Newspaper of Evening Star, 10 Eylül 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 10 Eylül 1860 Page 1
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? 0 ?????????? ????????????^ fferag St a t Vr. * - - ' ' - ? - V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 10. 1860. N?. 2.850 ?? ?? ????_?????__ _ _ . THE EVENING"STAR 'A PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITAJl BUILDINGS, Cor >sr of Pgnmwlvanim Wild ?# IW. D. WiLLiCH. Papera MTTAl 10 ptekmt by oarriera at #4 a >?r, or ST oeau per naoath. To nail aubecriban the prnea ii |)i) a fear, u? (rfvMM; $3 for fix fl for Utm montha; aod for Iotb th*n th-ee louuthi at the rat* of N oenta a week. Bn*la copiee, oxicut;ia wrappera, two chits. 1lf~ Adtmtt*iieiti anoatd be sent to the oflot be to re 12 o'eioefc m? otaerwiae uiey maj not appear until thene?t4ay. | BACHELOR'S LOVC-XAKISe. I You would hare known it for a bachelor'* I dea the laomant you put your head in the door! I Blae, apiey wreaths of cigar awoke circling up f the ceiling?newspapers under the table?Caatii? aoap in the tinr bronie card-receiver? ! aliDOflra on tha mantle-niece. and reneraJ con i fusion everywhere. And jet Mr. "fhurnbrooke ?poor deluded mortal?solemnly believed that bis room was in the most perfect order. For h*<ln't he poked the empty champagne bottles under the bed. and sent the wood box to bear them company, and hang his morning gown over the damp towels, and dusted the aahed sprinkled hearth with his best silk pocket hankerchief ? He'd like to see a room in better trim tha* that; guessed he wrald ! And now he was mending himself up preparatory to goiug palling, to oall on the very prettiest girl iu New York. Not that he was particularly fond of the needle, but when a fellow's wh<>f? foot goes through a hole in the northcase toe of his stocking, and there isn't a button on his shirt, its time to repair damages. Vow m w M r TKnpnKrtVkko'a wKaIa n#in_ J WW ? * a a uvt uv? VV?V u ttuviv a vw A wt tU dust rial implements consisted of a lump of wax, an enormous pair of scissors, and one needle, the mending didn't progress rapidly. Bis way of managing the button question, too, necessarily involved some delay; ne had toent all that* uH-ful little appendages from another shirt and kw them on, and next when the second shirt wm wanted, why it was easy enough to make a transfer again ' See what it is to be a bachelor of genius; it never ooourred to him to buy a few buttons extra ! " Buttons are not muoh trouble." said Mr Thornbrooke to himself, as he wiped the *p? ration from his brow; "but when it eomee to coat-sleeves, what the mischief is a fellow to da? I haven't any black thread, either," , -and he looked dorolously at a small tear iuet in his elkow, where some vicious nail nad caught in the broadcloth. " A black pin may (In for tn-nirht. ami to-morrow I'll arnil it <n the tailor. The fact is, I ought to be married, and so I would if I only dared to ask Lilian. 1), dear! I know she wouldn't bare me?and jet I'm not so eertain either?if I only could muster the courage boldly to put the qaestioa! But just as sure as I approach the dangerous ground, my heart fails me! And then that puppy Jones, with his curled musuche and hair parted in the middle?always hanging roand Lilian, and quoting poetry to her? if I could have the privilege of kicking him across the street, I'd die happy ! He isn't bashful, not he ! If somebody would only in vent a new way 01 popping me question?something that wasn't quite so embarrassing !'' Oar hero gave hii? black.glos.?y curls an extra brnsh, surveyed himself critically in the gla&>, and then, with a deep sigh, set forth to call on the identical Lilian Raymond, he had done a thousand tiaeu before, that if ?perhapa?may be? Oh! the buhfalne^s of bachelors. When Mr. Thornbrooke arrived within the charmed precincts of Mr Raymond's h*nd?>me 'parlors, Telvet carpeted, chaodeliered with gold and ormuln, crowded to the very door*, with thoae charming kniok-knacks that only a woman's taste provide.*, Mis.s Lilly waa "at home" in a bewildering pink merino dreos edged with white lace around the pearly nhoalders. and a crimen moss roee t wisted in among the rippling waves of her soft brown ( hair She never looked half no pretty; and, thank Providence. Jones waan t on baud, for In fc;. II*. -L.t ... -- ? vuvv iu uia i w- uhii w n?i was si tuu3i S3 U HI Lily i cousin was there?a tall, slender, black- , ?j#>i girl. with areh lip?, and cheeks a* red as a Spitsbergen apple 0 how Thombrooke wished that Mise Either Ellen was at the bottom of the Red Sea, or any where else except in that particular parlor And then her eyea j were ao aharp?he hadn't been doing the agreeable more than four minutes *nd a half whon sbe exclaimed : * Dear me. Mr Thombrooke?pray excuse me?but what on earth is the matter with your . elbow Mark turned scarlet?the traitorous black pin had deserted its itoat. ' Only a compound fracture in my coat.Miss Allen," said he. feeling as though his face 1 might do tbe duty of Mr Raymond's chandeliers put together, "you know we bachelors are not expected to be exempt from such thing*." " Hold your arm. sir. and I'll set it all right in one moment," said Esther, instantly pro- ^ ducmg from some secret reees* in the folds of L her dress, a thimble and needle threaded with ] black silk, and setting expertly to work. " There now, oonsiaer yourself whole." " How skillful you are," said Mark admir- j lagly, after he had thanked her most sincere- ^ ly. "But then yon have so many nice little concerns to work with. I bare nnl* a ? ? / ~ HVVUIV ami ?imt wax, besides my scissora. " You ought to have a housewife. Mr. Thorn- o brook*,said Mi*a Lilj. timidly lifting np her n long lashes in his direction. Lily never could p apeak to Thornbrooke without a soft, little t roay ahadow on her cheek "A what T* demanded Mark, turning very * red. t "A housewife." o " Yea," said Mark, after a moment's awk- r wark hesitation, "my?my friends have told c me *0 very often?and I really think *0 my- t eslf. yoa know Bnt what sort of a one would o you recommend, Miss Raymond a "Oh, any pretty little concern. I'll send p you one in the morning, if you'll accept of it,'' g ahe added, with a roay light on her cheeks p again a " If?I'll?accept it!" said Mark, feeling as d if he were in an atmosphere of pearl and gold ii with two wings aprouting out of his broad- o cloth, on either aid*. And just as he was E opening bis lips to assure Miss Lily that he e was ready to take the precious gift to his arms ti then and there, without any unnecessary de- *1 lay the door opened and in walked Jones g Mark was not at all cannibalistic in his pro- rx penalties, but jast then he could have eaten c< Jones up with uncommon pleasure. And there the fellow sat, pulling bis long moustaches and n talking the most insipid twaddle?sat and sat, v until Mark rose in despair to so. Even then c ha had no opportunity to axchang* a private tc word with Lily. bi 44 Yoa?you'll not forget?" to "Oh, I'll be sura to remember," said sha * smilingly, and half wondering at that unusual f pressor* he gave her hand " Ladias often de _ provide their Bachelor friends so!'* jj Mark went home, the happiest individual b that ever trod a New York paremeat. In- E deed, ao great was his felicity that he indulged w in various gymnastic eapeta indicative of bliss. ,l and oalv paused ia them at the grulF caution of a policemen, who probably had fo?gottea his u own courting days?" Coma, young man, what a, are yaa about?" u " Was there ever a more delicate way of as- v* auring ma of her favorable consideration? Was ? there erar a mora femiaiaa admission of her d sentiment ? Of course ska will emae herself " an angel, breathing airs from Paradise?oh' * the delicious words ! Wonder what neighbor- 4, hood she would like me to engage a residence? h how ?uvn it would be best to name the day ' Oh ! if I should awake, and find it all a blissfal j dr?am " JJ Early the next mominr Mr.TbornbrookeMt brtskly work, ' righting up things." Boer be swept aad dusted and scoured?the room r\ was aired W get rid of the tobacco smoke, and m sprinkled with eotona, and beautlled gener- T ally. And at length, when the dost was all re sweat into one eoraar, aad covered by a eare lamb (') dispeeed aawsaapar. he feaad the & . window glass murky, and polished it with such " vengeanaa (hat his 1st, handkerchief aad all, n? w.rTt IkrM.t. .V- V - - nI ?-?-i-?* MHi and tli necessitating the angreeefnl acceeaoryof an old d< hat to keep oat th? wintry bU*t for the tin* being. Howarer. eran this mishap didn't long <*> bta apirita. for ?M not Lilly coming 1H Loaa and wearily ha waited yet no tinkle at * th? ball gar* warning of Iter approach *?IU "J aH bar awoe? feainine modesty," thought h?, to an<l vaa content th At le?ftb (bare waa aa appeal below, a?4 th f- Jtif.jiA-* S- ?** I t,j Mark's heart jump?<l into hi* month, beating like a reveille dram. He rushed to the door, but there was no one but a little grinning boy, with a box. " Mia Raymond'* compliments, and here's de housewife, sir." *4 The housewife, you little imp of Erebus." " Ye?, sir, in the box, all right." Mark slunk back into his room and opened the box, half expecting to Me a fall dressed young lady isene from it a la Arabian Nights; but no?it was only a little bine velvet book, and full of odd compartments in asure silk, containing tape, needles, scissors, silk, thimble, and all the nice little work-table accessories. "And she calls this a housewife," groaned Mark, in ineffable bitternees of spirit at the downfall of his bright visions. " But I won't be put off so!" , Desperation gave him courage, and off he hied to the Raymond mansion, determined to settle the,matter if there were forty Joneses and Esthers there. But Lilian was alone, singing at her embroidery in the sunshiny window casement. ' Dear me, Mr. Thornebrooke, is anything the matter." Perhaps it was the shadow from splendid crimton cactus plumes in the window that gave her cheeks such a delicate glow?perhaps?but we have no right to speculate. * t'Yes." And Mark sat down by her side,and took the trembling, fluttering hand. "Yousent me a housewife this morning?" "Wasn't it right" faltered Lilian. "It wasn't the kind I wanted at all." "Not the kind you wanted?" "No; I prefer a living one, and I came to see if I could change it. i want one with brown bair and eyes?something, in short,Mim Lilian, just your pattern. Can't I have it." Lilly turned white and then red; smiled, then burst into tears, and tried to draw away her hand; but Mark held it fast. ' No, no, dear Lily; first tell me if lean have the treasure I ask for." "Yes," she said with the prettiest confusion in the world; and then, instead of releasing the captive hand, the unreasonable fellow took possession of the othrr, too. But as Lily did Dot object, we suppose it was all right. And that was the old path by which Mark Thornebrooke diverged from the walk of old bachelorhood, and stepped inte the respectable ranks of matrimony. BE A MOTHER TO Yooa Cnn-no** ? mother to your children; be a companion for jour boys and girls. The follies of the young are too often the munifestations of the sin." of the mother?sins of omission, of neglect of the child's thought, which instead of being trained. as the gardener inclined the twig,is allowed to be blown about by every passing breeze Fill your child's thoughts full; stuff them to repletion with the good, and there will be no roon far the bad ta get in. You know how to satisfy the demands of his stomach, yet you do not attempt U> cater for his noble.mental and moral nature. Be a companion for your children. Teach them that if weaned from your breast, they are not put away from your heart; and from thence let them still draw their spirit, as they before found their life's blood Be a mother! My ear Is pained. Mi* inn) i? -*?' * .. ? ?? >?U w?ny uay I TPpOH l)/ wrong *nd outrage with which the eartL is tilled." A mother The fashionable woman whom ire once met dancing wantonly at city ball, when her only ?hild lay home sickening with the scarlet fever, is not the type we urge you to eopy. She was but an ostrich who leave* its foung on the desert sand. No. be * true mother, ins'inct with all the holy attributes of maternity. There are many of you who can, like as, point to the mansion of the blest for the type of a mother not dead, for she still lives in jur hearts, stirring us up with a sweet, soft .oice, yet riuging louder than clarion blasts throilffh mip inmAflt flfciralo J"4** AU ?0 ? - ovaio, w UUIJ . A U . 11 you will but accept the noble office you ire called jpon to perform, if y^u will but oocupy tbe Heart of your husband, if you will but fold your shildren into your own self, know their inmost houghts, he th*sir confident, their life-spring, b?ir guide, "truant husbands." as they are tailed, aona designated aa "only a little wild," rill be rare, and the world will be renovated. To thcc?e purer joya, doea the true woman cay Iress and fashion are preferable 7 Like all ;ood actiona. these will reboand with blessings, n the exercise of these duties, in the cultivaion of home joys and affections, the exposures nd consequent diseaaea will not be met with. <ife will not be a constant state of invalidism. Vill you think of theae things.?KnicktrbocL- ) r Magazine. ^ Maxitacttre or the Diffkkckt Varieties r Ulass.?The principal kinds of glass now aanufxctured are flint glass, or glaas of lead; ( late glaaa, or glass of pure soda; crown glass, he bant window glass, and bottle or coarse ;reen glass. Flint glass is so named because the iliamini -11 * " "o ui igiuauj employed in he form ef ground flints. It is now oomposed , f 100 part* purified sand, 00 parts lithrage or i ed lead, ?nd 30 parts of purified pearlash. To ' urreet the green color derived from couibus- j ible matter, or oxyde of iron, a little black xyde of manganese ii added, and some timet * iter and araenie; the fusion is usually accom- ] Imbed in about thirty hours. For plate glass, ood carbonate of *>da, procured by deeom- J osingoommon salt with pearlash, is employed j the fiux. The English crown, or fine win- < ow glass, i? made of ??nd, vitrified by the npu e barrills, manufactured by incineration ^ f seaweed on the Scotch and Irish shore*, [road glass is made of a mixture of soapboilr i waste, kelp and sand, in various proporocs; two of the waste, one of kelp ana one of . ind, form pretty good qaality of broad laee. Bottle glass may be made from a mixire of common sand and lime, with little jmmon clay and sea salt. i t Violbiit Storm ui Charlks County?Gkxat a kstkcctiom.?On Friday, the 31st ult , a moat t lolent storm of wind passed over a portion of Klf 1?? hSA ?* 11 * , wi* , uwiiuing irom me fotomac i ti.f Patoxent. It* path waa about a mile In readlh, houat-a and barna were blown down, ibacco ajdeorn cut to piece*, and about 1100,000 orth of -property In all destroyed. Tbe Port obaceo Tlmea aava: "Amoni; the aufferera by le atoriu we mention B<trnea Compton, who bad barn blowu down and crop deatroyed; Richard ,. Edeleo, barn and cop deatroyed; Beuton irnea, Win N Franklin. Jamea L. Brawner, L. Smoot, and John W. Mitchell, together 1th all in that vicinity, have loat neerly or all of ?elr crop, Dr . F K WllU, Col J.J Hughes, _ ndjje F Dlggea.and Mra Lloyd, toward Aliens H reah had their cropa, we learn, coanpletely dra?yrd Tbe Brat-named gentleman had nearly 11 nla barna blown down Mr. Wm Pfrvlt, near place, had a quarter prostrated. la the IWll of _ h'ch two of hi* negroes received aerloua Inlnru km a is aim broken Barns were blown own in evert direction, and a lot of pUak at tbe j, *rebouae, a mile below tbla Tillage, waa scat- tl red 40 or 50 yard* off and scattered In every dl- ? K-tlon So near u thli to our Tillage wa? the orm. and yet, strange to say, we bad but little all or rain and no wind of note In the village. A Miohty Rivta ?'Tbe Amaxoa. the largest { tn la tbe world, baa an area of drainage nearly i tree times as large as tbat of all tbe rivers of l urope tbat empty themselves Into tbe Atlantic. 1 bis plain Is entirely covered with a dense prliu' ? fore*, thromrb which u? " _ ?f )?iiiare Ibute ? ule tb? rlw, and innumerable tributaries hla forwtts literally 1 mpenetrable Hmnboldt tuwka that two mission stations might be only . few sails* spa*i, and yet the residents would re- " lire day l*? to ?ek oJUit, dtig h f wtadlazs of M*U ?tre*m? Even tbs wild iluials g?tInvelved 1* such lmpenetrable mum wood (even tb* jaguar) that they live for a 1 u? to tbe trees, a terror to the monkeys, whose ' xnlnloos they laT'ded The trees measure from eljrht to twelve feet In n.irirT, Ma UM IBWTTOU OCCtpted thf libk? pitato. which hare. ! the** triple*} regions, rtoroe arborescent. It I* navigable for S.auO ilea from the ocean; tt 1* nearly 100 mile* wide tte mouth, Id some place* (SOU wet deep, mod (to ^ rreuta project*, a* U ware, Into Um oceaa, more a?juu mile*, perceptibly altering It* wafer* at U from the 4pertcaa shore* * ti'mi ,a . ??u ' | !r2}i t Anns. WIRILOW, N Experien ed Nnra? and Female Phyalotan, preeenU to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP. Far Childrea Teethlag, VkKI pwll( IteUiiiln imm af uiUk|. kv MflN M th? U* ' ... >u>Mum-wui 11M7 ALL PAID Ul ipuiM4ll to SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS' epeo it, Mtbere, It will girt reet ( jmymIvm, u4 BELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS We ktfi pat ap aad (aid tMa artiele far aaar lea 71m, ?nd OAR (AT, in CONPIDBNCB AND tiotm of II. wbai we ha?e aiftr keen able le ieay at any OTNIR MldiClae?NBTBA MRS. ?A? IT FAILED,I* A IIRCLB l?- ?TA*C1 TO IFr?CT a cub, WISSIiUW'B ?b? timely wi Meverdid we kaaw uu|*iaan an ioeuoce ef die atiefactiett by any >W;i , eoe wbe ated it 0? the tantrery.allare SYRUP, delirhted with ite PBRATIOR*. and l?pe?? ia terae ef bifbeet eomiaendatfen ef i? m< -iral efeete and medieel rirtbea. We epeak in J>ie matter WHAT WB DO Bl*OW." nw ill nor iMMN. AI*D FLIOSl ODI RBFUTa* tioit roR thi ri'lrilnikt or vnit ? aui d?. CLtil. In ilntMt mrj inatanca whara tha infant >a nffir* ln(lrMi pim tn< (ibilMion, rtlill will ba foand IntftNi or twamy mmataa aftar tha ayrap idnttRiitirid. Thia valaabla praparauoo ia tha praacnpuan af ana ?f Ik* tat itrmiNcio uii imruL rdiiii in Naw Barlaad, aadkaa kaan aaad with *??RR-raiLiRe auccRai la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Ml aoly raliavaa tha child fram pain, bat Lnrljarataa tka atasach and kawala, eerracta acidity, and fi?aa tana aad aoarfy ta tha whala ayataia. It vill -.Imaat inataotly rdlia?a Gmirins m ths Bowel* ajid Wins Colic, u4 avarcaraa eon'alaiatia, which, U >at apaadiiv ramadiad and ia daaU. Wa( _ k alia* a it tha hit 4WD*UaB*T RRM- FUR B?I iu Ua WORLD la all aaaaa af DTt- (^IILDHEN tiTlirudmil >Nai lit chil- TKKTHI\fl rmn, whathar it iiH..h.i.niik?j or from aa* otbtf eaaaa. W a woaldaay ia a?ar y moth a r who baa a child ?!faring from any of tha for againf complaint*?DO ROT LIT TOl'R PRBJUDIClf, IVOR THR PRRJVDI II OF OT H RRI tar d batwaan yoar aaffaring child and tha raliaf that will ka JURR?yaa, aRiOLVTKLT lURR-t* follow tha aaa of th raadicina, if tiiraly aaad. Fall diraetiar.a er aaiag will a aampanT aach botna Nona *tnaina anlaaa tha fac-aimila CBRTll * PERKINS, Naw York, ia ao tha aituida wrapp* i ftoid by DrRf clata throa^haat tha warld. rnncipai utnci. !* II Cater Blratt, H. T I Prt?? mitU Cmu p?t B?ui?. h u-<tvlf 1 FOR SALE AND RENT\ , FOR SALE?A lot of LAN D containing b acres in I'riace (ieorgw's con- ty .adjoining the Distriot line, 5 mile* north of Washington city and 3 mile* from the Soldiers' Home, in a healthr neighborhood. improved with a ooriifortabiedweliinr and an orchard ol select fruit. Situation desirahl* as a building site, convenient to churches, Mjhools, a c. Terms liberal. For particulars inquire on the prem tu iuc suusoriuer. au lS-fxilm* Mm. K. PA VISITOR HALE?Very cheap, on reasonable term*, r one of the most desirable HI,'ILI)l!NO LOT!* in the city. sit-fated on the north we.-t of 6th at.,and S'?w York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. K. HOIMJSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 40-')7th?t., between H ami 1 ?t?. au 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOl'SE will l>e for rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth stieet, between Georgia avenue and K ?t.. Navy Yard ; has a large Kaulen lot attached, a pump of *. ?*] water n ar, and contains 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a R<?od, strong WORK HORSE j works well in anything Inquire ni T. r.. 5-1.akk, rsavy \ ?M ; or of JOHN HATCH, 618 II st . I>etween 4t)i and 5th j> 16 FM)R RF.NT?The three story (brown Iront) HOUSE, No. 3t>7 New York avenue, between 10th anil llth streets, north side, containing fifteen rooms. This house is convenient to tlie Patent Office, Treasury, etc.; is lighted Uy gas, and in every way suitali e for a t>oardiii|( house. Krutnmiciatc. Apply nejt door, or to A ?. FOWLER, s<oond ttour north wine oi Patent Ottaoe. Jy 14-tf tvUK REYr?Three BRICK HOI SKS-o'ne Twelfth gtrcut, between C and 1); one on the Corner of Twelfth ami li sts.; and one on H, !>e tween 12th and I3lh sU. Inquire of JAMES \V BARKER, on 11 street, !?etweeu llth and 12th, No, 423. rna^Vtf COR RENT?Tha FIRST K I < ><. k ..rta.kaiU. T irif immediately opposite the vr?t wins of the City HaL, recently oocupied hy Chaa. S. WaKvsta aa an office. AUo the front room in the aeoond tory and the third floor of the earn* building. For tenna apply to RICHARD WAl.LACH, No. U Louiaiana avenue. ja 13 tl CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Street, Between 9tM and lOfA Struti, \\> have just finmhed a Dumber ot brat omea CARRIAGES, auoh aa Litht Finry. MTTmsf, Waton*, Park Pkeatonf. Family C-ar-\ riatn, ami Buret's, winch we will aei! at w~ * a ver? amall profit. Being practinal m*ohanica in different hranehe* of the buaiueaa, we (latter onraelvea that we kito* the atylea and quality of work that wi'l give natia lotion, oombining lifhtneaa, oonifort and durabui ty. Repairing promptly and oarefnlly attended to the aborted nct:o? and m?>?t resectable oiiargea. WALTER, KARMANjM A BOPP. ?.;o*onmakera, euoceaeora to Wm.T. Hook. _ ap 27-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Baheerlber harm* made additions to h: ?>(7. making it now one of the ItriMt^jmu Diatnot, where hia facilities fora^^SD menuiaolunni CARRIAGE A LlGHT-^EEsJttt WAGONS of all kiuda oaunot be aurpaaaed, an 4 rrom hi a lone experience in the basinets, he hope* to sire jeoeral satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages u4 Light Wagons kept ea ^LUjRKPAIRB aeatlr dene, and ail orders preatpt 'ESXtSk 0^rta*^J^enJA?eha^e;or an *ts-? Bh. stinemetz, 836 Pa. Av., b*t. 18th asd I3th St? , Having just returned from New York, n now tpening a complete assortment of (o<Hi? in hia lineof trade? jEnts' dr ESS ha'19, various BEE&E* VENTILATING M DRESS HATS. :as*simere dress hats.%bg^ag> ?weat proof. i'RINCE OF WALES HAT, for ? yoann men, \ Ixautifu! anio-t<rent of CAPS for young men, boy?, and children^ in? i KiiaKin HUUTR, tewed and ppg*?d. $3 75, Jalf GAITERS Rood qualities, low prices, au 3' K) SOUTHERN A WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALD* MISDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DXALMS 11* I NDIfiO, SPICES, SOAP, STARCH, SODA , ASH, SAL SODA, BI GARB. SODA, SALERATUS, and GROCERS' DK ('GS, 1 29 CHEAPSIDE -w-BALTIMORE, , nvit* the attention of Merobanta viti'in* thia oitr ? e an examination of their stoik, which in variety .nd prion is not eurpMaed either in thia or any of 1 he Northern oitiea. JUT'Ordera respectfully aolloited and faithfully < n?-cuted an Y) Im* I. M. SIHGKE & CO.'S ( IMPROVED } SEWING MACHINES, i 388 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Umdek National Hotel) J K 4 r? /\/\ r\ i ? j* uuuu JiaSUKTMKyT Of \ lathliM, Threads) !Vcc4Ich, k Twist) ' kept on hand. ft-lm WM. H. GLOVER, Agrnt P?- ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. * K. BE Next Drawing of U10 Royal Havana Lottrft aondaoted by the Spanish Government. nnJer " le nyirniiai of the Captain fleuetal of Cuba, " rill tate plaoe at Haraoa on ; THURSDAY. Birniiin 13, IMri. MUKTXU nVMRRO 642 ORDlNAKiO | CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. prti* of 9160,000 10 prises of. #!.(* ' do IMuo 00 do S? J do ?,000 IAS do 400 ' do ?t0oo auapprox. ? 8,*n J do lo^no [ IN ALL 888 PHIZES. Vhola Tiobata. Ua.Tti, $ 10-Quarteia, $i. Prises aaahed It sight At 6 per o*dU discount. d Bnlsoa all solvent Bauks takes ?t par. t A drawint will be forvaraed iu eoon m U?e raaall n Momss know*. , , Ail orders for aok*?M or Ueketa to be addressed ( ? ?ON RODRitiUKZ, inV-lr Oaraof Citi PoaCCaariMtoB. A. T. jyMEBLER A WILSON'S i UNRIVALLED ' Family towtag Machine*, a WITH IMPROVEMENTS', IrhinK r?n/4~? av - ...wt mein^BD?ioi?teiy ?ll that an t*3 AT THE NEW AGENCY. t ' * [O. 346 PlMHSTi-VANIA AvgNCK, oa*r TUi |( From |M to IIOO, 1 Witk Intrtotiou (m ofolart*. tl iu a im p. J, 8TEKK, A|?iiU ' EDUCATIONAL. HMISSJKNKTTE L. DOUGLASS, AS The pleasure of announcing to her friends and the public that she will open her Seminary, at the corner of I! and Uth sts.," Philadelphia Place,' ? Monday, September loth. For term* eafl on the Prinoipal. She will be a? isted b> the following experienced and aftcient teachers: Mm DOUGLASS? Higher English Branches, Composition and Penmanship Miss Abbik M B&ooks?Ljitin, Algebra, English Branches. Mi*? Juliana G Mat?Teacher of Vooal Mnsio. Prof. Oiniai C. Piuloj-phj, Chemistry .and Physiology. Prof Ukset E. Majlis?Teacher of Frenoh and German. Prof C. W. BueXAm-Teacher of Piano and Science of Mnsio. Miss Mart T Davtmow? Piano. J. Madison Watson, of New Yoik-Lecturer on Elocution. Joskph G Bnrrr?'Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Spanish.

, Moral Hoienoe and Classics. seT-gw MISS MARY E. HITNGERFORD Wi'l reopen her school on Monday, September 10th. No. 393 New York avenue, between 12th and 13th ste. se 7-3'.? W| ASH1NGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE, .4 BOAKDINd ASD DAY SCHOOL, 943 G St., Bktwikx 17th aso 18m St*. Tht French Lantuaf Practically Tatttht. Mrs. SMITH presents her compliment* to the parent* of her pupils a >d hopes their daughters ?ill be present punctually on the first day of the session, (September 13.) The bo*rd of instruction eoHMsts, a* formerly, often professors and teachers. seven of whom taught during the last session. an J> 2w* T FEMALE EDUCATION. IHOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to receive a thorough an t systematic education, where * i?; ? ? ' - i ni-i[ p i?Mca i ainiiif wi I receivedaily and special attention, under the moat approved sy?tem of Calm theme* and Gymnastic*. are respectfully invited to visit th* Fnion Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av mr. 4. mrs. z. richard#, au 30-tf Principals. Brookeville academy, moxtsohekt county. mo The next aession will commence Septemb rSl. Boy are prepared for college or trained for business. Catalogues may be obtained liy addressing the Principal, at Brookerilie, M<1. E. B. PRETTYMAN, A. M., au29 2w* Pnnoipal. em ale boarding and day3chool. ?.* ALEAA.yUHIA, V4. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICK, P?isc:r*L. The thirteenth ai nnal se?eion of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house rec-ntly oocupiod by Sylve tax Scott, Ksq., No. 1*0 Kin street. The eonrse of study pursued will comprise all th- brarches requisite toathorough Knk 11ah Kdu ration, and M titic, F.enoh, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MeCormiek is prepared to receive a limited nunil>erof pupil* as lioarders, who. constituting a part of her own family . will he U' der her immediate oare and supervision. She will MMvor. a* far a? round tliein with the comforts and kindly iiiflnenoes "K Home. Hefrrenm.-RcY. Geo. H. Norton, Kev. T)-, Klias Harrison. Kev. D F. Sprit*, William H Fowle; Ksq., F.dgar Snuwden. Ksq . Kdtnun'1 F Witmer, |, Ht*nrj Msrhnry, fcm| , L^wit McKrnz'e, F.sq., Robert H. Hunton, K*?| . W D Wallaoh, KJitor Kvenin* Star, Benjamin Waters, F.sq., J as. Kutwisl?\ Jr.,, Col. John W. .Minor, Loudonn, Messrs. BlacklocK & Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tnx?. . Hoard, with Tuition in ail the English Blanches, $2Vfor iiio annual session?payable semi annually. 11] IKlVMH-e. Mum* awl l.aiixnages af Professors' prioos /~ fMo extra charges. an 1M-U l^RANKLIN ACADEMY, r Cormkr Thikikknth asn H St*.. A 8KLKCT SCHOOL FOR HOYS, (Formerly located in th* F,rti Ward.) Tins Institution will commcnc* it* Third Annual S^ss-ion, at its new location,oil Monday. September 31. Applications for admission may t>e iruule on tli? premises at ail) tune aft?T the 2Vh inst. au 25 1m K. B. DKTK1CK. Principal. CENTRA I. ACADKMV, Cohikr K asd Tkxtu St*. This Institution will resume its duties S<spteinl>er 3d. A pphca ions made to the Principal at th? rooms. Circulars at tUo bookstores J tt III/ U1DT o.: -i Riftttmf*. Prof. Henry, LL. D , M. H. .Miller. Esq., Kev. John C Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culver. Rev. A. G. Carothera, Rev. J. P. David*on. au2J-1m WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, Cor > kr of Tenth and G St#. Th?* exercises of this school will l>e re^umel on MONDAY, S-pU-mber 3d. For term* apply Rt my residence on D street, near Star Office, circulars at bookstores. jiuJI 22t SAMUEL KEI.I.Y, Principal. ^ELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.ES. Mis* M RIDDELL will resume the duties or her school on the first MONDAY in Septeinl>er, at No. 451_^welfth street an 2n-lin Emerson institute, H St.. Between 12th and 13th St?. SELECT CLASSlCA . AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. The Eighth Annual Session of this school will 1 oommence on MONDAY, September M. Numlier 1 of pupils limited. au At (States.! CHAS. B. YOUNG. Principal. rpHE_PRK^COTT HIGH SCHOOL. . *7U ?WB1HTH BT- BtTWtM KWDI, STSStudies will l>? resumed in thm imtirutmn on MO -1M^ , September 3d. Ciroularn&t bookstores. au ^ A. C. RICHARDS, Principal. jJ^ETRorOLlTAN ^COLLEUIATE INSTT i.'i k n * >% ?/. I run iui .>'J IjAUltiS, 4m e St., BiTwa?!? 6th and 7th Sts. The fourth animal session of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAV in SSeptemli r. Application* should be made ?*arlj,as t*e nuiiit>er of pupils is limited. For particulars see ci'culars or apj>U to tlie principals. Mr. and Mrs. T. II. HAV LNNkR. at the 1 nstitute. au 'J tl Mrs. m. k.kinusford's seminary, 4li K ST.. Wwuimtos, 1). C. The nejit nessiou will commenceUotobei Ist.iwn. Terms, /to., forwarded on application. VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! mrs. FRANK i.i N, TitcHii or Mush*. 142 H, between 6th and 7th streets. sel-eolm Georgetown female seminary, ~ (Fo?m?klt Mi?s L. t*. English's.) A BQARDlftG A\D HAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday in September next. The course of instruction cmltraces all that is i laiinht. from the rudimeiits to th? moat ?_ ! ? ? ?? nag "'J Ull* | ?:>ed education. J 'I'he oorpii of teacheri. t*n in nuinl>er,are enn- , ifiitlT qualified and experienced in their several ( irpartment* f Lectures Friday evenin*?on Hie Natural Sciences ( rithout charge to the pupii*. .. . _ tf... 1- ? ~ 1 1 * vyiivuinra may i*>oniauiefl dv McireMtnr the Prin- i "tfa1i"rn HARROVKR,Georgetown, D C. J COLUMBIAN COLLEOK. I V-. ... _ WA?HIIf?TO?l, D. C. ? iJ? ^2f*!2Ba.?C College ?pon? on Wedn?iilt?. fi J< ptembef 38th; thj preparatory aofcool Wednesday. ? ^ptemher 12th For terras, catalogue. or other IB- ? ormation apply to the President C ?u ~ ?*(* samson, n. p. y \ for girls. t ki(?l?n^v ?i P-DUNCaN wilJ,?? the a^coad f September next, open a f r. l ^iC,lr.IVriV" N<?- ?1 Indiana avenue, in which f ^iV, i f!ku'lht.l'rf"ch *nd th? ordinary branch- of f ai! dX Nation aml he xhibition, ? At l lbtl lXMA Tl. OHIO, b*Pt. 12/A- 20/A. ? t^.jtnjtkd sstatks AGRICULTURAL 3 ^ ^'i \ W1".bold it* Kicnth Annual Acricultu u al &n<l Industrial Exhibition on therroundd liber- u illy provided by the citnena ol Cincinnati, which u ire to b? fitted up in the beat atjrle. There will he u ialla and TenU for th? ?f ihpi r 5 dENTS, MACHINERY, TO9LS.IX>ME9TIC S HANI FACT! RES, FARM A\l> GARDEN H 'RODUi'K. FRUlfS. PLOWKES. and NA E riVF. WINES: with Stall. an.l P-? for h loRSES, CAT r/4u, SHEEP, and SWINE: [j md an unequal nd Trao.k,one inile in length and f| <>rt? foetin width, for the exhibition of Horeea jj l'h? Preimumi offers) ?in ra?h,?cold, silver, and irons* medal*,?diplomas and oertiticates, amount h ? H # 20.000. i The Exhibition will remain open Irois Wedne* Y lay,the 12th, to Thuraday, the Jith, ol September, j hus giving time to examiae and lent U?* tin*la j, nents and machinery. J For premium hate or liiforniation apply at the J )ffioe of the Society, No. 336 Pa. avenue, (up |, Uiri:) or to th* inhuvihar at PinniniMtl BIKN. ~P K R LFYPO <) R ?" j jy 34 tf 8*c't V. 9. A?rioaltur>. Society. ? 8AL,Tn,0*EBUTTKR HOU5E. | DiiJ) rwiving frenh andMrwt, in Oo-hen pack- 5 cor. Aiao, Oni? Bott-r, at 1<>S and UXK ELliiCOTr Jt MKWKS. ? ir* M MohtnfB Plao*. Bnltimorw. g I COAL OIL. * " l:ST Hatred from 'he Virginia Oil Company K i arrel* ?rim? P ^ R FIN R niAl, OIL. which K warranted eqaal to tne New Yo: k or Boatou oil. K hi tilde oan M mpplied on the imh Urmg M K J- iJv/i,,.;/'-L,v ' ! -1 -ivv * < I >ls GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS L^OR HAHHKR8 KKEEK Q* F It AYS ?On?n<Jafter Julj.i.lW. _ J?^ the ANTKI^OPK, Cut B.K?4bip{ J. Will*, carrying the United watae^^^^^^* mail, will leave (ieurxiViim KVKBV M/ivniv WEDNESDAY aW FRIDAV',?7tTafeaSw! turn ever* Tueadar, Thur?da? ud Saturday. N. B-?Every Wednesday the Antelope will rim through to Shepherdstown. an OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. . . N And after July Sa, I'M". the itnnnw L. J. Rrengle, Captain w. HRitter. will t. leave Georgetown EVERY Tl ES DAY. THURSDAY,and SATUR^^""^^ ' DAY, at 7 o'clock a m.. and re-turn every alternate 1 dav,at 6o'clock a. ro On t*a Saturday trip fron i Georgetown the boat will run through to Sheplierdttown. jetl 3m 1 JUST RECEIVED, ; IJU BBLS WHISKY. taeeortad.) 1*? *>. HERRING and AI,EWIVES. as do. itvi.-ivi.-h ?i-<- .do iiAg?oiiyifl!&16BlS. WHITK Kl-H. a boxes P I mrtMUrII CHHF.St. For tale low by JOHN J. BOOUK. j?? Georgetown. D. C. (VIASSKY, COLLINS A CO.*S PHILADEL- i LTl PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonstatUj receiving freeh supplies of th?above delightful be*- i race, and invite *11 pereons who want a pmre IBadulterated Ala. to give it a trial. IRNY A SHINN.AgenU, i fe? IT Brww St.. 8w>n*t?iva JOt*. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridie and Jiftrttn ft*., (rMr?ll**n. 1 Having given my pereona! attention to tkia branoh { of wit business, I am prepared to- -- - 1 attend to all sails with promptness Pertons from a distance oan besup-^^^^^^^^ 1 p ied at a ' ? nutates' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of CoFFINS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d- ad from the otd to the new burial groaade. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap 10-6m * List of unclaimed packages mu? j Offiofl of tbe Adam* ExprM* Com^DT. Wuh- ? ington. D O., to be sold fo freight and o. arges, if not immediately cal ad fur. I fiEORGE H. BURNS. Agent. t September lat, 1W. ? An bin, N Lmdley, Prof I Adamson.A -Laurence, A B A den, J R J ciTingfcton, H B Anderson, J H LyneS.A J F I^atrohe, H B Alexander, C Leonard, Rev C / Adams, e c Liatioh, Ago** ?r 1 Adair, O Laweon. Sergt W Ahb?y. Wm lAtomu, M Ashe, W 8 i^awrenoe. Col A sobrook. I! R Lantlfj.ON ^ Adduon. J W Lose. 8 B I Barber. Rev 8 l>ambort, C G Ba land, H Longetroth Rev L L Kranch, J W }.? . M.n M f Brown, AH Lang, J I Brincer, M D Labarre, F Bnrulay, AP Lawrence, Col Bc'moi.t, Aueiato* lenhor.GH n R?tt? w-. n ' n * " ** *hv??. vwi v bt Hrown.A M?ai?,Col 1 Bemi?? Prof 8 M MoPhergon.J A Haor, Mr. M Maefey, J "t b Bowie. R J Mf?P Ha'dwin. BH Mo AN?e, E V Hair*. lir Mwon. Hon C Barmide. A E Monttiue, EL j Burrs, Mary McCrtery.FA Barns, P Muldoon. M i Baoknaore.BC Mannyp?nny, Col I B'owne, IVf Morgan, KB Butler, R#t H H Montgomery, J n Bolan, ft T Martin, UB Browne. H F McKrever. A n Bo8M, wm MoLeau, W T Brown, A V MoUrtokn, J Ha.rnard.GC Mitohe.l.AS Bu ler, j G Meader.J Baker, Writ ht & Co Meeka.} W Hanton. B H MoCoiiom, Mary, Brown. A H Maaoo. K E Banks, k D Morton, JH r SBeuneU, C \V Maikley.T I rink, KH Minister of Peru. I, 7r1f\,D.?J Morrill ftjitro*, t iak. BH M array, T ol Coleman. C W Mo'ran, J B 2 Cox, J K Mc.Murrar, C H Cochrane, J A Maomnf, Catherine, Ciaaeli, R 8 T MitchelL H Carter, C H Merrill, I H Cannon. J M Md. A**l Collefe, k Cutt?, H L Mill*, j H Connolly, FC MoKecny.O M nhnn'MD. P I* Mi?A. a. A a Coieman, Mrs M B Muzty, C??lo1!t J MoPnerioo. C H Colby, PT Mitchell, W K i? Cooper, Wm Mortell, Rfv J Chapman, Wm Mindeloff. M Cnn?r, L Mcint're, j i? rrook, G W M McCarty, a Chamberlain, J Macuire. J no Cooker, J I. Mudd. Mi?? E Ca-ripbell, J U Newlirough, J B u ' ooper, John Nailnr,t? 55 Campbell. T A Nieholiun,6 W S " Clarke, Mim J Onl a, i O Crutchett, J Oppeohtimer. M m Col burn, J O Owen*. J tir Coyie A Bro Patent, Com of Campion Aroliy I)o do TJ Cooke, j D Palmer, E ou Con rand, C M Porter, W 1) Crairen, Dr W J Price, Mist Jeun? Conrad, CM A T I < 'ui.nnj;ria n, C \V Pat-nt, Com of ?ic Clapp, ? D Do do Cook, A P Do do w Dounharty, J E ki do Dohvn*. ColTJ pit do Kr Duflln. Helix V> do i)u?t!m?Vct.'r Pepper, CoU P Dl ^ Do Mon* Po look, E A Hai !a k I' _ 0 _ i/w o ^ rriiiiooi, ^ora "i a Deviu?. R J A Patent, Com of a*j Out, J K patent Oft* Delftijuy, B Pwrj.TW ,,, L)ouglaa, MeG Parry W H H pum>ara,\\ 9 Patent, Com of tanaia, J P Rsndo'pk. Col J J Dam, K W Rodeerli, 1 l>uuh^m. E W Rna'iaf, J Jimlap.RP RoboK.n. C?pt J r Darht.JfcSou Rich.OW ;|?*di H (??r Douual RiJ*?wajr, W Edwards, B Robinson. Mrs A * U" J P Row*. S^uMr * W Rwdi lo%ao h.a"??. Vm Ri 3h*.rd?oo. r P ".delm?'-, Mr Robinaou, W the Raton, J Bfieppcrd Wm <1*1 Stuart. Rev D C ?ai ? ng'lelaiu*. J 1) bul.i an J but 7iuzmt, J l, StoiM.? B 8 'arnwr, M 6 Howard, J L No ".r-och EB ?empl, Dr S Solomon. H mm, at 9oniniat.r * 'urtfl, J Sobae:, H m -'.-star. J Smith, Liu:a !>' 'erruaon, 8 W Se.eon an, J 11 >rf?y,Wr?J 8ali?*ax. M ,.r reip.Fred Stone, H W *u ler 6 C 8*ibert,8 v >rnll. J Skinrer, A P ft mokle. Rev S D Hienotr, Both " - o;ter. J W Stuart, A irifljn.FC Nominer, J H >iamba?tian, <2 Sara, F iivwMr, S Scranton, J H reacon. W Sotiro-ior, A ^ iilli", B \V St*vena, * R C ><>a*?tt. Mra Stevens, 6 W ?tr< iazetteOflioa Sallivaa, N 8 4 Jreen Pro: G W Snyder, J AS irimKi, J W 8<nitk,\V ia'dnar, A vy batton, C AN iatef,MrsN Stephen*, Ale* *1 ?*kyl, F Seba?tian, C libaon, W N Hu'd?ri,T K Lnapair.G Stmva.J >ray, Mr? K S'oae, Capt C P iaiea, Miaa Shoemaker, B ti lyam. H I) Broith, 8 C U I unimell. John mvur. J p? l?IUT*Co Ton?y. E I anient. J J Do, C '%tch, K D Tyler, CN l?y??. J I. ' 'hoamoqft Bu?h, \T?,$S lankneoht. G L ' 'horo?a, B M lunmer, M ' 'h<>n p?on, W A ft le*id, J T TkrMder H Th lotf inu. C ' 'uok?r, Wm lorninc. D ' '*ft, F 8 F larnnnton, WII ' 'nompron, Elijah wmi ilsSfr iHin. A J rm Ml, Or C T erv**, H ; 2?dv,W" *??' tTSV ; &?.'E,JVV ' % Annmr, PrUr "J the T Taylor, WE ?r^ un.Ui.r'* . XMY^BF M* (artihorne, J Vouch. H n Imt. 8 WUUaiu. Mim E fih ohm.8 Wricnt. W Mr W^' ? W M r* M ofc w P ? . . Whiton*, J B bo mom, P l? WihiMi. J o*i ekaoa, T B Wemnaigc.41 , <j?. oi im.lL Woottor, j R ? rersoo. Hob 8 Do. nnM. P b ? > S^KrVo "5 MMrlMbw. vr Win, fe T ;r?p/o?.*c<, _ wgjjr.JB JJJ wSS?ifc/? ~?K; $D iii?r-jce *5 ? Wffir.oc Iwkn*. M W l"tt Mm AW I r" S"<" ImS* j1 asc-A, k* IDC, H MlU I ^' ix i ;l|/ i? / . . T7 ^ 4 . ft ^ H . J4 *,? )^' 4 i ijjj5 ] j I *" -< ?* ' A BonuBf Tnm-OuA, mwmMi, ti *4r?w?. Mtagl* r*T?i r*f *f #i li >iin? ?w?pidfc ., .. . - - ? m Tea oopiw ..... ?? - ... ? i Tftitr MfMk. Um ??y 'n?riMnf la c.nt* withi.ul Ui? iuierv#nt)<>ii ?l * ium t(fat, m will f*Mroeir?Ki 3r per oeat of TV Wmkit wilt h* SfT*"? I?v%ri*bJ? OOIIMM tfc# ' AMtin(V? SfS?Jf* rk< irrnw SMr ciremi?f? ? tkroni boat tiw oouatvy. , jg: - ? ? ^u * MEDICINES. 8?,OFUUok tcwv's #r/L, I < a oouaUUiU'ja*. diMM*, * oorrvaiiua ?( tfc* lo 4. ty tMi h tki* fluid ?*?<* ? vittMM, VM. ad poof. B?ik h Uii wrailktiM. u who NmIj, uurf Ml burn out i" ? ? fart >f it \\ katerar 1* it* origin, ,t ,, IB ti* oonatl'utioa. 4MM*dlM -'from tZrZmlT,.. child ran unto the Uld ai*J ( artt) iMiwkUon ",b. 4<m, it imiim to b* the rod ttf ftMB wh> ?i the iniqBiti** oftS* ?th*r? Kpna tictr children." Ol? ?aart*r ?f a I wir p^iii ?ra Rcrof?,oB?, tbair p?ia?>ua mradrd bf tWwfciMiriEltMa. and the r health M andariaiadad h, it. ToeinaJi It f,WB tit* ajratMB wa out r*MT>U Uia Umki i f an altarativa meCicina.aod invicorata it k^'th. food and rxeroie*. ?*? ?? medial aa we aapply M AY Elf S COM PO VNl) KITH ACT Of SA RSAPARILLA, tit? iB'Hit etlootua. muOt w*>iaii Ut madia*. Mi l ufour time# o*u devise for this everywhere ?r?TH'mi and f?t?! malady. It la ooftibiaed front tne llrt out* rtHxditii tfcm l,aw* bmmu di?ooT?rod |.>r the expurtaliont-f tin* foal dis.rdrr from the blood, and the rrmca* oftfeesy t*** fr??m it? d*?tri?tr? noa*e*aeao<\?. lleiM it cfeouid be eweioved for th* core of not outy eerofn.*, hat a a? tLoee other affections w"ioh anea from i*. each m Kraptiwa and Skin Dimmm, Bt Anthony's Kir*. or K'ftieWa*. Piiaplee, fuHMiM. Htutott**. Ui?n< n d Iloi.s, Tumor*, Teiur and 9a.t Kbeora, hcaid H?*d. Ki rworm, R henr*ar?s?n, Hyefci iK? m?4 Me carta! I>;>fas-?s. Uro^rj. l)r?prpai, liability, and. iu leed, a.i Complaints aruiLf f 010 Vitia'M r?r Impure Blood. I ha ppuiar belief in 'mi>?'u> l/tk' it founded in t-aiti. far eorofaia la a lec euetauoa of Uia Hioud. Tbe partoa.a' parfoea tod virtue ofthis *ar??p%nl,a it to panfy and r* ren?'ate tins vital fn>d withoat whieh aoaad i-aith ta imaoseit loineoutannbated e<>[.?iitou?as. P reared byl>R. J C. WERA CO.. Cowell. 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AFKtCTyONS^rEC^L^B TO KMALtS,th? extract Bncka i* ane?Mfl?d by ny other remedy, mi id Ckl >ru?M or K?I?bU?? re*u ?'ity, l'? or Hupprmuoi; uf Cn m&rr Fv&ra&tiona, loeratod or t*eirrko?? ?im f the literal, Leuoorr ;in?* or WbiLM, Hteriiluy, ad for a-1 oomp!%iota inculert to the x vbethor taint from ludiaoretlon, Habita of r in the DECLIKB OR CHANGE OF LIFE. ? in ?TxrTOMf Aiori. O FAMILY 9HOUi,l> BK WITHOLT IT j?mi nor* 04u?>mm, ivarettry, er ?JMiai?l for vRFf 'Ut and D*~tfrmu Zhjaaee*. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BvCHU 8ECRI'TTM8EA8ES i all their Sta?e?. At (ittie n;mi; ittle or no eLance li Diet; No inoon van lanoa; iMf no Errf-wr*. oan ?? a fr*?nert deeire ane jit?? strength to rioate, thereby Removim Ubntru-Uoaa. Preventing: anJ ooric.* Stricture* of the Vrethra, Alia*iiiit Pain and lnflinamatiot. eo ft H?I la e oiaa? of diseaaee.and expeiUac aU fwiweai /. a?i out Matttr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO IATI MRKR THE VICTIM* OV UCACS*. id who hav paid kttry Ott to br erred in a abort ne. hare found they were deceived, and that taa 'OISO.N" haa, by the ? ofHrnwum Al itRoKrtTt.." :>een dried up in the eyrtt m, to braik t in ? h^eravataH f/>r i-w asil PERHAPS ArriK MARRIAGE. L'w h klxbold'* F.xTKAcr Brcar for *. litems and diw*"*- ofth# urinary organs. hether ?xi?ting id male or female. i* thb ? r eat mtrrktic. id it otrtui to ktv? tliii <ntir*d ?f?ot ii tlibii lea for which it 18 r ecomm j-vijed r?drnut of the most ru%abit ami rtspMUttfe eke* Will iAAomMnv th# CERTIFICATES OF CURES. rrtrm 9 MRiwrr IIMAN, WlT? Nl>V I WOWS TO bCIENCK AND FAME. trice St 00 per kettle, miU ter 9I.M Miwed to tor Addreee.eeoarely fro lervftUoo. iMCKBk 8THrT?MI IB ALL CoMMVRlCATiejU. re* burute?4Advice OraJttl!! AFFIDAVIT. 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HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY ClUlIiTlf jLji^cx * Natural and Snrt Remedy for mil Mrmm Complaints, rorn N?nntgi* through a 1 cuw l>m Onni I ever u?eC lo mar ol V 11 ian Tl?M?, aid Um irnni chief oauae of Bias? e W? OK ?UKT, he Tolu A.Mxi*n?, Uxmdh eoataiouif lottyve of <?f mm. priM*voos all Um requireaaaata of. : may be ea<vi in aii case* whoever Oann> vm a without era acinc anything bat Carve, aM t i nit the patient in a perfect * natara' at*, be I'niversa! Couch R?mail?. (<r?C irmm al oi>m*:>a ob?eet'?ti of oath Rem <1>ee. which di>oe naaaea or p'><at'aUir*. May bo taNHM ooiamon ?i mi> to a.l T\ro*t aM Laai Con- laU.audaaod arivn perfeot imeaaity Aaklac u> court from ?r pneto-ee* fftoaaa the yrt ere imrCntifMrnn uteflr^e.mMM Naaac >nr pvnpblata to he i?und witfc *1 ana r? f?rtioMlarly la mJ* of.tboM wko i b? dep<"v<?d iyno. we wwt atalMMI tM UIOQI of Pm-oU ?..d PrioM vitlufi r?*ali of 1 . W. HviHwIut^WSl CiHNll Ss^SSBKBk iSSiftS V '9 * v