Newspaper of Evening Star, September 11, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 11, 1860 Page 1
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M . t m t> ? ..? ,r) ? 1 -mi ?s? i *' bmm% ?tnr, ' ' V2?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 11. 1860. N?. 2.360 ??^^????? ?-? I THE EVENING STAR M rUBLKHBD EVBRY AFTERNOON (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Coriur of PemnsflfHiniM *v?nue rmd 11<A tt. IT w. D. WALLACH. I'M*" aocvad ia ptok&coa by ?* rtara it 94 l ?"*r, or 17 oenta p?r monUi. To ni aabaorlbori ti?? fTYom is ? raw, m adv?ut; #2 for all rr.-'utaa, #1 for tkroa mooUia; aod for 1?m tb&a tnroa month* *t tka rate of BoenU ft wwk. StBfli (oopiea, orb cist; ia wr?pp?ra, two cut*. Uj~ADrKKTraKMi!VTaaaoald b? aont to th? ofloa b?K>r* 12 o'oiook m; othorwiee thej may not ftppoai antil tfco aaitOfty. (Operation* af the Paleat Office. The following la a list of patents taaaed from th< 0. 8 Patent Oflce for the week ending Septombei 4. 14*0?each bearing that date: Henry M. Biker, of Binghamton, N. Y?Pol imnroT-d electro-magnetic apparatus. Jonathan Ball, of Elmlra, V. Y?For improvement In mode of preparing wood for umbrelli , aticka. 1 Ira 8 Barber, of New York, M. Y?For im l prorewnt in mac bines ror turning ovaig I W H Barber, of VVolrottylile, Conn ?Foi J i:nprovem<*nt in seed planters. r Thomas Beach, of Freeport, Pa.?For Improv*l m?nt la steam hammers A Brnjaaain Boaue, of Trenton, Iowa.?For lm1 proeernent In horae power. m Reuoen Bradr. of New York, N. V.?For inaI pr<n*ment in tuck and plait fotdera. I Chaa. D Brewer, of Lewisburg, Pa ?For lmI provmtent In machinas for dressing mill stones. [ T. K C. Bunley, of Louisville, Ky.?For 1mI proveraent In ploughs. Thomas Byrn*, of Baton Rouge. La.?For Improvement 1>? the preparation of flour. Thomas Byrne, of Baton Rouge, La?For Im provemeut In mode of applying aulpburoua acid to cane juice. Sharon Cue. of Lumpkin, Ga.?For Improved Mrhine for thinning boards ?has. T. Chester. New York, N. Y.?For impr?v. :ii-nt in electro magnets Lewis S Chichester, of New York, N. Y.?For In proved sad i ran. J. M&slin Gowper, of Pittsburg, Pa?For imptovement in revolving fire arms. A B Crawford, of Piou?, Ohio ?For Improvement in threshing machines. G W. Elner ?nd Samuel A. Sperry, of Ann Arbor, Mich ?For improvement in carriages. Horace L. Emery, of Albany, N. Y.?For im provement In cotton gins. i-Mniei i-asi/, 01 nowsourg, uaio.?ror improved frf-drr for ntnw cutters D. Felienbaum. of Lancaster, Penn?For t?riprovement in balancing mill atones. H K Fickett. of Gleus Falls, N Y.?For imp-oved clothe* dryer. 1.utter Fogg of Boston, Mass.?For improvement In skat~s , Albert Fuller, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For Improvement in hydrants M A Furboth and George C romp ton, of Worcester. Mass ?For improvement in power looms. Perry G. Gardiiier, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in cotton presses. Richard J. Catling, of Indianapolis, Ind ? For improvement in hemp brakes James R Gilbert, of Starkvllle, and Steven R Weston, of Dawson, Ga.?For improvement in cultivators W . W. (>oisan, of Antaugaville. Ala ?For improvement in cotton cultivators W W. Golsan. of Autaugaville, Ala ?for improvement in seed planters. Alexander J Graham, of Portland, Oregon.? For lmnrnv?mMit In Iftrnmntl** t>nuinM John Greacen. jr., of New York, N. Y?For im proved device for discharging the smoke, cinder*, 4c., from locomotive engine*. T. H. Green, of Fond du ilac, Wis.?For improvement in tfr*in elevators. Joaepb Harris, jr . of Koxbury, Mass.?For improvement In city railroad cars John M Hathaway, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in augers Homer Hecox. of Rutland, N. Y.?For improvement in sap conductors. Mark W . House, of Cleveland. Ohio.? For liu provement in harrows. A1 icbarl Hansm in, of Huntington, lod.?For improvement in corn-sheliers. Sidney Hudson, of Miiford, Mich.?For improvement in self-acting waste gate for milldams J war* J Johnston, of Alleghany, Pa ?For device for teaching children William 8 Kimbnii, of Rochester, N Y?For improvement In wine-presses. J W. knapp, of Chester, N. Y ->oi improvement in wlnaow-shutter stand Julius Koch, of South Adams, Mass.?For apparatus for trimming paper. L> R Lightuer. of Bucyrus, Ohio.?For improved spring bedstead. Daniel Lombard, of Boston, Mass ?For Improvement In machines for polishing rice. Daniel Lombard, of Boston, Man ?For Improvement in machines for scouring rice. Henry Marcellus, of Amsterdam, N. Y.?For improvement iu mowing machines (Jeorge It Markhain, of Mead (Mills. Mich ? For improvement in self-acting flood gates W 1). Mat-to, of Jarratt's Depot, Va.?For Improvement in sowing machines. T. J. .M avail. of RoxDury, Mass ?For improvement in manufacture of flexible gas tubes William Mc A lister, of Gerry, >i. Y ?For improvement in pressing cheese. John McKlnney, of Lansing. Mich.?For improvement in railroad car couplings. Albert Moffet, of Bristol, Ohio ?For improved machine for marking waring patterns John A Nsylor, of Rabway, N.*J.?For Improvement in extension carriages. Stewart Neill, of Chillicothe, 111.?For Improvement in harrows. W T. Opie, of Scarboro, Ga ?For improvement In cotton press Elhanan W Ortntbee, of Montpeiier. Vt.?For ImMAUAmant I n sni?s?a*iia 9r^m ? ? lllipiW?VUitH? ?U AVI tuucvu ng 9dp iruili J trees John Osborn, of Mt. Carmel, Conn.?For improvement la acuedjcts A R Park, of Columbia, Texas.?For improvement in seeding machines Holmer Parroeiee. of Philadelphia, Pennsvlvania ?For improvement In moulding metal pipes. Kbenn-r (i. Pomeroy, of New York, N. Y ? For approved method of converting iron into t?tl Milo Peck and Charles Perk, of New Haver, Conn.?For improvement in drop presses August Pernot, of CMIton, Wis.?For improved machine for sawing shingles 9. L. Pionsier, of New York, N. V.?For improvement in ship building. Bsrton ?. Pringle, of Baraesville, Ga.?For Improved bedstesd J. \V Banner and Daniel Wilson, of Grafton, Va for imorovprntnt In n^rtshU I nA?* h?kk? bathing tub* George tt. Ray of Boston, Mass.? For team reed Insfument John Revere, of Boston. Mim ?For Improvemerit In ii.eatntng ?btp?, Ac. Louis Schneider and J. A Montgomery, of WiUiamsport, Pa ?For Improvement In aell-aetIrk draw-oridtfe George O. Selfrldge, of North Greenfield, N. V. For improvement In pumps Thomas Shehan, of Dunkirk, N 7?For improved noeUtod of cooverttng Iron into steel. Heary C Smith, of Clarks<ILle, Ohio ?For Improvement is mortising machines. Wm.S Su?lth,of Trenton, N.J.?For Improvement tn driving piles by atmospheric pressure. John M Spencer, of Knfleld, Maine.?For Improvement In hand mowing machine. Henry D Storer, ?f New York, N Y.?For Improved planing machine. Jan.-* C. Tsegue, of Center Hill, Miss.?For Improvement la cotton scrapers. wm. D Thomas, of Morristowa, Vt?For Improvement la fnrnacs Win H Tower*, of Ntw York, N.Y.?For In. proved broom. Nicholas K Wade and Jss Kayo, of Pittsburg, Fa.?For Improvement in ear wheels Maximilian Wspplch, of Sacramento, Cal ? For Improvement la cotton praam Edward P Whitney, of Wsstfteld, N. V ?tor improvement In locks. David H Whlitemore, of Lynchbnrg,Va ? Por improvement In bay and straw cutters K. a Wtcklin and J D. Weaver, of Cnrllnvllle, 111 ?For improvement in carriages Charles A Wilson, of Cincinnati, O ?For improvement in (team beating apparatus David Wooster. of Seymour, Conn.?For Improvement in lightning reds. OWN Yost, of Yellow Springs. O ? Per improvement In cultivators. Joseph F Hall, of B?ngor, Me , assignor to himself snd G L Kelty, of New York, N. Y ? For Improved curtala Ixture Justus Ask, of Lyons, N Y , assignor to James h Caae, of him place?For improvement in onstr'i' U 'Q of dental chain. A F BIm. o( Wuliligtoa, D. C , Hilgaor to btmaelf ?nd B A Kidder, ot umi place.?For imp'ovemeat ta ed planter* John M Look, of Hamilton. O., aaaignor to hi mar If. Peter Black, aad R Allaatter, of aame ?For improvement in barveeters Francia A Fratt, of Hartford. Conn . aaaigaor to himaelf and tfeo. S. Lincoln A Co , of aame place ?For Improvement ia device for Moppiag T.w~hlr.p. v> h weelf and L 1 Craaa, of CtaavflaM Borough. Pa -For Improvement ia michlnna for cleaning b lehwheat. Ac A*<aat Schmidt, of New ^ orfc. N Y , am gar* to bimaelf. Charlea SchiaUt, Edward Schmidt, and ilaruwa ftctimldt. of tame place -For improvement ia puxim of making from wood. George \V llliameoo, of Nawark, N.J., udgoor to I?. S Gohle and H. E. Richards, at Mine plac?. . For Improved machine for chamferrlng veneers. Rninui -Michael A. Dlety, of Brooklyn, N. ' Y?For improvent in lamp* E. W. Ooodale, of Clinton, Maas.?For mar chine for making paper bags Alonso M. Mace, of Springfield, Maas.?For Improvement In vapor lamp*. \ Dittgns ?Marie L. Livingston, of New York, N. Y?For design for a medallion of Washington Irving. N. S Vedder,of Troy, N. Y.. assignor to North, Chaae A North, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For daaign far stovea. William C. Banks, of Como Depot. Mis*?For improvement in corn planter*. Tfco*. J. Jolly, of Olean, Ind ? For Improvement in machine for loading hay. ?James S Gwynne, of New York, N Y., formerly of Pittsbur*, Pa?For improvement in *ep.?ratlng oleic and stearic acids John H. B. Lntrobe, of Baltimore, Md ?For Improvement In stoves m * m ? The Pecalatioa of Pennsylvania Central Railroad Employee*. [From the Cincinnati Gazette } i1 We have already noticed the fact that a wholesale system of robbery, by certain conductors and ticket agents on the Pennsylrania Central Railroad, had been suspected for several months past, and that a general examination had taken place, resulting in the recovery of cash, stocks, Ac , to a very considerable amount?being the proceeds of tiokets taken up by condootors and returned to ticket agents to be resold?together with daily appropriations from cash collections by conductors on trains. While at Columbus, on Tuesday, we were informed by a gentleman from Pittsburg that this system of robbery hnd been in practice for over a year past, and that the chief rvf ^ 11 ~ 1 ?. 1.UU <uau una u 1U OUS^ICIUIIH 911 BlUDg that tbej were being defrauded, but were unable to obtain any clew for month*, although a a >ecial detective had been on the 1 o'iout for the guilty parties. The Vice-President, Mr. bcott, had ascertaned that one conductor bad purchased a property in Philadelphia, for whioh he paid $12,000 cash. He had no means when he went on the road a year or two previous. Another conductor was paying $300 rent, while his salary was but $750. These and other men who were living beyond their income were watched, hut nothing wroagcould be detected. It was clear, however, that a large amount of the caah collections were being withheld daily, and it is stated that as much as 00 per cent of the amount collected by certain conductors was retained As the money did not come in fast enough under this system, a combination was formed between some ten or twelve conductors and Borne half dozen ticket agents or sellers on the Pennsylvania Central, who were in leaguo, it is believed, with similar employees on other roads, direct connections of the Pennsylvania Central, by which a certain amount of tickets taken up daily should not be punched, as required, but should be returned in th? tiflkatji ?.?a..1A wgwura VU MV I VCV1U. Numerous plans and traps were deviled and set to detect the guilty ones, but up to last week all had been failures. Men were at last employed, who purchased tickets in Cincinnati and Columbus for Philadelphia. These tickets were privately marked, and the day they were used, as well as the name of the conductor, was reported to headquarters It was found in several instances that these tickets. although used, were not reported for tan days, and were ofoourse resold. A certain party in Pittsburg applied to the ticket agent in that city, a week ago. to know if he would sell the Pittsbnrg and Philadelphia portion of through Cincinnati coupons; this led the ticket agent to suspect something wrong, and before giving and answer he reported the matter to headquarters. He was then instructed to say to the party applying to have tickets sold, that if he would bring ha wnnM Ooll avv.. mvmww uw rvwkAA OVII vii^Ui tur LI 11X1 1 UUl that he could not sell the coupona. The result was that local tickets were brought, and thus the robbery was detected. Several suspected parties were then questioned, as to their complicity in the matter, some of whom plead guilty and returned their ill-gotten property, while guilt was fastened upon others. The Vice President of the road, Mr. Scott, has been at Pittsburg for several days making a thorough investigation. Wo believo eight conductors and four ticket agents have already been suspended. They had regular officers in Pittsburg, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, and were systematically organised. It is believed that two or more conductors on the Pittsburg and Fort Wayne road are implicated, and it is feared that employees on the other Ohio roads are equally guilty. What amount the Pennsylvania Central has lost is not known, bat we have heard very large figures mentioned. The result of Mr. Soott's investigations will proba . bly be made known before long. Embezzlement and Elepement. [From the Rochester Union, September 0 J Our city was presented this morning with another sensation affair, in which a married man. a widow, a sheriff, and sundry creditors figure. Deputy Sheriff Pease, of Oenesee county, arrived here this morning, having a warrant for the arrest of \jnan named Morris M. Prin die, w?o is cbargVd with obtaining goods by false or fraudulent representations, or tome offence of that nature. As we understand the case, the charge oomec from Herkimer county, not far from the village of Little Falls, where the accused has resided, and where be baa a family still residing. He has been in Batavia for some time, paying his addresses to a widow by the name of liaryB. loyoe, who is the mother of two chil- I dren. On Monday last Prindle and Mrs. Royce left Batavia, came to this city and took lodgings at the Eagle Hotel, and were supposed to b? husband and wife. They occupied one apartment. Mr. Pease called upon Policeman Campbell to go with him to tne Eagle and make the arrest. They repaired to the hotel at wren this morning, (rather an early hour to call upon a gentleman,) and were shown to the room occupied by Prindle. The inmates had not risen, it was supposed by the officers, fnr it > < *' * *- * Mhuv aim iuvj rapped Dtiori a response vu given tb?m, and the intermediate time was no doubt consumed in putting on luitable babiliinenu to appear before airangers When tbe door vaa opened, Mr. Prindle and Mrs. Rojoe were in the room, up and dreaaed, but there waa only one bed there, perhaps one watched while the other slept. Mr. Prindle took tbe announcement of ki> arreat quite coolly. He is a well appearing man of forty-fire years, and it ia said that ha baa plenty of funda. Ha waa allowed to remain at the hotel in cuatody of the Sheriff, * - - -- - na u suil there waiting an answer from Herkimer county, where the order of arrest came from Mrs. Royce ?m much exoitad and appeared to feel sensibly the awkwardness of nor situation She left the hotel, went into the street, and we are told by the police that she sought the river with the avowed purpose of drowning herself. She was dissuaded from this foolish undertaking and went back to the hotel, where she still remains. There is no oharre against w? ?~t k? -? -* - - - . (.."oun wim rnndlt does not In any way lagally embarreas him. It wu barely an incident that >be happened to be in bis oompany when ho waa arreeted on the Herkimer charge His adventure with her may bare embarrassed bim and assisted to put the officers on bis track Rumor baa it that tbe pair bad started for California Wby they ihould baya atnpped three days in so public a place is sin* Hiu and rather favors the idea tb\t the charge from Herkimer eonnty may not ben yery serious one after nil ITT Garibaldi baa 890 men. aelected far being *<5T sboV armed with Celt's r^ohrer rlft^a, which wrrr delivered la Sicily at 1? fraacsaMh, aiMl are daecrtbed by an Kagltebwaa, who baa >i?rd mm ot tbaaa, aa the very beat wrapoa be 0 6f 1 CTG?n. Wheat, of NlcwafaM aotcrtety, la I about leariag New York to Join Garibaldi. A MRS. WINSLOW, N Experien ad NarM *nU Female Phyeloian, preeenta to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP. Fer Children Teething, Whlah fWiUy (aalliuua tk? pr?e?M ?f tittbiny, fcr wflu leg Ik* pant, rHKirf all lolawiaa U??Till allay ALL rti* ana paamadfe aeuen.aod la SURE TO REUVLATE THE BOWELS Dapaad tpao it. mvthtra, it will fir* raatta f?ar??lT?t, aa< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS w ntT? pat ap ?.nd a old tbia articla for a?ar tan jaara, and CAN *AT, IK COftriDBNCB AHD TBOTN of It, what va baa* aavar baan abla ta. ia?y af any othm Madicioa?nbtbb MRS has it rAiLBD,in a sinmlb in- ?taf?C? to br VICT a CURI, WIHSLWWb wbtn umaly uii Na*ar did va knav anilTMIVa an Inatanea af dimaat?af*ctian by any on a wha aaad it. Oa tba eanirarj.allara SYRUP, dalirtitad with iu oriHATiom, and ! lifatl in tarma af bifbaat cwaminjiliw af i?a ra\-ical afacta and madical nrtaaa. wi apaak id Jiia mattar " thit vi do uot," attar tan 7aara1 axparianea, AMD PLIDOI Ol'l mri'TATioia rot tiii n'lfilmm or what vi Him d?CLaRB. In almeat aaary inatanea vbara tna infant n aafarIny frara pain aLd aibavatioo, raliaf will ba fo?nd mtfiaaa r twaiur minataa aftar tba a?rup acminiatarad. Tbia T*lB*bla praparation ia tna praacnptian af at.I af tka aal bipuiii'cbd and UlLrCL ri7iibi in Nav Enflaai. aail k? ka? >?il -?k ? ' _ , ? ..... ? - - " ? ? ItLLIII IB THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It a*t Mi7 ralia.aa lb? child fram pain, kit m*i jarataa tha tamach and bowala, earracta aeidltj.and fi??? tana and aaarfj tatha wbala iyitan. It wUI .Inrni inatmtly raliaat Geipins in the Bowels and Wins Colic, aad a.arcoma CMivalalana, wblcb, if .iat apatdW* raroadiad and in daath. War |tJia?ailtba ?1ST *RD il'ttlT kim- FOR M>V in th( WOULD in >11 ( *f DTt- CHILDREN ?Tiirin<ioiti in cmil- tkfcthimg. d"?"- whath.r It mm fram taathtnf L - at from >gi olbai etoaa. Wawaalrtaajto aaary mothar w*?o ku a child ?aftirinf from tnf c( iki complainu?DO not lit tou* ra iji'dicu, nob thi nurnicii or othib* Urd batwaar year tataring child and tha raliaf that will k? H50LUTILT tt'KI? to follow tha III of tb dicin*, if tiirilj aMd. Fall diractiar.a or mmj will a atnnany aach bo'tia. Nona ranaina anlaaa Iba fae-aiimla C CRT it ft PKKKINR.Niw York, n an tha aatuda wrappa voiu Of i'r?r[;iu trtrcof noat tn? war.a. Principal Ome?. N?. II Ctdar Strtti, M. T. Priti ml? U Cmu c>r B*tQi. N ll-4t?lf FOE SALE AND RENT. r()R RKNT-A thr?e-story BRICK HOIJSK I ou H itroet. between 4th and 5th. Also, a two tory BH ICK COTTAGK. with garden, corner of rnno-rw nveiiim i?nn norm r street, nurrounded fcy a large common pasture, and would l>e a desirable location for aidairy man. Inquire of C. Bl KG E, 446 12-h st. jy 19-PoSm* FOR RENT?That now and well arranged three tory BRICK HOUSE, No. l*M.on <? street, betweon 19th and 3f>th ?r?.. First Ward, lately occupied by Mr. Bodice*, Russian Legation. Poss?s mop given immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTH KY ? PARKER. next door east. ma 16-eoti F^OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable tenns. oneofthemost desirable BUILDING LOTS Ui t'ie citv, Rit-raied on the north we*t eori er of 6th at., and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. K. nwuu?u^, :*k>vo Manuiaotorj, No. 40.">7th*t., between II and 1 sts. au l.vtf fjM)R RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will be for rent in a few days. It i* beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K st., Navy Yard: has a large Harden lot attached, a pump of g.jou water n"ar. and contain* 4 rooms, kitchen and w->odi?hed. Will be rented !ow, with or without the lot, to a gt>od tenant. For ?ale cheap, a good, strong W()RK HORSE; work* wel' in anything Inquire of T. E. CI.ARK. Navy \ ar I; <>r of JOHN PATCH, ft IS H st . Hetween 4ih and 5!h if 1H F^OK RENT?The t^ree utory (brown front) HOUSE, No. :>6T New York avenue, between nth au?! 11th streets, north side, containing fifteen rooms. This house ia convenient to the Patent Of fioe. Treasury, etc.; is lighted by gas, and in every way Kuilab e for a boarding house. Kent ino <erate, Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, ?< oond Moor north wing ol Patent ()flic?. jy 14-tf l/OR RE NT?Tliree BKICK tf Ol'SES-one on r Twelfth street, between C and D;one on the ?orner of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H, l>etween 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES \V BARKER, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No, 485. _ ma30-tf FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build ing immediately opposite the west wine of the City Hal., reoently oooupied by Chas, 8. VrallacL as an oSloe. Also the front room in the ?eoond story and the third door of the same building. Foi terms apply to KKVHARD WALLACH.No. ? Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf ~CARR I AG ^FACTORIES. ~ WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? ? D Street, Between 9(A and 1 Streett. We hare just finished a uutn:?er ol fiist c.aes CARRIAGES, suoh as Linkt fancy, Wat cms, Park Pkeatons. Family Car-Mgs^5R rimes, and Bug/net, whion we will sell at w ? BL. a veM small profit. Oainf nr*/it ntI m<w> nine in A\ QT of the DueiueM, we flatter uumelves that v? kuo* the st?!e? and quautj of work that wi'l five uiia fontion, combining lightnes*, ooinfort and durabili IJ. Rapmrin* promptly and carefully attended to the aborted a< tioe and mo*t reasonable flharrea. WALTEK, K ARM ANN ft BOPP, Cnaehniakers, auooeaaora to Win. T. ilook. ap it-dly T CAR HI AGES. HE Sabaeriber barinc made additJonato kj factory,makinc >t now one of the lariat in the Diatriot, where hia faomtiee forU^^HK manalaoturinrCARRIAGE ft LIGHT*fc!!^*S WAGONS of all kindu oanrot be aurpaaaed, an4 from hia lonf experiotoe in Ik* baina?.hahcpea la kit* i?neral aatiafaotion. Ail kind* of Carriacae and JLJfkt Wacona kept aa all RRPAIIRn*ttl<4*n< lsJ lllariara *?spi& BII. STINEMETZ, 236 Pa. A v., bit. 12th axd 13th 9t? , Having just returned from New Y?rk, i> now opening a oomplete assortment of roods in his lineof trad*? m& W& GENTS' DRESS HATS, various M0I bekWh vknti latino kb DRESS HAT?, CA>S1M KRF, DliESS HATS.%S^B# sweat proof, prince of Wales hat, for young men, A beautiful assortment of CAPS for young men, born, and ohiMren. Fin* Calfskin WOOTS.pewed ?nd pegir<?d, 9313, Calf GAITERS good qualities, low prices, au 3 TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALD* SIKDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AKD OlALKIt IN INDIOO, SPICKS, SOAP, STARCH, SODA ASH, SAL SODA. BI CARB. SODA, SALERA TU 8. and GROCERS' DnUGS. ?# CHEAPSIDE BALTIMORE, invite the attention of Merohaota viai'm* this eity to an exaninatinn of their ato?k, which in variety urn! jrioe la not enrpaaaed either in thia or any of d^"Orders"reapeotfullj tolioiW and faithfully ex^ontod an 27 1m* L X. 8IHOS& & CO.'S IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, J?8 PCIUHYLTAMA AVENUE, <U?m National HOTKL ) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF atfclE?s, Threads, K??41e?, ft Twist, KEPT ON HAND. M Mm vm. H. glover, Agent The j. tery, ooaduotM by th? SMMiish Government, ?naer the ?u per mi on of the Captain General of Cub*, will tus place tt Htfuu on THURSDAY, BirTDim 15, lMn. BO UTS 0 NUMB&O M2 ORDIHAKIO CAPITAL^ PRIZE #100,000. ronoi WpriMIOL. ..*1 1 di! ~ g?gj ** lo ~~~ (S 1 do , ', -' i', io/Jon ** ? ? ? IN ALL IM PRIZES. Wkola Ttetott. H1O-01.TM, l?-44aarter?, |(. PrijMs ?Mhod at nght at per oont. discount BilU oa all olv?nt Hnak* taken at far. Adrawln* will baforvarflad u aooa M the rwail mcoibmi known. 11 orders for Mhamea or tiefcvu to to addrtmil o^^oS?PJLX',i^'k.c. p^visggtaa un. aer/g

a'ysvfetf* EDUCATIONAL. HMI99JKNKTTE L. DOUGLASS AS The pleasure of announcing to aer friend* and the public that the will open her Seminary, at the corner ?f H and 11th sts., "Philadelphia Place.' on Monday,September 10th. For terms call on the principal. She will he aaaiated by the following experienced and efficient teachers: Miaa DOl'OLASS? Higher English Branobea, Composition and Penmanship , . Miaa Abbik M Bkooes?Latin, Algebra, English Branches. m... itt. ,. w. m if - rrl - 1 ?" ' "" u an ? i rKur 01 > ocai .M u?ic. Prof. Obokgk C. schakrr**? lecturer on Philo*phy, Chemistry, and Phymolofy. Prof Hsnrt K. Ma?ix?Teacher of Freaoh and German. Prof. C. W. R?K6Mann?Ttaoher of Piano aotl 8?it?noe of Muaic Miss M??v T Da.viBnojw?Piano. J. Madison Watsow, of New Yo: k-Lecturer on Elocution Joskph 0 Bhtff -Teacher of Drawinf. , Teacher of Spanish. , Mural Science find Classics. se 7-2w WASHINGTON FRMALK INSTITUTE, A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. ooo n w. o ?? * > VI OT., DIIfftM 1/Til AND larif ST*. Tht Frenr.k Language Practually I'avrKt. Mrn. SMITH present* her compliments to the ereBts of her pupil* a d hopes their daughter* will present punctnally on the first day ofthe semion, (*ept-?nit?er IS.) The hoard of instruction eou?i?t*. as formerly, often professor* a id teachers, seven of whom taught during the last st-wm-n. an 3' 2w' T female education. HOSE Parent- who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematio education, where their physical t-aming wi 1 receive daily aud speoia attention, undar the most approved system of Calisi thenio? ami Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to 1 visit th* Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York ay MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 30-tf PnnoipaU. BROOKEVILLE ACADEMY, Montgomery Covstt, Mt> The next session will commence Septemb r 34. Boys are prepared for oolleg*' or trained fn- bnsincw. Catalogues may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at Brookevilte, M<1. K. B. PRETTYMAN, A. M., au29 2w* Principal. Female boarding and day school, AlKXASUHJA, va. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, Principal The tiurt-enth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 18th, in the h use rocently occupied by Syl vector Scott, Esq , No. lft0 King street. The eourse of study pursued will compri-eall the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu r*ft# 1 ftn Aiul M P I ? 1 11 ; 4 wxu *uu*iv| i leiiviif ij?uii flniu ulftwidg, ii desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* as hoarders, who. constituting a part of her own fam iiy, will be u'der her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, a* lar a.- possible, to surround them with the ooinfortsand kindly influences of Home. Htjtrrtws.?Fev. Geo H. Norton. Rev. I) . Eiias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprit??, William H Fowle. Ksq., Edgar Snowden, iisq . Edmund F %Vitm?r, Esq., Henry Marburj, Esq , l.ewis McKenx e, Esq.. Rolwrt H. Hun ton. Esq. W D Wallach. Kditur Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. Esq..:!as. Entwisle. Jr.. E?a ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Black lock & Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tkfms. Board, with Tuition in all the English B'anches, 9Jro>for ihc annual session?naval. 1? M?mi-?.niiiia.ii? in advance. Mumo aiid languages at Professor*' prices. No extra charges. an 3-tf l^RANKLIN ACADEMY. 1 CORNKK Thirtkjwth AKD H STS.. A SELECT 8CHUOi< FOR BOYrt, ( Formerly lor.nud t* the Pint Ward.) This Institution will commence its Third Annual SesMon, at its new location, on Monday. Septeml?er Si. Applications for admission may he made on ttae premises at any time after the 25th inst. an 25 Im K. B DE TRICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMY, Vy CORN KB K AND TKXTH STS. This Institution will resume its duties September 3d. Application* made to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Rtjmmtt*. Prof. Henry. LL. D , M. II. Miller, Esq., Rev. John C Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culver, Rev. A 0. Carothers, Rev. J P. Davidson, au 43-lm WASH 1NGTON SELECT SenOOL, COKMK OF Tkxth AND G STS. The exercises of this school will he resinned on MONDAY, September 3d. For Wins apply at mj residence on D street, near Star Office. Circulars at bookstores. au 21 22t SAMUEL KELLY, Principal. ^elkct school for young lades. Minn M RIDDKLL will re?ume the duties of her ehool on the first MONDAY in September, at No. 4 5 ljl welfth utriet au 3?-1m Emerson institute, H St., Bktwxkn 12th and 13th St*. SELECT CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOY&. Th? Eighth Annual Se*?ion of thi? iiohool will oommenoe on MONDAY, September 3d. Number nf MM nl 1 a limits 'm'tatoTj CHA3. B. young, Principal^ 'rjIF, PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL, ? 1 37u Eighth St., bxtwtes K a*<d L Sts. Studies will be returned in thii ir*ti?uUon <>n MO ? DAY, September 3d. Cirouitriat book?t->r??, au 16 ti A. C. RICHARDtS Prmcipal. Metropolitan collegiate institute FOR YOUNG LADIES*, 464 E St., Bitwiin 6th and 7th Sti. Th? fourth annual WMirni of th? Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in S^ptemb-r. Application* should be maderarlv,a* trie number ofpupils ia limited. For particular! see circulars or applv to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. HA the Institute. au 9 tf IVfRS. M. E.KINGSFORD 8SEMINARY, i?I 416 E St.. W a?hI ngtox. D. C. The next sension will commenceOetolier 1st, IM), Terms, Xc., forwarded on application. au 15 tf CJT. MATTHEWS FEMALE ACADEMY. Corner IStk st. and New York ar. This Institution, under the direction of the Sis ters of Charity, will be opened for the reoeption of pupils on Monday. September 8d. The courao of instruction will embrace the ordinary branches of a good >-'ngiuh education, to?et her with music and the Frenoh language. j For terms apply at the Institution. A Free School for girls will also be conducted by the Sisters at the ?aiua pace, hut in a separate house. an 2x?o2w kflrg a iv rki.i.'tiaii'uimthv iVl Corner of l. ami Ttntk its., (fa amnion city. The next tension rf thin school will commence September Sd, 186". The you> g ladies of the Instttution are paiticnlarly requested to lie punctual in attendance at (he opening of school, and all others who wish to I ( come members of the same to make early application, as the number of pupils will be limited. Terms, Ac., given on application. au 2S-<l3 AeotOct 15' _ T western academy. HE Exercises of this school, under the charge of Dr s. l loomis, and the Primary Department under Miss AKftll E PKCX.will be resumed Sep temlier 3>1. Circulars can be obtained at the bookstores (lot ) au 17-eo2m MRS. BURR will resume tke duties of her School on Monday, September 24, on H street, between 13th and M'h streets ae 4 eotm N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, U*A-30i*. Tho UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY' will hold its Eighth Ai.nual Agricultu r?i luu innusmai bxiuoiuon on Uiegronoaa linerJvJT??rKl'c.^lLl>jr oitiiena of Cincinnati, which we to be fitted 11; in the best itrle. There will be fr' t??e diiplav of IMPLERKPtesaSMfflfi U\ ?-5; with Pull. and Por. fo, HORSfcS, CATjLh, SHEEP, and SWINE: up?*n?l!??l Track,one mile in length ar.?{ T?kiTn 'a for the exhibition oflioraea iTrnn 0(r?r?d?in owh.?Kold, silver, and brouae medala,?diploma* and ceitifioatea, amount The Exhibition w f remain open trom Wed nee I day,the Thuraday, the ith, ot September, thoa giving time to examine and teat the impla "So? rMUM^SSa fx lalormAtion ?t th? ?H5Kgg?fe?' jy U tf HwYT. * A?rieult?uifc. So***. WHEELEE k WILSON'S ^ UNRIVALLED Family 8ewlaf Machine*, WITHIMPROVKMKNTtt, wfclak rondor tfcoa^ahooljtoly oil that > m k* ? ... AT THR NEW AOENCT, w No. S4S riniT.niu Avt!in,Multli rtroot, Willi friitn?cUoni?fr?io^cKari*. mm m-lm P. 1. 8TKKK. A?wt. ^T.KOU, BOCSR. ? ' VuSm8]3S ' GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS f^OR HARPER'S FERRY.-CHA1WE OF DA YS ?On and efter Jul; ,2,1MP. the ?te?iner ANTELOPE, Capt J. WxLU.oarrjrinc the United n?ail, ?iil i*aveti?M>rc?f own EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY ami FRIDAY.?t7a. m..and return every Tueedar, Thur?de? and SaturdayN. H.?Every H edneaday the Antelope will ran through to Shepherdstown. ai SD-lm* 0? . FOR HARPER'S FERRY. n N ^nd_after July X, IMP, the steamer I., J. nrvntie, utfUin W. H. Ritt*r, Will leave Georgetown KVERY Tt KS DAY, THURSDAY.and SATl l>AY. at 7 o'clock a m.. and rt-tnrn every alternate da*,at 6 o'clock a. m. Ob twe Setiirda* trip from Georgetown Lbs boat will run through to Shep herdxtown. jo 21 Sm CE^D?LU ^ Has constant!t oa hand a tare* assort meet of French Near-sighted, Penscopio, Coloretl, and al. other SPECTACLES, oi*v^ tne beet qua.ity. in fold, ilrer, tteel.and Germac silver frames. N. B. Old Kimer Repaired sue aev (.aim set in them to ordor. bo 1?-It Ml H ASSKY, COLLINS A CO.'fc PHI LADKL ! PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-rWe are ofovuntly rcuciTiuc irpan aappuea 01 me a no to deaghtfal bevand invite all persona who nil a pure mnadulteratod Ale. to five it a trial. ARNY * HHINN. AvenU. fe IT driwg nr.. ft?orf*ti>va JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruitt. atut Jffrrstm lit., OnriiMn. Having jriven my peraonal attention to thia bianoh of my hu?inee*, I am prepared to^ attend to all ca'a with pnmatneaa Persona from adiatanee eaa Deaapplied at a 'tw minutea' nntin* u I U? iuortment of CuFFIN'9 umi od bud. Particular attention pud to the removal of the di ad from the old to the new burial ground*. Hearaes and Horae* for hire. ay 10 6m LIST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGES* *t the Oflioe of the Ad*m* Exprea* Company. Wuliincton, 0 U., to be sold for freight and e. arge*, if not immediate, jr o? I ed for. _ GJ.ORG E H. BURNS. Agent. September lat, 188". Aubin, N Lindler. Prof Adftmaon.A Laurence, A B A den, J R J Liviacston, H B Anderaon.J H Lyncn.A Adam*. J F Latroba, H B Alexander, C Leonard, Kev C Adam*, E C l.idlich, Agne* Adair, O Lawwoa. gergt W Abbey. Wm Looinia, M Aahe, W S Lawrence, Col A ll a_ ?? ?* - ' - " .a "unriwi. i iv i.anciev.u r? A?!ii?on. J \V Lone.S B Barber, K?*S Lambert. ? G Ba land, H L< iiRStroth KtvLL Braneh, J W Lee. Mrs M Brown, AH Lang, J Briujer, M D Labarre, F Barclay, A P Lawrence, Col Bennont, Augusta* l<enher, G H Butte, Wm B Mott, Col C H ?iown, A M?ere. Col BeiniM, Prof S M MoPber?on,J A Baer, Mn M MaoKev, J 'r Bowie. R J MSP Baldwin, B H MoAbee.E Baird. Dt Mason Hon C Burneida. A E Montague, K L Barns, Mary McCr*ety.r A Borne, P MbMood, M H aokmore, B C Mannyprnny, Col Browne, M Mortar , E B Butler, Rev HH Montfomeij, J B ian. ET Martin, D B Browu?. H F McKeever, A tt iBae, Wm MoLean. W T Brown. A V MoOrukto, J Martinid. G C Mitolie.l. A 8 Bu l?r, J 6 Meader, J Baker, Wrirht k. Co Meeka.JW B anion. li H MoCoilum, Mary, Brown. A H M aeon, R K Banks. E D Morton, J H Bennett, C W Markley, T Brink, K H Mm later of Peru. Brrn' ?. Dr J MeriiH A Pearce, Cfa.k, BH Murray, T Coleman. C W Morcao, J B Cox, J h McMurray, C H ?' obrane, J A Manninc. Catharine, dwell, R 8 T Mi to hell, H Carter, CH Merrill, I H Cannon, J M Md A?'l College, tuin, M L niilt, J H Connolly, FC MoKennj.G Choutean.CP Mito eil, A S Colemta, Nri M B Muizy, F Connolly, J MoPaerson. C H Colby. PT MitobHl, W F Cooper, Wm MorMil, Rev J Cbapman, Wm Mindeluf M Crucer. L Mrlntj re, J ? rook. G W M MoCarty, A Chamberlain, J Maguire, Jno Cooker, J L Mn3?l. miu E Campbell, J H Newbrough, J B ' oop?f, John Nai!or. ? Can phelt. T A Nicholson. 0 W 8 Clarke, Mini J Oul i, JO Crutohett, J Opponhf imer. M Coiburn, JO Owen*, J Coyle *. Bro Patent, Com of 0?'"pb?!!, Arohy Do do Cooke J D Palnoer. E Conrand, C M Port?r, W D Craigen, Dr WJ I'noe, Mm Jenny Conrad, C M Parker, GAT <*nnninf han, C W Patent, Cora of Clapp, ED Do do Cook, A I* Do do Doutherty. J E Do do Dob?n?. Col T J Do do Duttn. Felix Do do Siekeys, Mr Do do uboii, Cher P?PP*r, Coi J P Do Mona Pollock, E A >\ l_ Ci .% Sk M I US1T, S U f-enni f>Of. *JOIB OI Devine, R J A Patent, C?m of Ou*r? J K Patent Offioe De]?n?j, H r*rry, T.W KSS.W KLM"* ! TVnni*, J P Randolph. Col J J D?vi?, R W Rodieri, J i I>onh*m, E W Rua'inc.J D ii.^p. R P Robea<>iit C?pt J Darby' J A Son Rich. G W K (or Douna) RiHfeway. W < Kdward*. 8 Robinaon. Mr* A I Do J 8 Row*. ^LMr a'on, W R?(<1. Iaaao i a? Wm D iaKAPHann P F.delman, Mr Robmaon, <*> i Baton, J fitrrffid W? Ealiuc, Pr Stuart. Rev D C Kngrielain*. J I) Baliivan.J Praz-r, J L Mom, t\ B Fanner, M 6 Seward, J L, Fr-'uoh, E B Sen)pi, Dr , Ford. M Solom"?. 11 Fi?ld, M ScimMcF Furee, J Soh?I. Win Fuater, J SiMtb, Lau a Fercnaon, S W Se, J H Farley, Mre J Selifi?>an, M i Kreip, Frad Stone. H Fu ler G C Seibert.8 < Farrill. J Skim er, A F Fmekle. Rev 8 1) Spencer, Both r outer, J W Stuart, A ( griffin, FC fcomnier.J H I i*.ml?a.*tian. Q S&ce. F Givaneer, 8 Boraatoii.JH 6re??>n.W Sofirouw, A_ Gilita, B w Stevena. 6 R j O.xMtt. Mri StnreM.O W GiietteOftee Snllivan.N S Green Fro G W Snyder, ) Grim**, J W 8-nith, W G%'dner. A W Sutt n.C Gate*, Mr* N Stephen*, AIM Gekjl. F Seti'Ua. C Gibson, W N H?o deri.TE l?**pair. G Simnj*,J I a&.fc SSttfe'.S' Hjam, HO Smith, 8 C Hummell. John S*? MuUr, J I H?ll, a. r A Co To%ey. E Hunlent, J J Do, Patoh, E D !?'? C N Hayea. J I, Thompeu* fc Ruth, nooK* B o 11? v G L |hoSw', B M Hmdibw, m Thori ptoa. w A Morning. D Tffti F8 Harrington, W H Elijftk Hwk?i, Col J A t?jli>r.2?? kbits JaFrV* K3S-.1H . AS? Hutahinra. W E Throop. H F Huuy, Peter TJ Humu. T Taylor, W E Hun tor, Y , Vaa Wut, ? F !%*> $ms: i 1|25Vi,*b8 dS**1 j* |?JV?C J % THE WEEKLY STAR J Tkn MooiiMt F|alir Mi Mm iwnH iyauu? ? ir?i?r \*n*?T of iiuntbti r?i<?g U>M ou b* foumd im *? Otifr-IM fmbllmM om 8Mtrdar tn<>riuB|. TUM-Oui. m rnd?me?. 8iul? oo?t. Mr unm. ! * Fiw ojHik . ? rr?ntj oo^eiZ."i'?. lb w B; ?a1>eonbta? la oiaba rawed wwi ?.?hbora witboat the intarv?attnc ul a ajpl M?Bt- a? will * ^ ?*m. of TV Wmkiw Sfr will b? n-. lyr2K*teJa: iZtSSL o f oarai.y Utronghoal the ooantrj. r ?^~Ry^L5usre8; sr sur?"* Iff' rrioe?THRKE CRNTS . 117" Po?lr?*?Ur* vko M( M t(Mtl Will fc* Iovm Keonmiteioi of tn mti MISCELLANEOUS THE OVLY PREPAJLATION ?UITHT or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE IPATEON AG IS FOR STATTSMErt, JVD9ES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES mm* awmn longer at No. 11 Carrol P aoe. makutoji. Ala., Jm j sntk. ir9 To Pior. O J \Voo?: Dtat kti Your "Hair Re?torati vt" baa done my t air to inn oh rood einoa I oiimntMotd the ( it. that 1 wieh to m?ke known to the public of tte (f?ati on the hair, which ar* gr ?st. A maa or woman ana* b? nearly of hair, and by a raaurt to jour ' Hair Ke?t<>ra?i?a'* the nair wi 1 return more beaitMtu >iian rver . at laaat thia la it.? experieuoa. Bender a Y<>ura truly, W*. H. Kikbi. P. S.?You oan puKiah the above if yo* like Br publiahing is oar Honthern paper* jam will gat m >re patronage >.'Uti. I aee eevera of io?r?a uhoatea m the Mobile Mercury, a utrongH-utheru paper. w. H Ximdv. WOODf HAIR RE8TORATIVK. PEof. O J. W?od: Ittt* Str Having hac tha ranforUine to ln*e the hMt poitaoo of my Mir. frow ?be ?-ffoota of yHiow fcrer, i* New Or eaaa t> in &ll ptria of theworld UmUty to thr 4o*n .4 * PROF.O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE ud (MtiMnoi ?f U* Pr?? tra uuinon m its rtiae. A few toatiipuoiaia onlt aa.ii he h?r* ana ereuiar for more, aad it ill ba unpoaai t3a for yoa to doubt. 47 Wall Stiiit.NIW YOU. D*t. 90 m Hmiltm-n: Your o<>to of the 15th Inataat ha* tenon retired. aajlog that ?<>o h*.! board Ihtl 1 had boon benefited by Uio aooof Weod'a Bair Mo to rau re, aa^ reaaoating my oertifioata of thaiaat if I bad nootjjaoUoa to giee it. I award it tn you oheo'Tally. baaaaao I think it d?e. My ate i* about 50 yaara ; tha ooior of at j hair aubura, and i echoed to oari. ff'Waa Ira or aix year* imoo it betas to tarn (ray. aad tha sea f oa Uiaaruvii of aw head to loaa it| oonaibi ity aad dandruff" to form pnn tt. feaeh of thaoa diaagreaabilitiea moraaaed with time. aad ahnat ? maataa inee a fourth waa added to taem, by hair off tha top of my haad aad threatening to amka ma bald. In thiaaapleaaaat pwta?11 waa ladaaad to try Wood'* Hair Itaaioratire. mainly to arroat the idlintrrnTn. k... I ??- ' ? . _ , iwi an 7 ? *lf I tion that?ray hair aoutd ?Ttr b? rMtorM to iu orifina; oolor except from d?M. 1 fukotw^r, Breatly siir*ria?4 to find. after the ih <>' two M I m only, iktt not oair vaa tae fa line off arraatod. bat the o^lor wu >aatortd to the (ray taura an<1 Dfibi itr to tha ?oa>. ant! dandruff o*aa*d to form or my head, va<y much to the *r? i front ion of my v fe, at whoaa aolieitaUon 1 waa indaoed to try it. For this, annac tha mary ohufaOona I ova to bar aex, I etronf !y reoommend all naahaarfavho va ue the admtratt<>a of their wirea to pro&i btny exam ale, ana a*eitifgrovinc cray or**tUut Ma. Very reaaeetfally. Bra. A. La van?**. To Q.J. Wood k. Co.. 444 Brwadvay. N. Y. My familr are aheant from the eit?. md I ?" ? ? I'M. I wfci intlnced to iuk< * trial ol jonr prepa-a uon %cd found it to anewer m tfco very Vim needed. Mr hair is iot thick and i!o**?, u4 ao words Mil exerene my obluatioa* to yoa m giviac to IheaffliotM aucti a tiiaaare Firlit Joans?k. Tlmllfitwatmii viliiia bottlMofUrMiiM. vis : large. medium and email: the ana hole h* f a pi lit, and retail* for on* dollar par bottle, the medium hold a at leaat an p?r coat, more la proportion thau the email, retail* for ivo dollar* per bottle ; the larre hold* a eaart. 40 per oeat. more in proportion . and retai la for f 3 O J. W"Oi fc CO . Propnatom, 444 Broad wit. N?W York, and 114 Market traat. SLl-l. Mo. And aotd by all good OnicciBtaMkd F?o?t Good* D?l?fi. Ml 37 OlTt^W PROCLAMATION ! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. GEORGETOWN, IThere**, mm.KR 4 MOW Ml ? T DYSENTERY. bnr?*hMUTT.m.**. prevail to an alaming ex teot: And tcktriii, r ilW CONSE^U^NCB at onoe S*f?, Spruit. **d EJU*et?t, DR. MONTARDK, or Pan, ofni hi* MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER REMEDYFOVT^E ABOVE'CSmpLaINT? In order to taliifr THK PI BMC that DO laapoaitton is iDC*cd*d in U?e aaie ?f Uu THE MON^iTl? RESIE FL' N DBD in nil c&tts wkM Uw medicine tail* to fire entire hUi<mOob. Aik, then at ur Drat Btor? for MIR ACU LOU8, take as diractod. and if not perfeetlr a?Uafc(?1, Return to our Agent. ?* who will refand yoir money. Pnoe?45 ud 50 Casta per Brittle. For at e at ill Drag Btona ere ry where. JAS. MCDONNELL, General Arat, If 11-?Cr BaJtimnre A NiiiwriN imeir A" " ~Ox aVumtu Itun, Offosit* Oecrfrtrntm mmd WmiktnftmL. Tii* nbwmbers bariDg i?nH for a '? o(ymtm Una beaunfui and romantio ax>t. o?wm I. . A it for th? accommodation of tM aohlio nwBV IKoSlatda? of Mm. 1*M. For b?Mt7 ofuflX oeccry, delightful promonadM. Cthin*. *T7T* l}"*** its auportor wator, it ia ?M?r>m>< u tko i ato aiouae is Itriiud ooamiiuii, htnu bwn BLtir^ly rpiiov?tisl It ku a largo Dancing, Moos tttoohad to tk* bona*, boa iaa Diniuc u4 Drtwm R oomi (or botk lac?ea iMiMtwro Ia aMitioa iplandid Arhora datao <d from the build i or a. Partira. Families arxl Individual will IW it a mttaf A mm 1 tmh^lm >' a aa tA mm mm ** ?? - * ??? mar, ^ wi?Tb? anforoad, ud ^>lit? al diaoaaai'oL** wuf"ba rokibitad. Tii. Lardar wilt ba foaod to aoataia all tto da.i aoiaa ol the huoi at all Uaaa. Tha ?*ar ?ill ba fa'niaiad with Um okcitMt Liqaora and ^ ia?w and tha fin-at Sahara. Soaiotwa, Handar Sch-x?l?. Claha aod Military C<?i antra will ind thia Um aaoat daalrabia raa-rt near th<> iuatio?olia for amandins * ?iaaaant ana or ieHy da?. IT>Children anaoaoaaaaajad to (Mr paraota or raardtana, will be exottrfe<t fmtn tto froaada. tjii iimm and doga prohibited. Boata will Tea re the loot of Hlfk atroof. urinowD. mo u inw, ?tir:r.|WB, hourly, from I o olook a. m. tul 12 > m , daily. Parson* prefwrriut a p.eaaant **k eu raaoh .tba [aland via tlx- Aqatdaot. Waaoncit U>? aat?ia to j ad?? far ? ?, ai.4 .1 , co. p^^^n^wflSKV^'8 I'lriiuuiTi I _ . a*KIJMT0II .jibu, 1Mb. ( PioroiiOi v<ll be rto?|v?^ittku Diimwt iqUi the d?y of !?e?t*wber, a. uTim. at IJ o'clock, eoon, lor lb# rvpurt of the CiiHhBobm uUorti*<l to be repaired at Ntiuapn, Mwr and. aooordin* to Ue piaaa oed Uou prepared at thu liepestmenL biddera will be repaired to receive the ? d oe?i iron work di? with in e?'t pe?m<-nt or tbe work at t|M rote ->f one dollar eer fcendred pornod-. u4 will bo repaired to furetea at toe .. ateriM aud perforaa all neoecaary labor to oou pleu Ue i?poira aooordin? to the Z e--7ttri ieh*d. 2^'?^2?sn??isrtsi ie?H ?-nontit to be aoiwrtaaaed in Mm Ma a ear ere ori b?d l?y tb? ooakroot. by tbo artMali of an cent of ih? DeearUaent appointed lor thai per oee) vi 1 be patd tk- work erogroeaoe. and tse fn opat. retained antil the oornelOtioe of tko Aontra^ <! ? T *- ? 1 iliih<i -r Ihr tJT^y 1-U. JlZz ^^ aafSS-,.^ Bws-:; n^w ?unpowdki. ISgsaessKi.