Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1860 Page 3
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\ I<?r AL NEW S j; ?- T: Ths St4? M printed on the fastest W ru-ai? proa 1m use south of Baltimore, Its edition I Is so Urge u to require it to b* put to press at an 1 e*rly hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be I sent In before U o'clock m; otherwise they may | sot apfm antUM* wxt day. I :iZ_i I Notic* ? District of Columbia Advertisements to be i nserted 1b the Baltmoii Sum are received at sad forwarded from Thi Stab Offlre Misting or the Tecsteb* o? the Public School# Yxatbbdat Aftkrxoo* ?There wai quite a full attendance of the member* of the board of trustees yesterday afternoon. In the Alderman* Clamber at tbe Ctty Hall Tfce pmldent laid l>efore the board a letter of application from Miaa M A Murray, for tbe position of prereptreaa In one of tbe public school- of the city, which, after bslng reaa, was directed to be placed on file. Dr Ironside, chairman of the apeclal committee appointed to examine Into the capabilities of the vartooa candidate* IMMWtal thedMVrent public schools for (be Uunton scholarship in Coluinnlan College, on behalf of that committee, ruse and laid: Mi Pbksidknt: The committee to whom was rafirted.lbe eaamtaation of caudidaU* for tbe tiunton scholarship have Instructed meto report that, of the fourteen pupils who were examined on Thursday, the 6th lualaiit, there are seven, t:>e result of whose examination was so verr aimilsr tliat the committee have been unable to aiscrlmu nate between tbem. and la ardet that they may do full justice, and award the scholarship to the'one Butt deserving of It, thev ask a further examination of these |iartles. They propose to hold this ?an. i natinw i?n TKn ?? ???a * ? * * ? ... .. r vu M U' I*uaj aitri Iiuvn lirn. AV lUPJ 4o wot wlA ante i? trouble the b*wd with tbe latter, they also ask tb?> board to authorize tbe committee to make tbe announcement, aud to M>nd tbe successful competitor to tbe Columbian College with a rertiticate Mr. Holmead.?Mr. President If It ia proper, I qfcouid tike to inquire if tbe three geutlehien other tban the examining committee, who, it is said, assisted la tbe examinationof tbe pupils, submitted any report I merely ask for information; if such a question Is not regarded as pertinent, of eeurae. f will ao4 pro it, and hope geulienieii will eirwr me for suggesting it. Dr Ironside ?They have made a report; but we do not think it is proper to announce it at this time. I' Mr- Hclmtsd ?1 merely asked for Information. I a at Buck oultgtd to tbe g eutlemau for import14mj, it. ls* Sir. Whyte.?Why dld'nt the committee, appointed by this board to exain!ne tbe candidates, theme* Ives conduct tbe examination? Dr Irouaidcs.?They were exaiuiued by the committee, sir Mr.Wbyt'e ?Tbe resolution allowing any other thai, these trustees, appointed for tbe purpose. b> be prtaept and be consulted tn the matter, was expressly striakea out Haw it was that others wereiavlfrd la assist lathe examination, Icannot comprehend. The whole proceeding Is moat lit Millar Mf Pr?.lH?rt -II"? ? , - .... . ?.-VM?uvw IUC IU turrc^i the gentleman from the Fourth Diitrlct la regard to one tiling. A* all new Land* entering mto tran2* water are apt to get beyond their cL-ptb, a* H may tee La this caae. I am desirous of doing T?rjtu;i?g that la right, but I would state for tbe |u{?riu~tion of tbe gentleman (hat that portion of ttic resolution which baa been referred to by bim as being stricken oat wm retailed. What I dcs1r*d To accomplish by my uotlM was that any persons iirrMed to be present should hare nothing whatever to do with tbe decision; bat that -tfcis iratter sbou.d be left solely In the hands of thrcommittee of trusted, who alto* id sabmit their report to the Board for their action. Now, If I II v? iMg euoagh, and the hlaypr and the Council to ak pssfier k> aead me here next year. I will act commit such a blunder again I think wr are now osmpetoul to perform this duty ourselves? that ia as represented lit a special' for the purpose .Mr NVhyte.?Mr. President. I dralre to know of tbe rovMllhN if they were at all b?aaed by what waa elicited In rtJe examination eondu< ted b> I be three gentiemeu on that occasion That la all I wish to know. L)t Ironside ?Mr I'resident! n retard to being biased Mr \V hyte ?If th? gentferam will paxdoa me, 1 should like to have the secretary read the msoiutioo as ttUMMdid on tbe books, before the gentleman proceeds. The Secretary not being able to turn at our* to tbe precise page ou which the resolution was recorded. A . t Dr Ironside said Mr Tmidrnt, while the Secretary It searching for the resolution, 1 |rlll take the liberty # aaawtrlog fr avseif. u a ninubn of ttir commiit*, that 1 was nut al ail biaartl The emuinatiou will an open unr, and <oiivla< t?<5 in tbe pfiwitce of Ui* U<tni Tbe papers are kit my possession Tbe answers to tbe mes of qu.-cUoas w?r prepared by tbe Ootnmlttee j Mr W'hvte ?Weretbese question* arranged by tbe committee of tbe board, or this separate commute* wkicti bad no Uusluess there |>r. \> Ulett ?I, air, as a member of the trastee committee, pre|*red Uie questions. I>r Ironsults ?Thequtstioiis were prepared by < ommitlee of tbe Hoard of Trustee* Ebrse ventleriMWi www lr. wiled to br present by a'reSo1 ution of that committee. Mr. \\ b)te ? H?a the committeea right to pass an> snclt resolution ' Ur ironside.?They Lad a to Invite any oue tbe? thought proper. Tbe wetter was left tu tb'-ir charge Mr. Wbyte.?Very well; letustee. Let's have the rr?t>luti>>n 1 may fail luto error. If so, I am williugr to roufeM it. lit. fi ller. -1 can tell tbe gentleman frost the Fourth Ward what was stricken out, If be so dealM. Mr. Whyte?I am well of what was trie ken ant, but my o?>je l la to kuow what was retained. [Laughter ] yr si ii MilU*r ? \?r ? ?? '?-> 41? ? - a i'. ?iwru?j UI1C lUC set rotary is looking fur ttie ie*oiutio>i, allow me to hv lh*l Una sirikia^ out'' waa a suggestion truui the ccmiuitUe to tue respected mover of tbe resolution Nut a of ti??- committee would Iii? tt-rvetl undrf Ui?t reaolutiou At tbe time tLey were appelated, Uiey did uot comprehend tue tree meuulug of lu reaulutiou. 1 lie mo ineut It was n^laiued to U>em they expressed' their unwilling nema to serve under it, and It wu accordingly sunken out The committee therefor < . 1 think, ?tnnd independent Mr W h> t* ?I merely aak for the reading of the revolution. Tbe Secretary read the resolution, as follows: KttolfU. that a committee of one u.eiuber trow each district be aopotutod to make tue necessary arrangements ana to conduct the examination, for the purpooe of carry i?tf out the intention of Mr Ountoa, and that said committee be and Is hereby, directed to secure the aervlcea of three compewnt persons, who saall make such examination, and whose report shall be final R-to'.ctd fuTtktry That two pupils be setoetod by the teachers from tbe first class of each of the luale departments of the district schools, who shall be examined by the committee, aod tbe pupil |j?iing the beat examination sliall be ikutti*a -a iue recipitui or me liunton scholarship On motion of Mr. Hoimead, the word ?'two'' In tur last resolution wu striken out, aud "five" tesertad ta lieu thereof. Ia this tutu* tUe resolution* w?(( [mil it Mr tt'bllr -M?w did tli? reaoluliMi skn J at ILr last meeting ' My object is *1m pry to ascertain why three gentlemen who did not i>e|ong to tbe b*'id vrwlcvitedt#examine these child en f)r Iruni1d( ?tW d?d Hot Invite them to exam u* the pupil* but simply to be present and take part tu the e*auiination Mr. \VU|l*?What's the difference? 1 hope <Le secretary will new read what 1 requested him. rue Secretary read as follows of ibe proceedings on the succeeding meeting evening : Tne resolution was recousidered, and, on motion, that portiou of the resolution which reads 'and that sa:d eosuDlttre be Iv^uctrd to secure the services of three competent persons, who shall aaafcv sjeh aumuabuu aud wtoeae report shall be ttitai,' was stricken out." Mr. VVtoyie?fcjwcUy. That Is precisely what 4 Wi*l?ed u? get at As a ronaequeuce of tbta Last action of the board It left the resolution bafere tie trustee* of this board (t w ? their dotv to k*Ju three boys sad examine them, and their report was tn be lliuil Have they done that f No! I'Le whole thliij Just comee back now to where It was before Tbey have again to einaiiM Um bovs oiid make another report We have had all i-Wtm-Mr *?r netum*; 1 ar? kept the boys her?? Iumd <R?IO'ctociwb .lf patterf 1n thefveuiag. laearlf seven hours, without anything to eel, and An* |,iff v> go over the whole thing again ,?ir UolMicad.?If I understand (he caae aright, and I Hitnk I do, tbaae three geu tie teen were tti?rvlv iuVitrei to assist 111 (be examiu^tloM ?iUi t'je u?de??*%dluK U?at M?* ??*j?< t l iii??wiril u titoiiK'tLiug wltL wHlcb fttfj uad MuUUMi; to dot Owl Wlticlt ly i?- itsllVOlety wiii. :..r fru?u?<> appointed ft?r tUe purj'Ct^.' ft ?..w r? *; ii^iUr*r uuKwi; Uiry baVf liae paper*; kail llue r rc(H>r( la to Or Dual 'I'Ury f M> ? i:.1 . i.., -ii ?f it>e ^upila; out a?k l..r {ioat.1 it*, m *ul h to riiuilor tk? I j tLe.r (K^iu'uu, tl??l llt'jr lujy ubuill a frpc/i uui Jw?J,)(. 4'U->1 <* i* i tyt4rr*taad tinfair lrin???dr.?I"U?* tfeit * *? r;rb'* > ' wuu iMkir' hie r?-l^orf, ih<r tt?fv the cuiu|rt|ion Mrlio w tttfM V- V'l ttiJi K *11 tuipo?(i|il? for ua ill W dfe#4tfc J< to WLdt a ationkl m*l?f Uh- Klu'Urtblp Mr U?>te.<iuMrr??rtiiiK >->1 tbn.k thecon Dillrr Lid liuie ruo.i^b to wblrL to fouie toft uioa-ttii diyi. L?r I root, dd ? We uk permiMion for furthei ti...-, la urtU r Uil vr? mayagmii riimiur ibr pat* i*. mud w bni > d?Ti?n>n ab*li have lim. arnvod *t,ib?t atiUt oe ?Uo w?-d to u?iiki lb* Miur, and aend tie nifirwIW comprtAor to tUt C'vU?*? w itu Ui? certificate 1 "T It I .< I < ". *(* ' Dr TtrTM ?One morula n?w? tonr po Ktoo. I, for one. think the committee ! ins very awkward position, and am wlHtng to admit th? fart Aid the error lata which wc have falie* I i? a very grave one, air. W hen I euWied the room oft the oroMiofi of the said eaamtotatloD, I found t^reegentlemen (other than thoooaunlttee) in the room, iavtted, It waa Mid. by ?m? of the committeo. Theyaaalated In conducting theexan.iMr Whyte.?Exactly. Dr Wlllett, (continuing.)?They took tho paper* and mode report, and they have given publicity to that report. Mr Whyte.?That I kn rw to be ao. ' IV. U711UM '*V _ ? ? * - - n ? men?i uc iritnai 01 the pupil w?r? here. expecting to knr that award made nere this vemng; but th? committee could not exactly Agree in this case, and the award was not made. 1 think tbe committee Is rather awkwardly situated 1, for one, feci that I am, at all eventa. Dr. Ironaide.?I will attte. for the Information of tbe gentleman, that be waa notified that a meeting of tbe committee would be held, to make preliminary arrangements That gentleman waa not able, for some reason. to attend I Invited these gentlemen, bf a resolution of the majority of that committee, to be present and take part la tbe examination. The gentleman from the fourth dlstrlct.wbo waa my colleague on that committee, baa made a alight mistake. These gentlemen did not conduct tbe entire examination Dr Willett ?They assisted, 1 said, sir. Dr. Ironside ?I then misunderstood the gentleman I retract wbat I said If he will renu mber, be left the room about this time (0 o'clock) ! 1 u the evening, and waa notaeen again that even lng. he was notified that the cmooqIUm would bold a meeting to examine the paper*. I remained from the commencement to the close; and in accordance with a resolution passed by a majority of this committee, the paper* were submitted to these gentlemen flrit, through courtesy, lt wu &d understood thing by the committee, an understood thing by the gentlemen who were inTiled there, that their decision should not be tlnal. That if the committee on examination did not agree with them, they would not feci aggrieved. As an allusion has been made to time, 1 know tbat for one, sir, and I think 1 can speak for all. my colleagues have devoted all the time that could well be (pared from other duties, to the examination of these papers. 1 must say tbat I regret exceedingly that any feeling should be manffrsted on the occasion. It speaks well the schools, wben out of fourteen selected seven were found so nearly alike that we ask permission to re examine the bo)s. I think that of itself is sufficient to put aside all the feeling on the subject. As far as I ain concerned, I would state, that 1 am inclined to be of the opinion, If 1 remember rightly, without referring to the pa- I pers. that my brag horse is ont of th? ring. Dr. Wlllett.?I hope my colleague understands me in the objection that I urged I think the ! i whole fault li?s iu the fact ?>f publicity being Kiiru hi uio (cpwi i. ui una cufumiHer, WblCb lit 'J did themselves. Dr. ironside ? Ah! Dr. W'iUett ? 1 was attaching no blame to this committee. Dr Ironside ?To what the committee have done we can hardly take any exception. Who gave it publicity 1 do net know, but Dr. \V illett?1 only remarked that it places ua in an awkward position Dr. Ironside ?A gentleman said to me to-day, that he learned there wu a difference of opinion between our committee and tbe*> gentlemen. 1 wai not aware of It, at we bad had no conference upon the im-rita of the respective candidates, lie said further Mr. Wbyte.?Mr. President Dr. Ironside ?One moment, sir It was said further that 1 w?s one wbo differed Now 1 am free to acknowledge tbat with regard to myself this was not tbe ease, became I had not made op inv mind, nor had I expressed any opinion on tbe subject. 1 did say, ?nil so has almost every on* here to-night, tbat 1 should be proud if tbe scholarship caiue from uiy district. That is all 1 have said in regard to tbe matter Mr. Wbyte?Mr President, I wish mwelv to atate that In nothing that I have aald did I intend any dlfc~ourte*y to tlie gentleman; but I have Mid, and now reiterate with greater force, that had the committee carried out the Intention! of this board under thta resolution, uone of this trouble would ha Ye arisen Dr Irouaide ?What l? the trouble * Mr Wbyte ?I have beard report* for the la*t two days of who wu* la all probability the fortunate competitor. l)r Ironttde ?Mv dear air. do you give heed to all tbe reports yon may hear ? Mr. Whyte?But. unfortunately, they are ao near tbe truth aa that they canuot be deuted. Dr. Donald*.?What are the reporU, pray, you have beard f Mr. Whyte ?Well, I suppose I could mention all the boy* whose names have been used Dr. Iron*lde.?Now, I will state for the gentleBan a Information that tbe member* of that committee didn't know the name of a single boy Mr Wbyte ?Well, 1 beard tbe names of three mentioned yesterday morning 'I'be President, (Colonel Randolph.)?Well, all three couldn't get It Mr Whyte.?Very trne, sir; but It was said by Mime to lay between these three, while other* designated the particular lad to whom it had actually beeu decided by theae gentlemen to award it. [The lad referred to In tbe above paragraph is said to be () 53. Thompson, *m of Mr Thompson, of the firm of Btvau* Sc Thompson ] Dr ironside.?I will state thst these three gentlemen didn't know the name of a single boy, except in one Instance, and he wrote hi* name c->n trnry to direction*. But that gentlemen may I'e-i uo utieasintss on this score, 1 will add that tie wltoM iuunr la written oij the paper ia entirely out of tbe ring. It was all a matter of conjecture with tlj-m as lo who the individual waa. The resolution granting the committee further time was adopted I?r. Ironside Mien offered the following reaolu* tlou: HesolvfJ. That while the Hoard baa authorized the uae of I'arker A Watson's Klemrntary speller In the primary schools. still they will permit tbe substitution of Swan'a Speller in any achoot where the Introduction of the same ia ileented ad visa 1,1c by tbe sub-board of the district to wuich aald i school belongs. Tbe subj?*t waa laid over for future conaideratlon. Tbe annual report* were then presented and read; after which tbe Hoard adjourned. 1 A Swisdl* CPOK TUB I O O F ?A person who gave hia name aa S 8. Fairfield, of (irenad*, .Mississippi, has recentlyavindUd Beacon Lodge, No. IS,of thla city, out of f^U. upon forged papers He Ui evidently he?D an Odd Fellow, aud la a ?k*ry fellow He entered Beacon Lodge regularly, passing tbe examination. Hia traveling card waa signed by 8 9 Fatrteld as N (J., and the name of the genuine Secretary Upon tbe back waa Indorsed a certiorate that be had deposited In Grenada Lodge. Grenada, Alias., from whence he baila. tbe sum af 2UU, and bis draft would be honored to that amount. Signed J no. Waldrou. Treasurer Upon these papers he obtained from the Lodge for bis draft. Tbe draft was sent to Grenada by Adama Sc Co's | Kxpress, and tbe following letter from the ajfeut mere w^s received, wlttt the drafl returned: J. W Collff. Et<i ?Pear Sir: The lncloced draft 1* a forgery. Mr l'airiield lives here; so doe* Mr. Lawrence; and are respectively N (J. and Secretary of Grenada I.odge J no Waldroil,Treasurer, ta not known here. Mr Fairfield has not been out of town long enough to be in VV&abington since he has been nere. The same party that got this money (1 suppose) got &>u dollars in Baltimore ou similar p^jjeri. He is an impostor. OlO. W ALlfltlDCB, Awnt Adauis & Co '? Kxpress. ' The papers had" the aeal of Grenada Lodge attached This operator it a man of genteel appear* aee, and apparently forty odd year* of age. Tub Revival?Notwithstanding the very wet and unpleasant condition of the streets, and the showers Last night, the religious meeting* at all the churches, where the revival ia now progressing, were held according to appointment The congregation was Urge *c neither, but the energy and spirit of tboee present seemed to be but little a fie* ted bv the unfavorable circumstances. At tue Wesley Chapel the meeting was very interesting, and was presided over by Or. Morgan The evening was sp^ut In prayer, ringing, and religious instruction of penitents. At the Methodist Clmrch south the meeting was of a similar character, aud the service was conducted by the pastor, Kev. Mr. Proctor. During the evening one of the penitents professed con veftiea. At the Methodist Protestant Church (Niuth street) tue meeting w?s presided over by lue pastor, Kev W Light Wilson, and the discourse by i>r $?ble was postponed till another occasion. The meeting was very interesting, and one of the penitents professed conversion. Rev. W. Roby iilnn onnnunoxl ? ? ?? ? ? V. ? ? ? ??uvuu> cu iv ytcm*, u io-iii^Ul. UlS^RACUUL SCEKK AT ACoLOtID t-'CSKRAL ? Uu Sunday Afternoon last a most disgraceful acene [ was enacted tu frout of n colored rtiurcb on tbe Island, which demouilratrs to lbt> full, the uttor wortUiessueos of onr "model police " A colored fiaml took |>l.ic( at tLr church above indicated. and after tbe family of tbe deceased peraou had got out of JhHr carriage to eater tbo church, four drui.keu young Irlabmen come up and endeavored to compel! tbe tbo colored driver of tbe back to lake iteuiuf for o dr.??. He refuted, and tbey endeavored to force an entrance, and In the struggle tbe driver struck one of tbe vagabonds A row ensued which drew together a crowd of several hundred persona, white and colored, and tU# druukeu fellows who bad created It, la their frenzy. seized upoo aa lunocent colored duu who had aot participated at all in the pr?<?*Jli?(/s, and b?-at htm moat unmercifUly ?ith tu?lr n?u and feet. aad vrub sloo<s, and slung-?bots. i be row I continued for sometime, aud ei. Ited tn tu* highi est pitch aa ontiro neighborhood, and yet not a I police*)a was to be found, nor was an arrest 1 ??? I Tn* Unloo party of Alesandrla bold another grand litoas meeting In tbe Second Ward, tonlgU. #pe#cbes will be made by J. F. award Vooof, ,a< Loytout oounty.Va., and ethers. ? X OltlAM' Com?Btfori Judgt Purccll?The j Orphans' Court of this county diet yesterday J morning at 10 o'clock, and wum?d the examination of witnesses iu relation to the will nf the late Ann Reed Dermott. A will purporting to be the last will aad testitnent of the deceased, bearing date in IWt, was presented in conrt on Saturdtv last for probate, when testimony came out tending to develop the possible existence ot another ana a subsequent will. At afflictive circumstance in the family of the Judge rendering hie pretece at home In per- ! ' atlre, tbe caae was net full fjr one into on Sotorday, but postponed until yesl -rday. Br. J. C. Brent appeared yesterday as counsel lor certain absent heirs, end examined two wit eases In relation to the supposed subsequent will, the burden of wboae testimony is as follows : The first witness drpoud thai for several rears prior to the death of the deceased, the will, or what the witness supposed to be the will now under probate, was kept in a drawer of a wardrobe belonging to drceased, and witness had at different time* heard deceased say that she was merely keeping it by her for referenceor for cony. The second witness testified, in substance, that In the year 1837, at the time deceased made a visit to a southern State, she assisted her to pack ber trunk for the journey, and that she saw a paper in the trunk three or four times the size of the will now under probate, which deceased said was her will, and It was pack*d in the trunk and deceased took It with ber to the South Upon her return from the South witness was with Ler and saw the paper again, and deceased drew witness's atteiition to It by some remark oalculated to Impress the circumstauce upon the mind of the witness On a third occasion, uot many months prior tober [ death, deceased went to her trunk'to get some article in the presence of tbis witness, and took the same paper out of the trunk and laid it 011 tbe bed This time deceased asked the witness "if she rnn?mh?rtl th?l " 1 * ' " ? j~, aim *^>ia iiia 11 i wu her will. A* baa been before atated, the oblect of the examlnation wu for the purpose of aavertainiug whether another will than lueCnduM^t to probat** la In existence and can b#|^afc'TPte Judge gave no decleion yeaterdjy, J>irt reserved bia opinion until Saturday next,*when the matter will be deliultely aettled. The evidence above cited la, of course, of no i value, aa it falla to establiah the exlatencc of the anppoaed second will, and tt\e o^e under probate will, without doubt, be recognized by the court. The will under probate appointa executor* aa followa: Kev. Horace Strlugfeiiaw, Rev. Clement Butler, John A. Smith, Kaq <dt^4'd Smith, Eaq., J.Hin 1' lujjle, Char lea Saunders. ami Stephenson Scott, who and hold all the property-of deceased, iMNR^Ktll all charges against the tame are duly llqulJHl, and all legaciea paid. Their office thet^^Kca. A number of bequests follow, none of w^^^exceed the aum of and proviaion la mil* for aeveral relatlvea of the dtceased, in the way of aunultlrs, which are to be paid by the trustees at auch times aa the legatee* may direct. After the paymeftf of all claims upon the property, the remaluder (amounting to some SSO,OUO, it is aupposed,) goes Into the bands of truateea,who are named aa f?ll?ur? Haw.81-1-"'-'!? ' - ..... uu.iimcuuw, nev. h K. Llppett, Rev. Jc*eph Packard, Rev Wm Pendleton, He*. C. Butter, Re*. Dr. Pyne. Rev. French, Rev. Bean, Rev. Ridout, Gen. Walter Jones, John P Ingle, F.sq , A O. DavUin, Rl^h'd Smith, John A Smith, David Saunders. John Saunders, Stephenson Scott, Henry Way, Charles Stott. and Dr. Thomas Miller And the above trust#** are directed to erect, in some suitable place which they ahall deterniine upon, In tbecity of \V aahlngton, a suitable building for an asylum for destitute white female orphans, who shall be received u Inmates of the same with reference to the urgency of their necessities, care being taken to receive none but such 1 r.s the trustees shall deem the most lit objects of the said charity. In case of the death of a trustee, the remaining trustees are empowered to elect :t T trustee to till the vacancy thus occasioned. After the asylum, (which must l>ear the name and title which the trustees may determine upon) shall have been erected, and has been in operation two VPSrt s?n/t ?*ft4?r ull - ?* , , ^^aim costs attending ita erection shall have been paid and satiated, ao aa to leave the property unincumbered, one tlilrd of the annual Income of the estate la demised to tue purpose of the equipment and transportation of free colonists going to settle In Africa by the American Colonization Society at Washington; but such outfit and transportation must be made under the snperviaiou of the truster* of the estate, and not uuder that of tbe Colonization Society, v ho are to have no control whatever over the said annual one third. If the will is sustained by tlie Court on Saturday, the executors who have ai^u!tied tb< ir willingness to accept the trust reposed in them will be present and qualify. All of tUe executors named In the will except Kicmrd Smith and John P. Ingle have renounced List or coxsiohib* per steamer Montlcello froin New York: Adjutant General's Odice. A. H . Alexander & Cook, J. Anthony, Beall A Mathews. Black A Mathews. Barnes A Mitchell, B. A M ,C. W. Boteler, J P Barthoh.w, B J P , H. B. A Co . lion. James Buchtnan, Blau' hard A Mohun, Brankle A K , Barbour A Heroines, { T P. Boucher, Marshall Brown, Capt Buchanan, P. T. Berry, C. Baker, H Burns,!.. Brown, J. J. B., C. W. Boteler A Son, Clagett A Dodson, C. Colllmer, A P. Chandler, D 11 CUrk, W M. Ciiu-h. H B. Chandler J K Cox, C. W Carter, Cample II A con. Miller A Coats, J. Clements, Dorse y A Wood, J as V. Davis, C. l>emor*-sl, P. M Dubaut, J D ,M F. Desoyer, J. Dewart, J K. Hills, il Fgan. C. l-.uierson, D. Hngllsh A Son, Franklin ? Kothrock, F A. A Co , W. I t-'inW A >- ? * " " ? ... w?v.. I- V?ulick, V/. uauilff, IT. K Green, K. Gutuian, K. A. Hail, G. A. Hall. S Htllcr, F. M. Haines, llooe, Bro. A Co , Hyde A Davidson, liackley A Bro., \V L. Hodg*. J J*. Hennaa, W 11 II?rrovM,P. Heller, John Hart, llfinslr^t* A Bro, E. Hall, J. J. Joiir-s. J C. Johnson, Robt. Jurvi*. Jillaril A Son, J 8 Kluiluir. W. B Ktrbr, J Kendall, King A BurrUil, L. Lynch, W. B. Lee, J. P K. Lurch, E.M. Li iiUhcj.ii A Co , F. Lamb, W. H. Mitchell A Co , McGregor A Co., J. VV . Miller, J. M. May, Mathews A Gore, Myers A McGhan. J . McDevitl, M. G. A Co , J W. M , Douglas Moore, J. W. Nairn, Dr. Nicholas, W. Oliver, Capt. Palmer, Pbilp A Solomon, G. A T Parker A Co., Parker A Spauldinjj, L. F Perry A Co., R. Rlggs, J. C. Rives. Thomas Ueaiick, Major \V B slack, C. Strlbblinu, Suioot A Burroughs. J. L Savage. J . K Shield*. M S?i?rale. L. II A G C. ScLn?-l<l.rr, B. Stelnmeti, W. D Shepherd, Stransa, Bro A Co., Scbeaft'er A Co , A. Scott, Sibley A Guy, B. 8. W A Co., M. H Stevens, J R Scott, M. C , I H HailUi T?vln? A P T~? 1 ? ?T --I ? ?? ?? / ) * * A IJUIijp* on A Bro , F. Taylor, W h. Upperman, G. W. Varnell. 8 W., H. Wilson & Co., C Woodward, WS.tCo, W. Werdeman, J. C. A II. A Willed. Alzxasdiia MA!?nrACTrRK? ? The Gazette continue*, thl? morning, lta abstract of the manufacturing and mechanical est blishments of that city, which produce manufactured article* to the value of S500 per annum, or over: Boot nnd Shot Mantt/artorits ?Ten establishment*. with a capital of 8-24.000; usln^ up 55 590 lbs of leather, worth ?30.405. Thrte estahlisbinents employ li5 hands, and produce annually boots, shoe*, Ac , of the value of ?f,l,800. Cotton Manufactory.?Que establishment: capital Invested ?60,000; consumes 1,000 bales of cotton, worth ?6 ?,000; 670 tuns of coal, worth ?-2,200; and 720 gallons of oil, worth f 1,000; employs 47 male and 88 female hands, and produces annually 1,440 bales of sheeting, worth 9100.000. Flouring Mill.?One establishment; capital Invested 9150.000 Not running on the 1st of June, but now lb full operation. Wx mam is holding forth at Liberty Ilall, Alexandria, to overflowing houses On Monday niuht the crowd was so great that many were compelled to go away without gaining admission, and last night, notwithstanding the rain, the large hall waa crowded in every part. This afternoon he amuses the little folks, and to-nl^ht be bold? forth for the last time ia this city, as we were Informed by "Tommy" last evening that to-morrow night be opens in CLarlotksville. To thca.* who want to see fun we say emphatically go and see Wymau, rain or ahlne, and go early If you want to get a Mat. Ekratvk ?A correspondent Informs us that ! we were In error a day or two since in atating that at the mayoralty election In IS.W Dr. Magruder carried the Second Ward by 13 majority, and says tbat the vote at that electiou was as follows: Magruder 550 Hill Magruder's majority SI? t i Cobome's Vbebict ? Coroner Woodward sum- j moned a jury yesterday to inquire how a new-born i : white male infant, which we spoke of yesterday I as having been found on a lot on U between Sixth ' and Seventh streets, south,came to Itsdeath. The i jnry returned a verdict of death from neglect and 1 exposure. I ' |r yon want to bave a good time this evening, i and improve the stare of your heeltb and spirits at least a hundred per cent, by a hearty laut>li, just drop In at Odd Fellows' Hall, and see and hear j 1 the Wood Minstrels. Vvu can bardly Improve 1 your time to be tier advantage. Covtkact Awarded?To the firm of Messrs. Warder A Stewart, of this city, has be-n award- i ed the c<mtract for furnishing the U.S. Pension j Otflee with wood aud coal during tbe ensiling fMOU. . > , Conabciatipn.? l?ra<e Churrb (Kplaropal) ;, Kev l>r. Holmead, put tor. will be con- i KK-ratod by Bishop Wblttingbain to-morrow muruliig at 10 o'clock. The ?;rv(cu will be of j * peculiarly interceding character R*v Mi. inquiry at lo the condition of the esteemed pa?tor of v? ealey Chapel tbts morning we aerertai ned that l?st nlalU hla lymptomi were favorable, and this morning his mend* have hope* of hla recovery Dv*'t roaosT the cotillon party to be given bv the Monnt Clare Club, at 8tott'a Hall, on next 1 Toeadav evening, gee advertisement for further perticuUf*. w CArrant ?Yesterday afternoon Mr. M McDe*Itt entaivi tkt?Ae*W iaMMOHa.ud mid be bad recited Information from Baltimore tbat Mr R Rainey bad been robbed of soaaa clothing br a Frenchman. a hoarder at hi* liouse, who bad decamped without paying hia bill ' Aud 'said Mr MrD , "the man h?i juet pewd Ihe duot." etBc^r Yeatman started out, and In a moment returned with the uiaii. He jjave his n.itur aa Itobier, admitted hia indebtedness. but denied stealiagtbe clothing. He anally admitted tbat be bad a coat and Teat, and gave' ibm up to the ofllcer. The garments wen of no considerable nine. A dispatch waa aent to Mr Raloev. informing him of ibe arrest; and Robier was coocmitted far a farther bearing. Kivn akd Astra i* a terrible disease Of "all the ills ihat flesh is hsir to," it is the ffei'test in its fint inaiaffstations, the most nnrel <ntin? in it* progress, and tho most defiant of inedioal skill. Fever a-d Ague is more destructive of life than consumption, because it is no e easily indooed, Ami thflr^fnrft '4 L >?ivi v |T4C> mrtii n maris lis viouni* for the grave like an executioner's bond. Day br day th-* sutTerer grovs weaker and weaker, and each hour does he fear a strong consciousness of approaehing the tomb We have Mid that the diaeas* i-t one of those vhioh has nearly always defied roedi cal acienoe-a fow casna one* and a while having been cured and reported We recommend Dr. J. Hoitetter's Stomach BiUtrt to aatfering humanity generally, aa a sure and apeedy specific For saJe by druggiata anil dealers generally ererjwhe-e. ae 18 eott HoxiorATBic Rxxidim All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'a specific Homyopathic Remedies put np expressly for family use, in boxen, at 25 and 50 centa each. Alao, in oases, containing 30 rials, from ?4 to ?H each, with book of foil direotiona. For a*le by Z. D. Uilman, 330 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent; W. A. Fitzgerald. 35s north F etrott; alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Ma.?*aohnwtta av* uue and Sixth street. Als?, Pond'* Extract of ITWfA Hazel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold aa above. ma9 ly Holiowat's Pills. Acidity of tkt Stomach.?These medicine* an? a niost powerful antacid remedy for the correoti"n of all those acidities, whether induced by dfbility, from fat ?ul>stanc*s in the stonuicli, <rr inipairod by excess-the t<>rpi?l functions are stimulated, the Hood cleansed, and the secretions of the hile ami ii\-?r purincHl. Sold b> all Dru?.*i?U, at 25c..& . ami fif 1 per f ox. so 11 1* Mu. Wihslow,*!! experienced n?Taeaadl*-mal# pliyeioian, Iim a ihtotkt** Syrupfn* Chiidm T**tki?r. which Kr<*atly famlitttefc the p?owi of teetuiEf by ccitcbiiu the ^ umr. reducing all inflammation? will aiiay Ml and ia fun? to roru.aie tu? boweii. Depend upon it, mothers, it will civ* r*#t to youraelvcs.sad relief and health to v->or luiauta Perfectly ?afe mail cmm. 8eaadT?rui?mrnt anotliar column. ooll-ly Bakkt'? Tricopiikkott# is the beat and ohoapeat article lor Dressing, Beautifying, Cieanning, Curling, Preserving a:.d K*? storing the Hair. Ladiea, try it. Sold by a '. Drug iiaU and Perfumers ar 12 6m M*T*m'a MtaACOLOTfa Vkrmin Dntrhtu, the oldest and beat remedy known for axteruiinat- ] in* Rata and Mice. Coukruaoli<?a, Bugs, Anta, Mnsquitoea.Kleaa, Motha, Grain-\\ or ma and Garden Injects. jr7"Pri!Kjipal Depot, CIS Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Drucaiata everywhere. ma 1*-Sm MARRIED. On Tuesday evening, September 'Sih. at tarael Church, bv the Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. WII.FJAM H. BROW * to Miaa KDIXBOROL'GH KLK1N3 both olthia oity. * DIED, in thia city, on the 17th instant. Mr*. MARY ASHT??N FIi ZGKRAl.D, formerly ofMauachu* aetta, in the 9iat year ol her ago. * On the 19th inxtant, JOSF.PH V WF.BKR, iw the 73d year of a-?. a tative of Germany, ai.d lor the last 2H yearn a cititm of Washington. (Its funeral ? ill tak? plaoeto morrov afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, on D s?:e-t, below the Coa.t Purvey. * boarding. BOARD?A fine Front Room, with Hoard, in a delightful locality. may be obtained b> a < ntleman and lady, or two gentlemen, by cal ing at No. 4 A I street hetw--*n'.tth and lttth ?ts. we l?-3t 4~0 NINTH STREKT.?Persons rrturninf to the city fioir their numrner resort* will find vacant seveiai desirable rooms, having the coavo nieucos of gas, water, and bathing closets. at 4 33 Ninth at., one ilo<>r contli cf F; suitable either for families >tr (tingle gentlemen. 'f able lioa-d.-is accommodated on moderate terms. ?e > sw* forI^aTe'and rent. [ For otktr " For Salt ami Ktni" Mdrertistwitntt, pays ] 1/OR RF.NT-A new three story HRICK " UWF.f.LI NG, containing * rooms, situated on I st, between aist and 2id ats To a *i.od tenantth? rent wi I be moderate. Inquire at No. 16&, second door from the house. se l?-3t* f^OK BKMT IMMEDIATELY-A ?ti.a I fonr roomed HOUSE, with j;ood Int. on Fourth rt., hitwo.-n N firnl (). Apply at JOHN II. IJIUBS'?*, U*U Penn avenue, between l*th and Utli sts. we 13 3t* |iM>K KKNT-I't t of a HOUSE, eompn?iiiK r parlor. two chambers and kitalien, furni?h?d or nultirnUhed, or ro<>inii with private Koird can l<* obtained at No. 311 south aide Pa. avenue, b*tw? n ath and loth stu. se* FOR SALE OR RENT?The Briflk HOUSE, No 407, on N street. betwe 11 12th a:tri ath ft'., and possession given on or before th.< 1st uf October. For particulars apply at tfce f!ro,yery Store of P. \VHiTK A CO., corner of F and l*h at.**.: or on tUo ptemises. se 19 St * F~OR RF.NT-A three-slory liRICK HOUSE. pleasantly situated on the northeast oorne- of M aud Wth st*. west, containing lu rooms, It; stilus kitchi-n, I ath rooni. awl cellar or lAMmrst roun i lor fuot; hot an.l o?M water in kitchen, hath room and M ine of tho chambers; gas throughout the hoiix" : iarg? >ard. stable and oarnsgo ho up. Iuquiio of C. S (i'IIAKE. Grocer, No U&J 7tii ?t,, botwo'-o M and N sta. ?e lt?-3t * ANTED TO REN l -A small FARM within !) mile* of Wasliiagtou. Address J. C? s'?nr Office ?e l? r|10 LET-A four-story BRICK WAREHOl SF, 1 on l'enn. avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. The building contains four large balls K*i feet deep by 25 in width. Also, large Ilal.s over in# store. Thisisoueof the bast business stand* on Pen", avenue. For further particulars inquire of C. WOODWARD. n? 1H-St IJH)R RENT?Possession on the 1st of-October. f Tho DWELLING HOUSE No. 43? D street. at present oocupiwl (>y the Rev. Dr. Hutier, and next door to the residence of the advertia -r. j. m caki.isue. N. 15.?It will not be let for a tioarding house, ae 18-tf 17URNI8HEP ROOMS OR HOUSE TO RENT, at No. 341 F street, between 9th and 10th. sei73t* 1/OR RENT -A com'ortabls three-ftory BRICK r DWEMiINO fiOUSE, on Nirtii str-et, opposite Grace Church, on the Island Rent very low. Inquire of G. CAMERON, next door, where the key can !> found ; or of CII AS. S. WAI.l.ACH, No. 7 lndian%av. se7-eo3w Lj^OR S* LL? A PaRM containing l??i aores, sit r usted 6 miles from Georgetown, in Mo1 tf? me rr nounty, M l. Fifty acres are ?? a huh state of cultivation; twenty ht-eaorea in wo ?1. Th?re a a small lo* house, stabling shads, corn house on it. A pple orchard and some peaches: sarin an a well of w*t?ratthedo?r; being perfectly healthy. 1'Imw* inquiro of BARN A K () A MUCK KY, Auctioneer', N o, 114 Bride* fctree', Georgetown, or WaI.L k. I BARNARD. AVaHiiOKton. seU'olm f/OR KKNT-ROOM> Nob. 2. 3,4, .1, 6.17, r 14, 15, 1 ?, 17 1*. tf I and J3, in ihe new tivesto'V brown atone buildinp corner 7th atrtel ?ost and I'a. avenue, known a* -\Va*hiiut>>n Buildin*." They are well aiLipted for Office*. having teas, water, <ke. For terms apply at our S??.re, No. iOT t'ft AVOB11 A. or to Johil fl- H^mnUka r.v v 543 fwii htreet west, cornor Louisiana av. a 13 2awlm MURRAY A SUMMES. li?OK K IS NT?A two story COTTAGETonlOth r stret,?ast side. first house north of H st., con | tainine rooms, a Hummer kitohen, wood house, to o-rootn, Ao.; lighted with gfta. Mid surrounded by a large yard opening in the rear into a thirty-ioet pavrd alley. Rent ?2l per month. Apply at th* Office of theGai Light Company. sc 17 tnjlw ( FOR REJ&T?a convenient and coinlbrtalile twostory BRICK DWELLING -HOlSE, with attic rooms?No. 379 south H street south side, Captol Hill, three doors east of New Jersev av. A good brick ktable is attached. Possession may be bad imnwdiately. JOSEPH INiiLK. se 17 at* No. 5**2 New Jersey avenue. Fj~<)R KENT-A three stoTy and^attia BR 1CK 1 DWELLING,on H street, between 13th ami 14th sta Also, a thre?-story and-basement brewn liont DWELLING HOUSE, on 13th street, be- 1 Land Massachusetts a v.; possession given ome time in Oo'ober; the house to l>e repainted inside and out Apply at WM. K. SHEDD> Fancy Store, No. SOi llth t au25-4w* UOR REN T?A three story and l>asenient r BRICK H??USE on Kirst st. we?i, between G md II atf. north, nca. St Aloysius Church, conLai1.1ii4 7 ooioi'ortabl* rooni*. For particulars appiy next door south, or to WISE A CALLAHAN. I se U. 7t* I?OR SALE?A very good and substantial Brick r HOL'SK?an>1 L<>??witti 8 rooms, m a k?x?| au<t improving part of the city, near Pa. awiuio and the i Center %|ark^t SupLatNo ii** O street riortli, < w at ANTHONY'S Hat Store, 7th st. se 14-tf f?OM SALE-A new two-story aikl-liasement HRICK HOUSE, containing 4 rooms and eel- ? lar, situated on Eleventh street north, within 5 nunuUM' walk of tha Northern LiMrtitw Markrt t Term* minimally literal. Apply to El. N. I AN8- < 1)A LK. corner of7lli at and Pa. av. 4 2v* , AKAKK 7>VpoKTUNt fY ?A Ha* w Scent 1 FARM f<?r sa'a or xoiiaine lor city piopitrtT, oontaiuiag M a :roa, haif mite from Fairfax 8ta tiou, Oraiif* ?nd Ales??'lna Kmlroad, liiaamltr , t huh atata oi cultivation, wall watared, imm i hai alma and tunb?r; it oan ba l*>?tbt 'ovr. Call ?aO. W. IIK A V * CO., at thair Jewtlrj Stora, 8lt? S^Avnnttt iitraat. ??8 im* hn>K MALK-A mrnH FARM of3i ac|?aol land, aituaud 1J( mile* aorlh oi Soldiers' Home and 4 mtliM from Washington Pity, baing a part oi Cfcilluin Cast] < Manor; I S acre* in itMukel gatdeu and the l>a ta hcavil) timbered, with i aprmg ol never lailiug water, a voting oroliard of paaehea and appMa havuu on it aamall fraiuc i>ou?*. Appliat laud k'o. -ill Center Ma ?l Mr*. MuKTlMKR oroathaplaaaUi J.U. iiORTl >IER. Hwt? r ; % i tv ,?* tf * . , v I ~trw to GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Hr tkrr Gwr(ii?w> ndctrttjtmtnri ftt Jkw rv^^ORORGKTOWN TAXES.?OeU4*r 1* the uknal una for th? ?Mth?ro*nt ?l Uzat d?? tfau lorporaMun. t h* attention of all or n0'in<vl i* ?* c*ll?d to tl.o CHA1LH I>. WHI CH. ? a tOctl rn iMtor. 1(3,000 |3tOOO' HAVE Thr lum'ftf linm' on MMil- J - . .. ?? ?U UVVTKCWWH or Wa?h nit -a ; must b? k-pt n.>urtsl. ami all ex P-n?"s at th? co?t of th-1 liorrowar. 1 kave fbr Mia 75 baloa Hay tainall six ?] ? Apply to Z. B. BAR KKTT. Georgetown, |) C.. below the Farcers and Mech*nic?' Baok.ou Cotgraas at.,f C?t?l Br.dte ) se \9 3t FHOR BOSTON.?The fiae sohoo?er Heary Parkin*, Captain Good ridge. lias arrived an. *rm. is now discharging her freight For lreight<^^^ or passage apply to HARTLKY k BROTHF.R. we l? 3t 99 and IQ1 Wst.-r st LH)R BOSTON.-The bug Chas. Heath, Capt. a Loud, has arrived aad it now discharg iuy> se 18 3> 90 Kud 1Q1 W<ter st. FH OR NEW YORK.?The packet schooners Arctic. Captain Hicks, Surprise. Captain Cole, and York<own,Captain ?V?clom. have^f arrived and will tail as above witli dispatch. For freight apply to McCOBB A DODGE, se 18 63 Water straet. JH~~U?T RKCEIVKD? 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS, liibbis. .-Id Rve W1II-KV. ?' M>la IIKRRING and ALE WIVE8, Mil>b'a. <'ru*hed and Rcfiir il -UGARS, s>ba*? Kio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.d iw priced) MULAJWKS. Foraaleby JOHN J. BOOTH. x? K> RC C \T7^ ESPECTFITLLY lafoiau hi* friend, and the public general! j that he baa removed to N?. 55 Huh treeu adjoining Ma?>uic Hail. He i? prepared to furnish, at the ahcrieat notice. Dinner and Krentnn Partita, and facte assured that he will five entire rat olfaction to thoae who may lavor mm with a call. Ail kind* <>f CONFECTIONER Y and CAKE at the lowest pnoes. lieat ICE CREAM at $1 So per Ration. r.C. AT/A ae4-lm 55 High street, Georgetown. LOST TNI) FOUND. kfc C REWARD ?T.oit. a amall a *?d I hck a*1 tan o-lored TERRIER SI.IT.?, ,j 11 vi on re<t velvet Tlie atove re ward wi'l Uo Kivt>n to any one returning ** the same to Odd Fellow* Ha ! *e W 11' tOST-A Mack SETTER 8M.UT, lost in tb* * Center Ala'ket, on tlie morning of iIipa, ^ 18th i'atant. Any p -raon rrturnine h jr to--I ^-1 59-i 12th at., ,l*iai, i, will be auhabljr re--???* warded by the aubaenber. ae 18 3t* H- HKTTH I 0**T.?On the 12th or aeptemlier. ? CA M KO 1' BREARTPIN. medium *ix9. between Pa^?'? wiud mill,7th ?t., Island. ami vicinity of Bank of Wft.h nston The finder will ho liberally reward. >1 t>y leaving the isme at this oriice. m 17 31* R KWA R l>.-Lo?t. on Fr?<ay ,the Itth mat l?etween the hoars of 8 aim) ? a m.. a sold de'aclieil LEVER, <>p*u-|* ?e, gold dial, tiurveou hole jeweled. with china attached ; maker John son. I.iverpool : number not recollectad, Hut supposed to be 15,127. VV hoever will return the name to Glenwood emetery Otfice.will receive the at>ove reward, with thank*. se i7-3t* & P REWARD??tratod or stolen on Wednesday the 13th mst.,a lar^e red huffklo with white fane, a little white on her imck.SUr* and white underneath. There ii a mark scratch on the rieht hind quarter, forming neatly a ktiaiftit line, which la onl> diacertable on close observation. The above r.-ward will be paid (or her return to me, or for any iniWmatir.n that ina> lead to her recovery. JOHN McNERHANV, ?e >4-6 * Corner 6;h and F street* north. PERSONAL. Q 1ftft REWARD.? Ran away train the s b Milt eenU-r, living near Gly:iiont, JMtt CI arles coiir tv. Md . rn Sundaj , the 16te in- WJC stnnt, NE6KO BOV ISAAC NELSON, aged a' out 18 y< ar?, about 5 feet 6 inches in height; light e? pper color; var* fill, suit nl J ? hair, has a sear on bis upper lip: oh.tirni not remeinbared. I will ^ive for the appre t ?ioe wi m<i avni<i m i inTif.scuuniy, or 911*1 il hkn elsewhere; in with r ctiA bo muit lie delivered to me or secured in jail ?<> that I e<>t hi-? s? |9 1W SAM'l, tl. COX. A notice. I.L Parsons havinc claims against the late firm of Bo> tz A t'00111'.a are reque?t"d to present their account* to me an eari* a< po**iMe. A:?o, a!! per s.>r>* indebted to the laU> finn will pbaie call aid settle, as 1 wi*hto close up the hunine.H b? the ut of Octot>er. lat>1. HFARV BO VIZ, se 19 e? St* Surviving Partner. 1 IIKK KBY FORK WARN >1.1, PKR ?ON?< from harboring or trusting my daughter. MAR V I will pav DoileliUcontrftol by her, she having left her home without any just cause. so is 3t? FRKDKKICK SCHBOEDEU Sr. TO THE CI RIOITS OR-AN X lOl'S.-Madaro 1 , D , so well known a* the m?it anceesitful explainer of the Past. Present ai d Future ere.- in Washington, continues to Im? conRiilted weekly by hundred* anxious to know of thing * at pr en*-1 hidden from tiieiii. Her coi.sultation fee, to liotli rentlein 11 a-,d la-'r s, is extreme!* moderate. Call at her house,on the south side of Mas<acuuK<>tt? av , between 17th and 18th st?.?the only house tlirre. se 17-'m MAUA.VIK Ni? IK KICK, THSGKIAT ASTROLO?I9T AltD I)oCTKK*S, jutt from MINp*r-X*. highly sift-d aud intelligent lady can be comult'd ?n th* Past, Present and Future Events. Caa at N/, lilt -? ? - " ??VI wv?r a wvukj -?WUUU all Wi, IWIWWII tl lllj If Washington. jei^Sm* I3T "4?? N O T 1 C K! V^v Hijm I with ?!' gentlemen /^ V. ?fi grl to War in mind ti>at rfi the plan wliich 1 ^RKJB^^a-loptml, bix >eir* a?<>, of selling ^NrSVltATS and HOOTS at grsetly re Oucod prj??(for cash is in eiiccnsxTu! operation. J. nt iec- ive?l a fu 1 Mipply ol tlie latc.-t New York styles uf DKKSS Ha'IS Ti e ver* fiuett Hat & first-rate ? at <3: and ve -V good, fashio able Hal $2 50. All of the lat-st sit les of sol, H ATS and CAPS,at the very lowest prices. I am constantly supt led with a \ery larre stock of those fine DR I'.SS BU'jTS t: grS.TV- wln.-ti I bave Ik;i*u x lliug lor n>anr years?a? veil as the very best aiiai t? of Pat nt l,i>*thor <? AITKKS at 93 5c. F ine French Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to ?2 ? . Terms cash; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts aNTHUi> V, Agent for th? M&nufiu:lurers, Seventh street, seco? d bat store fro,n tlie cor: er, opposite Avenue House, No. 54 0. ?e 14 3in 0|g KAGLE STOVE HOLSE. ?j | g I would respectfully call the atter.tion of the pub lie to n.v M? PARLOR VIOLET GAS CONSUMING R ADIATOPS, superior to anj that has offered i-ir sal'* heretofore. They have superseded the old four-column Radiator*, as they are much ha.ids.-wer for parlors, being finished off with hr.e porc>la'n-lin?<l urns for evaporation, consumes much less coal, and th'ows out in >r ? heat than >n> other Radiator in the inark.-t Please call ami sails 1 fy yuurn'iv?i, at C WOODWARDS, 1 No. 31S Pennsyvacia av?t ue, I > - - ? * * -" ?c ii nugt oeiwecn turn ami licit ?ts. V1UHEELER A WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machine**, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, i winch render them absolute y a!> that . an be 1 deeired, I AT THE NEW AGENCY, No. 346 Ps?x?Vi.VAM*. Avaxr*. n*&r7th street, f'roia to * 1 oo, nstruouons frw efchs.rg<\. an 23-lin P. J. WTKEH. Ag?t. , P^ELT AND CR1NKLLE i 1 CARPKTING* ( Just received and fur *a'>e 30 rolls Felt Carpeting, vei > heavy, in exaol copio* from most approved jj runnel* and Persian Carpets at half price. Also. 2ti tolls Crinelle,* n<-w articU, wears as | well as Urusecla, an<l sells at half pri^e. Also 3 rolls very itch a id heavy Woolen Druggets, in all width*, up to 18-4 wido C LAG ETTA DOflSON. Dealers in mil Idm4m of Furniture Dry Goodf. No. 4 Ma ket t?pace. I se 10 eott 3 doors east from N inth at. , IVIORFOLK OYSTERS! , PI NORFOLK OVj-TKRS! I The tinert and largest NOllF- W.R OYSTER* i in the market are received and f ~s 4 served up (together with a.l the oth-ra f m*i luxuries in teaaon) in the very sty la, at c.GAUTIRR'8 1 nA... ??'? ital.uim nmA U. I Pk.\!*?7 AvIM'K, ee ll-M,\YA!&w Bet** ? 12th and istli sta. * H C. 8PAI.P1NG, jlstick of the peace. ayd cosveya\ckk Deeds prepared nn<l acknowleO^emer fK taken r Imiv ing, filing a d leading Keal Katate Ae. h 0&o? b ?t l>et. 9th and 1Mb at* no 14-ootU.* } vocal institi/tr ' 1 It"*. CKCIUA YOUNG Ha-tb -lienor to *n tonne * Wt?r"nh>.al of her Voce! Intitule to Nu i- l.ieveuin ktrevt, twtwrou H and I at*. ! sel2-oo1m ' 556 N*W KKSTAUKA^ I h- updemgned barn i&k'-n and entirely rrbttni * heapaL'ioua house No. SiO Seventh ati??*t, a (?? 1 loora south of IVhi.kj Ivawa avenue. Titer re- * tpeotleil* mvitu a I Uieir frit nda aad u>* 1 >ut.'io who in\> desire * pure jrttcle of Brttdy, ( Win**. Wbuk>.Ac?..r Biown Htout. Porter. Al?? i.,d ..titer *1*1 I.hiimm'i, Ironid c**??ra. I'hi'ir IbiJr-r at all Uum st.n-kaJ wuli |-uh, l-loan lift Fowl. wrvel I.JI an xyvi #ouk. TKn ,,-wk ??,*-f-assiv'Srii.. I WILLIAM KUI-P, i ?&> eo?w tropntora. a PILOTS' hOllv K.? T?? Kit ? nfta.iu and _ ownemol V U?um.I !i. tli ln?ri. . >( Colamtna, to ice is herehr nv i. i t ' filota inai be fY.nuti ai all tim-* at feu 'ieorf * UlruiJ. at lh.? mouth ul - tj Mm ? riT?r, limI nc*r Piiieji P. tut, anl thai it ii<A i? 99mtry io tafc- V ir*mit pilot-l.<.m tho r o?u, ? ? re?*el i. Ik?ii...I to (ieor^ftov., or \\ a i iitgiOM eitj, iiMi jlu^l Pilots can he lOhu-t ui i 'e??lH*l . ikiliM4 r?lt%uiit). %k ? ' 4, # f THE LATEST NEWS T B_L B GK A PH 1C. Tit* N?w Nwku Mall. k. h n?wr mwiim Mail, witb A%%em mm r*4 km Uia A Convention of tbe people af New Mexico met at StnU Fe ob the <7lh ult, for the purpose ef making imitfrfin'iiti far lb' protection ef tMr liwi and property fro* Ik* Mara Jo >*4 ?a?r I ndlana TWr reeolved to rates !,? volunteers. and asked tto6?wr?? tof?c?lT? ibm but he would not Tbey Uiro puMd reeolutlaee that, owing to private qaarrete Wltwm officers ef the regular amir, no drfradnie* cow Id be plared on them and that u>e regular troope ta tbe territory are not sufficient for Its protrrtio*. They determined to lake tboar Aeteeoe Into their own Landa, and a call for far one b undred navuated men front aacb count* w?s made Maurice Cbavl a waa appointed Colonel of the rwlBMt. and la pi ported to open the campaign ee tbe ftftb last Col. Fauntlero) bha ordereo a caaopelga agalnet tbe Ind ana, to box la three *ua ate calmat, on tbe tat of ortotar. On tbe Ktb,? band of It to was numbering eleven, with Kataaak. their chief, wont to JklU. sou's Ranch, on Cow Creek, and a.grred with .Mr Peacock, tLa prourlttor, te come n it day to Pawnee Fork and aaake a treaty With u* t nlw-d Stales officers True to their promts*, tLev < au.r, and induced Mr Peacock to fa out snd took through a spr-Klaas at (as the? represented) s com panv of soldier* a aiaUnce off While Mr. U^nAiw V ?? , a iaa tlua a<? t . .# > At ** ~ * - wvsiHg lOff ilMil hi a through tbe Und.u4 aUo tLrongti tLe Wadr, killing him n?Untly. TbfV thru ?but Mr Mmt. bit clerk, b?it did nut klU b1aa at once He rrueaUrd to a room where tu*tr na a Hrk n an, and warned Llm of what waa going on He then aauk down and died The alck man waa armed with two revolver*, which the Indiana W.iug apprised of, did not mo leal blit Tbejr leaded eleven ponie* with irooda. and left. Drendful Sterm ? L?a? ef Life ta4 Pray arty New OllLKAX*. Sept 17.?A fu lou? ? 1- occnrred on S* .turday, cma'ng treat deetri. iten of property. Nearly everv hoiiw at tbe IB** waa carried a way, and neveral Urea were l<*^n< Iwlinn Capt kt-nnev. the p lot of tbe New York and Havana CtcamiMi. Company Tbe kteamer Gsleeatnn. ?h pa Galena and ( fceftl.-ld. bri?( Weet India, una acbooner Tmov, l.ound out, were all Mown aabore at tbe Paaa^a. S?*v? ral tow bcata are lyl?if( high and drr Mflneburg. tbe term'niia of the t*ontrhsrt??la Railway, waa tubtnr^ed and tbe wbarvra dama?ed ? _ a. ? _ * ii is r- |torwa mat all llie wbr.rvea and bathing bo'ia^-a on tbe like sb< tv brtwren New Orl?as and .tSnbtie have been *> ept iwiv Tbf tow i of Bib xl.Miariaa1ppi,li la rulas At Sloblle tbe storm *a also severel) Wt All tbf wturvci and the lower portion of tb? ritr Wrre a 11wi11id During ?l>? caie Pomeroy * War sball'a lime w<ir> I o i?r vm bt.ruad. and several steamers were blown Lalore. The loss at Mobile by the lire and atom la about balf million. [serosa d patch ] Acgtpta. Pep-. 19 ?Tbetebgrapl.tlaaaaatb of this plate baa been down at one potwt at another for a?*vers 1 dais past. *1 be aaall brlact Moblla papers of Sundae. whtrb report a terrible st fin o> Siturday. doing immense damage. Tb? s e-naers and afc'.ppfpK In port were greatlr Injured. Tbe water flooded tbe wharres and aidewalks balf way betwe en WjJter and Koyalalr?U. Tte walla of several ware5o?*e* and otner bn'ldin^s were undermined and fell. deatr?*Tlag 40.IWJ0 Racks alone, besides vast amounts of o'ber artVles A Are broke cut in lioodaiiu'i k...? tu?: S.UOUbales of <otton. Id Pmi?r?T M*rsball's wirrbouae, tbe line l^nlt*-* an<1 hurord wltb lujpua'ty by Ik-ItnanrtarMe lo the Ireu?en. (irt-mt dsmajr, it 1* framed, is done to oils on tb<- ' cast. The *tlmate?l lou n tbe etty. as far es kuoun. la about I&KI.IOO Later from Haraaa and HtWwai niw oki.wah*. sept 17 ?the steamship star of the Wot, from Havana on the 13th Inst . baa arrived bere Sugar vas dali, at reals for No IS. Tbe Spanish war steamer I)m!i arrived at Havana from Omoa on tbe Gib. and Tmxlilo on tbe 7tb 1 nat Sbe reports tbat tte British ?ir C.<?mfr Icarus, with a irai a port a>?l tro p? uud-r command of Alvarez. fwore* ded to tbe kivN'yro where Walker's army was enraxnpod. The boa'a of tbe It^trns proceeded up tUe river and captured Walker wltb seventy of LU men, all of wuua were taken to Truxlllo and dell vered to the authorities of Honduras _ _ .. . - ...< > >rn umuuie, nnu many or them Map lick were prrmittrd to return tolho 1' 111ted Slates, ou the condition of never again engaging In an expedition aga'ast Central Aaterica. General Walker and Col K tidier are to be abot Tbe Guatemala expedition arrived from Onw shortly after the rapture of tbe fll'.bnstera Additieml by tbe Earepa St Johw ?. Sept 16.?Tbe Karl of Gran villa haa pone to Madrid m a mi ml on. It ta said, relative to the alave trade. On*account from Naplea aaye : K battle was considered lmintrmal between ??aribaldi tad tbe K. tj1 Am f. Tbe latter occupied a >troef position, and In rase of defeat would retire tA Gael* Tbe Queen of Spain baa offered the King of Naples a refuge Id Spaiu. and he has accepted tbe offer. Tbe brigrde of Caldnrell Is renorted to hare gone over to tbe eau?e of Garlboid I It la rumored tbat Count Cavour sent a note to K nme, stating that Pledmont would srcupy tba Marrbes If tbe Potiftcial Uooparruaaed the Koutaa frontiers It la reported that Count Metterntch ta about to become th- A ustrisn Minister of Foreign Affairs. Later frees Mexico. _ Niw Orleans. Sept 17 ?The brig Hope has arrived from Vera C ua, witb datts to (he 'id Inst. She brings S7U.UU) Inapecie. The Hrtish atatl ateaiur-r aail<d for Havana with H (tolMKto in specie The United States steamer Poauoalac arrived on the 24 Inst. The Liberate. 14 Mto strong, were march ng o* the capital, where Minima had only T.tXH uion. i ?i-.? ? uwv^r ur^Htaiuriaruad rri:?w? Nashville. Sept IB ?Tl* Grand Uodyr of the Unfed SUM Independent Order Odd KelloM In mw<1 on bere, elected K H boyitMi. o( ikxitu C*rolina, (ir^nd Slrr; M Herndoa.of Indian*. Deputy Grand Hrr; J?nie? L. Rld^loy. of Maryland, Grand Necrefiry; and Joahua Vauauit, of Maryland, Grand Tre!inir?-r I ke ( m aln Cl'JT?*. !*-f* 17 ?The Prince vlalted tbo Anertcan aide ?nd Got! Island to-dav. la the morning be will *i?it Que< i-t >wn, aad lay the mrner-atoiie of the ohelitk t.. b* erected to the memory of Brock, and in the afkrmKB will goto Hamilton, Canada V\ ?*t. The Seventh C Bjrr?n?ntl Dialrlet of P?. Autltuwx, Sept 17.?-The democratic convt ntton of Lehigh (on ity a t here an ^atu dar, and instru tod u rinfwr*! to faror the nomlnat on of Dr. Tbomaa Cooper i Breckinridge) for Coiu'reaa. -mm the "*e*enUi district. com^otd of Bucks and Lehigh counties JflP . >rnw| n II lidiTov, 17.?-Statute* were fe?d runt: at ranrlv. noon sn.i mnM t Btrinor.itioa of UiC X*KU anniveraarjr of nmt of Hastua Arrival allfer Rtm<kir Rrl%?r. Buitoii, Sept. 17 ?Tb* liitM 8Utn KoMblp R^l^ae. Cuuuutbdrr G. W. Ha^n^laat from \pinwail. baa arrived Lere IteHwin tUlimnaa, t*ep* l?-Floor d?Ui and leivr; no aile? ?h?t doll and bea?i?qd %j * i*l 35; vMt-ft ?*mi ? Corn dull <P<1 Itln. wlitu- C5a#7r; \ellow tiCWsr Provialowa M| mil u?n Lar.-d; t>a< on ?ld?* l?al? ^ . UMuork ? |I9 75; priu^tli Coffer Arm; Rio 14atSr;Vt*k 1 OUi baga W hiokv dull at JO\c. Mow V*'k flarfctu Niw Voli *"T? i? - Flowr haa drrlta?d Cm < ; Stiv ?6 'A?a5 8>; OMo *6 ?ua& 75; MouiWra W 10 Wbeotle ovrf ?'ori> tidy, mit*! ?a 6*e. Provii onidull WbiakyMndy,ttc. Ff"-??rtal N*\r Y?n.Brp< W ?Htorki are l?*ar; Chi? v?f?nd K.?r* l>Uu<t HI lllinoia Cruinl abarea ti? 4. hftndat.-'JK; Mtcfcigaa r*outt.ern 46; New fork OenWal ->*, R^du- <7fc, Hndaou R;t?r { k ?. V; J*? ?; 7V3^ % ? 1 tNtON 1 IRK\V?K?U HltA*. U Coaai* 7*H rT. AMI. OaS*I , IfaitiiiM. D. C. 'Hi.. -? * ? ir tiKirwpiW i.mi> r^iyoMfntti out ? ? ?< our oukiow fiWiitM ? r*';I, r? th? l<t?t ih?t ? Un ??* aJk*i mUf TON** OF OM.. of *Jt? aa-t ??i tW? rhirh wp ?r lit Mil at a ^K>fcl?ria*?iU ft lua Croat >AK kkl 1*1NK , m JUT AHorO-r. ?1 STitraaaw??ju? I.??.IW~ < /> NOV IXTV Lll95r%- , i. D. ham?>N. fcwfcM?8*1 IEe,Zm^r** '? ?? - ^ . -1 n, | 14 -*? , . vJik ??* # ??- - * St Jv.fc* >"^r * * V) t

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