Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1860 Page 2
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, .4 "J H J* THE EVENING STAR.' WASUINOTON CITY: MONDAY... :.f..x.9n*tmbtr l?. 19M Sptrtt ( tkc Tltraiai Fr?M. The ( o?jfr*K t9?furtb?vrfitiei?ntWtetoapwcb of the Ron A H f*t*phena, at A?guata, Ga The l/ttflUgtrntrr, in MspoMae to a aoathern correaponArnt, up tti? record of the Hon. John Bell oA tbe alavery question, parti^nlarlf uhru reg nl? legi?Utt"ii on that aabject for the District of Columbia. ID"" The grsjd j*ry at Chicago, ?U., bav* found an indi traent for mnrdrr again* Thomas i McEnroe, for killing John Brow*, fbmwtty of i Baltimore. |?7"Tbe Arkansas "True Democrat" say*: Tte report tUat a fatal duel had been fought by Dr MltcUell and E. W. Gantt, we are assured on good authority, la utterly without foundation, the difficulty between thoae two gentlemen having been amicably and honorably adjusted." rPf'The ceusus of Tetersburg, Va., shows a - ? - ?? ? ?? ? - vn luviii ir^>uu. me intelligencer of that city teems disappointed that it did not reach 25,000, which it wh expected it would do. The total valuation of real and personal property in the town of Lynchburg, Va , foots up a*. $10.253. A PnonntD KIW COORTT m Maryland? The Annapolis Republican states that a petition is now being signed for presentation to the next Legislature, for the purpose of forming a new county ef the lower portion of Anne Arnndel county, known as South and West River, haviug LKvewiUe for its county town. This ffirw Yon Fusion Movkxbxt ?The Do-., its and Uieckinridge Central Committees were In seasiou at New York on Friday and Saturday, endeavoring to unite the two auctions of the party upon a fusion electoral ticket The Breckinridge Committee demanded ten unities on the Presidential electoral ticket and an equal portion of the nominees on the State ticket. Tl^e Douglas Committee refuted these demand* aa excessivs. aad the attempted fusion was given up. f Uher accounts aUts that the real d.iBculty waa th? diatribution of the patronage. Douglaa' friend* Insisted upon half of the patronage of the Custom House and Post Office, to which the parties of the second part would not aaaeut Later intelligence, bv telegraph, states that the Do Anally agreed to the term* proposed, and tuat the fusion vrill probably be fff-cUd JX_/~ The Trans-Atlantic Balloon voyage of Piof. Uwe has again proved a grand failure. All day Friday the Point Breeto Gaa Work* were throngsd with visitors, whose corioaity wax excited to the highest pitcb by tbe active preparations for an ascension. Many were induced to stiy until lang after night, in the vain hope of witnessing the great event, even though the delay* in Ailing the monster balloon were iateiiaely irritating. In the afternoon, however, additional stimulus wan ^iveu the people by tbe appearance rv. v.?i? ? ? - ?,v>. jwi . vwii, wiju ai me request or Mr. l,owe, offerad up a fervent prayer for the success of Use -expedition," which It wis then expected woald start in a few moments Minutes, however, lengthened into hoars, aud the patience of the pactaton being exhausted, they nearly all left the grounds. The process of Inflating still con* tinned until one o'clock In the morning, when ihere was a sudden puff, and then a collapse; the immense force of a squall of wind, combined with the pressure of the gas, had made a rent down the side of the ball00 a at least twenty feet In length. There is the end of the experiment, at leist for the present. TJ~7* The Japanese committee in New York have at last succeeded in making out a list of the charges which they mean to present to the Comptroller According to this precious document it appeals that the bill for boarding the Embasav Is le.OU); for the collation on the Alida. furnished by the Leiaads. 82,300; while the chartering the boat cost 8800 more. Tbe expense incurred for the ball was f 60,(*i0? not a red cent lea* and it la thus described : Twelve thousand toppers (93 each) 838,000 Decorations 8.000 Wine 18,ouu " Dimmed total" S&'.ooo Vnder the head of wine is included 87.500 lor 3.C*> bottles of green aeal.;' What a splendid and marry affair it must have b^en at this rate of dacoeatloa and drinking! Por music the charge is S3,OOP; for carriages #7.500, with numerous small item*, >uch as SI,000 for tbe uae of the theatre, SI ,000 for printing, and other sums for kid gloves, Ac., Ac. The whole amounts to about PrrMisl. M^j J Selden, USA .is at Kirkwoods'. Francis Joseph. Fmperer of Austria, has just completed his 30th year. DtsrxaATK ArraaT ajsoso !<tcde>?t* or a Sot tb Caxolina Collsob?A dispatch to the Charleston Mercury, d*Ud Greenville, 8. C., 1 September 3d, ?ives tbe following account of n rrioui anray oetween two atudeata of Furrnan j Unlveralty: "A difficulty occured Here at a bull on lut Friday night between Mnart Davant, of t?ulort, and !*caile, of Union, stcdenta of the 1 i ' rwan University. Tte parties were separated i at the time. said the affair was considered le'tled \ Tbta morning the student* met at the University, , v hen Mr. Scalfe advanced with hia stick uwn Mr. Devant and atruek him, whereupon Mr Devmnt drew a revolver, which anapped aeve at time* without guim; off. >lr Stalfe then drew hia rtrolTer and 3 red three time*, one ball grating , Mr Dftvattt's abdutueu. and one taking f#?et In , tne left breast, near the ahonlder. Mr. itavant { u4 < ceded in getting hia revolver to go off, but wltbost <Cect By laiatiiuetbe l'r?f?a*ors lushed .?> ? curniieti lueui. The physicians do not think Mr. liavanis wound serious, although they have not yet be?n able to And the ball. Fo*hg9 Itbxi ?The Pope la Mid to have expreased to tbe Duke Granimont hi* readiness to agree to tbe proposal for an Italian Confederation 1 Turin advices state tbxt a ProTislonal Government baa Ixjen established at Koggla. tbe capi.ol I of Capitauaift, oaevl tba Nta^oliUu SUUs Tbe fJt-Governor el Beyroutlms been aoi?yh-t?d by Kaad Pasha of high treason I 1 be Greek Minister of War baa resigned ?/^neral Bosco, with tbe Neapolitan forces, w as ' at Muatdoa. J Th*! weather in France had become migtiifl- 5 eeaft and iU continuance for a fortnight would, It 1 wan thought, cause ao extraordinary In* vintage. ( Four hundred volunteers for Garibaldi from Parma had been obliged to return from Genoa. J Sfibitval Mxsir i* Wisconsin.? ' Tbe people of Bartou, YVaabmgton county, Wis , are ins fever of excite meet over a>r*nge noises r which have been beard ever* night fur some tlm*> pest, in a bouse In that village. A scuool L#-H m tbe building had been broken <ip. and t:ie com- d oonit? m soared generally The Mllwankle Sentinel says. "Tbe strictest scrutiny and Investlgaturns have taken place by all sorts of people, and W yet tbe agency of these manifestations remains uadiscovsted. The bouse has been thrnn</~i ??-? "J I ior cunout, oabelleveraln spiritual ni*mf?-?utu>ns * mid yet the rap*, lovd Hid bird enn^h ti> jar the c ?vy'iMllttnc. would continue, tbe door* open " uddetUy ud i!u> together without any Apparent agency?not even the faintest breath of\rlnd? and outm unaccountable things transpire." |{T A machine feat recently been invented fur making curled hair for BtattreMrt filling, out of wood A Wild btork of m*nl? * ? ,1 lag aab Of any other iwfft areuted, ln*ipeua! ve j wood, la rapidly converted Into a fibrous mm, much rraetablia* white bone hair, and this niakei acrUesl tiling for mattress, and U much romper than hair, wool or cotton, a d murti ' totter than moaa, imim, *e. The iiwhii.n n ( not npenii*', and can be aet up tn any place ,, wbare wood U plenty, and wbera there la water <1 Mittin power, it ran be worked by an urtliuarr f Mckulc W?T TBI Fm?lll ?ot Of AM F4fUAL f ? A master la lllurtratinir o> tbls L <ju?ation made bla scholar rraap a ball of Wory, to aaow that the points of bis flayers ara equal i It would have boen better, aays Sir Char Us bell, bad he ciaa?d hta la??fi ?? ?1? ?' *"L . , ? r??; uktd whether or aot they cemspeeded Ttie diflfcrenee ! the length of the flngen aenrea a thouand audi, adapt l ug the form of ute band m*l | lugera to different pu jiow u for holding a p4, , a<*itefc, aowrerd,*tiuMaer,? K ?* P"1 lI- *#" * gravtag h*tac fee . to ail of whwh m mrmtr hokl and freedom trf motion are adu.trably rtntlC'L H7" Mr. liiw. k vnHLjr rltliM of Jf- f l*ri<-ii r?iit|T Y* , JlM i># the ?itt Bf tfU v ,i U t:i?ratrd -t.i r <?U?nt nfteea ur twv.dy )r Ilk t-?r. ^jvr ' "it tUeai 4' -300, fir j ? * >) iwrh i" j.i? at?trr. mr* I<!uda~v. , r ->.d .i,j in lilluou, he about #v:,?NJ0 / 'vorti* of property, ^ I' t wamimton news and oomip. Tn Cotimtos Iailboao ?We. leern tbst the construction of this railroad, which to deattnod to he of scarcely less importance to the F?A**1 Metropolis then to the State of VlrglnU^ll being poshed ahead with great energy, and that ere the close of the next season It wi'l be openedjsr travel as far as the White Sulnhur Rnrian-a carve of i lev radius than 1,000 fe&, nor any grade of more than 29j{ feet to the mile; while from the top of the Allegan lea to ita western terminus, a distance of 'JOO miles, ita grades all hare on* inclination. That Is to say, .ill those grades descend towards the Weal. These facts will necessarily eftaWa the Cotfagton Railroad to becoma an Important competitor,when finished, for the hourly-increasing Internal commerce between the valtfy 4f the Mississippi aad tha Atlanticcoast elites; as. mile for mile, it can probably oarry freights and passengers for lets money than the PeSMsaylraoia or New York through-freight- 1 ing railroads ; the shipments by It being made m ai n.iti: - - *? ? irum i*e iMnnuioxe. r nuaaeipbla, New York and Boston steamers, at Alexandria. Tbe current indlrationa are, by-the-by, that Alexandria la aoon destined to become perhaps tbe most Important point of traaihl pment for tbe Internal commerce referred to above, In all the country. Thus, the business in eonnertlon with that commerce, of the fine line of ocean ateamera now plying between New York and the District of Columbia, has this season so increased as to astonish even Its own shrewd and enterprising proprietors. ?0, too, has the demands upon the services of Adams A Co.!s Express?now one of th* irrsstMt A * ?^ . v?>v?? juiivi ivau tviiwurri:im cnirrpnsf-s in j existence, growing out of tb? same cam mere e One bu but to note the weekly Increasing load* of light freight that Company's immense wagon* ru*h through the Federal Metropolis, dally, to comprehend how important it ha* become to all ! business men In the Uuion; and due reflection upon the rate at which it* operations lie re and in this vicinity are Increasing, will teach any one that it* continued sucrtu i* a matter of no little industrial importance to oar own city. We have waif bed its progress of late with peculiar interest, becau e seeing in it proof that in a try few months the railroad companies interested in the transportation of freight and passengers through our city, must, in self-defence, improve th#ir rnnrip? tinn? ? u i ? 1 ?1 ?* , n uicu, ia iiiaucini; ^reaM travel through Washington, will mult In the ?jcj?endttnre here of far more money by sojourn I ng travelers than up to this time Events transpiring daily serve to force upon tbe minds of these controlling the railroads In questions the conviction that the time has come when, *o keep and Increase their now very profitable through business, they must transfer tbeir passengers direct from the cars to the steamer, and also tbeir baggage (loaded in rail-way crates,) with as much dispatch as that U transferred from rail to boat and boat to rail at New York and Philadelphia. Fbavdclkst use of the PostOphc* Depaetmen't.?The following oplalon has been solicited from the Attorn* y General on the subject of fictitious and fraudulent firms operating through the u<v? i\ 4. A i v*? wtuv/c : Attoknky OKMUtL'a OrricK, > July 24, I WW. \ Sir: Certain letters addressed to H St Vo , Baltimore, were taken by regular couise of mail to that city, but were sent by the postmaster there to the Dead Letter Olfire. They were claimed by Mr K.N. C , who asserted that be had a right to receive them. Inasmuch aa he was doing busineaa under that name and style. But tbe postmaster regarded E 4 Co at a fictitious tirm, and acted under aectlon &<) of the Regulations, which declare* that "letters and packages addiessed to fictitious persons or firms, or to no particular person or firm, not being deliverable according to the regulations, are t?> be returned at the end of each mouth to tbe Dead letter Office." The right of tbe Post Office Department to mike a regulation which will prevent tbe service from being prostituted to purposes of fraud bas. I believe, never been denied With that end in view, yoi certainly have power to order the non-dell very ot letters addressed tn any person under a name which you know to have been assumed as part of a system Intended to cheat Slid defraud Che DubliC. But the fraudulent In tent ought to be" very clear; for you ar*? uot invited willi any authority to carry on an exteuded Inquiry Into the private affairs of persons who receive letters by mail, nor have you the mnine of ascertaining with corwom what they are. It should also be remembered that the mere mlsnnmer of a man ia not xifll -lent grounds for saving that the name i? fictitious, neither is a ttrin an imaginary one because the style of it has no ref- renre to the name of Iti members. Nor can you stop a letter on the sole ground that it Is addressed to a person whose employment is Immoral; it being the duty of the ?taie Government ai d not the Post OtBce Department to punish such offences But in the case under eonoideration, if there be n? legitimate business of any k nd carried on by C . under the name wf K h Co . if he has caused tn t- *A dreaaed to ilaitlmore la a name which it merely imaginary, if bit correspondenta do not know whom tbfv ire writing to. and If, In addition to thit. you find the fact to be Viat C la uaing ?Uit Action for di?hone*t purptmet. then the meaaure taken by the I'oatmatter at Baltimore on^ht to be tiiatained. Yours. Ac , J M Hl&CI. Hon. JuiirR Holt, Po?tinatter General. The Cost to thk U.mtkd State* o? tub JartMii Kkbamy ?It appeart from official data, that the expenditure by the L nited Stutea govern* tnrnl for entertaining the Japamte embaaay while In Ibit country waa fU,3fr; paid to the Panama Railroad Company f3,85(J; coat ?f conveyance From Norfolk to Wathiiixton #1 ,*i55; ttorea for the return borne 111 all 8/5,1'iH, or one-half of the amount appropriated by Congrew. Tbe money uraa disbursed uiider tbe direction of the State Lepartment. or the Commukm^eb or Indias :\rrAik< ?Commluioner Greenwood, of the |nJlan Kurgan, at tbe lat?-?t Intelligence was at I'ouucil i>:uvr which point he reached on the JTtll Hit. - Thi W eathe*?The following report of the vveatbtr for the morning it mad** from the Amrr !?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smlthicnlan Institution. The time of observation la ibout 7 o'clock. St PTEMBEE 10, ISflO Mew York. N. V clear, rool. Baltimore. Md... clear, cool. Washington. D O clear, wind N W Pflersburg, Va. clear, cool Norfolk, vi clear, fii-', wind N Wilmington, N.C cloudy, cool \ugusta, <M cloudy, cool. favannah, <>a cloudy, fO , wind N vl.u on, On. cloudy I Columbus, Oa clear. Uoiit^omcnp, Ala. elenr, pleasant. , lackson, Am clear < kloblle, Ala clear, 79'. ' Mew Orleans, La clear, 87?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m.. feor kin ior vetr.prrature,) 30,071; at noon, 3o,(r2l TbTtnoaurter at 7 a. na., &*' , at noon, 81?. Maximum during 48 taoura ending 9 a. m. to- ! by. WX'I minimum 4#'. J *-=?SKCnND WARD.-A mefltina oftbe I)om- ! ^ oc ratio votera >! the Seo<'U?J War.I will be lJ at Harmon* Ha 1, near the Franklin Kugine lou*t?, i Hl?( Monday l KVKNINli.Sept 'inbe 10, t half pa?t7 o'clock, For the purpose of >ele?tin? a andidaie to l>?" ?u pport?<1 at trie ?pt*c:al election for . member of the Board of Common Council on Thursday next, the 13th mat. It IIKKCKINKIOGK AND l.ANK. i i 3 - OUR CA ?DlUATKS. The regular w >*kl? iiK^tin* of the Jackaon L>?m> orati") Ai?>rn'.ioti wiH li? h'ld MO\DA V KVK?l.N0 u??t, the Ifltti not A fuh turn out ia re 1 ua?ted,a* ?r?in? aM ipeakera will addreaa tne le.-tunt The rooma of tlii Aa?ociation are op.-u . a 1; from a ni. to w > m CORNKI.IIS B<>TI.K, Prea't. ' WM. J. DONOHOO, Sec. ?e ?-? r KlfTO*>r HAHKBAl.I.CMIBw.fl M i w,lh t,,, national L " " ? 1 I KH?A\j >f |>tt iiil??r II, Mt 3 o cloclc n tiie <-nu*liiftf the ftmnor *.iit|i of the Hr merit * lli'iia . The (rieiils of th? *?iii* are r^upcctulljr inriUd to vitneu it H II. IRWll ?"7'* _ _ S*'crH?r) f. H. U. C. juitb. thB b???ttiftil at}l?l. t ku Vim A AT" *?** ?" at. , t _ _ _ WAIHI19TO?. I ? f! viAHi.o.N asotobK J H*i rwngvw h(i 'ilwUNoVlniianf LAW> h^^wV^ortupliKl bjr C.S. tv.HnJ?jk", T*,l'u,< | I* ?/"". 7*w* n o< > -,01*;1 1 h? r^EKof-r4^ ! s.';Vi^,nwv 4 *o,,,' * n. w rugn. ox muaMMU. wai rellt-Yed of diamond* |ndJ?wdry valu?A at tlx thousand dollars Mrs wrlgbt was* visitor at the Sprinkle and afrtri?vi prwtiai to the robbery becan#' acqaainted wit% I lady?boarder* fortanately, howler,** li accordance with tbe faakfloitoblia ttquenatf thi* faHhous place The Mfppoaed ladv robber *as very elVgnntly dressol. and assumed the character ^tb# fashionable aM charming belle to perfection! and as a matter of course ihe be< ame Intimate with Mrs Wright? so mucb so that the frequented the room of Mr*. Wriffirt rrry often I n this way sb* discovered tb? whewbouts of the trinkets and jewels, and while Mrs W rifbt wu atstrt from he* rwn, listening to tbo rn??fc of the band attached to Ute bob 1, the lady-thief entered her apartment and abstracted the ralnhlei from her b'nrenn A boat the mmc tiuie the "elegantly dressed lady" left the hotel, and no cine to her whereabouts could be ascertained. From circumstances connected with toe affair, and things tbat have since transpired, it appears the "lady" who was Introduced without reMrnces as to ber character or antecedents, was accompanied to Saratoga, some davs h*for* tk? robbery, by a ?entleman, who took board at another hotel Of course the twain were old heada at the business, and planned the robbery accordingly The parties bare "entirely d sappeared" from the locality, and It It doubtful If tliey will visit the ftmous Spa again this season ?Troy Anna. Sepumbtr 6. LOOK OUT FOR THE ROCKVILLK PAIR! Hush Latham's six-horse Msgo will learntho Avenue ami Seventh street TUT"IT ~|1 I 1 inn'"i~Tr~ I mac I f o'vl' ck. Fare $1. XO~Wn?*f2fc _8S 10 3t X. J. PORThK. A<snt. CHICKF.RING A SONS'SUPERB PIANOS, ai rivals ereiy wees; terms easy highest prioes paid fir old Pianos in part|E3PBI payment for new. Pianos for reiit. " " " JfWifM P. ELLIr, eld 30<i ha *r , bet.9th_*a4 lwth ns. AORIHT BARG AIN.?For sale, a liirht family (AKRIAtiK, with shifting scat for - jraa p i?o or nmr p?rKi>n, mrwle to order Sonne: prioe #75; can be toon at T. w .N AII.OR's Livery Stall e, corner 14th hI ami Av enue. so lft-3t* T* NOTICE. I HE UXIOX MARKET, lTmon Buildings on K stroet. b tween 13 li anl 14th, baring jnat n?en r??6tt -d, wi 1 be duly opened "vgain 01 Monday. '<? l"th iiuiaiit, whore my customers and the public will find everything in iny Provisioning line th?t the country all' -rdi, at iny usual moJnrate charts, c lH-ot JOS. L. HKISE. W A BARGAIN. I T.I. Be pol l at a great sacrifice, if applied for immediately, a neat singfe hor-e four ? jnaa, seated CAU IMAGE. of iu~>dern makefcjRSfift. and finish It wm manufactured by Mr.-^?* John Pay .e, and ha? l>e?-n ruu but % short time, For terms apply at Mr. .IAS F RfSKX^ stable. on Hizh street, Georgetown, whero the carriage may be seen. ?e M eo6 C'HARLES A. SHAFKR. WATCH MAKER, 346 Pentt. Artnue, near Seventh Strut Entire attention giv?n to the Repairing of Chro DOiu?tera, Dup'cx and Lever Watches, fine Jv ("l-ok*, fto. Alto, to th* Er.gra?i"? of vitation, Wedding, Visi ing and Profeatioaa'AMK card* ' s? 10-1m TIIEl?URPLE GRAPE OF FRANCE. One barrel of this delicious Foreign Fruit, in large clusters, will bs received, ami f .r sale at the Iaw (iriaa aT M? "?- - ??* ~ *? " . .v.- ?'i ?u urius poi p'?unu, on i nufw#y momin*, m C? nter Market, near 9th ?t , b? J N< ?. BICKI SI.KH AI-<>, 6ne Danmenn <*vor\ Jut tint week. The trade can )> *nppliod on Wednesday n-glit. at ?>QO 71 h st , Inland we in 2t* 1/OR SALE?A very superior Rosewood Case r Iron F nm? PIANO, with an e>*ant_y^^ Ron wood Stool to match, in offered for|B^M3| Hals at the low pnee of .$25??tho 1'iann"** %" alone cost $73*1. Terms: One-half cash; the halanco on a or-, it of 3". 6n a '1 no days. Her>o-n depiroiia of purchasing can *"? th? instrument by app!?i *at?he Drug Store of W. ELIOT, ron er of F and Twelfth sts. ?e to ?o.i * O NOTICE TO INVAI.ID8. R. ]~H ? 'HENCK Will positively be at the Drue S^ore of Dr. Sftrn'1 B Wait*, corner 7'h at i\ il Louist* nd & Washington oitv, on WertiiM<lay next. 12th iust. Dr.*. m particularly des rous t see every one that ha* heen or is altoot using his nmdioiae*. Ho gives advice free and only ?-har<<*p when ho makes a thorough eiarnmatiou with his Renpirometer ae 10 F'OR HALF,-A HAY IIORHE, live years old last sp iiijt ; stands altout seventeen irv hands hi<h and stout in proportion. Also, a ~) Xy Bav Mare, thr"e )ears old last spring; not vet broken The owner of the above na-ried sto<*k B-ivirg raised them can vouch f..r their age Sold for no fault, but for want of use. ?'nn l?e s-enat tfie stable < f the suh'criber. First st. west, between I a il K ?t*. north, Fourth Ward. se 10 ? __ JOHN ROVER. F^F.LT AND CRINELLE CARPETING** Just r< reived and for sale 20 rolls Felt Carpeting, ve v heavy, in exact copies from most approve tyles. Brussels arrl Persian Carpets at half price. Also. 2)1 tolls Criit<>l!e,a n?w artielx, wears as WPII ? II?. ? -i- ? ?1 ?ii- -? << .., ifK.r-aciK, nu I 997113 A V lldil pTICO, Also 3 roll* very :ich a^d heavy Woolen DrugBets, in all width*, up t? 18-4 wid? rLAGhfrr* DOUSON, Dtaltrf t'n alt kind* of Furniture Dry Goods, No. 4 Ma ket Space, se in eo6t Sd'. ors cast from Ninth >t. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8. 261 C St., b'twrm 10r/k nnd I if*. He wi'l to-dar on* i hit i?n* e?fmbli?hed and well known NORFOLK OYsTKR^^. /?v SHUCKING DEPOT for the season fmJ He h%> made arrangement* ti rfceive'^. \LW# r-'?ul?r rucp'iea ?..f the best NORFOLK OYS PER* oo every Tue?dar, Tho-kJay. and Hatu.dar. H? will also keep conR'aut y on h*"d a large and varied assortment of FISH, including every sort known to Washington tables. He r?torc8 hn sincero t^a^ks to those who patronised hit Kstablishme".t during the pa t eaa- n, aad is confident that hia increased fvci!itif"t k en:? < constant y on hand fresh ?upp!ie? of <IYS TKRS, KI^H, Ac , Ac , will amply reward a eo-iiinuanoe of their patronage am* omtom. Soid at th? lowest market p'ioes.and delivered at all parts of the city free of oharse. e loTm . T M. HARVKY. EXTENSIVE AND ELEGANT STOCK OF Carpet Ins*. We respeotfull? announce to the oitizens of Washington, Georgetown. Alexandria,and environs. that our assortment of A)Aj KINDS OF CARPETINQP, in all the various trades, makes, and classes, is row ooiuplote in ail d 'partine.iu, having just re P'^nmheo ? ur utook r>om the ?>io?t rao*?>t mak?s and importations, whioh ceablfs us to exhibit to bujer* tbe most "fhirrhf." styles known to the trade We have? hleg?iit >l<-dali|on. Tourney. S?xony. and Yorkshire E? c'ish Velvrt And IViltnn (! > ?" - r- '??eei ? tnpie.douM?*and sing'e width*,fordrawliig-rooma and purl r* Also, ri';k and heavy Velvet Carpet* as low as Sr! & p-r iard, worth *i. Superior end heavy i*h and Bige'ow BruaCarpoiings, fur d.awing r oms and parlor*, verv chea p Tn? >am? make* in hear? and rich Tapeatry B'usaels Carpetmga for drawing rooms, parlors, oiiim* room*, libraries, ohanilisrs, halls, rn t x'.ra heavy and entirely mw deaigna oi Royal ard superior Three-ply Carpetiugs, some aa low as B7& tonts per y vd. Some make* in ine and auee fine Doable Ingram Carp?ti gs. exact copies ol Btuaaels. at from ? to i-> o nt" per yard. aIro, h -av* and oheas Wool Dutch, for offioes. I a^e-nenta, Italia. Ao.t wry oheap. D<>u!>le Twille>| Kngli>ha'd Tliompsonville Ve L'stian, in all widtha. for naJla and atepa. Also, a ful -urp'y of all kind* of Ruga to natoh any of our Careet*. In Oilclotba for Floors Our at <e? is full and compete, c-nbraoinc all the io?i|cna whioh a>-e novel and in >*t deeiraole, whioh ire paronai^d u?d-r >h? moat favorable oircmnitar.oes, ai.d which will enable ui to aail them at >eas fig"'** than usual. In Curtain Materials We alio have an entirely new supply, whioh only ne^d to be aeeu to be appreciated?all being new ini different from anything heretofore aeen in thia SltT. HousekeeeersatMl others are raepeotfally invited to call and examine our (ooda and jud^e lor tkemlelvea. CLAOK.TT * DOIWON, D'-itlrr* in *li kinHs of Fwrmtwre Dry Goods, Mo. 4 vlannrM'MK, ?e lt'-e 6t 31 door cast fromtfth atreet. liiA NOVELTY MILLS FLOUH. I D'l BKI.8. Of thiaauperior l.ranriat? ?.*;i- ?J Kxtra Klotir recaivwd thia da*. For ta in lot? to luit by D. L. MORRISON k. CO. ? ? eorner of TwfHth aa.1 B lU. BNO DAMAGKD BOOKS! , If T Tba v#r* Ntcett? Cheapt>?t SCHOOL BOOK*!SCHOOL ROOKS! At the Waatiinrton H*adquar>er*, where every ody lwy? their School Books. Still a f?w left, at 1 tie oweat prices, at SHEPHERD'S, ten lw Cornet 7th a d U btreeta IS A GRK \T BARGAIN r ?fR SALE?A noaMitUe I'AURIAGH with an U.let.odi*d FAMILY HORSE. RnnninVrv [?ar nearly uew; horad perfectly ??-mle and nzrft iai?. him whole, oariia*;*, hurm \ hames* iet an<l whip tna> l>e had for %l.yi, the own*- hav nn no furth r o?e for tiitxu, if earl* appli ;a ion Im 1 uad* to BARNARD * BLCKEY, tiaowUwn ae8 3t * "* i ^(mcR TO CONTRACTORS. Pioro?ALi will be received u? to Monday,the 17th oatant. r>> Der.tneeJ 4 Swi, !? r Paintm* j he Iron Bridge ov?r Rook i,r?*?k The work to te ikon b* the tot and "ot by roea uretnent. The irre i or fiuUbiuc the work to be agreed on. The bridg* I ? recei v four coa'e of paint, vi*: Ope of r -d lead md three ?f whit?. For further particular* a*ply Jfcfc"? * * ? McMAHON. gl'PEBlO* ""'tTNEKS ANU COTTONS. 1 We l.ava now in store * fulitockof >-up?rf r i micea olSUi-tinf Cottfiue ?Lil i.iofcut, ail gradxe i lh?> tia* CMtoue awl l.uM'n SiieeUoj, Vahl? Ttia- 1 ,"r?, NapkicaunU TuweliD?*,aom* in the lot very i W^.U and Colorad FUoa^i*, in ?n gcadea, with , ?lull aiook of ge. eaal Staple Uood. lof fa|uUiM,all kl the loweat tut**, j w COLLEY * CO.. Ml lv J83 Seventh it., above Pa. av. 1 A Lam Roiin 77^ to 3 a ov i iwil1t a*d Dia<?.-?d? rt r?? ValIb o? ffl.OOO ? An ingenious wnoery km perpemtrd at th* Union I Ho* ?? Tttur^ay l?t. by which Wt? I 9 == ?r $ p?oro"LL,#5t2?"F N """ Tnuiiu 9*4l?d PB"Km?lI Wj'lbs rroaired ftt tlna Department fatil * o&oA, nooi'.of Moeray, tho off>etoW? nfit,.?* ten n Lioae of dolly* of??*ck oftfce Uiiied abiei, to he im d undor tn# ftoi <?f Comrr?*? of IS* *.d d*y of Jun* taat, attkC'riiiBf a i?M ivn 1 providing for th? redempU cf Y'e*anrj act**, at whioh ??e thep'ope**le w P ?o>fe<llH dtoMtn Th* ?to V wi'? be r?iml *re*r>lo in ten year* from the fir?t da* of J tn wi aatt, and Wi 1 t> ftr iLt-rmt, at *ve p r e*nftJW?per annum, payab'e eetri ancmlly oa the firat d<y? of January and Ju y of tech year. So oT-r will be aooapted t>elow par, and non for a"? frao'ion of one tbooaaod do tar*; eor w.M any (B-r be oor.eidered unless ote percrntomof the amount thereof is deposit d with a dep. sitarr of tbe t'uitel l*t\t-*, suit tot to the order *t the ^eerefar-y of the Tretaury The eertifioate of eaoa depoait muit accompany the p oposala. In an ?eea the offer too aeooaoittonal. wiUwat r> fercnoe to_oth?r r and must ?tat? th? r*t? nf premium nlle'M, Tie |'r?p >H%U shou'd bo endorsed on the octp.ide. "Proposals for L?an oflWV' an" to b? addreee#d T<i tii* Saoretary of th* Treasury, Washington, l> Tfce l*?t b'uld rs under the forgoing condition* for the aggregate aunt of ten milii >ns of d -liars will l>? immediately informed by mail of theac eptaaee of ?heir offers, ana the* mast d*po*it th* amount *o accepted, with th* premium ttiereoa,

with the Troa*nr*r ot tee United State*, or the As*slant Treasur. r at Huston, New Voik, 1'hi'a<e:phia, Char.eitton New Or nana, or St. l.ouia on or b-fore the a t day of November next. Bhoa'd suoeeeaful bidders dernr* to deposit st other points their wishes wi I be duly considered on being rtn-ted to this lvpartmei.t Certificates of ineoribed sleek will be iuned la rjfiSEot less than one 4houaaad dollars each ?o t> eJ uo-)es?ful b dders, or thoir assigns, for the pnocipil so deposited oacying interest at Ue rate oi fi e pr o ntum from 'he date of suoh deposit. Suoh stock wi! be transferable on thebookaof the Treasury, agreeably to the regulations of the Department. Sho iid any of the successful bidder* require certiheates of sleek, with coupons of **rai-anuuai mterflt DAT&blfi th^iAon friuu Knfis.f I m a, MIU UMl VI ?# auusi r nclt. ?uoh oerrifioaies will be issued. with men ooapoas atta. hed, in iumi of one thou?and do tare eaoh; ?nd auch oonpon st<>ok. luatead ut beinf on the tx> >ka of the Tra&aury, ro?y he a-aicned and transferred br th^ delivery of Ike o*ftifioates The interest or tbv last-named stock, triHTi Uio date of the dep<vit to the first a? i f Janimr? uejt, wili be said to the successful bidder or hi* attorney, hy the depositary with whom the punc.pu w** deposited. m? preliminary deposit of one per evntam. r?8mr?l op??n al proposal* under tbia n?tie*. will a included in the deporits of principal ar.d prewn urn m*dr h? aucoeasfui lurfderx ivr d will t>f iimmediately direotod to be returned t?> the unanoceasiul bid!?ra. HOWELI, C??HH ae 10-Sawtl Seoretarv of the Traaaarv. Treasury dkpartmknt, ) OrVK.B L.IUHTHl>C#? ItOiSD. > September 5,1; 60. > Sialic Paoro* alo will be reoened at thia <?fl?oe ouiti i oV.iooa in on i'HURSD-t V, tn? lltk day of Ootoher next, for anpplym< the Lighthouse Ks tiUiahment wituent^tf thousaud gallons of the f>a*t 4 t pure winter strained Sperm Oil. to be*d into three iota, aud to be dehv?rai at the tinea undermentioned alongside of ths government nupp y ve sei*, <>r at tk-? warehouse or other place old' pu .it, to be dealtoatod by the Superintendent of Light* or iL.~.pecuug Officer, in a?r ng, tight, won made oaska, auitabie for ahipping, in good order, of au average oipaoity each of from oue hundred gallon* to one hundred and fifty ganuna. Luher ot or all of them may bsdeijvored at New York, New London, Sag Har&or, Boston, New Bedford, Kdgart >wn, or i^antuoket, at the option of tna bidder*. The place of delivery must be diatinot y a laud in the brie, and will M embraced in tkr contra, ts. The thre> lota to be del vered as follow*, via: Lot No. I. (13,?<?>) Thirteen thousand gallona. on th^twonty fifth day of Oot iber, IHfl). or aa a .on tnereafiar aa the proper testa and gauging oan be Ann.n Lot No. 2. (25,(WO) Twenty tire th ua&nd tal'om, on the hrat (lav of April. 1WI, or as noon the*?>a/*9 *? tur p oper te ta au-1 gauging can be oompleted. Lot No. 3. (43,000) Forty two thnutand *a' one, on t'>e Brut day of June, 1061, or aa aooa thereafter aa the proper te?t? and gauging can be completed. No part of the Oil prop aed for and to bs "mhraoad in the contract< nnder thi? advertisement will be ao epted, received, or paid fur. ami it anal' have been proved to tlii> entire satiafao ion of the parson or persona charged with ita eianin* tiou, leat, and impaction, to be the b-?at quality pare winter strained or batged Sperm Oi . (rje from mixture with other or inf?riar and adu illations, aud that it will remain in a audi lemly fluid atite 5or free burning in iam?a at a temperaturft ftf M? c-u-?1?*'?" * iu?>i,vi rauioniinit auina?rd thermometer. I he u?ua means for determining the character aiul aua.ity or ihe Oi. wil ?e enpl yed, via M sp-oifao gravity, by horuinj to determine the leag'h cftiina the l?il *i I born in uttnmniea capillar* or iacket larop*. the amount ?.f renidnom in eaeh lump after it bur..s out. arid, if nece sary any other pr p" testa to arrive at correct ookc utions tbat m%) be rie<Miu<d ueoesaary. I he casks rau?t b* g?nged, under tne direction a <1 perso.a! aupervi?iuu of the inapto'.ing offije*. by a cuatom-house or othei lega ly authorised anu worn (auger, xocordiug to tu? Un ted State* standard, aud must be marked ana aooepted be:or they arn removed from the ceiar or warehoasa of the ooatrantor PropotaU will be reoeived and considered for each lot separately, or fur ail of them, at the option of the bidder; i?ut no bid will be considered for a lers quantity thai thir eon thousand gallons, to be deivered at onetime an-1 plaie. Kach "id must state exp'ioitly the rate per talon, in vritinc, t e r.umboruflutor iots bid for, and tue lime and place of U?ii'/ary. corformmg to this advertisement. B.ds submitted Dy different members of the same firm or oopartuer&hip will not be considered. I'hx l.ishtbuiiaa nnil?' ?' ? f >1" KHUIVIU; VI the Depa tme-1, reaarvaa tl.e right to re,e?t any bid, altnoughit mar be he toweat, for other ouuliberations than thj f r>o? No bit wti' be considers 1 for any other kind or description of On than that apeoifioaiij oal'eU for is thia adverti*eme> t. A l<ond, with aecunty to the satisfaction rf the Department in a equal to one ftfth of the amount of each contract niade under theae proposal, will be required of each o<>nt aotor, conditioned for the faithful performance >f theoontraot. to be exeoutfd within ten uaj> after the aooeptanoe of the bid. livery off-*r mnat be accompanied by a written g ja-anteo. sign d by one or more reaonatble perrona, and knowp to the Department aaauoh.or crtificd by a United btatea Diatrict Judge, Attorney, I>ary Agent, or Collector of Cuitoma. 10 the effect that, irthe bid or bid* be aoc-pted, the bidder or bidders will duly execute a contract in rood faith, according tn the provisions and term* of th a alve'tieemeut, witliia ten daya alter accrp'ance ; ar.d that in care the rai;1 party or parties offering shall fail to enter into the contract as aforesaid he or they guaranty to make good the different* between the off r of the sail party or parties and 'he next lowest bidder. A'l bida must b* sealed, and endorsed "Pr< DO?ala for Oil for l.i*hfhnn??? turn p acid in another envelops. an>i directeJ. pr p*iU. to the 8<cretary of the Lighthoaae B' ard Washington citj. At; Uiia will be opened, pubtioly, at the hoar ai d on the day aproi6eo. Payment* will t?e made on the aeveral lota with H thrty daya after they xha'l have heen received by the United s-atea. Hi order of the Lifihthoufe Board. It K. !?KHMR8 S?oretary. VKW ASSORTED I.OTH11 SEl.t.lNfi OFF CHEAP' iuct opened, ino dozen LADIES' I. 1 N KN H AfcPKKRCHlhFS, from7.Seenta U> t2adozen. 5'?doz GENTS' LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, from Sljn a doz-o to all finer grades. V> doZ'jn LAMES' FRENCH CORSETS, white and colored 1. A DIES' PINE APPLE HANDKKRCHIEFP, a new and Ix-autifni article. v*ry cheap A large lot of EMBROIDERED COLLARS. All decided bargain*, to which we invite the attention of the ia?lje?. J. \V COLLEY A CO., ae8 tit .vj'< Seventh at. above I'a av. A CHAINS. N Invoice of TR \0E and CART CHAINS. 1 Light, Medium, and Heavy. Revived *nct f??? aal* It* e7-e<>st (AlexUas) JNO R.KLVANBACO. COAL i AND wood: (Led Aah Coal, White Aah Coal, , ,vkoim Valley Cookiag Coal, Oak and Pine Wood, tawed a d aplit. , Alio, 2W' barrels Charcoal, in quaatme* to cnit. For sale by R W. BURR. , se 6 eo3t* Corner of 7th st. and Maae av. A TTKNTIOV ~ CITIZENS! Thin i? the time to buy your Buy voitr Fuel Winter Fuel at reduo<>d pnc??, while I h.\vn a I?rf? and well aelected it it rhenp. ?toHc of WOOD and COAL, I Call a*1 tr?miiu which I will ??*ll v*ry low ro* for yourselfe*. ciih. STOVE and KINDLINQ VVO'iDalwayaou baud. WM H. n. DA if CLAY. at the Old tftand. Ninth atreet, weat vide, an 2*> e.i2w one ?<juare north of Pa. av. NEW COOK STORES jy% Fox l?RO. JBM SI AMERICAN COUSIN. M HKI.l'SlF.KT. BKR ?*-|* Vf;s Iia^i'"^ hTovIh gt?,tt9rnM I 1 sstiis,"* '" > , ASSSlS'Z'O"" ' 556 ^ _- ' T teahars*I ' TV- < i ?#wiii innr irrirai mi t|j ?nhlie who u?*y deaire a pure artiole of Brand*. < Vine.V or Brown Htout. Porter, AJ?e ' ?"d other Mai- Lrouori, from o?lel?rated brewers. 1 Th??ir lard, r at all timea stocked wiihPiah Fteah ' tud Fowl, served bjr an experienced oook. TV- I branch recetree onr peraonal *npe- naion. i TOfBiw. i _* & 'o3w Proprietor*. ^ TO PAftMRRS. ^ ' [M WAMTK0 TOMtNT OR BUY. fl| J I wuh to rent or buy, near Washington-**- i oi<),a Hti.ail Vl-ACE.(from 5to Jft acres of land,I I mitabie tor a dairy or market garden. Size of the I is not important, ae the advettuer'a family ia J rery amall. (.are will be talrea to improve the land, 1 ind itler-ncea given. or real paid in advance if 4eiir?d. A?Wreea"'K Y S O?urietuen, I>. C I N. H ? Prompt attention will be given where tlie I uteat rant. location and diat*n?e of ptac*. and a >ther particulars are stated. Tkt udvtrtiirr might c >w?. ae t ? 0 . ? ?I m | ? AUCTION SALES. Br WILL k iA**A*D, LAjt?K STOCKor PANCV ANDfTAPLE p?t 6ood? At Atrtto*?Oh thtrfpa* M'MlNl X? . iSth toat.. ?tl? o'?l<?ck. ws viil * !'. lt^AMv>n Roo?ifihr|? ck of Ftoov im Cn**|jft mil?r, Cloths ud 1 vdVL?LW?^Mwlilts. U, . it UIH> >uu uiuwu univm, *_HI.LJDCI MM MOI Mil In?h Ij'DAn, Fret eh Liiwa aid Or^ili? ??. I Handkerchief*, Hutitn. Uiorea, Hrop*. i Term* o??h. ? ind WMH BAKWARO. AccU. By WAI.L A BrKNARU, Aaetl<tM*r*. Cp?tI.T W?*?. RKHI.V Ct*T BoHKMIAX. FlttCR ?*n AMitir *m Run W a it, n - rutiv^iU! I .-imr.iM ! \ I Il.KRI(ft(.? W KSAl H ASD IftOR STOXK C 1115 4 WUI, AS D Bum s*TatckTT*- kr , kc.?i'ti THURSDAY naxt. 13th, at 1ft o'o oak, and oontinaing <t?ck d V? aatil tartker aotiee, we rka.t aelJ, at U? tore of C. E. G'??n. 274 Pa. ar?uo?. between 11th and 12th vtreeta, ? !*rje and tari*d MMrtMit of the above war*, aaok aa? Vmm <"ard R<cimi. CoJogae Bottlea, Cordial Sau, TaaHsu, tolaas Wa aofali kioda, Takl* CMt^ra, Wiae Cut"r?, Hpnona. fork*. Dinner S#ta. Cattery, 4*. W ith mot oti.ei k oda not kara ana nitrated. The at>ov? aa'o vill be foand worthy tha attanti?a of the pnbuo. a* the isndi a-e all new stylee of tie latert i-nportanoa, and al warranted w> ba of th* be?t qua itr. Ampla airM|?aMU inada for th? ooir.fott f?h? lalie*. Term: #>>an?1 under oath; orer #jn aareditof 60 and 9* day*, far aauaftMtoiiiy aoti oread mIn, bearing interact. a? lo d WALL ft BARNARP, * <*. ???^ amuskmkSTS pt*N FOK THE NAVY YARD FOLKS W Y M 1 N, TiiFbsst Fellow, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL. N?r* Ymrd. MONDAY, Tl'bSDAY, ?nl WEDNESDAY NIGHTS, loth, 11th And 12th September. *10* Q D D FELLOW?' HALL! MONDAY KTKpiTsR, Srpttmbtr 10. BUDWORTH'S (Latbtiik Pbioikal ask Ohlt Gnr im) W OD>S MINSTRELS! THK MODEL TROUPE or tm? FROFKWION, From Wood'i MarbU PmJcict #/ _>fimtrthy, 661 and New York-wlwr# they have h<-en permanently located forth* past 10 years. This Troupe (iA btst Etkiounn Tr mf tn ih-1 u?'(r?i have rw nllj closed the brilliant and tnutnphaot enpirii ! t of week* at Ba-nom'e Musoiim. New York?the ifa nt Minstrel Engage I m*ot on record. Thrjr are now making their Southern tour, u der the euti'* supervision of mr. Jantks h rfflwnitn i Prine? of Ethiopian Cornelians. FIFTEEN STAR PERFORMERS: J. H. Brt>wo*tn, Tamliorintst, \V. KtKH'niTH, Bruoder Bones. Roll.n Huw'tiii, Bai!atli*t. j. K. <\* mrp'lt, joii.i kklk. a. h. Wood, k. Hall. m j. Salomons, Mom. 0T*Afto?ca. w. stvttox. Ml-tw Tommt, Hakr J. H Givitl, k. k. m<>bs?. j. Union, Mast. Fia*k BrowotTi, Madami I?cr>k\ Fabsico, The Gr*a? Sencattou Prima l,onna. AU :Mo t'erforwara. Forming, lor z>num- talen .a galaxy un equaled in the Hfirmls of Minntr l?\ ADMISSION TWKNTV-FIVK CBNTS. If WASHINGTON THEATER. VY E GLISH OPKK A. S\F.TIIF.>"?* (late Oop-r'a) GREAT ENGLISH OPK.RA TROLPE will open tM ?(k>v? place forONE Wi-.KK. o unmeaning M??NDAY, ^pteml>er 17th, wh"rc thev will perforin in anoom?ion the rro*t popular I.yri?- and C?nnc tlperaa ta the English la i<u?(?: oncti aa Looreaia, FiaDiavolo,Ci ,<!erolift, and Harher of Sim la. Peats can be>ccure-i at Me xerott'a Muaio Stora. For particnlara * >? future ad vertiaemrnta. ae7 117 ASH I NO TON T H K A T r B I ? ?1 Sole I<e*?ee and )lu i(?r 8. \V. Glznk. THIS KSTAHI.lsHlfKNT Will r>p r. for th? re*n'?r Fall and Winter Season on the night .'f Tfl I KSL/A V. Novimil lit. JOSF.PH JEFFERSOV. The C??m?<li%n of the Ace. will commence an an{a<ein*!ii of Twe v?> Nisht* on MdNUAV, November iih, a^.d will be fo low d byt??e mmt M R I I. 1.1 A N T STARS 11.tbe Theatrical Firntamei t, [L/~ Communication! if addr?*?ed to S. W. GLta*. "Old Mower; Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an lt-tf EKRKK CONCERTS! RNST LOKFPLRR, New York avmtu, bttirrtm 1st and strttlt. would respaotlally tjvtr to the p?i: to thai A COWfcRT oftfB SELECT MlfelC will be *i van every MON DA V udTHl K>DaY EVENINGS during the ?ea?on. a,t tut Pnvilion, commencing at 3 o'clock and ending at l? p. m. Previous to the Concert, tti? Saloon u open to those desiring to whila tva; a few hours in Uis maxy danoe. ICE CREAM WATKR ICK?.a#J?v?rj description of CONFECTIONERY always r*ady at city prioes. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nie par pos^s, are retuostisd to give a day or two notioe. je I* 3m EXCDRsIONsTpIC NICS, AcT ^RLINGTON GRAND PRIZE PIC NIC' LOOK OUT FOtTrftLXT TUESDAY, Tub 11th THEGRANDEST EVENT O*" THE SEASON ! SPLENDID DISPLAY*OF FIREWORKS! PLEAS IKE AND PROFIT! A *r*n?t Prix Pic Nic will be iciven on Tl'ESDAV NEXT,*t Arlington Spring,. on which <>cca?i<>n 200 PRES MMTf ENTS will lx> ili?tr?l>ut-d. pfy* The fills,o of Gold tn<l Silv?f Silver Tea Set of & dimm ?nriii q?. - - - r - ?. ?. * w. Barrings. Rrea*tpin*. Ac.. Ac, l?ave been pnrch%?'il of Mr H. O IIixmI, Jeweller. he' ween 9 k and H*a ?t?.. and cad I* ?A"ii in hia w 1 xl''W Kverj pise" there exhibited. together vith 1<* other rift*, will b? fairly diatributed at 64 o'clock on the da* of th? Pic Nic Wither*' celebrated brn?? 4ad itrug hand ia encased. Tbfcre wili alao be a SPLENDID DiSP AV ?T P RKWOIK*! Snperio- to private enterprise ever gotten na. Th<' Proprietor* (aaraiitw gtx-d order ud a pi aaant tune ioall Omnihuae* will leave 7th ?t. a?d Pa avrnu?#verj hour during the dav. The packet Plying Cloud will run between Georgetown and the -finga. ami the ateamer tieo. \V. Rigga will leava 14th at. bridge hoorlv. Ticketa, Tor r?nt *m?n, io c?nU; ladiee, 35 eanta. No charg- for children. ee 4-aoJt BOARDING. 4 fro MNTH S*TRKET.-Pereona returning to T??'> the eitf f om their manner rmorta will tad vaoaot *eye>al desirable rooina. bavicx the oonre nimices o? gas, water. and ba'hin* eloeeta, at AH Ninth St., one door south of F; suitable ei'her for families or single gentlemen. Tabic boarder* aooomiaoJatod on wrierate terms. Hi lv POLITICAL BOOKS FOR THE TIMES ? C uske>'s Text Book tent by Mil, pre-paid,oa receipt of *1. <jroeljr's Political Text Book by nail, free, on receipt offl Douglas and Linooln Debates sent free oa reoeipt of SO cents. 1 Dred Scott Case sect by mail on raowpt of M sent*. Life of Douslaeeent b? ma'l on reaetotof 38 ooata. Campaign Medals of al' the candidates seat by "?" ?? "'VJnVVrlvch. ; Bookseller and Stationer, #TS Pa. ar., se ?-lw (Int.) between lith and 1*1 ?U The place TO GET YOU* 1 SCHOOL BOOKS At tkt Loicrst Print la a* I ALLANTYN E'S, 49? Sbvbntb St . Hl ln Abort Odd Vallowa' Rail. WATCH EKPAIR^TG ^SI^VEE WAEE j I har? ob* of tha boat a ?ta hi iah a?en ta, and fir iahad with aaomplate act of tnaia for rtfair- -ga. in? every dnaoMptton of kae Watohaa, Bad IM particular alteatiun give to tLa aamt, by aoNC V orough ooinpateat worknian.and all work fuaraaLied A1 o, every deicrip ton of atandard SILVER WARK, p!a n a.nd ornamental, manufeetu ad uixler my own tiparviaion. which mi matiman will t.?i lar an per tor in quality and bnnh to northern war* ( told t? itxaJar* in enteral aixt r*rnMt?J a* their , jwo mauulaotnr*. H. O HOOD, , ? 6 *3* Pa. avuue. a?*r 9th t NE^PPKtERTn5SSrite*V BUILDING. j Cortur ?f Prm. trawc *md S*mtk KriA * ? I I I ThaaubaoriUradafirato rtUirn tblki to Ui?ir :utton>ara f w the vary liberal pat'oa*** extended , to them tha put buaioeaa yeu-,?nd would raapaottoltjr r<?praaMt that their Iner*?a4>l?wi*iwa ait- . ?lea th? n to akow * more atfaetive atoek of Car- ! ?eU, Aa., than tkmj have Intberto offered. Tbeu [ ?ClLfRTMNPDAMAsi^BROCATELLES kid J LACKS, in ail tli? t*<t pst era*. 4 A r*ry lara*k>r of FLOOR OILCLOTHS. frr?w . * coat?to fl? ptr Howfwd moii tbom >ix i t.wt. of *xu? *up?r&ne with mduhm ud satin tlUMd Btll* Siiili l?#K:Fli'>r'^0?^LtL''a 1 Mayer* am ro?M<rtfuf ft ia*?t?*l to rtHt tbeir Show tii** will And tfc ir stuck U* mwmi * 4 i mtly arranged, * *' the nioet comforUNe *n the 1 it? , M4 ?tdi L. P. PEAKY * CO. w * a. . ?. 1 I.) M ^i? AUCTION SALES. T/fJJ AFTBRIiOOIi * Tt> MQKKitw Br A. GREEN - iMiioiw. Hwms KLaT arias. th* rtaka*** of itti? dreiir:u? * tn? W?t ?T tilJMn 0 an! M "H Mfft.ll ?*rk*?k *. ,? M tor'aont of F?irnit#f#. ?i? mllktulmtkikl cmri. _ . Do. DrM*ta? mm* olKw &?:** Vi, rm a ttlA'Bftrrt Croet* t W?x?, Fi?IMr D?d?. K Pill. w? and Hit rand <th?r M|!tr?MH, Toilet *????, Thr** ^? ai.d ftk-r Oarfi**. Oil Mk. \N i h m??? olt>#r a-iio ? whiou *idN? it ann^c Mtf; t?> *n?ia*rat* T?rn??: AH f?. ?a?h ; onrfri.i svraml'taan ^ "a,|% **tpr ' ** Tfca H?w. wkiah contain* * arraAg?d room*, tialao foi raatt ia*?uaoa Ut prwnlT'7 d a,?w ften. a?? bj wall a parnak d. auw??aaar? Aihvction pai.e trrn one dato^ilt. ir thi cloak a-id mmiut imm nn> irwf ??TftBiiaaLi?ii??ToBT>*r Nti?tu * Bao , fans a\ kti.c.axurin at l*oclock o? I UESVAY MORNIMU. ^irravaai II.?Ka orrr 10 mak* Mnpr.>\ -n>ant? la imr *M?*^irf Maa ti ia ro >m?f ami u> oitaaa oat tko vaaMO of i>ar it ok of i AdiM' \Vr*ppin??. ? lor to taa oa*n.a| of la:aad witter ?tr r?. wire* wi.i taka flaii abnottlmS*tfc ta?t .?wa o#or ar aaetioa, ia tfco < ar rort.oc TU?-lli?A\ MORSINO, Bra'tr IIUi. <>ar rcmaiMOi ?K>k i lia*' U aci f*?Jk and*Mauti'laa, iMr Point*. l.a< ? ard r*?* ia i?fcaoia, Rorac* Dr???r?. Trar: ling Cloaks a ad R*f laaa. Gray DuMri,fta (TTALSO WILL BB ADDED PROM A Drr Good a Uoumi vntab will maka tnoaaia donbly attract)** i a lot of? Ladiea* Draaa Good a. in r?rioaa awtoriala, l.arrl.a Cloth. Grey emu, Hoof rkirta, ptzzxxi teresc 'Paraao.s Mar?111. GsnUamwa'i Skirt tfoaonw, Aa. *m ? *"^""maXWELX k HRO..S9* Pa ar ? ? tt WAl.t. A HAKN AMI', A wet#. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Hardware of every description . C?*r?*T bcu t>?R?" j OOL* ? at Arrx:.ij ? On 1 I K^DAY.tb* llih imUM, I aia ? wtil. IB froat ol my it I' o'B.oek m.. a lATKB Bod ?eo?M?, tuortifst tf Bwi.deri' lird ? P?l"! J X'M'r t nl I'rt' Blld CODtBlnarn fcr? r*f?eotfal!r m*it-d t < att??4 <M ?aJr, aa a.1 im , S<?><la wi fto ?< lu witi out r?MiT*i Term* cuh. (lot) A. liRFF.M, Awl 'future pays ~ Br J. C. MoGUIHK * CO. AaeUonaara. VALIABI.E BULDINO LOT ON NORTH ~ E ST. HITW-'E* 9TM 1"T?t'T* . AT Pr?Uf Arcn s -On TVK9JIa\ A P . EH >OON, Mf t -nihrr 11th, a? ? "'c ook. <>a the inniiM wa *kt.l Ball part itf Lot N j. 4 in }?? %' ?37,lroi tin* i4 I"' t ot ?wrth n et>??t. i*tw<?ta 9th a*.d l"tii ?u ?? (, ruriu n* : at?k 1"~ f <*t t<> a3'-f? t *'ieT. ?nhf-?t to a pwt.ial TH<- umpir oar ao*at ad at aar tun- <ia U? pat mm! o( tvratj aaata pr' loot for < )?? crotn d. Orma: On* tr.ird c?ah: tH? r?at<4o? IB and 12 month*, with mt?r*?t,a?cu-fcil brtM ofratM th? ?r. miaes. " . . Mt d J. r. MeGIMKE * CO.,A?rte. Br A GMKUN. Aldan?*VAIl'tBLK moFKRTV ON WORTH I.. MIWUI'TH iWlTH^ WM1 OARIMI. Sa /HlH.D.u, lb* 3*h mat. I wi%?? u ont of the f remiaM, *t ft u'olock p. m , Pi'" ** Lot o t, in ftqufo \o. 4*7, with the IM^rvt ?IMU. t which onai?t of a two iiurf brick Ikhim, vii'b tfn hdil'ttnc. co .Uu.ini mz rooms and kitcheu. ?h l< t f"?nt? ou north I atr**t 41 M. runnn- boot *f * ft t ?h<>at miaw*T tar square, boiwotn Ttfi mm i*1 treats. The above meLt.on*d property is eligibly arid preeenta rr?n? inriucni*nla to per. oat wishing to make a ?<xx1 invf-tnvct loimc One loarth ct'k; bala'oe in i, S ud 3 y?ars. for noto* bearing i:,te-ost fro* day of Ml*. A Atuxi given ted a ?1?od < f tnit taken. Tit.* la disputable. All s?i*?iuiiii at Um oosi of Um purehaaer. _ 8 7-4 A. GREEN. A net WALE or WHEELWRIGHTS' *rd BLACKij smiths' Moci(j Iikij4vAc.-Will bo aold ?f f j "ii" cuiiii, a 9ji ilk u a r, P^tembw IS, at Ifl o'olook. the lar,e aeeortiaent of Timber, Taite, M? Mad- Wurl,* ?., v( Ui? &m of TknmM UT Ho i|kin A Bro., Piu ?uoh, near e >raar Ou?*i, Meia^t'ia. Va *$ MARSHAL'S PA.LK.-la Tirtn* of writ at ? '1 faciM iaaued iron the Clwt i Olw of tha Circuit Court of the Diatriat of Colaa.taa tut theCoanty ot l\ aaiin (ton, aa4 tv madiraatad. I nl axpoea u? puti ?c ml*, tot uaah, in f ont of the Coart H^in J. or of a?wco?>tf on MONDAY, the lat day ??f O.noMr ee*t. H o'alaafc m. a* 4<T-ii4aiit right, title, c aia aad uianaliaaa4 U> Lot No 6, in !>* uarr 4|l,ui the oity of WaahlagLoa, D. C , tofether w th all and Mnaular th* liayroveir.e' ta therein. *ei?ed ar.d levied apoa aatne ^rof?rt? of Wiiiian Majichani, Bad wi.l b? aold to *U?Jt jodieta'a No. SI, to Jiiwry tana lafci, ia fa?oi u| J.aee U Wilson MT PKLDBN, U. 8 Mara ha. for the Diatnot of Cenabia aa?-dta Ky A. ?RKEN, AaaUaaaar. OH N MONDAY, 9ept?ant?ar 24, we ahall aaU, m front of th? pr-miaee. ai o'aloak f mr, ia COn.Dli4 .ae With th? Uru of dmmri nf tm?i f? from Tkva. A. Hrown an J wife, dattttk jnun b*r. It ?, ?'d rre rdad m J. A. I* . No IV, MiitAI te.,o sofilti laiii rftordiof \VMkin tun oouoty. ea'ta of lota ti and u. in ?auare .1?. j??. forth" came 40 faot 3 ineaaa from im a-T.thwa. t ci>rr?f of aaid t^ikro, running Um? Wit on lia* with D atraet lock M feet; the io*? :<orih 7 f-?<t Ibrno* tut U f?M; thenoa aoati foet to the f ao? *?f t (Ktkcr witt Ik* impr i ftmi t>. OtB<Mtii(ir of a two-atorj fraaaa hou fi'.kdM ( *? haok lic dioi. Tw?i: On?fotnth cuh iha l?TtcM ia ?, II ud )t month*. aftar d%? iJ >-a a, wth a M "?coral t? j tdoMo tniitoilMfrrmiM*. IflhtU aiof?>t a-a not ennp i< d with withia fivadaiaaftor tba day ol ?? - the iraat v.a rt>aarva the rifbt to'?aai! ?ha property at >h? p?irctia?ei' uak and ooat, after kitmt one we k a : ot e\ 9M?. g. HFN'IINB, I UKO. R. THOMPSON,* ?"?? an ?< 3taw?da A. GRkK", |wt. By A. tiRKKN. Auctioneer. r|K^I*ABL_K IMPROVED AND t'NIM _ - ralI, , MIMII1 AT rt?l,icp?ll-rut w fttthi a action More of'the iiki*tu|m4, ?or?? of 9f v*ntN vwt uid U etreet, mi WKDNtftD\ V. tne irk of t*?rtNiber mt.tlto'oiMlr.*.. tfie fol.owiu< Lot*: Lot 5, in iSi'iare 6< Lot?, in L t I", ib S?L(iro l.igt. Part of Lotl*. in MtuareTV, froatiag 3M UK inohna on Kaat Capitol ?treet. iitprrrrtU fef t*u email t?r,?m*nt? Tki< pmfnrti la within ?he pmpoMd extension of Ml* (..a?'t?i f MlUDfla. Tit * p?r ct. Term*: One foarth caah; th < n<a d?? in *. 11 at4 II montha, eecered by <t?ed of trurt. Ail oomrrjar.c:nf at the out of the pnrchaaer. If th? terma of aaletri not oomp i>sl with within ire I'ara front da? of ?ale the ^rof.riy will t>e resold at th'ooet of atmiafr. aa n tewtwtda A. GRKKN. IUa> Br A 6IKKN, Auctioneer. Intkkhfti xtf bauk at puklin auoTIOR OF RlO. kaTiii inn PhioiiL ftntn yr-Oa fcr?tTl K^>AY(rh M a?y?irtki3? Mr. at W o'o1 ofc. t?n ki|k!; cvlUnM PMPI. erf j lniof, not?ii inr atom 2 A mtm Ml, i<t??Ud lailMfira We liioitoa oiiy, l>. C.,?b Ui ??t niti atre?* ro?d. i i M r.tiomerroou&ty, Md A> ". Hoiithnld Karmtnrrenl every deeci ihiob of Pans BhMk.winittiDi ii pert of? Nino Uora?? eu4 oat Co.t, O e p?i' of Wtirkini Mnn, Twe :ty four h?*d ofCrf* o^mMiMMc? MliOb I'nti, J' unc " ?*?" kr .If. boat thirty HoniBdMukU, lolwfMKOfe Pair of &o-' Cftniur Hu.'-*a, Light ?'?ri?i.A new Double Haraeee, F y Neta, R <>bea. Il i>ik't?.te.,tt. Alt* Family ? w tor aad L>?aMe Harnrea, bin*l? Haruraa, l^adta*' and Genu' ?add1ea, Bndiea. D?.n, 4e . kc Oi? h-af W?? Hi oa. Ha aee*. Carta,Cwnaii. Com u4 c >h Craab<-r. imtl u mv, Threahiag M%ohia* aid Horea power, Eoekawa*. Pm, Rmit a*?a Mower, And ma ay othar anafal artieiee too iMMraaa to Lara* lot of Clover ai.W Timothy Har. , Whaat. KrranduuM av Cirnaod Cora FoMer 1 W. /. 11 ? ? J 1 u* i?' m? vui w ?oiu ai UW O'O OOIt J m>m. No. I, eoBtMNii ii??t SM Mm, till* I parfaat aad fraa froai a!! anoBinlnaroa, fcaaaa !*- ' (ant iuod*rn houii, replete with all wmiwim r ora firat ei'i oit? rea>d*?oa, Mok m hacfca. ?rti r oloaeu. rang and pi?> i* hluh**, ( rra?, ia* dry oaltar, Jioiaad cold w?t" ia brd rooaia,euiiMrr?b>r), at^ la het *T?r; thin* for as el?cant e rantrr rendfnc* TM- Imhim, with iU ut< andinti, ?"?t atmat #!?. ?? Farm Na. t li%? aoraa frifhlr i??rorad land. ciM>d fa mi boas*. nrv pora o<ih and jraaary. good barn and for IS Iwhh fctMiaf valaad aaoordiac la taaaraaaa ?w at Kbmml IV?i Um vboia uadar cood f?Ming. piaaty <>ra* old locatkar or ??raf il Irat "ft? of Ml? : On* third out: billBN to Mit I Dm Nrakur, k| ft 4?m of Iri4 M Ik* troptftf. A U ttM M,nn?l ?r,T*rty viU U mM oa ft era4it of IaooUi X*r ftli iumi ??t ftltiad u to Its. all or* that mm a erod t?r? month* wilT ba [iT*a for not*. ati.fact.Tily wtorvei. bmnmg ta sr toaoM Wtfaoat ro?*rT? uja the Irat Taaaday ?* 3ct >ber, and the r?la will b? a>ntiiiaad daily eatil ihewhoieoftke^Mtfertr laAaroeeiat T>".K*f <rty eau b* Ti?w*d aad orarj 4MiraM? iwwirya r. Cta<*t and F f Blair, oa tfca f?rl?jH*aal A4*?a?. if b, .-Uw.CoOa*. f^dfca^ ad Aao? i^iajjg>"1kai ,1 >? 'mJd L^ULhoW* lou I PNeiNKEipH OFFICE. M J I Uii? road from ML JtckM* to MttUMakcrf- V > ? dUr?UMvAic4Utvte?. I