Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1860 Page 2
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TflK EVENING'STAR. WASHTKGTON niTY: VTKDSElIl.U .September t, 19S0. Spirit of thr Mh?1>| I"re? The ('oqstitwtiop arum* at 1? njjtb that tbrre i? no difference in tb** aewttrnents of Hie Republican# on the slavery qnratlon. Tie ImUlligtnttT pcDliatea " A Friendly RemotiMiKP1' from a Mt^laalppi eorr?pond?iit, :vgaiu*ta rec?nt article In tbtt paper auggeating tLat the greater par* of the diaunion aeniimeut of 'he South wuto be found in tbe ranka of the BrerklnrMseiiiid Lane party. iTT Tbe yield of applet and other fruit in S "Hi,""* .? than it has bpeu before for many year*. J77- Advlcelrtom Kwitnor rtffii km that Mr. Crittenden will make a speech after that tf Mr. Brecktji ridge. , ? > * . *-i - - > Hj~ The Grand l odge of the t'nlted State*, I. O. <>. I'.^wUl Laid its annual imion in Nash llia, Tenn , remmendng on Monday, the 17th instant. ILT In N<*w York,' Ben Wood," so called? the Mayor's brother?has concluded U> enter the political arena, and run against Daniel E. Sickle* for Congress HI7~ A girl, alxrat si*t?en yr:irs of age, of good connertioDH. and owning considerable property, recently in Rostnu, mil oft" from her guardian and joined a company of prostitutes and thieve*. C^In Kanawha county, Va., there are five coal oil factories In operation, tnrniug out 4,sJuU gallons of oil per day There are also three other factories, the rapacity o! which hsve not yet been tetted. 7*~ The rollertlons taken np In the Catholic churches iu Bait; more la a Sunday for the Pope amounted to aome *lo,OUO or CtllrctioM for the &iOie object were also taken in this city to tike amount of about #1,5*w? ls?t*i Fi?ht ?The Fort Smith Tin es reports M .k* .. * l i. j _ _ ?' * iuii r?--l a ut; ui uriw rt u iur i iiutttiis I.fJT ^HlOSy II III * * and lb** K-tw river and a conipinyof the Mr^l cavalry, nudes ' UBiru iiJ of Caj>t. Carr. Thirty Tn dian* were killed. I?7*The i.oiutoa county Agricultural Falrcomnieiicr? it i.eesburg. to-day. The faciiitesoffered by the Alexandria. I,o :don. and Hnnipahtre Rail, road nm ie our citizens t# attend the Fair &ud return oti the ? .me day. The Fair cf-vses on Friday, liovt-ruo. Leichet will be present. IT?" Tbeiuna ft dtiw. rierk ot the Circuit Court of DcJiv;lle, and ?? Young. ? f Pittivlvanla county, had a quarrel in Danviile, on Satnrday last, during which Yuiiag struck Davidson three time* with a piece of plank when the latter <lrew a f lstol and shot him through the body, ltiliini/ him in*tanilr ??- ? "mJ ' IfT The Illinois Central Railroad, the resident directorship of which Governor Banks Las consented to assume, Is the lar j?*?t railroad prop erty in this coiitiufut, representing a capital ol more than HO.UMI IIMI, rovering a territory larger than the State <>f Connecticut, and furnishing dailf employment to Iw-tween three and four thousand men. ????????????????? v Naval.?The aumutr of in*n authorized by Concrete beitj^ now itt-iohed to the Navy. no outside enlistment* wiiau-ver can take place Those ship* ordered In commission will have to wait for the return of haiid* having honor able discharges. It is s..;d that a hill will be introduced iw*t session providing for the ad. dition of 4.UU) sailors to the service. jrj~ Dr. Ouiiii. health officer at New York, re ports the arrival of threr veaarls with seven ra?ei of yellow fever on bo.inl. Two of th - vessels arritt?d from Clenfimgos, and the third from Sagua Lm Grand**. i>r. burnt states that 6at>ua La Grand* snd Oienfnegos are at present the least healthy of any ??f the aoiitheru ports. Ia Havaua but few case* ot fever ?-x?st. In New Orleans, up to the 25th of last month, not a single case of yellow fever bad l>e*>n reported. fp* As we Lave before stah>d, a man named JjUdcvii- Juctilin Julius Tude was arrested in Wew York on Mondav while ntsnHinw i.w%v-(r,., into a Broadway sbop window, charged witb beln? a defaulter to tbe Russian Government to tlie amount of SlGG.OMi On Marciiin^ bis room at bis Lotrl. the ( Jcen found S50.UH>. cbit-flv in Kauiaa bank bills. The prisoner Is a fliie-looking man. and but -JG v*ars of age. lie is said to Lave fi?*d from Hr.ssia about a year ago. since wbicti tiiue there has lieen a standing reward of|2".,wki fer bis apprehmsion TIte important arrest was effected by tue detective police solely by contf trin^; a daguerreotype likeness of tbe prisoner witb tiie original in tke street, tbongb arlne to tbe fngit ve bod been previously jjiven by a Wall strw;t broker vnitb wbom be bnd bt-eu transacting some bnsinew. Frr>*unl. Maj Hen McC'nllocb, of Texas. Is at Kirk w&od*'. Hon. Lv>nwp Maynard andfarnilv.of Tenn . and Hot Mt Willie and fdioiiy, of Mits .are atf .Browns' Lieut Ky'vester Mowry, of Arizona, and Jndg. f A. KMl. c>f Louisiana, are at the New York Hotel. Cot. Winston, of Ala, was seriously 111juttd a trw days ago by being thrown from his buggy The ariTdc-ut u&ppened near blount Spring*. Ala Senator Jolin K. Thompson, of N. (accompanied by Mrs. Thompson.) Is here at the National Hotel. Mr T. looks In fin* Lealth. his many friends throughout the roitHtrv will be < ts^. to learn * Prw'.dent Felton. of the Harvard College," l?a? iavited the Hrinre of \Yal?-s to visit that in?t tution. Tte? Prince ha* signified bia intention ol accepting ILe Invitation on the condition that the visit shall strictly private. CaT.t?o*wfa Item? ?Prancisro papers of the -KM nit contain the following additional new*; The stmmer Soaora, which If ft Saw Pranci* o on the ad for Panama, took WO cabin passemjer^ ai.d in tlfc?sure?fT^i.Ooo of whV-h w^s for NeW Vrrk A'so #l2.t)U?l worth of Wufhtxi silver ore The total shipments of Washoe ore, nu*Uy within the pust two juoi.tlii, suiu up The n.ercliaudise exports of California. mostly In staple product*, dare January last, amount in TUilM* ??> ??.444) (???. ?U? fitr tbe eor* respond* njr period of Tbere U ve been no leading transaction! In the Saa Franciseo market since tbe la?t report. Uest braads of c br k i-t ceuu. in small lots to tb^ trade Boiler cot.tpiues to move freely at 4 furtber advance I ird is quiet; liaron *mor< - a* tire*. pork in better rrqnest; bams are looking up Coffee? Rio 15a!.'5Refined sugars are a trifle improved. Nails lj?a4\c. The receipts of wiiHit are large; sltippiug qualities still rule at about ?l 50 per 1U> lb* The fruit trade af Oregon bad commenced. Apples were worth *1 per bushel in the orchards, for sbl pment to San Franc'.s<o TLe farmers were " ? 1 A - ? ' ,,?uj iji me ur^r?i biiu ueMrrop ol wtmt ever grown <u lL.e ?LaU*. Brerkntrt.tie l>otnel??. and republican eluU were organizing In all tbe j.rlncipal towns, and rwb partv?l->in >d to b? tbe atmngest. The political newspapers here have mostly take* ides. aj?d. u f*t as rmr? rUiufd. stand For Mr, Duu(Ij. W, ?u? Mr tireckiuridge, 21; for Mr. Lincoln, 7; for Mr. Oil. -J. Tbe news from Hritisb Columbia is unimportant l>!?covf*ie? of s !ver mines Lav?? been made In the nelsblwliood of I'ort Hope, and tbe taw a baa ak.Ua assumed ?ultr an animated appearance. TIf \\ l.aoi: ti Hunt bad arrived 4 Victoria from New W est rt!-trier, witb**vljM it gold d*Jt Tue ne*s from F.'iUkr liver ihinet . oaUnura encouraging. 'i'llk k**tbn* " nuiiji,, A ima^V * ?? , K?q - ?n a It-tvr to tbf RI< b?-. oi)d Knqulrer that be h? termed aaa.i? w?rff 11 poo which hf can implicitly rrly, n^i la u*? tL m two uiontba the Great Kaatrru wilt i* I euWr Hampton KomI*. If ike ran get aut b a cao f?i*M tie pro full tutprrlfV' SLf will ronic prev uir?d. u#- ?lyu, if a<i< h l>e the wiah of the ?*ontbrra to fonv^Y to Mtlfxrrl Ifaren 3tl,0Ut> bal?-? ofcutlott, or M.*iUl houkitt aila of U>bacr*i,or 75,<*? bit re', t uf flour, or XC>,MA) bushel* of wheat of * mmh A nivd hfwever, will be j*eferv aklf i?>r pbiij reaaAM. She will al?o be in a rou? ciiiioo io ?t? ?tijoaaw nr?t-rlM pas*tn."-rs. etw? would remain at Hampton Ri/ul? t/-a < ?* _ j.' Di*cov*?\ or a Nicvr Color ? A letter frota I Ml a R?*w < ?ior Uaa k<?n dtvov-r?.i, I mdacrrt f>>m ro?l tar It la raited dtantfclre. and ?*r1ea from a drtp pnrple to *11 tl*e <4 bright r<Mf ,i iA ^ . ,* f ! ' ' " wa*hih?to* news and nossir. N?w Yo?k Politics?A delegation of New York Breckinridge political leader* (beaded by Gideon J Tucker, who alao heads the Br<xJLuridj;e electoral ticket) art at tka National Hotel, ? . .? ?- - ? in ion cut. Their errand is. doabfleas, am* of j< onsulUtion with th" managing friaaris of Br* k-iuridine and Lane in this city, wi|k'reference to the propriety of acceding to the.petfHng pitoposi*. ' tioit for a fusion of the He^fcinr'd^tfon e InNe^r York with the already fuwd Bell and Douglas force? We trust that they may be unanimously j and promptly advised to make the arrangement, without which, there can be no hope whatever that the vote of New York will fall to be cast for Lincoln. We estimate the vote of Breckinridge hind Lane !n N>w<York at full seventy-flva tbouMud, a Uf higher figure than the managers of the i L . ? .( * A t _ 4 # ? -* i other wings 01 me opposition w> Lincoln are wil, ling to accede to tfceni But even if their ticket could poll but ten thousand vote* in New York, it la highly probable that those ten thousand ma}* settle the contest there We regard the combination in Pen nay Iran ia and New Jersey as having been thoroughly consummated, despite tb? pertinacious opposition of Mr. Douglas, himself, to that action on the part of his adherents in those States. But one tblng can possibly prevent its auccess at the polls there, and that one thing la thecertain effect of prolonged refusal on the part of the New York Breckinridge interest to tteeome a party to a similar consolidation of the anti-Republican party forces in New York If they bold out much longer, on tbem mtut r?>t the responsibility for the then certain election ot Lncoln by ti e people, with little more than one-third of the whole popular vote cast in his favor. Naval Intklt.isemce.?Lieut. Jahn N. ftfatht, commanding U. steamer Crusader, Informs the Department of his having raptured, on the 14th of August, a brig without a name, papers, or nationality Her slave deck was all prepared, and td?' captain acknowledged that he had been to the African roast for slaves, and had been chased ott by a steamer Tbe brig was vent In charge of Laeul Jouett, to Key West. The Lancaster. Sag ship of the Pacific squadron, sailed from Panama, August 24, for Callao, leaving tbe 8t Mary's In port. Gunner T. P. Venal.le, of the latter vessel, had been condemned by medical survey and sent to the United states Captain G. J. Penilergrast has b?en appointed t/t raliova It'lmi/.aflSoaf Ia? D ' ? *? *'? ' - ? . . ? fc, . . (Via |l . fltTII ID lur tulll" 1 maud of the llunie Squadron. He will proceed to tbe station in tbe IT. 8 steam sloop Pawiw, which will sail from Philadelphia about the 20tb Inst, for Vera Croc. On 1*1114; relieved, Flag-otllcer larvis will proceed immediately with the S*van- j nab to New York. Directions have been given to fit ont the aloop' ?if-war Cumberland, now at Portsmouth, N. H , for arvice She ia destined for the Home Squadron. and on reaching her station will be the flagship of Flag-otlicer Pendergrast. Tiik Cbxsts Ur.aEAP.?The organization of the Census Knreau 1? progressing quite rapidly. Al-1 ready a large number of returns have been received frura the various marshals, which renders it necessary to have th?ri>riui force appointed as soon ss it can be done with consistency and propriety. U is very important that persons selected to fill positions !u this bureau should be sucli as are in every way qualiiied to discharge the peculiar duties pertaining thereto. The Secretary of the V ? A I ?* ' * interior is wni aware 01 iu:s tart, and we learn hns instructed the examining board to subject tUow applicants wk? may be sent before them to a v*-ry thorough examiiwtion. and aelect thoae only who are found to be fully competent, with-' out paving tbe least regard to the political inlnenre which the individual may poMeaa. Applicant* are now being examined cach day. The hoard appointed to conduct the examination of th<we applying for clerical positions in the Census Bu'fsii consists of Mr Jo?. C O. Kennedy, tiie etflo'ent superintendent of the bureau; \Y. ti. inlick, Kaq . disbursing clerk of the same, and C. G. Wagner, Ksq., detailed from the Interior Department. Soiue ten or twelve gentlemen having pasted a satisfactory examination have received appwetwetile. and wtowd on the discharge of their duties. We are unable to publish uwiira ui mose inus appointed. Inasmuch as it u the determination of the Department to with ho.d the list until the entire foree shall have been ?. ice ted. Akmy Intklligbnck?Second Meatenant A B. Hrwdonatle. 6?b infantry, hat been relieved from duty at Fort iitiniboidt. and directed to report at headquarters, department of California. Company "G," Cth infantry, waa directed to proceed to Bentcia barracks, by order* dated San Francisco. August 4 By tame order Maj. W. S. Kt tcbum was directed to report to the commandi mr otlicer at Fort Vancouver, departa.ent of Oregon. Second Lieut. Wih Sinclair has been transferred from ixunpany K to company I); and Sec ond l.ieut. ?.*1'. Mills from company 0 to company K. Tin! has been ordered to hold lams-, if lu readiness to accompany recruits soon to '* sent to department of California. Col ,Joseph K P. Maiislifld, Inspector general, hisiimi^itwM to procetd to make au inspection* of Department of Texas. Brevet Col Harvey Brown, major id artillery, insfM-f tor ol' t.-Ulfery for the Department of the I'.iatand Texan, and Brevet Lieut Col. Naumai^ uiajorM artillery, inspector of artillery for the Department of California and Oregon, have been directed to make Inspection* at the various p?aU garrisoned by artillery. Survey or the Indian Rkhkevatiox in Kansas. Instructions have been given to Oen. Ward B. Burnett, snrreyor general of Kansas, to survey that part of the reservation of tbe Delaware Tribe ot Indians wbleb Lad not been conveyed by treaty, to aid in the construction of a railroad wet1 from Kuan* city, io that the portion of each Indian, in severalty, shall be legally defined Natal Okdir*.?Lieutenants Thomas O. Selfridge, Jr., and Edward P. Lull have been ordered to report at the Naval Academy, on the 20th inst., I f>r duty as Assistant Professors of Ethics; and Lieut. Wm. II. Parker for duty as Assistant P*t? lessor of .Mathematics. AB.oERCI OV TBK C0M?I?M0*M OV PULSIONS, lion. George C. Whiting. Commissioner of Pensions. has left the city on a brief visit to the North. K?v John Jiobb. the efficient Chief Clerk of that Bureau, has been appointed Acting Commissioner a<l interim. i ImiKKAKC IK TUB PfcC.-iUN UoYAI. Fa*II.T?> On .Monday, Baron Von lierolt, the Prussian Minuter, held a formal interview with the President, at which be annonnred the birth of a royal infant in the family of the Prince of Prussia. Hkai.ixo Wax Costkact Awiintp.-1The t'okt Odlre Department have awarded the contiart for aeallng wax to Mean Davids ft Co., New York. . Wakr*tt* Iucid ro* Arootr ?The whole number of warranta lasued by the Penaloa Bureaa dnring the month of Auguet, I860, la ilx hundred and flfty-tbrf*. * ira ... Tu VVvihii.-'Tbe (Allowing report of the wither for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the tfmlthr uulau Inatltutlon. The time of oheeivftd^u la about? nVlnek ~^rFT?MBIR 5. 19?0 N*w York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia. Ha. < loudv, wind 9W Baltimore. Md cloudy, warm. Washington, 1>. C loudjr, wind S Richmond, Va. clear, TW. Petersburg, Va. clear, TIP. Norfolk, fa ?....clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C clear, W. Wilmington, N.C clear, warm. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm Augusta. Ua. clear, pleasant. Havuruiaa, Qa cloudjr, 79?. wind N F. klM on, Ua. ..clear, pleasant. vwtumuui, 111 ? { .Clear, pleasant j MooUioutery, Ate <lpar,Lot. Jcckaon, An el??ar. Mat>VtK Ala elear, W. New OiWim, La clear, 81?, wind Itf f*OM TUB WIST. Plttebarg. Pa cloudy, 75?. Cleveland. O bazy. 7t?, wind ? Ottawa, 111. ..oloudy, 7$*, wiad 8 Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (roarer ted for temperature,) 90.H4: at noon, 30,113. Thermometer at 7 a. m., 71**; at noon, 70?. Maximum during 84 hours ending (i.m > 4*r>m , minimum <*V- ~ r Sca5 Mag in California ?A correspondent of ttar New YprklVecid, writing from San Francises on the I^UATAu^ut. say*: '-There is Utile local liews ofr ifftfrest fofcmv letter to-day The chief icpic of l*\rn talk tfcis week has ht-eu a cese of Kisdal 'Me grower details of which you <*tii * ircelv care t?i >uMlsh T he parties implicated i are D?ncau W.F??ley,* well-known hw|? of San Priinoiwt- -the?em#whose quarrel withjienator Br<>d?t!j|kl?4 ?b'the fatal aurl betwefci thCl I . t.f a' 1 J Ar*T?rrv ?and a Mr* F ill, fo^ftrl^B Lof Clic'.i i.*lV Mr. F?4|iMviiiL: become susShhm Fof WjOWed r ,1-vt4A rr-pvAblfe house, and in roqipany with \fr\eMr forced his way Into mroaHi therein. wMre hV found her In company WWf Perley Coth NrW? and the husband drew their pistols, but berore either was discharged. Perley suddenly rushed from the room and Into the street, leaving behind bim ma enure suit or apparel, with arm*, poeketbot>k. iSAHi in money, and valuable papets, and, after running ? block or tw#, took refbgo In a livery (table, where he procured a carriage and taftlo rob*, and rode off Mr. and Mrc Fall, it appears, are not to separate. but expect to leave for tfce Kttt by steamer on Tuesday next A story has been started by Parley's friends to the effect that the whole affair was a conspiracy, which If true affords no apology for his disgraee- It is more publicly charged that the supposed "Mrs. Fait" is not FblPfwITe. Wit a Miss Soaneiir, for "whose sake Fall' some time since abandoned his own family, and came to California If there is truth in these statements the facts will be known at the Kast, and the public should be pit upo? their guard when these parties 'return to your side of the continent {fy Denver City daWw to August 48 have been received at St. Joseph's There is a renorted dls covery of richer placer diggings in tfie vicinity of Fort Garland. New Mexico Several hundred miner* are on their way tblther. Accounts are exceedingly contradictory. Parties almost dally arriva (coat beyond the snowy range, moat of tbem reporting favorably. Nearly8,UOuCheyennes and Arapahoe Indians are about tea miles down the Platte, approaching Denver. Some of them threaten violence, but the majority appear well disposed An Arapahoe who speaks English, supposed to be Left Hand, I* visiting the ranches on rberry Craek, warning the owners against the KIowm, who threatened to cut efl the settlers, and. If possible, destroy Denver. The News Printing Company commenced ou the 27th the issue of a rlnily. Another dally pap=r Is to be started on the 1st of September by parties from Missouri. Several meetings have been held In the mountains with refVrrenoe to the formation of a government The general feeling among tbe miners la In favor of the old provisional govern* . ment, and there is some talk of holding an election under it But little interest was manifest concerning the Presidential election. Fob kio h Items.?It is confirmed thai garibaldi has commenced operations in Calabria France admits hreadattitts duty free. Tbe Times' Paris correspondent writes that lie learns from some official sources that Russia is concentrating r esli troop? in Besaarabia, and Increasing her naval force* in |he Mediterranean. Thf weather throughout France was most discouraging. Rain fell live or six hours every day. and the harvest must be very unfavorable. Produce was rtslng Lord Elgin and Baron Groi were at Shanghai Alarming accounts have been received in St Petersburg of the appearance of locusts in some of the southern provinces. The wheat crop has suffered. Tite Hon Trade?A New Featv**.?The Louisville Dally Journal says the terrible drought south of this, and the Wonderful hue corn crop north and west of us, and the facilities of our railroad counections. have made Louisville a great bog thoroughfare. Immense numbers of swine are taken .'rotn the regions of scarcity t-> tta'>se of plenty. 1. is estimated that at least l(H>,i;oO hogs will be taken from the southern states to " freesoil" corn The census taker has found a colored man in Washington county, Ohio, one hnndred and fifteen years old. lie was pnrcbsst-d at Richmond. Va , In 1TTC, by BUnnerhusett'a ::tfent, by whom Le was conveyed to Blanutrhn.vte it's island. ' whrrt- lie remained tintil misfortune overwhelmed his master. The old fellow says he reccvlei"* thai he "bad been twine to see de t^ala loug ti.ue 'fore de re solution war broke out." rVs=?REI.lU10UB NOTICE.?EMer Kemp of Ohio, will prea<:!i in Corcoran'* Library Pudding o' H street, between 13th an.l 14th streets. THIS hVEN |NG. at 7H o'clock. geatsfree. It" rf?=? THE REFl BI.1CAN ASSOCIATION 'I H will hold its regular weekly nu'etint at th * Wig warn, corner of liutiauaavenun and ?-eoonJ at , TOMORROW (Thursday) E V EM NO. at eight' o'clock. Mr B. K. Wiu|Ri> and others will address thi? mflf tinir Tho mil.! r> ?.?? -- r ? ? ??*' f ??.V wv >??v ivcu. uv rt- fi Y^SATIp.VAL GUARD BATTAMON. LJt ATTENTION !-You will meet at the Co lumbian Armory THIS < Wednesday) EVENING, 5tli instant, at 71* o'clock. Every member is expected to be present promptly at that hour, as business of importance i? to be brought t>efore th" B.tttaliou. By order. Major JAS. A. TA1T. BEN. F. LLOYD, Sec'y. If V4P-ARMORY A AND B COMPANIES ? L* BATTALION WASHINGTON LIGHT IN FAN 1 RY-Pkis aSeptember 3d. laon. At i meeting of companies A anil K ol the Wash lDtrtoo Light Ii.fantry iia.tla.ioi;, held this (into, the following preamble arid resolution were unammoiisIjr *dopt?*f: Whereas it has pleased an All-wise P ovidinee to remove from our midst our late friend, associate and member, Hesky B. one in whom wer? centered those qualities that endeared him to ail who fo:med his acquaintance. His long connection with this association gave ample scope for iu*t Ji? crimination and we ran l>ut speak of h'ini & one who acqnireil, and justly deserved. the name and genial friendship <>f'his associates*, Bowing in submission to His iust will,we t?nder our sympathy to Her who in her loneliness fuels keenly ana deeply her b reavemont, an'I to the parent*, sifter* and brother of tlio deceased our deep rfgret that another ul' thti r ties are dissevered, another of their e oup is gone, and they again weep over the grave oT the departed. Therefore Rttolvtil, That the armory he hunt; in inourTiiii< for sixty da> k, and that th* l'ore?oin< tin communicated to the't&mily of the deceased, aud the same hi pulihshed. By order. It PHIL. J. ENNI3, Sec. ry?DE.M P8EY 4 O'TOOLE. lL3 weduing a\d visiting CA.HU ENGRAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful sty lest 326 Pa. Av., between ytu ami luth t>ts , - | au 27-6iu WAsamcTof. I^INE PIANOS POR RE NT OR S ALE, ' 1 At KI.I.U'9 VI Manic received tri-weekly, at ELLIS'S. Melodeoc* and other Instruments fur rent, at se.S ELLIS'S. JOHN E. SCHEHL, Tkachkx or Music, Inl irmn his patrons that h? continue* ins Private LfeKeons in the city the time ho is not engaged infa at the IJnion Academy, corner of 14th st. aotlfcjnft New York av. Orders may be left ^ th*7*S^ Academy or Metxerott's Musio Store. se5-3t* ^ELIZER WAT KB : ^ SELTZER WATER! SELTZER WATER! We have to-day received a fresh supsly of Seltzer Water, in baskets, direot from the vessel id which they were imported. KINO 4 BURCHELL, se 5 Fifteenth st. and Vermont av. r | r? BA R R ELS FAM1LY AND KXTR^ MACKEREL, 3? box?* CHEESE, 75 bushels WHITE BEANS, , 1U barrels prune New Orleans MOLASSES, 2 d-. HOMEY SYRUP. For sale by seS-3T J. R. BARR Sc. CO. WASHINGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE, iUH (} $t, letwem 17/* and la/4 ftt. The Pnrpipal is plea*"! t?? j^nnounoe to her patrons ami Irieitds that the Rev. J A. Hark old, D. I II ft.Mnlam I" > 1 ' r,.?u ....mumj. win kivh r?i{ullr instruction iu Moral Science, Latin Tongue. Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The other department* nf study will lie under the constant and direot supervision of the Principal, who will devote h??r elf personally to the improvement of her piipils, a detl by competent anhmtauU. A course orleoture* on Geology wi!! be given Li Dr Huj.*Tun. and j a oourso, with experiments. on Natural Philosophy and Cbauustry, by Dr. Harrou> For further information address Tug Principal, I Boa 7Qtf, Wawlnngton, D. C. It* "a nkw cook 8t0vk3 ^ jmji A M eric A'? (H*SIN, ?31 ' hk contin'entS? Together With an un<?gnaiad stook of all patterns COOK BTO V KB. PAR LOR BTOVKB. CHAM* HER BTOVKB. HALL STOVE*. Ao .worthy of merit, which will h* sot J at prices that cannot fail to pleas*. JAB. BKIRVING, Washington Stove, Grate, Range, Hot Air Furnace. Tin, Sheet Iron, and Japanned War? Manufactory, No. 'J07 Pa. av. and 11th s(, te.S o<>2w 556 Nfew RK8TAURANT Th? undersigned have taken.and entirely retittef ' the spacious iiousa 4Stt Seveuth street,a le^ door* south of Pennsylvania avenue. They resuectfulhriirrite a ca t froni their friends and the public who m*r deetro a pure article of Brandy, Vf'tnes. Whisky, 4c.. or Brown Stout, Porter, AJes and other Malt Liquors. from celebrated brewer#. Thoir larder at all time* utocked wuh Fi?h, KJesh and Fowl, served by an experienced cook. Th? branch receives our poreoiml super vision. Ii ritiK i Ku H lit WILLIAM RUPP, se5 eolw Proprietors. THKRK wYli* bJ^vwlUip^aV^ Hill, to morrow, between the hours of 3 and 9 o'clock, a Bonetoa Chowder, se4 2t HENRY WKLDON. English school, ~ " ( MALI and FBJSALX,) JVo 3Cff Maryland * . b*tv u/i ?J . The esAroiMPn of thia Soi>o? Rwa's?te:f,^ ? ?? $ Thk Datlisht Mktiok or Last NonHUi - | We hare received U%v\ Professor H A Newton, of Yale College, an* advance copy of hia article communicated to the forthcoming nuutlwr of the | American Journal of Science and Arta. on the ^ffiXr?aLT hl* towage tk???arth while tbt fu?- -.vac abJalti^ ?>Y ^ i St^?T\ ^ of?av. nnu ou puunsnea tbr tame in detail, for the benefit of science. " Of all the observations collected by Mr Marab. Prof Newton finds thuse reported by Caleb $. Hallowell. of Alexandria, and Judge Uoardman. of New Haven, Ct , to be " the beat for determining the path of tfie meteor throughout oar atmosphere." and lie proceeds in a careful If matarsd article of eight pages to discuss the various phemutin attendant upon lta rapid BWP the air, and its " treinendoua explosion" over the southern part of New Jersey The learned Tr?feaaor gives the " actual velocity of the meteor at thirty-six miles a second," and from thia and other considerations arrives at the interesting conclusion that it was not a member even of our solar svstem. bnt came to ui from theateltar regiona. H# adds : ?14 We have been accustomed to consider the solar cvstem as filled with small planetoids. millions of which each day come Into the atmosphere, and are burnt up/causing tbe shooting stars Now, we find that We must in all Drob ability add one. and no doubt Innumerable other similar l?cdits, to the stellar spaces. It opeua a new view of i reation r Nitwabdly Tribute ?it is some months since John Brown, jr , applied to President Geffrard for aome account of tbe enthusiastic subscription of tbe Uaytians iu behalf of his father's family. Tta?-sul>scriptlon baring been closed. tta* entire fund if fonml to l>e Sl?4.50 The sum does not even at lint sight impress the reader with a sense of its magnitude and liberality, hut when we add that (tie dollars in question are of the flsytien paper Turtertrw, earli worth no umre tlian six American cents, and tbat the grand total i? actually only flertn dollirr and Keren rent*, the tplendor of this national testimonial may be realized. EXCURSIONS, PIC N1CS, &cT' JJO! FOR THK MOUNT CLARITCLCBT The THIRD GRAnTTCOTILLON PARTY of the > MOUNT CLARK GLL'B , jf wiil take I'livo-i at *tott*a halron Heptennbar/^^. 36th. Particulars in future advertise -enl UB K\ oritur nftliM < lt? I CIIUUITTPE PLEASURE WITHOUTNEGLECT.or BUSINESS. OHANB MOONLIGHT EXCURSION T? BLVMONT, .... On THURSDAY The members of the EAST WASHINGTON QUADRILLE ASSEMBLYwould ^ respectfully announce that thev fivo a Srand MOONLIGHT EX ? ? C URSION to Bl.YMONToti THURSDAY EVENING. SAptom*>erft; and they would aim ?tata that no expeniie has been sparad to render this a pleasant trip to all who mar favor them with thair pre*???*. t he steamer Thok. kr lias beea engaged and will '.cave her wharf quarter of 7 ; Blagilen s wharf, Navy Yard, quarter of 3 . Alexandria 3}?. , Coaches will leave7th st. and Fa. av. at CI*. l'rof. Schrooder's hra?a and string band ha? been endued. Tickets 50 cent*, admitting a gentleman and ladies ; to he had of the Committee or at the boat. Committu of Arramtctwn'*. lames Kenton. Jas. Mathi?son. John Lansiey, Frank Thompson. N MoNaWy. Jos.H.Pegg Sam'l Howell, - ?eS-4t* AJHUSJEMEJNTS. W T 91 A N, tfhe HigltlaB and TentriUqnfet! SIX NIGHTS ONLY. auo. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERN'NS. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. COMMENCING MONDAY NIGHT,Sept.!!. autl ?t ^yASHINGTON THEATER. Sol* Lets?e and Manager S. W. Glkx*. TillS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n for the r^rular Fall and Winter Seaaon on the night of THL'RS1>AY. Novixm In. JOSEPH JKFHKRSON. The Coinediin of the A?e, will covtinenoe sn ?nKarenwitt ?Hf Two ve Ni*ht* ??n MOND.\Y, November 5th, &i.d wi'l bo followed bytho nmst HHII.I.UNT ST A KS lit the Theatrical Firmament. irr Communications if addressed to 8. . Glbnx. "Old Howery Thwater," New V'ork.will meet with prompt attention. au 18-tf PR EK CONCKKTS! D MOT f ADOTt ? ? *? ? " ? iniai uv/r<r ruriii| Xf W YOTK b ~ twetn 1 ft and id streets, wou>d respectfully ]flb state to the public thnt A CONCERT "ftfB SELECT MUSIC anil be given ever* MON- fBP DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season. at his Pavilion, oommonoiug at B o'oiook and ending at 10 p. in. Previous to the Conoart. the Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few honra in the mazy danoe. ICE CREAM. VVATKR !CFS, and every description of CONPECTIONERY always ready at city prices. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nw ?ur-, poses, are requested to give a day or two no tie*. je 18- Sin ??????^, PERSONAL. Dissolution OF COPARTNERSHIP. The late firm ofVsswin.l A Finch t* this day dissolved by mutual cousent. All business connected vritli the late firm will be settled by Mr. G. U. Van ell The business will be hereafter carrifl on as usual by Mr. G. H. Varnel!. at the old ktau<l, 31 Louisiana av. G. II. VARNEl.L, J NO. S FINCH. Washington, D. C., September 5th. 1890. MM - MM I.-1VCU -ill.t.n ? ...... a. n?v>u w ui ami yvmiMUO iu rifcuio the Graining, as heretofore. neS St rpHE COPARTNERSHIP Heretofore existing I between F. P Crotkkk and C. N. Kror.HR, under th? name of Crockkr ft Ktalir. is this day dissolved t.v mutual oor.sent. All debts for or against the firm will be nettled by Win. (!. Crookrf and C. N. Hurler, who will oontinue the business. F. P. CKOCKKR. CHAS. N. KUOLVR Washington, August 27, I860 se 4-St* A CAUTION. T.L Persons are cautioned not to receive or nefotiate eleven promissory notes dr^wn by the soL? ciibftr U> the order of J. R. Wroe, dated AuguM 1st. lafri, for $26e?oh. exoept the la*t, whicb is for $JU, payable r6sp?ctively 1.2,3, 4, 5. C, 7.8, 9, lo ana II months after date. The said notes having be^n obtained from the subscriber improperly and without consideration, he is determined not to pay the same. se4X* WILLIAM IJJNfcy. PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTVRE EVENTS. IT will be satisfactorily explafned by a her residence No. 33T C st , between 1st and 2-id sta.. Island. Consultation fee 25 cents, au 25-l3t* ADAMK FKMX, FOKTVSK TEl-lER, from Paris, informs her former l. ,4uds,aud the public ^enerallyt that she has removed to 461 Tenth street, between E and F. where she will be happy to see all who will favor her with a ?all. an 13-Sw* MADAME MORRICE, THE GIKUT Astrqloi"l oist and Doctrrks, jtulfrom Europe.?T*i? highly Rifted ami intelligent lady o&n be oonsulted on the Past. Preteatand Future Emu, Call at 486 SEVENTH STREET. A beautiful assortment of GOLD PAPERS, witfc a varied slock of medium and low priced GOODJV FIREBOARDS. PRINTS, PICTURES, CORD and TAbSEL8,4c., remnaaU of low priaml PAPERS.with ? handsome stock of WINDOW SHADES, at greatly reilocad iinoei. (miors left for PAP^R HANGING* ana WINDOW SHADES satisfactorily executed with skill and dispatch in city or ooantrjr. Please give me a call. Don't forget the number. JNO. MARKR1TER, No. 486 Soventh ?t., 8 doors aliove an 27 ?o6t* ~Odd FellowV Hall. F"~ JUST RECEIVED, OUR NEW BTVLfiS GENT^ FASHIONARI.V. OH HAT- ?: ? ____ _. __ ?? wt w mi nii|fruv0U Leathern, rendering them easy and pleasant tu^L til* wearer. At LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Emporium, 424 Pa avenue,near 4H at au ?3-eufit (SuteaACoii*.) WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT OFFICE. 1 Wamiikotos. AufuitSi, IfiW , Hxai.vd pkopo?ii.* are invited for oompletinr th? brick work of the high-aervioe reservoir or-tbfc Washington Aqueduct, at the corner of Higffand Road street*, Georgetown. Plans and apccificaticna can be a?en at this othce until Thursday, the 6th September, on which daV,. at noon, all proeosala received will be opened m presence Of bidders. Proposals nhould he endorsed "Proposal* far Brick Work," and addreaaed to Capt. II. \V. BEN HAM. U.S. Engine**, ' Chief Engineer Washington Aqueduct. I . au 31-dtfiSep i 1 coii. r?rt. * UST Received from tLVjMVrTni* OilI Company 511 barrel* prime PARAFINE COAL OIL, vhiph it warranted equal to the New Yoru or Button oil. She trad- oan tie upplteJ on the Maine terms ** a ar N-",^>>.>. We and SpelW* that were damaged a little bjr water in the steamer from New York, which will Lie sold for ha'f tho usual 'riyL4NCH4?J) k j*oHUN, 4 Corner llta Land Pa. ar. LL THE BOOKS USED IN THE FIBI/IC A.^hool^aiid Private Aoadeaua* ta the Uute* WANTS. ?cm!> no'1 help at w*-ji%jLTAJI fKD?A ftintnlfto' tpK or Kuc'i*)i WO'W^umtr* Ap?** at K?lor?in*. tlTtt'TF.D-BratrungStn. gl " ! < A I K i .?ikrn*ii 1 t 'I* E9u^a? ,,rl * ? rt,nE. CrflM t-iii r.f r?nc? tiv.-n, QppHi tie S !\r < >!v , B?- to If >LrNK*y^VANTK1)-T?1' 1?,t^^FTjiiict two activ* Hny?. alio ut IS yearn of Apfr* at the .Mount Vernon Factory, near the railroad depot. m 5 a' WANTED? B? a retpectaMe woman. a SITUATION a* cook, waihor and ironer, in a royprtstrtr rivxpe ftmilr Bu i?d raeommendati.-n*. ApplyVlor tw? daye. at No. 4*7 11th atreet, corner of fc. It* AftW INDUSTRIOUS A VD GO AHKAD Nouns Men will hare a fine opportunity >0 Rrtkiw ? MBtte. w eaiiiac at the Plum l.nnmiai Gallerr. Brown'* Hotef, *tV?* "" f"K . ^ ** JI. q. wAwror^iii. VVANTKD-A WOMAN, to sook and wash. at 1*4 1 st. tetwoen 30th and ?!st t* 4-3t* \17ANTED-F.aht??n royJ MINERS, to work on tnnnei No. I, Wsfh melon Aqosluct. N\ are* ?l M psr day. W4 M JACKRQV A CAVANALGH. WANTED?By > rw??cUbl? ?ounj woman, a <*! TVATlOfSi *< chainrieiinai I and assist with wawhinr anil ironing, or aa nurs*. Rate 0000 if rf^wrsd. laquirs Box 10. Htar Otfie*. ? ?-*t* U, AN TED 1 AlM KDIATELV-Acampatent and rHiahle horae-*lioein>r and r?nera ioMiini B ACKSM1TH. Applv atthe shop of D.<\N!EL MMJE9, comer Pa. av?nn? and at at. Fir? Ward. K4IT WANTED TO BORROW-Frotn to fortwoor three yearn Good a?e?rity #riven on real estate wwth at leaat four timasttM ainvnst. Address G. R . throsgh eity Past Ufto*. t ae?-3t* 117 AMTrn A M ? --r ? .?/ ?r% oumprini Iione nwa ?PP??_t ut those who ciin coine w?ll recoin mended. To such, liberal *t|N. No. 37 AO at. se I 4t WANTF.D?To rent br the je?r a small twe?tory UKICK ?r FRAME HOUSE, with four rooms, (for ft fftiml? of three persons,) in Georgetown. in % qui?t locality. A<Jare?a A. T? Kta*>i"'C terhi*, 4c., through Citj Poet Ufc?. . ail 27 8t* WANTED? H? ft steady ftcl mdustrious mfta, ft SITUATION ft* collector. Best ul reooa mentations given. Address M. C., Stftr Oftoe. jy 12-tf ~7s?T of VncI.AIMBD PACKAGES ftt the I j Otfaoe of the Adams Express Company, Washington. D O- to be sole for freight MM ouftrgea, if not imniediftteijf cared for, ^ tifcoftSfe H. BURNS, Agent. September 1st. laen. Aubin.N Li?4! ?, Prof Adauiaon. A Laurence, A B AlJmi, J B J Livingston, H B Anderson, J II >yncn,A Adams. J F Latrobe. H B Alexander, C Leonard, Rev C Adamt, F. C .idlioh, A (dm ? ftir* 0w L?wx,n. Sergt W Abbey. \Vm ,nomi?, M Ash?, W 8 *wretio?, CM A sobrook. lT R Laticlev.O N Addison, J W Long,SB Barber. Rev 9 Lambert, C O Ba Sard, H Longstrolh Rev L L Brunch, J \V Lee. Mrs M Brown, AH Lftng.J Printer, MD. Labsrre, F Barclay. A P Lawrence, Col Hal ...... ? A it a nrtna f IF sv<7 IIIWI.I, nMftlillNB UUCI. V# n Bott?, \vm H Wott, Col C H Krown, A Mrm, Col Bttiim, Prof S M Mol'heraon.J A Haer. Mr* M M&cK*;, JT Howie. R J MSP Ka'dwin. B H Me A bee. E Baud. J5r Macon. Hon C Bnrngid* A K Montague, K L Burn*, Mary MeCreery.PA Burn*. P Muldoon.Vt B'ackmnro. B C Mannypenny, Col Browne. M Morgan, E B Butler, R?v H II Montgomery, J B'Jan. E T Martin, DB BrnwTio. H P McKeever. A. B<>?sa, Win MoLo&n, W T Brown. A V McOaoken, J Hftrnaid. G C Mifoh?.i.AS Salter'\Vricht A Co B anton, B H MoCoUum, Mary, ihti.-w Bennett, CW Markley.T Brink, K H Mimatar of Peru, Byriwa, Dr i Merrill A Pearee. Cla.rk.BU Murray. T Coleman. C \V Morran, J B Cox. J h McMurrar, CH Coehran?\ J K Manniur, Catherine, Ci??ell,RST Mitchell, H Carter, C H Merrill, J H ?:;,rn?M HaA?--* Connolly, FC McKecny.G Chouteau, C P Mi to cell, A 8 Coleman, MrtM B Muixy, F ConcoIlT, 1 MoPbereon. C H Colby. PT -?. Mitchell. W F Cooper, Win Moreell, Rev J Cufiiw, Wm MiudeloU, M CruK?r, L Melntjre, J l rook. G W M McCarty, A Cnamherlain, J Mixture. Jno Cocker, J L Muatl. Miea K Campbell, J H Newbroe^h, J B I, i v* _ . i - wup^r, ji'im ii&i.or, u Campbell. T A Nioholaon,? W 8 Clark*, Miis J Oui ?, J O Crj'tchett, J Oppenh* liner, M Co!burn, JO oVena, J Coyie A Bro I'atei.t, Com of Campbatl. Archy Do ?io Cooke. J D Paimer, E Conrand.jC M Pvtfr, W D CrRiten, Dr w J Prioa, Mim Jenny Coitrai!, C M , Parker, OAT Cuiimner.arri, C W Patent, Com of Clap?, F; U Do do Co'tk.A P IK- do OoiuhnrtT, j E Do do Dohj n?. Col T J Do do ?imn, Felix Do do ickpy*, Mr Do do Dubou, Ch#r PMp<?r, Col J P ? Do Mons Pollock, K A Dm I. S I! Pantinria. fWun ??# Uevine. R J A Patent, Co? of Out, J K Patent Ofcee D^tauojr, 8 Perrj, rW Douelam, Moi; Parry. W H H PunUam. W 9 Patent, Com of IfA E. lancoiph. Col 4 J Daru, H W lodferi, i i>uoh%m,EW Ru?lio?,J Dliriajt, R p RottMxq. Owl J I)arbJT J 4 Son Rioh, G Vv* Dowd, K (or Douna) tid^eway, \V Edwarda, ? Robineon. Mr* A r D? ?r J S Row*. Hpenoer ?aton, ?. t?*d, Imu U, lahardoon. F Kdelinan, Mr lefciacQn. faV>". J laeppcrd XV m Or Stuart. Re* I) C Kngdelinne. J I) wtrlHvaii,) Pra?*r. J l Stoat, N B Farmer. MO Seward, J L. Pr?ooh. K B 8e?pL Dr Ford, m n H PwM*on, 8 XV S^ecmin*?H FarTey, Mr? J Mirnu, M ? I Fr*ip,Frrd Stone, H Fuler.GC Seibert, 8 Farriij, J 8kmnar,4F Finckle, Rey 8 U gf?u?ar.6o*h J Stuart, A ?ri?n. FC Sommor.j U Gi&uibaotian, G Safe, F G ivaueer, S Sorantoi, J H Schroder, A Gillie, B\\ Stevene, ? K Gdsaett. Mr? Steven*. G W Gazette Office Sullivan. >{ 8 Green Fro' G W Sarder, J Gniiivs, J W Smith, W bard Mr, A W Mutton, C G&tea. Mr# N Stephene, Alex 8ibin, VV N |w^d^fr*T K K Stone'hapt C f Galce, Mim Shoemaker U 1 ,? D Smith, 8 C Hummell, John Itavinitur. J MATHVi Tun.i.K Hunfent, J J i)i, Hib>b. R n T.u. n u K"r:Vi : S-wi* ?"?. is!?.## ftSil Hankneoht, ti L Thomas, II M Sammer, M. -' 'Jkmbmub. W ea'd, J T TSnSSf fa Hoffman, C tio? r. Wd Horning. l> afl. P S B:tt,r4VvK jfsA* seek-h'1 ferrw Hamiay, Ffter J [juwiii! T Tfcjlor, w u Hunter, T , Van Vtat, K F HirUhorne.J \oo Herr, B Wlllntm*. Miu E Jones, 8 WriidtW "frtf'ff' 0 WftiUoo, Mra M JWP While tier. J ii 4anj^,FI. WiUiSnt*. J Jsclmon, T B Wemmica. J Jore*, A Wookter, J R Iveraon. Bob 8 Do. Jones, P Wnmt. a B Johnston; Mn 8 F Win, W H Kidder. B A" Wykcff.W O #??'* ?& weitejoao K? r- ^sarv-e 1B&I US*. m^sMIIs I ggjgag r?' M?r yi*cr?w* oai*s. first wr lit A. GRKKN. At*tliwMr P^XTK^iUVh. bALK (J* LIlJUoK Kb I AB ID L!?B*IKT At ArfTHiy.-On MOMV\> . Ull *1 d?y 9f a?f t?ihor. >i a j ?'oU ck > ? . I It tho at'>r? of John t-'rolojiok (?orock?, on ftroaoo, botvo?L 1H *d?1 M ?tro?U. No. IP I, tb? tkol* of Hi< Mi'ak kul UbiN ti? { Fill# Cofr AC B?Ai QlM. uf'rMi bruxxli of WhrakT". P*n. ud oU??r WiCM. C>?iir?t**i Hock Win* and AS?ni!J, WofftftBohio^Mi Mi.ftfM. thft/r* Mid VtMgt', S^^afate'feafe.Two ttkov Wiari?*v?MKl Blor* PlitarM, A>4 Mi! otkor irtiotM ak?k T* it MWI ThVfctirt1 V?WSX* la p?rtic?!?r,y otllod to ^ffbnw' ** ^ia??3ar itarCaS^Mp Mi otTxeiodim f ?f?, ?TrtSta?T> <Uj?; ovorfviT? tot umMBI ?4a?Mor*??rovo<l MdorMd loUa ct'thp abo v kb ale will be co* tiavml this day.(tm?im,| 8?jtm?ur ?ck,m 10 o'slook % M., with m riMllMt MwrtaM of beWw tai l?r?? kuortm't or ci(?n. *? poocdj r?rj tunrtur I'kMM. vitb ft tare* M*ortn?Mit ?f ?U?r *rtic.?? ?kiik v* 4mm tiMMMtn toMawtM*. Min ut toiNiMri in n^ntMy icnn4 U> u* m, h U? ?u>?k nut to u? bui d*r,?(d the vill M wall vnrttTtkurUU?i?i. ,.ej.hats8sivs4ki^l?st,^ . y.3. .f u. a.Br waul* ba.enard,amtiqbmr*. Continuation sale ok pancv and stapli d*tgoo??. miluiiht, tira*iw?. at, n vrsim * , mm mm Ht,iM lo o'tloak. w# will onUnue U>? ? !?. in tr??l of tha Am*i?b Ruuui'.ul Kaaof tiiJ Htp.* Dry Goo<U. Tim* r*mttna Boftold % larf* ?U>ck of? E??t> r?ri?ty ot C?jioo, lava*. If ovaaaliMa, ttuaiUM, Limd ud Uuxu Driluac*. B^*b??J WfciU TvUM Cotton*, M&ra^i'lm, VVooImi FuuiU, Woolra lad Cotton Hon?t, Ribtiona, Ho vara, ud other MitliMrr Sooda mmd Trinnwnga, Wita mai.j other Good* not her* mtilio?U. Trrtu cuii. It WAli*. * BAKNAKD. Atiata. By J. C. MtGUIKK A en ? OTOCKSJ AT AUCTION Ub ftli&i AT, A action k?vm?- wa ? Naut Mli, lb BMut* to emit? #l,*w ^Corporation 01 IV a* Mug ton t^aarlarli ?C i'.or a? ration c.f AlfuWm Sanrt aantral Dank of the Old Dvbidiob Btook.. Term* oaah, m correct lands jw6-d _ J O Wc?UiBF. A CO.. Apof By WALL A BARNARD, Aaetionaara. l^XECUTOR*? SALE OF HOUSEHOLD A* A?D Ritchm FT*JIITC*? *T arrriuH.?On SA ilk Da V MOKNINU. It* *?Maait>a-. at in O olock, wa will Mli,?a front ol Ui* A uvt??n Ruont, a i*uera: a??(wtiruut of exoellaat Hobmiio d FaK attar*, tha cff?ct? ??f a family dee'mint fcouaakoaf Makotaey S"lia? Caatar, Rouad and Stda Tabiaa, D ' P'f'Ci, and Cua*? Hedataads, Da. War'>?a tnp Waahrtaid and Mat-tar*. Uo. R?k*rAiaan HaUo?r and Eaa? Clairt, RimiInI Faatfcar i*a*a, t>K*ul ai><l 41 air Mat Child*?-*aSofan^1 Haram and Chain, t.1o?k._ L.ounc*a, \\ i .kJ a ?| Cu*-?tl Cfc* r?, Bedot, \V*rSrob??. ' WoiW MMl K > te M*, H tM? H?, A (>esb?B.?u M<1? I^dr ' tffeitil*. Alae, m ?MO(uueBt wulow Bmu-u. Jara m-i many uth*r utjc! e.. ? * * ? nu T*mm cash. _! ** WALLA BAR MA&J). AucU. 'FRimr SALR ?By nrtee of a 4o*d of IrMI 1 from Itim >kiduior?i'> tlM andar?i(M*, dated Auiuil <*h, ai d r?oord#^ tnu>ii| Uie wimI records of Wuhm<ton oount*, lhsirict of Col tun bia. th?-re will b* a re Vw at tb* mm of Rlevrntk etreet. en MoNDAV. H?H*inMr 13 w'olwak m., ol tfce following property? Oae tMoir teme Bjatat?>4.t Eft) f"?t >v>0(. One Nnf about one hmdrwl ini! fifty fathom* ?nnr and about twenty foot doe*. A ad v*n mm of Seir.s Rope. T?fbi oaea. Mid I). L. 8MOOT. Trustae. THIS AFTERNOON * TO-MOKHUW By TH08. DOW LI NO, AmUomt. HANUSOMK KURNITURE AN1> BOtrpKK?ari*e Kmc** at frtui alctwh.-oa TUl'RSDAV fcOEM^, iNitenkw bu. at lo o'clock, at the r*sidrn?e at Dr. T. T. Mann, Pros nm etro*, Ueefzetowu, I raaW e?R his eieeilent ?2d'wm.Tu^ Covet ad tofea. Arm, Kaar and FariT Chain. K'egant Ru???uo<l Ktrgere, M?rMe top TaMea. Gilt-frame Mirror*. Ya^ae ana OrjAawuU, Handsome OrnjulaCkandeler. Ve vet, HruMrte ?*>d I iifam Carpfts, Wa)n n*Di * ?m Tab!*, BaUarTrsr, Marb'e top S.<1eb?ard, 1,-ant e Solid 0?? i>minf Chairs, Clock*. Haadeome Go d i?au?l French O^iU Uitiner, I) Ertar.d Tea Ware, Solid Mtltuctu) Caaopj French, Cot'.a?e and other Um >t. ad?, Sup#T?v?i Carred Waluut Marb.etop Dvaein SetMTaTWood, MokocaoT and Painted Wardrobe*. l>r*MinL*?4 f a-n Bureau*. wmk.u. .i? r re urn unita and Granit-s T >n?t Sou, T?o eomplotf afti of Cottar Furrtturo, ' g^nur Car ad Hair Mattww**, Pailiaa. Relriaoralo', Moves. FiroU?ar4a, Ao., Aft Totethw wiU a (eueral aasurUuaci of iiitcLar K^umtn. Torma: $?> and andor ?Mk; owr tkttana a orouit of *< aiiO tft> <laj*. for aauafaotorily m?mmI not?*, boa in( iiitaraAk eo l-4_ YHOS DOW LING, A**. FUT^rRB DAyg Hy A. GRKKN, AuoUoueor. ON MONDAY. S-pteu.Ur 24, life). we a fail a* inTrootuf the &r?iniM. i( t o'oU>ok > a ,iu G.HI 1 ' * ' ? ? ' *' ' r. ?? w?> ??-i VI A UBW O! iniC If* trout TtiM- A. ttruvi au?i wife. aM?i IM'.h ttapUiv fear. ItJ. a>xl ic carded in Ub'r J. A. 8.N0 Ilk', alt* W> Ao., o a of >h* 1?BJ n?urd? o( Wiuhin-' ton POHnty, pat? oflott '1 and kniuiil for the tuif 40 tNl 3 iimm fr?n Uh> Mtfcwfel ourMf of *?iu iuiij<ui? U*aor Ut ob a ha* wiU? D atraet aoutk I* f.?et; th*a<v worth *7 fn??t; Ihaae* waat 18 feat; *h*r)oe aooth Tu faat tfi tfea ?'* of tafuirjai. tuf-t*?r with U? " oua*iaUaa of a twa-atori fraav* boa-* with on* ?torj baci haildin*. *Nn*?:One fpnrth Q*ik. (tea b* ar ?a<?*, U*?d 1 18 ?K>atba. altar daj o/*a.?- with n t?*??>cared U? M ?( lr?*| m U* y<?ia*?. If tUa t? uii ui *.* ara mot aoma.iMt witlj within ftve daja alt-r the day ofa*:etl? treatm reaarva tiia ri*ht tu r??ii ik? i property at iM rmk ani ooal,altar ftaUC OM VMl'l *M ? '. nraTs.?S8Sft0ov|Tr? A. OKKF,^. Aaat. By A. GREEN, Aaotionaar. rkFBIRAHLE IMPROVED AM) VMM ft9 ruvn Ptomn at Pnur Kalb?For !* at tfca Auboi Mora of tb* anUarat?aed, aomar of hv?DU atraet ar??t and p atraat, on vvr.UMiHDAY.Uafrh of s?pt. mlxT next, at 5 o'o'.oak f.m., tHafaltoviat I ??a: I.ot 4, la t^aarr #*. ^?!ol|Dlaaar*^*?. fort of Lotla.hi^auai* 7?. fronting 8tMt US a*?a> wa Kaat Capital atraat, iaproTn* bj t*<> "^T&U ?rop?rtj ta vithla ?he ar?po?ad aitaeait'B of tha Cayito) foarria. Tit> par f et. Tarn??: Oaa fourth caati; U?? rraidaa id 6, Wand 5fl5*A^MJUPM[w. Amtmm > ? ?u?i ut m> ifronwr. 11 tt? iwih of sal* arc aut MtMhTiMl with within ? re rfara from 4lf ofHUtiM property will tM rocoid at Utaoit of ig rOntlff an 27 Sta'wgwfcdg A. GREEN, km*t. rkEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. m-r rtvum Orrm, Aug Jl. J?T. Paalad propoaaJa will ho rwiv?d at thiaoftr# auf II v'oiuck at noon on tkm ?>Ui day of H?pte?i bar nut, for furiu?buif. lor llw km of thia ufto*-. ninety corda of l>aat (fry hickory wood and too ?ord? haat tak^r'a ^iM vood, foar M ia lonrtfc. to Udahreroii and cordod on tho ttagginf on tko waat * fiwal of the Patent Oifioo KutUHug <> > mUi *Ur?*t I WMt, of or t*for? tb<* fcrat ita> of Octwbwr Ml. 1 Propoaala atioaM bo ad.lroaaod to tli* Oommiaaioe or af Pooaiona, aad ai.?lur?ad " Propoaala * : Wood." UKu. i' U Hliivii ? an tt-dlHapia . l <3^?>aa>oaor. W T BAT EMRlWteeS^h^Uati ant *t cor &?& xsx: x?%fsf? *?SE * ?. "- " MI i wvwel r?M? Mtk? >!*?? vttwh T? Ma*ty>QT>M lo*"u** OKNT?' liAlS, MlRcK or WAI.EH HAT. (M madiam \V WtoaS O< Pt??li. oiJT uJ I fca?a?Bia??r?. Cmu* PimhmW. ??w ?!? n??? I a3^g%ggV^ J I WIU> ?,M y OUAVII SIQNAL^ HOgJI. fric? f>5i, J& i [ Ml MfcTZEEOTT, I k I I

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