Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITT? MltDAY IrptcaWr T, 1*60. U7~ That valuable and popular family Journal, the Weiklt Sta?, full u n?ual of Metropolitan n?w> and gnaaip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced in Ita entertaining contentaare the following ?rtk )e*: So?e ?< the Springe?a poem by John U Saw; The Young Burkamith?a very Interratlng atory. Eleven Modea of Suicide; How Drowning Caneea Death; How the Japaneae Flah; uemocranc Association: Tbe Bell and fcvereH Club; Police Matters; The Park Riot Case; The Stand of Colors for the New York Seventh Eiglawt. The National Rifles' departure for Vork, Pennsylvania; The Seventh Regiment Flag Committee in Mew York; General Walker and Nicaragua; The Inlands, la New York, and the Japanese Hotel Bill: Interesting Letter from 4 C. 8. N.," 44 On The wing."' in Virginia; Letter from aboard the Great Eastern on her return trip; The Pr Utical Committees, and the Paraguay Decision; "All signs fail in dry weather;'' Senators Ciiugman, of N. C., and Brown, of Miss ; Mr. Douglas in Virginia; New York Politics; Playing for Lincoln's Election; Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, Ac , 4c.; Late news, foreign and domestic, by mail and telayraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a ereat varietv of ctioire liWarv article*. I t?ctna ?? tne ahvu?a poem; Physical Kdu.-ation?the itrong man (Dr Wlnd bip) and b?w lie became itrons;; Women in France, Traveling one Hundred Year* Ago; Tfce UtnjffT of Over F.xertion; The Early Love ? a poem; The Shadows of London Life; An Kngilabmanli Opinion of an American Waterlag PUce? bia Tievra of fdihionable life at Saratoga; Wild 8porta of India?teeing the elephant literally; Mr. Fuz Fee* ? Waiter and reela Moan, Religion aud Loyalty in Quebec; Hydrophobia; Tne Japanese and theCblne*r; A Poet on the Prairie*: Alexander Duma*; The People?a poem; Tne Value of a London l)u?t Heap; An Abolltionlat Quizzed; Hebrew Women; Couldn't take a Joke; Live Cattle Weighed by Meaaure; An ?x-Governor'? A moaemenU; JW mrrlnill A ?r?i r-?.nw rmmA ?f huthin.l through the agency of hit wife; Incendiary Plot?startling discovery: Scandal In Jersey City; Jan it-* River and Kanawha Canal; Remarkable Resuscitation; Walker's Programme ia Central America; Attempted Murder and Robbery in St Louis; Moyements'of the Prince of Wales; Lady Byron's Will; Virginia Canal sold to a French Company; Particulars of the Capture of Truxillc; The Affray in Wylheyille; The Disagreeableitss of Congress Water; Awful Human Sacrifice; Weary Life It is to have no work to do?a poem, Keeping Up Appearances?a very Interesting sketch; Execution of Murderers at Lynchburg and St Louis; The Manner and Style of Kngltsh Women of Rank; A Poisoninir Case ia Maryland; Getting in Wheat in W iscor^n, A Steam Carriage Successful on Common Roads; Interesting from the West Coast of Africa; The Daylight Meteor of last November; Scan Mag. in California; Arrest of Dr. Wickham. Operations of the Patent Office^ The Jackson both"prose and poetry, too nameroui to mention. This is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI 25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit sf the Msraiai Press. The Comtnution argues that Mr. Douglas condemns bis own positions, and descants upon what It calls Mr. Everett's sectionalism. The Imtelhgemrer further defends Mr. Douglas's anti-secession position at Norfolk, from the crlticisms of the Charleston Mtrcwry. |[1* A new altered note (fives) on the Pittsfield (Mass.) Bank, has just appeared in Philadelphia. Also, altered notes of the Pittsfield Bank, Illinois. JET We have received from Messrs. Taylor k Maury (who have them for sale) Blarkwood's Magazine for August, and the North Britisu Re i?rwwi, wiui ainarea societies trom .New York and elsewhere. chiefly Irishmen, paraded the streets of I bat city on Wednesday. Mayor Bige low, in anticipation of a riot, ordered out tbe First Regiment of tbe Newark Brigade The New York American Protestant Association left in the 5 o'clock, and upon leaving the depot each member discharged a pistol from tbe car* A colored woman standing in Market street was shot Tbe ball entered her neck, and her recovery Is doubtful. ZT The Planters Advocate { Md ) learns from a tnfrespondeat in Aane Arnnuei tuot there was quite a stampede among the slaves in that county ?>r Saturday night, the tilth ult. There were live sUvts aDd two free negroes; but they were waylaid on the read, and on Sunday lodged in An ri<ipolis jail There were a number <>f ether slaves who were to have gone off if this Hrst attemp; 1. id been successful. It is said that the person who arrested these negroes has in his possession Information of interest to all slaveholders, which he will coromunkate to any one who will rail on him, but, from prudential motives, it Is deemed v;e w ior we nine inoiun?ooid excellent auml>rra, aa usual. tfJ-A maaa ratification meeting ia to be held a' K&stoa, Md., on the iath inat , by the Breckinridge men Among the speakers annoaaced are Fa-Oon. Wise, of Va., Lowe, Aid . Stevens, of C?regon, and others. |J7 A desperate attempt to escape from Sing Sing (N. Y) priaon waa made on Wednesday. Several of the convicts, one of ths keepers, arid the captain of a aloop at the dock, on which they took refage. were -tabbed?the latter fatally and the former dajtsjeroualy. Taa Vkbmobt Klbctio*?The retnrna from nearly one-half of the SUte show a large majority for Fairbank, republican, for Governor. All tue republican candidates for Congress ire ele< ted by increased majorities. The State Senate elect ia entirely republican, and the House stauda nine to one. lr?!Unrini>f W 1/ J ...? ?-A ? ? " ' u f ^VT...WM? *? UlUTUiH, lliatc 171 IHf snip Fldslia, liw t>een arrested In New York upon a charg?of murder, and David Ferguson, the second mate of the same ship. aa an accomplice, for assaulting wltu a handspike and afterwards chasing overboard one of the crew, who was drowned, on the late voyage to that port. C7" Major Culberton, who has just come from the Rocky Mountains, snys that the head waters of the Missouri and Columbia rivers are so near together that be at one time drank from the Mtaaoofl on the east side of the Rocky Mountains, sd a half an bonr nfWwarda from the Columbia ?b the racifit. CZT" The American Protestant Associations of %T - - -? s ? - ceat not to ma He public. mt. bkickinbimb'* se?*im ?a? has beea 'ate<l by te.egrapb, Mr Breckinridge delivrrrd on Wt^Miday laat. at l?e*in?ton. bis e* pro fed peoth od tb<* iuiifo Ibe Presidential caiii|?t$u, and In prraonal vindication of btmt'-tf from tt.e cbargea whirb Lave brru brought a^nliui bun In connexion with It It la a very long speech In reference to his loyalty to the Uuion be aald no net in bis own eaiter, or In that of Urn. I.anhli aaxM-tai* ?* ** ? ? .UC rmnarniKI ticket, would justify the Imputation ag*ln-U tbein of b-ingdi . atoutsts He proudly challenged hi. bitterest enemy to point to any act of bts life, or to disclose aa utterance or reveal a thought of hie which was hoetile to the Coristiution and Union of these states The man did not live who rou:d suecesafully couple b|a tame with the slightest uiut of disloyalty to either the one or the other He aMQmed as hie doctrine and platform the equal right of all sections in the common Territorks; the absolute power of each new 9tate to aeitls the question of freeC-m or alavery In lt? conatltutloa , and tserpt as regards en* or two pratattive purpnses. ha would bava the Federal Government |teep its hands off tbe whole aubjeet j .?!* > h ' Perseaal { Han W e Wbltetry, of Delaware, la at Klrbyoods'. a r . ? ; / ' V " "*H. Wlillfc Is smoog tbe visitors at the Hfrclborsr fair Ibis week. *' fee* Alex D Moure, of this cttjr, son ut CapL VS. W. Muure, of the National lktelliSeitcer, wbo has supplied tbe pulpit of ttaa>HrV lr Csrotbeia' ?hurih during his illarsa. jin bee a uasoiiauuBi* elected pastor of the HreloyWisa Cboscb at De ipbla, Pa , aad has accep'ed aad wtU a?W apaa bis duties ?ext , ?A WASHINflTON KIWI AND OOMIP. Natal Omens Dktachkd asp Okdeibd ? I.lent. George W. Rodger* detached on the 15th i instant from ordnance duty at N0m York, and ' ordered to the school ship Conatltotlon, at the Naval Academy, Annapolis. Lieut John Dovrnet ordered tf the Naval Remj n ? urtToui. Boswn. Lieut. Wm L. Maury detached 01 the 30th lnat. from the Navy Yard, Washington. and waiting order*. Lieut. H. H. Lewia detached on the 30th lnat from ordnance duty and ordered to the navy-yard, Washington, tn place of Lieut Manry. Lieut. Rich*d Wainwright to report on the 30th Inst for ordaance daty at the navy-yard, Washington, In place of Lieut. Lewis. Carpenter Patrick Dee detached from aavy-yard, Boston, and wait orders. Carpenter K. \V. Barnicoat ordered to the navyyard, Boston. aixt uFFicsia uiDixu, ?c.?Brevei second Lieutenant W. E. Merrill, corps of engineer*, has been directed to repair to West Polut and report for doty asActliig Assistant Professor of Engineer* ing at the Military Academy, relieving First Lieutenant G. W. Snyder, who will report for duty at Charleston, S. C. Brevet Second Lieutenant S. H. Lackett, corps of engineers, has been assigned to duty at Savannah, Ga. The paymasters la the department of Texas have been assigned to districts A general court-martial has been appointed to meet at Fort Columbus, N. Y., on the 12th Inst. The leavs of absence granted First Lieut. G. L. Wlilard has been extended six months Paymaster R. 6. Marry has been directed to ttke post at St. Joseph, Mo , instead of at Nebraska city, as previously directed. Afpoiwtxkhts ?The following appointments of postmasters have been made by the President of the United States: Win. C. Boggs, Postmaster at Springtleld, Ohio; Joseph C. Guild, at Tuscaloosa, Alabama: and Jos. Dowdall, at Columbus, Ohio. Appoi:*t*d.?George W. Collier, of Maryland, has been commitslonod a second lieutenant in the Marine uorpt, vice second Lieutenant W. W. Kirkland, whoie resignation was accepted on the 29th of August Thk WiiTRU.?The following report of ths weather for the morning is made from the Amerl?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation 's about 7 o'clock. SCFTIMBSB 7, 1840. New York, N. Y clear, warm. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, wind 8 Petersburg, Va. clear, pleasant. Norfolk, Va clear, 71?, wind NE Raleigh, N. C clear, 70 \ Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, S. C clear, warm. Charleston, 8. C clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga. ...clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga clear, wind NE Macon. Ga. clew, pleasant. Columbus, Ga..., clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 80?. New Orleans, La clear, 83?, wind NE VROM TBI WIST. Pittsburg, Pa clear, 67?. Cleveland, O clear, 6U*, wind 8E Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,061; at noon, 30 (139. Thermoixieir-r at 7 a m., 71*; at noon, 81?. Maximum durintr24 hours endinsr u m in. day. minimum Btfc*. ???? > Tn* Poisoning Cask in Annk Aucndxl County, Md.?The Annapolis Gazette says: "About fourteen months avo Mr Samuel Carr, a planter, raiding In the West River neighborhood, dlfd after a ioog and singular illness. At times he would appear entirely recovered, but would soon after relapse This continued at Intervals until be died. At the tune no suspicion of foul play was entertained Recently, however, his only child. Mis* Jul a Carr, has been sick, with similar symptoms. It was noticed that whenever she left home after one of ILe usual attacks, her health was good; but so soon as she returned home she would agtin be attacked in a similar manner. This led tn suspicion that she had been poisoned, and also that her father had died from a similar cause. His body was exhumed by Prs. Arthur Brugden and Joseph R Owens, under the direction of a Coroner's Jury The body was found entirely decnmptsed, with the exception of the viscera, which were found In a condition of perfect preservation This condition being a usual result of administering arsenic, the Jury ordered the arrest of two nettro women, bouse servants at present, and at the time of Mr. Carr'sdrath. The viar-era was s#*nt to Baltimore for chemical examination. >v e team mat ttie negroes belonging to Mr Carr's estate were to have been free, by bi? will, nine years after bis death, if bis daughter survived him so long; otherwise to be free at her death. Tht-i>' freedom at the death of Mr and M'aa Carr la alleged aa the motive for the nefarious conduct of the negroes We believe there ia circumstantial evidence, not neresaary to mention now, which will lead to their conviction. rw?TIIE POTOMAC BABE BALI.CLUB will L 5r plaj a Ma'oh Game witli the NATIONAL CLl'B on TUESDAY, S?-pteiu!>er 11, at 2 o clock, rn the ground* of the former. south of the President's Hon*-. Th?* friends of th* game are respectfully invited to witaess it. R. B. IKWI.N, e 7-3t* Secretary P. B. B. C. rTS^A MEETING WILL BE HELD AT !l *f Good Hope, acro*s th? Ka?t*rn Branch, on SI'NDA Y MORNING. th? 9th inotant, for the purpose of laki k a c dlection to rebuild AHeu's Chapel. An Indian preaoher will addres* the congregation in the afternoon. Tha nnltli.-, ?r? I' - invited to attend. Rev. DAVID SmFth, 1 ?e 7 2t* Pwtur. Ty?MKTROPOLITAN LITERARY ASSOX_3 ClATlON.?The regular meeting of the M?tropolit&n l,it?rar? Annociation wilt b? held TOM> 'RROW (Friday) EVENING,the 7th in?t, in Kelly'* school houxe, ourner of Teotii aud < st*., at 7}iu clonic. 1'he members are requented to be punctual in their attendanoe By order. THOMAS M. oHEPHERD, Sec. GEO. h. MORGAN, Prea. ??-2t* nr5?DliilP8EV A O TOOLE. J3 WKDHINU AND VISITING CARD KHtiRAVBRS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES. the most beautiful styles. 326 Pa. Av? between 9th and tnth *ts , auZ7-6in Wasuikotom. Agents for diamond state-horse SHOE 1H ON? ae7 eoSt ( AlgxGaz1 JNO. R. Et.VANS ? CO. \4I84 MARY K. HUNGEaFORD v\ ul reopen i l h'r school on Monday, September loth. No. 303 New York avecue, between 12th and 13th sts. t7-J.' I-ni.Ti nur. :*fvr,l.>?< A.^U I'lFK BOXES, for Wooden axles, Assorted Sizes. Just received by f"7 coat <Al*x<ia?.) j NO. R elv ANS A CO. A CHAINS. N Invoice of TR ACE and CART CHAINS, Light, Medium, and Heavy. Received and fo" sale by ae7-eo3* (Alex<iai) J SiO R. KLVANS&CO. EjiQR SALE?\ nice HORSE and TOP BUGGY, r Tii" horse is p?rlectly gen'leand sound, /tv well suited fo a physician. IT early MP'>-*jLm9 oatio.i ih made a bargain ma) be had Ap ply at Telegraph etlice. se 7 3t* Having sold olt my stock and tutu'e* to >1 r. Mii;habl D. Rcsskll, I w'Hil.i reoouiiiierid hnu to mi friend* and customers, leelm< c?> Gdjiit ttiHy will receive value lor whatever favor* tliey ma> Fuel di. posed to confer. !t- O. E. Dl FjFT. H|)r melvin AS K?tuitied t<> the city from a northern tmir. a kI will reaum-) his PRACTICE OF MEDICI M.. Ko*r?jit? \ STOREHOUSE, adjoining Bos wall's Drug Store. Ap?ly to Dr MELVIN, near tlir corner ot Ma*ylttnd av. and 7th at., Island. _se 7 J i - A CARD. TO THE PVRI.W' Tin* undersigned would retpec fullj announce to the public ti at be haa purchaard the entire a took and bxtnrca i the Store No 536 Seventh atreet. !>et*een Louisiana av. and I) street north, arid would r<*ap otiuii) solicit a continuance of)Our km t patronage. If M. P. RUSSELL. H,?. iS? J UN ETTK U DOUG LASfe ' AS Tli* pleaauie of announcing to her frjeml? ar?d the public that aho will open her Seminary, at uiecorner of II aod lltli ata., "Philadelphia Place." on Monday, September lf>th. For term a call on the I'rinoipal. She will I* . ?aiated by the following experienced and efficient teacher a: Miia lHJL'GLASS-Higbar Engliah Branckea, Conipotiti??(i ami rt-D'naaship Mica Abb,a M Baooaa-Lalin. Algebra, Knpliah b.auihe* I Mia* Jcu >w* O Mat?Teacher of Vooal Mum?. Prol. C. ScMtMiu-l^oturarou Plulo'ph;, Cneimatry .and Ph jraioio* jr. P??>i Hixit E. M*aix?Tjaoher of Preach and Gein-aa ?'rol C.w. HkB'?M4N>?TrMlier of Piano ani Stieneeof Maaie Miaa M*.bt T Davidmin? Piano. J. ?ADia<?M WATtoN.of New Yo k-lecturer on Elocution JoairH G Bxcrr-Drawing. ?^1 Moral aaieaoeand Claeeioa. 1 mi-tw Tie Pnwatatlu ( the Slaad *f C?l?ra U the K?V flfrk Stmtk H rgiatat. j Wf Ukr/rom the Ntw York Timet of yr*ter. ' day evening". the following full account of this Interesting aflkl*; \ psij'matlos or k Stan1 or Cnt.nia riiHf ? Cut or Wainwrfts-Complimihtakt DmSis to run Committee?Occcpatioj* or TBI jw AKKOkv?Speeches or Hon. RcbeU Ovld, Coi.osai. LmrfKRT#, 4c , 4c. The rer'nugy of presenting the Washington land of colore w the ?evei#h Regiment, National Guard, took place vesU-rdvy afternoon, ill front of tbe City Hali, in pretence of a large conrowae of citiiens, and conatituted one of the moat interesting and imposing military displays which has be*n witneased-in tbiseltv for a long tfm?. Agreeably to tbe regimental order, the Seventh assembled at the Aranorv, in Seventh street, at 3 o'clock, and formed in Lafayette-place at 4 o'clack p. m , 73?? strong. The Regiment ?n formed Tn order of marching at 4 ^ o'clock, Company 8, i.ieut Col ShumWiV, on tbe riubt. and proceeded throni'h Krosrf way to Um Park.' Aa usual, their progress wu a continued ovation. On tbe arrival at the Park a dense throng of citizens bad assembled to witness the ceremcaiea, but by the excellent arrangements of the police, the eager crowd was kept within welld-flned limit*, leaving the entire area in front of tbe Hall, from Broadway to Chatham street, entirely clear. The innre favored citizens, members of the city government, with their wives and daughters, occupied eligible positions at the windows and on the portico, from which an %xcellent view could be obtained. The colors were deposited In the Governor's room, where tha Washington delegation awaited the arrival of the Regiment. Shortly after 5 o'clock the Regiment wss drawn up in front of the City Hall, "forming three aides oi a boiiow square, and shortly afterward the deputation rime out of the Governor's room, led a < ?si _a r*_i >? ? * ? uy mayor ?? ooa, tsrigaaier-ueuerai Hal!, Officer Harrover, of the Washington police, and his aid, bearing toe colore They were followed by membera of the Common Council, representative* of the press and others. Col. l^ellVrts advanced to the iront of his Regiment and courteously received the deputation. The colors being now unfurled to the breere, Robert Ould, U t<. District Attorney for the District of Columbia, addressed the Regiment as lollowt: mr on.n's address. Officers and Soldiers of the Seventh Regiment: My colleagues and myself are commissioned by the Federal Metropolis of the Republic to bear to its commercial capital the colors wbose folds have been given to the breete. This is no mission of mere fraternal feelings -not simply an expression of regard from a city which the treasure of the nation has adorned, to another whose progress and growth are the wonder of our age?not merely a grateful return, on our part, for the kindness so promptly shown,even under unpropitlons fates,by the citizen soldiers of New York, in illustrating the commemorative pigeanta of the Federal City, it is true that all this would be reason' euou|(h for this ceremony; it is true that any hearty, outspoken word in tbe distractions of these latter days, which ex pressed the love which warms our hearts toward yon, would be its own full vindication ; it is true that anv memorial which served to testify tbe es eem of one portion of our people for another would always be appropriate: yet our mission is of deeper significance than tuls ?ir V l ? . a -? _ ?.? * * - - ' <? naomgion not oniy mai greenng to you, but In the present ceremony announce* and records before the country Its high appreciation of the soldierly virtues of New York's favorite volunteers. It is a tribute to an order which must and will make itself recogntied, even in a country where no orders are known to the law?an order wL.ich is, and deserves to be; higher than all others?the order of citizen soldiers?of men who, without expense to the Ktate which they protect, and without serious detriment to the pursuits which they follow, voluntarily enroll themselves Into corps for the purpose of maintaining the law at home and preventing the pollution of an invasion from abroad. 1 say thai this is the highest style and b<st type of the citizen, and none ran gainsay It. It is to illustrate our faith in this Idea, as well as to manifest our grateful appreciation of your past kindness, that we have come to your great city with these colors to-day. Behold them! they bear upon their folds the figure of the immortal chi> ftaln of our Revolution, with a motto wnicb, in phrase, condeuses btc life : Pro PatrU et Glortn. The centuries which, at the invocation of Napoleon, looked down from Egyptian pyramid* upon the standards and emgies of France, never saw so glorious a figure hook upon li again ! He is rescuing the holiest of cause* from ttie jaw* of black despair, and right nobly, and like a God-appointed hero doe* he do It. Tbe armsofyojr beloved State are there too. And great a* is your noble Commonwealth, leading, a* he does, all bar sister* in the march of improvement. and holding In her borders a mighty cltr, whose advancing stride, before tbe cloae of oi|r century, will place It foremost In the world; atlU, even her proud escutcheon And* a new glory In being quartered on a flag which bear* the figure of Wasuington. Though your hardy mariner* have ploughed every ocean?though you have cleft mountain* and blasted a highway for yonr commerce through the barrier* of nature?though you have united in happy marriage internal and external *ea?, which God had not joined together? though, like the Creator of the world, you have laid under contribution every clime, and made nation* everywhere the tributaries to your greatneu. still, there 1* not. and never will be, any higher glory for you than that yon are the countrymen of Washington. Alongside this flag, supported, as Is Its fellow, by a stall' brought from tbe sacred shades of Men at Vernon, i? another, more familiar to yuur eve*, but not the less to be honored It is worthy of Its mate. It liMhe flag of the Union : 'Til llie star spangled iMtmer, Oh, long inay It wave O'er the laud of the free and the Lome of the brave. It it the flau of our fathers, the ever living representative of the terrible ordeal that tried their mill hood, and the symbol of their s>jB'ering*, their patience, their fortitude, their heroism aua lh?ir triumph It is also the witness of our progress. Thirtv-two stars are emblazon* d on its azure field, and others, like those orbs of which the astronomers tell us. has not yet reached our planet, are soon to be added to the constellation It is se-1 -* * u<. ?vj i ?rci uumnru, ' iUiCll MUQltTS, 1Q tliii* being allowed the privilege of addressing a regiment ao famed aa your own. I am not here to I utter unmeaning rouipllinenta. In ddng so. 11 should degrade the mission upon whi> b we have been Bent I apeak only what one universal acclaim baa accorded to you If Old Dessauer, great Frederic's Captain, and great Frederic's father'a Captain?whom Carlyle calls ' a very whirlwind of a saan"?wbo found the Prussian infantry with wooden ramr?>ds and uneven step, but who in n few years, by discipline, made tbem the wonder nf the world, inarching to an attack with sa much precision as the cannon ball which preceded thno?If be were here, his grim old "gunpowder face" would lighten with joy st your drill. Our fervent and confidant hope Is, that you will continue to prosper; that you mty be ever the pride of your City and State; and that, as the custodians of the colors this day committed to you, your career may, every where and fur all time, be worthy of the recollections which hallow their folds ?. , ' i' : J Col lieftrh and Paymaster Kemp, of Com- j pany K. received the colors, and hela them towards the Reglmeut, and the band played "The Star Spangled Banner " Col Lefferia then reBrd in a neat and appropriate apaecb. reciting ne ef the most interesting national ceremonies In which his regiment had participated, such as the dedication of the Bunker Hill Monucnent. and that to the memory of Warren, and last ana most interesting of nil, the inauguration of the Washington Monument He also referred to their visit to the Tomb of Washington. In conclusion he returned thanks for himself and for his command for the flattering testimonial which they bad just received st tbanands af the Committee, and promised that these standards should never be dishonored The flags were then hand ea?u? cotMfron pi Company E ind tW sswsisr (.uicij |j iqii iru UI'u^ iuc buuu ui iwu (jreaiucfliai Ada and Europe, looking east and west, ever heboid it. It ia tbe sign, too, of our power everywhere. Ou far-distaut teas poor huuUd Koztas are later beneath its folds than Austrian Kalasrs on their throne* It is the flag of Wasbingtou and Jack*oo, and Taylor and Scott Many have gotie down to death on the battle-Held; giving It their last earthly look and last earthly blessing. It tms covered many a patriotic heart whose la*t lifeblood has been freely poured out in lta define. Man<- earnest and tearful prayers have besieged heaven for its safety and continued success, from Washington himself down to the poor stricken widow, who had given up the husband of her youth to her country's cause, and be doe* not reed our history aright, who sees not that iu response tbe Divine hand has been laid with blessing and consecration upon Its sacred folds. Rest aasured, at least, citizen soldiers, that the mission which he has designed for it no mad ambition can thwar'. 1 know of uo human trust ever commit tea to the band* of in an, which is boiler than the cause of that flig. it ha* iu claims upon u< In pear* u well as in war. He, Indeed, la a poor soldier of the Republic or State, who feel* that he discharges bla whole duty, In hurling back foreign aggression or stilling domestic turbulence If the obligation of a Roman soldier was a sacrament, oh! soldier of tbe State, and by virtue of that, soldiers of tbe Republic, what 1a yours' Tue l tw and therightarecaptainsover us, everywhere. Tbe soldierly virtues of discipline and obedience, which you have Uarned so well, do not belong only to the parade and the battle Held. They are tbe grand tral's of the good citizen in every sphere of life. Without Warning tbeui In mine way, we are worse than "sounding brass." The true oilier Is the bulwark of his country, everywhere and at all times Ha is tbe stern foe to all lattiousne?s, and the friend ?f the law He la the best fitted to govern, simply because he baa learned tbe necessity of restraint and the babits of obedience. When be ceases to practice or enfurc* these, according to their true conditions, he loses the character of tbe true soldier, and sinks Into /4(.(roiiwra/>i> I #a?i -s *1-? ~ * 4 * i by the delegation, Mayor YVood and GanHall escorting them through the ranks, and the cereI monv waa concluded b? paying the honor of a marching salute to the gentlemen of the Ctmmittee . , TH? W*W AKMOKT. V At o'clock tb? Regitaent aarrhed Broadway, through Eichth street, to their new Armory, ov?r Tompkins Market, where thry were brought

to Mneit arn-.s. had with a smmK h? hu Bmm Mayer W?od, this well-appointed and capaclotia headquarter* waa delivered nt? to tb? custody of tbe corpe. The ceremonies her* were brief and simple, the soldiers inspecting \beir new home, and tbe officers hastening to prepare for tbe banquet In the evening. THE DINXKK Tbe interesting ceremonies of the day were appropriately concluded by a private dinner given by tbe officers and ataff of the Seventh Regiment to tbe VVasbiftgtot eoinmittee at tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel. Tbe company, aonsisting of some seventyttvs per? , eat down about V o'clock p. m Col. I.eHerts occupied the head of tbe table, with Mr. Ouid. l)tst ict Attorney, aid Mr>Cunningham on bis right* aad Brlgad er General Hall, Mr. Ward, Mr Smith, and other members of the Washington committee, on bia left. Quarter master Winchester, Mr. Morgan, City Register of Waahlngton, and the Captains anA other officers of the Regiment occupied tfe central table Tbe dinner was of the moat recherche description, and was served up in the best style of the Messrr. Hitchcock On account of the lateness of tbe hour at I which the dinner commenced, speaking did not begin nntil near midnight Several volunteer I toasts were jrl ven, and appropriately responded to oy mr. wiuq, V/Oi. i,eu*rw, ana otbert. A telegraphic dispatch from Major Gaacral Send ford, at Albany, wu received by Col. Leferts, apoloirUIng for non-attendance, and also a letter from ex President Cocionfart. of Mexirrt, thanking the committee for their invitation, and conveying Lis excuse for not being present. The party broke up sometime after midpight, in the beat of humor with each other, and with entire satisfaction with tje results of the day's proceedings. "SPECIAL WA RD ELECTK )NT IN THE BOARD OF COMMON COUNCIL, MCPTKMBRR 3. '<*?. Resolved, That an election in hereby dmcted to be held in the Second Ward on THURSDAY, the 13th r*ar of ?*ept<?mber next, to fill the vacancy now exirtin* in the Hoard of Common Council by the resignation of William Orme. Esq. SECOND WARD?FlRST PRKCINCT.Pursuant to the aixive resolution,an election will | ue MM at the corner or Twelfth ?tr<ot and New York av?nue. The polls will be opened at 7 o'clock a. in., and closed at 7 o'clock p. in. GEO. W. STEWART. SAM'I. W. OWKN, UbO. E JIU.ARl). e7 te ?'<>mmiimioBcri? IN THE BOARD OF COMMON COUNCIL.' MFTIMBU 3. 1460 RtxolrrH, That an eleetion is hereby directs te l?e hold in the Second Wartl on THURSDAY*, the 13t h day of !*?<p?ember next, to fill the vacany u?>w exi?t pk in th^ B<>arl <.f Common Conncil by t;ie resignation of William Orme, bsq. SECOND WARD-SECOND PRECINCTPursuant t > aliove resolution. an election will be held <>n Tenth street, b tween D ami EiU. que door north of the auction Mtore of J McfiuireA C<>. The poll* will be < poxeJ at 7 o'clock t. m.. And closed at 7 o'clock p m SAM'L LEWI*. EDWARD C. DYER. WILLIAM P. SH KDD, ae7-te Commiaaioncri. EXCURSIONS, P10 NICS7&C. Ton AND PIC NIC! O Begiren at GREEN SPRING PAVIl ION, on MONDAY. S ptemher l'th Th Holy Hill Band ha* been engaged for the occasion. TieIrets 2* rents, ad rnitting a gentleman and ladies. B> or<l?r >( _se 7 zt COM MITTEE?^OOK OUT FOR THE SHIELDS BOYS I Tbe Shielda Boy a announce to their manj friends and the pnbl-c in general that they i trend civ- H% ing their SIXTH GRAND AS9&MBLY ttii Thorn's Hall, on 7t& street, on FRIDAY. S"Pt-mber 2tat. UA The membt ra pldge themselves to make this one of the moat pl?.ai>an> and a^reoable of the aeaaon Ticket* Fifty Cents,admitting a gentleman and ladies B> order of the Cnmmiitet of Atrant'ments. J. Flanagan, J llarrigan. N. O Shell, It* AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER. ** E'sOLtSH OPERA. SNETFTF.N'S <late Cooper'*) GREAT ENGLISH OFKKA TROUPE will open the aho*n placforONK VVhfc'K, c?"?mmeneinc MONDAY, September 17th. where they will perlorm in auoootmon the TrOHt popular Lyric and Comic Opera* in thn Knelmh lamn^se: nuchas Lucrexia, Fra Dit vo!o,Ci .derella, and Barber of Siri'l*. Seat* can be secure 1 at Me'zero'-t'* Mnaio Ptore. For particular* iu-e future ad vertiaen- nta. ?7 W Y M A H , The Naglclan an4 Ventriloquist! SIX NIGHTS ONLY. ALSO, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTER N'NfS. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. COMMENCING MONDAY NIGHT, S*pt au 31 Kt ^yASHINGTON THEATER. Sole Leasee and Manager S. W. Glmx. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will np'n for the regular Fall and Winter S?a?on on tne night of Til LJRSDA Y. Novkmmh lir. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. The Comedian of the Ase, will commence an engagement of NuhU oa MONDAY. November Rtti, and will b? foilowd bythe m-ist II R I I, M \ N T STARS lh th* Theatrical Firm&nnM t. lU~ Communication* if addremtud to S. \V. Oi.mtw. "Old How?ry Tlwater," New YorkfNill meet with prompt attention. au 13-1f EPREK CONCERTS! RNST LOEKFLER, Nme York arenmt, hetwfin 111 and hl stre'tt, would. re?(ectfullT a ?i..hp 10 iot> puoiio mai a uunvkh r oiuw SELECT Ml/MiC will tm civen ever? MON-Jfej* DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS durini the eoaeon. at his Paviuoa, oominenoinf at 3 o'clock and ending at li? p. m. Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon if op*ti to tlioee desiring to wlnle away a few hour* in the mazy danoe. 10K CREAM. WATKR ICES. and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prim, Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio purposes, are requested to (ire a day or two noUos. je la 9m FOR SALE?A case of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS for amputations, trepha'.lug, &o , of Lomlou manufacture, nearly new and in excellent condition, at Mcii'S. ItAlRN ft PALMER'S Drug Store, corner of Ninth street and Pa. aveuue. *eft-3f COAL AND WOOD! Red Ash Coa!, White Ash Coal, Lykens Valley Cooking Coal, Oak and Pine Wood, sawed a.d split. Also, 2u0 barrels Charcoal, in qua:iti:ies to suit, For sale by R-. w. Kl'RR. e eixR" corner oi 7tn ?t. anu M%>s? av. THE pixels TO GET vom SCHOOL BOOKS At the Lmntu Price* Is at . } BAl. IiANTYN E'S, 49? Skvintb St. efi-lin Abov- Odd Fellows' Eall. IV EW BOOKS.? Woman in White, by Wukie 1^1 Colli us Wood* and Waters, by A. B. Street. Ebony I'lol. Cluskey'g Political Text Book, sent by mail free on receipt of $3. (jreelj a Polttioal Text Book, sent free by mail on receipt of .f 1. For xale at our store, 37$ Pa. avenue, at fur usual dikcount of 10 to AO p?r cent. BEN. P. FRENCH. e 6-fit I Ini?l) Between lltli and 12th sta. WATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE M* N U F A CTO R YT I K*I'A onfl of tlm l??tt HiUhliMKmanI- m-A A.. _ !!? 1UI 1 DUhed with a complete aelol UhjU for repairihk every d-noi ijUion of Que Watche*, and |gU particular attention give to the fc*ni?, by iM t oronfib competent workman,and all Work guarantied At o. every de?crip ion of standard Sll.VKR WARE, pia uandpruamental, mauufactu-ed uwler my own mpervision, winch my customers will and far superior in ?ualit) and fini?h to northers warn Hold by dealers in general and represented as their own man ultimo. H. O HOOD, ie fi . W Pa. avenue, near 9th <t. NEV%in'PfcUMS'^bfRRY BUILDIN*. Coriur of Pen*. ajccMtu and SUuK strut. The subscribers dear* to return thaoke to their customer* for the vef/ liberal patronage extended to them the past business year, and wouty respectfully represent that their increased experience enables th?m to show a more attraotiv* stock of Carpets, &c., than they have hitherto offered. Their rooms are now fillod with every variety of CARPKTI>G from the finest Royal Velvet Medallions | to the lowest priced Inrrui CURTAIN DAMa-KT BROCATBLLES and lr;^^'S',^p'L'8l,ir8iLCLorHi?.f,?m sn rent* to fl 25'Mr square yard, among them six Sheet# of extra superfine With embossed and satis M 1&3,'KSW^??iS JPSS PIANO COVKR9. ke. Bayers are respectfully invited to visit their Show Rooms, thev will find th ir stock the newest asd freshest, anrt their rooms the largest, tbe most aleeeantlv arranged, and the most comfortable m the C'U 4 6*if L. F. PKRRY * Cp 275 *\kBN 875 JACITSON, P LA s T S R S R 8, Praia. AHm, 1 Between 10th aad 11U streets. jelt WANTS. nro 8T0*ff? CCTfER9-I will ?ir? ?rn?Ic7 I ?"nt and s<j?d wac?? ti ??n competes! WOM i Cat CairtoCtoa vill*, Va. -V ?< _ JOHN DALEY. WANTBO?By a competent youDf AmnotL (ill, k STUATION ki nan* or todo eh?nli?fWo k. Afpl|W A. M. D. on Mixth street ???t, t>ett?ern K Ud L?U.. Nary Yard. It* VI^ANTh^-TWWfTY FIVE PATALOONS y AN DP. >?'J5Jfcjit f?od hand* will b?_eir aovfa Appti iu.wau. mild, ruramtn for Wall, Stephen* m. Pa av. n7 It AH YOUNG MARRIKD MAN, who?p??k? En^ lith and Gerinsn fluently, i* opar to an encasement aa ganle?er or farm overseer. He Km, l?ow ever, do otgection to a *ruat>r>n ia a ftore, vtore (ood hu>ia*M h?l>:t?. promptitude, and fidelity are nece?*arv. Hm qualification* for either of thaxud itaatinns will he full; borne Mt by hit reference*. Arttlre**. or p*r*on%liy apply lo, A. 321? G ?t, Itetwecn 12th and 13th. *e 7 3t* WANTED to ftV*-By a practical f? iw I " for theenauuu year, or lancv. a FARM ef al>out wacre*. within 1" or 13 miles of Waakiafton, with comfortable hniMittfi im rood land An dree* "I>r?er," Biadeasharg, Pnaae county. Md. a>? 3t* WMBANTED-A Gerraaa. S?otcb or Bastiah WOMAN. a* 000k. Aprly at Kalara<na, 31 *t **d Boundary ?U. MHI* W^HQOD Till VKRS VV ANTEi).?Tw? lit at, fancy Turner*. aa<1 two active Bnya. a hoot 15 yaara of ace. Aprly at the Mount Vernon Factory, near the railroad depot. ae 3 3t* w>datu>ns given. Address M. C., Stat Qftaa. ^????I? ? ? BOARDING. A CO NINTH STR&ET,?Persons ntantM to T?^U thecitr froir their *qmmer reaorta vuilad ' vacant several desirable room*. haviDi the oonrenit-ncex of gas, water, and lathing els?to. at 463 Snth St., one door south of F; suitable either <er uiiies or single gentleman. Tabls boarders accommodated on moderate terms. s*5 lw ( 1ST OP UNCLAIMED PACKAGES at the I j Offioe of the Adams Express Company, Wash* inrtnn, d. C., to M old fo freight im i?4(|m, if cot immediate!j oal'adjor. GEORGE H. BURNS, AfMt. September let, 1MB, Aotiin, N Lindlajr, Prof AdameoB, A Lsureooe, A B A'den, J R J Livingston, H B Anderson, J H ..ynch.A Adam*. J F ,iUrol>e, H B Alexander, C Leonard, Rav C Adams, K C .idtich. Agnes Adair, O Uvm, 8argt W Abbey. Win Looarwa, M Ashe. W 8 awrcnoe.Col A robrook. IT R .antler .O N Addison, J W Long.SB Barber. Rav 8 Lambert, C f? Ba lard, H a cgstroth Rav L L Branch, J W Lee.Mra* Brown, AH Laa(. J Brin*rr, M D <abarre, P Barclay, A P .awrenoe, Col Botmont, AiiKustva Lender, GH Butts, Win B Mott. Co! C H Brown. A M?era. Col Bamtaa. Prof 8 M MoCherson.J A Baer, Mrs M MacKej, J T B^wie. R J M 8 P Ka'dwin. B H MoAboe, E Saud. Ur Macon. Hob C urnside. A E Montague, E L Burrs, Mary McCreary, F A Barns, P Muidoon.M B.aakmore, BC MsnnyaenaT,Cot B'owne. M Morgan, E B Butler, Re* H H Mont*omerr, J B"'an. E T Martin, D B Browne. H F McKfevtr. A Wm MoLcan, W T Brown, A V MoU'acken, J Haruard . G C Mitche.l.AS Bu ler, J 6 M^ader, J Maker. \Vn*ht Jk Co Mwki. J W B antr n. B H MoCo'lum, M?ry, Brown A H Mason, R K Rank*. E D Morton, J H fenced, C W Mark ley, T rink, KB Mini.tor of Peru, Btiu' . Dr J Mori ill t Paaroo, Clark. BH Mnrray.T Coleman, C W Morgan. J B Cox, J E McMnrriT.CH Cochran*, J A Mamlat,Cathonaa. CiMell, R8T Mitokell, H Carter, C H MerjiiJ, I H Cannon, J M Ma Ac ! College, Cntt?, Vi L Mills, J H Connolly, PC MeKeany,Q Chouteau, C P, A S Coleman. Mr* M B Muziy, F ContoUy, J McPher?on. C H Colby. P T Mitchell. W P n?nMU Wm Mnrul! R? I _r", "TV M ' I I Chapni?n? ?m Molnt;r?. J I I CTU??r. L *eCarlT'.V, I I > rook. G W M M*tnir?J ? k I 1 chwil"''WB| ' Muuit. Mi?* | n l l^JL g.wbro?h.JB Nirho ?oo. G w ? 1 CfcinpW,? * ^ Oui ii J V v4 I Sk'. Ml" J S,f.nhrim*r, M ICTutohrn. J Owen*, i __ . I 1 r.oH.urn, J O p?t?r.t, Com oi I Isjgwsfe* ?<?? * D 1 S3Sv, I g?".f?w'w I??** 1 Ounniniha<n. C w j>0 do I l>o do ICook.AJ* ? l>i I I Doufhfrtr, J B do ?> 1 D.>Wn?.Co>TJ Do I 1 Duflin, Foil*- Do jjrm p I DickfjBMr 1 Dnbou, g? \ 1 Devine. J J A R550?P? Dupr, J K_ Ueianey, K Porry, T W Douglaa, MoG Parry WBH Duuhana.W 8 Patent, Con> of Deoni?, J P Randolph, Col J J Davia, R W Rn4f(ri,J Dunham, E W Ras ing, J liunlap, R P Robeaun. Cajt J Darht, J A Son Rich, G W n?iwd, H (or Douna) Ridceway, W Edwarda, J* Rohtnaon. Mra A l>o J 8 Rove. Spenoer Faton, W Reed, Iaaa-s Eaves. Wn? Riohardaoa, P Mr Robinaoa, ** Eaton. J Snepperd Wm Ealing. Dr Smart. ttwr D C ^nrdeiaine, J I) Sullivan. J Fraz?r. J L Stone. N B Farmer, M G Seward, J L French, E B Sempl, D' Ford. M Solomon, B Field, M Sohmidt. F Furae, J Sobae,. Wm Poater, J Hmith, Laaia Fere neon, 8 W Heleciran. J B Farley, Mra J Seiignan.M roip, Fred Stone. B r h ler U U Heibert. 8 Hirrill. J Skinrer, A P Finckle. ImBD Sp-neer, Bosk '"''fi J W *iuart, 1 Griffin, F C N)mai?r,J H Giambactian, 6 ?ajce. F Giv*nwr, 8 Grantor. J H tj'fMon, W Schroder, a. GUIi*, B W Stevens. H R Mri Stevens, G W GftsettoOAa* Sullivau.NS Green Fro'G W Snyder, J Grimes, J W hn.nh, W Gvduer. A W Sutton. C 2*5**' J? N Stephens. Alex Gekyl, F Mebatttaa, C Gibson, W ff Sauderi. *f E J'MWLir G ? giro ii., J Gray. Mri K 8 on?, Rapt C P Galea, Miss Shoemaker, B Hyam, H D Binith.SC HumtnelL John Be?nu,ur.J WU ftCo Toney. Hunieot( J J Do, Batch, E D Trtor, C N few fe|"~ n f Tk??. iff ifeH* :??> * Hoffman, C ' 'nokVr, wi Horaiag, D Wt, F 8 Harrin?u>n, W H 'kamp on, Kliiak Hawkea, Col J A ' 'ajlor iu H7?m, B D ? S:',V.V,ha j awif* BKK&Hi : teJgflF iS?? aw Flannay.Petar 4 ' J Huiman,T Taylor, W E Vu Tf?t, H F HarUkorac, J Vouk. M Horr. 9 W^Pianu. Miaa B Jonii. S Wnpt. Jordan, O *?a W, Mr* M i * O I W;k?^>^*. / B JantM, PL Will?a*a. J Jackaon, TB Wemauu, I ?'?.* Q WmMtJK 1 *er?on, Hon 8 Do. pifif8r SjSftJe g^/STiX nmnmrier. R w?m, HOI D K?ndaJl, K0 Winkle, C ISr-0 - IWik* IKnott, Mr* A M WoodiM, V D ss2w>. zss?<L "'? rf ?Mi "POLITICAL BOOKS FOE THE TIMESJL piu*k?7^> T?JU Book wot by bimJ. prc-pttd, jSnwily'? itiofcl Tut Bockhf mail, 4m,?b r?Donglw mh] Lincoln OatetM ml frM om r*o*ipt Of AO MDtl. Dwd Scott Mt by mil o. mM of SO mSTiSBTo. ?Mo/M-ffVVF.'-CB, Booka*U?r u4 MWMfi iTt? Pi. _?e fr-lw (lat.1 bn?*Mlwtrtmw?. INfcw fallSYSS^??$35$&. CAsm IF^' *?Ur A/ti?R M* MM pf By X. GRKKN. rinvtitufii n ,n?^. ?iv?-w??w?w? v n n ? iin fi ri"^ r i ii.iiivti. ^caooi Dim* abb Gnu *jil> C?cctKtT Win kr -*r Atrrto* ^ On SATURDAY. th* ?Wi mat, I *W. Mil, ib (rvul of my ?tor* ?li? ( ' lock a largb mm tN??IUMltMbtWMvfM ???Om4 hind '"nraitarn. 13 4u.e> aobooi D*?k? B"<1 Bench**. A -l*rr? aaaortaoot of China, UIm?, Croe%*r? Brd BkHm?b TtriM Msk It A GUr.FW Ax?< Br A. GEKKN. HB Ol'SKHOLI* Kl'kMT1 R BAT AUCTION. I ObTUKSDAY.UmIIUi ib.U, i 'WB'i * 1,b? tkor???t<lT<-o??t % i?4? 4rolian,? on tM VMt ffBTMC* It <?(.lNfc44l,lMIV - U ?D-( H Ita no th. at IB o'clock b bn? |?od b4 . i>?. 6;?v. m.T? thf.a ftla*a Md Crooks-* War*. gmm Mt. iw??r?. PUJ?vaaa4 Ba44in?, ^^'SSsajtfcwth ma?j other B-fVe^M vhiah we dM itatiM* TWiaa: AHfrnmm aator ftak oMk; owf;j,? orwilt u( 11 t?l V da? a, for a< tr? aat;?ia tori.J M dor?r<J. boaric( int?r*et Tm low. wkiek e-atatne t* ?"av*at?atly at taafti rnniiMainfof rwtj loqairawa " aT 4 A. emcEtt. Aaot By i. GRKkN, Amummi. VALU^BLK PBOPFRTV ON NOBTI J, lltWIM 7th arc Itw Bt? WMT atAcctio*. On | HUJL'DA > , th* 3th lift, I a hall aril, m mat of tba promt***. a* 6 oot p. m , pari < Lmt No 2,ia ^irt No. 4JJ, witk tfc* infruvt anau. which onaaut of a two *tory briok ho?a?, with back haJMInf. ootiUtaior an roflmi and kitahoa. Tko I t fronts aa 'rth I atrort <2 fttet. ruaam liaak MO fort al*>at raw way the aqaaro, betwaeu ?tli an4 Mh itlMU. The ahoTementtoaed pro port; laahfiMy rtaatad and praaaats aaat indaomaanU la partaaa wtahiac to taaka a tood untbaHt Tuma nn< k . L.1 - - - -* - ? ??y?i ?? .w? ? ?i * f* yttn, for notm h?tn?| \nfrmt fr ??fn d?y of m. AdMd (imiMrfftdNd of trast uku. TiU ? dilutable. All eoB?*jancia* At 11m tod of Ik* MfeMiiir. _ m 7-d A. GREEN. A act. ... i mm Hiifnn . . . . THIS AFTER UPON ? TO MORROW. Br C. MeGUIRE 4 CO , luifcmrt STOCKS AT AUCTION-Ob FftlfttY AW55 TEkNOON. S?ptMiitMr7th, at So'eioeft, attfco* Aaction Room*, we thai. ?*U, in *a*i to 91,Mil ?orjo'Btion ot WMhtnftoB (juiifli* rt CwpoitUoB ?f Alfxudrit Semi uut Stock. 2 J* Rank of the Old D<*a?<ioa Stock. Terra* ohIi, ia eurreiit tao4* jMfc-4 J C Mo?UlkK A CO . Aaot*. By WALL, A BARNARD. Auctioneer*. rXECUTUR'8 SALR OP HOUSEHOLD ij AMD KlTCHBJI KrtSimi AT APCTIoa.?OB SATL'RDAl MORNiNO. ?Ui ttoftcrahe . at l* o clock, w* vi!l **11. ia front ol th? a eeU?a Io?a?, hf flrJor of the OrpkM*' Court a ceuetftl aaeori3ei?t of ?x joI *nt Mcnaebo d h urmtura, ihoi&QV Hsitsf Buand RWl Km* TaKI* Do. French ftixi Cottage lied?te*rfa. l>o. MarNe to* WwbdMd u4 bureau*. Do. Rooker.tseapy HrilowaU Eaa? Chair*. E*o*.lent Feather Bo*la, fpriug Hair Mat traaaoa and Blanket*. Child'* ?ahoc%aj Dreeeing Bareau and Chair*. Cloak. Settee, Wood a d Cane ??%t Cha re, xteoaion. Uintnx, Chain^r and Ki'cuen 'I aMn, Safe, Cupboard a. Rede*. Wardrobit, j* ? _LJ v.^.1 in. ? _ r? v?i >1111 niusn-H v, tatiMia, A Oei.t en.fci, aa<1 a Ladi'a tfeddl*. All", an a??o ft merit Willow D&*keu, Jar? at>?1 many oth ?r artiolo*. Teraa ouh. Mid WALL A BARNARD. AucU FUTURE DAYS 'I'RUSt t*ALE ?Bt Ttrtoo af a doad of tiu.t 1 from JMMi^ki4Bort(o tbe tod A?f aft t?U, lass. ?i d recorded tmoof tiie And Ear ia of WMkn.ton coantv, Diatnot of Colvm . there wi'I b? a rubtie aa e. at the f<ft ?r Kiev niM at-oot. on MoN DA V. daptaiuhor 17,k. IM0. at U o'clock m., o( tb' foi.owinf froporty? One ton oar Sfino B at abort feft) f??t loo*. One Soine ahontor.o band red and fifty fathom* Ion. aid abou't went) foot doof, And toa ovite of got no R.<po Term# oaab. ao 5 d T). L. SMOOT. T ma toe By J. C. MrtiLlRK A CO. Aaoti.noara. VALL'ABLK BUILDING LOT ON NORTH E St.. irrw as Sin add lf,TU t? Ptbuc Arm H-Ou TUESDAY AF t EH NOON, mt mher 11th. at We oak. o? tbo oroanaoa wo oka]I Mil part of Lot No. 4. in Square 337. frottu n? >4 fe> t o i north fc utieei betwe a 9th ai.d loth ?u woat, rannne *aok 15B feet to aS'-fo*t alio*, ?uh)?ot to a BMriirLtRl 1 mm mm f*a aimala Man Ka aaa?taa4 aay linn on tie ytiBMief t?Mtr Matt por aqaar* lout lor the groand. Terms: One tmrd tuh; the residue is aad It months, with mie-eet, secured hy a deed of trust the prrmiae*. ae6d J. C. MeGUIKE k CO? Aa*U Br A. GRKKN, AMtuwt. ON MONDAY. September M, MM, w* afcaU '!, in front of the proatiM*. ill o'c.oak p in ooivpliaLoe with the term* of a deed of trust to as from Thos. A. hr*iwn ut wife. dated 24th Hepten ber. U?, and recorded in Liber J. A. J* , No HQ. C.(?t* Ac., o eof the land records nf Waahtnt a count*. p?'ts of lots U and li. in square No 2*7. boginmnc for 'he name ?e feet 3 Irene* from the south we. t noroer of sai<i rqunre. runniag Uimw Met on a line with D street soath t# w*t; thane* north 7 feet; thenee west 16 feet; thenoe sooth * feet to the ptaoe of baginninc, t>*r?th*r with the impr > emei ts. c nmuni of a two-story framo hN'S with one "tort baoi baiWhaa* Tf'ms: One fouith *a?h. the ba.ace* in C, U ao<t IS months, after da* of sa'e, with *-*te* ?ecure<i m a deed of trust on the preinsea. Ifthe te-ins of sale a<* no' oomp t-d with within ir* Oars afW the day of ?a.r th* trust m>? reserve the riiht toreaullthe ar<\aart at I oxrAkaMi 'm eialr ?* - Kf* ? nv y u vnwvi ?uu wv??f wwi ???" one week's not ex GM?. O. HKNNIVfl. i . (?EO. R. THOIRFSON.* m f Stw^di AwtBy . OR ken. Aactionaer. Desirable improved and I'nim raoviu pm.pfitt at Pcblic Sal*.?For aale at lh? A action More or the undersigned. oorner ol K'venth str??-t w??t And I) street, on Wfcl)Nfc8 A v, lite 12'b of S?pt?.mber nexl.atto'olook p. at-, the folio win* Lots: Lot S, in fqaare <M. 1,ot B, in(tq uare M . 1??, IK Squire I,hJ7. Part of Lot 18, in Square 723. floating 23 feat HH inches on East Capitol itierl, improved by two mail tenetaenta This aropeitf is wiUia "he proposed extension ef 'he caeit-il grounds. Tit pari ct. Term* : fourth eash; th 1 rneidae IB (, ISand 11 months, setter** by dr#d of trnrt Alt euav.-ya?ein? at th- ooet of Uie p?rehaer>r. If the terms of sale are uot coop ted with within five <*a? s from d%y of ?aie the property will be resora at theeeat of Hiek???r. m cu. ~ * 1 A. /? onai A ? ?* <1 Mvtwaui A. UK bkRi tHL Bn. STTHEMKn, ??? P*. Ar? BET. I'iTW AND l*TB ?T? . Haviof ju?t returned from Now \ork. uao* Mine t C?Bflrt? kl^urtawfit of ia hf* Itnonf GENTS* DRESS HA1S, WMH BEEVES VENTILATING l)H ] SS H ATS, CA-HIMERE URF.SS HATS,%M^B# veM proof, PRINCE OF WALES HAT. for join* won, A Wruntiftal *??<* t ont of CAPS for voobc boy?, a Hi children. Firxt (Alf?kto HOiiTii, m??1 ?id 1' Calf GAITERS, fcootl quahtiw, low Enoo*. to 31 1\J SOUTHERN A W ESTERN MERCHANTS. HODEWALDk IINDALL, Ot) U u/s vi/i .v ubi?/' tr a vr? I t? iREAPSJDE BALTIMORE, invit* the attention of Mareh&nU nn'm chu eity to m rzamiu^u * of U>?r ito?k, vkist la vartMr and ?.'!? u not aurpMMd iitkt' la tim or aay of tll? northern oitiM. [H^Ortort respectfully aotieited and fcMhfslly aaW-lp* WHEELER k WILSON'S rrvc tit i r r pn 1/ 4* ai r 2S iaiaSl U Family Sewing Micfclm, WITH IMflOVEMKMIV. Wkiok r*nd?r them ihwiWIt !? UU <M b* dMiMi, ATTHK NKW AGKNCf, ^ . No. 346 PiMtT.Tiiit ATW?i.MMTtl *rwt. _ fr*ai?40 to ?>op. With I ?& notion* trr* of rkini MM? lm P. J. *TBPfc. Aft PtKd' UIKkJ in?<> y tii? in** fl?> dWtlfcri frfm COAL WIL WF. H?t?19?u and 8j? u- r? that were dftMced ft Uttlft br r is Um wain*r from New To- k' w klehw* w void far hft'f the itttl iriof. " 8l.*NCH4ftO * MttHUN. 4 CwmBi I m< fa *T. A flaSAlMMHI rtMiMtnM (or *l? ti tk? lowe.i ^wp?, hi m Ht Vt-hmmi ** /OTAVK SIUN^ HOrH,