Newspaper of Evening Star, September 11, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 11, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. BOTH SIDES A man ib hi* earring* wae riding along, A *ai(j dr??aed wife by bi? *|je ; In vatin and lac~j *h? icioked Iikca queen. Aad he like a king to Ins priie. A wnod-wwv?' on the it'o t aa they paaeed, 1 ha carriage and ooupl-* ha eyed, A^d raid. a? ne worknl with hi* w?m '?f? "I w ah I was rich and cojld ride. i *>? man in th? earnase remarked to hi? wife? "On# thine 1 would give if I .. ... I would civ??ii ii.j we* ta for the ?tren#tli and the Of the*man who saw?lh the wood." Aj?r*tt> y?jng maid. with a bundle of work, Wbni* face as the morning win fair, Carae tripping aloa* with * mile of delight. While humming a love-bre?thing air. She looked on thnoarriMe. the lady she saw, Arrayed in app*rel so one. And ?aid in a whi?per,"l wish from my heart Tho?e satins acd laces were nine." The lady looked out on the mud wita her work, 'a1."."1 h?r caaoo drees, ?? **I*?I relinquish possession am! wevlt i Her braa'y and ysuth to possess." ''s world, w.>a*'over ocr '0,t ' . ' onr tim^ we emp,'07 Thus in.u.. --for %*hftt we ?. * * nc*? Oarirt-Klss... In longing *rd DJO*- ...wj I ngrntelu! for whtt w?. '-hvv?lK We welcome the r!?*r'1r*?,r,T,u* The heart has a void IB '.'.'i ,jgT we livrf. (i mvin: And Wldtf t/l* W Fhat nothing hut heave* eta v | -NaVai Statistics?By reference to tbe Naval Register we find the following named o?c?rs rapreaeat the Uld Dominion In the Naval service. 11 Flag Officer* out of HI on the active list 4 11 " 20 ?* reserved " ? Commanders " 115 " active " 3 " * " 20 " reaerved w <5 Lieutenants " 336 " active" 5 " ?' 36 ? reaervad " 13 Surgeooa " 6. " active ?f 10 Pas d Ass't Surgeons out o* 9*on active list. 10 Aaaistaat 44 33 " 8 Pnrvrs ? ?5 ' S Mastera M 30 M 1 Graduate Midshipman out 40. 1J Midshipmen on probation at Annapolla out r f ix-? * ? J3 Engineer! out of ll^r li Marine Ofll-ers out of 64. . 25 Forward Officer*, including BO^ww*. ' Carpenter*, Gunners, and Sallmakvr* out of 17t. Norfolk Day Book Scemi in a Villaok Church?On 9undaylast, In o?e of thechurches of the good town of8pencer, while the people were engaged in the regular worship, something unusual occured. It was at the Communion service, and just before the sacrament was ofler?-d. a man in the back part of the assembly rose, and deliberately passing up the aisle to the table in front of tbe altar, seized one of the sacramental goblets with one hand, and the large silver with the other, filled the goblet with wine, and turning to theaud<ence coolly drank it off and returned to his s at The reader may imagine the "surprise" of that congregation? Worcester Spy, September 6. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATION AL HOTEL ?E 8 Saniler, ?; Geo Roone. R Brown, DC; A Levy, La; 8 Leighton, Kan; S D Law, F E tiickeis, NY; T Adams, Pa; C Moore. NY; J Cooper, Md; W Boyd, Miss; W Wells, NY; C J Helm, Ky: W H Blass, Md; Mr SIavIii anri liiiv f* IV Humnhri>v HP V Roblnaoh. Va; Capt Armstrong, L'SN; T Briscoe Md; O B Howe, Maaa H P Chandler, NY; G B Newton, I Newton, J \V Sioke*, Pa A Nailer, J Hare row. T McPhail and daughter, K Barbour,C McPbajl, Mlaa Bart>our, Va; Col Ruggles, IS A, A Hampdea, Mlaa Woodnarth, Miaa Sp^nc^r, B Smith. H Phillip, Pa, J'McCamon, Scot: N Harrtaon, U8N. BROWNS' HOTEL.-W King, W P L,ee, U SN; Dr Morris, La: S Washington, 6a; J Marks and ly, Ala: L O whittle. Miaees Paraona. Ga; C Rubucam, Pa; J C Perrv; Ga; J C Steward. Ala; M Llrk and ly. Pa; J Day, Va; F Ward, L V Hauae. A Heard and ly, T Jav and son. Ma; Mra Dr K Ware and i daughter*. Ga; C D Flah><urne, J S Rowland, J Purcell, NC; C R Bryee, Mrs J MifaS Br,re. SC; J C brvan. Misa J F Price. Ala; Mlaa W A Sunon. NC; Miaa A M Scott, J Scott, A B Cralt* and ly, Va. KIRKWOOD HOUSE -B F Ficklin, Mo; T A Janney. UT; T C McDontll, Pa; J 8Graham, Mo; W May, SC; L Berkeley and fam, J Gibson, Va; I. Rllla. NV- rant M R ^hrn?<., I OCEAN S TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From tib Uiitib Statu. SiMoun. Leav*. Per. Days. Codnaught?...New York. .Gai way Sept. U UMk New York ..Liverpool Sept 13 J ra ..New York... Liver pool .. Sept 14 Yi*o. New Yort?...Liverpool., sept 15 Pa! to* .New York-...Havre Sept 15 3a aria..?....New York South'pton. Sept 15 CtlMa _Bo?u>n.?? .Liverpool .Sept 19 C< Washington..New York..-Liverpool.. SeptS] Leinater Boston Gal way Sept Z5 Ana.. ~ New York-. Liverpool Sept if, Bremen New York._ South'pton. Sept 29 Adnatio New York....Havre Oct 6 Arajo. New York Havre.. Oct i3 Prom Ecropb Bohemian ...Liverpool Quebeo.__.Aug. 30 Aua.._ .LiverpooL ...New York. .Sept. 1 Lwiitir *?alway B< ?ton Seet. 4 BreowNi ...?.._Soeth'pton... New York. .Sept. 5 Adnatio. .South'pton.. New York..S?pt. II Pr.nce Albert Gai way..N?w York.-Sept. 18 Ara?o South'pton-.New York...Sept. 9 Dew York South'pton .New York...Oot. a The Havana mail a teamen leave New York on the ari. 12th, 17th. aod 27tn of eaoh monta, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The California mai; leave New York oa t He Mi aixl i>th of ?**' month. OCKlCfc OK INSPECTOR A.N D SEALER OF <iA? METERS. W a?hinot?>:?, July 18, l?n. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. That, agree ably to the provisions of tbe '>idin&no? of tne Corporation approved May IS. UM0,tlie underpinned is but prepared, "wnecever required 10 writing, and ob pre pajmeut of Ute fan of hftj cents, to i' sped, tuimn , test, prove, and ?*oertain the accuracy of SegistraUon ofeny gas n>?tor in us* in tms oity." Ir?ry motor, if found laoorreot, will be ooad?*mR?d, and another, sealed and marled as true, will bo Mt ! i's piaoe. If proved to h? aocurate in i'a ee?remect of (as, it will be sealed aooorduigiy, and again put in poeMou (or use. Ofloe No 410 Seventh street,(near Odd Fellowv Mail I i >pen from 8 a. m . to 5 p m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy lft-tf inspector and Sealer of Gaa Meters. ^CTM7key8^ V DKALER IN II 1 WOOD & COAL, LIMEJf <( SAH0, CEMENT, HAIR, VV J) Fleeter, and White Gravel, (f U548 N. E. Car. 12th * C 8te.\l mi m? ?qu?r* t*outh Prnn. At. WASH 1 WGTjjCD^C. J ? < avtf PI Rh OLD RYE W HiriKV.-Oo U??d ?**"? fraud* ufPum Old Rye VV hi- ky, Cr>fj?r DieUlled. ia?4e by the moit reiiab e dietillorain Penney Marylarvl and Virginia. warnvnted pnr*. A eo, Imported HrtodiM, H?nneav. Otard. Dupuy * Co.. JulM Rohtiia, Ao Also, Peaoh a<.d Apple Brandy. par* Holland Gin, old Jamaica and St. Croix Mum, and Wines of every variety, all of standard brand* A ohoioe lot i>f Ciiar* and Tobaooo. YOUNG A REPHART, Aient*. a? l*-lT Pa >y.. Mt Mk and I nth ita NEW GOODS. K Havr jiet reo?tred a Art* (took of Bleached an-1 Brown COTToNSof the beet makee. Aleo, SHEETINGS, TABLE LINKS#, NAPKINS, TOWKLlNGS, IRISH LINENS, 2 ono yaru? LA a \p from 9 anti to ?*, HOSIERY, have a few neb ORGANDY ROBP.A on k??J ZTLx.L t wmca ?* nar? ?ark*d 1?m tn&a o- it. jy jn TAYLOR a HUTCHISON. fcW SILK MANTLES __ AND HOOPED SKIRTS. w? h*r? reootvod by ?irM? o/ r oh oftta? fell atria or WOVEN SK I?TSofrap?nor **amy. Ladiea ia want of my or tha abovagooda M)?y to. A 1* K! A XX ALB AMD XXX ALEJi J5 ERY. Tniy Al? ia mad* from malt and hoaa only aod oaanot UU: to I v? a&tira aauafaction to oob M?M?. C COL1NEAU, Pronator of tha 4 ?? trilmS mtm fcJELTZER WATKR ! & SELTZER WATER! SELTZER WATER! We karo to-day reoatr*! ?. fr?.w -r* " __ .- W* BtllM+r Ut. in hut'U, direot from the tnnI id whkh thej were mp<>rt*d. fjffsnsms^ AW*. f. DOVK * CO. ^ R K Now to ?M?t? mj ortoi with * I',! MhiSfc FITTINg ITT Store ob 9th (treat, m\Unr 4o*n north of P*. WATKK FIXTHWKH IV %|7 r\* ?* ? - ?- ? w K ||?v* m"* *'wVtipn'? a?d Sf II r? thxt w?r? 4irM|til ft littM h* th? ?t-ain?r (roi. N'rw York, voioh Will a* WW '"f >.* f >h<* ukual prinrf. KI.ANCHARI) t MOHl'M, 4 Corn*' Hth L?nd P* mr. 27i " A'iEH 275 JACKSON. riASTERtmS. Pensa. Avini, * bMT?M 1UU tad UU atrMta. j?19 MISCELLANEOUS. 1, ^RMY SUPPLIES. .1 Orricx of Armt Clothho and EqciPAQt.i .1 PHILADkLrHi A, As??lt it, 1860. | | Skalkb Proposal* are invited, and will b? re a ivad at thisoftoe. until lOo'olooka. m.,ofTn?i?<iay, the foartMntn day of H??pt*mber next, for faroukiBK by omtraot tti* iollo?uu Army Say* Him ana Material!, deuvi-raole at the United Staten Clotainc and Equipac" Depot, (Schuylkill Ars?n\l,)in q xantittes a? required tis:? yards uloth. dark blu<<L<indifo wool dyed) lor e?ps 54 inches wid*. to weigh about 14 ownotu par jard. 1 40,000 yd* kersey, dark bin* (indigo wool dyed) twilled, M inohes wide, to weigh 88 ouom ' per yard. 5.000 army biaok'ts, wool aray,(with the letters O. 8 , in blaok,4 inohe* lone, in theoentre,) 1 to be7 feet long, and 5 fe*t 6 i nones wid*. to weikfa 5 pound* each. 3?,000 yard* of flannel, dsrk b'ue (indigo wooldyed) 54 inohes wide, to weigh lu ounce* per yard. 100,0060 yard* flannel, white i ootton and wool) SI inohe* wide, to weigh 6H oncoe* per yard. 80,000 yard* Canton flannel, 27 inohe* wide, to weigh 7 ounoo* per yard. 80,000 yard* ootton drilling, unbleached. 77 jhohe* i wide, to weiyh 6>* ounce* per yard. 30,800yard* ootton anlling, unbleached,36 mohee wide, to weigh B ounoaa per yard. 80,000 pair* half stoorings. gray. 3 size*, properly made <>f good fleeoe wool with doable ana twisted yarn, to weigh 3 pound* p*r dosaa pair*. 15^)00 yart* Rrssia sheeting, 42 inohe* wide, beat auaiity. . , 3,000 yards Tiro an linen, 38 inohea wide, beet qaality. ,0,0no yards ootton muslin, unbleaohed, 36 inohe* wide, "* yards blaok sikeoia, best quality, 36 inohes 10/*fc. "ide. v > buokram. best qaality, 40 inohe* 1 M0 M'l * Wld?- j\f\ ^toi. 'it* V k nd * inches wide. 3?,OOOT?ukff?.'^, >* ow' ,r-n "d b!u,? fffeacrcu ?ik.b~t,?i10 j;.Tu?il,W.B K.-? ' .FjJ**-. Do do Blue, No. SB ??k . ?)aWperlb. Do do luortad oolori#llK 3(n dossil spools cotton. .f Vfi pieoas webbing, 1 and 1*4 tnpft. wide, to /KrdS ootton duck, 2HX ir.?h*S we??h rs ot'tacPB per ??rd. . 's. to ?'.0jo yards cotton duck, 2KH inches wiv weigh lOou'irfr*^ #er yard. u 30 000 jkrdi ootton dnoK -Winches wide, to fflt 19 oanoea per yard. 150 cord* ai d tassels, for trtiffiyets and hnglew, nno't'd colore- i nro yards % inoh silk lace, assorted dolor*. ?? -?. ""ds Vi X 'S inches worsted faoe. do. ; ' zJ tw. wor*ted, assorted oolors ineh 17,'OOhstoo. with a UB?elat eaoh end two diameter, ?c rM w.i,D?.',rk * ''*r. raadeof 9ooteh 15,(09 black felt hat*, best qn?.. , Hares and English ouney and 1"Y**> black ostrich feathe s, i2 incbes Ion*. I7.a? brass eagles. 2??o brass crosstd cannon. 5. oo d? bnclea. 3500 do do sabres lno do oasties 6.noo do kcapsaok trimmings sets. 60 do spears and lerulos for guidons, and > oolors. I wo gross buokles, iron roller, % and lj^ inoh | best quality ( 5" gross hackles for neck stocks. , inn pair* N C 8 brass scaler. 9)0 pairs Sergeant's brass, and 25 pair bronzed { scales. ? ?? ? m A.krn/->ra ! * m asul aeiwataa* krau an/i 11n OIV,' Mill UW " ?U" VI I f MHV* %J I WW" I ?U\* W 1 pair bronzed *oal??. ?,nrvi gross o?>at button*, best quality, 2r5,*i crost shirt do do 2,<W gross suspender bottom, do t5"> busies. with extra mouth pieoes. 1W trumpet*, do do ann fifes, B and C. 30 drum*, oomplete, artillery. (ft do do infantry. !*M do heads, batter. 800 do snare. 1 ?' 'i do snares, *?ts. I sy> do *tioks, pairs. Suo do cords,oi ltaian hemp, 1 * do slings *30 tent poles, wall sets. 900 do servants' do 2,ooo tent pins, hospital, small, 2.000 ao wall, large, 3ft,?00 do eommon ion ?oo tent buttons, <wo>d) small. 30 loo tent slips. do do ltiOgarrisoa fiig hal iards, of Italian hemp. ' ISA recruiting do do do do 2 no pound* cotton sewing twine, 6 and 8 strands. 15,uto pounds Manilla t?nt cord, large, medium and mall, bott quality. IS,1*# tin canteen* with cork stoppers, * pints, to weigh 11M? ouocs 400 iron pots with bails. 3 mess pans, sh<*et iron. 2.1 on camp ketties, do 3 sizes, in nests. 1 ono pickaxes, 2 size*, to weigh6K and 7 pounds 2 000 Telling axes, cast st*el, best ? uality, 3 sizes. 1 o (i niok axe handier, best an&litT. 6,?00feliiD( do do do do 8 ono camp hatchet do do do Siitftspade* do do 8* > stoves for Sibley tent?, +o chains for Sibley tent*, seta. Ail the abo?e mentioned articles mast conform ix all respects to the sealed ktaaJard patterns in t .ns olfioe, where they oan beex%min*d, and any | additional information in regard to them will be furnished, eample patterns of the woolen ai.d out ton clothes will be sent by mail to bidders; it is desirable that the artioles be 01 domestio manufacture. The privilege is reaerved by tin United Ptates ol decreasing the quantity one-fourth on the a<*eeptanoe of tne propos.vs, and of increasing it from one third to one-haTat any time prior to tho coin pietion of the oontract, by giving tno contractor thirty days notioe of euoh desired incr--a?e; and of rejecting any proposal which may be oonsidered I'ttvaiasL. The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' place of business must be specifiuall) stated in the proposal, together with the names, address, and lesponsibility of two persons proposed as securities, with the acknowledgments of said persons that they will be sueh ?ecn>ity or will be responsible good security be furnished in case a con tract is obtained. Bids from manufacturers of, or regular dealers i the artioles, will be prrferred, ana contracts will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, wno shall fur )ish the reauired ircuritiea fnr performances thereof Djliren?a to c?min?o? within forty days after tha acceptance of tli- proposal*, and on* half of tlie quantity contracted for must ht? doliv 'red in equal monthly proportions within four month* from ?aid d\ta of acceptance, aud the remainder within three month* tner*aft*r in monthW or greater proportions, as the contractor m*T find oouveniont It ia to h* distinctly nn'eratood ti at oont:aota ar? not transferable wit oat the o- nsent of tLe proper authority, and that an* s?le assignment, or tranaf*r, without suoh aonaent having t evn ob taimd. iexoept under a prooeaa of law,) wilt b? regarded aa an at-andou merit of thee u.raat; and the oontraotor and hia securities will he he d ? sponsible for all loss or da "age to the United I bta ea which may ari?a therefrom. Payments will he made on each delivery Ten per o?nt. of the amount of eaoh delivery will be retauad uutii 'he contract ahall he completed, whioh will b* forfeited 11 the (J.itrdretatea (i oase < f drsf loati n on the part of the oout actor in :ulfklimg ti e contract tonus of propoaala and gaaranty will be far niihaH n nan ani*h?a? * ? ??1 . <.rr?v?*ivu a v tiiio vdio?i 1QU IIUELO be o^n?Jered tnat do not conform thereto, j Proposal* will be endorsed? Propose'* for Fbti nuhinc Ana; Supplier and Material*," a>-d i??addros*Aa. CHS THOMAS, < o'onel, au 21 3tawtSH A?*t Q. M. Gaul. U. ?. Army. Not*?The time for delirerinj i* extended to January l*t, 1161 i i*tead of "to commence wttkim fori* days," a* above pub!i*h?d By order of Q. M. General of the Army, el CHS. THOMAS. P[No. 667 J ftOCLAMATlvN, BY THE PRESIDENT I Or THE UNITED STATES, 1 For the Sale of Valuable Lands in the late 2iev> York Indian Reserve, Kansas. In pti r*u?noe of law, I, Jami* Buchanan, President <?f the Unite i State* of Amerioa do ker'br declare aod b ake known that public saiea will be h?ld at tii)* undermentioned Lend Office, m the Territory of K vi?a*, at tne period* hereinafter deeig uaud. to wit: At the l and Oi?? nt Fort Scott, commencing on Monday, the *d day of tieoember next, for ika : fli*p<>e?i oran h or the puWio lands not oorered by > individual Indian k>o*tiona a? are situated within t til* foliowiug townships and parts of twnihiN :n t the lata reserve above mentioned tor the new York Indiana, viz: So*tk of tk* ba<e lint and Mil 0/ tie sixth principal tn*tuit**, and in tit tow*kin and parts of town skips falling tcithin said reserve. The tract* or paroels in the parts of townships a, 2?, ti, and 26 of range 25 1 he tracts or p?ro-l? in the part ot township 23. in townships ii aod 25, and in the part of x, of i ranee 24. . The traoU or paresis in tbe part of township 23 in townshipa 94 and 25, Ma in the part of as, if j raoso 2i , The tracts or paroels in the part of township 23. in town?h:ps 21 and 25, and in the part ol 26, of i lauuU. , . . TSj tracts or paroela in the part of township 23, ! in townahips 24 and 26. and in the part of 26, of iraoU or paro*ls in the part of township 23, I in townsnips H and 2>, and in the part cf 26, of raaaeV. The t acts or paroela in th* j*rt of towrskip 23. in tuwnehip* 24 and 25, and in the part of IB, of ran ie 19. The trut< or paroels in tk* part of township It, in townskipe 24 and 2S, aod in tke part of 26, of ranee it. Thfi ti &Ala nr marAAl ? , r?. ? au n?? yimt a ?'? *VW U?Ulf ?t in tu*n?tUH t* and 35, aad in the part of 36, of ruit 17. At the I and ()fl?? at Poet Pcott. oommenoinc on Monday, the 17th day of December a-xt, for the diapoeai of auoh of the pablto land* sot covered by u,dividual Indian location* aa are eitaated within I the following townsnipe and part* of townat ip* in the late reserve above-mentioned for New York Indiana, via: South of ihs 6?m /mm and mi( 4/ths tiztk pnmeifl mtrtdum, aad in tht townships ani parts <tf townships ftUlint within said rutrvs. The taota or paroola la the part of towaahia # i* townahipa 2? aad 36. aad in tha part of 36, of ranee 16. The traata or paroole in the part of tnwnahjp 36. TSaze^S *tand 36, and in the pa't ofrf, of i , OT / * *! in Uo part of towaahta 36, ri-^.*?" M ** **d *? rvt of 31, of trVt* ?*P?'*e>a ta the part of town ah le 33, * ??d 36, aad tithe part ol St. of r?nif i?k u^^rsw'jieiru'-snfii'h Jhgesnisnixttafa^ *, !???&vsvjt ttfs&it.'b raa?e lo. ' traeta or paroels in the parte of IowiiUm B.24.2&, and ?, of range ?. l.anda appropriated by law for the im of aehoole, military Indian. and tthrr pmrpotct. will he ex eluded from tiie sales, together with Ue traot* oovered by individual Indian locations, descriptive lists of wh'oh bare been furnished tie lcoaj ofioers. The offering of the above lands will be ritinmnesil on the days appointed, and will prooeed in the order in whioh they are advertised, nntil the whole shall have been offered, and the sales thas elosed: bat no sale shall be kept open longer than t wo weeks, ami no private entry of any of the lands will be permit^ wnfi a ft Ar rriA AT n < pa AflLa kuu sumi n*?vi Miw ?A|>iiau<>u U| ?U? ?WU WOTH. Given under my hand, at the city of Waatungtoaf this SI at day of Auguat, anno Domini ana thousand eight hundred and six*y. * JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Joa. S. W ilso*, Commissioner of the General Land Offioa. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Evar; Person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships or parts of town?hips abore enumerated is required to establish the name to tha satisfaction of tha racistar and receiver of tha Land Of&oe. and make patmumt tkerrjort at soon as mac:tcablt nftor ttexng tku notice. and before the da* appointed for tha oorameacaraentof the public sale of the lands embracing the tract olaimed; otherwise suoh claim wilj be forfeited. JOS. S. WILSON, Commissioner of tha General Land Oftoa. Not*.?Under the refutations of the department, as heretofore and now existing no payment can ba made for advertising proclamations exoept to suoh rublishers as are spetiallv authorized to publish by tie Commissioner of the General Laud Office. an a tawlSw PIONEER STEAM MAR BLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the oitizena of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has add?d to his lung established business the auxiliary of steam power for sawing and manufao tunnt Marble and Brown Stone Work in 'heir various braaehes, Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand fop*. Tile, Monuments, Tomb and Head Stoaes, S.a >s. Window I.inteis, Sil.s, Steps and ^lat^ms. Having purchased a large stcok of Italian ;arbic in hl?ok,ir?m first hands,at ihe lowest rates, ^feels confident of being able to famish Marble ork as low as it oan be pnrokased in New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in block or slabs at the same rate as furni?hedjn New York, and on accommodating t"rms. Also, on hand, a large supply of pumioeStone, Water of Ayr Hor.e and Poliching Putty at Mem York priors. Enoour'ge the enter _ tse; it will be an acquisition to the city. AI.KX. RUTHERFORD, p *ntiT Steam Marble and Br o ten St ont Works, u Pa. av., cor. Thirt enth st, as 21 Jrr? . Washington, I). C. [iroMAKVT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. p a OURKEB Jk CO.'S BZjXXOT SI*ioiwi. G narantfv'* not onl* . "r'!v AND PERFECTLY PURE, ABSOLU'i*. * . 'ected and cleaned >ut fronnii from f.'e??. 0""- _ ' , _ *h*at roforenoe rj ua oxpretaif for the "?>, in tinfoil, ;o o?>?t. They are beautiMly ^cctbw keeping, lined with paper.) to prevent injary by . >und tnd are full weight, while the ordinary c. ti Spiopfl are almoni invariably ehort. We warn*. Jiem, in point of utrenicth and nohnees of flavor, BEYOND Al.L COMPARISON, is a sinel* trial will abondfcutly prove. Manufaoturea only by _ E. R. DURKEK * CO., ft* 18-<f.T> 1*1 Pearl at.. N>wYorfc. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEPFL.KR. Proprietor. If tip York areata, b'ttrten 1st and M id. - ?111? .k> ......1 ..Lli. >. W*m (rnniula IB uoi 11 lift MIO BlWUtlVU "I HIP fvmiu ? mj B*?? ? ? I would state that every arrangement has 1 . . A been made to make thin "Retreat" moreWcSky tttraotiva every da?. Mordaya the Uar- JUlfHLJL dens are open to the public tree of charge?a concert liven by a aeleotband. Those desiring to enjoy the lance and waits wi 1 find the aaloon in oompleU order to render pleasure to all. U"< other days the proprietor will cheerfully grant th? use of the irounda for school or other Pio Nio Parties without oharfe. For the araneement of children he haa introduced

a number of little gamea, never before aeen in thia aitr. and oaloiuatad at the aame time to amsae the "old folks." N. B.?Attached ia my Bottling Batablishm-nt. and inmiliea oaii be supplied with any quantity at their resiaenoe, of that healthful drink, LAGER BKF.R, upon short notice. je l5-3m f.JOLD AND SILVER SPECTACLES.?HavVa ing had niuoii experience in manufacturing and sale ui Speotaclea.^>^~ 1 am now prepared to aopply any or all that want a ver? superior qua ity of glasses, with thnse that arebestoaWiated to benefit their sight. Havirghad muoh praotioein fitting the most difficult cases, I feel warranted in aajiug that I o^n select g aaaes at .n .u.? _:n .u. ..j .? >v.. - til v 1111 wo ill win n ii i v in? w o?i "I I vuu at mv muv tune o?.n aell them at *o low a price that all that with to use them o&n afford to pnrchaae. H. O. HOOD. a? 24 No 1*8 Pdnn. avenue DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. R. MVNSON Has returned and returned hie profe?aton. Offioe ard houae at 463 K third door eaat of Sixth. In addition t mylfS*? "vrj o*her approved ttyle, Dr. M. ha? aet^* 1 lr" teeth un vuloinite Raae fur the laat three rear a. aud, from experienoe, knows it exoels all others, and ia one-third l?aa in prioe than gold, tail old patrons of Wanhmcton, Alexandria, and Georsetown are respectfully aolioifJ t> call, au 25 eoly D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOMIS Has closed his office for the aeaaon.and will be absent, aa uiual, during the sum rner months ; will resume practice about the 1st of Ootober, of which furth<* notioe will be given. D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after aprtohM: test of two yavt feels that he oan with ooafidenee reeon-^Mk mend the Cheoplastic Process for iswrtitiaHH artificial teeth It has the adranta/M of" strength, beauty, oloanlinoes, and cheapness. F?I apper sets inserted for 99*. Partial in proportion, i MR'j* 306 Pa. avenae. se 7 WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oitjr, at the lowMt possible rates. t j. a w. m. galt, Office 484 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts . ma 17-tf . north sjqs. The subscriber having on hand an extensive stook of FURL* is prepared to all At a VHrtf Iaw Asii ra fnr m?k WOOD $aw?l Ind Split any a is*. R w Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS 8. K. comer of Fourteenth and C eta, DR. J. BOVEE ODD'S IMPERIAL WINK BITTWRB, Ara now being need from Maine to the Greet Bait Lake, an J the universal venliot of all who ue them oither aa a medieine or a? a beverage, is that the; are unaurpaaed in the world. Dr. Doda need Mum au -oeeafully in hia ernetioe for* years before we purohaeed of him thcsnle right to manufaaturs and present there for aale to tne pnhlio. For the sareof Incipient Consumption, lndigeation, Dye pepaia. Pile*. Nervosa Diaeatea, Female Com piaiata, and all eaaea ream ring atomo, th*r are baSond doubt a moat inv^nable remedy. Aaide from ieir medieinal properties they are a pare, wholeBorat and delightful Beverage, produoing all the pleasant e*hi!f?-ating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious reeulta. l et all frienda of humanity and al! advocates of temperance %aaiat aa in aubetituiug thaee valuable Vegetable Bitter a for the mineral poitont and aduiterated Liquort 6with which the onvntry ia flooded, and thereby efo'uaJy aid in baa ahiug Disease and Drankenaaa on the land. CifARLEP W1DD1FIELD A CO., Froprtetora^7^WUlukni^atreet, New York. Washington, D7"b. DR. J. BOVK8 DOD8' IMPERIAL QIN BITTERS. For OiM&fo* of the Kidney ^Bladder ana Urinary Organ*, and eepeoialljr for Female Obatraotiopa, never fail to cure, and are warranted to five aatiafcetjoa. CH aRLES WIDDIPIELD * CO.. Proprietors, 78 William at, New York. J. SCHWARZK, JeTly,T Agent. Washington. D. C. JOY P"R THE HICK AND 8f?FPERlN0? LET ALL WljO ARE APPLICTED APPLY T&R1 REMEDY REJOICE /"HEALTH, Friend do won * ? ?-- ? * ? ?V ???um ui any of thoee IMMMI aiimemte which ?'iu iron imKinty of the blood.' What are they, do you MkI at&er Mk, whit are they not.' 1 he blood ia the eouroe of lUa and hea th, and it ie tie firft e.emeat of oar being to reapoud to any oum whiob th* eyetem, aa the pulae ininTiblr atteete The ever prevail in* Neural :ia. th? irritating Kryape u. the eebtl* Serotuia, lie agon inn* Khmmatiain, N*rvoue Dfbui y, Dy?;**p?ia, Liver Complaint with iU torpor an<J d?jeofion, ana the nnmberleee ula that fl*aii ie heir to.denv? <heir hideoua origin from the Bood. D?ai kindiy thru and gei.tiy with the blood. a? tn? vitalising rea.uioea of nature for ita aid. and aufler to oommend to your oonfideuoe and aee that truly valuable medicam-nt known aa MR*. M. COr8 INDUS VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thla al??at infallible apeaifie popular eentiment haa epoken ia d-oide<i Una, and the evidenoee of thia great efieacy are auatamed by eonatant avowal a of curative effeota and th- happirat reanlta from ita nee are af'er all other rem<xiiee and the beet medioal akfli have failed. Let aa aar. in ronclaiioa, th*t o*>rtiftuatea qurea are not Bought from th* illiterate and euperleia), but they are volunteered from the moat re ep?"tab)e aouroee an I ju?Ufy the higheet te?ine ia which it ia poeaiUe to eomwawT ao vaiaab.e a apeaiflu to pub ia approval. We may add aleo that the curative properties of the medicine areaeaalW net* kv it* -a??- ? eity,and by tMproprietor, MRhTm COX ? to.--* tlx. TVV asatft^ jpiNE PIANO# PORRENT oifsjALK, ~ i Meats reoeivW tri-week!y, at At IlDm M*Io4wu tod other inetruaeuU for^inVJ^ < w 4 .... ? MXDIOHOES. JNPEOTINE; OE, PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. FBI BR AND JLOVM BXTBRMINATBD. THE HOMAN CONSTITUTION SAVED FROM WRECK. the fxstentitb and rbmbdt FOB ALL jntervittbnt and bilious fevers. CURES INSURED IN A DAY. . . NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. inl'ectine, 1npectinb. IN PECTINS, INPECTINE. INPECTINE, INPECTINE. The terrible malady known at the FEVER AND AGUE hu smitten hundreds of thoasands of per aona throughout tha world every year, ard baa never till now baea ra?t by auooaaafal medical treatment that baa aot prodaoed a?rera MEDICINAL DISEASES, which affect tha langa, tha ap<een, the liver, th? heart, or other parta of tha haniaa organism. The INPECTINE la the natural antagoalat of all favera, and whea it oomea in oootaot with tha akir, ia absorbed by tha interior organs, whioh resist easily miasma aad all tendenoiee towards those tladiea whioh aroatrate the miad and body with Ik farar. Fever aau ?"?wlt from anmarous eanaea. No plaoa is ?*** ***** iho 0x1i19doo oi wo * * % uviub "uuc ed in the t'aura, indnae? d*pr??eion of epirita, !m itnde, languor, paina, ekliis. term, and a ion* train of disagreeable icimtiont, depriving the patient oi' all energy, and redoout# kin or her to a oondition of i extreme helplessnibs&. why will any one axlter the horror* of a debilitating intermittent paver, vhen by the uae of th? invaluable inpbctine, * oa persian fever charm. the eminent medieal aad mag loal toalibee of which are inatantly abeorbed, all traces or disease may bb annihilated in a few hours, SELF CARE 18 BETTER THAN PHYSIO. NATURE IS WIBKR THAN ART. EVERY D1SEA8B HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE TUB FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN 8TRIVK TO CURB. DELAYS ARB DANSBROU8. THE mPECTIHE, oa PERSIAN FKVER CHARM, Hu oar?d thoaaanda of both mim of tha moat dreadful Fevera. Read and reflrot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. l^ronel Bona*!!. Of Plttabarf,for two yetra na?leaa to himaalf and aooiaty?a martyr to Ohilla and F?ver?oared in laaa than three weeka. and id rroTid in eight hours. Mary K. Belkuap, Baodaaky, Ohio, after almost losing her rtMOB u well m strength by Intermittent Fever, with Chilli, restored to health m twenty hoars. J. R. Tilton. of Belgrade, Maine, brought from death's door, having suffered for four rears, made wall in fire weeks, and unproved in two hours. Adolphe Monkro, of Pranoe, relieved in one hour, while travelling ia the ears of the Port Wayne and Chicago Railroad. He was apparently dying with Chills. Ellen R. Benson, of Look port, Nov York, resetted after seven years' sufferinc, A perfect cure. Tteoaaaod of othw nim prevented tod ovred ?rr month, ud not ?ia?.? ooaplnlnt oi U>* Ooienoy of the IMPECTINE, o > PERSIAN F1VIR CHARM. ' * m ? m 44 | 4 v * * * ? v " a j~ And Mk? known ita wonderful powara ud Tirw toM( that thoM who raftr, or who art threatened with BOforiBft may b# led ?o aae a simple, innoxious preparation, furniahed by the field of Nature for MAN'S BLESSING! lypMCTiBin 18 SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MBDICINB DBALEKS IN AMBBICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Bent by nail to any part of Um United Statee. &EMR MRKB It is not takn Inwardly, bat U apriM oatwardly, faokaia. MANUFACTURED BT JOHH WILCOX * CO., 188 MAIN BTKIITi RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. BKAWCH OFFJCM, No. 88 BANK OP COMXEBCB BOILINNO, NKVT YOBJt CITY. M a-4L*fca?wtla TRUNKS, BOOTS AND 8H0BB. I 1 PAVE RKMOVKU TO No. 1? MARKET ] 1 t?p?oe. P?dd. avenno. Utweon t ? ?, --*-fo i win r>e to on all who will favor hip with a oal withf** ? Im etoek ?f BOOTS aad fH??KS for* Hk Ladiee, Gent*', buy *,Mi*eee'ami Children^ v#ar. >n i M' J. KOHKNTHiU HOUTfl AND TO SUIT TMh w?ar? bow aaufftotorincall kia4s?f boots and. SHOK8, aad ooi.itaauV raeeinag a?^| n>Vpiy oi eaetern made work of (twi ?-IH| ?enpuo", made exjree?!y k> order, aad wi'.lw W he told at a meek lower jriae than ha* t>e*r>" Nb heretofore okarged tn this otty PH ciuch laferioc *rpJr?oD? la waat of Baals tod Skoee of 'Mttn or eitj made work, will aiwayefind a? ood aeeortniea la atore and M tke loweet prioaa Him a call. GRIFFIN k BRO., 314 Penaaylrania avenaa. EMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived tki* daf. embn^.nt all i?aii-im ties aud him of Sole Leather, Lad tee nfn Dree* and Packing Trunk*. Oar Ireak^^^-sale* room exhibit* at thi* time the create*! variety of traveling requieitee at moderate ppcea. to be foanii Uiia etde of Nvw York. A!eo, every ceeo-i* toon of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Jto117" Old Truak* repaired or takea in exohaage for new onee. WALL. STEPHENS A GO _ . Truk Bklfi R oom. 3*< Pa. >mU. gOUTHKRN MANUFACTORY. Owith Odd **4fV hmu^friikttufm. D. C. Traveler* will atudy their mUmU oj tuauil my TRUNKS, VALICfcS Ao .before piit mm oMiitit eleewere Aa I use none but theflBjffl best material the market affords aad enaplov^^"** the U*st vurkmeu, 1 can confidently reoommend mi work to be ssperior la S*r*ntik ai?d DwsMJtti to Trunks that are made u> other cities aad sold her*. I keep constant! y on hand, aad make to order ton one week's nnUqe) every desertstiea of SQLm iS/WR oitmJlALICES: TKATKLltiQ BAGS; HARSf&S: SADDLES; WHIP8,Jfr., tu t Tttnks, Ae., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanhke manner, at short uotioe. 1'rnnks delivered in any part of the city, ?aorfetown, or Alexandria Aleo? A rent for Howe's celebrated FAMILY SEWlNtf MACHINES. deU-U JAMK8 S. TOPHAM. rKAVaL.ttHd' UlKKCTUBY. Daily line of new fqir-hj?rj*k COACHES TO 1'PPER MARLBORO'. Qarryitn th? O. S. Mali. The undersigned *re now fanning Dai lr, (except Sunday,! Four horse Co*ch*ft i>?- ~ tween Washington and Upper Marl gW^rv l<oro\ aa foiiowN,; twyr-'yl?earo the :Sgeninb<*t Ilot*!, ooroor of Soventh street and Pa atToclork a m. Returning leave !"pp*t Marllxsro' at II n'olock a m .and arrive m Washington at 3 o'clock, in time to oomaect with the 3.Ai p. m. t xin for Baltimore. The Coa<-j?e? ?r? new .iud commodious, the teams 6r?t oia** in the ha. ds of careful and accommodating driver a. Fare to Upper Marlboro. JO eerts. To Lnnv ni'i - ?w vr << B iviUlt ??? ? .^3 ToC?ot?rrille ..JM Freu fit and package* in propotion. au 15,tf OSBORN k CO , Proprietor*. BA' .TlVoKK AND OHIO RAILROAl). WASHINGTON BRANCH. Cbajmx or Hottb*. , ON AND AFTER WfcDN KtJDAY, JaBe l*h. ' JM?, train* will run aefo'.lowt: L?t? Washington at 6a*and 7 4? a. m. Lmi? Waebingtoa at 3-J and jjn p. a. Ob 8?c<lar at 3 ? p. a. Loare Baltimore at 4.2S and 8 V a m. Leave U* '.umore at 3.15 ana IV p. m. On bandar at 4 23 a. m. Pivseemert Tor the Ka?t will take traini at Ml and 3 ? p m. jror the West at 74? a. a. and 3J0 p. a. For A noapolia at 7.40 a m and 3.20 p. n. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday eainc theUO p. a. train roee to Philadelphia oaly. i* 13-d T H. PA19QN>, AtwK. NEW ORLEANS X2XT TBRBB SAYS WITH TBI n rr/> r^? ? ?* ^ i^nuiUJi UV THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad _ TO LYNCHBURO: Virginia and Tennessee. East Temnostae ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Ckattan?gm, Memphis and Charleston, Misrissiwpi Central, Nrw Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS" ROUTE : _ Memphu by Rail, tbenoe bjr Pint oltn Packet* to New Orleans. W MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTBi obUowftry bj Rail, the:ioe to Mobil* b j Firstolaan Packets. M?>Ki e to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DUI.V i??~ Il?etTt Wt?iiiB(l?a ud6f . Toe Steamer GKDRGK PAGE leave* her wharf toot of Seventh ?tri?et at bM a. in. and 6% p nt. and sod 11 ecU at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Train* for the Sonth we?t. Offioe? Penney ivaiua avenue, ooruer of Sixth at. UMiU 0I10K1D mOUOl TO I1W OSLSAftl. Lynohbnrg #7 S' Memphis .#?! Oft Bnitol.._ 15 0t? A Uaata ...JIW Knoxville y> O' Maoon ??... ~ ?SB on ChMtanoort...?....>?6t? Columbo* SI SO D*iton.._ Hi*) MunUomerr ,.. SI'*> Hu tivilie ......noo / tnaMemphia^S 50 Grand Jo notion.-?30 ?0 N.O.S viaG. Juno 42 50 NaakiriH* 25 101 S riaMobile..-46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL tOO MILES SHORTEN/and 84 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.uie? the Lynchburg Extension being now oompifUM, a* aleo the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROXJTM FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Fir?t o.u? SlMpinc Can! STo Nnw Ot'iocm TS Hoiri, ilSKfer?r~:? SS: N Ml. nil* di do. GT-The U. 8. IdAIl.Twt ADAMS' EXPRESS arit&k?n over thin New Lute. Xiokota oan be obtained M the Sonth Wwtri oe, oornfr of Sixth atreet and P?nna;lv%nm nvenne, to tke following point* Lypohbarg, Bn?tol. hnoxviile, Atlanta, Chattanooga. HnnUvilie. Grand J notion, Maoon. Nuhvii'#. Dalton. Colui&bui, Mont,omerTkwa^.,i?A^nJ,hl.. nud \jy THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SfRINGS. n^OnaibaaM Mi Bmu? Wacoas 1mv? tlM offoeand 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Actnt, ma g-tr fion?r Sixth ra *t. I^HJE STEAMER JAS, SLY Will nww hm INGTON rrerr TUESDAY FBIDAY, at6 o'olook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA ataaJf-paat* o'clock, for CURRIOMAN aad U?* 'xnssbft I NATW'L BO^S^.^U^^?i^frirr<>,ritft ftoNnr York aad Virnnta Serev BliirtH M^NC^VK^V^N at Io'clock p.ft. wb?dar. Passenger* from Washington and 9?oig?ow? an take the ooaolM oodmocm with HrflMin ataamboata or railroad, whieh leave the aoraar ? m rtrcatMdJ^aTecae honrt y, or t^^y jMaTaj^ SskTAdBOfiassfts *Yr^ Imuum will to AsM N all momtm to ofik?Tv>w JioSM to FOWLS * I J.-., m w3K^?2fcMl%.. , M K W Y O 0 W A J H 1 N ? T OH mgtou eVerT Bateri>| . at S n'clook p m. &igM *r MMg* agrty to - ?r Lot* op fiamob for rent at low rates. Piftooi for ad* on ttw> wsaffryg ^vM.wrr lodaoaa. Aocordaona. *? .. it. John r. ft.i.m. Mil *l>l? M?>? fef t?lll>lr?r|?f ? Hbm' PIuiww I SSSgpa 11 M1S0ELLAM01'< OOLLKUK TKXT BOOKS K F??l oTiti %#w Book* for oi*M 0%. eek#o?e h*r*. j?at hwn pa bin had. to win oil tk? ftCUwtioa of y"ir|ir? 4***id with e?pk*r?tory now* *?? Hnrr ?. Pn??*. ProfbMor of i at in i? tb? buu To wwt* fit MMuu; | to! a pnm* ?< ? Plilo*! AmI<W. ?- ? - KiTX"' WrtT* 'w ' A"k~1 t&TIE??' wsar-jrr?. of F Ahn. * 'M,n,,ftw ?* For ?! hy u tt BLANCH \RD * MOKl'W. -M * K iwlta imHH. ?r .^ss^s&s&ayaa bru? VMH J*UU?? F&irtcd Virgin* Agic* t?^?| u?"A^y^^?2is?^?re are fi?b& A'smSS scamnie^ D^"t <* U-l* E* a PATTIBON. Aiwi \B7ABHl.NSTON SKWIN6 llUONt, " MNi?tH ? i?cr$ ^?ra7K i?i Now lithe tin# to (? SPRLNG ud BUMMBB Kif4e,5t:V? >V Wn^ttTfr.'i'S. F'?"- r 1 * P'otojw JC .ir.i Ml atlll en?*r??d id the ?ixt SAB ! Nli Bl>IN K*s* ?? ay oldModn PtulW h-uic Hftll. Th* vlvftut&f* of ;:*vin* a plortiffel auptij ?f wat~r w%? rrftdi* ol?ot\?d ttllN lT? ot reawntef.M I fcrr. well ?*'.> i?"?d I Ho?t4 U?? b*?? rned nut tut forth* hoaurifel pply or mm pr?mi*?* and th?t of m? n*%tkbnr* Ail order* for thu introrto^tjon of Water ud 6m will b? prorryt:T attended to. Tar?a u rMOMbl-nany flumbor intheoitj. . Jf ? C. BNYPEB. Wmm OAS FIXTUBKB. I K Hurt ir. ator*. *mi W <1M J hwitiiii, <7 43 PI IT C RSS of enUr^j New Patter** nad D~+>f?m toil Fini*h. ?uperi<>r m ?t?le to aiothinc hor?aoior? offi-red in tnn mAri ? * \T? i ?? '? Iv t?> civ!! and examine our atocli ofGaa Fixturea, lectio* aonfidrnt 'htt vi> bnve the hMt wlcotnl etoek in WMkiuiton \li Work in the aboveTine latruated to ?r mm' wiil he promptly att?H-,?' to. ??*? 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Thia admirable preparation la aaed ?old. beni ohtoaioally held in eolation. and poseeaein# all th? nluM? qaaiitiea of the t>eat cabinet maker*' flee. It maj beaned in fx plaoaof ordinary macuafe, bai| mt.r more adheeire. - VSEFVL IN E7SRY HOUSE" Ptw. 2S mdU N. B.?A Brcah uoooiytoM ?wk bottle WkoUfmU Dwmt, No. 49 Cedar street, New York. Addreaa HENRY cTsPALDING * CO.. Box No. >.? ?. New York, Pat i> for Deter* in Cw* ooctaioint Foar. Eight, uH Twelve l>o?rn?a heaiitifal Litkofrapfc ? Show Caru aocoxpauTinc each paoktce. ITT" A ?ir*!e N'ttJa of SPALDINU'S FRB PARFP OLUF will save too tinea its ooot an analij to every htm?f.'ioid.-TP Hold by ail prominent ^tatioaara. Dragfiata. Kdware and Furti'ore Deajara, Grooora, ami _ ey 8tcres. CointrrnifrcbanUthoaid mat* a note of SPAL Dlrro'if prepared glue, *b*c mum ? ( their list. It will ?taru1 ?rj ehn>aU>. f* 1*-1? lr 'j & t 40 jfwr. Jt /^iTvwt *r*rJ, t ?-i-T"I f.^TjO^ X<(h aJV It fit A?'< ah. It %*r?jf\ ttdJU fiiMii 3_" 04** "Of. 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