Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1860 Page 3
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LP CAL NEWS. l?7~Tbo*ijtb The 9ta* U printed on the feateet team pew la iiae aoutb of Baltimore, lia editlea la au large as to require It to be pat to presa at an early hour; Advertiaeinente, therefore, abould to aent la before 12 o'clock m ; otbemtae tbey tamj ?<* Appear until tbe next day. ? uu Huuia. ujKjn ioe eiecuon or ijincom, main war upon the South, liberate the neuroes. and mike them our equals. Yet nevertheless there wrf many sympathizer* with the republican* 1 her*, though their personal safety demanded their silence. The dignity and respectability of labor was a more important subject to them than the price of cotton or the execution of the fugitive slave law. The philosophy of Shylock's observation that b*s bouse waa token with the props that supported (t, and his IItaken with his means or living, applied precisely to thlfe matter; for your labor urn* degraded when the means wberebv you live wer? degraded. and the laborer also followed In the same descent If the freeman did the work of the slave, and the alavs that of the freeman, they were equals to the extent of the^r occupation. The distance between the two conditions must be overcome. and it wss the part of the freeman to do it. The physical and mental chains of the slave pre. vrrura h]| advance; and in closing up the distance beiw?*n, the freeman adviaed and consented to Uft own degradation and that of his family and friends It wa* not to be believed that so large a number of our people as are at the South uninterested In the perpetration of ne^ro slavery, would be unanimous in support of a system which strikes at the root of their own liberties If the standard if Ameiicnn citizenship bad sunk so low, then the lamb, as an emblem of Innocence, should be displaced, and tn its stead enthroned an American citizen The greatest argument In support of the rfinuhlirjlD nnaitinn *a?as K..- I .-"tic* ? umrict or Columbia Advertisements to be inserted in the Baltimobk Square received at and forwarded from Tub 9tii Office. Mar rise, or thi rkribuca* Association Last lirtiiiN Oi no occasion baa the regular weekly meetiaff of tbe Republican Aasociation of this eftv beea more largely attended, or greater mtbnataam manifested. than waa the caae last evening. After the transaction of the customary ^preliminary business, tbe Glee Club, composed of oembers of tbe Association, sung in a spirited manner aome of tbe choicest republican anthem*; after wb*ch. It was announced that Mr Benj F. - ? * ? ? " iiw, ?uu waa piescai, wooia aaaress uc Nr. Benjamin F TJVlIklns. of Va., waa introduced, and proceeded to addreaa tbe Association He alluded to the fact that too little attention bad bero paid. In the contest between parties, to tbe degradation of free labor consequent upon tbe competition in the same branches between that class of laborers and slaves Tbe recorded expressions of human-hearted and liberal-minded statesmen snd philosophers In every age hart pokrn with a mighty voice for tbe dignity of laboe. Common aenae. moral feeling, humanity and retijrlqp recognized and approved these expressions. and no man or party could obliterate tb* record. Tbr statement might mm atrange, (tbe speaker aid.) hut waa not leas true, that nine-tenths of tbe noa^tavebotder* of tbe t*ooth occupied tbe same ground upon the question of free labor aa tbe revtnblfcah p<*rty. They would deny It possibly, hut tbe drnlal would only prove tbst they did not understand the matter properly. Msny of tbem believed the repabllcsna to be rank abolitionists, J ? - ? ^ l- ll *1M UCIC UUMlllirU. that contact with the slave, In a condition of equality, would degenerate and lsssen patriotic feeling; f?r the revolutionary sires of these docile men would never have been capable of a submission so degrading Opposition by them to a lm oKjeetlonable principle made our toil to reek with the blood of heroes. Here waa the "irrepressible conflict" about wtieh ao much bad been said. If vou make the slave and tbe free work together, you must strike the shackles from tbe one. or bind the limbs of tbe other. There was no truth in the idea tbat an untravimable spirit in man would force him to r:sa anperlor to the accidents of condition?In hofrely phrase, that one mav handle pitch and reiraln undefiled. or be a modern democrat and retail bia parity of conscience. For it was just at this very point of contact tbat the southern rich and the southern poor found their nearest connection?tbe highest point the slave mayattain in the rale of humanity, (a condition of equality to the free.) and the lowrst at which a free man may eiut, (his connection with the slave, and reduction in all but tbe name of bandage to that level ) The limbs and the sp.rlcs of free white men was not a it evil upon which slavery should trail Its poisonous aiid obscene clusters. Whoever aided in any manner In the perpetuation ot a system fraught with tueh danger to themselves were diina 10 wetr grestest blessing They were attempting to kindle a beacon of liberty at the flames proceeding from the sbrine of tbat divinity which tn-tr own Incendiary hand* haw rendered a wreck and a rain. There ww a result growing out of this conflict between two antagonistic elements. which required an allusion Many aoutheru rue< foaaics. 1 cellos arnsiblv the estimation in which they were held by tbelr more fortunate fellow-citizens, determined to nvc their sons from the obloquy attaching to their position, by thrusting them Into the "learned professions,'' md tke result was that many a young man who would have made a capital carpenter, in admirable blacksmith, or a v?-rv capable hod carrier, drag out a wsarv existence by the pursuit of a profession for which tLeir education and their mental capacity renders them unit Trades, and learned professions ss we!), nre thns degraded in the standard of their superiority, by admitting incompetent persons,who can briug to their pursuits nothing but reproach. It was sometimes asked if the republican party was not opposed to slavery, why did all of their speeches binge upon that question The spesker astd that they serre opposed to the extension of slavery over another acre of territory bow free; bat it was also a part of their doctrine tbat tbe HtaUs had sn entire control over the mutter in Ihetr own limits The general argument in favor ofOkt dignity of lelmr. and desiring Its separation from competition with slaves, was not an exposition of what we wished to do for ourselves, so nm' h as marking out the course we would tnve those pursue who have the couUol of the matter ?larery would exltt at the South as loug at it wu profitable, and to longer. Durnj; *l?e course of hl? remarks. Mr Wilkins Introduced a touching episode of Melzar <iardii'-r. wlto was murdered *ooae years ?uce in l'ortsmouU. Va , ft upholding the dignity or free wUlr laborers Mr. Gsrdner was editor of the t'ortsmonth Chrorek-1* and Old Dominion In view of ttc onuses which led to Ms.kv rlflce. the speaker bsppHr denominated' Lin' as ' the first ?<?pubitcaa umrtyr " Thi.MaKIIt L -t?Tlie prices lathe Centre Market have not changed materially since the lift w.u published a week a^o In some nrtieles the inferiority of quality make* a slight difference in the price, but the general price list rem ins about as follows: !?eef. frtah, T B> K^cpknts.each.. 2(ftl(? IfaB An ?Sn, ?> - ? ww,i" l/w, |1A . t O Pork ..... '(>?12! Tomatoes, pk.... SS Glutton lli^ltllirecaCorn.doi.. ]j Laiub,qr M q, 12, C umber*. don.. 12 V>al S^l j^Ddmsoos, pk USa'S S;t>isa^?,v ft... I-JiPIhids. qt... 25 Lard 14] Penabes, pk #1.2.1 60 tteef Wn^ues... MA75.Apples. pk....... J'ia&o Pa<-e>ti bams.... 14<i| Ml'Pears, pi.....:.. 6*J>a75 Hita...H^.... "14 !>wert peppers.L.. " 75 Shoulders 11912Roll butter...... 25^?37 Jowls - <x iu Phil'a print.... 37 Dried beef...... 15 Cheese 14&17 Chickens. V pr. 02gfti Lugs, V doz ... 15 1 rish potatoes, pk 25 Celery, bunch... 4(85 Sweet potatoes.. 37 Onions .......... 37 Cues, ear, V bbl S4ii5 Cabba?e,?*head. 2fi? ?Jars, shelled... - a JO' Beets, bunch..... 3 Beaas. Vbosh.. 91.76 Carrots 2 F ve, V bush. ... 50?A5,Rock, bunch.... #5 Oat* 3>> a.45 Porch, do fcS Veal K%9i'|Lar-e Rock 5<>(a*l Pborts 20 Jtait wairrTaylors t6 hnipstuift 2&?0" \Vateuaelons.eschl2'a 7."> Butter beans, at. lOjCaataloupss, each 2,537 Ducks, f fr.... 3Qg7s| ALI11IIII1I1 MAttflt ?A mvwtlv i?*W AUtudritiii arr at present lUtat ( ? the city, eajoyl ng a v'ait to tbe Loudoun Agricultural Fair, Dow being Ueld In tbe vicinity of Leeobarg. V* Alrisadna Is also well represented U tbe articles u exhibition, many of them being tbe handwork af Alexandria ladles ' On Wednesday airht lost a row took place in a ten pin ai>y, kept oy Mr. J. Klltott, on Water treet, near Priaceea street, Alexandria. In wblcb a tailor narked King was severely, If not fktally. Injured, by being struck on tbe Lead with a atone or tome oih^r missile Dr. W. B Gregory was santauMaod <ad dressed tbe man's wounds, wbe.t be was rrioovtA to tbe poor boose, where bo lies la a critical condition. Two youag mei named R Smith and J Chariton, were'arrested and eonin.ltted to jail for a farther hearing by Mayor l'r:< e on suspicion of being concerned la tbe affiir t pwaxd of 3<U peraoM passed aver tbe Alexansadrta, Loodoun. and Haaipshire Railroad yesterday. ra rear* for the Laadoaa Agricultural Pair - " Wt??? drew another multitude last night, to witaeaa 1'ia marvelous rxperloaenta la legertfe mla ba4 tha wonderful diapiay ai hla ventriloq'tial power*, and aent everybody home delighted at the cl<?e of the performance Lota of fun In tore to nltfht. at Odd Fellows' Rail: and on Uv marrow afternoon a grand levee for the benefit of tt.e little onea?price of admiaaion, only ten cents i Romraibrt that the ' phunny" man only remalua ^ el Odd l-ellow* Hall this week Cimtl Ucaso-hovi* Ca?is. ?Bridget Cary, <ti'<?k, rvt^d Martha Jackson, disorderly in the workfcouee fit days Catharine tur?t no*. do , 40 daw LewH Butler. col d, do itmm and coats. f*l5 Albert J?nca, do : 0S15 Win.1 Duniop, do ,, Ckai Brooks, do ; W 13. 7:r?r? ' - . : Thk FroiTiv* 9lavb Cmc.i?Yoatarday the case of the I" 8 ??t. Mm Bvvasidife, charged with rcetetinc the oflrersin the discharge of their duty, was taken up for hcaiiiw before inticn Donn and Giberaon, Mr. Lloyd appearing for *?e defense. J'dediak Gitting*, sworn, said that on August 18tt weat to Mi*. Beverldges' with Mr. Wise to arrest Stafford Payne as a fugitive from Mrs I bompson, or Va. Looked around and could not see klm Wtw went to tbe pantry where Mr* Beveridge was carving, and Inquired for Stafford I did not hear the convention between them. I then went where they were and told Mra B that the wax resisting tbe law by not tflv1*K him np. She aald ahe bad not seen Stafford since morning, and that be was not there, and wanted to know If she coald bring him np to the court house in half an hour. I told her she was Injuring her house She aaked if I did not want to kidnap the negro. (Before thia I heard Mr. Wise tell her be had a warrant to arrest Stafford.) I Md her we could go withont him. I referred her to (?leat. Thomas She then held, with blm, Thomas, a private conversation, tbe purport of wbicfa i do not know Judge Granger came where we were, and asked if we were officers, and !f we bad authority to make the arrest We told h'm we were office*, and had the authority Mr. Granger promised to see Mrs. B , and started for to at purpose. He informed her she was violating the law. as we were officer*, and had authority to arrest tbe negro. I then informed Mrs. B we were going to take Stafford before Jndge Merrick. After this conversation Mrs. B said that Lieut Thomas would bring "he boy. Mr. Wise and Lieut. Thomas started for the boy. I then went out of the front door, and wben 1 got down the steps, I saw Wise and Thomas coming out of the house with Stafford in custody. The whole time occupied in making the arrest iras about Ks 1 f an kmi 1 1%bJ I >'?> miM uviii. A uait puwrr UI nunirjr irum Mrt. Thompson, and procured the writ underlaid power. The counsel for defense asked for the production of said power, also for the writ under which the arrest was made. The witness refused to produce them, although both the justices demanded them. J. A Wis$, sworn ?I apprehended Stafford Payne on a warrant issued uy Justice Glberson. When I received the warrant I went to the Washington House in company with Mr. Gittings, looked around and did not see Payne. 1 went to where Mrs B was carving. She said the boy had sued for bis freedom, and the case would not come up until October i asked her to produce the man, and 1 would take bim to the City Hall, and wonld wait until she was ready to accompany him. Some words ensued, when Judge Granger advised her to produce the man Lieut Thomas being present, said that be would bring the man tip He told her that he must be taken to the Court-bouae I then went with the Lieutenant to a foom where he called for Stafford. He came out promptly aud was taken before Judge Merrick* when he was remanded. At no time during our conversation was Mrs B. out of our presence. 1 believe that if Mrs B had not been influenced by others, she would not have acted so During tbis tiiue the servants had access to and from Mrs. B to the lower rooms Dont know where the warrant is or what has become of it. The warrant was issued at the instance and upon the oatb of Mi. Gittinus D<>n't know where tbe power of attorney is. Told Mrs B. that Stattord could not escape, as witness had officers outside of th? home. She did not deny his being there; but aM that she had not seen him that day. N J Thomas sworn.?Said be was at dinner the day referred to, at Mrs. Beveridge's. Was informed that Mrs. B wanted to see him. Went to where she was serving the guests, and saw Mr. Wise near her. Told her that Mr. W bad coone to arrest Stafford. I asked Wise for bis warrant. Witness then told Mrs. B. that he had an un> douti'el right in tbe houae. and a right to search f ir au i A A iA -?-w-*?4 a . UWI U UV ? ? IU our" UIU IIUl VT i O II IrU U OBkrUC I Mr \V j all ?he wanttd was to get through with her dinner, and she would go with Stafford to any plare be would designate; and asked If witness could not deliver him up Her whole wish was to befriend Stafford, as lie bad lived In her employ for three years. She In no other way obstructed the omcer in the arrest I am positive she did not refuse to deliver Stafford up. Wltoea went at the requtstof Mrs Band got the boy and delivered him up to Mr Wise. She said she would go up and go his security. Stafford was fr?quentlv absent Some days he n.ight be there the. whole day without her seeing hiai Dr.W F Lippitt, hworn?Know Mrs Thompson,and have acted as her friend, and did receive money for Stafford's wage*. Stafford hired hlmo_ J I A?? - ? cu, ami i uir* ??|jo ior .?ira i l guve receipts I received wages in February, ISoOj also, M.iy :tb,J!?60. I warranted Mra. Beveridge for a balance due up to August 1, for Mra Thompson. Mrs Thompson recognized the hiring of Stafford to Mra B The boy waa tb<?n with her up to the time the warrant was issued. I informed Mra B. about the 1st of April that Mra Thompson would hereafter expect eight instead of seven dollars per month I don't know who made the oath to arrest Stafford; 1 know that Stafford had filed a suit I for freedom before his arrest. Frank Smith, of Alexandria, advised Mrs T. to make the oatb for his arrest as a fugitive. I received a power of attorn?y from Mra. T. to have Stafford arrtsled under the fugitive-slave law, but 1 returned it to her The last receipt waa in May. 1 believe abr hid entered into negotiation, before the lat day of August, for tbe sale of Stafford. This witness declined to give the name of the person to whom the slave Stafford was to be sold by Mrs. T. The power of attorney was after the 1st of August. Oon't know that any money was passed before his rendition to Mrs. Thompson. 1 here was a negotiation for bis sale three years ago, and subsequently in July. Julia Thomas.sworn ?KnowsMrs Beveridge, and knows Stafford Payne; and knows that be lived with Mrs B about three years. She paid hire for him Mrs. B. is a very peaceable woman. Stafford was a general servant At times was absent during the dinner hours, and while Mr Wise was there witness heard Mrs. B saystie had not seen Stafford to-dav. Sh? to look for him Harritt F Reed, ?worn ?I know Mr? Bev\ fridge; have boarded In her house about twenty mouth*. Saw Stafford there nearly all the lime; be was a general servant. 1 wai at the dinner table when Mr \Vi*e wn there I went to the \ rarvi n g-room and h?*ard Mr* B say thnt she had , not teen Stafford that day. Mrs B. was carving for her boarder*. Mr* B could not at that time V. ? ... i ._# a.- 1 ??*? - * - mf? lull iur oiiiiik whmwdisturbing all the boarders 1 taw nothing on the part of Mra. B j tike resistance. Know of aiy own knowledge ttoat Mrs B had not seen Stafford for several i days at a time; as Staflord knew his duty and , uad not to to to her to learn It. Saw Airs. B standing quietly with the officers, and not resist- ( ing or wtastrurting tnem. Mr Hetd, sworn ?Stafford has lived with Mre Beveridee Witness had frequently heard Mi*. B say ?Ee had not seen Sfcxtford for several days The examination of witnesses was closed for i th? prtsent, and the case was postponed until < further notice, in order to procure other testimony. / Th* 'grktos" Scholarship t5 Columbian Collkob ?Yesterday afternoon an examination of the thlrtcea lads who are candidates for the 1 Guntoa" scholarship In Columbtsn College, id who represent ea< h of the male district departments of the city, took place In theAld'-r- 1 men's chamber, before the Boart of Public 1 Trust***. The following is a list of the candidates: irat district, Jas. Davis, Patrick NcCiuley ai d Win Collum; aecond district, James L Saf- { ford. Robert V. Harrison, and Win. E Fort; i third district^ Edward A Cadle and Joseph T. i Clarke; fouith district,Edgar Dulin,G T Thompson, John J. Cook, 11. il. Hazard, and Robert BRi?U. The papers In theae cases being quite voluminous. tne subject of the award was referred to a ?<joiiimiee 01 nve memoers ol tbe board, with inatructlons to rrairUue Into tbe lame, and report t the result of such examination to the President of Columbian College as soon as practicable. As tbe 1 next term of this collage commences next Friday, j It will be necessary for this report to be made some time during tbe early part of next week, as it is tbe desire of tbe board to have the fortunate 1 recipient enter at the commencement of the col- 1 lege term. Display of a Bell a?d Evbkztt Banxh ? J Yesterday afternoon, about 4^ o'clock, there was , quite a large gathering in front of Thorn's build- i in*, on Seventh street, to witsess tbe interestiag I spectacle of suspending a political banner, of coti- < s!d*rable size, from a third-story window of the buildi nig mentioned above, to an equally-elevated J I position of a dwelling on the opposite aide of the tr?t fin /v? -t-i- -? ?u?_ i imn ui bun oanner la lue inscrip* i tion, " The Union, the Constitution, and the Enforcement of the Lawij*' and on the reverse, the name* of John Bell of Tennessee. and Edward Everett of Massachusetts, the candidates of this party for the Presidency "d Vice Presidency. The successful elevation of the banner was balled with three enthusiastic cheers from the crowd on j 14?* psvemeut,wh*n all were Invited to partake of refreshments, which had been provided by tlie committee at the headquarters of this party, in the , large hall on thesoeoaa floor of Thorn's building. The lovhs of good oysters will be glad to i Learn that lha enterprising Captaia Oreer, of the A No 1, fiat sailing sloop, Captain Walker, has made Fourteenth street canal bridge a permanent port of entry, at which he Intends to laud a fresh cirgo of Cone River oysters about once a week hereafter Bjr the politeness of Captaia Greer, aforesaid, we have bad the trial of a bushel of these Cone River oysters, and cao testify that they a e Just th* thing?fresh, fat. and Juicy. Keep a look ??t tor tb? Cap?aln Walker about every alternate Thursday and Mouday. Mr Editor: As your valuable paper has the Uxgrst circulation of any paper 1a the District of Columbia, our Ike wishes me to inform you of tb* discovery he made oa his flrst visit to see Wyman, the great magician, at Odd Fellow*' Hail He says that with his own ey?? be distinctlv saw Wymaa put his band behind poor little Tommy and plash him severrly to make him talk BlKh 1 rrncl Iklnu k? tklnki Mioht t? K. ? Urn* brought tofm the public. I [?* eoaM K*rc?ly refrain from crying to w* I Tommy tmtidioWlj. WTM.C. I Bill ahdEvbbitt Clcb ?Theretular wtekl] meeting of the Bell and Everett Club, waa hell last night at the rooms of the association, Thorn'i BulMine. the President, Mr Kennedy, in th? rbair. The attendance was very numerous and U?e meeting enthusiastic. Col. Tayloe, late President of the Club, wa present and entertained the meeting with th result of his observations of the political condition of various states through which he has recentlv traveled. Having alluded to the cauaes wbicn had led to the formation of the club here, and the somewhat darkened peospect of the lTnion and Constitution party at that tune, he went on to jrive in contrast the changes daily taking place all over the country in favor of the election of the candidates of the Union party. Then all was dirk, but now light Illumines the whole political hemisphere, and the prospect for Bell and Everett irrows dailv more hrlcrht Col. Tayloe went on to review briefly a late speech of Gov. 8?ward at Detroit, arguing that from the sentiments expressed by the great abolition leader h? believes that he has left New York all right for Lincoln, but feels serious doubts about the West. Tbe speaker thought the New York Senator had left an enemy in the rear; that tbe abolition hosts of the State of New York are distracted and disorganized among themselves; that thousands of its supporters are becoming alarmed at tbe condition of the country, and will be found on tbe side of the Union in November next Tbe speaker said that when Bell and Everett were nominated, the democrats, In the 4bundance, of their generosity, had conceded to the Union party one State, (Maryland,) and only one. The Union party, with then some appearance of truth, agreed that Breckinridge would carry South Carolina; but since Breckinridge ha< made a speech, in which be advocate* the perpetuity of this Union, he has deeply imperilled hlscbances in that State. Mr Bell was the only man in the South who led off In opposition to the Kansas and Nebraska bill, and he was sustained by (ieji Houston, who bad lately written a letter in favor of the Union and tbe Constitution, snd the enforcement of the laws. Doubtless with his mighty Influence he would aid the cause of the Union party in far-off Texas. The speaker then went on to sum upthevsrious States which, in bis opinion, based upon information received from reliable sources, will cast their votes for the Union candidates in November; after which he reviewed briefly the qualiticatioiis of the variuua Presidential candidates, and the principles which they professed to advocate. From this subject be passed In review the workings of the democratic party from the days of Madison down to the Dresent time, and closed bv a peep at the effects which would follow upou the elevation of the sectional candidate to the chair of state. Mr. Webb here announced that the Executive Committee had accepted Invitations to attend mass meetings?one in Rockvllle, Md., on the '.'Tth; and another in Alexandria on the *29th instant. On motion by Mr Lamer, the thanks of the club were voted to the gentlemen who bad been instrumental in procuring the bauner which hsd been yesterday afternoon suspended from the rooms of the clob. Tho f Kan (nts/uliuiA^ ? !?<? P1?K f AI ? XX V/ MUO kUCU tlltMOtUVCU W/ IUC ViUV VW4. Harris, of Missouri, who entertained tbe meeting for upwards ef one hour with an account of th? progress of the I'nlon party In the South and Soutnwest, and the manner in which the Presidential contest la being carried on in that country; Interspersing Lis account with numerous aide-splitting anecdotes, appropriate to the subject, and occasional flashes of eloquence whlrh told with marked effect upon his hearer*. He was frequently Interrupted by tumultuous applause from the audience, bis off-hand manner in relating appropriate stories, burnished up by bla ready humor and sense of the ludicrous, as well as the strong argumentative qualities which be posaesses in an eminent degree, rendering him a most acceptable and popular slump speaker. Thi Loudoun Agricultural Fair.?The Alexandria Gazette of this morning says: "Avery large concourse of people assembled on the fair grounds yesterday. (here were hundreds of beautiful ladies, and Loudoun sliowtd to its best advantage. There were visitors from all the surrounding countlea, and a large number of our own citizens went up to the exhibition It is supposed there must be on the ground eight or nl ne hundred carriages. The principal attractions yesterday were tLe show of horses and the trotting matches. Black Hawk, American Black Horse, J T Price's tine horse, &.C., appeared on the course in competition. Amonir the articles exhibited from Alexandria, not mentioned yesterday, were beautiful worsted work, shell work, quilts, Ac., ttie handiwork of Mrs Monroe, of this place. They were much admired There Is a flue display of blooded horses. but the show of stock cattle is not as extensive as w.u anticipated. Much disappointment was expressed at the failure of the Governor to be present. Preparations had been made to give hint a warm reception. It was still thought that he might come last night. The fair will be continued to-day, when there will be trotting matches, ploughing matches, Ac TLe weather has been warm, but a flue breeze prevailed, and yesterday morning early there was a slight shower, which partially cooled the air and laia the dust. A Bitimo Dog?This morning an old man, ro deaf that no one could talk with him. called upon Justice L>onn, and by writing the following note significant of bis business,, received an assurance of speedy satisfaction: Your Worshir: The deaf old man hopes your Christian good feelings will be so kind as to send one of the police to shoot a dog, who bit and cut me. at . Yours, truly, B*tan Cabboll. Biting dogs are neither ornamental aor useful, in the eye of the law. Ths National Rifles arrived home from their trip to York, Pa , by the 11 o'clock train from Baltimore this morning- their features w?ll browned by exposure to the sun, and looking decidedly more like soldiers in that reaped than when they left live days ago They report that they have bad a tine tune during thfir absence They were met at the depot by Company C Wash uigion i.igni inrantrv, Uapt. Stevens, and eacorted through the principal streets to their armory. Paixfcl Accidknt.?Yesterday afternoon, about the hour of six o'clock, a number of little boys sngatfrd at pl^y In the Centre vegetable market ventured to climb the Iwams In duinj; so, one i>f them. aged elgbt years, a son of Mr Joseph S. Norwood, fell to the pavement below, and badly fractured his left arm trelow the elbow joint This morning, the little sufferer Is seemingly easy under the medical care uf Dr. Bogan. a Mammoth Turtle ?There passed our office thi* morning. In a furniture wa^ou, m route from I:ape Henry to Hammock's, a m mmoth live s?>i turtle, fain to weigh from370 to 375 pounds It Is to be served up, In one f rm and a-vther, to Hanmiick'i boats of customers, of wblch event du- notice will, of course, be given. Keep alookout for the savory unuouncement. Skconu Ward Elrctio.i ?An election will be h*ld on Thursday, the lOtU Instant, III the Serond Ward, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of William Orme, Esq., as a member ef the Board of Common Council. Tub Mayor being at present absent from the city. Wm T. Dove, Esq . President of the Board of Aldermen, is acting in that capacity. hakkt'8 1'hicophkrou* ia the bMt ami cheap-jut artioie for Dreaatng, lt??tif)iug, 01rt*naii:g. Curling, Preaorving and K e. Btonng the Hair. try it. Soid by ail Diug data aml Perfon.era ar 12 6m Hollowat's P'lt.8. i)|M?tfrry.?1'nlike other specific* in oomrnon uae which act u inflr^ temporary at) ptioa, Hol'o way'a Pilla eeise on the TOat of the ditoaso and eiternunate it* primary oauae?liv invigorating the digee- i tire organa, atimulaung the liver, purging the channela and purifying the blood, they promote a apeedy reatoration of health and vigor. In lnliou?ne a, iiok h?adaeha, acidity of the atomach. a>id dearea lon of apirita.they are equally efficacious. Sold by all Druggiata, at 25c..62.. and 91 per box. au3l-lw Dm. J Hostbttir's BiTTita.?Theae Bitter* ar* unireraall v acknowledged to be a anre preventative and oure for Fever and Ague, Flatulence. Heav*- 1 neaa of the Stomach, or any other like affectum. 1 Their effect op?>n the ayateni ia moat inirao*il"ii?; 1 they give a healthy'one" to the ayatein, remove nil , morbid matter, and in fact thoroughly cleanse the system of all impuritiea. The propiietora in presenting thia preparation to the public, assure timin ! uv nuiig ewe, wnero u lias oeen use<l iw? cording to their directions, hat it be* n known to (ail, baton the contrary, new virtues have t?e#n found in its use. To those afflicted with anr of the a)>ove ilia of th* body, the "Hitcrs" are offered * ' a speedy and oertaiu cure. Try them and furin j our own opinion. For sa'.e by druggists and dealers general!) every where. ae 3 eotf | Homeopathic Rkxxdixs Ail of Dr. Humphreys k. Co.'a specific Ho meopathio Remedies put n? expressly forJfcmi?y use, id boxes, at 25 and 50 cents each. Also, in oases, containing 30 vials, from ?4 to f s mchj with book_of full directions. For sale nv Z. I). (ill a An. 3d0 Pv avenne, wlw>leaale Mil retail acent: W, A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F atreet; also by r. 0. Winter, corner of Maaaachuiotta avenue and Sixth atreet. Alan, Pond'* Extract of (Vttek Ha til, for internal and external inflammations of til kinds. Sold aa above. ma 9- If MlTXa'l Mr*ACtTLOUB V KB Ml W D**T*OTI*. the oldeat and beat remedy known for ?*xti>rumi?tibh Rata and Mioe. Cookroach*8. Bura, Ante, MnjMnitoea, Fleaa, Motha, Grain-Worma aad Garde n 1 n?ecta. IT7?Principal Depot, 619 Broadway, N. Y. f(oM by all Draxiiata everywhere. ma W-Sm ~j MARRIKD 'On the 6th inatant, by the Rev. John Ijmahan, JAMES H. JOHNSON, of Georgetown, D. C.,to

M^ae KLIZABETH DOG AN 8, of Alexandra. Oa the 6th inatant, at o'olock, is the Ninth atreet MethodietHrotaatant Church, thia city, ha theRrj. P Light Wilaon.Mr RAMi'ti. vv (irtnndnv f Virginia, to Mm MARY wTBlLLlN?7?"?f*?? city. * diss, On tb? 3d inttint, BLANCHE dsokMsf of raw'1, k A- 10 Ic Baltimore,on thfl Mh inUnt, MAkY VIRGINIA, will of Kit, E. Yumknm. 0 ?? ~'m * M lit iW !? ?% *< '[ I LOST AND FOUND. I V **_ mi *? ? i?vn i nursnar afternoon, between the !**c_ t M-J ond District school arnf %!% ?. avenue and 6th [ .% pair of GOLD SPECTACLES. haviut nK'ftved on the ed*e of the frame, "To Mrs. R*n' . itolph. fiom her pupils " Th<* fintler will be e'lr ??waeded by leaviu* th'm tt Mr. H*1?' B VI QH'8 Drug Store. a?7 SL* OC REWARD willbejciven for the return of* & ) pair of GOLD * -' ? -? r-ir f~l_ ?.tli name of R. Beale on them *. #-ROBERT BKALE. 622 Pa. avenue Capitol HiH OST?Between Ninth ktreet and New York av1 4 enue. and Twelfth street, n??ar F a ''W 1 pair of GOLD SPECTACLE?, in a^*^> brown case; Segee Bru1??*port, Conn , stamped on it. A suitable reward will be civea if left at the Episcopal Church House, on Twelfth street, near F, or at this office. se 6-2t* OS*T OR ??<* .A! P-CERT1KICATES OF 1NDEBTEDN ESS Nos. 21 and 66?the former for $3 <9, and the latter for - issued under an act of the Corporation of Washington of Sep?eml*?r J3. 18 8. Applica ion has been made to the Mayor for a reissue of the above certificates. _ se6-3t* PARKER It W'AlLMNG. LOST?On Tuesday. August 7th, a Bl'NDLE of Evening Star News-papers, containing four copies of each day for the mouth of J une, 1B.W The finder will rem lve a liberal reward by ieturninc wmui u> uin uiiiot. au IS li PERSON AL7 NOTICE.?Ata meetinc of the Island Friendship A ssociatmn. held September*,1WI'. John Gnf fi'h was expelled for non-pa*ment of dues and other misdemeanors. By order of the Island Friendship Association. se 7-3t* Dissolution OF COPARTNERSHIP. The tat* firm of Vabtvkll * Kiscb ii? this d?y dissolved by mutual consent. All business connected with th* late firm will be sett'ed hy Mr. G. H. Varneil The business will be hereafter carried on as usual by Mr. G. H. Varn?l!. at the old ?tand, 51 Louisianaav. G. H. VARNKIJj, j no. ? finch. Washingtm, d. c., Septeml>er 5th, I860. n. b.?mr. finch will still continue to execute the Graining, as heretofore. se 5 3t_ All p k r s o ]n~s having claims against tbe astata of the late Ebknezkr Rodbird, will present them (properly vouched i to in", for settlement, on or lwfnre the 25th day of June, next. KPHRAIM B K.ODB1RL), corner 1st ana M sts., Trustee for the Heirs. an 22 2taw5t* OAST. PRESENT. AN' D FI'TI'H K KVPVTtf IT will be satisfactorily explained by & lair, at her residence No. 837 C at , between lit and 2nd ata., Inland. Consultation fee 25 cents, an 25-lSt* Ma dam K FELIX, FORTUNE TELLER, from Paris, informs her former friends,ami the public generally, that she lias removed to 461 Tenth street, l>etween K and F, where ahe will be happy to see all who will favor her with a trail. au 13-3w* Madame morrice, TheGrkat astroloBIST AMD DoCTKESS, juft from Europt.?T*ia hiehly (tift-d and intelligent iady can be conaalted on the Paat. Present and Future Events. Call at No. tJOft Tweutj-aecond stroet, between m and i, Washington. |e FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otkmr "Ft* Salt and Rent" advtrtu$mtntt, tu krtt pagt ] For rf.nt-a brick house,no.or, on N str. et, between 2th and IStti ata.; and posses sion given on or before the let of October. For term* apply on the premises. ac 7 3t* I^or rent-a two atory brick hou^e, containing 7 rooms, on I street, near 22d. The house ia near the Circle and Pa. avenue Inomre at Grocery corner Avenue and 22d at. se7 St* RKNT-a small BRICK HOrSE.witii . jcootMot, on Fourth *tre.-t, l?etweon N and O. containine 4 rooms ami small kitchen. Apply at john h. GIBBS', Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th sts se 7-21* P'OR RKNT-A comfortable three-story BRICK DWELLING ttOl.'SE.on Nirth street, opposite Grace Church, on the Island Rent very low. Inquire of G. CAM F.RON, n?*xt door, where the key can he found ; or of CHAS. S. WAI.I.ACH, No. 7 Indiana a v. ae7-e?3w rpo LET?A large HOUSE?No. 417 Thirteenth m. urci-i; every monern convenience Inqure W. C.CONOVIiK, '2U5 Pa. avenue, opposite Willa-d?' Hotel. se6 3t* FfURNISHED HOrsE OR ROOMS TO LET on very moderate terms, in a pleasant location, 4'-'9 E street. between 3d sntl 4th its. tie 5 3t* TO RENT, AND QOOD WILL FOR SALE. I A lar*e STORE on Pa. avenue, lietween fith ana !Hh st*.. No. liO, opposite Center Market; has been occupied a* a dry *001(1 store, For parttcu lar? inquire on the premises we 4 lw F^O? SALE?A new two-storj ai.d bas?inent BRICK HOUSE, contamine 5 rooms an-i cellar, situated on Eleventh street north, within 5 minutes'wa k of the Northern Liberties Market. Term* unusually liberal. Apply to H. N. I AN8DALE. corner of 7th st and Pa av. se 4 ?w* r^OMFORTABLE R O O M S AN D TABLE HOAR Dean be ha<l at MISS BOWIE'S. No. 4 59 Twelfth St., between G and H. he 3 6t* I^OR RE NT?Two comfortable frame HOUSES, r eaoh oontap inc 6 'oomi, on Eleventh street, between O and P. Rent $1<*> por yra'each. Apply to O. F RICHARDSON, Bacon Dealer, Center an I Northern Markets. se3-eo3t F'OR RENT-A hand bo me COTTAGK RRSIDKNCK on Georgetown Heights. o? the corn r of Frede ick and F.ighth street*. The place contains more tnan ?n acre of ground, adorned with shade trees,shrubbery. Ac. Apply on the premises. *e 3-eo3t* ARAKfc OFPORTCNITY-A : magnificent FARM f>r sale or exchange for city propertt, onntaining 'P4 a"re<, h^f mi> from Fairfax Station, Orange and Alexandria ttailroad. It ia undi r a high state of cultivation, well watered, rood hui ain?? an<1 timber; it can l>e houcht low. rail ?n fi. \V. URAV ft CO., at th?u Jewell* Sto'e, S1 fi S.-ventli Ftreet. ?$ ! * ti'OR 8AL.K?A small FARM of 31 Mm of land, situated \$6 miles north ofSoldiers" Home and 4 miles froui Washington city, hem* a patt of ChilI luin Castl* Manor; 15aere? in market ?a den and I the ha ance is heavily tim!>ered. with a spring o( | never failing water, a toiini orchard of peaclie? and apples, having on it a small fiante hou??. AppU at f-tand No. *J71 Orrter Ma ket, o/ Mrs. MoRTlI MF.R MORTIMER. .. on ? ? * I cm w I^OR S4I<K OR RKNT?The recently hmltAud very plcanaut BRICK IUVKIJ.ING, thjid house from the co'iior of 11th and >1 utreet* north. ! Alio fur ront, the upper part of the house No 293 Pa. avenue, between 9th and Mth *ts. For either or both apply to Airs. S. HAMILTON, 293 Pa. av. an 30 8t* FOR RENT-Anew 4 story BRICK HOU8B Irith marble mantles and erate*, water fixture*, with ba h roomi Alto, ga? in every room, situat d oil Thirteenth street, between Land Ma ? avenue. Also, a thr e stor\-aud-?ttic Brirk Dwelling on B Htreet. between 18U? and 14th street*. Applj at W.M. P. i-HKUO S Fancy Store. No. 502 11th fct. au2S-2w* i^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS*. Youths una Hoys L'othutsr for School and Dress Wear. Parents and guardians wishing to furoiah their ohi rirfln and wards with School &rd Coll-'ge Outfit* for the coming ?a.uun, are mvivd tn exan ln? our r ecent large and extensive assortment BOYS' !L??THIN?, where tney can fit out their children of all sizas in a few momenta with every drscription of R-adjr made Garments, of substantial and durable quant), at very moderatepno WALL., STEPHENS A CO., an 30-tf 3'^'J Pern. avenne An article to remove paints, oils,or gr'-ase of any kind, from silk, wool, or pap>ir, without nyuriu* t^ariu'-la in c >lor or texture, has at laet l?wn found. It will also clean kid xlov s wi'ftout leaving any unpleasant odor. That article is '"MOOKE'S BENGlNE." Priceeta., ; 51 cents, and .$1 per holtle. MOORK'S au 2V2ir West End_L)rug Store, ill Pa. ar. PARENTS*AND GUARDIANS Will" find an~y ^olinnl Unnlr uranlaH n t ""TAVLOR A MAURY'S. m $-lw 334 Pa avenue. I. M. SIHGKB & CO 8 IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 388 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Uxdzr National Hot itl ) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF Hachines, Threads, Icedln, k Twist, -jp jmirTVN HANix ?e 1-lm WW. a. GLOVER, Agent WOOD! WOOD!! * W O O D !3 STOVE,and KINDLING WOOD, at the low* poMubi* pnoe. ? T. J. A W. M. GALT. Pi. a.v., between 11th and 1th *t?., ) wrtrth aid WASlilNGTON *? (firk.t insurance COMPANV, Art nut and Tenth Strut J.TT MaGUIRE. PreaMnct. G. P. HAN?ON. HonroUfT. wa l-?ytr C STRAW hats. straw HATS! , lear1no out st??CK OF straw hats In ord-r t?(luuNi*e vimj enH(* stock of M?n'? and . Boy*'STRAW HATS great lnduoemenu will b? i offered until the clone of the tenon at ! ^ > f > 'lane's Faahionable Hat and Cap Mure, au 21 lm Pa. av>, near Four- and a^halfU. Flour, meal, m7ll~feed. ao. Ju?? rao?ived on co mi r * ? * + ?i ?? ? *? ?* ?" uim superior oranu 01 iiesn grouna rainnj, .SJi'SSfiWir K,"vFieah ground Com (Ilea! and Mill Feed of all klpda I au*rra> FOR ?AL,?.-A |uur ?f COACH HOKSt&, young and fait, a> Id for bo fault: th??v_. I rtmitiniM, between 3d and i* at*. an a tf I I I i GEORGETOWN. Correspondents oj Tk* Star. esoMBTOw*. September 7. lHdO. The Gwretwwe Democratic \Noclibnii ii?<last ew?ln? at the hall on th? corner of On? uk High ?treet?, and after the tranaactlo* c4 ordinary business, adjourned to meet at the same place tn ?? ' ? ?" M ?-y wcuihi; HC*?? WUCH ?UUI IHll iff fl netted from *Mf and distinguished ipcum wb< have be? n Invited to attend Particuiara will bi duly advertls-d in tbe Star. and an interesting tlm* i? anticipated The Board of Directors of the Chesapeake an<! Ohia Caual m>*t In your city yesterday, and recou aidered Uxtr late action In relation to tbe navlga tlon of the canal by ateam-packeta. noticed in oui letter of tbe 3lat ult We understand that tt wai determined to allow ateam-packeta of a draugb not greater than 3)t feet to navigate tbe canal, a a apeed not exceeding four mile* per hour, b\ paying tbe aame ratea of toll aa are charged on freight boata. and complying with tbe regulation* whlcb govern all other craft on tbe line. Thai theae packet* should pay toll, and have no preference over freight boa's in passing tbe locks, Ac , la perbapa reasonable; that tbe Board of Director; shall regulate their apeed ia prudent, because it ii the wave caused by rapid dlaplacement of the water by the boat itself, and not tbe a< tion of th? piddles, which damages tbe canal banks, but whether the provision which flies 3j% feet aa tb? maximum draught la a neceaaary ooe, and wbetbei somt or nil tbe packata are not atill ahut off by it, are queatious yet to be decided We may pork.n. 11.4 I* ' ?- ?- - uxu !? m ll?my iu rotur wj mil luajf- 1 again shortly, and aute wme other facta In coi nection with it. We are requested to call the attention of parents having children in the Georgetown school to the fact that the rule which makes four dsysabsence from achool without sufficient rMJwn therefor a cauae of dismissal will be rigidly enforced, a* punctuality in attendance la necessary for the good of teachers and pupils. The Kagle Riding Club Intend having a grand tournament at Analostan Island on the 17th inst . particulars of which will be duly advertised in the Star. Trade is still active on and sbout the csnal. and our business prospects ar? brightening. Much wheat is coming in, and prices have materially advanced. Good red Is worth from #1 3b to SI 40. and white ranges from 81 40 up to 91 ?? None bnt the very best article for tne production if famiiv flnnr hrinu* J >uv m>*C| |i . Ad Interesting meeting is rTi+rttd by the Bell and Everett men at Forreat Hall to-night See tbelr advertisement. GEORGETOWN APVERT'MTS For other Gtorgttetn adrtrtisemtnts im Jtrtt pati ryTHK GEOROKTOWN BE1X AND RV1L ? ERETT ASSO' IATION will meet at Forrest Hall on FRIDAY NEXT, the 7th instant, at 7H o'clock. Jos. H Hradlky. E*a., and other dtstiiigiriahod speakers, will address trie meeting. The pufUio generally are invited to attend. J\S. A. MAGRI DER. Pies t. W. H. TEXXEV.Sec'y. ?e 5 St E JKWEI.RY REPAIRING VERY Description of Jewelry carefully Repaired at a moderate change br SAMUEL A. WATSON. AM B idee st., Georgetown. An Apprentice wanted. se7 Jt* FUR BOSTON ?The regular packet brig Au lover. Captain Levi Crowell, has arrived and is now discharging her ca-co She wi I?e receiving freight for the above port on** Satur<la> mornine. and wilUail with dispatch Ap ply to HAK TLEY A BKO., 99 and 101 Water ?t,Gcorgetowu. Iw 1 'A NKW NOVELS JUST Rt-CEIVKDl Also a l?e?utiful assortment of HAIR, TOOTH and NAIL BRUSHES. th? fii.est ever offered in this markft. Together with a great vartet* ot I"xeftiI and Fancy Articles. SCHOOL BOOKS of all kinds, Ac , Ac. at G. CR \N DELL'S, e 6-3t No. 12* Bridge st . Georgetown. Kr,*.ire > i.> ij t > h I HhCHh\rCL<>THIMi STORE AT N<> lOO HRIDGE fTKKKT, NORTH SI UK?The undersigned have just returned to th" old stand witn a full aaaoitment of FAI.L and WINTER Cl.O ' *Mclithe> invite the attenti n of their former customer* and the public generally, being prepared to sell on the moat reasonable term*. se 5 4t A. 8CH.MIDT A CO. RC. C. A TZ8 * ESPECTFULLY Informs his friends and the public general y tua' lie ! a- re-uovedto No. 3.1 Huh tre-t. adjoining Mi onic Hall. He is prepared to ftirnisn, at the shortest notice. Dinner and Evening Parti"*, and feel* a*sured that he will five entire satisfaction to those who maj flavor him witii a call. All kinds of CONFECTIONER V and CAKE at the lowest prices. Best ICE CREAM at ?l 50 per gallon. C. C. ATZS. *e 4-!m 55 Hif h street, Georgetown. MF1SH-HSH-PISH' ESS PHAI), LABRADOR HERRING ROUND HERRING,CIT HERRING, EX TRA ROE HERRING, aLEWIVES (St. John and Meremichi ) 80 barrel* Extra No. I Labrador Herring. y> do No. 1 Mw^k'?oa do. 5" do. No. 1 B >*ton do. 30 hit hbls. No. 1 do do. fin barrels !H. John Alewivea, Daily expected p*r bri* Andover. Also, in store? 100 liarrels No. 1 Mertinichi Alewive*. 5-i do. No 1 Cut Herriig, 25 do. No 1 Halifax do. 3) hlf Mils. F.xtra K'?e do. lu do Kxtrn No. 1 .M??1?had. For sale in lots to init parch**- . HARTLKV * BR<*THKR, 8e3-lw 99 and 101 Water st.. Georgetown. T^OBACCO, HNUPF, AND HKGAKS. ~ i AT WHOLESALE. 1 have to-day r'-coivod 136 boxes of TOBACCO. oon?i. tinrof pound lumps, fou's, t*?ns. large and small tt? intb. Al?o a lar^e lotoffine HAVANA and YAR A^E GAR*. Also, on hand? ian lioxen of fine, milium ai.d low priced Toliteoo, 5*?sar?, 35 oases of 'iarrett's Scotch HimlT, in liottles ; Itlxo. karo'O. CnnirrAss - Rnd M *yv jkJm ?\ SnnrloMn nf^ ;?n I Goodwin's Flllf CircCh?#ine and Mn<>kin* l.ti gross of i'hUfhii and raj]..r Matches, 1<? In>x?s of Pipf-H and l'ip H' a*'*. 75 bale* of Killickiuick MnokuK, an't all oilier articles pertaiuiiic to the tiade A II of winch are odered at the lowest wholesale prices. JAMK8 WALI-ACK, No. ?9 Ilun ht-eet, Georgetown. Goods delivered to any part of the Di<>tiiot tree ol charge. au -V-^w C " STILL ALIVE," &PILLMAN A HUNT have Removed, temporarily, to the Store (No. 77> formerly occupied by Lewis Pat ne. nrarlv opposite tneir old establishment. ITT" 1>RY GOODS can be had as cheap as ever. an 22 3w ^/kD D L'VP a * ???? ? ? ' r-wi\ nr<ii i?A iwo mon nnitIV DWELLING, uu F'irat street, with Gas and Water. Also, a oo'Qiiiixliun* Dwelling and Store, wu Badge btreet To suitable tenant* the rent will be very moderate. Apply to SAMUEL M. KEN NY, No. 144 Dunbartou ?t .Georgetown, au 21 tf SEVENTHSTREET. A beautiful assortment of Gf >LD PAPERS, with a varied flock ?>f medium aud low priced GOOD'"4. FIKEBOaRDS. prints pi? ti res, cord and TASSELS. ?o.. lemiuints of low priced PAPERS, with a haodsoim stock of WINDOW SHADED, at great!* reduced price*. Orders lefV lor PAPERH *NG'NGS and WINDOW SHADES satisfactorily executed with skill and dispatch in city or country. Please give ineacall. Don't forget the number. JNO. MARKRITER. No. 4*6 Seventh st.,8d<'?>rs above an 27 eofit* Odd Fellows* Hall. F~~* JUST RECEIVED. OUR NEW STYLES GENTS' FASHIONABLE DRESS HATS, with improved Sweatr-w Leathers, rendering them easy and pleasant to^R the wearer. At LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Emporium. i'ii Pa tvAniiA nMr iU at an 29-eo6t ($Utes&Coa?J r|KPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. 1' Pl.NSIO!* OFFICE, All* 27. 1M0. Sealed proposal* will be rccived at tins dw' until U o'clock at noon on the loth day ol Septem ber next, for furnishing, for 'he u?e of t' is office, in?ti o.ordh of dr? hickory vu d and tmcordk b*?t bakor'? piue ?-o.4, lour feet in length, to be delivered and corded on the flagging on the went front of the Patent Otfic Building oa Ninth atiTfet weet, on or li?f>r? the Cret itav of (>ct^tx>p next. Propositi* ?houlu be addrMaM ro the Conimiaaioner of l'tniiiimi, and endorwd " Prop"sals for Wood.'' GEO. C. WHITING, au a-dtSeplft Commissioner. HITIUimi,' I IPK INSI'H ANITK ('<1?In M a B ? * tj ?' ? a ? i > cop.pou at id IW ?Johh I. Dcnalmon, Pre*. M. CorLTK*, Seo'y. Bi>vf Dejoript.vfr pamphlet* mar be oMamed kt the CumpanT'i Agencr fm the Diitriet of Columbia offioe <>f Lewu JohnaoE & Co., Banker*, loth afreet anJ Perm, avenue. J. W. MAGILL. Aged n. R. hiaiiil.M. T>. Med Kr'r il?? eerf HATsT HATS'!! 4 . FALL STYLES. f have now readj for sale several new and elegart *t> lea t f DRESS HATS lor gent I ?men. r-w M? on'oditi and the pub'ie are invited c.\ll ami exam ne them. JAS. Y. DAVIS. ael-Iw yState*, lute . A C im > 7 SCHOOL HOOKS. t \ SCHOOL BOOK*, LI SCHOOL REQU1MTI-.8 Yon wil: fiuJ it to z oar int?i ??t to call and ei aimufl the new *t<vjV ju?t received at SUKfiiKRD'S, o imer 7m %t,u 0 atreeu Kveiyihu.g ia Uio .-whool liocat his u*u.. low j>rio??. Call aoi ?av? yo .i ai ner. ^ FLOt-R^A^^^sl'fi y* ^ikUTSSIO.N Co ner of flfh and B .treata, Wai-hii^l** ?xty. '4 inp n>.k naU f? .11 > r A . fww ? Ml ftllrN Oi lirvri 1U 4i> blli jwivVi?!; B?fvLfc2Kf."(L. - ; : SMITH'S, Wo, 460 8?T?tf Hrwt. pfr<* *- * ?t Ofto*. ? * In. : THE latest NEWS' TILEORAPHIO. t M ?^ ^ ? l wm w? w IIM r BikLiviLLi. C.W., 8?f? 4-Tk? Prt?c* wrived here it td p ? la the ateaoter Klegatee - The b?'la are rlaglej;. The Oraafemaa are auet Inx la lodge to determine wbattat to tar* owt ia regalia to-morrow, mt ?ot The led lea whe ge< up [ 'he deroratloaa of the lawa, wtiefc to laa<K?ialf di'rnrd. baire net:tinned the ()rug?Mii ?e< ? 1 prevent the Prince landing The Oraafemaa at - King*ton have charter?4 a Kramtr, Ud are ? per ted be e by morning The la tar tenae ^ Sfpt ? ?Tbe Orangemen tamed out here to ret ceive tht Prince, but be would not laud. *nd bft I for Oaburg thla forenoon ToaoNio, Sept 6 ?The OraaMieo have de1 elded to parade by themeelvea, aad not interfere I ?:lh theriUren. reception or proce?'..ii It le t doubUul. however, whether thla will inaure hie landing. The ( alllaraia Umlaa4 Mall i PraiMiiriKLD, Mo., Step 6 ?Tbe Overland ma t i with San Franclero datee to the 13th alt . arrived i here at nine o'clock thla morulog. 1 By a paaeenger frooa LI Paeo we got the follow. i lng A revolution la lb progreea ia Chihuahua, ia which the Church party have beea earn if..) The Liberal Governor and other execatlve oflloeta bare been deposed and have fled to New MeiUt for ??fetv In !<onori Governor t'MKirerat toaora ta Ttry frail. He la fact losing ground, and probably will not be abla to tnalnufa hla government i much longer. ' Tbe Arizona gold inmo? are a humbug TLe timea are very dull throughout the entire Rio Grande country, and with little proapect of being better for aomt time to come Bell mad krerctt beaaeaatraUoaa. Richmond Va , Sept 6?The new Bell and Kverett Club House was inaugurated hereto-night ?a pmceaaiou and dlaplay of flreworka, **c. jere waa an Immense gatLertng and threat enthcaiaain manifested Among tbe aprakera wer? Got Morehe&d. of ft. C . Preston. of Va , and others Fmiuzaici Md .{Sept 6 ?Tbe Bell and F-rerett meeting bere to-day was aa Immetiae aff?lr Tea ibouaaud people werr prcaent Tbe proreasloa was aorae two ml Ira lony, constating of wagons and carriages Messrs Pearce, Cooper. Horrla, Bradley, and Swann addressed tbe meeting Political Matter*. Milwaciii, Sept G ?'Tbe Breckinridge State Convention met In thla city yesterday. About one hundred and flftv dele^stes were la attendance and nominated a full electoral ticket Albany. Sept f.~Tbe Union and democratic Stale Committee* bave substituted John Munn, of Utlca, on the electoral ticket la place of Huatiugton. Mr. Munn has accepted Syiac Cbe, Sept 6 ?Charles B Sedgwick vras t>-day nominated bf the republican convention f >r re-election to Congress from tbe '24th District Pennsylvania Politics. PiTTims, Sept 5 ?Tbe Democratic Connty Convention nominated Dr J as Kew for Congress in tbe TurentY-flrst district, with a fall Aaaembly and County ticket. They passed resolution* endorsing Douglas and Johnson Mcllbenny, one of tbe Count? Commissi ooers, now in jell for contempt of tbe Supreme Court on tbe tax qnentloc, was nommsted for Coaaty Clerk Projected Balloon Kicarsui te Barspe. ta krd ? b ii< o . ba? at laat beea completed. ud 1? now btr'.ti ; Inflilfd attbe Puiladelpbla Gu Work* Hr inu nli to atart on tat* propoaed trip lo Europe at half past three this a fir moon Gar Uih at Milelgfc. Ralkish, s*ept 6 ?How. Win, wtao vraa n pacUd to apeak at the grand Breckinridge barbecue Leld bere today. waa not preaent, owing to the aicknew of taia wife Baltlaaara Markiu UaXTtnoam, Sept. 7.?Flour cloa-d a-oeaand Irm; Howard atreet Ohio and Cltjr tfilla 90. vvteat cloaod active; boutbera white SI 40at 74 VUI u uiuvcu .fc? r| ycuuw rut/Ji ; wui? M< ?C, an advance. Provisions dosed quiet and un changed; bacon aide* 14fcc. Coffee closed nor* active at 13#aM\c. Whisky closed dull and heavy at 23c. A?? Cork naraeta. niw Yokk. Sept 7? Flour baa advanced as 10c.; State *5 66a*5 75; Ohio SO 2u?f* X; South ern *6 15a?C 3u Whwt haa advanced laic Corn closed quiet; mixed is held at 7lc, but bujren offrr only6?a70c. Provisions quiet Whisky la bald attic. CLAY'S HOTEL, < Fobmbbl* I sitkd States,? PEXJV. ATENUE. WASHINGTON, Z> C. The Uwitep Stat** Hotel having paaead into tfi" tiaadiot the undersigned.the? reapeei-A-? fuiljr inform tiieir friania arid the poUieWTa^# Dial tnr i.uuae i.a? ><ren c.oaeu for tiie t?u nio-iiris. and haa t>een thorough!) renovated. r< paired arxf furnuhed, and will be reopened oa the ldt Septan, ber mat. The hnaae t*Miig heated with ateam.aad provided with other modern improvements, may now bo ciaaa?d with the brat hofla ol the oountrjr. It wil. i...w accommodate aouie three i unilred pe-sona. The proprietor civmc their peraonai attention to * , uv ^uuib wut pu mywmi vu UIVII ^*1 I, "I th?ir attendant*. to eontribvte to the oonfort of their puesta. Hoping to r?Niv* o?r tnare of publte patronage, we reniaiu. very re tpeot fully. ... , . h H. CLAY 4 CO. w astunjfton, Auguet 20.1K0. N B ? oentleuien dr*inn* Board can find plea* ant Roiimi at moderate price*. ae l-lit Attention, CITIZENS f I hie t* the time to bay your Bug your Furl Winter Fuel at reduced pnoea. irkile I have ft tare* and weII selected f ij (*?p. itork of WOOD and COAL. and tramimt which 1 will sell rery low roa for youTftlvf*. c?*m. STOVE aud KINDLING W OOD alwa?s on hand. WH. H. II RAMCLA V, at the Old Hand. Nlath *tre? t, weet aide. au H erlw one aq uare north of Pa. w. I^HK GREAT BI LK OK OUR EXTENSIVE atock of AUTUMN aad WINTER DRY iOOOS wa* aelected with an eye to the waata of perbooa in moderate circumstance*. Ca pet*, Curtain*. Oilclotn. Ac , upper floor*. One pnoe only, marked in plain ftrara*. rCKKT ?HKUIHKH, Penn avenue and Ninth ureet. rtl-ft "Perry BuiidiH4 ,,_ CIIK A P SCHOOL BOOKS* and SCHOOL STATION ERv of all kiudt for sale on tue lovwt terms, at the Wutiinrtui Bookstore. TAYLOR * MAURY'S. ?e s-lw 3^4 Pa avenne. |<H?K A Hi OR r TIMK USLY.-bEAFffSSS T AM* NOlShS INTHk HKAD.-DR. COL ?TO ?, tnemlwr of the Rural College of hurfeone >f Knglaod, Im arrived, and now prepared to apply liia n?w and eitraordinar* treatment by which tie *ai MnmHf enred after eleven vuareintene* eufferiiig. Pa ticular* for eelf-ouro eeat to anv atbliex* for po*ta?e; oouaultatioue daily from 10 nil 4 o clock free; reference to hundred* of per doui cured. Addreea No. 412 Twelfth etreet. Washington. D. C Nervous pereoaa afeonld read ' Vital sialic#*' for self-cura. Sent free to anv %A dre*k for 12 cente in t-tairip*. an Thitw* JELLING OFF ENTIRE STOCK AT COST STORE FOR RENT"AND FIXTURES FOR SALE. J. C. GIBSON. No. SO Miuit t*tac& an 21 eo2w Beitretn *tkm*fl9tk 8trmti. J" OHN E. SCHEEL. Tiffin or Mvsir. Inf >rn? hie natron* that he conttnaae hie Frivata iyiM(>u> IU tii* city Ui* tune be M not (aMW.Kl at the Union F mate Academy. oor?r of l?thU^ ?treel aud New York av. Orders nay beH^ la/tat the Academy or Matserott'a Mane Store. eo-St* SELTZER W AT KR ! SELTZER WATER! 8ELTZIK WATER! We have to day received a freab ?ur?ly or SMt *lr. >v?- r. in A wb, b from th. tnm rV~ XiV2&4* g l*x?*CH%h;s?C*R**L, .1't^se?. CONTINENTAL. Twrth't with ftn uiimu*1?1 look of ail Mtttmi COOK STOVE*. PARLOR ?TOVES, CHAMK UKR s?T ?VE9, HALL HTOVE8.4kc , worth* of merit, wtiioh will b* sold ?t pnoM tW Wl to I>lwi? ja*. skTkvIno, Washington !*tov*, Or?'?, K Hot Air 55^ NEW RESTAURANT. m aodrriixaMj b?vj?|?g *Pb^7. .'**?** r"7^^TuJjr?siu.Tta z, obfu: w^io m%; daatr* a mraarue.f of Brwdf, Whi?ky.**~ot Brown Stout Portar.Al** vtew Hp teSTCWTKX Fowl. a?rr*4 hy &n ?x?*ri*nr*d tMk. Tk? H~ w. HAMILTON* ' """ Piiimuu DEALER US FAINT*. no. ** 7t? aw <mtf mmm* jm. u< if PUTTf ? 90WN.