Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1860 Page 3
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L O C E w g i: r Though Tim m th?> fast** stoam V* 'ti n*w??tfh ef Haiti more, its edition Is to large a* to reqnlre It to V put to (ten* it an e*rty fconr; AdveK.??>menta, therefore, iVhiU1 b* sent In before 12 o'clock i? j otherwise they may not appen uttll the next dnjr. \ " "*-? moras to Wa? nine Tern***.?Those mt eor fellow-rlthtens lenelne fbr the watering pUces and elsewhere should bear la mind that we do not mail Tnn 8m except after payment ia advance at the nte of T7\ cento per month. Notice ?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted in the Kalttmobt Strw are received at and flbrwarded from Thb Stab Otlce. r Tommy abd tub " Bo. cb mai^ta"?kif Arnc-1 nuim I.ittsb r bom tb? Fobmkr.?ft teems tbst ?b*TMac ladyao *fle? mentioned by "T?amyn during his conversations in thesoeisl circles in which be was no wont to mingle while In this country, la not the only one of the fair maiden* with whom he had kx Ma heart, aa wiU b? evident from the fir?I of the following letter received from him a day or two since by verv voun? mtaa of much worth and great personal attractlooa, reaidlng In tt? vicinity of W Maids' Hotel This la the young lady knowa to the public thruveh the |>rraa aa " Li Hie Tommy's bhw maiden leve." A copy of the letter la herewith snbjolned: LSI ICE llclM TOMMY TO III "MLCIXKA. " Or Bails Nimiia, Jilr, IrM. Ify Win Kate:?I wai very s lad to get I ynnr note sometime a^o; bnt you moat forgive me for not writing In reply, because I was very busy and many peraona called me away very often. 1 <lf>f?>t likr mv new arqaaintancea ao well aa my old Washington friends. and 1 ahall never forget von. I reiru mber your merry awee? vofce all the iime, and was very sorry to go away without seeing you once more. I am very aorry 1 could not get your likens*, but I ahall keep your kiitd letvera, and rend them over very often, and it will make me grem pleasure. When 1 look at your aweet image in the locket, I cajinot help kissing it. il Liaki aa murk liku lau Mtaa Kate, I shsll not breake the promise I made von; and vou cannot tell how I suffered when 1 left Waiting to u at the thought of leaving your merry voice All Japanese like Washington very (uneW. and 1 expect to return beck again. and go tm srhoot at Anaptla to study English navigation? tba; ia If Japan Government give me orders, and ( shall see you again. You explain to me in your { tier the mmniiii; of that bad word ,kdaiu,'' (damn > I didn't know what that meant I wit now by tbe player (prayer) book fwith which she bad preset-ted him before leaving, particularizing the Lird'a Prayer by placing conspicuous marks around It} and that showing mark, and I shall never be nanghty again. Your compliments I gave to H'dakn Ktisntrro They were much obliged, and send back many gowu words. Kale, please don't show ibis letter to any one. I have aeat yon my small photograph by Horatio King, and hope you received it I was in a ^reat hurry when 1 sent It, and bad no time to write, because we were going on board tbe agara If yen intend, write me according to tfeis direction Tatelsh Onejlero, (Tomiuv.) Cusfnm Hnntp VnkiiK*m* *5 When the Niagara got* back I shall scad you some Japan ptetenli from Japan. I'lww give my ?ood rrgtrai to all your family, and friends who enquire after me Hoping this will find rtw quite well and happy, 1 am truly your lovely friend, Tatbish Oxcjibio, (" Tommy ") I told your compliments to our KnbNua.nlor*, who were much obliged to you I tend yon this by way of England?a very miserable place. " Toxmi." The letter is written in qnitea legible band, while the spelling and dictation are remarkably gi'od for one who ha* received such a limited English education as must nacesaarily bare been the case with Tommy, most of bis knowledge having l>een acquired during his voyage to and from this country, aad during bis brief sojourn her*. Hiiantnfrapb is written both in the American aad Japanese language*. and, In nddltton to 1?v? aiun?tue*a #*? !?#? ? -1 mv ?>^>!? <> ) wv? ?uc ici? uauu 19 a e&n< u wim the ptn of the American and Japanese ensign* in the^raspcf the American eagle; while beneath 1* the band of a male and female iirmiy clasped, with the words J span and American wrl tten above the two hands respectively. It appears that this young lady on the day before Tommy's departure lor Baltimore, made him a present of a neatly-bound Prayer Book, which by ?|?cial f-?vor from the'Chief Kmbaaa^dor. he was permitted to arcept, though Tommy hi mself refus?d lo receive similar presents from others In pieaentlag him with this, she expressed the hope that he would ponder over and baed what was thereia contained. This Tommy premised to do, sud, faithful to lis word, we may remark that tie fori? be took hit departure the next day. be bad cemmltted to memory almost the whole of the l?ord*< Prayer, to which she had called his particular attention, bavin? heard him on several ocxasloas make use of the unorthodox but common expression of "d n " To this letter of Tommv. (Kirn Kate penned a most chaste and sensible reply, a copy of which we were kindly permitted to peruse It was marked throughout with a truly nUoM ar.d patriotic pint; and not once did she prmit hef?-!f to be 1*4 into the fooilfh error, so coaimou to tlMMe of soe.b a tender age, of addressing Tommy M "tier true lore," "Bioirt cherlsbed friend," and similar expressions. On th? contrary, after *KprraaiDg the truest wish that tbe prayer-book she Lad given htm ml^ht be tbe roearns of not only leading blm but otbTS of bis ftllow-countrymeti to tbe way of truth, sbs congratulates him on tue proud privilege of rt turn'tig home on an Aru?-ti< ? an vessel, wltL the "stars and stripes" floating trinnptoarftiv al>ove biir.; and assures bim tb -t be need never nar while ubder the protection of that glortousentign. Ai litro*TAaT Miiscii roi Tsx Puii?,? The following bill was introduced by Couaclimen Jones in tne Hoard of Common Couacll at Its s--salon on SfoiHl.iT last: a* Act for the oetter protection of owner* of property s-ld for taxes by virtue of any law of k;> - 1; ? B* it tmmeud. kr . Tint thirty day* prior to the issue of a fre-sim^le title by this Corporation in and to any lot or lota sold for tarn aa provided In the act approved December 27, 1*19, entitled *'Aa act to provide for tbe b? tier collection of Sum," it Mil be the duty of tbe Collector of Taxes to cause a publication to be made, at least fear times, in so one newspaper pnbliahrd daily in tbe city of Washington. and haTia*the largest bonn JMt circulation in aatd city, setting forth, la substance, the number of the lot and square, the name of tbe owner, and tbe name of tbe purchaser; and, also, ataling that less said lot or lots be redeemed by tbe owner, a title in fee simple will be (arced to tbe pom baser at a stated time; tbeccet of such pn hi I ratine to be charged to tbe property adver tised in each cue respectively. See 2. That 1a addition Co the advertisement required b> the preceding section, it shall be the duty of tbe i.oikortor of Taxra t-> cause a printed or wrltteu notice to be served upon auy person or persons wLo uuy be the owner or owners of prop?-*?y sold for tax?-s, and for which a title in simple Is shout being issued bv this Corporation, fitting for'h in sutistance that unless tbe pro|?erty in question i? redeemed, a title in fee simple wiU issue as provided bylaw at a stated time?aald notice to be left at the residence or plane of busi> ness of sucli owner or owners; or If nea-r?idenls, at that of bis, her, or their agents, at least thirty days prior to tbe time now died by law tot tbe issua of fee simple tltlan, and for each notice so srrwd tbe Collector shall be entitled te a fen of cents, chargeable to tbe property, as to tit* foregoing section. Valc*blf liPionxiiT ?A bandana* war of twei*e briek buildings, now nearly ready for occupation has been erected In Nlath street, between M and N streets north, within the pastsli months. They are owned as followsFour by P M Dvbaat, three by H W. Par lev. and **e oj ? n umpw", oi ih ariii pi Linpwii A Co . *rine dsal?r? Tbev are three stories ) uelght. wllh back b::.:d.ntfs. and contain nine large rwm eneh. The fronts are of pnwi I b[.ek, with Wow* iUm caps and si 11a, and an elegant cornice. The roonas are provided with flxtorea for gas and water of tw most modern pittsrn, and In alt detail* they will compare advantageously with any bonses which bare been erected In Washington the last year. One of tie beat evldeacea of the substantial growth and presperttr of the cite Is aeea In the erection of these ttne dwellings in thta portion of the town, a locality not much patronized In the way of improvementa hitherto The contractor for the above work 1s I d Barker, carpenter; bricklayer, J D Ballon; p.later*, Varnell k Finch; gna fitter and ptsaiber. MiUrr. - Tin eTAHD or coLoa* which wu voted by our City Councils la February last, for presentation to the gallant Seventh Regiment of New York, having been completed, will be delivered at the Mayor's oAre to day. The regiment will receive tbis splendid testimonial at Ua?- hands of a committee of tbe Board of Aldermen and Common Count!T, and citUenanelerted by the Mayor, who are rif?W to porr^d to the commercial empo flam for that nnrpoae In the early part of next w#e* Ro rt Ould. fcUq , United States Attorney for tba District at Columbia. win bo the orator on the part of thte city It it underload that as ?f^nollr will be afforded out c miens to au/vty beautiful gift previous to the departure at the cmubIUm. probably oa Monday vxl. Dtl'T *OMir Uto grand bill and dUplay of fire-worha at Colaanb a *fw>uks, tbla evening The aff?lr having been twice postponed oa account 0 the vrrather, It la to owne ?1T lhU evening rain ? AIM, Ore work* and all *f aa Saiixtw Boi? propone to give their tlxth -a VI A f? W I. ua|| " tk X The safer??W?TW aaroa^agua, about Ikf wwl of wktek from the PMwtl Otw to tfee Smithsonian nrpwwd* we bar* already spoken, it tempomri ljr fmSed In a ipmi a little eaat of the north main entrance to tfce Institute, and with It 3f mirbletlab taken frem the tempi* erected bv ilt.idqa on tbo plains of Marathon aflrr bit Tlctory th<re Within tbe vtslibule of the Institute ap suspended two card*, upon wtich are printed e JWlowtni; lWtfri lit ftwn Coin Elliott, with an accouat of the aarcopbagus, and the other ftoin Gen. Andrew Jackaon declining tbe off-r of it for tbe 4epoait of b!s remain* after death Soon after the corteapoodr new between Gen. JackI son. Coin. Klllott. and the National Institute, it waa p?Mtsbed tn period tea! calle* tWT"ti?TeoIf we mtataka not. by our esteemed fellaw-?ittxea. Jntiab F. Polk. Kaq. A gentloi*an named Silcer, then engaged in the rilMt OlBce, bad a number of thoae letters printed, and those sapsmUd la the vestibule are two of the number. At tbe present day tbey will be lateresttag to oar readers, and as (be original*are bard to And. and tbere are ao tew roples in existence, they will probably be retained as relics: Th t Dtteripti ? Onrti mm* Com. Elliot ft Letter. Tbia Sarcophagus Was the Repository of the R efts Id* of the Roman Emperor, Alexander 8ererBS, procured at Beyroot, ia Syria, by Commodore Jesse I). Elliott, who brought it to tbe United States, in the vear 1839, oa board the Frigate " Constitution," and presented it to the National Institute as a resting place for 11m remain of General Jackson Tbe Commodore at the aame time presented the accompanying Marble Slab, a nortton of the Temnle ereefed h? MilMuriea on the pl&lM of Marathon, after his famous victory over the PmIioi. la the year 490 B.C., where it waa procured by the Commodore in person. Commodore Elliott's Letter of Presentation. Navy Yabd, Philadelphia, April 8, 1844. GemtUmem: The interest which the National Institute has been pleaoed to take In the eventual bestowmeut of the remains of the honored Andrew Jackson in the Sarcophagus which I brought from abroad and deposited in your Institute, makes it my business now to communicate to you a copy of his letter of the 27th ultimo, lately received op that subject. With sentiments so congenial to bis strict republicanism, and, in accordance, Indeed, with the republican feelings common to ourselves, be takes the "round of repognanceto oonnrt Mng bis name ana fame in any way with Imperial assoc iations. We cannot but honor tbc sentiments wbicb have ruled his judgment in the case; I or tney are sucn as must add to tbe luster i of hia character. We subscribe to them onrselves; I and, while we yield to Ihelr force, we may still i be permitted to continue oar regard to tbe enduring marble, as to an ancient ami classic relic?a curiosity in itaelf. and particularly in this country aa tbe first of ita kind s?en in our Western hemisphere. From it we would deduce the moral, that while we would disclaim tbe pride, pomp, aDd circumstance of Imperial pageantry, as unfitting 1 our institutions and professions, we woold sedulously cherish tbe simpler republican principles i of reposing our feme and honors in the hearts and affections of oar countrymen I have now, in ^conclusion, to say that aa the Sarcophagus was originally presented with tbe suggestion of using i it as above mentioned, 1 now commit it wholly to the Institute as their own aud sole property, exI empt from aiiv condition. 1 am. ??y respectfully, yours, 4 c., Jksss Dumcas Elliott. To the President and Directors of the National Institute at Washington General Jnrkson't reply to the offer mttdr him tf the Sarcophagus for his hurtnl plmce ? Hkrmttagr, March 27, 1845 Oettr Sir : Your letter of the 101b Inst . together with the copy of the proceedings at the Nation?! Institute, furnished me by the corresponding secretary. on the presentation, by you,of the Sarcophagus for their acceptance, on condition it shall be prrs^rved, and In honor of my memory, have neen received, and are now before me Although |a}>Arln<* linear rrsoaf /lohiliftr *nA b<H a?? i auwtiu^ uuw?i ^iv?? ?v?>n?^ MM\? auikVXVH) Itviu I a severe attack, from which I may not recover. I raise my pen and endeavor to reply The .>teadlaess vt my nerves itiay. perhaps. lead you to conclude my prostration of strength is not bo great at here expressed Strange as It may appear, my nerve* are as steady as they were forty years pone by; whilst, from debility and affliction, 1 am gasping for breath 1 have read the whole proceedings <,f the presentation. by you. of the Sarcophagus, aud the resolutions pasx d by the Board i f Directors, so honorable to my fame, with sensations and feelings more easily to be conjectured than by me expressed The whole proceedings call for my most grateful thauks. which are hereby tendered to you, and through vou to the President aud Directors of the National Institute. Bat with the warmest Sensations that can inspire a grateful heart, 1 mi-: d8cli5k acc*fTr*0 thk hosoit i5t?sd?d to be bkmowed I cannot consent that my uiortil body ball be laid iu a repository prepared for an Emperor or a King. My republican feelings and principle forbid it Every monument erected to perpetuate the memory of our heroes and itataainen ought to bear evidence of tbe economy and simplicity of our Republican Institutions, and tbe plainness of onr republican citizens, wbo are tbe sovereigns of oar glorious Union, and whose virtue Is to parpetuate it. True virtue cannot exist where poap and parade are the governing passions; It cU only dwell with the people?the great laboring classes, that form the bone and sinew of our confed<?racy For these reasons I cannot accept tbe honor you a ltd til** PtmUmiI anil ,.p? i f lh? X .T;.m .! institute, intruded to bestow. I cannot permit my rrmains to be the first in these United State* to be <lepo?lted in 1 sarcophagus made for an Lmperor or King I again rep* at, pi rase accept for yourself, and convey to the President and Directors of the National institute, my most profound respects for the honor you and tbey intended to bestow | have prepared an humble depository for in y mortal body beside that wherein lies tny beloved wife; where, without pomp or parade, I have requested, when ray <>od calls me to sleep with Biy fathers, to be Ulci?for both rf us there to remain, until the last trumpet sound* to call the dead to judgment, when we, I hope, hall rise together, clothed with that heavenly body promised to all who believe in our glorious licdWmer, who died for us that we might lire, and by whose atonement I hope for a blessed immortality. I am. with creat retDcct. vour friend ?nrt f*-l luw citiuu, " * Amiiiw Jackson. To Com. J. D Elliott, United State* Navy. Fvkthkr Cmssw* Statistic* of Alcxaxdkia Cot.mj --The Uazette says: "We mentioned some days since that tbe population of the county of Alexandria, outa'de of the town, vat 1,367; of which Mri were wbit- persons The employments of such of these persona as have employment are a* follows: Farmers, 1-54; laborers, 1(16; gardeners. 17, domestics, 12; federal officers, 13; carpenters, If: sailors, 5; ph?s]rUns, 4; carter*, 4; washerwomen, 3; overserrs, 3; millers, 3; butchers, 3; lawyers, A brickmakrrs, 3; shoemakers. 2; teachers, % merchants. 9; blacksmiths. 2; toll keepers, 2; bridge keeper, I; ice dealer, painter, contractor, btk klayer, slater, agent, hotel keeper, bar keeper, afMlbliMrv rnnnor hirnMi mnk**r iilnaMs?i(W i j r--) ? ?v., .......u.ihi, clergyman, 1 each. -' The placet of nativity of the free inhabitant* of tbe couuty, outaide of tba city, are reported as follow*: Virginia, 071; New York, 74; District of Columbia. 56; Ireland, 48; Maryland, 38; England, I 33; Germany,22; Pennsylvania, 17; Maaaacbuaettr, 10; Scotland, 8; New Jereey, 8; Poland, 5; Vermont, 3; Arkansas, 3; Mltaiauppl, 3; Cuba, 3; K Uode laland.Wiicoiiain, Indiana and Michigan, I each.-' !uu?uiu Yutiiuav.-Yesterday afternoon waa quite a gala day wijh our juvenile volunteer companies Tbe Young Guarda, Georgetown, l'.apt. Rudier, paraded our principal atreeta, accaaptaltd bv martial music, drawing quite a large erowd after tbem. Occasionally they would bait and go through with tbeir peculiar evolotioui, apparently much to tbe aatiaxaction of tbose gathered round. They certainly do remarkably writ tor tboae ao yonng aid Inexperienced. la siddttfaa to tbia company, we noticed tbe Ymk '/.?uav?i, (acting Captain Treabolm,) in unf I'jrui, dACiuiain^ wruioctTra in ?u?u uu??i vyv?ciM of drill, surrrounded by quite a Urge number of persons, who frequently took occasion to encourage the youug soldiers by plaudits. Id the course of U?? afternoon we met one or two other companies maneuvering, hut not in uniform. Til Ccnsrs Xitcms for the Third Ward of the city were rendered yesterday. They show the number of fren inhabitants to be 9,440; slaves 3tt tMal 9.808 In 1656, the entire population of tnf? ward was 3,906; showing a gain of 3,9U6 In ffcvor of the present tea/; and the entire population of Washington in the six wards 61,990, against :?l,Ui7 In l&jtf Gain in the six wards, IH,fcJ3 In tn* Third v\ard there are I?79 dwellings and I 6M fabiHies. Oeatbs during the year, 144. By a* idtutiiixiiit In another column, it will be sea that our young friend William H. Powell has bought oat the i ne grocery establishment of Mr. Jas. E. Waugh, corner of N?w York avenue and Ninth at anil l* raw nv A mm 1 out choice faintly groceries, wines ltd liquors, to tuoee wbo ma* be is want of such articles We t ke pleasure la commending him to tbe patronage o* the public ^ ALxrainmia Corrrr Cor*r.? Tbe County Court of Alenndrtn county opens It fait term oft Mood ay neit Th- Jurtlcr. c bail ted for tbe enn are as follows: Wm H Fowlt, P. J : c. L. Neale, J % Johnson, W. A Hum, K BurcheU, A. JosUse Tbe only eriailwil Vnainsea ot laterest wblob will ao?e befser tbe court Is tbe examlMt sa of eansnof Steinrock and Jenfelna, charged with uttering counterfeit money. ^KEisssssrs.esAata PbK*d*lpbia, with 1M tow of tmX Jur Mcam. Cbapin k. tiro . * Tat Island B?trHT Camel ud Sabbath ^ imol 'Ktmloa to Olymont to-morrow For particular* ace i^wMMVeal. 4 . ? ' ' .4 ./ . ? I wttjPtowSi* ??Sa>f.~p _ _ Ckio Rtt?u? tt wt Tu>i a> Km* r^rrriw or (iioiGitowii ?It will toiRMtiM of wonder to many to learn the large amount of litnufKlvrli; baaineaa trai)?wM 1n this nwhtrial re and retired place. The deputy marshals were required to obtain special information of the i ados'rial prodocta in which tbe capital in rented exceeded MOO Flour Huainraa.?i'apttal invested. 811.* ?W0. Raw material. 1*9.6t>4 bushels of wb?i<: 19,000 buabela corn; K);i barrela- cmt 82?I.58C Annual product, 46 ?30 barrela flour; 96,3 W tm?bela mill oft'.il; A).IK*i bushel* meal. valued at 8320.018. Water power used; 16 male hands employed, at an average of #70 per month. Butchering Business?Capital 8t7,<00. 1,?2"> beeves; 2,050 abeep; 750 calves: 1,299 botft?value ?09,075. Product In ineata, tallow, hide*, skins, and Urd per annum, 872.074. Ten men employed. Planing Mill, Sash. Door, and Blind ?Capital, 814.0M) Steam power S9 horse, with 13 men; raw material, 832.UOO. Product per year, #13.200. ! iron Foundry and Machinery? Capital, 8*3,000; tlevn, 13 bone power; material, $7>44; yield, 1 *30,tte3 Georgetown Gaa Light Company ? Capital, *112,000; coat of material, ??; yield, *24,36W. Boot* and Shoes ?Capital, 4,6u0; materials, 4,057; product. *10,674. Tanning, ateam-power?Capital, *53,900; raw material, *55,800; annual product, *82,750. Coopering?Capital, *3.6 0; men, 54; raw material, *5,843; product, *21,5:20. Pioneer Cotton Factory?Capital, *45,000; water power?2,500 aplndlea, 83 looms; 70 tiialaa and 25 females employed; raw material cost *57,409; product, *74,400. Saddle and Harnesa? Capital, *8.000; 10 men; raw material, *3,202; product, *10.730 Tinning and Sheet-iron?Capital. *1,300; four men; material, *5,961; product. *11,200 There are altogether, In aome thirty manufactories, a capital of *410,250. An annual outlay in w?e same or *5 iw, :*>? <, with a trade or *7^5,5178. In addition to the above there may be noted 49 merchants and 7 grocers; also 2 academies, with 7 teachers and 105 pupils; 3 common schools. 11 teacher*, and 571) pupils; 2 female academies. 6 teachers, and 13a pupils; 5 primary school#, 6 teachers, and 130 pupils To tbe common schools there are $*i.500 contributed from the public fund, and S'2.4(Ki from other source*. All the rest are supported from private resource* Tnere were IflO nat ve and 2t>0 foreign paupers supported within tbe year. Whole number on the 1st of June, SI native and W foreign, at an annual coat of ?2,650. A Novel Cask.?Yesterday Capt Nathan Darling. having understood that a warrant had been Issued for his arrtat, went to tbe office of Justice Donn, with Montgomery Blair, Ksq , as his counsel, to answer tbe charge and save tbe officer a search for bim. The charge made was for improperly interfering with an officer in the discharge of duty The warrant bad been issued on an affidavit marip before Justice Gilbert A Gib erson. by Jededlah GUtiugs, setting forth that tin waa authorized to arrest a colored man named Stafford Fay lie, who Is claimed by Mrs Catherine F. Thompson, of Virginia, a* her slave, mud is alleged to be a fugitive The aaid fugitive was employed iu the hotel of Mrs. Amanda Beverldge, and to that house the affiant, with John H Wiie, an officer, went /or the purpose of making the arrest on the 18th Inst , and there he waa. he alleges, 'improperly interfered with" by Capt Darling Mr. Blair plend the Insufli iencr of the affida- 1 vlt, it failing to set forth In what the interference consisted. it was necessary to declare an act upon which the magistrate could exercise judgment of the improper Interference The mere opinion of the atiinnt was not certainly ?uttii-i?*nt to go upon Mr. Gittlngs replied that be would show the act when it came to trial. Mr. Blair said "No, now is the time to set forth the distinct charge, in order that the justice may judge whether It is sufficient to issue upon, and if there is the least appearance of spite, and th? oath is made on an untruth, the case must result in an action for perjury " Justice Donn derided that as the case was novel in bis practice and the first coming up under the fugitive slave law in this District, be would take time to consult authority. In the meantime, as Capt Darling had not been arrested, in order to save him from any mortification of feeling, be would lie untitled, without arrest, of the time when the trial could proceed regularly. Fair for tub Hkxkfit or the Church or thi Epiphany?Peculiar Attraction ?We would inform our readers that on Monday evening next a fair, under the auspices of several young ladies on K street, is to be commenced in the capacious room of the cottage building, east of the Lafayette Hoose. o ? F, bsiw^n Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets (at present occupied by Mr*. Maffett,) for the benefit of the Church of the Epiphany In addition to the many other inducemenu offered these desirous of attending, we would state that the "fair damsH" with whom 'Tommy" was so much pleased is to be present and preside at one of the principal tables. The admission fee is but a trifle, and as all are Invited, we have no doubt this announcement of the UT ? 1 11 < _ 4 / ?111 yJ .. ... prrwiicc ui - i uiiuuv > wtb, 111 tvcii wiii mow a large attendance. Aiiiit vi Suspicion.?This morning Justice l>onn received Information that a colored man bad carried a floe pair of blankets to the clothing store of Mr. Ward, near Center Market, and offered them for sale, and that Mr. Ward suspected him of having stolen tbem. No officer being about at the time, the Squire went himself, but as soon as the fellow i4ot n good look at him Le broke and ran; tbe inquire followed with the 4>liueand cry " Finally be was arrested and turned over to the Squire, who conveyed bltn to his office. The fellow gave his name as Sam Benson, and denied positively the larceny of tbem The suspicion was however, too strong to allow Sam to go without ; /iirtKit* in foaHiratinn ?nH hp wifl rpt^in#>H with < the blankets, to await further developments'. Thr. Fdccatiosal Statistics or Alsxaxdbia Tbe whole number of persona over twenty rears of age unable to read and write, ia l.V7f>. Of this number, but about 20 per cent arc white natives, 30 per cent, persons of foreign birtb, and 50 per cent, froe nesroea. Daring the vear ending June 1st, I WW, 1.56 5 children attended school. This Is exclusive of tbose from other places. In the county there are 107 persons uuable to retd and write. These statements vary little from the census of 1850. There were In the city five Insane, four idiotic, and three Wind persons. In the covntr there were flee insane, two idiotic, and one blind.peraon. Cxptbb Maiket ?TLe Ibirkrt this morning presented a very cheerful appearanc; an average attendance of dealer* and a numerous attendance of purchasers; an ample supply of provisions; an active demand, and prices not advanced above the rates of the past week ss published in ttw' Mtar" of Friday las*. This morning a great many melons, of uncommon size at>d weight, were ottered for sale, and attracted much attention Th?? htnnirht much Livimr i>ricem than ara umally gives in tkiis market." Commutation.?It Is understood that efforts, likelv to be successful, arc being made to induce the ExecnMve to commute the aenteuce of Edward Marquis for keepiag a gaming table to aome comparatively brief term of Imprisonment. The motive for tbia undoubtedly ia that Marquis la tbe first man ever brought up under the law. end tt ia thought bard to visit on him tie full penalty legally attached to the crime. CE3TmiLUcA*DHocaiCA?B* ?Isabella Taylor, diaotderly; Hue and coat*. S3 15. Jatnea Moriery, Hn do ; Kt 15. I .ait uttfht the weather waa a little too cold to sleep well on dewy grass, and to there va a slight tendency of " Rough*" to the Guardhouse, they being willing to endure a night la the cell range rather than aleep on the common. autum* amd WlNTKa 1)RY liOIIIW, Ca arats, he.?We are really surprised at the rlcbaeas and extent of Perry fc Bro 's stock. They must expect to supply the whale District, not only rlr.h fancy goods, but In all the staple and lower priced articles adapted to the wanta of the million. Alsxabdria L'biob Club.?A meeting of the Central Uaion Club was held at Union Hall, Alexandria, last night. Considerable business n i 1* rnftn nmfBAnp the mail meetiag to have been held on the 12th proximo, until the '/7th. Mm. Editob: Square No. 245 was the first square of ground la tfc* city itiwad which the footways were pared; and It Is a remarkable fart that the nme square Is the first square la this city around which the carriageway will be pared. X.V Z. The " l*H0aat Fellows" annom a * a pic-alc at Columbia Springs on Tuesday next, September 4th. See advertisement. Tax number of mechanics now em| loyed on the Capitol Kxtenalon Is about six hundred. Wtsviv'a RiVaiii a* W rl n Puvbd v The foliowing ietrer from Rev. H >m r v WooB.of Coneord.N, H., Editor oftheConKrofatmnal Journal, ip??Ii volIIRIM in favor ol Wtstar t Bnltnm:? Coscokd, N. H., Maroh i. Msssbs. Sbth W. Fowls k, Co.?Gmti-mm: Two yo*? ago,? sudden and violent attack upon my Lanri eooined wtorai bod for several w??*s, and iWi i recovered, I was so niuoh oppressed by difloolty in breathin*. that 1 oft?n unable to slaey or roat upon a bed by nirht. The suffering was extreme, and judging from the in?-fficacj of tbo tt^WtlSTcherry. without oonidenoe in ita efficacy, I found th- dimoulty alroont entirely r> moved t#uratement, and recommend the article to olhera aimilariy atflioted. _ With rei^Mt, yonra truly, Hmi Wonp. None aeaaine umu ai*ned i. Bcti? on the 6. Btott, John Sehwarae, Nuri Jb Paiiwr, VVanh incton; uil by daalera every where. iuSI*/ .. mirm'nltimacireowe vnwii dmtkot**, the atdeat and beat remedy known for eiterMMtim Rata lai Mine. Cook/oaohee. Biua. A Ma, Motha.Qiaui-Woru* ?*K&nMSHtMAr''

wu 4| 0 _ , Hoiiowtt'i PILLS. I , V VP1*' ftkt BfiWtls ? lAMlanain ?r *eN*W i*ot dsttror it. Morphia* ?t??p m*nam!L artificial slaop. with'ta rsfrosfetac Ut? inv* < (iollnwty'ii Pills a<4 ?aiy proenrw U? , Mirw raantti without Uk> hawful floats, bet so ? I tirnly si'iiicQish th? ?t?<MtoaftlwdiMMM to , p-.'Tifow * sfA^i* ours ofr>Up?s. F- W t?y b|| UniKgrsts. a*?o., ?<j.. ami * P*r bats. &a 34 lw !v ^.^aayaac'ggu^. ??? .I'-sr, 3?r All or Dr'ttSSiSSf HnRtntidiai pot up xfreul; for family use, in boxes, (U & and Jo o?U each. Aiao. in eases, containing 3D vials. from #4 to each. with book of full directions. For Ml* ?1 Z. 0. Gilman, .150 Pa. avenue, wlwolesalp and 3 tail ?<?nt: W. A. Fitagerald. 353 north F street; no by F. B. Winter, corner of MwKftchuMUi ?v? nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract if W%uk Hazel, for internal and external .nilanimations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9 ly Mil. Wins low, aa experienced nereeand lemale ehysioian, has a /9votA>?s? Syrup for Ckildtm Ttethmi, which %reatlr flaeriitates the proeeaa of teething by softening the turns, reducing all inflammation? will allay nil pain, and la sere to regelate tke bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yoareehree, and relief and health to yonr infants. Perfectly safe in all aa?a. See adverbeement in another Mtlnvsn. no 11-1v WANTS. tyANTEp-Ajood COOK A German. Scotch - ?> rjiiKiiau woman II<?) uareu d<>* in, im thi* office. &u 30 ? ' 117 ANTED?A good COOK, WA9HEI. and " tRONER To one that car. come well recommended the Kent wage* will bo paid. Apply lmmediateWat 397 Thirteenth st, between O and H. au 30 3t? WANTED-Aeood practical GARDENER or *? F A K M ER, to take or rent a farm of abont26 acres, frontinrton e??t boundary ttroet. Application to l>e made to R, I. COXE, No. 4'J0 north D *t an 3>-Jawlf WANTED?To rent b? the Year, a ?mall two tory BRICK or FRAME HOUSE, with four room*, (for a family ot three pereon*,)either in this oity or Georgetown, in aqiiiet locality. Ad drera A. r., (tatinc term*, Ac, through Pc?t Offtoe. au 21 4t* tlTANTED? A WOMAN, to rtxik. w*?h ??. ?? in the country ; Mid a Man and Boy, to wo;k on a fa nr. 5*laveg preferred. For suitable servants comfortable homes *nd good wages may be found. Inquire at the Intelligence Office, Louisiana av , nearly opposite City Hall au 28 3c" WANTED IAIMEDIATELY-A eomp-tent DINING ROOM SERVANT The b *t of references requirod. Apply to No. 37.> C ?t., o ner 4>i. an 28 6t WANTED?To hire or purchase a middle aged SLAVE WOMAN. Mint be a good rook, I washer and iron?r. Address Box S63, Post Otfice, Washington city, D. C. aw 28-3t* _ Uf A NTED?Six COOKS. four CHAMBERMAIDS and two NURSES. As also families returning to the city from their summer re?or and reani'ing servants can procure good, civil, capable h"lp on reasonable forms at the Union Intelligence nii.l House Azer.c* Office. No. 1 '2 l?ui*iana lie mi?, uear City Hall. A Colored Boy fur tale, la year# of age. a? a 3t* H. DUNCAN" A. CO . ProprL t >m. ANTED?A PURCHASER for a choice Dairy often ?own, tor^ther wnh th?> eood will and fistures of the same. The route will take the milk of twenty cows in the winter. Address Box T <4, Cit* Po?t Office, Washington, D C. a u '25 1 w * WANTKD?Hy a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION as eolleofor. Rest ol recommendations Riven. Address M. C., Star Office. jy U tf LOST AND FOUNa IOST-A LADY'S WATCH AND CHAIN in J Ihf Market Hoiine or on Pa. avenue, I.* ^ ~ 1 tAtk -A- % I . 1 ] ?.11 rTkl mfTTM (III mill ! *1 II Fin A IIIF' lf?l IfUftlU mil K/al be given for it il left at my ntore dfelflk CHARLES ?TOTir^ au 9i 3t* 37.> Pa. av , lx?t. 4?i and Kth ?'?. * tC REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on Sunda?, * Angu?t 2bth, a dark bay M ARE: er\ blind in the right eye. Thfr above rewarl wll be paid, if returned to th? corner of*"** East Capitol and Sixth sU., Capitol Hill, Washington. ail 3??-2t* IfOUNI).?Taken up in my garden, a dark SOU' and SIX PIGS. The owi>?r is reqne.?tod fo prove property, pay damage*7fc?jP^ ami charges, and take them away, or thcvt&miLiH will he sold at public sale on Thnraday, ihe 6th day f Sept-mber next, at my residenco, Eastern f) : ttfiu n au 3r> 3t* R. J. McCLKLLAN. LOST?On Tuesday, Aiieust 7th. a BU^liLE of F.vemns ?*ar News-paper#, eontaimn?c four copies of oimjIi day for the month of June, 1RS8 The finder will revive a liberal reward by returning them to this office. an 15 tf PERSONAL. DISSOLUTION.?'The Copartnership heretofore existing Hwen the andersitned in this <ta\ dissolved I>t tnntual consent. John V. Bryan w.ill u?e the nanioof the firm for the <"-ttlement <>f the business. JOHN V. MR VAN. "WM. A. FREE. Washington. D. C., August J>*th, IHtio au JO 3t* PAST, PRKSKNT, AND IT TURK KVBNTH, will b? sa itTac'orihr e*plamad by a la' hsr r*?idence No. *37 C st, between 1-t a no 2nd sta., |glan<1. Consultation foe 25 c?nta. an 25-51* Madame felix. fortune tullbr, from Paris. informs her former friends, aud the public generally, that nh? has removed to 4t>l Tenth street, between B and F, where she will he happt to *ee all who will favor her with a sail. au 13-3w* [VIA DAME MORK1CE, ThiGIUT Astkomvi?l out ahd I)??rTii*?a. just from Khtop*.-T?is highly gift- d an J intelligent lady can he consulted tm the Past. Present and Future Events. Call at No. *04 Twontj-aerund street, between H and I, Washington. jet9-3m* rnmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnm??? ?? BOARDING. BOARDING?Two or threw centlomen can he aco^min dated with BO Alt!) and KOU.MSin a private family It Inquiring at No. 44S I, between Pth and lotb streets. au 30 3t BOARD IN THKCUUNTRY.-A few ??>ard?r? nan b? accommodated with lar^e and pleasant Ro rn?, at a piea?ar t and convenient locat or. at the atiMcribnr . ? mi!e? from WTn<hi!nton Kor fu-ther iifornntion ?pply ?t ttre Kirkwo"d 0?une or addrwM th? aiilwcibe ? throuththe \Va*hin;t n I c'ily I'ost Office?Fairfax county. Va. LP WIS BAILEY. 4 CO NINTH STRKET.-Periuni rrtirmaiE to "iwO the citt from their amniusr reeorl* will fend vaonnt enveral desirable rooms having the eonv*?-nieno*-? of gas, water, ?rd bathing Cio eta. at 453 9th ot., one duo booth of K; auitable either for families or amnio nentletBOn. Table Mt&nJera aceom inodated on moderate terma. an II 2w* ~ AMUSEMENTS WASHINGTON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager S W. (iLKis, THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will o?*n for tn? regular Fall and Winter S?aaon on tne night of THURSDAY. Novuibk* lit. JO^rru JEFFKRSON I ilfl lyQrTKKll%n Ol vne uuiihiiouu^ o't vhHiemfntof Twe ri> Night* on .MONDA\ ,Noven?l?er 5th. aud will be fo low d by the most BH1LU \ M T STARS In the Theatrical Firmainci t. ! \Lj~ Communication* if aidreiDicd to 8. XV. -DId Bowery Theater," Now York, will meet with prompt attention >1118 if ?REK COttCKKTS! EjRNST LOKPPLKR, /fete Y*k ivenv*, bttir"n \st nnd id streets, would reapectfulfy jOb tat* to the publi? that A COiVCKRT oftfjB SKLECT Mufti C will i>e civen ever? MON DAY and THURSDAY RVKNfNGS dannc the imm, at his Parihon, ooaiinpnoin* at 3 o'ulock and ending at Previous to the Concert, the Saloon ia open to those desiring to while *wa* a few hour* in the mazy dance. ICK CREAM. WATKR ICES, and every Ueeaription or CONPBCTIONER Y alwayt r?*dj at city I prioea. } Partie* dwrjrin* the Garden* for Pie Nio pr p<>?-?. arc re^ueatod U fi?e a (tar or two notioe. je IS an : [ ~~ UOOP SKIRTS! ill HOOP SKIRTS!! I New *uppl? jh*t rtewW of all the i?v ?tjrles, f<>r Ladies and Children, f.om25cnU to f j. H * G AN, au 25 ? 3<1 Tth ?t. and Wt Pa. avenue. AN ARTICLE TO REMOVE PAINTS, I - i- f -? L.;_J r IIr anol.n. A A uil?, Ol Ul BUT aiuu, IIWIll !>? ? . I paper, without iafurine th? article in o ?k>r or texture, hu at last b -en found. (I will also clean km ilov wi notit leaving auv unpleasant odor. That ariiole i? "MOUKK's BKNGINK." Prion ZSoU., 5'i cent*, ami $1 per hottle. MOORK'8 au 2V2w Went Knd Drug Store. 114 Pa. ar. WOOD! WOOD!! _ WOOD1" 8T?VE and KINDLING the lowiia | * ' PM1 T. J. * W. M. GALT, 9?S Pa. arM Mvw nth aad l*th rt.., M 11-tf north aid COMPANY, ivmwand TWA Strut. " J. C. MoeUUlK, Pr*idaot ft. I>. fthnno*. How*<arr. ma?-?"tr { #JR?AT BARGAINS IN PIANOS! One 7 oot*v* ^fcr^rod C?!iei?nn? Piano for |W )Om? do do Ro?*>i?kranH ?io. Oa*?H do. NikoU Clark d?. 1* i Unet-H do. do. Roa^okranU do. U6 OaafcS do. <U>. Light c BiadWaif, ? ns A?JT?<g^ad hanO'aaoajM %*> U> ?VW. GEOE6ETOWN. Corrtspondtnc* of Thr Star. &lOM*tow*, Au^iwt 30. 18M. A ihtektot Mrt4?at?Kin*d here this mtiInn ?hool ? o'tiwk An tatoreattng little Ctrl bout fo..r r~?r?nl<l.(d*HRi,u-rn< Mr Lm.wbo on High, between Beall and Dumbarton a#*?a.) while at play, alone, op atatra in the aervinto' quarter*. lgntt>d aome matrbea, and waa l<wtantlf enveloped in flame* No one waa near her at the time, and be lore bet cnea were beard a ad aaatetaiv-f rendered, the little alVrer waa dreadfully bnrned about the bodf and fore Dr Ritchie was Immediately aummoned, bat It ia f. ared medical aid will not avail to aave life, ai the injuries are of a moat aerioua nature Ott<-era Groan and Craig. and Mr. Win. C. Ha*el, having obtained information ??f the wbereabonta of aon.e fugitive alavra. proceeded to the iarin 01 Mr jonn uaviason, few miles above here, and asked permission to March ?kc negro quarter*, as they bad raaaon to believe tbat one or more woo Id barber tbere ibatnight Asking to hare aome one accompany them. Mr. John R Davidson proceeded with them to the quarter*, and aa aoon as the door waa opened, they discovered a slave man belonging to Mr Nolle y Moreland, who turned up miaa<ng some month* since. He wns somewhat astonished to see bis visitors, and fled up stair*, and immediately afterward* iumned from a third story window, hut cbone lis iandlne place nnfortnnately for himself, aa he alighted between the officers. and was Immediately secured Tbere waa another fugitive on th*> nr^tniflM. wKa inirnoX fmm t K i ra ? > . - J ' w J'V *. IM'UI B ?*???** fin J window, and was panned and Hred at by Mr Hatel, but made jjood his escape At the meeting of the Floyd Guards. Captain Maaoa Gozler. a few evenings since, sow new member! enrolled their names, but there wis no election of olBcera. Our juvenile military friends, the Younc Guards. Capt. Rodier, were out with dram and ife re?terdav, and visited your city. Toe breach in the twelve-loch msin of the aqueduct, near the reservoir, la temporariiv repaired with a connection of xli-inch pipe, which at that point Is probably equal lh capacity tn a tw?lve-lnch pipe "hose Hut one accident hat occnrred In our city bv letting on the water last night Home one'left the stop-cock open at Mr. William K Kdrs warehouse. tud the floor was flooded to tbe depth of an Inch or two. About 1,(1110 bushels of corn, and a quantity of flour, was In constquence somewuat damaged. The gentlemen of the Georgetown Amateur Musical Association were out last night serenading their lady friends, and in one instance were agreeably surprised by bearing duets elegantly sung by the ladies of the house, in response to their efforts Ther did not forge* your reporter, and our sincere thanks are hereby tend* red to them for the delicious strains of mnsic which accorded so well with the moonlight and sllencc. and gave us *u<.h an agreeable surprise at an early hour thlsmornlug. Professional musicians will bare to look to tbetr laurels. ;is these gentlemen, in judgment of sele<-tlou and skill of execution are bard to heat. The coal trade on the canal Is still qntte active, but vessels afe )>adl V wanted for freighting from ! tVi rtnsl OB 4K? MIIAM *?? ?'? 4 ? ? I (Uia I'UI?. ? ill*- UMirio nic |?"ll 111^; id tai'Kliy . Wheat is now arriving in considerable quantities, aud it worth from SI 2<i to SI ii5 for red, and * I ?? to SI 35 for white. At Crandell's. on Bridge street, can always he found a fine assortment of stationery and fancy articles See his advertisement. Members of I'nioti Hotel Company will notice advertisement in Georgetown column GEORGETOWN APVERT'MTS for other adeertu?ment$ *et Jirtt j>ng? 11 DIVIDEND I NION IIOTKl._COMPA I., *1 N1 .?The iriift^? ui the I n ? i Hotel Cvin?any, Georgetown, have declared a dividend wen y-tw<> per rent., pataMe nut of the capita st??ck of thflcoinfany ou demand, upou the pre* n'aCi->11 ol the eertihca1** of stock. an JO Ji \V. H. TKXiVKV. Trea?n rer. kv-S?I.ECTi RK-ProL L. G. MATHEWS.of Lynchburg Co'lcge, will deliver a Lec'tire (siiTiject?Eighteenth Century) at the M I' Clui oh, Georgetown, D. C., on FRIDAY,3'?t of Angus', a* 85^ o'clock p.m. Adoustion 25 cents; one-hau of tne pioceeds to be appropriated towards the fciission Church.the other half toward* repairing Lynchburg Colk-ge. WASHINGTON ROBV, I'lulor M. P. Church. an *7-at Wll.l.!A >l I.AIRI). Sr. MISS \1 E. WAUOH WILL RESUME THE duties ot her school on Monday, Sej.terubcr 31, N? 13 Bride--street, near Farmers acd MeotaaI is' Dank. Terms, Ac., made known uu application. an J) 2t WiRAYED OK STOLEN, from tiie ?ub?criher. C7 two fii.e HOGS, weuMne about ?ouid<t r?nli '1 i.fv urn whitA atxl 1?ia**k potted wilti long ?*arsand tail A ^uita-iUui Lie reward will be paid for ilieir return tutiiv sub ciibcr. ur?( the Market House m (if or* tu?r, ansj-*t 1'etfcr ma > . Tobacco. and skcar*. AT WHOLESALE. I have to-<fay received 13H li tf TOBACCO, eonsi-tins of pound lumps I'ou *, teas, large aad smalt twists. Al*?? a larfce lotoffine HAVANA and var Ai?E gars. , Alro, on hand? 12B l?oses of fine, m??dmui a:id low priced Toba<H??>, S-eari-, V< canes <>l garrett's Scotch HntifT, inliottles; al?o, B anp<"e. Conxr??*. and Mac-aboy. Smdoxen or Anderson's and Goodwiu's Fine Cat Ch^winp end -inokin* T?*acco. I3n cro?s of Shanghai and rarlor Matches. Nk'b<>xesof Pipes aud l'ip II< 75 bales ol' Killickinick Mnokin*, aod all titer article s p itaiuinn to tlie trade AW or whitU aro oWerfil at tiie lowest trim prices. JAM KS WALLACE, No. 59 High street, lioorclown. Goods <1 .hvertU tw fcuy part of th - lMM.nct free of charge. aw .9-1 w SNOW RF-AUY, CHOQL BOOKS AM) STATIONERY, SLATES, - PENCILS. COPYBOOKS. INK S TA> Df. PENS ?ii<l PAI'KR ,nl ail ?tyle? and qnnlitt**,at G CRANDELl.'S au 2K-3t .No. 12* Bridge at., Georgetown. CTtAY COW ?TaJten up m intitrti, a brmr? die i.?ilt?. Cuv.uiJ Caif. with w"<te^^mf| head; wnite ?tnpe down her t>ack : * Hitc !*?Uy and leg*; right ear cropoed. TlieJSnA* own *r ta requested to o<ntie forward, prove p i per t> . pay clmrjes, and take her away. WM. II. Sil.KNCK, au & Jl N?. #1 Market at.. Georgetown. (iKOaiiETOWN FIRE W(HID?AW MILL, * C?n*irr Co*?kw? sr *?idC?\?l Hickory Wood. ?awe?l in ? pieces per eord ' 'l A f pllt 7.WI " Xjak " ** * SW? " ?? " * split ??* ** Pin? " " " 4J? " ' " ' " " A split S.flO " I nds aud ha've* a' the same Wood ia the stick. Hickory Ati P*r oor<1 ? Oak ... IS u ? Pine. .. .#4 " All wood,delivered at the above prices. caah au28-1 w K. 11. BAKRK 1 T. -KTTLL ALIVE," J>PILLMA!? A HUNT hare Removed. temporarily. to the i?to:ef r*o m formerly occupied bv UewiR rame, w*'!) of [H??te tlifir old estaMitbineal. P~?" DRY GOODS cm be bad a* cheap utvtr. an ?i-3w __ Ji>T RECEIVED FROM TJIKl.NTfcRloR of Peunsvlvania, a few brand* of PI RK RYE WHISKV, distilled in the year* lSJi and nan. Tnos* wi?Hnj t > purchase an unailult^mt d article for niodiciaal purpo^ei>, 4< , scl.loji have ?uch an opportunity offered to th m. auSWfw BBALL* MATTHEWS. FOR RENT?A oonvrnien* two itorjr BRICK DWELL1NC ?n Eirrt rtT**l, with Caa and Water. Also, * c<??nJti"dioo? Dwetlinf a"d Store, on D'idge ?treet To auitable fnant* the r*nt wjlf Sever* moderate. Apply to SAMUEL M. KKNNY.No. 1KI iiunhartonat .Ouorfctova. aull tf T _CLINTON ACADEMY. HE Next A nual He*?ioa of th * ich-ol wil' ^ . IV . C? ?4 L-- a TL- --.U.x-.l commerce on o ? has been removal to 1<*t West stre t, t?:ve?i ( nure*# and Hi*h Circular* may b* oh'ain*<l S 5f 16? August, ? the druj rore of Mr R. S. T. Cisul, co n#i of C<>nKrea?and Bndre its. aul? e jltn G KO. ARNOLD. M. A.. Principel. fkEMRABLE P?OPEKTT FOR PALK~|N U pKOK<>RTO\VN -1 h" ?ry (iwir*W? Bsildin* Lot oo the south side of First street opposite Oox's Row aad adjoining t resilience or Wiliiam Sleininer. < sq., 50 fett front and 110feet deep. AI*o, part of Lot No. 212. at the northern't corner of Fifth and Krelerick strati, fronting 75 f.-et on Kifth street and about I3"? f et deep an1 psrt of Lot No 223, oo Sixth ? reet, 23S feet fro ,t and ISO feet deep. Apply to M. APLKR.<?flontctowT?. anl7-eogv TO LET?The larteaxd convenient store rora under ths new Hal! in Georgetown Poiioiiion will be given on the l?Hh of October next. Alio, the liack room urder the hall suitable for an office of a lawyer or phtsician. Apply toM.AD I.KR or JLr. JF.VKI VTHOM AS, &*'ly opposite the Hall. an rr V&w fi^OR BOSTON, with ilinpaich, to sail o? Wednesday. Autwt J*h. The Hipper schr. ? Arnow, Captaia CrOkby. is m* rocsivmr^Kfr freight U>r the above part. and wilt sail mBB above For fr. i?ht ap^y ?? HARTI.EY * HRO , 99 and 1*1 Wstef J*U. Hrerg#towe. ?u 3f7-3t IT*OK H VNT?The BWKI.LINVaad STORK r No. 7T Brtdre street. Thedwsiling ot n ains 11 room* hi sxee-Uat ^rdse. besides ookU, water a mmt, bath roow, ?jn ?>re honee. mnji hose* with ruimiac "IT m~~ ? . mvTb, Utwiirtowieommnd a?anaia*of tta "try. Tbaatora ta rompl *<aly fct ad vitb h?i?ioK. cmit r*. ?a? fiitu a?,auu w?t?r, with )art? Fraaahp M> ?t??jii?eow?aD4 door^.aea i?o L?c dry oa.iars Tfca? ant I b?r*atad*ith(>Ttoc<th?raraa^ ?-at?, aad I* a 105a w^mukmi taw> l at vmrj litwrataa. *U?,fwr i(t?* UKIO cTABLKB, <m. nw? k>MM attaahad.vttfc in tha S. Artiy to Ur OKaOIN, 1*4 Daahartaa t il U-Mtf ? nnn mi I JCST from ih? tfir?mia Oil Co?mu I WiMur?U piMM PAJULFlNE COAL OLL. wYlet I U v?naafe4??ml WU*N?t Yotkor uotHoa afL THIS LATEST NEWS TKLMQKAPH10. Homm, Aaf -TW >*ll W il|k< kr urpnHrd lb' tUbft fr?t1r1t1? It cob*. iTiii a ni at did building. MpKlalljr mw-M h? prlwlfi ratrrnrlar within eight Wffta It ? clrrntor. of Ihrtv huadTd f~-? llunrtar. ?* ltKhW H* two Ihcnaand g*m lamps. *rreege4 la rwtcnlrtf cW clra round tb? Intb* centre. with f*lI l<tt?i all round, tinder Wtitrb ere placed rwfteeh ain?pl* but rfectlvt. The ura*friit?iiU w*f* ? ceilewt. tbe mink good, and tb* aoppe* tablee well aupptt*d. with fnuntalna ?t ck>Mpt|?r??4 *1*> with jr* of ean d) cologne. larreder, he Tb* Tene from tbr .r.lleeTe* WW MplldN*. aU tboueand peraona were wwl. Including tk? Irlnce, tb* tiov*T?or f**n*ral. Enrl Mnlgrave. Lord Lvona, Duk* of Nowcnetle. Karl W Oermain, Sir Ken wick WilliaaM. Adaalral Milne, Crnrnl Brur?. Manful* aad Marrbienaaa Cbaodea Lady Franklla. aid a number of military and naval offl era The Hrl?f* arrived at V* o'clock and owned the ball wttk Mra John Young; at on* *Vl*k tb* Prlnee went to Kipper Rf dared . ?< i dance but on*?twenty one daacaa nnd left atxmt four o'clock. To-day tbe Prince and anil* loft by a train foe Dickinswi'a handing.C W , retaralng by boat running all raplda In Um* to attend tb* n>uel< al fretlval thli ermine ( ?a(r*H?*nal NMdaattiaa, kc Apiias, Mich.. Aug 29 ?Salatb'el C Coflnberry. of 5t Joaeph county, waa nnmlnatod far Congrtea by tbe democracy of tb* Second Dla trlct at Cold Water yeateraay Chicago, Ill . Aug ? ?Robert M Murray waa nomtnaud far Congreaa by tbe democrnt.c Congreaaionnl Convention for tbe Third Dtdrlet, at Kaakakee, to-day. Co?iim?irie. Pa, Ang V ?Tbe Democratic County Convention aaaembled bare to-day, una Miiirurit-a tor i oaereasiun-M courereeew *u?i for the Hon W P Kcbeil. o( Bedford m Ike democratic candidate for tb* district D K Wuderlirfa wai nominated for the L^gtaiatnr* RgAMKG.Pa . Ang 8f? ? T be Democratic Cow atf Convention made the following notniaatlona r For Corgreaa . S E Anrona for the full term, and J. K McKlntv fur the abort term, to topplr tbe vacancy rauaed by tbe deatb of Mr Srbwartx. For State Senate. Heiater Clymer. For Aaacmbly, K Pcnn Smith, M P Borer, and K II bode* Maiuchiietla HrpaklicututrCMnaMati \Voact?tbb, Aug. 29.?The rerubl.caa State Convention ia very largely attended, with a greet outside preaeure Kx-Ooveruor Boutwell waa chosen praaideat. & a . a il _ at M ?_ti A wdo aaarrtiea id? ionvenuon. tna wu iouowea by Cbtrlei Samnff. A committee on an electoral ticket ha* been appointed. (' rrtlrm Dfatcrtlif CmTfittM Hartiohh, Aug. 28?Tbe Democratic lata Convention, which met bere V-dav, nominated a clean Douglas electoral ticket, lbe Baltimore platform wm Indorsed, and resolutions inairuciing th? elector* to vote for aome other candidate than Mr Douglas, If nereaaary to defeat Lincoln, were rejected DrrllatUM mi taa HtuUi. etc. New Obleans, Aug. # ?'general Houston baa declined being a candidate for tbe Pwid?cy. and earnestly presses a union of all cunset rative I'nlon men upon one Urbet. The steamer Pocahontas bass tiled for Vera Cruz with a large mail and important dispatches Race Brlwrra Clara Trmplr aa4 PatrhH. Bo?toji. Aug 'i -Tbf race tc day at tbe Fnnklln Trotting Park, betweaa Flora Temple and I'atcben, brat three ia five, waa wee by the former Time? fir?t beat, second, dead heat; third. i.J- ? fourth, 2 . Twenty tbouaand pevplc were pveaeat Death ( an UU Priater. Ice BoiToa.Aug 28 ?Williamlirenotigh.apriatar, died in tbia "ttyr iaat night, aged 89 year* The building ia Nalick known aa tha Lor? Fond Hotel w<u daatroved by ft re lb la moral n?. i.on v,um. fatal ArcMut wukklikg, Aug. ^9?Mrs. Daalel Steenrode was killed, and her ton, Hob l^ewis fWiirod*, fatally Injured to-day by being thrown from their carriage down an enibaukiurat. Okltaary. Currtsaart. August '19 ?Jacob trader, an old citizen, died here yeaterdajr morning. BaltlM?r? MartrK. baltimoei. Ang ft) ?Flour cloaed Arm; How. ard a'reet sad Ohio la held at S3 50; City Mllta a - - -? * - ac da., ?t a a n?ra < izjfc. nTincr, >11, n aw rlnii-d actirr and buoyant. Suulbfrn rrd (1 J>?a ?t 40; white fl.tOafl 75 Corn iloaad artire. yellow flRaTOc Pro rial oaa d ill and uncbanred. hnrro I lal5c ; bacon aid-a l-f ; meat pork SI* ? MH9.T5 Wbiakv cloe?d flmirf ati2a?^c Coffea U mere act!vp; Rio 13^?I5< New Tark KUrkiU Niw > obi Anp 3u ?Flour ia buoyant, Stat* *5 :V>a5 45; Ohio *5 75a5 bo, Southern IS lia? IP Whf?l trndln? upwards; Wotrru red f 1.33*1 35. ii.i u i. ulwnriHo aalaad U?7 ??UI W ? ( W?1 tw VW1 il wm ? ' I ? - ? t>ft- Pork ?t at>; reeaa 75 prime ?13 ?6 Lard it heavy ?t lv? <4*13 jg WhlakyduU *t?*e FImmM. Nsw Von, A'lguat 90 ?Stocks are lower Chicago and Rick luatid 79^; Illinois CroU'l aharaa MJ; Michigan Southern 41, New York Central *3H< Riding Hudaon Kirer RR Z6\, Va 6 a 0(iMo.6'?bl,. for "Sale and rent. [For #U?r ">W 8*1* *md R?w" mdvrtntmmir, ?A"' l*T } FM>R SALE OR R KNT?Th# recently bailtacd very plmniil BRICK UWKLUNti, Uur4 bouee fn >m the co ite . of 11th and M il:MU uor?':. * Ai?o |tr rent, the tipper part <>f the h>>u?e No tfb P*. avenue, between 9th and lath iU For eitbor or both applt to Mrs. I*. HAAIILTON. U9i I'L av. an JO 8t* LOR 8ALK A im?i: F ARM ofT oflie. r tituat -d li? milec n<xth of Soldier. * Heme ud 4 I niil-*a from Waihiaftou ritp, htmc * par* ?f CbilI I'Jrn Cast] M?'.o ; 15 acre* ta market ca-dao a*d I eb: a> ce ik hi>ant> timbered. with a uriai of n?*er Irlme water, a < oiu* orchard of peaches and appl??. having <* it a m< ah f'?m? rin?i?. Apil? at iw*)No.Jtl 0?Mr Ma-ket of Mrs. MORTIMER or on Uie ?lioe to J. H. MORTIMER. au 3M>r - F OR RKKT-A<U?i abie RESIDENCE, on F ?t.'Ot, *h an<1 6th?No. 443?om ! wniaie fnnu th? 1'atenl Oflua, ooatAiaiac rooms it Ue fr<?nt a^d 3 in th? back building. F?r ttnai, ?c .apply on ?ha praminaa. au a* Jt FOR RKN T?The larr? and wHI known BOARDING HorSE. AO. 37 T Pa Hnui. m>' tS t>ide.contau'ins Z1 well arranged inn? *11 ta pertect order, wi h water and xaa. For terwia. 4ko., apply to Mr? PR K9 I< ?N No. 501 Twelfth rtreet. hrtw-+v R and F aa 3&-M' FOR BtNT?A now 4 st.?rv BRICK HOUSE with marble uiautlaa and f iato?. wai^ kstaraa, with I-a it rouina Al??>. *a* lit every ruuaa. lltMtod on Thi<teenth street. betweea Laad Maaa avaaaa. AiM. a utr a-ntwry auti-aUia Buok IJwaUtat oa H Mr <?t. I?*w? r. 13th and Uth atre?U. Ap?lf at \VM IV *HEDt>? Fauci totora. No iO? ritk at. auJMit* L^OR RENT OR 8A1.E-A amaU FARM of M " *??-J ?? -.< Imrt m?il m ft acre* Niinuni w w.? poMtr t e farm ofTho# CI*m*oa. ? %.. f.8. Agnelli it i?t I mil?? from the oit%. i, of* mil* (ratalha railroatl lar-din*. r?e ioyromiwU eoaatat of t mali Uouar, and good vol! of tUr, orchard, eto A K<>od tenant or a par?haa?f will oblaui f a th*r information ? > ?ff!)ld| U W,M. R. HMITH, Bo anic Garden?. au26 eoSt* F7rR~REsT-A de.irable thraa-ator* RRICC tiOU^E. ST t |? itre?t, with 17 rooms is ?<ne of the l>9?t location* in th? eit% for a boa-r'in* h on hp. Po ** *.? on rivra immediately. hy a??h ia? ncatdow. of A BlTl.KR. ??M M" L),<' R SALK ' R it KM ' ?A it* ' KRAHK " HOL'SK, "B l?*^. K and C, ooataiuin<r.c infor.ati] roo.nt an! a - iiunaar kiiM, I in a pi a>MUwaA<}- If ?nt n?iu. it will b rraW ?m nd?rOVrnii to a rarenii. (oo? m nil a* no K *t xi ? > ?> R RKNT-A BIMC* DWELLING r H(H ?r,oi*??u ?r? Mid N ?tr?ct? aor k.i S'n I rootni Mi fckilnh.n. Rfut ra<x>eral?. Pommmoi gim isS Ai pi* n?nt -toot aortk- au 2T-lw* t^?.R RK.NT-rw* baMtifal mmw BRICK r hol sf.8, mi Kiahtii ttraat wmu bmwmm m ml V *uan?? M th. *Mt atria. Aff'i to MA1Y C. HaIHLIP, No. 3*1 Matft *u? t * it orDiL KKASnY.No.33S M. aveuua. Kk Mi MUi ?Ur<U. jy U Tw' STORK FOR RhVr.-Situata4 am ttw ?oa?k ?i<j? of Pa far*> bH*?riM Md ?a*a, aaitaMa for ? > buiiMM. Fur tortiiar pat eiiiara aaquira at Na. ?oi Pa. ara., Mra*| ?th wd Ntk a a. auim _ -5 ssnrOT soiirzo'lrmwsoYoi^VIi/o ? rTrTTcapital fuu H?MI?. rr=icr=1' | 1 ** " a ALL IN fJUXU