Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1860 Page 1
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? v~- XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C? WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 12, 18*80. N?. 8.861. I TI1E EVENING STAR M rUBLTSHBD BY BUY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TUB STAR BCILMNQS, Cirnar / PtitnsylvunU jiwiw mud llt4 M., st w. 19. WALLACH. Pap?rt eerred in pukt(? by etrrten kt ? ? y fr. or ? oeeta per month. To mil evUeribOTt ,M km* w % jmt,? rtmti,1 |l for mix moaUia; Jt for three month*; m4 for tew than three month* at the r*te of Veenta a vwk. SingIt ??* cgyj; ta vmfMn, twocnn, c7" At>v*nTi??ic*i*T? ?aobI?( be eeet fc> fte oio> b#tore i? o'c ock nt; othennee they amy not appear i n tl 1 IhC HIlTt dA* t Tie Gr*?t Cr?<? Pi^. , As the new main over the High Bridge is Be of the most interesting and important pnbMr works now in progress, and presents in it* elf and in its manufacture many features of novelty, we have taken (one pains to gather the following facts in rHation thereto. The tuba is made of Biltfmore chareon! pic iron, the plates for whirh are prepared at Horace .Abbott A Son'fc Canton Rolling Mill* Baltimore^ a firm which has made the widest iron id the werid, sheets 110 inches wide by half an toon tfilok having been manufactured by then. "ibe pigs ofJr?n weigh about 100 pounds Wj. Several pfgs having been broken up | **oto three or four pieces each, as many as required are thrown into the paddling furnace*, with an allowance of about W percent, for Ion of weight in manufacture. The dm soon becomes of the consistency of doojrh. when it ia stirred dp with slice barb. ?r ? <!/ ? > ?? ery xuach u a wotna? Vould stir up the material for a loaf of bread. Aft&r tho lapse of f?b>>ut an hour it is worked up into what is termed a r-uddle-ball, in this ease of about 30 inches Vn diameter, and then bj aid of tongs nl a orane is placed beneath a large N ?smith kainiuer. and ?fter a tremendous pounding, it Mines out in the for* of a alab 2J feet long by M inches wide and inches thick. After Ming allowed to gradually cool off, this flab is put into a reheating furnace. Wiere it regains a few minutes, and is then taken out ted rolled to the rntulred thickness, and the ragged e.i*es tHmmod off by means of large fthears. Th? sheets prepared fur this p^pe are 4 feet wide by 8 long, and half an inch thick The iron used is required to stand a strain of 4^.000 pounds per square inch. The pipe it 1,350 feet long and 71 in diameter; the tallest man, tkerefi>re. would not crate bis hat in puMBf through it. It will be made in seoriao? of 12 feet. There will b? U2of tbes? sections, requiring 674 sheets, each of which contains 4S square feet, and weigtuDlU) pouadi. or 20 pvaads to the square foot. The Irat thing done at the shop of SnoueTi A Rowland, the Contractors, is to lay the sheets wit perfectly rtuare, m?d make the ed^ts fair and mW.h. Uoiiig than to the punching machine. each sheet is punched near the edges with 200 hcles, 13-1# of an inch in diameter. Tho sheets are then put under a drilling machine, and each hole is countersunk, so that the rivets may be driven flu.-h, leaving the pi^e perfectly smooth on the insido. Indeed, it is affirmed that it will be very difficult U> distinguish them. Next the sbeets are sent to the rolling machine, and rolled to the required curve or radial, three abeeta butted together forming th? pipe. In order to make this butt joint, a (trap of iron nine inches wide ?%nd half an iu<?b thick is employed, which runs the whcle length of all the scams. These straps are made of flange iron, which is reuuired to atand a strain 52 percent, greater tnan that used for tho sheets. The heads of the rivets ar? outside of the straps, which again, of course, are outtide the plpo- The rivets are made by Burden at the Troy Iron Nail Works, and are throe-fuurths of an inch in diameter and lj inches long; the head of the rivet Is 1J inches in diameter. In each 12 foot section mere are just rivets. The weight of the plates is 648.000 pounds; of the straps, 145,125; of the riveu. 60,000?making in all a total of about 640,000 pounds. The contraot of Abbott A Son, for furnishing the plates and straps, was for $28,859 91. Sneden \ Rowland do the remainder of the work, and supply the other matemU for $29.31 p*-r linear toot, amounting to $19.250 50. Total, $78. 120 31. Exclusive of this, there is a large job of mason work in raring the parapets of the bridge an additional seven feet, and aa iron roof is to be plao?d over the whoI? for proteotion. Each section #iU be complete in itaelf when sent from tne shop. They will be transported the waole distance by water ii^ lighters. At Lne liigb Bridge they will require to be hoisted 125 feet, for which purpose an ordinary boom derrick will be used, to be operated by ft s'eam-engine of 20-horse power. The derrick and engine will be on the top of the bridge. Upon the copiDgs of the bridge a track will be laid, on which a car will be run for the purpose of carrying each section of the pipe to its proper place. The new main will be placed ft couple of feet above the two pipes now in use, which lie parallel to each other, are three feet in diameter, and made of cast-iron. It is calculated that the new pipe will oonduet a volume of Vftter about three and one-fourth times great ?r tban tno two o!d pipes together, which, if we recollect rightly, discharge 40,000.000 gallma dailjf. The new pipe will rest on about 170 caxt-iron standard* or sadles, which are piaeed eight feet apart, and weigh about 1,000 poands each. It will be protected inwardly and outwardly by oo itings of Prince's metallie paint. The estimated difference in the length of the pipe in summer and winter ii four inches; and to provide for thia expansion and contraction there will be a slip-joint at either end, which will be made of cast-iron, with the slipping surfaces lined with brass, to prevent their beooming fixed by oxydation. For this 600 founds of brass will bis required. There will e four man-holes, at intervals, on the top, each IS by 13 inches, for the purpose of getting into the pip* to clean or paint it. The pip* is in <untwl on rollers, otherwise this same contrac iv* and expansive power would prove d?stru:tive to all surrounding*. In regnrd to tba atreiig'h of th* pipe, it is claimed that, if sipp-jru-d at its extremities, with 1.350 f*e intervening betweeu its supports, it woald sustain itaelf wheu filled with water. lij a wise forethought, the old pipes will remain on the bridge, and can at any time be brought int-j requisition in oas* of accident to the new on*. The whole arrangement reflects great credit upon Mr. Craven, the chief engineer.?X. Y. Tribune. Tib Pacriocaaasa or Littlbbbss.?Every ikin* u K*aan fifnl mvb P tf T*?l?? - *H>"B "w VI IUO Chicago Journal,when it is little, except souls; little pigs, little lambs, little birdi, little kittens, little children. Little martin boxes of homes are generally the most happy and cosy; little villages are Bearer to beiag atoms of a ahattered Paradise than anything we know of; little fortunes bring the most content, and little hopes the least disappointment. Little words are the sweetest to hear; little ebaritise fly farthest, aad stay longest on the wing, little lakes are the stillest, little hearts the fullest, and liule farms ths best tilled. Little books are the most read, and little som ths dearest lered. And whsn nature would make anything espeeially rare and bsaatifal4 she makes it little? little pearls, little diamonds, little dews. Agar s is a model prayer, bat then it is a little prayer aad thebnrdea of tbe petition is for little. Tho Sermon on the Moant is little, but the last dedication discourse was an hoar. The Roman said, K*m?. ?*?</*, ???I came? mw?conquered, bat dispatches now-a-daysare longer than th* battles they tell of. Everybody calls that little they lore beat on arm. we ne? Heard a good sort of a man peak of his little wife, and we fancied she nut be a perfect hijou of a wife. We nw her; sho weighed 210; we were surprised. But then it tM oe joke; the men meant it. lie coald sot pat hb wife in hi* heart and bare room for other thing* beside*; and what was the bat precioa*. *?d ?hat coald she be bat little? We rather doabt the storiee of great argosies of gold we sometimes hear of. beoause Nate re dame in littlea, almesi altogether. Life is msde 3> of little, death is what remain* of them of I; day U made ap of little beams, and sight ? In g'ori >oJ with littls stars. Mrn/tim in farvo?mn?h in little?is the great beauty ef all that we lore best, tape for aost) and remember longest. a Some (iUMiwr d'tndmttrU robbed the of Ho. JetaW. SHrsamssftgO at*?? Breckinridge meeting la LeadngInn, ly. Tk? Bimtrw fta lyria. [Correspondence of the London Time* ] ' Bevroct, Aug.8. ?On Saturday afternoon. I about 6 o'clock, the first caravan of Christiana who bad escaped from the massacres in Damascus arrived in Bey rout; and a more heart* rending Fight?one which made men weep like women, filling them at the same time with an almost irresistible eravingfor revenge?was probably never beheld. They had left Damascus on Thursday at noon? Column composod chiefly of women and ehildren, and variously estimated at from 2,000 to ii/St souls; for the Turkish authorities had provided cattle for the oonveyanPa 1,500 person,, but many i * - ' " ?< - . uu iwk ur uu t?oap(i oi ouraen 01 tneir own or friends. Parched with thirst, not half fed, unwashed, with clothes unchanged for nearly a month, ehoked with duat, and covered with flies. they fled hither, under heavens glowing like brass, from the city, which, if it ha the most ancient, wiU henceforth be the moat infamous la tha #urld. They war* widows and orphans, whose husbands, fathers and brethren had all been slain before their eyes, with every indignity and cruelty tha mo?t *afbarous fanaticism could devise, and whose mcit comely maidens had been sold to gratify the brutal last of filthy Arabs. Nearly all were s^iioted with ophthalmia; five women had died on the journey, and one was taken in labor. Babes might be seen striving to suck food from breasts that wer* dried up. Young children were *e dirty, so disfigured by sores, on which flies settled continually, as to be loathsome to look upon. Old men and women tottered under doorways and sank down exhausted, heedless of the crowd that pressed apon them, looking like so many bundle# of dirty rafts, and incapable of roaching out their hands to take the water for which they famished, or of orawling to tfte shelter provided for them by the authorities at Beyrout in three khans. The streets leading from the Damascus road were thronged with mules, shambling horses, i and asses, all huddled together, and rendering the condition of the fugitives all the more painful. The muleteers rained down blows right and left upon the cattle, and from the statements made of their brutality on the journey, it required no great effort to believe that they would have beat?n the " infidel dogs1' conimitI ted to their keeping even more lustily, while ? * w was aimcuu to say bow far the curscs and execrations which filled the air was confined to the animals?how far they were intended to apply to those of whom Moslem vengeance had been defrauded- In the lull# between the cursings arose the piteous cries of babe', and here and there the wailingi of women?Christian Rachels weeping for their children, and " refusing to be comforted, because they are not." But, generally speaking, the grief was too deep-seated, too hopeless for lamentation. Those who had wept the loss of their nearest and dearest relatives, had no tears left for their own sufferings, and although they had iled from the city of death, they exhibited an apathy and indifference which appeared to indicate that all which rendered life valuable had I ft A ooen enatcnea trom tbem, leaving them to pursue their melanchply and dreary pilgrimage ever accompanied by the memory of the horrible acenca they had witneaaed. The living may be pardoned in this caae for envying the reaoe and oblivion of the touib, bloody as may Lave been the path to it. Beneath the acorching sun of Syria, after a twelve hours' journey during the hottest part of the day, and amid the bustling confusion of the streets, the fugitives remained?many with a child at the breast, and two othors strapped in front upon the male?until they could be got one by one into the khan Now and then might be Been groups of young children suspended in what looked very much like orange cheats slung across a horse. These were all thitt remained of family. They have no protection?no refuge save in public charity. At last tfce fugitives were got into the khan,which mny be described as a square courtyard, surrounded on all sides by a two-storied atruc tare, a portion of the tipper floor being carried on arcades running rouud the courtyard- By this means a single line of chambers is obtained on the ground floor, and a double line on the upper one. Between the two lines of chambers in this last runs a passage, into which the doota and windows open. The ohambers are about eight foet square and ten feet high, with a number of inmates generally averaging ten. The few things saved from pillage?a carpet, quilted coverlet, leather water-bottle, and nar* ghile, with, perhaps, a few articles of clothing, are spread out, and for tho first time for weeks the fugitives ideep in complete security and with a sense of safety. But their destitution is complete. Kothiug but bread have they listed a'aae they fled for safety to the castle of Damascus, now a month ago, and even bread they did not always get sufficient to appease their hunter. The fugitives nro lodged in the three khans situaud in the moat crowded parts of Beyrout, which I hare visited, and in a Greek convent. One of the khans, about sixty feet square, is be?ide the hotol where I am ataviiur TH? windows of my room overlook it, and I have only to lift my eyes from this letter to behold the misery, destitution, and physical sufferings of upwards of four hundred human being*. Through the open windows come the cries of children blinded by ophthalmia, teased by flies, mosquitoes and vermin, and almost maddened by sunstroke. There come also, occasionally, when focd is servod out, the angry and menacing expostulations of Turkish officials. I trait thru noise has no other cause or accompaniment. A Shrbwd Drt Goods Drlkkkb?Sharp Practicb.?Merchants from abread, when on isits to oar city to purchase goods, are made objects of such obsequious attentions by those competing for their trade as almost convinces them that, suddenly, new virtues have been disooverad in themselves, and that their merits as men and merchants quite exceed their most excessive conceits. The latest success in this " disinterested" politeness was " blowed" a day or two ago on an enterprising Pearl street ^1 *1 Ta a ? -> - * Dicii Av u ww uvtvi ana gooa vo remain unrecorded. A well-to-do " first class " Iowa merchant made bis appearance on Pearl street, well jaded and worn by the fatigues of bis journey; a little bit disturbed, doubtless, in the ar| rangement of his gastronomio apparatus by the irregularities of a long railroaa ride. Calll.g at his old place of dealing to exchange !> ? ki. ?1 ? 1.1? ' i | p.vviiu^e HUU IV* f ? U IB fMUAWICS Wr 1MB I?'P* ing. bis particular attendant and salesman hapCed to be engaged for the time with a easier, and had acarely an opportunity of more than recognizing hia valued friend. The merchant, about to excuse himself, compiained of being a little oat of torts, and promised to 'call again " ' The aatvte salesman knew that this calling Again waa mighty uncertain business, when a good eastomer had run the gauntlet of a bun* dred or more sharp competitors for his desirable trade, and eonaequentlv. anddenlv dianAT. erel the fact that the Iowa gentleman had airong ijmptoma of a bilions attack, and impsraively needed blue mau?the only specio. Benevolently suggesting thia remedy, be kiad1 j gave him a card to kit druggist, and advised" hi* keeping quiet in kia roam until the medicine'* work had been effectually done, with the aid of citrate of magnesia The kindneai did itj work, and so did the medicine, and the customer was thus saved from the distracting manifestations of all competitors until the salesman's haads war* free, and a bill of $3,000 had been sold to the grateful and obliged Iewan. Whether tko wit of the olark or merit ef the aparient waa most admired by the proprietor when the bill was reoeiptad eaa scarcely be determined. ? Cincinnati Commercial, Sept. 1. ID" The Washington Light Infantry,of Charleston^. C , celebrated the aeventy-Blatfa aanlver ?r of Uu battleef?alaw tprtags, 1ftN?w York ?tty, last weak. i Anns, wihilow, IV Kxjoriened Nan* and Female Phytletan, preeenU to the attention of mother*, tin 800TU1NQ SYRUP, far Children TeethlAgt WbUh putlj hiliiuui th? tmut ?f utdttaf, kr MftM tag th? nnl, r?a?cirf alt [ntiamiUM?will alf*y Al>ti rtm ul fMottfili *cu*o,u>d U SURE TO UEOVLATS THM BOWELS. DopaaB P"> It. matbart, it wCl f(Tt rtvt ? yairitltss, u4 RELIEF AND HEALTH TO VO UR INFANTS Wihaaa P?t ?i< sad sa4d this auiels ft n?U> fun, md C*" l*t, IK CONFIDBNCB AIVD TIL TH of H,*kU*?HT? M?jr ?Hs ta. . I say af any OTIII KIVHl MRS. has it failed,in A IIXfiLl l?- ita*c? to ?rF1CT A cull, "IfBLOW'S whin urasly uti Navar did va km iniiTMiNO u iaiuoti af dissatisfaction by toy sot who aasd it. Ob IhiMiitnry.illtN SlftUPf dslifhtsd with tu rUATlom, and l*r**? in urns of hifhm commsndstleo of tto nn-irsi lf(:rt afcd o?dlcal W? sctsfc Id ibis loiltar " WHAT WB DO NOW," sftsrtln yssrs' sxpsrisnca, AI*D FLBDOB OtTR BBFUTATIOH FOB THB FULFILMENT OF WHAT WB MBBB DBCLAB B. Id alreaat ttir; inatanca whin tns infant i* iif?i> Inf frare pain and sihaaation, ralial will bs foand io Iftaaa or twsnly minatss aftsr tba ayrap ta aumintstsrad. Tbia aalaaMs praparaLion ta ina praienption af ana af tha Baal BIFBRlBIfCBD and IBILFUL KCBIBl Id Haw Enrlaad, Aiidba* baan osarf with BTSC-f AlLlKfl ItCcBll la THOUSANDS 0> CASES. It BOt aaly r?lia*?a tba child fram pain, bat InTtjoratst tha atamaeb and bowsls, ecrraeta acidity, and jiass tana and aoargy ta tba wbols syststa. it will almost instnatiy raliaaa GXIPUt* IK THX BOWKLS A5D WlWD COLIC, sad aasrcoma conaalsians, which, if .tat spssdily rsmsdisd and Id dastb. War ? 1 hilars It ths Bin AffD f UBBIT BBM- FOR M>T In tbs WOBLD ta all eaasa af DTI- CHI LORE?! mTBBT sod DlAB iria m chil- rvrTumo I)BEW. whstbsr <t tritf Irani If thmff " *** "'!? tmwm m ?ht> taatt W wool<1 uy la attry meifear who ku a child taf'tring from any of tht fortgair.g eomplatnu?DO HOT LIT TOUK miJUDICIl, HOB TMI PIIJVDICII OF OTHCRi ttaad bttw ttn jomt ?of ?rinr child and tht rtlitf that will fc t C*l?|Mh ABPOLUTILf (tTH t?to follow tht t?t of tb mtdietnt, If tirrtly and. Fill dtrtetior.t or mtinf will a company tteh bnttit. Nont gtnaint anlttt tht fte-tinila OCRTlt ft PKRKIN8, Ntw York, it an tht ailtidt wrapys Bold l<y Druggim thraaghoat tht world. Principal 0#rt (fa. llCtdar fttrttt, H. T. Met tnlrtS Ctau par Bataa. aa 11-dftwlT FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR SALE?A lot of LAND containing 5acr?s in PnriceGeorge'saour ty.adjoining the District line. S miles north.of Washington c'ty and 2 rrulet from the Soldiers' Home, In a health? neighborhood, improved with a eomlortabedweliing and an orchard of select fruit. Hitnation desirable as a building site, convenient to churches, rchools, A c. Terns liberal. For particulars inquire on the premises to the subscriber. an lS-e^lm* Mr?. E. DAVIS. P)R9ALE?A amall FARM ofyiaorea,situated at the Littlo Falls, having a oomfortablodwellinR-housa, corn-house, stables, An; well-feuoed and watered ; within four miles of Washington ; 16 acres in cultivation, the baianoe in handsome woodland. It is peculiarly desirable as a country res< dence, being perfectly healthy and most romantically situated :exoe!'ent fishing and hunting. Inemrft of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Cham B'idge, Little Falls. de7-2awtr I70R RENT?That new and well arranged three r story imiCK HOUSE. No. 1*3.on G street, between 19th and 20th sta., First Warn, lately occupied by Mr. Bodisco, Russian Legation. Possession giv*n immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTH ?Y 9. PARKER, next door east. mal6-eott (fOR 8AI.K?Very cliesp.on reasonable terms, oae of the most desirable WILDING LOTS in the city, sit-iaind on the north west corner of6th st.,a'id New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. P. HOUGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th St., between H and 1 (*. au 15-tf f?OR RENT,-A new and handsome FRAME r HOLSE will l.?e for r??nt in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K st.. Navy Yard ; has a large garden lot attaohwi, a pump of g -oJ water n'*ar, and con'ain?4 rooms, kitohen and w* odshed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a g->od tenant. For sal-) cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE ; works weii in anything Inquire of T. 1.' IM All V Ve.F. v?e.i I.f mu V D tTnu j. -UKiiitii, HO' J I ?? U , VI UI vim 1 a ivn, 619 H at . between 4th and 5th. jy 16 LVR RENT?The t^ree story (brown fro^t) f HOUSE, No. ?l>7 New York avenue. between 10th and 11th strict*, north side, containing fifteen room*. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc.; n lighted by kim, and in every way quitab n for a boarding house. Kent moderate. Apply nextdoor.or to A O. FOWLER, aecond tlo'ir north wine oi Patent Office. jy 14-tf 17?OR RKNT?Three BRICK HOUSES-one on Twelfth atrnet, between C and 1); one on the oorner of Twelfth and H at*.; and one on II, between 12th and 13th ?ts. Inqnire of JAMES W MARKER, on U atreet, between 11th and 12th, No. 494. matt-tf FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the buildin* immediately oopoaite the weat wing of the City Hal., recently occupied by CuM. S. VYatlacL u an office. Alao the front room in the twond tory and the third floor of the same building. Pot term* apply to RICHARD WALJLACH, No. 9 Lnmaiana. avenne. ja IS tf "carriage^ factories.WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. "" D Street, Betteten 9tk and lOtA Stretti, We hart iuii haiauoa a number oi n.?t CARRIAGES, auch aa Litht fanry.j^miB. Wagons, Park Pkeatons. Family Car-raRSg^ rimgef, and Bwttus, which we will Ml: at" a ver? ainali profit. B?iBg pr&otioal mechanics in di2Teront branches of the b-ieinoaa, we flatter ouraeWra toat we know the atylea an<l qua.i'y of work that wiSl give aatia faction, combining lightnoas, comfort and dnrabili ty. Repairing promptly end carefully attended to the anorteot nctioe and mo?t reaaonable otiargea, WALTER, KARMANN A. HOPP, Coaohroakere, auooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook. ap 27-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeonber haying made addition! to ki factory, making it now one of the largret^. JM. in the Diatnct, where hia faoiUtiea forMOKWK manufacturingCARRIAGE A L!UHT*=fl?? WAGON8 of all kinds cannot l-o aurpaaaeri, and from bia long experience in the baaineu, he ho pea to give ganeral ratiafantion. All kind a of Carriage* and Light Wacom kept ea kand. All DL'UI An av u->Nii/ ?)W?bu )?*! fivnyi S?c?i4-kuU Otrrlt{<? taken to ruhuie for ?r* in. AWDRKW J. JOYCE, 4 lfr-tf Mr??r *f 1Mb and ft at*. BH. STINEMETZ. . ?36 Pa. Av., but. 12th and 13th St*., Having juat returned from New York, ia now opening a compMi assortment of good* in hi* linenf trad"? H* GENTS' DRESS HA1S, various VjH BEELEs VENTILATING pi si! DRESS HATS, CAfSIMERE DRESS IIATS.^&^S# weat proof, PRINCE OF WALES HAT, for young men, A beautiful amo'tment of CAPS for young men, bore, aid children. Fi?? Calf?kin MOOTS, newod and p?gg*d, f 3 7 ?, Calf GAITKRS. good quahtiea, low prices, au 31 l7 M.SIHQKR &co:s IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 398 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, IUmdxz National Hotel ) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF luhiiei, Threads, Needles, & Twist, KEPT ON HAND. Ml-lm VTM. H. GLOVER, Agent T?. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. . X HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oondeoted by the Seanich Government, endei Um sapervuion of Ui? Captain General of Cuba, Will tu? olaoe at Havana on THURSDAY, 8?rum 13,1M0. SOKTEO UUMM&O 642 ORDINA&IO. CAPITAL PRICE ?100,000. 1 prise of 10MMI ??naeeof flJOW J ao 50,000 j ^00 do SM 1 t ? - Sft I ?-" Whole TiakMt! 9*C^Ha?Teef#l?^} nartere, 95. PriiM oaehed at eight at ft ter oent dieooant Bille on alltolvaut BaakeIfcken at par. A. drawing wili be for warded a* boob m lb* ranll ~ ?b.o1g^-u ?-tr Owtof C(tr Poet. CWiMton. R. C. ! warranted equal to tne New York or Boetoa ou. The t-ade oan r>e in ppi led oa the same term* m taey bey at the NortjT eavinjr the freight. aett Iw H. O. PUR DV. 403 Pa. ay. OALT1MORK **,. T BUTTER HOCTB. Dtay NNlTlM freeh aad tweet, in Goehea packte^jfcraaaas* EDUCATIONAL. HMISSJBNETTE L. DOUGLASS, AS The pleasure of annonnoing to her friend* and the pnbfin that she will open her Seminary, at the corner of H and 11th *t*., "Philadelpuia Plaoa,* on Monday, ^pternber loth. For term* call on the Prinoipal. She will be aafe'sted by the following experienced and efficient teachers: . . _ Miss DOUGLASS?Higher En|li?h Branch**, Composition and Penman*hip Mi** Avatx M. Baooi*?Latin, Algebra. En?h>h Branches. AikM JCLISHA G. MAY?TeachorofVooai Music. 1'iof. Giokge C. ScHAKrraa?Lecturer on Philosphj, Chemistry and Physiology. Prof Hx.irt E. Ma*ix?Teacn or of French and 1 German. Prof. C. W. BimaMAitK?Teacher of Piano and Science of Music. Miss Mam T. Davidson?Piano. J. MADISON WATSON, of Nev Vo;k?Lecturer on Elocution. Joseph G. Becff?Teacher of Drawing.

, Teacher of Spanish. . Moral Science and Classic*. we 7 2w WASHINGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE. _ A BOA R DIXG A XD DA Y SCHOOL, 993 G ST.. lltTWim liTit A$D tfra ST?. Tkt Freti'k Language Prartically iautkt. Mrs. SMITH presents her compliment! to the parent* of her pupils a id hop** their daughters aill )>e present punctually on the first day of the seuion, (September 13.) The hoard of instruction coa*-isU, as formerly, often professors and tochers, seven of whom taught dnring the last session, an 3n 2w* T FEMALE EDUCATION" HOSE Parents who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where their physical t. amine wi 1 reorivedail* and specia; aiiennon. iinoer me most r. pproved *> st?m of Callstheme* and G>innastios,are respectfully invited to visit th? Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and N?w York av MR. ft. MRS. Z. RICHARDS', au 30-tf Principals. IT* EM ALE BOARDING ANDDAY SCHOOL, r ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mn S. J. McCORMICK, Pai3fc:rAL. The thirteenth annual session of thin Institution will commence on Tuesday,September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Soott, Esq., No. 180 King street. The course of study pursued will compri'eall the branches requisite to a thorough Fnglidh Edu cation, and Music, Fiench, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars, Mrs. MoCormick is prepared to receive a linrtcd number of pupils as hoarders, who. constituting a part of her own family. will be urder her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as (ar aa possible, to snrround them with the comforts and kindly influence* of Home. H'ftrenct*.? Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William H Fowle. Ksq., Edgar Snowden, Esq . Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury. Esq., Lewis McK?dz e, Bsq., Robert H. Hunton. Esq . W. D Wallaeh, Editor Evening Star. Benjamin Waters, Esq., J as. Entwisle, Jr.. Esq.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun. Messrs. Biacklock <Sc Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tax ms. Board, with Tnition in all the English B'anehes, . 2l?) for thfl Anrnul BAauinn?K1 o aAmi.annnallr in advance. Music and Lar.euares at Professors' prices. ft o extra charses. an 28-tl FFRANKLIN ACADF.MY, cokjikr Thi*t*kntw aht> H 9ts.. A SELECT SCHOOt, TOR HOY4, ( formn/j locattd tn Ike Ftrtt Ward.) This Insti'ution will commence its Third Annual Sosi ion, at its new location, on Monday. September 3d. Applications for admission may l>e made (in the promises at an; tim?af>?r the zvh inst. an 25 lm K. B DETR1CK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMV, CORIIR F. ATID TKSTH ST?. This Institution will resume its duties September 3d. Applica ions made tn the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstore* J. S. DE IIART, Principal. Htfereiut?. Prof. Henrv, LL. D , M. 11. .Miljer. Esq., nev. j?nn ?j i?mitn. u v., M.U P. Culver, Rev. A. O. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Dav idton. au 21-1 m WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, Co8.?rr or Truth akd O St*. The exercises of this school will b* resinned on MONDAY, September 3d. For t*rina apply at my resistance on D street, near Star Office, circulars at l>oolcstores. _au21Jfit SAMUEL KELLY. Principal. ^ELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.ES. Miss M. RIDDELL will resume the duties cf her school on the first MONDAY in September, at No. 451 I welfth street an 3^-1 m Emerson institute, H St., Bktwzkn 12th and 13th Sts. SELECT CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOY&. The Eighth Annual Session of this school wilt commence on MONDAY, September 3d. Number of pupils limited. au a_lStates.>_CIIAS. B. YOUNG. Principal. THE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. JL 37o Eighth St.. DiTWr.ii KjhdI.Sts. Studies will be rosumeU in this institution oil MO *DaY, September 3d. Circularsat t>ook stores. ?u 16-tt A. C. RICHARDS, Principal. jyjETROPOLITAN ^COLLEGIATE IiNSTI_ FOR YOUNG LADIE8, 464 E ST., Biiwim 6TH ASD7th ST?. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the hrst MOM DAY in Scptemb-r. Appi'^auon* siiouui i>e niaae ?ariT. as tfce number of pupil* if hunted. For particular* see oi'culars or apply to tho principals, Mr. ami Mr*. T. H. HAVfcNiNJ.R, at the Institute au 9 tf ]VfRa. M. E. KINGSFORD'S SEMINARY, 1*1 414 K Sr.. Wash stiToji, D. C. The next session will commenoe October 1st, lfKO. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. an 15 tf VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKLIN, Tiachik or Music, 542 H, between 6th and 7th streets. 8 1-eolm _ GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINA R Y, (Formerly Miss l. h. English's.) A FOARDING ASD DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institutien will be resumed on the first Monday in September next. The course or instruction embraces all that is taught, from the rudimeuts to the most highly fintn^ed education. The corps of teachers, ten in number, are *minentlT qualified and experienced in their several departments Lectures Friday evenings on the Natuial Sciences without charge to the pupils. Circulats may be obtained by addressing the Principal, Miss M. J. HaRROVKK,Georgetown, D. C. an 22 eo3m r^OLUMMAN COLLEGK, 9 i rn irimnn "i mw opens on w ecn<*s<iay, September 26th; th? preparatory school Wednesday. September IJth For terms. catalogue, or otner iafoi ination. apply to the President M ? 2?w4w* G. W. SAMSON, P. D. NI T" EIGHTH A T I O N A J, EXHIBITION, At CIXCINftATI, OHIO, St pi. lUtk-Wtk. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual Aurioultu rai and Industrial Exhibition on thef rounds liberally provided by the citizens of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the best style. There will be Halle and Tents for the ilisplsf of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINERY.TOOI.S.DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES, FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS. FLOWERS, and N A T1VE WINES; with Sulla and P-*s lor HORSES, CATTLK, SHEEP, and SWINE; and an uneqaal^ed Track,one raile in length and forty feet iu width, for the exhibitioa of Ilorites. The Premiums offered-in oa*h,?cold, silver, aad bronae medals,?diplomas and certificates, amount "L. ? . . , >80,000. rhe'Exhibition will remain open from Werfneiday, the 12thvto Thursday, the iith, ol September, thus giving time to examine and tett the lmple menu and machinery. For pre mi am lints or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. S46 Pa. avium*, (up tairi ;>or to the subscriber, at Cino>nnai(70hio. ^ ^ BEN. P^RLET POO RE, IT ** tf Seo'y U. 8. Agricultura. Sooiely. TO SOUTHERN A WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALDk IlIfDALL, i COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1 AIID Dtllftl !!* 1 SPICKS, SOAP, HTAtnH, SODA *w BALTIHUSB, invite the Attention of Merohaote vteitiDK thie o?ty to an runiuiion of their atook, ?hioh in nruiy and prioe i? not eurpaeiied either in this or any of tfeo Northern oitie*. C7*0niers reapeotfully olieited and faithfully e??-out<wl . yr-im* FJU8T RECEIVED, OITR NEW KTYLES GENTO' KX8W1 ONABLE DRESS HAT?, with improved rjveatr-a Leather*, rendering them eaaj and pleaeant toU^ the wearer. At ^ LANK? Faahiocable Ha* and Cay Emporium, an ?-*ot (3t^tV?ACoii?) ' WOOD AgNlD8 goal Ma a OPFICK, _ ?? Pa. A*., B?tw. Urm a*? ttni 8t?., f sw stAM. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS FH >R HARPER'S FF.RRY.-CHAXBEjOF DA YS ?Ob ar*t after July, S.lMn. _JI ^ the?te*mer ANTELOPE, C?Pt J. V* kll?. carrying the United mail,will leave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY find FRIDAY, at7 a. u.aatl raturn over* Tueadat, Thurtilay and Saturday. N.B.?Every Wednesday the Antelop# will m through to Shapherd&town. an ti'-lm* 0_ * FOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, 1MB, the iUumt L. J. Brent'e, Captain \V. H. Ritter.will JP*1 fc. leave Georgetown EVERY t( DAY. THURSDAY,and SATL'R DAY. at 7 o'clock a.m.,and return evory alternate day, at 6 o'clock a. in. On L?e Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. jeZl 3m /^RANDELL, OPTICIAN, v > . las urUtt *a. 8wrmi??, Haa constantly on hand a i*rge aaeortment of French Near-aigbted, Periacopiq. Co!- > ored, and ?I. other SPECTACLES, ^2^ tte r>e?t qua.ity, in cold, aiiver. ?tee! .and German ilver frames. N. B. Old Frarnee Repaired and new I umi aet in them to order. bo lf-tr H^ASfEY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELIfl PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonrtantly receiving freah supplies of the above delightful beverage, and inv:te ail persuna who want a par* unadulterated Ale, to fire it a trial. ARNY * 8HINN, Agents, fcl ' It Green at.. Georgetowa. i os. f. birch, UlfDBRTAKER, J C>. find*e and Jtftrsrm $U., Gl?r|<t*m. Having given m? peraonai attention to this branob of my bu*inea?, 1 am prepared to. mm attend to all oalla with promptneaa Persona from & distance oan be supplied at a '?w minutes' notice, aa 1 hare a large assortment of COFFINS aiwaya on haad. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d? ad from the old to the new banal groanda. Hearses and Horaea for hire. ap 10-6 m List of unclaimed packaoks *t the Uffioe of the Adama Express Company, Washington, D- C., to I>e sold tor freight and charges, if not immediately oal-ed for. ?KO*UE H. BURNS, Agent. September 1st, I860. Aubtn, N Krieanaan, m Adamson, A Konea, Mra K A den, J Ri Herman, W J Anderson, J U Lindley, Prof Adair, O L*tireo?a,AB Abbey. Win Livingston, H B Aahe, W 8 Lynch. A Alsobrook, (T R lit robe, H B Barber, Kev S Leonard, Kev C Ba laid, H Lawson Sergt W Branch, J W Loomia, M Brown, A H_ 1 antlej. O N Brtnger, 1*1 U Long. SB Barclay, A P Lamt>ert. C G Butts, Wm U LoosBtroth, M*v L L Brown, A Lang, J t Bernta*. Prof S M Latjarr*. F ' Baer.MraM Lawrence, Col Bowie, K J Lenhe% 6 H Ha'dwtn. B II Mott. CoT C H K&ird. )>r Mf?ri,Col Burc>a, Mar? MoPherson, J A Burns, P MacKey, J T Blaokmore, B C MSP Brown*. M MoAbee, E Botan. E T Maaoa- Hon C Brown*. H F Montagu*, K L tfoaie, Wm McCre?ryv F A Brown, A V Muldoon, M Barnard, G C ManBTfenny. Col Bu lar, J G ? M or gar, K B . Baker, Wruht A Co Montgomery, J Banton, B H Martin. D 8 Brown, A *1 MoKwvar, A Banka. ED McLean. W T Bennett. C W MoCraoken, J Byrnes, Dr J Mitoheil.AS Canter, A L Meader.J Cla.k, BH Meeki, J W Coleman, C W Morton, J H Coo.'itaae, J A Markley.T Carter, C B Merrill A Pearce, Cannon. J M M?rray. T Cutu, H L MeMurrar.CH Connolly, F C Manning, Catberiti*, Chouteau, C P Mitchell, H Coleman. Mrs U B MarilL H CoiuoHt, J Mill', W C Colby. PX? MoKaeny.G Ch.iptuan, Wm Alito.eil. A S Cruser, L Muzzy, r Chunberiain, J MoPheraon, CH C<>oker, J L Mitohell. W F tamp bell, J U Mtndeloff M ' ooper, John Newbrough, J B Cantpb*!', T A Nai!or, G Clarke. Miaa J N"toholaoo. 6W8 Crutchett, J Quid*. J O Col burn. J O Patent, Com of Cantpbsll, Arohy Do do Conraod.C M Pal mar , E Conrad, C M Porter, W D Cunningham, C W Parker, B A T Cook, A f Pat-nt, Com of Uoiuhrrty, J E Do 4* Dobyn?,CoITJ X> do Dulhn. Feiix )o do Dicnejs, Mr Do no Dubcia, Cb?r >o do Do Mom Do . do Daily, b O Pollook. E A Do vine, F J A Pen?ioo?, Com of DHaney, ? Patent, (V.m of Douglaa, MaU Patent OAoe j.uii'ain, VV a . . . Dennit, J P Randolph, Col J J Da\ 11, K W Rod*er?, J UunliMn, E W Kai'ing, J m.wd, E (or Doana) Robea.m.Capt J Ed ward , S Kioh, O w Do J 8 Rid*eway, W ITa'on. W Robmfoa. Mr? A Eaton, J Rord, la*aa Ealing, Dr Riohardaon, F FIMVi JL pndppera wm Kwraw, MC Stuart. Kev D C Fr?neh,E B Sullivan, J Ford. M Stone. N B FiHd, M Seward, J L K m, J Sera pi, or Foster, J Polom-n. II Ferguson, S W Schmidt. F Farley, Mra J Sen*# , \\ m Preip, Fred Snitt, Lun Fu ler. G C Seleoman. J U Farnll, J S*li*??n?n, M Koater, J W Stone, H Griffin, F C Seibert.S Giambaatian, 6 Skinner, A P Givaneer, S Spenoer, Bosh Greaeon, w Stu&rt. A Gillie, B w Sa?e. F ttuaaett. Mri Seraatoa, J H GazftteOffis* Stevens, u R Green. Pro G W Sullivan. N S Grim?a. J W Smith, W Gardner. A W Sutton, C <>at<??,MraN Shoeinake* B ?"kyl.F _ Gihioii, W N Ton?y, E Gaapair, G Dq, Hamiin, H Hon Tj^r, C N U " 1' TL.U.. Ii D...V. I* A/ * HVIHfWU ?r Rummell. John Tyler, R C Hall. A T A Co Tftoms, H Hunient, J J TtionjM, B M Wateh, ED Thompson, W A Hayes. J l? 'I hrvuar H Hook? SB T uoittr, Wm Henry, N b ? . Thompson. Elijah Hankneoht, Q L Taylor-Jas Ha.Timer, M Turse.Mr Hi* d, J T Tra i.iwtl.DrC A Harrirgton, W II To<1d, Lt J W Hawkos, Col i A T J Hyam, B D Van Vlut, B F Hlftgcir ?, A J Voojh. H Heivsy, H WrifbUW Huiaea, N H Walaoe.MraM Harman, 8 Whitoher, J B Jones, 8 Wiiiiaais. J Jordan, G Wsmmigs. J JWC Wov<Ur, )R James, p I, Do. Jaok*on, TB Ware, W H Joies.A Wjkof.WC l?er?on, Hon ? " r-rl. Joue., * _ Woodruff. J B Johm?ton. Mn8P A? Kwry k. Andereon WrtU Hob D KiJier, B A ^ ? Whipple. 0 K.rkup. FotU * Co ? l&r M? K*ehUr, G v ^ V\?,ti0n a Kui?>iiktrmnoh,0 Ze??!er, Geo Kirehner M Mm i "GET THE BEST." THOKSOrSCELEB&ATED vsgaar 8 X I^TS. NOVELTIES FOR lUTPMH, 1960 Tk? Eagcale Pari* G?ri. ?? CmUtitin. toathera Qatea. ? Fairy* * ZcpfcTr R*aod?!M from Um 1*1?> fmuki dau?aa. MuiflMdrW lotaly by u fnw Tboawi'i PMwt ltnproyed Corragfttad Bprinca ajkd Iaisii*N* Wade*Slid*. Erea Bklrtsummed vltk oareeme and trad* mark. Um Crow*. For Tkt BnI U Um CfcmiK. W. 8. * C. H. THOMSON * CO , iiiiMowM.mwV"* x] M ?-*JtThU?t S^tUvm ' THE WEEKLY STAR r Tkia unUmI Fmuj iai Nm Ttow* iatr?,te ataHh ^ Ei?=====li Is? k?srsa.'ifSHs 0(?Mr?llr tkro?(bo?tlMeoaaU7. ?"s:ssartt: s^srsg! ~ SET*4 WW. PrtM-THKLE CKNT& IH^ Po?tmMt*ri vte Mt M MMti W*U * lovad itemaiiura of** mu. MEDICINES. gCROFl LAqk juno>s xrjL 1 < a coaititouou*. diM*M. a t lo ~>d, by which thia laid ?-imwa* ? f >i?<_ waaJT 'Bd roor. Bat at ta t*e c /cmtdM, U r nlt tWr wao.e *ody. ar*T may buret oat ia 4inu*oi aar i>art f it whatever be it* orifia, it l* litiitiM-i fa Uia oonati'ution, dotceadia* "trmm iiriiu to child roa onto the Ui'dand foarth lobarbtion;" iaiead, it aa*ma lob* taa rod of Him wtoaaya, "I will viait the mi^aitiM of the father* aaoa tieir ohildren " . .. Una ta*rf?r of a 1 oar paopla aro SerofB<oaa, their peraon* Bra inrad-d by th;a larfciBi it.feo ion. and the.r health ia anrleraiiadad bf it. To?m?? it from the ay'tea* we maat renovate the thuo? t>y an alterative meiheine. and in via orate it by bealUyfood and exerciae. Snoh a medicine wa NMy ia AYFH'S COMPOUND ElTkAiTOFSA.RSArAM.lLLA, ta* m<>*t effectual raaady whtafc the adiaai afctii of our time* can de viae for thia e vary where prevailint and fatal ni?:ad>. It ia combined from im nod active remedial* that Uave heen dnoorered far the expurcationofihi* f.'B, dieorder from the biood, and the reacne of the ayUem front it* d^.f-uotire eonaetueaoee. Heooe it ahoaid be employed for the cure of not only eerofala, hat alao taoee other affeotioaa wkioh ariae from it, aucti aa triitir* and t?kin DiaeBeee, J*t. Anthonr'* Hre. lot?, or Krvaipetaa., PatUle*. tilotohee. Blaia* find Koitft. Tiimort. inH Ri.1 Hkaam. v^.d Head. Ri iworni, Rr?crnati?m. Syahilitio aid Mercuna! Dimun, l>rop?y, l>j?p?p?ia, Dtkilitr, aod. id teed, asi Conplamta anting from Vitiatad or Impure Blood. "1 & p polar beliai is ' mumrity oftk* fi'octf" m fo?Bd*d la truth, for ??rofal* la a fli?cene<-ation of itie Blorxt. Thr partioaiar paraoaa and virtue of this fa.-?ap\n'.;a la to purify and ra cecerate ihia vital flud vith"at which aoaad health is impoaatMa in contaminated onatituttoM. Prepared bjr DR. J C. A^ KK A CUH LowaU, Mu? . ard *o!d by all drutjisU everywhere. au 13 aolm Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY CONCRNTIaTFTV ^IMPOUND FMJID K XTRACT BUCHC ? A Positive and Specifio Remedy or i)i?oa*r>i oi u?? b^AUi/FR. KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, and PRuP9ICA L SWKLl.l.NGtf. ThJt Med 101 ne laoraaaaa th<? wtw of I)i?e?uoa# ?na excMi?? the AB-o*K 1 into bminiT tenon.t> whioh the WATERY OR CALOKFOl ? FLAMM ATl^N.fdiii cnorf fur men, women, or children. HLLMBOLD'S EXTRACT Arumr from HmkrtF btrlf ludiaeretion orAbsie. Atttndtd wk ike J tUlowimt Symptoms ? IndiftpoDition to KxerUen. Low <?f Power, Low of Memory, D ftc i. ij of Breauyaf, Wi*k Nerve#, TlMl l IT if Horror of piw?K>, W*k?f?lnm, I>imno?a of Visioa, Pain im the hick, toivera&i L&Mitndeof the M anonlir Svntem. Hot Hindi, Flushing of the Hour* Dry mm of the !** 10, Emetiona on the Floe. PALLID COUNTENANCE. m UVW" r * mpu/W, 11 tliovd HI |f IMk TIMi MM wdioin- invaruM* mnnr?i, boob follow* IMPOTESCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In Onb or Wuicu ru Patiut hat Xxtimm. Who o&ii ?' thatthe* are r.ot frequent!? jo.oved by tho*-"DIREFUL DISEASES^ "INSANITY AND CONal MPTION. Many are ?*?' of the cuk of their ?vw*-.u. KUTSONH WILL CON FEES. THE R ECO R DtsOF THE IN BAN E ASYLUMS Ani tkt Mtlnnckoi* UmUi hy CMiMRffMa B*r tn?l> tn the trvth of the meWtjtgfL THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the Aid of medicine t<> itrenuiet a mi I' virnrmte the **y rto?, Wkitk Hklmboli>'? EXTRACT Sl'CMU wmtv Ably dots9 A. TOTAL WILL COHfWi & TUJC MOIT IKIPTIClL FE \1 A LES?FE M A.L?S?FEMAIJKS. OLD OR yOl SO. SI SOLE. MARRfFD, ON mNTEMPLATIHV MARhlAQE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS ? ECCLIAJI TO rKHALbS, tli? tr.tract Hachu i? unMnt, ?d bj any other r?m?dy. m in Ckl??ro?ia or Retetmoe lrre?u.a-;ty, PMnfaino?. or Ba?pryaploa of Caa ternary J, v%cua*iona, Doffrated or Boirrhoaa ataia oftha Uterus, Leasorrho* or Whit**. and for a l aomplaiuu isctdai/l to tee rbetWr anaicc from laduaretloe, Hat;U of Diaatpa&on. or ia th* DECLINE OR CHAM E OF LIFE, III aTMrTOM* A?V?. NO FAMILY HHOUUil 8K WITHOUT IT lUe no m<n* Bilram. Mtreum, #r aylraiaat BECK DUsEAS ia all Uietr 8ta*e?. At littia oxaoc?t Little or ao ohanie In Diet; N o lnooaraalaaaat JuJ no Eipo.^r It <*aaaoa A fr*toe&t d?aua an < kItm atraafftfc to 7nnat?, thereby Removing Obstruction*, Preventing and ennnt SUncttrrea of tka UratkiV Allaying Painaad luliuttioii, ao Deceit in tie oiaa* of diaeaae*. an-1 expelling mil j'tmnm Distntd. nnd worn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO IIAVI IIVI TBI TICTIMt or OVA.CKB| and who hav- pan! k*?m f*tt to b? o?r?i in a abort time, hara found thtry wore deceived, aad 'hat the POlHON" bu. by the u?e ufpownni ASTi'.nenTi." h*en dried up in 'he ayaten, to break out in an *<rravated farm. *od PEKUAPS A FT Eh. MARRIAGE. I'm Rnnou'a Exmrt Bfcn for b afftobona and dia?*"?*? of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether dieting in Mai.K OR PEMALB. Prom whatever oau*e orig inatingaod no matter of HOW LONG BTAVDlNtt Diaeaaet ofth??e<.r?*o? require tneai i otiPimnH WVic. And II certain to have tiio u??lrr-d et'ool ID ail JM?ufi FOR WHICH IT IS RECoMMn'DEP E*idtmc< of tkf me ft rttimbU mmd rupmuAU tkmrttr Will ao*v"ip*' * the m~hci?as CERTIFICATES OF CURES. from 8 teK ptmrt iMnini. With Niku mown to SClENOh AND FAME. Price SI.00 per kettle, ar six tor |i.M. Delivered to any Addreaa, aaoaraly packed fro 0l?illi?l. DwCi.BI STXrTOXl IH iU COKKTHICATIOm. Care* Guaranteed ! Advice Gratia !l AFTIDAYIT. 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