Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1860 Page 1
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f ^^^^^^ JBCTtAW . , ^ liihlWlt.WM , ?'>'?"^ ' ??T i .HMtMitA rtHff' R.,TW?v.? ?' (ffbtnma Star. . - -' V2?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 7. 1860. N?. 2.857. j???????? ???? THE"EVENING OTAR 1_ n PUBLISHED BY BR Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDING*, Vorntf of Pennsylvania avenue and lit* St., IT W. D. W1LUCH. Ph*? Mrr?d in pmImm by o*rrl?ra it IU jeer, or 37 oenta p?r month. To mail ?*b?crlb?r? th? prioe is #i-5) a year, in id vane*; 92 for lis B?onth?; 91 for three month*, and for leas than tit roe m>uUi? at the rato of H mti a week. Sinfle ?hb cairr; in vripper*. two cbjits. (I^Advbbtuickcxts saoald be sent to the olat before IS o'e &ck m? other vim they amy not tfHK anti! the B?xt day. ' ????????? ?? . Crultln to Iruita?A French Mey'a Story. Tne attention of the United States Dfstriot Attorney at New York has recently been oalled to atrocities said to have been oommittod on b ird one of oar largest packet ship* trading between that port and Liverpool. A French boy, named Joseph Delatre. makes an affidavit which is on file, in whioh are deeoribed scenes I that pat the Pirate's Own Book to shame. The ?ew York World says: He state* that he arrived in New Orleans on the 25th of March last, and after partaking of a cop of coffee and a piece of toast, he was invited to coos board of this ship. Here he was left by the boarding master. Subsequent/)his cheat was sent on board, aoeompanied by bottle of brandy and one ponnd of tobacco. The second mate broke open his chest, and took from it all he had except an old flannel shirt, a pair of overalls, and a jumper. The ship was towed down to the Belise, where she xemained more than two weeks, during which lime he witnessed scenes calculated to mak* ?ven a sailor shudder. The language of tlaa ?ffio?r* fit exceedingly profane ; flogging, beating, and blows of all kinds, were ever;day orcarrencee, and the food would hare dhguited a hungry dog. The ship's company was composed of twenty five man, representing many nationalities, Among the number were three fine looking Portuguese. One day, whit* on the coaat, they being no longer able to stand the ill-treatment and beatings to which they were subjected, all t^roe jumped overboard, and tried to gain the Bftoro by swimming; but after struggling som? time, two of them sank to rise no more, while the third was picked up by the tow-boat and put on board th? ship. Another man wa| nr>H finnllv kinlotfi fmm n1rif> and falling overboard, thud ended his puffer* logs. Th* same outrage was enaeted upon the person of a Dutch boy. The captain was standing on deck and leaning over the bulwark* when the boy was thrown into the sea, and he gave orders not to save him. It is further seated that ho watched through his spy-glas* in bis dying struggles, the sea at this time being very smooth. Deiatre adds that one nighf during the voyage he was standing behind out of the boats, when the second and third mate* began to coax and caress a Mexican boy. whf was not much of a sailor, and, as if they were joking, pushed him against the bulwark^ then one of ihein took him by the neck with one hand and gagged his mouth, and placing his head over the bulwarks, while the other took out his knife and cut the boy's head off, and threw the headless body into the sea. Tb* was enaeted as a joke, and with the grin of a hangman on their faoes. On seeing the French boy watching them. they told him if he darad to mention the circumstance to any one, they would serve him ' an the same way. Nor is this all. A carpenter who had been "shanghaed" in New Orleans, was so badlj beaten that he died in two days after the vessel arrived in Liverpool At the coroner's inquest the jury gave their verdict to the effect that the carpenter came to hte death by the hands of the sftcond and third mates. They fled, and one of them was walking the streets of this city a few days ago with the French boy's olothea on, and meeting hint, hook hands with him. The boy started for an officer, and when he roturned the man bad, of coarse, gone. The two mates figured conspicuously in acta of a similar character on board of another of our paeket shipe not lonj; since. It was said in court, a few days since, that the oantaia of the first vessel referred to was a very humane man, and just as the ve?s?l was entering port he gave every seaman u Bible. This is not the first time the vessel has beeat seised for acts of a like nature. In this ease, out of twenty-five men who left N^r Orleans id ner, only eighteen arrived in Liverpool. Incredible as the above stories appear, they f vrm part of an affidavit now on file in the United State* Court of the Southern District of New York, and the matter ia now undergoing judicial investigation. A Shert Htafyauta-A Bride ( Tve DayiS The particulars of a short and sad honeymoon have been related to us. Two weeks sinee h . family (whose names we suppress for obvkjftg reaaous) oame to this city from Syracuse, and took up their residence ua Hill atreet and kept boarden. The landlady had a daughter at thei time unmarried, and matters went along smoothly in the household, the lady getting a considerable number of boarders On Tuesday last {a rather flashy dressed young man, who gave his name m Greoley, called at the house and wished to ret board. He was accommodated. The daughter of his hostess being rather good looking, attracted his attention. and they soon formed an intimate acquaintance. which ripened into love, and then into marriage, the ceremony being performed *n Thursday last?only two day*' courtship. The young couple aeemed happy enough, aid they were auppoeed to hare enjoyed thamaelve.hugely. The lime day the husband wen; to a furniture (tore and rented $400 worth of furniture, which be had taken to hit wife's mother'* house. Matters *?re getting ship-shape, and everything promised a prosperous journey through lite ; but alas for tbe t'aHaeyot huiufrn hopes. It was discovered on Saturday that the hoaband bad made himself scarce, and had gone no one knew where. The newty-madc wife, the dis^ona date mother, and unh*pp> family were plunged into tbe deepest despair at tbe revelation of the bridegroom a departure from among them. A eeareb was instituted for him, but unsoc oessfultj. and the rascality of Greeley's proceedings were made more manifest when <ma ot his late fellow-boarders disoo' ered that the sloper had taken in his hurried flight a rest ana a pair of pantaloons not belonging to him. Another boarder, about this time, also realised that the aaw husband had been operating on his stock in trade, ami had taken off a satchel which he probably wanted to pack the stolen gsrn><?'? In The furniture man got wind . f tne transaction, and hurried off to the house and carried his rented goods away. The rictisaised boarders went to the poltoe office to * a warrant for the arrest (if he can ba fougd) I of Greeley. The unhappy wife of two days, we are told, !i in an agony of mind beyond description. She baa hut to consider that as she married in h?re she ean repent at leisure If the facts are as wa have stated, and wa hare no reeon to do?bt them, she has only herself to blame. Without any previous acquaintance she took up witban ?adventurer, and has baen badly isspeeod upon. Roekttfr (N. lr.) Untom, Ang. 20. A Sbarpshootbk's Exploits ?Capt. iVavi?. aeett the Memnhis nanara. keeD.-i his ad. mirers In a state of oontinnal excitement in reference to his wonderful achievement* with the pistol. Uii lut proposition is mora remarkable than any we have yet heard from him. lie says he will wafer two hundred and fiflj dollar* that he oaa hit a mark without seeing it, and that the mark thai! ba plaoad behind tho trea from him Ha farther says the judges hall select a trea not laas than six feat in <fireumferanca A board target, six by Ira inches in sixe, shall ba placed behind the tree, at a distance of thirty yards from his poaUion He hall not tee the target, bat with his pistol till sbojt around tha tree, and out of twenty shots will hit the target fifteen times at laast, makiag tha ball go round tha tree before striking tha targat Tha mateh to aosna off within twenty day a from fha 21at in*., in Arkaniaa, within Ikree mil* of tke oily of Memphla, the place to be eeleeted by tbe jvdgea. Too Modut.'" Have yea any domeetlr menm fir lure* to report'" aaked a eeoeua marahal ?f thefenale bflML of the Onxly rejoicing in the bloom of bee** "Well, y ea " aald ahe. *ith aoMthlnc of mborraaaaeot la her vole* end countenance, '-we ha*e ??*Ai ?><* ? nyumttd rrmsm^tt " The ma/ohol, who la inodrst man, lloaited aitKMlT. m?fte the enUy la the acbedule with hte peoell. end eeked how aaaay yardj of rag cer pet ahe had made darlif the jear. 0a? OMdoifM) Jf. T-? IfiiNW' ^ 11 fTTOUXlil' " " I P ^Lm ud Zxrttiag ll'|e ef t Hulac-ii EtUMHlury Affair. A boat t?a o'clock on Sunday night, a madman climbed op the roof of a one-story and attic grocery at the oorner of Constance and Gaiennie pfreet*. and, mating himself on the -ridge ?f tbe ?UntiBg roof, Reside tbe chimney, he ootntiieoced singing a wild air, to which he vigoroualy kept time by heating with a tomahawk ho had taken up with him. Such an extraordinary sight attracted a crowd very qaiokly, and fearful that ha would lone his balaMt'md tumble down, they shonted to him Jq descend th^ou^h the dory^ani windows. He surreTeathem with the most placid indifference from hit exalted situation, but paid no beed to entreaties or threats, until, as tbe croird increased in site, and became more boisterous, his passion seemed to be aroused, aad looeening the brieks of the chimney, he ery deliberately broke them in pieces on tbe riiin of Ihn mnf and fcnrlnd ?h?m > ? ?. pie below. A great Mattering took place, but not before a few were struck and bruised with U>e brickbats, which oame with unerring aim upon those for whom they were intended. After, gaining his position with so much (rouSTe, the madman was evidently determined upon maintaining it, and now perhaps labor* ing under the belief that ho was besieged by the populace, he kept on coolly loosening bricks from the chimney and breaking them into proper size for ammunition with his tomahawk. Not a man, woman or child oouli now approaoh within any distance from him without running the risk of having their heads out open by the missiles which came thick and fast from his freniied arm. All night long he kept his position, and so relentless was he io his watch for objects to fire at that the watchman had to caution pas?ers-by to k?ep under the eave of the house, out of his reach. When daylight came, he was even more vitr ilant than before, and the immense crowd that collected frequently got too near him, ao that a number of persons were struck, but not badly hurt. This state ef affairs was becoming quite serious. The maniac had nearly used up the whole chimney in bis bombardment of the neighborhood, and the street was covered with brickbats, while no one could pass unless by crouching along under the eave of the house lie seemed tireless in hi* fury, and answered imploring*, commands and threats only by a shower of missiles. Pome eight or ten policemen were on the ground with Mayor Monroe, and the question perplexed all how he was to be removed. A couple of officers had made an attempt to bring him down by getting through the dormant windows. The roof was so steep that they coold not bare grappled with the madman without reeling off. and beside*, as soon as they showed their heads out of the window, he made them targets for his brickbats. The foreman of an active up-town engine company, in this emergency, proposed to try the effect of cold water treatment, as he had beard that shower baths were often used to ubdue very violent maniacs. This plan being c??i ucu u jn;u no IUO UUO ppjIUISIIlg BUCC0M. H party went roond to the nearest engine hou?e, that of Volunteer No. 1, and brought their machine on the eround. A full stream of water wad turned upon the madman, and' whether it came with too much force or gate him a nervous shook, he fell off the ridge, rolled down the roof, and tumbled down upon the banquette, striking upon the seat of applied learning. II* was at onee taken to the Charity Hospital in a carriage, and though badly jarred by the fall, was not seriously hurt. N. O. Bee, Sept. I. i A Wokah at Pike's Peak?The Oalena (111.) Courier contains a letter from a lady at the gold district, which is certainly not very flattering, it is aa follows : Nevada City, July 23, 1860 Dear Father: We left St. Joseph's the 10th of May; arrived at Denver City the 13th of June ; left Denver the 24th, and arrived at Nevada the 27th. We had very pleasant weather all the way; yet it was a long and tiresome journey. It will bo three months, the 8th of August, since I have been in a house or aat in a chair. I am now sitting on the ground, with a board for a table, and that on my lap. If I had known what a journey it was to come here, I would never have feen the Rocky Mountains. It is too hard for any woman to come here. Over one hundred women started back to the States last week. My advice to all women is, that they bad better go to the poorhouse than come oat here. I hare not spoken to a woman since I came to the mountains. I have had to sleep in my wagon ever since 1 left St. Joseph's. I do not know what dry clothing is. I sleep in a wet bed, and woar damp clothing all the time. Most of our company were sick on the way out. There are a great many down with the mountain fever, which is very dangerous. There is a great stampede here now. Everybody is going home. There ii hardly any inoLey io the country. As for gold, I hive seen aome but it is not plentifnl yet. Next year will be better than this for making money here. There are sixteen mills in this guloh. and as soon as they get to work times will be better. I have not been two yards from my tent sinoe I oume nere. it ia ao awtul turd lire here, and 1 have had enough of Pike's Peak. A man or woman, to live here, has to work like -fita," and then, if they do not gat tick and die, thejr are well off. Xabshfiild?A correspondent of the Journal of Commerce writes as follows from Marshfield, Mass : "As jou know, the moat of Mr. Webater'a 1,700-acre farm has been sold. The same ia true of his large stock of oattle. His mansion still remains in possession of his only son and child, Fletcher Webster, Esq., and several hundred acres of land around it. The place doe* not look as it did when in it* glory, ten years ago; but it is still attractive, and in a pretty good oondition. The interior of the h juse if hardly changed at all, and the library, portrait*. Ac., are now very much aa the lord of .the aaaaor laft them The number of visitors to the mansion and grounds is rather increasing from year to year. A register of names iot4 1 i s i?*. ?* was upcuou iu imii, o?Mea oj inm 01 motion. Edward Everett. A pretty Urge book his been filled with names of persons from all portions of the world; a second volume has been opened. The visitors come mostly during the time from May to November, and the arrivals are specially numerous in July and August. The grounds are open to all who desire to inspect them; but if on? wishes to pass through the library and other rooms where the patriot lived and aied.a moderate fee it ehargea to defray the expense* of furnishing attendants, Ac. I could not bat admire anew the magnificent field still attach ed to the faraa, and situated opposite the old Gov. Winslow bouse. It is extremely level,and with but few tree* upon i(. la <*is? it is equal to Boston Common. Tt is now all in grass, and a handsomer field cannot be aeon in New England; and, so far as I know, it is the largest under cultivation." Sao Dxvth ? Mr. John D. Fisher, residing near WalkeraviUe, Frederick county. Md., met with a hoektag death in a well,on the farm of Mr. Worman. near Catoctia Furnace, on auth ult. The Haiti mora Visitor stye: "He was let down by a rope attached to a wlndlaaa, and after descending sorxv mww im or was asked If he detected the existence of any foul air. H? replied that he aaneUed a ttry odor, taint tbooght It wu the tit that had beta horning the day before, and that they should let him down a little farther, Tbef theh WWn down a few feat farther, and sailed u> him again, but he betag nnahle to an. wer, they Immediately commenced drawing him | up, a ad when within a few (rat of the top of the I well his bold broke and he was precipitated totbe bottom, a distance of soma sixty feet Every exert! on waa made to reacne him, and after three haute' etrurgie they succeeded In getting him out with the aid of Iron heaka. He leaves a wife and foar children to mourn hla loas. fiT- A letter from Beyrout, Syria, stales that U consequence of the disturbance la the Lebanon dtetrlet, the entire crop of 41k has beea dartiofed, ffct Um being estimated at 10,000,??. '* as .si9?toJ?m< tail . .1 iiMl: la | " A MRS. WINSLOW, If Bzportra Nnrae am) Fwnalo PhyatoUm, praaeata to tim attention of motfaara. fear SOOTHING SYRUP, For Children Taathlnj, Wktak ftaatlj faouiuua li? WN)N .f taaUiag, kj m(i? lag tfca rut, IUK. r [ all inlaraaiauaa??U1 allay ALL r*llt ana tpumwlle ?ci;?n,nnd is SURE TO RUGVLATE THE BOWELSD?paa4 ipw tt, mathtra, U will fit* mm ta y?mrnl?M, aa* RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa data pat ap Mid laid th;i aroela faravariaa jr?tn,?ad car* at, in conrioBitcB truth of it, ?h?.t ? b?T? h???r b**a akla la. af aay OTH*a Mtdretn*? ? ?? 1 [?.. .. .... ? ? ulnBa & nmn ,R- wiMcr ?>?. ,T4I,CI TO *' rmc-r a. cvki, WIHSLOW* ?kiD uaoly aood. ImwMwi tuv IQIITtMftfl *? luuoci of dia a'.iafaction by any ooa who naad it. On th? contrary, all ara SYR Of. dalirhtad with tU riliTIONi, aid ir? k la tartaa of taifhtat eoiarcindatiMi af ai -Itnl (fact* ud madica' Tiriaai. Wa apaak is j>u ma liar < what wb do inov," aftartaa yoara' axpananca, and flldai ?ui iif t? now roR thi FVLriLMBifT or vpiat wb nidi d*num In almoot t'iry matanea vhara tna Infant la aifattag from pain and a lha notion. ralial will bo foxed lcifiaan or twanty minntoa aftar tko irtap la ai.miaiotarad. Tim aalaahla praparaticn ia da praacriptioo of on* of th? aa4i liriHiMclD aa l UlLrDl. RVlili in Naw England, and haa baan nod with WB* BR-HfLiFy IVCCBII fa THOUSANDS O* CASES. It aat only ralitf oa tha child froo pain, bat inTiferxtaa tko atomic h and bowala, corraeu acidity, and giaaa ton a nod ooargy to ibo wbola ayatara. It vill >.lmoai tnotaaily roliavo in tub Bowels and Wind Colic, xadaaorconit er>n?al?iaua, which, if >ot araadUy ramadiad ond in daatb. War ' __ _ 'oAiovaitlho BUT awoiuvtisTRin- FOR. I ?>t it, tha world in all eaaai of dts- CHILDREN I Wtirt and dur rn?t tit cnil- tfi'thinn I prBia, whathar it ariaaa froic taathinr _ l\m from out otbor caaaa. Wo woalri a-ty to ovary mothar ?n? haa a child aaffaring from any of tha foragaing complaint*?Do l?ot lrt f orr prbjudicu, ror thb prbjl'dicba op OTHBRi atand batwaan yoar auffarinp child and tha ralitf that will b? jtrs?raa, ab*0H'ti1 T *r*??1? follow tfta UK <>f th aadioina, if riiraty a?ad. Fall diractiar.a at > >* ?il! a Mnpnni aaeh heula. Nona raisins unlata tha fae aimila CORTti k PERKINS, Naw Tark, ia an tha aalaida wrappa r>,d by Drnjgiacs throufhes! iha world. tr met pa I Olfiea. No II Cadar Btraal, M. T. ' Prlc an It is <*aata par Battia. aa 11-CAwl v FOiTs a i7e^ a nTTr ent! j FOR SALE?A small FARM ofan acres, situated at the Little Falls, having a comfortabledwelling-hmine, corn house, stables, Ac; well-fenced and watered; witiiin four miles of Washington ; 16 aoraa id ouftiration, the ka!au<*< in handsome woodland. It is peculiarly desirable as a country rest denoe, being perfectly healthy and most romantically situated : excellent fishing and hunting. Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bnrtge, Little Fails. de7-2awtf ITOR SALE?A lot of LAND con'aimnc 5a<;r?? r in I'ri- ce ?;eorge'scou't;r.adjoining the District line, b miles norfh of Washington city and ? miles frotrt the Soldier*' Home, in a healthy neighborhood, improved with a comfortab edwelliup and an orchard ot select fruit, situation doKirai.l** as a building site, convenient to cUu chcs, fctmoli, ft c. Terms Iilieral. For particulars inquire on the premises to the subscriber. _au li-fr'lin' Mrs. E. DAVIS F^OR SALE?Very cheap,on re&toiiab.'e terms, one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, sit-iated or the north west of6th St.. and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HOUfJSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th st., between 11 and 1 sts. au Ifr-tf C'OR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME r llOI'SE will be for rent in a few days, it is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K St.. Navy Yard : has a large garden lot attached, a pump of u?od water n ar. and contains 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will ne remea low, with or without the lot, to a road tenant. For sals cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE ; works well in anything Inquire of T. B. CI.ARK, Navy \ ard; or of JOHN PATCH, ftl* H st.. between 4th and 5th. jy 16 TO LET?Two well arranged and oonveai* nt FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms each;one situated on 14th nt. went, between L and M its north; the other on N nt. north, between 14th and 15th at*. we?t. Enquire of J. P. Hilton, No. 239 F nt. north, lietween 13th and 14th sts. west, or No 375 14th ?t west, between 1, aiul AI sts. north au&t-tf JOHN P HILTON. FOR RENT?The three story (brown front) HOUSE. No. 367 New York avenue, between loth and Mth straets. north side, (Containing fitteen rooms. This bouse is oonvenirnt to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc.: is lighted by gas, and in every way suitab'e for a hoarding house. K ent mo ierate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, sreond tlo' r north win* of Patent Office. jy 14-tf L^OK RENT?Three HR1CK HOUSES-oneon r Twelfth street, between C and l>; one on the corner of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H, between 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES \V HARKER, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 4 Ui. ma30-tf l?OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR ol Ui? build r lug immediately opposite the w**t wiurof tn* City Hal., reomtly oooupied by Ciia*. S. Vraiiaeli as an ofhoe. Also tne front room iu the second story tud tiie third floor of the same building. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. U Louisiana avenne. ja 13 tl Qi?nDni?TnwM A nvFDTHfTc \J LIVUUU1 W M It AiJ T UU X iUlU IL^OR HARPER'S FRRR-CHANGE OF r DA YS ?On and tLflrr July ,2.18tin, -ir*"* k. Ue utetiner A.NTKLOPK, <;(VPl *' I?r J. Wkll*. earning the United S'ateH^ *"^"^* mail, will leave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY,at7a.m.,and return every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. H.?Evory Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Sh?pherdftown. an aHm" FOR HARPER'S FERRY. N AndafW July Sri, 1*00, the steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain \\ . II. RitW, will ^IH"> > w leave Georgetown EVERY Tt'ES DAY, THURSDAY, and SAT UK DAY, at7 o'clock a ui., and rbturn every alternate day ,at 6 o'olock a rn. On tbe Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. je 21 3m i rn JUST RECEIVED, i IDU BBLS. WHISKY, <a?so-tod.) 180 do. H ERRING and ALEWIVB8, ? do. REFINED SUGARS, mhh?W. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls.(Bavfield) W HI TE FI-H, 25 b<>zcs pi line East?rn CHEESE. Fnr ul? l,>w U miiv T nrmi'f - ? - w ? ? WW V. U f je 8 Georgetown. D. C. \f AS?EV. COLLINS A CO.'t? PHILADELItIT'HIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are constantly receiving fre*a auppiies of i?e above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a yure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. aRNY a 9HINN, Agents, fn ST fi ?t.. Oeoreer.iwn. I^RANDBLU OPTICIAN, V No. 198 Bridtt St., Gtorgtttwn, Haa constantly on band a largo assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted, Periaoqpio. <-> ?. ored.ajidal. other SFECTAcLLS, oi**_^ tne beat qua.itj^ inj|old. silver. steeluand German uvor iram?. rv. tj. mo f urnfla nep*ire<1 %nd aew iww ?t la them to ordtf. ao l?-ly JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, C*r. bruigt and Jeferson >li , Gtmgrtom, Having given mj persona! attention to this bi anoh of iny buainea*, 1 am prepared t? *? 11 ? _ attend to alt oaila with proniptneaa Peraona from a diatanoe oan be aupplied at a 'ew minutea' notioe.aa 1 have a large aaaortment of CtlPPlNS at way* on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the df ad from the old to the new banal (rounds. Hearaea and Horsea for hira. &p 10-6m PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS The aubsoriber bega leave to inform the oitiz*' a of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he haa add?d to his long eatabliahed buain^aa the auxiliary of etnam power for aawing an I manufao lynn? marpie and Brown 9tone Work in 'Mir va rious oranches, Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand Toe?, Tile, Monument*. Tomb and Head S?topes, Window Lintels, Pil s, t?te?s ar.d ePiatformi. Having pure baaed a large stock <if Ititian IarDie in blo?k,from first hands,at the lowest r%t<*e, efeelsoonllde<it of being able to furnish Mari..e L?,w M ^nrchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in blook or s'abs at the name rate as farnisned in New York, and on ac?omsnodatinf terms. Also, en hand, a large suoelr ol AT' Hone and Prflshii* JNewYork prices. Enoounge th-* enter pnse; it wnl be an aeeoisition tn th? nit? ALEX. RUTHERFORD Pioneer Steam Marble and Brown 8tone Wmkt, Pa. at., oor. Thirt rath st, au213m Washingt >11. D. C. The union wil' stand. nomatiek WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently I shall rtrntinio Washington and continue to puriua mj occupation "f SIGN Md ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild in* in ail it* branches. Ola Glazing piompwy attended to- Painting and Ornamenting Coteife Perm tun in the best stjle I alao, e&l attention to the Painting of Roof* and Brisk Wall* , An of the abora I will do as cheap asthechraeeat. I therefore solicit the patronage uf my friends aad fellow citiseaa of the Diitrwt. Punots?Jity striotly observed, aad work done in the beat manYoa yiU please mind yoar atoaa and stop at M. T PARKER'S Painting Establishment, N<>. 63 ' S3 !! 53 !!: Louisiana av , north tide, between f>th and 7th *ta. P. f rtigna put up free ef charge, aa usual. au 3) 3m I^BT RECEIVEl), a ine stoek ?f FALL # t'LOTHlNli, Pnaoa of Wales Uati, Ja??nase Mflbufift'Li1' kind* of Hats, at the PfcOPi.ETS o?oiSur(Swfi? 8eTenth^?tpeet *t .iMtui kill boa ?U"l oeetrMH . EDUCATIONAL. WASHINGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE. A BOARDIXQ ASD DAY SCHOOL, 223 0 s?t., ttstwess 17th A.KD l8rH st*. The French Language Practically Taught. Mn SMITH present* her coirpliments to the parent* of her pupil* a-.d hop** their dftuc titer* 'l!l he present punctually on the liratday of the eeMioa, (September IS.) The board of instruction eoi-ists. as formerly. of teu professor* *nd teaciior*. seven of whom taught during the la*t *e**u-u. an JO ?w* TFKMALKEDUCATION. HOSE Parent- who wi*h their daughter* to reoeiva a thorough and systematic education, where 8eir phmca! t xinin? wul reomvedaily and special tcnlioD, u'.der the most approved system of Calisthenic anf" Ovmnastic*. ar? respectfully invited to visit th* Union Female Acadmnv enm?r Vm.r. teenth at. and N*w York MR. t. MRS. Z. RICHARDS, ail 30-tf Pnucipais. pVERKTT INSTITUTE, Mass Av., Hitwiik Dm ahp 1*th St* The exercises of this well known institute will I* restunad on Monday, the 3d of September. Terms are very reasonable. Fur particulars see circulars at the different bookstores, or call on E W. FAR LEY, the proprietor, at his residence, 443 Tenth street. ang* 6t* Brookev1lle academy, Mohtoomkky County, Md The n?xt session will commence Sept omit r 31. Boys are prepared for college or trained for bomne**. Catalocnes may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at Brookevilie. Md. E. B. PRETTY MAN. A. M? an 29 2w" Prineipal. Female boarding and day school, ALSXANItHIt, VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, Paisc;r*L. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will eomin?nee on Tuesday, September lath, m the house r?e*ntly rtetfupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. ISO Kin* street. The course of study pursued will oompricall the branches requiMte to a thorough English Eon cation, and Music, F.enoh, Latin and Diawing, it desired. tn addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as lMlArr1*>r? vim pnnallhilin. ? ?? n ..? - >..U?..U%IU0 ?w y%mt ' *?I lioi t?Wli Idlll* 1 ly. will he u> <lor her immediate care and anpTTi ion. 8he will endeavor, a* lar an possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindly influences of Home. Kef'rmtf*.? Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D". Klias Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William H Fowlo, K?q., F.'lgar J?nowd*n. to*) . Edmund K Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq . L?wi* McKenz e, Esq., Robert H. Hunt?n, E?q . \V D Wallach, K iLor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Em|..J?s. Entwisle. Jr.. Esa ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Black lock A Marshall, Messrs Coise Brothers. T*RM*. Board, with Tuition in all the English B anches, u>r >lie annual session?payable t>emi annually, in a t vatice .Music and Languages at Professors' prices ID* No extra charges. nu 2B-tf ?T? GONZAGA college. 1 HK Scholastic ?x?rcises of this Institution will be re?uined on the 1st Monday in September, au V 2W \V. F. CLARKE. 9 J., l'rea't. Franklin academy, Coriki Thiktb?nth amdH Sra.. A SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOY*, I Fcrrmrrly lotat'd in the First Ward.) This Insti'ntion will commence its Third Annual SoaMon, at it* nww location, on Monday. September 3d. Application* for admission may he made on the premises at anv tim* aft?r the z6th inst. au 25 lm R. B. DE TRICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMY. COKKCKB E AND TK?sth Sts. Thia Institution will renumo itsdutinn September 3d. Applications made to the Principal at the rooms Circulars at the bookstores j. 8. de hart, Principal. K'ftrtntt*. Prof. Henry, LL. D , M. H. Miller. Esq., Rev. John C Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culwr, Rev. A. G. Carother*, Rev. J. P. Davideon, au 23-1 in _ W ASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, C?t?n or Tbsth G St*. The exeroises of Um school will be resumed on kwivmv ?' ? V*v*1 *> ? ?^-|r?oiiii?ti gu. g wr ?rnn? nFP'J lilt residence on D street, near Star Office. Circular* at bookstores. ftnaiZft SAMUEL KELLY, Principal. J^ELKCT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADlES. Miss M RIDDELL will resume the duties of her school on the first MONDAY in September, at No. wi nciiiu sbiont. Rll J'- IIT1 Emerson Institi*te. H ST , Betwkbn 12TH *SD 13TH ST?. SELECT CLAS^M'At. AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS The Eighth Annual Sesnion of this school will commence on MONDAY, 8apteml?6r 3d. Number of pupil* limited. _ an JO (States.; CII AS. B. YOUNG principal. rPHE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 1 37u EIGHTH ST., BKTW? KN KJWPI.^T-. Studies will be resumed in this lrtstnution on MO s DAY. Seutember 3d. Circulars at honknt.iru* mi 16 tl "AC RICHARD?. Principal." Metropolitan collegiate instiTI'TE FOR YOUNG L\DIES, 464 E Sr., Bbtwbb* 6tu ahd7th Sts. The fourth annual mumoii of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in bppteuil' r. Application' should be ma<le f-arljr, as the number of pupils ia limited. For particulars nee ci'cu'.ars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H A VENNER, at the Institute. au9-tf VOCAL INSTRUCTION : MRS. FRANKLIN. Tbachkb op Mrmr, 542 H, betwe? n 6th and 7th streets, e 1-eolm Georgetown female seminary, (Formerly Mis# L S. Exolish's.) A BOARDING A*D DAY SCHOOL. The duties < f this lustitutien will b? returned on the first Monday in September next. Theoourse of instruction embraoes all that is taught, from the rudimeuts to the most highly finished education. The corps of teachers, ten in number, are eminently qualified ai?d experienced in their several departments futures Friday evening* on the Natural Scieuoes without cliai k? to the pupils. Circulars may l>e obtained by addressing the Principal, \ln>s M. j IIAR ROVER,Georgetown, i> C. au 22 ro3m COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. W4.SHIH6TOS, D. C. The session of the College opens on Wednesday, September 28th; the preparatory school Wednesday, September 12th For trrms^catalogue, or other information apply to the President an C 2aw4w* O. W. SAMSON, p. P. M SCHOOL FOR GIK LS. IS?* MARY P. niTNfsN Will nn ;*^ML , .A oun lUf IIIB UlNBi'*! Ui I firiiTiHORSES, CATTLK, SHEEP, and SWINE: Md an unequal'ed mile in length a id [orty fMtia width, for the exhibition of Horse* The Premium* offered?in ca?h,?sold, iilvor, and bronze medals,?diplomat and oeififioaiei, amount 90,000. The Exhibition will remain oeen from Werinea13th. to Thursday, the *?th, ol September, thus>f mac time to examine and teat the impl* menu and niaemnery. ror premiom liata or information apply at the Offioe or the Soeiety, No. 356 Pa. avennn, (np taira ;) or to the Mh*>?rio?r, at Ciag|neatf7ohio. i_ ^ ~ **EN. f K*LKF POORS, ,, w* u fQ f u. ?. A?rioaitufa aooiety. V OT8 OF PIANOS FOE RENT AT LOW Li retM. Piiaoa for Ml* on the 53B reaaonaU* t*rnu. 6 r?U Nuwna mold* f'PfJ Ptanoa ; ajto, ia Oultri, VToliaa, Me-' 1 !?)?,?, JOHN F ELL*,, fcu l? iole went for CHiekerina fc'flona'Planoe BALT.?OEBBUTTK11 BO r/ j| 7 ill aew v AUCTION SALES. Br A. OKhEN, Auctioneer. INTERESTING SALE AT PUBLIC AUCtiow or Rial E?tat* asd Pe?*oxal P*or?ip?Ob the firat T(J E9UA Y Mb* 2d <1 ayiof Ooto oar. at 10 o'clock. two highly cu tiT?W Karma ad I' ininc. contain n? afont2 0 terea each. aitaatrd ? mi lea from Wa-nin? toa city. U. C., ni the f*? entli atreet rn?d, m MouUomer? eow.iy. Md Alao, Hon-.erol J Furniture m l every deeonption ofFarm Stock, oonaiatinc in part of? Nine Horaea and ont Colt, 0>e pair of VVorkine *taera, Twenty f?or head ofVaUie. o^meririnf? JM nob Onvi, > unc Steera. to . &c. About thiity Hnra and Shoata, lot of Sheep, Fair of fine Carriaae Hor??i, IKM ("ar-ia.:". new Double Harneea, F.j Net*. Buffalo Robes. B ank?te. Ao.,*c. A'io Family rarr areand Double Rarneaa, Hn*i* Ham-aa, La>1iet' and Uerta' Sadoiea, Bridiea, Sieiirh B"Ha. Ac . Ac. On# Four horae Wa on. Ha'neaa, Carta, Carrra! Corn and Cob Cruab*r. ?"<td aa new. Threshing M*obin*ai>d Horae Power, R< ckaway. Fan. Reaper and Mower. n.,.., nil... r.l A- - - - ( >4 J \r?nn H9Q1II IHUIOT HJU DVHVIIHII Ml mention Lars* lot of Clover and Timothy Flay, Who?t. Kyeand Oat i?t'aw. C'>rnandCom Fodder I h?? farm* will be eoid at one o'cock, without reserve. No. 1, containing alout 2>*i acre*. tit,e perfect and free from all enoomt'rarce, ha* an elegant nudna house, rep'ete with nil o< nveuiences of a fir?t cla?s ci?y re?nience, swoh aa lath*. wat?r olo*et?. rang* a>id pamp in ki h?n, furnace, fine dry cellar, hot arid cold watr tu bed rounf,0>inserv tor j. anri iu fact every thing requisite (or an elt-gant oonntrr residence. The house, with iU su^rt unditi^K, cost about $P.'00 Farm No. H lm? about 3n acre* highly improved land. go<>d farm ho us-, nrw oorn orib and granar*. good ham and stahlii.g for 13 horses. Building* valued according to insoranoe survey at about 5,'00, the whole under good feuoiug; plerty of excellent water m ever* direction. A'to, sufficient WW1 iand and fine meadtws. Tre fa-ms will be sold together or separate, at first purchaser's option. Terms of sale; One third ca*h; balance to guit I the purchase-, recured by a deed of trust on the property All the personal pr< pi rty will be sold on a credit of 3 months lor all tuma ?>vwr and np to 32S; all over that mm a or?*d't off months win be given lor m>tee salisfa-tori'y endorsed, bearing in n'*ni u?f K?T ui Fa?; rii Burns uno^r ca*h. The who!e propetty. real tnd personal r will ?>? sold w th'iBt re-erve on the first luesray in Oct b?t,and uie ??le wiU be o -ntinaed d*i'y until t"i? who!" of p .jpe ty is divposnd of. Th* property can be viewt-d and every desirable imfonna. tion nvg by calling oc the owner. WILLIAM ABATCHKLOK about 3 trile* Iwyond the (arms o< Mr. Olaget and F P. Blair, on th* Peventta st'??t road. Address, if by it-tier, Cottago Post Office, MuD'Koawry oouutj, Md. _*e 4 jl _ A. GREEN, A lot. By J. C. MoOUIRK A CO . Anotioneer* VMAITABi E INLAND PROPKRTV FOR Salk ?'The whoie of square No. SW. b*un< ed by K a id M streets south, and by i)e aware aveuue and Fust and Seooud streets west, Having been sul>di vid< d into fifty convenient bunding lots, with f onts ranging from 15 to2t feet, will be <JTered At pubUs ?a'?, on th* pr-eitiises. in l,o'?, on THUKH 1>AY. the 6th <!a/ of September next, at half past 4 o'olook p. tn. 1 Person* wishing to purchase a lot or lots can apply to the undersigned, at h s offioe, where also tue plst oi subdivision may be seen. Title tha'. of the o-igina! proprietor. Terms of sal*: Ou? fou th cash; the residue in three egual instalment*, at 6.12and IS month*, wi'.i interest to be s?oure?1 on the premise*. U nle** t'i? tarma *ra /<s-v vm alia.l ? >*!> ? * t- - ? * *"* wiiiia - ir utMiijfiiOU Willi WllIllII UW UftJB 1!UIB 1110 day of sale, the richt i* rwr?'d to re?ell. ?*' five day*' public notice, al the nak and oost of d?feaitii.g pin chaser. All conveianceaat the purchaser'^ ceit. hICHARD H.CLAKKE, Attorney at Uv. eor. fi'h st. and I a av. an ?Voujtii? J.C. McUUIREt CU.,Auct?. B. T. M. McCORMlCK: Alexandria pOMMIS5?!ONKR'9 SALE OF A VALUAV bl* T? act of i.ahd ix Tiitrot'?TT or Alii1 andria, V*., o?r tiii A , L?. & H. K. R.?By virtue of a decree of the OVc*it Court of Alexandria county, in the aoit of Hooe, Guardian, r<. Hardin aud others, tlit undersigned will, on 1 Uh^DAY, t e 2d of Octobe', 1860. at >2 o'olock. in front of the Mayor'" office, in the city of Alexandria, aell at public anotion, a valuable tnet oontaiairg abrat 5(40 acre* of land in the eonntf of Alexandria, of vhuh Laoriat-n B Hardin fcsq ,died aeixed. This ropvtr lies about 7 wi!ea from AJexand ia an<i 6 from Washington and Georgetown, on the ro\d I leading from Falla Church" to Georgetown, and on the Alexandria, Loudoun and llampahire Railroad, a water station being ?-ear the land. The improvement* consist of a food tw -xtory frame Dweii:B? Hojae with back baiidirc-sprtnc nou-e. a barn ana a!l Gec*sa&ry out houses The proxm ity of this larm to the ihr?e markets of Alexandria, Washington ana Georgetown, the character of the land an a the healthfulucss of the location, makes it a d??iraMe residence. The terms ?r escribed b* the decree are: On*-tenth of the purchase ibodm iu cash; and the residue in /<>or equal instalments at 6 IS. in and jM months f. oin t*e d *? < f sale, Uif> daf-Tred payments to be ?>' ured by the fouds of the purcha*<r, b?arict >nt r?> t ftnn? the day of sals, ard a rt-t^iition of the tid-" hu*i' paid If d-^eire4 by pnrchisT< the property w->uM be dindcd ino two or m<-r? parcels, ar d a pl?t thereof will be Mh k H by t??e u->dersign'd. I LOUIS* KINZhK. *u St -'taat < t> mnunt'oner. " CARRIAGE FACTOR]E8. WASHINGTON OA K R I A** E FACTORY. H Strett, find Wth Streets. We have jusi hmabed a numi-*' ol 6rst oinss C*KR1AGLS, such as Litkt Finey. MFTSk^. Wnermi, Fark P\ratoni. Famtly Car-'aR-i^9( ns>??, nnri Hutrtt.'. whiob we will selia:-*E ? 1If . a ver? smalt nrofat. Heine praet oat mechanics in different branches .of the bui"inesi>. we flatter ouoelves that we fcnoai 1 the ptTie* and juan'y of w?-rk that wj'l fire tstis 6wti??n, combining lightness, comfort and darabii *t. Repairing promptly and oarefal!y attended to the shortest n- tioe and mo?t reasonable charges. < WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, i Coachroafcers, successors to wm. T- Hook. ?r*7-dlj i T CARRIAGES. HE Sflbaoribet having made additional? hi MONDAY (the lf*th> of September next, op?n a so'ool for girls at No. 21 Indians avenue, in winch will he tau-lit French and the ordinary branch's of a got-d English education. au 31-2aw3w Q.EORGETOWN COLLEGE, D C. SHudies will be r*snme<1 at this Institution on the first Monday of September. au U-eo3w JOHN EARLY, 9. J., President. MRS. M. E. KINGSFORD'SSEMINARY, lit b St.. WuhiN8T(>ii, D. C. The next session will oominenee October 1st. lttfn. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. au 15 tf WMKS. M. C. BKOWN ILL Resumo the duties ol her Sohool on Monday, September 10 Irwtruotiou given in English, French and Musio. No. 9 K street, between fith and 9-h. au J)-e< 4^ REV. C. P. RLSSELL, ASSISTED BY MRS Russell. will reopoa his school for >oun? ladies on the first MONDAY of September next, at No. 41 Fast Capitol street, Washington, D. C. au lS-2aw3w* N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Stfl. 12r4-2WA. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Aanual Atncultu ral and Industrial Exhibition on the prft'iads lu>erally provided by the oitneas of Cincinnati, which ttovtrj. mwun* 11 now one pi me IB tbn Dictriot, where ln? f&nilttie* forti^CQJK roannfaotunnt CARRIAGE * W AOON8 or all kmda oannot lie aarpaeeed. ar< from bis i?nr ?ifri?Eje id th? b?i:n?(i, be acpet to tire aati*:"?et!or. AH kiuca of Cat natee actf Llckt t* a?ona kept ea uri. A!< REPAIR?nMtlf 4??*,?s4All erdera It attend ad lo. 3eoen4-ka*d C*rrUt?a taken id whim 'or ?r? ANDREW J. JOYCE, <?? H ???. ?? lata a?U fc DENTISTRY. Dokntal card. R. MT'NSON H?? returned ??d resumed hie profe*e*<ni. 4 ftioe ard houeea; 463 K >. third door eaat of t*ixth In addition t M^y *ery o h?r app*oved ?tyle, Dr. M h?? ?et^- -'' -* t e'h on volcnre Baa? for ?iio l*ct three year*, aud. from exp'rienoe, know* it exoeia *11 otvra, a d is one-third lera in prioe than geld Hit falroaa of Waj^'netou, Alexandria, a?d Genre*own ire rr^pwctfjtiy m>lioit?d t ? ea'l. an 2S-?oly DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOMI^ Has closed hie ofcoe for the ae? on, and will be absent, as ukimI, during tho *1101 mer mouth* ; will re?ume practice about the 1st of Oct. b?r, of wliicli furtli^ notice will be given. ir 10-tf DDKNTI8TRY. R. H1LL8, alter ajpiactioA teat of two ye*ra feela that he c&n with oonfidenoe recom mend the Cheopiaatio Procew for insert in *jnp(a? &rtitic:2kl teeth It h&* the advantage* strength, beauty, cleanliness, and oheapceaa. F?1 upper seta inserted for $Tt. Partial in proportion. O?oe 306 Pt. aveaue. *1 T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTF.RY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonducted by the &?anuh Government ani'i the nupervision of the Captain General oi Cuba, will take place at Havana on THURSDAY. September IS, 1800. UOHTEO If UMSHU 6U OKDiNAH/O CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 pr;ae of ? tfpniMot..^. 9 1 a? ? do 1 do *M*? US do ? ?. 1 do - ?,<*? a? appro*. _ a 1 a.. 1?jOW> lit ILL UoP PRIZES. Whole #ilO-Ha.v?e,?lO?Quarter*. #5. PniM oaahed U anht at * per cent diacount. Bi ! on Ml olrsnt Baaka taken at par. A drawmi wili be forwaniod u toon u the rea?lt beoomei knovu. Ail order* Tor echemee or tickets to bo to don kourigutz, ga 3-tr <"!ar* of Oit* Port i h\ri#?t?r. >.<' 7hh,d and silver HPKCTAcly s.-Har~ VJ inc had mwoh expeneree m the >? *?. nunufloturim aud sal* of Ppeotacle# I am mm prepared to aoppW any or a'l that wnat % er? aup-r.or auaity of flaa?M, with th ae that are neat oal' ula* d to b*nefi' thai' aisht. Har1> g hanrn-h prao'ioe in fuint the - or d>ff cult o\? >?, i ?' 1 warranted in aajinx th*t I o*u a-lt-ct t *'?* *x time* th*t will >on the wearer, aai at th? amt uoi? mii *wi uirnn ai so iow ft prtoe th&l t-l tf?at Tubto m them "*b nffhrd t?> pu-ph*gf H O. HOOD H> NO I^P. DIl. ^TKIiil* WNEW Oi?ODS. E H?t? jmst r*o?iv*d nnrge ?too> o! Bixnck**! ana Brown C<?TTON9<>f th* t*?t mu>? *1 SHEETlNGH, TABLE LINENS, NA?'K'N9, TOVVELINGS, 1MSH LINE!S?, ? * '?' GLOvVk. 'O*UNTL8!WS, 'w4HTK^'f< FV wbinh w? hnrnUna jj 30 TAV||OA A HUTCHlWip. % THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia tiwilnl Paaitty wmi N?r? JntmI-mi (Amine a (iMlrr wi?t iMarattiag raa4iaf Uu ou tw fo?ad IB U! ?Uw-1* pebiietew* ? Safcrdaj ?ornia?. TUMi-Oui, <> ? trisrr ?-??? as bwia * ?U?"L?L**? !&? ?5***' that" baa maia 7vTCfa???4 Sf o i?Mtii;i tkroiikoit U* eot?trr. fCTBtacU oopiM i in wre^fere1 ^H*y at tii? iwiintM, inn^iuwi ?flji tfc* ?? of papot. Pnoft-THRfc.K CENTS JI7 PoatiMsiar* wbo ftet M M*?ti ViU * lova4 a miiBiMioi of ft) oaata. M ISC ELL AN BOU& ' PROF. WOOD'I RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD EEHOTATOR la areciaeli !> > iU > am? lndioaU*. lor, trlu'* p ea'aut U> tbe 'Mt-. it i? ra*iviMnt.ajhit?rauna. iurif>>rating ?nd ?lr?B|rth?r?M n*?k. ?mi at 10* inn" rrnvift**, roinstaias. ? <] renew* the Bi<>o4 lu a I Ita original thua m obo? ?uKri> ?< >w<in im tputm MMMfitf 4u??J?. It U II* our ?v?r to the world. ao ohemioa.:j aad tki ifully o<-mbined aa to be tn* n<o?t powerfal toaie. and at Hie mm* time an perfect!? adapted to. at to ut in perfect w?"rdtr<w with the lawenf utii-. UI hence will fumtkt ik* trtalttt iuwia>, and ton- ap the digestive nrgaaa IM t*aa aUa? Ml aer vok.aa>d other irritation. It la parfaaMa auuaia tin* a>d at the aarae time it ia eoapcaM antirei j <-f vegetables, yet ao combined aa to prodaoe tna n?o?t thorough t jnie efleot, withnat prodaeing aa* in jnrioa* ooM'queuoea. t?seh a '?m4t baa lone b*ea to t to he a rt#n<1?ratu* in the nvii world, tor it n?-ed? no madloai *kill to aaa that debility to.Iowa al> attacks ud diseaaa. and nna?*Ci a'd in tieed lay* the jatem or a to the insldioas attacks of mvcj of the moat fata!, saoa. for example. a* tM following: Consumption, ladigeatioa. i>?a?t?sia. u*?tlAppetit?. Fulitn**!, N*t?m lintobi tij. N?ura kik Valcitation of ttie Heart. NiiiMn?<i, Nijht s?i?u. I auiui, Giddiaaaa, Retention ? !. aa veil a* i'aunful obetruoled. too fiy'iM, or too ai*nt Menstruation. a< d Failin* m the Womb. Thr?? all depend npon r*nera; dpbilitt. Thi? put v. health* tonic Coram and B ood Rmonii<r uu ure tooare aa the aun la to r<e* and art Tk*re la no mi take a?*>ut it. But Uue la sot all If the ayetera ia weakened we are open to Uhoua ml lack*. t?e liver ixny niea torpid, or worse diaraaea. the kidney * refae* t? perform th??u fur ctiora. aud we are tronbl^ with ?oaldir.( and :uc<?ntin? ea of orine, or tnvirfantary diacie'ite of tea aame, pa.n in the back, aide aad between the *boii ce-a ex oe diiHly liable to atifht aoUle, o<<tgha. aui 11 <moneakod. eoon emaciation folioaa.aua Uj? pati?i.t '<?* down to a pttrmatura grave. Oat ipao* will bo' allow ut to ecmerate the mau? ilia which ? e r*'iahle in a weakened condition oi the ay ate m But w* will h; in thie ' ordial aad R 1o<w C?ao\-? t ?r yon h*ve a p*rfe?t. *a'e. p.eaeact aad afaon at remedy fur iuar of Apr tite. bifioaaoeaa, Fia'ulao*e. wak *? ! etch Moaiaoh. Uaacoar, 1 irer Cvmp aiat, Chnl? ana Fevar.or ant B uou attack. Co. tivei.eM.Acidit* of the St -mack, Nrrvonanaaa. N^nra'gia. Fa p -tation of the Bear*. Derre*ei?i. ??f?f i?ita.!*orea, Pimpiee on the Paoa.uraay diamw ?ri>ing from impart b.ood. anah u NMnfmL Kryip* Hronehitia. Couth, diii -cttf of Breatr iuti atul all that cita* ot <ii?hn oai ed ?mmU( ?i'%knM?. ana euunaeiaied above. W? will aI?o th? traveler exposed t > epideinioe, ohauie of eliir.ate and watT, will find it a pleaaast. eajfc*ad sure re" t d>, a id n<> one ehoald ?*ver travel with our Ke*d-r. try it. for we a??ar? yoa im viil find in it a friend ind ed,a? m>'t aa a in?nd in?ed. All p?raon? ol *'Hlei.iary hatdt* ?tii fcnd ita perfect p eventM-n ?f. a? we I aa ft cure for thoee ailment* wliich laey are (.art'cuiarly exp -eed HeLO* miiMtert. F'udenti. atl rteya. litarar* feailaaen, and ladi** who are ni t acea*t nied to much i>at door exeici ?. will find it to their advantageto ke<>p a bottie eonataritly on hand. ar>d above a l inntuera or tuote i e?umiui auch. will co tkioach that niOKt Janterou* peiiod it' t ontr with all their aooua (imed strength, bat ?f? and free from the thiiuKaml ailment* eo erevalent ami>M the femaie portion of the wo, Id. la (hurt, la indeed a mother a cordiel. Ti> it old and no larger rap the nak ofdeTay: it will relieve and prove {tealr emphatically a Rittortuirt Cordtai and B lint nr. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Kroad#av. Nw York, ai.d lit Market Street- !*t. L.oata, Mo . and ao d by ail good Druggiata. I'rioe Oae Doitai per Bottle. ' P_ROF_ WOOD'S K ESTUKATIVE COR DIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. au g>-eoly,alw TJROPOSAL? FOR REPAIRING TflE CU8r TOM HOUSE AT BALTIMORE/ M?. TKK**rRT Par4ITMIST, t Wakhihsto!!. Juiy it, IMM Proposal* will be reoeivad at this pmkrtmut until tbe fifteenth day of September, A. D., 1W", kt 12 o'clock, noon, for the repair* of the C?rU>mH?>u?e autlioricd to be repaired at Halt! ore. Mary and, acootlinc to the plan* and p^etftoauom prepared at this Department. w.' be ie??ireri to reoeive the old cast-iron work dii p~n*f?1 w>th in part p*?m?nt or the work, at the rate of one dollar pec hundred poni.d*, and will *-e required to furnish ai. tne it aterin. and perform a.: the neoe#sary labor to complete the repairs aeoordin< to the p an* furnished. N: n^tT p?r oent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered aco .r<nn? to < in tract pnoe (said amount to be ascertained in the manner ere scrih^d by th? contract, by the estimate or an acent of the Oe^artmeut appointed for that par I# ??- i ? i i u? p?.u iu"uuui, as m? vvfi prv| rciiN, and ten per oeut. retained until the completion of the contract Bud acc ptanoe of the work by the agent ar*r?*ai<l, ani to be torfr ited in tbe event of nea ( l<iln>eet of contrast. S^eeoifaaatione BDd d ra? uiga wi 11 be read tub tbe lath of A u t art. w hen th?y can be had on application to the Departmmt. Phe propoaa a matt lie ?ent to th-a Department. nddreaaed to the Secretary of the T'eaanrt- an<l p'atal j endorsed "Pro*c'ah for tkf B*li\ mm' r^ustrm Ae?**.'f aod will be cpeaed at one o o ott ol Um Uat dap naoted lor reoeiviag the una. BOWELL COBB. jy 17 2awtw t*wretarr of the Treaaury^_ ANALOSTAN RETREAT, Oy AMUXTii UusDi OppaitU StrciMM mmd Wmiktnnm^. The auhacribera harrng leased for a *era of pearl thia beautiful and romantic aaot. o?en*flA ?. ? A. It for Ui" acooiutno'latioQ uf the pnWio ixvcMV the Slat da/of Mat, I860. For beauty ufluU aoer.erp, detuh'ful promeradee. fifhiag Ac . be ua aopenor vstrr, it la unaurpa<eea to the Unioa. i Ur donee la larpe and oom?nodio?a, havinj boon entirely reuova'ed It haa a large Dencm^raloon ?> uounou w iiv iicgN, n?* cci ifinu.l mi vrreeaii ?, Boom* for both la :ie? ua (ear ernes In addition iplendid Arbors detac cd from the buildinga Partiea, Familiea and IndiTidua* will find it a n&oat deauable liaMtu pact the 'try dajt o(mm mei. aa every attention will be tuarantied by the proprietors. The ?trieteat polio* arraag'MenU wi i be enforoed, and puliti aJ di?ouaaia*.e vul ba prohibited Tne 1-artier anil be funnel to contain all tte 4a.ioaciai of the aeaeon at alt time* The *?ar will be furnished witk the ehoteeat Ltaaora and ^ inea and the fio-at Shears. SJ >cieuee, Suntla* Sufcoola. Clat* m J Militerr Comraniea wiil find thia the moat deal table rea rt ne?r the matiopolia for ayeudtng a p easant and or de^iyda?. Children a naeoom earned br their paraata or gnardiaua, will be exoieaeH frr>m the groanda. *5 r T a j L a ITiiiimm uiu <><i|i piummw Bo?t? will leave the 'not of Rlfh itw, G^orjetown. and G ?t*wet, Washington. fco?r!?, from S o oioek a. m. U 1 IS p. m .daily Perann* fWarrinc a pleaawit wa'k cm r?Mh th? la and via th? Aqu- duot Weao'int the public to jmljefwr thsnuej v?# a\d fe?l aanired of riving a^ia'Vi-t^ow w>?? eotf JtCUB W. POVKI* ? CO _ National SOAP AM? CANDl.K wqkkm, Guts triitf, B'twtm Brtffgt nnd fTmiet tltMil, Oeorgt lnfm, D. C. A lti(? atock of tiANULU. Btown, F?.rnil) . C a* tile aori Fiuiot POATS. Alao, TATjLOW and GIF.Affi for Loeomoti\-ea, St-amS??au. aid a I kind* ?f mea i an j. altraj* on hand. and for a?1? at prine* t" suit U?e trad* r? D tffU VI I m mm . ? 0* t( " ti U U| V ? ?T H> -turtf WOOD AND COAL. W ? ? ? A * D <2 o 4 L Df' vtrn! to ail parte of tk* oitj. at tbe Lov??t po*nt>le rate*. T U W. N. SALT. Olko* Pa. a*., M*tM llth ao4 UUii. ma l? tr ix.rth n4?. Mil a' a mrvloW Einrtfnr aaak. WOOD !nkw?<d ud 8#Ut acy mm. Call aad ?** for yoarsalt ~ R. W. BATE*, Wned tod Ooai mail & R.corMrof r?crtHtUiu4Cit*. fc. mTke^j V DULtl w J WOOD A COAL, LI HE, ([ // SARD, CHERT, Mil, \ j 54* N. El Cm. 12tk * C to.'t (( WA^hH;~OT? 11 . *,IHt PKKHON8 ****** ? > or h*apafc?M<Awtt aaa Can r?*Of ??J- * O. .>^4 pn> A?i. bJ".."ifc" ""~-TS?Uf fOflHT.

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