Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1860 Page 4
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" '.1' - *- -~^gfJEN THE EVENING STAR.|< Tm* Mnm ajib Sttli or Ewolisb Wo*m j o? Rim ?A London correspondent of the New f Orleans Delta say*: '-The grand ant bsughty de- j meant)r Is a thirty of past days; at present the j words "fast" and 'dashing," more fitly describe \ the character of aristocratic lift The great dames t often indulgein slang To-'cnfand to "mixile" re not unfreqneut words in the mouth of the Marchioness, when she wishes to tell you she is boot to depart in peace, and she will call a voung ( man she wishes to describe as comm*. il faut, a ; j 4,brick;" and a would-be grand gentleman of | middle age, an "old swell." There is a decided I aping of the muscular and manly tone In all the I aristocratic women do. ?nd It seems best to assort \ with their large, dashing bodie*. They ride, drive, boat, shoot, hunt, and even take a hand at cricket Withal It does not much mar the evening's doings, and the aristocratic beauty can loom out, nevertheless, as grand in silkei; attire, and sing and play the piano, as though she had been milk-sopping at home all d iy, reading" sickly French romstires Fatal AcriDKur.?The Baltimore American of the .list says: The following are the particulars of > fatal accident which occured about eleven o'clock yesterday morning, on the Frederick turnpike, several iniles from the city. It appears , that a couple of spirited animals attached to the , wagon of Mr. William S*cott, victualler, at Ellicott's Mills, became frightentd from some unknown cause and started off along the road at the top of their speed. They did not proceed far before tbey came In contact with a one-horse fcuggy. driven by Mr Charles Timanus, Superintendent of the Asylum in course of erection near Catonsville The pole of the wagon, which was coupled with iron, struck Mr. T. upon the back of the he*.1 with snch violence as to crush the kull and eaus* almost instant death. The deceased leaves a wife and several children Rklisiox asdUtalti i * t^ckbic At the reception of the Prince on Saturday, at Quebec, great feeling was manifested among the Krench and Irish residents as to the priority of pool lion of the Reman and the Anglican Bishop in the pror MB inn i'Ka i*\*vap ttrKn 4a > vsannk *nd la connected with tbe Roman Archbishop, desired to have the Romanist take precedence, and so decided at first. and only reversed his decision when he fonnd that storm of indignation from the Knglish would be too strong for hiin to withstand. One of the Provincial Secretaries. Mr Allevn, failed to illuminate on Saturday nigl t The indlgntnt populace on Saturday night broke every window in his house. A Poisoning Cask.?Mr.Samuel Carr,a planter living at West River, Anne Arundel county, Md , died, some fourteen months ago under circumstances which bave since led to tbe conclusion that be was poisoned His only child, a young lady, has lately manifested similar symptoms to those which caused her father's death The body of the parent tlas been exhumeii. and sufficient evidence adduced by an examination to cbntlrm the belief that lie was poisoned. Several negroes Vwlnmrl nrr f/\ U > ? ?? 4 M' Ki van roKii-r, WUU wcr?* MJ UHVP b?*en freed upon the death of the young lady, have been arrested and charged with the crime. Fu*ny Mistaik.?A well known divine and philanthropist was walking recently a crowded street in London st nlgbt, In order to distribute tracts to rromtsing subjects. A yonng woman was walking up and down, and be a< posted h-r He pointed out to her the error of her ways. Implored her to reform, and tendered her a tract, with fervent entreaties to go home and read it The girl stared at him for a moment or two in sheer bewilderment; at last it dawned on htr what be meant and for what be took her, and, looking up with simple amusement in his fire, shaexclaimed. "Lord bl^ss you sir, I ain't a social eviJ. 1 am waiting for the omnibus " PT " Mr?. Brings," said a neighbor who stepped Into the house of the former just as she was ia the act of seating herself at the dinner table, hare you beard of tbe dreadful accident Why, no; what is It?" "Mr Briggs has fallen from bis wagon and is killed " "Is it possible' Well, just wait until I finish my dinner, and then yoa will hear crying!" ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?B P Wm Lowe Md; J E Duuawin, Jas Henry, DC; W LylesofThos, Dr Scott, Md; G P Scowiu, Ga; G P Tucker, \\ 1; B R Mar tel. La; A M Corrie. E B Stephens A lady, SC; K A McCotnbs and daughter, Ga; A G bhepherd, Ala; J Haigman. La; Geo Witte, SC; C Bonall, Pa; A P S.uith and fam. Miss; D b Harmany, LSN; \Vm Bru?-e. Md; Uoyltins. J M Harkaday, DC; A McAltster. Ala; J P Ho.l^es.S D Hay, Tex; G W Cratn. G H Smith. Mu?; J H Lynch. 8 P Walker and fam. Tenn; G S .Mo rison. Ark: C P H?ahrnok SfV S M l Ama,. a Bladgett. NY; J A Hoamer. O, J I Hall,Pa; J I) Reinhardt and lady, Mis*- R Wallach, W MrKenzie and Jam. Fla; J Buckingham, Mi**; W8 Butt, ?; V & Nottingham, Mr? Ar.xsU-ad. Mr E Brittin^ham and Udv, Va; P Waldo, Pa; KMoss Va. M C mn. Uii, Ga; Capt M Smith, Jl'SA; W Blytae. XV ; C Slager, Fla; K Worsham and ly, f* Hill, T Dt-Wilt, Mrs Clarke. Mm Gardner. Mrs Hunt. Miss Morgan, J Caniab, R Garlington.SC; H Waltera. Pa. BROW NS' HOTF.L ? D Anderson, Mrs Sims W Branham, Ga; J Ravenel. SC; A Perner. Mia* Reaull, 1.*; J Kifcrgs. Tenn; J G .Moore, Ark; J F Reed, Teun; O F Eallir.s, Miss; J Cole, Tenn; J L Brown. Va, W E Moore. \V Harris, Ark; W Campbell. NY; Dr H Walton, E L Spalding. .Md; M Wright, .Mo; L F Montgomery and ly. Alias >1 Serrin. Mrs Murreli and ton. Mis*; H Fowler, O; J Backner. Miaa, W Thompson, Tex; Mrs A li Manning and fain. Ala; R F Langdon, .\C; J P Porcher. Jliss Banks, T Barker. SC; V Sulakowaki and ly, Miss M Simpson, La; II Anderson, Ala; R Glass. Va; CM V\arren lnd; Miaa Gary, Mias Melville, NH; Hon J W Kunkel, R Dorsev, Md, M Hurley, NO; R Wood. Va; H Baker, Ala: M Liveley, Fla; S Laveustein, Ga; J Walton. G W Farnaworth, J Sparks. Ark. A Brown. Ala; T Bavne and fam. La; Miss Crawford. M Engla d and 1?. Ala; W H Stone. Ark: K l-?- iv , y 1 -- r*' * * Johnson, Mass; W H Clapton, Misa: Hon J Lane, On; J 8 Winsiow. NC; J C Deal, Miss M A Deal, 8C; J Gibboney, D Tucker, F Spiller, A O Cox, Va; E A Flowellin, M;ss Flowellln, H H Waters, L Baujjhton, Ga; J T Myreck, Fla. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?T 8 Savage. .Miss; W K Blake. SC; Miss F Blake, 'lex; C ?mith, NY; 8 Mowrv, Arizona; L K Bowen, Md; D Johnson, NY; A Nefpertanil ly. Ind; J A Wharton, Vu; T McKeuua and iy. Ala; O Bvrne, f) C Byrnf, NY; Capt s Turner and ly, Mo; L Witklns, DC. PROF. WOO IF ^ DTl'TAll l rnilrn n/?i*nn niiOiua.lin l tUliUlAL axi> BLOOD EEHOYATOE U precis *ty ita ranie indicates, for, while p'ea*a..l to thet&sf, it is reviviffii.z, exhilarating inw?oratin* snd ?tren*theriiiK to the v iia powers, an<i %t tne *ame lime rtvivihas, reinstates, and renew? the B t otl 1 . a.) its original pu- ity, and thus atone*rts:ort*and rentiers t\e tyitt.m invulnerable loaitwk* q/ litriit. It is th omy preparation ever olfjrau to the world. so chemically and skillfully e m tuned as to tv? tne most powerful tonio, and at the same time s<< porfnotljr adapted to, as to act m perfect aocorJanoe with the laws of nature, act h?nce will luotke tJu u\al st stomach, and ton* up tho duesti v.* organs, an i tnus allay an nervot>sa> d other irritation. It is perfect r exhilaia tin* and at tbe same tine it isooniposM entirely of v*get*h'?s, yet so C'?ml>iij-d as to produce the most thorough tonio effect, without producing any in lorioua oons<queuoes. S*uch a remedy has lone h 'ou fe 11<> be a ds*id?rstuiu m tka m-.t. <? 1 for it needs no medical skill 10 nee that d*bjlitv foio?s all attacks of disease, and proceed* a d in de?-d lays the ?ystem op n to the insidious attacks of rnauy of the most fatal, sucn.for fximp'. a* tne foilowin*: Con?umpiion, lad i* cation, l)??pep*la Lue? of (Appetite, haiutne?s, Nervous lmtaM i?y. Neur* gia Palpitation ot the heart, Melanohoiy, Nifht sweats, lAiiRor. Giddiness, Keterftson ol. as weil as PainJu) obstructed, too profuse, or too s"?ot Men?truation, a d Failinc of the Womb These a ' depoud upon general debilit?. 'I hi' pure, healthy bono Cordiai an<1 B ood Renovator 1? sore tooare as the sun is to r?e aad set. There is no mi tak? ar>out it. But this is not all If the sistem is weaaened we are open to bilious attaoks. tr>e iiver becomes torpid, or w>rs* diseased, the kidneys refuse t? p >rf>rm their functions, and w? are troablfd w:th seal dice and inconticeroe of urine, or involuntary disorarga o. ti e same, pain la ihe back, il(? and between the ?hou.dera ex erdin, ly liable to a int oolda. ??? -* n?i?l ?* UII a?e?ed. soon emaciatiou follow*, and the psti-i t * >? down to ft per.nature grave. But soaae vi I i>ot iivt uito eiuini*rate the m&i.v ilia 'o which are i*b e intvMkAnnl condition ot the sjateni. But we wi'l ?<tj in thia Oordi*l and B ood Kenova t .r yn h*re a f-ot. sve, pleasant md en vjn al reuintf fwr n,?s ul App uc, tttliouaucss, K:a'uleoue. wall v?-l Momaoh. Lancour, Liver Corup'atrt, iJhillsanu Fever.or an> B liou attack, Ce t.v? esa, AcHitv oftheft maob, Nervcuaneas, N??ia cia. faip't-Uon of the Heart, Depression ofSpi it*. So^rs. Fuuplen ou the Fao'.oranj <tieM4I anun* from impure biooj. such aa Scrofula, Krj<ip-lae. Brnnoiiitu, Couth.d;tfi;uty of Breath me, -wild ui that case ?t disease* oat ed female vmi[i-s?. ana euuine.a e?l above. We wi!la;'0 n thi traveler ip i?wl to epidemic*, ohaare of till.i ate arid wat*r, Will find it a p>n.?at safe tnrt i sure re . d) . a id d?'on should ever travel with I out Fe 0 r. tr* it, for w assur* ?ou ,iou will < find in ft ?fri-n.1 in<1 ed.aa well as a tri?ixf in need. Ail p-*riM>->* of a Me tary halnta w ill find it a pei-f?o d e\ei live ?' " w?.l ** ? ? - ? ? v?.? ivi inuif alt 111 an(? whith they fart cuja/lj exp.aed He>.<w 11.1 i*U-ra a uJeuta, attorueye. il'erart (railan.eii, fei<i l.vli-a wn<> aru v t tu uit med to mueh outd. u- ? *? ci v, Wi'l G d it to their advaattge u> t-?p % kwtacoii>U&ll? on h?"d. and above a'l iii' H e * "i ti * fi?o<>iniii( luoh, will so th-ough ' t'wt n;n t rttnieroaa pei lad n t on'? with ail their aooH- i-trmi Mro-igth hut ??fe and free from the U??v?qd(iiiuaiita i<i ?rev*Jr-ik amuif the female P?MU..ri of the wt> id. ia short, it indeed a aether t 00 l,l'?y?**id and juung; ti? lo |*r ran the ?i*k uf'itajr it will r?liev? aid trove it?elf em print.o?l > a R?>t?ra(iri Cur dialand Blood Krnora tor. it. J Wt MHi, proprietor, 444 Broad #ay. New A a M?iW8tr?M ftt. Louii, >!< .. ?uJ | fu d t>? aii p.H/U l?'u/^ lata. Frioe due i)ollar per ) U"tiis. 1 PUOF WOOD'S ? II K i 1 OH A Tl VE COKUIA L ? . HLO(,D RE.VO VA TOR GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS FOR HARPER'S FERRY.-CH4JVfr*JOF P DAYS ?On and after Julr.i.l**), JP*? ^ he ete%mer ANTELOPE, Capt B VnEV . VV ills.carrying the United nail .will leave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, VEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at7 a. m.,and reurn every Tueeda/, Thu radar and Saturday. N. B.?Every Wrdneaday the Antelope will ran hrough to Sliepherdatown. au 30-lm* n FOR HARPER'S FERRY. . . l/N And alW July 3d, I860, the ateamer L. J. Srengle, Captain W. H. Ritter, will a eave Georgetown EVERY TUES frTIlT DAY, THURSDAY, and SATUK^^?"^"? DA Y, at 7 o'clock a. m., and return every alternate lay, at 6 o'clock a. in. On tae Saturday trip frtRn Uoorgetown the boat will run through to Shepierriatown. j? 2) 3>n fen JUST RECEIVED, lOtf BBLS. WHISKY, (aborted.) l?i do. HERRING aid ALEWIVES, oe u L'DI M t'H ?nn * no ?a uiN n iii i i ui' r*wiFAI\>^ HthhU?. PORTO RlCO_si!<iARS, 0 M.U.(Ba) field 1 WHITE FlfH, 25 boxea prime KaaternCHE&SK. For sal* low l>jr JOHN j. MOO UK. je 8 Georgetown, D. O. MAt*?KY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALK.-We are constantly reoeivmg tro*h tuppliea of the ahov? delightful bevirue, and iavit? all persons wUo waul a pu; un^l altera tod A'.o. to give it a trial. ARNY A 8H1NN, Agents, f* #T *jreen ?t.. J?nrfi>tnwn,^ fIRAN UH1.I.. OPTICIAN. V/ iYo. 129 ?ridgt St., (Jtorgtttwn, Hu oonatantlv on hand a large aaaortment of Precoh Near-aighted, Periacopio. Col - ored, and w. other 9PECTA<;Lh8, the t>e?t qua.ity. in cold, ailver, ateel, and German liver frame*. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new c mjm set in them to order. no tf-ly JOS. F. iilKCH, UNDERTAKER, Cot. Bruise and J iftr son $ts., Qeorntovm. Having Kiven inj personal attention to this bianob of my t>u*inea?, 1 am prepared lo.??a _ attend to all calls with proinptneaa Peraona from a diatanoe can be aupplied at a 'ew minute*' notioe. aa 1 have a large aaaortment of COFFINS n.waia ou hand. Particular attention paid to the removal ef tha dtad from the old to tna n?w h?ri?l frnmuii Hearses and Horses for hire. " ap 10-6m JUST RECEIVED FROM THE INTERIOR of Pennsv lvania, a few brand* of PI'RK RYE WHISKY, distilled in the jears 1833 and 1839. Tnos* wishm* to purchase ar. unadulti-rat* d article for medicinal purposes. Arc , seldom have such an opportunity offered to them. au?2w BEALL it MATTHEWS. Bf No. 66.?.J Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE*. Id pursuanoe of law. 1, James Bet hana:*. President ot the United States oi America, do herfby declare and make known that public sales will be held at Uie undor-raenti<>ned Land Offices in the S at* of Iowa, at the periods hereinafter dosigiia tnH <? wit At the Land Office at Fobt Doi'<, i, commencing oil Monday. the 19th nar ol Noveinb* r n xt, (or the disposal of the pnhlio land*, heretofore on fl.ired. mtu\tel within the following townships and part* of townships, viz: Xortk of tht bate line ami wt*l of the fifth princtral meridian. Sections 1. >. 5. 7. S, II, IS. 15 17, 19, 21, 2S, 25. 27. &, 31, ''3. and 35. of township (W; soutions 1. 3. 5, 7, J 11. 13 1 17, 11, 21, 23. iS, *7, *9, SI. 33, ai (I 3">, < ! township 05; seotu n* 1,3, 5,7. 9,11, 13. *, 17, )!?, 21, a. 25,27, ?'?, 31, 33. aid 45, of fwnship %; sections 1,3, 5,7,'J, 1?,13. 15,17.1", 21, 23 25 27. 29.3'. S3, and "3.5. ?.f township T; sections 1. 3, 5,7, ?, II, 13, ;5,17, 19. 21. 2* 25, 27, .9, 31, 33, and 35, of township 28. of range 27. (CUUII..II 1.3 5. 7, 9,11, M. 15. 17. 19,J1,SS. 25,27, 21,3'. 33 and 35, oftownshls 98; sections 1,3,#, 7,9, il i Q it no oi no -it ? ?" " ? 1 ? " i| ig( 1 < f | Iff |J| A1 , W ^ ? f i 3I| 33t H'O 3)| Ol township 94; seo.ionn 1. 3. 5. 7, A, 11,13, 15 17. 19, 21, 23 2ft. 27, ft. 31, 33 *1 <1 30 of ownship95: sretl.'na I,3,5.7,9,11,13. 15 17, 19,21, ?3.25 37,29 31.31 and 3ft, ol ti>wii?hip 96; ??oioii? I. 3. S, 7, 9 il.lj 16, .7, 19, 21, 23. 25,27, 29, 31, 33, *n t 35. of township 97; ?< otions 1,3,5,7, 9, II, 13. 15, 17. 13, 21. 23, .5,27, .9,31, 33, and 3S, of towu?"!p9 ; sect one 1,3 5 7. 9, 11,13, 1% 17.19. 21. 23, 25, 27, 23, 31, 33, ami 35, of township 99, of range 28. 9 atioua 1,3.5,7,9, 11.13, 15,17.19,21,23. 25. 27. 2u, 31 33, and 3j, ?>f township 93: i'cuooh 1, 3, 5. 7, 9, II, 13,17,19, 2i, *3, 25 27 29, 31, S3, and 35, of town hip 94; section* 1, 3,5,7,9, II, 13. 15, 17, 19,21, 2>, 25, 27, *9, 31, 33, and 35, ot township 95; seoti nsl.S, 5, 7.9,11,13. 15,17, 19,21, 23. 25. 27, 2i 31 31. and 35 of t >wns*iip 9H; **o* oni 1,3, 5,7, 9, II. 13, 15, 17,19, 21, 23. 25, 27, 2W, 3'. 33 and 35, of township 97; section* 1,3, 5,7.9, 11, 13. 15, 17.19,21 21. 25 , 27, 29. 31. 33, an t 46, of owimtiip 9H; sec ions 1.3,5,7,9,11,13. 15 17, 19, 21,21. 25.27. 29.31, 3.1. aad 35. of mwrnhin n range 29. Sections 1. 3, 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 21, 23.25, V7 2\ 3',33,a'id 35, ol township 93; Pactions 1,3.8,7,9, II, 13,15, 17, 9.21,'23,25.27,2}.Sljfi. an I 35.of town ship 94; tec 10 ,s 1,3.5 7,9, 11, 13, 15,17,19,21,23,25, 2'. /U. 41 33. and SS ot township W; sections 3, 5. 7 9. 11. 13. 15, .7, 19,21,23 , 25. 27 2> 31, 33, anl 35. of township 96; sections 1, 3, 5, 7. 9, II. 13. 15, 17, "9,21, <3.25.27. i9 31.33, and 35, ol town?hip97; s'ctiohsl, 3,5,7,9, i 1,1 J, IS, 17, 19, *1 ,T1. 25. 27. 29 . 31,33. an J>, >> ;own?hip 9<l; ? u'.iuuj 1. 3, 5, 7, 9. II. 13.15, 17, 19,21.23.25, 27.29,31,33.and i5. ot towns i?99; s?c tious 1,3 5,7, <*. 11, 13 15,17, 19. 21. 23, 25,27,2), 31. 33, and 35 of townsnio lt?, of rauso 3 , s*?o'lon? I, 3. 5,7. 9. II, 13. 15, 17. 19, 21,23 25.27, 29,31,33, and 35, of township 93: erti:.n* 1. 3. 5, 7. 9, II. 13, 15. 17, 19, 21, 23, 25. 27, 2S?. 31 33, snd 35, of township 4H; Motions 1. 3, 5. 7. 9. II, 13,15. 17. 19 2i, 23. 25, 27, 29. 31. 33. and 35. of township V; scotious I. 3,5,7,9, II, 13, 15, i7, 19,21,23. 25, 27.29 31,33 and J6, of township 96; s-ctio.s 1, 3. 5,7. 9. II, 13, 15, 17, .9.21 a. 25, t7 29, SI, P3, arid 3S, ol township 97; *?c t.ons 1,3.5,7,9 11. 13, t5, 17, 19, 21. ?3.2?. 27. *?, 31, I c-3, ano 3% of township sections 1,3, 5, 7,9,11, 13. MS IT 1? J1 M 9* *n <xi ti fi ? ? L . . . , . , J', Ul LOW IIH"1 ip W; ??Uinus1, 3,5, 7, J, 11, 15, 17.19 21, *3,23, 27, 29, 31,3?, and 3?, til townanip !<*', ol ran*? 31. J*ect:o 1,3,5, 7,% 11, 13, 15. 17, 19, il, 23, ?5. ?7, 21,3'. 33, an : 35, ol township 93: n*etion? I, 3. 5,7 \ II, 13. 15. 17, 19. 21,23, 25, 27. 29, 3 . 33, at;d 35, of t >wnatiip 91; section* 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, | 2', 25, *7, 29, 31, 3i. and :i5, o{ t>wnahip %; actioi r | 1.3,6,7,9,1.. 13, 15, 17, I9./I.23 25,27,29, 31,33, and 15, f tovnaliip 9 .; us 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 7. 19, 21, 23, 25. 27, *9,31, 3?, ai d S3, of lowiialnp :i7; s-c*ioje 1,3. 5.7.9,11,13, 15, 17, 19,21, i3, 25, 27. i9, 31,3.1, and 35, of township 9>i; wtlouM I, a, ft, 7,9, 'I, 13, 15, 7 19,21,23.25, 27, 29, SI, 31. a. (1 <5, of t..wn *,iip 99; :m 1. 3, 5.7,9, 11,13, ^5,17, 19,21, 2J, 25,27, JriJ, 31,33, anil 35 of lownslno lm, of ra noS". S-ftlonn 1,3,5.7,9.11, 13,15. 17, 19,21,23 25. 27, 29, 31.33, *ih1 35, <'f owmhip !W; to?n?lup9S; h*ctions 1,3. 5. 7, 9, 11 21,23. 2>, 27, 2?,31,m. si d 35, of t.iwe up 'Hi; a oti ?r? 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11, lj, 15, 17, 19 21, 23,25, 27, 21, 31, 3<, ?nl 35 oi townahip 97, *eono? |. _n 7 'ill 1<J H H 11 m oo oi < ? < " - , > | v, ? * '% * ? ? ^ '? t ?JI vB> !\ d of owtiship !? sections 1, 3 5.7, H. 11. 13, 15, 17, 19.21.23 25, 27. 2M. 31. 38. and?5. of township 99; g-ct ?n< 1.3,5 7, 9. 11. 13. 15,17. I f, 21.23, 25, 27,29, 31,31, and 33. of township ion. o< range 33. At the Land Office at Siotrx Citv. commencing on Monday, the 26th day of IVovewiher uex*. for the disposal of the public land*, heretofore unoff. red, s'tna'el within the following townships and part* of townships, viz : iVerii uf the bast line an>I of the fifth principal meridian. Sections 1,3,5,7,9,11, H. 15,17, 19.21.23, 25 . 27, 29, 31,33. ard 3>, ( I township 95: ?ntc ions 1.3.', 7, 9, 11, 13, 15. 17, 19. 21, 23. 25. 27. Z*. 31. 38, and 36, of towns ip96. ??-c ions,!), 11. 13.1-, 17,19,21, 23,25. 27,2), SI. 33, and 3 , of t<iwn?hio 97; towns! lp 9B; sections 1.3,5,7,9, 11,13, 15, 17, IS), 21,23, 25 27, 2). 3'. 33, an 3>. of townxmp 99; s?otiotis 1. 3, 5, 7, 9. 11, 13, 15. 17, 19,21, 23, 25, 27. 29, 31,33. and 35, of tow;i*hip MO. oi rauge3i. Townships 98, 99, and i0\ of range 35. Township 94, ol range 36 Townships 91, 99, and 109, of range 57. Townships 9r, 99, and IflO, of range 3R. Townships 98. 99 and loo, of range 3P. Townships 94, 99, and 1C*?, of ranee V. Townsiiips 99 And 100, of range 41. Townships 99 and 10.1. of raugs 42. Townships99 and 100, of range 43. Townships 99 a d ? *>, of range 44. Townships 9s) arid 100, of range 45. Townships 99 and 10?, of range 46. Townships afl an < 100, of range 47. rown*mp? mm and l?i of range 4a. Tuvniliifi in &nd inn, o. range w. Land appropriated by law for the use of sohools, military, and other purposes, togothe- with the "^wainp and oyer flawed lands," will l>e excluded from the sales. The off-ring of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which the* are advertised, until the wiiole a hall have been offered and th* ?al<-* lima oloaed ; but no | salo shall b? kept open lunwtr than two ictelcs, and no private entry of any of the lauds wil! he admitted until alter he expiration of th<> two weeks. Given under mt hand,at the city of Washington, this fourteenth day of Angn?t. Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMESBUCHANAN. By the President: Jo*. s. Wilson, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above ment-oned. is required to establish the same tn the satisfaction of tk~ ? icpinvoi a id reci ver of the prop?r land omoe.anil make payment therefor aa aoon & practicable alter seeing this notice. and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sales of tho lands embracing tne traot claimed; otherwise cuoh canu will be forfeited. J??S 8. WILSON. Commissioner of the General Land Ofcoe. Note ?Under the regulations of the department, a* heretofore and now existing, no payment can Ke made for advertising proclamations exoept to auoh publishers a* are Mpfcimllf mtukoriztd to pnbliah by Ike Commissioner of the General Land Office. au ifl M7w*3w /JRKAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS! "I I hwe now in store? One 7 octave rosewood Chickennr Piano for $175 One 7 do. do Ros->nkran'z do. 2nn ()i;*6S d >. do. Nunns A O^ark do. 100 (>nei>* do. do. K<<a-<nkraritx do. 175 Line (>>i do. do. Light A ILadbury, 175 Alao.goud Seooud-hand Pianos for #M to 9100. Pianos and Melodeons for rent. New Music every week. JOHN F. ELLIS, O-U a J? i t nLl.i " ... r?o!o AKPui iur i^nicKsnns 'Hi Kt%nO", iuV 306 Pa. av.. beUPth and Wlh rta. 275 _275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PBNSA.. ATISII, Rerwn?n loth and 11th atreeta. J* It Al. iil XX ALE AND XXX ALK" f &* ?u(??t >i*2 moat ?Uoi?aorue A.1* |D thia cit; it *. to oMaih?d At ih? *V.\*HlN?iTON BREW KHi. Ton A;? ia maJa from mall and h?MOOJy umI :Auu??i fail U< tiv? eatu? aatiafaaUon la ooa imoHri. COLlNfcAt, Fn^uiior of til# A"~~VMTV NICK PIANO IN BKST ORpKflL for $5', upon 'MJ ' ?? H th* Muno Jtore ot imM) W.G NK'fZiSROTTi MISCELLANEOUS. | w> {No. 667.J JTEOCLAHATION. BY IHF. PRESIDENT Or THK UNITED STATES, ; For the Sale of Valuable Laud* m the late , JS'eie York Indian Reserve, Kansas. In pumnanoe of law, I, Jam** Buchan ah, Preei- 1 dent of the United States of America, do ber br declare and a ake known that publio sales will be ! held at the undermentioned Laiiil Office, in the T?r- ! ritorj ol Kansas, at the periods hereinafter desic , nated, to wit: - I' At _the l and Office at Fo*t Scott. commencing i t on Monday, the 3d day of Deoomber next, for the j disposal of curb of the pnblio land* not covered by individual Indian locations as arn situated within the following U>wn?hip? and parts of tcwnships in the late reserve above-iiietUoued lor the New York Indiana, vis: South if the base line and ea*t of the sirth printipal meridian, anil in th* township* ami farts of town ships falling within said reserve. The tracts or parcels in the part* of townships 23,24, 25, and 26. of range 25 ( he tract* or p^ro^U in the part of township 2% in towmhip* 24 and 25, and in the part of *6, of ranee 24. Tne tiacts or parcels in the part of township 2? in townships 24 and J5, aud ib tuo pait of 3a, if range 23. . Tne tracts or parcels in the part of township 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part ol 2t>. of range 22. . Th* tracts or parcel* in th# part of townohie 2S in townships *1 and 26, and in the part of X, of ranee 21. i Ih* tract# or paroela in the part of townahip 23. in townahipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of ran?e2n. The tracts or parcels in the part of towrship 23. in towrahipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 2$, of rania 19. ... Tn? tr.tct^ or pareela in the part of townahip 21. in townahipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 28, of ranee 18. The tracts or pareela in the part of townaliip 23, in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of range 17. At the Land Office at Fo*t Scott.ooinmencini on Monday, the 17th day of December n xt, for the dispoaal or aaoh of the public lands not covered I y indindna'. Indian locationa aa ate situated within the fol owing townahipa and parta of townahipa in the late reserve above-mentioned for New York Indiana, vi>: South of the base line and east of the sixth principal miTtaian. anit in tke tmnn ?A in nm4 ???( ' ships falling within said restrre- '" The traota or paroela in the part of township 23 in townabipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of ranite 16 The tracta or paroela in the part of towneh'p 23, in townshipa 34 aud 25, and iu the part of ?, of ranee ).s The tracta or paroela in the part of townahip 23. in townauipa ?4 and 25, and in the part of 2ti, of ranee 14 The tract* or pa'ce'a in the part of township ?3. in townshipa 24 and 25, and iu the part ol 2?;. of ra->*e 13. The tracta or paroel* in th* part of township 23, in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 2fi, ol <anie 12 The tracts or parcels in the part of t >wnship 23in townships 21 ai d 25, and iu the part of 2*, <f rar>t? 11. The iraotaor pareelx in the part of township 23. in townahips 24 and 25, and in the part ot .6, of ranee 10. The tracts or parcels in the part of township 23 in t <wnship3 24 and 25, and la the part ol a;, of ranee 9. Tn,? tracts or naroeU in the onrta of inwnihim 23,21. 25, aid 26, i'f range 8 Lands appropriated hy law for the u?e of schools, military Indian, and otkrr pvrpnst*. will be ex clmled from the sales, together with the tracts cot ered hv individual Indian location*, descriptive lists of which have been furnished tb? local olfi oer*. The offering oftheabove lands willbe commenced on the daTs appointed, and will proceed in theoriler in which thev are advertised, until the whole shall have benn offered, and the sales thus closed ; hut no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will he permitted until after tne expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this 21st dar of August, anno Domini one thoucand eight hundred and sixty. _ j/v.iir.n UUUHAKAN. By the President: Jos. S. Wilms, Commissioner of the General Land O Aoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within tho townships or parts of townxhips above enumerated is r?qui'e<l to establish tho same to the satisfaction of the register ar.d receiver of the I.a:id Oftiae, ami make payment theT'fcf. as soon at practicable ajltr string this ho tier, and l??f<ire thedar appointed fur the commencement of the puhlio sale of the lands embracing the tract cinuniKi:nthArsiu . ?-'i v-- ? , - -. joSHTilfiTSSr* Commissioner cftho General Land Office. Not*.?(Tnder the regniations of the department, a* heretofore and now existing, no payment can l>e made for advertising proclamations except to suoh rul'lishers as are fpttiallv authorized to pnbluh by (ie Commissioner of the General Land Office, au 2?-lawl3w R0P08ALS FOR REPAIRING TfiF, <'US TOM HJJUSE AT BALT1MORK, MD. Tkkasi'rv Pkpartmknt. { W ashington, Juiy >3,lC6o.{ Propobat.* will be tec: v?i at tin* D?'part:n?nt untiltfce fifteenth d%y of September, A- Dm 1 Wis at 12 o'clock, noon, for the repairs of the Custom novae authorized to be repaired at Baltimore. I a.* * *: - ' cmmtj aiiu, aooorcinc u> uie plana and . i >a Hum prepared at this Department, Bidders will be ie^uired to receive the old cant iron work di?pcused with in part payment or the work, at the rate <>f one dollar per hundred pounds, and will he required to furnish nil the n aterial and perform all the ceoessary labor to complete the repairs according to the p an* furnished. Ninetjr p??r oent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered according to oontract prioe (said amouct to lm ascertained in the manner pre crib^d by tJi > contract, by the estimate ac ar;ent of the Department appointed for that pur p ise) will lie paid monthly, as the work prugreskes. and ten p?r cent, retained until the completion of the oontra-t and aucptance of the work ? y the agsut aroretaid, and to be (orf< ltod in the eveut of nen fulfilment of contract. Specifications and draw 1 ii<s will he read? on the lMh <>f Augitrt, when they can be had on apphoation to the Department. The proposa s must bo sent to ttr* Depirtmont. addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury a--d p atnly endorsed ''Proposals for rtpairinr th' Haiti more Custom kimse," and will do opened at one oootk of tue Kbt day named tor receiving the same. HOW KM. COBB. jy <7 2\w3w Socretan of the Treasury. (\ T PflTKvriMi & I & " lifoirn'oi <2Ut) Pa.AvB., FOREION FRUITS, Pi.Avin ?. 10 fill* sis. CONFECTIONS, Will*ftk?lti PATES, rRESER VE8, CONDIMENTS, to., Seta leave to cail the attention of ins friends ant e public generally to hia New Store, under Willard s Hotel, just opened, in connexion wilii hit old establishment, where he wi>l bo happr to receive any orders for superior Confeotioas of Ins own importation. Also,all orders for Dinners, Sappers, Balls, anc Private Parties, whion will be served up in his illimitable stvle, with the same promptness and dlssatoh which he has hitherto shown. on S NfNo. 666 | OTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM SUPERIOR T?? BAYFIELD, IN THE STATE OF W18CON SIN. In accordance with the provisions of the act of Conxres*, entit'ed "An act authorising chance* in the locati ,n of lard offices," approved March 8i. 1?M. it is hereby declared and mviH known tin the rffise for the sale o: public land* at Superior, in the felat* or Wisconsin. will t>e removed to Bayfield, in said S'ate, at as tarty a day as practicable. Further notioe as to the precise time ofelnsing the nfRje at Superior, preparatory to removal, an'l of its opening fo' business at Kayfield will be given i?y the register and receiver lor the land distriot. uiven unaer my nana at the oity of Washington, this 24th day of Autust, A. D. ldtiO. By order of the President: JOS. 0. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Office. an 25 wfiw Office of INSPECTOR AND sealer of GAS meters. Washington, Jul* 18,1880. TtOTICE IS HEREBY Give?}, That, agree ably to the provisions of the <udinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12.14ft". the undersigned is nov prepared,"whenever required in writing,and on pre payment of the fee of fifty cents, to i-speot. examin , test, prove, and ascertain the aoouraoy of registration ofany gas meter in use in this city." Every m?ter, if found inoorreot, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will b* set in its plaoe. If proved to be aoourate in i's measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and a>.ain put in position for use. Oflloe no 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel low*'Hall ) Open from 8 *. m . to 5 p m. CHAKt.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf lnspeotor and Sealer of Has Meters. Dr. j. bovee dod's T I# n n r? T . . ? ? liurAn/iL WINK BITTERS, Are now being need from Maine to the Great Pall Lake, anl the universal verdiot of all who use t'iein either as a mulicin* or a* a beverage, is that ihey are unsurpaaed in the world Dr. Dods used t<hem svoessfaliv in his practice for 25 years before we purchased of him the sole > lrhtto manufacture and present them for sale to tne public. For the on-e of Incipient Consumption, Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Piles. Nervous (iisea>es. Female Com plaints, and all oases requiring a tonic, they are beI vond doubt a most invaluable ren-edy. Aside from their medicinal properties they are a pure, wholesome and delightful Beverage, producing all the pleasant exhilerating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. ? ?*t all friends of humanity and all advooates of temperance assist us in su'tetituing theee valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mtmeral poisons and adulterated Liquors with which the o<mntry is flooded, and thereby effoc' aid in ban shing Uisease and Drunkeness irom th# land. CHARLES W1D0IFIBLD * CO.. vo,t in to Munition, 0. C. DR. J- BOYRK DOIW IMPERIAL GIN BITTEHS. For Dimmm of lb* Kidney a. Bladder ud Unnarj Organ*. and eapeoially far Female Obatrootiona, ^evN nil to cure, and arc warranted to give aatia""ctfikLER W1DDIFIELD k. CO.. Proprietor*, T? William at., New York. J.SCHMTARZK, : je 7-1t j Agent. Waahingtmi. D. C. HW. HAMILTON ! j PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 7th St**?t. mar Odd Filings' Hail, i au 2-tf PUTTYls DOWN. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Daily line of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', (Vttrnair th* D. S. Mai/. Th* und*r*i|tnea are now runniug Daily, (exoept licdtv,) Four horse Coaohe* bf>twcen \Vaahincton and Upper Marl boro', as follows: LMT6 the steamboat Hotel, corner of Seveuth nt'tet and rv at 7 o'clock a. m. Returning le?v? Upper Marlboro' at U o'clock ?. in., and arrive ia Washington at 3o'clock, in tint* to connect with the 3.20 p. ni. t am for Baltimore. The Coaches are new ami commodious, the teams Kravclaas in the hudi of careful and aocommodatin* drivers. fare to ("pper Marlboro 50 cents. o I,on* Old Fields 3S 44 ToCenterrille .38 44 Freichtand packages in proportion. an 15 tf OSBOKN k CO , Proprietors. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. ggg^y.11 w CranrkovHi h*. UN AND AFTKR WKDNfcVDAY, June 13th, 1160, trains will run a* follov-s: Iii*av6 Washington at 6 2" and 7.40 a. m, I,mw Washin*ton at 3JO and 6J# p. m. On Sanday at s an p. m. Lftre Baltimore at 4.2ft and 8 <n a. m. Leave Maitimoro at 3.16 and 4J0 p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for the East will take trains at 8J# and 7.40 a. m and S an p. m. For the West at 7.?> a. m. and X30 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. ro. On Saturday evening the 3.J0 p. m. tram goea to Philadelphia only. je tt-d T H. PARSONS. A??nt. MRW DDI C A MB IN TSRBB DA.T0 WITH TB* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and J ads on, TO NEW ORLEANS! M EMPHUTROUTE: Memphis bj Ka:i, thence br First oImi Packet! to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thcnoe to Mobile by Firatciaee Paokete. Mobile to New Orleana by l>aktf Steainera TWO DAILY THAIN8?8CJ?dats IWLTTDID. LmTf Wft?ltin?t?n at ft a a a ad 6 p m. TheStoam?r<iKORGK PAGK Imve" her wh&ft foot of Seventh ?tr*#t at 6V a. m. and p m. and oonnect* at Alexandria with tlie Orange and Alex anctria Trains for the 3onthwo?t. Offioe? Peanarlvama av<?nue, corner of 9ixth at. BAaSAOB CHKCKKD THROUGH TO KBW ORLKAKS. Lyaohbur* .?7 ?< Memphii Jll ff> Bn?tol.?. . I5?*> A tl&rta JS?I Rnoxville Maeon SB on Chattanooga 34<?< C.oliirabaft 31 y Daibin 24 U<> Montgomery .. .3S <m Huntsville ,V7 I*) I via MpmahiLC M (jr&ud Junction 3"0n|N.O.S via?. June <2 50 Nashville 25 9*1 > via Mobile...45 0# THIS ROUTK 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is J?00 MILKS SHORTER .and '24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than auj other Lisa- the I.jnohbori Extension Meing now completed, an also the Mississippi Central, mukinc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROOTS FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It ii provided with Pirst class Sleep.m Can! ( To New Orleans Ti Hoar a fmy j NT wmph; & A do. Montgomery??-..-....63 do. ( NmIitiII? .46 do. ICTThe U.S. MAIL~and ADAMS' EXPRESS aro taken over this New Line. Ticket* oi-.n be obtained at the Sooth Western Office, corner of Sixth street find i'ennsy i vania meL ae, to the follow, 1.5 points: Linohburj, Bristol, Knoxnlle, Atlanta, (Jhat'jinoora. Hantsrille. Grand Junction, Macon. Naahviilo, Da! ton. Colnmbaa, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphie, and NEW ORLEANS. JET THROUGH TIFKETS TO THE TARIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. ! " Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma23 tr Comer Sixth et.aad Pa. ay. 1'HE STEAMER J AS. BUY Will resume Her 1 trips on TUESDAY, 21et of Februar*. I860. Will leave WASH INOTON erery TUESDAY FRIDAY, at6o'olook a.m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-paste o'olook, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landinga. Ou her return trip*, the will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY an J SATURDAY, at 5 c'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac'U Alexandria. fe3D PFOR NEW YORK. ASSA6E, INCEUDINO MKAL8 AND STATEROOM. fT.*0. The New York and Vircmia Screw Steamship Company'a tew and elecant stearnahip MOUNT VERNON, Capt.T.O. Smith.^IIC Will leave tho Company a Depot, Wea-^^^^^tern Wharves, atll'o'olooka. ni. every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, 9 n7^lrM>> a. m Passengers from WasAinfton and Georgetowx cm: take the coaches connecting with Alexandria ateami<oats or railroad, which leave the oorner o! Tth street and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leave ol ine steamer km. the Wee tern Wharves at 1) 'aiock a. m. State rooma oau be engared on application ** Messrs. Morgan 4 Rhinebart, Western Wharvee Freight will be received up to the hoar* of depar tare. Insaranoe will be effected on all goods bj thlsline at the ofloe of the Company at X per owl premium. The accommodations for paeeengers by this lipt are in every respect first-o ass, and every effort wfl be made to render this oommunioation with New York an agroeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLJS * CO., Agents, Alexandria. U. B.CROMWKLL A CO., Ml.lT M M??v-.w New york and Washington STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOL'NT VERNON will l?Tt Alexandria sod Wuhmiton for Nev York EVERY WEDNEfeDAY, at seTfXFT* o'clock p. m., and New York for initon every Saturday, at 3 o'clook p. m. Paaaenier* oan join the ship at Alexandria at any time before the hour of the ateamer'a departure. S. B.?In the event of the itmmeri Inability to oroaa the bar in conae^uenoeof low vater.all foods will be promptly ucbtored to and from the ateamer by the undereiicned,. For freight or paenaee apply to morgan i RHINKHART, oeU-8,MfcTtr Weatern Wharves. important to housekeepers. e. r. durkee ft co.'s SEZjEOT 0FIOBS. buarantoed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, hut rround from fresh Spioea, seieoted and o leaned hj us expros?ly for the purpose without referenoe to oosL They are beautifully packed ia tinfoil, (iiued with paper.) to prevent injury by keapinc. and are full weiclit, while tho ordinary around Spices are almost invariably short. We wan-art them, in point of strength and riohceas of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a sine)* trial will abundantly prova. Manufactured only by E. R. DURKEE * CO., tfl Pusrl^ N?vJ. Awm. t. dove a co. RE Now prepared to execute any orders with whioh they may be favored in the PLUMBING, GASi OR STEAM FITTING BU8INL88? rr^ Store on 9th street, a few doore north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a oouarjete aacortment of CH ^ NDElilERS and other OAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. tart ly Francis harper, HAVING oriKID A. FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Comtr of Xctr York nfHK? and Tenth utrett. Respectful.y solicits the patronage of those who mar be in want of any article in the atx>vo Una. His endeavors shall be to picas^and by a strict attention to the wants of the publie, he hopes to merit a share of their patronace. His tockoonsintsof every article usually to be found in a first class Fainil* ??* I'"J Uto r#. / m* n-tf PHDRfc OLD RYK WHl**KY.-On band aerara brand* of Par* Old Rya Whl?ky, Copper M?til ed. mad* by tha most reliab e diatiilera in P?ftav'vaaia, Maryland and Virginia, warranted ? ?. AUo, Imported Krandiea, Hecneaay, Otard. Dipt; * Co.. Jnlet Robin*, &o. Alao, Poach and A??la Brandy, pure Holland Bin, old Jamaioa and St. Croix Rom, and Wiin of evary variety, all ol standard brand a A choice lot of Cicara and Toba.wo. YOUNG A KKPHART7A|t?Jt?. p U-1 T p* !iMw <Hh *nn 1i*h ?ta. WNKW GOODS. E H?wju?t received a large etook of Bleached &n<l Brown COTTONS of the beet mak*e. Also, ioWur?ok.TiVlk? lInfn*: fiMi I.AWN8, from 8 nenta to liH: HOSIERY, GLOVES. GAUNTLKTT8. WHITE. RED, aLUE and GR KY FLANNELSia rarity. We have a few noh ORGAJVDV ROBES on knad whioh we have marked leas than ?"at jr sn TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. TVBW STYLES OF RICH JEWELRY.-H.Q* 1* HOOD ha* jut opened a lane etook, whioh be will offer at r?n low rates Therefore those that are wishing to carry home any thin* la Us line m areaonU, wlu do veil to call and examine his Btook ?.? * ** ie B ALTIMORE BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoemnj fresh and ureal, in Goshaa pack Bis ?s, jy 36 99 Exohanje Plaoe. Baltimore. " 1 MMHOINM. JNPECTINE; ? 1 I 1 D r D C T IV ? Oiflj r v aft liHAHM. I i I < FEVER ASD AGUE EXTERMINATED. | ~ | THE HUMAN C0N8TITCT10PI SATED FROM WRECK. [ i THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY 1 FOB ALL INTERMITTENT AND B1LIOV8 FBVERS. j 1 ? CURES INSURED IN A DAT. ^ NATURE'S GRAND R ESTOP ATI VR. JNPECTISE, 1XPECTISE. INPECT1TTE, INFECTIVE. IMP ECTINE, 1KPECTIXB. The terrible malady knows aatbePKVER AND AGUE hu amitteu hundreds of tkoaaanda of per mm thrnachoot the world every year. sod hM never till now been mM by aaooeaafaV medloal treatment that haa not prodaoad wrtra MEDICINAL DISEASE?, which affect the langa, the spleen, tha liver, the heart, or other parta of the hamaa org amain. The INPECTINE u the nat iral antacoaiat of all fa vera- and when it oomea in oontaet with the akia, ia aba >rbed by the interior organ*. wiinh reaiat eaaily miaama and all tendenetea towarda those maladiea which proatrate the mind and body with M Ifrer. Farer and Agne rwnlt from nameroaa Mim. No place ia exempt from tha oumi whioh promote the existence of the riieeaa*. That being ?nee aeat ed in the avatem, indneea depreaaioa of aptrita, laa itnde, languor, pain*, ohitla. fever, and a lose train of disagreeable aeaaaticna, depriving tba patient of all energy, and reducing him or her to a condition of EXTREME HKLFLKS8NB08. W by will any one aaffar the korrnra of a dabil itatinc Intermittent F?m. when by tha nee of fhe INVALUABLE IN PECTIN E, OR PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medio*! and magioal qa&.iUe? of whioti are instantly absorbed, ALL TRACES OP DISEASE MAY BB ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS, SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE RliMBDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS. THE IMPECTIJE, OB PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hu cured thousands m both him of the mo at dreadful Fevers. Read and reflect. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemeel Bonu l, of Pittsbsrf ,for two year* sseleu to himself and sooiety?a martyr to Chilla and F?ver?cured in less than three weeka, and improved in eight hour*. Mary K. Belknap, 9andasky, Ohio, after almost lo?ing her reaaon aa well aa strength by Intermittent Fever, with Chill*, restored to health m twenty houra. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought from drath'a door, having suffered for four years, made well in five weeka, and improved m two hoe re. Adolphe Mon^ro, of France, relieved in eae hoar, while travelling in the oara of the Port Wayne and Chicago Railroad. He was apparently dying with Chilis. Ellen R. Bemon, of Lork port, Pfew York, rMoued after Hrta ye&ra' tuflVring. A perfoot rur*. Thoa*an<1 of other ouei prevented Rod eared every month, and not a single com plaint ot the eftoieney of the IIVPECTIRE, o a PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. THY IT, PROVE IT, KNOW IT. And make known its wondarfnl potwi and rirtuee, that tboee who tnfar, or who are threatened with enferiac, mty be led to aee a einple, innoxious preparatioa, tnrniehed by the i?id ot Natarefor MAWS BLESSING! 18 SOLD BY ALL DEUOOIBT6 AND MEDICINE DKALK&8 IN AMBK1CA. ' PRICE ONE DOLLAR, " B*nt by nail to My part of the I'm tad StatM. REMEMBER, it is not tak? inwardly, but la applied outwardly, aooordini to (Uraotioaa, wkiafc aoooapany ??k fMkac*. ^ MANUFACTURED BY j 1M MAIN 0TRBBT, % RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. J r BRANCH OFFICE. No. 38 BANK OP COMMERCE BUILDING, | NEW YORK CITY. I aa il-dlmAtewllm I I MI8CELLAN C003. Tcollegk tkit hook*. HK Fol vwxm* m? b<M>k* for o*m? o%i Mfcr> ? k?v?^jut>mii p^bliafem, to which ih? atubtiwi of Virpl't twiil viU r >pi?> *??r. aoM by Uo? 7 B. rnti*. PruftMor ?{ Uti? u IM BtiU iii r*r*llv Ot Michigan. If; p?io? t1 T> Apo.ojj %ad Crito with tMM kf W R. ryl?r Or?w, Profeaaor ol 6rt*k in Amhwrt Coi ; auo?73c?tr,U Fx?rri>? ia til *??# Fraaat S> k..?r foit tui'? Frk.uim,' by r. t. kVinkeimaao; 1 rot; ^no* f l. A .Naw Math of L?rii .m aftar lb* SyiMni of F. Aha. For Ml* by _ ULA>l'H\Hl)4 MOHt * ? ? K.eranUi at ud P? ?* UUWrtlMrilOfEIWKlMIMSRALtt IT ThMt> Imun ?re of erv<d to tto* nMm m tt.# noet aimpie.dariUtie. lad raUaNe eo*??a**er IM. ritilllMa imrMUm ?y U* United Suort Fair ai.d Virginia A? i0? Society; Virile.* Ptata Atnea tura hair, Frank [nattct* Fair. Penna*!\ama; N?*w York ?tate f air; Vermont 8tat? Fair. Jte., *? I* er?r? ease viier* A Mbtbitod tkn rtootrM (r?t pMi pi?iama I Ko? aa ktli Lmihui trM?e, i)*f<K ?( Bitter a V CtU.?d Iron Baft*. I da U It * C. FATTIWON. i|Ml 1 WAMMtTON PKWrN?~R?M?IH?. 1 Tf M rU II.. lw? IVrft ?r r*. 4*1 N?viati?tiM*>i? SPRING and MM MB A 1 BRIRTtf BMd* u? to order. Th? nhwnhM la ?rep^UDlti 8fl^ n>. DRAWliM,U.?ltM i ltw>rtMt aoiice. A, de*ur:at:oi.a of Staiu - FU r"Jor.?,r7^?' I I** ?til1 enfa?#d in tli# PLt M fc" I MG ud GAB PfTTING BUSINESS at m, v.diu.wj laPkiiHar BDOIU0 Hall. The urtttift of harm* a plpatiNl SIT of vater VM rradlly ohtwrfd at the Ira of rday.aa I mi well satiric I ah<<old Here V?*-n ed oat bat lor the bountifal aoppiy apor my tiMnii a ad that of mj net rh bore All oril-rr* for the introduction of Water and Gu vul be promptly attended to. Terna aa raaaona bla aa any pi amber in the eity. jjj c. iwmt WG AS FIXTIIR E 8 . E Hera in atore, and are dai ? reoeinna, VAS FIIfURBS of entirely Mew Pattern a and Doeicn* and Fmiah. an pen or in etjlr to anyth:nc heretofore offered la thia market. We inviteeititena rental it to ?ail and examine oar atook of Gaa an<i WaUr Fixture#, feelmc eonhdent that are hare th# I eat a?.eot<?d a loo * in Waahiaxton. Ail Work in tb# ahore uue intrgated to oar oar# will be promptly attended to. MYERS 4 MeGHAM. marlMf S7*n etreH A One at 25 oent# per month 8ne at do. Acne at fl io. ??neatft8?> do. FOR One at |l do. iun*aiv^ar Oo. RENT. IA Ml uatof7* JOHN F. F.LUK JT tl Pk av., between !K* and oth eta 12,000 iSS til* lUMUnn of the public to oarlarceMd ve!i ? leotod stock of ChtmpuM and Crah Apple Cider, wnieh v* f aarantee to be pare taice. end wtl: I* ? o.d od r?MOul>;? term* in order to mat* room * for oei (p-.l( atook. giw oato* at tb? Uotcs Bottlias Depot, , Ml Wo. It ttraan at.. fc?org?4nwr. I RAVKN. BACON *CO*. AND STKINWAV I k SONS' PIANOS are oni* U *" ? fonnd at the vareroom* of W. G. MKTZ I|m3 J5ROTT. Peraon* la aeeroh of a rrliablemT111 Piano are r**ae*ted to oal! and ezaaimf before parohaainj elaewtiere. Mnaio Depot?oorner of perc. araaea aad Kleeeatti at- an a JACOB RERD. + Nimirrnn or MILII1ET CLOTH I N >, SorrutsT Cobbba Sbcond and Srifci Pra., F HI LADE L PHI A. . WMTMT g?Tg FOB BALK. !?< f v 'J? coohokt : ?A v \ dispatch: ^ ^ Safe the Pieeei! Am metU<mt$ will kmrrtti, ?r?? ? mll-rml*i?4 /wilin, it is tmt deairabU to ton mm oh?M aad ooavwueat way for rapainag Fanutara, Toj?. Crock err. Ac. PiLOIRfi'l PREPARED OLIE Ml all auon nni*r(r>noiea. ud no hoaaefeold ean afford to bo Without it. It it alws?a ready and or > to the tiokini point. There la no longer a n*t*m mm iui uiupiD| un&in, f .mvrw Tfnwn, dona, mi brokw ormdlee. It la luat the arfieia fur onai, a ball, ud other ornamental work, ao pop liar with ladi?a of refiuenent sod taste. This tdmirabte proper*!.on is used oold, ^em* oherr. ,o& y held in solution, au<i possessing sr ?h* I valuable Qualities of the. beat oablnet makers' i *. It msy bs need in the pisoe of ordinary nnci.sce, being rut.; mora adhesive. M USEFUL IN KTKRY HOUSE." Pwi, Jf> oents. N. B.?A Brush tooompsoiM a*oh bottle WktUfU Dapot, No. 4* Cadar street. New Yott. ^ Addreas HENRY C~SPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3.60?, New York. Kt op for Daaiers in Cases containing Fosr, U and Twelve Doten?a beautiful Lithograpble Bhow Card aooompanying each packs**. Cy A single bottle of SFALDINU'S PREPARED GLUE will save ten times its oost sa naally to every household.-/Tl Sold by all prominent Stationers, Draggists. Hardware and Purmtnre Dealers, Orooers. and 1 r?Doj stores. Country merchants*hoiUd not*of SPAL DIM'S PHEPAhEb UL VK, when M%k>nc uf th?tr Int. It wi ! ?t*iid *J>>*. iP 'A tP S ^ 7Th? H knhn m mh/>4i'M ?/'? f JTO* fWfryW 1k* t/? C'l if) v iK?am> i4.. ia, r?/v, irtn*? , ? T. y*1"^'>? <*'i ov ftiin T "j^cj .i^g J?. < <VH< Wmihx ??tV d ^A; (f, ti? tw??i? i* HMmI ly I I i |? X So^Bft-oprle'tor.V \ \% CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS inmimliEr WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT i OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJA1Y, SOLE PROPRIETOR I is ssmi wiuiAN s: hew tob&. ] ton SALS IN WASHINGTON BY 4 j T ly BARBOUR 4. EKMMFJl [PUN & SIMPSON^ Cf-fetireia Antuo/ on ?tc <ntX 1 K*.andldi>ly improve* br at*, w?oon??i*?fl 1 wwiuifitntft manud tort Whirt? w ^ *? po?ialy h?ditillfd. WiiwaflkrNr J OLD FAMILY EYE WHISKEY, -*?. D,-au3!SE,,lJ,Jr,,r,r^ arKrja.'fflajs T"*-?W

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