Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Uttr from lu Francises aad t'blaa. A diapatch. dated St Joaeph'a, Sept lTtb.nyi: The Potiv tiprni. with California datoa to the 6th of September, and Cbina to July 'Jlth, arrived Jiere last night The ste<iuier John L Stephena brlnga accounts that gold it atl.i beiug found at Acapulco ou the aurfaca of the ground The principal countlea In the Stole nominated ?><i<!iiiu>riv tha l.eulalature. Ail tha Douulas candidates *Tt pledM^ to oppoeo the re-election of Senator Gwin. The Breckinridge candidate* *re not Instructed. The proposals for building the foundation and basement storv of the State Capitol at Sacramento tmvf, bMn opened The highest bid was S130.UUU, si.d the loweat *),(**). Th? daily overland mail between Sacremento and Portland. Oregon, commenced on tU? l>th Inst , thus Inaugurating a new line of atagea. Overland erilgranta continue to arrive lu considerable number* by the various routes. Joba A Dreibelbia, the newly appointed Indian agent, baa besu engaged In a street fight with R. h Sprague, of Shasta, l>ecause the latter acrused the fanntr of seceding from the Charleston Convention to earn the office. A neb quartz lead has been struck In Tuolumne county, aid upwards of $60,UU0 taken out lu live days The lead is two Inches wide, and is nearly all gold ^ i no diouci ci win ca*e was neiore me rrooaie Court this afternoon. Martin McDonnell, formerly deputy sheriff of New York, wu sworn u a witness. He Impeached the reputation for truth and varacity of A. A Phtlllpa, one of the attesting witnesses. Tie swore that bis reputation waa had. and that ho would not believe him under oath, and that Phillip* was a notorious Tombs lawyer. Faox China. By tb? bark Creole we bave flies of Hong Kong Eipers to July *i^th. The allied expldillon of n^and and France retrained, according to the latest advices, at Tallenwan. at the mouth of the Pelho. This Is a magnificent bay, about ten miles across and fifteen miles from tbe entrance to the head. There ware one hundred and fifty sail of the Allies, while all tba troops were encamped on the shore. The natives were friendly and tbe climate healthy. Lord Elgin arrived at Tallenwan on the afternoon of the 9th of July, and it was understood that the troop* were to ret-mbark on the 10th, and l r. ceed to the Taku forts, which were to be taken D?f >re anv peace overtures were made. I.ord Elgin was in constant communication with Haron Qros, the commander of the French force?. A marine on board II. M.,3 Levler had shot Commander Hudson in his cabin, and afterwurds telling the second master that the commander wanted htm. shot him also from fbeskyllght. The commander, It was feared, was mortally wounded. bat the second master wu out of danger An address was presented on the 2d of July, by the English merchants at Shanghai to Lord Ef? in, on the subject of the Tientsin treaty and tbe preae^ war, and urging a vlgoroxi prosecution of the latter, until some satisfactory guaranty was given that trade and commerce were to be Interfered with no longer by the Chinese. From Shanghai there ccmea no Intelligence of Importance. ^There was no further Information with regaad to the movements of the rebels, though the Chinesa at Shanghai believed HonCbow had either fallen, or was In great danger. A party of five, consisting prlflcipallv of English missionaries, according to tbe Shanghai Herald of the 7th of July, had visited the rebels, and had been very courteously received by them Their forces are numerous, well armed, and well disciplined. The British Consul at Shanghai had Issued a notification warning her Majesty's subject* from Interfering in any way with the present state of affairs in China, by assisting either the Government or any other party in opposition to the Government, by enlisting, or by furnishing, or by procuring warlike store* of anv dmrinitnn k? fitting up vessels, or by knowingly doing any other act for ?ther party by which neutrality may be violated Dates from Fnh-Chow reach to the 16th of July. There hap bean a money panic among the native banker*, when twenty-four abut tip their shops; but eotifldence was being again established. A body of 3 0U0 trooya had been levied to proceed o Hong-Chow against tberebela. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS~ NATIONAL HOTEL?Z R Pangborn, C F McDonald, Ma*; N Davidaon, NV; A B Talbott, Cti S Constable, Mo; A T Bledsoe, Va; <i Chapman. ltid; H Z Ludington. NT; M Strati*, NV; B W Conch. J C l.yford. Nil; H Kneeland and lady, Ma?; W H Remlck. P T Reniick. Msh; J R Cheves and fam. tia; VV MeDuffle. NY; Dr GS Lswis. Va; W C U eat, Md; Thso M Davla and lady, Iowa, R F Smi'h and lady, N V; R Moryson and lady, NC; VV R Lerrill, USA; J Grant. Mr* H E Gates, Ga. H T Blaw, Mo; Geo Miles aid daughter NY; H Pickel, Pa; W Dunn. W H Webb, fad, R M Marshall, SC, G P Frierson. Miss Frierson. La; A A l.aase, NY; J W Hay and lady, Tcnn. P Cocks and lady, Miss Davidson. Mi*; E Cameron, Pa; C T P Ware, NY; John H Scrmntoo, WT; A T Scranton, NY; C B Doolittle, Ct. BROWNS' HOTEL ?J F Reese, J Parkman, Ala; C W Cave, Pa; E Chapman, SC; R Holderson and son. Mi* S J Sloaoe, C il MrKlnzie. NC; C H Dougal, SC; Mi* M Collin, NY: D Ruggies and ly, Ala*; F Dreer, Pa; J Baker, La; J Rowman and fain, Ml* J Snow, Mi* A Baker, Va; R S Lvnch. DC; J Stone, F Jordan, Md; J Gordon, Z B Herndon, Va; 8 Walker, C L Walker, Ark; iv_ i? ? _ > m W_ " ** - * i/r r\ Uiie aoo iv, i.a; I- Kazert and ly, Alls# >1 Auderaoii, Md; E \Ve?ton and ly, C Roger, NY; D Keene, Md, 1> Him, 1' H Morgan. J M Morgan. Pa; W I rlp;?*tt, Va, C Pearsou, NJ; W A Hurd. NO; O HUiiary, Md; H M Stuertaad ly, SC; G H Smith aud f nu, Teun; G Dy*ie and daughter, Pa; T Bar.ett, Ua, Mr* Gould aud child, Mja Daviea. Mr Glaacrck, Ga; M Merlin, Mo; T Masaey, R B Maasey, Kd. K IKK WOOD HOUSE?8 Brick, Pa; G Skery, NY; F MeCourt aud (am, Va; J Dunham, NJ; C Dull na?, NY; Kev P Wluiauia. Me; T Kempahall. Maaa; S L Oouveneur. Md; T A Januey, U T; D Cutting, NY; J Thorotonjpnd liatrr, Teno; E C Turner and ion, Ya. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. I WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. j O Strut, MA and 10(4 Streets. 1 We bavq jiiat finnhed a Dumber of irat olaae CARRIAGES, auoh aa Lmki Wittms, Park Pktaton*. Famxij Car ttgQBW ram, and B?ttin, which we will Mil M* " m y?r? imu profit. tfeiag pr%ct.jai meohanioa in different branobc* , cf the hiaineae, we flatter ouraeivae that we ano? the and ?uaii*j of work that will live aatia faction, oomb:ning lightueaa, oomfort and durabill Repairing promptly and earefully attended to ; the Bh??rtA? if DAtiA* - a ?? - >alv>v inuiiaaoi* orarroa, WALTER, KARMANN &. BOPP, Guacumaker*, aucoeaaora to Wm. T. Hook. jXT-dty _ np CARRIAGES. 1 HK Babaaribar nana# mao? rimttoM to luwriiiuaiuil it now one 01 la a utu fhatnot, whara hie facuipea fr>rHDH manajactn'ini CAR iilASEJt L16uTJ^^^? WASONS of all It; ana cannot b? r?rpui?d, ae4 from iua long aipari?nca in toa baameaa, ha bo pat to fin ganaral aatiafactioo. I All kiwis ofCarriagaa aai Ugkt Wacmu lap* aa hiid, Ai; REPAIRS cotly 4?.ndatlart?ji > >! ly attsnaad to. I 4Utt _ ww mt Vtt wilffc The union wil<. stand, no matter WHO'S PRESIDENT! C<"i*aquan*.y 1 aha i ramainin Waabmgtoa and coiiiiuu* t*> piiraun n<r occupation >>( di)L'3t, Sl'?N an.l ORNAMENTAL fAlNTlNB. Gimme in a i iUl'iaaen??. Old GMin* proinpiiv attended t?. l'i.nt m and Oratnieating F?":t..r??io the >at atria. lin, oa.i attention to tb > Paintiug of Koofa and Brick Walla. A . of ina aliova I wi:l J<? m enrap m tn* oh*ap a I i.iarai'ora ao. c l tnapatronaca of mt frianda ft? ,o? cstiaana of th* Diatriot. Punjtnalily afriot r obaerved, and work dona in tha baat maunar. > >ii w.,1 pleaaa mind your atoaa and atop at M. T PaKK hR's Painting Eaiat>liab<aant, No. S3' A3 " .%J ' LouMttna av., nortii aula, batwaaa 6th and 7tb ?ta. (* H !*maa pat up fraa af charga, aa uaaal. AU 111 Sm 275 ALLBM 275 JACKSON, PLASTER B R 8, Pum. Avini, loth axd lith itfWU. Je I? C STRAW HATS. STRAW HATS! LEARINli OUT STOCK OF STRAW H ATS In order W> dispose of my entire stock of Men's and bw STRAW HA M irnt inducements will be offered until lite c.ose of the Mtws at __ . . ? LANE'S Faahionahie Hat and Cap Store, au ll lm Pa. av? near Fom-and a-half et AVfc*V N1''E, MiVh.M OCTAVK ft AIMO having boen in use a abort time oniT,_^^^ will be sod at a gieat aaonfioe for cashJHVB tne owner being. ooin??lieu u? mm? Itie'II tM eity. O.iginal yrioe >?"iWi?<^ffor ax, eaeo* to be eeen at Mr. MblZtKOTTS Muaio St rt. ?'mw Ka. arwu* and F!?T>r,th at. aa a to bn M>qkiir<t at the WA^HlN^TON BREWER V. Tins Ale is made front KMtAtid hoasouy ait'i oacnot iiau to cive entire eatisnotioa to oon - re WKL1XER WATKR ! ? SELTZER WATER! 8ELTZKR WATER' We Hare to-rfay reoegred a fresh supply of Seltzer Water. in baskets, direet from the vessel in whicn they were imported. ? KINO A BURCHELL, ? 8 Fifteenth ?t. a?.d Vermont as^ f> KMKMBK.R. riM> great harraiesin NEW and K i^D-Uahd ,?t p* 9 .106 fa. Mr., twtett and 10th su. * MISCELLANEOUS. P INo. 66TJ * K ROCLAM ATluN, BV THE PRESIDENT Or THE UNITED STATES, For the Sale of Valuable Lands tn the lute New York Indian Reserve, Kansas. In pursuance of law. I, Jambs BrcHA3A.n, Pramdent of the United ft Mrs of America, do her* by declare and nake known that public sale* will be held at the undermentioned Uaml Office, in the Territory of Kanata, at tbe period* her em after doeig nated, to wit: At the Laud Office at Fof.t Scott, commencing on Moudav.the ad day of Iteoember next, for the diapoaal of tuch of the public lands not covered br individual Indian locations aa are situated within Cm following townships and part* of Uwnships in I tiiO late reserve above-mentioned lor the New York Indiana, vis: South of tk* bat' tin' and fast if the firth principal ni'tidtan, and in tht townships and parts of loir* thtps/aUin* trtihin said rtstrre. The iraota or paroels in the parts of townships 23, 24. 25, and 36, of range 25 The traota or parous in the part o( township 2*. I in townships 24 and 25. and in the part of 36, of range 24. , The tracts or pareela in the part of township 21. in townships 24 and 25, an<i tn the part ol 26, of | range 23. ... J ho tracts or paroels in the part of townahip 23, in townahips 24 aud 25, and ia the part of 2fi, of ranee 22. The traota or paroeia in the part of township 23. in townships 24 acd 25. and in the part of 26, of range 21. '1 he tracts or paroeia in the part of townaiup 33, in townahips 24 and 25, and in tho part i f 26, of ran 20. The tracts or paroeia in the part of township 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of rftn u-A 10 The tract* or parcel? in the part of township 2 J. in towushipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 28, o 1 ranee IK. Tbe tract* or paroel* in the part of township 2% in township* 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, <>f range 17. At the l.and Office at Fo*t Scott, commencing on Mon-lay, tlio 17th day of December n.-xt, for tbe diepoenl of *uoh of iho publie Sand* not covered by individual Indian location* as are situated wahiu the foi:owing ti>vn?inp* and parts of towmhiDH in the late reserve above mentioned for New York Indians, vis: S?Htk of itie bam line and oflh' fixtk principal meridian, and in tkt township* anipart* of townships falling within sanl reserve. The tract* or pareela in the part of township 23 in township* 24 and 25, and in tiie part of 28, of range 16. The tract* or paroel* in the part of township 23, in township* 24 and 25, and in the part of 2fi, of ranee IS. The tract* or paroel* in the part of townabip 21, in townabip* i4 and 25, and in the part of 26, of ranee 14. The tract* or parcels ia the part of township 23. m townships 21 and 25, and in tbe part oi 26, of ranee 13. The tract* or parcels in the part of township 23, in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of raoee 12 The tract* or parcel* in the part of t^wnahip 23, in townahips 24 and 25. and in tbe Bart uf of range U. The tract* or parcels in the part of township 23. in townships 34 and 2V, and in the part of ?'*, of ranee 10. The tract? or parcel* in the part of township 23, in townships 24 and 25, and in the part ot as, of ranse9. The tracts or paroel* in the part* of townships 23,21, 25, and 26, of range 8. Lands appropriated by law for the use of sohooli, mm tar? Indian, and otkrr purpose.*, will be ex eluded from ttie *a ei. together with the tracts covered by individual Indian locations, descriptive lists of which have been furnished tbe local oflioers. The offering oftheabove lands will be oommenoed on tbe days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which the* are advertised, until the wholo shall have been offered, and the safe* thus olosed : but nn sale shall 1>? kept open loncer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be permitted nntil after tne ex piration of the two weeks. Given under mv hand, at the oily of Washington, this 21st day of Anrust, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos. S. Wilson, Commissioner of the General Land Offlo*, NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships or parts ol townships above enumerated isrequi'ed to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the Land Office. and mak* pay m mi therefor* at soon at prarticahle after feint tKis notice, and before the dai appoi nted for the commencement of the puMio sale of the lands embracing the tract olai med; otherwi se sue h o I ai m w 111 be forfei ted, JOS. S. WIL?ON, Commissioner of the General Land OAoe. Not*.?Under the regulations of the department as heretofore and now existing, no payment can b< mad* for advertising proclamations cxcept to suob publishers as are specially authorized to p"biish bj the Commissioner of the General Land Office, en 3 Uw!3w [No. 66<i | OTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE r ? MI\ n f ? n?-? s-n / > ?* ? . ? ? l/ r r m'i*i SUffiKlUK TU BAYFIELD, IN THE STATE OF W13CON SINInaeoo-danoe with the provisions of the tot ol Congress, entit'ed "An act authorizing changes in the iooation of land offices," approved March 3d, I nil. it is hereby declared and made known that the o these for the sale of pablio lands at Superior, in th? State of Wisconsin, will h? removed to Ray field, in said Slate, at as early a Jay as practicable. Further notioe as to the precise time of closing the offiae at Superior, preparatory to removal, anc of its opening for business at Bayfield will b? giv?n by the register and receiver lor the land district. liiven under my hand at the oity of Washington, this 24th day of Auiust, A. D. 1.-160. By order of the President: JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General L&nd Office, au 25 wSw "dentistry" D DENTAL CARD. R. M"NdO\ Mm returned and returned hie frolassion. Office and hou?? at 4t>3 E lurd door east of Sixth. In addition t> gift >Ti? very o'her approved etyle. Or. M. ha? swt^* ? ' ' 1 * teeih on vulcanite Baso for the last three years, and, from erVerienoe, knows it excels atl others, ami is oo?-third less iu price than gold. His old patrons of Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown are respectfully solioifd t > ca'l. au 25 eoly D DENTAL NOTICE. K. LOOM IS Has olosed his uthoe for the season, and will be absent, ax usual, during the sum nier months ; will resume practice about the 1st of October, of winch further notioe will tie given, jy 10-tf DENTISTRY. R.HI! LB, after a oracua*: teat of two yeafs taws tbat lie oan with confidence r?oua-^MgL nend the Cb*o?iaat;o Prooassforins*rtintfl|HSP artificial taatii. it hki tie advantages or"""11' beauty, cieaulineaa, and cheapneaa. Pal after acta inserted for $4*. Partial in proportion. Olse 300 Pa. avenne. so 7 WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND coal Delivered to all part* of the city, at the lowaat poaaible rate*. T. J. A W. M. GAI.T, Office Pa. av., between llth and lith eta., rrA 17-tf aorth aide. 1?HI? SUBSCRIBKR HAViNB ON HANI) an ex tana ire stock of FIJEL, ia prepared to al! at a very low figure for canli. W(JO? Sawed and 5<ptit an; tut, Call and see for yourself. R. W. HATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS S. E. oorner of Fourteenth and C ala, PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. The aubaoriber t>e*h ieavn to inform the oitizaoa of Washington, Georgetown ar.d Alexandria that ha haa add<nd to hi* lone e*tat>lished business the *uxiuarjr of steam power lor sawiu* an I manalao turma Marble and Brown Stone Work in ilietr various brancbea, Marble Mantels, Table and Waslistand Top", Tile. Monument*. Tomb and Head Stones, S tt 'S, \V indow Linte.s, Sil.s, Htftis and platforms, having pnrch**ed a large stock of Italian Mirl>Ui>kl~>' 1 *?' ..... ... .u ,r.n?,<'uu> ami ma luVNt rat)i, n? oonfideut of brine t<> furnivh Marble Wurk a? low as it oau l>e purchased in New Y<?rk, Philadelphia, or Kalt'inure. Tiie trade supplied with lt*liau Marble in bloek or slabs at tbe same ! rate as furni?ho?1 in Niw York, and on aenornmo| dating tonus. Alao, on hand, a large supply of Pumioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hoce and Polishing Putty at New York prioes. Encourage the euter prise; it will be an acquisition to the oity. alex. rutherford. Fionur Suam Marble and Broven Stout Works, Pa. av., oor. Thirteenth *t, au2l-3in Washington, D. C. Regular stkamt/packet link beTWEEN BALTIMORE AND -fr*"V WASHINGTON .-Leave C<.m- -*> meroe st. wli&if, Baltimore, aa fol-^ TheSr Nicholas wsij WEDNESDAY,at? p. m. Oolcmbia,every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. l^eave Riley's Wharf, at the foot of 11th street, Washington, as follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at& St. Nu uolas,every SATURDAY,?tSa. m. For freight, *c., apply to THTOa. W. RILEY, Agent, ? Riley's Wharf, at ihefootof mar 16 T&TSm llth st. Washington WNEW GOODS. 71! ~~ E Have just recei ved a'arse stock of Bleached *ad Brown COTTONS of the best fee. Also, SHEETINGS. TABLE LINENHrWAPXINS, roWELINGS. IRISH LINENS, S<?w yarus PlSMltt&jlra hSV* a f? - .ion i'KMAINDY ROBK8 on k\?d DUPONT'S ounpowdee, . man u I act* ram priooa, b? JOHXT. BOtiUK, niuuiTOWN.O. C,, Sole Atent* for the Itiftriet ?/ Columbia. A larje euppr, embracing every vtritlr, alwari on taud, *nd delivered tree to all parts of the Diat int. Orders oai. Ulatt at tbauthce of Adams' Kxpnwa Coraptnr. Washington. D. C. fej-lawl* ju*lNli riANOS FOR RENT OR MMior*o?v?dtri-w*eklT,?t I^LUB'i! MeloOeou m4 ott?r iBrtruwoU for^er^at^ ?i??? ^ I TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE REMOVED TO No. 16 MARKET I shm, Pmd. arena*. between ithand^^* i 9th itrnu, where 1 will Oe happy to vutfBl ' on all who will favor me with a call withr * a fine stock or BOOTS and SH<?KS for* Mb Latlie?',GenU',Boy?',Mig* ?' and Children's wear. an 2 eotr J. ROSENTHAL. HOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT THE MJ TIMES. We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oonstantlv reoeiving a^Af supply oi cuttrn made work of ever* d?-lH scription, made expressly to order, and wiliw be sold at a inuoh lower prio? than has been* W? heretofore charged in this city for much inferior articles. Persons in waut of Hoots and Shoos of eastern or oitr made work, will always hnd as ood aseor*.men in store and at the lowest prioeu. Give us a call. GRIFFIN k BRO., ay i-r 314 Pet.nsylvania ???! .__ FIVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS arrived this day, embracing all ?uaIi-?l]S ties and sues of Sole Leather, Ladiet'StifM Dress and Packing Trunks. Our truKk^?*""" sales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites, at moderate pntes, to be found this sido of New York. Also, ev^h desorip toon of LA DIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, 4C. 117" Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO., Trunk Sales Room, mar Sl-tf Pa. avanaa, SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, <99 Tth Stxvst, Orrositi Odd etiloit*' Hull, Washington, D. C. Travelers will studv their interests by exanunin my TRUNKS, VALICES Ao., before pur-MM ohastng elsewere. As I use none but tbeHnfl best material the market aff ords and employ^ "** the b?st workmen, I oan confidently recommend mi work to be superior in Strewrtl&nd l^utaLrltiy to Trutiks that are made in other cities and sold here. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one weeks notice) every description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND otKtr VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., it. Trunks, ko., Repaired aud Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notice Trunks delivered in any part of the oity, Georgetown. or Alexandria. Also?A*eiit for Howe's celebrated FAMIL^ SEWING MACHINE8. da 15-lv JAMK3 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELED' DIRECTORY. Daily link of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO*. Orrytiur th* V. S. Mail. The undersign**) are now running Daily, (except Sunday.) Four horse Coaches lw?tween Washington and Upper Marl Iparj?^ boro', as follows: " Leave the Steamboat Hotel, comer of SeventE street and Pa. at7o'e!ock a. in. Returning leave Upper Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a. m.,and arrive in \\ ashington at 3o'c!ock, in time to connect with the3-20p. m. t-ain for Baltimore. Tne Coaches are new and commodious, the teams first class in the hands of careful and aceommodat ing drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro Sf> cents. To Long Old Fields 25 " ToCenterville - 98 ' Freight and packages in proportion. au 15 tf O^BORN 4 CO., Proprietors. OALT11MORE AND OH1U RAILROAD. D WASHINUTOy BRANCH. HSmo?bdc?DC?J Chahok or Houbs. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1 1880, trams will run mfollows: teave Washington at fi 20 and 7.4ft a. m. eave Washington at 3.20 and p. m. i On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.4ft a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4JO p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take train* at 6.20 and 7.40 a. m and 3 an p. m. For the Wert at 7.40a. m. and SJO p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a. in- and 3.20 ?, m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the3J0 p. m. tram goes to ' Philadelphia only. ie 13 d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS [ XN TBRBB D^.'Fa WITH TH? CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL"*" Orange and Alexandria Railroad , . TO LYNCHBURG: i Virginia and Tennessee, J East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, . Mississippi Central, fino Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! r MEMPHIS*ROUTE: i Mem phi* by Rail, thenoeb^Firat olaaa Paoketa to ilOW UliOAUS* ! MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE i i Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobil* by Firatoiaaa Packets. Mobiie to New Orleans by Lake Steamers i TWO DAILY TRAINS? SUNDAY* Included, Leave Washington at tj a in and t> p. in. The Steamer GKOR(iE PAGE leave* her wharl > foot of Seventh street at 6.W a. m. and p. rri. and oonnecU at Alexandria witn the Orange and Alexandria Train* for the Sonthwe?t. Ofliuo-Pennaylvawa avenue, corner of Sixth at. BAflSAGl CBICUD THROUGH TO HHW OBLHAHf. Lynchburg 97 30 Memphia 331 (JO Hri8t->l 15(*' Atlanta .,..28 00 Knoxville __.20Wi Maoon 28 Ou Chattanooga 24 on Columbus ....31 50 Daltun...., ,_24 *? MonUoinejf 33 ?i Huntsvilie .27(*> } via .flerupliia.-ii 50 ; Grand J u notion...... 9> ?. N.O*i viaG. Juno.,42 50 Nashville 86 fcl i via Mobile...46 uo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia WOO MILES SHORTER, and 114 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.iae? the LynMilmr* Extension beiug now completed. aa alao the Mississippi Central, making it the (QUICKEST AND MOST Fl.EAH ANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firstolass Sleeping Cara! !T? Naw ?..Til Honrs. Memphis? ? i .?......44 do* Montgomery . 43 do. Nashville .40 do. ID"Tha U. 8. MAIL~and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over thia New Line. Zicketa oan be obtained at the ftoath Western oe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following poicta: Lynohbnrg, Briato!, KnoxviHe, Atlanta, ChaKanooaa, Huntaville, Grand Junotion, Maoon, Nashville, Dal ton, Colnmbua, MAXl.n-..- *? 1 wvHi%wiuvi ^ ^ jiuuiiD} jrj nmpiilB) ftilU Irr through tTFkkts to tiib VArious virginia springs. lE^Omnibuaea and lUggaga Wagona Iwvt the offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. ?ti . JAMBS A. EVANS, Tioket Agent, ma 23-tr Corner fMith at. and Pa. ?v. I^HE STEAMER JA?. GUY Will r?rom? her trip* on TUESDAY, 2lat of JP* ^ February, 1800. Wjfl leave WASH INGTON everr TUESDAY and^""^^*? FRIDAY, at 6 o'olook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA athalf-saatS o'olook, fur CURRIOMAN ami the intermediate Landings. On her return trio*. ?he will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY , at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCIAN 8, TAGE, Proprietor. NATU'LBOUSH. Ag't. Alexandria. feao Passage, rmeals mi STATEROOM, ?T.?0. VheNew York and Virginia fcorew Steamship Oomsany'a new and eiegant steamship f f^ir MOUNT VERNON,Ca?tT.C.timith.4aBE will leave the Company's Depot, Weetern WharTea,at11*o,olooka. in-every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 ooloek p. m. same oaj. Paaaengera from Waaain*ton and Georgetowi oan take the ooaohea oonnecting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, whioh leave the corner ol Tth stieet and Pa, avenne hourly, or they oan leave on the eteamer from the Weetern Wharvee at 11 o'clock a. m. State rcouia oan bo engaged on application te Mtatrs. Morgan A Rhinehart, Weatern Wharvaa Freight will be rooeivod np to the hoir* of depar r^? In*xranoe_will be efeetod on all gooda bj thlsline at the oftoe of Ue Company at M per oonl premian. The aoooramodationa for paeeecgera by thia llna are in every respect Sreto aaa, and every effort wil be made to render this communication with Now York a^ agreeable and healthful one. J- VI AlOlftUk ! PP'7 *o rVHLI A I CO.. Areata, Alexandria. ' B ' H. B.CROMWELL ft CO., ? t-ly 86 Weet sU.OQTner Albany, New York. NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINf. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will 1mt? Alexandria and WMhinitnn for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at 3<atg> o'clock p. m., and New York for Wuh-? " inrton every Batnrday.atSq olook p. m. Paaaengere oan join the abip at Alexandria at an; time before the hour of the eteamer'a departure. N. B.-ln the event of the steamers inability to oroaa the bar in eoaM*?enoeof low water, ail fooda will be promptly lixktered to and from the steamer by the sudwh^wai jggggjaaBB. | OT? OP PIANOS FOR RENT AT LOW 1 j ratee. Pianos for aale on the moetw?? U?>?. iOBNF.ELI.l8, an H aoie a*?nt for Chiekeriric k Bona' Pianos. D NOTICE. catjW atmr P^uahinf Store, 4SS 7th atreet, heft# Mu ***"*' RUwLPH 0VCBLT* 1 0 ????? MEDICINES. HI IHKMTOH,IT BAL YIMOUS LOCK HOSPITAL, j Hu Di$t?ittd tk? matt Ctrtmm, 8?ndy, mm mlf Efftttunl Rtmtdf tn tk* World, I FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. jro FALSE DELICACY PRETENT. APPLY IMMED ATfcLV. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAMMM, 1 jif rnuM uhm iu iwu iiaih. WiihMirfUi AftiUMt ifu? Kidaaya u4 litjdii, tatalamar? Lhicharf**, Imrasinty, *i.?raj OVktlitT, M*r??*nt??,Dy?j?P?T,W?rr^T,l?w?pi?ru,C?* fa?iM. afld*a*, Palpltatia* afik?ll*art,T'>?idn?,Tr*i?kii*f?, i 0imo*M *f ?ifht / Jlddlaa**, l)i**aaa *fth* Hdil, Taraat, Hhin Ikm, Aff*t.?aM?ftt? kain.ltntctu IWm T*rribl* 1 >** ? >?* r* .n?|n%' fr%a alltarj liUll al TaaUi-tha.* Draadfal ui B**ir?4tf*? Praetieaa arkiak ?? dtr Nutup topaaaikla. 4?d **may MU iady Mla? TOBNe MUH Bapaaiall/ Vk* kifi kacarra Ika Tir(l?? a# MaHarf tkei dra*?fkl sod dtiuaeu** kakit ?kicb annf al'r i???M * an nlimalr (rat* thaaaaad* ( Yaauf Sl?a af ihf " *! IIaliad ul*ui* ?ixl kriiUm u,i?U?cl, *M aiifllt tbarwn* k*?k anirancid luianui* Imim> with ifctikandir* af *laqa*na* r* *>k*d w itMi; Uk tlTiof Ijr*. may kail v.ik faU ml(MM. MiUUill. MARJURB rUIOII,it Tiu(Mi*iwiib^i?i( Mm Halt, kaii.f atari ? pkyittl viakiiu.iifaail daklltty, d*/*imtiii, ft*., a(.ndilT ?ar?d. wb* placa* bimaalfardkt tki tar* af Or. J. mtj ?*U?1 aaalj csnld* in hn hanar at a faollainaa aaJ kaaldaatly ial| yae hit akill aa a phytiaua. UtTICC Ha. T MUITM rRJCDEUCftmKET, laft band kid* faiaf fram B?iUauata urtai, a faw daara fraa tfka aarnar. I'ail uai u iMirii uai tad aaaktr. klUin at ka paid uJ aaaUla aitaap. BE. JUIRITOI, Miakin af tka Rayal Cailaf * af arfaana, Vaadaa, rra daaU fram ana ?f lha matt aminaat Calltfaa id tka Buital tataa, tod tka fraatar pirt af vkaaa iifa haa kaau apint in tha ka*fatal* af kaartao, Pnn, Pbiiadai^hia and altawbaa*, ka* *f ifiov vi ;bi hihi uioniadiug trrn ion wara I'll knawu; uiany uaaMatl with ringing In tba baad and nil Wbaa iiiup. graat ninHmm, lutii alarmad at taddaa aoaiida, baaHfalnaaa With fraqaant blaablng,attandad miUbii with daranf auiant of mind, wara earad iranadlataiv, TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. ???! "? tailtibua *b? bin iu|irtd imiMiiiu t; I 1 MIUiq practic* indalgad in wbaa alona?a hauii fiaqaacU) laaruad from a?i! :n finiai i, or at aabcel, tba afacia ol which ara nightly fait a?an whan aalaap, and if not carad, randara marriaga impoaaibla, aad daatraya b?U mlMd mi badr, aboaM apply immadiatatr. fboaa ara aania of tba aad and malaoaboly afaata aradaaad by aarl* bnbita of ra*th m: Waaknaaa afiha tack aad, Kama in tba Haad, Dimnaaa W light, Loaa af Maacalai Pawar, Palpitauan af tba Haart.Dyapapay, N mm Irritability, Darangaraantaf tba Oi|atU'af?rc!i?ua, Vauaral Dability, aymptama of < :o?aan%tiou, Ac. MkNTA LLY.?Tiia faarfal agtctaao tha Bind ara naabta ba dra^dad?Loaa af Slamary, Confaaion af Idaaa, Oajpraaaiaa f Ipirita, Eril Farbadinga, Aaaraioa af facia:*, alf-Diatraat ka-aof lolitada,Timidity, at*.,ara aaiaa af tba arila fir daead. MKITOVI DEBILITY ?Tbaataadi aaa aawjadga what la tha oaaaa af tbfir daclming baaltb, loaing thair rigor, baaoraieg waak, pal*, narroaa and ainaciatad, Baring a amgllai appauanta aboattha ayaa.aaaf.i or ly.nptan.aaf aaraanptlaa DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. Whaa tba raiagaidad and irr.pradant rotary af piaaaara ladi ha hia imhibad tba aaada af thia painfal diaanta, it taa o/taa happana that an ill-ti.-nad aanaa af aharaa ar draad af diacarary da.ara mm frara applying la ttanaa who, fram adacatian and raapaciab.lity, can aiona bafrtaad him. Ha falla tnta tha haida of ignorant and daaignmg pratandara, wuo, incapabla af caring, ileh bia pacumary annatanca, haap bim tritlng manth aftar man th, or a a long aa tha amallaat faa ean ba ah* tainad, and in daapair laara Dim with ram ad haalthtaaigb arar hia railing diaappointmant; ar by tha aaa af that daaflly poiaon, Marcary, haattn tha conatitatittial aymptama af thu tarribla diaaaaa, aach aa Agacttonaof Uia Haart. Throat, Naaa, kin ,4c? prorraaair.g with frightfal rapidity, till daath pita a Sanad ta hia draadfal aagaringa by landing him ta that aatacararad caantry fram wboaa boarrvo na traralar ratarea. DR. JOEHIOM'IREMEDY FOR ORli ANIC WE ARB EM AMD IMPOTENCT. By thia graat ud important ranoajy waaknaiaaf tha argaai Ara apiadily carad and f41 rigar raatarad Tbnaanda or tha aaat narvaai md dabiliutad, aba had laat all bapa, bar* haan Imiaidiaialy raliarad. All imptdtmanta la Slarriaga. Phyalaal ar Maatal Plaoaalifaauona, Lua af Pro?raat>a Pawar, Narrjaa Irr taailHy Trarabling and Waaknaaa ar Eshaaatlaa aftaa ?oil faarfal klad apaaadilj car id. ENDORSEMENT OP TIE PREM. TEE MANY THOUSAND! carad atthia inatiiatlaa wlthla tha laat aMantaau yaara, and tha namaraaa important largtaai aparationa parformad hy Dr. Johraon, witnaaaad by laa ra part ara af tba ffara andf m'ny othar jiaraona, ooticia af watch ha?a appaarad again and again bafira tha pablia, baaldaa bia atandmg aa a gaatlamanof ahcraatar aoa raapoaati allity, ia a aaltiant gaarantaa ta tha aflittad. |an U-ly Dr. j. bovee dod's IMPERIAL WINE B1TTBHS, Are dow being need from Maine to the tireat Salt (Ake, anl tfte universal venliot of all who nee them either u a medicine or a* a beverage, ia that they are unaurnased in the world. Dr. Doda need ttoem successfully in itis araotioe for 25 yeara before we purohaaed of turn the aulo rieht to manufacture and present them for sale to the pubho. For the cu'e of Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, D*apepsia. Pile*. Nervous Diaeaies, Female Com plaints, and all oaaea reenir'ng a tonic, th?y are beyond doubt a moat invaluable remedy. Aside from their medicinal propertiea they are a pnre, whole some and delightful Beverage, producing all the plea.?ant exhilarating effeots of Brar>dj or Wine vithout their injurious reaulta. Let all fner:d? of humanity and all advooatea of temperance assist ua in aubatituine tneae valuable Vegetable Bittera for the mineral poisons and adulterated Liquors with which the oiwntry ia flooded, and thereby ef aid in bau.ahing Diseaaeand Drunkeueaa irom the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD 4 CO., Proprietors, 79 William atreet. New York. J. SCH WARZE. Agent, Washington, d. C. PR. J. BOVKE DODS* IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Dieeasea of the Kidney a, Bladder awl Urinary Organs, acd eapeoialiy for Fomal? Obatruotiona, never fail to oure, and are warranted to give aatiataction, CHARLES WIDDIFIELD & CO., Proprietor*, 7 9 William at.. New v'ork. j. SCHWARZE, Je7-ly,r " Agent, Washington. D. C. UmEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED Tht Natural and Surt Rtmedy for all iV?rvo us Complaints, From Neuralgia through all ca?*s where Opium wai ever used to that ofB?linuin Tremens, and the cotnmoa ohief caut)? of Disease LOS8 OF SLEEP. The Tu!u Anodyne, Uiough containing not a particle of Opium, produces all the requirements of, ami may be used in ai1 wnerovr-r Opium ?iu used without rroduoiuc anything but Cures, and Ijaving the pat ect in aperleotly natural state. Tiie Universal Cough Remedy, <freed from all tae ooinmoo obieotion of ?'ough Reintdiee, which froduce nauiea or prostration,) inay he considered tm noinmou enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaint*. anil used with perfeet impunity. Asking ali to o-jurt (rom proprietor or Irionds the moet severe investigation ofhoth Remedial, and reading of our pamphlets to belouud with all dealers, mI more particularly to purobase only of those who can be depended upon, we wait in confidence the decision* of Patients and Physioians. ' Prices within reach of all. 0K5UAL AOIHTS. J. W. Hc>xivi:.l & Co., 7 and 9. Commercial Wharf. Boston, Geo. Hunnkwxll, 14# Water st.. New York, Under the special supervision of JOB JV L. HIJNNKWEl.L, Chemist and Pharmaoeutist, Boston, Mips., whoie signature oovers the ooiksofthe genuine only, and to whom addraas all communications. Mold by all respectable dealers everywhere,and all the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown, roar J6-*o.r TOY FOR THE HICK AND SUFFERING. J Let all who a he afflicted READ! A D D T T7 TUP U C* r HV jmm M. M* M 4 411' llCiSDUi AMD REJOICJ? IX HEALTH, Friend, do you sulf-u? Are yon the viotlm of Uf ofthose numerous ailments which arise irom imSurlty of the blood.' What are the*, do you ask I Lsther ask, what are they not.' The blood la the nouroe of lile and health, and it is the firat element of our boing to respond to any cauae whioh affects th? the pulse infa lihlr attest* The aver prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Brr*>eA?, the subtle Scrofula, the sgomaing Rheumatism, Nervous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and dejeotion. and the numberless ills that flesh la heir to, derive their hideous origin from the blood. Deal ktudiy thss and gently with the blood. Use the vitalising resouioes of nature for ita aid. and suffer ua to commend to your oonfidenoe and use that tm'y va'uable me-lu-^rnent known aa MRS. 34. LOTS 1XDIAX VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia almost infallible speoifio popular sentiment baa spoken In decided terms, ana the evidences of this great efficacy are sustained by constant avowals of eurative effeots and th? happiest results from its use are aDer all other remedies and the best medical skill have failed. Let us sav. in ootiolnsion, th*t certificates nures are not sought from the illiterate and superficial, but they are volunteered from the most re- I poetaMe sources and justify the highest terms in \ whioh it is possible to oommend so valuable a *j><?oifh pnb'ic approval. Wa may add also that tnecurative propertiesorthemedioine are equalled t only by its restorative effects, the system reooverlog from disease witli reneweo constitutional vigor. ( or sale by all respectable Druggists in this city, and by the proprietor, MRtt. M. COX, ' " one genuine unless her name is blown on Uie bottle and her seal on the oork JJjr" ?*nce #1 per Nittle, six bottles for #6. I wholfaU Agent. R. f*. T. C188EL. Druggist, Georgetown. D C.t Wholesale Agent for the District, ar.d wi 1 supply the trade at my prioea. ] au l? tr ~2T9 206 ! Sags leave to can tn? auentiaa of his frffds aad | ajablic generally to hisNew Store, ander Willi rcPs HotelTjust opened, In conaaiion wtfk hfa oltt establishment, where he wi,l Jakatay to r*. 1 aive any orders for saperior Confections 6f tia owi , fin;table with th? ?ama romptneM lad 41?- i Mt.-^h whioh hi h*a hith?rtn ?i,n?n. n| T WM. T. DOVE k. CO. , /VKE Now jre?ar?fj to umbta uy ord?n with . " pfMtfSffl, ?Aff Og^EA* FITTING j ? > MISCELLANEOUS. Tbc ? 9?^E0E TE^T BOOM. , , hi-f . ,oW1nf nt>w Boolra for olaaa oal J22? ?obluh?d, to wkiok U? attention of fmehtr* u called ; ft! rfSrO t* rI?' Ifitttl "n) fa ?5 / tio.l. &r,sa,? Jsrm" s~"? *?* ? <*la all ?artanf French ?.?>.? .r^..^ after Poitrvin's r'9ynta*e KruouM," by F/T. Wiakelmann; 1 vol; iriot 91. _ . A New Method of Learning Byaniak, after the System of P. Aha. For sale by _ BLAVCHARD * MOHUN. an 30 Eleventh at n>4 Pt. w. OWKU IMPROVED W ^C10HINOBCAL?P These Scale* are?fler*d to tie jablie m the moit sipifle. durable, and reliable aoalee evar j?t xm se. Firstelaes premiums have been ^eji** by the Untied States Pairaed Vir^in^ AgnoaltaraJ Society; Virginia State Apriealtura. ^ri Iu8titi>te 1-air, Pemisyi vania; New Y^*?S5??A 2 Vermont Slate Fur, Ac.. Ac. la ? ?* ""JEST axl.bited thy nave reoeivedflrst elaa.1 r^jFAW* Por ?a eat 6* Louiaiaca avenue, Depot ?* ouier a Clul ed Iror. Safe*. J* 19-ir K* C. P ATT I BON, a, ??? KwraWH.'NgTON 8KWIN8 ROOMS, Ml V*"'* tu two do* s Xonk ef Pa. iH Now ?the time to W-^lgje1 Md ?"??* w w-t* " . n anN-? LM K K, F 1 RE. _ r r O TO MAC WATEM. I am still enrMed In the PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BVrlNEM at my old stand in PhilWmonio Hall. The advantage of having a aleatifal iiupely of water was r? adilv observed at the fere of yesterday, as I am well satisfied I should have been liuriipu out iHit lor th? tH'HBtnul supply np?r ay premises and th*t of my neighbora _ . ? AH order* for the introductioaof Watar and Ota will t>e prompt'* attended to. Tern* to reasonable a?* any plumber in tfceaUy. Jy3 _ C. SN YDEJL_ WOASFIXTlIlttl. _ E Have in store, and ara dai y rwtiTtM, 0A9 FIX TUR KS of entirety New Patterns and f*wt? to and Kiiusli, ?npei mr in style to anything haretOfW# odercd in this market. We mv:te citizens general lv to eail and examine our stock of (iaa ana Water fixtures, feeling confidont tiiat we have tha boat seiected block in Waehiucten. All Work in the aliove line intrusted to our Mr* will Iks promptly attended to. MVKR9 k. MeGHA.N. mar S-tf 31* Dstreet |k) ||na GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AND i?,UUU CRM! APPLE CII)KK.-We invite the attention of the public to oar larte and vail ee stock of f'Munpagne aad CraL A pple Cider, which we gna<a?)t?-eto be pure ltnoe, and will be old on reanouai'ie terms in order to make room for onr spring atoek> Give ns a call at the Union Bottling Depot, fa t Wo. IT Greenest.. Keorrelowa. if SOOHOMT! V\ V A A' /if ^ DISPATCH! <9 Safe Che_Pieees! 9K^ At mecidtnts will karr?a, rr?a to t04ll-rtuUu?i famuiu, it i? very decirable to hare ?ome and convenient way for repairing FnrniUre. Toys. Crookery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLCE meeta ail ?uoh pmer^ no houaehold MB aff< rd to he without it. It ia always ready and up to the atickinF poiuL There la no lonter a aaoeaaitj for nmrinjf chaira.aplintered veneers, headlees dolls, ami! broken cradle*. It ia la at the article for oone, she'], and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladies of refinement and taate. This admirable preparation la aaed oold. being chemically held in eolation, and poaaessing ah tM alu&ble ^a&iitiea of the beat ofbinet makers' jlaa. It may be naed in the place 01 ordinary mveilac*i being vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN ETERY HO USX." Priet, *5 centa. N. B.?A Brush aeoorn panics each bottld. Wh*lu*lt Dtrot, No. 4S Cedar atreet, New YOtiAddreas HENRY cTsPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3,600, Netr York. Pat op for Dealers in Caaea containing Pour, Eifnt, and Tweire Dosen?a beantifn! Lithographic Show-Card accompanyine each package. fCT A single bottie of RPALD1N&S PREPARED GLUE will save ten time* its ooat annual !y to every household. Sold by all prominent t*tationera, Druggist*, Hardware and Furniture Dea.ers, Grocers, and r anoy rtoraa. Country merohanta ahoojd make a note of SPAL DIttO'S PREPARED OLUE, when making if their list. It will stand any climate. fe 10-ly C\. & < f Ttii H kiwkrt it wuinmfirfurrd rmrl%- "jf ; /? Wjf/iw aw h, llkf JdtM JKthllrr .a ut y t % f y t tki ritlhy if tk* Mr*>tmpakrUi,) from ^ P 0 < C a Pr<<"* f*'* U Ml. ? JL u f I 7. m paws? IsxfisifrX-ess^,, ln< ? w tkt ten'i wJt. /iiiw, " hrtsii'saa'*; "fA j|??i's^SSto J' 2 - /y* V-RM?i- * 4^ ft CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ItmWFYWU _ ?v rnmmm M ? W ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT 0F THE ABOVE WHISKEt WM.EDA1Y, SOLE PROPRIETOR, 19 SOOTH WILLIAM SI MEW YORK. fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY j 7 ly BARBOUR It SKMMBB. rala sod half-barrela. Aa it la of oai ova distiila aon.njd ill (hi7 improved by u?, wa oon Meetly reoommepd it aa the PViaaT and beet Wkimky tW san poaaiblj ba distilled. We aleo offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, Phoenix Dirtillerr. on tLe fb? ^arssrjstksua. ***&>!? pRANCIS Hliril, Raspaotfully solicits the patranafe of tho** nV ** ,n **?tof any artiefsin the a&ora Tina. Hit indetrori shall bs to piaaacl aod by a itnot attaaaoo to tha wants of the public, he hopes to Bsarit ihara of thair patrona* a. .His took oonsisU of aranr article asnailr to hf ouad in a first-alaaa Family Oroaary aad^Fejd i. <. a. uiui. a. mott. i.kavntiT1 I ??? Mmgg, JNPKOTINE; OE, A A 9 X A H m A B * V M A 9 AA fever anu ao ue exterminated THE ETHAN COKfTlTCTION ft* VEI> rEOM WEEOK, % t the preventive amd remedy rwui I ' | .intermittent and eiliocs fevers, j ? 4?UR1T\'INSI'RKD IN A DAT. ?- * NATIRB'B GRAN. ^ **?TO?AT!VE. 4 M INFKCTINM, 1NFMCTINM.' INFECT INS, INP?CTl.yg' 1NPSCT1NS, INFS ?* The tarnblt Malady known M tie FEVER AN1> AGUE bu amities kaadreda of thaoaaarfa of pm~ (odi throaihoat the varM orery ;ni, aetf ha* k treaunect that haa aot prodaeed earere MEDICINAL DISEASES, vkiohafbel thelaao. tk* afieoa. the llror, th* heart, or oU?or ptiU of Um haaaaa orgauem. The INPECriNR ta tte aaUral aatacoalat of ail fe era, ud when it oawee ta ooataet with Ue aU?, ia alteorbed by Um interior orgaae. *Uok reel el eaaily mi Mm* aad all toadeaeiee tovarda thee* maladiee arhieh pro?trate tie mtad aad Mi with lever Ferer and A*up reanlt from namornaa aao?a. No plaoo ia exempt from the oaaeee vtuoh promote tk? exieteaoe oftbe diaaaaa. 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Laiaaai Bonaall. at Ptttabarv.far tw r?tre mmImi to himself and acaaiety?a aartrr M ChUla u4 F?var?ourad ia laaa liu three tub, ud im proved la eight hoara. Marr K. Bolhoap, 8a?dukr. OWo. after Hbm loeiag har rwwi M vaeU aa atraagth h? latermittaot Farar, vtth ChVla, raatored *o health ia tvactj hoara. J. R. Ti)toa,of Bai?rada. Malae, bvoaght fro* death's door, taring aaffcre* for foar yaara, aato vail ia Ira waafca, u4 ampcorad la two hoara. dolphe Maahra, of Fraaee, relieved ia oaa hoar, vhiia travelling ?a iha aara at the Fort Wayna aad Chicago Balirnad Ha vat affaran !* dtiu viU Chille. El 1m K. Bmibob, ?f Look port, N?r York, inCMd ilUrMm r?n' nlWif. A porfeot euro. Thoaaud of ottor MM pmooMd Ml or rod T?rr moot*. ud mot a aaaclo eoaplAUkt oi tfco oAoioiwy oftfco IHPECTUVE, a ^ PERSIA* FK\ IB C H All. TRY IT, FltOTM IT, KNOW IT. Aai aiki know* iU tobImM ymn ?ai wtmm, Um4 thoM who raftr, or vko mo tkr ?> < vitti aaflariftf, may koMtowi b<m?I?. tohoxiom pr*porotioo. Joraiokod by tko MM d MAN'S BLESSING ! m A M JO 0 IB SOLD BY ALL DBUBWSTS ANA MBP1CINB DBALBBB IK AMBK1CA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, MbfMillowypaitofBo Uaitod MM*. REMEMBER, U|? oatvwtf*. NiNUPiomn VY WILCOX * CfM i? MAIM run, ^ B1CBMONB, Y1BBINIA. j mrawcm ofttcm. No. M BANK OP OOMHBBCB B7ILDIN9/ r'1 NEW TOUL CITY. .

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