Newspaper of Evening Star, September 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 22, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING ST A R. WASHINGTON CITY: SATTROAT September t?, 1W, ftptrtt ( the n*mli| Pr??. The I'MdilWini denies, and quote* the record to disprove, the assertion at Mr. Douglas In his late ipereh at Rochester, S*. Y . thai the Mlaaoarl Compromise "hod been defeated bra union of I ? free-aoilera and aoutbern 8re-e?tfr?, who bad then combined agalnat tb? Mlaaourl Compromlee, M they now coaklw> against p?p'ilnr aovereignty." Tb? regard* the appointment of Ambaaaadora, other public Mlntatcra and Caaantu, Judge* of the stapreiM Court, and ?t her office -a of the Vnlted ^tstea, aa a very grave qneatlon In volved anoog other* In the pending Presidential canvaaa WMHiJiflron new f aud eossir. . - i?- ?' ? fn* < r**a ?On Monday evening the ceiebra (#/) riMrwr Am*?4A*B n ??? their laltial performance la this city, appearing in the " Daughter of tfa? Regiment" and the highly amusing fuoe of ? The (QuakerA great feature vftlcb tbcy have added to their performances ia the musical force*, aa given nightly In conjunc tiva with an opera. Miaa Milner ia one of the sweetest singers ever heard in thlscity; ?he haa alraady inalalied herself among the favorite* of our lyric artUta ; the purity of her voice, the ex cellence of b?r Totalisation, and the refinement and elegance of bet style, placea her with the flrat ca?j?rr?<M of the United Stake. During this en gagement (which ia poaitiveiy for aix nights only) aeveral new operas will be given for the first tiM in Washington. The first at these will be the beautiful opera of ' Lucres!a Borgia"?a rclt whlcn all Uie principal artlsta of the country Daf? aevoiea more amay to tban any other in their repertoire During their late engagement in Philadelphia, Miaa Alilner appeared ia thia char acter before a very critical audience, and without one ncep?lon the preaa of that city were loud in their pre lie for the excellent manner la which ahe attained thia meet arduoaa roh. Indeed, the exciteiueut ?u ao great that ahe waa called before the carta in three timea at the ead of each act; and in aeveral of h*r dueta ahe waa rapturoualy en cored. Among the other operaawfelch we proin iaed la " Fra Diavolo," an opera which canard the wildcat exi llement during the tour of the c* It bra ted Wooda, aome year* aince. The rery crmlc opera of The Klixir of Love*' will alao be rendered. Then we are to of 44 Cinderella. ' which is u familiar as house hold words. We have It frogs the best authority that every attention will be paid to producing these operas in s style never before seen in this city. Some time during the wetk. as a variety, a Crand miscellaneous Concert will be given, intro ducing all the principal* in full concert costume. .Mr H. C Ceopcr, the leader, has more experience la musical matters than any other musician in the United States He led the orchestra when the lamented Mendelssohn produced his great work, Liijah. As a solo violinist th>s country has not scea his equal, and we understand that several of his own compositions will constitute a part of the Concert ?;?rore your seatv at Metzerott's. 1 Pacific Tilioiaih?Tub Awakd mads.? The Secretsrv of the Treasurv has madman ?!? ?< to Hiram Sibley, Esq , of Rochester, New York, under the proposal* Issued pursuant to the act of Congreas -to facilitate communication between the Atlantic and Pacific States by electric tele graph " The lino Is to be constructed within two years from tha th;rty-#rst of Jnly last, and no contract Is to be made until It shall be In mc? tual operation. The bid was for the maximum amot/nt la the act, namtly: forty thousand dollars per annum for ten years, the charges for the trans mission of dispatches not to exceed three dollars for a single dispatch cf ten words, with the usual proportionate deductions upon those of greater leagth. Mr Sibley Is the president of the \Ve>. tern Colon Telegraph Company, and U regarded as sufficiently able, with the capital which he represents, to fu.ili his obllgrtioua. Abxt ISTKiLisixcs?At the expiration of bis leave of absence, (October kth,) Fir?t Lieufe-naiif Jefferson C. Lavis, first artillery, has been di rected U report at Fort Columbus to take charge of a detachment of recruits for Fort Moultrie Second Lieutenant Paul J. Cjuattlebsutn, ninth Infantry, has beeu directed to repair without delay to Fort Columbus and report for duty with his recruits about to be sent to the department of Cal ifornia. Second Lieutenant Alex. M Haskell, first in fantry, has been directed to repair without delay to Fort Columbus and report for duty with the recoita about to be sent to the department. * Th* Wxathsk.?Tiu; following report of tte weather for the morning is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The tlDM nf Ah?s?r?r? *< U ikout 7 o'clock Sim New York. N. Y... Philadelphia. Pa. Baltimore. Md Wtihl i|tn. D. C Richmond, Va.... Petermbarg. Va-..., Norfolk, Va Ralelgn, N. C Wilmington, N .C. ColuOibU, 3. C. Charleston, 8 C Auyuata. 6a.... Savannah, Oa... Macon, Ga...,,.. 22, I860 .clear, pleaaant. ciear, cool. clear, cool. clear, wind NW clear, clear, 80*. clear, t*3. clear, 55?. .clear, plrapint. .clear, cool. clear, 61?. clear, pleaaant. clear, ?7'. dear, cool miumbua, fin ,.ckv, cool. Muntgoatt-nr, Ala cletr, cool. Jackaoa. Ala clear. Mobile. Ala ...cku,?!8. nun lua win. Frederick, Md clear, cool. Hagentrmn, Md clear, cool. Cumberland, Md clear, tool Grafton. Va clear,cool W heeling. V a. cloudy, 39? Parkerabur^, Va....? clear pleaaant. Cincinnati. O cloudy, cool Pittaburg, Pa cloudy, 45-". Dubuque. Iowa cloudy, 52? Rock Island, 111 cloudy, 46? ti a/ometer at toe Sail tbaonlan at 7 a.m., (cor rected for temperature,) 3u;Hj3, at noon, 30,165 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 491; at noon, (H^J. Maximum during la boura ending 9 a. m. to day, 68 , minimum 45 . Pew?I Judge Clayton, Mlaa ; Hon H W. Hil llard and family, Ala ; are at Browns'. Major Dt-aa. I" 9 A , Col. La Barra, fc L 1 aldirar, and A L. Carvajel, Mexico, are at the National i oe Ktffbt r?t Geo Smith. LL I) , Biib op of Victoria. (Hong-Kong,) U now iu thU city, tae of Hub. Dr P Parker. rj^3=? KfcV. JAMtS THOMAS WARD Wll.t* IL < preach in ihe M Mhwhil pr<it-?'a;it nurch, <HK?tr**t. between E and F ?t?., TO MORHOW iSW WoRMNfj, at 11 o'clock. The publie are re*p>-ctlully invited to a-tend It* rry'WIDE AWAKES! WTDE AWAKKSl LL3 Wiyt AWAKE# !>?A regaiftrineettnf of liHW'iiie Avakn will be held on MONDAY Ev E NiMO, September Mth. at 7k o'oiock. Evert mem wr exspcUd, aa Uuaiueee ufimjortance to be con sidered. The aatlorm* hare arrived. It* 0 A. HALL, Bee. tnr l.JL). The member* of Eioelamfr ....... ii.M* eepeci&llr reoueatatl to fiieml the Lod?? on Yl ESDAY EVENING, 25tk inrtant. a? ku.inaaa uf great importance ?i 1 1* Hbmittra for their eonuderatiou. B> order. WM. COOrER. ?e 23 St Seu* ?ar j. ryV?M>Tll'E ?Member* of Ue Fiith Wfri 11 3 |>nu>cratic A?M>ciati<>n are her. |>? nolii.d TT> a tend a cail??l meeting of the Aatuoiation, f.?* t.i?cir?tiuuui v.fc era lur the eo??iaf atx u-ohUk, at the OH Capitol, on TI'KSWAY KVKMNG ueit at half t*?t 7 ? oloek. W. A MULLOV. Pre.. GEO. W. BiTZJat. ? >??' tt? mstzm?;>lNli ENVELOPE*. the must beautiful ?t?le?. 326 Pa. Av., \ at wee a Km aimJ 10th ?u , an n hill WirtlMTO!! s; 1 A.V?c J^-Nl AE VVARE*OpM. gre?t laduorriinit* |? p?r*oa? wishing to furniA U??ir Intuit* Willi Ooktl) Of rk?%? Fllrnltur-. Call ? J7c^GR KEN'S. - o?t> door Itwbi P?an. ?vw>ti?. \EW FI RMTI'IIK , .... WARKBOOM8. Mr of I-LA.\i K i* v?i v annt wet*kegrr?l u*. howmr Mid in** tj?> fri??(uaU is wtK wl mh *? our lia*. J. C. OR KEN. M 19 90? X tath ll. oc# dunr from fi.-? y? ^ [No. 670.) commissioner'S NOTiOE ofthe8ale F |}bfached tracts in minnesota, n the Links of the railroads. new lands heretofore noffered. Notiob ta hereby giren th%t poMio will be did, no the data aid at the ' *"? proited, id the State of M imki act* of puhlie land withheld ited September 3, IB 9 from the roola^ation No. dated July 9, , At the I .and (iff.o* at t*T. Cloud. o? the !rh day of November next J??r the <li??o?Al .iTUi? ?3U within the undermentioned township* with eld, pursuant to the above- mentions! otioe.Traun lie ?al*a hel * on tho7th Nov*u)ber>Jt9, voter tm kid proclamation, vn: Y I'orli of tki ban lint and ?e?*r of Ike foMrtkrrinti pnl mtridiam. "ownship 31, of range 2H Powufhip 95 of range C9 "o ffokhipe 41 n-d 44, of range XI "ownihip 41, of ranges ?TerfA ajik* *?s? lim *?<**"" 1/ tki/ftk rrintipal ifl 9% rotrnehiM 12' ?njj l^tof.range ^ rovnkh p4 122 and 1.3, of range ^7 rovimuip* 133 *, 125, an<l 18B, of range2rt "ownihiji i? I S tan. 137. and 128, of raage B fowcuhip 128, oi range#'. At Um Land offieojit Farkst City, on Wetlnei a/. U1I ??II uxhj U1 nuvrffllKf 119X1. lor IM U.ipo ai of the Lracu, witbia the undermentioned toa u lupa, withheld, purauant to the above mentioned out*, from the aaloa k: id on th- Si at Ootober, 1859, odor tue aaid proolain&tion, vtz: tortk ?f th* bait Umt mmd wjI ?/ tkt fifth principal merits inn. r?wn#hip? lit, 119, and i#>, of range 21 i'ownalup lit, 119 and 12i>, of range 22 i'ownaiwps 116 117,118, .19,120, and lil, of ranga 23 fownship# lift. 117,118,119 and 121, of range 24 rowoaltiM 117,118, and 119, oi range 25 l'i<wt.amp? 118,119, and 120, of range 28 Townehipe 11?, 118,119, ai.d 13), of range 27 Townahipa lit, 119, and 12 , of range 28 L'oqmeiiipa 118,119, and I2?, of range 2S I'oarw hip. 118 li t, and I2f?, of iange3i rowimin^a UK, Jia, and 121, of range 31 L'ovnaiupe 11*and 12), of range S3 Townvhip* 119 a?d 12?, of range 33 ruwaatiipa 118, lis. and IJu.ol range Towoaliipa lit. 119. aad 12 .of tange 35. At the Land Oiboe at Hkdihos, <>a Monday, heat <2a? ft' December next, tor the disposal of he iricu vittaa Lhe undsna.-nuoued townships, rtihhed, persnant to the above mentioned noiioe, run the aalee tieid on the 7th NuvMWr, I8j?, un ler the taut p?oolainaUoa, vis: Srrtk / tkt base lime an* we*t 9f the fifth principal mtri4 mm, ro<rne?tip II*. of ranee IS rovnoiiip* lit. <12,113,114, and 115, of ratrge 19 Township* '1*.1 'A 't3? and llj, of raage M townships 111, 114, and 116, of range 21 rovuanipa 114and 115, of range u [*ownsliipa 1.3,114, and 115, "(range 23 Towi.?hips lt2,113, 111, and 115, of iange24 [Vwnahipe 111, 112, U3 and 114, of range it township* 111, 112. Ill,aud 114, ol range28 Cowi.shipa 1U ai;d ?12, of i&nge 27. At the Land Oflioe at CiiATriiLD, on Monday, hr 2bth iajr of Noismhw next, lor tno disposal oi he tiaois within the andermoLtioned tjwn*hips, rithheid, pursuant to the above mentioned notion, turn the hel 1 on the 14ih November. 1110. un er tie said proclamation, viz: forth of I he ban lime and w**l of ih< fifth princir meridian. ["ownships 108 and in*, of range A Townships 1"2 and 103, of range ? I'aiWnsiiiDs 1(2. liKl. nnd Ifi nr r? ,n fowaahip* 1"3ud 104 of range II |'iiwn?lnp? U J and 104, of range 12 lownahipa I<M. Ktf.and 1 3, oi ranee 17 Pown*hip? 101 1"2, 103,ana lot, ofrange 14 Pown*hip* .01, lOti, lt<3, and 104, of range ?9. At the I .and Offic* at gp?sais? Cut. on Wednea lay, tii?- Jrth dsj of November utxi. tor the di*po ai of the tract* witnin the undermentioned town hip*, wttiitie.'d, pursuant to the above-mentioned otio?\ from 10" aal?-a heid at Cambridge on the i?t October, 1859, ander the aaul proclamation, ix: \~trrth of the bat* lint and wmt of Ikt fourth princi pal mertdian. [\?wnahi? 3B of range 23 row!.ainp? 38and XJ, oi ranged! lownaiiip .ki oirange 25 Township 34, of range 27. At the Latd Office at Portland, oa Morday, the 'jtlnlaj uiNovmMr neat. lor the diapoaal of the ritotB wiihin the undermentioned towiuoipa, with ield. purauaat to theaoove-mentioned notic, from ne heid on the Slat October, l&W, under the Alii DrOOi&n.8.tloD. VI* : Smtk of th'. ban lint and west of tkt fourth princi pal tn*ndi<in. r.wn. Itipa 53. of range 10 rowi.nhip sa.of rarf* 11 ro\ri:s(iif?5l anu 52, ol range 12 rovuslnp.Mand 51, ot ran*>- 13 I'owalupa In and .Y>, ol ram;" 14 Townalupa 48. 4' and ol rar.te 15 township* <7 aud 4H, of ran*e 16. Isanti* appropriated Iit law for tlieUM of imliana >r other put potrt will Ik) n&cimied from tti? aaiea Tl?* ti act* within ?i x unl?i? on eaoli aiao of the ailr<-ada will I>a . d?ied, aubjeot, a* ipqmr?d bj aw, to a minimum ol ti~o lot Inn and fifty i*u per aare, ami the paiticuiar tracts oik I.j ti" route* will be ?oid ubKct to the rgbtol vat or ?auJ raiiri ada.and m ooMaiiiiu; tlit qua.met: - p<?ctivei> mowu on the odiciai plat without dr luotioua. Th* <>tf?rmg will t?o can mencfd <>n the day? ap tointed.and will p ooe-.d in theorder in whiofe the; kr? a-J vertiacd, until thi who!t> ahali h?vt> beeii tiered, and tn- aalea cloud; Lut uo aale al>ail txs ;rpt open longer than two weuka, and no private m? ? <1 any of tun laod* will b?* adiwultd uutil jter tno eapi'Ktiwn of the two *Mk?.. r?o ? yrmvu I'ljUliWI l<> me right of prv-fliiplloli (* nhj ot the traat* eiiihinced by ilitt botioe la ra lu.rnl to eatabtisti the aamo to the K* ti?fa-ti"? ol an r?'ni*t?r Mid receiver ol' the proper laud (tfioe, ,ud make p&) inent tor tlkeir umm> uu or bflore tne ?r appointed tor the ooBiniouoemeijt of th? public the iands embrac it traut cialired; ottier ri>?, auoh claim will l>e furl:it>*1. G \eitUDiler my hand at the city of Washington, hit lath day ol September iw. Jo8. S. WII SON, Comnaiacr ner of the General Land Uftoe. N''tk.?Under the regmatioDaof the Department, hereti.foic and now payment can e mad? lor advertising proHama'ioi h except to uch publishers a* are >y tally nuthmi\td to pub ?h by the Commissioner 01 the General Land Iffice. se <S-wlO?s * M'LLE PRUD'HOMME. ^.AVINO Returned to the c'ty, will be rlad to ssunie her FRENCH CLASSES. Apply No. 431 all >treet. )*>tw?*en G and H. ?e 28-21* 2.00D LIGHT! X CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT! PAR AFFINE OIL. from Coal. KING * ULRCHELL, se 22 Agents for ita sale. mi nnu 11UL1A HAMS! 'V E Are again in receipt of a furth?r (apply of icee Haas. Th-y have been heifi'f iu the n->kehoue9 thruucn the ao\iton,an<l % c in aapnal ,.1-r. KING A OI KOHKLL.. >h Corner 15th at ^oriCE! NOTICE!: NOTICE2'. The u|>?rii,i[ of FRENCH GOODS, for the Fall *te, will l'? next Monila\, Septemb'W JUh. Tho *lia? are re^pectliilly in? ited to lnnprct tl?e> nove! t?* jci>t arrived liom t*an?. N. WILL1AN, Zi Jw t Intnl. A bt*te*t 3*2 Market Space. k STEIN WAY A SONS'. V NEW Ak?ortin?nt of th^ae unriva'Ied Juatrn enta w dot on the way, and will arn 1 a few toys.fruat the plainest to thffi f W1 if-at ele*ant Louie X?V ?tyla, whiob* ' ? ill t.? aotd at factory pricea at the sola agency, IKTZKROTT'S Mjiio Htore. a? U O N <i E*T AB 1.1 s II E D M ED1CALOFHCE? a EVERY DFSrKIPTlOy OK CVRABlE 'ISEiS* SPEEDILY REMOVED?DR* KOTilERS A OKAY ate the only physician* ia nit city who can permanently cure all *>oret dia without mercury. Our remodies and treat nt are entirely unknown to all others. Offi<*e 70 south B ?t.. opp aite Smithsonian. lt^ ~QJ ELEVENTH STREET. \ Q J T?/t HE IV ASHING TO* lSTKLLKiKKCK AND GENBKAL EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. The Proprietor returns thaik* for the patrorao > has rf< <-iyed, and stMes that he can supply the ??? nelp, vith good reference. Several fowl Su lfite wanted thia day, both male and female. Ho le supplied in town and country . k a. lw C. LEONARD. Proprietor. JEW STYLE CLOAKS * * AND PHAWLS. J net opened in oar new Cloak and Shawl Depart entalarceand beautiful assortment of new and Lhsh Fall Cloak* and Shawm, embracing ?U the Jit novelties of the aeaaon. Wo invite all latin s at wish a cheap and etvliah Cloak or Sbawl to Jl ar.d examine our weet prices. ?# n-kt m P NEW HAT AND CAP STORE. 1 L HE Sebeorilier wish** to inform hit fri?*nda and ? pub) 10 renerally that he k*i jnat opened ir-m >w Hat and Cap Store, embracing all the^l i?at at* lea of gentlemen*' and Hot*' HAI"9^ 1,1 ?APs,.uoha* JAPANESE HATS. PRINCE ? Wa1>8 HAT.Ofi'Ufflent' F.ench HATi\ :aok DRESS HATS, and all latest New York , i<*? of Hata find Cap*. , Peraona in want or each arliolea aa are abova entiooed will do weii to eel I ao?i examine kit ock of gooria before purchasing elsewhere, aa i . kve adopted the at stem of auiek sale* and small Ofiu. M.7). GLADMON. No. 9*6 Penna. avenue. north side, ?e 22 \w Uui wfcn 11th and lith streHs. , MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIOXBER IV MILL AID FIUVHI F1CTI1Y, (Sioa ov tmb Bus Flab Statt.) letth ef the l'ual? sear Ttk at. Bridge, Wiil Cur at ah, at the 'ahortert notioe. OF THK BEST QUALITY, Or Ait Cut mud SpiU m My lHtn*nti*tu. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST' With full it??t guarantied. rrr Rem$n?kor,Tiia Bur* Flao Bta". *Mt diw MvMth ?t'?et. ?"u(h of tK* t3*i M. and op hite th? Cmtor Mtrnt. GEORGE PAGE, AfCit. ?rr hiorory AND OAK Pl.ANK or TIM KR iof Any ?ix- or <lun?)u?i<>u? iKAWkb.POSTfi I r JOIST* MlPI'fcD, or L06? HAWED. at tiw BLACKSMITH! NU proayt- i MeenSifclHiova. *?S3 )m """I- - Rust of letters KMAIMING in tb* Port Oftoe, WMhin?toi City, d. C., Scptembar S2, IN). [Ordered to be iaWM in the Kvhim Sta*, it being ths w?**perhavinc,the l?rg?at oirometion of ?ny ifcily published in Wuhington.] lOr AH??r?on? applying fir letter* in the fellow, inc list, will pl<? Mr they ?re adtketiskd. LADIES' LIST. Allen, Mr? Akial tll*u, Mr* Hannah akiua, Pthucm Ad-iiiu, F R?4 AnArewfc K't* Byrn^Sr* Sarah Brown, Mary Ann Btotu, Mi?? L Brucw, Sirah Brown, Miaa Carrii Bull, Annie E Butler, Mr? Martha BrewMtr, Mtrg'l J Bayly, Mr* C C jl wer*?I)rl?i*h 4 I r?ffJBit?i?tll C .j.TWM L T> KA'SiYc Qidtl, M A Drake, Jan? Darr, Mary Dennia, Geo R?% Du^laa, H % Hie Poliv. Mr? Hey ward, Mn J B Peterson. Mr* J 8 Iteptlni, Mr* G Prater, Mar* E Jolmaon, Mr* Anna Rt*ea, Mrs 8 C J.clnw.lluJ Rom, Miaa Mtr| E Krtr., Pai.m>' R.*l?er., .Mr* M 1W#?,*n? > Keja, fcir.ih , K'ger, Mt? C J Keller, Eliiatxth Lee, Mia* Mart Uvnaci, FEE Lawrence, Mr* J Ro<1per?. Mr* M Richar4*on. M K Robert*, Mia O Hintth, Mia* Hemmea, Mm I Smith, Laura Smith, Fanni* Smith, Mar* C Lace j, Mrl M?ry R StltMuth. Mr* M M i j, MiaaLelleie* Mmiui, Mtry K M*u, Mhj A*a Sullivan. Drift Marti#, Mr* Jm Maytfer, .Mr* J S Maulr, Mt** fttocket, Ratie T Maddun. F 6u<idutb,D M Mum,C"ar??fl!? W Wdrrr, Mr* R Montgomery MiaJB Traverae, Rachel M'lrrtfdtr, Mi*a G Timor, Mta G McLntgrMin Mi*<E Tj ler, Mia* Cornelia McDonald, Mary Wei*h, Mary McCanUy, Mra R Wrifhl, Kat* McGntr*. Ml** K Wiiieh?uar a f. Gtnit, B?'?y McCri?Ull,Mary F Williame, Mia* E Hurhu, Marr V McDertnot, Ann Wcbtttr, Miry Marlon, Charloin McCaxroo, Biddy Wilton, Butts Hmim, Mis* M B 2 Nimtlett, t-miin Wi a oil, RtKrcca Hililnd, Mitt M B Page, Mr* An* Wilkint, K J Harrey, Bophit P-I^f, M r? W If! Tom, Mut EC Harrit, Amut M?3 Mr? H L GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Andrrton, WnD Allen, W C Adiiini, J L Artr, J it 8 A [exmder. Henry Aatocny, F Allium, Chat Adamt, C B A dam, B K Birftt, Dou Jot* Poo:man, W O Beill, Win D Boyd, Thot B tjlita, Rob( Brown A Co, J B Budd, J it S Ball. J S Bicktl, J e Barron, Henry Brew tier, H r Bayard,H M Bartlett, Geo O Kmvn. fl W Cme, Henry Uuuntllt, DrUH Harrit, W P Harmon, Wi Hud low, Saml Harritoi., K H H-y, Col Jno C Hockadiy A C?5 Howtil, Jit Howell, Dr J C Htalty, Om P A Haines, Geo 1 HiUbotit, Geo Hoattou, Lt O C H iriit. B T Harper, B Hobbt, Ben llincltinf hook IngertolT, J at Juitet, l)r Wdi Joy, Loot C Joalin, Rskt Jiplranii B P Powert, Thot Phillipt, Thoinat Pinch, Thoniat Parker, Robt K Pietoa, R R B Pollard, J 8 Perk mi, J no A Picked, J P Pefraiat, Juo Paucrtou, Jat P<bUey, (it* Prender, Geo Plumuier, B P Portor, B H Rufti, Tin* Rowland, TTio* Robuiton, Rilat llmchnif hook.V?4 Ref en, Mith Roherdt, J M Rilif, I?r Jamet Kow.iey, Jamet Ricntiai, O P?* B.ckley, Gru Babio, B P Butt, A W Biker, A H Chandlie, W C?? Cog-iwtll, Lt W Coumbe, Juo P Cuurhlau, Jao Clara, Gwtu Cuher, Dr F B Cooper, UoaaUa Carter, Cn ChimniTo t Broa otll Carlin, A R DfL*t?tir, V Da?n,W O Da?n. s H Delanaey, R A Donnellv, Pm Uersorto, J H Duul, J initi Draw, J W IH'n, J K Douuel, J ? Dariaou, U Denoia. O R Du?ali, E p r>. rw n...j Jofcnton, W T J*rrii, Henry Jordou,C M Kelly, Wm Kockimlufn, Tlioa owmu, n v*" 3 Sexton, Wm ' 5vUi,tJr Kpeiden, Jr, Wm Ko.k, Henry Stakaoii, Thoa U?4,!, Her mar. Steel, Tlioa M LotiflVMow, Wn. E 8iwytr, T R?f?e, Chaa P Rupert, Chaa R unaay, A C Siodd,rd, J c Swaju, W Lee, Wm C Lenoi, Walter LimhicDin.-r J Lrwt, Rich L"?ira>, Dr M Uo?d, D D L'Od. Chaa E Linton, Bentmi SmitJi, Robt Hwe.iier, Peter Smith, N ] S.o illwootf, M Kieel.ii, R Smith, Jot Stedman, J?a B Sandford, Jot P 1 o.j :i aioru. j oi I * MaTeTiV ?W-' Si""!* *"7 Malcolm, W B Murphey.RO Mtrtou, Mr Morrla. M P Mum, 6 L Maauo, Jn? Mataolettt, J R Mar!?in, J H My?r * Sou, J Hi~^i?_ I _ r" Schroder, H B ?ibl?y, H Shepherd, Gao Smith, Kdw.rd 8?lnioft, D I) Smith, A T?S Trealer, Wm Thompaoo, B W Taruar, 0 A D'jwuing, C V DeConeT, C T Du llcjf Aiti Povnl. Alfred Ellti, V iipnein Kill?. Povhwt ?li Evei?ou, Mark?2 Einainer, Julious Euer, H K?2 Elliott, G<* > F Elrootistoii, Geo W Fuller, N II fiMefto, Mr FtrUj, Ji?o rui.k, H L Frost. Henry Foi,C J Gold, Wille ! Grtrti, Tiio* R GnlT.ii, Ttio? Gaflenj, Mich Gr:thn ru, J .it H (ioodion, Jot Gardner, Jno W Or* him, J i? s i'lauuuj, j. Ci Morns, J at Mi akall, Jne Moxtly, HT-'i Moiod, Htnrr Moore, Geo E Me?ert F E M.trtm, G W M*ihews, Francis Morris, ? J Milton. Ebia Moore, E W Mann^kee, E O Moroni, D B Man ha lis, M McDonald, I) McOewftu. it| McCle iLu.d, J D Mc K if, ft ic h?t Mcfeeuna, Tbei . McS!ie.?, W B McDowell, T C Mifson, T A Oiirer, W G Owens, Jnrt T O R^iu. F i ice, tap J?> Tompkins, D F Tanner, B T L'rben, Geo W Varnnm, W M Welch, Thoa W illi.Mn T C W'hiuuf, J s Wmder, J A rson, T W T Walkai, Geo Wilhams, Geo 9 Winston, E P Walker, C J Wheeler,C H Worthinrioo, O Wi?us, t J Wadsworth, C E Wetmter, Chas >T.'ii?r, A r Wright, A J T Woodward, A Yost, ? M Young, L C ViHin ar R If G.?lt iher, It M A Co MISCELLANEOUS.?L?f?ynie Home; Mul Contractor sroin Washington to Tit>r; To hi* Uoiior the Urand Ueu'ral of t!>?Ap"Hrhr??clio?iom< Society lErLiKTTBaS UV91 IN ALL CA?I? BH PKKFAID. ??p22 \VM. JONKH. P. M. J^'EW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. We ?rrt now in receipt <?f our Kali ato<'k of PAPKRHANlilNGS, WINDOW JSHADKS, SHADE HOLLAND*. PICTURE AND SHADE CORDS AND TASftKLS, U1LT CORNICE, CUR TAIN HANDS, PINK, h?. Embracing ail (Qualities am! Puces. All of which h%\ e been purct aseil direet from man utWcturen, a:xl with unusual care. We f?el. therefore, that, with our large an.I varied atock, we shall be able to pr??ent sup-rtor induce merits to purchAsera A call la solicit**I whether tou purchase or r:ot. All work iuour line executed by j.uponor workman in citj or country, aud war iai?tei in every particular. CaU At FRANKLIN Jt ROTHROCK'S,

te&-4tA?2w ^n.i, corner i?:It at I D *ts. 4 MKDAI.I.IONi n?BI'l:TlMia FKW Very handsome ViiLVET MKDAL LI'i.Nd, in new eatterna, at v?-r? low prioea. For ?aJe by L. F. FF.UHV & CO., Upper Rcoiiis "Perry Uuildnu," ae_ZS3t Cor. Penn.avenue nail Ninth at. HMISS JKNKTTK I.. DOU<JLA<<9 AS The pleasure of Announcing to her frienda and th * public that ?he will open tier Saminary, at tke corner of II anl 11th at* . Philadelphia Place," on Monday, September lotli. For term* call on the Principal. She will l>e as aisted by the following experienced anl efficient teacher* : Miaa DOUGLASS? Higher Kiigliah Rranchoa, Composition and Penmanship. Mua Abbik M. IJaoona?Latin, Algebra, Engliah Branch**. Mias Juliana G. Mat?Teacher of Vocal Muaic. Prof. G?o. C. S< uakvvkr?l.ecturer on Philo?o pby, Chemiatry. and Physiology. Prof. Hkmky E Marix?Teacher of French and German. Prof. C. W. Dkkqmaak?Tpflcher of Piano aod Science of Mnaic. Misa Mart T. Davidsox? Piano. J. Madison Watson, of New York?Lecturer on ciiuouuua. Jossph O Biarr?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Spaniah. , Moral Science rvud C'assics. r 0 7-3w fHlUKERINti PIANO FORTES, V' PLAIN O V2HSTR UKG. The unqualified preference t ven then* Inaln menu, and thatr ooaatantly incrtasinf popttlnrt'i/, la the inuct convincing proof o( their superior ex celleno?. For *? <>> Ty by JOHN F. hLI<l9. 30fi Pa. av., e 21 batween 9tli and 10th sta. N MORE NEW DREivS GOODS. OW Receiving a large and beautiful assortment <?f rich Figured Merinot. faahineres and Mou??e.? me* in new atylea; ?ioh Plain and Raped Popiinl in all ahadea: aplenriut Plain Black and Batader# Silka; rich Silk Rob's and Silka by the patterns, with inany new and atyliah Good*, now daily open in. tn ?h.-U ? ' " * " on 01 our RMM and purchasers generally. _ J, W. COLLEY A CO , a6 2l 6t __ 5'i3 Seventh it , abor# Pa av. ?HIRT1NG COTTONS AND LINENS. I have now on hand a full supplj of all the best brands of BLEACHED SHIRTIN68, such as 10 NEW YORK MILLS, WAMSl'TTA ARK WRIGHT " CONTINENTAL " DW1TE A BOOT. Ac. Aleo, the original Never Wear Out Family Shirt ing, whioh I nave made to order, with injr name stamped nn them. Also, one oaae <u a%sort.xl qual ities of Irish Linens and Linen Shirt FronU, of m? own importation, made to order in Ireland, aO warrant d pure linen HENRY EUAN, we 21-6t sai Pa. aretine ; avtl Tth street JAYA AND RIO COFFEE, Black and Jireea TEA, Brown, Yellow awl White SU<: ABS. Received at 1.. A. DELLWIG'S OLIVE OIL, SCOTCH HERRING,CHEESB and BUTTER. At L. A. DELLWIG'S. nSWEGO PTARCH. and t . ? vnvMltvm X id IWJ \J Savins SOAP. Received at L. A. DELLWIQ'S. A CHOICE LOT OF OLD WHISKIES. PORT A WINE and BRANDY, received at L. A. DELLWIQ'S, w fl-lw Seventh Navy Yard. EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. I with to call the attention of the public to bit NEW IMPROVED F K IN O U R Q AS-CON MJMINO PARLOR HEATER aa being the vfr* he?t Mid muit economical heater an yet invented. 1 will guaranty thoin to heat from one to four storiej of a house perfectly with alumt the mine quantity of fuel a* an ordinary *r*te or ?tove vould require, aiul will furnish satisfactory references front relia ble citizens of Washington and Georgetown, who now have them in use, as to the merits of this heater over all others which are offered for sale to the ?ut> lic. Please call at t\ WOOD W ARD'*. ^ 04o i oiuijiJ iTlfOTB SftTlH?, Between loth and lUh tti. P. S.^Manufacturcit l?y 3. B. Sex to a k. Co., Baltir "'partar iiettiri and aJl kicdm of Stovea repaired " sssr"- c.w. 4 CADKM Y OP MODKRN I.ANGAL'AGEP, /V (Waiuinotob firiLniBo,) P* Avenu*. Comer tfStrrmik Street. Phivat* IwnTmccnoif* ni Pbkwch akd ftr4Ni?H. DAY KWaWaTIONSK** A- M. I>? WO?n!HUR^>'j ?rofe?ior of Modern Languages and Literature, has th? honor to an nounce that he will reiume hi? Clas*e*ani t.essona on wedneedaj next, the 19th or '3eptenl bfT, in tho ft bore Aoftdemr. He i? prepared also tt> lire, m schools and private fanniHoi, a Course of Lecture upon the Freneli LtteratiiA, from the Ker lio?t Formation of the Language to the- I'meqt Tim*. ? ; For terins and further particular* jt^uiro at tM Academy, where Prof. De Month orry will be in at daily from ? to lift. ftnd from ft to f. ift. ou * i * ^ 1 j i * * I lm AMUSEMENTS. Q D D F E W_L O W 8 ' HALL POMT1VKLY. LAST DAY! ONLY MATINEE AND LAST SOIREE. The m m . *" of , tesfe. and EVENING, Tfwuu ni.iBTKELS] T arc well Appearaucftof : MR ROLLIN HOVVllD, The jocular SATURDAY jFTERNit . SSPTKMBK* 99 First Night of th* OrMt Hurle?ine Opera of 1L TROVATORE Leonora.. Madame I nd^x Fsbri-oo Manrico ?. ..Succor Wax Wolfer?bors During the opera the following pi^eei will be given : Overtoreto "III Tro\atore ;f the Aonl Chorus; Cavatina "Tae^a !a Nott*;" Grand Aria "W Bv leu," and the (treat Miserere l>??t. Conductor J. II Budwinkero ifalMsrsarrissf adniimon. ? eents; children, 15 oents. The Kvening admission the same as tmul. No fr?l'st. U_ r OOK OUT FOR THK HICKORY BOYS FOURTH GRAND ASSEMBLY OF THK HirKORY CLUB JR _ Will ulcejlaoeat 9m Ttiutavs wAL.L. itk st.. b?i. D mmd X.jH On MONDAY L'VENINO, Oct. 1?U 0^ For particular* sm fnturt>adrerta?nient. It* | ~ O O K A T _Jf H 18! Thi Okiatipt Ex*tbttiow Now Tiirtlim! PROF. BROOKS' Olelirated Live and Trained ANXMAIiP. Conaiatiazof Beira. Monken 9nakea,Wild Cttr, Leopards, Parrot*. Ka^lea, Wnite Mica, fco. Thi? jfre?t Exhibition can lie teen for ONE WEKK ONLY *t Ninth at., opposite Center AUr e PROF. BROOKS Challenge* th? world t > province bin equal. He will SWALLOW LIVING r*NAKF?.and defiw. ant pera?ii to bring him a niiska of any de?onpt??>n which he cannot awaliow in half an hour ftfter vtrdt. He will al*o perform with a RUSSIAN BEAR, A 1.1 .If! ATflR IV11 n I'?T 1 iu/11 * .. iuu ?./? i , ?uu i/ur Pe foriiunoe from D to 11,1 to 3 and 5 to 10 o'cl'k e&ch day. Admission 20 seats ; ohildren kalf-prioe. M 21 3t* . QDD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY, Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Hipt. Q4v*. THE HOLMAH Juvenile Parlor Opera Troupe, Comprising the most talented ohildren in the world. Tlie name* comprising this Troupe ar? the same as when at Palace Garden and Hope Chapel, York, a d now at the Continental Th?ater. Phila delphia, vis: 1>i ins i* A L l< I E HOLMAN, Prima Honna Com'qne; LITTLE JULIA, *T.a Petite Patti," Pianist an?l Comedienne; MASTER BENJA MIN, Balladist and Dialectatist; MASTER AL FRED Comedian. Baritone, Buffo, a .d Sr.aro Drummer ; Mrs GEORGE HOI-MAN, Prim* Don' * S prano and Pianist; Mr. GEO. H<*LMAN, Tenor and Tutor. T)..,.- - " " ? - 1 1 iuo UJ atnuisaiwu *o ouuw?, reserved >eai9 i?> cm. extra. Tickets Tor *ale at J. P. Elli?\ Pa. av., between 9th and 10th fU. 21 11 w ASHINGTON TH HATKG. GRAND OPKHA SEASON Kor Six Nioht* o^ly. COOPER AMERICAN OPERA TROUPE, l'n?urpa??ed l?jr atiT Company, native o* foreign,in the Uniteo States, and numbering Twenty lira legitimate Lyric Artxsttr, Wi-1 appear on MONDAY EVENLVO,SepteiTiber?4. I860, Will Ik? pre?eiit'-<i Ooniz"tti'? Opera of the DAUGHTER OF TH K REGIMENT. To eoaotude with the miimnal afterpieoe of THKOl'AKKR. Supported lijr an efficient Ohoni* and a powerful O.'choater, the whole uuder the direction of . . H.C.COOPER. I T t A lotilap A r ?1.A O I la_?-_ *-v - xw... . vi nin nujfti iniian up6r&. London.) : ANNt K MlLNKR,(Prim* Donna As*o!uta ) I).?ors open at 71,' ; Opera to ?nmm?nca at S o'cl k. Prices of Admmsion: Dresx Circle unit Parquet iy< cent* : secured ?eats 25 een?* extra; Oroh ester Chairs ?1 ; Private Boxen .?? each. Heatn maj now t>e seoun<u at .Metzerot'.'s Music Store. Polite Ushers will l>e in attendance. se 19 5t Third grand cotillon party^ of THK MOUNT CLARK CLUB, The members take pleasure in infmtnmg their many lriends that their Third Grand Coti?lon ft* f:art? will U> itiveti at Ptott'* Ham. on II* TUESDA Y EVEN! N (j, Sept. 23th. IHGn. /M They pledge themselves to maki tins auuBi p eit?ant eveuiny to all who may honor theut witli their presfin-o. Aitu'acel l>rat?d ootiiUtn baud lu?/. (teen eruae* d for the oocasiou. Tlcki-td $i,*tattl tint 'i K'*ntleinaii and ladies. C MM1TTKK F. Mohler. II, W. Hincs, J. K. Hilton, J.W.Hill. se to ?t? yyASHlNOTON THKATtil. Sole Lessee and Mai.a?*r S. XV. Gt*x??. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will ?>p n for the regular Fall and Winter Seftaon on the uight of TH lTR8DA V, \nvixnt l?r. JOSEPH J KFPERSON, * Tk* Comadiau ol the Ane. will coimneiine an en. K??ein*iit of Tw?ivh Night* on NON DA V, November 5th, ami will b? lot low-d lift tie Iflogt BRil.l.UNT STARS Iii th? Theatrical Finrutmert. Communication* if a<l<tr*o*ed to S. \V. Gl "Ola Bow?*rj Thtater," New York.wilL meet with prompt attention. lu IB-tf w ILL BK OPENED ON SATURDAY", SfpTEXUKR U'll). HEW ESTABLISHMENT ! CASn PRINCIFLK TRIUMPHANT! AN IMMENSE STOCK or BOOTS. SHOES. HATS, CAPS, AND liM BR ELLAS. No. 34? SEVENTH STREET, Two door* nvth <\f Xorthrm Liberlus Marktt. Uxbivai.kii in Varibty. Quality, asd Prick! LADIES' SHOES, of almont Every Orade; MISSES' and CHILDREN'S SHOES * I.' - -? - \ji iivory nau ; MEN'S BOYS*, and YOUTHS' BOOTS AND SHOES. With the Pine"t and Cheapest Assortment of HATS, CAPS And UMBRELLAS To l>e Pound in tbe City. An we propose to e*tal !nh ourselves permanent. I) in Immner* and secure the confidence of lite pub lie, W'< ar-? d?t?rniined to se I at the very smallest possible profi' and deal in candor and fairness with all who may l>e disposed to pa'rontze us. C P. CUMMINS A CO., e an 3tA'Jaw2w No. 34? Seventh st. D 1 R E C T IMPORTATION. RODHEHS^CUTLER Y. Just received per steamer from England, another lot of superior T A BI<K and POCKET CUTLERY, from the celebrated house>>f Joseph Rodg er* A Son*'. Sheffield. IVORY-HAN bl.ED TABLE at d DESSERT KNIVES, IVORY-HANDLED CARV ERS and PORKS, POCKET and PEN KNIVES. BUTCHER KNIVES, SHOE KNIVES. R AZORS. SCISSORS, STEELS, Ac . Ac together wi?h a well ^elected stock of HOUSE* VURN'SHINO HARDWARE. Por sale low bv J. E. SHIELDS. Hardware Importer. 839 Pa. av., 80 21 31 ODDOfiiU llrnwn'a '| HE UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL, at hi# hou*#. at private sal*, a large Seren-, Octave Ruinvood PIANO FOR TK Alio! a Five-Octave MELODEON. Both ia - stmaient* are of beaut'ftu wood and elegant tone. S% WW 111* mi Persons who arc in want of euoh inntrume..ta will It at* call soon. 'I hey will be told wii$h beiow their r?al vain*. Warranted to b" perfect til erer j f*p"<:t. 47 3 Fourteenth street, a few doors south of Pa av. Terras cash. s?*>3t" MARCUS RE BINE L DANCING ACADEMY. EWI8 CARUSI Takes pleasure to in torn his friends and the public that he will resume his Danoing Lessons, both in private and in classes, at bis old stand, under the Theater, on th* first Monday in October. I_ Tonus made known on asylioation. Common tions through the Post Offioe. Cat*ti on.? whereas some persons are making use of my name to initiate themselves latopaatitin, I hereby inform ray friends and the public that I hnve not smii?*tioii?d aiiAk TSB hlS 'A *" LRwfs CARU8I. EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. gjg 1 wiah to call the attention of all thoM viahing to obtain ? ?r*t ciaat Cooking Store, that the chine void van now tm filled l?t purohaainc on* of my YOL'NO AMERICA DOCHLE-T0P OAS f.oNSUAl ERS-th* antes top biting double, and no arranged that a circulation of air ia kept ap 1m? tw>H<n the plat# a. tiierei* preventing it from ever mukiiig ai*t Imooiuuig wait?ed.(like maiii other*.) whiak prevent* then trow baking veil afterwania I have also a great variety of otker firat-claae COOKING STOVES, vis: The Fuel Saver,wuk or withoat the extension tup; Challenge, Telegraph, Patapaoo Cook. Pennsylvania Complete, ami others, whioh will be guarantied to giva aeuafao No. J1S Pennajlvania avenue, ae 17 $t Between leth and iltb ata. WHIBLBR * WILSON'S TT . UNRIVAILED * w't?TmpiSvkmi!nto11~C** whisk mdir Umm absolutely ?U tet cm k* .1 dMir*d, AT THE NEW AGENCY, ' No. 946 PrmftTLVAStA Arsnct, hvTtk oCMOt, From #30 to $109. With lostrBoaoaa fri* of aiuujo. a.n 23-1 m P. J. 8TEEK. A??ct StiSgmit** MU-aolm . >- "J 0*i i'il Hum REPLETE WITH ISW i a ,t X= W R. BRIC1 J A# rMnrned hmn U? Northara citlra?bM pa 1 NfcW YOR K AUCTIONS at aa IMME.N8K! >d cofttomer* a SHARK atf th* advantage by arllli WOOLEN FABRICS. , ^ FVneb MerlMM at 73 tra S eta. Iloaahaz:pes at f I. <M rent Vtdencle* at 37 eta ceni rou ae ciievrea at *5 c?. S5 UO Stella Shawls at *4 4 92 50 Black Cloths at ?1 75 S3.UU Black Clotba at . 50 c*nt Caaalneta at 37 eta. < 35 cent Kentucky Jeans at 1^ eta. 29 sent Flannels at 21 eta If cent flannel* at 11 cU M Blankets at S3 3ft. . - idlilnn to the above, we bare a larr* stock her DRESS HOODS, 4 XK M" AMD DKSlRAl ild to the aeleillon of I bear goods, ao aa to com bin e think the assortment cannot be surpassed In to indred STELLA, HKOCHE, and PLAID SHA V DDKKat* raicaa, cannot be surpassed In this cit lawl Bordering, la cbolce styles; Ladle* BE LOVES at87 <enta; Kid UaunOeta at ceata; wrias Collars. Cambric Baads. Ladles Vesta, and t blch we will aeli at about aur tbe i*ar al price. FOR GRNTLEM1 re bare TWO Hl'SDRED aad 8EVENTKKN ASSlNEfSof tbe moat approved styles; the obj >nce of color, good style, and LOW PKICES. . 1 qualities. These goods were purchased at AL'Cl CARPETIXG, RUGS, Thia department la a prominent feature of our i woo wiib u> corer ;beir noon, to three goods, w ajict or coLok, and low rucu NV?h?*? Klfgant tfiree-ply Carpeting* at SI, Super Ingrain Carpeting at SOrta. Good Chamber Carpeting at 20 eta. GENTLEMEN'S AND liOYS In tbU line we are well supplied In all the varfc lolce In style, and aa we get tbem direct from tin BTONI8H1NOLY LOW PRICES BOOTS A M We have as entirely new stock from the beat a secure Mob goods aa will carry tbelr owa recota une? Ladles' Gaiters at SI. I Indies' Morocco Boots at tl. \ i.aaies Morocco suppers 50cts. Undies' I.n?t! nc Short SO eta. Chllllrai' 8b<? 25 cts j Also. a fall and complete stock of Rubbers and INARILY LOW PRICES. We would Invite all who wiata to study ecoaoor id compare it with the prices thev have been ia tt ten ?lve us a call, and we GUARANTEE TO T HFlR PURCHASES. se?l-law*.2wS ft PERSONAL. I {ffMt REWARD.?IUa svit from the s-h 11*1" ?crit*?r, living near Glrmont, AA harlea conntr. Md , on Sunday the l '? in ant. NEGRO BOV ISA AO NELSON. I ted about IB years, aUtut 5 feet 6 inches ia lijcbt; light cupper color; very fol. iuitofiA* , tir; has a so^r on Bin upper lip; elothtnc not membered. I will rive ?.y> for the apsreh?n?ion ' wild n?(ri>iu Charles county, or #1W? if taken sswhere; in either case he must be delivered to e or secured in jail so that I get him again, se !9 lsr? SAMM/h. COX. [*0 'THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOl'S.-Madam 1 D , to well known a< the most successful ex- , amer of the Past, Present and Future ever in >*ar.bington. continues to he connultad wmIiIi k? irt<lr<v1? finxiou* to know of tiling* at preaent hid ?ii frwn them. Her consultation fee, to both ?en emrn and ladies, is extreme)* moderate. Call at er house, on the ?<"ith sulft of Massachusetts a* , rtwfen l?th ai.d 18th its.?the onlr house there. ae 17-< m ] Ll AOAMG MOKRICk, ThiGiut A*teou> *1 ?I?T t!<D DufTlUI. just from E*roiH.?T*i* ichly and intelligent lady oan foe consulted d the Paat, Present and Futare EtmU. Call at [o. 304 Twenty-seoond street, between H and 1, Vaahin*ton. jelB-Stn* ? EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, kc. FOR ARLINGTON! (tRf.atest prc stfof the season: Th? HOWARD ASSOCIATION of Washing- ! >n announce to the public A GRAND PRIZE PIC-NIC, For the Benefit of the Poor, On Monday. skftixiis9 4. t Two or three thousand rnse# to he distrihted. { *ch lady And gentleman are to re . J ?ive it pi lie when they enter tbeJBa4g-3?-*-? ate. 'I'he prise* are to old WnUihee, Tea Set? and Jewelry ol every dr viptioii. l.adiM' MufT*, l.adiea' Fur?, Ladies' love#, CLUriiun'a Carriage* ar><ICrib?,Ao Alto, GRAND DISP0AVOF FIREWORKS AT NIGHT! A full Bimi arid hiring tiand hai been engaged >r lb-3 oocaaio*. The Prize* will he exhibited in one tithe largest welry establishment* in the city next .Monrlaj. | There will 1-e a large box upon the g ound. f-ora hicli each vim or will draw an env lope they it?r, containing the number of the prise, and will N'^iw the pnx.;on the card in the envelope The stagea will leave hourly , ootnuieiieing at 8 clock am. The Geo. \V. Rigg* will leave toe l.arl.loot of Hiitli atreet, and run hourly. Card* oiailinuKion lor gentlemen.*?eent?; ladies, ceula; anl childrMi and aerxauts Iree. By order of \ M 2u-3t COM. OF ARRAMiRMKMTS F.AOI.K 8TOVK HOUSVt. HAVK Now in tor*' a complete as*ortroent of m FltANKiJN KADiATOKS. (three a?a-*.> bey are a late improvement on the old Frank!.n having the radiating attachment, aliainf hoc porcvlian lined nrna for evaporation, id are ileei>lf<llT the eretueat ami inuat cheerful t?<ve to rit l?j (l?>r parlor or cliamtxw) that can tie iiml in any market. a? you nan he accommodated ith a cloae <>r an opeu crate fire at pleasure. To > lound at C. WOODWARD'*. No. 31* Pennsylvania avenue, p? 17 l>etw<M?n 10th and 11th ati. > V STF.A.MKR COLUMBIA. tlua morninf, > i September 17,? we --hall be in receipt of a large ock <>f staple DRY GOODS of the t>eat clans, to i examination of which we invite our customer* id the pul.lic penerally. r amine* tdri mi* lor cash are especially solicited inspect oitr stock ; thev can oliliun their supplies in us at the very lowest cask prioe?. One pnoe cul%. All tooUs vill be delivered omptly on tha day of sal? to any part of the city. CI.AGFTT ft MAY. &e 17 Ht 3'24 Pa av.. I?etw S^i ami lmh rtn. JORFOLK OYSTERS! 1 NORFOI.K OYSTERS! rho f-nou and lanced NORFOLK OYSTERS the market are received and daily rvc?i up (together with all the I'therTX f xunes in muosi in the very IxitmUV C.GAUTIFR*S ? Ladiefantl G'titlemrn'r jMom ansi Rutauramt, 2** Fkxk*. Avimh, i? ll-M,WAS!Uw Between 12th and 13th sts. H)R SA1..R-A fine yoen* GR*Y 1IOR8E, work* well in harness. Apply a' r\ yEMAlING ft FOY'S StaWa. C street,*L-3k tween Four-aod a-half and Sixth etreeU.^XZX ie 3D-eo6t ' NEW FAUL GOODS. t. OWEN ft SOS. MERCHANT TAILORS, i Penn. avenue, hava Just opened their ?t invoice of GOODS FOR THE SF.A80N. which they innte the attention of their en'ta and customers. ie 20-eotfw ART HUBS! 4 ' tUK IRON OR WOODEN AXLES! fast received and for sale br JOHN R. El.VA.N8 A CO.. (Alex. <? ?.? HtKnTMut. POKES! A lot of SPOKES, IHj, 13%,and 1* in?h, (thor oughly aeaaoned.) at $2 per wt of 00, to close oat the tame. For sale br J. R. BLTAN8 A CO , (ae lt-aolw?Alex. Gaa > *09 Pa. 1 MUSIC. ISS M. F. EDWaRDS, Who ha? hadsereral bra' experience in teaching, will now me har class on the Piano, aad ia deair-JIBBBI a of obtaining an ineraaaad a umber o(*TV%l T ^ile. the will attend there at their own raaitfeeoa, hare thein oume to her oa ?>inth a treat, batwaei wid M, No. 3il7. Terms moderate. ee !?-? 'RENCH ALWAYS AHEA?! ^ m. m atylaa. t. & lUGLABud LADY do. kl?nta anpplied at Naw York priooa. M IVlv NION FIRKWOOD MILLS, COKHBB TTM ?T. Ag Cijlit, ^ Di? under aifoad most raapartluUy in vita the at ttion o| our ouvtoinera and Uie public jererallT the (art that we have now afloat *00 TONS OF lAL, of all iimi and of the yott beat qualitr. uoh wo will Mil *ta proAl of ?ft mbU per ton from | V6B*6]g rr- W? m tiro manufacturing HICKORY, iK and PINK WOOD, all leagth. aad mtw?. Q~ All ordere All*d with diipaiek. friar HW&ype'fiffis*. rnt* OWE'S ORIENTAL BALSAM. B ALDN *m AN 6MKADACH*. 'hi* new die 21? M ifcin; a oMtuani* fmr eeeieelwi, ?ed a * - r u 0 ? c u It ?1 ?olm* RINCE OF WALES RSNP1KW HATS > so Nf?r torn?r Thiit??r<th ?? a ii ? l^PPtfCSSS??,' u rrbwod I.A AGE *TOCl or GOOD# mt tf SACRIFICE, and U d?. ro?? to jrtT* kia CrtMd. iff at the follow In* REM'QED prk*? " COTTON AND IJ N*N FA Mil 12 cent Bleached Cotto.U at Hi c* ? b cent Blear lied C otic at ?t cm IS cent Ciitai Flannel! it It cti 12 cent Callcoo it Ntf% cent Glnrbatna it It ct 25 rent Bed Ttektag at M o*a. 1* ceat How at Itt oMh SO cent Irtak Llaw at 4v eta. eat cent IrU* Umm at M eta, 30 ceat Table Linen* at S3 19 ceat Llm Handkerekl< A it lit cfe 10 ceat Llnea Crash at 8 c % of Bin. * *"ka. Flala and fa* :f Da Lai?r. \I K Thegraalat le * Leg to re, i^ateeaa, and penaumt color*, ^ irlety, b?-auty. "*? a^,' ***** V L< w%lrh fo. ' *M r W Idv Black 4*I?r,n? far Rbawto at 4 mtmmmm ST WHITE. BLk H5;(."4.?C0LJ?,:?D KiD Thread uauntieu 17 % *"CajaiWtc ud dsairable llooj. ?k1r* ??? * ara, all * KX AND BOYS, , P1ECK!* Plain and Fancy CAk81ME.HU iM cis obtained la this line >r? durability pcrat Alan, I'ndmhlrto sad Drawers, In all and 'ION . and will be sold r*m mow tin* ?atr* AND OIIjCLOTES bualoesa, and we InTlt* thtf partlcnlar attea tloa of hlch are uneqnalcd for a?A**T or psataif i aatL i^nd 9Utr Ctrpetlnc it II oh ' Hutr Oilcloths at it eta Elejjant Floor OifcteMa at37 eta ' 9VFT HAT? AND CAPS. ties of color and abapr. some of wbVck are mtrt D SHOES. anufecturers, and In our MlftMMWt litvt aimed mendstlon wlUi tfeeui In low priced (M4a wt Gentlemen's Gaiters at f 1 911 Oentleir.en's Otford T!? at tl *3 Henry Boots at n Bart' Boots at ?l Bova' Shoes at 6-2 eta Servants' Heary Boots and Hbtd at EXTAO* it In tbeae bard times to look over the above list ie bahlt of pivlng We are confident they will HEM A SAVING OK TEN TER CENT IN . BRICK HAUL, 373 and 375 Hrrentb Street AUCTION SALES. By WALL A BARNARD. At SALE OF GROCERIES. I. igi'ORS, CIGAjUS. Ac., at Acctios.? Ob TLE8DAY MOrM ING.ibUi at IP o'clock, we wiTT mk7 %Ll|? A notion Room*. eorner rm. hrnrmf aa4 Km itrMt, mU u4c. i Hook of prim Family Oraoa riee, Lieeora. Cifcfcr*. Ao.? Barron Cnibxt, C"ff? and Reined Vu*art. K?ii Java C< Fr? Cb??'? V?ur* HtKoc. labial lad Blaek Taa, C??tile, Bro?n and Fancy Ao??. B?xea Ground Cinn&OH r. Clove*, Glutei ?ai Al Nmnifji, P??p?r, Fjtract Ofw.Ao. Box** ??Mt Oil, lndig< . Mn?i*rd. Ac. "oim Cake aji-1 Cloih** Fin*. __ Keg* White l,*ad, Permaa Red and A mm million. Cigar* and Chewing Tt>!%ooo. differant braaia. Barrel at.d netatM Hrnndj and Whiikita, Cordiftla, Flavoring Kstraata, Ae o<i many oth#r Gro?eriaa not h?r* wanlat Term.: ?3Tc%ar>; o<?r ifcat amoaai a eradtt of Sn and #n daja, fur approved rndoraad not** mtt-4 WAU.j HaRWaKD, Aaoto. THIS AFTERNOON & TO MORROW By J. C. MoGLIRE 4 CO. Aa?Uoaaara4 Peremptory pale or ruilding lot OS ROKTB N IS I . BBTWS1H 12TB AITS )3TH t*T? Oa8ATUtl)*Y AMEHISUON.SafMibnM. at 5 w'ciook, oa i he premiaae. we ahall a*li. vittait raeerre, the Natani part of aubdiviaioit 81. laaqvare No ?1, fronting an feet ob nortn M atre#t,lbetween 13th at.d 13U atreata waat. rot ning baok 130 feat in aa allay. Tarai: One-thud cath; the raetdue ia & aad 12 montha, with isteraat, arcurad by a daad of ttaaloa tilt pr6f&ifti aa^vd ' j C. MottUIRK k. CO , Aaata 1/T Trf?T* a? *" - *? rui CAB UA IS Bj J. C. MottUIRK * CO . Anotionoora. CJTOCK OP FURNITURE AND HOUSE n rviniiRisa UoyD* *r Priuc Accnoa.?Oa MONDAY MORNING. Sopiomhor MU, ?t tea i 'c ooj,?t th? H 'uaefurniabini Store of tk? laio firm of Busts 4 Coombs, oa Bovonth Mm*, bo tvML 1 and k ?? , w thai! Mil th? fD' ri How of Fnrmtuia aid Houaefarniakiac Goo4a TiUoit ro nerve, to oIom tha oonotrn. The a took oompnaoa to t+rt? Mahogan? and Walnut Hair Spnnc Mat Bonr Arm cliaira. R?ckera aud Parlor Chaua of ra noita pa t tt a, Marl> e-iop Tablea, Ca'd ar.d Fancr Tabioa, Whatn ta. Can* aaat Ok ura, Qi'iand Makugaaj frame Mirrora, Uiooka, Cane and Wtmd a?tt, Arm and Nana Rookora. Painted Cottage Chambor Sou. Walnut and Mahogany Droaaiog and Plata Ba rrtiia, Marl.lo top and Painted Waahrtanda, Toilet Seta. W nidnw Shadoa. Cvhim. Wood Beat Arm Chaira. 5 tarn a Chora. Co'tnte and othtr liodateada. Wardroboa. nrvir ftt.d Hu?k Mtttrenn, ftn ?tera wd^illowi, F valuer B?k1b. C**itnrta ar.d BiaakeU, China. G.??? aud Cr<'ok?rj War Kui Yea and F?rk?, ^pixr.a. Tin War*, Carpet*. Oil lotn. Rata, Matr, ?o., *c. Together vita many articlaa ia the Hvaaeferoieh IEC Lina not n?oraaarf U> ?-naiaraf Alao. Fnrntnre ?* a*on, Horaa and Harnaaa. Tfrma: $25 an4 coder, oath; ortf that aara a credit of l.i.aand 4 month*, with ivtoraat, for M proTOd endor ?*d nole?. (Morinx ictoreat. HENRY BONTZ. SfnrviYiuj Partnor. a?'7-d J. C. MrUI IWE k. CO , Aaoto By THOS. DOW LING ; tteorjoiowa. R. J*. WntBT. Saleanan. ORPHANS COO nT 8AI.K OP PURNl Tin. 8lati?, Colt. Ac.? Ob MON DAY fcoxt, the ;4tn laataat, at lu o'c*oot a. at., at the reaidano* of th? late L^e via Cat ben. on Raooa4 atreet. 1 aha.! aoli b* order of the Ophaaa' Co*rt, hia Faraitur* an* Ktfeoti. eonaiating of? Mahoiaci^ &.deboard, b.oiai, Card, aod 8Ua Do and nonunion Chair*. uvptu, MUUvr. tad Ouc.otba, Omaa Tea Set, 41 piacM, Crockery bad Olaet Ware, Ki* rxce?l<*at P?ktbw Bed*, Hair ud H ?k MkttrvnM, fiiankeu, Um'ti. Sb- iu.Io., Mahng&n* Irreat' c and Plain Bureau*, BtdiMda, Hold anc i*ilrer Watehee, Bom. N-vipt^ri, Tuaodo'ita Mtp. Ac., Kitchen Furniture Alao, at li o'clock? over #90, a oredit < f thirt*, #ixty. aad tBMr Tor approved ecdoreed note*, ecarmi nUrNt ? iw-eo St T. DO WLING. Aaat. VBj J. C. MofcLJRF. A CO? JMMMB KK\ V AI.L'A Bl.E IMPROVED PBOPfcR KKTT 15 TH* *H*T WilD AT f tlUC ACCTIOV DnTHl R*D.\ Y AFTERNOON, $e?taabarmk, U ft o'clook o'e'osk, on the prenuaae. we aaail ee .hat detiraltle &rct eiaaa rreidenoe at the eoraer of lorth I afreet and T? aatieth ??reet weet, now oo ?npi*d by ts. Fnrmeoa, Feq. The lot froatett feet t*H tnohee oa 1 alreet, at the corner of Tiwliel> itreet, and raut t*ck 13i feat, and u iMproved bj a lAndeoror three-etory and baaaaant brick d w< ni b?m?e, with large hack buildiat*. hart abed ihroaghoat m tba vary beet n aaaar.e am* eeventeen roiNU furaiehe* ?rith all tk wn improvarcenta 'I he V>o&iu>& tod chiraotar of mpro vemtLta tender thic a raff dwiraaJ* im?i Mideooe Ism?dittt!r ?/lfr we aba'I aell Um pro?fty two loor* VMt of the ?bov*, lately omiiim! by Mr*. ItMk*. Tl>* lot fro* aN>at t> f?*toa I atreet.aad *m baak aheat 1*5. aad u imerwved by * tin** itory briok dveliiit* boo** "''"rw li toomm Th* above aroae't* will ? *4ti v*ij Le to <1. Ml" won i* about to remove from the ottv On* third OMk; th* NSMM la I o? in I iouU?. wiU iiurMt, ?**ar>d by a d**d at tr**t n th* p-crTi.?f?. Till* Mrf at and *a*ao?mbar*d. all J J. C. Mcttt'lM K It CO.. Aaa*. p?l*?fBE^?9ALK^>? $EU t t4 o'* ok, o* UM irra V*rma*f(?o*-bair o**h; tb* roaMy ja ? aal 12 lonthi, wiU la tar est, ***fd by a do*d mttract ?a l-T* ^.nMKMKtX. ?ft?aih*r Mill- at 5 o'cook. ob tb* li wim. W na I *? I r*rt of !** ?are MS, froatau Si tmtmBm ofhitre< t Mat. at tr* aura* *f * afck L *tr**t,