Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1860 Page 3
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IOC AL NEWS. H f Though Tub Star Is printed on the fiitret rtcani rrr* In nse south of Baltimore, tta edition 4 ?i large u to require It to be put to press at an ?srlv hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be trnt In before t* o'clock rn ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. NoTir* ? l)*tr!rt of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In the Baltmobb Son are received st an* forwarded from Thi t?ra* Office. Citt Cocscils.?Board e/ Aldrrmtn ?The board met st the usual hour, President Dore In Iter heir. coxxrnicATioxs. One from the Mayor announcing hia having approved tbe following bill*: An act making an ^propriaftion for taking up and relaying the gutter n t be east side of E!gtb street west, between K aad L street* north, and for other parpoeea; an act a grade and gravel First atreet east from C to D sterols north; an act for the improvement of the the roadway of ?*onth Capitol street, between OeefKla avenne and S ?tre -t south; an act to take up *nd relay the gutter on the south front of stiuare.101: an act mating ao appropriation to pay >lrssr? \V m M E'^m Bro. a balance due them ? ??? valves made and farniahed in contract with the Corporation f \N ashing*^. an act to reimburse the Mayor bis ? * pena* A w b > 1st attending to the interests of this C?rporat >0n before Ibe legislature of Maryland * j*8' .apolls during the sesaion of lsOU; an act "'^Hilng the laying of a water main In 1 atreet *?.fh from New Jersey avenue to South Capitol '*W. an act authorising the laying of a gutter on tbcMut aide of Firat at. eaat, between II and C eta. orfb; an act for tbe relief of Dan' I Donovan; an act making aa appropriation for taking op and re laying the gutter in front of aquare lxl; an act for grading ana graveling Firat atreet east; between B atd C streets south; an act authorizing tbe lay lag of a watermain in G atreet north,from Seventh street west to N1 nth street west; an act author Izlng the laying of a watermain in M atreet south, from Eighth street east to Eleventh streefcfast; an ac t making an appropriation to bike up and relay tbe gutter on the east tide of Eighth atreet west, between H and I itreeta north; an act authorizing the laying of a watermain in E atreet north, from Eleventh to Thirteenth street went; an act author izing the laying of a watermain in Seventh street east. rrom i- rtmt south to M street south; an act authorizing the laying of a water main in New York avrnue, from Twelfth street west to Thir teenth sfeet weti; an act directing the publica tion of the names of the water takers; an act relat ing to the Inclosing of Judiciary aquare; joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for making the connections with the great Oovernment waWmains, a joint resolution invit ing the Prince of Wales to visit the city of Wash ington. P*TITI05S. Of J G. Adams and others, for a water main in 1, strer*; of W B. Kibhey, for a water main In the street opposite the Center market; of Dr. Noble Young, for the opening of an alley In ?;uare A; of Wm. H. Arnold, for permission to erect a wooden shed adjoining his stone uiill; all of which ware referred. COMM1TTKK **PO*TS. Bill providing for the redemption of certain rertifcatea of sUx k issued In 1S54; passed Bill to r?set the curbstone* on the north front of square 141; passed Bill to take up and relay the gutter on tbe north st?*.e of square 141; oa-'.v-d Hill of tne lower txv.rd to triin and gravel Eleventh at. w?t. betw?*.n C aud l? st* north, paaaed. Sub totute for a bill of the lower board for relief of L Be'i, Thos. Beil and Eliza Meredith; paaaed. Bf 1 to grade ar,d gravel B at. aouth. from Seventh Vi Fourteenth atM west; paaaed. Bill to trim and gravel Sixth at. west, from D street north to Pa. aveuue; passed. Bill to trton and gravel Sixth street west, from E to G sts north; passed. Bill granting permission to William H. Arnold to erect a wooden shed adjoining hia stone mill; pissed Bill for grading and graveling Eleventh ?:reet west, from N to P streets north; passed B;ll to grade and Tenth street weat, from N to (( streets north; passed. Bill to take up and rrl->y the gutter on the east front of square No. 1*20; pruaed. Bill to trim and gravel Nineteenth street west, fn in E to H street north; passed Bill to amend the act entitled an act to license and regu late hucksters; referred Bill to pay for work done and materials furnished in erecting a fire plug In front of tbe City Mall; passed Bill to lay a water main in L street north, from Seventh to Eleventh streets north; passed. Bill to lay a water main in the street opposite the Center mar ket, from Seventh to Eighth streets weat; passed. Bill to reconstruct a stench-trap on the north slda oi i Dira street wesi. near L> street north; passed Joint resolution authorizing the Trustees of Pub lic Schools to lease suitable buildings for school purposes; paased. bill for the relief of Allen and Keunclley, referred. Bill to take up and relay tlm pavement in th? alley in square b, passed. Mr. Brown introduced a bill for the Deneflt of the volunteer military of the City of Washing ton Toe bill is as follows : Be ri fnaeted. ft., That for the purpose of sup plying the volunteer militia of the City of Wash ington with fuel and bght at the Columbian Ar mory, and keeping their arms in good order, ttiere shall be appropriated annually out of tt? general fund the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, payable quarterly to such person or per sons as may be authorized by the said volunteer miutia lo leffivt tLe same; and tbat the said sum of two hundred and flfly dollars be. and the tame is hereby appropriated from the central fund to tarry out tbe provisions of this law. This act to take efleet ou tbe first d.ty of J uly, 1NS0. l>n otetioa, tbe bill was referred to tbe police committee Mr. Price Introduced a resolution instructing tb?- police committee to inquire into tbe expe d.eacy of providing by law for the appointment of an additional police magistrate, who aball hold bis ?thee In tbe central guard-house; passed. Joint resolution authorizing tbe Water Pur veyor to test Joseph L Lowry 4 patent combined hydrant aud stop-cock; passed Joint rtsolution modifying tbe act supplemen tary of the act entitled "An act providing for tbe a.taeaanieiit and valuation of all property In tbe City of Washington, approved ^ept. 14, 180U;" paaaed. dill to lav a water main in I street north, from Seventh to Ninth streets west; paaaed Adjoarned. Omm?? Council.?The board met at the usual hour, tbe presideut in the chair. Mr. L ?. Clark, recently elected to fill tbe va cincy caused by the resignation of Mr. Orme. councilman from tbe becond Ward, being found duly qualified, was sworn In by the President of the tioard of Aldermen, and took his seat. COMMCJUCATlOBS. Communication from the Mayor, returning to the Board of Common Council la which itorigin nUd. without bit approval, a joint resolution en titled "Joint resolution in relailou to a frame abed adjoining a brick building," an it did not appear to blm tnat tuia Corporation, under tbe act of March 4, 1:32, modi tied by tbe act of Congress api>rovtd July 10, l:?-\ bare authority to pass ucb a law without tne assent of tne President of the I'nlted states. BILLS, rBTlTIOBS, BTC , 1MRODCCBD A.MJ BB rBBklU Bill to grade and gravel M ctreet north, from Twenty-fourth to Tweuty-slxtb at* wrat, bill to fUnicI two stench tra^a ou Teuto at. west, be tween (i and li ata nortu; bill to construct two gutters across l? at. south, In tbe Sixth Ward; j>e i.tios of H l>avls aud others, aakiug tbe opto In); of an alley In square 513, accompanied by a piat, petiUun of Z i) Oilman aud others, asking to have a bridge erected across Boundary st , be O-V- OW11?wee. aw .loru Uap|hil itieet; pctmoa #( K. Harry Mid ethers, prsyiug Uie re iii anion of a ?ne; petition of J. K Johnson and others, praying the opening of Half at west, from North W ? to tbe river; protest of Bates* Bro. against the proposition at present before tbe board lor tbe opeulng of aa alley la square 513. bills pa?s*d. Bill to appropriate #10 to defray expenses of a special eiecuoa beld la tbe dacood W ard; bill to lake up sad relay a gutter oa tbe west side of Tentk street from i street north to tbe aatural drain or tewer crossing Tentb street, between Q and 11 streets north; bill to take op sud relay tbe gutter oa tbe south akle of 1 street froiu Tentb to fclev eath streets west, bill to grade Fourtn street west from O to Q streets norm, bill to gravel Sixth at. east from 1'wanaylvaala avenue to Maryland ave nue; blU to coaatruct a bridge ia tbe Sixth Ward; bill to place a pump at tbe corner of 1 and Fif teenth streets west, aed to repair a gutter at tbe said turaer, bill autaoriiiag a Hag footway la tbe Sixth Ward; bill for caausl repairs la tbe Fourth Ward; bill for causoal repairs in tbe Third Ward; bill to Improve a portion of U street north; bill to close a port of tbe existing alley and open a new alley in square 370, bill to construct a sewer along a purlieu of Seventh street west, bill to gravel fcirvealh street west from Maryland avenue to tbe PoSoaiac river; bill authorizing tbe Uwtmr nf a water main ou Fifth itrert westlroui O to 11 streeta m.rtu, bill to provide for u*e laying of a water uaio along Twelfth ilreet west from C alreet north to 1'euuayfirauia avenue; bill to lay a water main along V street from Niutb to Tenth streeta weat; bill autboruiug tbe erection of a public hydrant and lor olber purpoaea; bill authorizing ttie laying of a water main along 1- ourieenth atreet from 5 to 1> aUeeta nurtb; btil to preveat cruelty to ant mala, ic i bill to furutab tbe Center Market with gas, and to let a portion of tbe Mine; bill for tbe relief of Cbaxlea H Anderson joist aaaoLDTiona raasio Joint revolution modifying tbe net aupplemen tary to tbe act entitled '-An act proYlding for tbe UMraaiueut and valuation of all property la tbe city of Washington," Ac., approved September i | 1&&U i RttolrtJ. That la place of the trat aaaj?.m-f?? M required by Ute ?*;<1 aetata* lag pl?c? on tb* rat Monday of September nrxt, tbc Mid -? m teot ball Dr Lu*d? laubtaiateiy tf>r tbe punue of ttits rmluthM. m Jolat resolution auihorltlie the Water Pur veyor to tc* Joo. L Lovrry 1 patent combined Lyilraut and tup-cock Joint resolution raiatlrt to tb? ?npiojrcn?at of a Iwclifr of vocal music Ib the PnMIe School", with the following amendment ?That no public exhibition of snch pupils hall bp given tor any porpoee, unless the assent of a majority of the Board of Trustee* be firat obtained. TB&NaVB* OS A COMMITTIB Mr Jones wan relieved from erviee on the committor oa drainage, and Mr. L. 9. Clark sub stituted. Mr. Clark was appointed to serve also on the following committees Improvements, canals, public schools, and joint committee on tne ward. COMMITTER OF COSTKEEKCX. Mrtwi. Jones, Kasby, and Morgan were ap pointed a committee to confer with the upper Board on the disagreeing amendments of the two Boarda relative to the improvements on the North ern market. Adjourned. The Revival.?There appears to be a very gen ?>?> iiKcrCfll awaftCUCU 111 IQF Wr?UUUl8l CQlirCDCI af this city The protected meetings art grow ing more and more Interesting, and churches of that denomination which have not fnlly begun their protracted neetlngs, are now holding meet ings preliminary to a speedy commencement. In the meetings thus far there has been a co-opera tion of Christiana of otber denominationa with the Methodists, that obtains the approval and ex cites the admiration of even those who are non professors, snd exhibits a union of purpose thst overcomes the difference of views upon non-essen tials. At the Wesiev Chapel, yesterday, the ser vices were conducted by the Rev. Dr. L. F. Mor gan, who preached an appropriate discourse from the text of Acts, 3.19 At the conclusion of which tbe services at the altar were begun and eight nournera were reported. At tbe Methodist Church South, tbe services were confined to the altar. Rev. J. A. Proctor, 5a* tor, conducting, opened the meeting with an ippropriate exhortation, and at the invitation the m|ulrers presented themselves at the altar Seven *vre reported during the meeting. The meetings it these churches have been 1 n progress two weeks, tad are growing in interest. It is determined to *1. ? ? J 1 ** At tbe Methodist Protectant Church, Ninth itreet, where the meetings were begun on Sunday light, there are indications of great Interest Last light Rev. Mr. Butler, Lutheran, preached a pow erful airmen from tbe text, "Who hath believed our report?"?Isaiah, 53 1. After which the ser flce at the altar was begun with an appropriate :xhortatton from the pastor, Rev. P. Light Wll ton, and aeveral Inquirers were reported during he evening It was announced that Rev. Dr. Soble. Presbyterian, would preach to-night. At Foundry Chapel, meetings prlllminarv to a protracted series are in progress Much Interest s apparent. The aeries will begin next week. Thn Jackson ( Bkxckinkidoe) Dimocsatic \s?ociation Meeting Last Niaht.?Tbe repub icaus, It K*mi, have thought it necessary to >nrani 7? " ?1 J .. . v-tmxaMc aeewianvue k uurUCUU* snt of their regular organization, in order to create, If possible, additional ardor in the rank* of heir political adherent* Not to, however, with he Breckinridge democracy, especially those evident in this city, for the meeting of last even ng at their ball, on Pennsylvania avenue near four-and-a-half street, fully evinced the fact that he entire body was one '-Wide-Awake" organ za t Ion. At an early hour Esnuta's band took M>sltion at the hall windows of the building In ft'hlch the meetings are held, and performed sev eral lively airs, which drew together quite a large (stheriug. At eight o'clock the meeting was sMled to order by the President, (Dr. Boyle.) srhen, after the transaction of some preliminary justness, forcible and direct speeches were made >y Messrs N'icb?lson. of Teon., Russell, of Ga., ind Wall, of La The speeches were most en busiajttcally applauded. We unde'tana that the committee appointed to ;orres|iond with the Hon Mr Yancey,and request lim to address the citizens of Washington, when te shall reach this city on bis proposed tour to the <orth have as yet received no intelligence from hat gentleman. He was expected to reach here ihonl th? tosh ??>- v? ?? - .... ?. .??, urn it i* now luoujni DA rill not be here before neit Monday, In any i vent. "What aboct thi Night SchoolsNum >*rs of people interested either for themsvlves or or those under their charge, are daily asking us be question, "What about the Night schools this urintei"' This is a question of vital interest to everal hundred lads, whose circumstances com Mlthem to work through the day, whose parents an not be deprived of the benefit of their labor, vho toll through the weary day in the various vorkshopa of the city, who drive carta and fetch ind carry, who struggle and buffet with the world or their dally bread, and in the various occupa i.?ns of our busy town strive to rise above tbe ne rsaiiles of their position. It Is a vital nnpftlnn o those lads, whose only chances for acquiring a Ittle school knowledge d-pend upon the tarcly >hilsuthropy of a selfish municipal legislature >Vhat carts tbe alderman or the councilman, vbose rnlnd Is bent upon the advantage which be vlll derive from the passage of this or that bill, vbo is wrapped in contemplation of the rise and all of hla city lota as contingent upon the lin movement of this or that street, for the poor ap irentice boy? Gentlemen of the City Councils, h<-se boy* want to be aldermen and councllnien hemst-lves one of tliese days, and tbey call upon ou from tbelr workshops to place within their each su<*h opportunitWs as will enable them to iccnpy those placet with honor. Let us, then, laye tbe night schools, and let us have them at rnce! Corporation Advertisement.?For the bene It of '.he thousands of our reader* In the city, who lever see any of the excellent political paper* of lecessarllv limited city circulation, in which the nunlcipal powers that be ire fit, in tbelr patri ate wisdom to do, and bave done, tbe corpora Ion advertising, we Insert tbe following adver iseaient gratia: Proposal* will be received at tbe Mayor'* office intll li in on tbe ?4tb of September, Instant, for nnstrurtlng a barrel sewer, ceo a pool, and walls if blue atone masonry, in aquare No. 677, and of be beat material ana workmanship. Tbe work o be conatructed upon sucb level*, and according o apeciflcations prepared by tbe City Surveyor, ud under the superintendence of tbe Commia inner of tbe Tblra ard Fourth Wards and two Lnlstant Commlaaloner* Persona desirous of (ropoalng can examine the spe<.i0catlons at tbe Purveyor'* office, and obtain all other information lecessary for a proper understanding of tbe work ihaceucnta' D ? " m* u. umil, Commissioner Third and Fourth Ward. Mosthlt R?po*t of Dbathh hi this Cut ok Atocst, 18(U.-AbKea, I; abscess of neck, ; aphthae, 1; apoplexy, 1; brain, congestion of, ;; brain, disease of, 1; cancer, 1; cholera infan am, 14; consumption.3; convulsions, 1; dentition, l; diarrhasa,3; diarrbcta, cbronic, dysentery, 4; ev?r, intermittent,!; fever,typhoid,5; gastritis,!; laematuria, 1; heart, dropsy of, 1; hydrocephalus, ; hydrothorax, 1; intemperance. 1; liver, atrophy if, 1: lungs, congestion of, 1; marasmus. i\ teazles, 1; old age, 1; paralysis, 1; peritonitis, itierperal, 1; pneumoula, 1; prvmature birth, 1; till born. 3; stanatltls, I. Of this number there vert of the age of 3 years and under, 35; from .1 o 10 years, 1; from 10 to 'JO years, 4; from 'JO to 4(1 ears. 6; from 40 to 60 years, 11; from 60 to Nl ears, }; over *) years, 1; aae not reported, 1; till-ocrn,3. Whole number of deaths re{>orted,&l. I.TV1TATIO* to the PeiXCK or walks TO VlUlT >VAdHiNGToX ?The following It a copy of tbe eitcr transmitted under tbe joint resolutions of he Councils last week: Matok's OrriCK. Washington Citt, > September 14,1660. \ His Grace the Duke of Newcaitle:?My Lord: have this dav approved, and beg you will band he inclosed copy of a joint resolution adopted inaulmously by tne City Councils of Washington lty, Inviting bis Royal Highness the Prince of Vales to visit tbe Federal Metropolis. Ills Roval Highness having accepted the lnvi ition of the President, it affords me pleasure, in ehalf of my fellow-citizens, to assure you tbst bey desire to treat him with all the distinction in beir power during his visit to oar city 1 have be honor to be, Jambs G. Bbbbbt, Mayor. Thk Columbia Collegk Building baa been ;reatly Improved by the addition of another story, !ntshed with projecting cornice and brackets, a vantifnl cupola, ornamented porches, Ac., be ides which the entire house has been thoroughly J rw?? * - * " " [uutiku. tue grouuaa ajao nave Deeo laid out utefully. Two now profeaaora?Prof. Clark, nrmrrly the aaatatant of Prof. Brlatoe. and Prof, lhaeffer?have entered upon their dutlea. The ic?-paratory achool lxaa opened with upward* of Ifty boya. I m pmo v ix t*T .?The material ia bel ng depoal ted >u Ninth atreet, oppoaite the MethodlafProteatant Zhurch, for the erection of a new and convenient taraonage for the uae of the paatoraof thai church, rhe plan comprehenda everything neceaaarv for lie convenience of a rolnlater and the comfort of iU family, and the building complete, will b? a kerided improvement to the neighborhood. It irill occupy th" lot adjoining the church on the lorth, extending back to the old paraonage, to be hree atorlea In height, and provided with all the jtvi??i)i<*nrM Mm* ? ? 1 1 ? " ? vitM rciiaCQCf. r?v. Mm. McCavlt ?The Illness of this tai nted young ml nister, pastor of the Wesley Chapel cngregatlon. Is of a serious character, and up to ut evening his friends feared a fetal termination, in indication of a favorable change In the yinp orns gave hopes of a recovery, though by uo neaas certain. The Illness of the pastor makes It lecessary that In the meetings now prograslng he pastors of other chapels render assistance, rblcn is cheerfully done Re*. Dr. L. P. Kor an, P. E , superintends the meeting this week. PiitiMiin >v tib Monticsllo.?Mr Mason idy and child, J T. Kvani; Miaa Hewitt; A. D? Vluiebcn and ladr; J. J Stnge: Isaac Mever (rs V. Vanostrand, Miss ? Robins; Mr. A. L. Cunningham; Mr. Thomas Johnson. Cbbtbal OciBD iocsB Casbs ? Mary Simons, trunk and disorderly; fine and costs, S* 16. Henry V a 1 lace, disorderly; *4 AS. David Beale, throw. dlimlssii Two lodgsrs wers aceom lodated. I 4 Esroactso tH* Hace Law.?The drivers of public carriage* when the can arrive at tbe Rail road Depot, Va their anxiety to effect an engage ment, are apt to leave their reins. This la a viola tion of law Tbe police officer* at the depot have recently art about enforcing tlfe penalty, and the following caaea preaented by officer Donaldson i tiave been diapoard of by Justice Donn?J. Gib ion, C. Kelly, P. Brauning, Chaa. Foot; line and :oata each, fl.38, T CihtiiMahit.-The market waa not aa fully ittandid thia morning aa uaual. Tbe supply of provisions waa, however, aufficient for the de tiand, and of superior quality. The gangways irere not aa crowded aa opau the opening of last <reek1a market, nor the sales as active. This la lot an unusual circumstance at thia aeaaon, and It 1 rcry u*?cu unpuvua iuai wucn Win lliarin U^lli lull at the first of the week. It is very busy and nofltable during the remainder. Found D?*d?This morning a dead Infant wu ound In a field near Page's factory, la the Seventh iVard It wm wrapped In linen, and had evi lently been placed there during the night. Officer itll went immediately for the coroner to hold an nquest on the body. Tiik SnAiitk Monticxllo, we are Informed, lotwithatanding the atatement of our Alexandria :orrespondent to the contrary, yesterday came full o the hatches, being the largest freignt she ever irought. Dtsordolt anh Fighting.?J. Herrlty and J. lurk were arrested by Officer Ashe for disorderly tonduct and fighting. The case was laid before ustice Donn, who ordered each of the combatants o pay a fine and coats amounting to S6 '<27. Th* Wood Mixstxkls are nightly drawing rowded houses at Odd Fellows' Hall. Read he programme In another column, and go early f you want to get a Beat, or atanding room. Dft- WooLrsow, the well-known Optician and )eulist. haa returned to thla city, and will open ila establishment at hiaold stand, on Penn. ave iue in a few daya. Riadkr, have you neen Prof. Wood'a advertise nent in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. aa 20-eoly llOMKOPATHtC RkMKCIKS All of Dr. Humphreys 4. Co.'s specifics Ho neopathie Remedies put up expressly for family ise, in boxes, at 25 and 5ft cents each. Also, n oaxes, coutainini 2n vials, from $4 to #5 Ach. with (took of full directions. For sale by D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenue, wholenale and etail a?enU W. A. Fitzgerald. 353 north F street; .lao byT. W Winter, corner ol Massachusetts a va lue and Sixth street. Also, Pond't Extract of Witck taxu, ior internal ana eiiorui lnuanimations oj >11 kinds. S<<ld u above. ma 9-1 y Hollowat's Pillb. Aridity of the Stwnarh.?These medicine* are a nost powerful antacid remedy for the correction of til those acidities, whether induced by debility, rotn fat snbstanc?s in the stomach, or impaired by xcess-the torpid functions are stimulated, the >lood cleansed, and the secretions of the bile and lver purified. Soldbyall ^5c.. 62.. and |1 per box. se 14-1 w Mm*. Wihslow, an experiencednurseandlemals ihysician, has a Soot km* Syrup/or Chxldtn Teitk ng, which greatly facilitates the process of teething >y softening the gums, reducing all intlammation? rill aiiay all paic, and is sure to regulate the owels. Depend upon it, mothors, it will give rent o yourselves, and relief and health to yonr infants, 'erfootiy safe in all oassa. See advertisement in mother column. oo ll-ly Mbtkk's MntAccLoirs Vbrmin Distkot**, he oldest and best remedy known lor exterimoat ng Kats and Mice. Cookroaoiie* Bugs, Ants, dusqiutoes, Fleas, Moths, Grain-worms aad Uar ?n 1 n?ect?. ir7"l'r?ncip*l Depot, 614 Broadway, N. Y. fC7|?l liy all Druggist* evory where. in* 18-3 m r' DIED, On the 15th instant, EDWIN, son of Gurden C. ,nd Helen A. A?hton,agod I vs?k. "Suffer little children to come unto me. and forbid hem not, for of auoh is the kingdom of heaven." (Portsmouth papers copy.) On the 17th instant, m this city, RICHARD lENRY-sonof Anthony and Margaret C. G?tr ctt, aged 9 years, 1 mouth, and 17 days. * On the morning of the 17th instant, WM. LYEL, econd and youngest son of J. N. and E. >1. Alcln ire, aged 3 years, 3 months, and iS days Ho ruueral will take nlacc from the residence of lis father, on E street, hetweon 1st and 2d sts., on Yedtieeday, the 19th instant, at 3 o'clock p m. The I * .V- C : I ? - J -i. ' ? -.1 iiciiia 01 inn iniimy bio rcqurstou to siioiiu, Wlin ut further notioe. Hartlord Time* tc Middletown papers, Ct.,eopy.) On the 17th instant, FRANKY, ?on of John S. ,nd Anna Sheets 2 months and 15 d&rs. His funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon, 13o'clock, from 7tli St., betwoen D and E. * .im? on the Dkath oi Miss Ma.?uik A. Waj DKR, Wko died Septtmber tki 12th, lfWO. Vhen the last beam that gilds the expiring dajr ad?* from our view, in eradual, toll decay, lor leaves behind a single trace to show low bright the i-tfulgeiice of its noontide glow. Vho iialli not felt the caiin, so soft and det-p. Vhen nature scorned in solemn pause to weep Vh<> ti&ti not felt a tnar of stilt regret >teal o e* ins cheek, ere the full oi h hath set' o feels the fulness of our heart and eyes, V hen al that's mortal of a loved one dies ; Vhii". an we gnze with deep, intense delight Mi the last glories of that soflenod light Vhich paints the horizon in its quiet decline, ind in relebtial spheres with brighter radiance shine. ?u a . o i ??? ? l ciai iinwi ?ci , a rniui nam psniru mwnj ^roni earth'* dull clime to heaven's eternal day, Vhose bright caieer our eyes with rapture view'd, ind with delight its lengthened aours? pursued, weet one 1 praise theo not?thy virtues were not thine, lut Hi* who formed thee splendidly to shine. Vith meek humility, with heart sincere, ind fear of God. whioh knew no other fear, l*hy form's at rest?thy spirit's now given l o Hint wiio rules the destinies ot heaven. * By a Thli Kkiimd WANTS. U|7 ANTED? A WOMAN to do washing and '? ironing and to assist iu chamber work. Best Bferences required. Apply at 397 C street. be ween 3d and 4,Vj. se last* A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a SITUATION aaaoook, who undcr tauds her business ar.d can come well recoinmenl d. Apply at the ?tar Office. Box 10. It* VAT ANTED? By a respectable woman, a SI tlJA *? TlON as cook in a large family or lioarding ouse, where there it no washing or ironing to do. las no objection to going in tt:e country. Good eferOBcn. Apply at this offjef*. Box 1**. It* [\fANTED?A large UNFURNISHED ROOM, ?? (second floor preferred) in a central location, rith permanent Ixiard lor lady and geutlemon with ne small child and nurse. AdJrena U. (j , at Unit ffiee. se 18 4t* LJ|7 ANTED?Ten HANDS and five APPREN rV TICES, to work at the drea.Mnnking. S. T. "ajrlor** dress-cuttin? rule taught at 8 a. m and 5 . m. Apply at Mrs. MARY A. EATON'S, lothst-, ear Pa avenue. 4S4. se 18-2 * ikl ANTED?By a reportable woman, a SITUA TION a* li'ad washer and irotier, or to do eneral housework in a small family. Best of ref rences given Apply, for two days, at No. 4*7 Ith st, near E st. ?t* jrjm -WANTED TO BORROW THIS ?>iUU? amount for one year, for wiiich a liberal nterest and satisfactory security will be given, kddress thronrh Post Office, with rate of i-tnrest x pec ted, X \ .'A. se 18-3t* UI7ANTED? A competent WOMAN to cook, wash and iron for a small family. Also, a IOUSE SERVANT, fcueh as como well recom lendul will receive liberal wages aad permanent oinea, at i'21 ! ; ftrnet. It* l\/ANTK1>?A WOMAN to do ceuwa! House ? work. References required. None other eed apply. No. 431 lorh st. *e 15-2t* i\IANTED?A GIRL. between 13 and M years of ? age to work about a house with a family of 3 arsons. Inquice at 490K, north side of Massachu etts ay., between 3d and 4th sts. se 17-3t Ul/ET NURSE WANTED-One whose ser vioes will be required only at stated periods f the day. Apply to l)r. WM P. JOHN?TONt >6 7th St., from 8 to 9 o'olook in the moriiing. se IS 3t L)|7 ANTED?A respectable WOMAN, to wet ?" nurse a babe 5 weeks old, at her own r-si ence. Apply at the southeast comer of 12th and H ts. ?? i?-?? JLTANTED?A CLEKK, who ia acquainted with " the city trade, for a Jewrlr) More. Beat of rferenoes required. Addreaa T. II., No. 3, Mar >flice. ae 14 i GENTLEMAN GOING SOUTH 18 DE x sirous of purchasing several NEGRO MEN, >r hia own private uae. Peraona having auch for ivleoan eeoure thein a good place by addreasing lox 49* "City Poat O?o?," atatiug where an in erview may be had. ae I3-lw? J|7 ANTED?By a ateady and induatrioua man, a ?? SITUATION aa collector. Beat of reoom lendationa given. Addreaa M. C., Star Olfioe. jy 12-tf J?CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. routh*' and Boys ' Clothing for School and Drtss IVear. Parents and guardian* wishing to famish their hiiriren and wards with School and College Outfits >r the ooming season, are invited to examine oar iarm an/1 mtansiwa DAVflJ ? ? ? ? ?? wm>i tiuotlk WV/ I W ILOTHlNt), wbire they can fit oat their ohiIdren r ftll liiee in ft few momenta with evert deacrip on of R'fcJy-made Garment*, of aubatantial ftad co. ftu 30-tf 3<a Penn. ftTWK. Niu.m'saa ffsrastL..?? ith incUjit,ftt U o'olook m., for farniaiiinc neveo orda of Rood merchantable Oftk Wood fer the aiitftnt Quarter matter'a Ofioe.Noa. 80'? ftwl OT K alreel north. The fuai ta to be delivered before the 90th matant, tied m front of the oftoe ftad then legally mefta red.

P roposal a ahonld be addraaaad to the aahaoriber. ad MdorMd "Pro?o??is for Po*t? _ |RRI8 S. MILLER, CftptUB Aunt't y a?rt?rm??t?r, U. 8. Army. . ij* LOST AND FOUND. LOST?0? Wadaaadaj, Aufint 29th, at the Pr**j i dent's grounds, a KAlR BRACKLKT. with rnld elasp and broken ?hain attached- rained M Hie hair of a deceased relative. The finder will oorier k ?r*a? favor hv leavin* it at the ?tar Omoe. Be rard if required. It* IOST-A black 8ETTKR SLUT, loet in the j Cei.W Market, on the morning of the?v__^0 ISth i?-*taat. Any person returning her 1' i 1 >*" ^ 59sl 18th ?t., iUland, will be snr.abiy re -*1 warded by the subscriber. s? 18 3t R. BKTTS. DOG LOST.?On Monday, the I7th instant,fiom | the residence of the subscriber, a veiy ^ _J mall b ack terrier S?H'T, with lon(t far in.! tail, 'an colored feet, and ainali white * ?tt ipe up the brraat, had on a red morocco collar ippru wiwi surer piate. with her name "Chala, Annio D. Wallach's doe, Nn. 7 Iixl ana avenue, orraved upon it. A liberal re-ward will be paid for tier return to CHAS. 8. WALLACH, No T lndi toa a v., oppoaiU City Hall. se 18-eolw LO*?T.?On the lith of September, a CAMEO BRKASTriN. median si?e, between Page's irind mill,7th st., Island, and vicinity of Bank of Washington. The finder will be liberally rewarded )y leaving the same at thi? office. se 17 3t* RKWARD.-Lost.on Friday,the 14th in?t. ?t*J between the honra of 8 and 9 a. a gold letaclied LKVKR, op?n-fa-<e, gold di?l,thirteen ?ole jeweled, with chain attached ; maker. John ion, Liverpool ; number not recollected, but sup >osed to be 15.127. Whoever will return the rtm? o Ulenwood Cemetery Office.will receive the abova reward. With thank*. se i?-3t* ?> " RKWARD-Strayed or stolen on Wednesday, the 12th inst.,a large red butfalo Cow, nth white face, a little white on hor back, pUr^ ind white underneath. There is a mark ordb^M mratoh on the right hind on*ri?r fnrmin* n?ri. itraight linn, whinh is only discernable on close ob lervation. The above reward will be paid for her eturn to me, or for aoy information that mar lead o her reoovery. JOHN MeNERHANv, se ?4-#t* Corner 6th aad P streets north. PERSONAL. I HEREBY FOREWARN ALL PER*ON.A I from harboring or frosting my danshter, M A R Y I will pay 110 debts contracted ' ry her, she having left her homo without any just I ausft. I sel?-3t* FREDERICK SCHROKDEL, Sr. I^O THK CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.-Madam D., so woll known as the most successful ex plainer of the Pimt, Present and Fntu'*ever in AH-Inn*ton, continues to he consulted weekly by lundreds anxious to kuow of things at present hiil >? from thein. Her consultation fee, to both gen lem^n and ladies, is extroineiy moderate. Call at ler house, on the south side of M as ?achu setts av , *tween 17th and 18th sts.?the only house there, so 17-1 in I^HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE THAT TI1E tulmcriher hath obtained from the Orphans' Jourt of Washington county. in the District of <'o unibia, letters of administration on the personal state of Kbenexer Rodbird, late of Washington viiu?j t uobcaoxnii au poi UUMB unviug CimillS km nut the said dec-cased, are hereby warned to ex libit tHe Mime, with the vouchers the-eof, to the ubscriber, on or I>efore the 8th day of Scpteml>er iext; they ma* otherwise by law be excluded from .11 benefit of the said estate. Given uuder ray h&ud his 8th day of September, lflfin. EPHRAIM b. rodbird, se H-law3w* Administrator. VIA DA ME MORRICE, Thk Great Astrolo "I gist and Doctkkss, just from ?uror*.?Thia ii*lily sifted and intelligent lady can be consulted in the Past, Present ana Future Event*. Call at 4n. UOA Twenty-second street, between H and 1, tVashinston. j?19-3m% BOARDING. BOARD?A fine Front Room, with Board, in a delightful locality,may bo obtained i\ a gentle n<in and lady, or two gentlemen, by oal ins *t No. 14.'> 1 street bet *e?n 9th and lfHh sts se 17-3t J ??> NINTH STREET.?Persons returning t? WO the cit? from their tummxr resorts will find ncsnt several desirable rooin*^ having the conve nances of gas, water, and tattling closets, at 43.1 inth st., one door sonth of F: suitable either for ainilies or single gentlemen. Table lioarders ac loininodated on moderate terms. se h iw' FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr "For Sal? and K?*?" advtrtiitme*ti, r??? ] 1*7 A NT KD TO RENT-A mall FARM within " 1H miles of Washington. Address J. C., Star )ffiae. se 18 2t* rO LET?A four-story BRICK WAREHOUSE on I'cnn. avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. The building contains four large halls 100 feet deep if 25 in Width. Also. larse lUlli over in* ?tnro. Hun is one of the lieVt business stands on Penn. ,verue. For further particnlara inquire of C. iVOODWAIt D. aeia-3t COR RENT? Possession on the 1st of October. V The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43- I) street. ,t present occupied by the Rov. Dr. Butler, and extdoor to the residence of the advertis-r. J. M CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not he let for a boarding house, ae 18-tf t?OR RENT?The HOUSE No. 341 F itrMt, P brtwoen 13th and 14th streets, now occupied hjr )r. Lieberman. It contains 9 rooms Itesides kitcli n, hath room and pantrjr. The whole house is eated by a furnace and supp'ied with casand ?at r xtures. A nood brick atable is attached to the reinmes. Toi tmiH tenant tli? wnt ?ill h* rate and possession mav b? had about the 1st of >ctol?er Apply on the premise* between the hour* f 4 and Go'clock p. m. sw lB-eu6t* [J'URNISHED ROOMS OR HOI SK TO H RENT, at No. 341 F street,between 9th and Xti. >e 17 3t? FOR RENT-A convenientand comfortable t*(c r story 1!K ICR DWKLLING-IIOOK. ,ttio rooms?No. 279 smith R street, south side, 'ap'tol Hill, three doors east of New Jersey *v. A :ood brick stable is attached. Possession mav l>e ail immediately. JOSEPH lNGLK, se !7-3t* No. New Jersey avenue. IT'OR RENT-A three story and-attic BRICK " DWELLING,on H street, between lath and Ulists Also, a three-story and-basement brown ront DWELLING IIOU^E, on 13th street, be ween L and Maisachusetts av.; possession *iven ontfl lifiit* in Ontohdr: tlift linniA tn Iia rnnnintml nside and nut Apply at WM. P. SHKDD'j* Fancy itoro, No. 502 lltn t an 25-4w* FOR KENT.?Several FURNISHED ROOMS I for rent corner of New Jersey avenue and B freet. south of the Capitol. Inquire of Mrs. E. B. ?1JLLg, No. 333. se 15-St* FOR REN T?A three story and basement BRICK H<?U8E on First st. wen', between G -nd H sts. north, near M Aloysius Church, c >11 auaiiK 7 comfortable rooiin. For particulars ap ly next door south, or to WISE A. CALLAHAN, se 16 7t* A RAKE OPPORTUNITY-?A magnifioent A FARM for salo or exchange for oity property, ontainmj 184 acres, Iiaif mile from Fairfax ?t& lon, Oranxe and Alexandria Railroad. It is under . high atate of cultivation, well watered, good >ui dints and timbur; it can he bought low. Call >nG. W. ItRAY & CO.,at their Jewelry Store, >16 Seventh street. se Vim* FOR SALE?A Mnall FARM of3l acr<>s of land, si mated IK mil as noith of Soldiers' Home and 4 ml?* froin Washington city, l?eing a part of Chil um Castlo Manor; 15 acres in market garden and he ha'ance la heavily timbered, with a airing of lever failing water, a \ on up orchard of peaches and pplea, having on it a small frame house. Apply at land No. tf71 Center Market. of Mrs. MoRTl rlER or on the place to J. H. MORTIMER, au 30-3w* HHARLE3 A. SHAFER. L/ WATCH MAKER, 346 Pen*. Areai??, mar Seventh Strut Entire attention given to the K?pairing of Chro ometers, Dip'ex and Later Watches, fine Jlooka, Ac. Also, to tb? Engra?ing oi In itation, Wedding, Visiting and Professional :ards se 10 rOR H1KE-A SERVANT MAN. UlaveTas L years old; is competent to take care of horsea, a serve as coachman, driver, porter, or as a farm and. AdbIt &t No. 4UU Ninth stric t IxtlwoAn II Chro ml 1. ae ll-lw* rHK GKEATKST BARGAIN I'M A PIANO yet OFFERED.?A beautiful i>ev^^ loaewood ?p!<?n(lid tone Piano, P-ad* bvBBMfl iuuna 4 Clark of New York; aold only 8*" lontha since by a well known pcr?on for fSM. 'eonliar cireumitAncea enable ai to olfer it for a easy terms. Call and see it. JOHN F. ELLIS'S Chlokanng & Soca' Pianos, ae 11 30ft Pa. av.,bet. 9th and li'th ate. V MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS. CASS1 MBRS.aND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 3S? Pennaylra a Avenue, have juat received a large variety of f* Fall Gooda, to whioh they invite the attention f their friendaand customers. au 30-tf ;eorge b. s l o a t * co? J _ Manufacturer of THE ELLIPTIC LOCK STITCH 1 MP W O V ED SH I'TTLE SEWING MACHINES! 'he aimplest and beat ever constructed !. Free from leather pada and complication!. ? _ Reliable upon all manner of fabrici! warranted to every purchaser::: and mr THE PET OF ALL CREATION! Manufactory, 1129 Beach stroet, Philadelphia. Agent for Washington and Ticinitr? J. THOS. MAXWRLL, se 6 6teo Pa. avenuo. a NEW COOK STOVES ^ _ CONTINENTAL. Together with an unequaled stook of all pattern* OOK STOVES. PARLOR STOVES, CHAM BER STOVES, tiALL STOVES, Ac , worthy of ??rjt, which will be sold at prices that cannot foil > Pl?ase. JAS. SKIRV1NG, V a*hington Stov#, Grate, Range. Hot-Air Furnaoe.Tib, Sheet Iron, and Japanned Ware Manufactory, No. 367 Pa. av. and 11th it. *e> 5-ao2w JOWK'8 ORIENTAL BALSAM, BALDNESS AND HEADACHE, J'his new discovery has produced astonishing re u in cuiing baldness and stopping the hair from klliug off It remove* dandruff and all eruptions ' the ikia; a oerUin oui for aeadaaiie, and a de ghtfal wash and perlW Pne# 50.wU._For s?e GEORGETOWN. Corrtfpond*nee / Tk* Star. esoMBTowii, September 17,19W Work npon all the unfinished portion* of the Washington Aqueduct 1a now fully rnumni by the rontrartora. n? not:ccd In the Star of Saturday laat. Tbemagr.itudeand grandeur of thtaaplendld triumph of engineering akill, and tbe beauty of iM detail*, are becoming more fullv developed aa It approaches completion Two of the prominent features of tbe work, tbe High Service Kcttnrolr ana tbe bridge over Rock Crerk, being located beie. will add to the attractions our city presents to residents and visiter*. Tbe High Servltfs Reservoir ts located on tbe corner of Road and High streets, upon tbe ground known as Lee's bill. It Isacircnlar reservoir I'JUfeet in diameter, and will contain 1 "Mi.nm gallon* of water It will be covered by a spherical brick dome of 2 feet in thlckuess. and .>! feet interior height Tbe foundations are of coucrctc sunk to a depth of 12)g feet below tbe natural surface. Tbe bottom is excavated In tbe form of a reversed rone, lowest In tbe center, at wblcb point tbe Influx pipe enters. Tbe dome will be surmounted by an ornate, and finely proportioned lantern. A large force is now at work on tbe dome, and expert to complete tbe brick masonry in about two months The brick work for a height of tfl feet, or one foot above tbe water level, is to be lined with boned coal tar and dry hydraulic cement, this Unit g being between the Inner and outer courses Tbe wall to tbe height of the water line will be sup ported by an exterior sodded embankment, sup ported on tbe aide of Road street by a revetment wall. Tbe brick work will be strengthened by hoop iron built Into the courses Tbe influx and efflux pipes enter by a brick-lined gallery ex cavated In the hill under the foundation of tbe reservoir. Tbe dome with tbe lantern surmount ing it, when completed, will be tbe most promi nent feature of our far-famed Heights Tbe en gine Intended to pomp water into this reservoir is located In the west (Georgetown) abutment of thf1 Anuwiurt KrlHir? Da^v r*w ?-w. V. Itagv V*vi t%W& VICCft 1 engine is a beautiful piece of mechanism, (Worth ing ton's patent of ltw>5,) and ia capable of pump ing 1UIU>00 gallon* in ten houra. The power ia obtained by a pipe connecting with the supply main. Tbe distributing reservoir ia 145feetabove tide, and the waste water discharge* into Kock Creek at an elevation of 4 f?-?t above tide, but the etfcctlve pressure will not be thia difference of 141 feet at ail times, because the draught from the oiaius for supply will diminish the head. Tut water to be pumped will be drawn from tbe same mains and delivered into the reservoir at a height ibove tide of 215 feet, through a 10-iuch main, 3.500 in length The iron bridge over Rock creek, to convey the water across, ana support a roadway for travel, is emarkable for tbe toldness of Its design, and its graceful proportions That and tbe stone bridge it Cabin John, If built any where in Kurope would lttract universal attrntiuu, and descriptions and lrawlugs.sowii broadcast would spread their fame throughout tbe civilized world. Here we are too busy T'resident-making to attend to such trivial matters. To return: tbe span of Kock creek br.dge Is feet. Tbe arch Is composed of two rit* which are cast Iron pipes of 4* inches interior dl uneter. These pipes'are in lengths of about 12 feet, are cast straigiit, with bevelled and flanged enda, and are connected by acrew boita through tbe flanges Tbe joints of tbeae ri ba were faced iff so true tbat when screwed up they were per fectly water tight, witb a packing of red ltad aud >11 only. The joints are concealed by neatly de ligned ornamental coverings of cast iron. The ribs are kept at a proper distance from each otber by diagonal braces of cast and wrought Iron. The ipandrel tilling is of wrought iron, H beams, aud lit bars riveted The meeting points of Uie brace* ire covered with handsome 'rjsette*' of cast iron, slghteen on each side. The tloor of the bridge s jf wood, aud the pipes of the arch ribs are lined with three-inch slavetof plank. Messrs Denmead V !M>ns, of Baltimore, are the contractors for tbe wood and iron work, and their intelligent fort man, Mr. McMahon. has employed here a force, which will, in a short time, complete their por tion of the work, which, for neatness of finish, iocs credit to all coucerned. l'roposals for (>aint ng the wood and Iron work are being received by thera to-day. The massive abutments of the oridge are tinely designed, and were raised high noui-'h last season to rraiit th? thm?t nf ilu. ?fA 1'bere has been some delay In commencing opera tions on them tbls season in consequence, we be lieve, of a want of facing stone which la obtained 'rout the grey atone quarrits at Seneca \\ e sup pose tbe delay will not continue much longer, as xf understand that our young friend and towns nan, Mr. James McHenrv, is continued in bis former position on tbe work (inspector of masonry tnd assistant engineer, we believe,) by Captain Beiibam, and that he will enter upon hi* duties ;his week. We may shortly state for the Informa tion of your readers, tbe present condition of tbe work all along tbe line, but make no promises to that effect. Geokgxtowk. D C., Sept 18.1S?o. Tbe charm of mystery which shrouds the Age if Chivalry still exerts an Incredible powr-r of Ihsrlnatlon, and at a certain period in our lives we all prefer tbe romance of Scott to the caricature )f Cervantes. "1 va.nhoe" still eclipses tbe "Knight >i l.a Mancna " M.e modern tournamant has this id vantage over the ancient affair, that the gallant knights run uo risk of damage to life and llinb >ther than that which may result from accident, rbe pageant at Anaiostan yesterday was a y. rest mccess. and the contestant* displayed cons.dera te skill in horsemanship and dexterity in "carry ng off the ring." The attendance of youth and Deauty from ?nr two cities and the neighboring ;ounties was very large, considering the unprom sing appearance of tfce weather, and not ? few itaid sen! rs were present, ogling the ladies and Maying the gallant with all the gusto of youths in lie first bloom of rao>istache-hood. The contest ing entered were?Mr Joseph A Hastings as 'Knight of St. Marys;" Mr. John H Dames sa (night of Analoatan; Unknown Knight, Mr. Thos. Good; Steel Cross Knight, Mr. William Jarrett; Knight of Columbia, Mr. Fcuton Evans; Knight of Montgomery, Mr Asbury Faucett; \night of Georgetown. Mr J. H Monroe; Knight >fPotomac,Mr J.T Essex; KnlghtofCovney, Mr. I Birch; and Black Hawk, Mr. 11.8* McPhcraon. i)f the judges there were present Jo* N Fearaon, Ksq., Hugh Caperton, Esq., John S Berrv. Hsu . Richard L. Cox, Ksq .and John H. Waters, biq , 'mine host" of the Union Hotel. After a fair ind impartial trial cf skill, ("each knight bad bree rides for the Queen of l.ove and Beauty") he Knight of Potomac wsi adjudged to be moat lucressful; the Knight of St. Mary's s?-cond on he list; Black Hawk third; and the Knight of Jeorgetown fourth. A neat address to the suc essful knights was tben delivered by Jos. N. ^earson. Esq.. after wblcb all proceeded to the lavilion where it was announced that the success ul knight (Mr. Lsaex) bad chosen as Queen of L,ove and Beauty, Miss Burch, of Virginia, and ihe was crowned'by Mr. Fearson who afterwards lerformed tne same agreeable duty for the maids if honor In the graceful manner of a "Chevalier Jayard." Tbe Knight of St Mary's (Mr. Has ings) cbose as hrst maid of honor Miss Kate 'rank.of Washington; Black Hawk (Mr McPber ou) chose as second mild of lienor, Miss Davis, >f this city; and Miss Roberta Donaldson, of tbis >lace, w-as named as third maid of honor, bv the ini"htof Georgetown (Mr. Monroe). Tbe knights evinced good judgment la their elections, as tbe ladies chosen were universally iron t>u need to be voung, handsome, and grace ful, and one of their number (we will not sav ? k (i, Vi \ nr* (tio tuil Id of fli*i ??> A -- ? *1 ert'iuonv of crowning. "music arose with iu roluptuoua swell," and the ball was opened by he successful knights and favored ladies in a luadrillc, at the conclusion of which all who de ured to dance took their place* upon the floor, ind chated "the glowing hour* with living f<*t," lutil a late hour. We might, after the fashion >f modern letter-writers, describe the animation >f Miss A , the beauty of Miss B , the candor of bliss C., and so down to .MiasZ.. bat where the adies were all ao charming we will not discrimi nate. The music was furnished by Withers's >and, and though not the music of the "spheres," the judge* will understand the allusion,) It was is usual, fully up to the standard of excellence, which all know to be commendation enough rbe popular proprietors of Analoatan were, as isual, assiduous in their efforts to secure the omfort and pleasure of their gii?*fc; the creature om forts were not neglected by them; and as isual, good order was generally observed on the sland, which atill retains Its popularity aa a dace of resort for pleasure-seekers The republican fire at Oceaqaan is not alto gether extinct it aeems. but still smoulders and xraaionally biazea up. They caught one of the ctlve participants in cutting down the pole a dav r two aioce, and abaved his horses' tall, talked >f riding him on one of Abe'a ralla, and played ff a number of other practical jokes on him. )ur informant statea that it being understood that eneral K. Hunton was to addreaa a democratic neeting at that place, the republicans in a spirit f bravado erected another pole on Saturday laat; >ut not of the magnificent proportions of the ormer one. Judifinz from the lively SDirit of bt-ae Occaquanen, we rather thick 'they mutt elong to the Wide Awake* A vt?*el ly Ing at the wharf near Seirunes planing ulll. was robbed a night or two alnce or a coat nd pistol and some other articles, and a colored nan w?a arretted on auapicloa, but we have not ieard the particular*. Mews. Barnard A Bur key sold at auction, yea erday. a lot and amall frame houae on Cong real treet, to Mr. Wm. U. Godey for ?900. UVli?ELKK A WILSON'S fT UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Nachliea, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, wbioh reader them ^absolutely all that can b* ? THE NKW AGENCy, io. 346 Pim**ylvania Atuvi, necrttta street, From |M to flOO, W ith laatraeuona tree of oitarge. P. 1. 8TBRE. Ai?t. HHEAP SECOND-HAND P1ANO.-A 4* HW W. 6. ME1ZB&OTT. THE LATEST NEWS TELEOK A.PHIC. AMIUml by tlf Jan. Fawtb** Pottt. 8^p? I? ?Tb? rtwnw Jar* pu?*4 brre Uil? forenoon, dropping dlvpatehaa lor the Aeaoclated Pi*? An emeutr bad Ukrn pUec at I.lernona and more arrtooa on* wii ippwhraW ?t Phillip?. bohoM ? _ Ablution continued to |n*Nll ti.lMll.IM ut HrnnoTlM, but tbe ^ Grand Viiier to return immediately, wltfcout *? iting these provlix ? Fli*C? , ? - . . Napoleon u rrnwtrd to btn saaured M. of hit sincere desire to rt Italy ,*T. Wbeo Victor F.mnnuel hall be roaslrr of McllJ and Niplri be will be strong enooik to cootei-d alone aga'nit Austria. but tbould Austris proe* victorious ia a conflict, France would ??* allow her to abuae her etctorv The Paris Bourse was dull and drooping; tbe Rente* closed at ?7f Ajc It ia reported that tbe Kmpreaa la unwell, and will not accompany the Emperor to Algeria When Edwin James, member of Pari jam?t. passed through Paris be was received by Jules Farre and others. He aaid be was going to aee Garibaldi, and Lord Pal mersto* bad author lied h m to tell him that be (Palmercou) considered ik?* /;??iv? 1Jt -1 * - *' ?u?i u < i?? vi. wwuiu conipvuiilf ill Lit IVCOMI by an immediate attack upon Home or Venitia l.on4on Men*} Mark t ?The influx of gold to the Bank vrui? ra?v. and the money market was impro??d. The wither cauaed Ir'mra la tbe fubds, but events la Italy checked aa advancing tendency. Consols baa a drooping tendency Tbe demand for money waa moderate, beat bills were negotiated at 3\ percent., and, la excep tional caaea. aa low aa 3)j per cent. Tbe amount at tbe Bank w?i light. Latbst via Loxdohdcsbt Losdos. Friday, 7thThe New* baa received tbe following telarram KarLBs, Tburaaay, 1 p m?Garibaldi arrived at Salerno tbis morning, aad iaexpected at Naplea immediately. It ia Mid that the King will leave here to-day for G a?*ta Tbe Intrepid returned here yeatarday from Salerno Kdwlri Jamea, M P., the Hon Mr Aabley, M. P., and other Englishmen are on board a Sardin ian veaari on a eialt to Garibaldi at Salerno Garibaldi waa last beard of at Palinl, marching upon Salerno, being supported oa tbe right wing by Gen Cozens 'Four thousand men under Gen Teur bad dis embarked at Capri. Insurrection had broken out at Said, wbere Victor Emmanuel waa proclaimed It urm ronnrtiil that a Naples hacf u-legrapbed to Vienaa that the King of Naples had resolved to quit hi* States The Bpictures and furniture of the palace and the Kind's baggage were embarked on the 4tb. on board a Kinish vessel. Other authorities afllrm that the iug had adopted the desperate policy of no sur render, and would not lea re till the last extremity. The city of Naples la perfectly traaaall. and the people conduct themselves la a dignified manner Very large quantities of wheat, barley, rye, and rape aeed have recently been bought la Austria by French and English speculator* Another Frrnchline of battle ahip. tbs Alexan der, haa left Touloa for Naples. Th?s aale of photographs of Garldaldl Is pro hibited lu Vienna. The Time* city article, dated Thursday even ing, says the Kugllsh funds were without altera tion throughout the dsy. In the d'scount market the demand was again limited at previous rates. \ O rnld was tak#ulntn tK? hanV A mm. A correspondent of the Daily Newt says Gen. Lamorlcllie's proclamation* impose on the Sar duiUn government the duty of watcbiag tbe frontiers, and of preparing to cross tbem too la case of necessity. Tbe government la already collecting In that direction a force of 2?,0W men . Still Later fram Earipf. &T-Joan's. Sept. IS?The steamship Euro pa passed Cape Kace tbta morning, haviag left Lie r- pool on Sitn'dav tbe bib, a ad touching at q ueenstown on the 9th. Tbe Kin# oi le:t bit capital on the 6th, t&rfclng pa**age on a ^pauieb vessel for Gseta. Oaribiudi vai at Caaa (?) 9u an lea frota Naples, on tbe OUi, aud expected to reach Naples on the 7th. His advanced guard rex:bed Salerno on the 6th Naples continued tranquil. The Kuglisb harvest wsa satisfactorily progress log. There bad been an Insurrectionary movement in tbe Roman Territory and tbe insurgents ds feated the papal troops at Pesara. Commmcial LivanrooL, Saturday evening ?Tbe cotton market closed firm with sales of r*,Mlu bales, in cluding 5.000 bales for speculation and export t>rf:40?"in??i iic raariii was paralyzed yes terday. Flour kfcowed a decline of 2?d on the week Wheat had declined Vd for luot time, and corn l>6d. To-day the market ruled doll and quotation* nominal. Provision* quiet General produce unchanged Consols 93 % a93 \ . laicUr mi m Female. The following dlapatrh wa* received last night at the Camden station telegraph offlre. Baltimore: Maetixcbcbg, Sept 17 ?A female passenger, who ramr west on the express train this morning, wa* taken from the car* at thl* station 1b a dying rendition, from the effects of laudanum ?uppo*?-d In hivr tteen taken nreirioua Ia ImyIii* Hiltinuir* A four-ounce bottle was found on her person and one fourth of it gone She baa a through ticket to Cincinnati, alao a letter signed bv wT H. B , written in Baltimore, no date given but Hept , 1^40 She it now dead Pleane inform me what conrae 1 shall pursue in r?rard to her rnnnlsi W H. Goktcr, Agent [In reply to the dispatch the body was rlinirtM to oe brought to Baltimore on the express train, due at 9 o'clock a m . this < Turtday) morning, for Identification by frleuds or for burial by authorities.] Additional from later Mediate America. Omaha, Sept. lb ?The vigilance committee at Denver City were waclng a war of extermination upon the gamblers and thievea. two of whom bad been bung. The S ous attacked P*c*Jit Ciijr on the 14th, and the tUcht was going on at laat arcounts Soma t'oips had arrl vea there, and more were expected momentarily. liDiPiJiDnci. Sept. 18 ?The new Nexicu mall brings intelligence that the people of the vrruory w< re raiaia urge lore* vo wage im war againat tb? Navajoee and otlm Indian* who bare been committing deprtdationa. The !latt*aal Fair. Cijccissati. Sept 16?Upward of thirty-Ave horata arrived here to day. from Kentucky and tbla State to compete for pre mi ami at tba National Fair tbla week Amonv tbem were I,- xington, Faablon and Bonnie 8c-tUnd Fin* diaplaya are anticipated before the Fair rlooea ou Tb iraday. The eatrlea are bow nearly lee thoua and, and the arrangement* all perfected Probably the Lulaf Gen Walker. Xiw Obuam, Sept IT.?Adricci from Trux lllo state tbat Gen. Walker, with 70 men, waa raptured by boats from a Britlal a tea me r and de livered up to the Honduraa autbo ittea Tba men were liberated aad allowed to return home, hat \\ alker aad Col. Kudler were to be a hot Political. New You. Sept 18 ?At the treat aoti repub lican meeting at Cooper Institute. laat nl*tt. reaolatlona were adopted for tbe selection of an electoral ticket to be nominated*br toe preaident, in conjunction with a committee of IS, to en deavor to defeat Lincoln. Great Moral ta the Gulf of Nosleo New OELB&is,8ep. 17 ?-Thorewai a dreadful lorin in um <tuii oa BalurtUr The town of B1 loxi ?'u almost demolished Several Uvea were lost and many vessels and it?tmrn blown asbore Ixtra l?Mi? ( the Virginia L*|ttl>larf, Richmond. Sept 17?The Governor has detar mined to call an Extra Session of the Stat* Ley la laturv to meet ?n lhe 14th nf January to decide relative to the tale of the James Rivef Canal. The New T?rk New You, Sept 17-The weekly of the city Banks shows the following d Loans $997.Ouu, siwcle #?^7,000, circulation 944.UU0. depoalU SSI WIO. UMtaai y. , Sept 17. Vermont Pa guiahed cltiien, died yesterday, aged 44 Moxtpkliik. Vt , Sept 17.?Char las Q. - man. editor of the Vermont Patriot and a dlattn Unlttnaere Mi lUi.TT*oca, Sept. 18 ? Flour cloeed verr dull and flat; City .Miiia #5 75; Howard street and Ohio nominal at S3 75. Wheat e insert Mas*y, 1 3Ua?l 40; white f 1 40afcC5. Corn cleeed dull, white t.5. <>-c. yellow H?a7Uc. Prenele* cleeed dull and heavy: mens pork 919 75; prime 915 U). Lard closed at Ukc. Coffeecleead ires at Italic WKI.k. -4..11 ( -}Hr N?w Ym, Sept W - Flow baa declioed 10a 15c ; t*Ute S3 35; Oblo * *iO ?>, ivMivberm S5.70a5 90. Wheat la*- lower, with fatr u port Inquiry. Corn baa ? downward tend-no, mixed Uab7r. PrortMow d?U aud uochoagod W falak> ia dull at *y*e. fiauHtl. New Ynu,9opt 1- ?Stork* art lower; Ckl caeo and Koek Island P3\; lltinoU Central * !*? 87*; do booda 8ft; Michigan Aoutoaro Mjtf; Now York Coatwl?)*iP?. Cool Co. M; fteod'** ?Bk; Hiidaon Rtrw H. R M; Ciatoi Co *1; Viltil, Mu 6*B?*