PARK, Serem k Str-et. Th? acderaunad h*g? l?ave t? tiRounot to his )Sf?rri*tHa the rnl> ic u rami* tuafc, oft pi ?>? hbm- MX ^*er S<>?MtiM%niiTolMr,' "Svui'r JB hunfi and th? fall Mo-UflB mri B?ii<I.? ! ilMWii tnjrir* a?f?n<1 ,ofA'Js^sSsEss,'***\M~w "^wsfcsf*'" Mmwi from "Tha T*nnhau?er," l?y R. w a*ner Orchester "The Miehty Wares of German Sons" by Sorim United 9mctnx CJub "TheChnrch Bells," by Beeker Maennerchor "The Warrior's .Nitfit 9oniby Wred?... Uniteds'ln^miTClub ami Oreh*i?ter "Wine Trial," b> Tollrer .... ..Saengerbund Quodlib't from "La Soiai.ambula," arranged In Christian ...Orehester "To the Fatherland " by Krents r LiedertalVI " i?ow?tn(t #?r tlw Rm#,* K? W?e*w I'nited Singin* Clubs After tUe Concert, / GREAT SUMMKR BALL By Full Orchester. The Concert commences at 2 o'clock p. in. Afltmsiiou V) cents f?f one ceaUentan ami ladies. au 3?-3t T. CHRISTIAN, ProT. of .Mump. Grand temperance excursion TO ULYMOST. MONDAY, 9trrnB? 10. TbeCATHOl.IC BEN KFICIAL TOTAL ABSTINENCE ASSOCIATION of the jr-* w l)i?triet'-f olumbia will gire their fc*? Annual Excursion on Monday, Sep-^*"^ 1* tember 10.

The Thom?* Cot.i.ym is chartered for the occasion. She will mak'> iwo t ip-i during thi day. :?he wi!lleava Georgetown at quarter-past 7 a m, the Btona Hou?e at half-pa t7 a 111, and her what f< foot of7th st, \Vashin?t??i,>at8a. m. Sha will make a second trip from Washington at half-past I p. in., touching fach way at Alexandria Omuihusets will start Iroin the corner of 12th ?t. and the Avon?e,7ti; bt aa<l the Avenue, and from the corner of tth and H sts.,and Irom the Caaitnl gate at 7 and 7'? o clock a in. Omnibuses will be a: the boat when ?lw returns. W thers' celebrated ba* d will dineonrso sweat mime by land and wr er. Dancing, of oonrw will have it* votaries, and there are few whom Wither* will not tempt that war. In line, nothing will *e wanting to irake it a day of real pleasure to the member* of the Association and the kind friends of tl>e cause who will areompany them. No iatoxioatiug liquors will be sold during the dav oil hoard tlieTioat <>ron the grounds 'I'he strict est order will be ruaiutaiued on the boat and on shor*. Ticket* at 1f 1 each will erable a gentleman and two ladies to e*foy the excursion. Single tickets JO c a. Children fre?. . . .r?M?iW{i tj Arrangements. John D.Clark, Patrick VV Hickey, 'I horras Duffy. Jam?* J. Kan>-. Ge?>rge Savage, Patrick Carroll, M Enwruht, Jolm IWIiIit, Timotht G.-e<;n, Pa .rick Shea Jani'-s McGran. au 3> Th.S,Tii.Th&* (ff'ates F.M.WfcS' T NOTICE II AT The SHIELD* BOYS intend giving their SIXTH GRAND ASSEMBLY siTHn^'n 9% Hall,Seven)h st, on FRIDAY EVENING, ?? September 21. AS Particulars in future advertisement. wn au 2J 2T* TkHTN. PHI*N. IMir v \-I.nnK nVT MK f THd PHUKXY~PHELLOWS PIC NIC of th? Phu"njr PheTlow* will take place at Coi.rMB!A SpRixea on TUKSD a Y./^M S?pt. 4. Look out for phnnnv time*. TicketsUi? 25 cent*. admitting a gentleman and ljw'ie?. Coaohrs will Icavo 7th it and Avenue from 10 o clock a. in. to lf? p. m. ! are in centn each way. By ojJcr of Committee. au 29 2t* Til E B A L L AMD DISPLAY OF FIRKWORKS At COLUMBIA SPRINGS, Is POSTPONED THURSDAY EVE*'INS.AugustSKh, At which time it witl positively take place, au jTKrt BY ORDER OP COM MITT' E. 1* EXCURSION T'? GLYMONT! HE IS.aND BAPTIST CHURCH AND SUtBA'HI SCHOOL will cive an jr?k EXCURSION to GLYMONT FRIDAY. AuKiistSI. ' ir*l? Tho toat will loan the foot of Eleventh strict at R1^ o'clock a. m , touching at the Navy Yard. Alegdria and return at 7 o'clock p. m. Tickets Filty Cent*; children half price. Oinnibunos will he at the corner of Pa avenue and Seventh *treet to connect wi'h the boat. An arrangement ha? hecn mad^ hv which paa sengers can visit MOUNT VF,R NON on this trip, by paying 57i, cents for the erivileee of landin*. ail 2t* " [VOW IS THK TIME FOR SPORT! The itMinfr GFORGE W. Ri??GScan he el ar tTe-1 on reasonable terms to take JIT1"* ^ icentloiren down th-.? Potomac, by the day or ??*k, for the purpose of >n< and gnnninx ; anddu ins the moonlight ni<hts select parties can employ her for Excursion* down the river. Inquire on hoard, Hth street bridge. Was1 ington cai.a'. J AS. I,. CATHCART, an 28 3t , Owner. CAPITOL ASSOCIATION MOONLIGHT \j EXCURSION, TO THE WHITE HOUSE, MONDAY EVENING, September 3d. The steamer Piiknix will leave her wharfat 4 o'olock p. m. Omnibuses will leave corner ?>f Pit. avenue and 7th *t. forSg^^jh^^D th? t?)*t (?t a qmtltrr before 4 Good^"--^^"* otillon mmic hae been ent?r*^l. Tickets, ?^linit tine a rer.tjeman and livdie*,5* cents. au 28 5t ^RAND MOON' MG HTEXCURSION ! The members of the" KAST WASHINGTON QUAORII.LK ASSKMBt.Y would jpsw. r -spe^tfully to th?ir fnends^^4^^A t at tli' r will ?iv< a Moonlight Kx car.i<Ki to Gl. Y.MONT ?n THURSDAY F.VKMNG, SfpUml'er 6. Tickets 5n cent*. Seefnture advertisem- nr. Mi21_ro3t* fMRsr grand prize pic nic of the ZOUAVE CI.IJB, at AR-rfrrx^*^ 1.INGTON SPRINGS, T 1' I fti||T Hi f DAY, September 4th. wnrv"y* Seventy-five Prizes, consisting of Matches, Gems. Ac, will be siven away. The full Ma-iue Band has lieen ensased for the occasion. i ? *i? ?? - * * " i m inn minniion 01 mo committee that 'his ?)inll fx; the I'ic Nio of the ?'non, and that the pt-ifte-t order shall he preserved Orniiibuses will lo^ve the corner of 7th *t. anJ Avenue every hour dining the >'a> for tho Spring*. TickeU, for jentlenaen, SO cents ; ladies. 26 cents; children free. mi 2'-td "VHE SCHOOLS ATTACHEDTO ST. DOM~ I PUCK'S CIIl RCH, Islam! preparative!? to th resuming of 'hrlMtf J?-cV? UfUftio*. Will meet in frfctive rwimiot. on MONDAY, S<*pfenil?er th* a<i.i;i ifl>H ar ran<?v1 and mo t attractive pleasure ground known as COLUMBIA SPRINGS. The Ladies of St. D-xninick's wi 1 unanimously favor the occasion w th their niiiil n< prrnfnc*; ani all lov?sof i noce .t mi tn and patrous <>f sound primary e<lucation are kinrfly invited. That unsnrpassexl musician and accomplished cefitleman John R*puta, supported by ! is> w -II se 1 ?Oted company,(the J>e*t p"rform??rs in >Vashi < ton,) vill dispense the glorie i of mnsio- an 27-4t J^OTICE TO BOOT AND SHOE DEALERS. I havo this day associated with me Blsdbk Fokri?t, of Georgetown, in the Wholesale Boot and Sh..? Un?in?. .. ? I.. -1 - I " ? wuntuvoo. UIIUVI klio ItdfUC AHU II) IV OI r OK" ibiii'uni. lewis payne. Autunt 4th. 1361. southern boot AND SHOE FACTORY, WA^HIXGTON D. C. The undersigned would call'he attention of the trad" to thoir stock of MhNUaAi WMJ bovy, (Ml YOITHS' wkarBbi F II now on hand. Constantly w.<rki gfW| W^^over one hundred men, we are a'vati prepared o fill all order* with dispatch. The atteiilion of Farmers, Planters, and others, is call d t'? our s:ock of SKRVAN TS' SHOES, and oi our iteavt work for Plantations which, for prioe and durability, cannot lie nor pas?d. Heine the i nly manufacturers engaged extensively in the wholesale business South, we rely upon Southern iueu for oar trade, while on w?rk is far superior in quality to the Kastern manut'a.ture ; oar prices are very little different. Our estibtislinient has h?en in operation for about two years, and our work has give* universal satisfaction both to purohate' and nousnmer hu m jigtWlt FORREST * PAYNE. CAP,toi.H,..L: wonD OAL I am now discharging a cargo of YVHI f E ASH CO A L. Kgg SiM. M> cu?t< inera oaii save 25 oeuU per ton by ordering at once ami having it delivered Jirect from the ve??el, OAK, t INK and HICKORY WOODeoastaatly ou liand, at market prices _ T. KDW. CLARK, Branek Yard, eorner B and 1st ate., mi? at* Joaes' Old 8?4. T NOTICE. HE STEAMER BALTIMORE will, after SATURDAY, the let of Sep'*mb*r, he withdrawn from the Norfolk^^^^^^n route and piac<Hl on the mail line Iween WASHINGTON and AQUIA C.REKK. au (I at 1) GEO. MATTiNGLY. RNEW BOOKS. F.CKIVED This day, Woods and Waters, by Alfred B. Street. The Little Beauty, by Mrs. Grejr. The Mother in I . ? I' -- ? * . . -T, mmm n W1 iU I Dt CllUllUI !/ worth. French, German. Spanish, Latin and Italian Lan tuacrs witkonta Muster, by A. H. M?nt?rth. inl-r<W lor the uee of persona studring the language m X oat a tM?hw. cheap edition of the Mill on the Pleee. Charles Dickon*'a Novels, ehoap edition, payer. BKN. P. PESNCHfttS Pa.av.. au ?-e?3t b^tweoi 11th and ttth ate WHEELER i WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family 8?wlmg NachtaM, WITH IMPEOVEMKNT8. which render thein abso'ntal; all that can be desired, AT THR NKW AGENCY, Wo. 346 PxHSiT^VAiiu Avijibb, uear7th rtreet, From $io to ElOO, With laitruoikoiis lr?e of charge. an a-la P. J. 8TKKE, Agent. 12.50 BBAyst LANE'S ^ J'Mhioaabie Eata?l Cap XT Ft ?<Vr AuttUn SmUs, ? M?* py " iWPVfcl^lf, Al?ti"if^ A #000 HACK AT AL'CTION ?On *ATU*4V DAY, th<* 1st?t8 ( ha'l aril, at mi A?(W> Www. ?MMr Apnth and D ?tre<U, at r'?l???k a*. 1 ?of?i IB T?r?? m^rViMtu at We. a??-2t l A GR EEV. A act. Bf J- C. WcOUIRK A CO . Aietioatm. IJ ANDSOMK AKD IVBAKLY NEW PA*1 rlja cxejiutss at Aerr.v*-??ii saTURHay MONMNV)9rp!?aNri*t?t loo'njoelr in fro at oP"ur Auction *#? we 'hail ae'I, witbot t r? err*, a ha: daom* an?l nearly new on boree Pan ily Carriage. Term*: One-thud 0% h: the roeidne in ? and W da*?. tor satisfactorily endorsed no tea, betting ia an 3M J C MoSUTRE A CO . *?b'i BJ W7LL A BAK NAltJ), f ARr'K STOCK OK FAN#*' AND?TAPl K Ll umi ??OOP? AllLLIftSkY, Hill HICIHnte-Oa ?<?NN??-?. l-? ? ?t mb?r.v? will aoll. in f-nntorth* Auoti >n Koo a la.*c tt KJk ..f Org m MUlinery, Ac., oom?ri>?ni? net riminwr ft*4 C??sm?ts. Swim, Crona toarixl and tiw?r MommIiin, Fin* IrtaH an<1 Frwirh Liucua. Wooden Tab olotha ail All wool Manno*, Whit* ami Brown Cottoni and Ticking, Silk, Lira flaatoarehMta aad Otanu, faraaola,?lovca, U?"*|d Ribbon*. Bonn*, Cot'ona, Hoopa, Trim mini i,? o. M|jr BraitiW, tlMH *o? many ottar Pauoy Snod*. aw 3*3 ' WALL 4 BARNARD, Anla, Br BARNARD * BUCKBV. AKtwrara. UiorgttowH, D. C. F'SITIVKSALKOF VAl UAftLK AND DRSUABLE BciLoma JUOT IN U* 16IT*W.I, 0 t\, at AccTioS.-Ou Tl!KSL?A * AKTKKNuuN.Ua 3Uh mat, H ?S o'olnok, in front of the yremiiee, that vaJuahie and moat deeiraMa l^at. uvd?4 b? Juke tusin, haq . and ait?*wd on the northwt?t corner of Pri-tpect u I Potomac atree'a, in 0?ur|atowD, and routine hlty-foar feet mora or leaa on the former atraei, and ninety! ve faeC mora or laaa on tie latter. Title lnlmputable. Tfma oaa4i; #59 of the parohate monej to be paid on the ground, or the property will be immediately retold, f'oaeeaaion given upob ooiaphanoe with aaid term a. au 21 nARNAKD A. BUCK*V, AucU. fETIN CONBEQUKNCB OF THE KAffV, the above aa!e la p atponed to MONDAY AFTERNOON, S*ept. tt t. anme hour. an }> BiHNAltl)* Bl'fKEV, A acta. Uj C W. UOTLLkR 4 SONS, Anotioneera. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN Ft'KNIII tmm Pta%o, Ac., at arctton.?On WED>fc#UAV na*t, September 6, ernweneini at ] o'oloflk, we khnli Mil. At Ote resident* uf Ai WiU him, No 44 4 Lubtfa street, b?twN? L> aad La. aveno?, all her bou ehold ant! Kitch-o Fursitaxe, vis t Piano, Cover and Stool, r. iitlrame <>lus, Ainrute lot Pin TaWe, Mahogany a. d 0 hairs. M'hofany Rocker, Msrbie top Walnut Center Table, Walnut Ktagerc, G<<t-frain? Eug ratiars, Mantel Ornaaienta, Brussels, 1 iire^ p>y ?i:d Ingrain Carpets, Hal! Oitc oth, S?*u Rods and Eyev B-oi>tn?:a. \\ uh^Undi aid Dressing Baraaat, Hair aul r>h>Kik Mattr*e?rs, Flasher B?d*. and Pillows, Hat R?o*. Straw .viattirir, Caue seat Chairs and R. ckers, W ibilov Shaiiea siki CurUira. Eiteas.on Table Walunt Dining rooaCbaira, Radiator an t ot er Stoves, Ivory Handle Knives and Forks, i-rov-kerj and ti!as? Ware, P afu c.a?tora. Spoou* uid Forks, Cook Stores anl t'tsnfi *, i rr?n? oaan. _ _ ?u 31 ?l O. W BOTKL^R & ?ON?. A?<rta. B' T. M. M ;COKMiCK; Al?x?ndrtaC^OMMia-iniSKR't* i*A l?K OF A /ALUAJ mi Tka t or i.akd >x Ttiacor*** or Alkza>dhu, Va. on 1U? a . L. k. h. k. H.?hj ?11 ill# of a .Ifrre* n| he ' |-ru't t>mrl of Alexandria county. in U.? nit of H >+, Guardian, r*. Hardin kimI isirri. ik^ ?nd >rii(iui4 will, on TUESDAY, t c 2d bf, iritrt. *t <2 n'o.cck in 'ront of Um Mayor'* olflcvi.. t'o? c t) o Mrxai.dria, arli kt pn ilir* audi >n. a v*!uaKle ?r -et containing abo?i ? > h'tm of a;(i iii the county of A lexandr a. of wM ii I aunat u B Hardin h?q ,dird seisa-i. This p op n it k *b ti.* > i r>* from Alexandria anu S men W* hn ?ti;i rvnri He >ri?tu?n, on tha road leading! um "ha la chnroli'' to (ionic^ovii. and on tin# a le> ai:dria, Loudoun and Hampatura Rail road, a wst?r utatio bw.uj Lear Hie laud. Tha impri>vein?M;t< conn*t < f a rood tw -ato-y frame Dwelling > owith ha<tk bui'd nc tpnng rou?a, a bam and al! ucowny oat huoaea Tfc? proximity of ihil (Krin t<l t ha lliraa marlr**^ ?' *U?J ? -- ...? ear*; u? Aicitirana, WmI iafitoii %Dd GfOf|r|mf th* character 01 t)i? land an i thn hralthful.i?a of the locat oa, make* it a d??irAi>le ree:de<.oe. Thetertna *r?aorit;ei b? the decree are: On*tecth of th?* purchae^ ia cae^; ar d the reeidae m foor rqua'iostalmeet? at 6 19. <u and 14 months from t .10 ilaj if *!<?, the d?frri<Ml pa.meata to ha a w u;(f1 bj the 1 on-1 of the purohaa>r, bearmc mt re*' fro.n the o?v o *aie, a> ?r a reUoticn of the tiU*ani paid II d ??ir? < f?? p irrh\?i r? Ike P'^P fty wngld t?e <livi?'rd in'o ??o or more pvoels, a d a pt-.t ihereifwi.i L*? exit H-d t?y fx* aider icn'd. I LOUIS KtNZSK. a9'2taetl C mmiea'oaer. Received and for saleA ruo*t choir? of |.TTBTN*1* OENUINE PERFUMERY and TOII.BT SOAP. C. FORD, Jr . Drvcgi t. au 2S-Jt Corner Eleventh el. Mid Pia. av._ I PARI"*. Auru?t 6, IWl TAKE The pleasure to inform tii > iadi-a that I am still iu the ?"apit. >i of Paahion,taking the nre?t pail* po?*it>le to ?rl>'ct the and l?t?>tittloi so.?l< for the trad* of H MhiBitna. All gooas Ix-.'i?ht lit the importing itosaea in Annlea are shipped and tne ?nnifle* f?r the Pa laiaa citv trade a e cotninc out now, by which I ehall he entire!* guided. ai expenenoe tiaa tauclit ma that the ladie* iu Wa hin^'on are highly cultivae. in tart?, an.I will not w<a- anytt in; hut writ i* worn in Paria, the efore I aha I make every eff >rt to a ? cotnp'iKti ?ny tank. That is m of?r good* to my cu?tom?ra which will not t>* found anj wh?rs elac, and which' will not be mirpamert in eleganee and I eanty by any ithera My arrangement* are made also to r^cive new good* hr ever* ateamer dunnx the oeawoii. Conae<|iietiUv I ahull he one aetaon in advanco. I int-adml lo add a few word* in retard to the faahiona, but being too busy I inuat defer for the present Ail the orders entrusted to me by the iadiea are executed auZVeolw M. WI ELIAN. 1?" V I.. MORRISON k. CO.. r LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And vnolmle dealer* in MILL Fh.En, ( OK* MEAL. f*., #c.. Co ncr of Lth and ? streeU, \\ aabmftoa city. [HT Cuh paid for all kind* of Grain. an ? 6m FlourT MEAL .MILL FEED. he. Just received on cousin ument? 470 M>l? Mtperior l?.aiid of fresh ground Family, Extra and ;?aperfiiie Flour, 3D bid*. No. 1 Rye do., FiOnli cro.ind Co.n Mea' and Mill Feed of all kind* cona'antly on hand, for *a!e low in lota to suit, nu 25 6 m D. L. MuRRP*ON A CO. WG ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE 983 Pa. Ar? Brrw. 11tm and 12th St*., North Mde. Mil! and Wharf foot of Seventeenth it, ma 17 tf HMow War P^eei t?ei?ii*. P?OR SALE.tA pair of COACH HORSES, m. ?turns ?"<i i?.*t.a.?ia I or no iault: the owner h ivinc no use for theiu. Apply *' j_? ?T* W. H. UPPERM AN*5? C 'ocorr, on Fmiu-^CZX esrlvaniaawnu*, between 3d and 4S >tv an 22 tf NEW8UPP LIES IN F1KST-CLAS8 STAPLE J uat opened Mipeio-Srmtinrr'ottoiiiod LiMM, Sli*>etinga. 1 able Otapera, Nai>ki a, Tow?lia?a, W hif and Colo ed Do\liea, Tafik Cloth*, fine and medium Wh Uiand Co[ore?l Flannels, Scotch and Kuama Lhnp-'ra, Canton Flannela, new atvle Moua aelinea and fall atjrle Calieoa, fohirtin* Calico and Linen Shirt RoMtni; WOdozen l.adiea' Linen Handkerchi?fa, price* from 75 centi to 92 a dossn; all \ery cheap; with many other aeaaonafcle fooda which we are aelhnt at the ioweat market prioea. J. W. COLLEY A ro , an IB 2w Serenth at, above Pa. aT TO SOUTHERN r WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALD~l SINDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND D*4LH* IN INDI?O. SPJChS, SOAP^ STARCH. SODA A**M, ?Ai. wida, BI CARR. }*ODA,'8ALEVATUS. aad GROCERS' 20 t_ HKAPS10E BALTIMORE, invite the attention of Merehaota viai'iac Urn eity to an examination of their etonk, which in nriNf and fne? ia not anrpaaaed eitkc in thi? or uj of the northern citiea. Jp"()rd?i reapeetfnlly aolieited and faitfcfally grouted ?ITI?* Department op the interior, Pinaion Orric*, An*. 27, IMO. Sealed propoaala will ho reo?i v?l at Una?4eo nntil 13 o'clock at noon on th? loth day of Keptem her next, for farntalriaf, for "he uaeof tt ii oRce, ninety corda of baatdry niokory wo d and ton eorda beat haker'a pine wood, four foot ia length, to be delivered and oordr-d ot the Uagginc on the waat front of Ike Patent Oftoe Building on Ninth atirert wrat, on or before the f rat day of October n? St. Propoa?la ahoakl be addreeaed ? the Comnateeiover of Penaiona, aitd endoraed " Propoeala for Wood." GEO. C. WHITING, au M-dtftepM Comirtaeioner. F~OR A SHORT TIME OXLY.-DtAFMK&S ASO NOISES IN THK /t? 4D.-DK. COL s*TO ?. member of the Reyal Ccllere of FiirrenM oi fci?i?ud, Mm arrived, and la now prepared to apply bis new and eitraorih nary treatment by which be wma himself euied after eleven year* ?ntnn soferiaf. Pa ticnlars for eelf-enre ?ent to any a&lreea for pnnU^ej ooaMltationa daily from 10 till 4 o sJoak free; reference to hnndr?4e of f\ Vita! *<atics" Inr eelf-otire. ftoat free to awr at i dress for IS oenta in stamp a. i?g-lw* I In order to dispose of nyr entire stoek of Ilea a aud I Boy a' STR AW H ATS treat ndupemenu will be . Oared until tba eloee of Mie era ??? ?t LANE'S i Vyo.M.Kr^o?j?MJTED ?? .?. A MOST BMUVHIFUL a KTHJLE FOMTMK saws,. ' THIS AFTER IfOO a +IX}- MORROW Br A.6KKKfi. iHtMMr UOm;BOLUFL?NITtlF. CHINA. Rl*.? n tut fi?rtnT WAll *r Arcrtn*.?Om I tl PAY. U*?U? I? ft m* k it. U my w?r?fco?M. on ?M TLk >) . * MMM of in in w U mm MMtn. i i?rt# lot of Furmia* riti MtliOlUt Cfc*ir? *rd Wk?t?(Hr Do. Book Cmm m4 rm?r Ck*ir?, Ma*?te?y ?re*n? ?ed Ami Bar?Mt, illilfcrt, ffilwi *n?l Mht ? ??? , K?th?r Melt. Hoiac-* Pi l?w?, SX&X'S; .%."? SZt&iTSk 11 \l?h >(c?fij OBo* Pfrt * Ml Ckur*. Coaafnrli, Sk^M ^?s^5isy?ss.. Sion* Clun* iM?b*O^Tv?*?fv!rU and Fllehers. * v. I iimwHl, T? IHM ATM I'aMWp^C T? *>\ Vt*. vhiu> ?rd ilor?d. And mmmj ttlw ?tW??. (m hiiikhi ta Maunrate. Twim. Aji of a*J ?.B Mufc, rrac #25. a er?nt af 7 twl ? wont**, for ? i GIKFA', AmI FUTURE DATS. By J. C. MeOUIKK * CO. Aafftioaaart. TRI'dTKfc.'SSAUKl'FTIIRRR VALCA BI.K Brito N I OT? at UK mlRII I r fl??T l*T? wm ixt wita M ct? ?? t>'Kliia ^ aKrfcftNOON. Au?t Slit, tfo'ollMl ?Dlht by Ti?tu?or?d*?l <4 trntt dkiarf f?pt*mb*r l*?r IHi. anil 4aly noimM la L*W J.A.i*. IK. lotto* 4?. ata.onaaf Um IM4 raaard* K?r Wa?feir?Uxi ooMoty, ta ih? D.atuoi of CuJaatbia.1 fcaU aail iota rumtXT'd 3*. t* aid *t,lu Jam"* C VoGairr't *?hdirmoti <?l t*4<>a*a AM. TIhm Lou frat MNk faat 4* iw^m oa Ft at ItTMi VflL Mvm> If ft?d II alranU anrlk ?../I Tannine b*afcl?> feat 4 inch** to ?2n f?at aJ:?): tcCOthar with *h* no > Ma'tng of imll two ?ti>r* brick nouaaa araatad ?a th* ,aar of aa?<l lot* and fro&tinc on ih? al*T. T*ria* : On* fourth euk, th* raaida* ia A, 12 and U month*, with tatorett, *ooarad by a dead at tract aa Hi* praaitN If the t*rm* nfaaia ah<>? d not ba ooaifttod with in fir? day* tharoaf *r, tha tra?'e* rtwrrM tha tight to raaeH at tba risk aad f*poaa* of tfco do laaktief ?archa**r. Ali ooarajaae neat tua axaaaao of tha parolttaor. . THW J F!?H KR, Tf asto?. _anl7-d J. 0. MrODIRK * CO-. Aaota. Br WALL ft BARNARD. AaiAi {POSITIVE BALK OF TWO VALUABLE Lots *i afciwi Withopt Kmi?? to air?<-Oi rRjUiY AF TERNO'JN. 9 at .a*t . at o'aWtok, in roat of trie premiafa. w? a ?H aril, two Loti troiitinc twaatr f*at?aeh on aorth CtM. toi aUaat, botwa^n K and P tr?*?u, aad runat haok on* hundred and twenty foot. Title perfect. * Tarma: ne haifoaah: halatto* ia SaadC moath*. baariac iLta.aat; dMd at 'iho*( of he aureliaeer. SB K> U II ALL C DAAlAm. AH?'. By WAL.L #TB A R N ART?. A HORSE PGR *AI,K-O? MTI'buav MOR^INO noil, at M> o'uli" k. wo ?itl? li, 11 front of oar auction rooms. one Bay Bnrw.i >4 for livery fa'e po? tire. Term oa?h. All int?r?ated vi'l taka ol wt. ajffl d WAU A uaRNARD. Aa?ta Br A.. GRFKN. AooU?neor. HOl'SEFOLD AND EITCfllW Ftmifitokiat Arcrioa.??a MONDAY.tke ad day o( S#?t??t>?c at l" t'otffok a m.. 1 ahall a* 11. at the miMM of AK -nilemon dre'imnc houseka*?tat, on the west, aide of '-ourtti street. between I nod M itrtoti norm a eood Assortment of Hmrarirtak if Good*. vis: Mahogany Si/a*. Chairs and Foot Stool*. Do. Ma-hi" top Center and Fanny Tabtaa, Do. Seeretar> ard What net. Do. UniMk ocvArM Mm and Easy CklA/i, Damask. Lao* and other Ca'taini, Gilt-frame Glass China Vases. Mahocany Sid?i?oa <1 and Dreasirg Tablaa, Carta, Wood seat Chairs aad Losisr^a. Bedsteads, Bureaus aud Wardmhrs, Warhstar ds, T^>i!at Sits, Towel Raiks, 1 o* ram. Stair?nd oit.o- Ca Mts Hair. Cotton toe acd Hash vattresM. Keitoer BeJs Pillows aori Bo'.strra, Blaiset*, Comfo'ts Sheets and Cases. C^okinr. Air lithtaaH <>?f,er St Together with a ft nsrai tMortat I ai KiUIm KfHiuiftiUi. Trmi: A'! suras of asd under $tS auk ; orr SSaoredtt of t and 4 months, for approved Mdo'eed not- e, bw iai interest an 28 d A. 6RKRN, A a at. By THOB. DOVVLING ; Gm^mowi E. 8. W kicrt. Mai? Oa AAA LHJ*. BROWN SOAP, TALLOW, 2i?tUUU Asmas,Cow akvIal*. Ac .at Avctj 5.?On MONDAY ne*t. the ?d of *ept?ai /#r. st I It o'clock a. m . I shall sell, at the fcesrrr of ti* l*te JamM O'Donoghaa, oa frlrst 'rest, by order of Iks O.-p us' C>art? 23,'flOl's britht and Dark ^ow, 1,h? ih?. Rend-red la! n?, 9c? A ah. Ashes. Cutting B<>s, Oflw Para tara. A?. Also, 1 eap/rior r' uoi Oow and Caif. 1'srms TsaJe: ? a-d ai der oaah:ov?r a oreditnftnandfiara.for approved eado reed mm, tMirini U teres*.. BENJ. SMITH. AdMiaftrator W. A. au ?>dt- THuB. DOWL1N6. Aaet. Br A. OMRRN, Arctioaeer. I7XTEN8IVE BALE OK LIQUOR EMTAB Hj li?umiht at acctioh.?Oa MONDAY, the 3d d\? of !*est-m(>er. at 1Q o'clock a. m . I shaJl eeil. at tk??t?re ??f John leriofc Merook*, ?a Ken a trrtiDr, Mv?n 4)j( ??4 Mil flrMti. N? }H, the vhoi? ( !hi* atoofc *od iitVMi vis: FineCogia* B aijdi*-r, Diffrent b>ends of W hirty. Gin, ort, Maueira and other Winee. Champaxne, Hock Wineaaod Abeyathe, Woljesi !*omed%rti Sehi epps. Bitte^ and Tiaagar, Bootob Wink), Imported Clears o( a'l brands. Anchovies and L?utch Harnoca, I wo !?h?w Wmdovra and Ptor# Futaree, And man? oth?r artieiea whiei< we dee* it iuhraur; U> Tho ailc: tion of deamrs is partioaiar'.j called to this eale, aa ba tains tihj he exported. terms: All aunii under f?< oaeli; ovar #9* and n ?t t-xe*odiac f S?, a ere lit oi S>4aye; ova not rxoeedm* 410 , a credit of W data. fora*pt<?ved end>reed notse B? order of the Bxeeator and RxfeHriL 27 d A Ltttrl/N A. ORRF.1 Aootion?*r. GALE OF FlT*Nm'RB A*. AT AUCTION. 0 On ILKSliAY,the4 IdMofSfftMtar.d W o'clock*, m . 1 ahali ??Ii, at No. If# Nh. MMM, botwean 4*. and 6'.h atraat*. (the flag will liiifll the how*11he following a^bo!**. n? : Large Makogaay Mwl>i< top tMd*t>oa^, Fin* Okk da. 4* 3 large French P ?lf Mirro?e ahn*t ft** foot high. Ur(? Oil P*iT)ting? and other Pict*r*e, 4 larg* Gu Cha: debar*, 1 fin* Oak 8 ?[*IMr, 1 Wa'nut Ki'<n?ii ii. r'ry fcce, 1A?<> aed o?h*r Oartaiee, Bruaaeia Carp u and Oil Cloth, Cook P*u*?an< Fiktare*. Lot of Kitchen Renault a. And many other art tele* too nameroaa to *ram?rat*. Tar ma mad* kaova on day of Mia. an? d A. MRKKN. Aaet By A. 0RKRN, Aa*ttoao*r. ON MONDAY,? ptoaihor M, im va aMMil, i* front of th* premie**, ai ?'?Mt p ar.ia ooirpharee with the trim* of a deed o' traat to aa I rum in(M A. nni*l tDU W||?, SUM :<(t 9??(rilb?r. 114, ?'.d r*o nMig L?t>?r J. A. ti.No M, eul 'k*Ui4rrto'4iW Wiikn< ton county. pei'aof lota ?1 and I/, tm >qu*s? No 107, becitininc for ih* 41 fort 3 inckai troM IM a< uthwe t con ar of Mia pqaare. rwimiac tb^noa *Mt on alia* ?iU 1) itrtM ?i? k * fti. iknN or h ? fw?t; tUfen* vwl If IW. 'Imum m?tk M ?-ett->tb? f ac- nf befinaint. t g ti<v with U* mpr-xoinf. U. o?n?i?un* of a two itory frarn? hou-e wukonr "tor? keet kaidia*. Term*: One-fourth cask. (* t*I?roe la , 11 m4 18 mouths, alter da* <-f ?a>, with * t's *ecara<1 bj ad?e<to traat e? the prrmaee. Ifth"t# K?ofm a-e ao' onp H wtik witkia IniuaiMtMiif ol *.? tke treat h* r?Nr<? Ut* rubt t?r*Mll<lM property it b* parrhaevi ' riak and coat, after |irib( oee v* k'e net e*. ?KO. aj. ( Tnil4Mi gko R. THOMPSON.] u9Mw*di a. GKSE . AaH. "GET THE UIT^ THOKSOMI CELXI1ATXD S K UTS. iotutiu roR Acrm, IM* Th( Eafeai* Parts G?n. ?? ( ( tilKUa ? M?lkrri<)im ** Fairy. ?* Park.laa Trata. * Effkyr *?mod?!W from th? latAtt fanaiaa 4w>caa. 4 nWIlKMinilU SIJ Of irom I BOMOI'I r?i?? Imjr <rtd C"rracalad ^arioga u4 tllHiM* W?d<?Bli4a. t-Tefy gjirt li?ywl wiU HfMW and t. ad* mart. Um Crawa. Fa? *a nwi dwi*. Tha ImI la Urn ClilM*. W a. A C M. TIOMMXI * CO . Ml auimr, Ni? Torn*. Ml *Tttm9??*Uwlm Gt?LBA?OfllVBa ^MrACL"?.-?HiwMtMli axMrtMoa m Rtsafaoiariac a?<1 aaia af Sp-ot*c I* km now ptaparad to ivfii aa> or ? I IMI waal a ihu -b f a?;i<w i? ftttiac tli* ? m-#0Mt ??? . I I'-I WMT'IHM ID M*< l?( ll??t I 0 B i i-A |?IW*> ?j| timM tk*ljrUl?mu U> m < ***? ?4t lb* hm UMlWHtl tkcwftt l?w thrift Itet ftii UK . U, ? ,u? ?. u> ?V38-BOOD. Mil W* I'f foi. ?mw kLKufk.. iMMiO. I