Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1860 Page 3
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f L o t: A L NEW S. ] CjTT hur.^b Yiih '*ixk Is prl&ird on th" fiatfftt s'es w pr-? ia uss south af Baltimore, Its edition la so lar^o as to require It to be pat tn press st an early taonr: Advertis?naent?. therefore. tbould he sent is before U o'clock u> * otherwtae tbef may notsppesr until the next day. A' Noticw?District of Columbia AdY*rU?eaie&U. to be insert*! tn the Baltimo?* Sc* sreYfrtved ! at snd forwarded from Th* Staa Ofice.r- * TuCSTIR* Of tub Pl'lL U SCHOOLS.?'The* regular muntlilv meeting of the 'I roiteea at the Pub- | lie Srhools was held at the Alderman's chamber, i City Ilall, yesterday afternoon. Pr^-sent, Me?sr?. Why*:, AW. Miller. Irons .le, Wslrb, McKnaw, , WlUatt. Col Randolph. M H MiUar, Fort, and the Mayor. * \ : \ * The board rime to order. Col. Randolph la tLe chair. Applications for situations as teachers were received from Mary Hatch, Mfa TVlllett, E. King, K A Adssss. Margaret Gr??er. Ella C Maxwell. Sunt Uwii. Sarah K Reyno'ds, and Addle 'IbnauMMi; alt of which were duly referred. Mr Fort movfd that a romniHK be appointed ] to examine the accounts of the treasurer for tb? |j?t year: carried, and the chair appointed Messrs F??it and A. \V. Miller as such committee On uiotion by Mr Walsh, a committee, consisting of Messrs Walsh. "W'illett, Ircnside, aud M I! Miller was appointed to make the annual reuort iu conjunction with the secretary. Mr I rousiUe presented the following letter from Dr. C. lAKHiiis: , To the honorable ike Board if Trustees of the Public Schools / tne City of :?lathe desire to plsat before thr jjirL* of tbe public schools an incentive to Improvement similar to that prctfTed to the boys. I hereby re#p?*cWtolfy Wader to your honorable board a scholarship Ln the I.afavette Institute, said scholarship to )>e designated the " Lafayette Scholarship," aud to ex lena lue icrui 01 twc vesrs (rtm in* isi 01 reoruary, lstil, and to be bestowed according to merit, provided only that ibe candidate be of sufficient advancement properly to enter the junior conrae of study as laid down in tte annexed schedule. September 3, I960. L C. Looms. Count of Sr*rfy ?Sopbotnore year, tlrst SPSS'on?Arithmetic, History United States. QnimKtsr. Oeo^jupUy Second session?Aruuiuwlic, Physiology, liratuoiar. Composition. Jus.or year. ttrstaewsion?Algebra. Natural Philosophy, Rhetoric, Astronomy, Latin or French. Second ?esa1mi?Algebra, Cliemistry, Mental Philosophy, Geuerai Hi*tory, LatLn or French. Senior year, fi st ***?;on? Gtom?try. Geology, Literature. Louie, Latin W Freacb. Second session?Geometry. Physiology. Geology, Otitic ism. Moral Philosophy, Latin or French. Botany, P.n?(i fa connection with the above letter, Mr Ironside ott>ird the following resolution: it< satv'U, Tuat tb?- thank* of the board be ten* dered to Dr Loom is fvr tin otter of a scholarship In l>afavette Institute. ' ' Hemlvtd. That a committee of one member from eawU dittfii^ be appointed, who shall make the necessary arrangements for the examination, and conduct the male. K*soir?ix Tkat five pupil* from the first class of the fmial# department of each district school be elected to rorrpett* for said jcboiHrsblp. Alter discussion, tbe first tesoLition was unanimously adopted, aud tLe other tvvo rejected. And. on motion, the board adjourned, to meet is two vt eks ?f ? 'V A5CTUU LkTTKX ''ToVMT.'^It WOTlJd I seetu that Japanese Tommy" was not entirely a njfle hearted Tn nig love affair* while In tbia nty, bat that, like many oUera <*i hta sei, he dindrd bia'atfr-'-iiuns around hit fair admteera Here is another of fcto amatory ejitatlea whfeh we hare been permitted to publish: Wa*?ix?;to5, t). C~., Jttly '20,lt<H). ~M9 ? -Tovfit Miss Emily: Yon do not know hew sorry I am that I eould cot stay longer ai>d *azed upon your awertfacehow much 1 love yr?u I1S? yoa cinnol (marine how i rrled when I left waabftHfton lm< I erp? t to rettrrn bark Bo.tin uu* go luaciiooi at Aoapusu 10 suiuy ana u&vigjUioo; that is if Japan goverrnent give me order*. tbeji I.abaU fe-ad you letter to where you li ve, if I know I shall go to jour Louie to tee you udkia voui^Mi. Tmi pur ntuM on mv neck the medle In ?nm? night i bavf always worn it an your take and plav as god and let nev<jr lee tbem to any one in Miasllmilyl gave to you my likeness and J pave H only you. but voe gave voar likeness tt> jjh^ NaifiUra. It is vertj jealosy for me. be is a merried gentlmen and orthee eblldren at Louie, be will ao?A forget yon, I (ball never forget you; also yeu must not forget me ( have four kind letter from vou.aud I sbail keep it and read them verrjr often It will Rial* n e great pi ens ure If it, f strali be tare brand yoe sonte iwesents from Japan when the Niagara goes back to America. Please give my regards to all your tamely aud friend wbo enqure after me and bopiuK tbis will And quite well rind happy I am truly voar lwveh f.-iend, Tatbt?h OsofKto, "Tommy." Tbis Japanese visiting to united States was ex- j QWUiy pi TOTCUl UHirr. 1 s?*trd from the porgrandv there ia verry ailiera Me pitA-e no provision there Pht?;cal Taatsikg is Schools?Whoever wtil t-keifae paiua tu eumins int? th? physical conditio* of toe cnild'ni and yrath belonging to H>e nrhools of our roan Irvwi'w not fail to obaerve the many striking mark* of puyateal weakness and imbecility, and especially among fe. jnaica Aaa consequent of tLis physical friabiliiv w;il be found mental and moral inability The law* of our nature are so< h that a so jud and vigorous fptellert mint have a aoutid and vigorous b?idv to dwell In. There may be apasmodir * *faibitioua ol mental strength, caused by some unusual ot imuaLur^i stimulus. which Is, of course, temporarv; auA the superrli ial observer ma\ >i>n*r? an! wLair*evenf iirr. but >ncl> Lot-bed' pr^acllos?, rttu??i^h they may |>lea?e a murh'.d aed'un natural i?*te, ?r' by no meant iltilnUif. for lae untutai aiul ?eason?'??lf? product* of *^>uod mind in i sound oody are nwb more lilbly torteld pare ^rauflrntion Tbe ijrcat or*yr lie* In tbe vain off.irt tose?ure strength and proper development of mind at tbe avpense of tb?* bod/ ?In sicriftctuK tUe pb\sica^.power* to the claims of tiw Intellectual When*, better ;Lau in ot?r schools, can our youtb receive that physical train ? * which tbev need. and ranoot ^et elsrwbrrr ' A* snond ami b^althvdevelopment of wind depends upon tbe proper'Aevelnprnent of all lta farwUi?a, *u tbe body ii? ed? tbe full development of 11 Its faculties in order to fallllltabi^b functloo*. in every school there should Lt? a department for esltsthenlc and gymnastic exercise. npo tbe ? - < ??* ? a/I aaAilusn nl an ailvi JaJ O ** * liiuvk a^piuvcu uuu uiwt m pmn. ?u wf iwi ? the phy*ical demand* of onr youth, so that fhjpv idsv ccue forth from the itfbool with sound and bealthy bodies as Weil m with uiuhlf cultivated st ads TL* ble*alnps ( such a physical training cannot be o?eresttn:at>-d. and we are sui? that this feature la any of the schools, male or femate, In this city will meet with special favor. Txi Alix4x1 kja C?uktt Coi kt ?The < > &ztite avs The Couutv Court at Its August term fell accidentally Into an error In the classiH<?atlon of the i ustices At laat court by consent of pertfes, the classification was, to sortie extent, remodelled. We give kelow, for preservation aud reference, the nrnradrrl classification: January?W fl Fowle. P. J ; Turner Dixon, J W.MDWn, F.d Durcbrtl. W A Harper February -W. fl Fowle, P. J ; H. 9 Wonder, TLiCM B. Dawsou, C F. Wltmer. Sauiuel Beach. March?W H Fowle, P. J , W. N. Brown, KobertG Vlolett. J K JoUnson.C. L. Neale April?W H Fowl*-. P J., K F Witroer. R Brocket:. J. W. Nsll?. Tboe Smith Mar? IV H. Fowle, P J R. Brocket t. E. fiurcooii. VV II. Price, John W. Sojorner* June?W. H Fowle, P J , C. P. SLaw, J. YV Nail*. 8. BfUb. J . A Kngllab. July?W. H Fowl*, P. J.; Jamn A. Kngllab, R G. Vlolett, J R Johnaon. J. J Whnt Au^ujt-W H Fowl?, P.J; Thoiuaa Smith. Tuwi Dlwm, \V B Prle?, W S Brows. ' stepUmiwr? W. U Fowle. P J.; O. L,. Ne?le, R Brorfct-tt, W A. Harper. E. Burehelt October?W. H Fowl*. P J : W. B Price, C, P flbaw, T B. (Hwaon, Samuel Bearfc. Navcrolxr?W. B. Fowle, P. J : C L. Neaie, J A F.a*Iiab. H 8 W?o4er. J.j A'b?4... December?W. H Fowl*, p. J J VVTValla. W N BrowaR U ViolcM, Tbom?> ?o.lth. fkwro-**!.* F"* riLLIHS Lot> to aiatk a N#i? ?tirf ?For the beaeilt of the OmnMad* of aur lu tb* cUv, who aerttr ?e* any of tb*mirrllrnt political paper* of necfMarilf llm'fc"d rIty rlf. ulaUon. In wfaieti tfce ninnlclpal powers that, br, ?*-< i.t, ia their patriotic wisdom, to do, and to toN do??-, th/? corporaU*4) advcrtiaia^, w? inaett the follow.?k tdvritikMal jfratis: Offici tf iXe V^'fi^rr of ff'altky) Wu^iinji:a?. S- ^Uuiljeri, i^sCO J PropntU will bn K*c*:x"d by thr und*^ ^ned til Satardaf. tLa *0i intfeuit, at l'2 o'< lock M M for t4l1w? lota Nv? C. ?, i:). and 15. la aqnar* No, Ai to abater yvlttnrr. to he naid for In VrMlr docMabl* > UeB collected tif the corpora *4 on. Vro* 1 pwili wlU stite tb? price per cubic yud J or Elllav c?*e.-I?. Ip*#!u.i. c?n ol'Health. - - . | Powin* or Notaries Public?|t doe* not ?mib to be generally known tbat, by an irt oi tbe lest Con?fess, approved by tbe President June ??. MM, powr is referred up?a NoU/les Puldir. wU? in dulv qinilfted ?? sort,, to *Abiiaisfr oaths and affirmations. and take arknowWdf. m-j.ts oi deeds the ?itn* an eini magistrate*. Previously a doxl, to b? legallr acknowledged, reqwiied tbe slgiudare* <J two civil Justices. An*ir?? M Carter's wharf. toot of Thirteenth at , s--.huom.ra John UiUlmi",CloiB. Sauvertlea.w'rtto 150 tone of stone lot Mr. H. Ac gar j Wj?. DoAnrUf. Lkioarlty. fraw Philadelphia, with 11* t*S*?( ml fsr Mr L. Tbsnai; Wetlnquta. Mury do-k from Mar low's Bay, with wood for Mr T. {5. butler p??? ?g??p?? >. (COMMUntCATXD. j Edito* Sta? :?An old suhser ber of your paper, and atax-payer o<prf yrartoo??t Corporation, J would l!k" to enquire through $oor p?per If car Council* ajid Mayor have *Ue legal ri^bt to pdt(huf a set of colors for th?- New York re^ln.^ut, and then invite a committee of ffcvored citizen*, and past off their own number, to go to New York at our espetise to present them' If they ran do It by law ft certainly la not fight. I suppose they mast balfetpken an oatb to do jnstlee to the ell!-,, sen tax-pu-ers; but bow ca? any' set of honest men spwid ur money of oth<n for a purpose entirely out of our city, and with which thev bivenotbimr to do in their corporate capacity ? If they wish* d to w>ab?- a present t? tbat fine corps of cltiien soldiers why not pnt their hands In their own pockets, and get others to join them ? That would have beeti just and fair; but 1 suppose they prefer putting their band*, very unfairly, in tbe poc kets of tb?j lax-pavers Is thers not Independence and spirifenotwh in onr citizen* to resist thi* wrong and compel the Mayor and members of Council voting for thoae colors to ray Tor them and their expenses? I hope Mr. Carnal* may be called upon by a committee cf citizen*, and if unlawful, that tk? author* of the wrong be made to bear It. STiwp or Colohs to the S*vE*nr Bvgixist. Mr Editor Who iato pay thefrreof tb?"BUli"? 1 bee pardon?the bill of fare of tite well-aelected (M iiiitte* appointed to deliver I be ?l*nd of colora to the i*eventh Regiment of New York ? How ia H that several of the prominent ward* of the city here been overlooked In the appointment of that committer? Are the military of Washington to l?e excluded from the payment of their pra rata of the amount necessary to defray the coat of purfhtitii in/I iip^aai,>itiAn *1 ^1.1 an/1 * >?iiu pi?miMvi\Mi wi iuc?c ucauujui ?nu rwtlv flags, th?v are excluded from tbr committee ? A re there no good drinkers to be found outside, or !n any other place than in the immediate vicioity of the C>ty Hall? These maybe impertinent question* to those in autboritv having ttw control of the city treaaury. but nevertheltsa outsiders of tbia select circle would like to know how the wires are pulled and who pulls tbem. "USSOPHISTICATKD SCBIlRKAjftAX Pkopxbtv-holpeb." Xot' ?"The Committee" are to pay their own i expenses We b;?ve ewry reason to believe that any yentleman of this city who frit d!?pos?d to ktavchada place on the committee, wonld have I been ao appointed on aivnifying hla wIlUogntM ' to foot bis own bill, which (between our renders and the Siur) is likely to be a very atfep one At any rate, it will not cost the Corporation of Washington a sixpence We pnbllsh the above communications to enable us to make this explanation, whlcb la due to the many clever Jient.emen who form the eonanittee, wbo are not tbe men to aeek to have aurh a "high time on't'' as tbey are likely have, at the coat of others than themselves.?Ed ? Lf ...... B./. r . nr r a vun.a .u/vi * xi? r>?xjzjutc JWHICK i?CAg?lia ? Mr Theodora Frieland, who Lad served bis country faithfully on board one of Uncle Sam's war vessels, came home and received bis discharge, a.'nl at the Rime time several hundred dollar* as the reward of his services Theodore happened to fall into evil company, and in a short time found himself living at a bouse where the proprietress maintained an ostensible livelihood DV vendinc small articles in the cheap dry goods and confectionery line. Here be liked the fare so well that he gradually imbibed so much of the prevailing custom in this degenerate city in respect of stimulating libations as to render himself obnoxious to the police, and Justice McKenna fined him frtand rosts?a proceeding which Theodore denounced as subversive of the rights of a freecitiaen and an honored son of the nobie State of Maryland. He refined to pay the line. The Justlce'endeavored to convince him tLat !t xvn wrong to "pipe Lis eye"' by an elaborate argument, and filling to do so. committed the contumacious defendant to the w. rklimise for da^s Arriving there.Theodore reflected a few days, and ttiiii paid bis line, vbtiined a reiense, and went back to his Mary Ann. Here something had gone wrong in Uis aJtsei* e, autl Theodore gave expression t? his disgust in sundry imbibition*, intermixed with pugilistic experiments upon the person of hi* N'ancy Ann, which again made it mnnifcst to the otHers that he wai not a trne and faithful subject and an orderly citizen Thr-odurr a^aln made hia appearance before Juatice NcReims, who enunciated certain total abstinence priuciplesof a practical character to him, tbe point of which, however, the warlike Theodore failed to s?<* The Justice then lined him ?10 and coats, and Theodore discovered the point iu tka:, for be sternly and somewhat offensively rcfustd to pay it. 'l'he i^ood-ncturrd magistrate, with charai (eristic delicacy, did not pr?ss the matter; on the i'/nrtnry. aftpr some reflection, he had companion on his prisoner, and finally carried this feeling so far as to tender hiiu board and lodv|u? in a pleasantly situated aubur><un locality for ILm sotu e uf threw u.ouths fur nothing, an instanee of generosity, we ?re happy- to say, which is not unfrequcnuv exercised by all of our milntct^al judicial otficials. Much to the mag Is iravr ?nrpr.?r, t urouure nn^raieruuy rej?-cieu the benevolent proffer, but an lii er who w?? In atteudance h?-re 4ntrrpoa~d with soiue powerful arguiueut*. the eti'r-ct of which the akeptical pentleinan w<i? unaile to resist, and, ' convinced a^ataat his will," be occupied n vacant seat In a carriage which In dae course convev?d Li in to the country residence of Mr. John K. Queen Presbttkriax Tiikoi-ogicai. Skvjnary ?The Gazette of this morning contains a lucul notice of the failure on the part of the Board of Visitors to accede to the proposition of the I'nited Synod of the Presbyterian Church trt locate their Theological Seminary at Charlottesville, and proposes Alexandria to be selected a* a suitable place Most heartily do we unite in thin suggestion, and would urge upon the friends of the Institution to consider the art vajita^es that our city presents for such an enterprise Various plart? have been stig seated, amomg the rest, we believe. Lynchburg, Staunton and other plat^a. But none of them apjiear to preseut so many advantages as this The }>opnlation ia greater than any ol the plarea :i i?i'?i and the fact that we have here a flourish ins; society of that denomination would alone ?rm au iuducenu ut. Rev Dr. Hryd. in a letU r U> tiirt ministry and '-burrLit* in ? oijnertion with the I ntted Synod of the Presbyterian Church. report* 970.00(1 aa already subacribed, and aays tbi.t j?llm.(*K) will be required to erect the nt*eas..rv buildings Tbia ia a southern enterpriae, and aoutuern men are tbe principal movers in It Let li?? ieaiiuary be located here ?Alt.r. Senltml. The Cor jit* a*i? t*s Coi.ohku Population ? Tbe repeated diniiirbanre* uua r.x>U on tbe farms and roads of tbe county have at laat aroused tbe CprOPfTtV-owners to an effort to prevent unlawful th?rln^i t" *he ronnty limita Veaterday, Col. ld?n, baring derived information tbata crowd waa to aaa^inble in tLe vicinity of bia farm in tbe afternoon, gathered a po?a" of oobs&bles and policemen and went out for tbe purpose of lading th?m iinrlflr th? laur t\i Min ? ?- - -m ? ; ? ?? inuuil ip such gathering Arriving at the spot, the pone wax lufoi toed that the gathering wwj pU-nfc fur the piup?M? of making up a fund to establish a free school fur colored children. under Ibe control of Catholic teacher* As there waa no disorder they were permitted to remain,with a notification that all such things must ceaae In that neighborhood for the future. Layiho up rom Wintzb ?Yesterday a descent wis made on the Government fence on the (i street front of Judiciary square bv a number of men ?nd women, and m a short time It disappeared from Uir jail to near Fifth street Information being ttivwi to polloe Ulcers Yeatrnan and King, they outlined warrant* and arrested Julia Burk, Fat O'Brien, Mary Murphv, Michael Hart, Wn? Hart. Anthony Myers, Honora Cronl^. and t?ey were all behl to security- for their appearance at tbe next term 6f the Crlmiual Court by J?:?ttce Donn. Tbe appe&rauce of some of tbe accused opposed tbe lira of an accusation of this sort They did not look like person* who bad any need to vo to such desperate means to supply themselves with fuel. Too Costly!?A rumor was circulated yesterday that one of the City Fathers, deairoiu of taking a Northern tour, requested a friend to use bis influence to have Lio) appointed on tbe committee to accompany the "stand of Colors'' to New York It was done, and the patriotic C. F was appointed. But he forgot one important fact, no appropriation had been made to pay for traveling expenses ic Ac. Upon lnqniry he aaca> tali?ed that tbe committee were expected to foot tbetr dvrj bill Tbe C F. thought there waa nothing complimentary Jn an appointment under tar.h circumstances, and so d?chne4 participating .in Ute trip Fust W a * d Vsios Clvm or Albxaumi*? Pkepakatki** foe a Gkasd Rali.y ?A numeroutly itteuded tarfcttfl# of the First Ward I'aloa Club of Alcuixltli wai held at their headquarter*, Relief Hall, list night, when rommittM were appointed and all MMMry arrangements made for a grand rally nt tbe Hag |>oie. on the corner rf Fairfax and Wtikes streets, ou Friday night next, where the club will be address, d by Messrs. H. W Thomas and \V. 11. Dulany. A cordial luviiation was extended to the otb?-r Ward Clubs of tbeeity to lie present on tbe occasion. Wl maw a mibtask yesterday In stating tbe price of admission V> Wytnan'* exhibition. By frfeient-a to tbe strevt bills and inquiring at tbe door, It will be seen that It Is one half of what we "J"1"" ?wU'bti everybody wt>oUon to see tatro Remember, he I. o?iT here tUl? week He open* at the Navy Vard on Monday nljjht Th* Bissra a tiox to Niw Vmt The Po?t of vnrterday evening ?*ya--"The aj|Ou>rtUea of WaaLSryjtun are nUnit to vtaU ibis city and present a bauner to the Seventh Reei ment Tbe Cum} mo a Council Uat nlutit voted to eitetid to tbetn tue Uocpiulitlea of the city 4 rr?>>luflon to tppropr :?te jljuv for the purixte was laid over. Th a delegation from tiu> Corporation of WubIn^too, efeurxed wlU? the duty of predentin? tUe atuid of colon to tUe Seventh New Yi rtt ReelWent, left the city yeeterday afU-rnoon. by totrain a^^^tutoa pMt 3 o'clock. feverai private ritizeua of Waahlugton accompanied them on lueir Inter eating errant) A Modbl Ahciimut ? Mr Editor: I beg leave to call the attention of the numerous readers of the Btar to a fact, under tbe above heading, which I witnessed d*y before yesterdav. tn conipaov with several htindreda of o'tr citizens, the general dlf' fusion of which will, 1 think, prove a wholeaoixie . stimulus to the tone of aoclety Psisi mj along Maryland ?venue 1m <be early , :?art of the day, 1 learned from * notKe oo r>nu, jnftM. and fnxia a lirge and beerfnl ctowd of pcdeatiLiua moving toward the Potom. e br'dge, that a ichpol ceh'bratlnn waa to !>e given it Col urnl?ia Sprjag.and bei*?i rather U'?engag< tl. wended inywafto the groucds. I found a lovely apot, and one better *vited lit all ita nrraui rinecU for a featlve meet Inn than any I have aeen in the vicinity of Waahington But nature and art were not the chief aTtractiona at Columbia Springs yeat^rday. I have seen theae oftentimes, admired tKcfti m n<4 rait vo/1 A?J?? J u? l.?m11? I ?.i? iv?<ivv* uiun anu uanm^iiy u?pp?*> I blended, and enlivened by trains of the ricnest ! music, by tbe warm outpouring of innocent mirth, made me forgetful 01 my contemplated return I to the city, and riveted me to yesterday's scene. Having become favorably impressed, I viewed attentively the conduct and prooeedlngs, and as my stay was prolonged my admiration increased. I remained until the assemblage quietly and cantentedly dispersed, Shortly alter nightfall Not one slight disturbance ruffled the peaceful merrinrw?nt nf lh* r>/\t ? ? - --V ?? i J I'U? vut TUIUC Ui UI?-V*? " " heard The little children vied in propriety with thos* of discreeter year*, and the cares and thoughts of a*>e teemed burled tn the youthful enjoyment that prevailed. The dancing in the pavilion waa conducted with unusual decorum; the promenading ov?*r the grounds gave evidence of universal satisfaction; and the music was all thatcoold be prom I Mil from so distinguished a leader as Mr John Eiputa. A solo was informed bv this gentleman on the Hsxe horn, which is his ftivorlte Instrument, and on which he is unrlrl^aled. that call*.! forth great applause. The proprietor of the place (.%lr. Fa hey) was spoken of I iu 111?" if rum ior uis vigilance ana gentlemanly deportment All public ucmions of social pleasure?those especially In which children are prominently engaged?can learn a lesson from what was seen at Columbia Spring* yesterday; for ail who were present will, I think, agree wilL me, that it was a model amusement Washington, Sept 4,16C<). A Subscriber. Txterkstisg Hbrgical Operations ?On Monday a surgical operation was performed at the Wellington luflruury l>y Drs Warring, McCoy, and Butier. TUesutlVrer wasa boy of abouteight years of age, named Oeo Sartaiu, wbo underwent an amputation not far below liie bip joint of the left thigh Itone. The let bad become very much diseased from " necrosis" of toe thigh bone, and the patient had been gradually wasting away. To-day he seems much enlivened, and it is thought that hp will rprnvpp hli ludilth nnd atwnotK *?n_ Urely. Immediately following this operation a cegro man M a* brought iMDtlie building. who ia a slave belonging to Col tiecrfc*" Miliar; who. In a tit of rajje, because he bad been reproved by his mother for being intoxicated, took an ax ai d nearly chopped off thre<> fingers of his left hand near the middle joints; the hand was not properly attended to. and consequently three fingers wpre amputated at the joints next to the hand, nothing remaining but bis little linger and thumb. Libbt. Suit?This morning, Mr. Daniel R. Goodloe, late assistant editor of the National Kra, was arrestad by Officer Harrover upon a warrant Issued by Jnsti'ce Donn, charging him with libel against Hon. John B. Floyd, Secretary of War.? 'l he alleged libelous niatier !s contained lncer-' tain letter* published in the New York Times of the 1*1 and 4th insts., charged and admitted to have been written by said Goodloe, in relatiou to the award in the De Groat claim. This warrant is the fnitiatory of an action in the Criminal Court 5lr Goodloe waived a hearing before the ( natiAA D ?/4 tiro* <1 I 4?x <? *> W ?.11 ? 'Uu? uiiu ?? a? unci ?ru i?ifc uan in Ji,?^n; for his appearance at the next term of the court /pubs C. Robbius. Ksq , appeared and joined him in the bait bond. Tint Vkritable Picxrc of the Skaso*, we shonld judge from what we hear and read. Is to be the grand prize picnic, to come oil' at Arlington Spring, on TuetJav next, at which two hundred present*, estimated at {CIO, are to be distributed br lot among the ttoket-l;older? The presentf embrace gold and lilver watebet, n silver tea-set, rated at S10, bracelets, ear rings, breastpins Ac., Ac., ali of which can be seen at Hood's jt-woiry (lor*, wither*' bras* and airing band will be ia attendance, and a grand display of tlrewo.-ka will come off in the evening. For parttenlara see advertisement. widbixn at Browx*'.?Yeaterdav. the sp'.end id drawing room* at Browns' were again thrown op-n to accommodate a wedding party. The bapuv pair were W. A Tsiley and Mlna Puttie Dlcfcerooo, of l.nulta connty; Va The solemn service of the Episcopal Church was performed by the Kev Dr. Butler; after which the bride and groom received the ecuaratulaUona of their friends Ckntrat. Gcard-hoisk Ca*s*?Ellen Smith, drunk and Jos Pariah, fast driving ; fine and cost* 9'i 1.5 fonstantine Edwards, do ; do., ?3 15. Mary J Taylor, colored. disorderly; do., St 15 Jacob Roberta, colored, and Jno. Carrol, col , do.; for trial. A Pr?<s:xg Dkmand ?The pump at the corner ' rtf P^nneulusiiia avunna un/4 ? * j s u iu u < <. UIIU llOt OHfTI rOO? U(i? long n^edfd the attention of the pump-mender; (iAod water If a i;reat luxury, and a constant supply 1* in great demand at tbla particular point. f.ooic on for thb Great Clam Bake at Meridian Hill. Five thousand Little Neck clams , f'oiu L.?<uj; Island, Thursday, SfPtembrr 6, INki, from 3 to 6 o'clock p in. Come ants and all. f I)a. J Hostkttrh's Hittr*?.?Tiiase Rittaraar# nnivcrHallv tu*kn<>wle<li(od to l>e a is tire pre v->ntaUv4 and cure for Ko*' ?r and A?ne, Flatulence, Heaviness ol tne Mtomaoh, or any other like affection. Thair offVct upon the system is moat iiMiaeul"ii-; intiy givnari auriv 'one u> me st.nent, remove *i| morbid matter, ami in fact thoroughly cleanse the svnt-Miiof all imparities. The proprietors 111 pre?enting thi? preparation to the pirbfio, ??sur? them 1 that in no single case, where it lia? been used a -- I cording to their dirrctions, l:a<< it lie. n known to fait, hut on the contrary, np\r virtues have lie*-n found in it* use. To tln>se afflicted with an* of the above iIIbo) th ? body, the "Bit.* r?" are otT^red a* a speed\ and pertain cure. Try them and form your own opinion. For sale by druggists and dealer* generally everywhere. m 3 eost HoiiowAx's Pills. Dysentery.?\ nlike other spcifie. in common uk* which act as mere temporary styptics, HoiK>way's soize on the seat of the di^eaoeanu ei terminate u? prinr.v* cau^s? bv invigorating the dyreji ll vu or* tin*. hiiiuui*iiiim uiu iiwi.purKiiiit uit* cnmi? net* Hd puniyint the blood, they promote a speedy restoration of health and vigor. tit bilioume h, 10k h-adaohe. acidity of the stomach. and d<-pres?i-in of spirit*, thev are equally efficacious, hold by all Druggists, at 25c.,62.. aud $1 per box. au 3l-lw Wjstab's Balsam or Wild Chbrry. The 4bIiow?cs letter from Rev. Hk.miy Wood, o| Oonoord. N- R? Eaitorofthe Congregational Journal, speaks volumes in favur of Wi'taS'j Baluxrfli-r ConcobDi N. H., March 2. Messrs. Skth W. Fowl* ft Co.?GeutUmrn : Two years ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs oonfined me to my bed fur several weeks, and when I recovered, I was so much oppressed liy difficulty in breathing, that I was oft*n unable to sleep or rest upon a D?q bj night. The saffV rhig was extreme, and judging from the inefficaoy of the remedies used, f suoDosed the disease incurable. tiding persuaded to try abottleof Hoar's Baltam of Wild Chtrry. without coLfidenae in its efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed be fore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces ine to mare tnu public statement, and recommend the artiolo to others similarly alHicted. Vyith respect, yours trulys IfKNay Woop. None kdnuine unless *>giied (. Bitt* uc me wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowle i Co., Boston, and for saia by Z. i>. Qtimn. S, C, Ford, jr., S. R. \Va;U, G. Stott, John bcbwarze. Nairn ft Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. se 4 1 w.r homiofathic rkmkwks AH of Dr. Humphreys ft Co.'s >peeific Homeopathic put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 aud fin cents each. Also, in case*. containing 30 vials, from $4 to rjf, eaoh, with l>ook of full directions. For sale by Z. 1>. Oilman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: \\ . A. Fitzgerald. 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts ave uue ftwl Si*U? 4k", Extract of Wxtck aaztl, for internal and extarnat inflammation* ol I Iriuu*. gold ai above, matfly Mibacolodk Vermis Deatkotkb, th? olJent &ud beat r?uw4j known for xtarrainatHI ttita and Mio?. Cockroaches. Bum. Ann, um yitpe*. Fl?a?, MoUmi,Grain Wornix and GalSiYw. Poraons daairtng I'ennisa willa'wara 6ixI tlimn for ATnK*nr* at tit* rttar I vmn* iwurlw J'm ' * " . 1 " > M&aiiKO. A)n the 4t|> instant. ky tiie Rev Mr. Aschwardea, 1.EWIH BRitOKn. o? Georgetown, D C., tj> CATHARINE *. j6nF.8, of Philadelphia. (y. \ ork, Phifa. and J*t. Loins paper* copy.) On the 4th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Hamilton. Mr. JEROME TaVLOR to Miu S??AN McDONALD, all of Washington. * J ? ,? + mm 9 m . > BIRD, Ob the 41I1 instant, of the consumption, SAR A H M. ANDERSON, wife of E. E. Anderson, agod Jl vaara. Our own, our lost! tho* last the taars are railing Vpou the shrine which oaithly ties has riven, I'd Void the Just a spirit voice seems calling, But for a t iwe-tba loved shall meet in tataven!*' Her funeral will take place at her late residence, on the corner of 4>? and G sts., Island, on Thui* i

las t K a AtV> Inslanr At *1 I /ia lr ? ran mil an w w vit'va. On the 4th instant, M katf-paatfi o'oloek p. in , altar an tlinMf of 33 hour*. tl.lZABtTH BAH TUOLOMEW, coreort of William si. Morgan, in the ?ta y?ftr of her age, For her, death &aa no ttlDg, "*!? friends of the family are TMMOthUf invited to ageM her funeral, without fuither aottce. from fcjSria jsSsK: at itto'clock a iu (Riclito'd Enquirer * Faumont Vinw'uw > P* tkaereiiinicof the4th init, RICHARD,only child of fcdward A. and the late Adelaide M. Poli ard, a? ed i ywaiht and 10 day*. $ TJONKR Y of all kind* for sale on ttt? lowwt t-rm?. at the Waahmttoa Bo>k?t<>r?. TAYt^'M ? MAURVS. j m??1w >u t*? avenv*. j rOR A fcsHuRI T1MK OSL\.-DEAFNESS 1 r AXD yOISES IN THfi H* iD.-J)R COL \ i t-fv) *. majnber of tk* R. y*l Cellar? of ^urgroaa I of hnfland, ku arrived, and is ?ow prepared to *pply his new *ad erttaortMnarj treatment vj which he ?ai himself cored afu-r a'evnn yaar> In tense suffering. Pa titulars for ke.If cnr$ sent to i a>iy a<1<lress for postage; consultations daily from 1" nil 4 o cl"ok free; reference to honrtv^fa o< P**sous cured. Address No. 51^ Tweifih stifet. I Washington, D. C. Nervous persona afcoulti ranfl j ' V ita! Statics" for self-cur*. Sent fro? u? *?r a 1 I tirt 48 for 12 PAntc in tama* a m 9*-9?r* I Hats; hats:: FAT I. 3TVLK9.- , I hare now rwulv |or ??!?? ?wrer?l WW*! (f?nt style* of DRKSS HATS for s?t:mncn. rj| My customers and the publte invited eall ?n<t them. JA?. V. 1>AVIS. no 1 -1 w (State*. lot#!. & Cotta ? 7SCHOO[,BOOK?" n SCHOOL BOOK J, 13 school matuiHiTfcS Von will find it to vo?r intrreit to Mil and ?xamin* the new atoek ju?t rw<it?l at miKPHKRD'S, corner 7th D atreets. F.varvthin* i? ?.? sl.k.^1 ?< ? ?? * - ? 'jnoes. CatTand save f?ar ?* >? *. ^ I.AY'9 HOTEL. (FoiatUT r.lITWD Stat**,) PENS. AVEXVE, WASHING TOS, U C. The U*it*d St/itr* How- having parsed into the hand*of the undersigned,ther respect-A ? A lull) inform th"ir frienus and the publicWjfS^W that the house has heeii closed lor th? lait aLSNVLL two months, and ha<i been thoroughly renovated, repairs! and furnished,*rc?4 will bo reopened <m the l?i September inst. f The itonse 1?<miu hiatal with ateam.and proridetl with other modem impriwiimnlA. nu\ uow lie classed * ith the Gr*t hotels of the country. It wil. now iv.comm.Klate wuue throe I andred persons. The proprietor* giving th^ir personal attention to Irtuitiiea*, to effort will be spared on their p\rt. or their attendants, to ContflUute to the comfort al I their guest*. Hoping to receive cmit st.are of puhlio patronage, we n main, v?*rw<j?i?eetlui!?. J. H. CLAY A CO. Washington. Aiuuot f>. Ia6" N II ? <t-ti.ii iii< Hoard can lind p.oas ant Room* ?t moderate prices, sc t-ut 'f HK GREAT HI I.K OF <>| R F.XTKNSI V K ! 1 stock of Al'TUMN and WINTER 1>H V GOODS was s<?iPct*o ? ith a:i eje totho wants of persona in hi jderato circumstances. Ca pets, Cnrtiin*. Oilclntn, A.c , upper doors. One price only, marked in plain figure-". PKRITV * BR'ITHKR, a Penn .Ninth street, se 1-Ht "Perry HflriMia* JMPORTANT TO OWNKKS OF HOR8ES. PASTUR AGE can bo had by apply me to /TV .MR. R A INKY, at John ?i. Abell's> (lormerl) l.akemever's,) near the oomir ri(td Seventeenth and G ?ts auSl lw*_ NMEHCI1ANT TAILOH1XG. EW FALL STYLES ov CLOTHS, CASSIMERH.aNIJ YKSTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., 3?2 Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just received a lare<\ vruietN ol ; n w Fall Goods, to which tney invite the attestior. of their friends and customers. au 3U tf T"*HE UNION WIL* STANO. NO MATTER VN HO'S PRESIDENT! Consequen'iy 1 shall remain in Washington and Oontmu.' to pursue try oocupftUm "f HUt'SK, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PaJNTiNG. Gi!4 . ! ine in all its branches. Old Glazing prompt!* at I tonded to. I'&intiriK aud Ornamenting Cottsga Furniture in the best stjle I also, c%I attention i to the PamtiiiKof Roofs and B'ick Walls. All of tut' above 1 will do as che&p a? the cheap ' e?t. I therefore solicit the patronage of my friends And fellow citizens of ttm District. Punctuality atrlatij observed, and wuik Joce in the ba^t luan-J fie-. You wi:l please rnin'l roa--gt.ip* and sto> at *11 ;T I'* I'.KKK'r* Painting K*i*blishiii?nt, N?\ 03| 53 " H3 Louisiana av , north aide, between tftft j and 7th sts. i P. 3 S*ign? put up free of charge, as usual. ?n 3 3m . ' AITKNTION, CITIZKNS! < I I hi* i* the time to boy youf Buy your Furl Winter Ftiel (it rvJuotd prices, ichilr 1 have * larpp and we'l selected it it rknif. stock of WOOD mid CilAll Call am! trnynint wltioii 1 will nell v*r* lew ro* fur yomr?rlre*. ca=h. fjTOVB >nd KlN Dl.lNij IVOOI) alwuvs on hand. WM H. II. RAKCI.AY, at the Old 5?tand. Ninth *tre?-t, *? t ao U? e<?2w onennniirt twrth ut Pa ar. /tRKK.N OINGRR AND PICKI.INO VINI; GAR. lo W>ls pure OIDKR VI N KHAR ,(warranted.> 1 bbl. (jRKKN G1NGKR._ ?? in i r. ja.viah a ijiNUl.K, White nod Black MCSTARU SEED. TIW1KRIC, VVlilTK HEIM' all recr^ar y ingredients for picLte*. For ?al? by WU.i.UM BRYAN, No. 44. opposite Center Market, ati 21 eo6t between 7th and Sth streets. | ^CHOOL. AND COLl.EME OUTFITS. j Youths' ami Hoy*' Clothing for S'Uoo/ and lire** IVear. Parents and guardians wishing to fcrtiifh their chi ftren arid wards with School a d <V>!1.ce Outfit! I for the coming season, arj invi'ed tiexarrm?onr i present la>ge and extensive a**orttn?nt W)VH' I CI.* 'T HI No', where tliej can fit out their ch'ldrea ' of all Mze? in a f?*? moment* with ev>ry tieerription of R^adr mad* Gartn?nt?, of snStantiaf a>.4 I durable quality, at very in^d^rite pr-o^t WALL, STEPHENS A CO,, an ?* tt JV'J ''''III!: ave.uie i OKLLING OFF ENTIRK STOCK AT COST M'ORK FOR EKSTANO FIX TURKS FOR hALK. J. C. *ij HSON, Xo, !<() .MAtkir SttACK* anSt-eo2w 9tk nmt 9th Strutn. a %J aii 'r rn i ? m< a r* n ai *t i ? * ? ? - Aii nn i iHir. 111 n nm u ? r. ?"AI > I'M, oil*, or grtu? of any kind, from hi Ik, wool. <>r paper, without injuring theartiolu in c .tor or (tire, ha* it last hr-en found. It wili al*o ciean k J kIov- 8 without leaving biij unpleasant odvir. Tout article u"M(lliKF,'S BENGlNK." Pno? 2frct*., .V> oentx.aiiil p?i fK.ttle. WDORK'f | au 2r-2?r \V?st Knd Drug Store, 114 Pa. av. ^ PARENTS AND GUARDIANS Will Ami Swiiuoi Book wanted, at TAi'LOR * M AURYU, t ne3 lw 334 pa aveuua L M. SINGER & GO 'S t IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 3SM PENNSYLVANIA AVKNl'K, <Uni>m National Hotkt. ) A GOOD ASS&RTMEST OF Machines, Threads, Needles, k Twl?t) KEPT ON HAND. wMdi W M. H. GLOVER, Agent TO SOUTHERN ? WESTERN MERCHANTS KOOEWALDI MNDALL, COMMISSION MERC HA NTS. AND DliLKll IK INDIGO, SPICK**, *OAP, STARCH, SODA ASH, SA li HOD A, HI OAR li. SODA, BALER ATUS, and GROCKRH' DKL'Ud. 39 CHEAPSIDE BALTIMORE, invite ttid attention of Merchant* viaitinj this cit* to an txawinaiion of their atoak, which 111 varjpil and pnoe u not ?urpaaned ouhe' iu thia or ays vU the Northern oitia*. {ryrOrders re^peUluilj aotieiteJ and faivtilnilp t)r>cu;e.l au ft lm* VV HEELER A WILSON'S [ UNRIVALLED Family feewmg4l?la litMM, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, which wider them absolutely all that can be desired, *. AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 Pkxki'ylva*!* Avisci, near 7th street, Prom t? f 100, With instructions free of oharje. au 23 lm P. J. 8TEKR, Ag?at. WOOD! w o o dt*. W o o D?!' STOVE juui KINDLING WOOD, at U* lo wee possible prroe. T. J.Jfc W. M. GALT, t1 LOUR ?AN D* 'oEN r.R A * ?oSlMISSIO X MERCHANTS. Ami wholesale dealers in Jit T t r mm /V1P4T MTif Jtr Mr ? ? ?> v | * v ? n MA y ' % ^ ? f Corner of 12th anil H MireetM, Washington cttj. __ ICZ* Cash paid for all kind* <?f Grain. au 25-Cin AVKRV MNK LOT OF GENTS' hlilKT COLLARS. T1KS. UMD1.K8HIRTU. aud DRAWERS. A!w?. a Una stock of (All. CLOTHING, HATS ami CAP*. ju?t rwetjred at RM ITH'ji, No. 4?0 SuvMitti etroet, opposite P< ?t umar. au%> lui i.?. c. Laical. ?. *. *-**. ki. a*V*T.' | A MAR, MOT* * AUTRY, Li ATl'OalW IbATLA It HOLLY Bpuhb, HIM., r Will prccDoe in the Ui'ii Goart of hrrora-aa? Af paala at Jaakton, the Federal Coart at ^atolo*, IneCom.u of ti.aSevaatb Judtatai DiatmtbfALl vppi.aud mil attand to Uf> OoUaatiouof O^aj* ! IkrairkMltM Nonh KloiMiMI 279 . !>;*??- ^O?I,A6.N miyTts. ; : to o?UUe Atlanticii ol tna fnpiUjfcft tb?jpat>a(3 (M?raltf to lua Nov Store, ! a'ASa^ng-est i* Miwui ontmlir nfiriotOtikoMi iihuvtw* importation. _ _ ,, owtor* for OtMffr*. 8*yo?, &ac Wtfoh vtuoa ha kit fcitkorto ?flowu <* a | OST. *TRAY&lV*r?'R ^TALEN.^rrtHn Mr> I' KK^NCIs it. a ?.n?il it 'rfi* ("OW. 1 'ui'i i u th* iefi ??\ e. .V ' *^4^^ marJ will b? &. ex. t vlufttx*. - . l?i\- uCJki tho ?*in* > i F fth st 1 etweec D*r.J K. \rf?t < f t e (" ><? ry. i 31' - mwvtu. iii<Cgi> <OiJ ?<il>?0'ili?r ou 11?? iffth "f J m I * . >*<'j|IVV IK'UIIIk SOWS h?vv wilh vwnc. ??I . jL-3^^ |)i>l ih*i:i hlki k ui'l h'uwittt**. Iminr in tU?(\?H?. It n>l Uip ?ili*f Mtci bih) white S j!on?< ?r?. T.-above rrwarJ wi!l t?e pm i u> tur pe lea *k<? W I bri^t*?'*or?lv.iai<.T.,:itorniM>? n I whirn the* ft<* to J > 01 f.KMi\ . corner ;?t nort Cap,?.. tnl O ??-3 3C 'I ORT?On Tuo?.la?. Auctwt 7?h. a IM"N|)l.F. of Li Kmint J?tar Xe?> paper*. containing four ropiM oJiacn cUk far tiu iuonUi of J an*, JHiU The tu. ^T WrV iHtti felrWrtl '? them to this office. au IA ti . FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr '-For Sail nnd Rent" aJremummtt, mi first pagi ] r-iroViQntfriTjin ?i' fin rv -it i4 ii\/i r*ci ?/n n * ?i o ** l.r I on ver> moderate te-fna, in a pleasant location, 4*>9 K ft'reet. hetypei)3d and 41fi >t?. r? ^-St* I !T O \ IN ! J? 8TK K KT ?P?m - >n< .-tun :i - * 11 T ?-#0 <h<? citf Ton' their rummer r sort* will find vacant ter.-f*] d?uml>: ???* , baring rfc* eotveu-r-n"-'* of ta?. water. a::d t *: > 11 = ??-t*.at -4^* N intii at., one door nr.. I K -..uint ? ei?.ei- lor fanilll"?*or Kiiigle gt'iiUCui'Ji. I'ahle Ion ders at commodate,! on moderate te,ins. mS It KKS I . AND tjOoD W 1LI. 1 Oi; SAI.K. I A lars?S|"(iHKon fS ?vew?e, l#t*re?-ii nth and <Hh N<>.'^0. orp?*?it? (>nt?i Market; !>? > en occupied a; a dr\ < t.T^. I >m pan<m lar? inquire on the preifllfte* ?-* ? i? FT*(* * SALE-A new two ?tor? and l>*?et HKICK HOI'fciK. fx?ut unini i ru?m? a ad eel Inr. f Itliat.'d b 'fit' St .-< ! n > t . v.,-', miiiutt>i' *s k of Hie Northern>??rtte-? Marl i. T rn>? iiriiiftija!i\ !il..'ral. Appix t.? II. V I A\> I).\ 1.1", corner of 7:h ?r ft id Pa ftv. ?e 4 ?w* |.'(?K HUNT * BRICK UW ELLlN/i, I con'r. 11 nig or 1* ro mis. ?t? nat^l on the c6y vet of Twelfth atrot't and Alan land av.. Inland. It has a lar^M tardol tine s"ade tr^p* And tii <m i tp>r i? pe/nvti^ bcahhr. It hai tiil foi : liut will now !?< taken Ir.-m a to?wl ami p-rinaueot lerant. Appl* to I>r. Mt?R<5\\, ntK'.d-vor ? * ?' DWELLING AXOSTOKKFOK RENT, on] 8<?r?nth atrfft, Mywn Dar.d E it-*., in tli*j Seventh \Va d oneofth* lie*t at*i.d?on the, d I >f All a|n>th?var> , c? nit rt:om r?, or \"?rirt> store. A pm.ip *JI line water axtiie ttooT, ?L..I < h a!toy d??i. Iitwvrl..wvr Fo-t?nii* up?!* r.ext <!o??r. or t.? ASHFOKf), Atlorney-at Lav, Ka t WiufUt; Hail. M4-SC C^AJHFtlRD. /^OMFORTARf.F. ROOM# AND TABI.F. " ROAR l> can l>e hail at M1<S BO\VIF'f?. No. 4.'?9 TwelltA at., tMtween <i and H. _ ?e 3 6t* ARARK CHANCE-FOR SALG-TW Ooo?1 Wid ami Fixture* <?i a Tailor's atom, in a cowl liiipinuob iocatiuu, lieu ^ an oM ktaod, on ?th st-o t Rent moderate. For adi!re?? apply at Box 11. Star Office ?e 3 3t 1/OR RtlNT-Throe-etory 1RAME HOUSE, 1 I No C*"^. with <Micht room an.l !arr? yard. n?i 7th vt'Wt, tw?twe?n I, * ??! M ?ti~aft? n -rtll. If quire at <*<), n *t d Kir,o; ii.. J. K AiAJUN KK. MS-Ut* A llAKK OM'ORTL'NITY-A magnificent EAJiil. f >r s>a e or *-xfciiaii??j for cU? property, I oontafifrg iM a-i?*.%?.r miV Paf'fti* *taI t ort; Kailroad. itNiwhr a hie* Mate of ooKivatutn, wall waferMl, ?oo?l Uii (iioMtaeJ Limber; it can l?? houeia Sow. Call I'RAY A CO , at tticir Jeweir? !*t;i"\ p-fl 1 fV 5 1>0R SaEE OR RfNT-TtiP-pcfnt'v huiltaqd ! r vf*ry p!e**ant HRIOK l>WKf,l,fN"0, thinf I hou?f from th-' co ni of 1 lt*? and M itroMt nor:!.. Al?? |"<?r r?nt, the uppor part of the hou-o \n 29* I'h. av-.?tia, 4i i<Ui k i t uuti ?i* K??r "itnei <>r l?oth apjifv to Mrd.^.TffAMIl.TON. 29S IV. a v. I, AH ? Wv fr*OU SAI.K? A FARM i>/"3 ScraaofluMl? vst.-.! IS >rJ!?rikirTli .?l'?%>1^Tt#rls, flom*nml 4 mil*? from \\ a*!iiii^t >n pity, being a part >1 t'hilj l:ini Ca?r1 Manor: Mao*e?iir aiarket *a-<len and tile liftitnce ii hfS' ily timbered, with a serine of nevar fallinr water.a" *ouonorchard <> p^arti** ai:.j appli**, having on it a *i?> Hit famo how**. Abplt al stand No,uj C- tor Al;i Kel. oj Mi>. MoKTIMKR or on t?>* pi >? to J. If. MORTIMKR. an .m et* 1?f)R Rf sY^TwomnifortaMe frame Hnl'SKs, eoc:i ooittai-ine ?? oorws, on K!ev?irtli itmi, l?"twe n () ami F. K -nf jmr jr??arrntoh. Apply to ?.JL K Ktl'U AKV30i>, U?c >n LH alar. Ce?ildf an J N'ortl orn Markets. *? eoSt I^OK Hi.NT A fcv J >m.. GOTTA UK- KKJ*IUI'.NV i. ?.n ilau' . l.'Wn Hcirlil i.n tl..? cin , r of T'^le ick ant! i^iitu virr^ii. Tlie p!*"??p ii? tarn- morn tl a i *ri vrre (<l (.round ador will hlib*!'-tret- .aiirul.U'v. Ac. Aj bl> on ! ?.e p. em e.4 HH t IT t * : M _ -1 IJ*qg RF.NT -a n>*v 4-story BRICK HOl?il U'trMd mnnilM HM?< ? a?*. j *I?T 1 < . | ? .U.J . . ? ,r, , ( Hi suini ^ on Thiii ei th str?*?-T. hM*m !.an<i >ia-? AvrniiA AlK', MfcrJC-*tory .^?j-?iti Brick Lummlifc ou H . trwt. hetweer. i"J?h Aim l?th ApV? M \\ <M. P. **H FL)I?'S Fan<*\ Mure. No iO'J 11th Ht. ?u3Fr?v< ai:ORGKT()WNT A nVKRT'MTS hot ozAtr W7tfr?;<ftrm nii'trftXWMiAnpa*i JT=?THF ;K<UJOK*rt?V. N It I'.I.I. A Nl> IV. I "7 KRKTl' ASM! I aTIO\ * iii m*?ft at Korrt?-t Hftli on h K W'-\ \ XKXT, inatant. ;i| 7?jO>lnclf. Jo* H iNiiKft,K^.(Mdutberdut ti? etii?li**l sp-'*. wij' vWwmi I ! ?* m*?ting. '1 public general!* art* invito to vt<*wl. J AS A. MAI.KI DKK. K*e*t W. II. TKNNKV. <-.'c*y ?e ? , y ifh^KflCTOWNnRMWlljkni' \s>. ? I " koci;v',"ti wi i iii -t at their old l.aiL TIIURS*I)AS'. 6th in*.., at o'clock p.m. A full attendance ih ieuuir<il. . F.?*Ai: Pl? KKKI.I., Pre.ident. , JO U t. vsji fcKK) ,JS?c. _ wi .it * ^/ta> mi i i a III' i litil ? t'l * j-s -- IiMMi i nii?Apr,i.i iiia.? in" Ufa r > mour. Captnii I'ali.!<?.-, ha< .?? ^ nv??rt and i* now iea<iir for tiuunt u>r_^^o* Q ikealHtr# port*-.She wtil saw on I u iia\ iitormiig. Applv l>> mA jrt HVPK A DAVIDSON. ; RKOPKMN?5 <>?' THKCHKAP CLOTHING STOKKAT No MMi ?KIIH,K HTKKKT, NORTIt SlPK T>i* n'Hw-r-f. hat* jua? returned to Mi*1 "l?t ?ti?id wilh a fall hksoi tmeiit irf FAi?i<au4 ** lN'i'KR CUM (ti.NC.U) ?luahlhet iuvitr iLi-aftor.ti ti of their fnrmfr customers h. d tti?? pTihrie aeneralljr, teinjr pr*-par*?l to welt < ? th? (float r<4?oiMM? terms. si* % it 4. SCHMIDT A CO. Rc. c. vrzs ESPECTFlil'l'V Inforiiia hm fneujsanj th? pOlific scrrvraCy fiiA* he fas ren*?re?l U> Wo. AA H lack . # m t ? (iivuinv \J a ANin Ua II** ?... - ? MW a 4 ??*? I r 1 | *' DU I v f imiuli, at the shortest notii-e. li?.<uttr nu i Evening Parties, and feels assured that lie M ill nive entire ?atufcotu?n to those who may favor him with a call. All CUNF{:C'Gi).\KK\ Mil CAKE at tlK loweU pncss. Bm !Cfc RKAM a' ' V> uer Sal ion. r. 0. ATZH. ee4?'w 55 Hnrh street. Cirorcetown. Ij^RKSH GREEN *\D BLACK TEAS Just r?c, i ved? 10 haif chesU ljresli GREEN TEAH, 4 *40 OOLONG BLACK TfeAS. Person* wanting a prune article of fresh Teae can got it at K. A. LIP$C?*MB'9. se 3-3t No. 113 High street. ! ^ It * VIMW? V/K17? PISH' iMF.f*S SUA II. UBR AJL>OK HERR1NO ROUND HERRING, CUT HFRRING. EXl RA ROK HERRING, aLE WIVES (ft. John anl Met mmc .11 > ?it*rre^ Extra No. 1 Labia.1#r Herriu*, 51 do No.1 Magdalene do. 5" do. No. 1 Boston - j?v 5ti hit bbls. No. 1 do. dU. 50 lwr*ls St lofcn AJosrivws, ;? p# AI?o, in store? 10o barrels No. 1 Mtrenuchi Alewives, Vi do. No 1 Cut Herring, 25 do. No 1 Hum fax do. 3" Wl Oids.i'iy ? Hf? do. 10 do. Extra No. l M <= <!* Shad. For Mile in lota to suit p'trcha^ura. HARTI.F.V * BROTHER, e 3 1 w 99 anil 101 Water at., Georgetown. U9T RECEIVED FROM THE IMTF.RIOR tf of Pennsylvania, a l>ran-in of . ... PIKK HVt WHISKY, dutiued in the year* 1834 ai. 1 .83p. Tqoss witbint to purchase an uTiadulternt <1 article for medicinal purpose*. *e, seldom have hcu an opportunity oflWed u> them. au^n-2w B^AU, * MATTHEWS. TOBACCO, *NUFF, AND SEGAR8, 1 AT WHOLESALE. 1 have to-<!ay received 136 l>ozet of TOB ACCQ, conaiftmg of pound luiupa, fours, ten-*, large an| small twists. ...... I . AUoa lar^e lot of fine H AN AN A ant V AH A Q4H* ^ ' J, I2u taxes of fane, indium and low pnrad T?i2V>,000 Sugars, _ _ ii cu*xol Garret ts SooU-h >ni.d, in hottles'; anu, n upptf, vuiiRiw-B, ww ' ? Sjii dozen of Alderman'* ami imwivrm i Fin* Out Ch*?tug iBf ?ni?(Sin? Tn'jM^P, 19* gross of hanicliai and I'arlor Matches. 1?! hpxes of Pipe* and Pip Head*. *> !?!< * of Kimokimtlc MkAim, and aH i,th? articles pertainin* to the trade j All of which xrn ottered at the lowest wholeutfo prices. JAMKS \\ AI.I.At'K., | No, 59 Hi?h street, Georgetown.! CimkJh d .U v?r?! tu BUipart of the Dlktrict lr?* ?il charge. au 39-?w I fir : A. u vh ? l" lhe St?'eiN f?Tm?rl? oocupi*) b> Lt*n P?\nJ, [ ne&rl# owuktU thay aid ??tU.luhnirut. ICT D*-* GOODS cm be h*-l as cheap at ever, ai^tfw. ^ .; i n A U .,? L I.M1K IIENT?A couremont tyro nt??rv KHlt'K 4 DWEI I ?Mh ??n Fil l WfcO?t. Willi (j*a \i?d Water. A W7* <11ons Prelim* and Store, on street Tv noit?b|o traaut? Uw rent will be vart n&W*. to 9AML kl. M.KKNXV, No. 1!?4 Uuubftrtunst ,<ieorrrtuWb. *j21 tt^ kn.,ne?,?w ft#: vtf Hfo, \ I I THE LATEST NEWS TELEOR AFHIO. Pr?nrtU<?? at f?r?ato tor Ui? Fitat*. Totosto, C W , *?t?? 4?The Otwnof General uiouu' tbat thr 1>iiwt U WtiM ?WI take no part In any pro< uaalon PW*t ??liw are &'vyt*jr4 or pnrtr tiroea perfuriM* bp tkr bajirl Thfa ai?BotJ!<r*iiie?t la made la anUrlaafttcr at trouble with the Orangewen, wbo intended ? erect an arrL and appear In the prneeaaloai wi tbe rereptioa of the Prl pre at Toronto The Oa*ha: Va Ueld a meeting on Thursday. iWl petitioned lb* m-ivor to stop the proceedfnjja The Pr-nr* laid the rorn?*-atone of the Parliament bnHdltig at Ottawa, last Katardaf, A depn tstlun r>f a M '-a "?1 1 i - awmr tram :-*ew 1 wre In (itawibilikrnrt In tt* ceretMontMi ? laying the comer olnite but to the a*?on isfcmentof all. no Mnoni wr? jwveent It sppears 'h?l tar D'.ike of Newcastle and the Hoti John Rtwerw fused the M&sons the privilege of the row after the Prince, with their peculiar rererrxjeiea The conseqnenrewasttntth*- M??>n? muni mow# tjr refuwtl to Latre anything to do with the sfctr A* the Maaors*re rierj at**? in Canada aed in the HonMof PrttiaOMfN. a vote of censure Wl(1 probabh he pussod hf UrtU lnnv? du4nf the present ?***io?i RiXtt<ro!i. Vpt 4 - Tkm ta trouble %*re bet*-een th?* Prim e's j*rtf and the t tra i^ettter The Prince adheres to his tieaertni nation not to countenance any oration in whtch reli^tow* or l>^!ltiral f^rtf demonstration* are m%de ? r art t. Hind but tbe Orengvwwe wont jMa wbicb pr<x)ut'?i (fr?t ricll'iu??t There it *!v? jjreat eirltement tn Tar.mto front tVe *jm<> ran<?e lhf?f C?yt Lii?r tr?a tLmrmp* ?r. Job**, Sept. S -The at?mablp An*erlra ^tbe C:n,3d?'? [utewi C?p?- Rare\*? U-rda\ SL - tri:i, F'uropean dite* to tbe $6tb v a i^V^'riph to i Ju-e i*i<>*ii Tbr Auatra'aaiaii. fr in NfW York . n tli" l'.lb, W*? pu?<d i B BalU c >tton. Ir Und ) The Aita arrived It ueenai??rn ?m th* "f.'b. and tbe Grra' K.iUhh wuri per teJ at Mltford Har.-a on the aft*ruo?H of (b* ?Ula Postltttb s had comnic \' ?d on Uxwllof In. T'>e town ot Keg^to. ???-*rlv oppo- t- the < ly ??T Metalna.had been ?aptur-d by?; ribald , :.d 4 000 f alabrlam bad joined <?anbildi roliuii*rt A fer r-ral tattle with the Neapolitan* ?r?i Imminent It vra* rm. ..>red tbat a l-reorta araif afMjNI with campaign m.-itenala ?nd artllierv. U ordered t - tolJ ItaHf In r?diiie?< to mar-b at abort notice The wrat'ier in F.npland had improved rafltamrnt bfen prorogued on thr ??lh OuMNKtCUL. Cotton rulnl Grin, br-aiaiU* ateadjr. Cora, Uovrever, Lad advanced ftd PratliloM quM CoaaiiU 92 % Later tr?m New Mu.n. IvnapaKDKHca. Mo., Sept 5.?Tbe New Memlca i of tbe *2tat La* arrtvwd bar*Th? Kiftn and s?v?ntb Regtmanta of laf?atr\ from Utah bad arriTed; the former waa atntloaed at I oft Defiance and tbe Utter at Fart Bocbaaaa The < unpaign ;uraio?t the Navaioaa would abortlv cwmience. The (itlzeaa of Sew Mazlee ware U ruiae 1.00U volunteer* for tbe aervice me crops is New Mexico were suffering ter want of rain Mr. Greenwood. CmpwIwww of InUu Af tjirs. was passed st Big Bend The prairie ?e alive with trains toing to Fert Vuion. Pawner Fork. Big Timbers, fcc A larite band of Arapahoe* vra at Paware Fork in a state ot starvation. No h<?Mle l..d ai>s were met en the reeto Later frees He ad a res?levevtaaeet ef Tret tile. N*W Oilbas*, Sept 5?The schooner Teorey. from Kuatan on tbeiMth. brings dates from 1 TmiHlo of ti>e 'i*V! A force of 7W men had as 1 few bled outside the wall* of Truxlllo, reedy to make an attack tinon Walker. On the 19th an F.ngltah ship of-war arrived In the harbor The commander stated the object ef his visit was to protcet the eltitrea and their propertr. ?nd restore the reveanaa of Trnxilio to ttj?? rlghtfn! authorities On the morning of the 24th tbere waa heard at Bitten a heary cinnonadiofl which lsa??i > ** n?on ami it Mrs* pen^rally "believed that a com blried attack by (inardloli'a men and tbe t'ngltsb I -bip bad been made upon Walker's position Mr. Seward is Mkktfaa. | IKnew, Sept i ?Gov Seward ar ired here tb's evenlr* He wsi re<?1 r*d by tfar Wide \w?K?i sikI abort ?t* thousand eltixens A national sil.rtr was fired rockets were put ofi, bands ,/miiair played. and draining cheer* were pi Ten w*?n ftov Reward appeared on tbe deck of the t?~i stealer as >t reached tbe dock He was ea relied ?$tfc*re^d?!>recf Senator Chandler.where to % short speech he returned thanks for tbe o*? *1**1 ' Or. U * kkfcaa at New lea Newton, N J . September 3?Dr D now under Indictment far tbe murder of Mrs. Coles, arrived here this noon, In mstodvof i.lfcrers Niven and l^itarkenbueli l>v tbe former ?r wL>nii be was arrested In New York on Satar dav last Tbe regular term of tbe conrt opens to storros. but lt is ui.d^stood that bit trial will be peel poned until ttie special or De?-??mber term Western Sieaaaer fcaak lx?n?.Sept 4?Tbe ?t?-nmer Asa Wilkin* booed hi-nee for Weiton trnk \ csierday morn 1M 5n tbe M iseouri River Tbe car^o u nearly lot .1 loaa Tbr boat. au lie raised, though tbe foes will be beevy SL* w.-s valued at ttt.UUO. In sared for 9ir>,(KNi In St. i.ouis and l^ttaburK Lr?Tfiw?rtk nmlriftl Klrrtin. I.UViHVoim, 3?TUf muuirl^al eior tioil it' tf b*? rMiMitod in Ui?- Ho- turn of Mr MrDovtfll tbe Kr-puMiran randIduf f?r Mavor bv t'JU majority Toe Democrats ?l<ri tlr to* ? rlfrk , a Jnstlff of the f?r?, itud ikree rouarllnw* r?.|rrul?ul Nomination. Wavvkly. N V..S?H 4 ?Hon otluiu a l? raw was today unanie.ionslt nominated Tot* ftlitli terui In Cou^reaa, from Urf t ourtaentt U.a trkl of Pt-nnaylvaui*. Tkt I'ratth of Ck?rlr>Ma. ChiIIHton , Pfpt 4 .?Two d?atbt frum f?.iow f<*ver wore rvporU-d for laat work. Thn were rr*artW u ?^>oriwilr A dkw*?<- <aUod tbe broken t>bite Trirt Is generally prevalent. Halti iu <. r* Markfti , Uai.tiMoki. ?*ept. 5 ?Flour rlawd Irn H?vw ard ur?*t attd Ot o SC. mm tdnnrc of Mr ; Cit? M lis !S Lsld at *o \V heat closed srtlw; Sontt ?rn wh'U- *1 4>*l ?S Com clna?4 ?m>; yellow "| a73f ; whit* 79aT6-. Provision* closed quiet Coffee closed au*ady at 13kal4Vc. Wkliky ?lwrd firm at 23*23 ifc. - Wsw T#'* Mtrkftt Nsw Yon, Sept ?Flour U Liohor State *5 S6*S5 ?i, Ohio *>.?r>m#G 23; StiiMn S? *a ?Cj15. Wheat haa advanced |c.; viOm red 1 35a?l 36; do while ?1 43 Corn * mixed 66c Pork is bt<avy Lard Is quiet W flaky la dull at j!lc Fiaaiatsl. New You . Sept 5 -Mocks are act! \> scd betv . Chicago and Rock Island : Illinois Cmtrsl bares 85 k; do. bond* OCX: Michigan Southern 44; New York CeutralS4fc; Read u# 40*,, Hudson River RR 5T*; Vs 6's MoTlMUfc. H\Y. HAMILTON PAINTKR, and DKALKR IN PAINTS, No. 4?i! 1th Sthit. ntmr Odd AUnn' Hmil. uS tf PUTTvIs DOWN. C STRAW HATS, STRAW MATS! LEAKING OI'T SToCK OF STRAW MAT?* In ord-r to di??ote cf mjr entira lUvek of Mm*! ai Bo??'STRAW HATS Rn?At indur??moali Will tie offered until the cioaa of tM aa*?o? at LANTS Futuooftlil* Hat and Ca* Mora, au BJm _ _ Pa. a*., naar Foar-aod a-ha.f at. COLOUR, MKAL, MILL FKF.D. Re. I Juil r?o?ivid i? wnifnwBt47U lib) tnpenor t?f*od of-froali found Rxt'S Rlld Superlino F tour, SIiBi.Nd.1 Rr* do., rre?b ktoiumI Com Me?4 and Mill Foad of ail kia.ia coo?tauti> on hand. fr?r ?ala low in Iota to aait. aufcecn 0. L- MORRISON k CO. A L L K N a?g mm m * Sb 9 JACKSON, P L A S T F HEM S% PCVNA.. AvKOTI, *fj KMwmw l.*h and Utk rtmH. * W A I, tl XX AUK AND XXX AL.K!' _ wra KB V. Tltkf At* ? *<)* from nitll uC bop ol i M4 QMttol kit WCIV* out:re ??? ??<*? rrr. \V o o u ?X,% 0 ? A L i v OF PICK, ' , ^ v *99 PA. AT.. Bitw. *?? M * W?il and Wharf foot of twv.nUa.ifc i\jem au.a mantlum IT AND HOOPkD HKiBVa ^ --fegjMSaagg Vw'tiSflV Awk