Newspaper of Evening Star, September 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 15, 1860 Page 3
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i LOCAL NEWS. IT5"Tn pobllshw tbe l.iet of LctterT nr.y ;n ng In the Washington City Po?t OAc? ui.drr the provisions of th? Uw directing then to be priited in the newspaper having the large** i lrrulat on within the delivery of the office. Its ? Jk.. 1*? i? ? ? ? (v vai'j ' iiiunum is mor* lun double that of any other Dally printed in the District of Columbia. l.-j-Though Ti;a Star ta printed on the fastest suani prt^a !n 11% aoath of Baltimore, Its edition It so large aa to require It to 1* put to preaa at an early hour; Advertisement!, therefore, ahould be s*nt in before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until tbe next day. N<?rir*.?Dtrtrlct of Columbia Advertisements tn be inserted in the baltimore 5"d? ore received at and forwarded from Tai Stak Ot&ce. Cabusi's Thkatkr?Aa everybody already knowa, or ought to know, Carual baa leaaed hla tb?*ater for the comlnjr amusement season to our old friend 8am. Glenn, who la now actively engaged in calling together aome of the beat theatIrleal talent of tbe country to form a company acceptlble to the theater goers of the Federal city. Hut everybody doe* not know that Caruai baa brushed np his enterpriae. and on kts part called toe^ther a ho*t of rarpentera, upholsterers. painters? frtsco and plain, scene inventors, stage arrangers, getters-up of stage properties of all kinda nd descriptions and other people of all trades e< t-?a*ry to **?e flttlng-up of bis theater In a atyle o taatpfnl an.' proper that the public, on visiting it, will be extremely likely to lose their interest In tke play 1n thetr admiration of tha elegant tittle box b>- baa provided. The seats are being, comfortably upholstered, the orchestra chair* newly and conveniently arranged, the orrheatra itself nevdy constructed. the stage scenery handsomely refr?>shed. and n-w and appropriate fnmltnreprovided for it, the private boxes newly upholstered and their fronts omam?*iiU-d with beautiful designs ill al fr'*FO- th#? walli * nrl r^llirifr ?a.iH Ihandiomrly painted In fresco, the gilding about tt-e galleri'et and boxes freshened, new chande1 irrs furnished, improved ventilation introduced, a';.I every id-a or tuggettiou that could in any I manner improve it iu appearance or comfort adopted in full. The matter hand tint hat, under Carn*<. brought about this total change of the interior aspect of the place, it Senor Franxl. whoM reputation at an artitt it a guarantee for the excellence of IU execution. Over the center of the 1 stige ^enor Franxi baa executed a patriotic design representing Pattr Pntrnt turrounded by the national banner, above which it the national thield and eagle. the whole surmounted by the motto E PlHribus L'mum. The Potomac Watxk Works?Under the recent lettinut of unfinished work on the various rmts of the Washington Aqueduct, we learn that the various portious of thit work have been commenced ana are Wing vigoroutly prosecuted 1 be unlln?shed portions of conduit taken under contract with Mr Hughes, of the .District of Columbia, will h? commenced In a few days, the I contractor having been engaged in clearing out washes and making active preparations for hit * operations The tunnel work, under Messrs Jaek on and Cavanaugb, has been commenced some two weeks since; tbey are making good progress. The Cabin Joha Bridge, under the chargc of .Mr Mclntire. the former efficient contractor for that great work, is steadily progressing The receiving reservoir is also under way. This important work, together with that of laying the large water mains, t*ing under the charge of A A Mi GaflVy, Ef} , ontractor, is in progress The uiiiQ service Krtfrvoir, recently let to Mr Boose, | his ?>eeu commenced, and will doubtless pressed to an early completion The orjranix?*J<)n ?f the ent'rc work b-1n^ very complete In aU ,u i irt?. the community of the District may relv it non deriving the t;r?s?t advfcnta^p, from this vnfk so long desired, in t'^e shortest time possible Alkxa M The Gatettc of ttiis morning says I ^ Cvatusenable u?, in some ?. rt. to approximate the Value, both in raw material ai d produ ? ^ the manufacturing and mechanical indns,_fy0f this city and county. We ooninenc? '',di)r an abstract of the several branches of b<rsme*s as reported by the Census: Butrher j _Kij{ht establishments, capital invested 45.1110; slaughtered during the year, 2,500 1,4U0 sheep, -50 bteves, 350 calves?value WW C+ryr and Tin Smith'?Seven establishments, ?-apital Invested .*'-M*>0. employ ?> bands, use up 4iU boxe? ?f 'in, valued at 700 lbs of sheet <- pper. wor h > 1- * tons of sheet iron, worth if t 155. 1.000 pounds of Kusata iron nf the value of -St 10. and other materials worth $ I'M, the major portion of which is employed in repairs, making tin ware, *c. Sum a' Factory.?Ooe establishment, capital in-rest'd #7.UU??, consumes 300 ton* of crude sumac, worth Sff.MIO. (JO tons of coal, worth employs four hands and a steam engine of ten horse power, turns out ?A> tons of manufactured sumac, worth *y om, Broom Factory?One establishment. capital invested 55'*). consumes 10 UUU poundsof liroom corn, worth *71*). employs threo hands. and turns out anaually -HO dozeu brooms, worth SI 000. Thi P*pt*actid Mkstixgs.?The meetings M tbe Method.?l churches were largely attended l*st n'kht. and were of a very Interesting character At "Wesley Chapel Rev Mr. Kennard. of the K. street Baptist Church, preached. the pastor of the Chapel, Rev. Mr. McCaully, being still un*bl? to till the pulpit by reason of sickness. After the sermon, the numbers of the church took their places at the ai'ar and the Invitation was given to |>*i!ib>aUto come forward, and seven presented themselves for the prayers and counsel of the church. At the M'thodlst Church South, Rev. Dr. Gurley, rrrsbytcrian, preached to a large and attentive congregation, and there also the service concluded with a prayer-mating, the members surrnnndith? altar; the luvitatiou wis eitended. a'id three persons presented themselves and asked the pravers of the church. Th? meetings at these stations are Increasing in Interest. Vibk is Viraihi*.?Last night a glare of light bursted up in the direction of Alexandria county. Va . about 0 o'clock, which caused a general alarm of Iff In this city The Are department was out in fall force. The Franklin Fire Compear decided to go to the assistance of the suflVrers.'und taking their suction and two reels of bose. went over th? lH>ng Mridge. and down to the Are, Mr ,ii< h proved bi lw a L' number of hay stacks , ? . a.i.1 as ?- - " - * ... umtiu. wciwn^in? ki nr. Aaaiton. I D? firemen wen: to work and removed th? uninjured Mr Add'?on rutimates bis loss at about S?v T?x! Frauklin had s rou^'h road Tbe* * of (be flrr from the bridge i* aboutthree anda half miles, but in ordt-T to get to It they bad to t^ke their apparatus a long distance down tbe road, below tbe farm, and cut across the fields lu tli direction of the city. The firemen returned to tbectty about two o'clock this morning. Railiojp* ?We see complaint made in tbe Richmond Kxarr.iner by a correspondent at (?or- I donsvilte at the very gfa* qmekme** with which tbe Central Railroad cars leave that place on their way to Ktcbiiiood, losing thereby tbe connec'ion with the Alexandria and Oranjje train?"the t'cntra! train lenvinn in some instances after tbe auaad of tbe whistle from tbe other side had l>e*n beard; and once, Indeed, when the Orange train was in sigh', and when a delay of two minutes woo la have answered the paroose 'l*h? Alexandria road, in case of detention of the Central train, always waita, and insurea the possn^e of the traveler to Alexandria." We may add tiiat j t be great amouit of travel and baggage.and alight delays on other railroad connections. Lave, in touie Instance*, lately caused a delay in the arrival of the Orange tra n at this place; but in general, and with rare exception, the time Is regular.?Aln. Utticlf Fisi Wsiiit -Our neighbor, Patrick McDev ltt so well known to and so popular with every e'ever fellow who has resided here for the last twenty years, has at his store, at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth street, some old ry? wbisky that will compare favorably with any ever distilled. It is so pure, rich, soft, and osrU low ss that it should be reserved for medical orirsasr. though we fancy that customers who prafer good w bad liquor will snap It up in a trice. CaaXGi or Assault asd Battbbt.?This morning M r. James Fletcher appeared at the office vi jmucf uuna w ??wa tuar^c 01 Miamng and VmMrtg ma* named William Bladen, iii tbe county Mr. Fletcher denied any knowl. edge of the charge, but the plaintiff swore positively that Mr. FUtcber struck him Mr. Fletcher asked that the ca*e might be postponed, In order to produce single witness, and he gave ball for a further hearing Dsd'.catios or * Civic*.?8*. Mary's Church, (Catholic) recently erected at Fairfax Htatlon, will, we learn, be solemnly dedicated to tbe worship of the Almighty, on ?unday the 23d Inst, by the Kt Rev. 7oh* McGlU, V D , Bishop of Richmond. who will preach on the occasion. The Imposing characters of the ceramosle*, and tbe distinguished reputation of the Bishop, will, no doubt, attract a very large congregation of penions of all denominations from tbe surrouiidm^ country. G*o??*tow!? c-iTizaas, jreur Ust chance to see \V yman, the pria e of good fellows. Is ihia >#w?. BOOfc at 3 o'clock, and to-night at 7)(. In tb<-after a ooo he holds a children's ln?, and admits them for ? dime im4 So give the children ten cents, and aet them to laughing Thi M.AC* to net A No. I fried oyster* In tt* Fint Ward, we anould judge from a specimen T sent us, Is at Jacob Hu^te s. Union Restaurant. M*>.N 1 neteeuth street, Fust W ard. CraraALGcABimovsiCASM ?The trial doc kst &*ve&5K3S3war w* w Cistek Majukt ?The market place was thoroughly occnpied thl? rooraiojj, and the supplier iu every department were ample and of superior quality The country dealers w?*re numerous. and all the licensed dealers were at tbefr stand*. The K*njfw?y* were crovrdcd with pnrchaseis from every section of the city, and the business of the dsy appeared lively. The prices were about as follows : B?>[. iresu, V m s%iv;9nap onna. pk... 20 Salt do UulncM, pk 75 Pork * lliglvi plant*,each.. i!<glU Mutton 10mc12 Okrs,pk 75 Lainb.qr 1<>&12 Tomatoes. pk.... 25 Veal tt^lS Gmnrpfii.doi.. 1*2 Sausage, V lb... 12 Cucumber*, doz.. 12 l.ard 14 Damsons, pk 60,275 Keef tongues... SQtf75 Peaches, pk 9hfrl 50 Bacon buna.... 14<g,l6 Applet. pfc Side* 14 Peara, pk 50JH-5 Shoulders 11012K Sweet pepper* 75 Jowl* fctfJlU Roll butter 20^52 Dried beef 14 PhiPa print.... 37 Chickens. V pr. 62^91 Cheeae 14^16 Irish potatoes, pk 25 Eggs. V doz.... 15 Sweet potatoes.. 37 Oyster plants,bh. 4 Corn, ear ,Vbbl$4&4 50 Onions 37 I n? -ulll-j rt^o I vurn. iUCHCU. ow?VjvauuoKC,V ucau a Beans. Vbush.. Si.75 BeeU, bunch Rvr. Vbu?h, ... 55<&70 Carrots S Oat* .16a.40 Rock, bunch.... % I Meal. Perch, do I *?horts '*? Rock SOtffl t*bi|*tutfb 25^60 SaltwaterTaylors 83 Butter beans. qt. 10 \Vatermelona,e*chl2(g-.>5 Ducks, V I* 5Q@75 Canteloupea, each S&37 [COXMCniCATID. Me. Edtto* : The article signed " Index," In your paper of yesterday, upon the prompt dismissal of a case to which It alludes, by a certain ;>ollce magistrate of this city on Tuesday last, scarcely requires a reply. Had he been present, the reasons of the judgment of the magistrate would hare been satisfactory to him, Inasmuch as It was shown, beyond dispute, that the whole proceedings were either contrary to law, or unsupported by proof. The general opinion exnrcMMl bv thna* who w#?r? n>M?? ??-?1 r _j ?. ? ? -- ~v.ovu Bpprwvcu ?uc decision; and 1 am of the op inion that an increase of confidence In the administration of "justice according to law" by that magistrate wu the result. Justice. Thi Budwoeth's Minstkels, now performIn^ every night at Odd Fellows' Hall, are unanimously yotrd by the thousands of our citizens who have seen and heard them, to be the best com|>any of tbe kind that has ever visited this city. Drop in and see them, to-night, and judge for yourselves. Police Mattees?Btfvre Justice Clark.?Jo# Ilutt, Wm. Betters, and George Whltlock were caught Indulging in an unlawful game played Witn fifty-two pieces painted pasteboard. They were taken before the abovenamed magistrate ana lined 95 58 each. Beak it Mind the grand tournament of tbe Kagle Riding Club at Analostan Island on Monday next. For particulars see advertisement Rsv. J. J. Kbllet, the well known Indian preai ber, will preach at tbe Fifteenth street colored Pre*hyterian Church, to-morrow afternoo , at o'clock. '* ' A Gbamo TocaxAMi.tT will come .* An. lostan Island on Monday next browns and coronet* for the .uaids of hone;, gott?a up by our energetic feliow-cltiz? R c Wvens.and are on exhibition at his ,t No Pen'niyl. Ninth and Tenth streets, which has just be< n Upjn moat elegant style. jr. fnu Hollowat's Fills. ml?Ki n- "t the Stomach.?These medicines are a "'i . r vworful antusid remedy for the correction of ?" .none acidities, whether induced by debility, on fat substances in the stomach, or impaired by , exce*?-the torpid functions are stimulated th? Mood cleanvnl, and 'he secretions of the bile and live-purified. Soldbyall Druggists, at 25o.,ft2.. and 91 per box. sell-lw R KADt'R. have you se#n Prof. Wood's advertise iiient in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. au iW-ooly Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphreys k. Co.'a specifio Homeopathic Kemeriu'* put up cxprpsniy tor family use, in boxes, at 25 and V) cents each. Also, in cases, containing 2f> vials, from ?4 to -S5 each, with book of full directions. For sale by 7.. D. Gilinan, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W . A. Pitsgerald, 333 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, cornerof Massachusetts avenue and SixtSi street. Also, Pond's Extract of Wxtch I H it'/, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9-ly M as. W inslow, an experienced nurse and lemala physician, has a Soo'hin* Syrup for Chtldxn Ttttkt*g, whion creatiy facilitates the process of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammation? will aitay all pain, and is sure to reguiate the I bowels. l>epend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to yoar infants. Perfectly safe in all oases. See advertisement is another column. oell-ly J assy's TaicorHsaors oheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing. Carting, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drag I gists and Perfumers arl2-6m Metis's Miraculous Vikmin De?teoykr, the oid?st and best remedy known lor exterminating Rsts and Mic". Cockroach***. Hags, Ants, I \T I1SIA llitnAM V] A* UntW* flrain WrtM? --J ivw, v. IMIU- MVIllli ouu UN den Injects. ITT" Principal Depot. #12 Broadway, N. V. Sold by ail Druccist* verjrwhere. ma 18-3m 7 DIED, / On Thursday ni?ht, the 13th instant. JOHN RICKS, of the typhoid fever. His remains will be removed from Mr*. Butler's, on F st., I>etween 6th and 7th, to Zion Wcsiey Church, island, where his funeral will take place at in o'clock a. m. Th? menil>ers ofthefamily and his friends are respeotfully invited to attend without further notice. * On the 14th instar.i, of typhoid fever, ABRA.M PAY>TKK,in theXtth year of his a?o. His funeral will take place from Ins lata residence, or. Maryland avenue, between Hth and *th st? , on Sun<iay, at 4 o'clock. The relatives and friends of I tho lafrnlv are respectfully invited to attend. (Balto. and California papers copy.) In this city, on the 14th instant, after a protracted illnetn. which she bore with christian fortitude. VIRGINIA, wifo of JarnesG. Long, of Illinois, in tiie 2bth vear oi her ace. H"' funeral will t&ke placo on Sunday, 16th inxt., at 2S o'clock p. ro., from her late residence. No. i'wfc.UU ct. Friends of the fomiiy invited u> attend. * (Springfi?ld (III.) papers copy.) WANT'S. WET ANTED?Four journeymen PLASTERERS. TV AppW to J J. SULLIVAN. If VVANTKO-\ WOMAN to<lo ren?ral House vv work. Refrrenee? required. None other neil app'y. No. 4*1 10th st. se 15 2f j A ORUG CLERK WANTED IMMEDIATE | nL LY-By WM A. ORAV, N. K. oorner of Mass. avenue and 4th street It A~GRAT BARGAIN -For sale, a light Family CAKRIAGE, with shifting seat for two or four p?rFons. Made to order this ?pring. Price t75 Csn he seen for a few days at T. NAI LOR'S tvery Stable, corner llth street and Avenue, it* W E F NL'KSK WANTED?One^whose *ervic*s will be r??aired only at stat*d periods ofthedar. Apply to Dr. WM P- JOHN&TON, 4?6 7tn st., from 8 to 9 o'olock in the morning. se l> ? \)k/ ANTED?At No. 35*.? Eighteenth street, l>e. ** tween H and 1 eta., three DRESSMAKERS. None need applv but good fiaods. Also, two young iadirs to learn Dressmaking. it* VV AN TED-A rospecUble WOMAN, to wet v * nurse a Dane a weens old, at her own resiJem*. Apply at the southeast ooruer of 12th and H IJ. Ki 15-3t* WAN TED TO PURCHASE-Ahoutthreethou-1 if raud ohostnut R AILS and six hand rod POSTS of oedar or chestnut. Addreaa JAMES L. CARBERY. Georgetown, D. C. se 14-3t* %1/ANTKD?A CLEKK, who is acquainted with Tv the city trade, for a Jewelry Store. Best of references required. Addreaa T. H? No. ft, Star Office, se u %*7ANTED TO HIRE-Immediately,a9LAVE TT WOMANtoran American While Woman, who is a good cook, washer aad ironer. The best reference required. Inquire of the Rev. S. M. SHUTE, Columbian Coulee. ae 14-St? A "GENTLEMAN GOING SOUTH 18 DE sirous of purchasing several NEGRO MEN, for hia own private use. Parsons having each for sale win *ecure them a good place by aitdraaeiDg Box 496 "City Post Office," stating where aa interview may be had. ae 13-lw* 1*7 ANTED? By a steady and isduatnous man, a SITUATION as collector. Beat of raoommeadationa glvea. Addreaa M. C., Star OSca. 1; U-tf ^ AID8, WIVES, AND BACHELORS! REMEMBER That on FRIDAY, the 21at day of September, I860, joa can praaent to jour SWEETHEARTS, HUSBANDS, i ? < ' AND CHILDREN, A oobt of " Tha Ho*eohold Journal," th? che?? Mttad boat >oriodia?l ever publiahed, oonUiaiog si*Uen rt" of iftT oolamna of MtUr, by the >,A>t wiUrfl tut) beet uhiMti. Price Three Cents per copy, to be pnblished weekly. !CT?Tk? Trade mpplied ky Rose 4 Tousey, ana D*xt?r ft Company, or any of the wholesale new* acest* in New York, wko will wily the retail trad* with skow btila, fto., to. Hl?R tufl j ti V # t- t; ' THE WEIUY STAR. f?7~ That valuable and popular family Journal, the Wiiut Stab, full aa uaual of Metropolitan newi and goaalp, and cholcc literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the publie. Embraced In lta entertaining conUntaare the jouowing arwcie* Ix>vrr? D?wn Stairs and l/p?an original poem; Conetanre?a very Interacting storv of Florence; "Oh be not tbe Firat"?a poetic ^ew; Bacbelor'a Love-making?a very amuajng sketch; A Uood opinion of One'a !*clf; How to Please?a poem; How tbe Ladies comnu need attending tbe debate* of Coaprm; Volcanic Eruption in Iceland; Marabtield; "A ballad apout de Rowtles; Cruelties to Seamen?a French Boy a atorv; A Women at Pike's Peak; Long and Exciting Seige of a Maniac?an extraordinary attair, A Prince at a Ball; a Short Honeymoon?a bride of two days: A Sharpshooter's Exploit*. Too Modesl; A Perilous Adventure In the White Mountains; Sensations of a Man about to be Hung ; Blondtn and Farlnl at Niagara; A Mammoth Alr-shlp; Tbs Latest Sensation at Saratoga?a handsome young "nephew" prove* to be a gentleman's mistreat; On the Choice of a Wife and a Husband?poetic: Be a Mother to your Children; The Prince of Wales' Bedroom; Manufacture of tbe different varieties of Glass; Violent Storm In Charles county, Md?great destruction: Full Particulars of ike Loss of ike Steame tatty Franklin on Lake MtckigtiH ; Complete Account of the Premutation of tbe Stand of Colors to the New York Seventh Regiment? report of tbe presentation speech, Ac ; The Poisoning C&M In Anne Arundel County, Md ; Defrauding a Oas Company; French Peerage; Mr. Lowe and his trans-Atlantic Balloon; A Burglar Killed by a Locomotive! Telegraph between France and the United States; Who Danced with the Prlnctf Spontaneous Combustion; Sad Death; The City Passenger Railway Company in Baltimore and Politics; Funny Mistake; An Knglish Lady in the Pulpit; Inauguration of the Perry Statue; Robbery of the West Troy Post Olllce; Pronuncianiento in favor of Comonfort; A Lady Robbed at Saratoga of Jewelry and Diamonds of the value of #6,01*1; Desperate Affray among Students of a South Carolina College; The FloVdUun; The Taney and Nelson Mwtlng at Leonardtowu; Scene in a Village Church; Eating on the Cars; Operations of the Patent Olficei The Fugitive Slave Case In Washington; Reports of Politirjil M?? * " " -? .-.vv.nfjj. ui mi iwur ui me raniN; urganization of the "Wide AWakea'' in Washington; Mr. Ogle Tayloe'-s Speech at a Bell and Everett Meeting; Account of the York (Pa.) Encampment^ City Census Returns; The U S. Penitentiary; The late Haae Ball Match in the City; A Raacally Act; Thr Twelfth of September and the District Military; A very Interesting letter from UC. S N.,? "On the Wing" In Western Virglnia-, Our Naval Correspondence; Murder of a Vireman in New Yora; An Execution at Montevideo; A Locomotive in Mourning; Spanish Expedition to San Domingo; Sentenced to be Hung for Circulating the New York Tribune; A Letter from Preatdent Buchanan; The Coving, ton Railrozd; Exploded, The Key tohia Journey; Senator Clingiuan; A Sensation; List of Candidates for admission Into the Naval Academy; The Duke af Newcastle. Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, Ac., Ac.; Late news, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention This is just the paper above all others for per- i sons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per ropy, or ?1.25 per annum; postage prepaid by slamps when so arranged. RWSI OKLETTERS KMAININtJ in th? Pott Offloe. Washington City, D. C., September 15, 186". [Ordered to be inserted in the Evbkino Star, it being the newspaper having the largest oironlation of any daily paper published in Washington. | IE^ All persons applying for letters in the following list, will please say they are advkkrissd. LADIES' LIST. AnlJ, Misi 8-trahA DeSo^err, Bote Urtoii, A J A?k?-jr, Mr* H ? Davis, Mri E C 2 O'Brien, Mrs B Anderson, Mim A'e Doiis'?ii,Mrs Oiboru, M?r? Aiitlcrfon. Mi*# S'e Dunbar, Mi*s Bell Peuelton,AnmeMa a Barns, Mim My O Donaldson, Mary A Phillip** Mm K?tt Brail, Mi** Sarah' an*, Mr* MatildaPettit, Mi** L V Bxrtlett,Mim L'ma FUbioj, Catharine Phillip*, Mm H A Burge vin, MrsJcha Gryrnes. Miu Ein'hdnif ley, Mary Jane Rue/, Mri MariAu Greeiii Mm J RuiN, Anna Baker, Mies Am'dt Gallery, Jane A Rives, Mrs A L Barroo, Mis* V W HiP, Mr? Alict House, Rebecca Brosneuau, ?llen Hiry, IVl-iry T Robinson, .Sidney and M Hunt, Julia Ru?aell,Miaa Rhod^ Ba?ley, Miss Carry Howard, C B Rodgers,Mi?t Oath's Bnlter, Mrs Ad a H H? mi lion, Kiixn 8 Roman, Ophelia Btldwin, MrsMary Jones, Mrs Kate B Smith,Mi* tunic* N Brawuer, Mit&Bu'a Jones, Miss Eiiiab'hSte w art, Fanine Bullock, Lucy Anu Jones, Mrs Col Simpaon, Mia* M L Bargy, Mr* Hannah Kendnck, Anu L &weeuey, Mary Chum, Mr* Fraud* Lucas, Klira A tndf^rd, Rebecca CoxtMrs Lausdalei' Lacey, Mrs Msry R Hu veus, A una J Clark, Mrs flatus i Lewi*,Mrs Geor uMTalbot. Marv F Corwall, Mrs Ma y .Mure, >li?? Ami Turner, Jane Csrletou, Mrs Oar Moore, Mite Elu'b Thompson,Oathar'e Cromn. Mary Morton,Mr* MJai.e Taliuro, & K Carter, Mrs E Musty, Mrs Caro'eTolson, Miss M Cnmptou, Mrs ?4 Moreland, Iuhz.\ G Tjlcr, Peoriope Campbell,MriMa'd Milter , Mrs Ro*e Thompson, Helen L Conely, Ann Msthe* s,8us.tnah '2 Wlitis, Marrun Cammel, M?rf't Musgrty MissPaalcWalsh, Mrs Cleveland, M ?s M Martin, Edwin Walker, Mr* R W Deau,Cathari .e Mullville, Bridget Warring, Kate Duncanson, L nina McPhcrson,MrsEH Windsor, Miss A Dillon, Cath inne McK.?y,MraFE Wbituij, Gi ace Davis, Mrs Mary McKensie MrsMaryWilliams, C GENTLEMEN'S LI?T. Albertscm, 8aml Himmond, W P Ox, Anton Alcorn, J L llinton, Lriah Pendleton, Win A Aduns, Hiury J?2 Hunter, Capt T T Purmt, T Aneell, I?r H A * Hughes, Pal Parkfnsui), 8 I) Adams. II i Hart, Marion PoMey, Sinol Adams, C B Hindi, Joel Pickett, Mr Appleby, A O Heard, J no A Pcd.?n, J*s A Anderson, Hon A 2 Hebrone, Jamsi?2 Pickett, I>r Jno A Bailey, Win Husney, Jno Primer Jas W Baker, Wm Hawkins, Jno P<?uio, 8r Dr Jute Byrner, Thos Havey, Joshua of Franetsco Burlde,Thos Hammct, Joe T Parry, H Bridgemm, Msth Hube, James Parker, Geo T Bond, Hamuel He*fty, J I) Perry, E W Bennett, ft 1?3 Harper, Jno P B Price, Chas C Buike, Patrick Hickman, Heury Pollard, A W Banchmin, Paul Hunt, <?en Gibson Qmnche, Prof A J Brinke, J Howard, Geo W?Si Robiusun, Wm | Browne, James Ila2.ell, Geo Robiuaon,Tracey?S Oojrrs. Jno W Healey, Geo P A?4 Riley, James I B?>3, Dr J Hunit, Geo G Roe, Geo Barron, Henry A Hall, E H Reynolds, Geo Baker, GaoT Ingraham, Geo C Roux, G 8 Burleiffc, E L Isherwood, B T Russell, Krauk Burfordft Dou gbertyjohuson, W R Russell, E J Br rry, Benjamin Jones, Thos 8 Rocker, B T Brisse , Bsnjamiu Jones, T W Reed* Albert Brawley,A Johnson, b J Rotmson, Andrew J Cullcn, W J Johtiaon, Col 8M Rives, Alfred Cross, Wm A?2 Johnson, 8 L Steward, Donlap Chandler, Was Jenkins, P D biew r W D Chandlers, Gen J T Jsvskuil, Joseph South, W E Campbell, J K Jamison. A B?2 Savage. Rev T 8 Clover, Gta Ssth Kurtz, W G Small wood, Thos Crow, Dr Seldon W Keats, J is B S^ches, Robt Cainp 4 Oshorn _ Knights, Jamee 8tmrt. RH Criuenden,NUtto Keatinf, Jno M Smith, Li?u L , Kemp, Jno H SiurUi, Juo G Crown, J J K I.ey, JuoJ Snirh, J. met W Couae}, Jerry Klug, Geo fewell. Jo., John Ktigore, IUtitf Sullivan, J.?? B Crawley, John Kenan, Cine Sherler, W H Cl.ytoo, J T Lewi., W M Scbeirinan S> Council, John R. Liniin um, Tho J?itetcre?eu, G N Carpenter, J N Langi?, S.irl O Street, K 8 CarTer, t i.inkhn Richard Stewart, Frederic Corridoo, Kdw.rJ Lee./, Rtchard D Siewjrt, K rwi"' h Larkin, Phillip Siekel., Kred E Child., D 8 Law, MR Shebaa, F J A (.oouell, Capt Oatil Long, J.,nee Sepeon, Edwxrd Callahan, Char.e. Little, Jim.. Smith, Ch i. M & wi, R.v J |{ Scull, A ll uL?ln w L?wi?, Graimll. Tarver, S<ut| Uounelljr, W.n Lee, Cornel ,u. Tnjhr, l)rJ A Darinon, Wm Mulleu, W in Todd, Jun W?3 R*'J^aA8 4101 Men.ton, W,n Ta, |or, Jilo H n!l!' 1 Murtunore, Bainl? ITealdi D D??t, Jtuit Morrnou.Al TileotvCti Ka-Jrt' J D W B Teleott, Andrew L;ruth, H fr Mnlim S fr Underwoo?i J w DroU^Hriry F-1 Martm, J,?, L Vanderburgh, H-J * M.i,el, Jno Vheu.GL Dr'f A, J W V ..., Jno H l^ddr'id,. r m rff "LJuo Vul * Co- Mee.r. Ljoduriaze, C E Wunh, H Wickltffe * m.... Su^T^^oi a n.f iJlddJttonAH B WkiUn.Wm eJn.r ip " ?'"1,3rt.H T Walker, The# rf^u'rf V Martin, Edwin Willi ,uw, Tdoa f ^ Til t Mwr., A H W illie, Tho. D n McCorinaek, C H Walter, Robt ? uiu*;, r rv mc^u, tawsra ? Hldtiker, H Frey, no A McLaughlin, Joo White, Joint H?3 Karri.worth, J F McNarA Ke;?r Wileoii, Juo Fowler. Euriti MtConttr, M H Winder, JnoH, D H McClii't.RH-J W?mr, Juti Flee id, Ju O McCombe, R A Wuiou, Juo W FiU{tr*ld, Peaau McOnrdy, 8 B W Imfield, Joe Oowdin, W A McCutcheii, W H Wcllinf.H Green, Juo A, Ir?2 McKiiew, W W Walter, jr, Ueo Qreeu, Juo A Non-el, Win Wtlaoo, Ueo t> tilbeon.OW Neei.JnoP Wlittlti.UC liiMioai, Eilwari Nijbtwf ale, Hen BWiilaril, (it Uooaalue, Darnel Oweu.RT Wateri, (ic<> Gitbi, Dul ] Oeborn, Nelenn Wikrlui(, E UarUuzt(w,V.'ro?wellOwena, Jae B?1 Woodward, Tliee Hunt, Win Owene, Juo 8 WiUoa, A W Hobhe, Wm O'Neal, Juo WiicMI, A II Hutch"", Wm lErLlTTIM HOST 1M ALL CASKS U PBSTAIO. ttspl* WM. JONES. P. M. ^CHOOL AND COLLE9K OUTFITS. Youthj' and Boys' Clothing for School and Drejs Wear. i ?cuw aua iwauiui ?1UUI| tO IUmian IQOIr ohildren and warda with Sohool and College Outfits lor the (joining leaaon, arc invited to exaroiue oar ereaent large and eztaneive aeaortaient BOYS CLOT HINW, where they oan fit oat their ?ku4teu of all eixee in a few momenta with every description of Roady-made Uarmeate, of aubetantial awl IB.0?* co. _ao 30-tl Sia Penn. avenue. ^ATCHRKPAm.NOA^VmUARt I have one of the beat establishment*. and farniahed with a complete aet of tool* for repair- JN in* pv?ry Ueaeripiioo of tine Watches, and fTM particular attention give to the aame, by *mmm tnorouah eoiupetentjworkinan,and all work anarattied. A1 o, every deacrip ion of etandard 311.V KR WARE, plainand ornamental, manufactured uruler I my own auperviaion, whioh mty onatoinere will l?a?t I far euperior in quality and finiah to northera ware 1 Hi 399 p?, avenue, near <Ht) at, mllirs?j*?iLh ~ i ff

LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED OR ?TOLFN. 01 WediM?eday. the r* 12thi instant. a larce red H?flr*lo COW, Wlit w ith white faoo,a little white on her baok.*4f^ and wh>te underneath. Th*re it a mark or JUk* sorstch on the right himl qnarter. f'<rniin(t nearl* a ?1r?i ^ ht 'me. whiah n on'y di?oernaMe on close ?>b er\*lion. A liberal reward will he paid lor her return to me, or for aey information a? may lead to her raw very. JOHN McNF.RHANY. so 14 3*2 Corner bih and 1' street# north. I OS r_La*t n.eht. probably between 7th ?*Teot. j uppomte the IVytoffi.o ??i ?i.? n,k : an<1 F Mb., a pair of GOLf>F.Y KO LASSES. for Inch the owner will pa* a suitable reward, if left at f hi* office. *e 13 X \ REWARD.?A large black 1NKVVFOl'ND 'jO I,AND DOG htrav.-il ivar from rny<|^0 tlore on the morning of the 11th He aaswer* by th? name of Frank. 'I ho above reward will )>e paid for hi* deliver* to me. J.C.GREEN, e 13 St 9th >t..! door al>ove Pa. av. tjTRAYED AWAY, on \Vedae*daT moraine, a 9 whit* buffalo COW. with a eatiiT^rfpU halter. Five dollar* will l?e given to the?^%r finder, if returned to Mm. M. C. BAR MmJmm HER,Georgetown Height*. sel3-eo3t* I QST?On Tueedav, August 7th, a Bl'NDLF. of Li Evening Star News papers, containing four copies of each day for the month of J une. 1SW The finder will receive a liberal reward by leturmpg them to this oflfico. au 15 tf pppunwA r m. uiMJVil AiJi THE PERSON WHO. day befjre testerday morning, sent as a prevent a bouquet, with a piece of newspaper inclosed, will please give name thereDy to relieve the mind of the receiver of an uncertainty, It' ITOUNt)?By the subscriber, on the 14th inat., a r WHITE HORSK. black ou the nase. fiv and in good condition. Any one proving jLi^vl ownership satisfactorily and paring all ex penses will set him from CONRAD KNATZ, Blacksmith, Toll gate, Seventh st. road, Wai<hington, DC If ?;n REWARD.?Ran away from th? sub 3lwU scriber, living n?ar Nottingham, Prince George's co . Md., on Sunday, the 9th ins' , my lr?y JOHN WILLIAM TYLER ADDISON, about 5 It. 6 ort> in. in hight, tolerably stout, light copper mulatto, hair a littlo curly and trimmed to a medium thickness, fac? and forehead well proportioned, and lik?!y. May have a scar on the outer corner of one of'his e>es; ohm sliehtlv ilimnlerf about 19Or2ftyrariof age. Was dressed when he left with black felt hat, black cloth frock coat ami light blue casBimere rant*, marked on the inside of the waistband "'C. \V . Hollyda*;" some of his shirt collars alio marked. He may, however,chance his clotli<hg. Ho inay be in Washington or Georgetown, u. C . where he has acquaintances, or may have followed the course of tfie turnpike or railroad lor Baltimore or Penns>lvariia. a* lie left without provocation. I will five the abovo reward of S150 provided he is secured in jail so that ! ret him JAMES E. tf. HOLLY DAY. sell-bt* Madame morrice. thrgrhar a*t*oi.ootit Doctrkbb, ju?t from Enror*.?This hit hiy gifted aud intelligent lady can be consulted on the Past, Present and Future Evrnu. Call at No, U05 Tweuty-second street, between H and I, Washington. j?19-;uu* BOARDING." 4 K4> NINTH STREET.?Person* returning to the city from their summer resort* will find vacant several desirable rooms, having the conve mencoH of eas, water, and bathing closets, at 4 '?3 Ninth st., one door south ol F; suitable either for families or single gentlemen. Tabls boa<ders accommodated on moderate toirns. se 5 2W I7AGLE IRON WORKS, M-A Coe5kk Ohio Av. isd Thteikiih ^i. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The undersigned have been appointed sole acents in this city for the manufacture and tale of the above Engines, and are prepared to supply all orders with promptness and dispatch. Ttiese engines have been satisfactorily introduced, arid are now practically employed in bakeries; by liookbiiiders; for boxwood cutting; by <'abiuet makers; for drawin^ fun blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumpiugt for domestic purposes; elevating gia:n; glass cutting; ginning cotto.i; gnndiiic auartz; grinding paints, uniting sugar >-ane on plantations in Cuba; lor hoisting; for knitting machines; by manufacturers of pla'ed w.'.re: of printers' material, of silver ware. of agricultural imnleinnnts- <?f nul.O.oii' nf l,......^! skirts; for pumping at railroad f tatious and on board j hip*; f<?r sewing machines; for jon printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; for sawing and planing lnmlter; for picking hair: for policlinic comtm; for shoemaker*' us**, for and sifting; turning; U>b*cco cutting and pulverizing; in tanneries and w re making establishments; for nrxin, water manufacture; for bone crushing; malt mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, 4c. They are inexplosive; economical; easily managed; they require n<> engineers; use no water; and consume very little fuel. Any parson desirous of using these Keg.lies, can by application to tr-e undersigned be shown a large number of testimonial* fiom pei .-ons who have them m daily use, expressing their entire satisfaction iu their operation and use Prices of the Kuginc* as established by the Patentee : * 12 in. ojl'r $S5<i lift inches oylinder, $i5? Double M " l,<nn 32 - " I.S50 32 " ft " " 2.3 ? 40 " 4,910 l? " " 3,V<? *? 48 " $,W 6? " " S.UUO *' ?? 44 9,50:1 124 " " 750. We are are also prepared to furnish, at short notice, Architectural C'a?tings, fiom ?u> (Valgus that inay l>e furuished. as oh?ap a* can Ims obtained elsewhere. Also, Steam Engine*, portable and station rv ItltrK nr Inttr n?noiin.? - 4 " * ?>7f>ilku?? |'->W ciuomlKT, PftH nil'l KM*l FUII'K; II** dro'titic, or otner pres.** ; boilers for ht-ating buildings, wrought iron water tanks;*haitin<. gearing, etc., for flouring or other mills, and forging of all kind-*. se 13 Awrim WM M. ELLIS A; RRO. ROWfc'S ORIENTAL BALSAM. A CCRE FOR BALDNESS AND HEADACHE. This new discovery ha* produced astonishing re suits lu curing baldness ami stopping the hair from fading off it removes dandruff ard all eruption* of the skin; a certain cute for (.eadach*, aid adeI'ghtful wuh and perfume. PriceKtoents. Foreae bf Messr*. Nairn 4 Palmar, Oil as. Stott, L. M. Smith, J Schwarzsand Kidwell A Laurence. ?e ll-eolm* UNION FIRKWOOD MILLS, CoRMKR 7TH I.ASDCaS*!., Wash imelon, D. C. Tho undersigned most respectfully invite the at tent on ol our customers ami the public generally to the fact that we have now afloat jon TONS Or COAL, of all srzes and of the verv best quality, which wo will sell at a profit of 26 cent* per ton from the vessel* _ ? _ it r- \> e are m*o maim loom runs IliUKUttY, OAK and PINK WOOD. *11 length* and sizes. E'f All orders filied with dispatch. J- Office corner 7th street and Canal. se leu H?t Mo KNEW A. MARLOW, Pro'rs. GEORGE B. Sl.OAT A CO., VJ Manufacturers of THE ELLIPTIC LOCK STITCH and lMPPOVKMSHl'TTLK SEWIMG MACUlfllES! The simplest and best ever constructed ! Free from leather pads and complication Reliable upon alt manner of fabiics ! WARRANTED TO EVERY PURCHASER !" and THE PET OF ALL CREATION' Manufactory, 1120 Beach street. Philadelphia. Agent for Washington and vicinity? J. THOS. MAXWELL. se6 6tfu 328 Pa. avmue. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonduoted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will take place at Havana on TIIKIW V (1. 1 IIM m vuk j/ii A 9 w ivuen ? iw? SORTEO NUMERO 6t3 ORDWARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. I prize of $100,000 fi<i prises of. ?l,non I do ? JO.nno 60 do fin* 1o ? ?,00C 1.59 do 4"0 o an,o?*> 20 appro*. 8juo 1 do 10,000 IN ALL aS? PRIZES. Whole Tiokets, ?5l0? Ba.vN, 910?Quarters, $5. Prise* o&ahed at light at * per oent disoount. Bills on all solvent Bauks taken at par. A drawi ne will he forwarded as soon as the res si I beeomes known. Ail orders for schemes or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, se 14-tr Care of Citr Post. Charleston. S. C. If OR HIRE?A SERVANT MAN, (slave) 25 1 years old; is competent to tak? ?are of horse*, to serve as coachman, driver, porter, or as a farm hand. Apply at No. 409 Ninth street, between II audi. t?e ll-lw* I nr. unr.A/1bar OAHUAliM l"? A riA.>?? 1 YET OFFERED.?A beautiful new^jM^ Rosewood pplendid tone Piano, irade N uobfc A Clark of New York; eo'.d only 3*" * inontha since by a well known per*00. f9r w58"* Peculiar oircumetanoea enable us to offer ?for $2 0 on eaay term*. Call and aee it. JOHN F. EI.I.IS 8 Chickenng A Sous' Pianos, 11 306 Pa. av., bet 9th and Mh sts. IjH+R A SHORT TIMF. "NI.Y.-DEAFNESS AND POISES iiV THE HEAD.-1?K. COLSTON. member ot the Royat College of So rgoona ofEcg'aud, has arrived, and is now | repared to ap?'y bis new and extraordinary ireatnient by which he wae him?ef cured af er eleren year* intense suffering. i'artiou a^s for asif onre sent to any address for portage; consuMations daily from 10 till 4 o olock free; reference to hundreds of pt r eons oared. Address No. 512 Twelfth street. Wathincton, II. C. Nervous persons should re?;l "Vital Statiea" for self oure. Sent free to any address for 12 oenta in atampa. ee 11-lw* In order to dispose of my entire etook of Men's aud B^ye'STRAW HATS* great inducements will be offered until the close of the season at I ANE 8 an M l?, WALL. stephens k CO., 3*8 P?nn?ylranift Ayeaue, have just r*oeiv?d a 'ari-? variety of new Fall Goods, to which they lavite the a:t?ation of the>r friends and customers. ?n 3P-tf WOOD! w o o d n WOOD!!! STOVE tad KINDLING WOOD, at the Iowa* T. J. * W. M. 6 ALT, m?y?t-!b*r-^ A"~ ' ' ' Jj \ rt A % GEORGETOWN. uorrespondtnce of The Star GiomiowK. September 15. 1000. At a meeting of the Rtpubllraa Association. held last evening in the hail comer of Hi^h and Gay itr>cU, _j or 30 persons were present A list was prraented containing the name* of 10 or 12 persons who dr*'rrd to become nrmbttt of the .msc iat1on Mr Deeble. from the committee appointed to wait on the Waahtngton Aaaociattou. insde a verbal report, and stated that that aaaorlatlon b'd congratulated tbeai warmly in the orpanlullOQ of a club In Utorgetown. and had aent some documents for distribution He alaoaaid that tbe Wide Awakea in Washington Intended to get up a torchlight proceaalon shortly, and would Iprobably come to Georgetown^ We then m i mm w. ur|(iu)( urn repuoucans are not a-rialgamattonists or in^endaries. but onlv oppose the filrmlon of slavery and favor frt* labor lit opposition to slave labor On motion it w:\a then resolved to give two day?' notice in the Star of a meeting to be hel?L on Friday evening ?nt, and Inviting the attendance of all who wish to become members of the association One of your juvenile mllltaar companies paid a visit last evening to th? Young Guard, Captain Rodier, of our e!tv, and were received in handsome style with all the honors. Both companies Coceoded to the armory of the Ouard, and, from eclapping of hands, the military tramp, and the cheering of fresh young voices wbich were heard Dy ouuiaers, wc judge Uiey were having a lively time Wyman bad a full bouae again last night, and we suppose will Lave this evening, as this is the last chanc*. We arc Informed that tbe President and Cabinet have been invited to the tournament at Analostan on Monday next. The wreaths. Ac . which are on exhibition at Stevens's, on Pennsylvania avenue, in Washington, are gotten up with a great deal of taste. We expect to see a large crowd present GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS For other Georgttcicn advirtitemmts tit Jirtt pat* FORREST HALL. GEORGETOWN, I). C. W Y M A 1* ! WYMAN !! FBiniV - " < <1T[UII1V v wik i i ??> ?'*? . k'ti m v m% t/rt i NIGMTS Also, for Children, on SATURDAY AFTERNOON. 3 p. m. PC 13 3t JUST RECKIVRD10 hhds. prim* Porto Rieo SUGARS, IS' bills. rid Rvo\VHl!*KV, 2?>n?iWs HERRING and ALEWIVES. .Vi bb!a. ''rushed mid Refined <?UGARS. 3" !>ags R io and Java COFFEE, lo linds.t low prioedi MOLASSES. ForaiMir JOHN J. BUGt'K. ? in R., .. C C. ATZS ESPECTFULLY informs hia p-iends and the public generally that he ha* removed to No. SS High street. adjoining Masonic Hall. He is prepared to furnish, at the shortest notioe. Dinner and Evening Parties, and feels assured that he will give entire satisfaction to those who ?nar favor him with a call. All kinds of CONFECTIONERY and CAKF. at the lowest prioes. Best ICE CREAM a' *1 .*i per gallon. C. C. ATZS. se 4-lm Si High street. Georgetown. The itni>ersigned carpenter and BUILDER off*?ra h's aervioea to the puMio of Georgetowu, Washington, and vioiuitj, and wnl ooutraot for or superintend the construction of p?l> to and private bin dings. Plana aril specifications will he furnuii??d at short notiee ??fhce andshop on Conhres-a st . Georgetown, immediate ly north of tUo 1 oat Office. au2T3?neo r HKNKY WINGATE. T CLINTON ACADEMY. HE Next Annual Session of this ech^o! wil' commence on MONDAY, September 3 The e>c hoo| has been removed to 161 West street, between Congress and Hi*h. Circulars mar be oh'ained aft?r the 2M of August, at the drug ?iore of Mr. K. S. T. Cisul, corner of Congress aiid Bridge ?ts. au 18 eo lm GEW. ARNOLD. M. A.. Principal. "for sale and rent. [Ar otktr "For S<tl? rtnd odrtrtntmtntt, *?*Jirst page.] FOR RENT. Several FURNISHED ROOMS for rent corner of New Jeisev avenue and B street, south of the Capitol. Inquire of Mr*. E B. MILLS. No. 353. se 13 3t? FOR REN T?A three story and basement BRICK HoUSE on First st. *e?t, Iwtwefu o arid H north, near St Aloyeiu* Churcli, c?u taming 7 ooiufuita'.ie rooms. For particulars an p'y next door south, or to WISE A CALLAHAN. se 15 7t* TO LET?Very cheap, a laree upper ROOM on Fa. ave., admirably adapted for light Man ulacturing purposes. A'so, very cheap, unfurnished ROOMS, singly, or in housekeeping spites or floors, in a larte brick building with mi a half a square of the A venue. Also, wanted, a widow lady with a good stock < f furniture to ?Ak? of a centra!!* ioiateu house, anct let furnished room', on the shares. a<1 d rera"Lan 1 lord," Box No. 1 star Qffioa. n)5 2t PfOR RENT?A comfortable and oonvemn!lv arranged DWELLING- in a pleasant and h??a tllV location. Th?> HullSP iMUltmTK nilifi rniimii Iieside bath ro >in anil cellar, with water and gas. Apply at No. 357 Mumekiiwito ave. ae 14 3t* tjM'R HAI.E-A veiy rood and substantial Hriok HOUSE?and Lot? witfi h rooms, in a good and improving rart of thf citv, near Pa. avenne and the Center Market. Apply at No c htreet north, or at ANTHON V;* Hat i??ore, 7th st. bp H-tt K'OR RKNT?A FRAME HOUSE, on E street I near Seventeenth, containing six rooms, passage, and celia*. Rent moderate tr> a rood tenant. Inquire at No .">7 3 Seventeenth st. The propert.v is also for sale. se 13 3t* IVOR SALE?HOUSE and LOT on the corner o( 1. Montgomery and Dumbarton sts.. Georgetown, 1 outing I net on the former and lit* feet on the .atter stre? t For terms applv on the premises, se 13-eo3t* hM)K RKNT?ROOMb Xoi.'i. 3,4. 5. 8. H, 14,15.1?. 17 1?. ?I and ii3, in the new fivestory brown stone building corner 7th street west nnl ?v?nn#, known Rmld. ing." They are well adapted for Offices, having gas, water. Ac. For terms aoplv at our Store, No. 407 Pa. avenue, or to John it. Sernmon A Co , No. 523 9th street west, corner Louisiana av. bp 13-2awlm MURRAY A SEMME?. 1<M)R RENT-Fiv* URICK HOUSES of the handsoina row of buildings, now nearly roady (or occupation, situated ou 9th st., between M an ! N *ts. north For particular inquire at No corner 7th and M sts , or 3?3 Pa. av , south side, betareen ?'-a and 6th sts ,ofWM.H. CAMPBELL. se l-eo2w I/O* SALK?A new two-?tory-and-l?aseinf'lnt I > III) IOL' 111 tl k: L C A ...4 m. 13 r\ I V. r\ IlUL v li. Wlivoilliuii j IUUII18 Oil'i rri" lar, sitoated oil Eleventh street north, within 5 minutes'walk of the Northern Liberties Market Terms unusually liberal. Apply toll. N. l.ANSDALE, corner of 7th st. and Pa av. se 4 Iw' A RAKE OPPORTUNITY-A raagnifioent FARM f<r ?a!e or exchange for oity property, containing tFl acr*j-. haif mile from Fairfax station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It is undt r a hifh btato of cultivation, well wateied, good bul'dinte ami timber; it oan be bought low. Call onG. W. BRAY A CO,at their Jewelry ttore, 516 Seventh ttreet. se3-'m* FOK RENT?A three-story-and attic BRICK DWELLING on H street. betwe?r. 13th and Itth streets. Apply at WM. P. bHEDO'S Faucy Store, No. 60U lltti st. au ss-3w" ill a A I V_ k .mall P A It M of It lnr?i itf lanrl rv I V 111 1JU 4. a Bllivtl * * I* Vt wu. w v? situated 1miles north of r*oldiers' Home and 4 miles from Washington city. being a part of Chil I urn Cast 1* Manor; 15 acre* in uiaiket garden and tJie ba'am-o is h'-avily tnnlieml, with a spring o( nover failing water, a toon* orchard <>f pnr f* ami apple*, having on it a ?mall framo hou?e. A pi!? at stand No. 27 1 Center Market, ol Mri. MORTIMER or on the pi see to J. H. MORTIMER. au?>-3w* CLAY'S HOTEL. Uhit*d Stat**,) PENN. AVENUE. WASHINGTON. D C. The I'mtik Statu* Hotel having passed into the hand*of the undersigned,the* respect-A . ? A fully inform their frienox and the public tiiat the house lia? l>eea closed for the la?t two months, and has l>een tlioioughlv renovated, repaired and furnished, and will be reopened on the l?t September inst. The honse being heated with steam,ami piovided with other moderi) unprovemuuis. may now t>e classed with the fir?t hotels of the country. It wil. now accommodate some three t uncired persons. The proprietors giving their personal attention to baeiness, no effort will We spared on their pai t, or tneir attendants, to contribute in ir.e oaniun 01 their guests. Hoping to reoeive oar share of pubho patronage, we remain, very respectfully. i. H.CLAY A CO. Washington, August 20,1860. N B.?Gentlemen desiring Board can fin I pleasant Rooms at moderate prices. se \-12t VV HEELER ? WILSON'S , UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machines, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, which reader thom absolutely all that ran he desired, AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 PKaxaYi.v4.1iA Avk.m k, near 7th atreet, From $HO to |100, With Instructions free of oharge. Mfrla F. J. STB BE, A get Bno damaged books: U T The ver* Nicest? Be?i-Cheapen SCHOOL BOOKS! SCHOOL KOOKS! At the Washington Headquarters, where everv body buys their Boh'*>l Boots. sti'lafew left, at the lowest pnoae, at SHEPHERD'S! e 8-1 w Corner 7th and D (treets. H W. HAMILTON* PX1NTKR. and DEALER IN PAINTS. No. 48* Tth 8t*k?t, mf Odd FM0w*' HtUL ana tf PUTTY H DOWN. FOR 8A1.K.?A fair of <X>ACH HOKSKS, yonnj and faa(, ?uid for no fault: thr fT\ owner having no ns? for them. Apt?lj ai *|Xn W. H. KanZCKi. ylTaaiaavown*. M>??> art an4 4W ?? ? M-tf TOUiyK SIGNAL HORN. Pric* ?L?, Ja? %r'"* "^"U^'VkTX.HOTT '* v 4 v+ i THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. THRLE DAVI LATER FROM El ROfl. Arrival ( Ut MeliU St Joa?ss,Sept 14?The steamer M*lita, frtwn LtTerpoul for Halifax, with adrtcaa to tbe 4U lastant em l>f*n lntrri?plHl by tbe ??*? boat ot tk* Associated Prrse off Cape Race and thence w* have the follow! ne Intelllireece : The Miner* Adriatic and Anglo-Saxon arrived out OB the 4th. Tbe new* la not lmportaat The London Observer qualifies it? atateirieot that Mr Llndsar vitiu America la an author, ta tl*r capacity. ar d sava bis journey la private, bet at ore of the rrprrtriiiatlrd of the ahlpptag latereat. he baa consented to uae hi* Influence to ladu~e tbe American goeernateat to Myotiate (or the adjuatmeut of various abipplng natt?n, aad the government dnimm of facilitating tbeee viewbaa furulahrd Mr Linda v with all the correspondence between the two couatrlca ?a tbe subject Sardinia la aald to be about to Interfere la Naples. Farther t alilsrata Raws. 8* Jo?? rn. Sept 14 ?San Kranciaco papers ef the lat inst report tbe markets dull Kc?*lpls of wheat larne, and demand light oa account of the scarcity of ahlppini; Discoveries of an extraordlaarr character ha*e been made In l>tl Norte countv Numerous quart* veins h; ve been fouud, which yield fabu tons amounts of gold A treat excitement seems to hare mm*.. Knout; the people of Oregon on account of tbe ntraordinary mineral dlaroveriea In tbe neighborhood of Rock reek, Kettle river, and tbe northern mine? generally The paper* of Washington Territory hare alao glowing account* from the northern mines. tbey represent great excitement aa prevailing at Zattle and other Puyt-aound settlements, and that there was a danger of sonic of the towns being temporarily depopulated News from Honey I.ake valley to the J4th nit has been received Tb* wagon road xpeditlon had completed Its lslmrs and returned to tba valley Col Lander had alao held au 1 otervtew with the principal war chief of the Pah-ute Indiana, who desired peace, and promised to keep bis war riors quiet for one year, to tive an opportunity to have the cause of their troubles explained at Washington. This will probably put an end of f irtber danger to the pony expreas and overland emigration. Pregreee ef the PrlBce. I<osix>?,C W , Sept 13?15 m.-Tbf Prlnwrf Wales and the roval party left this fronting, by special train *1* the Great Western Railway, for Fort Sarnla, where th-v arrived at 11 o clock Tbev return at 3 o'clock this afternoon, when the Prince holds a levee, ai.d attends a f-all la the evening The weather ta Terr ?ae. and the town Is filled with people The Are commutes, with their machines, from all the surrounding towns, are here, having a grand tournament this mernlug. There are no Orange demonstrations 10 p.m.?The royal party arrived from Port Sarnia at half past tbree this afternoon, an Interesting ctrrmony with the Indians hiving detained them longer than waa anticipated Oa board tbe train were a number of the Canadian Ministry, Mr Brydges. Managing Director of the Great Western Railroad, and the London City Council rLe-f ndlans ^ave the Prince their farewell whoop. A general concourse of people assembled to grrf th* Pri'ice on his return here He went directly to the levee, and is at the ball this ev*?ing Tomorrow morning he leaves for Nlag?ra. via Brantlord, l^ort trie and CLlppews arriving at the Clifton House vn Frwlav ?lxht. where there is to b'.' a fareat display of fireworks Burning ef the Cenewnge Bridge. MiDt?Lirow5, Pa , Sept 13 ?The Conewaao i OM4e?, on tbe Lancaater and HarntLti'v railroad, wu destroy* d by Are thla af'crnoon. There will be no Interruption to the trawl on tbe Pennavl vanta railroad In consequente. u there are two roads between Lancaster and thla place, and tbe entire freight, with a portion of tbe peaaenger business. has alwavs been done over tbe road via Columbia, and the paeaenger train that heretofore run via Elltabethtewn will, for tbe present, be run via Columbia, making the same time A Battle wtlh Indiana Ni'v OtLUiii, Sept. 13 ?The San Antonio Htrsld of the 7th lnat aavs that Capt feurey'a command bad fought a large body of Camanchee, Klowas, and Cheyenne*, sixty inllee from Fort Kearney, ki llmg twenty-nine of the enemy Ths American luea waa trifling. Pennsylvania Politics. Pu:laukLPHia, Sept. U.?Hon. Henry M Fuller, chairman of Uwl'niM State Kxecntive Com miitw, biU called a meeting of the committee at Harriaburg, on the 2Tth Inst , for the purpoee of completing tbe electoral ti< ket, and aelectinjt a candidate for Governor Departures for fcarope. Niw Von, Ikpt IS.?The ateamabtp Fulton, for Havre via 9i>u(biwptoii. Bailed at noon to-day with bo unaat'ucrr* i?nd (140,000 In apgcie. The City of WincbesU-r left at tbe same time for Llverp rnl via Queer Mown, with 140 paaaengera and SU'2,000 in apecio. Marine Dtaaatera. Norfolk. Sept 14 ?Tbe bark Agnea, of Baltimore, bound to Cork, baa put In bere leaking Tbe acbooner Raii&er, from Jackmti bonnd to New York, wltb coffee and logwood, bia also arrived bere leaking, witb milt aprung. Movements of lierachell V. Johaaoa rh i l a lilihi a . Sept 14 ? Herat bell v. Johnaon will speak to tbe Democracy of tbla city tomorrow evening. Preparation* are made to glva Mm a trend rof"" >la?aa< liaaetta Palitica. Bostos, Sept 14?A. H. renominated for Congreaa. br tbe Repnbllcaaa of tbe Fourth District, by acclamation. Cbaa. B. Hall waa cboaen District Elector. ftlaklu at a ftt?aai?r. MlMrau.Sept 13 ?Tbesteamrr Aurora. bMi?d from St. Louis to New Orleans, struck a sna? nod sunk, on Tuesday night, when off Osceola, Ark. She will probably be raised. New Ysrk JH?rk??a. Nbw Yoke. Sept 15 ?Floor la uosetUrd aod 10al5c lower , State *5 60; Ohio f5 90-6.10; Southern 55 95a* 20. Wheat is una*-tiled and has d-clinf-d 2t3c. Corn baa declined 1cmixed 4>aC6^c. Provis ons art steady but quiet Whisky 1, heavy at 24c. Bsltlasrs Narksu. Baxtixoeb, Sept. 15 ? Flour closed steadv and with larjre mid, Howard street and Ohio S6? Wheat ilosed doll and 5alOc lowrr; red SI "JOa SI 40, white SI 35-Sl 65. Com closed dull and h?avy; white 6ea7lc. yello ? 08a72c. Provistoua closed quiet ; mess pork S19 75, prime S15 00 hard c losed steady st 13 tfc. Coffee closed firm at 14al5c. Whisky has declined )|c. closing at 23c Financial. Niw Yoke. Sept 15?Storks are ?>et?er, Chicago and Rock Isisnd *1V Illinois Central shares 89k; Michigan Southern 4?K; New Vwk Central 8t<, Reading 1">4. Hudson River RR ifi\, Vs "N 92, Mo 6 * m%. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8. 261 C St., btttft* 10r* amA I Uk. He will to-cay his long es'abluhed and wall known NORFOLK OVpTER^. SHUCKING DEPOT 7or the reason 4Fj^ (- J He na? made arrangement* t-? reonve^^ALA# regular supplies or the best NOR- we # FOLK OYS TER* on every Tuesday, rhur?aaj, aud Saturday He will also keep coa stautiy on hand a large and varied assortment of FISH, including every sort known to Washin*toi, tables. He returns bis eineere thanks to thoee who patronised his Kstahluhnieat daring the past sason, acd is oonfident that his increased facilities for a.i ? _ i ? T _ M <>?a trepms i on n?Da irtiu Uffiit* 01 " I o TERS, Fl!*H, G AM K Ao . Ae , will a?plr ? rod a aoDiionano* ol their patroeac* oa?to? Sold M th? lovMt market prioee, and delivered tt til parts of the oitj froe of caarje. n m T. M. HARVKt* NEW COOK^STOVES Qamehica^O^IIN g| continental. Totetb-r with an naagnaM ?Wok m all MU*rni Coolv STOVES. PARLOR STOVES*. CHAM BKR ST-iVK*. Mali. >TO\ ES. Ac , worth. ,.f merit, w hich will l?e sold al prii e* that o*nnot fV11 l..r ?? e l\fe. SK1RV1.NG. \VaahiucU>n >tove,Giato, Rat re. Hot-Air Furnace. Tin. Shoot Iron,and Japanned Ware Manufactory, No. iOT Pa. av. and Ilth et. e & egg w ft 1 A FRESH SUPPLY. . To the immmto rush for r^-hoo, Boon; my ittock h?l becon.e ?1iu<>m estimatori To oif 1 have r?xy<iv?4t a fresh mffly tadun win raadf lofurt ith my iiinnHii ou?tomf?at Mtuaffc'm'r ow price*. wholesale *nd relail. WII. RAI.LANT\ NL. m M 4M atrert. tbort * OM FaUova* MaJl. |1 ALTIMOKb LIKfc. INS^A/WC* COl-J* cy*rr-*ATmi? l?n.?J<hu? L I*>iialp?9ii, Pre*., WASHINGTON init) MNtiNCS * . OOMPAWr. ' tf. 1). H A.N RON, 'lit?1 % ' 4?' 4 #% ,T A\ . w *