Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1860 Page 2
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in\t ijvi s i n\ * ?-fc itTTv KV t!< P* f ^nt ?* ! A Kr '? - WAfciTt virtOKi <tfm " * SATURDAY... ..7. S*pt?mb*r S, 1960. . . . .-?.. ?> . .?? ; it mt tkc Maratai *rtm. Toe rtltic!?e?. at length, the tpeech oi xoe mob Alex. u. yiepnena, a? aigom, u* The Intelligencer pobllihn and review# Mr. Seward' late apeech at Detroit, Mich , . l?7"?*<>nator Douglas left Bsltimor- yeaterday Born lag for the interior of PeanayWnala. fl-y The corner atone of a neW Catholic Cbap l is to br laid at Old Poiat, Va.. to-morrow. <8.aday , - '' ST Tie valde of the toWoc crep in Mwi- I chusetts thi? year. U is said, will net fall abort of M* it isaoM tattarMM .. ?... 07" A Hne of ate&mert 1? to be"fffti between Boston and New Orleaas. Two shir*- of ore* twenty-two hundred tons burdeu each.are now befog built for thit pioneer line, and one of them Will be ready for her first voyage in January next. ? K7" The coming Agricaltaral and Horticulturml Exhibition of the Americas Institute at New York, on the -J4th of thia month, ia expected to be one of the finest ever held in the Cnlted States One prominent firm of horticulturists has already engaged apace far the display of flee hundred va riouas 01 xruii, and outers la Ue aooi? business promise to make this drj?rtment one of the best filled and moot Attractive la the exhibition. Qj^Tko Loudoun September Court w ill meet In I.eesbnrg on next Monday. The following jwticeo compose the Court, Win. N. Berkeley. Mahlou Thomas. John Ueorgf and John Aldrldge, Esq*., Gen. Aaa Roger*, presiding Justice. Tavnn?r will have hi* examining trial npon tbCharge of passing counterfeit money. Capt.C B Tebbs for Ike State, and John Janney, Ksq , for the prisoner \j f~ The steamer Great Eastern had a quick passage from New York to Mllford Haven Pb? left the bar at Sandy Hook at 7 34 on the evening A# lk? fik. -* ? ? ? - - - ? vi iwtu cur ill 1 vpu 31 tl311I3I 31 4 p. ?? j on Saturday. the 18th, about 15 bouts time. Sha remained at Halifax 18# hour*, leaving that port at 9 o'clock on Sunday, reaching Milford Ifaven t G% o'clock p m onthc -"6th. making the patsag* in 7 day* and 9,i? hours The Press of New Orleans la ?ow thus politically divided The Bulletin, Bee, Crrscent, Mirror, ( weekly) and Signal, (campaign) nre for Bell and Everett. The Delta, Oo-irle*, and Senti. nel (campaign) are fur Creek:nrldge. The True Dalta la for Douglaa The Picayune la as tisnal, neutral and Independent la the Oerman language, also, there la a Breckinridge,, a Douglas, and a neutral journal. ' '" - * *5 j Ova Tkbatt witb Chi.ia ?It appears from oar treaty of amity and couuoerr* with Chlda. which ha* juat U?ea officially j raMmlgilrrt. tb^t the Lmud States will exert thetr good offices, la caae any other uat.ou should.act unjustiy or oppressively against ttat empire, to briag ahont a satisfactory arrangement of the question, thus ahowiag thwr frieiiijr feelings A similar provision, ft wlU be remembered, la contained in the treaty with Japan Tbe reception rf Mr. Douglas by his friends at B&ltiiAMe. on ? ? ai "* ^ r _ ? -. ? -?| ? mm ?? uamvaill J 4 WBB QW31 and eotbuaiaatie He was met at tbe railroad depot by a comiuiUM of one hundred! cilizrns ui a large aaeembla<.e of people, who greeted hiito with cheering and other demoiuiratlona of approval. la the evening be araa eerenaded at tbe Gilmore Hoaae, and addressed one of the largest gatherings of the people that the present canvas* baa brought Into .Monuinet Square. Tbia speech La described by the American a* bold, earnest and argumentative, and was responded to throughout With repeated outburata of applause A portion of it was devoted to tbe speech of Mr Breckinridge delivered at Lexlngten, Ky., mi Wednesday Mat. ' Tai CatironNfA BomiDAnY Comwmmo?; ?The United States and California Boundary Commission wtil ahortlv iesvc for the scene of its duties. Lieut. Jfowry, the Commisaioner on the part of the United states, una received bte instruction^ from the Secretary of the Interior, which contetn. plate, with the concurrence of the Oe^ernes of California, the establishment of the initial point of the boundary at the sooth intersection mt the 35th parallel, latitude north. With tfc? liver, and a reconnoiaance ot the Una toward the Mrtk, thla winter In the apring of 1661 the InTtia! point at ttoc north. Id the Wabaah region, will he eatahltihed, anS the line aarveyed aa far aa practicable. W ith a view to economy, Secretary Tboanpaon baa limited the number of employeea to be engaged here to those abaolntely ceceaaarv for tfce acientlfic work and charge of the lnaUTsm^tita on the way oat; the remainder of tty corpa to be engaged in California. The Comml*alon. aa organized here, eonaiata of Syl^eatar Mo wry, t 9 Commlaaioner, Lieut. J. C. ivea, . U. 8. A , aatronomer and aunre-yor; H M. Q. I JBrown, aaalatant do do.; J M Mcwood, carr., X. tar; Jacob F. Kantz, quarteraoaale? and corjraia ary ; O. Beaaoa, art lit. Peraonnl. ' I Can* Levy and family are at t?ae National. Hon. D Hubbard, Ala., and Cant. ? Jmi? V& A . im at Browa'a. Sir O^orjreWmpaon, Governor of tb? Hudson'* Bay Company, died at Lachin* on Ifct Oth w in Por*T?-The ?ak<'' ?* following .?*1 VTWt* ???* Option Whicb might ?* A -'on extended, which he tnlghtpeThnps ?nd which would e&able wuh^ ^3 r.4eM?aUy. and scad bin bvuie *-*. .pinion of u tbaa be era Id otherW?*c*det? at Wert Point iniifht invito him ^ m day with them AH old co^en ibouid be hept out of the way. and the y?'?g gentlemen allowed to have every thing After their own fanhion. The cadets might go through with all their regular drill and ext?Kj?<ihave an early dinner, glre a hall at nigbl. and have a good time of ft generally. The Printe wnnbt tnere And bla peer* in pollteneaa and good ferf?4tng. hia equal* phvatraily and intriiectuaiiv. end, among young men of hit own age, would undoubtedly enjoy himself Not In the wide world ii there a better military institution than that at Weat Point, one that has tlirn?H oiti ?ru??? I soldiers or gentlemen; and It would b? a runtu-r af general gratification c?nld the Prince of Wain p** a day there among the cadets " Tlx Floyd Oc.t ? A correspondent of the New York Time* writ*-* from Old Pot h t Comfort fV a.) that on T ut-aday last tbe great "l'loyd jnui'' wn? trad Iter tb*?rst time Tbs first sbel!. weighing Hinds, was thrown fifteen hundred sad forty at an aa?;lc of live degrees?and, striking id. bounced seven hundred and HP v yard* fnrtber. Tta charge of powdar was twenty pounds The seco tdsbeil, weighing 3^0 pounds W*s thrown something npwartf* of fo or tnttea <$n the water, at an angle of fjfty decrees sadwllb * a charge of twenty live pound* of powder. The powder With which this ?*o Is fired ks in fra.tit of about one lachcube Ttie report is notaoload as that mode by the teu-?ni b tuna on the ramparts, bat tbe whistling of tbe nbell through tbe air Is terrific. The sb**U throws upon tbe watej v%? foetar-two aacoods tatferatr before striking I Tbe 'Ffayd'' gun h pM??onrtd a sncreas. and (tore warns te no d.mM H will reach a rtnge of at* or eight miles It wefgbs 49,(W9ib., and rost fb Its casting " ~ T*? Tmi ajiz> Nusor Mutiny ? Tbe Meeting to nomuiate Judge Taney for President and Judge Nelso? for Ylce President, called sometime sinee. weembled at Leonardtmrn,Ml., on tbe 1st Instant The St. Mery'o Beacon fans it was sttended by a large number of Demof rhts ?f th? rami* ! ???? *? " " Med. wffl) Or Tbmnaa J -t? rtrt^rmi dent. end II V Oootnba m aprretarV VnVrrMti were made by B O. Harris, a. C. Herein* id VersoH Donef. after which reaoiiOleJt. JTrp adapted recuMtfiag Breckinridge Md I.iar ,M Douglaaaad JaknaoB to withdraw from tti**< i. r teat, and nominating Chief Jimir# Ta#tv,i0f 57. and Jodg? Se.M?n. of N V . aa the Arido adfee cMdldalaa for President aud Vtc/prm|. dent A eoaaroitte* of correspondencetec* ry Mt the object in view, waa appelated, U repprt lo aa adjourned Keeling.' '' UT'Tfta following despair h ha* arr*?ed t# he PoorEuray: .... ;?, *! Ba? FmaJKiMro, Aug.*, i?*.?We will cam IhM SWe by adeclaitre majority The d?necr*cy are rallying around oar baaacr from San Pl?o to Uakyoa. Tfcccoatsst will be vum, bu? there is no doubt of the result. The defection ? #ur b-m- -* -rfr -* 4. ij.HI/T/ It Jl.t. / W 1 / A I.kttx* fiom PP.kbidi5t Rcchakaw.?Hereto^ appended the Sfflr'* read?"t will find a letter from the President, which we publish a* forming an interesting illustration of the tendency of the timet on which we have fallen It haa a melancholy interest; Insomuch as itaervaa to iUu^atj. with no mean force, the degeneracy of Antarlcau | public affairs Thus It proves upos^no leasfepo^- j sonage than a candidate for tbe PrMdencyjt *>ur i great country, the utterance of a palpable aad dt^j liberate falsehood, as a meanr of Strengthening ' himself with the peopftr"A mMlcious^fi well ! as mean, falsehood. However that was but in j keeping with the whole system of electioneering to which Mr. Douglas has resorted since making > ?n bit mind t<\ <17dfecmltM jVjvJUfTuw*mHo r J [n tVtop* of profiting in 1%4 by its disruption at this time He declared to Mr. John Cbvode that Be bad hit "Tjsjjgage c littlM ^Tnrongh tot the Republican campI? tb? *i?o. F. P. Blair, Jr., that be desired to stare for him tbe seat of the Hob. James S Grtea In tha U. 9. Senate and h? admitted to Senator Wilson, accordIn?%?that gentleman's recent public declaration, that be bad uttered a deliberate telarlK>od with reference to his own conduct 1b ?* Senate, "as a mlitiMl ptnMlmt V A ~? ?*- - ?* * I ? ?r .. uiau w uo Will ao sucn thing*, of C?ur?^ would not scruple to be guilty of coir.'ng such a conversation as the President ieoi4*(that It ever took place) In the letter below, t? which we ask the reader'a attention The moral? of the matter Is, however, the point of interest. That American public affairs should have descended to the condition In which a co'.nrr of such a story is or even fancies himself a *erious competitor for the Chief Magistracy, is a subject for redaction on the psrtof all who realize lue great truui mat tnia Uovernmect can hardly last any considerable time after It falls Into slnister and, as a consequence, dishonest hands. Its strength lies aim st wholly In the confidence of the country in the iwtegrity of those who admin> later it. \V bo ran have any confidence,whatever, la the Integrity of him who calls forth snch a statement of farts from the President of the United States * WASHtNtfTOJI, Aug. 11, My Dear StrI bavt* received your favsr of the Sth instant, enriotin^ a printed extract from t?i?? recent speech of Mr. Douglas at Concord Miiaiinru mi- yon rjpfrwu so w at I be Charlottvsvilt* Cen vention, and would be glad to know **GR?tbum of the interview referred to in that sp fcti "The P e?id??t told me if 1 did not ob<rv him, and vote to forre the L?ecotnpton Consr.tulion ??p*n the pronie against their will, be wnu'.d -fck-?tb?* head of every friend I had ia rfltee.** It ~Ts nnnrcetsary to quote the alleged reply of tbn J udge. tfrireiv there must have been Mint mistake la the report of the paecb. because I never held any such conversation with JndKe Douglas; nor any rrm vernation affording the least colar or pretext f. r surh a statement. It was not in my nature to addrts* s.u'li threaiealuc language to ittiy gentleman. Ufstdea, I have not removfd one la tea of h;?frlea?M. and not one of bis relatives. Even among those of Kin Mends who have rendered theinseireh promtneHlV hostile to the measures of tba Administration, a majority still remain in oifict-v I niiubfadd. that 1 have n??v?>r a _ ? _ ?? - ~ - ?? |T??*IV ?I conversation with Judge Douglas on this or any other subj?*t.ati?c*? the day inv first annual m?"Saa?<e of til?*wh of December. 1857, waa read In the Scfiat^.and I did not transmit tbe Kansas Constitution to Centres* uiitil the 2d of Feb. uary, 1868, the question of slavery not having been decided by a vote of lur people until the 2 tat of December, 16.57. ' Now. my dear air, in writing thus to you 1 have trarsgreaaed a rule which I had preacrlbed for myjelf. not h> contradict any statement a*a?lliiiK niy pvUlr. coodu t or character until sdter* the conclusion oftiry term of office. A statement, however, come* with such force from a Senator of tbe 1'oited States, who is one of my constitutional advisers, and this, too. In a published spee.-h delivered by him In bis canvass for the hi^h>?t elective office in tbe world, that 1 deem the present case a proper exception. Yours moat truly. 1 Jamik Bcchanax. I > V Wtt 1 t ? L?? List ov Ca*didatk? for admiaalon Into tbe Naval Academy, to be examined In September, 1S60: Districts. i Stalls. Leonard 1 Adams, (retrst ). 3d >T. Hampshire. Milton Barker.Adama Vlst Ohio ; Win L Appes. jr .Wanpacta Ailen D Browu 30tb Ntw Tofk Ja,r?-s(i Baldwin 3d Mississippi. Charlca/arues Barclay '2d Penasfl vanla. Nicholas H. Belding 1Mb New York. Tiiecdore Moore Berrien .. 5th Georgia. Jcmn U. Bid lack 12th Pennsylvania. Wm O TBoy4? 4th Kentucky. Franklin DeWitt Brown . Oth Oblo Orris A Druwne 1st Virginia. Geo. bwlght Bryan 2d South Carolina Escul<??lns BunVin?rf#- ir.n??? Charles Gieeoe BnsUf s,th Maaaachnsetta J. M. Caltf IV b Pennsylvania, Wm. Carrcul 2d Arkauaaa. I Harrow C<trirr.j ^th 'ieor^ia. Douglas K Cnaell 16th Ohio Charle* p. Cletite Tth Indiana. Charlea Edcnr Clark-. 2d Vermont.' Dav*l A- Clark 23d New York., J?Wt D Clatk....... < 25th do. Courtla&d 4* OltaBaMi.... 5th Indiana. Ceo. Wm. Cotkn. tf lit Maaaacfcuaetta. Jo*. B Co&hlait. Btb llllnftta Francis Auk Cootr. 10th Maaaarhuaettx. Ch'.rlea H Orav?a 2d Maine. f.eorpsT. Oarvi* 11th Maaaacbuaetts. Ernst J. LHchinan... id Wlacoaain. JamraA Dtek, lat Indiana. Wm Alrt. Duef Oth Now York. Williamson Dunn.: 9th Indiana. Jobn McKee Dii'ican 6th Kentucky. GiiatiVf* Engliak. lat New Jersey. j Robley D. Kvan? Utah. Loula R FagM 'Id Pennsylvania. whi. L Findley 2.W do. Richard 11 Floyd 4th Tennessee. Henry t>. Ftaller ....n 3d Maine. Horace FnUer. 2uth Ohio. Joat-ph Miller Gardner 12th Virginin. Henry Glass 9th Illinois Geor^ D B Glldden 6th Maine IVterson Goodwyn 4th VlroinU. I Leonidas G. Grego.y Oth Alabama. Chaa. V. GrldUy.... '2d Michigan. Kdward Parke Gutbrie 1st Ohio Ira HArrla, jr 13th New York. Benjamin Heath, Jr 5th Massachusetts. \V. W. ilendricksoa 14th Ohio. Hugh I.ejfa'e II1I1... 7tb Georgia. Samuel A. Hitchcock .... 3d Maine. John Adams Hopkins .... 4th Michigan. U'm R Hunter 'Jth Tennessee. j Roland C. Irvln 15th Pennsylvania. Kdwin T. Jones 5th South Carolina. Aug. G. Kellogg 4th Illinois. W tn. G. Laroo, jr Ut North Carolina George Henry Laughton... i>d Wisconsin. Richard P. Leary 3d Maryland. Albert H Lenox 'id New Jersey. John Stewart Livingston.. Minnesota. Augustus VV. M&day 5th New Vork. WyndbamR Mayo 3d Virginia. Horatio Gates McClintoc... lat Alabama Frederick MeCarasiek 'id Maryland. Charles McGregor ?th initials. J C. Mcllvaln* 13th Ohio Caaaius Meyer 5th Mississippi. James Marrls Morgan 1st Louisiana. Francis Morris I6th New Yark. Isaac T Morris 21st do. Lucien Morris 5th Illinois mpoaei j mom 'id Georgia. I ten nil \V Mallin 5th Kentucky. Marston Nllra 5tU NewjMiey Wnt C Ostarloh.... lfetb Pennsylvania Rolx>rt E Park Uth Virginia. James M Prarson. 6th Tennessee John Pterin* M Kentucky. C H Peodt:ton 3d do James A Pftew 10th Teancssea. Jefferson Pbdpa.1 10th Kentucky. Jas K folk Rigid ale lit T?m John M Rabar 10th Pennsylvania George Hal! Row Delawiy. ObarlesF Srhultz 3d New York. Henry H Scott id California. Cbarlts F Soviet. , lit TViuiimi. J dines M Smith...., 8th North Caroliaa Richard G. Snaed.. 4th da. ?i W ?farki 4th Lonlilina. Vatea Surfing 4th Mary land. Orange UtvVuod Sevens 33d New York. Henry Clay'Faylo*., 7th Ohio Rruben M Tench... 4th Georgia. Sett A Terry t lOtti New York Martin Jpaeph, ('tiler. flth llttnolr I Henry li Vaughn,..r 3d LfnUSaaa. George Henry Wadtoi|(h... lit N Hampshire. l.e Roy It. Waiblngton 3d Gaorgfea. Wm Henry Webk. 3d Indiana. Rufai Wbealnr. ir./t 3id New York. Oscar VY WhKa..'.; 5th Ohio Wm H Wfcltlng. u 1st Wisconaln. Fiduk-midei ? 4th Maaaaakuaet^ llenrv Gi ? " ? -sss:-*.. irrf iM25""k:'wl SB&. i .,. A Henry Wright.. 18th Ohio P J York*. (ratatfhWd).. lit New JcfMy, ^ ~rr? ,! t 8?ftvm or Ptvlic Linn iw k?jua? -^The CoiniitixaioBtr of A>? General Un4 Oftra bu issued liMtroettM* for the ! >*?* lite mrrey of ttIt Delator* a?d 9*c aad Fox bidiM rwwtN l? kantu .j . y-v l ' * H - ? Bin tacts or rtf Ltii'?(lfwct?rhr General Land Office within the lut three tnnntb* has transmitted for delivery to the local land offices in v^riotj* jUftea and Territories of the In Red ?ad lo private individual*. 5*.<;?7 patflfeU ror Ikjida sold, lands awarded in satiafscUon of bount^larfd claims. and for private Jh|d I clalflH reatiog m for els: a t ties conferred by Cotkgre??nd the Cwsrta.. #hl* portion of tfetbusl* ncM, both-St rtgqpf^Vae Issuing of paieatl aad J tbe dacisleu ?#!fnd caaes, is progressing wttb e>J trao^i nary tapldtty ??de^b^^ire^^ tiSw <*OdWni CommMwir of tfcat office ~~ ^ Natal Orders.?V; ^.? . 251* Blood good _.?#istant Surgeon DetiVan Hr Uu been detached from the Naval -capital, CWsm. and ordered to the Mohawk, riome Squadron. Capt George F Pfarson bat been ,or<^i*d to relieve Capt. John Pope, In command of the Navy Y?rd, Portsmouth. N. H.. on tb* 1st of October. Chaplain Henry Wood baa been ordered to tbe Navy Yard, at Portsmouth, N. H. KxTinalosi or Howi's Patimt ? We understand tbat tbe Commissioner of Patents, after a very thorough examination in the case of Ellas Howe, jr., applying for an extension of his sewing-machine patent, has rendered a decision granting said extension. We are unable to state the grounds upon whicb this decision Is based, inasmuch as tbe reasons therefor have not been arranged in a form to be accessible by us. ?0 Thk SLoor-or-Wan SinmoLa?The new U. S3. WBUi BlOUp-Ul-WiiT SCIUlIlOie, DUIll II rtBWcol*, and which left Norfolk, on the 16th of July, for Brazil, was spoken by the bark John Benton, of New York, on the 21st, in latitudo 35 deg Iff min. north, and longitude 16 deg. 28 mln. we?t. Her rate of speed thus far ha* been estimated to have averaged 200 miles a day. Return op Assistant Poutmastkk Kmo.? Hon Horatio King. First Auistant Postmaster General, who has been sojourning for a brief period at Alum Springs, Rockbridge county, Va , has returned and resumed the dntiec of hi* odicial position RxvSxrt Cutteb Slavic*.?Our fel'ow-clti!fns will be gratified to learn that \V llliam G. Roche, son of the late Robert J. Roche, has been appointed a third lieutenant in the Revenue service. . i XAVAI. vrvvdpv AmniVTcn ?PHumfl Spark* has been appointed Naval Storekeeper for tile Naval Academy, Annapolis, to suceed Philip O Scbwarer. ' -? Death or an OldUuxskr.?Gunner SamuelG. , City died at his residence, at Portsmouth, Va , on the 5th instant. He was the senior gunner in tbe Navy, having entered it In 1832. Thi Wxatbsb.?The following report of the | weather for the morning Is made from the Amer , l?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Siftimiu 8, 1660. New York. N. Y cloudy, warm. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, warm. [ Washington, D. C clear, wind S Richmond, Va. clear, pleasant. Petersburg, Va. clear, pleasant. Norfolk, Va clear. wind W Raleigh, N. C... clear, 74*. Wllminirton. N f! rlesr nleneenf I Columbfa, sf. C clear, warm. Charleston, S. C clear, 76?, wind E r Augusts, Ga ciear, pleasant. Savannah, 6a clear. 77?; wind NK Macon. Ga. clear. ' Columbus, Ga clear. Pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, hot. FROM THB WK8T. Cleveland, O raining, 71*, wind 8 Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. n?., (corrected for temperature,) :!9.Wfc2; at noon, 2# s71. Thermometer at 7 a m., 74^?; at noon, 80?. Maximum during 24 hours ending 9 a. m. today, 88s; minimum 68?. NOTICE.?The Kbv. J. C Ksllt, the well II H known Indian preacher, will preach at the i Fifteenth street Pre?b\terian Church, TO MOR| ROW,(fu?ulaT.)the 9th mt.tant, at 11 a m. it* rr-^TEMPERANCE MEETING-The ragular monthly meeting of the Catholic Bea^ficialTotal Abstiaenes Association of the District of Columbia, will be held at their hall,corner Tenth and F streets, on ?UNDvY.the 9th mutant, at 5 o'clock p. m. Foil attendance of the members of the Association is request^. The friends of the cause and persons wishing to become members are respectful.y invited to attend. Jt J. J. KANE, Sec. nrV^DKDICATlON.?The Mission School No _kJJ 4 of the Younc Men's Christian Associating will dedicate their new acnool house, situated on First nt east, two blocks touth of Fa avenue, To-MOKRO tV, 9th inst., at o'clock p. rn A sho't history of the school will be read, alt- r whifch a4dre*s*s will be de.ivored by Kev. J.G. Br rtn anil other*. Ail interested la the cause of missions, as well as the members of the Association, are aespectfuliy invitod to attend. -< li -rap- RECK IN RIDGE A Vl> I.AKF.. OJ? OVK CA^'olDATEfl The regular weekly meetinic of tne Jackson l>aioeratio Association will l>e biki MONDAY EVENING naxt, the 10th in*t A- tall turn oat is fequukttxl, kh aome abl? sr>enk.T? will addreaa t) o mooting. The rdomt of the Association ar* opfcn da ly from 10 a. m. to in p. m CORNELIUS BOYI.F^Prw't WM, J. DONOMOO.Sec. ae ?-&_ ryTg^THK POTOMAC BASK BALI. CLUB will I II 9 p!aj a .Ma'ch Game with the NATIONAL Ci J"B on TUESDAY, Soptoiuber 11, at 2 u cloak, t u the grounds of th# former aoutli of the Pivaident'a Hon* The friend* ot tbe gaiuu ar? r<)gpo?tfttlly invited to witnesa it. K. B. 1RWIV, ae 7-3t* Seorctary T. B. B. C^ ryTg^A MEETING WILL BK HELD AT 't 9 Ooo?i Hw. acrowa tbo Fastarn Hranoh, on SUNDAY MORNING, the9th inatant, for tkepiirfOae af taking a collection to rehitild Al.un'a Chanel. An ludiao preacher wtil addrea* the wutf?avOun ia the afternoon. The public are respectfully , lbvited to attend. Rev. DAVID SMITff, | ! ?a7-2t* Paatorj ^5?DEMPSBY fc O'TOOLE. I ; <X_3 wkuusu Ai\d risiTixa 1 CARD KXti HAVERS. Importer* of fine WEDDING feTATlONKRY, WADDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful atylta. 3jg pa. Av., betwoeu 9tii and loth uta , au 27 6m Washihotow. WHITE AND PEACH BRANDY, Mustard and C?lery Seed, Green <>in<?r. Cider Vinegar. *c. JOS. W. DAVIS, It* Corner Ninth and L sta. NOVELTY MILLS FLOUR. i ! IDU BB LS. Of thiasuperior brand ol Family ard Extra. Flour received this da*. For sa e in lotdto uit bjr D. JL- MORRISON A CO. ? 9 oofnSr WTwulfth ami B eU. Bno damaged books: U T The verjr Nicest? B??t?Cheapest SCHOOL BOOKS! SCHOOL BOOKS!. Attiia Washington Haadquaf ters, where every I bod; buys their School Books. Still & few left, iat the lowest prices, at SIIKPHERITS. so? lw Corner 7th a id I) streets. F? A GREAT BARGAIN OR SALE-A neat little CA KB IAGE with an KU L AMM *' Ii/?nai' n - - - vuio uvuiru r AiuiLi i ii wiicsrii iiuoninc gear nearly now; hora* perfectly gtnUe and jU^ safe. The whole, cariiaicp.h''or??\ harness.r>i/Tl net and whip may l>a had for tbe ownlr hav in* no furth r use Cat them, if early application.!** made U> BARNARD A BUCKEY, Ueorgetewn; eg 3t ! j^OTICE TO CONTRACTORS. PbopohaL* Will be received up to Monday .the 17th instant, I?y Mturi. Denmead & 90n?,for Painting the Iron Bridge over Rook Greek. The work to:he taken by the lot and > ot by measurement. Thf nine for finiahinc the work to he agreed on. The bridge to recei >e four coats of paint, viz: One of red liad aad three of white. For further partiooiara.J^ply to the foreman of the work. 7-St M. ?. U-M ?wrW I nAVEA(3n^*nlM?er?^k.^ PIANOS <5*lUt?n It Baoon, Uo??akr>ui?* and other which I wlli sell or rant at moderate pncetJBJBW rfj?sK^g^gsg^jsfeas by.Vl?i<-"'S""*tr BENIAMlWftW gUHERIOR 9h,^7N%NB AN? COTTONS. Wa have a?*r m ?tora a .frrt ktoek of i>of*rv>r yen. Nap>kin? a ad TowaTfngi.aOaw in the lot ' ry at tl.? lowMt prices J w COtLBY * CO.,1 WHT H*3 g?ranth^..abwT^ .. TO PA1MRB9 ? B. WANTED TO*KN*?R BUY. , flU 1 vikhtorMtor bay, nrar W?_iLi...i..? ?iy,a IMJ1 PL ACK.<from 5 to ? acre.ollaad ) suitable for a dairy or DMritd s*rd*n. Size of the N. B ?-Prompt attentioa will be fivn whare t)w" lowatt rmt. location and dtgtanca of olaoe ami other parUcalar. art (taxed. H " BIL MKL?IN AS R etamad to tho oity inxti a northern tour Md Will ra??? U? PRACTICE Of? MEjSf-' . I ?j ar 4 Chain tK Voirt 'oftM, WMhlDftOl | City, D. C., (Ordered to be iuarUd in the Evasme Stab, it I beini thr i?ew?papflrnftvinic the largest oiroml*t:oa I of act? daily paper published in Waehinftoa.) lO" All peraona apalyin* for lettwa in til* follow k

u>? n* witymm**vj -r . J ,aB ? ^P*?r Brn_ ' w Ka'.i Harrison, Miry Oafctru, Mji M Bukler, Mi?? Jo" M?rj A P ? ['. J'"'* A R?k?r MriAH Humpkrt;, L (i Pow?U, S-?r*to SudVf "'? A H.berth, feirnct K.p,,Lo?... 25*1'. M~ *'?/ i? V ?sra??fcttfa? p^vl pruuiiwifi, wt i h* all e C?UkirflBPtf * [)iTi?, Mirjr ? Kin.b?ll, Urt GW 2 Sullivan, Ptime tetfteAF ftWfrfcr, Edelui, Mr< Sidney L?n?, Um iunit Wktiltr, Mn(iu ' Kdwarde. MnCi Loptt. Miei Fenny Wiilunu, Cecelia IJtiott, Mr* Olma Milt*. Mr* Ellen i Wuluai, Mary Ftehrr.MtaManoa i ,; GENTLEMEN'S LIST. t AHm/VTm Gilluud, W H MlU>eH, ft fc-4 Alcott.Thoe W GowlthiW, R *- Henry i4u>f, H J?? Unffa, RM Melleii, Wm fc Aalrtni Fard'ii tiuuiprecht, P Mm<i, lid Aivendt, CK lireea, N Myrrte, 0??i4 Bridterd, W R Gidling, JR Mmtic weACkajeb're Brn?n>,w R Giumjer, Jo* Price, W~H C Bildviu, W I " Grerucy. i ?-4 ' Pim. W I Bptt. Wm G*rSe??P W Peak, O 8 K? iSstU, WiaR Hagliee, Ha P??|,Jw W P B k?(, Waiter lUri W A Pi? J*k, J B ItreM,Tkoi Hobbe. Wm Poilaid.J 8 Brvetii, A P H.y.Wl Purler, D D n.l n u mt n - I I V-' ?? ma o II VI) TT rClCK, l-U.\rie|?% Bm, Ltwrii.u Herbert, W I Petrce, E G Bell, 1 W<wi Howard, W P*gt,k F B?yl?,J Howard, Theo P.\yue, A M Uowiiug, J H Hetwtr, Sainl Rayuioud Z C Br&itooti, J S, R RoaeaUuali, Wai JD Howell, PP Roacht, W? Brinh.ii,, J H Hopkins, P U Ryas. P M Buehier, Jno Httrn, Out K Rum, Jcuit Barron, Usury Hunter, M Ki4|itii,Ju " l''?! H HujiJji K Riibcr,J.i M'tti, Hewry H i iUof -^eritLo* HuM iua, HEW Bright, lit) eiigiouud R.ukiu, D?3 ?ini, Clin G Hitil, Ju S RacJurdioa, Ch? Boeber.C M Hauey. Jno .Ruttr.WC . Brjau.Clna Hmrpbrty., Jn?C lUalrtra, A "\V Blodaett, A Hetideraou, I l-? Slutday, W T( Clarke, WD Hirktn mi. JiTo HpmU* ucd.WAt W Cooper, WP Howell, J.n K<rihr, Ik H?t Crowley, Wm Harrtauu, Jj? E Itirki, W t Carroll, WH Henir, bl'A lonml, W C?Mf,Ttoi H?gerty, llaiJ Sepliu,Ttiw Cos, Tbot Hayileu, Ur Sawyer, Sam T Crow, Hfuderton, C 0 Bt'venaon, Pat W Copper, I> Heney, C P Snyder, I, W Coleman, Robt Huu.phre jaiSrian Battunanll I, Crtjue, Jno Hoy, AD 8ii>eli.T, ?"or?d Hue. A J 8Me: U,Juo? v outnea, j n nimon, a r>tn:r, Jno ?r Ctiri?n,onrt, J T John?oh, Uobt 8n,ith, /uo C Carpei.ter, J N?5 Junta, Ju i !*! 8c?t?, Jno B Carter, Juo Jouhm, )m?2 Shipley, J M Cottrell, J Johi.jou, Wealy Snlle, JatAra Cannon, Jaa Johnaon, J S 8mith,HT Cow?n,J Jouea, Heorv 8 8c rowni, Ofn R Cherry. Geo W Jonea, Hon G >V?'3 equibb, Q Coopei.GeoW Jbhua, Dr E W Stieater.Wm Cooua, E I) Jewell, CB * Selp, F Cluakey, C B Johnaon, Ca*e SioRona, E L Conner, B Johnaon, R W Steward, Chat Cnddlf, A'"' Knoftwen, Wm Bf mmfi, "O N I)o.My, W H II Kautm .il, M li ShiUi, Cyiua M Duuau, Thoa Kellogr, M Koiaera, AT Duguid, Robt Kenuedy,M Tidachinder, Wni Dtioi, Mr lUiitii, Ja I'hvapao'i, Wiu Du?fll, I. K iiifiuan, Jonaa Turner, H C Deuinay, L J Knehb, Geo W Thrift, RO Davldaon, J W K-ufmin, C 8 Timnra. J K Pewttt, H U?8 Lacey, Win B?S Todd, Lt "iftT1! l??o LjbiHi, W P Turiey, Jno, E 8 Ltwrenee.R Th<m<a, B P rv>wiiinjr. Ed Luther, Prof Wm<i?im, ft Dura?d,CC Luibtcher, Peter Yf iMarood. W Kv?i,a, W A Lo?f1ibo??? jr*?, J H Wilnam. Tiioa J Eiliott, Milton Loouiu, P*C WiUitfea Surnh Elder, MatUear?1 Lrmilgar, Bortrand* i!li una, 8 M'I1 u n i. <*?r, Hint TV aim*. CU Elite,Geo McLinu, H Wen M fcim.rj ft C" McCollias, ]m War J, JdA Kittiurh, W M McKec, J W Wiiaon, Juo Koalii, F W McH?mi?y, Jacoh * ?ltw. IF* Bo? 1'isher, M 9 Mci.le.ue", K H?2 Wor(hii^[iafi, Jo* Fokler, 8J McCraw, Siral H Walker, Juo ( 'ra.iOh, $ r M iwu, W iu H Wilson. Jaiuta FUi 'ttn. L B Mitchell, Tho? Winder, Col J Kreiiud. L Mitchell, Tho? A Welch, H R W Kliut, 7aa H Mttitiuej. Jiio Wearer, H K firr,Jni) Majo,Joaeph . W Foj. Ji> Mierii So#-! W?de,CF Fuiirhaiii, J M Mitchill, J C W^eier, Beni Firmer, G Mitchell, HO Young, B W Graham, W 8 MISCELLANEOUS.? Metropolitan ; Dailj Advertiser; Citiieu ; Seutmel, To the Agent iT the Coulii.s Current with tt?? United ; To the t'ood.ictor of the Steamer Mom.t Virii'iu; To the Manager p( the Theatre, Washington, D C CT'l'inni Kill IX ALL CASES ri PlKP Aiui WM. JONB3. P. K. SPECIAL WARD E^ECTIUfon IN THE BOARD OF COMMON' COUNCIL, M1PT1MHI iSGO. Rttolitd, That an election it hereby. dmcLad to be heW in the Second Ward on THURMJAY. the 13th fay of J^ept^mber nrit, to fill the vacancy now existing in the Board of Common Council t?y the remnation of William Or me, Esq. SECOND WAKD^FIRST PR KCINCT.-Puraunnt to the above resolution, an election will t>o held at the corner or Twelfth itreot and New York avenue. The poHs will he opened at 7 o'clock a. m., and cloted at 7 o'clock p. m. GEO. W. STEWART. S&M'L W.-OWRN, | GKO. E. J1LI.ARK I ?e7te ?*orTiini?moneM I TFT THE HOARD r?P i;r??un*'oni:v(Mi I _ ?- V. ???#. . vuun Vlli| I- *LPTKJdBKft U. !& <? Resolved, That an election is hereby hp held in the Second Wa-d on THI'RSDAV, Ci? 13th day of :*?pienifoer to fill the Yacm.j row exist re in the BoaM of Common Council hjr tt.e resignation of William Orrue, Ek<^. SECOND WARD?SECOND PRECINCTParsuant t-> above re?olu:ion, an devtion will tie held <>d Tenth street, b.tweja D and E it*., one door north of th?* auction etore of J C. >|e<ixir?4r C<i. The poll* will t?e < pewed at 7 o'cioiyt 4. $jM and closed at 7 o'clock p m sAM'L LEWI8 Edward c. dVer, WILLIAM P. SHr.Dl). 5 m 7-te Comuiiasioiiera. ????pmmam ???? mTPW tau/iDTL'n 1 nra i ai " " ' ? ? mi* \ ' I 4 O I H sitLIJfO OFF CHE At" Just onened, &*> doz??n LADIES' I, I N K N H A N DKERCIIIKP "4, from 75 cent* to %2 a dozen. 5jdoz. GENTS' LIN KN HANDKERCHIEFS, frotn jft^n a doz?n to all finer grades. 60 duz.n LADIES' FRENCH CORSETS, white ?:i(l colored , . _ LADIHS' IMNE APPLE HAXDKKRtHIEP!", a new and beautiful article, very chcap A ?arK? lot or KMRROfDERED COLLARS. All decide*! bargain*, to which we invite tlie attention of the la*li???. J. W COIiLKY A CO.. e8 fit .. iil Seventh at. above Pa av. ROVAL HAVANA LOTTERY.?The following num>>ers drew th* principal prizes in the drftwiov A n?nct WfK ludii* No?. truer l N??. Prisea 7,001 ft 10",0U0 | 28,1(17 . *2U*? 12,a?? 5fl.8M | 12,049 10/KMj 10 29J ?),?? I No?.54tt.T7l>,8<>a. 958,2437,2792.3056, 3951,4323, 57f?6, 5576, 7H15,7527. 7775. K713. M.W, 1 'f?7, U733,I2?I,12S4*, VSIJb, 14447, 1427V, 14714.1A*0, 15686. 16 12, 1MW, 17SU. lrnn, 1#4<15, l-KfW. 1*5(1,2f>8fl2,22(163. I22??, *2294, 22745 8SS66 &MX, 26177. ?6iM, ?*7?, 26?<6, *>351,86825, *765*., itm8, and 2R7??faoli 9 The next drawinrofthla celebrated lottery will tako place on the ISth ^eptemlier. For particulara fee advertisement tn another column. , IT 1>Q,N RORIGJJK% i ji iff ^hi^kh jMj*: irim L??H^ fl^M9Sj^l^nl^|^HI> i Pff^B ?*?.? ^^^^CT31^Bg^H|8^MWMWWWyt^ I ... . 1 ?J Stoves, Orates, Kanges, Fur*aces,4c. Wo be* to c*H tha attention of tjamMio to our large an<! beautiful #tock of STOVEfFTGRMTEa.' ic c.. of every da?orlption. In addition to onr ret ? IUQ ? nviwo, W MIVI* w VUV llUlr bill U * Clin IMF 9^US IBd^ ceiUniiy not mrpaeseri, by anything in the market: h. iMUr m the world. , ' 'u The Cbillenfe Hester. Oox'a GM-buruinc Stevee, * Tlie Banner Complete, On Bumar-the largest and finest elevated-oven Cooking 8toT?evar We aolieit a call from those desirm* to yarpheif. ?!BLEIkfl?T, ?9fl Pans'a Avihue, between lcth anl.lltk irt? iyOkeife Bit* *f tk* Irmt Jw . wMwW ; ..* ' ''t c .. B^fcOE B. 8LOAT * C O.,' _ Menonctarera < f < ,>,t ,'j THE SLLIPTlC^iiQCK STITCH I ^ , IMPtOV^SdgUtTLE -/ ICWI16 MACKVIIMf Tl^3S^|lr warranted to every purchaser THE PMT OF MLL CREATION ' manaiimtort. l 129 fitukitoml, rhitad.lpb*. as* m, /. thos? maxwell, 1-?3a%py?ywm. r)r sale-a w? horse and ti*? tveev. To? ik>m 1* perfectly ?ea*l? and ?ound, rv AMUSEMENTS. < fVWCF.rts at mades' (/ornt?lr StkaJ *>] V^AtftlJ^rorptr nr<nw <in.1 Third ?tr*9t. m Th#???xo#l rata?dl ^e?o#nls win t?kc >!?<*> ?v#ry. ?Al?.T UAY PVJ^K'} h*re*A?' Th? h?*t i'H* U#?r la tJB. ?i?ther guod thinga, will he _?f9d iiK^OiuttPilic K*np?otfulW mnt*d ^rtg*?|cHarle8 mades. d v g[l yjo \v 8 * hall! ** HON 4 A T%r dm NO. S>rt*n:btr 10. \ i Bl'VP^RTHS ,i<L*Ti?irr O&mPal a*i? Ostt Uisrm*) ^ wiiWTHmTREUlt THE MODEL TROUPE or the PROFESSION. From \ oo.rt Marble Ptilaei of Mnutrrltf, . 361 and 363 iiroa*iwa'. New York-wi??r? tk?> Imn Iwen permanent)? twlw nnIM >?'* * T?r?Thi* Trouj.* ith' btst Ethiopian Tramp* f tk'tumtry > rwM'0 rectntU cloaad IhetrtMrtt#' Hid Urnmif tint Maitment of four vvpi at Btrnun^ Muaelim, New York? the *r?*'C?t Minstrel Kfifiie meat oa recuitL Tk| U* ou> mAk^L* Uuir SoUtfirrn tour, ui der tn? tfBtirft suf?fvi?iOC or FIFTEEN 9TAR PERFORMERS J. H,Bcdwo*th. Twrhorinut, W. ?*. Bun worth, Br*<t<i*r Bon**, Rollis BaJladiat. J. K. Cam/bill, John Kxlk. A. H. Wood, k. Hall, m J. Salomon*. mom. intioici, w. ?t*attoiu Matter Tommy. Hilt J. R Givm, E. R. J. GtflOB. mw. Fiui Bcbwuti, Madams Ikdbx F*??ico, The Great Sensation Prima Uorroa. All Solo PertornMra Formit?f, for canun* U^*b;,a icai ax? uae*aaled in the annals of >i in?tr<-l?* ADMISSION TWENTY-FIVE CENTS }f WASHINGTON THEATER. YV ENGLISH or}C?4. SNKTHKNH (l?" Cooper**! 6ICAT F.KO|j?ll OPtRA TBOlPb will "Ma l*? M?v? plae?* for ONE *Vfc-HK. c 'inmencm* M''SI>-V.Y, S-'pteirlier 17th. whf?ro tli#T writ perform in auocea*i?n the > cat popular Lyrie aii<1 C ?nie Operaa 1a the Ea.'Uaii iau<u?<e: auch a? l.uer-na, Fra Dtavoio.Ci.derelia, and Barber of Sivt 1*. Seats can be neeur*? at Mottero't'ii M:mc For partwlara *+* future adrwMee*n-tif. ?^ W Y M 11, The Iagl?lu u4 TcitrllHitill SIX MGNTI ONLY. ALSO. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTKRN'NS. AT ODD FBLLnyrS' RALL. COMMENCING MONDAY NIGH T, Sept 3-J. au 31 8t ASHING TON THEATER. Sole Leasee and Manager .S \V. Glix*. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will > : i. fur tho riwnlikp Pail ki?i u .m?. on tLe iiijht ofTfl i RSLAV. SovkHBEJi lir. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian ol the Age, wijl somuteno* an engagement of Twe re Nifht< on MONDAY, November 5th, a..d will be followed bythe most BRILIil \ N T STARS Iii tho Theatrical Firiiia?o?*;.t. Communications if artdre*?d to S. W. "OM tfowery Theater," New York, wdl meet with prompt attention. . mi tt-tr EVREK CONCERTS! RNSf LOKFPLER, fft* York >rnM| Mfic?e l .?t and 24 Woo Id rn>e?tfiilf IBL state to the enbho that A COVCKRT oflAH 8KLECT M L SIC will be given every MON W DAY an3 THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season. at Ms Pavilion, eommenoing at 3 o'otoak and ending at in p.m. Prenon to the Conoen. tlie Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a faw hours in the maxy dance. ICE CRE\M. WATV.R ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity prices. Fartie* demriur the Gardens for Pie Nie par pose*, are re< nested to five a day or two cotios. je It 3io EXCURSIONS, PIC NICSTtcT j^OOK OCT FOR THE HICKORY BOYS' FOURTH &$AyD~ASSEMBLY OF THE II I C K () K Y CLUB a* Will tak* j#e<?a? Tun**'* H*ll. 7th ?t, >9 tiAiwen l)?iw K.oi MONDAY KVRN'(i,J^A l?t. k'of particular* im fut ixu al-WIA vertisement. It* PBBliuN. PHUN, PJIUN '.-LOOK OUT FOR THE THUX\T PHELLOKS.'-Ti e g% PTC NIC ol'Mw Ptiunn* PheHows will I* M repeated a*. Columbia SraiMoa on TT?S DaY, Sept. U. Lookout tx pluiojj* tiro#>? Ui Tickets 25 ci*.,iWimittiiiK a (jenUeman at <J laTiae. Coaches will l?v? 7'h si. and At*nue, and Northern Libertiaa Market, free* 1* u'c.ock a. in. to 19 p.m. Face 15mhUeach way. By order ofthe Coynuttee. | i*l H* XO Bp tiren auflft&^?p^Nb PAVILION, oti MONDAY. S pteipber Mk The^ryj^-a-^ Holv Hill Band hK* N?eii ^njcaced the uocanion. Tickets 15 cants, ad IW 1 ***" uiidui^a leutleiuaD and ia<iie?. M T*^EE1 ! piUNb TEMPERANCE EXCURSION VI TO UlYMuXT, MONDAY , Sept*xbe* 10. TheCATHOMC BENF.rrcIAL TOTAL ABSTINENCE tVfWOC! ATION ?I the District >f oiunll ia will jure tkwr^^n^? Annoal Excursion on Jiuaday, tember 10. It?e Th???** iafftiartartd fortha occasion. tMia will inakf ?.w<> t ?es doring the day. Si.e will ie*v? liourKO'uwu at q uarter-put 7 a ui the Stotif Hou'f atTialf-pa t7a in, ana her wharf(f*ot ofTtn st. WashinsUm,) at 8 a. m. She will make a ? \l/- -u: ? I ??- - - - ? .r ....... .... mum u [iMi-ptM 1 f. fu, UuaruMt e?ch wi) at AUxaadna. O.noil)uars wi.l start iroir. the corner of 12t>> at ard trie ^vorrne.Tth at ami the Avenue, ud frem the eoftier ol ?th aud H ata.. and from tit* Capitol gaVr at J ami V? o'clock a m. Orauitouaee Till U a: the boa. whvn she returna. \N' tho'-a-' cMehravd ba d will diaoourae tweet music by law! ami wa er Dancimr.\4 oourn* will have it? votariea. lad there are few whtxn Withera will not tempt that war In liue. nothing will'<? wanting to trake it a day of real pleaanre to the me in Sera of the Aaanciatirm and the Kind friend* of the oaute who will acootupany theni. Dumer a. d Supper will be fumiahed in food ?ty le by the propdetora, Messrs. Jonea & Mi ler. No intoxicating liqaorewiH be aold d-'Mng the day on boaidtke boater on tb? (round* The atrsA eat ord?r wiJl be wamtaiuad ou tne boat and on ahor?. Tickets at % I each will *?ahle a per.tleman Arid two ladiea to erjoy the exoarsiou. Single ticket* M Oia. Ciiihiren tree. Committee Arrmnrrmfntt. John D. Clark, Patrick W Hickej, I Itomas DufT>, James J. Kane. George Savage, Patrick Carroll, M Enwrinht, John Uarlihy, Tiniothv G reen, Patrick Shea. ? < Jam?aAleGran, , j an J) Th,S,Tu.Th&9 fStatee F.M.WtS) ^RUNGTON GRANI> P^ZITPKTNJC LOOKOUT FORUKXT TUESDAY, Tub 11th. THE GRAN WEST EVENT OF THE SEASON! SPLENDID PI8PLAY*OF FIREWORKS! PLBA9VnB~A~rfD PROFIT! m ? A cranil Pri?? Pi? Nie will be given o? TUCSDAY Arlington Sprint on which oooaaion 'JOO P&ES 4UtiS3??? KNTS will he diatributed. ffiESfi The zifU.c n listing of Gold aud Silvur aUt?e?. Silver rea Set of 6 piecea wcth $<?>, Wraeeute, Earring*. BreaaMin*. *?., Ae , Itave Nwti purchased of flood. Jailer, twam 0,h aud loth ata., and can ba ??vn in hia window Every piece taere ex lusted. together with 1M other gift*, Wfairly distributed at t)* e'eleok ou the day of the Pip Via. Withers' celebrated braae and string band ia tnrared. There Will alao he a SPLENDID DISPLAY OF PlREWOtK*! Superior to any pritaMeilarpna* ever totton up. The Proprietor*, guarantee good order and a ''onw^byaea wiluleave 7lk at. and Pa. avenue everr hourotmng the day. The packet Flying Cloud will run between Georgetown and the *erin*a_ and tk? totiMr Geo. W. Rise* will leave '14U1' at. bridge '^TickrU, for lent'emen, SO cents; ladkes, S6 cests. Nochargelfa^hitaSn^^^^^^^^^ae^aoitf boarding. J EQ NINTH STRBKT.?hereon* retnrm??MM Tt? tk< pit* from th?i* -summer mart* will las vacant several desirabte ?mu, having the eoi*va nionceiofia*. water, and fca' 4*3 Ninth ?t., one dour south ?f F; siulahi* -either for Amines or single geutlejB-n. Table 1-oaiJers aeoorxu11exiled ore mOrifrate terms. se 3 lsr P0LntoXL^6OK? FOR THE TIWKHC'uskeys Text Book sent by mail, pre-?a.J.ea riiiitTfV' T. t r <j*>^ YPehtioai Teat Bssk fay mail, free, e n re^DouijM aad Lineola Debates sent free on reettfi < ? bred 3eott Caw sent by mail on receipt of ? cent*. LifeofDodtiasemit hy matlosreeelatof99eesitaCampaign MadaJs of ah the oasdiiitss sent by mail, free, on of2&<*ent?. br AnkTLZisfVUuT m " ?? ' ttALUNTVNI'B, I I , j, 4 498 HAf "-'Wsism"-1 WALL, STBFflBN* * CO., Hi) P?ni?yln. I u, ATMWrfam M rwiwrt l tuf? H w Kn Q*ods, to wluofr Mm? ?r?tolk? MtMtigt of Mil r friend* ?nd cualo?Mir?. *tt?D tf " S%3c!u<tfi i.c ?J7~ir..z Br WALL * HaRMAKD. Airt:oiMrt. ACcTION SAI.K rOR ONE Dif ONLT, A u tit flu ttt I>m?? sum Tl'l tlWtT lor tku, IN'omi * esstt kt U U r?i?l.|li ?a Ml ?fe? HIMW* arf ?3r itMkolLMiM' Wr*r|;i|i, * ior to tb? omum of al arwl witUr ?t\ ?a. <whtofc wiiJ Uk? >I?H Sop'-m* *r lith, n?r r??**intn? atrck of? LaaiMf ?.?c**ii?*?41?*?allaj.u lu, lAtt ro;nt?. : ?c??!.d ntelUbkftwIa^ . . B*r?c# Du?tor?. Tr*r< !1*f C.oMt U)4 lUflut, Grey (tMlwt, Ac. ai&iflus fcu5.a.2rs. skw %ttr%cti V0 k A (04 oi ? ' OiTl, D ^ W? nOOp Nil Wt ssSmuM**u**j*t err. ^ ? MAXWkaURt).S'>P???. H ?-? WAt.l, I BAKNaK I , A Mti. Bf 1. GREET*. At?Uo?w. UAIDWAII OF EVERY DE9 *Rfrr!ON. n lUirnmi rn Wiuni' ioou.*?,lc AT ArcTwr-MM TL bSUA I, it?? 1UA ) ? ?<. I * IM 1 Mil la front ?t mj ?tota. at It o'?<v?fc> ja., a hrr?ta4 K?Mr?l ?Mnn?firt of Hairim* Barc * lud I uota. f*--"?'~ Y?rJ*ri Mtimmii H* r*r|Mt(lUf IITMN U MUmI Ui? ibMiu U? fO Mia will ba aold wiMvut roaai v?. Tsri?a o*ah will <11 > A. BKIIW.Awi. ?*ALE or WHEELWRIGHT!** ami BLArk. isirat tool*. tr.-Will n toU ?t ^iDUOM*IMli.t?04'ri'MD? If* ^O^fu.otr 15, frt ??%t yrstg !nfa4rfc Hoi|ki?& i'o., rtU Mraat, mm 0 nw UnH. A mxidtm V* ? ? >XIf MARSHAL'S Sal*.?<a *irt?o of writ of i'l ft an Imiu MMl from tha Ci?r? a Oftea of tk* Ciiootf Court of tko Utolrial of Co:ya b?o tur toe> Comity oi WaahiQitoii. au<i t? ma dirt^wu. I ^tl ?syo?a to pnbuc aifo, Ibr euk, inf "*t&r tit* Oairt Hnm d.arvl mm aosr-ty mm M Oft DAY, ttea lajdoy ofOotobar Mii.lKuAitlV^ ? Ati dafand&at't right, tit,a, o mid and intoraat ju i?d u? Lot No .in Square ?l\. 10 tha city of NVavfciatton, D. 0 , lofaUcr att til a ad > li|dii taa ir&yrureeo'.la ttorvofi. ?oim4 Mil l?i?? Km * to* proparty of William H aujha-a. atd wili>a old to -aUtfr judicia ? Nc. St, to J unary trrui Idm, ia Carer of imam tf. U. 8. M&nhfc! for tka Diatriot aag-dta "fUTl RE BAYS By J. C. MoUL'iRK * CO Aoauu^aara. VH ALL'ABl.? BU'LDlMi LOT Ofc .NORTH t? St.. ?tTw?Byjra asd I'mJW ,at rru r Arrti ? ?On TvR^OAY AFi f.KfiOON, t?o* t?mbor Itth. at *..'a uofc.<* um pratoiaoo ? afca'l t IB ^Mra ?S7, fl..l.t4U4 .4 f*? t oa Lwrth *. ?*' ?**l. 1>twa. fc ttli and If*). ?ta woat. racri-tu ^cet iy? f*t tn *9Mo?t wtey. a?bi?at to m I'M N* MRIfl* tM I* Mttl'W ?l maj im* ? tfc* M'imb> uf twtitf ?1? pm toot (or tM KCi-uod. T?rrni: O m turd o??h: CM r?rid?? in ? t?4 15 momtith, ?itli iiimi, MOtirMl to) ft MM of trust <>n "* * 6d"""* I. C. MoQCUE k CO., ABctt. Ht A. GRKKV iMttASMr, Hoisehold fuk mti be at auction. On TL f.SDAY. the llth inn., 1 ?h?Jl fct tM rMidenr* of a t*d? d^cl.nlt-f huut?k?"*?tar. on tkiwi<it ?i*? of t*?rroth M1,)m(vivb ?udHiU m A.M Kio'cloM ?.?..? cood U orumatof PmroiUr*, tis: I friftbotany H<>f? and Chairs. Do. irr??afor tad othar Rvraas and Rna??r*?d Marti'??k>r C?at<* T?tiM ft' d Wbataot, Kancy, Cam acd Mltrr Ct un, Wuitrobtt, raapie imf* fcBfl utn?r HrO?teada WuhiUnda, rmrl Wft?a?a4 (Voctar* Wara. F?ttk?r Bad*. KolMn. Pill' w? Mi Beddl??, Htir ftjxl wtiiw VtiUMt**, TwtlM Threa-jli cth-r Cft-p+t? Oilcloth, With m???^r?thrr alice* whioh *t dm it otvac TmIm? AJi?a?n? audar 4A oaaki owiM.i oradit of 61 ft' cl 90 dftja. far a^tea aftU?ift;Wj;i.i> an dor?#d, bearing itrt*r??t TIm> Hm?. whiah ostftiiw W KiwirtiBd; ftrnif*d noma, uftlao for iwti ii|tui?Mik?yiM- | ML 1*7 j A. 0 W F.gff, Aid. Bj 4. OlCKfl.iuot.uiiMr. VALUABLE HKopfifcTV ON NOJITH I. iiTvtu7n *SD?ru "n w*?r. ATArmos. On IHIK'DAV, th* >Sth int, 4 aha'I "lu in front of tk? irtoua**, ftt I a'o??k p. pi , part or Lot No 2.11. Nu. Ait. with tt# iru#iwenact*. whic7> c"nn*t of ft tim ?iorj brlok houae, with back imiMfnt. em tiininr ?ii aad kimj.aa. 1 ha Vc-ttfri'iiu a.i aortr. I ?trw< ?i i?tt. r?iaii' back "" fa t llx<ui uJ Vft; Im Hlftr*, Mtmv 7tk ftM kth t a?u. The abore m?nt:oi>H >rr party ta aligiMr ?<ta4t?d and H*?h ?bm t inrluoaaieatata par <aaa wit hjng to make a i<oti iava?lia?iit 1?r in : Dm fourth ca?h; kftaoa in I, J aaf S ymr*. fe* note* hearirt ir te*#?t f-fint day ' aft>. A dead rivaa ?b4 ft?<-*d ?f tni* takaa. Tift* in dtapatab**. All iknijuitai ftt U? ooat of tha >aj?rr- A.etKEN.lW. 'THr^AGlV:o?X TH ACT in ti*> ooauir > f A a<hjoct >a. oh taa l'ia*f Braaoh K uu:, aad ai?oal thrr* raiiaa from tha aity of Wakhiittou, iMrinr a ?a.n cf the rroi>Mt* knawn a* tfca P?n?y I'.ranah Trtmittx Coui?* Br two trust, om liaanna date on or about th#S?th d*j yt Au?u?l. I*"*, Mlraoorded in Liber J. A. 97 Nk> tt?, fbloe efeeq.. i?neo? th? raeord* t<f t*? onaatp cfWAifclnf tun. u Ui? Diainet of Oilaafcifti u4 ( ? ?ti>?r bearing 4at? ua or about 14th .-?j of Mu, iks*. a 4 recorded ia Liter J. A. S.. No. m, <oT.?i 4m, t **1 . alto on* ol the .and ooortla *4 -a*l . I will proeaadto pah alpaMir aaaOoa teU*feigH??t tu ittor. ea TUESDAY. U* llUi "ay -?i fee#t*int.< r, lSf, at 5 oVook f, m.. at fH? A act .op fcootti of A.UlIti. corner 7th a*? O *tr*-ta. WtMnilon. I "a* taai part of a tract af land ea'.l?4 'PatMt'aA'ili gaat,' auau, lying. and b-Muc m Ut ooantj of W at "i eg ton, >9 Dta'rut <?r Co'bmbia, a-ifl <>n tha w?t ?id* of tlia Pi*?er Bran: h to*a. eowtain-d within th? following ?i?t"? ami ?<ourui*, to wit. B -giuniug lor tkio jwm? at a?w>r.*. So 4, planted ?ji?r k* ooratr 01 iw\ oTVft o &tki **i<t ni w iityi Ff^k nw.ayi mriagtroai th?1 aartfe atztf-?a^<.d a mtl ?p?'M?,w?il nil# MX IM ll'rtl-four Bun d/atiuis p^tohea, wit* PM-kiaftti'a n rfn lire.V- ft 1 >t""D*. No. S. ft? th?nert*wwtcweerofHpwfcuiBn'e I*'far lo4 ftnd Uw b?(i9H)DC o/ h.? mmu? lot, til Ml' mnnini north thi.iy uJ ft half <ieg re?-a. eft?t tweno-ei| nt and ft hftif percfar* t< ft >!tu i| tba oath Tin" of ft ro<d t*?rti ff?( wide, awd W th theoftat lire of SpMkmftn'a anr.aJ ar IM. 11 ^tftnied ft atnna No. i; ih?nt-e raneiu* - att aixtv onaftad hft!fd?cr?ef. Mat fifty bid* pe>cn?aftnd fnar ftod one hundredth of ft *erah to ft aatk* m th* WMHin*ofth?Pine? tf a?h roftd: thaaK>? with aftid WMtlia?<>f aftid Pi My brftfcM rv?*i initUftiti.t Una ta tha ? pee of l?uuioc> ??!.tftiniot tM ftftraa ftud thirty-mix p^rehaa of land," mo'f or w?;loI<h?f vith llitimypoirMMuli Itaiwu, wfcieliooaEofftMw. ryiwaaa, ftcd waU-6*>.t t?*-su>ry I jne DvftlUag boaii, ai*Uinc, fthada, fti-d oat aaft. ' J T?na< of Ml*: Out third ruk; tfc? hftlftaoa in ft 1 ?od 11 months, fur which th. pwrcMMr win be re- I uued to giM kia Lots. bMriax int*< act fro* tha I dfty of aftla, ?od aeoar ad by ft d*M of trnat ap<?t iM I yr*-?Mti | tara* of aaia within fT?iiaa*aft?r tiie i!aj ofaa , f th? tra*ta? rntrra tk? riritt to r?a?t1 raid prop 1 urff, at tk?ri?k aad <x?at ?r ?ha drtau'tin* pate** Mr,UM|ifii| ftv* days ?ravi?M terma ?f ruoh r?*ato. All ??H?ajaaaa? at Ik* oo?t a?l'-w><td? * * I nr^KU8 r HAL.? ? B? Tirtaa afa daad of tra.t I from Jame? 5k dm or* to tk# nrdenif r,<?d, datad Aar*?t MM. aad rec? drd amoaf via iaad r*cor?ia of Waafciazton?oaat*f l>i?trict of Co in bu, Uer? will a fu>.o ?al*. at U? foot nf Jt"r Ont tan oar mim Boat ahoot afty f?at loos. , Oaa Mit akaat ona kiad '?d and tltj Uikmwt lone and about twaty foot d*??. And ten c:? of mim Koaa. T*rm? caafc. aat-d t> U gMOOTTTrmf* EM>R ?Af.E?A (M**f MJRC10AL INiTRT 1: MEWTi> fcr araaatatiuaa. na?aaiim,A? . oI London maaBtactura, motiy a?w aau ?u ieai>ant condition, at Mmi i. ,\.\IRX A rALMER*^ Drot; Stora, wnir arNmth ftrret aad Pa. avanua. laWkrM, bf Vfuk e j WoodaMMl WaUra, by A. B. Strooi..T < Political Tail Book, ?f*t br wait fro* oa i?e?ipt ?f fa. o l i 4r*4y fyijliea! MM ft** if i?*1 on r?*M?lof #1. ^ For M.1* at onj- *tor*, JT? pa. av4?o*,at our ara.lft.ooHt of wMt ilaUl) Uif CTRW piahod own manufacture. H- O. HOOfi). ?*P?.Mr??>? NRW CARPET ROOMS, D4 jJwtSnTSrui^ tlW* e?LeId*d mTAJN PiiAMa"iH^BAOCIAThi J,MM m4 3205? d "Si* :'.^.?wk.^ i