Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR.! WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY legator go, 18*0. Spirit ! the Htrilaf Fr?. The C*ut$tut,o* ditcuaac* at length "The New Yo?k EnbrogUo," throwiag tl? blimt of I fclluw to fiut, o{ toone, upon "Richmond, Cogger k. Co" The InteU'gtmt* p?MJ?*? commeata favorably upon (bt political record rf the Boa. Joba Bell The mom p?p?r play* "3er-8awH with the Comuitmt* ?, to petlticaUnattera. JJjT The Virginia State Agricultural Soc'ety will hold their annual fair at Richmond on the 8>>d, 23d. tttfc, *?4ta, 9GU, iU S7th of October. < 117" The Mayor of Ptttebarg has received a note from the Duke of Newcastle, announcing that I.nrrJ R>nfi?w nrttl ...... i- '?? -? ? ? ?? - ? ? ?miit* iii mat uuj mi toe i afternoon of Monday, October lat, and remain until the following afteraooo |I7 Mr. Shaw, the flu old bachelor at St. Louis. against whom Kffla Carstang brought the famous breach-of-pro?nise snlt, la uirned $5^0,UU) for real estate, and *13.500 tor paiaonal property. Eflle la atlll living at St. Louis. - ICT" To-day (Thursday) the Prince of Wales formally opeaa the exhibition of the Provincial Agricultural Association at Hamilton, Canada, and leaves for the United State* In the afternoon. At the barrister's reception In Torouto there hgured prominently a black barrister, named Sotherland, who waa rigged out In toll Court caatumo?gowu. bands, and badge, lie mingled freely with the ilttt of the city, It It said U3^ In New York the Fowler pott ofUre defalcation is up before the United State* District Court, the plaintiffs being George Law and Go?tavus A. Cooorer vs. the United States, and seventeen lanm have been agreed upon to be tried. These Issues relate chiefly to the questions of the knowledge of Law and Couover, bondmen of Fowler, uf his being a defaulter at the time of giving the bond UyTbf mission of Hon. Mr. Lindsay, M. Pfor NeWcastle-on Tyae, England, to this country Is much discuaed and somewhat criticised by the British press. theTimesespeclslly objecting. Mr. Lindsay Is a free-trade man; but though himself a ship-owner, it is disputed that he represents the shipping Interest The object of his mission Is understood to be to induce the United States to open their coasting trade to England, If not to the world. Tan Maim CoMiusiM.-A correspondent of ths Boston journal speaks as follows of the newly-sleeted Congressional delegation from the State of Maine: "Our delegation in Congress Is composed entirely of new men, which is unfortunate in oue re rvrt hilt H mm m * * * * , _ m nuvic. UC COUBldertCL 111ferior to any which baa preceded it. Mr Goodwill, in the first district. ia a lawyer of ability, witb experience io pabtic attain, and tbrorougbly, acquainted witb the wanta of bis constituents* aad will make an able and efficient representative. Mr Walton, in tbe second district, is also a lawyer, at toe bead of the bar in tbis county, and a worker' in whatever be undertake*. Mr Kesse .*1 en. Id tbe tblrd district, is a brother of our distinguished Senator, and although not before In public life, bis friends have no fears that the position he will hereafter take will not justify the witdom of his selection. Kx-Governor A. P. Morrixl, in the fourth diatrict, is too well known to need any eulogy. Mr. Kice, in the fifth district, is a youne and promising lawyer, has been in the Legislature, and Attorney or bis county. Mr Pike, in the sixth district, will cerUiuly make his mark in Congress, and has the 'stulT lu bim to back up Burllngame or Potter, should occasion ever require it.'* fanswL Col. Steptoe, of the United States Army is lyin^ dangerously ill of paralysis at Lynchburg, ? it is said that ex-Prealdent Tyler, now seventy-lve years old, and looking more robust and younger than when be occuoied th? vvkiu feu au intuit daughter only two months old. KasszzLitts Littu* rtox thi PotTorricx. AmiiT or a PotTMiiTU.?8om? time since, information wm wot to Washington that there was a "leak" In a post office In the northern part of this State, and Col. North, who was then the Mail Superinteudent, set about to ascertain where it was, for the purpose of arresting the person en- ! gaged in the theft. One of the charges was by a 1 lady, who stated that CIO had been enclosed in a letter, and before it reached ita destlnatiou the letter was opened, a 95 bill substituted in its place, and the letter altered so that it read fly# instead of ten dollars. The newly-appointed agent, Mr. Bull, followed the matter up, and by putting In a decoy letter containing several bills to himself under iu name, to Perry's Mills, Clinton county, and on applying to the Postmaster at that place for it, he informed Mr. Bull that a letter was received there, but he (the Postmaster) knowing that no Such person resided In that place, and as he knew the letter contained money, had forwarded It to another place. Mr Bull, not satisfied with this explanation, lert the cars, and upon the arrival of U?e pouch from the Perry office, he took charge of and opened it. Among the letters wu on* marked free'' addressed lo a firm in Troy, which he opened and found to contain two of the identical bank bills which be had put into the decoy letter Us thereupon caused Henry A. Whipple, tos Postmaster of Perry's Mills, to be arrested on a charge of embezzlement, and brought him to this city. An investigation was had yesterday before United Mate* Commissioner Hiltou, which resulted in Mr Whipple being held to bail to await the action of the lirand Jury.?Albany Journal, Sept. 13. Still Frmmss si tbi Etsopa ?The very latest iutellitfencs bv the Knrona ??? ? i? ?? -? ^ ___ mjf cub" . sidered In London tut the government had received a dispatch on the 6th announcing that Garibaldi eutered Naples triumphantly on U?e 7th, without opposition. There were four hundred Insurgents engaged la the insurrection at Pezaro. Ttbi*, Sept 8 ?Three corps d'anne are about to be placed on the war footing, and ths Southern railway is preparing for an extraordinary transportation of troops. ViajisA, Sept.The Emperor gave an audience to Co nets Lexechen and Appenjs, who explained the historical rights of Hungary, when the Emperor pronounced minself favorable to the Hungarian programme j Signor Bu.^vla, the Spanish minuter to Sardinia. ftrr holding a conference with Count Keichburg, at Vienna, returned to Turin. It W believed here that the King of Naples will go to Auatrla lustesd of Spain. Preparation* were miking at the Imperial c?itle of Holzecdorf, near badeu, for receiving the Neapolitan majesties Tit Disoanaas u Tax as.?'The rumored arsons and robberies iu Texas, which have recently filled so large a space in certain "sensation journals cf a particular political school, occupy a \*rv modest place In our Texan contemporaries. TLe balvtatou (Texas) Civilian of the 7th insUnt states tluii tfiese disorders have arisen, so far ae can be isjtitolawi ?? *-* ...... ?u*r ucurious iraae or "kidnapping," na at 111 proeeeuted by a few de*j*rdde?? in that Stale. To Uila effect that journal holds the following language In reference to the ttio-a la these transactions: "Their otoj<xt waa toateal aurora, barn, and plunder, and leave the Imprest ion that abolitionists were at the bottorn of the work This we think, baa been the utaat la mutt other coantrea where thcae troublea have been experienced. Kldnappera and robbers have been the m*tn Instigators of the outrages'' lU"The Adams (Maaa ) Tanserlpt anya thai a m .u In WUUamstown Ui a largt* lot of bullfrogs, nil fattened for a foreign market. Some of them have been highly fed for aeverak yenra, and are of enormoua size, weighing abeat forty pounda! IT/" John >ertlUrr, of Detroit, challenges any bl'llaid player )u the tailed titates. retired or not. to ?-pia> a ,,-ame t>f similar to tfcebiatch played in Detroit. April 1*2, lfS9 - the American four-oall carom game? 2,WU points up, for 94.500 a side. ' rv%g=- CENTRAL BELL"ANDEVERETT lk_S CLlli?lne regular mot-ling of tb?> Bell i... Everett Club mil Iw h*id at Thorn'a Hull on JHLRSDAY EVENING,at* o'clock. Hun. UH.lioaiiiJu. i?-. ? ?- 1/vljkhiv,oi v* tMd W. IL 1 of GooriCrtown, will addree* the Ciuh Aliv, tn^ arrtiiirwcgU vill I1* ni?la to at It* ! H?i N>cU(i at Kocaville on Sa'-Urda*. ?? !' > A' CUA8. I. CANFlbiiD, Sec. flTar-UEMreKV * OTOOLE. th? most beautiful ?t) leu. J** Pa- At.. Ui*?m kit m?< U*h tti, au _ [? Washirotos. P" Kl.NCK OF WALES R KNFKFW HAT8 au.1 Cape lor >oung men, at STl.NKMls.TZ'8. SSfi Pa. ?r.. N??f com*, Thirteenth et. ^ONUMY 18 THE BOADTO WEALTH.tart 0O3U *179. ? . ? gM -n ? mm^ WilllMTOIl HKWt ARB SOMlf. ?1? Mtidik Will Opt ?The neceaaitlea of the campaign are fast forcing upon tbe apprehension of tb? public all t^e facta inTolv^d in the treacberoua course of Mr Dnn?i? i- &"1 ? ? - - ? ? ?" 111 wbhvWVH was the Republican party when he vu courting Repdbllcan-party support to secure bit re-election to the U. S Senate, In opposition to Mr. Lincoln. At the time we denounced his conduot as In voicing treachery and political turpitude of tta black emt dye. and did our beat to force out (he developments that the circumstances of these times are bringing forth It will be remembered that when Mr. Kellogg essayed the same task In the House of Representatives, the declension or refusal of Mr. Douglas to unseal the lips of those Republican party members of Congress who were cognizant of the details of the negotiations so dishonorable on his psrt, defeated In great measure Mr. K 's purpose of ansking the exposure complete. It has at length become necesaary for thsends of the Re publican party that his followers at the North shall be permitted to know that he (Douglas) Is and long has been bent on securing Lincoln's election. Hence the developments Is question. Our space will not admit of coDvin? hem ?t length. Tbe substance of some of them, how- I ever, art as follows, vis : Th? lion. Aitaon BurHngnme addressed tbe citizens of Belfast on last Tuesday evening. Tbe only point the speaker made whlcb Is worthy of tbe attention of Democrats, is that which disclosed bis alleged coniideutkal relations with Mr. Douglas Upon this matter 1 give Mr. Burling?me's laiguagr, as follows: "Colfax, Frank Blair, and myself have had frequent private interviews with Mr. Douglas, in bis own Louse. On those occasions Mr Douglas freely made use of expressions of tbe d'tptit indignation again*t Southern dirtation." "I also had a private interview witli Mr. Dauglas,"' continued Mr. Burlinuatu-?, "on the crasion of his lata visit to Boston. Mr. Douglas then made use of this language: 'Burlingame. I ain elected Senator for six vears; 1 have got joe Lane's bead in a basket, and shall soon have SUd?U's, Bright s, and Fitch's. Won't it be a splen- j did sight, Burlingame, to see McDougal returned fram California, Baker from Oregon, ami Douglas and <Oid alt at H'a.iArftftsw togetkrr?kox THK NEXT I'MSIDKJIT IS TO COMB FROM iLLIKOIc!!" Mr. ttmiiiigame then exhorted tbe Douglas men to vote for Lincoln, both to revenue tbe wrooirs | done to their favorite by the Southern Democracy, and to carry out Mr. Douglas'* wishes?"for," said Mr. B., "what else than the election of Lincoln could Mr. Douglas have had in view when, in his recent speech at Kocky Point. Rhode Island, be declared that he never, on earth, would asree to a union with the Breckinridge men " ''This," ?aid Mr. B., "mean* the election of Lincoln, and nothing else."?Bmgor Union, Aug. 25(4. &TABTLIKG DeVKLOPXKSTS?JPDGE DOTOLAs's Triuuert Exposbd?Skxator Tbcmbcll UN this stand ? Judge Trumbull, Mr. Douglaa'* colleague In the Senate of the United State*, a gentleman of unquestionable integrity and uuunpeachable veracity, made a speech In Illinois the other day Wheu he was about to take the stand. Mr Klrkpatrlck, a Breckinridge man, rose and said: "Judge Trumbull, I desire to ask yon a question. for the purpose of Information, and 1 aon't wish to Interrupt yon while speaking; will you permit m? to ask It now V' Judge Trumbull?"Yes, sir " Mr. Kirk|i*trlck.?"1 see from the speech of Judge Kellogg, that at tbe time of the attempted passage uf the Lecoinpton Constitution through Congress, Mr. Douglaa culled on Mr. Covode, a republican member of Congress from Pennsylvania, and requested him to go to you and get you to agree that lie, Mr. Douglas, should be returned to the Senate by tbe republicans of Illinois, and in consideration thereof be would fight the republican battles In iSfiU. \Va? thii - - WH*CJVU \ to you br Mr. Covode, and if ay, what reply did j you make thereto?" Jud^e Trumbull.?"Mr. Covode baa told me since, teat be came to me at tbat time for the purpose of delivering tbe message, but before mentioning the matter to me, found from my violent denunciation of Judge Douglas, that It waa useleaa to make the proposition to me, and consequently it was not delivered at that time to me." Mr Klrkpatrlck.?"One more question. Waa Judge Douglas, at tbat time, an applicant for admission to the republican party, the consideration on the one side being tbat tbe republk-aus of Illinois should return him to tht Senate of the 1) nited States, and upon the other that be woold tight tbo republican battlea In I860?" Judgo Trumbull?" 1 had no Intercourse with J udge Do 114Us at that time, and consequently can only sUte the reports which came to me through others. It was reported to meat that time that such was the fact, and such appeared to be the uuiversal understanding among tne republicans at Washington I wi l state another fact: 1 almost quarreled wlthsomeof my best republican friends in regard to this matter 1 was willing to receive I Judge Douglas Into the republican party upon protmtion, but I was not, as these republican iriends were, willing to receive him and place him at the bead of our ranks." From tbl- It will be seen that Senator Trumbull states Implicitly that Mr. Douglas did, in ISM. kuu mr. lotuae (a Republican member of Congn-ss from Pennsylvania) to Judge Trumbull, with the proposition that he (Douglas) would aid the republican* In the preseut Presidential canvass, If the Republicans would not prevent hla tlien pending reelection to the Senate ; that the proposition waa favorably received by a ureal many republican*, but waa defeated l>ecauae Senator Trumbull and hla friends, though willing to admit .>lr. Douglas Into the republican party on probation, were not willing to admit him as a leader About the same time?the l.ecompton bill being th?u before Congress?Mr Douglas (we assert It upon authority wiilch shall he produced if J udge Douglas dare deny It) sent Hon Schuyler Colfax, a republican Congressman, to Frank Blair, at that time representing this district In Congress, to request an interview with him Mr. BUlr thereupon went to see .Mr Douglas at his wn house. During that interview Judge Doug- | las told Mr. Blair that he (Douglas) WbS as hostile to slavery as Mr. Blair could possibly be; that he sympathized with Blair in his struggle In Missouri, and would aid him In it, if Uiair would point out how be could do so : ana he then suggested to Mr Blair the propriety of attempting, with his (Douglas's) assistance, to be elected to tne Senate as James t* Green's successor. Mr. Douglas told Mr. Blair, at the same time, that his Kansas-Nebraska policy had been designed, from the Ursl, with a view to crush out Slavery, by sorrounding tne slaveholdlcg States with a cordon if noo-slaveholdlng communities. Mr Douglas so cuoiDletel* utiiN*ri m? m?i? *' 4 J "4 bit a a ti-si a very sentiments, on this occasion, that the latter gentleman wrote to Mr. Urantz Browu, wno waa toen editing tbe Mlaaourl Democrat, to abstain from all further attacks upon Mr. Douglaa. St. Lout* Daily Bullttt*, Sept. 10. Naval Okdiis ?burgeon W. S. W. Ruschenberger haa been ordered to proceed to Norfolk by the 25th Instant, and report for duty on board the steam sloop Richmond. Boatswain John Mr.Klnley has been ordered to the Navy Yard at Portsmouth, N. H., to relieve Boatswain E. Bell on tbe 15th of October. { aiimaker \Vm. N. Maull has been directed to report for dutytt the Norfolk Navy Yard. Capl Duncan N. ln^rahnm baa been detached from duty as Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, to take effect on the 'JJd Inst , and ordered to the command of tbe ateam-aloop Richmond. The resignation of Will lam Chauvenet, professor of Mathematics, has been accepted Assistant gargeon A. H Uarnett haa been detached from the Navy Yard at Washington and ordered to proceed by steamer of Stb October from New York to Key West, and report for duty onboard tli*> fTnit?t SImhim w ? _ ? .. .-??? ?? J MUMVklO 9 IUO 1 relief of Assistant Surgeon Stewart Kennedy; and Asaislaut Surgeon J. W. Sanford, jr., has been ordered to proceed to the Mine port, by the same conveyance, to reIIere Assistant Snrgeon H. Lawrenew Sheldon, of the United States steamer Crusider. Assistant Surgeon Thus J. Charlton has been ordered to the Naval Hospital, Chelsea. Commander M F. Maury, Superintendent of o. the Observatory, has been granted six weeks leave of abseuce, with permlMlon to leave the United States. Additional Officii* Oioiiid to th* Cc*SKiiLAMD ?In addition to the list published a few days since, the following officers have been ordered to the aloop-of-war Cumberland, to report on the 17th of October : Chaplain J. L. Lenhart, Boatswain E. B. Bell, and Gunner Eugene Mack, the two last mentioned to consider themselves as detached from the Navy Yard at Portsmouth, N. H., on the 15th of October. Pacirtc TaLKsnaPH Bios.?No decision haa Vet been rmdrm* k? tk. -* * ?* ? r >-v OTvicm; 01 mo 1 re?Sury with regard to the bids for the construction of the Partlr TeUgrapb. This will probably be done within one or two days. It U aald that several of the parties making proposals have withdrawn their bids Annci or tbi Siciitait of War ?Got. Floyd having left the city on a brief visit to Virginia, tfce cflclaat chief clerk (flksWu Departhai bee* tppointod Secretory ad mttrim. Sbcbbtaby or tub Mbxicax I.boatioh ? On Saturday next Mr. I lWt? leave* this city for M4kicO| in covpMJ with Minister McLean, u Secretary of Leg*ioti. AbmT 1xtblu???cb.?Company E, second ar'tillery, ??w at Port Smith, to repair forthwith to ngostt Amil, Lb., Bad there take poet. Tbi W**nt*i .?Tiie following report of the weather for the noralog 1? made from the AdmtIsan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian lnitltutlon. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock srptsmbkr 20. 1860 New York, N. Y.. raining, wind NE Philadelphia, Pa elear. cool. Washington. D. C cloudy, wind SW Richmond, Va. cloudy, wartii Petersburg. Va. clondy, 7U?. Norfolk, Va ?....cloudy, S0\ a.t.i.v v n -i?* - ??v> i\aiciK u, u. nouay, ? Wilmington, N O stormy. Columbia, 8. C cloudy, warm Charleston, S. C clear, pleasant. Augusta, Ga ....clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga clear, pleasant. Mar on, Ga. cloudy. ColumDus, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. cleat. Jackson, Ala clear. VROM THl WEfT Pittsburg, Pa damp, (15?. Cleveland, overcast, 5 Rock Island, 111 clear, Unwind 9SW Ottawa, IU clear, 48". wind W Cairo, 111 cloudy, 50% wind N Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 29,325; at noon, 29,?fi7. Thermometer at 7 a. n., rt9'; at noon, 7(P. Maximum during 48 hours endlmr 0 m in. 4av. minimum <57V Amount of rain yrstrrdav ?nd last night, two inchea and eighty-three hundredths. ASK IHY PURSE WHAT thou SHALT BUY ! eo to Sfl.NEMKTZ'8 CHfcAl' CASH HAT STORK, a* 2d 'J30 l'a. it., near corner 13th st. MISSES' JOCKEY HATS,i now aUloa.) CHILDREN'S FANCY HATS! At STINEMETZS, ? 20 Fa av.. near 13tli at. FOR SALK-A fin* yoong GrTy HORSE, work* weli in harness. Apply at/r\. FI.KMMING ft FOY'S Stable, G^strrfH.Tirjl between Four-and-a-half and Sixih atroata.^^ZX ae 2?-eo t NEW FA I.L GOODS. It, OWEN A SON. M/7RC/MAT TAILORS, ' > 1 '2 Ponn.avenue, have jiut opened their first invoice of tiOOUS FOR THE SEASON. Km ft wbioh tWejr invite the attention of their iff friends and cuatomera. m^mm Be JMgW THE UNDERSIGNED .WILL SELL, at his house, at private ?ale, a large Seven-?-*^^ Octavo Rosewood PIANO FOR t'E A>ioHS|9 a Five Octave MELODEON. Both in Ml** I strument* are of beant ful wood and elegant tone. Persons who are in want of snsh instruments will pka?o eall soon. 1 hey will be sold nmch below their real value. Warranted to be perfect in ever? respect. 473 Fourteenth street, a few doors south of Pa av Terms cash. se an-3t* MARCUS R EJINE_ L DANCING ACADEMY. EWISCaRFSI Takes pleasure to inform his friends and the public that he will resume his Dancing Lessons, >ioth in private and in tS classes at hi* old stand, under the Theater on the first Monday in October. UMfc Terms made known on application. Communications through 'be Post Office. Caxtio*.?Whereas some persons are making use of my name to initiate themselves into pos tion, I hereby inform my friends and the public that I have not sanctioned such proceedings. se?'-3t 1.KWIS CAKLBI. EAGLE STOVE HOL3E. g|g I wish to call the attention of the public to mr NEW IMPROVED PK1NOUR GAS-CON WIT VI iMn n?ai/m Duiaiiiu ranuun nnA i r.K i>eini the very l*ef>t and most economical heater as yet invented I will suar&'.ty tli'.m to heat froin one to four stone* of a house perfectly with about the saine quantity of fuel as an ordinary erate or stove would require, ami will furnish satisfactory references froin reliable citizens of Washington and Georgetown, who now have them in use, as to the merits of this heater over all others which are offered for sale tp the public. Please coil at C. WOODWARD'S?, 31* Pennsylvania avenue. Between 10th and l!th *ts. P. 9. Manufactured by 8. B. Sexton A Co., Baltimore, Md. Parlor Heaters and all kind* of Stovos repaired at sho.t notice. ?e 20-6t C. W. WILL BK OPENED ON SATURDAY, SKPTKMBKR 'J5ID. MEW ESTABLISHMENT X CASH PRINCIPLE TRIUMFUANT! AN IMMENSE STOCK BOOTsfsHOES. HATS, CAPS, AiVD LMUR ELLAS, No. 347 SEVENTH 8TBKKT Two doors south qf Northern Liberties Market. UlHUVALID IH VA*I*TY, QUALITY, AND PRIC*! LADIES' SHOES.^Falmnst Everr Grade; MISSES' and CHI LDRF.NS SHOES Ol Every Kitd ; MEN'S BOYS', and YOUTHS' BOOTS AND SHOES. With the Finest and Cheapest Assortment of HATS, OAFS and I'M BR El.LAS To be Found in tne City. A* we propose to establish oar if Ives permanently in busuiuss and .w^ur* the confidence of the public, we ar* drtsrimued to sell at tlio very Kiiiaiiett possible profit uiid deal in candor and lairntjsa with all who iua> L>e duposed to patroniz-i us. O F. CUMMINS 4 CO., _?e 20-3t42aw2w No. 3*7 Seventh st. 1NPECTINE, OR PERSIAN AGUE CHARM. A fiimnlv nf thi. f..i *-f?l:.;? t?? ? ? .. _ ?rr?m wvuuvkui iuvuiuac jimfc roceived. Also, a i&rce supply of fro*h MEDICINES, TOILET ARTICLhS.Ac. At MOORE'0 Be i9 2w Wmt F,n<l Drug Store, 113 Pa ay. CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON Quars terly Six per Cent. STOCK for *ale in ruium to sui*. JAS C. McGl'IRE A CO , so 19 Gt Auct'rs and Commission Morcliants. MUglc ISS M. F. EDWARDS, Who has had several > < ar*' experience in tf?<-hing, will now suine her class oa the Piano. and in out of obtaining an increased number ol??' *' pupil*. She will attend them at their own residence, or have thoia oome to her on ninth street, between L an>l M, No. 327. Term* moderate. so WEDDING PRESENTS, PARIS FANCY GOODS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ao.We open thi* mornine a choice assortment of new and elegant ttuoda, designed especially lor Weddin* Present*. Ai?o, a great variety of Pari* Fancy Goods, fine Funi. Ivnr*. A rr?Kar aiul mW-II ^ 1? - 11 4* > | * vim oiicai conius. anu an tn0 newer vtvle* of rich Jewelrjr, Watches, SilverWare, Ac. M. W. 6ALT A BRO? 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Strains, Sprain*, Neuralgia, Maohe*, Cnta.autl HrniMM He i stopping at Mn FitzieraM'a, No. 4T4 Pa. avenue, Room No. 3, where he wonld like to tee every pereon, with all kinda of pais, if they wisk to be cured in from 5 to at minutes. _ *' He will try the Oil on all that com?, free of ?*Yle'eipecta to remain here till Friday, September 21,1860. *e 19-21* SOMETHING NEW. HAVE Just r^ceivndfrom thoseworld renowned and justly celebrated makers of Pianos, Chiokenng & eon?\ two n*Mwpatfat, ( PIANO FORTES, new id?a > The first of timr Kind ever introduced id this eitr, tho one a magnificent-? finishod Boudoir, Upright Cottage Piano, the other a 1-ull Grand Piano of IV octaves, but in a square oa?p of moat powerui tonr. gotten up exp'essiy for concerts or large jparlors. All music lovers are so.ioited to call and cnjov the Bight aad sound of there musical wonders. Pianos and Meloueons for hira, Muaio received semi-weekly. MlUM C I 1*1 U~l~ ? jiUUJiJt U?lO 'or l/FllOtWiDJ 4r goti?'"u unrallad Piano*, 38? l*a. av., bet. !*h and l?tb ?l?. 5?J?_ ?-?OR SALE?A NEW SPRING WAGON and F lTARNiair?iUbl. for a or huckat-r. For particular* applv to JUJ8T_ R F the Nauonarifaok JC*3 Stand. ?u la!>1' CART lFo?f Iron or wooden axles* jn.t r^^andJ>{i5aie b?LYANtf & ^ ? 18?>3t > ?<> H^.w.yBnue. ^ A?lotof 'SPOKE*, UiJM.aorf JV inok, (thorO o??hl? *a?ott?d,)*MM P8r offlo, to close K J^RI V.I.VAN.^ * CO , g. if l?-aolw?Al??. 6a?? ?<> ?* Yitut bvpi-'IVKD. ft &M atoak of PALL * ??? ? ? AMUSEMENTS. Q D D FELLOWS' HALL Positively. Lftat Night hat Tvi of I'D WORTH *8 <LAT*TH? Original AHI> OKLT Ossein > WOOD'S HMSTRELS! THE MODEL TROUPE or tm PROFESSION. THIS EVENING, (firm time in WMhin(too.) m iiv v 1 wn A r^^OQJ or DA-MI OS AND fYTHY-US; Or THk Tsst or Krik*d?hif D?-mi-on i Two (ripn.l** * s.* " Budworth fs-thy-us S ^wo^r,?n<1, W.S. Budworth Pi?-oh-nix ?>us, President of I)eceinvirate... _ I. K. C*mph*'l Lu cu'lj-ous, Ito mi-on'? freed slave .A. II. Wood D*a?-o)t-?l?r ? herald M.J. W"mon? Heriuion, wif?? of Da-mi-on R. Howard Rc?t of Character* l?y the Company. SATURDAY BENEFIT V>F J. H BUDWORTII. JFTF.RXOOX and EYFNIMi Matinee atS o'clock p. in. Evening Performance at 8 o'clock. Look out for the Great Opera of II. TROVATOR K> Admission 85 Cents; Reserved Heat* 50 Cent*. Box Oftoe open for th? sale of tickets irom 1? i, m to 1 p in., and from 2 to 4 p. m. Doors c pen nt 7S. performance to commence at 8 o'o ? ck. ?e J> WASHINGTON THEATRE. OR AND OPKHA SEASON! For Six Night* oml*. COOPER AMERICAN OPERA TROUPE, Unsurpassed by an> Company, native or foreigjuio the United States, and numbering 7">"t?(y tuft L'cilima.e Lyric Artutu, tu;II - ? ?? i i nj'ycol un MONDAY EVENING,September 24.1*J. W ill I hi presented Donizetti's Opera of the DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT. To conclutlo with the musical afterpiece ol THE OUAKKR. Supported by an efficient Chorus And a powerful Orchester, the whole under the direction of H. C. COOPER, leader of the Rnval Italian Opera, f.ondon.) ANNiE MILNF.R,(Prima D >nna Afcsoluta ) Doors open at 7!* ; Opera to commence at 8 o'clk. Pnoes of Admission : Diess Circle and I'arqnet 5<? cents ; secured seats 25 cents extra ; Orchester Chairs ?1 ; Private Boxes each. Seats may now be sec urea at Metzerott'a Music Store. Polite Ushers will be in attendance. se 19-St |^OOK OUT FOR THE SHIELDS BOYS! Tho Shields Boys announce to their many friends and the public in (rneral that thev intend civin* their SIXTH tiRAXD ASSEMBLY at fit Thorn's IIall, on 7th st ,on FRIDAY,Sep-^^L tember 21st. 1860 Mi The members pledge themselves to make this one of the most pleasant and agreeable of the seaaon. iviresnmenu included. Tickets 5noeuts, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of the Committee. Floor Managers. J. Flsnagan, J-Harragan, N. O'Shea. N. O'Day. ee 19 3t? 'THIRD CRAND COTILLON PARTY OF X THE MOUNT CLARE CLUB. The members take pleasure in informiMg their many friends that their Tfcird Grand Cotillon Part* will t>e given at Stott's Hail on jS T1' ESDA Y EVE NINO. Sept. 25th, lWn. iM They pledge themselves to make this audA pleasant evening to all who may honor them with their presence. Arth'a celebrated cotillon band has l>een rnraaed for the occasion. Tickets ?l, admitting a gentleman and ladies. COMMITTK F. Mohler, G. W. Hines, J. E. Hilton. J. W. Hill. ge 19 fit* YY"ASHING TON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager S. W. Glii!i. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*ii for the regular Fall and Winter Season on the night of THURSDAY, Novkmbik lsr. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will commence an engagement of Xuht* on MONDAY, November5th, and will be followed bvtiie most BRILMANT STARS lb the Theatrical Firmament. fF^ Communication* if addressed to S. W. Oi.kxx, "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au 18-tf EXCURSIONS, nc JS1CS, Ac. ?|0! FOR ARLINGTON! GREATEST PIC-mC OF THE SEASON! The HOWARD ASSOCIATION of Washington announce to the public A GRAND PRIZE PIC-NIC. For the Benefit of the Poor, O* MONDAY. Sxptsmbhb 24. Two or three thousand Prizes to be distribted. I Each lady and gentleman are to re oeive a prize when they enter thr gate. The prizes are to consist of bold Watcher, Tea Set* aud Jewelry ol every description:-ladies' Muf% Ladies' Furs, Ladies' GlOVAI. Chilllrah,? Parriairfl* Peik- *? * * ?? ? Ww. . imv S 0?u V/1 i \rm JX, O - Alio* A GRAND DISPDAY OF FIREWORKS AT NIGHT! A full Br?H (lad String Band hat been engaged for the occasion. The Prizes will be exhibited in one of the largest jewelry establishments in the city next Monday. There will be a large box upon the ground, from whicfc each visitor will draw an env-jnpe as the* entar, containing the numlmr of the prize, and will receive the prize on the cant in the envelope. Thn stages will leave hourly, commencing at3 o'clock a. in. The Geo. \V. Riggs will leave the wnarf. loot of High street, and run hourly. Cards of admission for gentlemen, 50 cents; ladies, 25 cents; and children and servants tree. Hy order of ee ?-at COM OF ARRANGEMENTS. I^RENCH ALWAYS AHEAD! * s78 Pa. Avknuk. PRINCE OF WALES MEDALS, KRECKINKIDGE A LANE do. new styles, BELL * EVERETT do. do. DOU?iLAS A JOHNSON do. do. LINCOLN A HAMLIN dc. do. DOUGLAS and LADY do. Agents supplied at New York prices, se 17-lw CADEMY OF MODERN LANGAUAGKS, ( Washington Building,) Pa Arentu, Comer *f Seventk Str"t. PftiVArz InsTmrc tions in Fezkch andSpanhh. ua ? a .> u v. v K.N I N (i C LAStoES. THASS1.ATIONS. A M. Die MONTH I K 11 V. Professor of Modern Languages anil Literature, iiiva the honor to announce that he will resume his Clam""* an J Private l.eitnnion WcdoinU; next, the 19th of jieptem l>er, in the atxjve Academy. fie m prepared also to give, in schools ami private families, a Course of l.eoture upon the French Literature, from the Karli*Nt Formation of the language to the Praaeut Time. For terms and further particulars inquire at the Academy. where Prof. |>e Monlhurrt will be in attendance daily from 9 to 11 a. in ami from 5 to 8 p. in. se 18-lm DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY'S, 201 C St., bttwf n lo/A and UtA. H* will to-dar open hia lone established and well known NORFOLK OYSTER ^ SHUCKING DEPOT lor the season ( J Ho na> made arrar. cements t-> r?cnv#'V\^W regular supplies or the h?at NOR- wBf FOLK OYSTERS on ever* Tuesday Thursday, ayd Saturday. Ha will also keep oonatantly on hand a large and varied assortment of FISH, inoludiug every sort known to Washington tables. He returns his sinoere thanks to those who patronised his Establishment during the rast *ea*on, and is confident that his increased fooilitiea for keeping constantly on har.d fresn supplies of OYS TKK8. FISH. GAM F.. An >- "IB ? . . ?fl ward a oontinnanoe of their patronage and custom. Sold at th* lowest market prices, and delivered at all parti of the oity fre? of charse. sein-lm T. M. HARVKY. 550 new restaurant. 550 The undersigned have taken and entirely refitted the sparious house No. 546 (Seventh street, a few doors south of Ptinnsjlvama avenue. They r?spoctfiill* invite a ca I from their friends and the piitWic who may desire n, pure article of Brandy, Wiues, Whisky, Ac.. or Brown Stout, Porter, Ales and otiier Mali I<iquora, from celebrated brewers. Their larder at all time* stocked with Fish, Flesh and Fowl, served by ao experienced cook. This branch receives our personal supervision. HENRY KUHL WILLIAM RUPP, s?6 eo3w Proprietora. Horse shoes and horse shoe iron. We have now in store a large lot of the above, aud will sell it at manufacturers' prioes. jos. l: savaor, Hi.. ?U- Pill o-i wikii vr* vuo Ulll kTAWi se!5 8t (States.) Pa. av.,l>et 10th and 11th st? Ci EORGE B. SI. OAT * CO., I Manufacturers of THE ELLIPTIC LOCK STITCH and 1MPVOVEII SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINES! The nippiest and best ever constructed ! Froe from leather pads and complication! Reliable upon all manner nf fabrics! WARRANTED TO EVERY PURCHASE*!!! and THE PET OF ALL CREATION! ,. Manufactory. 1139 Beach street, Philadelphia. Agent for Washington ai^vusini se 6 6too [ Fa. avenue. FOR SALE.-A pair of COACH HORSES, young and fast, sold for no fault; to* c\ owner having no use for thein. Apply atjWji W. H. UPPERM AN> Grocer*. o> Penn /CTV ayivaniaavepue. t??tw>on 3d 4^Vti. an 22-tf PIANOS.?Ona vory moe 6hi ootave P>ano tcr ?Mi. Also, one veiy u?ed. for 117&. At the Mono Store of W.G. MET^EROTT, Sole Agent of F tern way ft Bon'a and Raven, Bacon ft Co.'a Pianoa. ?e 10 (\1 MERCHANT TAILORING. llEW FALL. S1VLES or CLOTHS, CASSIMERS. aNU VEST1NG8. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., S'iS Penn?rylrania Avenue, have joat raoeived a large vanetv ef new Pail Gooda, to which they invite the atteation of their friend* and wntemwi. an W-tf fLfACBIMB BELTING, LEATHER AND 1TI KUBMER.?AI?o, Maohiniat'a Finding*, for aaia at northern prioea. J OS. L SAVaOk, Sign of the Gilt Saw, eelj Ct (fltatea ) Pa.av., hat, lath and 11th ata. i^HEAP SECOND HAND PLANO.-A ?H aaV ??^Fra*ehT>aaarif good art*, far #?, fir &gV ?. ICETSEBOTS. AUCTION SALES. By WALL ft BlRMARD, AietioiMn. CALB OP CHINA- CUTLERY. PLATED C ARdOtUBR CotTLT Waw. Pariar ard BiaO" IDA V ADd SATURDAY MORNINGS. Bd and 23d miluU, w Will tail by aaaaoa, ?t thaatore <>? C. E tir*?a, 9T4 P? ??.1w<Wub 1 1thaad 1?h ? ? next door totw Kirk wood BoaHLhiiestirt itook, oon* riatnc ?large and vaned aBMrtmeiit, aa? Pine Freceh Chibb? Pa^laa. Lara, Bobaiuibb, French Bad Amwran Olawi ware, Ki.tiiata Bod AimriOBB <MT?ry. P.atad Wtrt, Parian and BiMaat StBtuetlaa, Pitohera ard Vai? Card Recirera, Cologne BottlM, Cordial 8*ta, TaU? and W me outori, Plated Spoon a and Fork*, Rnner, Breakfaat, Tea and Toilet Seta, Of Fruit Stand* and Bow!*, With many other g. oda not here enumerated. To thoee in want of id oh good*. all of wh'ch arc of the aewetit atvle?. latent importation. and beet quality, thia tale atf.> d* the rare opportunity ol obtaining the nm? at anetion pne?e. Ample arrangement* made for the acs?nao 1st ion of ?he ladioe. Terma: #3> oaah: over that aaonnt, a oredit of 60 and 9' day*, for appro red eudoraed notee, hearing interest. eean d WALI. ft BARNAKD. A act. By J. C. Mo<sLIRK * CO. Auctioneered PEREMPTORY SALE OF BUILDING LOT oy nctrth N Sr.. 12th *id IStb Bra. On MATURITY Ar I KK NOON. September 22J. at 6 n'clook, or the premiae*. we ahall eell, without reeerve, the ?Mt?'n earl of eebdmaioa Jl.iDaqeare No. 251, fronting ?) leet on n?<Ui M etreet. between l.'th and Utti atieou weet, ruuniag back I3k> feet te an alloy. Term*: One-thi'd cath: the reeidue ie and IS month*, with intereaf, a? oorod by a deed of traali>a the premlaea. ae 2ft-d I JC. MoOt'KE k. CO , \?eta ? By J. C. MoGUIRK A CO., Anotiui.oere f f > (| fltJTP P'a u a t L* r? r* ifn? ? ?' * * ' " t i? uiui n i i n rn i<l vir r i.n ? \ M/l'AtJl.h I BciLMNO 1-.OT OS KOETH t St . BITWIIS 4TI1 Asn 6th St*, wwr -On TUESDAY AfTEBNOON, Septonilier 23tb,at$o'o ocfc, on th* prem 1 itr, I nliaM ?!' part of Lot No. IS in rquare south of No. MS, fronting IH (pet 6 inchta on not th I ?trwt, between 4th and 5th sts. wnt, ru n&iug back SAfetttucku. Terms: One-half cub; the residue in fi ami 12 months, with interest, secured bj a deed of trust id the p.euiues. WM. 6. DKAI.E, Trustee, sett-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO . A sets. Ht J. C. MoUl'IRK A CO. Auctioneers. IMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR THE NAVY Yabb.?On WKllNMDiV AKTKKNOON, Septeml>er 2Bth. at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall et II part of Square 906, fronting 5i foeton Seventh street esit. at the corn?r of south L street, and running back 30 feet, together with t*e improvem?nt?, oon?i?ting of a two story brick dwel in* containing 9 rooms A portion of the building hu been oooupied as a grocery store. Term*: One third cash; the remainder in 6 end 12 months, with interest, secured bj a dfed of trust oa the premises. seaod J. C. McGUIRE A CO , A acts. "personal^ rviur f a n\* i*ri?/\ ^ ? ?? - ? 1'iin i.aim n nu < AI.I.MI A T Vii l'enn. avena*and rot the ke*s of a house on Thirteenth st., No. 417, wi 1 pica*# return iheiu. H* THHK ANONYMOUS WRITER Whoaddreeeed a note to me la informal that his communication was found ainouc my letters on my raturn, and Would have remain**! unnoticed to the contempt it merits were it not that 1 de*ire to hold eich a person up to the scorn and contempt of hi* fellow men One who, from a feeling of pique, oould tear open ar,d cause to bleed afresh the wends of affection is not man, but *-md? re not mortal, hut devil . ar.d. to bold him up to th? world aa he is. in all his de- I fortuity, I will pay a liberal reward for the name of the coward. _ir H. N. WADS WORTH. RKWARD.-Ran away from the s?b*crib?r, living near GIvmont, Charles county, Md , on Sunday, the 16te in stant, NEGRO BOY ISAAC NELSON, a#red about 18 years, about 5 feet 6 inches in height; light copper color; very ful. soitofA??? hair; has a soar on his npper lip; cl?>thin* not remembered. 1 will give ?5" lor the appreh nsion ol said negro in Charles oounty. or 91)0 >' taken elsewhere; in eith-r case he mu?t be delivered to me or secured m jail so that I get him again. se 19-lw* SAM'EH. COX. I HEREBY FOREWARN A M< PERHON* from harboring or trusting mr daughter, MAR> . I will par no debts contracted Uv her, she hating left her hoino without any Just oauN. me 13-3t? TBO the cl'RIOl's OR ANXIOUS.-Madam 1) , so veil known u the moit successful ? (lamer of the Past, Present and Future ever in Washington, continues to Iw consulted weekly by hundreds anxious to know of things at present hidden from them. Her consultation fee, to both gentlemen and ladies, is extreme!* moderate. Call at her house, on the south side of Massachusetts av., between 17th and 18th sU.?the only house there. so 17-lm Madame morrice, trighut asteplootst and IJocraKss, just from Eur or*.?Tsis kighly rifted and intelligent lady oan be oonsultad on the Past, Present and Fatare KtmU. Call at No. 1205 Twentj second street, between H and I, Washington. Je 1?- Srn* Look to your intere?t,*?ui?cha? ERS OF CABINET FUMNlVURR. We have now in store and daily reoeivins the largest, handsomest aad ch**p?st lot of Cabinet Furniture ever offered to the citizens of Washington. Georgetown and Alexandria, which we eor dial y invite all who desire furnishing to otll and examine for thsmsel ves. Our stook emh'aces erery aonomrable artiole necessary to famish a parlor, kail, dining room, ohamber, asd kitchen. Oar axtensive stock u too numerous ta partioularisa. We only name a few of the leading artioles, such as, vis: Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Suits, upholstered in a superior manner is Rr??i?lU Si k flush, i?*stiig and Htir Cloth, G>H (tune Mantel. Pier and other Ulassea, Bill Base Tab es, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slab*. Gothic and other handsome Reception Chairs, in Urocatelle. Plush. Kush and Cane Seats, Ktcreres, with MarMe-t?p? and Mirror Baoka, Do. Parlor De-ks and Whatnots, Rosewood. Walnut and Mahogany Bureaas. Wash stands, BrdsUada and WardrobM, rarj handsome and cheap, Cottace Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation <>ak. Maple and Paiuted, with or without Tope, tlarb e top Hatracka. in Oak aad Waiaat, run Hatraoks, Hall Stacda, Secretaries, Bookcases. Sharing Stands, Marble top Center Tables, Hair and ^huCK Mattresse*. K e&ther Bolsters and Pillows, B ankats. Comforts, Quilts, 'fowelt, <tc. In addition to onr ?u>ok of Furniture our first floor oor tains a large and well selected stock of China, G!a?* and Crooksrv. Plated (ioods. Japanese Ware, Table Cutlery, Britannia Ware, Blocktin Goods, Baskets, Br MM, An., a together forosinr ft. AAm?la?A ? ? ?? " * " ?! ?>j B?orj UID[ I10OMMM7 to furiiiih a liouae in all iu apartmvnti . C. W. tfnTKI.F.R & SONS, Iron Hall, No. *1* P*nn. a 17-MfcTlitf t>etw">n ?th and t?Kh eta. I EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. I HAVE Nowm ?tore a complete aaaortinent of the FRANKLIN RADIATORS, (three iiki.) They are a lute improvement on the old Franklin Stove?, having the radiating attaohMaot, sliding doom, in* porceiian lined urna for evaporation, and are decidedlr the erettiest and inoet cheerful Stove to kit bj (for pailor or chamber) that ran be found in any market, as you can be accommodated with a close or au open grate fire at pleasure. To l*loundat C. WOODW ARD'S, No. 31* Pet.nsylvar.;a avenue, aa 17 fit between loth and 11th at?. EAGLE 8X0VE HOUSE. ^jg I wish to nail thp attention of all thosa wishing to obtain a hrst clss? Cookius Stove, that the aching void eau now b* filled b> i>urolia*ini: oa? of wy VOUNO AMERICA l>OU BLE-YOP GAS t:ONSLMERS?Uhs entire tup heme double, and bo arranged that a circulation of air la kept up l?etween the platen, therebf preventing it from ever inking ami becoming warped, (like many other*,) which prevent* them from l<akin? well arte r wards I l.ave also a great varietv of other hrst-claaa COOKING STOVES, via: The Fuel Saver.with or without the exlention top; Challenge, Telegraph, Patapaoo ('ook. Pennsylvania Complete, and others, which will be guarantied to give setisfiaotion to purchaitera. Please call and examine, at C. WOODWARD'S, No. Sl*? Pea nay I van la avenue, ae 17 fit Ketween loth and llth aU. Y STEAMER COLUMBIA, thia inoraiag, (8epteml>er 17. > we shall in receipt of a large atock of ataple DRY GOODS of the l^*t claaa, to an examination of wluoh we invite our oustomara and the public generally. Families that buy for cash are especially aolieited to inapect our stock ; they can obtain their supplies from ua at the very lowent cask prices. One price onlv. All goods will lia delivered promptI\ on the ilat of sale to a.nv n?.rt ?f tk? CI.AQfifT Vi? ivr'* ? 17 6t 324 Pa av.. Ulw. 8th M?1 10th ?U. fM)AL! COAL!! WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily reoeivini large supphes of COAL troa the very bent Pennsylvania mines, which I will ell at reasonahe p:ice? Ale?, the best qualitv of Oak, Pine Mid Hickory WOOD, cat and (put,all lengths. Call and leave your orders. &. W. BATES, Wood and Coat Dealer, ? 17 (State*) Cor. C and Mth st?.. ne*r Canal. W SPECIAL NOTICE. E Take icreat pleasure 1a returning our thanks to our numerous lriep<U for their very literal patronage in the School Book Trade, and especially l# the hundred* who wereoompelleri to leave without Betting supplied would we nmke ear how. May neir shadows never (row leu; aad would ra* we still keep full supplies on hand, and let our thoanabds orcustomer* tell of oar prions. w n eiivpursn __ - -* mr- ?' ! IJ U + *?| ? 15-lw cornf So v nth imd D ?trr??ta. ? PORTING GOODS, f^jyiBg msiuafja."" PoWDKR'FI.ASKt KfiMms. : 0 u?Ekff{MB JfipE.'.'%P?S8S: ES.CLEANSlNG RODS,??,A?. For aale by JOS. L. SAVAGE, Sign or Gilt 8av, * lS-6t (Stat? > Pv ar., bat. 10th aad nth na. j A BAR IRON AND STEEL. nud (SIMM.) Pa.a*.,6* ml atfiftkaia. UVVAlVn OAUTJO. THIS AFTERNOON k TOMORROW. Bt j c. ms?nik 4 co . Anotioaoere TWO VERY VALUABLE BUILDING Lere o!? K St., orrotiT* Fiinuii A* Pcvuc Arrrrow.?On Tr R*DAT aVTKI N()ON,Ni?"?I>? at i o'eioek. om anrwtiap. we ahal: oier at p*l>Uc a notion Lots N"? It and in Senara No. M, trot,t1t?r ? MM etch un north k at.. l>etweec I Jiii Ai d luh III. wet, ruiil| baek 147 feet to a ? feet alley. Teeee lx??e front rlirwotly ot Fiftahlin Bqaare, are l?.o?ie?i laadelichtfe P*rt of the eity for * private rep.d?: oe, and ot*r irrefrt induoeveaU to per eoae fo wart of a Irwt c'mi hmldint cite Terme : One third eaah: H?e reeuiee in ?, %m4 1} montna. with iMrMt, Miari< hy a Read af treet on the premiaaa. * 12 <1 J. C. MeGUIRE k CO., Anota. CTTI1K >BOVE~8ALK !? POSTPONED "i eoeognt of tha rain on til Tril'lttOAV AFTERNOON, aame hoer. eend i. C. MeOUfBB k CO., Aaeta. Br J. c. MaOUlRE A CO.. AaaUaaaara. Furniture and effects of a famh.t BtfLtmso Roratiuriiw.-On FRIDAY MORNtNG. fteeieaberStth, IN), at loo' the reeidenee wf Nn Ann Datlaway, No. Nineteenth at., between 1 u? K a!a., we eRali eeit all the Furniture ?t <1 Klfeeta o! a fhauly dealiainc h . o? t m-p i n *. ewepoei ae? Mahucanj Hair ??riac aealBe^ lor Chairs. Marble top Center Tab)*, Wort and Card TthlM, Mahocaay Dining rabW, C?m imi Chair*. BedaMad*. Butui. U mikUmIi. heather B*da. Bol?ter? aud Pii.ow*. Chanter Tab1**, Toilet #et?, Window 8Uiw. Ciryti. i?i c oth. Matunr. China. Giaea aadCruefeei* War*. Cookies aad other 8lom, I K M:eben Ultanlt. fto., Jto. * 17-4 J. C. McGUIRE k Co., A net* ^furttrg' da ys' By BARNARD* Bl'CKEY. AicUomni DKtMRABI.K &ti?LRUAN RkfUDENCE AT Pcanc Accrio* ? On FRIDAY AFItiENOON.;tlet,at halt past 4 o'olnok. w wit! eeil. in firoat of tkr prewtaaa, that daelrable oali?dRook ferine, aitaated on the northveetern boandary of Georgetown. D. C . and eontaiuia* abmt thirty fir* a?r*a of land, imprnvad by a ? *?* tvu Btor* Pram* Barn. MiIiIm, lyrlu Boum, 4o. The situation is beaniifai, huh aai ?althy, and N watered by rem. sprint* ol yarn water. T?im?: One-third each; balanae la one, two. nxH threa year*, bearing iLtereat, aeoarad by a deed of trust. __ aa lt-d BARNARD * BL'CRF.V. *-?? By J. C. MreUIRK k CO.. AaotioaMrs. TWO HORSt:!^ HARNESS AND FAMILY OiiktMttT r*BLir SORNlNtt. S*?t*a.t*ra.M II o'olook.iB from of e Auction liwni, we aiiail eel.? A aaaenor B'anfc Horae. an jNri old, eoand, kisd and gent.e. worka wall in aingle or doubt* bar bom,01 under tha naddle, A fine Gra? Mara, Fight year* old, Worka la aiacs or doable harneaa, and it as excellent driver, open Fairily carriage ?nd Hameea All so d for aoooant of a gentleman about to leave the city. rerata: A credit of on and 9^ days. for notes aatlafaotoTilT endorse*. b?ar.*? mtereet aol?-d J. C. MoGHIRK A O..AH1*. By J. C. MoGI'IRE A CO . Anottoceors PH AIR OF SUPERIOR BLOODED HORSES at Accrua-Os SATURDAY MORMN0, September 11 o'sloek, la frost of ihe Auotioa (nomi. ae ahai ae'l a fair of aapatior t..oode?l Sorrai 11 or see, out of a thorough bra* mara by a Morgan horse, funr yaa-a old. and vHI t-rokea to harneaa; of th"?7i a ver* fee traa?ler ta eisgl? harneaa. They ara sold for r.o fault, ths oawj having ro farther uae fcr tbMii. and will ha acid sepaats or together, at n?y ha deeir*d. Terms: A craditof?u anddaya, for aatiafaeto rfly end jraed no tea. bearing iptereet. ao'W-'l J. C. M"??TT1W * : A HO.. A acta By i. C. McGUIRE A CO , AuoUuoeera. CTOCK OF FURNITURE AND HOUSE rrBNi?iniie Good* at Pcbuc Ajrcnoa.?Ob MONDAY MORNING, t^ptem^r Sit*, at tan o'clock, at tli* Houaefuraiahing Store of the lata inn >f Bonts A Coombs, on SevSLtli street, ba tvean 1 and K *** . w? ana l aall ?He entire atoek of Furnitaia aad Houaefnraiahinc Gooda without re serve, to oioae tha concrn. Ttia stook oompriaee Ms'hogany and Wa nit Hair Spring ae?t Softs* Arm Cha re, Rockara atid Parlor Chaira of aartoaa patma, Marb e-top fab! a, Card ar.d Fancy Tables, Whatnots, Lonngee. Cane-seat Okaira, Bin ?m manogat<T r rtrae Mirror*. Ctooka, Cue and WooU ml, Arm ud Naraa Hooker*. Painted Cottage Chamber Set*. Walnut and Mahofaay Draaaiof and Plata BarMAit Marble toy and Painted Waahvtand*, Toilet Seta, Window Shade*. Coraioea, Wood eeat Arm Ch?ir*. Mum* Cb%ir*. Cottace aad othar Hedctead*. Wardrokaa, Hair and Hack Mattreaae*, Bol?t?r* aad Pilknra, F?atber Bed a. Cam to rta and Blatkft*. China. Oiaa* and Crookerr War*. Kniraa and Fork a, Spoon*. Tia Ware, Carpet*. Oik loth. Rata,, he. Toe ether vita mar.; article* in Ih* Hoe*afWnu*h? (Dg Line not nwoaaaai-y to anamarate iao. Furniture v* aeon, Kara* aad larMta T*rm*: t^5 and unaer, oa*h. ott that earn a credit of 1.1, S and 4 month*, with intaraet, lor ay roved eedor?rd note*, hearing latereat HENRY BONTZ, Sarnria* Partaar. ae 17-d J. C. Moub'lWK A CO.. Aaote. By THUS. BOWLING ; (i*or*eu?wa. E. S. WaieBT. Saieamaa. miPHAVR' rnti?T ?*?!.- no ?" ?" W Tftr. Siivw, $oeeel Colt, kc.?Om MONDAY aext, the 24th metatt. at It o'tioek a-as.. at tht rMuletoe of tht l?U l<?wn C?t>frTi on Sjooii treet, 1 Kail tell, by orHir of tht Ofhai.a Coart, kit Farbiture and Effect , ccnaiatinf of? Mthojuf Sideboard, Dining, Cart, and W? Tablet, Do and ooismon Chaira. Carpet*. Metric*, and Ouolutha, China Tea S#t, 44 Crockery and Ulaea Wart, Six excellent Feather Btdt, Hair and Hsit Mattre?n?a, Biaaketa. Quillt, Shtttt,4e? (Ia'ioganj oreeair.f ai.<i Plain Bnraaaa, BtdtUtda. Cold and Silver Watonet, Book*, fcewapap?r?i Tntodo'ita and Coaapatt, Maps, ft o.. Kitchen Furniture Alto, at 12 o'oloek? Ntj i o Gin Mary. >? ytart of act, and t'a?t for life, Ntffo Bo? John, 16 year* oface,a>>dalara(orUit, One Sorrtl Cu.t, 2 jeara old, Buggy, Ao. Terma of aale: Ai! ?uir.?ofanj aodar 9V>, taak; ortr fto, a credit of thirt*. aixty. aad mnetr daya for approved tadoratd note*, peariny in Mr Ml. ttl8-oo? T\ DO WL1NG, A?I Bi T. M. MCCORMICK; Altzaadria COMMISSION KITS SALE OF VALUABLE T? ACT or I.AHD IB THE CorETY Of ALEXAKtlU, Va., o* the A ,l?. a H R. S.?By Ttrtao of a daeree of tfct Circuit Coirt of Alexandria county, in the aait of Uooi,, ct. HuAia and ctbera.the nr.fie-?!jted will, on T(J USD AY, l ie M ?f Oetobe'. iHSn. at o'A-imk I* fcn?i /.r Major'* oficft, M the city of Aiaxaadria, Mil at publioaaation, a valuable tract oontaining ai>ou< 140 aorae of laad in the eouutj of Alejawdria, of which LMrUHi B. Hardin fc.i* .died aeixM. Tb<a property nee ab<>ui7 milM frow AitxMdna Hi 9 from Waakiagtpa and Georgetown, on the road leading pom "Falla Ch?reh,r to Gaorgeto*j, and on the Al?*andria, Loudoun acd Haitipahire Railroad, a water talma being aaar the land. The improvementa c<>naiat of a good twe-atorv frame l>w?ling Him?? witii back building.tpriiig hoc?e. a bara anaall oeceeaary out houaee. rhe proximity of thia farm to the three market* of Alexandria, W&ahingtona&d G*orgetowr, the eharaoter of tka and an<l the healthfulneea of Uie location, makaa it a deainthle reatdenca. Tha term* aroeertbed br thedeoraear*: One-tenth of tha purchase mnaoj ia oaah; and tha raaidaa ka four equal instalment* at 6. IS, U and 24 muntha from tneday ft ?ale, the dafened payment* to Ua a vured by tha lofida of tha porehaaer. bearing tat re*t from the day of saie.arda raUntioa of tha title uau: paid. U damrad by porchaaera the proa erty would ha diviue*t mto two or mora paroela, and a plat thereof will ba axb<Mt?d hp theanderaigaad. 1 LOUIS KlKZML. an ft' ?UwtH Ccmmieaioner. (\| AK^HAli i SAUli.?in virtue of a writ of 1 I fieri facia* iaaur*rfrom the Clark a 0?oa of tha Cireait Court of the Diatr.ot of Columbia for the County of Waahi n*tor.. and to me dtraatad. I will expose to puiMtc aaua, lor oaab. ia font of tha Coart Hmi* d<orof Mid ooanty oa MONDATi the lat day of October oext. t??',at U o'oiock ?., ? defe&uant'a rtjht. tula, ?aiia and interest la a*J to Lot No 6. ia t^uare 411, id the eitr of Washington. D. C , together vtk all aad etnialar the in^raremMti thereon, eeised and levied apoe aa the property of W nuaaa Bianeluud. aad viti aa aold to *aUa/r iadiciaJs No. SI, to Jaaaary (era 18?), it Ikror of Jess? 1>. Wi!io? ^U^8. Marshal for the Dtatrwt ol'to^ mhik. TNION FIRKWOOD MILLS, \J COEKKE 7TM ?T. AST> C*HAL, _ _ Wmktmg^m, a. a . The undersigned moat respectfully i?viU the at Station of our custom*r? and the pahtie I?S*rEj<1 to the tact that we have how afloat TOW Of COAL, of all etaes ami oftlie vary bestaaslitr. vhioh ve w.liaeli at a proitof?oeoU far toafrwm the re?*e)s _ _ ?r>- We are aleo maanfactuna* HICKORY, OAK ami PINK U<Ot?D.fHieafthausM aiaea. |j~.r Ail orders ii ?d with_dispaUh. ITT" OMoa corner 7th ?trert awl Canal. ie? ?olT< MoKNKW A M A R LP W, ProTs. noWE'J ORIENTAL BALSAM, It A Cull ron BALDNEM AND UK AD AC ME, Bis new disoovsry has produced aatoaiahms rain earl as haklceas and staples the hair from fkilinc vtf 11 rtflVTM dftAdfMC it d *il mrmmt 1*HM of tha ikm; ft oarUm cut# fur ftdftoh*. sod ?4? I ihtfu! w?#h and pcrfomo. P : .c* VoeoU. ? ? ? b* MNira. Nairn It Pftlintr, ChM. Stott, L. M. Smith. J - 8*hwwnMd Eitvftll 4 Lwmw ? U-<oli* lliLTlMURK LIKE INQUftA.NCt CO -! D ewwum lot -Jont 1. Oosxlsmii, Pr**-; Ibfexft&AmUe"* - ?" flyl&n WOQDl WOOD!? 0 STOVKswl K1NDL1NC WOOD.ftttfcaievw pommbi* pnm. T J # A w . eAA,T. ?<*! Ml H. h- Mvmi nik ^ liT^i. 4 wwMRNassr 1 1

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