Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1860 Page 4
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ymm?mmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmm THE EVENING STAR. Ob Ui? Ck*ie? *f ft Wlf?. ^aonzh of betaty to ?*oure affection JEno,i<hof *pngtathne?? to our? dejaoUon. Of to clam: protection, A (loo: I #? mir.fl inktArvianf ?? MArp*nlion Yet stored with ?*n*e, with reanon, anil r?ll?0ti0n. And every ptwion held in due aubjection?< Ju?t fault* enough to keep ner from When such 1 hntl, 1*11 make her rajr .election. On tkr I h?tra ! ? Muk??' Of benntv jn*t enoneh to bear inapeetion. Of candor. aeiiae, and wita ?ood ooitM.Uon. Kno jf h of love for <>ne who n??U protection, T" ?<M>rn th? wr<1? *'I J? k?*p her iai subjection , Wisdom t?> k^p biin rifcht in ?aoh direction. ' Mor claim % weakor vMrtl a imperfect ion , HuouM I e'er me?? with such iii mi connection, I*ot him p'opo?e. I*!l oifer no objection. The Cosvmiimce *sd Advantageo? Povim?A hiiaonM correipondent of one of tbe morning dailira, now at Saratoga, nvi:-1, for my own p^rt. am never afraid of having my pocket picked. In fact, 1 rather with that some one would pi?k it oti halves, it it so hard for me to find any rn^ney there, that I fully appreciate tbe ditt-ultira another man would encounter, and ahould bavt no obi?f.timi tn mvins Mm *? ? bis trouble And then. m r?*^?rd? a watrb, I feel continent t*at any man who took It would be very jilad t? bring it bark. For be won Id be taking that which enriched me not, but made htm poor lnd-vd Keeping the wrsUbed little tolng in repair would break the proprietor of a faro bank or a horse railroad. It is a lively piece of mechanism for its size, however, and generally contrive* to beat the hi* clock down In the office an hour or two tn the twenty-four. Next to keeping a wife, I can't conceive of any thing more expensive and trou bit some to keep than a watch. Rtri'slicas Dialooob.?First Republican? How do yoa like the nomination of Mr. Andrew? Second Republican?1 don't like It at all; he's an abolitionist You might as well have nominated Mr. Fhilllps. First Republican We rxn'l hnm hut (in# ruilirfat* at a time. Mr Phillips'* turn will coine next ?JSojlot Cour er. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. Bit OWN*' HOTKL?N Lewis, W Cootidsje, Ga; 9 9 Fisbef. O, H L MoCulioueb. Pa; O Dixon hod ly. Mrs McGill, Miss; H J Coleman, NY; C Gar in* ton, G Gunnels, SC; J Libby aud ly. Ga; Q Atkinson and ly, Tenn; R W Tuck, Kv; J Poaterilrld and ly, Tenn: L Buab, J P, J F TLibatieaux, Lai Mrs Wild man, Mrs, Miss Hunt, Col A A Hill. P Calyditt, Ga; F Sullivan and ly, J L Washington, Miss A W Hnnd, Mis? I. A Bond. Md; Miss H Manigault, G Mini.,.,,1* Ci v I L? ? J i.. J. s t iili a r?. * ? cv , l? uay nu, iiiuj j Aii er ana iaiu. ljo9 J ii Plnkertou, Md, K I'omroy. i-a; C Patterson, NJ, A Oral toe, La; C Loo*. A M Barbour, Va, M H Klaiid. Ga; G Irwin, Md; G W Roger*, Tenn; M C BiU' Miss; F Pifltft, A Dapremont, La; W D Miller, J Miller. G SUugfcter. Va; C Massie. La; R D Percy and fain, Mrs G W Sar^eant Mifi, A Lackey, W Cuuuinjcbam, Ala; D C Wilier, Tex; Dr Hammond. N V. T K Williams, Pu; T Laughton, Ga; A D Hanks. Va; J R Foste', W Thomas, Miss L Thomas, J T Stephens and ly, Ga; B TrtniMe ?nd lv, Miss Trimble, Miss Ready, Ala: J U Graham. DO. MAI ION 1L HOTEL.?W T Richards, NY; R J W haley, JCC Whaley, SC; S De Wolf, Pa; C W Trotu-r, J G Trotter, NVj G H Petri*. AU. J H Sotfcoron, L H Berry, Md; M J Karrell and lady. La; Miss S Dickson, SO; W Hardy, NO; J Swatt, Pa, H Sibley. NY; W Wallin^ton, Pa; J Keckwitb and fain, Md; F Nelson and fam La; R Appieton. Si'; R Searle,S Marsh, ?; G Hall A lady, NY; T Prince,?; Miss Vivian, Ala; D Irwin. Va; Mrs Gaines. MrsStrother, DC; Mist C Goodman, Va; J Stubs and lady, NS; Mrs Smith T Brown, Md; G Martin, Pa, B Henry. Md; RF Hurlbutt, Pa; D Gordon, Mrs Bradford, Miss Sala? Ui*. ur i -J I a i ? u * * -a? t?. * ? irr, ov , ?? uruyaru, Aidj n Aicianaer, va; Li A Wbiteity, Md; H G itttb, Ind; J Fisher, G Stone H Harney, Va, J Wlluimi, S Anderson, T Scrlven. Ga; M Shoemaker, E Booz, Pa; E Johnson, Ct; S Prlt, G Brlttou, NY; M Rfusenaerrjr, G P Frteraon, La. E Kuapp, Gj; T Wakefield, Mo; R Dickinson, Ala. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?T WoodhouWJ, Maas; R Gouldlnp. NY; M Todd, Va; F T Woodruff, Ps; 9 H Fairfield, Mies; G W Coaplng and fa:u, HC; G Oibaon. Va; J T Lirdeling, T Roberts and If, La; Maj J Clden, USA; E Tucker, Mass; L E Yonng. W Liliey, NY; H Sibley, Mich; R Sinclair, Va. WASHINGTON HOUSE.?4 A Southerlon^? Va; R Spain, USA; E Kiben?hade and lady, ?? TStetoon. FY; T Beaile and daughter. Ga~; An* Drew J Land. Pa; W U KriM, Ohio; G Thack" er, Ind. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From tub Uxitcb Statbs. Sttamrrt. Lear*. For. Days. Conoaa* ht . N sw York... G al way S?> pt. 11 Africa. \ew York.. .Liverpool 9ept 12 J ura New Vork...Liverpool. Sept 14 Viro .New York.. .Liverpool,. Sept 15 Pn7tni?.?..?? .New York?..Havre Sept 15 Bavaria.. New York Soath'pton. Sept 15 Ouat\ _ Boston..Liverpool. ..Sept 19 C. Waahingtoii..New York. .-Liverpool.. Sept 2i Leiaeter Boeton. Gal way Sept ^5 Ana. . New Yor*... Liverpool Sept 28 isr*ni?n. .7*aw York.? Soota'pton. S*pt29 Adriatic New York.... Havre.. Oot 6 Arno. New York H&vre Got i3 From Europs Bohemian Ijverpool Uitebf-o ,... Aug. 30 A*ia ? .Liverpool New York Sept. 1 Leiu?t?r fialwHjr Beaton Sept. 4 Hre.naii ?S?uth'pton... New York. .Sept. 5 Ad'ia'.to South'pton...New York..Snpt. 11 I'rtnce Albert... .lialw&y??.New York .Sept. IS Ar?u - ? South'pton?.New York.. .Sept. i9 >?w York SouiiTpton. ..New York...Oot. 3 The Havaua mai. sta&mera leave New York on U? 2d. 1A6, ntn. aid 27th of aach month, and Charleston on the?tn and 19th. The California mai! ?t** ?*r? leave New York on th?> ?ii and %th of eaof- month. TklON KKH HTKAM M m HI V iNIi mouiM _ _ WU' M*? V */?%V ?? 4* f STONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the oitizera of W a?mugt>n, Georgetown anil Alexandria that h* ha* add?d t-> his long established business the auxi iarr of itMu power for sawing and mannfao t'l in* Marti!? and Brown Stone Work in <heir various branches, Marble Manteis, Table and Washstand Top*. Ti e. Monuments, Tomb and llead Stooes, rtia>a, Window Linteia, Sils, !?teos and F-atforuis. Having purchased a large stock of Italian Marble m>r?t first the lowest rates, he fwela ?onideot of r?eing able to furnish Marb* Work a? low as it oan be purohased iu New York. Philadelphia, or Ualtiinore. Ths trade supplied witft Italian Marble in Honk (s abs at the same rat* aa farm-feed la >ew York, and on aceomrnodaia* tHrms. Aleo, on hand, a large 'apply of Fnmie* Wu>ne, Water of Ayr Hoc* and Poubdiqc Fatty at New York prio?a. Enooursge the eater priM; it vnl be an acq uisition u> the eit*. AlTOC RfTHERPORD Pion'er Steam MurbU and Brown Stem* Works, Pa. av., oor. 'l'nirt enth st, an 21 ?? Washington, D. C. JMFORTAiNT TO UOUSEkEEPERB. E. R. DURKEE ft CO.'g tfuaianteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but (fnsatf lr <fn fre?h Spioee, eeiaoted ud cleaned by ae exp'. at-) lor the purp?.?e wiurmt reference to oott. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with oa^r.t to prevent injury by keeping. au<t are full weight, while the ordinary (round 6p?ee? are aimoet invariably short. We warrant tha?n in aninl /?f WvoNb-I-ELc-iMTrrisos?'"? % nut* truu will aiuadantiy prove. MWttihotareJ ani, g R " ^ IVtf.O* l?1 Pwnr' nt . N? w York. V DEALER H? Ji WOOD & COAL, LIME, ( (I SAND, CEMENT, HAIR. \ \\ Plaster, and Wfciu Gratel, (( / 548 N. E. Cor. 12lh & C 8ts.ll II Onr M]nare Snath Penn. AT. Vk r WASHINGTON, D. C.JJ ? ? ??-tf ^fcLTZfcJl W AT KB ' 3ELTZE* WATKK; W* to 4ay rwwrrd * fr?*n ?up?ly of ?*r W%t r. in t?*k-U, direot fro** th* ? ** ! > wbi h tU-> wer? unp'X-tAd. _ KING * BURCHEI.L, k 5 Fiftwfth>t.tiid Vtrmontw. Awm. t. do vis * CO. H K Now f reMr?] to uaoaU u; order* *iU Wtucu th*J BM b? Uvored in tt>? Tul'MBlNO. 6?$jp,$E9TEAM PITTING (T/~ {ttor* ob tth *tr*?t, a?$w door* north W P*. timu". wlinr* .|?A? i* found a oomRiet* M?ortn;i?Dl WIMM40KD B'OKs* E H?re ? lot of P?'kt Jk Wntson's Read* al;| Sp 11 r? tnst w >r? d*in?C?l m little br ?a>?r in tti? te*ui?r srom N?w York h,?l ? -... im ?t)ld lor ha f tha u?us! pnc^. BUNCH\RD * MOHL'N, 4 Cvrn?r 11* t. P> %r. 275 ALLEN 275 JACKSON. PLASTXRKMB. P?RKA. Amci, Botw^n loth HU> rtr?to. Jo 1? P Ksons ixlmw f bTlat ft ' ?urf?u* t>f hutuM?ti id odecu ou im iwiii Mi* by tvlim ?t n'f Farmahinx tHon. 44$Tth NTHi, be1?WI> <j !>?( H -tr*+ta. Met id? ?? wiKM Pw wrrm * V'iM, t'U?t;f> FOM KF.AT OR SALE, r . At i ^!t'iorr?M??f Ul ???kLi,t( ELLIS'S. ;;v -"" a'*?" "'".ThS. . MISCELLANEOUS. BY THE PRKS^I^T^OF THE UNITED In r?r?mo? of liw. I, Ja*ii Bcchasan, President of the UmUd 8t?tea oi Anuria*, do Lirtby d?ol*r* u<t n?k* know. th?t pabho ul-i will b? r V1* L&od Officii in the ^ ftt0 of lov^. f h A AArl/V^B k?r?i na^A* A (>>\a ? -.WW ??r? fw? 1UV|? UVIOIHMWI WVUIIW ted, to wit: . At the Land Office at Fo*t Dodos, oommenoisg on Mondaj, the 19ih dar of November next, for the disposal of the publio lands, heretofore anr ffererf. situated within the following townships and parts of townships, Tis: North of tkt ban Ii?* ami tetsl of tki fifth principal meridian. 9*0tiots 1,3.5,7,9,11,13, 15. 17, 19, 21, 33, 25. 77, 29, 31, *? and ?, of township M; sections 1. 3. 5, 7, 9 11, 13 IS 17, 19, 21,23. 25, *7, 2?, 31. 33, and 35. of township 95; seouons 1,3, 5,7. 9, II, 13, 15,17, 19. 21, 23.25,27,2), 31,33, and 35, or township 96; sections I, sTd, 7,9,li, 13, 15, 17. I?. 21, 23 2V 27. 29.31, 33, and 35. of township 97; sections 1,3. 5,7, *, 11,13, <5,17, 19. 21, 2*. 25, 27, 19, 31, 33, and 35, of township M, of range 27. ^rouons 1.3 5.7,9,11,13.15, 17. 19,21,33. 25,27, 29,31.33. and a5, of to woshis 93; seotions 1,3. 5,7,9, II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. 25, 27, 29, 31, 33. and M, of township 94; seotions 1,3,5,7,9,11,13, 15 17.19, 21, 23 25,27,29.31,33 ard 35 of 'ownship 95; Amotions t 3, 5.7,9, 11,13, >5 17,19,21,23 25. 77,29. 31. 3V and as, ot township 96; seo'ions I. 3, 5. 7, 9 11. 13.15, 17, 19,21,23, 25,77,23, 31, 33, and 35, of township 97; seotions 1,3,5.7, 9,11,13,15, 17,19, 21, 23, 25, *7, .9,31, 33. and V, <>Ftownsmp93; seotions 1,3, 5 7, 9. IT, 13, 1 >, 17.14. zl, 23,25, 77,29, 31, 33, and 35, of towcshlp 99, of range 28. d oti >ns 1.3,5.7,9, 11,13. 15,17.19, 2:, 2J, 25, 77, 29. 31. 33, and 3>, of township 93; s*?Uons 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13,17,19,21, ?3, 25. 27. 29, 31, 33, a&d 35. of town, ship <H; seotions 1,3,5,7, 9,11,13. IS, 17,13,2!, 21, 25, 27. 29. 31. 33. &nd S&. ot LiWDthin lAAtiAns 1 ? * 7, 9, 11, 13. 15,17, It), 21, S3.25,27, 29. SI 33. and 35. of t iwna~ip%; eec on? 1,3,6.7,9,11,13,15. 17,19 21, 23. 25, 27, 29,31, 33 and 36. or u?wnah<p 97; aaoii"aa I,3. 5,7,9, 11,13. 15,17.19, 21. 33. 25,27. 29 31, 33. lid 46, of ownalup 98; a?o iona 1,3,5,7, 9,1", 13. < > 17, 19,21,2i, 25,27. 29,31,33, and 35, of townahip J9, of ran*e 29. V?oUona 1.3, 5,7,9,11.13,15,17,19 21,23.25, 27 29, 31, 33, and 35, of township ?3; s?etiona ,3.8,7,9, II,13,15,17, ,23,25,27,23,31J33. auJ 35. i f town atnp 94; ?eo io-a 1, 3. 5 7,9,11,13. 15,17,19,11, 23, 25, 2', i9 31 33, and 35. ol lo?rnahip95; aeotioia - 3,5. 7 9, 11. 13. 15. ?7, 19,21,23. 25,27 ** 31,33. and 35. of townahip 96; aeotions I, 3, 5, 7. 9, It, 13.1$, 17, 19, 21, 23. i5, 27. 29 31. 33. and 35. ol town*hip97; afotiooal, 3. 5,7,9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, *1,23. 25, 27. 2S 31,33. an 35, 0 townahip 9d; aciona 1. 3, 5, 7, 9 11.13.15,17, 19,21. 23.25, 27,29, 31,33, and 35. o- towoa ip 99; aro tioral.3 5,7, ?. 11,13 i5,17, >9. 21, 33 25.27,29,31. 33, and 35 oftownanio 100, ol ranee 3 , Actions 1. 3. 5. 7, 9. 11, 13. 15, 17, I'J, 21. 23 25 27, 23,31,33, and 3S, of townahip 93; a?ott >na I. 3. 5,7. 9,11. la, 15 17,1<?, 21, 23, 25. 27 , 2s?. 31 33, ami 35, of township 94; awstiona 1.3, 5.7, 9,11,13. 15. 17.19. 21, 23. 25, 27, 29, 31. 33. and 35. of townahip 95; aMtiona 1. 3,5.7.9,11,13. 15, ?7. 1?, 21, 23 25, 27,29 31.33 and 35, of township 96; a-ctio a 1, 3. 5. 7 9, 11,13, 15,17, 19.21 23 2>, *7 29, il.33, and 3S ot t .wn?hip 97: aactw.n. 1 Q t ? O 1 10 -E ~ ? vita * y ?J| "i * % il< 1 J| I i ? 21* W, i"), Jf7 , 31 ^ 93. ?n<i 3>, of townHiip 9B; aeotiuna 1.3, 5. 7,9,11,13. li. 17,19,21,23. 25,27. 29, S',33. and 35, of .OTDl^ip 0): sections 1, 3.5, 7,9,11, 15, 17.19 21,53,25,27,29, 31.31, and 35, of towmmp UK', of i*n*~ 31. ? J*eCtlO i? 1,3,5, 7,9,11. 13, 15. 17, 19, il. 23. S5, 27, 2?. 31 33, an>)35. of iowualup93; aectioia 1. 3, 5,7. , 9. It,13, 15,17. 19, 21.23, 25. 27, 29. 3 . 33, ar.d 35, of t'lirnahip 94; arctlon* 1,3,5,7. 9, 11 13, 15,17,19,21, 25,27, 29, 31. 31, a^d 35, of t'^wnahip 95; aeciioi,* I, S, 5, 7,9,1'. 18.15.17. '**. *1, 23 25, 27, 29, 31,33, and 35. 1 township !H; aeiti na 1,3,5,7,9, 11, IS, 15, i7. 19, 21, 21, 25, 27. '9, 31. 31, a d 35, of .ownahip 97; asctioje 1.3.5,7.9, 11,13, 15, 17. 19,21,23,25,77, 29, 31,31, and 35, of to^nehip 9*; aviiooa 1, 3. 5, 7, 9,11, IS, 15, 7 19,21,23,25 27, 29. 31, 3*. ai d *5, of tnwn?ti!p 99; actions l,s. 5. 7,9, 11,13, "5.17, 19,21, 23, 28. 27, a9, 31,33, and 35 of townabia inn, of ranges'. I 3,5. 7.9, II, IS, IS. 17,19.21.23. 25. 27, 29 . 31.53, %nd 35, "f ?>wn*hip94: township 95; section* I, 3. 5. 7, 9. 11 21, 2J, 25, 27, 2?, 31,33, and S5, of townamp %; a oti ?ra 1, 3, 5, 7. 9,11. la. 15,17,19. 21, 23.25. 27,29,31,31, *nil 35 of to wnship 97; section* 1; 3. 5,7. 9.11, IS. 1*, 17, 19, 21. 23, 21, 27 29,31, S3, a d Si. <>f uwnhliip 9fc- aentioua 1. 3 5,7, 9.11.13, IS. 17, 19,21,23 25,27,29.31. 33, and S5, of townahip ??; a of ?q< 1.3,5.7, 9. 11. IS <5,17. 19,21.23,25,27,29, 31, 33, and 95, of lownahip 100, ol raof e 31. At tb? l^and Office at Sioux Citt, oommenoinf on Monday, the 26th day of November next, for the disposal of the public lamia, heretofore unoff red, aitnafel within the following townahipa and parta of townahipa, viz : Xortk of the bate line and irtst of the ftftk principal meridian. Sectiona 1,3,5,7,9,11, IS, 15,17, 19,21,58, 28 27, 29, 31, 31, and S>, <>f township 95: aeouona 1. S, 5,7, 9. II. li. 15. 17. 19. 21. 2fl 25 Tl 91 11 *? *nA <? tow as ip 96: ito'luoi 1,3, 5,7,9,11, lsji, 17,11.8. 23,25. *7,29. 31,33, and S^cftownthioOT; townshia 9H; Motions 1. 3,5,7,9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21,23. 85. 27, 2.1,31. 33. M i 3>. of townsnip 19; Motions 1.3. 5.7,9, 11, 13, 15. 17, 19,21, 23, 25, 27. 29, 31, S3, and ?, of township 1'*), oi range 34. Townships 98,99,and I0?, of range 35. Township 9*, of range 38 Townships 91,99, and 100, of range 37. Township* 98.99, and lM, of range 38. 'I o unships 98.99. and 100, of range S?. Townships 98, 99. and l?o, of range 4^. Townships 99 and inn, of range 41. ?ownahipa 99 &cd 1<V?, of rang* 42. owRships 99 and 1<X), of range 43. rp ? ? _ _ i_. " - * a uwuimpi rrj ?"U l"l, OI range 44. Townships 99 and inn, of range 4s. T-.wn.hip8 99 and ino, of range ifi. Townships M an I on, of range 47. Townships W an'l ion of rang* 48. Townships 99 and 100, o> range 49. Land appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purpose*, together with the "swamp and overflowed lands," will be excluded from the sales. The offVring of the above lands will be eonamenoed on the days appointed, and will proceed in th* order in which tliey are advertised, until the whole shall have been otferod and the sales thus olosed , but no I sale shall be kept opeu longer than (tro webs, and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until alter .he expiration of the two weeks. Given under in* hand, at the city of Washington, this fourteen'h day of Auru*t, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos. 8. Wilson, noramiMUiBflr * - ?1 ? VI ?HV UVUDIW iiAUU UlUOO. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled t<> the right ot pre-emption to any of tha lands within the townships and parts of townnhips above mentioned, la required to * Laotian tue same to the satisfaction of the register aid receiver of the prop?r land office, and make rayinent therefor aa soon an practicable after seeing this notice, and bof?r? the day appointed for the commencement of the public saiea of the land* embracing tni traot claimed; otherwise suoh olaim will be forfeited. JOS 8. WILSON. Commissioner of the General l.and Oflioe. Notb ?I ndor the regulations of the department, j? heretofore and now existing, no pa] mer.t can *>e in*.do for advertising proclamations sxoept to sa~b publishers aa are ?jvruxlly authorized to pnbliak by the Commissioner of the General I .and Oflioe. au 80 M.wi?w %i7 a^iiTngton ** CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFPLER. Proprietor. iVtio York avenue, between 1st and 2d Itt In callint the attention ot the public to myjrounds I wonld sta'e that every arrangement ha?A . . A M'o made to make this ' Retreat" niorevT^^y attractive eiery day. Monday! the Gar-l^JU, dena are open t<> tliepublio Ireeof oharge- a oonoert 51 ven by a aelect band. Those denying t" enjoy the anoe and Walts IM find the saloon > | order to render pleaaure to all. On otii?r daya the i pfprietor will oUeerfiilly crantth" use of the ' cmuuda for tobool or other Pio Nio Paitiea vitaout charge. h ir the amusement oTchildren he bat introduced a number of little games, never befor- seen in ttua citv.aud f-alou ated at theaame time to amuse the "old foika." N. B.?Attached \m ray Bottling Kstabliabm'nt, Kid families can be supplied with any quantity at eir -eenence.-of that healthful dnuK, LAGKR HfcKR, upon short notice. je 15 3m AND 81LVKR SPfcCTACLRS.?Ha** * inc had much experience in msnufactnring anJ aale of Spectacle*,**?*-^^^ 1 am now pie pared to supply any or all that want a vtry superior qua ity of claasna, with th"ae that are best cal'-ula'cd to beue&t their sight. Having had mu^b pracace in fitting the "-os* diffioult caaea, I i.' l warranted in naying th\t I o'n aelect g'aaaea at %M timea that will *uit the wearer, and at tlie same timaoanaell them at a<> low ? ?? ?" wish to o*e them oau afford to puroh&se. H. O. HOOD, au M No 3*9 Penn. avenue DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. T. M'*Nt*ON Ha? returned and returned hia i profcson. Cffiee and house at 463 E | third door east of Sixth. In addition t Mw I f varjr o her approved *tyle, l?r. M ha* set^'' *p : t ?th ou vulo'ni e Base lor the laat three years, , ai.d from exprrirnoe, knows it excels ail others, a d is one-third left m prioe than gold. his old pitrorn* of Washington. Alexandria) and Heorgai town ar? re?.p<H>tfully solioitM to ca'l. au 35-eoly D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM1S Has closed his offioe forth* IMson, and will be absent, as usual, durug the lum mer months ; will resume practioe about the 1st of October, of which furtn* notice will be given. I jj 10-tf It DENTISTRY. a JR. HILLS, after a vraoUo*: teat of two r?ari feels that he oao witfi ooafidenoe reoom^M^ ? ? -J !.. m ? * ? u,-im un v/URoiiuuo rrooeaa ror inaertincflMlfeaf artificial teeth It baa the advantages or?"? atrenjth, tieauty, oleanlineaa.aad obMpoNi, Fal pper eeu ineerted for |U. Partial in proportion. < *oe 3W Pi. avenue. M 7 WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND GOAL Delivered to all parta of the the IovmI poaaible rates. T J. A W. M. GALT, Oftos ana Pa. iv., between 11th and 12th ata , 10a 17-tJT north aid?. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAJID 1 an extet.eive stock of PUKL, ia prepared to }! * rwr, low tea re for oaah. WOOD 9aw?xJ and Split asp aise, Call and see for yourself. I. W. IATRR. Wood and Coat ma 14 8, K. oornor of Foartaaath and C ata. Wmew goods. . , R Bar' jast raaairad a largo atoak of BWanfcod *n<1 R".i?i?C'?TToN9of the ha?t makea. Alio, fl?Ki fc^ovKti. O'^NT^KVTJ, $hl^g'Sll: ,/? w$ Urt ""f AYLoirtk HtfroHIBOIU i I ' ' 1 ' I JNPEOTINE; OR, PBRSIAN FBTER CHARM. | - NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. | 1H PECTINS, 1NPECTINE. INFECTIVE, INPECTINE. INPECTINE, INPECTINE. The terrible malady known aa the FEVER AND AGUE haa amiM*n hundreda of thonaanda of per on* thromhont the world every year, and haa never till now been m-t by anooeaafal medioal treatment that haa not produoed aevere MEDICINAL DISEASES, whioh affiiot the langa, the ap'een. the liver, th? hca't, or oth^r parta of the human organiem. The IN PEC riNE la the nat iral antaconiat of all fevera. and when it oom?a in oontaot with the akin, ia abeurbed by the inWior orcana. which reaiat eaaily miasma and all tendenoiea towards thoae maladies which proatrate the mind and body with ferer. 17.?. ..4 i... 1? r i ?uu a|hv ireuii irum niiWHuaB cnuwu. No plaoe is exempt from the osa??? which promote the exieteooe of the disease. That being once seat ed in the avatem, induce* depletion of apirita, lassitude, languor, paint, ohilla. fever, and a long tram of dicagreeable sensation*, depriving the pa tient of all energy, and redneing him or her to a condition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why wiil any one suffer the horrnre of a debilitating Intermittent Fever, when by the use of the INVALUABLE INPECT1NE, om PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medioal and magioal fualitiec of which are inatantly absorbed, Uu onred thousanda of both hin of the moat dreadftil Fevers. Read and refleot WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemuel Bonsa i, of Pittsburg, for two year* ue*ieaa to himself and society?a martyr to Chilla and F?ver?eured in leea than three weeks, and unproved in eight hoars. Mary K. Belknap, Sandusky. Ohio, after almost losing her reason as well as strength by Intermittent Fever, with Chilis, restored to health in twenty hoar*. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought from death's door, having suffered for four rears, made well in five weeks, and improved la two hours. Adolphe McaHro, of Fraaoe, relieved in one hour, while travelling in the oars of the Fort Wayne and Chiongo Railroad. He was apparently dying with Chilla ku11(9ii n, dhwii ni ivctoBpori, nfw r ora, rescued after seven year*' suffering. A perfect on re. Thousaad of other hum prevented ud oared err month, ud aot a single oomptaint oi the Aolenoy of the IHPECTIIE, ea PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. TRY IT, PROVE IT, KNOW IT I i And make known ite wonderful powers aad virtues, that those who suffar. or who are threatened with suffering, mar be led to nee a siaial*. in. noxiou* preparation, famished by tlie field of Nature for J MAN'S BLESSING! j i I INPBJOTINB IB SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDI- 1 CINB DBALERS IN AMERICA. j PRICE ONE DOLLAR, , ama% uj Mil U? IOJ PVX OI U? UniUd StatM. r i REMEMBER, < < It la sot tekw inwardly, bat la ?p?lied outwardly, ' aooordiag to diraotioaa, whloh aeotapaay each \ ( MANUFACTURED BY J 1 JOHN WILCOX fc CO., IN MAIN 8TKKKT, : RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. ] I BRANCH OFFICE, t No. 3t? BANK OP COMMERCE BUILDING, ( NEW YOEI CITY. * * t ! -i .if . ? , ALL TRACKS OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE RliMKDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS. THE INPEGTIIVE, OR PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, FETBR AND AG US EXTERMINATED. THK HUMAN CONRTITITTWlM surrn v - ? ? - ? v m ?V4? 0A T Dtf ' FROM WRECK. t the preventive and remedy roE ALL intermittent and bilious fevers. * CURES INSURED IN A DAY. # TRUNKS, BOOTS'AND SHOES. | IBAVB RKMOVKD TO No.1? M&KKET ' : Spaoe. Peon. arenar. between HhmdaAi 9th ittNU, where I will be happy to waitBHS oil all who Will faror me with a call withf Hi I a fine etoek of HOOT* and SMoKg for" Mb J LAdiM , vuu iIkti lViiin mio unuaren ?we?r. t ootr J. K03B.NTHA1,. ] UOOT8 AND SHOK3 TO 8UIT THfc, j We are now m&nnfccturiiM ail kind* of BOOTS j ud SHOES, and oorstantlv receiving ' apply oi wittrD matin Work o<" ever? il'-Hj oriptior, made expressly to order, and will w Hi | be sold at a mooh lower price than has bwi I heretofore oharied in this city for maoh inferior ^Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always find ajood assortmen j in store and at the lowest prioes Giveusaeall.

GRIFFIN * BRO? l ap f-r 814 Pennsylvania avenue. ( Five hundred traveling trunks < arrived this da*, embracing all iuali-*WE* ties and sixes of Sole Leather, Ladies'MMM 1 Dress and Packing Trunks. Oar trunk^*"** < sales room exhibits at this time the creates! variety 1 of traveling requisites. at moderate prices, to be < found this side of New York. Also, evei^ desonp- 1 Viuctl-; rn-Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ohm. WALL, STIfflllUgB* JO? | _? " * HMM W-M rii ivensii , SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, ' C5 49* Tth Stiiit. i Orrosit* Odd Fkllewt' Hall, D. C. . Travelers will atndr their intereatt d> examinin my TRUNKS, V ALICES <ko , be for# pur-Mrwr^ ohanng elaewere. Aa I u* none bat the?Nfl( beat material the market affbrda and employ^"1-*" the beat workmen, I can confidently recommend my work to be auperior in Strength and Durability to Trunka that are made in other oitiee and sold here, j I keep eonatantly on hand, and make to order ion | one week'a notice) every deaonptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS , md WOOD BOX TRUXES; ASHLAND and i ?k* TALICES; TRAVELING BAOS; HARNJ^SS^S ADDLES; VTfilPS, 4c., tc. o.u,t urpairen 5UU ^umN, ID k ike manner, at short notioe I Trunks delivered in any part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Howe's oeiebrated FAMILY i SEWING MACHINES. lelS-l? JAMF.3 S. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY, j Daily line of new folr-h<-rse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carrying thi U. S. Mail. The undersigned are now running Daily, (exoept Sunday.) Four horse Coaches be- jb tween Washington and Upper Marl lioro', as follows: Leave the Steamboat Hotel, oorn?*r of Seventh street and Pa. at7 o'clock a.m. Returning leave l"pper Marlboro' at 11 o'olock a m . and arrive in Washiu^tou at So'ciook, in time to connect witb the 3.20p. m. t am for Baltimore. The Coacho* an* nr w and oommodious, the teams first clasi> in the hand* ol careful and accommodating drivers. Fare to Upp<?r Marlboro 50 cents. To I,one Old Fieids. 25 " ToOenterville 38 " Freight anil packa*?8 in proportion. au 15 tf OSBOKN a CO , Proprietors. RALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHA.NOB or lloUBS. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 19th, 18P0, train* will run m follows: Leave Washington at S 20 and 7.40 a. nil. Leave Washington at S.2U and iJSD p. m. On Sunday at 3 an p. in. Leave Baltimore at 125 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.16 and 4.20 p. m. On bundai at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trails at 6J0 and 7.4n a m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.4" a. m. and 3J0 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the 3^0 p. m. train foes to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN Tanxm DAYS WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, cfeie Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTSTROUTE: Memphis by R& 1, thono" by First olMs Packets to IS s* Orleans. MONTGOMERY AlTn MORii.F BniTTB Montgomery by Rail, thenoe t<> Mobile by First olas* Packet*. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DMLY TRAINS?SUNDAYS ISCLUDKD. Leave Washington at 6 a. m and 6 p. m Tbe Steamer GKORGK PAGEleav?? her whart foot of Seventh street at 63K a. m- and 63* p m. and oonneota at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Southwest. Ol&oe?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BASSA8B CHICKID THROUGH TO WXW OBLB ABB. Lynohburg 87 50 Memphis >31 on Bristol .150i' Atlanta.? WW Knoxville Swou Maoon 28 W Chattanooga 24no Columbus 31 50 Dalt<>n..?.? 24 01) Montroinerj Won Huntsville .27'? J via Memphis.42 so Brand Junction -30no N.O.} via?. Juno 42 Bo Mask*ri11A or trv 1 ? !' "" ? f f'i ) vi? mount)...o uu THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTER, and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.ies? the Lynchburg Extension being now oompleted, aa also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE rOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It it provided with First olass Sleeping Can! | !To New Orleans.?Til Hours. Memphis ___ fit do. I Montgomery 53 do. i NMhnlls ?_ .4ft do. C^The U.S. MAIl/and ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over tun New Line. Iiokets oan be obtained at the Soath Western i oe, oorner of Sixth street and Paanajlvaaia av- 1 onue, to the following points: < Ljcohburg, Bristol, Knoxvlle, Atlanta, I m ChaKanoora. HanUvilie, Grand Junotion, Maoon, Nashville, Dal ton. Columbus, < Montfomerj^_^Mo!^le,^^^inphu, and frr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA 8PRINOS. IL^Omnibuses and Buiaii Waiom leave th* offioe at 6 a. m. and e p. m." | JAMES A- EV~ANS, Ticket Agent, mag-tr Comer Sixth at. ?nd Pa. ev. THE STEAMER JAS. ?UV Will rmme her \ trip* on TUESDAY. fi?t of JT"** I Pebrnarr. 1M0. Will leave WASH ' IN6TON every TUESDAY and^*"^*? * FRIDAY,at6o*olook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA ' athaTf-paate o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the 5 intermediate Lamlinfa. On her return tripe, ahe * will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY ! and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m. NATH'L BO^S^Ac^\iez^riTr?Vri%l? 1 U FOR NEW YORK. 1 PAB?A6EfeTI^INetTMRAL. AM. The New York and Vircinia borew Steawahip Company'* new and elogant ateamahip MOUNT VERNON,Cept-T.C.Smith.^M* will leave the Company*!! Depot, k tern Wharvea,atllv>'olooka. m. every WEDNESDAY, and the Com pan?'a Depot. at Alexandria, it S o'clook p. m. a&rne dav. . Paaeengera from Waahinftoa and Georiatowi f Ban take the ooachee connecting with Alexandria C iteamboata or rai'.i oAd. which rth st'oot and Pa, arenae hourly, or they ean leavi M th? steamer from the Western Whirrw at II {, Freight iriflbareoeiTedaj to the hoarnof3e?ar . "fiV lanranoe will bet effected on all coodeb? 1 Ihliuneat tks oAoe of the Company at H ?er mi J ireminm. t The accommodation! for paaaenfera byJw mi a ire in every reaaeot firat-c aaa, and jrery-eflbrtjril i be mad# to render thu oommnnioation vita N?W ' ! ... ?w. r ?nrr'J *> ruwij* 1 SO., AienU, Alexandria. ^ ^ p a Hi Bi OROMWKLL A CO? b Mt-ly M Wwtit.oornar Albtur.Naw Yort N EW i Tha 8t?wn?r MOUNT VRRNQN will * . awva r' IU.I auu IJ?W I Orl JOT W O ncton every Saturday, at S o'clock a. m. p Paaaenxera oaa join the ship at Alexandria as lay a me before Ike hoar of the ateamer'a departure. T N. B.?In tne event of the ateamera inability to 1 sroaa the bar in oonaa??anoa of low water, all gooda rill be promptly rtfhterad to and from the aleaaw ? 1 Lots op fianos for rent at low "] tatoe. Piaooa for a?I? on (^.ODit^aa i eaaonabln terma. Great terrains in oldpVOT^H *ianoa; alao, in Gaitara, VioUae,Ma-* ? " ti odaoaa, Aocordeona, Ac. F , ,L. JOHN F. ELLIS, a aa IS ml* u?nt for llhinV"*-- * a?- ?*> 1 82.50 B" ' ( ?- * ' " -H - MJUHOQfK I iva. ivmiton, LT BUT1BOU LOCK HUIPITU, Ditt?mid tk* ?ni CirMw, 8***4*, mmd W| Efftttual Ktwksdf mi ?A?lrirU, POR ALL DISEASES OF IMP&UDENCS. LRT iTO F42.SR DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMKD ATRLY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VMbMi(tta IfMdMrftti Bfaly | Ltd IM<H, Btnnurj DntW(M, laMUMf, Dakility, Natt?ui.iM,Dp;ap?i,Ui (tM.Mt iuriu.Caataw Pal(it?ti?a a flh ? ta rC"*rvid>y, Tra klmja, Duaatka affftfM ' nddiaaaa, Dmui af tfca lod.l^wn, Kmim ?in, AIkuw af tfca Uin.knxtM Ami Timui Unwdm uiiw| ftm Mtiuy litw tt Taaih?tfcaaa Draa ifa' tad Daairac?j*a Ftuucm vktck m Itr Hinufi iapMiklt, ud ilium Wii M7 ui MM TOIMMKI apatlaiiT wh? kitt kaeama tki *ictiiaa af MMiry TIM, Ike; Jraadfa ul tuuieuti kakit wkitk II* itiip? w La anurnaiy (r*?a ibaaaandk af Taaaf M*a WIM mi a?* ihad iiliiu ud krtlLaal taiallaci, *k? ir ,* ki atfcarwiaa ka*k MUucid iikikoinj ? *(? ikk tku<T?n af aaaaaaaa m nMll liTUf Ifft, Mf Mil ?Kk Mm? haiauh. IUU1U riUOM, ? r*?| Mt^utiMflMlif Hu rtafk, k*i>f ivwtd iljtiul ?HkiiM,Nful< dkVtUy dkfarmiuaa. *e., ( dil* carad. a wha plaeaa bimakif andki Ik a MM ?f Dt. J. My ratlfi IwIt taalda IB kM baaar u a ngUaau ud iwldiatfy rah fM taaa akill aa a pkyataiaa. orric* Ha. t lam ruDUicimur, left band aidarat of faaa Balunara airaai, a law diaia ftaa Ika caroar. Vail eat uakMtta uai aad iiakli. katiar aai |ka mM mmA - - 1 - ? ?* - ? ? r~ ml roimoi, kin af tha Eayal Catlay a rflarfMW, UN?, mtaM fraia m af tka b?i aninaal OUifM a tka tad Ntii, uid lb* piuir part af tKmi Ufa ha* ka as iptx ta tka kaaCla af Lasdaa. Paria, Pbtladalfkia and aiaavkaaa, kaa at ?d (am* af thi mat aaianiMmy carat tfcat vara a?ai knave; mroy traablad vitk rinytnj ta Ua kaad aad aui vkaa aalaaa; rra?l Dirtataaaaa, kaat tlwaad at aaddaa aaanda, k*a) auh (ri^aiat klaaoiof, attaadad aaa* Haiti vitk daraaf amaat af mod, vara ear ad laaallttalf. vau rijincakaa moticb. Tavsf Mao aad aihara vba ka*a ic)arad ibamaalTat kj a Itrtuo praetiea iodalfad id vkaa ajana?a bath fraqaawtty laarnad frara a?il canpunaa, ar at athaal, tka afacta a* vbieh ara atffcUy fait a?ao vkaa aalaap, aod if aat aarad. raadara m?rriaja mpaaaibla, aad daairaya kaU aiai aad kal?, ahaaid apply immadiatal*. Tfcaaa >ra aarea of tha aid aod malaocbaly af acta aradaaad ky airly habita af vaadk via: Waakaaaa aftka lack aad litaka, Paioa in iha Naad, Oimnaaa af Itfki.Laaa af Maaeatai Pavar, Palpitauoa a( (ba laaft,Drap?|>t|, Naraaaa lrrtiaki tty, Daraafamaot af tha Digaauta r abcuaoa, Saoaral DakUity, lympto-na of Coi.iuiiif tiau, Ac. MUTTAULT.?Tn? faarfa! ifiium Ikl ?lad tH ?k *? ka dritdld?Lc*? af Mimary, G?nfBM*o af Id***, D*pr**a*aa f Bpiriit, Btil fiarbadinga, Araraaa af fecial*. Salf-Inatraal, ko'* *f Saiitad*,Tunidiiy, *t?.,ara taata af Ikt a?ito pi* 4 acid. MERTOH OEBIUTT -TWouti aaa ai?]adp vhM to tha e*M* of thair daaliotnf htalth, laataa thair *t(at, W aoimf w**k, pala, etraoa* ut anacwtad. k?w| aaln(?Ui iffwruaa abaailba IMfl or *y irptaaaaf caoaamfUaa D1IKA8KA OP IMPRUDENCE Wkaa U* mi{ aidad aod imprEdaot *ot? ry af plaaaar* la At ki ha* irnMb*d :b* *?*d* af ;hi* pamfal dta****, tt taa ?Aa* kappci.a that in ill-uotd aan** ef *hun* ar draad af 4iac*?aij datar* him Tram applying to tbaaa wba, fraca adacaraa and raapaciabilily, eao afaaa kafriaad bam. * fall* uta lb* Handa af if r.or?m m.J d**ifnin( prataadar*, vba, iacapabU af carmf, iich tia p*c*oi*ry aabatuca, kaap him tnllog aacth *ft*r month, oral loo* at tb* amallaat faa caa ki ak lAioid. ind 10 <!**p?ir lia** btm with raiaad baalibtaaijrt am bia f*:ha{ du*ppaiDin>a*t; ar by tha an af ibatdaaCli (Mi Mareary. kiataa lb* caniutauaoal *ynipiain* af ikn lirriblt dmui, ?ach aa Afiieuarxo'Ui* Hiart. Thraat, H**a. bin,Re., prorraaa r.f with fri jhtful rapid'ty, till diath pala I pariad ta bil draadfal lafirinfi by landing bia la that ?diaeavirad caantrr fmn whoa* Wm aa travalar raiaraa. DR. J O WO M t REMEI>Y_rOR OROAMtC Wt>UH *HD imruTUKJT. By lata (tHI ud uapwuti rtatd; utaMttfUl trim ui ipttdily cartd aod fall ?i\m?t r*ata**d. Thtaaaadi *7ik? a?t mriKu and dtbihtM?d, *k< kit latt -all ktpa, kin kt to inniliitilf rtllt'td. All imptdmtota ta Mirrk|i. Pliyaltal at M*m*J Will ItIctlMti, Uh af Fmruliti Pivit, Rikmi Irriuwlttf Trtrablmj iud Wiiki tHii BiAaaatiaa af Ik* ?a?t f*arf? klad ptatdiljr cirid. EimOMEMEHTOr TBB HI EM. TIB MANY THOUSAND* cartd Mlka .n.utaUaa vttkla Ik* laat ttttnttto run, and tk* lanirm lapinui hill 4al aparatiant ptrfarirad ky Dr. Jakcaaa, vtuaaaad ky tk** af tk* pa part tod aaa; atktr partaua, uautat at woick bit* tpptarad tftio tod tftlo kantt tbt aablic, kttidtt h:? tuL^uif *t t ftoUtntaaf tktrttur tad raaaawtklltty, it a taStitot (urulta ta ikt aBlattd. )ta M-ty Dr. j. bovee dod*8 imperial wine bittrks, AIO UUW o*-ini usea irom main? to the Great Salt Lake, an) toe universal verdict of ail who them either as a tnedirtn* or as a teveraft. is that they are uniurpaaetl in the world. l)r. Dods used t&em sm-oesiiftiily in hi* practice for as year* before we purchased of him tho sole ncht to manufacture and present them for sale to tn* public. For the t-Q-e of Incipient Consumption, Indirection, Dyspepsia. Piles, Nervous I?'.*ea>as, Female Com plaint*, and all oamet reeainnc atonic.they are beyond doubt a most invaluable remedy. Aside from their medicinal pnipertie* they are a Fure, whole some and deiightfui Beverage. producing all the pleasant exhi.eiatin? effects of Brandy or Wine without their injerion* results. I et all friends of humaMty and all advocates of temperance assist ue in *ur<etitainc these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mtntral roitoms and aJwtttrmiul Lwcri with which the eouatry is flooded, and thereby effeo' aid iu ban siting Disease and Drunkeness from the land. CHARLR8 WIDDIF1ELD * CO.. Projrietore, T? William atreet. New York. J. BOH WARZE. A rent, Washington, D. C. DR. J. BOVEK DOD^ IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Diaea<ea oflhe Kidneya. B'arfderarid Urinary Organs, and espocia'ly for Fem?l? Obstructions, never fait to oure. and are warranted to fire eaustaotion. CHaRLF.9 WIDD1FIELD & CO.. Proprietors, 7S Wi.ham ?L, New York. J. 9CHWAKZE, je7-ly,r Agent. Washington. D. C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED RtSAD! APPLY thk *si?rnv R EJO ICE HEALTH. Frierd, do yon *utf-r.' Are you lh? victim of U| of thoae ncmeroua ailments vhiob i tM trum impunity of th? blood? Wn&ure 'hoy, do you uk! K^trifr a>k, *h*.t are they col.' '1 bo blood m the a?uroe of itie> and h*a'th. and it i" the firat eleroect of our b^inf to reapond t" any oauae which *ff ota tli* ayetem.aa the pulse infallibly atteeta The over prevailing Neuralgia, the irntetinc P'ryiye aa. the aubtle Scrofula. the agoaizinc Rheumatism, Nervoua Debility, Dy*pepaia. Liver < on plaint with ita torpor and d< jootioi., and the oumberleaa ilia that floah ia heir t , derive 'heir hidoouaorigin from tba blood. IVa' ktndiy the* and gently with the Mood. Ue? the vitalizing rea.,u:eea of natare for ita aid. and auff?r ua to o >mmend to your confidence aAd use that traly valuable medicament knows aa MRS. M. COX'S INDIAN Yk.UETABLK DECOCTION. With retard to thia a.moat infallible aeeoifio poru'ar aei ti^ent baa apoken in d-eided tar ma, %nd th? eviceno^a of thia groat eftoaoy are anatamed by ouuatantavowa>aofenrative effect? and th" happ.r at reauita from ita nee are after all other reraediea and the beat m*iical akili have fai ed. Let a? aay, in oonolusioo. th*t oertifccatea ourea are not aou?ht from the illiterate and luper6oial, but they are volunteered the mr at re ituiiross ann ju?ur? tne highest terns ia whic1* it is possible to oiimm?nd so valuable a p-eifi3 to i u.i io approval We ma; ad<4 alao that tf>e cuiativo properties of the medioine are equalled i>oly by its restorative cff eta, the s?ft-*m reooverini from disease wi;h renewed oonsUtut'onal visor. For ?'.!? by all reypeotable Dmrriata in this jity. and b* the proprietor, MR*. M COX. *one renuine unless her name U tfcova on Uw Dott'e and her seal on the oork K- friee 81 per boUle, six bott'ea for MS. olt'a'e Mint. R . T. C1B3KL. Druggist, Georgetown. u ?\. Who'esale Agent for the Dta '.riot, and vi l supply the trade at my prises, an 18-tr f\FFiCK OK UMfKCiTOl AND SEALER U OF GA^ METERS, tt: . --? ? J^IJ IBi 'W? NOTICE rs HEREBY GIVES. Tfcat.agreail>!y to the provisions of the <>.di nance of the C.>r>orati"C approved Ml) 12 18ft', the under?i*ned is IMW prepared, "whenever required in writing. and ?a pre payment of the fee of fifty cent*, to ?rr peet. xamis , tAst, srove, and aaoertsin the aoonraoy of ?gistration ofany gas meter in use in this city. Svery meter, if found inoorrect, wlH beoondemned. Hid another, sealed and marked as true, will be let m its place. If proved to be soenrate in its DWMaremaot of gas, it will be sealed aooordingly, ind a?aiD pat inpoeiuoa for ase. _. Office No <10 Seventh street,(near Odd Flows' Uali ) Open froin< *. m . to 5 p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jj 18 tf Inspector and Sealer of tfae Meters.^ Q7Q 1. POTKNTINI, QAfi S I 57 lMroim or SwU '^j,?6ra? Ug* leave to e*U the attenuen ot his friends aW he pubuo generally to his New Store, under Wusr<Ps Hotel, just opened, in connexion with his Tfl establishment. where he wi.l he h*??? ?n ? mre ut ordara for ajariorConftotioin of oira ouortMoa. ftsrr, sr&r nutabla atria, with tk* hub* irooyttM ud dlaitah wtuwn h? hxt hithwrtn Btwrw. o?i? PURK OLD RVK WHISKY .-? ku4M??m tirand? of Far* IMd Rya Whi. ky, Coppar Du iilad, made by tn? moat rahab a distillers in Passjlvaaia, Maryland and Virginia, varrmoud para, Uso, Imported Rraudiaa, Hennaacy, Otard. Doavy I Co.j Jolas Robins, ko. Also^ Peaoh aod An.t noiitna win, ?id jmioi aod^M. Jroix K?m, and Wine. of everr variety, all of taodard brand* A ohoioe lot of Clears and Toaooo. YOUNjG A KEf HART. A rent*. w 14-1 v a** P? >t.. M* Wli wid loth > ? A VKRY NICK SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO having boon in dm a abort time ouly._^^v nil be told at a great aaoriboe for ea?h||BMH tie ovn^r being compelled to leave tli.ilil" ity. Oi iginat prioe 3U0. wiII now '-e >u> <1 for #* til. lo be seen M M r liv'Mt iin-'? - ' ?... ? ?* ^ i 1 O Mil810 t' r?, oorn?r P? avenu? and Klevmth ut. an ? tfEW SILK MANTI K.* i, ^ AND HOOPKDURTS.. i2? a*lliy. Lmim in w&nt of any uf lh? tbovs good* W'""" ViViTffi SHIMS SfiW I i< a; >KY. Tbia Al* 1a i?<" frow mall ud fcoaaoB* od cannot fail tu five eaur* ntialaerloB to aoa' tmerm. C COLIN KAU, Proprietor ?f the '% 4-W WttK'f* nrnAi' V - # Tz SSSSTiS, rAtWii 5 , i KIBOSBLAirMWa T~ OOLLTGt TKJCT ?00?? " . HK Folio win* u?w books for ov Mfcooia h*r? jsit b*ra fablMiMtf, to wlueh tbe ittnUM of teeebers *ee?lle4 : Virtii't 4?Mid. witk ipiai *U>ry BotM by H?" it S. lTie??, Pr<>f?Mor of t a'lii in t>?# MM# lb varsity cA MioHicm; 1 vol.; f riM ?i M _AntW f*d Crilo viU iuim by W. P. . Tjlw Or* !??, ProlMtor ol Gre?k in AmlMnt Co - ' ! * ; pn?" 7ft tosto kxeroi-*? ma.11 p*rt?of Krwnok H'uU*.*rr*i>?*?] ?^?r Poitnn'a r,S*?ntM? Fr?.cau?.' by FrT. W ink*lai*nn: 1 vol ; prio# f'. _ A M*w NKM of Lnidui 9fauk, tiff Um BjKw of F. Aba. For Ml* by BLANCHARD A M?Hl N. K.tmU si auu I't a*. HOWfctfiMt'KOVfcD Wfci6HJ>? t*CALK9 TbM* araoff#r?vi to U>? hMh u t??a oat umpir. Uur*hi?, m.c! raiiaN* mim ?ryr nt <a m. \ ir?tcla?? treminrat fca?ebw? awMtMa t>t tii? LdiuwI Mmm Fair u< Virginia A? VimoMMat' A|finitir? ^ur;Fruklii Urtitit* Fair, PMuniiMiti N?? Vort MttoFun Variponl tM*t? Fair. Ac.. to li. very oa*r ? a?ra S .1,1 toe iLey oare rwartd irat oiaai (iMipaa a o at Aft Louisiana ar?ai?, Dr^otM Blwl 1 #d Iron !Mm. * U-lT K< G. PATTIBON. AiM. WASHINGTON 8EWH*?> (LOtmaT ' t TT to* M iU mm dMtt Vwii y Pa 4?a. Noviatbetiaatcget 8PPJLN? ar.d SB^JFU iii&k anvrt IRE, F I ft B. POTOMAC WATMIL J M* *ill rar?r?d i?Ui? PLUMHINC aiuMiAf. PITTING Bl>lNKSrSat my o.dat*?4 re PUi W%i moruc F|J!. Th* wvutu? of har.n* a ptmtirii! apply orwat^r *m r^adiW <?h? >r?r<J af tb* ftr? of yamerUfty. M I an vail ?ati fuM I akoa d ha** haa? barned oat hat lor the knantifal fromiM and th*t of hj aMihhnn Ail order* fn- the istrodaaCion of Water M>d 9u will be proanpt'? attended to. Tarsi* 4* raaaoaa ble aa any jlambar la the oity. _ Jt 3 _ C. WTWBL WG A 8 FIXTURES. E Have iu ?U>r?, tu<i are dai y reeainac, HAS ' FJ IT CR KS of *nUr*\y u* Fatterr.* and* aart Finiah. anperior iu *tyle to anythinr IwHofcr* ofitN in this mark*. Vff invite ct'ir'na c*n?r% It to call and examiae our frock of Gaa and Wtt*r Fixrwrea. feehap nonk<innt that va have Mm teat aeleoU*d stock in Wasiiincton. All Work in tbe at?>ve im?* intrusted to oar oar* will be pronpty atten4~"1 fo. mars tJ MYFR8 A WoG.yX^ 12,000 tke attention of the pvbhe to oarlarte and vail aa laoted stock of Charnpacne aad C-ab Apple Ct4*r, Which wegnara?it?eto f<e para jaiee. and will ha sold r>a raaaorable term* ta ?rtW to mafca MM far oar aprim (took. Git* aa a nail at tb* ? *00?0?T! /' <3? DISPATCH I ^\ & \ the Pieect! if mteUmts ?iU kapptm, tmm 4m >wUnniln< / wiliii, it Is very iMtnU* to Hti mm tkmf and mmiMt way for repairing Fanutara,Tn*> Crockery, ft c. PALDim'l PRKPiftl* GLI B wets all eneh efnerfeiHMea.aiMl do household eaa Afford to he with.iot it. It is alwaya ready aed ap to the ayekinc point. There la no longer a neeee vii.j iui nmfr k CH*tri,ip lTlTfriiO ffDWI, D9ifliMI do;is, at?d broken cradles. It is jast the arfiele for a<>ne. ahell, and other ornamental work, eo popular With !ad!*a of refinement and U.?ta. Thin lUm'rah.e preparation la iMd anld. Mac Oheimoa ly lie.d in aolatioti, and aaeeeini al the va;nat>le qu&htiea of the beet cabinet makers' (lea. It mftj be naed in the pfaoe of ordtoary maoilaca, being vaat'y more a>!ti?*>v? " USEFUL IX EVERY HOUSE." Pr\ct, 86 cent* N. B.?A Brush aocompaoMa eaah bottle WkeUstU* Dtp*, No. 4? Cedar atreat, New York. Add ran HENRY c7t>PALDING * CO.. Box No. 3.CN, New York. Pat ap for Dealers in Caaaa containing Foar, Kirht. and Twelve IK;tan?a heaatifal Litkograpfcle Bhow Card aooompauyint aaah package. 57* A aincla bottia of SPALDlNtfS PEE PIKED QLUF wiU aave tan untaa ito ooat annually to every hoaaeho.d ?TH Sold by all prominent gtalionera, Druggists. Hardware and Fanuttre Dealers, Srooera, aixl Ktn/>v ~ Country in^rotejita should a note of 8 PAL DiyU'S PREPARED UI.TE, wkmm mating th?ir list. It will nt?nii ?> r oUmate. fo MM? ^ <fC\41 wi???fc/?i??fcp(ii/?lfc?/'<Wlr 4 if ii? v'mtUi mfikt M< ? JV"?%y'h-rr"J*?I y0<c4 Iv.??*?*? ?sslsi ansfflaiirt! oSC'X Wj*M mMlf tAr Dm'* mJu. Am* T "j^P . 1^1 TawwMlf (i? JM taur P ' ^pj w lit Dm ??<> * JbMni M Iff f ,J^&LJL .s CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEC THAT IT IS DAIiT'S MtHATIC VAilfY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION ANO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY, _WM.HJDAIY,_ SOLE. HKOHRI E.TOR 19 SUTH W1LL1A1I ST NEW TWL tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY y T It BARBOl'R k. (MSB umr ^ ai \mf w 1/ ? wLWHI.SK nisKf;>7 *'3s9VSL _ W? oSer tpr ?*le U? abo?* **** *!* r**'?' la* Co*Mr fik*ti?i*J Malt"' ?; WhM%. ? < ?Miaaaa Laif i?arr?i? A?? i?"i ? Vf* T fcoa.aadl.nhly improT?d t>? M*- wt.V*r*TS?-! rMomnMiidit m the rvf^mut aarf H?ak y that UJkll ' Qlllliita. ? c *.?*? ? ti?m OLD VAM.IL Y KYK WHISKEY. ftml other Umcda. from tbv larjaal at ?:k of Kl?* Whiskiaa id t&* l wu<0 St*t?a FR F.EM AM A ?IMPTM?N. Ptaitix Diftilierj. oc th? Srhsy.fiU titsc, Phil* Wall trmjf. New York: *nd ftn llh Prnht PKllti'Aliiiia n.? P 9U 1* gj? R A If C I 8 H A ft V F. R. r iiacm itfnikd a _ FAMILY UMOCKKY AN D I'kKD MTOKK, Corner A*?r \mk mr-mu* um-i T?t4 */r?*t. ( peotlull) solicit* tK? mi tonnge of ctnmv ?na? tie n want of any *rti>fe in the He?. Mi? tlfclmror* ahaJI to to p < **<<. *(mJ hi atrintsttMiS* th? trmnt* of the ! ? Utf* u> mfila of their l<>ok <-> ti. ict* mf tv?ri mmmIIi > bf ^ ^ ?n a fcrat qHu* (4r<k*o v *iut. _ n.-. ui.1 ar?. *? X ?* koni ?? * ? t| H A STJi ~^^^5SSLiaKJ5 ??*) ^f?fc M^T#WoTf7 \'.'axLp fu iu to .a*a: J .a 2s tu;