Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1860 Page 1
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mmk~ =5=5= rii[i . ~ . a (Pttutig f|?| ? . ? V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 8. 1860. N?. 2.858.' . THE EVENING STAR FOBLI8HBD E VBR Y AFTERNOON,'' (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) C*m*r of P?nnryl9*ni+ mvtnu* and llti St., tr W. D. WALLiCH. Fi??ri iirn< in ftskMM by oarriora M |4 ? yMr, or 97 mti tn month. To mail rabaoribwra tba >nM la 933) t r?r, m *dv+?c*; #3 for til ooUi; 91 for UtrM aMntiM; Md for iMa tfct& UrMnoaUikttktnMofttMDUtVMk. tuck* vfiwi uni wiht| to Tripoli) rwv vmt?? JO* ADviKTiautiXTi ?ao?ld b? itut to Utoflw More 12 o'c.ook m? othcrwiM th?r Mtt^ar A*"| f- A Tale il Fiirract. ?w ihv u?piaia vi iiwp of baadin infecting the lower Alpa. Of loft/ Hat*re, am scalar frame, and undaunted teaCaaent, ba seemed eapecially fitted for tha parate part in which his aril stara bad 1 plaead bia We ear his aril atara, for Balra- i tor waa the pride of a noble family, of whieb 1 honorable mention u made in the archive* of < Florence. He waa a man of cultivated inielJeat and high aapirationa; one wbo bad never ' bean destined to tread the obecura path of medioori'y. The miseries of Salvator would bare made maniacs of leaa deaparate aaturea, they made bun a robber, His name waa a by-word ' of terror U> travelers aad merchant*. Mean* while. Salvator never knew happiness on earth, save in a conaciouaneaa that bia name eoold strike terror to tbe hearts of all. Ha had baea injared. deeply injured; and ha vosred vex fteanee?nor waa he one to breath* snob a vdw igbtly. In hia first manhood, Raphael bad laved; TiAt a wArrllinip'a Inva hut with Haan small hand on hia lips to stay their utterance, bat tho lover hooded not this gentle hindrance, and he showed hor how long and ardently he ' had loved her?for days and oonturioe are in a lover's calendar?and tbe moon had risen high in the heavens, and orange-bads were sheddiag their perfumed dew from their snowy cups, ere they remembered that the world waa peopled by others beside themselves, and prepared again to mingle with its denizens. A fearful year followed that bliaafal evening. < A rival ? blood crimsoned the blade of Salva- , tor; bat the atab was deeper at bis own heart's core; could it be that Constance loved the smooth-lipped stranger? bis owa Constance! He oould sot think it was thus; and yet, ske wept over the oorpee such tears as only womin weep for those whom they have enshrined in their hearts. Bat Constance, the beautiful, the fond, the timid Constance; no, bo; it oould not be; and Salvator held her to his heart, and loathed himaelf that he had dared to doubt her. U<* became a husband. Not a word, not a look of hia young bride bat was to him as light aa music. Ail that tenderness that woman loves so well, be laviabed apon her with a prodigality whioh proved that bis whole heart was in homage, and yet she was not happy. The smile fled from ber lip, her step became leas buoyant, and her voice more sad. 'Raphael lourued. wondered, bat never yet doubted; and when Constance placed in bis arms her nut B7 d.ty he walked through the marble halU of his palace, muging on the idol of kip s>al. by night he closed his eyes only to dream of her ' 1 . . Constance Maroo was a Florentine, with Cyea like midnight when it is bright with stars, ana veice like tb? strain of the bird which lov<*? the darkness; the brow of a Madonna, high, calm, and pale, looking as tbeagh earthly passion woald never overshadow it; and a smile which shed snmhine wherever it rested. She was so young and gentle that she seemed scarde it to contend with the cares of life; and so light-heartod that she never appeared to have bad one dream of sorrow. Such was she when I *ka liarmnA 1 tn SalvtUkr'a tain nf IrtTA ?? fK.rft auv tiokviiv ^ ifw <?vv? 0 av t W| w ?u uy sat together 'neath tte branches of a pomefranate tree, from which he pilfered the red te?inms U> twice in her hair, while the sounds of minstrelsy came faintly from the palact, swelling and dying as the wind rose and fell aurnng the orange trees. What recks it what he said or how he said it, beneath toe ora-lighted sky. amid breese and blossoms? Enough, she beard it without n frown?that she answered with a smile; and that Salrator pressed her to bis heart and called her his own ' his love?bis world. 'Twas a sweet dream, and they walked hand in band, his arm aruuad ber, and her rich warm cheek pressing upon bid shoulder; slowIt, pausing under the delicious night-wind, they told each other tha secret of their affection?bow it had grown and strengthened siuee they first met; and if Constance kindled at the oonfeesktn, be kissed away her blushes, and she did Mot repent her confidence Raphael told a !?u ?mhirr>iu?(l ruin unri a Via nnu>?rf h*r infant child, he forgot all sorrow in contemplation of its cherub face. One day ba led hi* fair wife forth into the sucshine, with thaohild slumbering upon bii bosom lie talked to Constauc? of all which that child might be to theui, |ifi*4, aa aha seemed, with her mother'a beauty?that mother who was to him fairer than aught else on earth. Suddenly a messenger approached them, the bearer of strange tidings. He was the kinsman of Salvatnr. and he came with Joy in hi* heart, to tell him that the rival he had smitten bad nevertheless not been alaia; that be yet lived, though hid friends had borne him across the sea, when they rescued Dim from death; there was no blood up?a the ool of the young husband * 1 Raphael scornfully smiled in donbt, but the doubt waa vain. The stranger had been seen rnoce his return to Ploranoe; he still bore marks of Salvator's blade, bot lived. Then, indeed, light returned to the eyes of Constance, though she uttered not a word, as "R ?nhaal vlivtmiTv 1a^ tha w?aw k*?W 4a al? ? -J WHV?, W lUCir splendid Louie One m?re short month, and tM infant of Count Saivaior *u motherless. Constance had fled! The father and child war* alike deserted. The wretched and bereaved man oau/ht up the weeping chil4? weeping, it knew not wherefore? and, in turn, abaadoued the borne which to him wu oow desolate. He wandered, he cared net whither, for many days. The peasants whom be met iu his wandering, shared with him and with his motherless infant, their simple and often scanty meal. And he slept with hi*child closely neetled to his boeom, under the clear bright *7 or under some open-hearted peasant's root I All knew who he was, but none dared to que* Uu> him. One day he and the child were walking under the cooliog shades of the trees, when be was beaet by half dozen bandits. Salv&tor ? drew bit own tnwty Made, and m ? f?w movent* half their number Uy motionless at his vi uu iw??u? "*uc nu wua iQ6 man tipuo rnk ym bU outm rested?to whom it bad clung (or yaara??po* whvm it tu to fall. The ?ei?r.f and ?educed were there, within arrow flight; and they breathed theaame air with the outlaw aad hie cbiid. Sal valor writhed in agouj. Tho fair-browed lover had been traced U<o a palace at tbe foot of the mountain, in wkieb, M the reoaaaee. were aiationed tbe band to| fal r **or. The fal?e < >ne and bar ruiky com Maioa euuld ana tburaeaUea boldly beaaath the blue aky of heareu, urbile tbe berated ? buiband an J hia lai**?nt baba were bidden , froia Um |ue of mas. bat tb? arm of jU?ice e uboaU overtake tbem Tbe BaAeetioo waa m. ide<uo*. aad excited bj tbia bitter tbuybt ' au^?nl<r'.^^ menoriee still mora triKlw,'1 t VK -? feet. iheir leader. seeing chat Salvator mm do common man, cried out to bim : " liold, good ?ir: if you will join oar band, no barm shall befall you or jour child." SaKator instantly accepted aw terms, and aoon *fter, their leader being killed, be was elected to fill hi* place. Now he wm chief, be o^old have reverse ! Tho thought* of jt was enough, lie told bis band all bid wrongs; ami they talked of Tengoanoe ' lie was henceforth their s?body and soul, lie girded the pistol and daggers to hi* belt, he pressed bis iiitle Cuns. aaoe in the arms of the gentlest of the bandit*! wife. It ts true he shuddered when be gar* ber into such rede keeping; bat be was anticipating vengeance, and be turned away with a smile on bis lips. He wateked nod watched for yea re, and his longing was anappcaaed; and, meanwhile, his child grew healthfully among the mountain breeies. and witb all the grace and lovelm^a.of' hair m.ttkar (Utf ini* ahnnf ltif? mr\ mini, pture of light, and alf the hardihood of a jroang I fealraier 8 revenge had been ao lonf delayed that the ..hirst for its iodaigeoce became deMmU?*I *hM he heard thai the eneaiy aft last in his graap?and Constance, too, hhe who had w.,u hit heart oaij to hrfetk ft??he who w?a <? ? the wife of his boeon, the mother 4*9 kij ? r># n t ?i*l -ak? ? - - ' ** - 1?* Salrstor took his deserted daughter by the hand, just as the sunset had flashed and faded into those somber tints that bathe the world in twilight, and tried to find aolaoe in the desert looks and tones of the only being who lored biiu; but he coald not rapport eren the prattle of the light-hearted child, and easting himself gloomily down, he bade Constano? go forth and amuse herself in the soft grass. For awhile she stood pensive, with her tiny hands folded upon her f>r?ast, and her dark large eyes riveted upon his countenance. After awhile she looked forth over tbe ledge of rooks against which she leaned, and watebed tbe wild birds as they winged their way to their nightly resting places Suddenly Salvator was startled by a scream, and be hurriedly sprang from the earth: in another instant he heard tbe report of a rifle, and Constance sank down by his side. Toe ball bad entered her heart. She was dead. Salvator laid her gently down upon the ground, from wbicb, in bis first terror, be had sprung, and then fiercely gating down the valley, from a point froiu which he could not b? perceived, be s.iw two human figures. The foremost was that of a tall cavalier?the other was a lady, and further in the distance the bandit discovered a party of attendants. lie saw the truth at once. The cavalier was engaged in tbooting with his rifle at the birds, which were flying homeward to their nests in the rocks, and tne ladv wan witnA<uin<r bin pro-vess. The little Constance attracted their atuntioo by her movement*, lite sportsman, boli ving it to be some mountain eagle, and anz ius to exhibit his *kill as a marksman, had but too fairlj taken his aim. But Salvator ioarncd more than this at the same time. It wis not enough that the pure aod beautiful imago in which a spirit had been enshrined was now senseless; destiny had not yet done with hire; a light laugh came upon his ear?a laugh of mirth as a requiem for his dead infant ! He oould not be mistaken! He had heard such laughter in bygone years, ere the blight of misery had withered him?it was the voice ?f his Constance?of his false wife ! He turned and looked at his lost child; b?nt over her for an tnstant, as if to oonvince himself there was no hope, and seised his rifle. He took a steady aim, and Again the quick, sharp sound reverberated among the heights?another peal of laughter now awoke the echo, bat this time it was the voice of Salvator. The cavalier?the murderer of his little one?fell as those horrible echoes swelled on the evening breeze. Quick as thought the rifle of the bandit was reloaded, and he looked, for a second, with a gloating gaze, upon the frightened party, who cowcrcd around the fallen man. Then he again raixed hi- weapon, but this time his hand was unsteady; his whole frame shook, and the strong man quivered like a leaf. Again he glanced back upon the object of all his love and tenderness, and that sufficed. In the noxt instant a shout of horror ran up from the plain, for mother and child were alike lifelens. Salvator had taken no coward aim. * ? 9 # A few month* subsequently Florence was thronged with curious crowds to witness the execution of Salvator, the bandit chief of the mountains, lie had delivered himself up U> I'ustice, oonfesaed his crimes and wrongs, what le had done to the world and what the world bad done to him. The next morning the busy throng filled bis eel!. Salvator wh no longer among the living. His ohains were reut asunder, and were strewed around the floor His own dagger had freed him from all hU trou oies. Th? PniscB or Walks' Bedroom ?'The Quebeo correspondent of the New York Herald ?v9 of the Prinee's bedroom in that city: never was sleeping room more elegantly fitted up or prepared with better care for a great1 occasion than tbe one in wbiob we now stand. As in al! the otber rooms, tbe farnitare is walnot. Tbe bedstead of tbe Prince is tbe French style, of the largest sfae. Overhead of it, und supported by it, is a oanopy of tbe riohest scarlet velvet, tastefully spreading and refraeticg the light from the opposite windows. The posts of tbe bedstead are very massive, and elaborately sculptured. The sides are polished to brilliancy, with French polish. There sre two soft, elastic hair mattresses in the bedstead, and they are, doubtless, tbe verj ones upon which bis royal highness will repose and slumber in Quebeo. There are four cane-bottomed chairs in tbe room, similar to those we saw in the corridor on the ground floor; and there is, ? ? i *? * ? ? ucsiuca, a carreu uressiog taoie, apou whose glossy leaf stand* an oval pier glass, about three feet in length bj two in width; the frame of this mirror partake* of the sumptuous tini*h of all thereat of this flue furoitur*. Besides these, there are a waahstand. with white marble leaf, and some other smaller articles, which it is unnecessary to describe, or even mention in detail. The chandelier has about 12 burners, and is in keeping with everything else which Una been noticed. Dffracdijig a Gas Compact.?Selling the Secret to Consumer? ?The Detroit Advertiser notice* the operation of eneJohu Boyle, In that city, through whoee instrumentality quite extensive frauds have been practised upon the gaa company. It was ascertained that Boyle had ?<>r three or four weeka been Instructing the people how to arrange their meters that they would pasa the gas without registering the quantity, or oalv pact of It. at the option of the cnnsumera, ana detectives were put upon his track. The remit was. tbat on Tuesday niirht he w*a arrested al?o Hauler P. Collins a id Mr*. Heck, on wirrahts ii ued i>v Justice Lane, on t le charge of ctmplrar.y U> defraud tfce entitpnnv The two lust naaH-d. it i? aliened, had allo wed Boyle to tlx their metera ta the manner alluded to and paid blin a larjje*M??fur so doing. It ii stated, alto, that Boyle hai received considerable amounts of money, o?t ouly for altering the metera of citizens, but also tram others to wbom he has aold -rights" and ' instructions'- for other cities and towns The Detroit gus company are much alarmed at tLla attempt to defraud them of their revenue, and believe that Boyle has effected a luas to then which has lncreas-d with every job be has dona, till for tbu last tew nights It baa reached the handsome amount of twenty-seven tboostnd tret per night, or?ln moaef fHI. Itisaaid,and probably with truth, that Boyle has operated extensively In Kastera cities in this same business. Fbzxch PaaaAoi.?The Journal da Havre says: "There is some question of publishing an otfl?'ial list of the French nobility, in imitation of (be Peerage Book of England It is said the catalogue to 1># drawn up win comprise three catf? Kories: the lira* of those whose origin dates frtom the earliest period of the French history?as, /or example, the kou*e of Montmorency?but Oils Cias* Will not be Miaifrout; tk? m?rtmA nd IK. nobles treated by the kings from Philip ill, ton and successor of Rt l,out?,who arrogated to himself the privilege of transforming courtiers lpto nobles; and the third comprising.the Imperial nobility It is calculated thatju Fnnce there are nearly 150,000 nobles in the three categories/' >i i r > I * ? Ma. Lows amd his TSA^S-AtLANTIC Balloo.i Voyagb?It is given eut that Mr T O C. l.owe will certainly "tart from Philadelphia On an serial voyaje from that pbee to the Conttnent of Europe la one or two days. H i great balloon is flow being prepared for inflation, and It is confidently expected Mat he will start on the voyage. The Philadelphia Press savs that Mr. Lowe Wil| be accompanied by three persons, one Mr. John R litckU^san, sn esp?r enced sailor, who wa? for years first officer of the ship Ti scarora, saiLinf of that pert Mr D. is a good navigator and the nautical part ? the expedition wilib* Jirvler his rbarge V**tpr#* s tbe fullest confldjnc* of the utticru ot IA? enterprise. 1 A** or riscui.^A county court Judge in Engtaad rfwjr large experience amon^ the people of % district, g-.Yes the following Uitlmoiiy to ttM rrnkK * iritbnsette to persons in huuthW nod tte effwt ot or numbett upon the bob It of pscnolary Integrity. "I bate frequently remarked la my eonrt. - be soys, "that I vetah I ?mild impress npon all person* ths opinion which I entertain, that the greatest contribution to the morals of the population which eontd bo made would tea knowledge of Ingres It would md> tbo poorer olassos ia economising Abu. winilow, N Expert an ed Niru ud Female PhyeJclM, preaenta to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP. Far Children Tee thine, Wktak frailly fiettiutt* Ua ffMto < taitMaff, h? aaflae iaf tk< iini, r???c ir ( ill MttaatUN?*IU aim? all fair u( ipuMdie ICUM,U< to SURE TO RhtiVLATE THE BOWELS. Dip?cd ip?? it, athari. it will girt rut ta yewaiivai, ud RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR IN PANTS Wi h??i Ut ap md tald Ihu iruali far avartan jiara,?ad can (at, iw cenrtDiNci and t*cth of it, what wa ha?i na?ar bill afcli ta af any OTHia Madic.m?!?? ?? MKS Hll ITFAIIID,!* a i ir l a !? *e arracT A CUB B, WISSLUW'I wbaa timily and. Ni'ardii) vakna* giIIITmIKQ " ""Unci af dil* titiifietian by my an* who aaad It. On tba eautrary, all ara I IYR Jf. daiirbtad with iu OFIliTIORl, ? "<1 I .J. A iD (arm* ( bifkin ciobiihIiumi ( Ik < > i<al afacta and nidieil airtaaa. Wa apaak in .bit raattar "what wr do now," aftartan yaara' axparianca, a*d flidoi our riputa* tioi* for thi ri'l.riLMRIfT OF what wr HirI Dl> CLtHI. In tlfaeat aflij ntatanaa whara tna infant k aafa? Inf lr?m p?iu and aahaaatioo, ralial vill ba foand in Iftaaa r iwanty aimaiaa afiar lha a?rnp la ai.rr.imatarad. TVila TtlotWa praparnion la tha praa-riptian ?f ana af tba aat lirimiltcto md UlLrPL Rl'litti In Nav Eorlead, all hat baan aaad with NBTBR-Failirs 1SCC1M la THOUSANDS Of CASES. H aat aoiy raliavaa tba ebild fram pain, bat fevtfaaataa tha atatnteh and bawala, corracu acidity, and fiaaa tana and anarfy ta tba wbala ayatara. It will i I meat inatantly raliava in thi Bowm ahd Wind Colic, aadaTarcorea eao'olaiana, which, II tat araadily ramadlad and in daatb. Wat I baiaTa it tba lilt AHD ICR BIT RIM- FOR ICrilltbl W0IL9 10 all caaaa ! DTI- CHILDREN ?TUTtnd Dili RKCi IN CHIL- tKKTHIKG. I'RBlt. wbatbar H ariaaa fram taaihinr 1 <w fr?a any othai canaa. Wa would aay to atary rnotfcar ar*to baa a cnild aulfthrr from mv o/ th? fi>r?roinr r.nmnlRinfj?nn wot * ** TOUfcPR?Jt"UIC?S,NO* TH K PR BJUDICK Of OTHIII Urd bat* tan yoer ?uff?rn.f child and tha raliaf that will ba ?C? ??yaa, iliOLl'TILT (t'Rl?ta follow tha oaa of th madicina, if liiraly aaad. full dirtcoer. ar aainf will a ampiny ??ch bettia. Nona ramin anlaaa tha fac-aimila CCRTia * PERXIN8, Na w fork, ia an tha aitaida vrapf* oid by Dracfiata throartiat tha wor'd. Principal Offiea. Na. II Ca <ar Iiraa., H. T. Pnta ?ni? ii5 (Jama par Battia. aa U-dftwlT FOR~SALK AND RENT. OR RF.NT-A throe-story" HRICK HOUSK on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a twostory BK1CK COTTAGE, with garden, oorner of "l'enne*see avenue and north F street, surrounded by a large common pasture, and would be a deferable location Tor a dairyman. Inquire of C. B1RGK, 446 li s st. jy 19-eo3m* FOR RENT-Tli?t new and well arranged three etory BRICK HOUSE. No. i*.i, on G street, between 19th and XHh *ts., First Ward, lately oocupied by Mr. Hodi?co, Rusnan Legation. Poss'-a sion siren immediately- Inquire of Mr. SOUTH EY S. PARKER Beit door east. ir.a 16-eoti I^OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable term*, r one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, ait-feted on the north west of6th st., and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th st., L^ttVAPn H And I mtm ? it ar F^OR RE NT.-A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE wiilhe for rent in & fair days. It is beautifully situated on Thi'teenth street, between Georgia avenue and K st., Navy Yard; ha* a large garden lot attached, a pump of g od water n ar, and contain* 4 room*, kitchen and woodshed. Will lie rented low, with or without the lot. to a good tenant. For salt* cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works well in anything Inquire or T. E. CI.ARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61(9 H St.. between 4th and 5th jy 16 TO I.ET?Two well arranged and convenient FRAME HOI'PEH, containing hix rooms each; one sit?at*ri on 14th st. west, b tween L and M sts north; the other on m st. north, between 14th and toth sts. west. E qnireof J. P. Hilton, No. J i9 F st. north, between 13th and 14'h *t:<. west.or No 3T5 14th st wost, betwoen 1, and M sts. nortfi au Ti-Xt JOHN P llll.TON. |?(iK RKNT?The three story (brown fro?t) r HOUSE, No. 36T New York avenue, between :0th an<4 11th streets, north side, containing hit >en rooms. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, eto ; is lighted by gait, and iu every way suitah ? for a boarding hou*e. K< ut no ieiate. A .!???- A. n t'AUM fD 1 ap^ij i?ia? um?r, ur w a ru ?? ur<n, I'cuuu lo r north vid( o< Patent Office. jjr 14-tf POR RENT?Three BRICK HOLSKS-one on i Twelfth street, lietweeu C and L> ; one ou the oornat of Twelfth and H sts. ; and uho on II, tietwe^n lith and IStnutn. Inquire of JAMK? W BARKKR.oi H street, between 11th and 12th, No, 4*5. ma 30-tf FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of Ue building immediately opposite the weit wine of tht City Ha.., rooeuti; ocoupied by Cha*. S. VTallacb aa an office. Also Ute front room in the aeoond tory and the third Boor oftne same tmildinr, Foi term* apply to RiCtiARI) WALLACH, No. 9 Louisiana avenue. ja IS tl BH. STfNEMETZ, 23H Pa. Av., bbt. 12th aud 13rn St? , Having just returned from New York, is now openiuK h complete assortment of good* in hu Ifnenf trad"? K Kfl GENTS' DRKSS MAIS, various K?S BEK^K'W, VENTILATING B CA^SI.MKRK Dll ESS HATS,%&4B# sweat proof. PRINCE OF WALES HAT, for yonne iiiom, A beautiful a8?o*t" ent of CAPS for yonnc men, boys. a>>d oh'ldren. Fm? r'alfski" hOi?TS, sewed and pegged, #3 75, CalfUAIlfcRS good qualities, low prices, au " ? TO SOUTHERN Jk WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALD It S1KDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DI4.LB&4 IN INDI?0, SPICKH, f*OAP. STARCH, SODA A^H, PAI. ?<>DA, BI CARB. SODA, 8ALLHATUJ*. And UKOCKRS' DkUGS, 29 IHUAP31DE BALTIMORE, I Invite the attention of Morohavts viai'ifiK this city to an examination of their stonk, whioti in variety and price is not surpassed either in thin or any oi the Northern cities. ID" Orders respectfully solicited and faithfully ? cut?d wu gT-lm* I. M. SINGER & CO.'S IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 388 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Undm National Hotel.) A OOOD ASSORTMENT OF achlaei) Threadt, Needles, Jl Twist, KEPT ON HAND. Mt-lm WM. H. GLOVER, Agent DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, Pbnsion Orrics, Aug 27,1860. ttoftled proposal! will be ree* ived at this < f#o? until 12 o'clock at noon on the 10th day of Hepto?r ber next. Cor furnishing, for ihe ose of tHi office, ninety oords of bostdry hickory wo d and ten cord* best Baker'* pine wo<>d, Jour feet in length, to he delivered and oorded on the flagging on the west front of the Patent Ofiioa Building on Ninth stireet w?t, on or before the first day of ("ctober n*xt. Proposals should he adJreued to the Commissioner of Pentions. and endorsed " Pro*>a*la for Wood. ' #KO, C. WUfri***," a? M-AAoplfl OoalmiMinner. WHBBLER * WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Fam IIj Sewing: Machines, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, j which render than abaolataiy ail that can b* (InM, AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 rnrx?Yi.TA!u?. Avian, near 7th ?tract, w,,u aa ti-Xm P. J. BTEER. Atawt PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all C?pUma and owners of veaaala^boaiHi to tha District >xv ofC<>leoiUa, ??4ioa la hereto given. thai^Rfe niota may be round at ali' tiraea at St Ueorge'a IsiaafLiittlM ru?uU|of<t. M*ry'e river, and pear Piney P int.and that it is not n c???'r to talr^ VirftnlH Pilot* fn*n then- boat*. fha veaMt i? bound to Georgetown or W* kington city, as Maryland Pilot* can be found of at least equal tkiii and reliability. . | ^p-eodfrir Jm ' COAL OIL. . *' ?A U8T ReoeiTed from 'he Virginia Ofl Company 50 barrel* prims P*RAFlNE COAL OIL, wniotr I* warrantee equal to the New V*ik or Boston i>il. W DAMAGED BMOKS. B Hara a Jot of Parker k Watepn'it |tea 1e I anrt Sp-ll r* that war# damaged a little by ??;?J ?? ( the steamer (rem New York, wuioJj *rill be aold fur 275 , * ? *"-* 275 JACKSON, P L AT R H Jf * ?, ' wmJSSTJBBhm. ' ?? I EDUCATIONAL. U MISS JENETTE L. DOL GLASS HAS The pleasure of an"onnciag to her friend i and the publie that the will open her Seminary, at ihecorner ofH and 11th its., "Philadelphia Place.' on Monday. September 10th. For tern)* call on the Principal. She will be ae isted by the following experienced and efficient teechers: M m DOUGLASS?Higher English Branches. Composition and Pf-nmanship Miss ABBiit M Brooks?Latin, Algebra, English Branches. Miss Jcr.i'na G M*y?TracherofVooal Mu?ic. Pr<>t. Gio&og C. ScF?*r***? Lectureron PhiIac r\ht f ' ? * **' rnj| Yiicuiiiirr.Bau rny stoiojy. Prt?f Hk>ht E. Ma.kix-Teacher of French and G-man

Prol C. W. B?kgmajin?Teacher of Piano and gkifnoeof IMna e Miss M *ry T Davimon-Piano. J. M a.di?un Watson, of New York ?Lecturer on Elocution Joskfh G Bkcff?Teacher of Diawing. , Teacher of Spanish. , Moral Science and Classics. _ se 7_2w YflS* MARY E. HUflGEHFORD Wil reopen l?l her school on Monday. September inth. \o. 393 New York avenue, between 12th sud 13tU sis. s- 7-S>* Wl AS11INGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE. A HO A R DISG A XD DA Y SCHOOL. 323 G st., Bbtwcbk 17th txn 18rh 8t*. The FVrnrk Lanfuaft Prac'tcally lauatit. Mrs. SMITH prer?uts her com plur.ents to tli? parent' of her pupils a d hop?s their uauzbters ? ill lie p'resent punctually on the first day ot the session, (S?pteinl?er IS.) The bosrd of instruetiou con as form* rly. often professors and t.-achers. seven of whom taught during tho last sessi n. an 31 2w* rp FEMALE EDUCATION. J HOSE Parent vliu wuh their daughte- * to reoeiv? & thorough an I systematic education wiiere theii phtaicalt aimng wi I receive daiU and <pe<-i& attention, under the most approved ntstein ol Cali*tfienic and Gj mnastics, are respectfully invited to ] visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and N<>w York av UK. &. MRS. Z. RICHARDS, &u 30-tf Principals. Brookeville academy. Mom rooMKRv COCSTT, MD. The next session will commence Septemb r Si. Boys are prepared for college or trained for bnainesa. Catalogues may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at Brookevil e. M i. E. B. PRETTY MAN, A. M.. 1 _an 2U 2w* Principal. Female boarding and day school, AlEXAXOI*I4, VA. Mr*. f>. J. MoCORMlCK. Pkijit'M'AL. The thirteenth annual lemon of this I nstitatio* will comm- nee on Tuesday, Peptcinlier 18th. ! > the hou<<o rcomtly occupied by Sjlve.tor ?oott, E*q.. 1 No. ISO King street. The course of study pursued wiil comprise all th" bra' ches requisite to a thorough English EOu cation, and Muuc, F.ench, Latin and Drawing, it desired In addition to day scholar*. Mra. McCormiclr is iTopareu 10 receive . innl.-il lUBDOT Of pupils as hoarders, who. <oustituling a part of h'ir own lami y, will be u dor iter immediate care and supervision. She wiH endeavor. a< lar as possible, to sur round thein with the comforts and kindlv influences of Home. H'ft'nr'.i.? Kev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D'. Elias Harrison, Rev. D F. Spring. William H Powle, Ksq., Edgar Snowden, *,?q , Edmund F Wtimer, Esq.. H'-nry Marbury, Kkq , 1,. wis .MoK?nl e, Esq., Rol>ert H. H inton, E*q . W D Wallach, Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas. Entwisle. Jr.. E*q ,Col. lohn W. Minor, Loudoun. Biacklock \ Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Txkms. Board, with Tuition in all the English B-anz-hes, S JH'for the aniiual session?payable semi annua. I5, in advance V ikk; and Language* at Professors' prices. |p- >o extra charges. an gt-tf GONZA6ACOLLEGE. HE Scholastic exercises of tiiin Institution will be rexnmed on the 1st Monday in Sestenib-r. an 21 2w' W. F. CLARKE, 8 J- Pre?'t. F-KANKLIN ACADEMY, CnRim Thi*tk*"?tii ahd H 8ts.. A SELECT SCHDOi, FOR BOYS, ( Formerly located tn the First Ward.) rtn a ?' i ma in*u unon will commence iU Third Annuil Seatiun, at itx new location.on Monday. September Application* for admission may l>e mad* on the prt-iriinea at any tim?* aft<r the a5*h inst. an 25 lm K. B LIB CRICK, Principal. C~ ENTRAL ACAl>EM Y, CORNER F. A*C TMTH ST*. Thi? Institution will remiin* itsdutif* s pt? inl>er 3d. A p plica tuna made to the Priucipai at the rooms. Circular* at the bookstores J. S. DK HART, Principal. Rtfertncet. Prof. Henry, LI.. D , M. H. Miller. Esq., Rev. John C J?mith. D D., l>r. C P. Culver, Rev. A. It. Caroiiiers, Rev. J. P. Davidson. au 23-1 in _ A^^NGTON^ E l>ECT ?C H OO L, Cos IK OF Tt?IH AND 0 9t*. The exercises of this school will be resumed on M( >N 1>A V, t*??pi?ml?~?r 3d. For t run appl; at rav residence on D street, uear Star Office, circular's at boon stores. ... ni o ? n ,*r* * w? * ? mi <? BMuwb ivr.i,i.i , rnnoipa;. select school for voung lad. e>. Mim M RIDDKLL Will r?sume the duties of her school on '!i? firat MONDAY in September, at No. 451 welftn street au Emerson institute, h St , bktwkkm 12th ant> 13th st?. select clas<i?a and mathematical school for boys. The Eighth Annual Seaaion of thia achooi will oonnnon<3? on MONDAY, September 3d. Numl?er of pupil-- limited. au io (States) CHA9. b. YOUNG, Principal. The prescott hig h school, 37u Eighth St., UrrwhKK KAKDLST*. Studies will be rnauined in thia institution on MO DAY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstore*, au 16 ti A. C RlCHARDg, Prmcip^. j^JETROPOLlTAN ^COLLEGIATE INSTIfor YOIW'g'laDIES, 464 E Sr., Bktwmn 6th and 7th Sts. rru. r. ?l - ? --?^ luoiuijrtii Hiuiuu sbbmuii <u me insuime Will commence on the term MONDAY in Septemt>-r. Application* should b? made rarly, as the numlter of pupils is limited. For partioular* see buevlsri or apply to the principal*. Mr. and Mr?. T. H. I1AVfcNN lr, at tli? Institute. au 9 tf_ Mrs. m. e. kingsfords seminary, 4 Id K St~ Wa?h figto*, li. C. The next session will comn>eneeOctober HA, I860. Terms, ic., forwarded on apphoatiou. au IS tf ttT. MATTHEW'S FEMALE ACADEMY. Carter IBfA rt and Nrw York ar. This Institution. un<ler the direction of the Sistars of Chanty, will he opeued for the reception of pupils op Monday. S?pt >mt?ei 3-1. The course of instruction will omhraoe the ordinary brunches of a good nglish education, together with inusic an J the French language. For turms apply it the Institution. A Free Sohool for girls will also l>? conduotttl l>y toe Sisturs at the sanis p aoe, hut ut a ??pa- ?te Imise^ au X c?a w MKJ*. A. K. BKLI.'S SEMINARY, Corner of L and TentkHt., Wa nitrlon ei/y. the next aesKion of tfaia achool will commence September 3d, 1US0. The >ou> % ladje* of the Institution are particular!* requested to ??e punctual in attendance at thd opening of achool, and all othera who w.xh to become inoviburs of ih? aame to make arly application, a* the nuuibor of pupil* will be limited. IVrink, h o., given on application, au 2^-d3 AeotOct 15* ? ? WESTERN ACADEMY. n E Exercise* of tiiia school, under the charge Dr S. L l.oojtra.and the Primary Department unrt?r Mi*s A*mi E PxcK.will be reaumed September 3d. Circi'.iara can be obtained at the book toran, (Int i au n-eoSm \1 P 8. Bl'K R will resume the duties of ker i?X School oo Monday, September 14. on H atreot, betwern IStV and ?4*h at'??ts se< erttm . Py ?' r . Nation ak1l heH ribition, At CiyClXfilATI. OHIO, St*. IStk-KtA. states agricultural SOCIETY w'11 hold ita Ktghth Ai'nnal Agricultu ral and Induatriat Exhibition on thefroanus lit>erally provided by the oitimaa of Giuaiaiiati, which are to be fcfmi DP in the beat atvle. There wfrl l.e ?QRSES, CATTLs, SHEEP, Ifd SWINE: Md?ii itoKjtalad Traok, one imW in l?ntth and v?Z ? V wnltn. for the xnilnUun of Home* rat otfarad?in oaah,?*old, ii!v?r, and aud ooitlfioatM, awount SI #'JO,000. Tbt Exlibs lion will rotaain o?en from Wadn?a y.thtUMi, to Thursday, thafcth, ot September, ua to exaraite and taat the imple meMn and k oiunery. ?o<- prtmivm I lata or lafonaatioa apply atth? (MR? <w the Hooiaiy, No ??? Pa. ar?iw, (up ataiih ;)or *u I be aubeon'ter, at Ciawnnati, Ohio. w ? BEN. PkRLjSf POORK, jjj Mj? Bm't II. a Iktoinlnira. Puaietr. Baltimore , . HUTTER HOWJE. iHuiy Tweirtrj freeh aad ivmI, in Goehen pack>k?' '* ^Klico'iVSfc ISSwraT h* l? Kieianta raa?. MfclUwuir*. IW, Ivi'CKIVKD, ? ibMk of FALL sSMM oyp<Miwf??to Uljb-lm GEORGETOWN ADVERTMT8 P>R HARPER** FERRY.-CHAPreS OF DAYS -On and after Jul*. 2,_ -> ^ 'he ?te?iner ANTEI.OPE, Cap* R fifarf J. Wn.L?.earrvi*( the United mat. .will leave Goorirtown EVERY MONDAY , WEDNESDAY and FRIDAV.nl7 a m., and return every Tueaday Thuredar and Satordav. N. B.?Every \\ dneadar the Antelope will run through to Shepherdstown. au 20-lm* OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N Ami afW Jul* 3d, 1?60, the ?t??ai?r L. J. Orencle, Captain VT. H Ritt<*r. will JI*"* ItaveUMrieUivi KVKRV TUES DAY. Th[ R3uAY,auii SATUK-*"""^" DAV, at7 o'clock* m..and return rrery alternate day .at 6 o'clock a m. On tse Saturday trip from Goorcetown the boat will run tfirough to Shepherdstown. jeff 3 m 1CA JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBLS WhIsKV, (aaeortw),) 110 do. HERRING ad ALE WIVES, 25 oo. KEFINED SUGARS, tnhhdr PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 hbla.1 HajtieMl WHITK Fl H, 26 UjX"# p. line Eaet<sra CHEESE. For tale low by JOHN J. BOGUE. j?l QwuKuw, P.C. MASfEY, COLLINS ft CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?W??? con.Untly rooe;v;D( Ire-o cuppuM ol liir M jve ut>..?.uuu. e^age, and invito all peraona who want a par* uc dn.teiated Ala. to riva it a trial. ARNY A sniNN. A<?&ta. f> t 47 tirwn at.. fiMirt^tnvt. |OJ?. F. BlkcaTuNDERTAKER, ?P C?r. bndit and Jtftrso* in.. Gtortttow*. Hiring gives tor pereonal attention to thia biaoeta of uit bu?tne?*, 1 am proparfd t". ? V.tend to all calls with promptness Pertona from adiatance can be top ^ plied at a Vw nunutee' notice, v 1 haTe a large aseortinent of COFFINS a'wata on hand. Particular attanUon paid to tberemoval of the d< & 1 front the (>iJ to t->e uew bnriai grouuUa. Hoarse* au?l for hire. ap 10-fea LIST OK PNCLAlMKD PA<'KA6K8 *t the Office of the Ad*m? Kxpreee Company. Waih. incton. 1>. O.. to ) ? ?-?.d (or freight and e. argea, if but uowediatei) ? ' ed for. <?KORG? II. BURNS, Agent. September 1st, M?i, Au bin, N Ltndley, Prof Adam-on, A L??rence, A B A den, J R J Living/ton, H B Anderson. J H Lynch.A J F Latrobr, 11 U Alexander, C Leoaard, Kev C Adama, E C Lillich, Agnea Adair, O Lawaon Herat W Ahh<*?. Wm riwmii M Anhp, W ? i-awrenc, Col A eobroek I'R I tailM.aN AddtsoQ, J IV Li-ug,$ B Bar&er, Hev? Lamt-ert, C G Ba lard, H L< ngttroth R? L L Branch, J W Lee, Mn M Brown, A H Lang J Brineer, M D Labarre, F Barclay. A P Lawr^noe, Col Be'mor<t, An(uitii l.?nh?r, Q H ButU, Wm H MotV to'CH Rrown.A M?em,Col Bernm*, Pf>f 8 M MoPho'eon.J A Haer. Mr. M MaoKey.JT Bowie. R J MHP Wa dwiu. u H McANse, E Haird. Ur Muua Hob C Barnsid". A E Mon'ague, f. L Burr ?, Mary McCrt ery, V A B?rrs, P Mu^'oon. M Blackmore, B C M?anT??i?nT, Col B owm, M Morjai , F. B Butter, Rev H H Montgomery, J B->'an. E T Martin, DB Browne. H F " MoK^ver. A Bogse, Wm - McLean, W T Browo, A V >'Ov raoken.J Barnard. O C Mitehe.l. A 8 Bu ler, J (? M^adnr, J Baker. Wrirht A Co Mwki. J W B anton, B H McCo'lurn, Mary. B'uwn A ?i Ma*oc, k E Bank*. E IV Morton, J If Bennett, C W Mai kley, T Hnak, E H M inUter of Pera, Byr"' ?JDr J Mer.ill ft>earoo, rfark. B H M-irray, T Coleman, C W M or ran. J B r.nt. J R MrHarrt. rw - I &SS& ?L. ,?rtar,CH Md AfTCoilU*. , Cannon. J ? Mttl*. J** I Cutt?,HL Connolly, F<^ Klito hj. M B Mo*?T. r ? 1 c**pTT"?'Wm i 1 Cr?t?r->. M . rook, G W M jDOc Ch*n.t'?rl?in. J MuVl. M'** b ?:. oker, J L N.wbrott?h. * ? I C?iopbe?l. J H N?;or/ b aWS r irtpir, John Nicho??p?>? w ? rsmpb*^. T'A OBl jO m ' Cl?rk?. Mi??J Of9?I Crutch'tt. J (Ifiri _r roi? ?*n, J O p?t?uC?f 01 ^sinpuju, Aronr iao ao Cooke. J D Pa'mer, E Tor.rand, C M PorWr, W D Craigen, Dr \V i Pno?s Mies Jennr Conrad,C M Parker,BtT cunnmcha a, C \V Pat nt. Com of CUpp.ED Do do Cook, A v Do do nouihertr, JE Do do Dnlifn*. Col T J Do do Doflin P#!ix Do do ! Mr Do do Dubois, Cher Pepper, Co! J P Do Mom Polloek, t A D&i't, 6 C Pension*. Cora of De vine, * J A Patent, C"m of Du-r, J K Patent OAce Dolaney, R Perry, T W l>uuflaa, MeG Parrj W H H OonTiani, W 8 Patent, Com of Dennis, J P Randolph, Col i J Davie. R W Ro3?er?. J l>uoh*m,KW Musing, J Dunlap. R }' Robeson, Capt J l>arh?.J*Bon Ki?h. G W "?H, fc. (?r Donns) Ridg?way. W Edvwdi, 8 Robinson, Mrs A l)i> J 3 Ku*?. f p?i.oar r&v.n.W R?d. Iseao E??ei Wm Richardson,F Rdelman, Mr Robmeon, w F.aton, J Shepperd Wm Haling. Dr Stuart. Hot D C Kngrieiatne, J D Sullivan* J Fra*.?r, J L Stone, M B FarnH.MG Saward, J L *>?nob, E B Sempi, Dr Ford. M ' Soloin n. H Field, M Kara*, J Sob**.. Wm Fueter. J Smith. Lan>a Pereuiton, 8 W . Seieon an, J H fnej,Mr?J Selig?ran,M ^reip.Wrd Stone H F? ler G C 9eibert, S KarriH. J Skinner. A P Fiuakle. Rev 9 0 Spenoer, Boeh otter. J W Slaart. A. ?r;ffia, F C tvmm?r,JH Giunb&ttUa, 6 F Givan?er, S Seranton, J H Gt?wotj,W Schroder, A Gilll", B W BUrf n?. ? R Mm SUvtii, O W Gazette Offioe SallivM, N 9 Ureen Fr?? G W Snjder, J ! Grim?a. J W W Gi'dnw. A W button, C gaeasi.^" ?S?.1?N IS^JTE Gray, Mm K ?-o?*G??t C P Ovm/Sim f. ihorauir, B Hyum, KD Smith, S C Huminell, John t*e*mwur.J HMI.ATtCo Ton?"y. E iimIMI i i rvi ?'&tch, IS D TyWr.C N H?rM. J I. Tnpmfjo?* Bnaii, Hook* 8 B T?l?r, EC < asRAfot ftei* HT T^e^H A Hui!mb,0 Tnck#r, Wm Horning. D T*ft, F8 Harriot ton, W H Th??nj?on, Elijah Hawke.. Col J A I??lorsiM Hyam, B D *r-^ Hlnina, A J rv bail. DrC A Hervy, H T?M.W? T) Huataw, N H Trwabia, A C Hufcohia** \V B Tbroo?. BP H^^VrPTPr ?JL,ftr W K llnaMr I1 Vu V[m* iflW - i vi.i U H"rr. 8 Wnn?m?. MihR 1 Jodm. 8 Wri*?t.W Jor}?n, 0 W? Kf,, Mr?M I J W* WlnioVer, J B Jmm, PL Whiima. J jMkwi, T B Wotbwiks. J Jo.*, A I >MN% Bon 8 _ Do. Jocm, p __ W?f?i B K rsopotax* win m rwei*tc at t*i? itopa-tment until the tenth o*j of tfept*mb?r tut, nniut to the follow i ti( t?t of Oonf i??? : ah Act to [afi .um imnnu . >c?tir>r Imtni the ALti.tio atid Pmi&c x*U. by teieara**. Ft it mtictd fc? t*f *n4 Hn* <t ?f Regraof th* I'mM Statu af Awitr*em *? OniriiaoimiM I'm*. Um tse?ret?r> ui Uie Trn?? u t, Buder the direction of the PreeiVnt of tie l'nit?d -U*te?. > ierehy mi .ted mm) dieet<4 t./ ?a v?ru?e u?r sealed yiopnuii. to he 'MNnJ for 9 da) after t. ? peeaace <>! uu? act,,and He fulfilment of which elia.I i e rl a^autied by reeprtn tble parlies a< in the mm of m4i (or irai toe (M_nte \ firir ?l*i ?' ' - * **" W? "7 m? HOT* % VI ? iinv Of liaei of in*?nei>;te,egr%ph,U> beeonstraotad within two year* from the thirty first day of Jaly, airiI *ii hand red and sixty, from mm* Mot or ("-lets on the weit lire of tLe Mi'iotri by My rout# <>f ro*?es whi*? Ute Mia o atraotor* may aotect U ?uch or fink by ?ele graph with the citiesof W*?tubK<u?i, K w (IriULL New Vork. Charleston, rimaUr.pni*. Boat r.. uj other oitiea is the Atlaniie. 8o*the?tl. and Wo* tern SUt. ? ) to the city of Sen Fiaaoiaoo, is th* State of California, for a period of ten years, aid ball aaard the aoutraot t.> the toweet reaponaihte bidder or biddeia, provided auch arotier dvM not require a larger am unt pm ?ea from th^l'mtad *tat?a than fort* thouaaxd dollars. and p*roua*?a* .a herohy grafted u> th- said part.e* to wlion aai* oootraot imt be awardet. nr a majorit? of thorn, a id their assigns. to aaa until the and of the sand t?rm, auoh uuocoupied lanua of the L mu>o Staiu* ax may ne neoeeaar? for the n?M of way and for Uw purpoee of **la>nabing ?tatioaa tar repairi along aaid line.tot exceedingat any station on* quarter aeetion of laad.BOOh station* no to exceed on* la fifteen an lea on an average cf the whole distance, unieea ?aid ;a"d* shall b? 'equlred by the government of th^ United Hta'er far raft road or oth?r purpose*. ana provided th t ought to pre atnpt *nv o? raid landa utt4-r the law* of the Unite i Stale* ?ha'.i inure to a*id conipa. y, theer ageuta or a-rvaiita, or to any i>ther pereon or pera.>na wh >t?oer?r: prvruV*. That ao aaoh oon t'aot aha.1 be wade acul . ne aatf line a hall be In actual operation and pa>ni*uta thereunder ?h*JI o-^as* whenever the eont a*tora tail to onmtli with tae coutract; taat the Uovernmaot hal , at all tioM* b* eutit'ed t<> pi lori y in the usa of the linear noea. _U-.ll L? ... *1.. ?? ? - THE WEEKLY STAR Tku ??0?t family u4 N?n tftiuii ? irwlw WMty ?f ntwmm rw><lBj Uu cu b? found is ui oUi*r?u pabliaM oe UMarlay aoraiof. Tc&xa?C**k, w Slnfleoofj. fl S I Mve oopMb ?- ?? ?? ?? ? J I* avcd. It nn-ii:. j e?> umi>? tk* _ ** ** N.w.- that na. *i* n? 3tm *ir&lrnm ao throat lioat Um oouclry. H7"9?o?I*oo????(la vra>p*r?> OH ba protmd at thaooaotor. imm iiiat* t aft'?r tka laaoaof papor. Prioa-THRKK CftNTe tT Poatmaata-i who act aa afacta wW b* | lowed a oommia. ion ot > oeota. MISCELLANEOUS. r r i c 1 a l. Tiutcn Duataut,JilTM,illl. 1HI? iu?n uaio ui> piiTHVK*. vn?n HUoriM by liv,< f ownn?eLtt? Mud iiueorli.ea by tee*rapa with anjr military poat* of the I'm ed Stat-'.aud ??> n? the xmx for liover in-nt purpoea*. And fro vuUd alto. Tha? aaid line or linM. except a?a . m ma> he oooit'uotoo br the government to oooaeot Mid liue or hn-a with tbe Mutuary poeta *1 (M United Si a tea, aha!'. be opan t? the w of all oiu? Mie of the Cm ceo Sw*4 ?inii| the term of '4 oeut act, on f>*) m nt of the >e??lar ohan M tor tranamitaion of diapatchee; And r'oviduL eue, That anon a*a*rea thai not exoeed thre- do .are for a iiifi* diep.itch of ten w?raa, with the uaaa. proportionate doductiona upon diaeaiebae of c<eater lecyth, nr..nded that nothing her*>tn e?Bla ued aLa oo for upon the aaid partte* anr oliiaive rigDt to oo< atraot a teiegraph te th* Paul fifl.ord* ar the Sorernajent of the Unlt*d St?tee irum i rantinr. from time to tiaie. annwar fraa chiasaand privilege* to other pa tina r*ec. 2. 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The above guarantee rr.uit be aooompaniad with th' oertifcoate of a United Statea dutrioi attornr. or diatnot jadge. a'ating that ba is acquainted a .th each of the i^eraona aiming the guarantee, aad knowa Uieiu to be men of auAeiaat pruyartf to make good tne above guarantee. The propj?a.? and gua aut e moat be eea>ed up and directed to "the 8?er*ia j of tbaTreaaarv* Washington, D C ,H and andoraad "Proi .>aaia fc* Kuitn Tf Mfiih." Hi IW k I.I fiiRU jjr.ll 2aw uf. Wrk iB. Secretary oT the "tnmMwry. "carriage factoriesT" WASHINGTON CARRIAGE KiCTOHY. Tf D Street, Sttteten 9tk and l?rt SttmU. We have j us< bui>uou a uHiui?r of ft rat mm Carriage*, ?ueii u urki nwi.MA Watuns. Pmrk Ph*?U<m*. hamUy Om-MCTg* rxMiei, emd Bmtrttt, vhiob W Will Ml! llM ~ a ver- ainalI profit. 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