Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. 1^7" TLoi^li Tmk Stab U printed on the fwtmt itnn pros* In uae with of Baltimore, lta edition li ao large to require it to be pnt to preaa at an Hy boar; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent in before 14 o'clock motherwise they may not appear until the next day. Nottc*.?District of Colombia Advertisement* to be inserted in the Baltimo** Sc* are received at and forwarded from Twt !*ta* OlBce. A !1a*dso?i Improvement.?A peculiarly constructed house which has been erected witbtn the last year is E street, between Sixth and 9?venth streets, has attracted considerable attention on the part of those who observe with Interna? the progress of the city?lta growth In wealth, Its rapidly Increasing population, and the consequent is crease here of pslatisi residences. The house which is the subject of this notice is owned bv Dt Jsmes Warring, and is constructed upon the plan of a bouse lta owner saw In Italy The front, which is of heavy brown stone, presents four different styles of architecture to view, all harmoniously and attractively blended, and forming a most trtWiil elevation. The dimensions are *22 feet wide br 49 feet deep, and four stories high, beside the basement and attic stories Ths basement has a *!'lp area with a rani ted pavement, and is bahds^mely fitted up tor convenience, having a large w si. room and kite ban .the Utter being provided witfe closets, cook lug rant'**, arrangements for hot and cold water, and every other comfort appertaining to a first-class residence. The first floor has a spacious hall leading from the entrance door, with a tiled floor and handsomely frescoed walls and ceiling, and deep vestibule w tb heavv circular moulding and plate JtUsS Inner doors' Tbe front room ou this floor is I flushed entirely with wainnt tarings Tbe doors are heavy wnlnut with sunk panels, raised moldings, and astrigal edges These doors are of the finest workmanship, so much so that old car^enters who have seen them, as well as other parte of tbe work, have refused to believe that thev were made by Washington mechanics?a compliment which Messrs. willedk Mockbee, tbe contractors, may well be proud of. This room Is tbe Doctor s odt'ce. and from it we enter tbe dining-room en the same floor. This room h*s heavy grained ogee facings, wainnt doors; is provided with a dumb waiter, which communicates with the kitchen below; has a magnificent Tena?ssee niarule nre-ptace and mantel, ind the wall* and ceiling are finished with a very neat light Italian fresco of an appropriate design. From this ruom we pass luio the halt, and np the wide std.rway to the parlor. This room occupies the whole of the second door, and is twenty-two feet wide, and forty-nine feet In depth. The ceiling is in Italian cove celling with fans laid off in pauD^ls and tracery work in stucco, *> Hh beautiful scagllola cluster columns and stucco bases and cap*. There are uo less than lifty-tive of these beautiful columns in and about the room. The walls are provided with tasteful niches for the reception of statuary; and magnificent Italian marble mantels adorn the lire places. The north aide of this room Is provided with a large bay window with heavy uothlc sash, with mulllons, which ara to be lighted with stained glass In connection witb this room we note with pleasure that the stained glass for this window Is manufactured In this city from designs by the makers, who are JtIes*fS k. Shekel!, two Washington eit ie?s We had the pleasure a day or twosinre of visiting their workshop in u street. ana 01 viewing a portion of the work designed for Dr. Warring'# house, upon which they are now engaged. and were struck with the beauty and neatness of t'ue patterns as well as the intelligence and skill displayed bv them in all the details of this art The parlor is entered through lofty circular head doorways, which are finished in the most elaborate style in bir<k-eve maple, the doors being of the same material. The front windows are of Freuch plate glass, with Inside Venetian shutters. The third floor is divided into three larg# chambers, with deep closet*, bath-room, clothespresssn, speaking-tubes, beli-pulls, etc , with arrangements in the ball for extinguishing Are, such ps 1 n proper hands would prevent a destructive conflagration The rooms are tastefully flniabed with ogee mouldings, marble mantels, and tn all rejects conform to the excellence of the more noticeable parts cf the building. The fourth story contains four chambers, with marble washstands and mantels, and in all respects compares with the rest of the structure. Above, the attic story contains four rooms, and leads to an observatory on the roof, which affords a beautiful view of the entire cltv and its euvi ront Coining back to tbe exterior front of the bouse, we pause to admire tbe neat iron railing and basement steps of tbe area, and the mechanical excellence of the iron balustrades, which are bting constructed by Mr. James H. Mude. Tbe different branches of th? work are performed by the following excellent mechanics:? Contractors. Messrs W illett A Mockbee; bricklayer, Geo U Plant; brown-stonecutter, M O. Kinory; marble cutter, Bradley; plasterers, Messrs Allen A. Jackson; painter. JoLn Peake; fmto painter, Mr.; plumber and gasflitrr. Geo <>oodall; sragltoU worker, John Wlnterkntgbt; stained glass workers, Vaugban Ac SMiekell; Iron worker, J. H. Meade. The Libsl Case?Tbe following is the aili davit upon wklch the warrant against Mr. Goodloe, yesterday, was issued : W<u4ta$.'oa (.'iljr, D C , ss : Personally appeared before me, the subscriber, a justice of the peace In and for the said city, 5?muel Strong, a resident of tbe said District, urhn nn Vila AitVi rfiilv hv nn? rloth make tbe fallowing information, viz: That one DanWl R Good lot* has been guilty of making, composing, and publishing a false. acandaloua, and waliciooa libel of and concerning one John B Floyd. Secretary of War of tbeLnited Stales of America, in certiln newspaper printed in tbe city of N?-w York, and published in the eitr of Washington and elsewhere, called -The New York Times,'" dated the 1st duy of September, IMu, wUkb said f<is?, arandaloua, and mallcioua 11 Mi ii beaded " Federal Corruption? ILe Secretary of War and tbe De Groot Claim ? Kxtraordioarr Award of Secretary Floydand the said Saoiuel Strong luu ii.formed and made known unto iu thai tbe aaid Itaniel K Goodb e baa made, eomuoaed. and pubi aned in tbe licwspaper called "Tbe New \ era Tiioea." contains, beaidea tbe above in tbe article beaded aa aforesaid, other false, scandalous, defamatory, and libelous matter against tbe aaid John B Floyd, Secretary of 1 war. m aforesaid, intended to bring him, tbe il rioya, mito < nntevipx nr.a au^r.^e wnn tne good people of this District and elsewhere, and that tLe aid libelous matter is calculated to provoke a breach of the peace. ad tbe saldsaauel Strong, on Jds oath aforesaid, doth make further iuformatou against tLf said Daniel K Goodloe, and say that be Las been Xailty of making. composing, aud publishing in the newspaper called "Tb? New York Times," another ana further false, defamatory, scandalous, and malicious libel of and conceralng tbe said ' J obi; H Floyd, Secretary of War, as aforesaid, which said libel Is contained in tbe nmuter of the said "New York Tlmes', dated the 4th day of September, low. waichsaid libel is headed "The De Groot Awindie"?''Further Particular! i it the Htstocy of the Case?Flagrant Character of the j Avuro? position of Secretary Floyd1'?and tbe said Strong has Informed and made known unto ine that tbe s*id Daniel R Goodloe ha^ made. ' composed. and published in the article btadvd as aforesaid, other false, scandalous, and malicious libels of and concuroing tbe said John B. Floyd, Secrttary of War, uaforettid, intended to bring the Mid Floyd iub> and dlagrate, and to provoke a breach of the peace. And the said Strong having tbe said no in tiers of the aewsjmper tailed "fin- New York T !? *,'' dated r?sr?ctpecihreiv, on tbe 1st sad 4tb of September, 15M>. and containing tue said false, scandalous, and lualiclona libel* of and coocaruiu^ tbe said John B Plof4, Secretary of War, as aforesaid, la ray notice, I hsvereq . red the said Strong te subscribe his said Uif?rrs?io?, Id wbtefc I have annexed, at . bis reuuest. the said nnmbers of tbe said New York Tlaies. ooiitalatair tne said libels ss pait ad pares* of bis Information aforesaid. and have caused my warrant to be taaued for tbe arrest of the said b-niel R iioodloc, so that lie may be brougbl brfoff hmi to ht dwlt witb accordiug to 1 iW. SiMtA STKOlu r? worr and subscribed before ate, September 5, 111' Thomas C. I*'**, J. P. Sow ktmis*? very curious In shape of paper rime Into our tMili veaterdav afternoon Tbia paper la of J apani te manufacture, aad Wat brought to tuia ?u?4#v fur Lieut, iirooka au board Uu> Pt>wLitan. whleb arrival tn Philadelphia from the Japanese roast ijtely. The paper la aaed for b >okbtadlng. and tue specimen* which we aaw >?-?Urday were by Vlr Kdwsrd l.ycett. wuv is au^a^nl In binding about one hundred volumes for Lieut Broofte, which were damaged wiifii tbe Lieutenant was abipwreckrd some iu?utua ago iu the Japanese wafers, ajtd Mr. Ly ?tt informs us that for L..dlig purpeaea It Is as da ruble as Russian lent her. It U made ba*h plain and floured. aad of various colors; and cm soois of tUr abrrls couatderabie taste is displayed in Lie laudaoape, marine, battle, aad other sceaes def>iciedtuereon The material of this curlaoa paper a said to be win I >?rry bark The Japanese nanu far tote it in Urge quantities, and apply It to Burner o -a parptaes. not the least uaeioi beuig water proof dr? for ralay weather. Bbkcki*b:m* MiKTiku is AtsxAjtiiaiA ?'The IVutucrilie Aaaoclatlon of Aliualra held Its regular ir?tlu/ at Sarapta Hall last night. D Fuuateo, K?4 . prea'deot uf lha sasociatlon. opened the ineetla* la wina eloquent remarks It w.a agreed to celebrate tba Loisting of a flag upon the pule lu front of the Court Honse, oa Friday afternoon Beit, by public address The aaaocialloa was thea addressed by C E Ktuart and Waa. I*. Caroe, and U*e meeting adjourned. is ?? li*r grand moonlight rxcunloc of tbr Washington l^u .driiie AMrfubiv U> Olf li.ont, Itiii rwuiny It it UfKtrd tobnt Rjott r^oylbk agair. For putkttiM M limlln Hi cut tit rntlwr comma, J. , . ? Till Sivsktb Smwixt Flao Coxjiitt** in Ntw Yoke.?We copy the following from the Port of ywterday evening: Honors to thr Sectntk R'fifHint?Pr-.'>ntMi?n of a Stand of Colors from th' City t>f Wat kington ?A committee of the Common Council and eltlzena of the city of Washington, charged with the presentation of a stand of colors to the New York Seventh Regiment, arrived tn town this morning, and are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel The committee consists of the following gentlemen : Wm H Ward, Alderman ; Grafton PoweU, President of Conncil,: E. Edrronston and F, M Chapln, Council; Robert Quid. U t? Dist Attor ttef ; J?mM F. Hal! day, City Collector; William Morgan, City Register: John F. Covle, J?*>n PEnnTs. John Parage, L. F. Clark. Marshal Brown, H G Fact, A Treadvny, Wtlter Harper, R. W. Carter, James S. Holland. M. W Gait. Chaa. \V. Hoteler. ir.. Jamrs B Smith. A F. Cn on Ingham. Joseph L. 9avage. Charles Haskins, and L. F. Harvey Mayor Berret, of Washington, did not accompany the committee, as was anticipated, but wtyl probably arrive to-morrow morning. Gen. Jas. M Anderson and C?1 Geo P Kane, of Baltimore, to whom the committee express Indebtedness for attentions In the preparation of the colors, accompanied tbem. i OUlcer Hanover, (Harrover.] of the Washington police, came on in charge of the case containing the colors. The sued of colors is presented in puisuance f\t a rMnlutinn nf th*> Pommnn lV?ak. l i^ton 1b eckrrfKrledgment of tbe visit of the ?-venth Regiment to that city on tbe oroaaion of the fnaugnratlon of Clark Mills' enuestrlan statue of Washington There are two colors, splendidly mounted. One is a regimental Hag, the stars and stripes, made la accordance with the United Slates Army regulations The other is a magnificent banner, having on one side a representation of Mills' statue of AVasbln^ton, surmounted by the coat of arms of the regiment, and uiiderueath the words: "Presented by the City of Washington to the Seventh Regiment of New York." On tbe reverse are the arms of the State and rity of New York, the United Slates, and the city of Washington. The artist employed was Win, D. Washington, who is a descendant of tbe illustrious Washington family, a pupil of Leutze, and one of the most promising artists In Washington city. The tlagk tail's are made of Mount Vernon wood, and surmounted by handsome gilt eagles. The whole stand is enrlostd in a richly-carved case of black walnut, lined and inlaid with rosewood and surmounted by a beautifully-carved eagle. The cost uf the whole is estimated at froin Si to 91,8(A). The presentation ceremonies will take place at the City Hall, at half-past four o'clock this afternoon, the whole regiment parading for the occasion. Robert Ould. United States Llstrict Attorney for the District of Columbia, wli! make the Drewntation inw?rh nnd I mriii ipond. Afterwards theCommittee will diue with the regiment at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The committee was waited upon this morning by a committee of the New York Common Council, Alderman Boole chairman, who extended civic courtesics. and invited them to vi?itthe Mayor and Boards of the Common Council. They will remaiu iu the city two or tbree days. I jhg "Phusrt" ^a* at Bkown'i Hotel.? Wymiii, that Prince of Jokers, whoae nightly holding* forth at Odd Fellows' Ball are the chief wonders of the season, like a sensible man dines at Brown's Marble Hotel. Yesterday, while at ainner, ue noticed immediately opposite a specimen of rural humanltv. whose attention was deeply riveted upon a disb of bard boiled craba in front of him He evidently liked tbelr appearance, but appeared to be dubious a* to their legitimate use. Finally, curloaity overcoming Liafears, he reached forward a long noney set of digits and pounced upon one of the " tarual critters. 'and instantaneously brought it in contact with hla olfactory organ and imbibed a long sniff of the savory crustaceous biped This action excited the joking propensities of the great showman, and induced Liui to try what aid he could afford the Inqulaitive countryman by a little ventrlloquial experiment. In an instant, and while the crab remained in close proximity to the man's nasal organ, it cried out, 44 I'll bite ! I'll bite !!" Greeney dropped it on h s plate and stared around him with borror depicted in his pale face, instantly recovering, and looking, or trying to look asthough nothing disturbed him, he sat gazing Intently at tb? mysterious objects for some moments while the n t H 1 AH 111 it u'ut ?nh?rltr <.ntAMJn?* V.I. J ??4 n ? ? ?r uti ueaeri. Au*in looking about biiu to see if be could detect mischief in any direction, be esaiyed another ln? vesti^ation into the phenomenon before him; but scarcely had be raised it from the plate when In a voice of great pain it cried, " Put me down, you brute; put me dowu!" Tbe bewildered individual removed bis hand from the plate with tbe rapidity of lightning, and clearing the table at a rushed from tbe dining-room, one of tbe moat thoroughly acared mortals that was ever seen by human eye*; while the occupants <f tbe table burst Into a roar of laughter, which testified how happily our friend bad succeeded in his joke. A Rough Fiildof Labor ?Rev L. W. Bates, President of the Maryland Conference, highly esteemed by the citizens of AVashiugtou for bit many amiable qualities, as well as for his elo? i|uvm-r as a uritiur. if never averse to the enjoyment of a ;rood j?ke, even at Lis own expense In his Executive Papers," published in the .Methodist Protestant Church paper, he describes a visit to Concord circuit He says: "Concord Is physically a rugged circuit, and her motintains are full of rattlesnakes, wild rata, and bears, but fortunately the human Inhabitants are social and harmless Hro Kvers-jle \*as very much startled by the sudden scream of a wild cat while crossiug the mountains from lloxbury on Saturday nig tit. And when wt amused ourselves at bIs alarm, next day at the dinner table, a gentleman present very promptly responded : 1 I judge that if yeu we e surrounded by rattfesnakes and wild cits as some of us have been, it would make the hair staud on the top of yom bead too.' And though we assured him that all the rattlesnakes and wild cats in the mountains could not produce such an eflect. we failed to convince him. as he did not understand the position of things as clearly as *r>me of the company who greatly enjoyed the discussion/' Thi Wisos Licixsks?The numerous Corporat on casoi against licensed hucksters and others f >r failure to license their wagons, Ac , have bt-en decided by Justice Ooun, who gave judgment for the Corporation Most of the contestints have paid costs and obtained their licenses; not, however, without protest against the law as oppressive. Some of them say that they will number their vehicles and put them ou the stand for employment in the Dorteraue of yoods wh?n nni ?m ployed in tbe markets This course would cause ruueii dissatisfaction anions' tbe porters and car- I rlers, who are already numerous, but coald not be cum plained of by the authorities. Thk Loudoun Agricolhral Fair ?Tbe fair opened yesterday The ground contains some eight acres, and Is admirably adapted to the purposes of a fair. There la a Hue duplay of homa and cattle, and many articles of use and value are on exhibition To-day, If the weather is fair, a large crowd Is expecied to be In attendance. Much Jnten-st is felt In the fair Among the exhibitors from Alexandria are li. I. Gregory,cooking and parlor stoves; Meade A Marye, agricultn- t rul implements; Wm. H. May, agricultural imSlenient*; Win F. Padgett, harness; James W. alls cement for roofing; William B. Richards. { sowing machines; Mrs S J.Stausbury, beautiful qnilts, Jtc?AUz. (hixettt. Tm Agricultural Fair at Rockvilli.?We , understand that exleusi ve preparations are on foot with a view to making tbe Montgomery county (Md ) Agricultural Exhibition. wbl<-h comes oft' at Rorkville on tbe 13th and 14th instants, a most attractive and agreeable one. We have been 1 f ivored with a sight at tbe list of premiums to be , swarded, which number ninety-two, and form as aggregate amount of f&i9 50 Doubtless tbe Fair will be well attended by our citizens who take an Interest In agricultural matters. It la tin. derstood that Hon Joe. Lane, candidate for Vice President of tbe United btatee, will be present i aud make an address. f A Cbica?oCcbiositt ? Mr. I.ambert Tree, Jr , of Chicago, 1U., h m transmitted to his father in this city a handsome vi*w of an entire block of brick and stone buildings on Lake street, between Clark and Uasallt*. taken while they were being raised bodily to tbe new grade of the street, four feet higher than before. TUe block is 199 feet in length, depth 140 feet, with an average bight of 70 feet i'be whole operation was performed without any Interruption to business, and In a space of tiuie almost incredible. Mechanics and oibei* wishing to see this thing as pictured will find it In the window of Maxkrltcr, Seventh street. Thk Union Clos or Albxahdkis..?The Central l uion (Mab met last night at Union Hall, Alexandria, tieo. P Wise, president, in tbe chair, when a considerable amount of business was transacted Among other things, it was ordertd that a ilag pole l>? erected at tbe market square. Additional preparations for tbe mass meeting on the nigbt of the '27th wer# atade.aud notice given that tue iiou. A. H. 11 tttuart bad accepted an invitation to be present on that oc< aslon An invitation was accepted by the First Ward Clab to attaint tbe uiMlfuu In that ur?<l ?- * * o - ?? vu rnuay II. Thk MiUit ?The market this morning wae Qiite M lively u usual. and but'.new wu transacted with all tbe regularity and expedition which could be aecured by a strict adherence to the regulation*. The attendance wae numerous, and tbe supply ample aud excellent. The prlcts or tbe past week remain unaltered materially. Good order waa maintained during the sale hour*. In tbe bay market a very good supply wa*offered, prices varying from #5 to 9uc. per IU) lbs l^utte a number of cattle were ottered at the stands devoted to tbe sale of cows. Jte. Tm Mot.iT Cn*l Cm announce tbelr third t-rai d cotillon party at thelf ball,ou tbe*5th Inat a lookout lor particulars la future advertisebmaU Mm. Emtob :?Bball I Ml you what I b?rd the aero patreaaea saying? 1 reckon I will, very prinM|r: '?! do wonder who that rmpctreM la that wrote that piece for the Star; or If It waa a aempstrcas?" aaya Marv. But I must not tell name*. "1 do* t know," sars J ; "hot she reed not say that dressmakers who do not pay the girls that sew are not in Washington city; I know plenty? I some not far from Pennsylvania avenue, who I never pay if they can possibly help It. I really , wish their names were put upon a bUck list, or some other aort of Hat, that ladies nilcht know who they are. I reckon they would give th*ir work to an honest woman who would not make ber girls work all the day and moat of the ntigbt, for only two dollara per week, and then cheat them Out of that. There arc lump IhHIm In hum! ne?i that have good sense and principle to do what la right; and If they were known and patronised It would be far better for all interested 1 really wish there was tome manufacturing establishment here that would give us employment." "Well," sayt L : "I wish she would tell of the dressmaker who discharged me for not staying over time when her work was not hurried, and It was Impossible for me to stay." "That's nothing," says M ; "1 could read volumes to the world, If they would listen. I could tell of toilsome days and sleepless nights; of headaches and heart-aches; and no rest ?r medicine; bnt toil, toil, toll; no consolation but tears, and those only la the lata night. Could we even have a sufficient quantity of healthy, nutrition* food, we could work with a little better heart; Indeed, I almost envy the slave that serves at his master's table; he surely fares better than we sempstresses." 11 k i t v AcciDEXTAt Death or a Washinqtonus We regret to loam that Mr. J. Mardls. a respectable mechanic, while employed upon one of the Virginia rmilroada, was recently killed by falliug froui the work upon which he was engaged. By this melancholy accident an interesting family has been deprived of ^t heir strongest earthly sopport, and become subjects for the earnest sympathies of their neighbors and friends. The corpse arrived yesterday, and will be interred in this . Of Imfo*ta*ck to Am..?The Grand Prize Pic-nic which will take place at Arlington next Tuesday, the 11th. promised to tie the finest afl'air of the kind ever gott?n up in this city. Great preparations are being made, and there uo doubt awaits all who may go there a day of pleasure and profit Two hundred prizes will be distributed. which can be seen in H. O. Hood's show window. a full house greeted wyman last night, lie Introduce* many new tricks wblcb are really wonderful He could, 110 doubt, draw full bouses f >r niauy weeks , but be is ouly to be witb us tbe balance of this week. Therefore let everybody go while tbey have an opportunity. Mkmbsb* of the Georgetowu Democratic Association will see by advert sement in another column that a meeting will be held this evening at their old hall, corner of High and Gay streets. Look out for the Gkkat Clam Bake at Meridian Hill. Five thousand Little Neck clams froin Loner Island. Thursd?v. Senti?mher rt. ISfiii. from 3 to 5 o'clock p in. Conic one and all. f Ci*t*al Gtakdhops* Cask ? John 9. Law. ?on, vagrant; work bouse 6<> days Caroline Peters, disorderly; do. 6U daya. George Bowers, drunk; do. 61 daya. We C!?bkii>taSD that tbe National Guard battalion Intend spending the liitfc of September at Arlington Spring. Rkadkr, have you ?ern Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Read it; it will interest jou. au 20-eoly IUset's Tricophkrocs is Uie !>est and cheapest article for Dressing. Beautifying, Cleansing. Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by ail Drug gists and Perfumers ?r 12 6m Mrs. Wikslow, an experienced nnreeand lomale thysioian, has a Soottmx Syrup for Ckilrtm Trttkxg, which greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and ia sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfootly safe inali cases. See advertisement in another oolumn. oell-lr Hollowav's Pii.j.h. Dy$e?tery.?Unlike other specifics in common use winch act as mere temporary styptics, Holloway's Pill* seize on tlio neat of the di-ea?e ami exterminate it< priirary cause?1>v invigorating the digestive organs, stimulating tho li\ er, purguu the channels and pnnfyiiw the Mood, they promote a speedy restoration of health and vigor. In bilioumie *, sick h- a.lactie. acidity of the stomach. ai;d dt-pres lon of spirits, the> are equally ctficacioun, Sold by all Druggists. at 2m.,(3., aud per box. au 3i-l w Wistae's Balsam of Wild Cherry. The following letter from Rev. H*5t'T Wood, of Coucord.N. H., Kditor ofthe Congratationul Journal, peak* Tolumet in favor ol Wixiar'x Rnlram:? Concord, N. II., .March 2. mbssr*. Sith W. fowl* a Co.? : Two year* ago, a sudden and violent attack upon iny Lungs conhno.i me tomybed lor several woeks, and when I recovered, I was no innoli oppressed by difticulty in breathing, that I was often unable to leep or rest upon a bed Inr nigrtt. The sutTering wan extreme, and judging from the ineffioticy of the remedied us'-d. I supposed the disease incurable. Heinif persuaded to try aliottleof Winter's Britain of Wild Cktrry. without cO'.fidenoe in its efficacy, I found the ditliculty almost entirely removed tw fore one bottle vu used up. Sympathy with my fellow sntfere-* induces me to make tnis public) statement, ?nd recommend tho artiole to others similarly afflicted. With rospect, yours trnly, Hknry Wood. None genuine unless signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fnwlo A Co., Boston, and for sale by /. l>. Oilman, 3. C. Ford, jr.,S?. B. Waite, 0. rttott, John !ici?war2e, Nairn A PaJuior, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. fee 4 lw,r Homeopathic Kkmrdir* All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put op expressl) for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 oent* each. Also, in cases, containing 2i? vials, from %4 to jM each, with l>ook of full directions. For ?*le by Z. D. Oilman. .'<50 I'a. avtnue, wWile?ilo and retail agent; W. A. Fita<erald, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, comer of Ma?sachugetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pont's Krtrart of Wilrk HazrJ, for internal and oxtorn&l inflammations of all kinds. S>i?i as above. inaiMy .Meter's Miraculous Vkxmin Destroyer. the oldest and bout reined) known for ex tor mi catnik KiU and Mioe. Cockroaches. Buks, Antn, Musquitoes, Fleas. Moths,Grain-\\ ornis and Garden Infects. B" Principal Depot, (>1*2 Broadway, N. Y. d t? all Druggists everywhere. ma Id 3m I MARKIEll. I On the 6th instant, hy Rev. J Spencer Kennard, M:. JOSKP1I K. EW'KRS, to Miss ELVIRA A. FARROR, hoth of Virginia. ? CHKAP SCHOOL BOOKS and SCHOOL STATIONER V or all kinds for sale on trie lowo-t terms, at the Washington Bo.>k?tor*. TAYLUR X MAURY'S, se 3-lw 3 *4 Pa avenue. 1/OR A SHORT TIMK ONl.Y-DEAFNKSS AND KOISSS IN THf H f AD.-DK. COL STO> , member of the Royal College of Snrgeoan of Kngland, has arrived, find is now prepared to apply his now and extraordinary truatment by wrnch he was himself cnred after oleven years intent.* suffering. Pa ticulars for self-cure sent to &i.y address lor postage; consultations daily from 1" till 4 o clook free; reference to hundred* of persons cured. Addrsss No. il'J Twelfth street, Washington, D. C Nervous persons should read " Yita! Statics" for self-enr*. Sent free to any ad dress for 12 cents in stamps. au 27-2 w* luny luiurm mcir irieius ami the Pubi!OYC.mV that the house has l>een closed for the la^t Jii^JSLX two moaths, and has been tJioioughly reitovaied, repaired aud furnished, ar.d will be reopened ou the 1st September inst. The house being he^ed with steam,and provided with other modern improvements, may now be rlfLiMPn With f li A hmt k^lald n<* t v? ..1 ? - Hw^ta w? viiu \A/UIHI J . |b Will uow aebommodate tonka threa kundrod puisous. The proprietors giving their personal attention to l>u?ine??, no effort will tie ?ar?d on their part, or their attendant*, to contribute to the comfort of their guests. Hoping to receive our share of pnblio patronage, w* renMUO, verjr respectfully, ). H. CLAY k CO. Waahingto*. August?, )88u N B.?toentlemon desiring Board can find pleas* ant Rooms at moderate prioes. se l-12t THB GREAT BULK OK OUR EXTENSIVE stock of AUTUMN and WIN I'ER DRY GOODS wan sokctad with an eye to the wants of persobs in moderate oiroumstauocs. Ca pats, CurUiru, Oilolotn, &o, upper floors. "*,kpijivn HE?. Prinn RVftnilA tLrd VintK W 16t " Pe r r jjB u'ilili b* |MPOKTANT TO OWNERS OF HORSES. PASTURAGE can tw bad by applying to fl\__ MR. Joun O. AbellV 8Ubt?.*C5? tforinwrly Lakemever'i j near the corner ..f S*vHin??pth and G ?U an ai lw* WALL. STEPHENS k. CO., S?3 PenniyUan,a \.v0^u^? h*v* i??t raoatvad 4 tara* variat* of) biskastt issifis ssir I LOST AND FOUND. REWARD will he* i ven fur the return of* P*ir of OOI.P SPE^TACLE3, jr\r n_ I with name of R Btulo on tn?in m?r ROBERT BEALK. I " f 9* 629 Ph. arennc C?itol Hill I OST-A NEWFOUNDLAND DOG. black. fifv vWl?f} w,t1h white, bann* "R. II ^ J ! n MAN marked <?b collar. Whocvtr^^^ will rettire tbia d<Mt to 146 <j street will I l?e auitably rewarded. It' LOST?Between Nintit *tre?t and New York areuue. and Twelfth street, near L" * -r- f?i pair 01 GOLD SPECTACLES. iu a*C | in own ease: Segee Bridgeport, Conn .stamped ? I it. A fctutftble reward wiif Ue given if Ml at the

Episcopal Church House, on Twelfth street. near F, or at this office. _ ?e S-2t* Lost or~m is i. aid-certificates op INDEBTEDNESS No*.21 anil OC-the former for ?3*9, and the latter ff>r %T* - issued under an art ! of the Corporation of Washington of September 23, 14.8. Appiita ion has been made to the Major for a reisrae of the above certificates. ?c6 3t* PARKER A SPAL'LDING. IOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN, from Mr. ' FRANCIS BOYLE, a small red^M* CO\T, blind in the left eye. A lil<eral re ward will >*e given to the finder, hv le*ring&rthe the aame on Twenty-Fifth st , between D and E, west of the Observatory. ?e 4 3t* LOHT?On Tuesday. August 7th,a BUNDLE of Evening St*r News-papers, containing four copies oleach day for the month of June, 1R58 The fender will ree^ive a lilteral reward by letuming them to ihis office. au 15 tl FOR!~AWn Ul'VT ?- -wt-AW X * XV JL'J ? ^ X [Fvr otktr l'Kor Salt and Rent11 adrtrtistmtnti, xep?f? ] TO LET-A large HOUSK-No. 417 Thirteenth ?treet; ev?rj modern convenience Inquire of W. C. CONOVKR.M5 Pa. avenue, opposite Wiliard?' Hotel. se 6 3t* Furnishkd house or rooms to let on very moderate t**tns, in a pk?a*ant location, 4^9 F. street. between 3d and 4th sts. se 5 St* HMO RKNT, AND GOOD WILL FOR SALE. 1 A larne STORK on I'a. avenue, lietveen sth and 9th sts.. No. 40. o;p?*sit? Center Market: hat been occupied a* a dry goods store. For par cum lars inquire ou the premnfn se 4 Iw K'O't SALK? A new two-story and basement BRICK HOl'SK, containing 5 rooms and eel lar, situated on Eleventh street north, wiilun i minutes'walk of the Northern Liberties Market. 'lVrm? unusually lil>eral. Apply toll. N. I AXSDALE. corner of 7th st and Pa *v. se 4 2w* FOR RKNT-A large BRICK DWELLING, containing 10 or IX rooms, situated on the corner or Twelfth street and Marvland av.. Island. It has a large yard of fane shade trees, and the location i? perfect1*' healthy. It hai heretofore rentrd for 6i50 ; but will now be taken from a rood and permanent tenant, /.pplyto Dr. MORliAN, next door. se 3t* Dwelling and stork for rknt, on 4?v?n^h of root Kafwoan ll - * ? 41? - ^ fc^T- - VII n . v-v- * , i/v v ? WH *-? m i U I J ill UltJ Seventh Ward?one of the host stand* on the (aland for an apoth?cary, confectionery, or variety nfcore. A pmnp of iin? water a: the door, and in a pleasant, healthy neighliorliood. For ternis apply next door, or to MAHLON A8HFORD, Attorney-at I<aw, East Wing City Hall, Be 4-st? C. A8HFOR D. f^OMFORTABI.E ROOM? AND TABI.E * / HOARD ran ho hail at MISS BOWIE'?*. No. 459 Twelfth at., between G and H ge3 6t* A RAKE OPPORTUNITY-?A magnificent FARM f*>r aa'.e or exchange for city property, containing >84 aires, hajf mile from Fairfax Station. Orange and Alexandria Railroad, it ia und? r a atate of cultivation, well watered, good nui uinm anu uirioer; iietn lie boncai low. Call "n <*. W. BRAY A. CO., at their Jewe'ry Sto-e, 516 S?venth ?tr?et. _ 8e.1-li?>* l/OR RENT?Five BRICK HOUSES of the I handsome row of buildings, now nearly ready (or occupation, situated on ftn st., between Al and Nuts, north For psrnoula-* inquireat No. i/t>9 corner 7th and M sts., or 3??3 Pa. av . south aide, between 4>* and 6th hU , of WM. H. C A.M PBKLIj. *e l-?o2?r .j. 1 FOR SAI.E-A small FARM of3! aorosofland, situated IS miles north of Soldier*' Home and 4 miles from Washington city, Iwir.g * pait of Chillum Castl < Manor; 1.5 acres in market taden and I the ba'ance id heavily timl*ered, with a hiring <4 never failing water, a voting orchard of peache* and i apples, having on it a sn ail frame Hons*. Apply at stand No. '271 C?nt?r Market, of Mrs. MORTIMER oron the placeto J. H. MORTIMER. au a>-2w? 1 FOR SALE OR RKNT?The recentl* huLit and i vorv pleasant BRICK DWELLING, third liouse from the corner of 11th and M streets north. Also for rent, the upper part of the house No 29% 1 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth sts For eitl??r or ' both apply to Mrs. S. HAMILTON, Pa. av. i an 3? 8t* ' fj^OR RENT-A new 4-story BRICK HOl'SK ? with marble mantle* and gratis, watBr fixture*. wu:i in? it ruuiuR ! ??, km in i'votj rv*?m. siinni-d i oil Thtitreutli atreet, between Land Maaa avenue. Alao, a I lire??-?tory-and-attic Brick Dwelling on II ntr<t>t, Urtweer. 13th and atreeta. Apply at \VM. P. cHEDD'8 Fancy fc?t<?re, N'o. 50'i 11th aC. au 25-2 w* (^CHOOL AND COLt.KGK OLTW Ttf. youths'1 and lloi/*' Clothing for School avtl I)ret* IVoar. Parents and guardian* wiahme to furniah their ohi.dron ami warda withSo'iool ard Poll-ce Outfits for the ooinuic ae*aon, ar? invito) t'lM&irinnour p-eaent tanfe and extentive aa*ortm<Mit BOYS' CL? 'THlNti, wiierp they can lit on? thHr children of all nxea in a lew mon-enta with *v??ry d**eriptiou of K-aily injule (>aimen'#, of auh?tatiti?l and durati'e quality, at very nr>d?ra'.e pro- a WALL, STFPHW.NS * CO., au Jft-tl 3 22 Penn. avei.ue. An akticlk to rkmovk paFnts, oila, or icrvaae of any kind, from silk, wool. or paper, without injurw* the article in color or textuie, ha* at last Inen found. It_wili alao clean knl flov- k without leaving an* unpleasant odor. That article ii "MOOR K'S BKNGINE." Price 2"i ctn? & o*ntn, and 91 per houle. MOORF.'S an ifi-2?r \V nut Knrf Orujr Store, 111 Pa. ac. PARENTS AND UUARD1AN8 Will hrj any a i>cltuol Bowk wanted, at , TAVI.OU A MALRVf, ' , 89 3-1 w 3.'i4 Ha HVitiuoI. M. SINGER & CO.'S ' r IMPROVED * S E W1N U MACHINES, ' 3?8 P1MIYLVANIA AVENT F, C (Viiiibk Natioxai. Hotel ) ? v A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF e Mr m. t IWI _ .J _ ? Ji.. t. m ?1.4 / Hats: hats:fall styles. I hare no* rsadyfor sale several new and elegant ?t> les of DRESS HATS Jor fpntl*meu. r* My customers and the public are invited to^& call and examine them. J AS. V. DAVIS. ae 1-1 w (Stateb, Intel. At Cons.) 7SCHU0L BOOKS. |\ SCHOOL BOOKS, U SCHOOL REQU1MTKS You wilt find it to your intsreat to call and examine tii? new atook juat received at 8H KPHKRB'S, corner 7th ana D street#. Everything in the Sohool line at his uiu&l low j>noe?. Call and ?ave your money. CLAY'S HOTEL. (1-OHMSBl.Y UlUTVD STATB$,> pknn. atkn uk, Washington, u c. The UhitruStatk* Hotel having passed into the ii&ndaoi tbe unc|eraigned,Uie)- retpect-k ? A lasctiiucs) lurcauH) jccaics) & iwinij ^ KKPT ON HAND. ^ tel-lm W'M. H. flMTEB, Agent j TO SOUTHERN A WESTERN MERCHANTS. v RODEWALD k MNDALL, c COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AMD DIALERS IN INDIGO, SPICKS, SOAP. STARCH, SODA ? Aj<H, 8A. SoDA, Bl CA.RH. SODA. SALERATUS. aud GROCERS' DrtL'GS, f. 29 cHEAPSIDK .? BALTIMORE, i inriM the attention of Merchants visiting this city >, to an examination of their sto^k, which in variety i and fioe is not Bnrpaenod eithe'in this or any of '* tii* northern cities. 3 JH^Orderi rtbpectfuily solicited and faithfully t< executed an 27 1 in* ci WHEKLHR A WILSON'S J\ ** UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machines, WITH IMPROVBMKNTS, ? whUih rendor them aUo'utaiy all that can t* A dotted, " AT THE NEW AGENCV. at ?a ? ?? ?_ - ? ft - ! - ? - . I> HO. JiO ruriBT^VAUlA Avium, UOV7UI IUMlt r From |iH to 9100, W ith Initf uouon* free of charg ?. M 83-1 m P. J. STEER. AgOTt cl WOOD! W O O it WOOD!!! STOVE Md KINDLING WOOD, at th? Iovm " pOMlbi* pnoo. t( T. J. 4 W. M. tiAl/r, tl QS'i I'a. ir? bt'wNn 11th and 13th t>U., o] ma 17-tf north ?iil FD- L. MORRJSON 4 ti LOUR and GENERAL COMMISSION A ml dealrra in MILL FKBU, CoRii MEAL. #c.. *r.. Corner of Uth aud Lt itrMU, Wathinjtou otty. 'I ! IP" Cash paid f<?r all kind* of Gram, an 25 6m 3 Avery fine~m?t ofgknt^' shikt ' COLLAU.S. TIES. UNDERSKIRTS, and " DRAWERS. Alao. a fin? atock of FALL ? Cl.O I'HING, H ATS aitil CA PS, jaat reoeiy?d at smi t HD, Mo, 4?>U Suventti street, opposito rost Offio*. _ au8? 1m HW. HAMILTON m PAINTKK, ll and f, DEALER IN PAINTS. ? No. 3S2 7th Stiiit, ntar Odd Mlews' HmU. a au 3 tf PUTTV~is DOWN. CIJE AKING%0"T STRUCK*UFWraU' H ATS u In ora-r u> dujk>?e of hit entire stock of Men'* and o Boys'STRAW HATS creat Inducements vtU be n olTertxi until the close of tie season at n L WE'S i Fashionable Hat and Cap store, ll an *1 lin Ps.av., near Four-and a-Ualf sC FLOUR.^aEAL.MILL FEED. *e. Just received on co>;?if nraent? H tiKlfl wltStArlSW l.r* ?..l n.f <i?AUIul P m ll? Rxtra and Superfine Flour, * ?hbl?.No.l Rye do., U Fteah (round Corn Meat *nd Mill P**d ofall kiada p conataniljr on band, for aale low in lota w suit. ? aua-gm* P. L. MORRISON A CO. All kinds op game Bought Mtb? Rifhaat PrioM, > p At KLOTZ'X AErtlAURANT, n a*4*au' NmU??u, uw. fra.av and !>*. THE LATEST NEW8 TELEGBA P HI C_. L???r (rem Kntpt ?t loss, 5 ?The team*r Prise# Albert, from Liverpool rim Gal way on the ttetfc.haa arrived here The ateamrrs Aala, Australasian aud (ireat Eastern bad arrived out. VolUnit - '' i. v,i?i ?r in \jan ocidl 1 Q10TfTki Dtl h>| vet taken p??c?*. but h'a progress hat b?rn steady. The <;?ribaldiai?a wer-- mutrn of ReKgto and Fort brlptrio Also after a abort fight they or copied the rill* San Giovanni. A defection in the army of Naple* vm rooaiU* end extremely probabl*-. and it waa believed that Garibaldi would t-nW-r the rity in triumph with* out bloodshed Conflicts had occurred between tW Neapolitan troops aiid some Garibaiilaas who Lad landed from Sardinian veaaels The English steamer " ThoOrssri."' from Hall, with passenger* for Alessinta. was felled bv the pas*eaftera while the captain waa aahore at Genon. it la supposed the passengers were friends of Garibaidi TLe vessel waa Jba'Wed under a |ienalty of Xj,LM) against aeiture. and the inference it that the w*s designed for Garibaldi * 'I" camiiiw [iruuioiis any more ?oiuoteers ra>lurking at Genoa for t*icllv. Tb<* Emperor t,f Austria and tLe King of Wur? temburg are about to bav? an Interview Tbr^T'natnalli bad reached England witU later intelligence. Large bodies of rebels wUo bad takes refuve In a jungle bad been routed Lord Kigln and Count Grot* Lad pone to tbe Gulf of PeeWli. It vvsssntperted that tbey would attempt to renew futile negotiations. wLIb* everything Indicated tbe Intention of UicChiuewt* ftgbP j Lord Palmeraton bid announced In tbe Hons^ of Commons a ?inn?n?(A? />r --I-*.-? ' ? U..V.| VI ?ur iriawuul UT\W?T|| Kn gland and Paraquat. pending the negotiation* touching tbe wrongful luipiisoumeut of a Ur;t.?h nbject lie also denied the slat* meat that Auairla threatened to support Naples She adhered to n.>n intervention tit I Ler ovb frontiers were threatened Napoleon lrns issn?d a d-vfe French port* for the free admlxsion of all kind* of fore gn grain, irrespective of dag. The chiefs of tbe National ??u?rd ?*i Nap'es tendered their resignation in t oiixeqiieitie of tU<* |? eijjn battalion not being disb:tndtd A meeting of the s, m pjthU-rs w ith <<ariba ?il had been held In Loudon All was quiet lu Syria at the latest advice*. 11 is reasserted from a aeml official source that R utsia is ceiUinljr concentrating fresh troops in Ues?arabln, and increasing her naval forrei in tbe .Mediterranean. The harvest In Ri:s?ia and Let province* Is the must abundant kouwa for many years. TUP PriBff of Wales?RHi|i?at Feud* Kingston, S??pt 4 ?The steamer Kingston,\*:th the Prince of A\ air* and royal suite, arrived several miles below this town and anci.or?d at four o'clock thia afternoon, wbm the OriA^fmrn ; *. sembled in great force to receive ttieni. The liuke of Newcastle declined to land unless all pvty demonstration* were withdrawn. The met: intense excitement was created?the Oran^emea refusing to make concessions. and toe royal party remaining on board the steamer. it appears the Orangemen not only formed la process on to receive the Prince, b'nt had two arc be* erected on Princess street, the chief business thoroughfare of Kingston, the pribcipal of which is covered with orange calico badges, and the inscriptions: "Our God. our Country, and our Queen," "Hit*),'* "The Glorious Revolution of lew," "Walker. MaTav. Mitchell, Burns, and liaker." On the reverse are medalllors of Garibaldi and the Prince of Wales?tbe former having the arched inscription: ' Garibaldi l&GO." the latter "The faith of my forefathers and mine " Above the arch are two flaga. one with 4,l86t? N# Surrender?lli'JO'" the otter with a burning beak upon it, and the words "Kver barnln^ but never consumedThe whole is surmounted with the ark, a cherubim, a crown and bible. The mayor of the city viaited the royal party on hoard the steamer. when tb? Duke nf told him that Lis roval higbnt-aa could net laud ut present. but be would give tbe people unt'.l nine o'clock to-morrow morning to know whether iLeir p&rtizan diaplay could be done away with Me aUo Informed his worabip that if tbe corporation abould feel diapo*?*d to present their cddr> -a an board the boat, tbe Prince would be happy to receive it. A meet'ng of the city council waa inbacquently held, at wLicL tbe mayor stur-d tbe resuita of bia interview, and then a stormy debate p-ntued. It was finally determtn-d ib .i the ad lres< should be presented in tLe city?lii other words that the Prince bocld consult tU?> w.lUf ?f tbe Hiiier*. not hi* own The Or-uge party also held a meeting, and revived to aduere to the course lot-Tided to be purlued at the reception of the Prince. wil: The pro:e?slon, with tanner*, regalias. *t/v The Orangemen are aoid to number 'i uUO, many having con e rr?m other town*; and Jjboy allege as an excuse for their court? that tbr CalhrJlrs had theauprem. icy and forced all *<>rts i?f cwucessious front the Prince in Lower Cau.ida. and now tney sho.ild iavean equal ch'iice. Kiugstox 8?pt 5 ?The refractory Orangemen Mraded to-day, forming on the whan as if to re:elve the Prince, an otticer with a drawn sword iding up and down shouting ' No urrender " I'be Prinze refused to land, and left for Bel iev t. le The otticials of the three counties presented m iddresn on the learner. The Orang?tiien will ^rp*)tlily follow ou a steamer. Tnitoxro, ^pt 0.?Thfre !s great excitement lere. The Orangemen held a meeliug tc-night. I'heir watc hword Is "no surrender " Kntrrtn Bill Keniinfitltii. Trenton N J . Sen'.*} ?The Republican Coirention of the ;*eeona Coneressinnal District met lere to-day It was iaryt-ly attended, harmonious ind enthusiastic, i'.x Gov' Newell presid d, with i Vice-President each of the fonr counties lobn U \ Str-jtton. of Burlington, wa? then re. 1 lomhiaU-d by. acclamation. He appeared and cnponded to tU-* nomination in an able apercb, eferring to Lis votes on the tariif, homestead bill, lavery question. A.e . in Congress; alw. U? the 1 >rincip(es of the Chicago platform, which he I ullv endorsed Cincinnati Sept 4?The dew-craishave anttnated George 11. Pendleton lor re-election to ^ougreas from tbe tlr?' dlst/lM. and Alexandria i .ong from tbe second district in tLlsclty. I I'tica, N Y., Sebt 4?Hou. fioaco? Cor>kling pas to-day po.-rlsnt'd by the republicans for relection to Cuitri-u West Chk?tbk, I'a.. 8fft 4?The People'* Litn-oln) paity convention of Chester count) m<* vdav and unanimously nominated nou. John licktnan for Congress. Scbbi*Y. Pa , 5*-pt 4?TLb People's C?nntf ' lonventlou met to-day and nominated the Hon aines H Campbell for re-election to CongrWB S< k \stoji. Pa . Sept 5?Col ft. W. Scran ton r-? re-nominBted yejterday for Congress by ac- ? Imitation. Vnmoil Matf Klrciitn. , mo^tfblibb, S?*|>t 4 ?The election for Stat# fllcers and members of Congress took place toay. Returns for governor in towns give < InsUis Fairbanks, republican, 6 **8o, John fi. i axe. liauflaa democrat, t 6W: Harrer. Brerktrldge democrat, 45-7; majority for Fairbanks, .733 ; majority for Hal^, republican, la*t vestf, !CCI showing a republican gain of 606 These >\? i.s embracc one-fifth of the Stale, and indl- 2 it?- the election of Mr. Fairbanks by a round imirity, 4* towns elect 43 repit?llcan representaves-showing a gain of 7 ot~t hut year. Fire aad Loss of Life. Tolrdo, O., Sept 5 ?The lodgtag room? of w Oatbotir Orphan Asylum, in tbls rtty. were estro ed hy Are lest night Three children and ne S*l?Wr of Charity we missing, aad It Is sop- * os*d tbey perlahed In tb?* flame* Another dialer raa seriously Injured by jumping from a window c l is reported this morning that the remains ?f one , ttlld have already been found la the rulna. Nstisual litrse KikikiUsa. e SraiitcriBLD, Mass, be;it. 4 ?The National I lorsa Show at ttois place had a uplendld opening ' >is morning Several thousand people were on j le jjround,Including many ladir* I Up number fentrlea up to tin* morning It littleabort of Ave uodred About four hundred teams appeared in ie cavalcade c Municipal Clecttea. WiLMixaroM, Del.. Sept. 5.?Tbe municipal J lection took place UMlay The people'a party lected tb?-lr candidate, V C Gilpin. mayor, by majority, Hansom Harman, alderman; Dr. J. I V. Wilson, city treasurer; W. K S-outt, aaaeaaor; ' i?d three out of the 4ve couitcilmen. The dem- ' crats ran two tickets. Speech ?i Mraatar fttward la l>etrelt r Dktkott , Pe^t 4 - Senator Seward addressed 1 n Immense aa .emblaze tbisafternoou oatbtpo- 1 tical issues of the day. His seuumeaU were [ eoueuUy greeted with applause, and hia teatimo- a iai to Mr. Lincoln crenUd an uproarious excite- [ Mat. J i New Yark Politics ~ \ Locktort, N. Y., Sept. 5.?The Dally Advert!- , tr and Niagara V\ eekly Democrat, theoaly Dem- ! cradle papers in the county, at the masthead the imea of Douglas and Johnson have hitherto ap t pared, ctuie out this mofaiag in favor of Brack, itridge aud Lane I MUaaarl Pontics. St. Lopi?. 9?pt 4 ? At a meeting of the repuboau Statu Committee, yeflprday, the chairman ^ ras instructed to prepare an oddrai la the re pub- < can* of Miaaaari. urjrtag them to vindicate tWr * rinclDlrs in ttoeeuselai# fiiiimiii i rltfan'it an afiltation may other party. Kl??tin la Hrm* Niw OttU*u.4?pt 6?1* tenpMtod^tb^t i ???'??? ?*" uit in favor ul Commoafori tor pr?Bd??t. I l.Bxuwroa. Sept s -Tb?* was aa I?mw I gaUHHiDC to day at AktiUivd, to itfe.d tbt Brack igndjrr Wbfcuf At u Mrly hoar tbc rntli from ail directioM war* crow ded wilt paopto a Mlute> of 33 guM anaoaaoad Um arrival at m. Breckinridge Ha waa ballad enthMlaettaally, and hit speech *ru rect rrd with nock tiytoy Hr Mid, la nib^w*. aa . i ben r??. ?r t:tuests. to be MNi ttol I M pNMMf grateful for the cordial wak*???e fa? t??? ? tended to ni The 11 ronra^aaaaauadar wblch I appear are Mvrl ud aaaaual. I do ItlaoWd' -... m wi i?? rw]>n? or frw?? waoae tmh.fmmre I Iwv be*a * u> obaerv.\ and if il ba aa uncommon ill I (ik for r >twm Ik m* paallloa U addre.. aaaeuitMtea of paajrf*. ?*? ?",T ? bope to dta UN topic in a BMKWr mm unwortuv of tbe attitude I occupy. I !?* bar* asked. frlluw-rttiaena. lo apeak (a my 9wm home, Wauae Um politic*: organ.iittoti Wttb wrblcb I am conuected baa ?>een aa?ailed la aa annaual manner: ind, rUrgfd wltk treason lo nr ovu country, i appear (Wore too to-dav tor tbe pmrpmm of repelling certain a cuaats>n? vrhlch bare feNa made a^ainat me, perannatly, and loduatrlouaiy circulated tbrougb other ?*tat?a of the Taton And. n?t, lo abew thai the prlarlptM upon wblcb I aUnd are tbe principle of the Conattti Hon aud tbe I'nlon of rur ronntry And aurai|, If ut any time the jurtill'atlon could be found bv any man for addrcaaln<t the people la tbe pca'tltm whleb I occupy. It will be found la my raar Anouvmoua wrttera and wandering oratort have cboaen to tell tbe r>eople that I, Individually, un a dlaunloniat and a traitor to my country And tbey declare with assurance and attrin tbat 1 bave exhibited a treaaoa tbat make*, by c*mpariaun. Burr a patriot aud tbe iikemory of Arnold reaprctable * But. feUow-c'tizena, before I come to three I In .I.-. I t- ?- 1? * * -~r.? i.' u????- ? vvni^rrarMlTr blAU' iu-tit In regard to my position la roonw IImi with the Presidency the In) ted States 1 Lave !> ' *n ?harmed with a premature amhttuni 1 ha?e been rk.ttged with intriguing for tu nomination; with leaping before the wishas ?f the people, and drtlriitj; to thrust myself befora th-in for the highest f>?.-e In their jrtft He proceeded to defend himself from r*r1?ni? I charge*, niid defended tb* Kilos sf tfee tit.n that nominate him. and madrmslac the Profit Strtft Thentre Convention as MKlnforta^ to toist u pou the democracy a dogma and the i ader of that dogma. >larlne Intelligence Hivrmx Roatni. Sept 5?The Alp SsnU mirin ui nmon, iroul IDf LblWM lltiDd* tiu ijone up tw (.{uaranttne TLe British bant from Jamaica, l>ound to New York, baa arrived, leaking, Ln uiaiii mast sprung, sad anils gut*. Baltimore Mtrkfti. IUltimceb, i*ept. 6 ?Flour cloned qniet but steady; Howard itr?MOk<? and City Mills ?. Wheat rioaed Arm. Southern wklt? ?l.40al 7$. Corn closed act ire; yellow 7u?73c ; white 7*n77o, an advance Prov inns duml quiet and unchanged; bat on aides like. Coffee cloeed mora active at 13)tal4\c. Whisky closed dull and heavy at 43c. ' New York Markrta. Niw Yon Sept A - Flour has advanced life Ate.; State *5 ataftj ;u; Ohio *6 Maf? ?, Southern SS.iioaSo 30. Wheat has advanced la3r ; went ern red II 37; do. while $1 ii Corn has idvancedSaJc; mis*d ttt)^a?0c Provisions quiet. W hlsky Is held at 24c. . Financial. Ntw VotK.Sept 6 ?Stookairetfeadjr; CUia^o and R<?rk Island 7Pk; IIHnota Central abarm 85\; do. bond* % K; Michigan J*o?ithero 45: New York Central <MS|; U udaon R i ver RR 57^, Va 6 s 01; Mo CaSI V (^URGLTOWNAPVERT'irrs For atker Georfftneu ndrrn i temtntr stt Jittt f"it t ra^TH^GtOROKTOWX BEl.l. AND KVL3 ERETT ASSOCIATION will rn^i at Forrest Hall oo FRI 1?AY NEXT, the 7tii ibumi, at 7J? o'clock. Jos. H Bkidlky. F??., aad other di?tii'cutalied rp?akers,*rill iddien the meeting. Tha puiitic generally are invited t" att*?i 1 JAS A. MAORUDER, Proa't. W.H TKNNKY.Sec'y m? ?r wj? \i r.\ in?>r,iu*\4i Ur.'.lUV. K A flU A?1^) % tf *nctftt|ftn will m*?"1 %t tfceir okl NuL THURSDAY, fltti ?n??..iU7*? o'clock p.m. AM' attendance la reuttirctl. KSAl' HI' K K KM., PiwaiUeat. J. OWEN'S BKRRY.Sec. m 4 X PJR BOSTON ?The r*?ular packet bria A ado ver. Captain li*n Cmrall, haa Irnwil * and 11 ?ow dwct ar^n^ Ikt ca *? s?be wi:lirT> l?e receiving freight for tha ?l-uv? port or Saf.rda> morning, and will tail witli ?iiap*i?h Ae pi; to H'AR ri.FV * RKO., M? ud 101 Water ?t .fl.orgetowu. i?6 1> irnVRW NOVELS it ST RFCF.IVEDlI?M? Alan n beautiful a??^rtment of RAIR. T?IOTII a???1 NaII. BRI'SHKS. the ar*r itferatl 111 tHia market. Tot ether with a great rarMt* o| Uariill and Kanc\ Article*. MCROOI. BOOkSofall kiml*, Ac , lie at U. CR ANDKI.L'S, eeG-3t No l'?fS Bii'lge at..P?or>etoarD. L'DK PHII.AliKl.PHIA.?The S. He. r iiiour. OapUu i Palmer, haa ar _K^? ^ rirad and 1* i? w read* (or freight ihe above p--it. She will aaii 00 day morning. Apply to seS 2t HYOKA DAYTOSON. R EQPPNTNG OF THE CHK.AP CLOTHING .. . ./.> i. - ? <?. iv" ?nii;un "IKKST. NORTH SIDE -Th* undesigned liftv* juat i* turned tut h? old *tmid with ft loll ftMOrnnent o| F Ai. Land WINTER CLO t III NU. to which th*? invite tii* atieiiU n?l their former atom* and the pubuc ?eaer*i;>, I?iii| prepared to Mil oa Ui* in-'it refcaonaVe teems. _ t?5?t A. SCHMIDT k CO. RC C ATZ* F.SPBCTFn.LV Ufortittbia fnaada and Mi* pjMip r > ?><-raiiy tha' be t as i*niev*iltoNo. ?& Hi# h tr* f;a<fjolniti? M??oeie Hall. He i? prepare! to fort nh.ftt tli* ah .rte*t notice. Dinner and F. renin* Ml l?c!iMaWM thnt he will rire entir* vans-faction t?> th?*e who may l?vor him with a r*Al'l kind* I CONFECTIONER Yaad CAKE at iti' lowest price*. Br?t ICE CREaM tt 91 ? p*r Hftlton. c, ATZS, re 4 m 5A Hi*h atreet, (ie?rf*towa. risn-n*H?risH' 1 * I ESS ?HAU, LAUKADHK HERRING HOr\L> HF.KKIVl.Cl'THFRRING EXTRA HOE HEHKIMi, ALF.WIVKS ,M. John and dereuuoln ) . HA barrels Extra No. I Labrador Harriac, .v) da. No. I Magdalen* d*. 50 do. No. I Button do. 50 lilt tibia* 1 do. do. StttoarrelaSt. John Alewivea. uai1|t eipeeU*1 per brig Andorar. ? " - - ? ? ? ? Miau. in iwn? iW barrel* N'o. 1 M?r?fniehi Alewivae, k> Jo. Not Cut Herring, 25 do No 1 Halifax do. Sjldf W>U. KaUaRoe do. _ 10 do Katra Sol M?mu> Shad. v . For sal* lu lot* to *uit pttrahasnr*. HARTLEY * BHOTHKR, Mtlw 99 a*<l 101 Water *t.. Georgetown. Tobacco, ?mtf. and skgars, AT IrndLESALE. I have to-day reamved 136 boxes of TOBACOU. ;uiiKistin# of poual lumps fotira, tens, large aia una!! t?i?t?. .. Alto a larte lot of fine HAVANA and VARA4K 5ARS. Al?o, on land's? l<u<w of fine, medium aad low priead Tobacco, St.f**1 S^tiar*. _ _ ftioaae* ef Hei-ratt'* Seotch ??uiT, in bottle* ; di?o. Ci-rigr***, sti ' Ma^. abo). S?do*?n or A:.der?on's aita Goo.1wu?'e Fim Cut Cb^wmr and t-iiwkinr ToI?aco, 191 ?rou of ^ai^hai and farlor Mate bee. la< U>xea ot Pipe* a*id Pip ? H 'ads. ** 71 T.atwi ot Killirtnnu-k r?mokinr. aad all i>0ter article* pwrtaiem* to the trade . # A li of which are oflvrtd at the loweet a bolaaai* irioee. JAMI'.S WAL1.ACE. No. High meet, Georgetown. G?w*4* d-.ii veml to a?r part of tbe ?*< r?l iharve. " " V 1'HK UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND Hi 1 i.DKR t!>ra hia aar-rioaa to tto aohaa o( ??orfetown, Woahington, ond nomit?, lit will ion tract for or anporirtond the MMtrMttra or tablio oad arirota buiidiurt. Plus ud apaciflotiona will ba furntahau ot abort aotica. Opto* .ad ?hop on Coneraaa at Gaorfotown, lamdiotaj north of tha Poat Ofioa. au_5T7_3n?oo HENRY WINQATg, rm CLINTON ACADEM"Y. IHR N?xt Annuo! Soaaion of thra aehool wift loiinnencaoB MONDAY, t*??toa?bar 3 Thaachoot ios ixien removed to 161 Woat atroat, liaia tao ' tigreaa and High. Circulora moy bo <>t>?a.ti*o ,fter tha 22d of Aofuat, at tha drog ajora of Mr. R. I. T. Craal, eoner of Congress ond Bndra ata. oulCaolai UF.O. ARNOLD.M. AnFriiamL U>OR RR1NT?TW DWELLING ood STOU P No. TT Brrfta atroat. Tha dwalhng toatfilii 1 room* ineioo'lantnrdor, baatdoa eioaata, water toaot, both room, awka hoaao, nulk hoaaa with eunint woIm, Ood woodahed; WtOi goa fixtarao o?pt*t?, beih ond voter. Tfcowtodovaooauoona forming n??' of tha rpror ood adiaoaot oooatry. rhe atore u completely fitted with aha,naa. atai tr?, cAahxturoa.ood valor, with lorre Franc* 'ata tfloaa windova ond dooro, ood two Lorgo dry a;:ara They wilt b* milled etUaer leather or aag ?', and to o (ochi ood peooononl tonont ji wp ^wrotH, Ala?, for r*ivt two BRICiv STABLES, nth ooti.o?a hooMaottooliad. with hrdrootiojbo Ord. Aailr In Iw 7*fTcTtl IOi Mkutaa WT* K?ii w 1. tom^ur?rUf% i> Ui* Sloj?(NaHf j.^ ^ 5^ MR VgWoD* ou 'lw*h*d m ebN| u'cm, ?m 22 aw I70R RKNT-A ?oiitmu?? tro-Horr MICt Ls,w yi'J shsusa wSJs.r1 ?u Bndg* itrMt. To MUwtenant* the r*nt Mi* VTo O > .W COAL