Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1860 Page 3
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r a LP C A L NEWS !?}-Though The Sua to printed on the fate* ?-oai ?n nth of BalU?n, (to edltioa Is ? large m to r-jqulrr tt to br put to prtoe at an early hoar, Advertisements, therefore, should be ** ot In before Li o'clock otherwise they nay not app ar until the >eit day. Notice.?District of CMumbln Advertisement to he inserted in the P.altimobi Sen are received at sad forwarded :ro?n The J?ta* 0?ce. Cut C? c-rtml. sej.*e?ber ft, WW ?Beard of A Utrm- ? __Tbr board tn?t at the asoal boor, Present I love in the chair no>?j8tsicATio^? itcnru. Vrem theCitr Surveyor. in reply# a resolution oftheWoard of relatioa tathe amount ofpsding done by John FitzgeraM oa Fifth at. Msoone from the ?sme,'n relation to the graveling of Tenth street west. from N to <4 sir north. Also oae from the same, la relatioa to the grading and graveling of Tenth street crass, from N te Also one from the Mayor, transm itting the report of the Water Registrar for the Booth of August . All of which were d ilv referred. Also one from the Mafor, announcing his baring spprnT??d the following acts : An act lor the more effectual drainage of sqnare No #7V. An art to repair a defect la the drainage of the a He* la reservation No. tu An act to grade and gravel Third street oast from C street north lo Massachusetts sveuuo. raTitioss. ?>f Mrs. A Tolhert snd others, for a watermaiu la 1 Street north; of John Moore, for watrrmain a F street north: of Thomas Crois, for abatement *?f taxes paid by him to the Corporation?all of which were referred. tOMX'TTKI > I!POETS. Rill to Improve a portlou of H street north, find, for other purposes: pasted Bill to lay a flag f wt? way aeroaa S street aouth, at the weat si** ot Kieveath street east; pae?d Bill to impfova the draiaage of Seventh street east, la tbe Blxth Ward; {waned Bill of the loww Board, to wttwd the ? ulvert In Seventeenth street weat, between L and M atrecia uorth, to the htrilding line on the wl aide of the sal a Seventeenth street; phased Bill of tbe lower Bonrd. to grade and pave the alleys In aouare Ma. !X?4; pntaed. Bill of tbe lower Beard, to pay Wui. Babblnuton for work done In tbe Third \N ard; poast d. Bill to close part of an okl alley and ?>pe,n a new one, in square 376; fussed. Bill to construct a sewer in a portion of feventh street weal; passed BUI of the lower tiowrd. to repair the seawall on tbe Potomac river, and for other purposes; passed Bill to lay a vrater main In south N street, between Kijfhth jumI Kleventb streets east; parsed Bill to Liy a water main in I street aortb, from New Jersey ??fnuc to North Canttol atreet; pnaaed Bill t# lay a writer main in r atrwt north, (rout Ninth to Tenth itrerts we?t, Bill amendatory of tb?- act providing for the aa eaament and valuation of all property in the Corporation of Waahintfton. To th't bill the Board of Aldermen , aaaen an amendment exempting certain ?t?w ka taxed In nWier cities from taxation in ttic Board of Common Council the amendment was reacted, and a committee of conference waa vkntn. In the Board of Aldermen the amend nient wa? insisted on, and tbe committee of conference granted. Bill f?r relief o! J W Blake: bill for relief of James Towiee; bill to improve Vermont avenue, from LtnM ata. north. Passed Bill ? pay William M Kill* k Bro fur -H-inch stop-oo?.ka, referred to drainage committee Mill if* t? L- M 11 n slid tiblau t Ko Drnrtort An ? ?v ?y ?v ?'i tut wrni aide of Kigbth street wttt. between K and L its north, ? itb an aii.radment; which ?u adopted, and the bill paaaed. Bill for the relief of l.etTtla Bell, Tfcomaa Bell, and Kliza Meredith, for danger* tustalmd by the City Surveyor in the feat lsToj referred to luiy rovenarfnu committee, v Jolat re?oI?tioD Authorizing the Mayor to encIom tha pipe yvd and new Central Soardhouse; paseed, \ THIJF.W CKNTEB MARIIT HOCSB. Joint resolution ielating to the proposed contract for building a new Center Market Houae Thia joint reaolution jrew out of a remonstrance preacr.U-d to the Councils by Measrs Lewis & Aixm against the continuation of the contract With Gilbert Cameron (the succeasfui bidderi for Lulidiug the new Center Market House The point In the petition of Lewis ft An?m Is that the committee mistook in their bid a ftinre four for a Jl. ire Uv?,?ud in consequence awarded the contract inadvertently to Cameron. The i^HMBittee to whom the papers In the case wms referred according If reported the Joint resolution above indicated; which provide*, that, w|j?reas the award waa made to Cameron through Inadvertent?, therefbre Ht'oivfJ. the award be not confirmed by the Councils, and that the Commissioners be authorized to go on and advertise anew for proposal* for (fee efrctlon of the new market house Considerable discussion ensued upon the questions which seemed to be involved in this subject, and s variety of motions were made in connection therewith Much testimony was read to the board which bad been had before the committee in charge of the case, and. finally, on motion, all the ttatimony was ordered to be published in pamphlet form, and the further consideration of the subject was postponed until 5 o'clock p. m on Monday uext. Aud the board adjourned. *"?_ _ ? HI n IA a 1- -? ?* i/ummw? Knmrn ? x uc rrniafni ofing anfm, the Se*retary called the board to order; wbeu L>r Chapln. of the Fourth Ward wut elected President pro ittn. A communication was received from the Mayor, transmitting a report of the Iuspector of Fire Apparatus for the mouth of August. AIkv, one transmitting a communication slimed William 9. Calbotin, requesting tint a correction may be made in what he alleges to be an erroneous aanemament upon certaiu property owned by Mm. A loo one transmitting a report of the Water Registrar for the month ol August. One from ihe t'ily Surveyor, submitting an estiniaU t\t thp tki <m^fna ?iu4 rrraMlim* Ual# street we*t, from N street south to the Master n Branch, in reply to a resolution of the board. AIm> one from the same officer, submitting an estimate for the grcvt ling of f-.leventb street uest, from Maryland nvtnue to the Potomac river. Nine hundred dollars, he estimates, will be required for this pnrpoae isdifi.xitk posrroJixi.1t. Bill authorizing the Collector of Taxeato receive certain eertiflcttes of indebtedness to the Corporation for the payment of taxea. b bs1gm ation or A. ? km bin Mr. Wm Orme, Councilman from the Second Ward, Laving changed his place of residence from that to the Third \V nrd, tendered hla resignation as a member of the bodv. Laid on the table pit it loss txtrodlckd amd kbpxkbkd. Petition of Hamiiel Hoover and otbera, asking for the opening and Improvement of Fourth street west, from Sixth to Q street north Petition of Daniel McRae and others, asking that a flagstone( iiiijiinp maw be laid on Aiath afrvot KBSOLCTIONS Mr. Given offered the following; which wa* adopted: i Hesolrtih That a joint committee, confuting of two Alderfetn and three Common Couneilnvn. be appointed to conaider the practicability and ' xp*dieocv otfmovliig old Wood, coal, and lun ber yard* from 0>e line of the canal between Third an<l Seventeenth atreeta w?t, ao far aa the game can be done without detriment to private right* Mr Joim? lutrodu< ed the following raaolutlon; which w?M adopted Ktnolrt'l, That an election b? directed to be bolden In the Second Ward, on Tueaday, the I3tfc Oil ?? i_ Iki. I > -- v> iii uu? iiu4iu do rHttBMl by tbe rrai/action of Mr. OraM. htflvd further, fbM Mewn George Jllbird. OMtge W. Stewart and Baniwl Owen be, end they uc hereby, appointed to aerve ua comitiisalonert for the flrat precinct, and limn Samuel Lewla, E. C Dyer and W P f^Uedd for the aec. oud precinct of aaid ward at Um above-mentioned election at Ob?j, front public arboola committee, inored tfebfellow lag joint reeolutioa; which, on motion, wa*_poeip?>ard until next M oud ay . ttmlrrd, That tbe Board of Trurtet-a of tbe Fu l.n School* be, and ttry are hereby, authorized toe*uploy a u-acbrr uf vocal muaic in tL* public antioola ef tiin-ityfor tb<- aaaning acWlaatic at a conpeaonuoaim* exceeding a rate of fwprrtaaoac antal teacher t* br*?bt?t to I urti\egulat1ona u the Board of rru^toea tnay pr? crlte. V T '!/ si R-tolvtJ fmikir. Tfctt fbr ttie pnrpeee of carry.Ins out tU dirrvti*M la the joiut reaoiutien, (Lt mib of fXXi, or ao initi o thereof aa may W uece*aarv, be. and the Miiie ia hereby, appropriated, and be payable monthly out of the achool fund. Jk ?, _ Bil.i.a r*aaae :-r m . Bill to relmburae the Mayer hlaeij?I while to the tnu-rrat <? this Corporate? b?, toea tbeT.r^ Oritur* <if Maryland during (I.# k?S#!?i.s at 1-6"; bill ta prescribe regulation* and 1: lortaUon* in the*roll-, won of tun impoaed naan ^oodi and chute* end peraonai etfecU It l?e efty W tahlngteo bin a the Alayer to anticipate tte rrYfnneof the Oor*>r?IIen fe? Kbo^purpeaM, btU **???'-? the I.. / a spproprUiioa to? UlaaiaK *od irmvrfhg L lUtrflHtl, from Hrreoth to Ninth street ml; bill to grade and pt??l first street uuL between "C V atrMto aortk; bill to trim and eravrl | street tenth, from H to 1 street eeet; bill to grade and ifrarel D street siuth, between New Jersey aeeatic and South Capitol street; btU to take up 1-1 reUy toe vwttar on the south front of squart . tiif: WU to take ap sad relay tUe gutter* on H street north, between Teeth sad Kleveeth streeta v rat; bill for the relief of IMalel Donnelly; bill for tiie improvement of the Northern Wirt<<?e4bered to tur original hill; hill to raose a fwnr-lnoh water m*in to h* laid on I street north, betwt*ji Jt?w Jersey ivenur snd North Cipllol street. *jll ro taiu>s? rni>ic;4*v sycau . Mr Vau Keewlfk, from the committee on lm} roveaeau, reported a bill authorlxlag Ute aocio 1 s^re of JudMaryPquMe with the iren ratting am rftunding the Capitol grounds. wbtfta la about wing removed, with the following amendment tf the aecond section : , Pf it enart'd, fc , That the turn of 93 .500. or so ranch thereof as may b? nereaary, *nd the aame It hereby appropriated out of the general fund, tfce walk V) bo done under the direction et ^ttt? Mayor, and awarded to the lowest responsible Mdder Mr. Eaaby offered the following additional section : B? u rmirt'd, fc , TknMhe Nw"t be, and be 11 hereby authorised and rr^uesled to cause the Mid rnlling to be erected upon blocks of stone, tfprn a plan similar to that at Lafayette Square, With the work of removing the railing from tbe Capitol ground*, ajui erettiav the savov at Judiciary Hqn.ite, to V awarded to the lowest bidder, after inviting competition, by public advertlae wril? *V? IC1I IM)?. The bill waa passed a* amended Adjourned. Police Mattb?? ?1*4? c<i*? of tkt L'mittd Stntr* ngt /<Afc o*f/ Frtd'k Srkmtdt, thnrg'd iritk airiult and battery, and resittanei Offimr m Ui di$rk*rf$ of kit duty i? a riot at Ike Park on tkt 27Ik tnst ?Yesterday, our report in tbia examination before Justine Williams, civil magistrate, closed with the testimony f Mr Kryianowski The following testimony was afterwards-elicited: Mr Xittte testlflrd th*t fc# ?f ?>? j row. Went at '.be gut* and got a ticket, but did ot go In then. Went to another bouse near by, ml while there a woman came In and aaid they Were killing meu In the other place. Witness went in, and to tbe bar. and m?t Hnithet, and h? asked witneu to take adriuk. I)id *o. and while there Suit and other officers came in and arretted Busrher, and the crowd came about; and witness wa> talking with Augerinan, who was not in the crow4 ?t w. After It was ever. Huit canse up, and Angerinan said to Suit that he had no business there, and was making a disturbance, and if he wss not there, there would be no^u*s. Suit replied that If Angerman did not lie quiet he would arrest him, dud that was all that passed between them. Didn't see the prisoner when he was res- I turd from Suit. Didn't see him at all afW Suit arrested him. During the tlxn? An^crm-.n was peaking to Suit bisgun wa?dfiv'-n on the ground. H"}ry ? ??<>r stated that he saw a man take a bivowt <>* of a gmi and another go up to him and tell him to give It up. The man drew back and said he would run tue wenpon through the other. Another man took his rifle and struck the bayonet out of the fellows hand. That was the begininjj of the wbulematter. Just then the roll was called for the company to gv In line to march home, i Witness went to get his belt and gun, and the coiapauv- was drawn up in line, ana the Captain said he nad lost his epaulettes, and would have satisfaction for the company next day. Angerman was lu the runks, and did uot leave them at all. Capt Balbttk testified that when he drew Up hitmen Inline he told bis men to kee^ quiet; never gave an order to chflfge; on the contrary told tb*>m to be quiet, that B?* was the captain and had been used badly by Suit, bnt to keep qnlet. and he would have his satisfaction next day. lildn't speck to Suit at all. If wntness had seen one of his men go near to stride Salt, he would ? T' - ' * I ^uiir iuimc?iatMy and arre?t?d him Didn't see the arrest 01 Bust her at all. Suit came to witu?M and said a man must be arrested Witness wid he was captain of the company, and if a man must be arrested, he (witness) would go and arrest him. Suit told witness to ho to some place, and pushed witness by the shoulder, aud w:tntM' epaulet** was torn off Officer Edmonstoit never came to witness and asked him to assist In atrest ing any man After the line was formed ao st>lj dier left tbe ranks. Mr S'ihausc* testified that he saw a great deal there Whw b? ?*w Plowman. Suit and Kdmonj ston acted vfcfy roughly Suit had his billy in his ha*?4, and A normal) said. "Put your billy bark " When be said tbis be had his musket in bis >eft hand, the butt resting 011 the ground Suit said to Angermati, "Go to n?11." Angerman did not raise his ritie to Suit, nor charge on him, nor strike liim in tbe mouth. Didn't see him do anything more than that If Angt-riuaii had struck Suit iu the Mouth, witness would have seen him do it. (JJfvtt Sdm?m?tms recalled.?Suit was not under tbe influence of liquor that day, in the opinion of witness tie drank twice with witnes* ?>u that day, and witnes* was not with him all tb? time D- n't think three glasses of lager beer would make any wan dnok jir stteres taw Pult going oift to the l'ark, and be wai sober then. Edward Johnso* uw Suit at the Park, and he was entirely *ober Witness had drank two yiasses iWr Sutler saw Suit there. He appeared to be sober He appeared as he always dues, save the I excitement The testimony closed here, and Mr. I'ttermehle proposed to submit the case to the magistrate [ without argument Mr Morris preferred to make some remsrks in connection with the testimony which had been given in the case, and accordingly proceeded to address the justice. He was followed by Mr. L'tteruithle, and the case was given to the magistrate. who, after reviewing the testimony nt some length, decided that there was nothing in it to justify him in holding the parties or either of thetn to bail. They were, therefore, dismissed. Albxaxdbia Matters ?The County Court of Alexandria commenced Its September term yesterday, when the following business was disposed of ; \Vm. Masaey, charged with the theft of ami In money frapt the residence of Win J. Croat, Kaq . wm acquitted, there being no direct proof of hi* guilt. The case of tbe two men Steinrock and Jenkins, charged with passing counterfeit money, whs then taken up by tbe court. After bearing all tin: evidence in the case, the court decided to discharge Jenkins, and bold Steinrock to biil in tbe sum of $1,U00 to answer tbe charge at the next term of tbe Circuit Court. J. B. Mon<breaker was placed upon trial for luisdimoanor in tainpering with slaves and denying lb* rlybt "f masters tnereto as property. He was held to b il In tbe sum of $1,HUU to answer tbe charge at the October term of the County Court. | On Saturday evening a negro man belonging to a Mr. Haislip, of Fairfax county, fell overboard from a pungy, nuon which he waa engaged, and was drown^a. Dr. C. W. Chancellor held ;iu In2ueat on Sunday, and a verdict of accidental rowning was rendered by the jury. | Another beautiful car, built for the Alexandria, I Loudoun, and Hamjishlre Railroad, has just been 1 completed by Mr John Summers, at hia car fot t i ry la Alexandria It la a splendid piece of work, and reflects much credit upon the maker and hia assistants. A Nkw Pbotestast Orphan Astlcm?Bkyen? or Mm Asm R Dkkvott ? Misa Anne R. Uermott, a maiden lady well kuown and highly eateemed here, owner of the Avenue House, Ac., aa we have already announced, died a abort time since. It is ascertained tbat with the exception of a few annuities. Ac., left lo relatives, her whdl* Mtib. i? - ? -1"-1 - ? ? ?- ? inw u W WW Uillll 2| new Prstrstant Orphan Asyluui in- this city. Some of the trustees named are Richard Smith, Thomu Bla^den, David Saunders, Charles Stott, Rev. Mr French, Kev Dr 1'yne, of the hpiscopel Church, and others It is probable that after paving all the claims of the estate, some Sib,U>0 or *JO,UU? may be realized for the benevolent object oontempUted Akbxstbd ? For several days the officers have been on the alert to discover the person who stole a valuable goid watch and chain from Mr L. G. Rothrock. a week or more ago About eleven o'clock U*t night. detective officer* Allen and Busher arrested Ben R inggold. colored, who Is charged with that ottense,and he was committed to jail by Justice Doun for a further hearing Ben had been careful lately to leave }he city in day light and return te his quarters at night Cents* Mauit.-The market opened this morning wnu a very i<tir display oi provision* in tbe various department* The attendance of dealer* waa nearly a* la rye aa on any day during the i) tat wet k, and the farm* and garden* of the adjoining roonttr* were wvll represented, while the energetic iieein?d dealer* wer?4n tbe market witk tuck procured from unore die taut source* of aupply. Tbe deniaud was inuderst* this morning, and tbe price list was about as published la tbe !<tar of Friday last. ' Retsibctive Justice ? A dsy or two since, upon tbe information of John Mitchell and Dentils C<>nlan, Thomas Sheeban was fined by Justice Thompson 92 and costa for profane swearing la tlned 9'i 54 for the saiue offense. It being proved toy Cisiotetrafcd wiuimm that they w?re equally , guilty with 9heehan at the same time and place. Th* Emt Wuimtrmi Assembly announce a grand moonlight excursion to Ulylasul oa Thursday eveatag toext, which p?nmi*?-s to te one of the inoat pleasant affairs of the kind of Uteseason* The iuuu?a computing the comtultW of arrangement* guarantee as much. Far particulars of the excursion, see advertisement ip auotUrr column. M?T15U or tnt Wiok Awuts.?As will be seea by advrrtisruient in another column thr meiuherawf the Waahlhgto^ City Wide Awake CIo*> meet at the Republican fleadquarteri. comcr of Seeoad atreet and Indian*a*enu?, this evening, in m' puil~* "? vuHipirunj luir ( rfMHtltlOI. WQen iu apportunlty will be affordrd any that ui4 v wlib to Jo ao to coARfrt tfcemaelvea with the club. WfMA.i, aa we expected, wu welcomed night by a crowded bouae He makea a prettier lit up tban errr twfore, htvtng new ^oid nnd crimaon trappings, a larger atage, and more rooai fur lua audienee He bft* lost nofte *f'bit attrartlreueia. If we judge by the ibouta of Uugbtrr which am cefldad cb experiment and joke Admltaion only 25 cents; therefore let everyoody go wtlit tbe we at tier W ao pr-plti. ui A i.dku <t a aic Ak%<car* ? AUtermen Brown aed Bayly made tbelr appiearauce lu tbe Bosrd of Aldermen at Ita aeaaion yeaUtdajf afternoon, irraii from tbe White Sulphur Spring!, wbefe tbey have i been rejuvenating for tbe tat three weeka. National RirLia'Yesterday aftrrnwm. thl? I I taind*onc ud well-drilled corp# of our Diatriet military paraded under Captain Schaefer, in full uniform. with Accoutrements, fof a trip to Pennsylvauia Aa usual. the company attracted hundreds of obeerma to the atrtvtt, tM thev were fOlioWea to th* mil f cad d?pi>t by a dfni^ throng, ' anxious to aee them safely started. Tbe Rifles numbered over forty un?n, and were ace m pan led j by tbe Marine Band, under Prof. 8caU. Their destination la York, Pa., where they design to participate lii tbe ramp duties to which the w>lUnteer troopa of the Keystone ?tate b?ve been T>r? . TKau will K? 11 *? ' _ '-\y " ,rl i?iw ** ? "J 1 brethren of Pennsylvania. Pastngr of the Xattonal RtJUt through Baltimore.?The Sun of thla moraine ?T* "The National Rifles, of Washington, D. C., Captain Scliaefer commanding, arrived at the Camden atatlon in Ihe 5 o'clock Waibingtou train, yea* terday afterqoon, en route for York. Pa , to attend toe great military encampment which commenced at that place yesterday The Riflea were received n the platform of the depot by the Third Company Battalion Baltimore City Guard, wbo, through their commander, Lieut. J. G. Jobannea, tendered the viaitora, 1a pas nut, an eacort to the depot of the Northern Central Railroad The eacort wna gratefully accepted, and the RlBes and tacort fell in line on RutaWitreet.theetcort being beaded by a drum corpa. and followed bv the Riflea, who were preceded by a portion of th?i Marine Band, of Waahington, whlcnaccompanied them to York. The military proceeded up Fubiw to Baltimore atreet. and Baltimore to Calvert, and then to the Calvert atation. where the Riflea took ilk* Ciy *- -a Mi uuuci vain ior Vor*. tbe rtcori uien returning. The company mustered about 40 members. Their uniform is a gray coat and pants, with scarlet trimmings, hign hat and pompoon. The Law Grays, Capt. Thomas Bowers, start for the encampment to morrow. The Clipper says s 44 Among the military men present At the depot, thrtugh In cltltens' dfcM, wef* Colonel A. P.Shutt, Mat Joseph P. Warner, commandant of the City Guard battalion. Surgeon Henry C. Scott, Lieut. K. R. Dorsey, and Commissary Win. McLaln, of the 'Old Guard.' The latter officer we noticed industrlouslv superintending the transfer to the military car of a huge and bearily-ladened basket.which, from the assiduous attentions bestowed upon it. and the evident desire to keep it 'right side up with rare,'w?* in] erred was freiorht**^ with ?Am6 ^ HrrLHnrr - - ..p..v?. ? ? wu>v aviiot-uv 11^; ? articles of the molt fragile nature The visiting corps mustered forty-live riles and seven officers; they were accompanied by the celebrated Marine Hand, of the Washington Navy Yard. The following are the officers of the Rifles: Frank D. Shafer, captain; L. D.Watkins, 1st lieutenant; It A. Flsbef, ttd do ; Henry Noe. 3d do.; M Vale#, Commissary; A D. Davis, Istserg't; R. Mayo, jr , '2d do; J.J. Wright. 3d do. They were uniformed in grey; frock coat and pant* trimmed with red. blue cadet cap, with red pompon, And ri^es with kabfe bayoneti The members 4fre mostly young men, who bore themselves on the march with a spirit and animation of movement highly indicative of good soldiers Capt. Scbaefer Is a Italtimorean by birth, and has seen hard service in Meilco,where he served as adjutant in one of the regular regiments. He acted in that capacity with the lamented Watson, and was present when that gallant officer fell " The Coloheu Riot at Col Skldks'* Place This morning, John .Matthews, a slave of Mrs. White. Robert IHair and John Black, alnves of Mr Little, were brought before Justice l)onn for a hearing on the charge ?f riot at Colonel Se'.den's farm laftt Saturday tiiglii. The witnusaea were James Bungjr, alave of Col. Selden, and Daniel, a Slave of Mrs Holmead. J nines had his head bandaged, as If he bad been badly cut, and his arm in a sling He said that he was left In charge of the farm by his master, who had given him a horseman's pistol, to frighten away depredators A little after nine o'clock a wagon came up the road, arid a crowd of colored persons got out and demanded liberty to dance. He tmd them to go away, and told them how he waa instructed by hu master, they insisted, and he hoping they would soon go. acd apprehensive of his own safety, permitted mem 10 wop. nf won aner weni down the lane to call hla dog off from barking at tome one. and when he got back missed his pistol He proposed a search, and all agrsed except one, who slipped out, but soon returned, and alao proposed to be searched He felt his clothing, aiul in his bosom Was a substance In the shape of a knife, handle upward; this was John Matthews In the meantime. Daniel?Mrs Holmead's man?came In and handed him the pistol. Witness pointed at a man and aald " That's the fellow that took it " In a moment they began fighting Some one cut him on the head a severe g.-sh They struggled along time, and the crowd, fearing that lie would shoot, started and ran away. Daniel, the second witness. ?tates that he was sent by Mrs ilolmead to learn the cause of the fuss, and going up the lane saw the fellow hide trie pistol under a poke busti ll?- took it and gave It to Jim They began to fight, and he saw the Made raised and descend on Jlui's head, but didn't see who did It. The evidence of the riot was sufficient for the justice, who ordered Koi>ert filair and John Black twenty stripes each; and the case of John Matthews was postponed till to-morrow f rtiii!mony for the defence. The accounts which Col. Leiden. Mr. Little, and Mr. White give of the condition of the country roads at night are truly alarming Riots, assaults, and other violations of law Lave been common. Not only are they participated in by slave*, but whites aiid free negroes from the city go out aud take part In them. It is tune, they say, to act promptly in such cases. Individual Wealth in Aleianuria ?The Gazette says :?The value of real and personal estate In this city Is reported by the census at (.to tax tk? im v. ? ? - * al ?w1va?.*JW. tuc luiiuwiu^ i? ?UC ?i UtlliJTT UI IDP | several classes of person* reported a* owning tbe ' .value of 91.DUO and over : From 91,000 to 95.000 2*5 " 5.000 to 10 <MMi 95 " 10,000 to 25,000 Ill " 25,DUO ?0 50,000 33 " 50,000 to 75,000 12 " 75,000 to 100,000 4 ?4 100,<>00 to 1541,0(10 2 ?' 150.000 to 200,000 3 200,000 .. 1 Those owning over 9100,000 are marked respectively aa owning 9105,000; 9110,0??0, 9135,000; 9155.000, 9160.000, 9180.000. and 9200.000, tbe latter amount being the highest reported as belong- i ing to any one individual. Thk Firk Department?Inspector Martin reports tbe condition of tbe lire apparatus as follows Franklin?one engine, one suction, one hose carriage, and two reels in good order, one out of order, l,l(Wfeet of borne, nood; Perseverance?one engine, one suction, two reel* in good order, one reel In !<ad order, about 5(A) feet of , hose, 200 of which Is in bad condition; Colnm bia?two suctions, three reels in trood orrt?r l urn feet of hot*, old and not reliable, 200 lect of which la unfit for service; Anacoatia?one auction and one engine In good order, one old auction out of aervice. two reela in w<int of repaira; American Hook aud Ladder?track In bad order for want of a auitable place to keep It. The apparatua ia now kept in a leaky abed. Therx was a laruk and enthuaiaatlc meeting o( the Breckinridge Jackson Democratic Auo latton at their hall laat evening. Among other diatinguiahed gentlemen present was the Hon Jos. j Lane, of Oregon, who, after earneat solicitations, arose and spoke in an exceedingly eloquent manner for about twenty minute* He repelled with ' much warmth the charg" of Judge Douglas and others that the party advocating the ticket on which he had the honor to be placed, in company with the gallant son of Kentucky, were disunionlata He was frequently Interrupted with applause. Mr Baxter, of Va.. an old line whlc. alan ?nnk? giving in his warm adhesion to the Brecklnrldgt and Lane ticket. Bills Affkotxd 'The following; Corporation bills have been approved by the Mayor, and are bow in force:?For the more effective drainage of square 677, by the erection of stone walls at > Tiber creek sewer, Ac ; to repair defect In drain Sof the alley In reservoir Mo. 10; to grade and ' v?d Third street east, from C street north to achiisett* avenue. For water mains in F street, from Eleventh to Twelfth, and also on f str?et, from Tenth to Eleventh street welt; curbstone to be let and footway paved along the east front of square 951. Centeal Guaedhocse Caies.?John Warner, I col , drunk and disorderly; fine and costs, f*2 15. Timothy McGaw, do.; do., S6 15. David Barry, vagrant; do , 92 15. John Bonce, profanity; do., ??15. Pat Attbrtios to the advertisement of Mrs. Franklin in another column. This lady la one of the beat teachers In Washington, and has room In her classes for a few more puplla. Look opt foe the Geeat Clam Baee at Meridian Hill. Five thousand Little Meek elama from Long Island, Thursday, September 7, 18tf0. Gome one and all. Dismissed.-Ben Ringgold, col'd. who was arreted last night for stealing a watch, was brought out and dismissed this morning by Jostle* Dona, the evidtuce of identity beiiur laauAclent. I The Phukhy fmlows. we are informed, are I bsvtng a phunay time at Columbia Springs, this afternoon. Give them a call. Bo.iatom Cbowdii. a novel and rare dial-, it 1ta be Mtimd op atMeridlan Hill to-morrow. for part looters see advertisement. -vteSS 1r ipMiici in common use which act as mere temporary styptics, Holluway's Pills seise on the seat of the disease and eiVrininstd it? primary casus*?b? invigorating the tficeer i Uy?orn?as, stimulating the liver,purRiu* the .l.anneUaiid purifS ia? the Rood,they proin< >t< a ipccUy

restoration a? health and vigor, in hiliou-ne lok h adaohs, sujditjr of the stomach, a>.?l depression (>Tspirits, they are equally eflioacious. ty>ld by all Druggists, at2So?fit, and f 1 par box. au 31-1 w t ti *??*-? nr Wn? ?wni. , The following letter from K -v. Hntr W?mp,?J Concord. N. H., Kditerjtftlie C->ngr*fati'>naT Jonriuvi, speaks r^HuiMa in fevor ol Bahnnt ? j ' _ ? CoAcoap.>. H.,MarchjI. !vfk?**s. 5?th w. Fowl** ctt.^otnt /** ? Twoj'mi ajro, a smMen m* vmlept attack upon ley !.? <? oonhned me toniy twd forsereraJ *l'?n I recovered, I van ?o much rtppresised by difficulty in breathing. tha* I iraa often unaMe to Bleep "r rest upon abed ly night. The suffering extreme, and judging from the inefficney of the remedies used, I supposed the diseaeo incurable. " JJI persuaded to try atmttleof Wiftnr's of ""a( ktTjy. without co'fidene? in it* efficacy. I found the difficulty almost entirely removed l-e fore one bottle was used up. ^yinpathv with mr fellnw sufferers induces me to m*Ve this pnWio fitMPHKillL. Anil r?i>nmniAiul tka ttrtmlo #11 ntKara ?? ^ * ??? w>'iil(UVHM MIV DItiViD V???v ? similarly afflicted. Witta respect, your* truly, flenrt Wood. None centime aniess signed 1. Bins on the wrapper. Prepared by R. \V. Fowle ft Co.. Boston, and for Ml" by Z. D. Oilman,!*. C. Ford,, jr.. !f. H. Wnite, G. Stott, John Sohwarxe, Nairn ft Palmer. >Va?h ington; ami by dealers everywhere. ee 4-lW,r Homiopathic Rkmbpik* All of Dr. Humphreys ft Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put np expressly for family pse, in boxes, at 25 and 50 cents each. Also, in oases, containing 20 rials, from $4 to S5 each, with l>ook of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Gilman. 330 Pit. avenne, wholesale and retail agent; \V. A. Fitzgerald. 333 north F street; also by F.. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street, Al<?, Pr>?4'-? Ejrtmtt qf WittM Hnp.fl, for internal and external inflammations of allainds. Sold as above. nia9-ly Babxt's T*icorn**ors is the best and oheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing. Carting, Preserving and He. storing the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drag gists and Peri timers ar 12 6m Mbr. W in slow, an experienced nn ree and female fhysiojan, has a 9 >ot\m* Svrup/ar Chiidtn T**tkwhich greatly facilitates tho process of teething by softebtbg tho gams, reducing ail mnaminatiua? will allay All pain, and is suro to recmate the bowels. Depend ?pon it, nu)there< it will give rest to yourselves, and relief ana health to yofcr lofints. Perfectly safe in all oaaea. See adveTtieemeat in another oolwnn. ooll-lj MBYKB'S Mi*AC1H?0? Vkrmi.I Dkstrotcr, the oldest and liest remedy known for exterminating Rsts ami Mice, Cockroaches, Bugs. Ants, Musqnitoes, Fleas, Moths,Urain-\\ onus and Garden Injects. Principal D*pot, 614 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-Sm 1 1 V ' PsitiviBs.?Persons desiring Pennies will always flnH tHmn for *t th#? At*r onnrt#r / D1KD. In this city, on the Sri instant. FRANCKt* K. FlNKG AN, in the S4th year of her ate, consort of George T. Finegan, of New York city, and eldest daughter of Thomas and Malinda Marche, of this city. The f iend? and acquaintances of the familv aro respectfully invited to attend her fli.erai.on Wed iiewtay afternoon,5th instant, at 4 o'clock, from th? residence of her father, 8th street east, north of Fa. av. (Pnila. and New Vork papers copy.) * On Monday, the 3d instant, after a short hut painful illness. 0 RAtiF. ANNIK. axed 2 years and 6 months, daughter of John and Ann Bury. "Mother,'tis not death bef.'re me Brings this tear down upon my cheek ; But, my father?he'll deplore me 'Till nis poor heart will break !" 4*Oh, inr child, inay Heaven o'er me Give tlie comfort we must seek ktkt 1L . i .L I A momer : an, mv siem is * owing Dim-my feet are cold ah lead ! Kiss me, mother; / atn co!?i t'pThe weary spirit fled. And the mother's Uars were flowing O'er the features of the dead ! r.r,. c. Her funeral will lake place from the residence of her narent*, on I. street, between 18th and 19th st? , on Wednesday,September 6th, at 2 o'clock. The friends of the family are invited. In G orgetown. on the morning of September 4?h, MARY EhNiUKTTA, the infant d&ii^cliter of Jaw. A.and Amanda >1. Calhoua, a*ed 3 mouths and 17 days. In Portsmouth. Va., on the 28th Aniens*, fHR I*TlrtN KOK MJFF. in ih? 77th year of his atce and for the last 43 years a resident of this city. At Rowlsburg, Va., on the 29th August, Kl.!.A. only daughter of Hlia V. and Chas. \V. Hepburn, a(:ed 3 month* and 5 days. LOST AND FOUND. J OST? Between the corner of Tenth and ? its . I < in coin* to T'inity Church, on Sunday ia*t. A gold HREASTPIN, net with pearl*. A suitable reward will be ?iven if left at the Mar Office. it* LOSt, 8TRAVKD OR STOLEN. from Mr. FRANCIS BOYLK, a small red^Mt COW, blind 10 the left eye. A !il>eial re- Mtp war<l will l*e given to the finder, !>* leaving mmJkm the same on Twenty-Fifth st, between D and E, west of the Observatory. se 4 3t* l?OUND?-A large HA V HORSE, with one while 1 hiud foot, aiid saddle and bridle. wa? /t\ brought to my s able, on 12th st? t?etw?en TJ-rt M and N. t he owner is requested to call.*-*^*prove propertv and pay charges. It* A. R. FOWLER C? ? RKWA R [).?Stra?edawRT or n*o!en from tie mihso iberon the27th of July. yoiink' SOWS, hi-avr with voutif. Onc7W.^P*" of tl e '] black and brown like, Iani?* in theM&^Mk left shoulder: nd tht* other bite* and white, with long ea'B The above reward will be paid to any parson who ?-;l! bring them or t ivearsy information ofwherethev aro to J AMtS (iLKKSON, oorner of north Capitol and O sts. se 3 3t* Ltmr?onTMMav, Aacim 7th, a hi nui.kuI Kvenin* ?>tar News-papers. containing four copies oreach day for the month of J una, l<?oK Th? finder will reo>'ive a liberal reward I?y returning tlicni to thi? office. au 15 ti FOR SALE"AND RENTT" [For otktr "For Sal? and Rent" advtrtittmentt, teejirtt pag* ] r|M> RENT. AND GOOD WILL FOR SALE. I A larneSTOREon Pa. avenue. I>etween 8th and 9th sts.. No. !iO, opposite Center Market; ha* been occupied a^ a dry roods utore. For particu lar? inquire on the pnini^ox ?e 4-lw LfUR RENT-A final IIRICK HOI SE. with F good lot, on Fourth stroet. between N and O, cnntainir z 4 room* and kitchen. Inquire a- JON N H GIHBS>\ 242 Pa avenue, between J2th aod 13th ??reet?. It* |70*? SALE-A new two-?tory and b*B<>m<*nt * HKIUIY ih;l^r., cunwinins a rnnini ?nn i-mlar, situated on Eleventh street north, within 5 minute*' wa'k of the Northern Liberties Market Terms unusually libera). Apply toll. N. I AXSDAI.E. corner <>t 7(h st and Pa av. ?? 4 ?w* FOR RKNT-A large BRICK DWELLING, containing 1?? or 12 rooms, situated on the corner of Twelfth street and Maryland av.. Island. It has a large ?ard of fine shade trees, and the k>cb tion is perfectly healthy. It has herotoiore rett'd for Hvfio; but will now be taken fr<?ni a good and permanent tenant. Apply to Dr. MORGAN, next door. se 4 it" Dwelling and stoke for rent, ?n Seventh street, between d and E rts., in the Seventh Ward?one of the best stands on the Islar.d for an apothecary, confectionery, or variety store. A pump of fine water at the door, and in a rlea>ant, healthy neighborhood. Fo- t*'ms apply next door, or to MAHLON A**HFORD, Attorney at Law, East Wing City Hall. _?> 4 at' C- Ai^ 11 FORD. POMFORTABLK ROOMS AND TABLE BOAR Dean be had at MISS BOWIE'?*. No. 48ft Twellth St., between G anil H seSrtf A HARK CHANCE ?FOR SALE?The Good Will and Fixtures of a Tailor'* More, in a *<><><i buaine** location, being an old htaiid, oo 7th atre t. Kent moderate. For addreaa apply at Box 11, Star tiflba ?S8t VOR K KNT-Three-atory FRAME HOI SK, r No 9**il, with eight room* and laree yarii, on 7tli street, lietween L and M htre'ta n rlli. I quii? at next door, of K. J. FALCONEK. ae 3 3i" "aHr'aRK OPPURTUNITY-A magnificeut FARM f'?r aa'e or exchange for eit? property, containing P4 aires, half mile from Fairfax Station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It ia undt r a hirh atate of ouitiratioii, veil watered, k<???d hui ainta aud timber; it. can be boncht low. Call ?n 6. W. BRAY A CO, at their Jewelry Store, 516 Seventh atreet^ ae3-li?2_ L'OR RKNT-Fire HRICK HOUSES of tlie r handaom* row of buildiai<a, now nearly ready f... ? . _ n.. I k? I. <,? AA.. \ 1 i??i uuuupauuu, niiiiBvnu 1/11 7iii BW , i^mco'i .11 ?nu N ?ts. north For parinnla-s inquiroat No aii9 corner7th and M sts., or 3**3 Pa. av , south side, t>etween 4,'? and 6th sts , of WM. H. CAMPBKLL. e l-eo2w * I/'OR S*ALE OR RK\T?The recentl* builtarid very pleasant BRICK 1>WEL.LING, third house from the cornor of lith and M streets north. AUo for rent, the upper part of the house No :!9.1 Pa. amnnt, between 9th and loth sts. For either or both apply to Mr*. S. UA.MILTON, '293 Pa. av. jau an 8t* FOR SALE?A ?mall FARM of3' acres of land, situated mile* north of Soldiers' Home and 4 miles froin Washington city , being a part of Chilluni Castl Manor; 15 aores in market garden and the ba'anoe is heavily timbered, with a spring of never failini; water,a voung orchard of peaches ami apples, having on it a small frame house. Apply at stand No. '211 Center Market, ol Mrs.MoRI'1M F.R or on the plieo to J. H. MORTIMER. au ai-6t* EHJR RENT-A new 4 story BRICK HOltfK r with marble mantles and grates. wat->r fixtures, with l>a>h room Al.-o, gas iu ever) room, situated on Thirteenth street, l>etwe?n Land Mass avenue. Also, a threa-story-aad-atlio Brick Dwelling on 11 street, between 13th and 14th streets. Apply at WM. P. fHEDO'8 Fancy giura.No. AOii llth at. au 25-2w* WASHINGTON ?* (P1RE) INSURANCE COMPANY. 4mmn and Tenth Strut. . J.~cT M06UIRE, President. S. P. HAMBON/SoorwUry. ? "l-ootr All kinds of CAMK Bought at the Highest Price*, At KLOTZ?? RESTAUHA1MT, - GEORGETOWN. C'>rit*pond*HT' of Thr Star. September 3. IHM While yur fw*?*' lnw?a??n W. W Corcoran. F>q , i? adorn)nu tbe Federal M rtropolia with rn during monunwrit* of bla munlflcfnce and public iptrtt, b* ia n?<t unmindful of tliia, bla nnUverity Oak Hill CentMeff, on* of tta? moat roiuantto and ptctwrnr; nr apota on the continent, wbfre u turf and art have ramh!nf^ in nrodur# th> surprising and charming cetilr efK>cU. and wbtrt are Interred tbe remains of aome of our moat IIlustrioua countrymen, will serve to perpetuate hia fame as long as feelings of gratitude animate the human heart Kor many other benefits wnr community Is indebted to htm. and among these t?Mr be mentioned the establish meat of what Is known as the Corcoran Charity Fund.tbe history uf which we will now proceed to give Home twelve years ago. Mr Corcoran gave to the Corporation of Georgetown. In trust, prt-ferml bonds of the Ch?-?apeake and Ohio Canal Company, amounting to Sll>,0<*). One half of this kuin (fo.taoi) waa to constitute a perpetual fund for tbe purchase of fuel for tbe poor of tbia city, tbe interest only being available for that purpose Tbe remaining half (fLVffn) waa to be Inverted in Corporation stocks until tbe Interest amounted to S6.tK.lU more When a fuud of ?10 liuo should have been thus accumulated, tbe interest money accruing on the whole of that amount waa to he uaed thereafter for the purchase of grocerits for me worn** 01 our cuy. na idc in dar pi July, lvlc. our corporate authorities appointed u trustees of the fund Mraars. John Marbury, Wm. Hedin. and David KuglUb, all estimable gentlrmcn nnd thorough busintas men. Tbe intereat of the fuel fund (S&IU per annum) has been judiciously expe&ded every year, the contract for furiilibing being awarded to the lowest respousible bidder, after due advertisement for proposals aud the distribution being In charge of the Indies' Benevolent Societv of Georgetown. which tnonlti Itself of tb? trust in the fair and Impartial manner to be expected from the well-known character of Its members. In relation to the grocery fund, th? main object we had in view In this communication, was to announce, and we do so with great pleasure, and congratulate our citizens on the fact, thst the Interest on the original fund of fo.uoo had accumulated on the first day of July of the prearnt year to the sum of S-VICHi IN, maklnp ? Vital principal and iuterest of ff 10.106so that there will be available on the first day of Januarv next the above surplus of fHW.OG. and the interest of'O for six months?more, making Stub t<t*. Of course the amount available for that fiurpose annually thereafter will be For Lis gratifying result too much cannot be said in commendation of the Trustees for their faithful and intelligent management of the fund We have to mention one other fact characteristic of Mr. Corcoran, which rrflects the highest fcrenlt on thst gentleman When the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company refuted to pay the Interest on their preferred bonds. thu? virtually nullifying hla K>untv hp ir?n*iriiii?ltr .?** ! bond* of the rlly of Memphis. Tenn., on which the intere*t ha* been regularly and punctually paid. One word before we clow, a* to tlie system of distribution to be adopted We would not presume to advise the Trustee* in tbe matter, but it has been suggested that as tbe ladies of the Benevolent Socletv have distributed tbe fuel for some years to the general satisfaction of our citizens, they also be entrusted with the distribution of groceries, their habits of active charity gtvlnc thtm a peculiar fitness for tbe task. Georgetown, D C , Sept 1.1>60. An incident occurred in tbe river, opposite this place, yeste'day morning, which is proiiablv unprecedented In the annals of steam-riavigati.n, at least on the waters of the Potomac. While the tug boat ' Wide Awake,*' was approaching our city, a slight but sudden jar of her timbe.s was kl-. -..J U ..... J: a . p* i^rjiwuir, aim i* ? .i? uiw:urrrra lOfli me |?n' peiler had met with some obstruction The officer* supposed that that part of the machinery had come in contact with a log. but on examination it was found that the body of a large sturgeon was entangled in the propeller Made*, one of which had severed its bead as if with a knife. The unfortunate fish was remarkably well grown, lis headless body measuring six feet in length The house. No 77 Bridge street, advertised for rent in the Georgetown co uutn. is one of the most comfortable and convenient residences in our city. The members of the " Floyd Guards'' will nee by the notice in another column that they are expected to attend at their armory, this evening, to We are requested to call the attention of roeinbtrs of Covenant Lodge, 1. O. G. F., to the notice in the Georgetown column. See Mr. K- A. Lipscomb's advertisement of tea received GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS For other Gto+g tt own art vert if'mutt f nt hr ft p?e? 'V~5:* NOTICE?Aii mem I >t-rso( Covenant l.< ' L ? \o. 11. I. (I O F.. are re?ine*t?<l to ntteml the mer>tinu of t~e l.olge THItMTne-day) EYErmsiiiesgof importance is to he transact e<l. By order of the \oh'e Qrtwl, It iy-5?ATTKNTIO\T FlTTvi) lil AKl?S - V?et .L5 ?t your armory THIS (Tuesday) EVE NING, a? 7*? o'clock precisely, for drill. punctual atton 'ance is required Mr order J MASON <H)?ZM-;R,Capt. __J. OWENS BKKKV. O. ?. It -vTr? GKORG RTOWX DEMOCRATIC AS?>l 5? ?i>ciati>>n will in??t at their old hall, THURSDAY, titli ins*., at 7?? o'clock p.m. A full attendance is required. l;SAU PICKRELI , Preeident. J OWENS BERRY, Sec. >?4 St RC. C. ATZS F.SPECTFCLLY Informs hia friends and the public generally tha* ho ha* removed to No. A5 High tre t. adjoining Ma ouie Hall He m prepared to the ah'TtCft notice. Dinne1- and Kveinn? >'a'ii"ii. and feels assured that he will five entire atikfiction to those who nia> favor him with a cftli. All kiudt < f CONFECTION KR V and CAKF. at th - lowest prirlit -t ICE CREAM a! SI Si per gallon. f. C. ATZ*. bp 4 tf 33 High street. Georgctow n. I^rksii green AND BLACK teas. Just rec< ived? in h?ifche?t? fro?h (iRl',K\ TEAS*. 5 'lo (XHiONG BLACK TEAS. Persons wanting a prune article of fresh Teas can get it at E. A. LIPSO'MB'S, se3-3t_ No. 113 High stre?l. \1 F1SH-F1SH-FISH ItIKSJ* S-HAI , LAHKAUIIK HERRING ROCND HERRiNG,< U I- HLKRING. EX I RA ROE HEX RING, ALliWiVES (St. Join, and Mereiniehi ? 8<i liarrcls Extra No. 1 Labrador Herring, ,V? do No. I Magdalene do. V? do. No. I Boston do. 6 hll' bhl*. No. 1 do du 3<? barrels ?*t John Alewi ve?. Daily expected per brig Andover. Also. in stora? l"n barrels No. I Meranichi Alewiv?#, 5" do. No I Cut Herring, 25 do. No I Halifax do. 3" hi f bbls. Extra Ro? do. in do Extra No. 1 Mens Shad. For sale iu lots to suit purchasers. HARTLEY A BROTHER, ise 3 l?r 9fl anil 101 Water St.. Georgetown. SCHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY ?A full supply ofSchool Bucks ami School Requisites, Drawing Books, Drawn e .Materials, A,-. Parent* and teachers supp i<nt at tli?? l??we?t pricet, at Ml?? THO.MAs & Bouk aud Fancy S o e, bp 1-Tt High street, near First. ?T*OBACCO, SNIFF, AND SEGARS, I AT WHOLESALE. 1 have to-day received 13b I'oxee of TOBACCO, CMEMcting of pound lumps, fou:s. teas, large and small twist*. A1m> a lar<e lotoffme HAVANA and VARAoL* OARS. Also, on hand? I? Iwxesof fine, medium and low priced IV liacco, 25?,i?n Setars, 35 cases of Garrett's Scotch Hniiff, in Itottles; also, Kappee. Congress, and Mac ahoy, 500dozen of .-ti.derson* and Goodwin's Fine Cut Chewing and -mokin^Totiacoo, I9> cross of r-hanghai and l arl >r Matches. 1<?I boxes of Piped and Pip Heads. 75 hales of Killiekinirk Mnokimc, and ail cthor articles pertatmnc to the trade AII of which are offered at the lowest wholesale prioes. JAMES WALLACE. No. A9 High ?treet, Georgetowa. Goods delivered to any part of the District free of charge. 5 " STILL ALIVE," &PILLMAN A III;NT _ nave itenoveu, temporarily, to the Stoie(No. 77) .... - ? formerly ooeueted by Lewis Pa>ne. nearlv opposite Uwu old aaiabhebttieut. jHT* URN GOOUS caa be had aa cheap aa ever, an 22 aw ri^aK L'N"KK?J?NED CARPKNIER AND X BUILDER emir* bit aervicea to the put-lie of Genrgetown, Washington, and vicinity, an* wi I onntraoc Tor or au pen tend the oocatruetinr of public and private Imi di?ga. Plana ai.d apecifiuatioua viii be farniaUed at short notics dl ? aud'hop onC iiireta at Georgetown, tmm??iaialy north of the Poet Office au 21 Saneo , HF.NRY WINGATE. CLINTON ACADKMY. HE Next A' miAJ Session of Una sch o' vili M f I*. 4\ i A _ t'L I oufnnioroc vti .vi* L7.i i oejwtmiF^i a n*- cnwi b?eu removed to 161 West ?U? t, iie.ween C-.ngreaa and High. Circulars may he plained ntpr the 22d of August, at the drug ore of Mr R. S. T. Ciaui, co' ner of Coitgres* and Bride* ?U. au 18 eo 1m &RO. ARNOLD, M. A., Principal. F|| OR KKNt-TtM 1>WKILLING and sToRK So. 7 7 Bridge ?treet. The dweliio# o. ? a<?s 11 room* in excaurat order, he?id*? c< >e?ta, water oaat, Uatb r>M>ui.mii k* houM, in:.* b<>e?< *ii>? ruiiniag wat-x, a d w<?ou?he1: wsth gi- f.xt-ir^e . o.n^l' t?, U-tV aaJ water. I he window - ct>4i "and, oi ariuipg vm*<uT the riv<*r an adi%o? i; eji nt . The ?Uxe u roiapJ?:e!jr firad with ah#>viM. ' ouat?ri, *a? ?it?>?*, aad water, ?ii* ia??e Fr* "> p ?it< riasa wiuaova Mia d..or?, & ? iw* ? ?* "T c?!!ar? TL?j wi'l h?r<rU?J either U>?*iher or ? * treet ; _ '_J j THE LATEST NEWS ?rt 1 I.. i.ff i TELEGRAPHIC. Thf rrnrn* # tfc* Prtat# Ottawa. AU/ 31 ?The Prlw; MuM from Montreal ? - or Jock ?Ui? ?Uj. b?n Wvrr or ram Hf *? * oo lb* of lag with bowing and wilt" "? aaarmbled multitude Tbe velueW* s parting aalute He left tbe trail it W- tl?V where the bridge waa decorated and >***'1 a?rmt<led and embarked on toe eteawr Prt?o* oCWalea At Two Mouitalua tbe Indlua lead aalirte, rang the Will, Jtr.., Ac. At Ctflltoa great tarn cmt, wbei be U?ok tbe ?M fcr 6f*? *11 le. There win * trr*t> dlaplat et H be went aboard tbe ivjiw* Pbeoli f?r omm Tbe weather tolerable and tbe Prl?ee enjoved tbe beautiful mmmrrf Tw* ait lea below tbe rltv be wn? met bv tit atrameta fill of pa>eti pera. and one hundred and Ifly <~anoea manned In twelve hundred lumberer* who aalnted th? Prince with the moat rbmri beard aiic# bit arrival in America, and ncorlrd him to tbe city, where twenty tbuunand people aaaaaib'ed Tli- eotbualaam waa wonderful \\ ben be landed al sunaet a aalnte wa? ired bv <b* U rnim At ttllerv The wbarf waa beautifully dr-orated. ,na ik. p.? - ??-> - ??'?? ?? w - ...aiiv ?.? ? wm letriM Th' Mayor pim<?ted nn address, but tbe effect t<( tb< crremonv uu ipvilfd by a mddri >b?wn Tbe Prince entered the town In a closed ctrrti^e, and wm escorted by tbc Volunteer Cava1 'v *n<1 a prorecston through tbc streets Tb? oriuuaenu d fla^f and ev#-r?jr??-n arbes ww m>|iltc? n The city i? illuminated to-niybt Ottawa, Sept I?On returning to ht? raudei . , the Prince held a levee, aad i ui)if number rf j^enUemea were present, bat no addnssti were ' made. The I'rlnce then lun< bed with tbe leyts liture The healths of tbe Uueen. Prln<c Co?ort and Prince of Walec. were drank. nod tbe Pri?<?jraee the health* of tbe Governor General and Canadian legislature, which waa loudly applauded The royal party afterwafds rode to Cband me Falls and the Suspension Bridvt-, wbere tbey dtarn on u ted , cot on a crib, and went down tbc ti n Kor ?1 yAm (kAn*a>il? *'K ? ? . w| b| ?mvui-wi mm VI pc '|iir waiCQiHg ill 111 dearend. woo cbcerrd u tbfv *bo* ptil The arene wu rather netting Tbe royal ertk got down atfe. and tbe part* were taken off In cnut* to an IsUad in tbe centre of tbe bay, near wbub the canoe race* were held Tbe river woa covered witb imail boata and presented beautiful spectacle The Prlnre took great Interest In the proceed ings. applauding tbe virtora, Ac. rrtnrae* to tbe city at aeven o'clock tn a barge apet tally prepared and rowed by all gentlemen He waa much pleaaed with the eveata ot tbe dav. Later tram Mexico?A Oroat Battle FtifklAiir?a*a Defeated aad M taadod?Uia Army, Stores, etc Captared. N iw OiLii.Ns. JSept 3 ?Tbe steamship Austin, from Krar.oa on tbe fttth, baa arrived, Drlaglnfc firn.uuoinap cie Tbe Hrar?? rtver wws venr hlgb, and aerlona f-'ar* were entertained of a destructive flood Mkxico Manv nf tbe principal men Lanta at Moateaey bad removed their efferta to Brownsville to avoid tbc payment of ttte new forced ioaa re tally proclaimed by Viddarrl. Sax Lotit, Auk. i6.?Tbe great battle baa beta fought at La?oa. and Miramon defeated F ading himself aurroundel bv Doblado. with Marly Hi.?*? men. Mirnrnm. with hia -2.IHK). endeavored tn cut their way through Dob Lad o1* linca, bat wan repulsed ai.a driven back to their entrenchments After dve daya' fighting. Miramoo. with a small body of cavalry, made their eacape. Miration beiru; btdly wounded. The re*t of bUfvrcc, at well a* tia artillery. munition*, and afcrea. were raptured by ti e Libera la During tbe euvaueiuent (reneral Pachnro wea killed. and GeuMejia waa taken prisoner Mlranioii ? retreat was towards the Capital There was a general rejoicing throughout tbe country. Later freas fcartpr. FnBTUna Poist. Sept 4.?The steamship Palestine. from Liver(>ool on the Zkl, ton< hlng at I ./inii/tiiilurrL' An tK?i aiiamS ?? ? U'-MUI'IIUVI I ? W1? ?MV ' ' CM 1>K ?* ?KiC -1M1, |WVCU here this forenoon. Tbe lll.nois arrived out on the aith Frudt aUm.ti ireadstufls duty free owing to Ibe bad crofis Prussia is increasing her forccs in BrsMrabis, and also h?r Mediterranean fleet Liveeiool. Friday morning,2Itk ?Cotton sales for iht week foot up 6:!.uio bales Middling qualities rul'-d slightly dearer, but tbe l?ad westber che?k-d bu?i; ess The sales of to-day sre estimated at - 000 bales, tbe market closing steady Breadstufl* Lave an advancing undency, and W heat arid Flour were somewhat higher Provisions continued dull, but closed steady. Cosols closed Friday at 92\uSM\. Arrival of the California Poay Krpraaa. Sr. JosErns, Sept 3 ?The Poay Kx press, with California adviceoto tfce Jid ult.. has arrived here I.lent. Need had attac ked tbe Indians la Ruby Valley and killed seventeen. Three soldiers were woundtd It la supposed that tbe route is bow fully protected and that the Pony Kzpreaswill mot again be interrupted Mr. Latham bad addiiwsi J th? Democrats at Sacrameuto, advocating Mr. Breckinridge. but tbe Breckinridge resoiatloas were subsequently voiea aowu Accounts from Oregon state that the Secretary of State bad refused to issue his certificate ofrlectiou to Mr Sbrtl as a member elect to the next Congress. on account of the election being premature nnd unauthorized by law. Rich Id m i nea have been discovered at Walla W ilia. Toe Fra er mine* continue encouraging . liuwnr-M at Sjui Franc iaco wa< steady bat lea* animated. Aaaul fttaifarat el CttUa Niw OtLBin, i^epi 1 ? According to the aa nual cotton ?uteni?t>< of the price* rurant, the export from New Orleans for the year aroouata to '2,211 UN* baWs. tbe value of whicb ia not y?t aa rertained Tbe receipts for tbe yeu foot ap .V?" bales, tbe value of whicb la put down at Kiy.'^O.iSW 1 he average price for middling for tbe year bis been Ht\'allc. Slock on lat Septem ber, bales. Maveaseata of Hoa W as. H Seward. * Albion, N. Y .Sept 3 ? Hoa Wna.H. Seward iiaaaed tbrou|(h here ou Saturdav evening A larije concourse of people were at the depot. Tbe artieal <?f (Via fra I > u-at rrnir tarfi hi- tha Ar4aa nf rannon and thesbouta of foe people. Mr Seward wai Introduced to the people by E R Reynold* aud spoke for About ten minute* The greatest enthusiasm characterized the impromptu meeting . <oi>g resaiaMl Htmulitu> PniLAn*Lrni*. Wept 3.?In the Flfl* Congres slonal District of ttalaSt?te the refobl cms have nominated Wm AV Davis. and the dmorr ti Henry lii)(*-raoll. In the Eleventh Dhtrict, John HmrLea bua been nominated by the demo rafe for Congreaa Fire la (lac aaati. Cincinnati, Sept 3 ? A M Tavlof A Co "a tan bark house at the corner of Lrui? and Liberty atrrt-ti. was destroyed by fire last Bight, loaafttt.MP, partially insured Ballunsrt Marksu. Burmoii, Sept 4 ? Floor cloned qalot but tirm with aalea of Howard street. at (w. aii ad vsneeof Pie ; Ohio mid City Mills are at M. Wheat r lotted steady; Southern white ft 40sl 7* Cora closed dull, vrbiie 74*75*., yetUi w TMTi Provisions rljst-d quirt, mess po k S10 75, Lard IV % si tc Coffr* rlofd ^uift at M)|aMic Whlafcy closed steady at 'Si^JS^c Flaw Tark Markttt. New Yobe, Sept I -Flonr Is Arm, State *5 SO aftj 55; Ohio S5 K>a#t, 16; Soathora ttSUa#* * Wheat active hut steady; cbole* Souther* wblie ffl t?5 Corn is active but has a dec It slag tonden< y; mixed 04aB5c Provisions quiet Whisky steady ut 22^c nsaaetal. N?w YuBs Sept 4 Storks .w better, Chicago aud Rock Island 7^*.; Comherlaod Coal Co 13, Illinois Ccatral sharea ~4\; do bonds 96 fc; Michigan Southern 42*; New York Central 84- Read, l 'P 45*; Hudson Klvor K R *6*; Cantos Ce. 19; Va. 6*8 91; Mo 6* 81*. WHLLLKR A WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family Sewlag MacklBM, WITH IMPROVEMENTS. which render them *beo'u?ty all IM eu be deeired, AT THE NEW AGENCY. . No. 346 PutiuT*v&mia Avsirrs. mm HA ??root. Proa |M to 91(H). Witt loatreotioDi (ree of ohvi*. hS-1m P. J. BtlMt. WOOD! WOODS _ m W O O D R* 8TOVE aat KINDLiftb wuuu.mwimi F Lot's *??$&&? S8ku,mo^ cJSLi^S^3WAbJ^. C7-_CMb paid frr >n ktadi of Gm. ? IV ] pot SAL*.-A T~r Of HO??ES. e).vM(?2venue?6lf5lSr?*??j Ml M V t(