Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1860 Page 3
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bs5EC J lT7""rbouKIi TheSta* ta printed on the fnateat M unm rrrt> >n ?"?' * Baltimore, lta edition H to large u to require it to be put to pren at an I early hour; Advertitementa, therefore, ahould be I arnt In before 12 o'clock in .; otherwise they may I not appear an til the next day. I V nWtlMn/P.I?VI. . > i?Vliv?. .u? W? VUIUUIU1S a ve'iisement* to be ln**rted in th? BiLrmoii Svx are received at and forwarded from Thk Sta* Offlce. RBLioior*?Yesterday being a favorable day, the congregation* at all the churches of our city wrrf large and attentive A great number of persona. who during the entire summer have bt-en at*cnt from the r'.ty. appeared In their arc ustomrd piac?*Inthe various house* of worship, and happy gr?>etlng* were numeron*. At tbe Methodist rhapels and churches particularly there appeara to be a growing Interest. In the peculiar m-etlnga which are now progressing the aid of talented ministers of various denomination* will add to the interest whteh prevail* already. Some are expected to participate who la year* past were general favorite* In Washington. Trinity Church.?lu the morning Rev. Dr. Butler. rector, diarouraed from l'salms 64.11: "God both spvken once.twice have 1 heard thi*; that j>v?>rr i>cionj{eic uaio ooa." it wsi impossible. Xtd the Rev. gentleman, to live and not perceive e vast nnd unrest'ng power of God, which was , All around us and within ua. After a thorough exposition of the doctrine of Atheism and Deism, (he speaker aaid tLat these doctrines might, however, be to modified a* to exclude the presence of liod from nature. It might be said that the Almighty bad Imparted these permanent powers to na&re; but tbat he presided over them, and so modified the laws which he had established as to auil bla wise purposes And this, he supposed, waa the common Idea of God's power aa it was exerted In the world. To the areams, Atheism a art )eism, he would at tbat time give no reply; btit to th? la*t opinion, held my many, perhaps f g(od and wise, be would make tbat objection which seemed to be expressed in the words of the text: "Power Itelongetb unto God ?? A little rejection would exhibit to all the fact that nothing In nature waa innate, Inherent of necessity, but Imparted by the Almighty, and by the virtue which worketh in itself or sustained itaelf, or by which it acted upon other substances. All nature wfts acted upon. He proceeded at same length to how the unreasonableness of the doctrine, held by ninny, of the inherent power of nature. As in the realm of matter so In that of mind, ' All power beiongeth unto God." God did not, however, carry on all the processes of man's soul in the same way as be di<l those of the senseless matter If He did. this would make the soul no n*ore responsible for Its thoughts and arts and feelings loan matter ia, fjr Its changes and conditions. The extreme views of fatalism inclined this way?that man was not a free ageat. and that, therefore, the responsibility of man's action lay with God Place mau's soul on toe saute level aud in the same category with matter, ami all the pef hilarities which distinguished the spirit from tue tlesh would t?e destroyed This was a crushing and degrading doctrine But God acWd otherwise in n l! H ,. . #? r thw l/vnl frt\mr\ urK?t <41*1 ?? ... v.?? ?v?> aivm ?? iiut iit UIU IU IiaklliC, 1*1 ause spirit was altogether a difi'erent sort of tiling from matter. He upheld and carried on the processes of nature In at ^ordauce with his nature ?nd so in accordance with the nature of the soul d d be eiert the power in sustaining its light and earning on its processes. ifcslry Chapel.?The congregations at this station v?ere very large and the services Interesting. In the moruing Rev. Mr. Kfflnger, of Waugu Chapel, preached from Piiiltppians ll'? "Wbere|ore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not tn my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling At night. Rev. Mr. Westwood. of I uion Chapel, preached from Hebrew* 2:2, 3, ' Fit if the word spoken by angels was steadfast, aud every transgression and disobedience received a just of reward, flow shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation ?" The services are \lso to be continued nightly In this chapel. Rev Mr McCauly, the pastor, has been very ill during the protracti-d meeting In this, hit station. A reference was made to his condition by Rev. P. Li-ht Wilson last night at the Ninth streetstatioi). In very tour-hlng language, express', ve of the 1- - ... vu.,*??au tvnrvi?uvucnurnj iu uwi. LIVlIlg for the Lord, dying for the Lord ; living and dying tbe faithful servant of Chrilt, demonstrating bis entire consecration to his master Upon inquiry this uorning we learned that Mr. McCauly it no better; and his friend* and attendants fear ttiat he cannot_po?sibly recover. Methoditt Protestant Church, NintK street ? Rev. P. Light Wilson, pistor, conducted the services of the day. The discourse in the morning was based upon the text ot Acts 22 29: "I would to 4iod that not only thou, but also all that hear we this day. were both almost and altogether suck as I ain. except these bonds " At night the abject w*s tbe ' command to repent " An earnest ..ppeal to the unconverted followed a strong argument in favor of evangelical repentance, from the text of Acts 17 36: "And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now cominandeth all men everywhere to repent. Afrer the regular service, a brief but Interesting prayer meeting was enjoyed by the congregating, thus opening a series of meetiugs which is to continue every night, beginning at Tjf o'clock andcJosmg atDft, until otherwise orderrd. Rev. Mr Butler, of the Lutheran Church, preaches tc alght; Rev. Dr. Noble, Presbyterian,Tuesday night; and Rev.W. Roby. of Georgetown. late President of the Marylaud Conference, on Wednesday night. Me'hodiit Protectant Ckmrr/i, tfavy Yard ?Rev. W. T. Dumm, pastor, preached In the morning from 1st John, C: 16?"Hereby perceive we the love of God, because He laid down His life for us; a:id we ought to lay dowu our life for tbe brethren " How great is tbe love of God. that, for sinful man. who had violated His rizhteoua law* and deservtd Ills judgment, "He so loved us, be layed down bis l!fe." that through His death we might secure life everlasting. Yet how dull we are to appreciate God's mercy. Atnigbt. f om the words of 1st John?"And be that keepetb bis commandments dwelieth in bim, and he In bim; and hereby we know that he ab.deth In us by the spirit which be hatb given us." M'tnodut Chtneh Somtk.?Rev. J. A. Proctor, pastor, conducted the services. The sermon in tbe morning wis based upon the text?"The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you." Lake 10, part of 9th v?-r*e. At night, from Proverbs I 23, part of iftith verse?,4My son, give tne thine Lt-art " Tbe congregations were very large. At night, the service at the altar was resumed at the conclusion of the discourse, and six penitents pr?*eiitrd tbemseives. The meetings will be continued nightly daring the week. St Patrick' * Church ?High mus was celebrated at el?Ten o'clock a. m . by Father Plunkett. an unusually large <,oUKre;*?tiou being pre**?t The sermon bv Father Ho vie waa from the Gospel for th~ day, aa found in dt. John's Uospel. The old choir being In attendance, the l*th rnaaa by HaydL in B wju sung In excellent atyle. I'm on Prayr Meeting, (YVaugh Chapel,) under the auspices of the Young Men'a Christian Assortattoo. vrai well attended yesterday afternoon The meeting waa led by Mr. John 9 Slater, of the assoMation. The interest which has been manifested *in< e these meetings commenced seems to be increasing. Quite a number of written requests have oeea presented, which are preserved iu a scrap book for future reference. A !Srw Cratbl ?a .ittle over a year ago we published an account of the establishment of a mission school ou U' near Twentieth street, the speedy erection of a school hoose, and its use for religious services. The school was placed under the suCrintendence of Rev. T. Retnick, of Georgewn. 9? rap'dly did the school Increase that in a few weeks the house was entirely too small to accommodate the scholars. The trustees at once determined to sell the little srhoolhouse and erect a larger one The result Is that before the determlaatlon was generally known outside the neigh uric* cuapri, coaling about has ereetrd on the corner of O and Twentieth streets. -S7x\5 feet in site; neatly furnished aud arr a2 for regular chapel aervlce, aa well as for tbe arge nod nourishing school. It la expected tiiat the chapel will be dedicated on next Sunday, aid It !a also expected that Rev Dr. E- V?Us Rkm and Rev David Wilson, of Baltimore, will preach the dedicatory aermona. Tax Hmiiw Nsw Yxax ? It has doublets Ixan noticed that all of our citizens of the Jewish f ilth have closed their places of business to day Vesterday at sunset, according to th? Hebrew < alendar. be fin the flrst day of TTsri, the first month of the civil year Their custom la to observe the New Year with two dayi of religious aervieta in the syasgoguea, a strict abstinence from all secular employment, and conclude with a feast ou the third day. The religious observance of this day is universal with those of tbe Hebrew faith, as is apparent in the closing of their places of buaineas without exception. Srmi.iCAL OriKATio.K?Dr Morgan, anil ted by Dr Elliott, performed two interesting surgical operations at the Asylum on Friday evening. The first waa the amputation of a leg of a man named David, tbe bone* of which had become to much diseased aa to cause great pain and deformity. This ope ratios waa entirely successful, and tbe patient is doing well. Chloroform waa used Tbe second was aa operation for carbuncle. No chloroform waa used in this case, and tbe jut lent stood tbe severe Incisions with remarkable fortitude. Is tmi OKPHts's Covet, Saturday, the subject of tbe will of tbe late Mias Ann R Dermoft waa uuder consideration, and testimony beard thereupon. F.vtdence of another will than the one new under probate, was developed in the course of the Investigation. Tbe whole subject was postpesed to Tuesday, (to-morrow,) in consequence of sickness In tbe fiarotly of tbe Judge Ukoboktowii Cattli Militt.?About 5oy beef cattle were offered at Drover's Rest on Friday last, aad all were sold at prltas ranging Iron 93 to S2M)i pat 10? lbs gross. Thi A*cisxt Sabcopbagcs at the Sxithsojuas.?Mr Ednor. Not haying ami any reply to the rail for Information relative to the aarrophagm of Alexander Severus. (so-called) which appeared In the Star of the 3d iuat&nt. 1 beg leave to offer a brief account of the importation of that relic of antiquity, together with a few facta and figures which seem to justify your correspondent In his opinion that tbe said sarcophagus never coDninrv iuc uunti 01 iuii r.mperor Twenty-two year* ago the sarcophagus recently removed to the Smithsonian Institute from the Patent Office, and another of about the same dimension*, were taken from the heights near the town of Beirut. In Syria, and brought thenre to tbe United States by the late Commodore Elliott, la tbe frigate Constitution. The collin last mentioned was presented to one of tbe literary Institutions of Pennsylvania. 1 think to the college at Carlisle. It had on one side of It the following inscription: IVLIAMAN M A EA V1XIT ASKOS XXX, In Roman characters, expres?ing, according to the Roman custom, tbe number of years the defunct bad lived, and avoiding any allusion to death. / Tbe Empress Julia Mammaea and her son Alexander Severus were both natives of Phonecia, hence It was concluded that a sarcophagus found in that region, and inscribed with her name, had contained her remains By a bolder and less plausible stretch of probability the nearest empty sarcophagus, without sny Inscription whatever, was decided to have been that of ber imperial son Thi? V>vivtthpiia snnMP* in n? rom??V?Ki.. m Mav j B . >. ? ?? ivwaiASVlO nw?t I ttifuitur. It Is as if a stranger, visiting a cemetry , In Jamestown aud seeing a tombstone there Inscribed with the name or Smith, and near it another with no name on It at all, should decide that the latter marked the remains of the renowned Captain John Smith, who Iras saved by Pocahontas. Upon the whole it is probable that "the wish that the coffin might be Imperial," was I father to the thought. So much for facts, concerning which Canning once said "there is nothing ao fallacious, except figures " Nevertheless let us try the figures. Alexander Severus was proclaimed Emperor in the fourteenth year of bis age and bad reigned thirteen years and a few dayw when, during a campaign In Germany, bis soldiers becoming exasperated at his strictness as a disciplinarian, and excited by the intrigues of Maximinus, who aspired to the tbr6ne, fell upon Alexander and nmrdervd him in his tent They killed bis mother at the same time and place Now 14 plus 13=27. The inscription on tbe sarcophagus found at Beirut informs us that the Julia Mammaea who on 11 riled It lived thirtw wmh '* B - ~J J vviioc vj iirilUT II we subtract from this sum Alexander's age, when he died, we have 3<i?47^=3, aud thua are forced to the conclusion either that this sarcophagus belonged to a younger namesake of the Empress, or that that lady was but three years old when the Emperor wall born, which seems improbable.. It is well understood that no one connected with the Smithsonian Institute is in any degree responsible for a blunder, which for twenty years no one has taken the trouble to correct, as your contributor of the 3d justly remarks, however. It should not be perpetuated in an institution established for the diffusion of knowledge among men. We hope, therefore, if the legend as It stands hasn't been patented, It will undergo suitable correction before the relic is formally added to the museum of the Institute. Yours. O K. Alexandria M atters?The weather yesteiday ..... **.. 1 * na< 11nui, iuu, u a consequence, ids numeroui church** of which Alexandria can boast were all well attended. At the Methodist Protectant church Rev Mr. Bitting, of the Baptist church, officiated in the evening?Rev. Mr. Ward, the regular pastor of the M. F. church, filling the pulpit of the Baptist church. Mr B. chose for his text the following words, contained in the llth vers*, 5th chapter of Second Corinthians: ' The love of Christ coustraineth us " We regret tljat for want of space we are unable to give a more detailed notice of tbis very excellent discourse. The choir of tbis church, under the leadership of Mr. McCormlck. la certainly one of the best, If not the best, In the city. The attention of the proper authorities of Alexandria is called to the fact that persona are in the hnbit of gunning tn the different cemeteries of the city, much to the annoyance of those who frequeut the "cities of the dead ." This is not as it should be; and we feel assured that proper steps will be taken to prevent the nuisance from being further indulged in. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Orange and Alexandria railroad will be held in Alexandria on or r.bout the 1st of the coming mnnth Four of the Adams & Co.'? express wagon*, loaded with specie, passed througa Alexandria yesterday. The steamer Monticello arrived at her wharf, in Alexandria, at 9 o'clock this morning. Her passenger and freight list are light. That laughter provoking individual, Wyraan, opens his budget of fun at Liberty Hall. Alexandria. to-night. Of course everybody will go to see hiin. W'aoSG Pa*tt to Complaix ?On Saturday afternoon a man named John O'Brien entered the <>ffl?e of Justice Donn and asked for a warrant against one man and three women, who he said bad abused and beat him. at a bouse on Second street, between F and G He had evidently been considerably pecked about the face, and ne exhibited a gash in his right thigh, where he had been cut with a knife or other sharp instrument He stated his case as plainly as could be expected of a man about half tigtit. with a tongue laden with a foreign brogue; and In the course of his statement In nrA+r tn tn-ilra ! *?* , ... ...V. ?- a* illipiC BO If) lie uacu the emphatic expression "by G?d. sir."' about twenty times, though "ordered by tne justice to stop It, and promising at everv time to desist. He jjot through with his complaint, however, and a warrant was placed in the hands of officer Yeatinan. who proceeded at once to make the arrests The partus were brought up, and the result w. s a decision against the complainant, with a suspicion of his not being entirely guiltless himself. The ;>ff?lr grew out of whisky The gaih In John s thigh was not satisfactorily explained by himself, there being no evidence of it having been done by a cut through the pants. The cane was dismissed, and John started off without the satisfaction he swore he would have. Mcsical Cbamgks.?Prof. j. P. Caulfleld, th? accomplished music teacher of Georgetown Col|f?vp_ anrt nrt/aniat n# ft* u ? *? - n_, v> ? >M1V> i/uuiru Iu IOIS city, bu received a moat flattering engagement to ttilce charge of (be Cathedral organ at Charleston, 8. C , and conduct the Musical Association of that city, and has. in consequence, resigned both the above positions here During a realdcn? e of five years in the District of Columbia, Prof C has filled with signal ability hla musical duties at the College, and worn a wide and enviable reputation as an organist, and made hosts of friends As a teacher h* stands at the head of his profession here, and as an organist he is nnrlvaled in this or any other American city. He leaves for his new post this week, and we recommend him to the especial consideration of the Charlestonlans. Prof K.N. Caulfield, brother of the above, late chtpel organist and ass stant teacher at the College, and organist at St. Matthew's Church, has received a proposition to take charge of aa organ in Albany, and thus Washington is again to be left without a first class performer on the organ. Who will fill their placpa? Prof Schwlnv. of Baltimore, succeeds the latter temporarily at St. Matthew s Church. We learn, also, that Dr. Perebeau, organist of St Aloysius Church, is about to resign that post, in consequence of a more advantageous eugageuueut which he has received in Baltimore. Thus the organist's place in the three principal Catholic churches in this city, (St. Patrick's, St. Matthew's. and St. Ainnim v mill i? ? ' ? -1 ? ?| / ??v? Mj uc Tftuaia. Alixandkia MAMtrATTrKKs. ? The Gazette continues tta abstract of the manufacture! and mechanic arts of Alexandria, in existence on the 1st day of June, ls60, as reported to the Census Bureau. No establishment is mentioned in the census which does not produce manufactured articles to the value of $500 annually. Bmk*rsFive establishments, capital invested. $16 600; consuming 7,490 barrels of flour, estimated at S41.M0; employing 32 hands, and producing !??t,000 pounds or bread, and 6,700 pounds of crackers, of a total value of $67,900 Brttkmaktrt.?Six establishments; capital invested $2,450; consuming 1,3^) cords of wood, worth 93,730; giving employment to S3 hands, and Drodnrlna fi.fMifi ftti hri/?ir? ?io mm , ? , ... WW. Bl*tk*m*tks nod Wktelrtghts.?Two establishments, capital Invested t'J.uUJ, use up 20,000 feet of lumber, worth 8470, and 17 tons of iron, worth 900, employ 8 hands, and produce wagons, carts, Ae , worth W,06U besides being largely employed in repairs, fcc. Fitter f ?One establishment, capital invested 8200, using up potter'sclay and wood to the value of &?50, employing two hands, and turning out a tine article of earthenware to the value of 83,000. iilue Manufactory?One establiahment, consumes 8t.0ti0 worth of bones and hides, employs two hsnds, and yields 'JO hbds. ncats foot oil, worth 81,100. and 20 bbls glue, valued at 8350. brooms ?The census report misstates the estimates of the broom factory. It should be "consumes 10 tons of hrnr.m <-?.? - ? * * * - ? will, auu IUIBI UUI lj/W dozen brooms, valued at *3,400." The Rockville Fais.?On the second day of the Rockville fair the attendance was scarcely one half of the large number there on the first, and the propcrtlou of ladles was much smaller. An accident happened In the equestrian ring whereby Mr. Schodeld, of this county, living near the old race coarse, was injured by the breaking of an arm In two places, aud a severe bruise on the face, lie was riding in a sulky and drove too near the fence, with wbleb he came into collision. A colored msn was also Injured considerably, and was ' for some time supposed dead,caused by the breaking ef the bridle of his horse when In rapid motion. We also heard of an upset of a family from ? ^ *A?il >?Am? Ia W 1 A ? VMIISKV) UU ?UC I VQM uwitfv "W ?? tSU% happilyIbe only serious injury done waa to the carriage. VV (ham cloae<l ia the District on Saturday last, and opens In Alexandria to-night. Of course our neighbeca will be on hand to wekotn* the I ?l?orm. i .-fdusiuit ' ' J Pol ics Maiiu*??*/?r? J tutu* Tk?mp*?? On Saturday last a ft? colored man, named Jaa" Bagott. a vender la the Center Market, was ac cused of selling bv short measure When the officer watted upon him, besetted upon the unfair measure and dashed it upon the ground, endeavoring to break it. A acuftl# ensued, in which the officer got bis clothing torn, and found some dif- ' Acuity in bringing the offender to the magistrate's office The magistrate upon heirlntf the t?sti- < mony, imposed a tine of $5 and costs for the main 1 offence; and coata for behaving in a disorderly manner In the Center market-house; and S3 and , coats for restating the officer in the dis-har-e of hia duty. Btfor* Juftice Barnaelo.? Hunter Seldon, for i firing a gun unlawfully near a dwelling honse, was fl?rd SI .94 Margaret Bums, for throwing tones, tlned 9*2 94 James Dar?v, disorderly; 93 91. Heartinan Frelick. do.; 9191. Joseph Tbumas. vagrant; workhouse 60 days. Mary McNamara, drunk and disorderly: default of security and costs, sent to the workhouse 60 days. Virginia Russell, disorderly; 91.94. Ellsa Colbert, disorderly; 9391. John Sbeckells. do.; workhouse 60 days. Central Guard-house Cases.?Sunday morn lng?Henry Taylor, col . fugitive from labor; for safe keeping. James Becket,colored.disorderly, profane and resisting an officer. Thos. Rabbet, drunk and disorderly; fine and costs, 92 15 Lewi* Higdon, vagrancy; do 9*2.15 Monday?Samuel Cro?gin. drunk and disorderly; fine and cosU, 93.15. Geo Bell, do ; do S2.15 John Norris, no i Tom Kagan,do.: do. $2.15. Tho? Ruac!!. colored, disorderly and fighting; 93 15. Jenny Russell, colored, do.; do. S*2.15. Arrived at Carter's Wharf (foot of Thirteenthand-a half street) schooners Anna B Hayes, Robinson, from Philadelphia, with 166 tuns coal for Messrs. Chapin ic Uro ; Charm, Starr, from the same port, with 134 tuns coal for Mr. H. Rochat; Fanny, Stokes, from the same port, with 11.1 tuns coal for Mr. A. B. Waller; H. M. Smith, Jones, from Havre de Grace, with 91 tuns coal for Mr. C. M. Keys. Our Citizkxs will be glad to learn that the Wood Minstrels are to remain here a few nights longer. We take pleasure In saying to those who have not already witnessed the performance of this troune, that they will enjoy themselves immensely In doing so. To Persons In want of Fine China, Cutlery, Plated and Glass ware, a rare opportunity is now offered of obtaining the same at auction prices, at Yi*> ii/.linn ..lo .4 ik. - - r>\ r ?v uuv*i vii a* iUC 5?UIC %J 1 VUUB. X"j . U rtTH} next door to the Kirkwood House, which will be continned to-inorrow, Tuesday morning, lfth, and every morning until further notice. , Thb Ladies will be pleased to learn that Wall & Barnard have again announced (in another column of to-day's Star) a continuation of the sale of ladles fancy goods, dry goods, Ac., Lc. (io and get bargains F. T. Maddox has removed his Goods to No. 321 Seventh st., one square north of th? Market, near L st., where he will sell for thirty da>s only,and l>elow cost, to close business. It Hollowat's Pills. Aridity of the Stomach.?These medicines are a most powerful antacid remedy for the correotion of ail those acidities, whether induced by debility, from fat substances in the stomach, or impaired by excess-the torpid functions are stimulated, the blood cleansed, and the secretions < f the bile and liver purified. t*ol<1 byall Druggists, at 23c..62.. and jl per box. ae 14-lw Dh J. Hostetter's Celebrated Stomach Bitter* is one of the greatest strengthening preparation! extant. It is especially a<laptcd to those who are Afflicted with the Fever and Ague. or any other disease anting from a disordered condition of the digestive organs. For Fever and Ague there is, perhaps, no medicine in the world equal to it, as it enters, purifies, and replenishes the blood, which is so important to bring alniut a healthy action in (lis* a."f?? of this nature. The Hittersare now aur>ng the most popular, and at the same time valuable, specifics 111 the medical world. In recommending it to the public we are fullv conscious of doing them a great service, knowing, as we do, their many eic?llent Qualities, and sure and speedy action iv all eases where the disease is caused b> the irregularity of the digestive organs. A trial will suffice for the most skeptical. For sale by druggists and deilers generally every whet?. se 12 Mff M as. W msLow, an experienoed nurse and lemale physician, has a Svoihtnt Syrup Jot Childen Teething, which greatly facilitates the process of teething by sofleuing the gums, reducing all inflammationwill allay ail pain, and is sare to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to yoar infant*. Perfectly safe in all cases. Bee advertisement in another column. ooll-ly Harry's Tricophirous is the best and oheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing. Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drug viati anri PArfumari ? 13 c? MKtzk'S MlRACCUUH VKKMl!* Dkstroter, the oldest and best rained; known for exterminating Rats and Mioe. Cockroaches. Buck, Ants, Musquitoes,Fleas, Moths,(irain-Worms aud Oarden Insects. JO- Principal Depot. <519 Broadway, N. Y. Sold I?t all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m / MARRIED. In San Francisco. Cal.. Jul* Ifl, by Rev. Mr. Wage t, Mr IIKNKY WII.8UN, to Mrs HANNAH H. IIAI.F, of this city. PIIO, On th? 16t!i instant, after an illness of 24 hours, WALTER, youngest sou of John F. and Saiah T. Crews, aged 2 year*. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of is father. No 4-24 Seventh street, between (i aud H sts . at in o'clock to morrow (Tuesday) morning, the 18th inst., without further notice. * At the residence of Judge Purcell, Capitol Hill, nn aot..?|n last Q1 U - II' ?'n ? *?u onviiMia ia.3' . C?l *73 " f IUUR V III., ill. I* I CI?S PURCELL, son of \\ est anil Margaret a*ei| 14 months. 'Suffer little children to pome unto me. and forbid thein not, lor of such is the kingdom of heaven." * at Mount Pleasant, near Waahinzton.on Sundar m 'rniiii, the 16th instant, J AMES M ASON, infant sou < f Lieut Henry B. and Alar; M. Tyler, a<ed 'i im>nth* and 15 days. * ( Norfolk and Portsmouth papers copy.) Suddenly, at Baltimore, oh Thursday afternoon, Mis. SUSAN EVANS, wife of the Rev Freach S. Evans. wantsT" WANTED-A WOMAN to do general House work. References required. Nona other need^pply^ No. 481 l">h st se 15-2t* WANTED?A GIRL, l>etwr>en 13 and 14 yoars of ago. to work alxiut a house with a family of 3 persons. Inquire at 490.S. north side of Mascachn .etts av , hetweertSdand 4th sts. se 17 3t WET NURSE WANTKD?On* whose servicn will be required only at stated periods ofthedar. Apply to Dr. WM P. JOHNSTON, 466 Ttn st., from 8 to 9 o'clock in the morning, sen St WANTKD? A respectable WOMAN, to wet nur^e a babe 5 weeks old, at her own residence. Apply at the southea*t corner of 12th and H s's. we 1.5-St* VV ANT E D TO P l' R C H ASE- Abo utthree thoutand chestnut RAILS and six hundred POSTS of cedar or chestnut. Address JAMES L?. CARBER Y, Georgetown, D <". se 14 3t* llfANTKD-A ri.KMK wh.i > ?tk the city trade, lor a Jew Irjr Mure. Bout of references reqaired. Address T. H., No. 4, *?tar Office. wM WANTED TO 111RE-Immediately. a SL AVE WOMAN,or an American Whit* Woman, who la a good cook, wasjior aud ironer. The b<)?t reference required. Inquire of the Rov S. M, SllUTE, Columbian College se 14-3t* A GENTLEMAN GOING SOUTH Is DE sirous uf purchasing *?veral NEGKO MKiV, for his own private use. Persons having such for Male oau secure them a eood placo by addressing Box 496 "City Post Office," mating Whore an interview may be had. se 13-1 w* VI/ ANTED? By a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION as collector. Bent of recommendations given. Address .VI. C., Star Office. i i> li-tf ?<CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTP1TS. Youth*' and Boyis1 Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parents and guardians wishing to furnish their obidrenand wards with Sofcool and Collage Outfits for the ooming season, are invited to examine our present large and extensive assortment BOYS' CLOTHING, wbera they oan lit out their children of all sizer in a few moments with ever* desoriptioa of R-Pliiv-mft/ill Itirmsn^i nf mn K?*<? I mwxA ? * ?? v?? sui/<-vau?i?i ??? durable quality. at very moderate pno?s WALL,, STEPHENS A CO., au 30-tl 382 Perm, avenue. 556 NKW ^AURAN1- 556 Tlia undersigned have taken and entirely refitted the spacious house No. ft.16 Seveutl. street, a few doors south of Pennsylvania avenue. They -respectfully invite a ea I from their friends and the public who may desire a pure article of Brandy, Wine*, Whisky, Ac., or Brown Stout, Porter, Ales ami other Mali Liquors, from celebrated brewers. Their larder at all times stocked with Fish, Flesh and Fowl, served by an experienced cook. This I bianch receives our personal supervision. HENRY KUflL - WILLIAM RUPP, seS eoSw Proprietors. ni i.iiTs' NOTirK-Tn >< ? ??'i I owner* ofVessels, bound to the district or Columbia, notice is hereby Riven. thatZJKM' Ft Iota may be found at all times at George's Island, at the mouth of St. Mary's river, and near Piney Point, and that it is not necessary to take Virginia Pilots from their boats, when the easel is bound to Georgetown or Washington city, as Maryland Pilots oan be foand Of at least equal skill and reliability. an H-?o?l2m* Tm . BA LZ AC'!* NKW NOVEL. HK Greatness and Decline of Ceasar Biroltoard. from the- Krenoh of Honore do Baisao, translated by Or. W Wight and F. B.?oodneh;l TO'.ifnoe S1. Bl.ANCHARD i MOHl'N, o 14 oorner Eleventh at. and Fa. ay. SSMfctflBrarw toys? 1YTH, *T. 7M J . vt.'m:'. ? *

LOST AND FOUND. RF,WARD.-I??t. a (mail used black ?nd t?u coorwl TF.RR1F.R S|,I T H?i on rM velvet collar Thf ?b?>re ward will 1* (ttvcn to am on* returning " th? ?ame to (Md FpIowV Halt. it IO^T.r-O"i th ? 15th or a CAMEO ' RRKASTPIN. mwdiu-n sie?. hetwe>*n Pace'a wind irnll. 7th it., IllsnJ. and vi(?initr of R*nlr o( ?'h ngton. Th? finder will J?- liberally ro wanted br leaving the name at thu office. 17 3t* * (?ST?On the race ground over the l,ong Brnlce. L* ?>n rtaniirlar evening li*et. a M KM(?RAN 1)1 "M BOOK, of no use to anjr one but i*s owner. Bt l- arinc it at 4 A4 Thirte?ntl\Mrt er.. between K and F strwts. the finder will bo t>uiUib y reward-"1, if feqnired If REWARD.? Lo*t. on Friday, the 14tli inO ?*** slant, lie twee li the hours of D a mi. . a gold detached liKVKR. opoa-fa-*e, gold dia', tliirteen hole iewele<l. with ohain attached : maker. Johnson, Liverpool ; num?>er not recoliocted, but supposed to be 15,127. Whoever will return the name to Glenwood remoter* Office,will receive the aliove reward, with thank*. ?e t7-3t* ?C RK WARD?Stray odor *tolcnoi Wednesda*, ' the 12th inst..a large red buffalo Cow, with white face, a little white on her hack. and white underneath. There is a mark or&Jhi scratch on the ruht hind quarter, forming nearly a straight line, which is only discernableon close observation. The above reward will be paid for her return to me, or for any informaticn that maj lead tohwrwomy. JOHN MoNKRHANY, se 14-61* Corner 6th and P streets north._ UTRAYKD AWAY, on Wednesday morning, a ?5 white buffalo COW, with a leil her i-Jg halter. Five dollars will tie civen to finder, if returned to Mrs. M. C. BAR ?! BKR, Georgetown Heights. ?e 13-e< 3t* PERSONAL. TO THE CURIOUS OR ANXJOUS.-Madam D , so well known as the most successful explainer of the Past, Present and Future ever in Washington, contimien to be consulted weekly by hundred* anxious to know of things at present hidden from them. Her consultation fee. to both rentlemen aud ladies, is extremely moderate. Call at her house, on the south side of Massachusetts av , between 17th and 18th sts.?the only house there. so 17 lm Q| CA RKWARD.-Ran awav from the MibtBltMl noriber, living near Nottingham, Prince ! George's co . Md.,on r'undav, the 9th ins'., my boy JOHN WILLIAM TY1.KR ADDISON, alw.ut 5 ft. 5 or 6 in. in hight, tolerably stout, light copper mulatto, hair a liftle curly and trimmed to a medium thickness, face and fo'ehend well proportioned, and like'y. May have a scar on the outer corner of one of his ejes; chin slightly dimpled; about 19 or 20 years of age. Was dressed when he leic with black felt hat, black cloth (ruck coat and 1 ikht blue cassiruere nants. marked 011 the inside of the waistltand -'C. W. Hollrdatsome of hm shirt collars also marked. He may, however, change his olottrhg. He may be in Washington or Georgetown. D. C . where he lias acquaintances, or may have f?llowe<l the course of the turnpike or railroad (or Baltimore or Pennsylvania, as he left without provocation. I will give the above reward of ?150 provided he i* secured in jail so that I get linn JAMES E. 8. HOLLY DAY*. se II-tit* Madame morrice, thkGkkat astrolo6i?T and Doctbbss, just from Europt.?This highly rifted and intelligent lady can be consulted on the Paat, Present and Future Events. Call at No. iiOfi Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. jel9-.ln?* ~~ BOARDING. Board?a fcne Front Room, with Board, in a delightful locality, may be obtained k>> a gentleman ami lady, or two gentlemen, by at No. 44.1 I street between !>th and l'th sts se 17-at ,| *Q NINTH STR KET.?Persons ri turning to j JO theeitT from their summer resorts will find vacant several desirable rooms, having the oonve ni?moes of gas, water, and l?athing closets, at 4^3 Ninth st.. one door south of F; suitable either for families or single gentlemen. Table lioard?>rs accommodated on moderate terms. se 5 2w* Extensive and elegant stock or Carpeting*. We respectfully announce to the citizens of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria, ana environs, (hat oar assortment of ALL KINDS t)f CARPET1NGS, in all the various grades, makes, and classes, is now complete in all departments, having just replenished our stock from the most reoent makes and importations, which enables us to exhibit to buyers the most"rrxhtrekt" styles known to the trade. We haveElegant Medallion, Tourney, Ssxony. and Yorkshire English Velvet and Wilton Uarpetmgs, in triple, double and single widths, for drawing-rooms and parlors. Also, rich and heavy Velvet Carpets as low as 91.2> p*rward. worth ?? Superior and heavy fcnelish and Bigelow Brussels Carpetings, for drawing rioins and parlors, very cheap. Trie name makes in heavy and rich Tapeatiy Brussels Carpetings. for drawing rooms, parlors, timing rooms, libraries, chaml>ers, halls, A o Kxtra heavy and entirely new designs of Royal a?d superior Three-ply Caipetings, some as low as B7H cents per yard. !?om? makes in fine and supe'fine Doable Ingrain Carpetincs, exact copies ol BrusseU, at from 'JS to Sjo-nts par jard. Altii. mill rliPklt \ViuiI llntr-h t?\r uffiA*. basements, hail*, io., very cheap. Double Twiiled Knpli!>ira"d Thoaipwiovith Ve netian, in all widths, for halla and steps. Also, a full supply of all kinds of Ruga to rtia'.ch any of our Carpet*. In Oilcloths Tor Floors Our st ick is full and complete, embracing all the designs which are novel and most desiraDle, which we purohas<>d urder the most favorable circumstances, aid which will enable us to sell them at less figures than usual. In Curtain Materials We also have an entirely new supply, which only need to be seen to be appreciated?all being new and different from anything heretofore seen m this city. lloasekeepersand others are respectfully invited to call and examine our goods aud judge lor themselves. CLAGETT* DOUSON. Dealer* in all kind.% of Furniture Dry Goodi, No- 4 .Makket 5*iace, *e IQeofit 3-1 door east from 9th street. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. A HE Next Drawing ol the Royal Havana Lottery, oondacted by the Spanish Government, under thu aBArvmnn r*f th? Punftiin n?n?r?l r%f Pn ?"'j ?" r*' V. W v WMVIWI V* VUUO| will take place at Havana on TUESDAY, October 2. 1*60. SORTRO NUMERO 643 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100.000. prixe of ? 6<> prise* o?... Shore do 60,ow BO do ?. fin* do yi.OOO 153 do ? do ?|,000 30 appro*. 8,300 do in,roo in all ase prizes. Whole Tickets, 820?Ha.ves, $10-<Juartera, 93. Prises cashed at sight at & per cent, discount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded as soon as the reralt becomes known. All orders for schemes or tickets to he addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. * 14 tr of fjrtv Post. Char'oiton. H. O. EFRKK CONCERTS! RN9T LOEFFLER, Ww York avnut, between 1 tt nnH id*, would respectfully ML state to the snblio that A CONVERT oflflH SELECT MUSIC will he given ever* MON-9B* DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, oommenoing at 3 o'clock and end neat 10p.m. Previous to tho Conoert. the Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the masy dance. ICE CREAM. WATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oitv prices. Parties dMintic the Garden* for Pic Nic purposes, are requested to give a day or two notice. jel8 3m r^HARLKS A. SHAFKR, \y WATCH MAKER, 310 Fenn. Avenue, near Seventh Street Entire attention given to the Repairing of Cbro nometers, Duplex and l-eter Watches, fine Clooks, Ac. Also, to tht Engraving of lu- fn] vitation, Wedding, Visiung and Profcssiona'dUM Cards- ?? ?Q-ln> FOR HIRE-A SERVANT MAM, (slave) 2b years old; is competent to tak" care of horses, to servo as coachman, driver, porter, or a* a farm Iwnrt. Apply at No. 409 Ninth street, between H andj. se ll-lw* rI^HE GREATEST BARGAIN IN A PIANO A VET OFFERED.?A beautiful new_j^ Kosewood splendid tone Piano, ira<fe b'|MMQ Nunns A Clark of New York; sold only 3*1* months since by a well known person for 9960. Peculiar circumstances enable us to offer it for $&J0 on easy terms. Call and see it. JOHN F. ELLIS'S Chickering A Sons' Pianos, e 11 306 Pa. a v.. bet. 9th and liith sts. I?OR A SHORT TIME ONLY.?DEAF.XKSS A" AND NOISES IN THE HE A D.-URVOLSTON. member ut the Royal College of Surgeons ofKogaud. hu arrived,and is now [reparedto appiy hi* new and extraordinary treatment by which he was himwa'f cured af er tleven year* intense sutTerirg. Partiou are for self-oure sent to any address for postage; consultation* daily from 10 till 4 o slock free; reference to found rels of per one cured. Address No. 512 Twelfth street, Washington, l?. 0 Nervous persons should read "Vital Statics" lor self oure. Sent free to any address for 12 cents in stamps. ? 11-lw* Wm A TO II REPAIRING AND8ILVKR WARE manufactory. .1 have one of the best establishment*, and lurnished with a complete ?et of L.oU for repair in* every description of hne Waiclies, and rX\ particular ftttMiitiiiri ?iv? to tlia dun* tiv iiAUl t;i rough competent workman,and all work guaranAl'O,evary desorip ion of standard Sfl.VKR WARt, plain and ornamental, manufactu'ed under my own supervision, which my oustomers will find lar supenoMn quality and fi:ush to northern ware tola by dealers iu general and roprexentea as their owu manufacture. H. O. HOOD, se 6 338 Pa. avenue, n.'ar'Wh st. Ct ?8T*AW HATS, STRAW HATS! LEARINO OUT STOCK OF STRAW HATS !? or?trJ2 dispone of my entire stock of Men's and Boy. STRAW HATS gr?at inducenieuu will be offered until the close of the season at LAN E'S _ Fashionable Hat and Tap btore, an 211m >y., near Four- and a^half st. N?,? MERCHANT TAILOHJNO. k\V Fill p j n f nTuc Piudi. ? * ? '? ? .?nii i LiEi j uv uw i ** | v auw? vesting?. WALL. STEPHENS ft. CO., 332 lennaylT*uia Avenue, have juat rejeived A larre vinetv of n?? F*li Gooda, to which they invito the utemtion 01 their fneo<iatad cuatomen. to 30-tf GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS .?. I Jkr Mk*f ?f?*r(itmh|?(r?rliklmii in>11 f?(i COR SAI.K?Hnrsv ?j ? - uw i on int corner ol A Montgomery and Dumbarton *t?.. Georgetown, (rooting 46 l?>t on the former ami 1? feet >n the lattar street For terms uppK uu the premise*, e 13-eo3t* J"o^r ?KCK|VK|>- * 10 hhJ?. prim* Porto Rico Sl'GARS, 1Wbble.*.W K?eWHlfKY. * > hbls. HEHftlNfl and ALKW1TM, bbls. Crashed and RpfitiM "?l'GAR?*, 3? t?ags Rio and Jara COFFEE, MkMi.ll''* priced? MOLASSES. For tale b? JOHN J BOOl'E. se 10 RC C AT7S ESPECTFULLS" Ii.forms his friends end the public generally the' ho Mi removed to No. i>i Hith street. adjoining Mawnie Hall- He is prepared to the shorte&t notion. Dinner and Evening Parties, and (eel* assured that he will give entire >ati?factioa to those who ma> favor hun with a o*ll< All kinds of CONFECTIONERY and CAKE at the lowest prices. Best ICE CREAM at $1 50 per gallon. C. C. ATZJs se 4-1 m 61 High street. Georgetown. FOR SALE AND~RENT. [For otktr 11 For Snh nnd Rent" adr*rti**m*nt?, M Jit ft pmgt ] FURNISHED ROOMS OR HOUSE TO RENT, at No. 341 F steet, hat ween 9th and 10th. se 17 St* LM)R RENT-A two story COTTAGE, on 10th a stre*t, ?ast side, first house north of H st.. containing 8 rooms, a iumm?r kitchen, wood house, stoie-room, Ac.; lighted with gas. and surreunded by a large vard opening in the rear into a thirtv-ieet .11 ni * K.. nem ??! per monut. Apply at the tllfice of tite Gas Light Company. ? 17 eolw FOR RENT?A convenient and comfortable two torr BRICK DWELLINU-UOI'SB. with attic rooms?No. 379 south B s'ree'.. south side, Capitol Hill, three floor* rant of N#w Jersey av. A good brick stsble is Attached. Possession ma* had immediately. JOSEPH INGLE. t.e l7-3t* No. New Jersey avenue. E7*OR RENT-A three story aiul-attic BRICK s DWELLING, on H street, between 13tn ami Uthsts Also, a three.story and-basement brewn front DWELLING HOUSE, on ISth street, between Land Massachusetts av.; possesion civen some time in October; the house to be repainted inside and cut Apply at WM. P.SHKUD'f Fancy Store, No. ->03 lltn t an 25-4 w * |7<<)R RENT.?Several Fl'RNlSHED ROOMS r for rent cornor of New Jersey avenue and R street, south of t?ie Capitol. Inquire of .Mrs E B. MILLS, No. 563. _ seLS-5r_ FH O K R E N T?A three-story and basement BRICK H??L'SE on First st. we??, between ? and H ste. north, near St Aioysius Churcn, containing? comfortable rooms. For particulars ap ply next door south, or to WISE A CALLAHAN. ?e 15 7t* TO LET?Very cheap, a large npper ROOM on Pa. ave., admirably adapted for light Mauufactntinn purposes. *01 j our?p, uuiiirumnoQ RUUMU, nr(ly, or in housekeeping suit's or floors, id a large brick building within a half a square of the A re.-me. Aiso. wanted, a widow lady with a good stock < 1 furniture to take charge of a centrally lotalea house and let furnished 'oomr, ? the share*. Ad dresa "Lanllord," Box No. 1 Mar Offioe. se 15 ?'t FOR RENT? comfortable and oonvenn ntly arranged DWELLING in a pleasant and health; location. The House contains nine rooms l>eside l>ath room and cellar, with water and gas. Applv at No. 3S7 Massachusetts ave. se 14 3t* FOR SALE?A very good and substantial Brick HOUSE?and Lot?'with 8 rooms, in a good and | improving part of the city, near Pa. avenue and the Center Market. Apply at No C street nortl', I or at ANTHONY'S Hat Store, 7th st. se 14-tf FOR RENT-ROOMS Nos.a. 3.4, 5. 6. U, 14, lrf, 1H, 17-1*. '21 anil *23,in the new fivestory brown stone building corner 7th street we?t and Pa. avenne, known a* "Washington Building." They are-well adapted for Office*, hating pas, water, Ac. For terms apply at our Store. .No. 4U7 Pa. avenue, or to John H. Semrne* A Co , \o. i'i'i 9th street west, corner Louisiana ar. so 13 Jaw 1 in MURRAY A SEMMES. F^B OR SALE?A FARM containing 1W acres, situated 6 inilee from Georgetown, m Mont*om<? rg eounty, M1. Fifty acres ara in a huh state of cultivation; twenty five aorea in wood. There is a small log house, stabling, sheds, corn house on it. Apple orohard and some peaches: sprint an* a well of water at the clo?>r; being perfectly healthy. Pleaae inquire ot BARN AK D A BUCK F.Y, Auctioneer". No. 114 Bridge street, Georgetown, or WaLL k. BARNARD, Washington. ae 12-eoln COM SALE?A new two-storv-and-liaseme'it r no ipi/ unrai.< ? 1 k. iiiviv rv 111 ?L .^n, C'TIIWIUIIIK 3 rwim MM1 CPIlar, situated on Eleventh street north, within 5 minutes'walk of the Northern Liberties Market Term* unusually liberal. Apply to H. N. I.AN8DAI.E, corner of 7th St. and Pa. av. se 4 2w* A RAKE OPPORTUNITY-A magnificent FAR M for sale or exohange for city property , containing iMaares, half mile from Fairfax t?ta ti?n. Orange and Alexandria R v.road. It is und< r a Inch state of cultivation, weil watered, good bui dims and timber; it can he bought lov. Call onG. VV. HRAY A CO., at their Jewalry Store, 516 Seventh street. se S I m * FOR R KNT?A comfortable three-story liRICK DWELLING uOl'Sli.on Nirth street.opposite Grac? Church, on the Itland Rent very low. Inquire of G. <'A M KRON . next door, where the ko> i:an be found ; or of CHAS. J*. WAI.LACH, No. 7 Indiana av. se7 eo3w FOR SALE?A small FARM of 31 acres of land, situated 1 Hi miles north oi Soldiers' Home and 4 miles from Washington city, being a part of Chillum Castle Manor; 15 acres in market garden and the balance if heavily timbered, with a spring of never failing water.a ?oung orchard of peaches and apples, having on it a small frame house. Apply at stand No. 271 Center Market, of Mrs. MORTIMER or on the place to J. H. MORTIMER, au an-3w* jyjAlDS, WIVES, AND BACHELORS' REMEMBER That on FRIDAY, the 21at diy of September, 1 S64?, jou can present to yjur SWEETHEARTS. HUSBANDS, AND CHILDREN. A oopy of ' The Household Jourra'," the cheapest and best periodical ever published, containing sixteen pages of fifty columns of matter, hy the best writers on the beat subjects. Price Three Cents per copy, to be published wockly. H^The Trade supplied by Rom St TooMy, ana Dexter & Company, or any of the wholesale news agents in New York, who will supply the retai< trado with show bills, Ac., Ac. se 14 3t W SEALED PROPOSALS II.L Be received by the subscriber until the 24th instant, at 12 o'clock m., for furnishing seven oorde of c<mm1 merchantable Oak Wood for the Assistant Quartermaster s Office, Nos. 805 and 20? F street uorth- > Tlia f 11 aI 1 m to Ktt ilc' i I-Sr Ai 1 Kafnra t Vi A KM K inaf an* A HO IU '1 ID IV I/O UDU * fl OU UVIUI O ? UO tJ'UI I U?l?Ul| piled in front of the office ai.d then legally measured. Proposals should be addressed to the subscriber, and endorsed "Froposa's for ? uel." M<?RRIS 8. MILLER, Captain Assut't Quartermaster, U. S. Army. As**! QTA*TMM4ST***8 OFFICE, I s? 13-tft Was Jung ton, D. C., Sept. 13. 18G0. < mam N ? T_2 c K! w, BjBf I wish al: gentlemen WB HU to bear m inind that nH the plan which I a^K^^^adoptfd, six ?HirK ato, of selling W^VMATii and HOOTS at greetly re duced prices for oath is in successful operation. Just rec ived a full supply of the latent New York style* of DKESS HaI S The very finest Hat Jf^Sn; a fcr?t-rate Hat 93: and very good.fashio able Hat $150. All of the laboti styles of soft HATS and CAPS,at the very lowest price*. I am constantly supplied with a very large stuck of those fine DR f;SS BOUTS at ?3 7^-which I have be*n selling for many years?as well as the very Lest anal tv of Pat?nt l,e?therGAITKRS at #3 50. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from ?2 to ?3 5<i. Terms cash; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHONY. Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroet, second hat store from the, opposite Avenue House, No. AiO. se 14 3m DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8. 261 C St., bttwttn lOta ?k4 lira. He will to-da* opeu his long established and well known NORFOLK OYsTKR^. SHUCKING DKPOT for the season /lj He has made arrangement* to I regular supplies of the best NORFOLK OYSTKR* on ereg Tuesday, 1 nuriatj,?nn o?iurn?T. nn win ?iso seep constantly on haud n. large and varied assortment of FISH, including every sort known to Washington tsblos. He returns hii sincere thanks to thoaa who patronised his Establishment during the fast reason, and is confident that his increased facilities for keeping constantly on hand fresh soppliet of <?Y8 TKU9, FISH, (i A ME. St a , 4o., will amply reward a conti nuanoe of their patronage aad ssstom. Sold at th? lowest market prioes, and delivered at all parts of the city free of charge. selttlm T7 H.HARVEY. \YHEELER t WILSON'S " UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machines, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, which reader them absolutely all that cao be desired, ? ... AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 PixnntVAHU Avast e, n?ar 7th street, M a-lm r. J. STEM. lint. i THE LATEST NEWS . ^ i I W T TT? -? ? ? ? ? 1 AUAUftirUlG. The I*r#greas ef ial|f DraglM. ElmU4. N Y , Sept 14 ?Judge Doubles ?rrlvfd here ?t half pact four thta morning, accon(wntM by hts wife AH nlo*g the reutr. not with standi ni; the unirealjr hour, meetings wiablti at the depots and load eella were a*de tor the Judge _ . . A Twnd of moale and pwce?oa of the WideAwikft. as well as a Urge number of (IMmi, received him at the depot Cc?l ? O Hatha war ajid otber*. c-f the localcommittee. conducted tbm visitors to the Halgbt Hotel, where the Judge wee called out and rompelled to speek * few words te the crowd This morning he anffered frees e alight cold A great maaa meeting waa held at twe e'clack thia afternoon, at which Are thousand persona attended -? ? . mm awKintai vtrf pnMt Btxn tbe country town. Notwitbf tending Um bod health of Judge Douglas, be spoke an bour and a half, forcibly vindicating tbe principle of pop?larsovereignty He mad- no allusion to Mr. Dickinson and very little to tbe Hreckinridgo men, aim| ly ba'scteriztag tbo leader* aa diaunlonista and secessionists. and denouncing them ax bolter* from tbe Doomm ratlr party and Democratic principle* Hla remark* wore listened *o with profound attention, and when, at tbe conclusion. be was warmlv nrged to proceed, bo excused bimaelf on tbe plea of fatigue The meeting was presided over by Hon Hiram Gray, and wa*a dfrlded success At stx o'clock J udge Douglas goes to Canandaigua. on hla way to Clifton Springs CAi4io?ier*, Sept. H ? JoOjfr Donglaa left Klmira at 5 o'clock. At all stations on tbe road demonstrations were made, but thoae at Jefferson, Havana, and P? i Van being of quite an enthusiastic character At eorh of tbooe placea Douglas made brief appropriate addreaaas At Canandalgna a great demonstration was made, tbe Little (iianta turning out in force witb torches and bonfires lighted, and bsnda of music to welcome bis srrivar A large crowd gathered la front of tbo Canandaigua Hotel.but Hon T.M Howell spoke, excusing Jud^e Douglas from making anr remark* in consequence of extreme hoarseness through a cold and repeated speaking Tbe town Is all ablaze with enthusiasm THREE DAYS LATER FHUfl EI ROPE. Arrival of tbe inrn. FanTRnn Poi!iT,Sept 17 ?Tbe steamship Jura (substituted for tbe Csnadian) pa sard here this forenoon, dropping dispatches for tbe Associated Press The Persia, the Parana, and tbe Edlnburg bad arrived out. Lll'EBrOOL Wxe&LI CCKXKXCIAX. RlPOkT Livkepool, t-rlday mornlug?Cotton rulel a' tive, > losing with s slight d-c ne on tbe upptr tirade*, while n.iddllng and lower grades Lad d dined fully one eighth Tbe eat^ntod ssles on Friday were 12.01)0 bales. closiniTniiovant at full rat** QuoUtloi?-Orkui Mr "',d middling tifcd; Mobile middling M; upland* fair 6\d; m ddling ? 15 l*>d k In port l,02MMi stock of American -55 000 bi ri Fr^adntuflt ?The weather la favorable for the crops Flour dull and sligitly lower Wheat has declined 4d Cora closed quiet at ftd decllr e eince Tuesdsy. The news la unimportant fcarlbaldl and hia forces had reached, and were expected at Naples immediately The King of Naples was to leave fot Gaels on the 6th Eight Sardinian frlgs'eiwere In tfca Bav of Naples on the 9th, with two re^tmenta More massacres had been reported at Baalbrc and other placea tn the interior of Syria The Friaee tt Wales. Cliftos Hocsb, Niaoaba Falls, 9 P M., Sept 14 ?The roval nartv i/rlwJ thw - nliig. v'a tbe Buffalo and l.akf Huron Railroad and steamer Clifton from Fort Krie At Brantford tbe party lunched at tbe Klrby House. the Prince receiving addresses. Ac A Urjje party of Indiana also assembled, aad made various wariik* presents to tbe Prlncc Crowds assembled at all tbesutions Upon arriving at Cb ppewa huge bonfires were li^hfcd. and a torchlight procession escorted tbe royal carriage* to tbe Falls, wbara tbe Prince stops at Clifton Lodge, tbe residence of tho late Mr Zimmerman Tbe Fails are illuminated witb Bengal fires and blue ligbta To-morrow Blondln walks tharope Tbe Duke of Newcastle is indisposed ether members of tbe party bave also sntiered Tba l'nnce, however, is well There hes been tro?bl? to-day, in consequence of some New York reporters attempting to force themselves sinon^ tbe Royal party Orders were jilvea *t Fort F.rie tbst they should not be allowed on board tbe stee.roer, but thty have all arrived safely. At Fort Erie s troop of cavaliy from the 74tb Regluuut of tbe New York State Militia acted as an escort to the party, and A iKo ?tA9r*.As ?k;-w ? 1? * " * upvii wuicu mry ma usen passage for Chippewa pmed down the rlvar, they were honorea with* royal salute from Fort Porter, tired under direction of General Guatavua Adolphus Scroggs. Merschel V. Jahnsan in Philadelphia. Philai'klthia. Sept 15.?Concert Hall waa comfortably filled tL s evening >>v the Douglaa Democracy. Hon R Kneass presided Mr Johnson was very enthusiastically received After eipressing hi* thanks for his warm reception. ha entered into a line of argument similar to that which characterised his speech at the Douglas barbecue in Ne\' York. The speaker was very hoarse, and the delivery of his speech ca>isad him considerable effort Numerous ward delegationn wefe present, with music, transparencies, Ac. An a'nouymous advertisement appeared in a morning paper inviting all democrats to attend this meeting, in order to prevent the endorsement of what is called the "bogus Forney mongrel electoral ticket," but no disturbance took place General Foster, the democratic candidate for Governor, will speak in Independence aiuare oa Moudav evening, and is this will be the first campaign speech of Importance, and be mar be called upon to aenne i s position ou national polltlca, there is considerable int?r?rt Ml ShKkiag Kallraad AitUMt> Chicago, Sept IS.?'1 he l)0p n,i passenger train from Racine to Freeport. was run Into last night at Delavan. Wisconsin, by a freight train which bad flagged from Racine Fire passengers were killed and twenty-<! ? wounded, some it is feared fstally At the Mm* tbe train left, the name*of tbe killed and wound" ?d were not ascertai ned. [secoxs sispatcb ] Chicago, Sept. 15?Tbe following are tbe names of the paaaeuirers who were killed b? tbe accident on tbe Racine Mississippi Railroad las* evening Mr Baker, produce dealer, of DelSTan; Mar Ktret gfiniin. of Darieu; Mi Darls. of Sharon a son of Mr C*tilij Mr Stoopful, of Oarieo Tbe train had on board a large party of exeat sionists. who were returning from tUc ' oanty Cat* at hlkbern. Several ?f the excursionists wm seriously injured 1?-? Political UlflU|eK(. Steaccse. Sept 17.?Judge Douglas and Ladf visited bis mother, at Sandy Springs. Ontario county, on Saturday, where be remained until aa hour appointed (or him to address the public at that place Tbe meeting wu very large, lacta^lng delegation* from ail tbe aurroundlng eountry t jwna, numbering, it it estimated, from L5,0UU to 20,000. He ( om one need bla ape?cb by a tumorous alls, slon to tbe partisan press, eiprfwin* plr-aaur* that he was enabled to relieve tbelr anxl' ty bjr informing thrin that be k*d fo*?*</ At* moiktr, wbo. God bless her, was tn fine health; and saying that b? was In no way anooyed by tbe comments of tbe parllzan press He spoke nearlv two hours Political Raw la Philadelphia. Phi ladblfhia. Sept lft?Tbe Bell and Everef meeting beld bere last night in tbe Klrat Congretf sional District w?? interrupted by Republican clubs, who marched through U?e crowd A light ensued, and stones and pistols ware freely u?"d. Tbe meeting wu finally dispensed and ninerioters were arrested Mo one wa? seriously Injured ao far as known It Is supposed that the affair was In retaliation for tbe disturbance created by parties cheering for Bell and Lvcrett at tbe Republican serenade given on Wednesday evening to Hon Mr Sherman. Arrival af the California Overtaad Mail. Fort Smith. Sept Id ?Tbe Overland California mail of the 27tb has arrived with later sdvioas. A party of Mexican guerillas recently invaded Texas, stealing a number of mules beMfla| to tbe overland mall it is reported that (fee Indians in New Mexico bad renewed tbelr hastilitlss. t he mafl party bound from Mcailla to Santa Fe were attacked by tbe Navajos and tbe conductor and driver killed Tbe mail* and coach were also destroyed Four hundred government mules at Fort Craig had been stolen by tbe Indians veniwim * nuM rtcury AuiRii Sept 17?Bordoian, Gray A Co.'a piano factory, with 660 planoa. wrr? Uurood o? Saturday nl?E ht. Involving a Ium of ?0U I'bceo wit a full Insurance. iialtUMrt narkiu BaXTIMoEB, S?pt. 17 - Floor duaed dall aad heavy, with no aalra Wheat baa declined *ci red ?1 &* ! 4t); white fl 40j?i ?> Cora cloaot doll, white tt-a7uc. yellow Mla:ic Ptoe.aMma I cloned dull aad uui h<uix?d <;?> ?* rioaed Arm at 11a 15c. Wblakv cloaad atoadv ?? *k. Now f*?? Ntm You, Sep* >7 ?K)cur haa d*viin?d State U 4o*5 50; Ohio *3 *)>?; Souther* %* ?SH5 Wheat baa d??Tned Viae ; wrtfcrn rid V. : > Cncn U kiv|, ProvtUMM we quuft. W hlaky ta doll * rtaaftrtat. N*w Vou, S*p* 17 ?Stncfca are better, Cblragr and Rock ta f.nd Iti! oola CruU.1 khwM Htk, do. boadt ^i, M > 'n*;, n Scultera 50% \??k Oeotml dh\. V'j O"*! fo >-?*, Hodooa Klv?r K K ?l: Couloa Co ->l. Va ? a 91, Mo ?*?*. * ' - * *" ? V w iUw -*