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Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Washington crrrr THURSDAY September 13, 1*?0. Spirit < the NnbIii Praaa. Tbe Constitution treata upon "Mr. Douglas? HI* Labors and bia Reward The Inttllifnrtr baa an article of nearly right rolumna agalnat "Tbe Awimed Right of Seces Ion " >r_ 07*Mr Seward Unowit Wlsronala, having been joined bf Charles Franda Adams On account of the disaster to the steamer Lady Elgin, there wis no public demonstration at Mllwaufcie (iT* Trenton. N J , haa 3 4)7 dwellings, and tba ralue of real and personal property la tl'i,3UC,?8? Tba population consists of 7,SO? white males, 6.4M wh te fVraalrt, *.M.j colortd males. and 345 colored females |T^ At a late meeting, the Loudoun Agricultu. ral Society unanimously re-elected all its officers, | meuowi: President, Col N. Berkeley; 1st Vice President, John Aldtidge; '2d do , Col William Fulton; 3d do.. George D. Smith; Secretary, J. W. Kdwardi, Treasurer, J. W. Wildman. Referring to the late dreadful catastrophe OS Lake Michigan, the New York F.xpresawell notices startling truth, namely, "that there are scores of other steamers on the inland waters of the United States, carrying thousands and thousands of passenger* to-day.with no better provision far saving life, in the event of mishap, than the Lady Elgin had. If the appalling sacrifice of bumaa life on Lake Michigan can d*any thing to indue* a remedy for this criminal negligence. mm* little good will have come of a great evil, and itianr of the unfortunate beings who wei-t down with the wrt-ek will not havs had their lives thrown away wholly in vain. irr The tighth session of the .National Pomological Society, at Philadelphia, was commenced on Wednesday, at the Assembly Buildings The display of fruit in the saloon on the second storyis unusually fine, and Includes pearhes. pears, apples, grapes, plums, quinces, cherries, blackberries, Ac. Nearly every Slate in the Union i* t '-j in ttio anil it--? ? f * mam <uv WMWUVIIj UIIU C ? Cii HailSfU baa ber quota on the tables. Anting tLe principal contributors are H. R. Robf, of Virginia, wbt baa twenty-two varieties of pears and twenty-lve of apples, and Franklin Davit, of Virginia, who baa *eventy-flve varieties of applts. In referring to the rumored intention of esrtaln Influential Mexicans to place Comonfort onoe more at tbe bead of affairs in Mexico, the Mew Vork Commercial pays tbe ex-1'resideut tbe following compliment: "We always regarded President Comonfort'* administration as approaching very nearly to what Mexico needed Hit policy was a moderate om. conducted with fairness to all parties. and with onirked ability. It was indeed too moderate and impartial for the present generation of Mexicans, and would be so to-day. He felt the necessity of greater executive power than the constitution gave him, and he sought it legitimately through the Mexican Congress; but the church Interest was too powerful for him, and would be now; aad we greatly doubt whether Miramon and Juarex would cease their riraly to make way for klm " Per??1 Capt Charles Turner, U S. N , and lady, are at Kirk woods'. Count MassinL the Neapolitan minister. ana auixe are now in Baltimore It la stated that T. D. Rice, familiarly known to two generations of play-goera as '-Jim Crow," baa become so far prostrated by old age ts to be incapacitated from punuing the labors of bla vocation Mr. Rice has been connected with tbe American stage during tbe last thirty years, and may be fairly considered aa tbe father of tbe colored opera. ? * Miss Ida Craig, daughter of D H Craig, Esq , agent of the Associated Press in New York, was marked on Tuesday laat to James B Brown. a , of pvekakiU, son of one of tbe wealthiest dents of fl?t place. Rev H W. Beecher ottriated, and h!? ?on and daughter Were grooms man and bridesmaid The affair was a brilliant OM Oar Naval Correspondence. Old Poijit Comfobt, Va . { September 10 1-sOo ^ ttt Middiis uiDtt Sail j* a Ball-boom EsjoTann trrn a Cbcise? Wbirk tut Phactici Ship Is, 4c , 4c Dtar Editor: With other midshipmen 6>f tbe practice abip I have jost returned to tbe Plymouth. after paaaiug two or three days of uninterrupted pleasure in rompany with the lad 11 at Old Poitt As soon as w? arrived in the Roads we were met by a kind invitation to visit the Hygeia Hotel and participate in a bail which wu to take place that evening After some persuasion, our Captain consented to give us permission to go, and i can assure you that we seldom, If ever, passed tu pleasant an evening. We were again invited by the ladies of the place to attend s dance ttie next morning, and yet again we went to 4 Ibird on Saturday evening. Mow for a few words in regard to the ladies. 1 assure you, dear Editor, I never expect to Hud so pleasant j/id agreeable a set of ladies at one place. There was one in particular, a WdsMngtoniau at present, wbo seemed to be the fsvortte of all, and It was nothing strange, for she was gifted with as engaging manners a* it possible lor any young lady to possess 1 am glad to L* able to claim I ber as oae of the daughters of the sunny South W? are much indebted to the ladies of Old Point and to W. Caleb Willard, proprietor, for their kladneaa la rendering our stay agreeable We Mil to-day for Point Lookout, and thence to the Pataxent, near l?eonardtown. which we will reach about the '20th of September, and conelude the practice cruise on the 3?rth, ouly tecum Mace a series of hard atudies and stern discipline to a>eei our future examinations Thia little recreation at Old Point we deserve after our severe cruising, which baa been anything but a pleasure excursion Our hammocks ire not beds of an ruffled race leaves; nor would our fare tempt | a Sybarite. Yours, Ah Actixs Midot. Dl. Gbkbx's OxtsuiTmi Bittkks ?We are not In the habit. as our reader* are aware, of recommending or noticing tbe various nostrum* that are urged upon tbe pnblic attention. But there are ?-raatoual cases wbere a departure from this rule seems proper, and tbe article abovenamed presents a ease of thia kind This medicine has acquired a permanent reputation for tbe relief of dyspepsia, liver complaint, heart burn, mod all difficulties originating or proceeding from the digestive organs, and, containing no alcohol, no mineral, or any poisouous drug, it is one of the safest remedial prescriptions For a fuller account th# reader is referred to tbe advertisement of tbe article.? Worcester Spy. Politics in Nxtv Yum.?.Messrs. Douglas and 1 Johnson both stopped on Tuesday and wedne*- < 4*1 in New York, at the Fifth-avenue Hotel. Mr. Jonnsoo dec! ned to express his opinion on the abject of union against Lincoln (a flew York: but It is understood that Mr Douglas has iaiwred | nod is laboring to prevant such a anion. The Chairman of the Breckinridge and Lane State Committee agreed to a union on the terms ilrwiv mentioned, viz: Ten elector* and half of the State ticket: and tbere vrss no doubt the committee , would ratify tbe arrangement If ar : eptetl by tbe Douglas committee This committee will meet on Friday. , CT A meeting of tbe Mar of Massachusetts was %Mid on Monday forenoon, to consider tbe resignation pf the Chief Justice A complimentary addrraa to J<>dge Sbaw, prepared bjr T G. Curtis, was approved i*v tbe meeting, ana a committee of our from rich court appointed to present It In pl:.?eof Jud** Bigfjow.wbo has Lies;; appointed Cbief Justice, KeuWa A.Chapman,of ll&'ingfltld. bas been nominated by Governor BanJbs M Associate J ustlce of tbe Supreme Court. Sbhtkkcbd to ax Ml-so sua Ciscclatixg ihi Na*?' Wax T? aca* ?According to * statement la tbe St. l<obls Express, a man named H A Marsh, fjrmerly of tbat city, hsa been sentenced to be bum< at Camden. Ark , for circulating the Mew York Tribune, which. out tw* C ered an incendiary publication Tbe cltlima of tH Loo la. ?l the Inatance of hia wife. hiv? ai-n.d aatrong petition In behalf of tbe condemned tuau ilT1 Joarpb Summrri, tbe younj{ man arreted la Baltimore and taken to R'cbuond, Va , on Tueadav last, la nnawer to tbe charge of (eJonloualy auhblni< William Mullen, baa not yet be?n fully examined. Suininera' friend* aaaert (but Itboiittb be waa abM at fourtlm<?i. be did not ftro a platol, and that Mullen trot atabbed by filling upon a knife wblch be be id In bla own iuuid H7Information baa been received at the Baltimore Kxcbanye reading rooma that tbe captain of the britf Victoria. J no Mfiaro,ron.uiitUdauiclde atm by jumping ovrrWrd Tbe vewei waa four diva out frout St Vincent'a. and without any intimation of bla deai^a be walked to tbe rill ad jumped into the aea. rnirr r ^ Washington mwi and oomip. Sksatok Clihshas, we are gratified In being able to state, Instead of taking the stump for Douglas, has taken it for Breckinridge and Lane, baaing hia change of position oa the ground that the current course of D , In doing hi* beat to bring about Lincoln's election, and in avowing moat hIIM Ut.t. _J -V ?- Mttm _ _ ? ? -? ' ' ! ? aiiM riguu j"ioroe 'j aocirmet, in order to curry fsvor with abolltlonian, prove* blm to be "? desperate polities gambler.'' While we congratulAfMr Cllngman on the fart that hla eyes are at length open to the (to the South) dangerous tendency of the labors of Douglas, we hall hla conversion aa evidence of the truth of our oft-repeated declaration, that ere the flrst Monday in November, every honeat and unselfish Democrat throughout the South will be found arrayed againat Douglas freeaolllsm aa being far more dangerous to the South than the triumph of Lincoln; because it seeks to create a freesoll party there, while If Lincoln triumphs, the reeult cannot fail to be a South united in her own <t?. fenae?(be only key to a full and, we sincerely believe, a peaceful and happy solution oftbe political problem of the slavery question. a Skxsation ?Tbe decision of the Commit ioaer of Pstents, extending the Howe sewing machine patent, isdtstined to generate moat intense excitement throughout the country That is already evident in the comments of our exchanges upon tbe fact. The similsr extension or renewal of the patenta of Morse, Goodyear, McConnlck, tt al , out of which enormous fortunes had notoriously been realized, in ahocking the country's sense of justice and propriety, paved the way for tbe manifestation of great popular indignation in this caae. The question is simply one between monopolists and tbe public at large? not between unfortunate and under-paid Inventors, and the monopolists. Tbe result is, evidently, to be a prompt cb&iure in the law whi?-h author!?** whoever may happen to be at the head of the Patent Bureau to mulct the public in damages to the extent of millions upon millions of dollars, in cases wherein the parties seeking to secure them have already become enormously wealthy by and through their profits upon the patents the extension or renewal of which they seek. TlLBGKAFHIr COMMUMCATIOX WITH .NEBRASKA ?On Saturday evening the President received tbe first dispatch from the directors, announcing that telegraphic communication was opened from Omaha, Nebraska, to Washiugton. The President transmitted over the wire his reply ~ - -- ?? AIHIXUTON. 1U, Ib??0 To Augu)tm Kountz and P F. Wilton. Omaha, Nebraska:?1 return you my congratulations on tbe opening of tbe telegraph from Omaha to this city It la another link In the yrand chain of telegraphs and railroad* which binds the SUttS of the L'uiou together. Jamk.? Buchanan. ? change in tiie second ec bit a r y f iiit of the French Legation.?Mr De Hell, second secretary of the French Legation, ii appointed first secretary at Parana, and will be succeeded In Washington by Couut De La Rochefoucalt, at present attach* at Rome. Letters from Vieount TrelUiard report the safe arrival of himself and family at Pari*. Fro* China.?A dUpatch to the Navy Department from Flag-officer Stribllng of tbe Last India squadron, says it la believed that Baron Groa, tbe French Embassador, and Lord Elgin bad ur^ed the leading commanders of the French and British forces at the mouth of tbe Pelbo to commence hostilities at once, without waiting to be fully prepared. Court Martial in Wasihinoto*.?The general court martial of which Col Chandler la president, at present sitting In Washington awai'lug the arrival of First Lieut. Jobu Drysdale. 3d artillery, who baa been summoned before it, Is to be continued In session from day to day, unless otherwise ordered, until that officer shall make his appeaiance ? Cavdidatks for Midshipmen?The following Is an additional list of candidate* for admission into the Naval Academy at Annapolis: A Crowninshleld, twenty-sixth district, New York William Scull Newlin, fourth district, Pennsylvania; Joseph Bailie Peyton, ttflh district, Tennessee; C H. B ranting bam, fourth district, Connertlcut. Population of th? City.?at we have before stated. the census return! show that this city now contains HI ,400 Inhabitant*, which is au increase since 1S50 of 21,399. The whole of the District of Columbt* contains a population of 75,365, against 51,6e7 In l%5o. Tfce number of slaves is 3,*231, against 3,687 in 1S30?a decrease of 456. Adjustment of Pbivatk Laxd Claim*.?Tb? fjeueral Laud Office is now engaged In the preparation of Instructions to the land office in Florida, Louisiana, an it Mifpourl, for giving efficacy to the act of Congress approved '^d June, 1~?60. for the linal adjustment of private land claim* in tjiose tttatas. Appoistjifnt i* th* Ckxsus Bureau ? We are pleased to learn tbat Mr Wm (i. Parkhurat< who bat for a number of years been connected with tbe Washington press In a reporturlal capacity, baa received an appointment In tbe Census Bureau, after pasting a moat creditable examination. Kasifination Not Accbptkd?The President has declined to accept tbe resignation of Mr. A. M. Barbour, as Superintendent of the Harper's Ferry Armory, which we spoke of yesterday as having been teudered by that otkcer. Naval Oidir ?Lieut. Charles Thomas has been ordered to Asplnwall, to relieve Lieut. O. il. Berry man, in command of the storeship Falg mouth, at that place. Navu -Ai official letter states that the new ?,?. Y WTVIHIMVIV uua ?l ?CU UB ?UC tUOBI U* French Guiana lu 31 day* from Norfolk. Thk Wia.thkk ?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer l?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. Sxptixbkk 13, 1MU. New York, N. Y cold Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, wind N\V Richmond, Va, clear, 68?. Petersburg, Va. clear, cool. Norfolk, va clear, 63?, wind N Rnlelgh, N. C.,.. clear, cool. Wilmington, N. U clear, cool. Columbia, S. C .....clear, coo}. Charleston. 8. C clear, pleasant. Augnsta, Ga. clear, cool. raoia THE wkst. Pittsburg, Pa clear, 46'. Cleveland, O cloudy, wind 9 Elgin, 111 cloudy, 47?, wind 9 Rock Island, 111 clear. 55?, wind 9 Cairo, III,,, clear, 60?, wind E Barometer at the 9mithsonlan at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,tat; at noon, 30,19? Thermometer at 7 a. m , 49)f ; at noon, 805. Maximum daring 4s hours ending 0 a. m. today, W; minimum 47*. Trg^DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE. J3 WBDUlNli AND VISITING Importer! of fin* WEDDING h^ATIONERV1, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful atrlea. 396 Pa. A v., between #tu and 10th ate , au 27-Cm Washington. I7t>H SALE-A SLAVE WOMAN, 34 year* of r ace who ia a auperi<>r cook aiuientirely honeat. Ala*}, a HOY, 10 year* Id, who haa been raia <d in the til.""inf rooiu AJao. a finely brokou family HORSE and light CARRIAGE. Addreaa Box 4 S3. ae l?3t' TUE YOUNG LADIES' SEMINARY, No. 394 S I Stbbkt. Uttttern 12(* aud ISlA ill., Under the superintendence of Miaa SARAH WOOD. Commence! lta prevent aeaaiou on Wedneaday, tho nth iiateat ae 13-3t* 482 PKNNSYLVArN|ADAVENUE. ^ GUNS?GUNS?GUNS! All kinda, cheap Powder Flank*. Shot Pouchea, Ga?UM Bail, Percuation Cap*, Gun Wada, Guu J\ipple?, Powder and Shot, and ail oth<-r artuslea O III! H'lH.I With ? j ,>P.inm vuimtivi goiw cne?|? r? yf' "" -oa.'U'a ?*yauk. ^HA?!.E9A..BAPK? CM MA|(K11 346 PrMMm Artnue, ?r?r Si?mt4 SfrflJ , Eaurn ?ivi?u to tb? Kep&inuf uf OLro Di.xi.Urk. I>?t!?xftj4 WitoliM, irj JN I'l .?k?. Ac. Al?*. lo tv Nfi'i.; Oi In #71) viUUom \ * ?*?? ?D4 Profeauou'Aip Ckilla. M??J? % Farther Particular* af the Lata ( the Lady ; Blgia The ronrttrnalion produced among our people (aaya the Chicago Times of Mondayfhy the intelItgasca of the appalling calamity on the lake, haa MeStd to increase instead of auhatri* au Jm Sunday, the beach for Mllrs thia tide of Wlnetka waft lined with people searching for the bed!" of : the lost.? There ww also some, we regret to aay, whoee aeereb along the shore was for a dtCereot I { objeet. These were plunderer*?villains inquest j ef plunder. Whenerer the waves washed up aa article of baggage from the wreck, these robWs were ready to seize It. not for the purpoae of restoring It to the relations of the deceased, bat to carry away and conceal It. Nor did the rapacity of these human cormorants stop with the plunder of trunks and baggage; even the bodies of the dead were stripped or what valuables were found upon them, provided no honest person was n<ar to prevent the robbery- In thia way a large quantity of money and valuables were stolen on Sunday by thieves in the neighborhood of Kvuitwi. During Sunday nearly thirty bodies wtre picked up alfcng the beach, between F.vanston and Lake View They were brought to the city and placed in the ante-room of the old marshal's office, under the court bonse. Twenty-five or twenty-six human bodies were here arrayed side by side, and so closely was the spertment packed, that the bodies ofjnfants bad to be placed upon loose 01 aauiu Thee were gray-headed men. matured women, youth and inffencv; some face* which aeemed only sleeping, ao calm and white were they; others swollen, distorted, and black* ened; ?ome dressed in rich garments, others In a few rags and shreds?all that waa left In that terrible conflict for life. One eweet little child, whcse experience of life embraced scarce half a dozen winters, had anuled In dying, and death had imprinted the smile upon ita beautiful face. Here a fair young girl cut off in the pride of voutb and hope; there a strong man, upon whoae lock* the hand of time had sprinkled Ita early anows. Youth and infancy, age and strong-armed manhood, slept side by side tb? sleep of eternity. It was a dreadful picture of the Destroyer?such a one aa no living eye can behold without feeling the presence of lliut who holdeth in hla hand the destinies of ua all. Turning from the dead to the living and tlie picture of this awful disaster was complete in its most terrible aspect. In the enclosure without were hundreds of anxious, excited men and women, all striving to get a sight of the dead. As they approached, frietxls gazed at their distorted features, striving to recognize the well known countenance of some one who was known to b? among the lost Parenta aoughtfor their children, sisters for their brothers, and brothers for their sisters. The angnish which followed the recognition cannot be described We beheld stalwart men bow down and sob like children over the lifeless forms of their offspring; while jjentle women gave tears even for the sorrow of others. The agonies of death were aa nothiug to those who di<-d compared with the living hearts that loved them. Tk- 1*11 ** XI. t_ : ? 1L-4 ' IUC Miiuirl Ul nil vuc .1IIIWJIII111.1I Ulill UaVC been recovered were taken to that city by tbe train last night. A very large number of tbe friends and relatives of the loet returned home on tbe nme train Tbe train presented the appearance of a funeral cortege than of an ordinary travellingconveyance. B*tio*ge asd Property Recovered. Two of tbe trunk* of Colonel Lumsden and wife were found on Sunday bidden in a haystack oil the premises of a Dutchman a short distance M>nth of Eranston. The trunks bad been broken open and their contents abstracted Justice Huntoon and Constable Lindcott, of Evanstou, hearing of the transaction, proceeded to tbe Dutchman's bouse They found tbere only a woman, of whom thev demanded the article* taken from tbe trunks. The woman denied knowing anything about them. "I'll tell you what it Is." said the constable, "I want the contents of those trunks, or 1 want you; one or the other has yot to go to Chicago ? Tbe woman thereupon produced a portion of the property, consisting of valuable silk dresses, jewelry, and other articles of ladle*' wearing apparel. She also informed the constable that more of the articles would be found at the houses of two other countrymen of bers. In tbe neighborhood. Tbe officers proceeded thltber and found tbe articles aa the woman bad stated. Articles taken from Col. Lumeden's trunks were also found In four other houses In tbe neighborhood. making seven In all among which the plunder had been distributed. Why She West Down. It Is now evident from tbe appearance of that part of the wreck that lie* at Daggett * Point, near Wankegtn. that the Mnal catastrophe was brought about by tbe dropping of tbe engine, walking-beam, etc , through the bottom At tbe point above named, all that part of tbe hull abaft the midships on tbe larboard side, lies upon tbe beach?a full fourth of tbe hull from the plank shear to the keel. The most rational explanation of the disaster is that the colliding vessel carried iwiv the larboard whwl * nH mmt nf brace* on that aide, and that aa aoon aa abe roiled a-port, the engine, wtfl king-beam, etc., nothing to sustain them, carried away a large part of the bull, and went out on the larboard side of tbe keel, producing tbe catastrophe whlcb all deacrlbe as verv sudden It is probable that tbe first violent roll after tbe collision did the fatal work On no other hypothesis can vre account for the separation of tbe hull, and explain the positive testimony of some of the ofirers, that the walking-beam went down before the upper works floaU-d otf Thk Latest Chicago. Sept 11?p in ?Up to tbe present hour no further tidings from the wreck bave been received, nor bave "any more bodies been recovered It is quite likely, from the sudden sinking of the vessel in such deep water, that the great majority of tl;o?e lost now lie confined in tbe wreck. As regards tbe safetvofany others besides those already mentioned, there is not tbe shadow of a hope. The boat itself, from extensive Inquiry, was lu a totally unprepared condition to meet such a disaster, and had there been a sufficient quantity of life-boats or life-preservers ou board, adi)-d with proper discipline, many would have been saved The indignation of the friends of tbe lost at the want of these precautions is very great. gjg EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. 3|g I have nuv irijf Fall Supply of STOVES, GRATES, HOUSE-FURN1SHIN0 GOODS. Ac , all arranged in store for uiftpeetlon, and will take pleaiure in showing the various new patterns whicn 1 ba<l gotten up for this Fall's Trade. C. WOODWARD. No. 31S Pa. av., se 13 6t Between loth and 11; h sts. WFKOFESSOR MOKf-TTI, HO Has just returned from Milan Itaij, (having been in the Musical Conservatory there.) Bfg and who has been for a long tune a teacher* # lioth of Vocal and Instrumental Music in New York, (having taught some of the b st *i"*ers there, mioh aa Badiaii, Tiherini, l<a Grange. 4o., i,u. ? ' ivu 11 IIWO vvniv tioiCf tiiiuAins fcu loiuaiu, anu woUl(l l>e most happy to reoeive the patrons*# of this city. Prol. M can give the beat of reference* in regard to his mora! a" veil as his intellectual standing. All communications please address to 464 Fat. >e l*-2w? W SEALED PROPOSALS ILL Be received by the subscriber until the 24th lnsiast,at 12 o'clook m., for furnishing seven oords of good meroha-itable Oak Wood Tor the Assistant Quartermaster's Office, Noa. 805 and 30T p street north. The fu<?l is to be delivered before the aoth instant, ilea m front of the offioe aid then legally meas ured. Propoaala should be adjreaped to the sabsoriber. and eadorsad "Propona's for V**!." morris s. miller, Captain Assist't Quartermaster, U. S. Army. ss'tQt^XTE&MISTK's OSilCK, 1 e 13-W Washington, ?>. C., Sept, 13.18C0. \ 17AGLE IRON WORKS, Hd Coe.nkh Ohio Av. Tuiktkbtu St. ERICSSON S CALORIC ENGINES. The undersigned have been appointed sole agents in this city for the manufacture and sale of the above Engines, and are preparod to supply all orders with promptness and dispatoh. Tnese engines have been satisfactorily introduced, and are now practically employed in bakeries; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; by' cabinet mak -rs; for drawing fan blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating grail1; glass cutting; ginning cotto..; griiulin* uuarta; grinding paints; grinding sugar cane on plantations in Cut*; lor hoisting: for knitting tnachiues; by mtnufac turers of plated ware; of printers' material, of t ilver war*, of agricultural implements; of matches: of hooped skirts; for pumping at railroad stations vid on board ships; for aewing maahinea; for job printing aiid printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; for aawing and planing lumber; for picking hair: for polishing combs; for shoemakers' us*s; for sand sifting; turning; toMooo cutting and pulverising; in taanertes bud w re making establishments; for soda water manufacture! for hone crushing; ma:t mashing; towing; grinding outlery, Ac. Thev re inc*pn???T?i buoboiiiioh; easily managed; th?y require no enmueers; use po water; and epnspiue very little fuel. Any porsopdeajrous of uuii* these Kugines.oan by applicatiopto tue undersigned bo shown a large number of testimonials from persons wko have them in daily use, expressing tluir entire satisfaction in their operation and use Prioea of the Engines as established by the Pat#ntae 12 in. cjl'r $S5o 18 inches cylinder, SM<> Double 24 1,400 32 - " J^jn " aa " 2,aou 40 " jj 0 " 40 " 4,301) 48 " " 3 <**) ? 48 " ?,?? ?? M " S.UOO - 60 ?,? 14 " " 750 W 0 are are also prepnred to farmjh, at short notioe, Architectural Castings, C out any designs tt at may be tarnished. f pneap a* oan be obtained ?U?? where. Also. Steain fcngines, portable and station ary; high or low pressure; saw mi ! grhst railia; hydro Utie, or oti<or presses ; boilers for hoatiug buildings, wrought iron water tanka:shafti*f,gaarlllf. Ac., for flotmnr of other mill* r?? -- - r W? (Wlg|U| U| "'IflUlfrwSm WM M KI.'.H A UK0_ T NOTICE. BR UNION MARKET, Union Building, on i E street, bttweou I3 h md 14th, haviii* ju?t h.*n rMUl -d. wi.l b? duly ?<K>ned **?ui oh Mood*). tho i luth inataut. *kw? mi cinf^wn and the puhlio will tnd everttbinf ia in; Provisioning >m- tint the country ??ord?, ?t ray ueuaJ muderat; chary'.. I ae 10 At JOB. L. H UfL. rWEAP BRCOND-UANDHIANO.-At* or??ve French Pi*00, in food order, p>r fit, lor -J5K "" "w. O. MBtZE?urt. A' 4 / IWACarEATIOK o? TBI Pirbt St*.tcb-?Mon' day. tb? 10th inst , the fortr-aeventh anni retainof Porry-a victory '? Lake Erie waa celebrated at Cleveland with appropriate ceremoniea. including the inauguration of a aratue in memory of tba hero..-. George Bancroft waa the orator of the day. A larjta aoaibw of d;?Ungui?h?d peraona were prfaent from all parta of the Union,andarerythiag paqad off i a admirable order AWcng fhos'who took an petire part in tba cli wnonlea were tix aurvlvora dfthat meeerable battW, a lar^r drUgation of rMu aoldlara of leliTa b?dy of 1,M? meotm of the Maaoaic frateraiiy. Ttorernar ISpragua, ?f Rhode Iilaad and * ataff; Biabop Clark, of Rhode laland; Mr. B?:tlett, Secretary of State, Rhode laland; Governor Denniaon, of Ohio, and ataff; O H Perry, of Boaton. and Mra Vinton, of New York, fthe two latter children af Commodore Perry); fifteen mill4arv *'? n--?* * 7 ?-.-.....i., mr rroTiaence Light Infantry, with the Providence American Hand, Dod worth's Band of New York, a ad ten other Kan 4a; delay?- * tloni from Rhode Island Buffilo, Rochester. TVtroit, ttandusky, Toledo. Uaianbu, Fil>?twn. and all the prominent towns In Ohio?In all not leas that 30.UU0 persona The statue inaugurated on Monday w*s made bv Mr WanWalcott. a na'.lve of Ohio. but a realdent of New York city. Th? statue la a fe?? In bight, and stand* upon a pedestal of U bode Island granite 17 feet high; so that the entire bight of the monument Is 25 feet. It stands In the centre of the public park of Cleveland, and command* a view of the lake tb&t was the scene of Perrv'a exploits. The alatue is rut from a block or pure white marble, from a Varmont quarry. The propriety of placing it upon Rhode Island granite ia apparent when the fact ia noted that Perry waa a native of that State, and that his fellow-officer* were chiefly Rhode ialandera. On the front of the pedestal Is a medallion representing in baa relief, in miniature, the battle at tbe point of time when Perry passed in a small boat from bis disabled ship, the Lawrence, and transferred his flag "Don't give up the ship" to the peak of tn? Niagara The monument h?? ?w?? -* v?w?v?i ?? a tWI of S 10,000. Robbery or thi West Tbot Po?t Orrici ? Over 400 Lttiirs Broken Open.?Tbe Post Office at Wrtt Troy, was entered on Saturday night or Sunday morning, and robbed of nearly all its content*. Tbe i( new, one story brick building, recently erected for that purpose The burglars efl'et ted au entrance at tbe rear of tbe building by boring through tbe window shutter with an iuch au^ur. A bole was made tsrue enough to adiuit of a man's hand, the bolt upon the inside was shoved bark, the window raised, and access to tbeoffice was easily gained. Tbe letters in tbe boxes were all taken out, and also th? dead letters of the past quarter, which were on the shelves, and i.very one broken open. Mr. tfr<Utan, tbe Postmaster, says that about 400 letters were destroyed. a great number of them ro..taintng money checks ana drafts. Tbe money drawers were also emptied of their contents, containing twenty or thirty dollars Postage stamps to tbe amount of $4", and a package of stamped envelopes, f Hi were also taken. Nearly all letters were opened by tearing the top of tbe envelope, and after examination tbe letter was torn ia lon>r strips,faud scattered over tbe floor. Many of them contained araiia. ior large amounts,* which tbe robber* did not take for fear of detection, bat left iLem lying on tbe floor. An ambrotype of a vlllianou* looking cbap, in his ibirt sleeves, wu fouod among tbe torn lettera, but whether It was dropped by tbe robbers. or taken from a letter, la unknown. The burglara evidently took their own time for the work, aa nearly every letter in the office waa broken open and deatroyed Several piece* of candle were found upon tbe floor, and the chaira were drawn up in a manner that Indicated they were old banaaat tbe buaineaa. It will be recollected that tbe Coboea poat otflce abared a aimllar fate about a week ago ?Albany Argus, lid. j]T A few daye alnce. aava the New York Expres*. a representative of one of our largest drygoods houses was arrested in Maine for selling goods by sample, contrary to law, and was accordingly brought before court in Portland, and lined CI(MJ Owing to the prominence of the houae he represented. and the intimations h* had made that be ahould conduct hia own defense, a large crowd bad assembled in the court room Soon the young man arose and soberly asked the Court tbe | Indulgence of asking a question, which was at once granted. A profound stillness and all attention centered. He simply said? Wktn ts tkt r* - _ ~ - * " * jiusirm roming 10 rortiatuM r St. Pktkk's CHrtcH, Albany ?Thlsspleiulld 1 edlflce having been completed, It Is said there is a difference of opinion in the Vestry a* to tbe propriety of openluK tbe< hurch for service immediately. A minority of the Wstry oppose tbe opening until after the corner-rati on, which would Involve a delay of several months, as the Provisional Bishop (Potter) Is absent in Europe. avers sarsaparilla la ft concentrated extract of Para 8ar?aparila, so combir.ed with other mibatftnees of s*i!l greater a'to.a ive power fta to ftlf or dan elf ctive antidote ' tor the (lipase* Sftmapari I* la reputed to cure. Suoh ft rente <y ia surely wanted by those who auf fer from Strumous aoiiiptftiuts, and tl ftt one which will accomplish their cur* inusf prove of imiueuee service to this Iftrge class of our atfhoted fellow \ citizens, flow romp etely this compound will do it lifts been proven by eapcriiurnt on mftuy of Uie worst cases to he fouud in the foLow>ng con plainta : Scrofula and Scrofu'ous Complaint*, Eruptions and Eruptive l'isea*es, Ulcers, dimples,^Jlotohs*, Tumor*, i**?t Kheum, Scad H<a<!, Stph.liaftr.d Sjphitttio Aif'Ctiun, Mercurial Uisoftse, Dropsy, Neurftlgift or Tic Douloureux, Debility, Dyspepaift and indigestion, Krysipeifts, Kose or S?. An J ' * ' * mvii; a r if, &uu, icaatn, in< wn -ie cliti or oonplaints arising from Impurity of the Biood. I hi* compound will be found a great promoter of 1 hea'th, when taken in the spring, to expet the foul J huinori wh>oh fe< ter in the blood at that (aaaon of tue * ear. Bt the timely expuikion of them many < rankling disorders are uippe.1 in tv? bad. Multi , tudes can. I.f the aio of tfvia remedy, spare them t a; I v e , from the endurance of foui eruptions and nl- ? oeroua f.ur>>a, throng h wlnoh the *> "ti>m will strive 1 to rid itself of oorruptions, if not a?sit'ed to do this through the i atural eliaonels of the b<>d 1 t>? an al- I terative medjciir, Cleat seont the vitiated Mood | whenever you find its impurities bursting tun ugh tho ssm in ^impiea. eruption*, or sore.-; oleani* it j whO;i y< u hi.d it is obstructed and sluggish in the T-ins; oleanke it whenever it is fou' asd your feel- 1 ities wi 1 tell you when Even where no particular r disorder is felt people erjey better health, anc live t longer, for oleansing the blood. Keep the blood ^ alihi . and an is well; but with this pabulum of 1 life disordered, there can be no lastiug health Sooner or later something must go wrong, and tne great machinery nf life >s disordered or overthrowr. During l\te year* the pu; lie have teen misled by large bottles prttenoing to give a quart of Extract * of Sa'saparilia for one dollar. Most of these ha** been frauds upon the sick, for they not onl? contain little,jfany Sarsaparilla, whatever. Heuae. oitter and painful disap- ' pointmerit has followed the n*e of the variou* extracts of Hars%panlla which fl<*>d the market, until me name iteeir is jaatly aeapiaed, arid haa become Tnunrmoai of unpoeition and oheat. Hull we call this compound Haraaparilla, and int-nt to supply such a remedy a? ah&il leseue the name from the load of obloquy which reata upon it. And we think < we have grodr d for believing it haa virtues whioh 1 are irreaiatibie by the ordinary ran of tin diaeaaea it ia intended to oure Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER A CO., Lowell, : Maaa. Pr 100 #1 per bottle; aix bottle* in one package $6. ae lS-eolm ; REMOVED. 1 T . 8. MYER, MA(r ISTHATE. COMMI8- \ SIONhR OV DEEDS, * CONVEYANCBHtta* J removed hie Office to No 432 E stroct, second j door we ?t of the General Poat Officii, aad oppoaite { Colombian Restaurant. aelSlw* OA FRESH SUPPLY. 1 WING To the immense ru*h for School Books my stock h%d beoom^ almost eahaustad. To-<lay I ' have received a frean aupply aad am atain ready to furniah my numeroaaoustomeraataat^niahiagly low prioea, wholesale and retail. WM. BALLANTYNE, 49s Seventh atreet. above >e lS~8t Odd Fellows' Hall. | iTIfi NOVELTY MILLS FLOUR. 1UU BBI.S. Of thia superior braud of Family and Extra Flour reoelved this day. For sa'e in lota to auit by D. L. MORRISON A CO. ae 8 corner of Twelfth and B its. r<tiTDonrna ? ui r.niuil anim inu ^ LINENS AND COTTONS. We have now id atore a fud flock of Hupenor t makes of Shirting Cottona and Linen*, all giadaa 1 Sheeting Cottona and Linen Sheeting, Table Dia- | pera, Napkina and Towelingi, aomo in the lot very f LlV?hite and Colored FlanneU, in ail glides, with t a full atock of general Staple Goods for families,atl t at the loweat prioea. 1 J. W. COLLEY A CO., ae 3 lw M3 Seventh at., above Fa. m. I ? i NORFOLK OYSTERS! NORFOLK OYSTERS! ? The finott and largeat NORFOLK OYSTERS r in the market are received ami daiiy^^. /-\ * served up (together with all the oth?ry?^ faJ c luxuriea in season) in the very beat^^AldF style, at O-GAI'TIRK'S ^ Ladttt and (}rnt!em*n's Saloon and Restaurant, Ui* Pksn*. Av*mh, m 1I-M.\VAS2w Bctwaen 12th and 19th id. Rowk'8 oriental balsam] A Cub* for BALDNLSstt AND HKADACHH. Thti new di?oov#ry Hm produced a?toni*hinjr r?i ulta in curing haltluesa and it^ppnc th? hair from fkMiog ofl' ltr?rboT*? dandruff ara *11 ?rn?ti t? <>Cth? ukin; ?oerUMn cilia far ittduh', ft. d ad?t1 *litfO'w\eh nud perfume PuoeN(ti t?. For t& by Nairn & Palmar, Cha?. StuU, L. M. Smith. J t*chwar?o aad Kidvall k. Lau ranoa. ? II colm* N^ew ASSORTKI) LOTS- _ _ Ju?t do*ou 1,AI>1KS' LI N KN H % NDKKKCHI KFl*. from 75 cents to 92 & dosen. iidoa GEN W' LlSEN HANDKERCHIEFS, r from f I JO a dogen to all finer fradw*. Sodo*? n LADIES'FRENCH CORSETS, whlta Hawks' pineapple handkerchief*, i a Ui. m and baauUfal article, vorv cheap I A !? /() lot ol EMBROIDERED COLLARS. { All d cidad bar*aiua, to which we invite tlit* at- ~ Ugymof the fr. . c. ? AUCTION SALEa Br J. C. MoGUiRE It CO., ABOtiorwr*. TWO HORSKS. HARNESf* AND FAMP V tliHnct AT PUBLIC ?>AI.? ?"n ??A I I'RPAV MORNING, 8?slwnt>*f 15 at 11 o'ol-ck. 10 f.otit of tk? A BCtioB Room*. W# r#|l? A ?f*riof t<lMk Hen*. iix jMri old, r an', kiad Md k*bU?, * ki w?ll in ?ibfu or dowbl? k??M??, or Mjd?r tt?* tad4i?. A ir?r Imre^eiht f?6ri old, vnrkt ii (mil* ordoubi* mNM, and i? m ?xo*ll*Bt driver. Alto. u>yp** FbibHt Ctrr^tud Hv?h ?o!d fer Mooaat?fi ( r UMMB ?bo?t to WVi?F? ' T?rma: A " to da??. for rnoimmtiafaotorilj endorsed, burins into ??t. ml3 d J. f*. MoGIIIRK A CO.. A nolo. By -I- C. McGl-'IKE A CO . Anotionoor* rr?KI jJTKF.'S gAl.KOFSUPKRIOK FV*?Nl Tt?t AKT> Hor*sHof.B fc.??BCT? AT PrBuc A LCTI<<2I.? n SATURDAY mOkNING, Vrmosf iblu. tl 10 0*0 k'Ok, n? the t ut fioor of ti? ft act <m room*, w a. no*, without nntf, a ^uao'itT of olagant Farnituro and H>y?ebo<i Lf Suit of solid Rowvood Parlor Fnrcirare, fit ub?1 m Gi??a u4 Gowi UreMiaiio. oou-iuh* of l*r|B Fronoh Sola, Am Chaa Bud biz Pariar Chain. _ Saitot Walnit Hair-clotto Cororod Parlor Faraitare. oomitiLf nf ivi> s?fe? *?? six Parior Chat's. Mar Me tot UenUr Taliaa, \Vhatr.a?a. Suit of solid Oak uimri Ma 1bmiut room r ursltur*, comprising elagant Uookoaas and Seo rrtvy, Library, Kxt?n?iac and ?da Table*. Arms d Partar Cttatra.and Loonies ?oi?hed in 9reoa Repe, Sets of Greaa awl Ulaak and Gold Chamber Farm ture. Flesant Hifh Pott Walnnt Carred Canopy Bad toad, Superior Curled Hair Mattrwiri, Bocteri and Pillowa, Mahogany and Painted Ward r*. boa. ?rae?inc and Plain Bnraaaa. \Yash?t\sda, *ivM. Brussels aud I hroe ply Car sou, Frenoh China Dinner Sat, Giass Ware, Silver plated Ware, Krerch Clock, Vaaea.fca. Nurobarofexoall?ntBtove?, Kitoheu I'teasila.fto. Terns: f ?' an! sudor, cash; orer that suaa a Arnlit nf and <!?? * not?*, bearing intereat.' ' By order of the Tru*t??. ae J. C. MrttCI* K k CO . A?cU. By A. GRKKIf, A?otioa*?. HANDP??MK FI'RNITUHK ANOHOCSR kkbpins blrracT* *.t Public at'crio*?0? wf.umh.^uav mokmnb, li.e \*M iim? ,iu < o'clock, I mii?lI sell at tLe late re-ide?c* cf Hon. John B. Haekina, *' th^'o ?i>r of I ate?t and New J?r e< avenwe north, an excellent amaorUuent of F?rniturr,vii: Haiidaowe Uotewood caae Piano, made by Cbiokertng A Sona, Bo*ton 7 octav.a, Roi> wood Stool and line Com. Used tome suite of tatiu damaek-oovared Sufaa, Arm Kaay.and Pari<?r ch-i >. ElefM.t Walnut Ktegere. and Tablet, Damaak Mantei Board, Vawi. bahre. Two acta of very fcoe Oamaak C a rtaina aad Cornice, Handioine Parlor Clian4e!iara, Drop, Light an<l nt^erGa* Bnrner?. Handaoin-* Velvet. Brnt?<-la. Three-ply, Ingram, Venetian, ard olh?r Carprta, El*: ant Mahotany Marbl* top sid?hoard, F.le?*r,t Oak Writime-denk and Tablet. Handioms Cka>nt*er S? t. Co.i*iettrg ol Mahogany \Var<lrol?e. Marble top B*r,-?u. Wwb imk, BedaUad and Towel raok, made expreea'y to oMer by Cripp*, Very fine curled hair, Cotton Top, and Hmk Mattr^uM Feather Bolatera and Frenoh Pillow*, <?a? Heater, A'r-Tubt, and other Stoves, Walnut Oreeaing Bareau?, \V?4lii'aiid aad Jenny Bedeteada. Solid oak Dining cane ?eatanJ Arm Chaira, Iron BeJttead and *tain?d Wa*hitaoa?, r:.u f ?k- ? ni vi il? 11*1110 UUVIIHB Kocant A'alnat and atainad Wardrobac, Elegant Rue-ian Coffee S*t 'copper.) Fren li China and Granite Toilet &U, China. Glaee.and Croekery ware. Two rerv fine bneU of Wa?hingtoo a ad Franklia, Floor OilcloUt, Matung. and Ru|i, Co..* stovo and Fixture*, Tog-tho' with a general assortment of Kitchan RtfiiiitM. Terms: 93' and UDd?r oaah;over $?> a orrdit of2 4,ai<16 months, for approved eitdurscd notea, beariug mt rest from day of sale e 13 d A. GREEN, Aoot. AMUSEMENTS QDD FELLOWS' HALL COMMENCING MONDAY S*t>1.10. BU DWORTH'8 (Latkth* OaiaiMAL *i>? Osiy Gnrviira} WOOD'S MINSTRELSt THE MODEL TROUPE or tmi PROFESSION, From Wood's Marblt Palare of Minstrflsy, 5til Mil) fin M? V??. _i -?- * - ~ ? , i?ow uii ? WHTU inej have l>f?-n permanent I y located for the put 10 ywara. Tln? Troupe jiAe btst Etkittan t\ <*pt t m tk* cvtmtry) have r< centiy closed the tm.Uaat aud triumph int engagement of four weeks At Hamuli ' Mmitum, New York?the createet Mtnatrel Enrace ment on recorU. They are now nakiBf their southern tour, uuder the euUre euperriaiun of MR. JAMES H. BUD WORTH, Prince of Ethiopian Coined laat. FIFTEEN STAR PERFORMERS f. H Brnwo*TiT, Tamborimet, W.j*. Budwobth. Bradder Koaaa, Hollik Howabp Balladi?t. J. K. Campbell, Johs Kili. A. H. Wood, K. HALI, M J. Salomos*, Mont. STKAtotcu, kT. St*attox, mh ut tomm^ Huh i. B Grki??e, E. K. J. firinw Mkit. Pkakk Bcuw.ibth, madame isdkx fakbico, The Great Sensation Prim* iioana. All i*olo Performors. Forming, for ijenuin? tateni, a galaxy uD?qna!ed n the aiutal* of Mmslr- tar ADMISSION twf.nty F1VK CF.nt3. If , Racing?racing?Raping ! MARYLAND AGAINST flRGINIA ' A Match Kao? of one m le for #2fc'> will ?ome otf on SATURDAY, th? I.Vh in itaut, between the huura of 1 awl 3 ('clock ii hi , on the course at tli# *>ii of Long Bridge, between the fol- ^ awing hor*?"H : Newltj ft Walker enter l?. h "Sylvester Don*- 1 as. uy ?illou Hrown. datn >ally Moi'arty f.y d<>Kton. Mr. Han*l>oroHeh enter* b f "Tantalina," b? VinJrcw Jr ,iiaiii Bettie Mar in by Mar. As the track ha* been well prepared and (ha torioa ordered, a good race may t*??xpect&d <hii ii?une? leav* junction of 7th *t au>l l a ar. f'Oia IX o 3 o'clock |>. m. Pare 10 cent*. ae It 2t* WASHINGTON THEATER. Sola I.mme and Manager 8. W. Ulikr. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will opMi for the recolar Fall and Winter S^aenn on the night of THURSDAY, Novuuu la*. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, ["he Comedian of the Age, wilt oommeno* an engagement of Twevo Night* on MONDAY, November 6th, and will be followed bythe moat B R I I< l<l \ N T STARS IntheTheatrioal Firmamei t. 117 Commuaicauudi if addreeaed to S. W. "Old Uowery Theater," New York, will m>et with prompt attention. an li-lf EPREK CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLER, Se* York arox, bttrctn ljt amd 2d *trt*It, would reaeeetfally ^ itate to the eublie that A OO-VCERT ofAflH IKhECT MlTSIC wiTbe giroa e?ery MON-V DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the leaeon, at hit Parilina, oomiaeaoiag at S o'clock ind ending at lu p. m. Previous to the ConoerC he Saloon it open to thoee deairing to whi^e kw&y a few houra in the masy danoe. ICE 4Tm 5/? or#rJ w?wi r?u; u aiti mcee. Parties deftiring the O\rder>? for P>? Nie pur are requested to give a day or two notice, je In fcu EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Jtc* fiEAND TOURNAMENT AND PIC NIC UT or in* Eagle Riding Club, Or tiii Drstrict or Colcxiu, On AN A LO ST AN ISLAND, MONDAY, September 17th. The Club takei great pleasure ni annonn'Mr.g to he publie their i teiition to h'dil a Grand JM ronruamentaud Pio Nic at the above named The prooeeiion of Knight* will IraveW jeorgetowu at 8 o'clock a. m. ? d p?r?<l ihr< ugh he pnne.pal street* of Georgetown and \V&?hing on umler the command of Chief Marahal John D. lamniack, l.pfore entering on the Island. The Knights will eaito aoe_ ge*M?men from Vir wh0 Subitaatial ?eaU will i>e ereet>>d for tho aooom nodation of the ladies, and every ufort wiil bo nade to insure the comfort and enhance the vleaa Ince^Ahe^a^on. tH? C,uk by the,r ?rtN" .enl'V^Si,2"jSdg?r,,t,',,Wn Urm tindlf Ad},,fonAC"1- William Sold?n, Hop JlH(h CaperUiB, John Berry, Ku , R to had 8. .uj.Ekj., Job. N. F.arnon, Ji.o H. Wiliri, HP?. mat diatingul!be<l speaker. Roc. R. R. Craw '<>rd, will be the oiauix of tji? dar. VVabMtu aamro the public that ordar and da^o uni will no rigidly mtiiitaiued, aa aa ample poll ja urea will be oe ail<d for the purp-???. The laland will He opon fo ibo reooption of viw or* at o'clock a m. Dancing will eoimnen*e at n a'elock a m Riding will e nimenoe at I o'eiook # HI. Withera' fu 1 braaa and atring band baa been enaged for the oocaaion. Boils will leara High at wharf, Georgetown, ad Stone Uonaa wharf. WaahiugtJ*, aaary k*a antaa. Nu charge on the !?*??. , ickcta Fifty Cants, admittuig a gMtlmai and Ticket! can be had at all o( the principal b<?.k w>rp? ati'i rertinruti, and at Mmjit* U B. B*f rd A Co '? drag store, oornrf of Hijti aod t?.. O orfctown. and M the boot* on the mo'?inr i llto luun aiMnt _ [ PIANOS FOB B*LK OR RENT. L HAVE Oo hand aaveral h e PIANOS tf Kavaa l Baooo, Kuaeak M l aaa oUKf na>i?^Mu rhicblwil, toll or rant at modeiato Pio^RMh ."V"' fW1 ** BENJAMIN IBI&. ! AUCTTOir SAUK. THIS A FTEXiVMJfl * TV MOntiuw Br A OREE"*. Aartioaaer. VAI.l'* BI.K PUMfKRTV ON NORTH |, iirwuiTTitn'Ta rn wwr *t?v( jio?. ot i hi k -Pa >, tba sik tut. 1 ikt i ... ia (rMlWUM | m , tftat U No t, la 6<ar* So. ?fl. vitk tk# iinpr<>va<M>aU, which to*Mi(uf a two iivri bi?fc k??M. with took as& swatrAutre. pusrsJS feat al>oat raid war taa toiwaca nil tod Mi. I49tt4? THa *!*'* taatl oa^' proptr t? it a'l^iUf "'--f? aad araaaata r?an> tadaoia wiu tr oai tnklii to mak* I"**! ??v??t^??t l aray <>mc Lwrtk < a *: to* ?a ka 1, s ato > rrvsya^v?,"!?jam* " 7* A. GREEN AaeC K> WALL * BARNAIO,iMMMr?. -~r (povr?<wmtr AO"* Tl\*U-K rot T ?VO li\v* IX>Nftl TU.'JL-T^? *wr> Room. , , > .v>i a?MH|) t Toll T or (U A pi** a vinvi. cvhmknctna at *c? clock -h FRIDAY MOKNINU. Mrnw U*-Ir ? dit lo mtk* ifflfrorwimK ia c ur Cloak ar-d M?ltl 1A ALj v> UU'f Oat Ut -A W<M ol Vlt t ok of? a3I"? wr?pfit?r? tor ?o ttoa f lAlt a *4 wuUr aiT.ra. < wIim* will Uka ?Tv aU >ul laasma t?At > ?< w .. ij?i a . in roMM ow oar Mor*.ft. Fill PAY MnjSINb, llf-Ml1 ?r 14th. oar r? ?? ii>i at ?-f? tuiiti' B>?>oa ?il? and i jusr Ma . u I .ace i art* acd *?tei a Htxwla. H?r?ga l>uat?<r?. Trarrlloc Cloak* au4 R Ac tana, iroa H*i*'.JI?. irr ALiU> WILL BK ADRF.D FROM A Dr* Gonoa n..n?# i which will make tuonlodoablr attract. a '! of? U4m' Outrf?.W VATHMW HAlariAla, Urd lCin'k.Vrrj t?. >k.rtt, C*?hm-ra? a?4 W?*a*am?a . _ Brisbt Color** Fall ???<?. Paraw i Mai?.! ?. GontUiaio'a ahirt Boa* ma, ke. . Twrma evah NAXWkLLk BRO.IMPt a<r. ? 12 St WAI.i, A B A K \ AK I', A ?U. Bi WALL k. BaKNABii LABOK AND ATTRACrivK ?Ai,K <?' CHINA. PAHAW, HVIM^VIT. I AV* ASD OTMIR costly Will. IIiIIT cct HflllWaw Kltini arbammc aiguti vv*k i'un. * au, t\!??LI?H 4Mb AnKBir A It < l' U KK 1, 4ft'BKMH 4KB lim !** !! ( MIMA WaK?. Pa* ah **l> UtJIkfc STATE ?TM, if.. At".?< TUl UMilk Mit, #cpt?mt>?r 13th. ftt id o'e o*k, tnu oun.iLu^g 4?ok day Mlltll farther | otloe. W- ?h*'t ? !'. at llu: ?>| o. >i14 Pa. ivmio. h Mil 'itth street*, a large au4 v*ri?d a?u.lnif i,i^t ihe al>oT* war*. *??h a*? Viwh Card Kec. iv*r*. CatefM Bottl**, C.? ?*u. Tea S*U, # i> mi VV i * ?>f all kind*. T*M* Ga*t >r*. Win* Ca*tor?, rmuMi r oria, UiiMr C atie y. Ac ? With mm) other g od? nnt her* eaumeratW. The ?ho???l?*tllteCflin(l worth? tW a (ton tion of U?e put>.io. u U? ? .hh!? ktftu new (((ktvf the !atr?t iwportauon. au<J al vvnnud to be <?f the b?*l *ua it*. Am* le arra~(?nM>nta made fur Uie oniafurt of ?he ladiee. T'crma: island uuder cath; over to) acrc^iit"f Or and ? ?Tht?. fjr \tufact<?uiy *dd(>rie4 bo'?b, b?4riQ( istortii. w 10 <t WALL k BARNARD. A act. By I. C. McUI'lKK * CO. otaoaoera. IUFFRPTS OF A GRMCKRY STORK AT J Arcnow.?On l-K DAY MORNING, 8**UralM' 14th. at M o'ainok. we ahaJt a?ll,a? tfcatirucery bUe of Mr. Ja<"t* Owntr, oitMtCarttol at , W?mh l?t and 2-1 eta. eat!? The Omitar, Ste'nitf ud ^tore Pistim reneraUr, T<*c< tner with a lot of Grocer lee, 'rookery and t?!a?e Ware, Br- oim, B uifeea. ****%, Ulaekiac, Taoka, Ci*ar?, Tote* o^. Scuff. Ao. T-rrr cash. J C. MoGlHRE A CO.. AMta. OTT'fTTr " ?? ' ruiunti UAi'S Itr THOS. UdWi.l.N#; ^eorjetowi. Fm K A M K H.iLSfc aNIi l.??T A f AlCT<?\. On FRIDAY A^K?NO >N luxt, the 14 It mat., at $<>'elook. in froatof the prrmikee, I atiail " i! part of Lot No. ?, in Tlr?l-'ke*4*e ?*4iu?.a. frouttnc 24 l*et on BixUi aireet. by 1 0 in d'ptk, riaer the corner of Frederick atreat. with two atory frame tiouae with > x?? lent d y aei ar. at?b . ?c Terma of aale: Oue tiilr . ea?h; baiaoae is 6 ?nd t? inontha f?r apyr?ved etidnrrrd nofea, bear r.f iiUraat, and a ecu red by a deed of lint nIm jfeJ^?] THOS. DOWLINC. KmcU By J. C. NeSUIKE * CO., Auotiooeera Highly valuable building lot on Capital Bill at *tnio*-Oi FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Beatewher Uih-*? a -'-l ? the preuw.oa, we ahal! offer at public Motion tfc* ?Mt part of 1^4 N#, II. in Hqaare N<?. *. fr*itln| 27 f<M?t '-d aorta C atr??t kx-tweea i>??v?r' ?? doe and Firat ktroet aaat. ruunmc La fc 137 fa^t to a #' feot pabliealey. Till* lot la Cn?iT located f.-r private rMi4* muit 1-aooice **rj vaiaa bl? i? a abort time, m view of tba eLiargairoat of tii* f rovnda. Tma. One-tiaf oath ; Ua randn id I a?d IS laoutha, with utaraat, aoMirod by a Mod of tra?t ua the promiaaa. mtt-4 J.C.MeUlTIRr k CO? *oota By J. C. MeOUIR B % CO.. Aasttoaaora. A PAIR OP DKS1RABLK HORhKfl. TR"T l\ TIM* Wwm AMU Dot ELK II A tlftae FOE FILL Th? aabaoribora ail.arl f'ont of their praaai oa, ob ?U> fb b'^ r li o'eb-ck.a |air w laj Marea.ajoHt mi >.-4ja old, atjiiah la aoii >? and Mp?arauee, ?><d aocuttomr-d u> dwiib.a tuj ?ic? >* karnnoa. Both ?r? <xerl-tu ?addl? horaea. A Trot lag H?tir. p*?i n<<?. auil a double aet of l!aru*?a ?i.l i* so. J at tin ?mo? Un>?. the haraea can be anai of aale attho atAblaa of l?r. <lre*?aoo. H at., a ?r '. Bria. nth. forma of u.a : A orrdit ot 4 in ..Ut? for aaiikf?c? torly a*<lore*a notM. Ii-?nn. 1-4 J C. WiURK it OU. A1 B? J. C. MaAUIRK k CO.. Auctioneer* TWO VKRV VAl.l'AB' K M1 * I LDINU L*t* OR K Si., crhiiiri Fituni *r Public AifTi-v-(?n TUt>HAV AKTtKNOON, tx h. it b < >****. en th? rrrmiat?, w* <! > M ? *> 10 uioti ? I.? t? I? ad *?Jiu ?**uare No. ?8, fr.-ut. ,g ? feet etch on north K ?t . M*N> Hi: and Utk rt? ?Mt, rani ii? beak 147 f?w>t to ?lrtt?lkj. Yhne L.o'e froi,l ili^ootly on S*|U\re, re l<c*ted in ? de'i*>itfn pa't o; tin" city |.>r pr vita imd-M o?, ?r o otlnr i:r*l i . momiixi is lo por ?>i:a mi wn.t ot a firat-ci&'a li j,!i)u.k *IU> T? rma : ??n* ttiird c*?h. t e .ea.ij u>' in I ? anJ tl nt< Btn?. wnk interest. n -OBie<' t>? ? d?ed ot fmat on V* p'enua^*. ?? l.C. MoGriRF. *SP?A' ?>_ By BARNAKDA CI ?'KKV. AufiliuMttt (t-ortrtmm. O. P. DIBK^IR Am.It M HI KKa.N HF^ nKNTK AT Hckln; Acctiob ? Oil KM<|>aV AK1KR N<)ON.21at, at li?<i piut 4 o'oiook. v? wii. aoi.. m fmat of th? frnn idi. t at tietiraMe reaider.o? oai ?d Rook Sprisc. aituatcxl on tk? ortkwaat^ra bouudary of b<'"r?ebiarn l>. . and nlan tuc abrnttmrty tr urw f l?n<1, improved by *oed I . .Ml. ri?rir> nniWi Mm. NkblM. wp?I it H"Ui?,tc1ln situation is u^.t fu , bub aid healthy, and is' "atf -d t y ?evca. ?,- k? < { par* w*U>r. Terms: .'?!, ti<:rd c*?h; b* auo? la cm, tvo. and threj y*ai?, l?.*r .n| .. tf r??t a<-cured by A il?<M of trust ? 114 HARVARD A BUCKKY. Aaota. UALK or WHEKLWR 6H I!*' Airs ?l.A<'K K5 smiths' J*roc*. loo Ac ? Wn. (.? u t<l at ?nb<i? aafitio i. < B \TV K D\ Y, S etember 15, at 10 O'clock, tif ?.f Timk*'. Tool*. ? * Mad' Work, Ac, of theiriu of ThD. oirkluA ftro., Pitt sir*u, M*r e rner Qn??t, Atrial 14. Va ?? ? >*.WTTk* LIVSKPOOf. SAI.T * T AI' TION -By the btrk Pftrrt HMUtlal li>! ? 4 ?U Juii. * aha:l r?o?.v??? 2 <*w ?oki I'oaraa -a t. ext a tvi >d taoka, ljtt? 4". Aakton'a Fin* taoto-? hti- 4, U to 1,200 do. Wonhm.U) do. \ tiis u a. Thia *fcr(o vi *i.l at pntilie action on am aJ. detir?rad fori l>?9 autp.oi viitoii dua aot<M will be riven iu th;a pap> r a? 11 d K H MtM.Kff. <?<?N ft CO. B T. *. M^CttkMitlk; Al'iufiria pOMWIH-lOhKK^ HALK A VKLVAv ai.a i'K a<t of i .amd ik tiim.TMiiriLiiIMilU, Vi.,M TH1 A . i. *. 41. K. K.-Bj *1 tua of a daerM of iba Oi-eu.t (ntrt ?f A!M?Lor a touato. la Uta a ail of G iu4iu, r*. Hani)* and i tb?r?, the und^raifiud will, on llreUAY, t*1* W of Oct l>*', I860, at "J o'oioel ia front of tfca May or'a oftoa, iu tM cit> ? M-xvdna, aH: at ?bii? aaaUoa. a valuaMc tr..ot ooulainiM about aoraa of lasd in t!t* muni) of A!?xa<Mlr.a. of vl.l h (Aariat -a 8 Hardin Ka* .d?*J**t?na Tfeia jrop-rtj lina alwi>1 o i ?m fruaa Ai?x?acita aim ft iium ?? muii imvi ua wv, OB til# rotd leading fotn "Filk Chwroh" to (j?"rf??oo?. ai <1 ob um Alexandra, l,o*.'.uun ftud him^k.rtrn roftd, a *H-r tfc'.i i" Kh.i.,. r the 'ud. The ImproTiMnrTJU cor.iut ?f ft ?t?od tw -aory frame l)v?i inc ciuf with ?ink bn a ni ?fnn| mwm. ft barn aoQali ntcMutj uat U-'ut.*? Tb? proxia it* of thia farm to the thrr? marktta of Alrx&o?l'ift, Wftshio|Uxi ami th? tktr<4t?r of tb? lftod ftnd the h?ftlUiiulut?a of Ui* locat.oa, MtM it ft deairaM# rea.i Th?t*rn? ?rMciM I f f?ft4**-**- v. Oft#-t?rtk of the ftft'ohftft* ra >u*t io ru"i Aid Ui* rmtd** m foftr ^ftftl imtelmeut. at t <?. '8 ftud M ?nonth? from t<i* day ?.f ?)?, t*? vl?f rrM to r?o ?rur*d by Ute boa-la of tk? ?ai?k**?r. oeoriac ibt *ra?t fro? the day o' nita, ftr dft ret-n tit* of tM titJ? but aaiJ. Tidoair*4bj pirebae.n the proaart* Mid K? itixflal l>? mr Ma - .WTrtru, ?u ? H?tM Onwawaar. Mjsjt^^^arsjfviss a th? Circu.t Court of tie District of Caiarebta for tb? County of Waat?nf 2>b. aad to rao di'MVd. I will axaoM ?c> public aa<e. for aaah, ia f out of the Court Hum d - or of wic ou ij 011 MONDAY, the 1st day of Ootctw cm, l?>,at It o'etook m. ai1 defendant a nrti. title, oiaim and lataraal ia and toLokjNo 6, ia JSjuar? ?11. in th? city ol W??hinftoa, D. C, togMhor w-tk al< a id iniular tM VWfMnli tk?reon. i*iwd and lenad Bpor aa W IUmm M.auoha'd, and all k* ao'd to ?ati?tT judicial* So. SI. to Jacaarr Ura UM, ii fkror af J mm B Wilaa* U. 8 M arvkaJ for tk? District hIhH; _____ TROVT *ALK-B? *irti* of a *mi of Vu?t A frua J*<i*a *-k.d?n a to U." ?Mtar-i|Md, ?l? tod Aacaat nih, liUB aud reoord<?i iihwi <kf ,?o?d reo??r?'? ?>f \V??li.n to-, codct*. Dii'rift o* Comm bt?, tWa wi I b- a Mk'it oi*. M ik.- fan* > tov?ati strooc. ua M< NDO ?? 17 k.M*?,at 13 o'clock m., ot tfc-> fo!!i>?iuc 8<wt*n(?r?Mt-K aa S>in?*bo?to<iokttai2M4oMifc(lf laiko^aloaf Mid b OUt tWMlt> MfMfw A ad t**?.<it? nt>ciaa R??? Ttrw m4 . js>< 9 Af # A M t ^ J . _ |f "Of)# v0fr It'?* 6S p 'Of

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