Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1860 Page 3
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? mmmmm?*? JLOC A L NEWS: |?7" Though Tna ?ta* ta printed on the fwtrt I tmm preaa In Mr Kmth ef Halt;more, lta ?diUon !? k> bru^O* *> texture it to to put to preaa at an eerly hosr, AdvertDementi, therefore, should be rnt lr, before l'J o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Notic*.?Dlrtrlct of rolmnWa Advertisement* to be Inserted In the Raltmokk Sex arc received at and forwarded from Th*?*ta* Office. SAXiTarr ?Dr. Charle* Y. Farce, the gentlemanly and efficient Health Commissioner of the city, in rendering hia annus! health report for the p**t year, reiterate* that tbe return* of death certificate* are ao Imperfect aa almost to deatrov their Talue In determining tbe number of deatha in flfe'.a city. He rails special attention to thia fact. According to the present law It ia the duty of no n?* to make ent certificates of death, although Undertaker* are rwiuired to return them to tbla office, and it la evident how imperfectly such a v*t? m must operate. In many lnataucea no return whatever is received, and not unfrequentiy ome member of the family or the undertaker klmsrtf la pbMged to write the certificate, thua tend^rlnij them very incorrect in regard to the tcdical Information derived from them. The ODmmlasioner sngg>sU that, If a law were passed taking It obligatory upon physlciana, under a penalty, to laiure at the place where a death occurs a certificate of auch death, within twenty-four knurs after Its occurrence, tbe return* wonld be ??rh more correct and relf*tole. There were *-21) deatha reported during the past year. whilst, na obtained from the census returna, there were I.tW The romnit?aio?ff fa aattiflri, Viwfvrr, that the actual number waa at leaat 1.2tJn?believing that only two-th!rda ot the deatha kave been reported. The population of the city is now H!,luO, and taking J.06r. the number of deaths aa returned by t>je cenaua. it shows a rate of one death In 37 49; but assuming l.'JUO, which he believes to b? more correct, there was one death In every 5J.17 of the entire population Tbla exhibtta a atate of health which may well be a subject ef congratulation on the part of our cititen*. Tho number of deatha in ISo? waa 037. A law making it a penal offena<; to keep boga within the cityis recommended The coinmlsaioner aaya, "It would also be a benetit to the city to prevent dairies from being kept within Its lloitts " In regard to cleuung U*atreels, alleys, gutter a, Ac . the commiaaiosrf says the work to be done "Waa uaeeh increased durlag the pa*t winter and prlng, not only on account of Ute amended law requiring contractors to remove ashes. Ac., but ml*o because the streets were much cut up by laying wa'.er pipes, and became the continued rains ^a?>*;rd great quaotitles of dirt to be washed into ?h? gutters, and rendered It almoat impossible to k?f p them In a proper condition. This Increase *>f labor indnced the eommlaslener to recommend the annulment of fbe contract*, which was done JMnce that time n force has been employed by the day, and the city has been thoroughly cleansed, and continues so at the present time Each year makes more manifest the evil* resulting from the wnnt of some general system of sewerage, lie cilia attention to its ntcesstty. Wot 09 a linen or Cokkictio*.?'Thlt abject has been so frequently agitated without producing any effect, it Is na'illy necetaary to mention ft; b it th?* evidences of the want of such on Institution are lncreastny dallv The Police Magistrates and Jmticea of tb# Peace are every d;y called upon to '-do something" with little children who are beginning to commit offV-nres that hi of**4t?i due not attempt. Larceu'er and burglaries have been perpetrated by children m '.icfa wuald be considered aa ciitf >1'truer** of old th:?v*s. What can be done with tUeiu? The p- . .c';r:ary ia hardly a suitable plat ? for children of ?iiri t? ider age ai d. yet they ou^lU not. to be lft run at large without restraint Other children are confirmed drunkard* and vlolatora cf all lawa of dfency and morality. What can the maglstrate do' H<? inuat let'them go or aeod them to t!ie workhou?c; and who can point to a child that baa been reformed by auch a course? It is not a place of punishment that ia needed, but an i nstttution for toe reformation of children who are without parental rcatraint. Hkavt Raima ?During yesterday andlaat night rur city waa v: si ted by copious ahowera of rain, with the lmpre?aive accompaniment of heavy thunder and brilliant lightning, which at ahort Intervals illuminated the city, and made apparent to the half-drowned pedeatrians the muddy lakea ami r thing torrenta wrhieh they deaired toavntd. The new maaonry foundations in courae of erection were pvetty thoroughly tested in various parts of the city, ana their security tbia morning waa looked upon aa evidence of the auperior quality of tbf work of our clt^ mechanics. The usuail neceaaity for the employment of laborera waa uitlefl this aoralng, and the atreet commiaaiontra' employeea were early at work, heaping up the earth and aand deposited at the cornera of the avenue, where, during the night, the inaufIciaaetr aftlMMWM ? - v-J * , . -V kiiC uouy OI water flowing to them caused an overflow of the s.dewalka These dfttcttut sewers cause mud lakes very annoyin>? to pedestrians after hard rains, but they afford employment to laborers. * It's an III wind that blows nobody yood." A vtMTios involving the right of a Police Magistrate to examine in a penal or criminal case concerning the charge set forth in the warrant, on da\s previous to tb<* day named in said warrant, without sett!.>g forth in the charge In terms that the oflVnss was commuted on '-previous days,"' h ?lately arisen, and is thasubject of considerable misconception on the part of some of our city maj strait* Some of the magistrates have contended that a witness cannot be examined as to previous ?thrr days," unless the warrant charges the offense to have been conuuitud on days previous to the day when the violation Is alleged to have been committed, and have frequently dis missed cases when proof wns abundant as to the previous days, but not established its to the day at forth. The Corporation Attorney, la reply to a letter from a magistrate who dissents from this notion, says : "1 entertain no doubt on the subject. Tur day is immaterial, so that it be b*/ore tk* d*i* of tk* >em'ram, and sines the last conviction aud la out hsued by plea of limitation." "Wast or Paoor."?The police magistrate of the fifth distrt* t, who issued the warrant in the cms at tbe Corporation ajjt. Yratiuan. deems it doc to biraaeif to sUte that tbe alUiavl ts of Jaines a Ml Tbotn<ts Kimore, witnesses for the Corporation in that case, may be sceu and read at the fifth police district office, by any person who deaire* to judge impartially for himself whether ' tbe whole proceed lag* (against the defendant) ware contrary to law, or unsupported bv proof,"' a. according to tbe statement of "Justice,'.' in the Star of last Saturday, "was shown (on tbe trial) beyond dispute.Tbe witness*** abovenamed Lave assured the poll tie magistrate wbo issoed tbe warrant, since the publication of ? Justice,'' tbat tbev fc*f& testified on the trial, wheo tbe rase wis d:*ims*e?l. in siUetance aa set forth in tbeir affidavits, which provesucb indecency of language by the defendant, aa reader U totally unlit f?r publication. Thi taaa?rat Kxtkxsioji.?The extension the Treasury Uuildiu* f^ciiig the south is rapid lv app'oa hing completion The rortieo is more tiwn half paved, and with its tail and massive granite columns has even now a very Imposing appearance. Almost all the rooms of both tbe ground and second ^U>rit? are fioishetl a?d ready f>r occupaacy*, and light, airy, and l>eautiful rooms tbev are. The flights of sUine steps are In ).ivc, vuuugu mrir r.iuiogs are Dot yet let, the work, both stone and iron, appearing to have b -en dens In lb? moat Mild aisanrr, of course quite mdefttrurtible by Are, and at We same time in the moat tasteful style. Some of the rooms 011 tb-- first flour have been ere up led for uime time by the Bureau of Construction and the Register of the Treasury, sud now the offlc* and library of the Attorney General are moving into the room* on the second floor. The completion of thl? wuig will furnish great convenience to the Department Bid Bail ?We hear that the KxneMer Clab of Hrook 1 fa, generally raacnird to be tk? etaanpions of the United States, will visit Haitian*** on Saturday next to play a friendly match with their naiue*ake*. the ExceUlor, of Baltimore, whose guests they will be during their stay in that city. We alao understand that the Potomac Club of thisciukav* U>< t*d thaix lirooklyu it lauds b> pay them a vtait at ik* av Utne. so aa i* aftoed the lovers of the game at the capital an opportunity of wttemsiug me performance of these rsiebraled players, and that the Excelsior have expressed a desire to avail tkemsdvr*al the lavitatioo, should time permit. Waiaar* snd ftfcssctcs ?'The eirfmiaatio* of weights and measures in the markets, some years ?o, was re^iiisiiy attended to. It has kern resumed within a week, sad is looked upon as a novelty. Suoie have bseu found defective, and mr owner* will probably be obliged to pay the Cnsltv It wm suggested by doalera on Saturday it all false weights and measure abould be either confiscated or made to correspond with tbe standard at the expense of the owmt. The soterainu of fata* nmim wMh tbe sua pie threat that'-if tbe owner uaea them again he w^M be lined," la looked upon as noaseuae by those who comply strictly jarMfc tbe tew. ma!/ making bis aose bleed He was taken before Justice Donn. wbo ortVfed Mfcgtapeytl 91 fine Jkad costs. I'egg appeared to be a good-natured, telly sort af a m?o oat ref??d to .pay, mad chose ,V be committed for sixty days The rain was escending In tarreate, aud a sack was brought, iBt<> which he got with tbe oflrer and started ? Po?TTo**t<.?'Tli? gre*t prlre plc-nlc of the Howard AsaoclaUoa, foe the bcasAt of the poor, which was to bar* tauter pteca ?t Arlington today, has been patepoaed until Monday, Sept, Wtb See advertisement la aa other aetata*. <- ? *" ' ? f I?| I - i Tj1 i- ? ? '' Cf*?oi * no* 0? dwascii ?The following arts of ?We City Council* have been approved by the Mayor: Joint resolution inviting the Prince of W a lea to Tiait the city of Waahlngton. K'selrrti. fe., That tbe Mayor be, and he ta hereby, requfated to invite, on behalf of the Corivkpstinn >nJ riti**na nt tK? <>itv #?/ W(??4a*i w ?uw Vl?l vt oauui^iuu, his royal highness the Prince of Wales to vi?R the Federal metropolis daring hie contemplated journey through the United states. An act directing the publication of the names of water takers Bt, il rnatud, ..That tbe Water Registrar be, and ke is hereby, directed to prepare and publish, in pamphlet form, a complete alphabetical list of all persons who have paid for and are entitled to be supplied with the Potomac water upon their re*pe< tfve premises, stating In each case the locality of the house entitled to be supplied; and that tbe mayor be requested to place copies of tbe lists so published in pcs?esaion of the different police officers, with a view to enable them more effectively to enforce the penalties prescribed for an unauthorized use of the water or of the water pipes by the acts of Congress and the ordinances of this Corporation. An act for repairing the ''sea-wall on the Potomac." and authorizing the Commissioner of Improvements of the Seventh Ward to collect wharfage therefrom B4 it tnacttd. fx., That the sum of oae hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. be and the same Is hereby appropriated, out of the general fund, for the purpose of repairing the "sea-wall" on the Potomac river, between 1 Kleventh and Thirteen-and-a-half streets west; the work to be awarded by the Mayor, In accordance with existing laws, after ten days public notice, to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders. i*er 4. That it shall be the duty of the Com- ' imssiourr of the Seventh Ward to collect from all parlies whirling thereon such rates of toll as wharfage as are usually charged by the owners of the adjacent wharf property; in all other re- , specta the laws regulating wharves and wharflng on the city canal (as far as the same may be con- 1 sisteut) shall be aud the same is hereby made applicable to these wharves. >e<- 3 That it shall 1m the duty of said Com misstoner to deposit all money received by bim In such bank a* maybe designated by the Mayor, once in each quarter, to the credit of the general fund of the Corporation of Washington, and to furnish the Register of the City with the certificate of sucb deposit from the proper bank officer, and to render an account every quarter to the Register of the amount of money received, for what, from whom, and the quantity of such article landed on said wharves; and said Commissioner shall be allowed and receive a compensatloa In addition to his regular salary of ten per cent, on all money so collected. An Act relating to the inclosing of Judiciary Square Whereas the sixth se> tlon of the act of Congress, approved the 3d March, 1657. entitled "Au Act making appropriation for certain civil expenses of the Government for the year ending 30th June, lf5>,'" provides thatwbenevtr the railing, coping, and rubble stone in use on tLe Capitol grounds shall be superseded the Secretary of the Interior J '-shall use so much thereof as may be necessary In i inclosing Judiciary Square;" and whereas It has .bet 11 officially made known to this Corporation that a portion of the said railing, coping, and rubble stone has been displaced and no longer forms auy part of the lnclosure of the Capitol "rounds, thus rendering the same available for 'inclosing Judiciary Square as aforesaid; and whereas no appropriation has been made by Con! grtss to enable the Secretary of the Interior to carry into effect that part of ita act of l*s57 directing the us* of this material in the lnclosure of J udiciary Square: Therefore i B* it tnac:ed. fc, That the Mayor be, and h? Is 1 hereby, authorized and requested, so soon as he I shall obtain the consent of the Secretary of the | I i iiwrior so 10 ao, to cause the railing, coping, and I rubble stone displaced at the Capitol ground* to be conveyed to Judiciary 9quare, and there uaed in iacloaing the said square, establishing gates at appropriate places on its several sides, and erecting toe railing on a stone foundation, with a suitable aad <ubstantlal stone coping. Sec 2 Tbat, relying upon the liberality and justice of Congress to reimburse this Corporation for any reasonable expenditure that may be incorred in carrying into effect its enactment In relation to this improvement, the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as uiay be necessary, be, and the same is hsreby, appropriated out of the general fund. The work to be done under the direction of the Mayor, and let to the lowest practical and responsible bidder: Provided, That the cost of the work shall not exceed the amount appropriated. Sec. 3 That the .-Mayor be, and Is hereby, authorized and sequested to cause the said railing to 1 be erected upon blocks of stone upon a plan similar to those at Lalayettesquare; and that the work j of removing the railing from the Capitol grounds and erecting the same at Judiciary square be awarded to the lowest bidder, sfter inviting competition for the work by public advertisement for ten days. That Fight at that Fbjxkai. m thb Sivsxth Waiu i,a?t Susday.?In publishing, yost'-rdiy, an accnhut of a disgraceful light, Instigated by a drunkm roamr IrTihmxn ?( <*n?.?? % i ; ? the Seventh Ward last Sunday, our reporter unintentionally did the police of thia city a grave injustice in stating that tbere waa not an officer on the * pot at th? time Actuated by a desire to render full justice to all. be takes this method of calling attention to his own fault, and embraces the opportunity thus presented to tender to the municipal constabulary an unqualified apolagy. Thf-re tcaj a policeman present when the flgnt begun (to the credit of the "model force" be it spoken;, wbo evinced no little bravery In maintaining his dangerous post?exposed as he was brhina the corner of a house?until the tight became pretty general, when on being called upon to interfere and stop the disgraceful proceedings, he exhibited a qualification for his office which ca'iuot oe too highly estimated ; a ghost-like quality, by means of which he was enabled to render himself suddenly invisible, and to remain In that curious state until the *-fite" was fought. Whether the maneuver was taught him during the prevalence of the politico-military police target epidemic of last spring, or is a new police regulation adopted by tne '-model force" for milhi '1 protection, our reporter is unable to determine. After the fl?ht was over at the church, an anl dated skirmish followed between a number of the contestants, which assumed the form of a running tight, and lasted until one crowd had chaaed the other across the commons to Carroll's Spring, toning each other furiously all the way arid compelling street passengers to perform some active dodging in order to avoid broken haads. , At the spring tiieyfell Into an ambush of two Fifth Ward policemen, who captured three of thein, nmned lieorge Bradley, John Conner and Henry Lawrence, and marched them ott' to the eastern lockup, where they were furnished with lodgings (or the night. The next morning Justice McKenna fined them 16 sud costs each, for disorderly behavior and for throwing stones In the streets Lawrence, lu default of security and coata, waa sent to the ornrkhmix for thlrltr H?? The offl'-ers of (be Hfth Ward display not a little activity at tlnaea in breaking up the motu of worthless. looting druukeu persons, white and colored, in their beats Yesterday, they made a d?* eut upon a locality known aa Frogtown, and captured two tree colored lada of a gang of idle, card-playing, profane and disorderly colored persona who Infest that neighborhood, named Cnaa. Col?and John Leinnion, who were taken before Justice McKennaand severally fined 93 and coats, for profane language aud disorderly behavior in the streets. Rkviyai Mxetisos ?The heavy ralna last night did not prevent the holding of the revival meetings in progress at the various Methodiat churches. Of coiuae the congregation* were small, but the meeting spirited and Interesting. Atthe Ninth street Methodist Protestant Church, Rev. W. Roby. of Georgetown, preached from the text of Philippians, M, 13.14. After a short time sprat In singing and prayer, the announcement was made that Rev. W. T. Dumm would fireach to-night. Much Interest is apparent in hia congregation. At the Methodist Church South, Rev Mr. Proctor conducted the Meeting. After a brief dlaccausc. the exerclaea at the altar ware renamed - n d ua? converslou was aeported. At Wrsley Chapel, Rev. far. Grandin conduelrd the meeting, opening with a brief and pertinent rxbortatiou The exercises were quite Interestlag, and c!o*cd with the announcement that Dr. i'dwards wonld preach to-night. was?i*atoii Mktbodist Cnuarms ahd th* Niw ciiarrsk on Slaviiy.?Waugh Chapel, Capitol Dill, and Kast Washington (near the Navy Yard.) Methodist Kplscopal churches, have recently taken action in favor of holding a convention of laymen In Staunton, Va., during the - ---- - A# ?W. ^ ?? iwiiumore conrerence, to express the mom of the church la thia region respecting the new chapter oa slavery incorporated Into the discipline by the late General Conference, and against the holding of such a convention in Baltimore in December aext. Cirri t Make it.?The heavy rains of lwt ' night, and the muddy condition of the roada did not prevent a general attendance of dealers at the market place thia morning. The aupply was fully up to the average in quantity and quality. The demand was moderate, and the price list about aa daring the week past tiood order resulted from a ttrfct enforcement of the regulations. 3a#i to Jail.?YeOerday James Barnes was arrested by officer Hatrover, for a series of assaults and batteries on Ann Green; he was committed to 1 jail by Justice Doaa. John Conner was arreeted a a Acer Yeatman, for aaault and battary upon ?ifr, he was committed to jail by the same ( justice. , I in AfiviaTisncnT, Is mother column, of the Ibiefcaad afcoe ?UhUsbaaeot of Ml Cummlnga, U MMINK by which extra bargalna are Joflered klkt pablic, In that braach of boalaea. i Awfimw Riprmtow-Ofcii Keesa started this morning for Baltimore to obtain an order from the States Attorney of Maryland for a re<}ulaltlon for F. Horburg. alias F. Lamar, alias L D. Lulllf. who was arrested In this city, and stands indicted by the gaand )urv in Baltimore in two rases of falae pretences While in Baltimore, .it tbe request of the committing magistrate, he will ascertain the wish of the State's Attorney relative to the man Stephen Robert, who was arrested by Officer Yeatman laat Tuesday for larceny in Bal tlmore Both tbeae prisoners * e committed by Justice I>onn to the connty jail, to await a requU ttloa from the Governor of Maryland. CKHTKAL tiUAKDROl'SK CA.S1R ? Wtdntflny.? Jam's l.ncaa, col , lighting; workhouse 00 days. Buck Swagart, drunk and fighting; do. 00 days. George Amev, stealing; do. 90 dsya. Teresa Gngan, drunk and disorderly: do. 90 days Henry Shaffer. drunk In tha street, do. 90 days. Thomas Smith, drunk and vagrant; do 90 days. Jenny Ruaell. col.,disorderly and fighting; do. 90 days. Frank Barnes, disorderly; fine and cocta #2 15. One lodger was accommodate. Thmndny ? Kaf? Williamson, drunk and disorderly; workhousa UU days. Wm Sanderson, do , do ; 90 days. J as. Engram, do ; line and coats $-2.15. Mich'l Maher, do., do ; S-M3. Two lodgers were accommodated. Ckanoiko As aim.?We learn that tb* School Trusters are about ordering a corrected list of books to be used In the public, schools. The last was issued prematurely, it Is said, aed therefore has to be corrected. The corrteteH Hat will be properly authorized, and so will stand till the next correction. The books are paid for by the parent* of the pupils, except those In Indigent circumstance*. Taos* who have been deprived of the pleasure of attending the performances of Wood's Minstrels, at Odd Fellows' Hall, by the recent heavy rains o' nights, will probably have an opportunity of enjoying themselves in that way for the balance of tk#* week This Troupe is unanimously voted to be the best of the kind that has ever visited this city, and they richly deserve the patronage of the fun-loving public. Fcrthkh Postpokkmhst.?The match game between the National and Potomac Base Ball Plnhs. which was to have been played yesterday afternoon on the grounds, on Maryland avenue and Sixth street east, was indefinitely postponed on account of the rain. Due notice will be given of the next appointment. Another Muting op the Trustees of Pcelic Schools.?In our report of yesterday, the meeting of the Board of Trustees of public school* held the previous afternoon, we omitted to notice the passage of a resolution agreeing to bold an other meeting of the hoard on the afternoon of Thursday, the v!7th Instant. Sbk advertisbmknt of Messrs. McUulre A Co., la another column, In regard to the auction Ante at 3 o'clock this afternoon, of two valuable building lots on K street, opposite Franklin square. Wistar's Balsam or Wild CnintT. The following letter from Rev. Hn?T Wood.of Concord. N. H., Kditor uftheComcr?gati<>nai Journal, speaks rolumes in favor of Wistar's Balsam:? Concord, N. H., March 2. Messrs. Skth VV. Fowls ft Co.?Gentlemen: Two years agn.a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my l>ed for several weeks, ami when I recovered, 1 was so much oppressed by difliculty in breathing, that I was often unable to sleep or rest upon a bed by night. The suffering wa* extreme, a>id judging from the ineffioaoy of the remedies used, I supposed the disease incurable, persuaded to try abottleof Wistar's Biltam if Wild Cherry, without confidence in its efficacy, I found th* difficulty almost entirely removed Ue fore one bottle was used up. ^yinpathr with my fell iw sufferers induces me to make this public statement, and recommend the artiole to othera similarly alflicted. With respect, yours truly. Hbjrt Wood. None genuine unless signed I. Butts on the wr&pper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle k Co., Boston, and for sali by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr.,#. B. Waite, v.. * ".?? ?--v" ???1 ?V, .mil II VV I OUlliDI, ** R3IJ ingtun; anil by dealer* everywhere. *e 18-lw,r Reader, have you seen Prof. Wood'i advertisement in our paper. Read it; it will intereit you. au 20-eoly _________ Homeopathic RKMKDIXB All of Dr. Humphrey* & Co.'s specifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 5? cent* each. Also, in eas?*, containing an vials, from 94 to 95 each, with book of full directions. For aale By (1. (iilman, SAO Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: \V. A. Fitxgerald. 353 north F street; also by F. H. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pond't Ertratt of Witek aittl, for internal and external inflammations of 1 kinds. Sold as above. ma 9- ly Hollowat's Pii.l?. Acidity of tk* Stomark.?'These medioines are a most powerful antacid remedy for the correction of all those acidities, whether induced by debility, from fat substances in the stomach, or impaired by excess?the torpid function* are stimulated, the Mood cleansed, and ?he secretions of the bile and liver purified. tSuldbyall Drmguta, at 25o.. 62.. and $1 per box. se 14-1 w Mas. Wiwiow, an experienced narse and female physician, has a teotkinr Syrup for Chibim Tftkt?*, whioh greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the earns, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and is snre to regulate the boweis. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly safe inali cases. See advertisement in another column. _ _ oo 11-lv Baert's tricophbrom is the beat and cheapest article for Dressipc. Bean tilying. Cleansing, Curling, Preserving Mind K?. storing the Hair, l.adios, try it. Soid by all Drug gists and Perfumers ar 12 6rr. Mkyrr's Miraculous Vxrmim Dkstrotxr, the oldest and (test remedy known for exterminating Kmg and .Mio*>. Cockroaches, Bugs. Ants, Musqmtoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain-Worm* ami Garden lnnects. IT^Priuoipal Depot, 61!i Broadway, N. Y. Hold hy all Druggists everywhere. ma lft-Sm MARRIED. On the 17111 instant, by the Rev. P. Light Wilsou at the Ninth street Parsoi ace, Mr. JOHN BUR GKK, to Miss MAGGIE MlLLKR,all of Washington. DIED, In Georgetown, on the 20th ins'ant, JOHN CONN KLI.Y, ia the 31st year of hi* a?e. I His funeral will take place at the residence of hia mother-in law, Mrs Stanton, Mo. 33. on Congress *t, on Friday afWnoon, at half past 3 o'olock. His friends and relatives of the fotnily are invited to attend his funeral, without further notice. * ?^?? iifllliii ? J- *" N E \V FALL GOODS. ,|g^ PAPER-HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS, Ac. The Subscriber wouM call the attention of Ins (riends and the public to his lall stock of PAPERIANG1NGS, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS. 4o., embracing aohoico anl vartod assortment or Gold and Velvet, Gold, Satin, and low priced Goods, with a choice variety of warranted Gold band Window Shades, Picture Cord and Tassels. Allowing no old stock to accumulate and purchasing for cash, persons requiring the above goods will bud it to their advantage to give moaca.l. Punctuality in hiling orders and satisfaction guaranteed 111 workmanship or no pay required. Orders for Paperhangings or Window Shades faithfully executed in city or oouotry. Please give me a call. Don't forget the number. J. MAR KB ITER. No. 4*6 Seventh st, se 15-eo2w* 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. WINDOW SHADES. A Oil <*00 PICTURE CORD AND TAS- loO SELS. 4o. Just reoeived, fall stock warranted Gold Band \\ indow Shades, Imitation Gold and Common Shades, Shade Hollands, l'icture Cord and Tassels, Ac., Ac. Window Shades of any required design or size furnished to order. Pap?rhanging executed and Window Shades furnished in city or country. Sati-faction guaranteed or no pay required. Don't funcet the number. J. MARKR1TER, No. 486 Seventh st., se 15 eo2w* 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. A PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS. Handsome assortment PICTURE CORD and TASSEt.S, Crimson, Scarlet, Green and Blue Colors from photograph to portrait sice Picture Cord all sizes and co'ora Also, Picture Rings and Nftila. Just received at J. MARKRITER'S, No. 4??Seventh St., 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Don't forget the nnmber. se 15 eo2w* l?OR A SHORT TIME ONLY<-DEAFXE8S F AND NOISES IN THE HE A D.?DR. COLSTON. memusr ol the Royal College of Snrgeona of England, has arrived, aad is bow | repared to app>y his new and extraordinary treatment by wtiioh he w^a himself cured af er eleven years intense suffering. Partiou ara for aelf-onre sent to any adtireea for postage; eonaultationa daily from 10 till 4 o olock free; reference to huntress of psr aooa curcd. Address No. SIS Twelfth street, Wavhinrton. Fl. C. Nervous imnni itinnlil MSd * Vitai Statist" for aelf onre. Sent free to any addieaafor lloenU in ilimn. m ll ttr* 3Jg EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. ^|g ?L i*SL.?ow ln7 FalT~Suppljr of 8TOVK8, GRATES, HOUSE-FURNISHING GOOD*. *?-?ail arranged in store for infection, and will f' fur* in ahowmr the various new patterns

whioh I had gotten up fur this Fail's TradaT io , C. WOODWARD, No. *1* Pa.av.. eal>-St Between 18th and Uta w*. |?OR HIRE?A SERVANT MAN, (slave) 25 A, years old; la competent to take oareof horses, to serveiaa coachman, driver, porter, or as a fttrin ^ Appi* at No. 409 Ninth street, botween H $ p~ wints. WANTBD-A fir?t-rate TIN and SBfiET > IRON "WORKER, by C 8NYDEB. nwt d))(?r to t>? >'v Ollio, ifjB If A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A SITUATION < at t> *chw of th? Enclith Hranch*s and Mntte. i AdJrwws Mt?? A.. Alexandria. Va. ? ao-4t'^ , \%7 ANTED?By a *oim* American rirl. jn?t f ora th* coaatry, a SITUATION u> do h rk or 11* cliamberuia d and r.urse A Koine is h?" prm- i cipal object. Please address Box 19. Stw Offio*. ?e 3>-3t ] WANTED-A LOAN of 32.rwo or $3.(10". for 2 or more years, f<>r which real estate worth ] at les?t five tunes the a l.ouot will lie given as , s cu'ity. Address T. K. Yt City Post Office. s? 1? 3'* 1 WANTED?B? twoyounr girls.aSlTtlATION, j oae as cook or aunary maid and the ot'i^r J chambermaid or a ohiM's nurse. Apply at , Twentieth sL, between Pa. avenue and ti st. >e 19 2t* WANTED TO SELL?One of Hunt * Webster's best MACHINES. suitable for tailors , or dressmakers; will bo sold low lor cash. It is . nearly new and in perfect order. Can he seen at any time at Mr. O'BRIEN'S, 674, corner Third ' ana b streets. se 19-2t* WA N T E D?A respectable and experienced WOMAN as chambermaid and seamstress in a small family. Also, a good COOK who i* capable of doing the noose wash >T a small family. Apply ' at the northwest corner of F and Nineteenth *ts. < between 1ft and 12 o'e'ock. se 19 3t* ( WANTED-A WOMAN to do waihmg and 1 ironing and to assist in chamber work. Best reference* required. Apply at 397 C i twnen 3d and 4S. se 18-3t* _ < WANTED-A large UNFURNISHED ROOM. * *T (second floor preferred) in a cectrallocation. ? with permanent board lor lady and gentlemon with < one small child and nurse. Address B.C., at this office. se 18 4t* j ?.rAn -WANTED TO BORROW THIS < amount for una ?ear. for wnirh ?. Iihftr&l r interest and satisfactory security will be given. Address through Post Office, with rate of interest ? expected, X Y_. */. s? m at* %S7"ANTKD?A CI.KKK, who is acquainted with | " tbo city trade, lor a Jewelry Store. Beat of \ reference* required. Address T. H., Mo. 5, htar a Office. se M WANTED?By a steady aud industrious man, a > SITUATION as collector. B^st ofreoon- t roe ndat ions given. Address M. 0., Star Office. Jy 12-tf t LOST AND F0U?D1 * LOST-A black SETTER SI.UT, lost in the 1 Ceuter Market, on the morning ??f the?* o ' 18th instant. Any person returning her j m~ n X 504 12th St., Island, will be suitably re - ? warded by the subscriber. < we IB 3t* R. BETTS. . ?C REWARD?Strayed or stolen on Wednesday ?' the 12th in St..a large red buffalo C.'iv. I with white face, a little white on her back,SUP and white underneath. There is a mark . scratch on the ri?;ht hind quarter, fornnug nearly a straight line, which is only discernableon close observation. -The above reward will be paid for her return to me, or for any information that may lead to her recovery. JOHN McNERHANY, ? so W-6t* Corner 61h and P streets north. < BOARDING. j BOARD.?Board may be obtained /orafamil?, j on inu<ifltiiL0 fprniR. a? M rt F-t V K V A H IVW nna nil e from the Omnibus Stand At Georgetown. Xi*o" I for rent, a Cottage (with board.) scan 3t i i KO NINTH STREET.? Person* returning to ' the city from their summer re*?rt? wili find vacant several desirable rooms, having the eoave i niences of gas, water, and bathing closets, at 433 Ninth St., one door south of F; suitable either for families or single gentlemen. Table boarders accommodated on moderate terms. so5 3w* | FOR SALE AND RENT. ' [>"or otktr "For Salt and Rent" adrtrtittmentt, tttfirst fag*.] FOR REN f-One Frame COTTAGE-HOI SE j situated on Maa?aeliusetts av , between 14th and !5th sts , containing 6 rooms. A fino pump n? good water in the yard. For particulars inquire at | at the briok house ou the premises. Kent $10 per i month; i St FfOR RFNT?The STORE and DWELLING formerly ccupied bv .Mr. Petfit as atroeery and provision 'or*1. on trie corner of Twe'lth ami F street* west. The dwelling contains ten good rooms, dry basement and yard; below the store a ' rapacious cella-. dry and air.tabie for storage <f any kind. Will f>e rented low to a punctual tenart. For further particulars inquire of CONRAD FINKM4N, No. 25 * Penn. avenue between 1?ih and 1.1th ?ts.. south side. se 21-1 w* L. t?K KENT?A new three-story HRICK V DWELLING, containing 8 rooms, situated on I st , between ?1 s>t and 22d sts To a good tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at No. 165, second door from the house. se 19-3t* FOR RENT IMMEDIATELY-^ small four roomed HOUSE, with good lot. on Fourth st., between N and O. Apply at JOHN H. GIBBS'S, U4'J Penn. avenue, between lith and 13th sts. se ID 3t* FOR RF.NT?Pa't of a HOUSE, eonpriaiag parlor, two chambers and kitchen, furnished or unfurnished, or rooms with private Hoard can be obtained at No. 311 south side Pa. avenue, between 3th and 10th sts. se 19-3t* L'UR SAl.t, JK Uli.ll- ine uric* UUUSK, r No 4.17, cn N street, kiwo'n 12th and 3th stg., and possession given on or before th?> 1st of Octolw>r. For particular* apply at the Grocery store of P. WHITE it CO., corner of F and istfi ats.; or on the premises. se 19-St' 1jH>R RENT-A threo-slory BRICK HOUSE, pleasantly situated on the northeast comer of M and lot.h *t*. west, containing 10 rooms, besides kitchen, bath room, and cellar or basement rooms for fuel; hut and cold water in kitchen, b*th room and soma of the chambers; cm throughout the house ; large ya"l, st%ble and carnage hou>e. 1 nqmreofC.S O'HARE, Grocer, No '252 7th st., I>*twe>n M and N st? te l'>-3t* li^OK RENT?The HOUSE No. U41 F Ktreet. I between 13th and 14th streets, now occupied b> Dr. Lieberman. It contains 0 rooms l>esides kitchen, l>atii rooin and pantry. Tiie whole house ia heated by a furnaneand supplied with gas and wat^r fixtures. A good brick stablo is attached to the premises. To a good tenant the ront will be moderate and possession may be had about the 1st of October on the premises between the hours I of 4 and Bo'clock p. m. se 18-eo6t* TO LET?A four-story BRICK WAREHOUSE on Ppun. avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. The building contains four large halls 100 feet deep by 25 in width. Also, large Halls over my store. This is one of the best business stands on Ponn. avenue. For further particulars inquire of C. WOODWARD. se lti-3t ij'UK ke> r-ro?>Bi(ion on in 01 ireioorr. JT The DWELLING HOUSK No. 43 ? D etreet, at preaent oocupied by the Rev. l>r. Butler, and tiextdoor to the residence ofthe adverti*?r. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. ae 18-tf m FOR RENT-A three story and-attic BRICK DWELLING,011 H street, between 13th and Hthst* Also, a three story aud-baseinent brown front DWELLING HOUSE, on 13th street, between L and Massachusetts av.; possession given some time in October; th? housn to be repainted inside and out Apply at WM. P. SHKDD'S Fancy Store, No. Kg llth >t au 25-4w* FOR RENT-A three story and basement BRICK H<?USK on First at.. wes', between G and II sts. north, near St Aloysiua Church, containing 7 comfortable room*. For particulars jj>plv next door south, or to WISE 4c CALLAHAN. bC IS 7t* l^OR S A!.E? A very good and substantial Briok r HOUSK? an l Lot-?with R rioins, in a good and improving fart of the city, near Pa. avenue and the Center Maiket. Apply at No C street north, or at ANTHONY'S Bat Store, 7th st. so ll-tf A RAKE OPPORTUNITY.?A magnificent FARM for sale or exchange for city property, oontaioiug .84 acres, half mile from Fairfax Station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It ia undtr a hish niata of cultivation, well watered, good bni'uinr a and timber; it can lie bought low. Call nuG. W. HRAY * CO , at their Jewelry Store, *>16 Seventh street. ae j-lm* FOR SALE?A small FARM ofSI acres of land, situated IK milea north of {Soldiers' Home and 4 miles from Washington city, being a part of Cbillum Caatle Manor; 15aorea in market garden and the balance ia heavily timbered, with a apring of never failing water, a young orchard of peachea and applea, having on it a small frame honae. Applj at ftsnd No. 'it! Centor Market, of Mrs. MoR TIMER or oq the place to J. H. MORTIMER. au an-sw? N O T_I C E! 9RBI I wish all gentlemen flKSsfc to Ik-ax iu mind that K3S the plan which I aiiWri<*''"r>^, six years ago, of selling ^^^B^^rHATS and ROOTS at gr-etly re duood prices for cash Is in sncc^ssful operation. Just received a fall snpply of the latest New York style* of DKKSS IlAlS The very tiuest Hat i|.i9n; a first-rate hat 93; and very good.fathio able Hat f250. All oftlie latest styles of soft HATS and CAPS,at the very lowest price*. I am constantly supplied with a very large ?u>ck of those fine DRF.SS BOOTS at $3.7?-which 1 have been selliag for many years?a* well as tho very best <iual ty of Patent Leather GAIT KRS at ?3 St\ Fiae French Calfskin Gaiters frvm $2 to l'erms cash; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHOfrY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh street, second hat store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 940. \y HEELER A WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machines, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, which render them abs-.-'nteiy ah thai cm be desired, _ AT THE NEW AGENCY, . . .. No. 346 Psm*Ti.TARiA Avijcr*. Bear 7th afreet From *? to flop. With lnetruntioua froe<f charge. an 23-lm P. 1. STEER. A?eat C"iKLEg * 8h"k%*TCB MAKER, 346 Ptnn. iMMM, IMr Stvmtk Scrtit Entire attention given to the Rtfuriti of Chro SKSTiJlT&rS tt/fc 'Ujjon, W eading, Visittag ??i Proft>Mioaa^|(? GEORGETOWN. CorretpwruUnce / Ttm Sfr. fcEo*?*Toww. HepfrtnW* SO. IN A frlead who know* lafnrma ua that our Ocraquon ttcm of T ??d?T lot ** not exactly correct ben lluuton sroke there or. Saturday ?aat, ?>ut no pole waa risible at that time. It waa prepared, bat fTrnn soaif cause U?e repubiicam d d not *o beyond the intention HeiiioMTithitlkt "pole sutler." whose horse's tat 1 was ulmiued bv th* Xe-rataeri." drove bfa team into tbe town with i mnde of tbe balv*rds of tbe now famous pole, and that the republican* appropriated mid halyards aa a lawful prize, and cot thecn into abort (iin w, ? uicu w ere aiuriauiea 10 mr iviaiui i: a t>y tbero knotted Into tbeir butiou bolts as budget On Sunday night lut a dnrcnt vms made l?v police oAcera Barnaclo. Mi Nflf, Pomeroy, and *ebastian. on an unlawful aaaemblage of colored people in tbe northeastern section of oar eltv. and Sim? of the offenders were arretted and taken to [be gnardbouae. On Monday morning they were arought before Justice White, who lined them icrordlug to the law in such caaea made and rtrorlded A white man waa yeaterday arretted in :onnecti<>n with tbe matter, and fined fiaiO. The Monti cello took in before her departure Yom here yesterday, '2.700 barrels of flour, and a juantity of other freight A society of Turners from Washington, num jerltg nearly two hundred, attended tbe funeral )f Mr. C. Schultz, from bis late retidence on Jreen street, In thiacity, yesterday, nnd made an mpoaing appearance. There it a aeriea of protracted meetings in protest this week, at tbe Ounbartnn street M K. ;hurch The services are well attended, considering the very unfavorable weather of tbe paat brer or four evening!, and a great deal of Intersat it manifested. Considerable quantities of wheat are coming n, but price* have declined White may be |uoted at $1.3Ua$l.;}5i red 91 25a SI 30?medium [ualitiea. we dropped In at Harvey's, 381 C street. l>eween Tenth and Eleventh, In Washington, a day tr two since, and found there halibut, sea-bars, yrch. and a variety of other salt water fish. as mh as if just taken from the water Our citi;en? can be served at tbeir residences with the*, irticles, or oysters, crabs, or lobsters, by Harvey, who always keeps the best, and delivers free of :taarge Trade has been unusually active on the canal his season, so far, but It Is feared that dainu;e nay result from the heavy rain of last night We lope for the best. The dedication of the Mission Chapel In the ?lrst Ward of your citv, (corner of Twentieth rnd P streets,) is unavoidably postponed for two weeks. See the notice af a Republican meeting In tbe ieargetown column. georgetown advertmts h'of other (reorgettrten ttt ftrtt pagt y-g? GKORGETO WN TAXKS,-<)ctot*r 1st K_5 lieinc the usual time for the settlement of .axes due this Corporation, the attention of all ccnjerned is earnestly called t? tbe unit. CHARLES D. WELCH, se 19 tOctl Collector. V-5?A MEETING OF THE REPUBLICAN \ Ai?socia'ion offjeorretown, will he held in he hall, corner of High and (isr utreet#. (the mn*nj sohool room l on FRIDAY EVENING, 21?tin<taat. nt 7S o'clock. Punctual attendance of the Tismhers is requestel, an1 all are invited who are [>i*>ndly to the cause or wish to beoome members. By order se 2ft-2t T WHERE C*N I GET HE New Metalie SLATfe, 10 :nd-cora?red or Rlnin. DRAWINi; PENS. and ail ?>th?-r Drawing Interias : HI N Dl S I'l fl>S, lor law vers, n?'arie*, and others ; SCHOOL BiiOKS. at puMiah>r*' lowest ca?h prices: STATIONERY, FANCY ARTICLES, TOYS, Ac., Ac., Ac i At CRANDELL'S. se ao-3t l'3fc Bridge street, Georgetown. E>(iR SAI.E-Thetwo story BRICK IUVEI.I x ING and Lot corner of First and Frederick streets, Georgetown, is for sale. Th?? house contains seven rooms besides attio The lot front" 96 IUCI I'll r lirt Slier v. I HO ? WCIII|IK| W IUI k VI VIIO lot only, m?? lte had if preferred. For further information applx on the premises after 4 p. m., or to CHARLE.S SLKM>1ER, Em.,5? First street. ee2"MM?Sl* WM. SLEMMER. 133,000?*3,000: HAVE The sum of ?3.<**> to loan on commission, on unencumltered real estate in Goorgetown or Wash ncton ; mu?t h? kept insured, and all ex nen*?s at the cost of the borrower. 1 have for sale 75 bale* Hay (small sized.) Apply to E. II. BARR KTT. Georgetown, D. C., below the Fa'irers and Mechanics' Bank,on Congress st.,(Canal Br.dje.) se 19 3t FOR BOSTON.?The fine schooner Heary Perkins, Captain Goudridg*. Jias arrived and K now discharging her freight. For <rei?ht>^-_ or passage apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER. se 18-3t 99 and |Q1 Water st f^OR BOSTON.?The brig Cltas. Heaili, CapU Loud, has arrived and is now dischar*- ing her freight For Irwieht or passage apply^XB* to HARTLEY A BROTHKR. se 13 3t 99 snd 101 Water >t. FM>R NEW YORK.?The packet schooners Arctic, Captain Hicks, Surprise. Captain *< Cole, and Yorktown,Captain W"*lom. h%ve^"g? arrived and will tail as at>ove with dispatch.**" For freight apply to McCOBB A DODGE. selB 63 Water street. J"ISsT RECEIVED10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS. 15n bb'.s. Hid live WHISKY, 250 hhla. HKRRlNG and ALEWIVES. & bb's. Crushed and Refined ?*UGARS, 9> haes Rio and Java COpFEE, lohhds.dow p'iced> MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGL E. se 10 rF CLINTON ACADEMY. Jl HK Next A"nual Session ol this school will conunenco on M<?N DA Y, September 3 The school has been removed to 161 Weit street, letween Congress and High. Cirenlars mar t* obtained a(V*' the Z2d of Augn*t, at the drug sior* of Mr. R. J*. T. Cistil, corner of Congress and Bridge st*. au 18-eo lm GEO. ARNOLD. M. A.oPrineipal. THE UNt'EHSIGNED CARPENTER AND BUILDER off?ra hi* services to the public of Georgetown, Washington. and vicinity, and will contract for or superintend the construction of public and private buildings. Plana and specifications will be furnished at short notioe. offiue and ?hop on Congress st., Georgetown, immediately north of the Host Office. au 27 3aaeo HENRY WINGATE. RC. C. ATZS ESPECTFULLY Informs his friends and the public generally that he has removed to No. High street, adjoininc Masonic Hali. tie is prepared to furnish, at the shortest notice. Dinner and Evening Parties, and (eels assured that he will give entire satisfaction to those who may favor him with a C All kinds of CONFECTIONERY and CAKE at th? lowest pncca. Best ICE CREAM at 51 so per gallon. C. C. ATZS. se4-lm S3 High street, Georgetown. Read! Rea4t Read! THREE CENTS WEEKLY. Fit for Every Family. The Bat of Everything. THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL OP Information, Anmrmeit, and Domestic Economy. Tho Bfst and Cheapest Journal ever published contains Every Wert: POETRY. TALES OF FACT AND FICTION. ESSAYS. BIOGRAPHY. HISTORY AND TRAVEL. CHESS. PUZZLES, ENIGMAS. Ac. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. THE FINE ARTS. THE DRAMA. MUSICAL, PIECE8. LEADERS ON CURRENT EVENTS. GARDENING AND HORTICULTURE. REC1FES FOR THE FAMILY. RECIPES FOR THE WORKSHOP. NEW INVENTIONS. NOTES AND MEMORANDA. WIT AND HUMOR. LITERARY EXTRACTS. THE BEST LESSONS IN GERMAN AND FRENCH, WEEKLY. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. ' ? SIXTEEN PAGES. FIFTY COLUMNS. 8PECIAMIDITORS FOR EVERY DEPARTMENT. Fonnimr a rv&XT of Uleat oomDiMd in on? Jomtaal is tiia a n na* nf bartrwl Iaa I TRY ONENUMBER. ud SATISFY YOURSELF, That it U the Reel Paper FOR OLD AND YOL'NO READERS Ever publukad. E^Pebluked in New York er*ry week, at Three Cent. Weekly, by A. HARTH1LL ft CO, 80 North William treeC The Trade tupptied by ROSS ft TOUSEY, DEXTER ft COMPANY.or aay af the Wfcoie aleNavaAceaay Htmrn. nil a THE LATB8T NEWeT' TKLKOttAPHlO. Ntrrarau *f l?MMr ?M|tu. Kocristkk, Sept 18 ?Mr. DoojtIm left &rr*euar at Ti oi At erarjr atatioo on Um ro?4 tb* nw*J dcmoDitrttloM wrre made. and at Roeb?a wr mad Lyons wb?r lsrge crowd* gathered. Mr. Doaglas wu csiled forth Mil mode brief ad<? ?, nd vm received with niocb MtkwiiM. At Rocb?rtrr depot man v hundreds of cltlww ae t-mbled on the arrival of the train, mad the pree ur* gmt to catch I right of Mr Dougtaa. A great nunlxt of strangers arrived la the city duriag the morning, snd Doaglas Clubs from an roandlng cltt. s attended la uniform*, aceom panted with band* of music Ttw meeting was held la Weefclngtea eqoar*. which was densely par h?d with pweU. a Kes* alrntUr to that at fcyraeoee occurred. through f.malcs and boys Ketttng near iha stand atjaa early hour, and being caught In the nuasun vis* the space filled Several had to be rescued from the crowd over the platform Ths Rt. LijUi Ionian pots rinwa the number lathe ftaeare at 20,000 to 30.000 ^ Judge iK?ugias s speech preeeated ne now features, except on the subject of the Missouri Compromise. He claimed he bad always supported end upheld the Mlsaourt Compromise an long *e the people of t> free States were willing ta abide bv it. aud In l&V bad luUoduced a bill, which was passed by the Senate, x tending the 11m to the Paclfe. The House rejected that hill, and he < 1x1 med if it had passed it woald have settled slavery agitation forever He charged that It bed beea defeated by a union of free-eo11ef? and Southern fire-eaters, who had then combined against the Missouri Compromise, aa they now combine against Popular Sovereignty He spoke an hour and a half, and the speech was well received, mi eh eiilbusiasm being evinced. Tb-nlght the streets are all excitement, with I proeeasion bearing torches, bands of M lay thousand stranger* remain ia town, giving u* place tbe appearance of a general ho tide*. At the neadquaftera of the I'nlon men. opposite the Ksgle Hotel, a great bell It kept constantly toll1111' Konflr?l hli*e nit all tMiKIi/" ---- ?? ? and the demonstration la unrlvilied In polat of spirit and extent Albion, N. Y., Sept. 10?Hob Stephen A. Do 04; Us nasstd here on the 9.30 train this momlug A large coocourae of peop e assembled at the depot to meet him. TUs train waa saluted by the firing of cannon, and upon Mr. Douglaa'a appearand be was greeted wltn enthusiastic rLeers lie w.w introduced to the people by Han Sandford E. Church, and spoke for about ten minutes. , rr*|r?u ef the Friact ef Wales. Ba.milTon, C. WSept. lb ?After his two or three day's rest, the Prince of Wales seemed in line spirits this morning, and made an earl v start f'?r Hamilton, by way ?.( Queeuetewnand Niagara. At Queens town the farmers gathered by hondreds, Slid the fences were fringed for miles wMh their horses and wagons The Prince waa not very enthusiastically received, and all daring the day, In spite of the efforts of the authorities, eery little cheering could be induced A fine turnout of volunteers awaited the Prlnoa, and escorted him up the heights to the very beadsome monument erected to the memory of General Brock, owe hundred and ninety feet In bight, erected by subscription, and finished in 1987, fiom designs of Tbomas Toronto, the architect Here the Prince received an address from the Veterans of IblS, r. fine Looking body of old men. The Veterans' sddress contains no reference to the war or to the United States, but is simply a welcome to the Prince, and an expression of their thankfulness st being sble tu behold the son of their beloved Queen The Prince'a reply waa admirabiy rend The proceaaion ties proceeded to the field beneath the bights, Where Brock fell. The Prince smoothed the mortar with a silver trowel. tapped the cap stone and the ceremony waa finished At Niagara the Prlnoe was well received. An Inst rlpt oi oi an srch commemorated August at, 1792, when tbe Duke of Kent landed st Niagara, then the capital at Upper Canada Tbe Prlnoe reacbed here a l out four o'clock this afternoon, and was received be a procession, which eacorted him through the principal sireeta, which were fairly jammed with people. At Fountain Square, In King street, 3.000 people were gathered and 4.000 children sang "Ood San tbe Queen." Blond In has received a complimentary autograph letter from General Bruce, enetealng three hundred dollars, as a tokea of tbe Prince's pleasure at hla performances. Later frsaa Mexico. Nrw Oblzaj* Sept 1".?The schooner Virginia Antoinette, from Vera Crnz Hd instant, has arrived at this port with 9373400 la apecle. Twenty thouaaod Liberals were marching oa At U-l vac capital Mlramon w?i In the city of Mexico with 7,300 The attack was expected to eommae* ?a tue ?th. The correspondent of tha frfgrr?$?, at tbe Capital. uya that the Liberal arm? bad left Queretare and they were expected to reach tbe city by the f;h in?t Toree thousand men were advancing from Cueruavaca Gen Ortogo waa expected to arrive aoon from Guadalajara. A new loan, to beexclusively levied upon Mexican* waa expected to be aoon proclaimed Tbe blahop of Guadalajara bad been reieaaed from Imprisonment by Gen. Degollado. It la reported that Gen I'rag a bad made good his eecape. Affair a ib Baa tee Bostojt, Sept 18 ?Tbe United states Convention of Univeraallata asasmbled ia tbia ctty to-dav and organized bv tbe choice of tbe folhvrimr olnra: President, Rev. J Bovdor, R.I.; Vloe-Prealdent, J B Souther, of Maaa ; secretary. Rev. H. R Walworth, of N. J. Tie Convention waa quite fully atteaded At the buainesa njoettac a preamble and report waa submittal for eataallabiag a publishing bouse for tbe dmoininatioa The Mecbanlca' fair at Faneuil Hail la attrv.tinjt crowds of vialiora. and Is said to be aaperior to any tbat has preoeded It. Edward Dickinson, of Amherst, dec l)a?s tbe nomination at the Bell and Everett Convention for Lieutenant Governor. Liabilities ef Kxpreea Caaapaalee Harttobe, Sept 19 ?In tie Circuit Court of the United Stabs here to day, before J udges Nation and Shipmau, la tbe eaae of tbe Bank of Norwalk apt Adam's Exprea Company, tbe Jury found a verdict for tbe defeadanta. Tbe action waa to recover "J.V7I sent bv tbe bank through tbe express Tbe Court held it at an exfte* company is not an lnaurer or gnarauteer of tbe geauWitness ef paper sent through It, and baa tbe right to deliver tbe availe of a nota to tbe party frnm irhion if as ? *Ka ?v. bask tending the avails supposes ft U Maiding them to some one elsa. The Nallml Fair. Cinema ati. Sept if?Over #>.000 people attend <-d the National Fair yesterday Tu dock ou exhibition la the ring la better th?n oa any previous day. Competition was spirited Tbo first premium of S50 for beet thorough-bred stallltus wat taken by Bonnie Scotland, owned by Reter A Kutz, of Lancaster The trat premium for breeding stallions was taken br Stockbrldga Chief, owned by Joe Cooper, of Hamilton county. There were tLlteen entries The fair cloaea tomorrow. Indian Affray at Fart ftnslth. Foar Smith, Ark.. Sei* 1? ?A light took place last night between a party of Cherokee Indians at this place The encounter was fierce aad bloody. Knives and pistols werr used with tuurderooa energy. Two were killed and two mortally wounded The aflray grew oat of a family ft 6 which nothing but blood could reconcile Minnesota Breckinridge State Convsntlen. Chicago, Sept. 18.?The Breckinridge democracy In State Convention at St Paul, oa Thursday last, nominated a fall Stato and electoral ticket Senator Rice waa present, aad made a speech against Mr. Dou;taa The Grain Trade of Toronto. TonoNTo. Sept 18?The reectpH of crala today amount to 3-J.Oliu bushels. the largest day's rererpts of the seaaon Fall wheat eragacBl SB per bushel, spring wheat SI 00, barley 73c , peas M. ' B>hl lada Knhia I ! nJ PaiLADKLFBlt, 8?f*. IV?The WH(W at the Academy of Music opeaed this evening umUt most flittering aiiepteee, with the perforataane of Ho nr.*'fibula. Pattl appearing * Amlae The NaUll slatere appear to-morrow ta Trove tore. Heavy Kebberjr Nbw Vail. R?ft 10 ?A man named Rlrkatte, from bitlni, was robbed of a draft for XIV IM list night to this rlty. IllttBir* .Uarketa. BiMnou, 8?p?. ao ?Flow ee?y daH.aa* heavy: Uoward reet ard OM* are (naalltilf 3 ?S Wheal firm; rrd ?1 ? ?l J V white ? 35 at U? Corn dull; whit* jellow )>%. l?r?.vt?Uaa dall a ad park ?; prime S16 I<ard l?*e. Coffee lias at Hal')*. A Clakv dull at ti*?>\c aw Varfc Amata. . rvaw Vaaa. Ben ? .?Kioor beery mala M 12.5 *5; Ohio ?S WaSTW, 8 n> there fe -<3o? ?r. Wheat boo rant; Nath Crrot na i?d HI UH t era d 1:; quctiuona at.; nosim*!, inUed (??c Pro?.>laai doll and uafiUaa^nd w fatal y t'm. &g??SS3&Sisi Vk, ?u73JS* * ' 9