Newspaper of Evening Star, September 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 22, 1860 Page 3
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locaY/ n'feesj j^-Thi Stab pabllcha the List of Letter* remaining In the Washington City Port Offic tinder the pn>Ti?iOn? of the t*W directing then to be printed !n th* n**?ptper having the large* r .'"'iiiMo* the delivery of the office. 11 '.oiA dally rlrrulatlon is more than double tha ?? *i.m rwit- - - - - ?uci v&wy printed la the District of Co lansbia. ? - - ? 1 Arrival of How. W. t. PtRRSADI Ppehh. Ar.-Ijit ev-n'.njr, the Hon .Mr. Yan cry arrived In thi? ettv about # o'clock, from An mpolia, aMrni Invitation, repaired to the resi d-nr% ?f .Hoover, in the First Ward H s arrtval Vcomtns; known, stepa were Imme diately t?^en to tender blm a serenade. Accord ?n?ly, about 9 o'clock, an 'mrarntr rrowd, ac roo'paaled by a full band of music, proceeds from the Breckinridge Headquarters on Four aiid-a-tialf street, to the residence of Mr Hoover when, after r>ne or tvro stirring airs from tb baud, and in r*-spoitse to numerous calls, Mr VanrM ' ' " * * ?^ ? / ft' t mru umncii on inc o.tfcdny, MH after being lustily cheered, spoke as follow*: 8PKBCK or MS. YAKCBY. Fellow-citizens ? I ain no party man, and I do no 2drets you a* such to-night Strange aa It ma; m to yo*i. after what yon have lieard frva rue quarters. I ccme before you this evening a tfcr friend of the Constitution, [good,] and th< Union under the Constitution, [good; and better, and at the enemy of any other Union, cominj from what tenure it may. [Vociferous cheering that's tight J During my brief political career ?v countrymen [Just here the speaker wai Interrupted by xotne drunken Individual.] A Voice ?rut bun out. Mr }'ancef.?Oh,no, let him alone. No barn ran he done To me by any men. or any party beri who listens to me [A voice.?Tbat'aso ] 1 havi no aentimt-nt to cooce?l from sny man or an; party. | hope represeuUtives of all parties ari Lere. with tt*e exception of that party which i; th' i-oiniiiou enemy ot tbe Constitution?(be Mac] republican party. [Loud and enthusiastic ap plause ] . Mv friends, there is bnt one ton* before you >)Ut that Ihii* has turn ilHx Tt.? I?? . ? _ m Ui. WI y ^urilivi ) but one of tbesymhoisof tbatissue. asihe I'nioi question lithe other; hut the only Swie l>eforethl country in tbis canvass is the integrity njid safet] of the Constitution. [Cries of "good;" and,ap plause ] lie is a true I nlon man who intends u sUud i>y tLut Constitution with all its checks am balance! He Is a disunion man who means t< d-etroy one slngt* letter of that sa-r-d Instrument (Hood ) It kN been said that the South seeks t< Kgrandlse Itself at the expense of other sections tbat we want this government to carry slavery an< force it upon a people who not d'sireit. will all proper rsspect for those who ?ay this, I, as i aou'h?rn man, say tbat m every iou of its utter ance it is f<dee I Good > The South bas aggressed spon Bo section, nor dots she propose aggrcs s.on upon any *ectiou. Sbe asks do tectioa W Meld anything that is her s for her safety or To aer protection All that the South has ever askec of the government is to keep its hands off of us and let the Constitution worK its own way. f Ap clause ] The South has been aggressed upon her so:i has been trespassed upon: four-fifth* nt n territory, In which she a as equal rights, baa beei torn from her; and by the acta of government ah< hss been eflnded from-it Revenues are Uise< at the rate of three dollars in the Month to on from -any other section, for the support of thii great governfuent, but the South makes no com pte nt of me>? dollars ami ceal? Touch nottiM koitor of my section of the country and >he wU. not complain of almoat anything else you do; bu t Mich her honor and authority and she will stanc ip in defence it necessary in arms. (Applause J All. then, that the South asks In this contest 11 tUat you sball observe the constitutional check' and balances with reference to her She is no' willing that her right* shall be submitted to Um will of mere numerical majorities. For bei fathers, her ancestors, her great patriots, we can not agree that it should be otherwise. It was th< written compact of our fsthers that the minority should receive protection from the Constitution and not the mere seltish and svaricioos will of i preponderant majority. Frrties divided them selves oriffinallv < ??? i " ' 0 j wwwum y u pun mat grfii principle. One desired that the majority abenld rule in all things, while the other?the Statei rights party of Uie country?desired it s boa Id h< different. This latter party carried day in th< formation of the Constitution, sad placed checki upon the advancement of the majority. And thii written Constitution was the compact bv whicl majorities ahotild retrain themselves with refer eate to the rights of minorities. Majorities need no protreMoa tare tlietr own power Hence it ii easv for the North to cry out for the I'alon at all hazards aad undar all circumstance*. It is ru; for the North. with its majorities of millions. U say, "this I'nlon anyhow" No matter who ma) be rioted, no matter what may be done, atlLi stand to the I'ainn as the great cauae of then prosperity W hy ? Because wltb do Coosti lutiua ?... mr .innu c*n proieci ibeirselves by theli pr?*dnminnut vote in the country. But how Is 11 with the South? How is It with the minority o! tUe roiuiUy?the minority States of the Uovern* meat? If tney lesee it to (he mere will, that will as iu all other cases. will seek its advancement ol power, will seek its own aelftih aggrandizement and will distribute the money of tde Uovernmen among theu.seives, raise as much as they please and do all for their own advancement at th< expanse of minoriilt-s. Minorities, gentlemen, ari the true friends of our Constitution, becam- tha Constitution Is their shlrld and their protectioi against the unchecked ud onllcensed will of a majority TApplaus^.j Hence it it that my section of the South standi by that Constitution. You do not hear so mucl said there on such flippant tongues about th< I nioa a> you 4L> here M the North; but you hea; much said there abont the Constitution: about l?i wtflrt rnnat?nr^#*n ........vvu, awut uc nKia Miorcfnifn of Its check*. and Its balances in fivor of thw minorities, because to them it is a tiling of lif< and death. Within this government that Constl tutinn must prevail, or the minority wili In Claced as a "lamb that is led to the slaughter U r shorn." But let tbat Constitution be observed tbe rights of <11 sertior.s under that Constitutloi observed, and theSoutu is content to abide iti (U?t aider tbe workings of that instrument Tin North may well cry out Lalon : Ualoo! lalon!! at hazards, .vad to the Ust extremity. And tb? North, even now, I und-rstand. at midnight, li arm ng itself and tra.nlnz It* midnight bands foi tbe purpose of forcing the Union of a mere ma lerltf npen tbe South 1 understand to-se an Wide Awake*/' as tbey call themselves?ths is tbey think themselves very "wide awake." bu they will ttnd some m?n in the Southern States ;:entlen.en, suAcientlv '-wide awake" to met? tbe in on the battle tMd. ["That's so " Ap 1 A brave people ana a true people, gen tiemen, will fear ho Wide Awakes. Mo ma a is note wide awake than he wbo lovei h's own fireside, his own wife, his own cbild and stresses on nobody, but determines as fir ai Ood gives blm power that nobody shall argTe* en blm [ Applause J As a distinguished frlen of niae said to me te-dar. the battle of th? ? ?? lull on was fought with shot-guns. Our peopli were uoi furnished with the great armament o modern warfare then, but being armed with th< right, ther were enabled to meet the powerfn tirrwt of toe thr? create** nation of the earth, anc wipe out the British lion from out of the country (AppUus* ) Now, i desire aimpi j to ?ay to you to-nu/Ut that the South. standing on nothing but the Con atltution. fears no aggression, fears no section and that Constitution the South intends to stanc aM. If. in Um ptogresa of patty division, part] Mensiom k?d party elections. that Conatltutloi shall be trampled under foot-If the Gorernmen at W astit ngton is usurped?if this temple of liberty t.ased upon that Constitution, aball be subverted andt IsbimA of a constitutional a " higher-law' government shall be established. vou will find gentlemen, that tbe Constitution will havefrlecds fVfl) iath?thnii?* *? -? ? umr? ironi m oiber sec lions of tberonntry, and there i? no other spot when tbe ark of tbe covenant of oer safety can rest an< b? protected. It will be on aoutbern aoil, when tbe friend* of tbe Constitution iivt (.Loud ap ^ We do pot desire, at the South, disunion, know of bat few advocates at the South of tbl m?wire 1 can point to hundreds of distinguishes northern Ben who are far In advance of any mei at the Seulh upon the question of disunion know te tfce Northern States men who want ; "higher law,'1 who want a different Constitution who want another Bible? aye, and who. In rell (lion, even call for another Jesus Christ. [Lauvta Ur s*d snnSpiMS) Pisuaion Vtrn, exists in tLa rr-^hir I know of no bUnaioa prr ??. at tb J?outb The humble indi rldual who addrt-sat w>? toHsight has been prslaUf m?rr4tsraiir? as a diauuion'.at thsn almost any other man In tb Ualoa. 1 tell yoa, fcMrifeflace, <nsf diannionlsc ? onsists in this: 1 stand by the Constitution, leteod tttol the provision* of that Qoestltntior which I look upon as tbe shield of tlie Soutb I thii ek?U - -* ? ** ? ??H >jc '.irnra ?ui II lOat U?nsll ration is taken avtf from the South tntlils rhioii *.d the South li then to remain in tl?e Cn.un, r that we would then have no rights, ft we would then be placed at the feet of a dom Mat section*! abolition raajocity. [Applause ] A Voice?We'll stnud by jou. Mr. Yaacav.?1 uy, then, tkat the ItMtk stand hr tb? Constitution, ss a shield in tkla L ?l?t WbMtet shield shall be Uken from them by dominant sectional majority, who seeks to redUc this Government to the will of a mere majority f< Its own see*faonl purpuM wbs Intend to msk us hewers of wood and drawers of water?we li lead tofefte tkat CaaatUadoa wl* aa; -and. g*i tlsnen, following the mighty example of Geor* Washing ton. tf tfcere ! no ottos place where w cm ecect ana keep this Constitution,we will tak the bsaasr of iikartf ?a* pkul M on Ike moui tains of Augusta, aM there we wfll entrench on salves aa a body of frauaca. [Applause ] Bat as I sitd In you srvbope that day is fsr dii unt from us ai*d none uf us msy lire to w tt* dawn 1 ad kelp m* ?od, will cofestd?r tki t# be ait evil tuiur, when this government sha be aa wrecked ky fclMm, tkaltb* charter of o% U berti* shall be troddea aadsr foot) aad Um ooa tt of our f&tbets disregarded br our degenerate t. 'hWxfMhf Indeed an evil hour, but we compelled to look it la the ffec*. A large . ty, norobarlnjr in ttaeir now, tt is nld, ? pft. rality, If not a majority, of the people In this eoan r. banded together with a discipline ?uch u no er * ". baring hope* which no other party has, by men of eminent ability, with Abraham ola, Ita candidate, with Bewanl lta chief imnn and chief advocate, who, from Maine ta the farthest frontier, proclaims a war. an *lrre Wble vrtr," upon the Institutions of one-half is 1 nloo; who proclaims, gentlemen, that the manner in which he Interprets the Constitution which Is to givf freedom to everything In human ?ha|>e upon the face of the earth isrluh*, who pro claims, gentlemen. therefore, that this Constitu tion, which is based upon a recognition of negroes as an Inferior rice, that is based upon its recogni tion of property in slaves, that is based npon Its recognition as a State institution, based upon its recognition as property, which requires that prop erty to be delivered up by the hostile States into which It may become fugitive?that this Constl tntton Is te be utterly disregarded by him and only* his wHd, insane, revolutionary, and incen diary notions, are the Interpretations to be placrd upon the Constitution by this new government, 11 elevated to power. Suppose that party gets into power, suppose sn Other John Brown raid takes plac<s in a frontier ijtete, suppose "Sharp's rifles'' and picks and bowls knives, and all the other Implements of warfare are brought to bear upon an inoffensive, prweiiu uq uaiurvunue peapir, ana Ihat I .!n f oolit or Seward Is in the presidential chair, where ] will then be a force of I nlted States marine* to ( cheek that band ? Suppose that ia the case?that i fce frontier* of the country will be lighted up by i lames of midnight arson, aa it la In Texas; that 1 towns are burned; that the peace of our families is disturbed: that poison is found secreted through nt the whole country; that men are found prowl 1 liw about iu our laid distributing that poison in ? erner that ita?ay be placed in our springs and our ' wells; with arms uia ammunition placed in the f bands of tbia semi-barbarian people, what will ' beonr fata' Where will be the United States ? Marshals to interfere ? Where will be the dread 1 of this general government that exists under this - presen t adm i n istra tton ? Where will be the fear of Federal officers, of a i i'altrd Slates Armv to intlmlrlat* nr nr?v>nt 1 i movements. Wby, gentlemen, If "lexas Is now > In flames, and the peace of Virginia la invaded now under litis administration, and under tbe f present asprct of afl'airs, tell me what it will be ~ when a "ntgher law" government reigns In tbe ? city of Waabiiutton? where then wfll be our 1 peace, where will be our safety? When these i people are instigated to lnaurrection, when men a e prowling a^out throughout this whole country ? knowing that thev are protected by an admlnistra > tion which savs that by the Constitution freedom 1 is guaranteed to every individual on tbe face of i the earth. Can you expect any people of spirit or i courage, trie to themselves,true to ibeir firesides, - true to their own families, can vou expect sucb a I people, I say, to give up all fonaness for the Con - stltullon. permit it to be trampled under foot, ? to acknowledge this "higher-law" government, to give it their assent?can you expect, I say, any i brave, and heroic people thus to be untrue to their , families and their firesides, and to tbe great prin ciple of free and equal rights, f A voice?"Never, never !" s We will preserve those rights, those who would i fill to rise in their defense are deserving of tbe t execration, not of all maoklud only, but of every 1 republican who would place this government . ... ?*/ ? ... . Jk ?.1 *1_ ? ... c vtci ua. ?? c wuum ar?irn mai mrrc souuid i? i no further propagation of such a race of cowardv - tVe wlU remember that Washington, tue greatest s rebel Um world ever produced, led Uie way in 1 defense of the great principle of freedom?In dc t fence of those institutions upon which onr (iov [ eminent is basvd, and under which it has so long prospered as a nation. > 1 say to yon, then, that though wc deprecate i disunion, we will have the Union of our fathers, t it has been s^ld that the South has aggressed upon 1 the North. When and where has uiy people ever r aggrtssed upon the people of any other section? \\ ben and where has any southern statesman pro > posed % wrong to be done to the West, tta" Norih r west, the East, or the Northeast f A Voice.?"Never." i Mr. Yancey ?Never! History will proclaim It. This age proclaims it Our enemies will proclaim I it by their silence when we defy them to answer [ the question. i Ours, then, is a position of defense within the s limits of the Constitution. We uphold :ts banner. ? We intend to defend these lives We ask only i equal rights in our common Uoverumeut. We im protection tor these right* In a common Gov ernment. Nothing more??o help me Uod, nothing leu [Applause J Now, my fellow-cltlzens, I do not Intend to addrtsa you at length to-night. I am wearied, having traveled all night, having been detained on the way by an accident on the railroad. 1 have spoken tour times this week. Ouce 1 had the im modesty to address sn audience four hours. [A voice?"Give us four hours more to-night.''J And, therefore, have no physical ability to detain you any longer to night 1 conceive that you have met here to-night not from any special respect to aa Individual, but that you have recognized me fl .none earnestly striving to advance the Consti tution; and in that spirit, and in that only, the tauxe of democracy?something that is deserving f of that respect?for that 1 most sincerely thank you. I trust that 1 shall never deserve a want of respect at your bandit, or at any one else, by pro posing aggrtstlon on any, or by proposing any measure not In accordance with a strict construc tion of the Constitution. A Voice.?What will the South do in the event of Lincoln's election ! Mr Vancey ? 1 don't know what ?he will do, but this 1 will say to you ?I put it to you, my friend. Now if you live la a slaveholdinij Utate The same voice ?1 do, sir. Mr. Y ancey.?Well, then, if John Brovrn com mits a raid on that Stau- while in tb? peace of God and while in the peace of the country, under the peace of the Constitution that is supposed to protect it?if he cornea with pike, witn musket aad bayonet and cannon; if be slaughter an ln ottensive people, if his my rail dons are scattered all *ver our country, where it is supposed rests this Institution which Is so infallible, inciting our slaves to midnight arson, to midnight murder, and to midnight insurrection against the sparsely tattered white people, if the brotherhood of this nation shall be broken up, and the common citi zenship shall be ignored, if the protection that is due from every citizen to every other citizen shall be no longer adorded, if in the place of it a wild and bloodthirsty spirit, not of revenge, for we have done no wrong to be revenged; but a blood thirstv sotrlt at s??limtlnn J I W~ ? 17? wroog take* its place, and we tlnd scattered throughout all other quarters these people, and we find the midnight sides lighted up by the fires of our dwelling*, and our very wells poisoned by strychnia^ aud our wives and our children, v. ..en We are away at our 1> islness. are found murdered by our hearthstones, my auswer, my friend, tain thrse words: What would you do? I ljuud apptauae ] A Voice.?1 would Mop him before he got that far. Mr Yancey?1 brllevethat the God of Liberty, to whom It is our duty at all times to pray, he who holds in his hands the very destluies of nations, will so turn the hearts of our people that such an event shall not happen. A Voice?Ameal Mr Vaucey.?For myself, 1 do hope that in the Northern States, which hula this question in their hands, in some way a feeling of justice will be aroused la the minds of the people, and they will consider this matter and prevent this dire result. As for the South, we are in minority. \V? raanut r\r%- v*?nt it ?? J?' ? _ .. ? pvv.vww >-j mv?*v*VI *W UVU WC UCiUC to 4o so. The North ia now the dominant aectiou I of this country. It baa lb3 electoral votes to our l'JU. It la Car them to aay what la to be our dea 1 tin* wlthia thia government. It la not, thank 1 Ood, for the North to aay what a hall be the dea tiny of Southern freemen. [Good, applauae.] \ That, we hold in our hearts. Our proa per lty, our J safety, our Inatitutlona do not depend upon any 1 vat* the North may give la thia matter aa long as { We are traa to ourselves. They are aafe, though 5 me Ceiiatttutioo may be rent asunder. We prefer . our protection and our defence in the government of \V:uMngton and Jefferson, and of Hancock, I but if It la not glvea to aa, we know that we have l It io our own oreaata. But. within thia Union, * thia Union muat be preserved by Northern votes. ? The Issue ia now left with the North, and It la I tqudrYcd her to save the Union and the ConaUtu fMi1 hiuu utwii km oiki re pu 011 can party. 4 I, Tktv cm do It by a anion of all parties agaUat the common enemy. If they do it, the lufon it safe, asd wo will be rejoiced to tender our acknowledgments to our Northern brethren that they have preserved the Union. [Good ] But it they do not preserve tbe Union; li they chose to divide It Into factions looking after the titate spoils, and without reference to the safety of this &reat country, and this party is elected, and the uth i? driven to the wail, tht-n let not the ftorth complain if No thern commerce, that rests upon Southern industry, becomes destroyed, and they become bankrupt by the operation. 1 read tbe other day a very statesmanlike speech by Mayor Wood, of New York, st the great Lnion meeting, in which be spoke of roinmerW) and the vaiue of such to the whole cauatry. But I would commend to the northern people tb s idea, which did not enter into the speech of Mayor W ood: Commerce is not merely the bnn J maid af agriculture, but It Is the creature oi ag culture Comaierce Is tbe mere means of Int changing commodities, which Is made bv tnrtua try, by the agricultural and mechaalcal arte It I is true that If we make no surplus there will be ' do commerce, but still agriculture will exist, and U.e mechanic arte wiU axial let our awa subsist ence. if the S mth eeer undertakes to make other marts thaa New York, and If the North does aot upheld this I'alaa, bat permits it to be destroyed, tiie ?*outh intends to a&ko her Billtinore, her Norfolk. ber Cbarlestou. her Savannah, her Pea sacoU, her Mobile, and her New Orlenos, her marts Rivals, aot rlvala merely, but substitute? for New York, will rise up all along the southern border. Three hundred aad sixteen millioua of npats la tbe last year, wkleb were aU given to Now York aad New F.aglartd commerce, the |?M?Uaf aad foreign trade of U>? North, aad I ** %J ft ? S.. ^ Mfco .000,000 of thli amount WK the sole reaults of southern industry. Thi? mo a y?r can make commerce at other ports than jSfew York. l*et New York see to it, my eotintrf1* men. If she loves her conimirrf. and loves her palatial houses and princely merchants, let them see to It that the J*oath, driven to the wall dots not make New Yorks of her Baltimore, Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans, and grass SJow In the streets of New York We can o without her commercial facilities, but she can not do without our agricultural labor We run brine the shipping of the world to our ports, make our own shipping to carry awav'^50 millions of the 316 millions. Bue cannot supply the '260 a ass ? a as i i ? rr . miiiiVH? vi wmi uvwsm?a iav\n, U C?CJ IUC UW? Crmtt that division to take place. 1 ny, there re, to New York in no ipfrlt of arrogance and pride, that ber commerce, while in aoine rnperta it may be tbe handmaid, is ths creature of South ern industry and wealth, and unleaa aha cboo*-a to take in hand thia queation, abe, Bocton, and Philadelphia, and aettle It so as to preserve tbe benefits of thia Union and the Conatltution that secures to her, we will ahow to tha North that we can do without New York, Boston, and Phila delphia, and make other marts for our industry, while her shipping; and her warehouses will rot for tbe want of that indnstry and support. Tbe Union is everything to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. The Union is much to the South; we prefer to have it ss It Is, and we will deprecate disolntlon. But if it is dissolved, it shall not be tbe South. It shall be dissolved by those who are warring oa tbe South and seeking to dissolve the Constitu tion and the Union Let Northern men see to it that they preserve that Union, if they want to pre serve their commerce, if thev wish to nreaerve their manufactures or power, and if they with to preserve the South as the best mart for tne sale of their products, the fruits of their industry and their commerce. If we of the South are driven to support ourselves, we are independent of the world; we have the great peace-maker, King Cotton, within our midst. [Vociferous applause J We will tell the millions of the world that we feed ourselves and clothe the world. Unless these therefore, want to be naked, [laughter,! and show their nakedness, [renewed laughter,J they bad better come and solicit the support of our cotton planters. Now then, fellow-ritliens. 1 beg you to excuse me from saying anything further, and for the de ? -s-- i * ? uitvi y 1/Uoiw.iu ui ?uc rciuai&S 1 DIIVC Ql IQ1S time submitted. I close them by telling you that the South loves the Union, respects the Union, bat all respect for the Constitution, and will stand by and preserve that Instrument Intact, and is determined that every other section shall so preserve it, against the attacks of the Wide Awakes, the sleepy abolitionists, and everybody else The speaker retired amid vociferous applause. Secretary Cobb then briefly addressed thr assem blage, after which the crowd repaired to the resi dence of Hon. Jeff Davis, and after serenading that gentleman they retired. Alexandria Matters.?The fine four-story brick building now under course of erection for the Messrs Bradley, cabinet makers, on the rornrr of King and Alfred streets, Alexandria, is fast approaching completion, and Is certainly an orna ment to that portion of the city The building is 10() feet deer>, with a front of 51 feet on King street, the whole beiug surmounted by a heavy cornice The ground floor Is divided into three apartments, two of which are to be fitted up as stores, and the third will be used as a wareroom by the owners. The second. third, and fourth stories are also to be appropriated to the business of the Messrs. Bradley The brick work on the building was executed tinder the superintendence of Mr P. G. Henderson. The carpenters are Messrs Delahay and Keinp; plasterer. Mr Geo. W Maxwell, plumber* and gas-flttrrs, Cogan ft Bro , nalnter, Richard Rtidd The whole build log will be ready for occupancy by the 1st of November The citizen* of Alexandria will be glad to learn that the original Wood's Minstrels,from New York, win give two entertainments at Liberty HkU, 011 Monday and Tuesday evening! next. This troupe, which for the |>ait two week* has been drawing crowded bonacK In tbla city we can confidently recommend to our neighbors as being the very beat which has ever exhibited in this section. We are credibly Informed that the trains on the Alexandria and Washington railroad will com mence tbelr regular trips again on or about the 1st of Octob-f. The furneral of the late venerable John Shak es esq ., took place to-day from his late residence In Alexandria. The passenger train on the Orange and Alexan dria railroad, due at Alexandria at two o'clock p. m , did not arrive yesterday until nearly fio'clock,, in consequence of the cars running off the track a few miles below Charlottesville. An Affair or Hokor Amicably Adji htxd Yesterday afternoon a dispatch was received In this city, notifying the Chief of Police that parties were to meet at 8 o'clock last night at the Colum bian House, corner of Eighth and E streets, to make arrangements for a hostile meeting. Tha principals were J. Marshall Winchester and Georg-- Gordon, of Wilmington, Del. Dispatches were also received by other persons, who notified officers of the facts Officer Yeatman went im mediate! v to await the arrival of the parties, and warrants were also issued to police-officer King and Mr. Kimball, a county officer. A little be fore H o'clock Yaatman and Kimball went Into the Columbian House and arrested two gentlemen whom tbev auppoaed to l>e Mr. Gordon and bia friend, and while there Mr Bromugb, of tbit city, appeared. The gentlemen assured the offi cer* that neither of thein was Mr. Gordon. Officer Kln^ returned to the office of Justice l)onu, and while there the Chief of Police entered and sug gested the propriety of arreating theae jjentlemen, who were known to be the friends of the princi pal partiea The gtntlemen were Messrs Conn^ll and Welch on the part of Mr. Gordon, and J W. Bronaugh on the jtart of Mr. Wincheater. At the office of Justice Donn the gentlemen exhibited a paper signed by themaelvea. purporting to be an amicable adjustment of tbe affair I pon the as surance of the gentlemen that no meeting for tbe purpose of lighting a duel would take place, and that no other arrangements In tbe city or out of the city, are intended, they were d amisaed. The affair grew out of political differences, and was mum regreuea ny tneir mutual rrienda. Mr. Gordon, we understand, 1? the unci#of Alr.Win chtster's wife. Bill axd Kverz^t Barbecue at Rockvillb. Tbla morning the member* of the Bell aud Everett Club, in thia city, assembled at their headquarters on Ninth atreet. corner of D, and atarted for the barbecue at Rockvlile. The procession moved in the following order The Marshal In a bugtfv, drawn by a line horae, gaily ornamented with alelgb bells; next came a four wheeled vehicle, handtoniely decoraUd with the red. white and blue, in which waa "the Big Bell,M ao arranged as to ring aa the vehicle moved; next came a large omnibua drawn by aix bora**, upon the top of which was carried the flag with the names of the party candidates inscribed upon it. Tbla coacu contained a tine baud of uiualcians, who were performing enlivening alra aa the procession moved along. The delegation of the Club fol lowed In a large omnibus drawn by a alx horse team, and Ave smaller coacheaof the Union Line, drawn by four horses each. Quite a number of gentlemen started at an earlier hour by private conveyance. Ml. K DiToB :?I beg leave to correct an error that appeared in last evening's issue, beaded at the " Navy Yard." It stated that ttier*- was being cast an immense propeller at that place. Now, sir, It la notso; they are preparing a mould for one to be cast in It also states that it was under the direction "of that skillful master in Iron, Hoffnagle." This too Is a mistake; the propelltr is to be made of brass, and is under the super vis loo of Andrew Leouard, who alone can master it. In reading the article 1 was struck with the im mensity of the propeller, wbuee three blades will be eighteeu feet six inches in diameter. 1 would like to know the diameter of its hub, for It Is con siderably larger than the Niagara's propeller, whose diameter Is only eighteen feet The article ?w iusi itie propeller was u> De pui upon Doara tbe noble Peusacola. Now, sir, I thought it wai to go over board, and 1 think ao yet. Washington, September 22, ISOU. Mubi Axcskmzxt Ahead.?By an advertise ment in another column, it will be aeen that tbe "Holman Juvenile Opera Troupe" open at Odd Fellows' Hall on Monday night next for three nights only. The Philadelphia North American says of this Troupe:?1" We remember the first appearance of the Heron Family, and then the Marsh Troupe, but never have we seen such di versity of talent M shown by this talented com pany of artists. Every song, from the commence ment, was a hit, and the versatility displsyed by Miss Sallie took every one by storm. l<et every one see this troupe, and, our word for it, they will be delighted " Bupwokth's Mirstibls make a ;;rand fare well effort this afternoon snd evening, for the pecuniary benefit of Mr. J. H. Budwortb,and the Military benefit of the citizen* at Large, andevery man, woman, and child iu the District should he there at one or the other of the performances. The burlesque* upon the Italian operas are the richest things imaginable, &ud should be enjoyed by all. See programme in another column, and go early If you want to got a seat. Czxtbr Mabkkt.?'The market place was thor oughly occupied this morning, and we noticed that quite an unusual number of country dealer* were in attendance. The supply was ample; the price* not exorbitant; but the damaud was not unusually active. The business hours did not restrain purchasers who were going and coming till the afternoon. f Bu? ia mind tha grand prize pl^-utc of the Howard Association, for the benett of the poor, to come off at Arlington Spring on Monday next? tTcryooay met got* gets a prize For particulars ** idffttlirniflit la lastbw column. W k ill BBqCMTKB to call the attention of the proper a uthorltlea to the lanumermble "holt* In the rtmt," which now aboand, endangering the Utwi and limbo mt man aad baaat. .i a* ? j I I Rbvoihtiokk.? Ofier Ke^e returned tbla morning, from ftUMinore.wltb a requitf ttoa ft*? the Oownw of Maryland (w H?rhnrK*.*l>M ^ Itiar. alias Ltnley, lndirte<l In ft r eo tatnl?jj money under false pretenaea. ThecfBret en* be bad aoote difficulty la getting t^r rrq?l> I B'.t'.in Tha Governor beyins to look upon tbete , requisitions aa In many raara Impositions upon tbe | Utile. Persons In business obtain {roods, fall,and leave the State; the merchant follows, and baa I them arrested for obtaining goodsundtr falae pre-. U-nses; a requisition la given, tbe party ia brought I to trial, it proT<* to be no caae. and tlio 8?V? it illiuriM* ?? -M- " 'J | ~ m v w a ? # * * * ~ | - * "*V, S aW ' -ww had t* produce evidence that tb 1 s wai sot such a case, and also the recommendation of tbe State's Attorney, before he could obtain the requisition. ! 8t?vimi, the indomitable. La* opened one of the most elegant stocks of fancr goods. millinery, Ac., ever exhibitrd In thii city, and no ladv in town ahould omit visiting his store, if only to admire the elegance and taste with which it has been flUed up. The number is 336 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Two lakok bills of frssh and pure drugs re ceived within a month at W.J. Craigen'a drng store, corner of Seventh and 1 streets. Strict per sonal attention given to physicians' prescriptions, day or night. Ladies will find pure extracts, colognes, po mades, and soaps at tfie drug store corner of Sev enth and 1 streets. Si* a!*hoc:*okmmt of the Hlckorv Club Ball. In another column. 9i* ADVKRTI8EMK5T, in another column, offer ing a reward for the recovery of stolen pigeons. Holloway'? Pills. D'szinrss? H*ndaeke ? Who would with patience suffer the panics of excruoiatinf headache?the gnawing stings of indigestion, the sickening nau sea of Idle?the tremor of shattered nerves, the broken and troubled sleep?with the gradual con stitutional decay from excess?wheft these evils mar be avoided or sermaneiitlv cured by the agency r\f ih aan imra'ttaKiA ?--lJ * ?11 VI viivsu uifwuwviv Iliri)IOI I40?. C7U1U uj tkil i/TU; gists, at 25o.,62c., and ftl per box. se21-lw Wistax's Balaam or Wilt? Chkrsy. The following letter from Rev. H?tv Wood, of Concord, N. H., Kditor of the Congregational Jour nal, speaks volumes in favor of Wutar'$ Ralsnm:? Coscoan, N. II., March 2. SXTH W. FOWL* It Co.?fremli'mm: Two years ago, a sudden am' violent attack upou inv 1 ,ungs confined me to my bed for several weeks, and when I recovered, 1 wa? so much oppressed by duficuity in breathing, that 1 was often unable to sleep or rest upon a bed tyr night. The suffering was extrcma, and judging from the inefficacy of the remedies used. I supposed the disease im urable. lleing persuaded to try abottloof Wt.*rar'* Jt'ilsnm of Wtlil Cherry, without confidence in its efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed Me fore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces me to make this public statement, and recommend the article to others similarly atflictsd. With rnspect, yours truly. Hk*ry Wunn. None genuine unless signed 1. Urns on the wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for sal? by Z. I). Giirnan, S. C. Ford, jr.,?. B. Waite, O. Htott, John Sohwarxe, Nairn A Palmer. Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. ae 18-lw,r K razjer, have you ?e*n Prnf. Wood's advertise ment in onr paper. Read it; it will interest you. an 20-?oly MAHRIKl*. In Baltimore, on the 18th instant, by Rev. Win. K ei.? JOEL B. PARKINSON tu MARY ELIZ ABETH, eldest daughter of Uenj. Y. Hju?on, Esq. * (Philadelphia papers copy.) piito,' On the 21st instant, WM. THOS. CLARK, aged 2<?_jf-arg and t months. Ills I<1 lie;*1 will take plko.o from the residence of his mother, Mas?. av.. north side, between 12th a-id 13th ?U. west, at2o'clock on Sun lay,the 23d. WANTS. WANTFD-A fir-t-'ate TIN and SHEET IRON WORKER, by C. SNYDER, next door to the Star Office. ne 20 1 w A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A SITUATION as teacher of the English Branches and Music. A<1 dress >1 iss A., Alexandria, Va. m' WANTED?By ayoung American * lrl, just from the country, a SITUATION' to do h ut?w? rk or as chamboruia d and nurse. A home is her prin cipal object. Please address Box 19, Star Office. ?e 2n-3t \VTANTED? A CLEK K, who is acquaint*! with " the city trade, for a Jewelry >tore. Best of references required. Address T. H., No. 5, ftar vmco. ac 14 w ANTED?By a steady ami industrious man, a * ? SITUATION ns collector. Best of recom mendations given. Address Al. C., Star Office. Jy 12 tf LOST AND FOUND. ^TOLKN?From 509 E street, oorner 2d, on Thursday night last, four whit" fan-tailed PIGKONS and a white CARRIER Five dollars will he paid for their reoovery and detection of the thi-f. It* IOST?On Saturday morning. between Tenth j str?*'t and th? market house, a G O I, II MOFRNlNtf BREASTPIN, with hair ofde<*?>a^tl friends. The findor will conf r n lavor and receive the thanks of the owner by leaving it at tho Star Office. If LOS1?On Wednesday. A uguot 29th, at the Pres ident's Kronnds, a HAIR BRaCKI.ET, with ?;old clasp and broken chain attached, valurd a? the lair of n deceased relative. The tinder will oonfer ? acrem isvur i>> leaving ll me Star KJmce. Ho ward if reqirca. bo 22 2t I OST.?Strayed or stolen on Mondav, Sept?m -J ber 17tli, a small red ai.d wlutu HI" F" m\~ tH FALO COW, with a slit in one?**r *5 reward will l>e (tvea to the Cmler li? l?av- JaJha in* the umi' at the eorner of H and Twentv-brst sts:, First Ward. so 22 St* LOST?On Friday afternoon, either in George town or on the road to the Soldier's Home, a (.inked GOLD BRACK1.ET, witli the initials H. F. II. on She inside. The finder will receive ?t suit able reward bj leaving it at No. 40 First st'ect, Georgetown. ??ii'-3t ASTRAY COW.?Broke into tlie inclosnre of the subsonber. on the night <>f the 2>>tb instant.a mrdiiiiii-*iz*d white and spec kled buffalo COW, nt-ariy d?jr. The owner^bJha can have the Mine by proving property, b^tiax oharSes, 4,0. BEN J. r*UM>fY. It* 7th street, near First Toll Gate. EHH'ND-A. SUM OF MONEY, which the i. owner can have by bating the probable locality and the amount lust, and addressing Box 31* City Pott Office. se 21-St* BOARDING. BOARD.?Board may he obtair.od for a fatnilv, on inode'ate term*, at Mr*. UAH NAK U'S.oiie mi e from the Omnibus Stand at Georgetown. Alto, lor rent, a ? ot?age (with board.> sejn 3t A ?0 NINTH 8TRKET.?Persons returning to tlie cit* from their summer r?sorta will find vacant seveial desirable rooms, having the oonve nicnoet of gas, water, and bathing closets, at 4 '>3 Ninth st., oue door south bf F; suitable ei'her for families or single gentlemen. Table boa d^rt ac commodated on moderate tormi. se5 3w* FOR SALE AND RENT. I For e Hut "For Salt and Kent11 advntistmints. tt* first page ] STORK FOR RENT AND FIXTURES FOR SAL-K?No A'i5^7th at-eet, under the Ave-.u* House. It has bJ'.-ii occupied for the last 3 yc?r? aa a tailoring btoro, and i? wel1 adapted aa a clothing store . Apply at No. ?*> *,?>? 7th at. #c?l8t* l^OR RENT-A HOUSE on 13cb atraet wen, F near L, street north. No. 359 ; hac 8 rooms, m KOod order ; & pump of food water next vard. The rent 50 per month. Inquire at No. #Au I. street north. ?e?l-3;* FOR REN r-One Frame COTTAGK-HOUSK Kituated on Massachusetts av , lietween 14 h and 15th eta , containing 8 rootna. A hoe pump of good water in tl? >ard For partieulara inquire at at th? briok house on the premises. Rent $10 per month. se2U3t F'OR RENT-The STORE and DWELLING formerly occupied by Mr. I'ettit aa a*roocr? and provision atom, on tne corner of Twe 1th and F streets west. Tne dwelling contains ten good room*, dry has?<m*Mit and yard; iMtlow the store a capaoi us cellar, d.y and auitable lor storac* of any kind. Will be rented low to a punctual tenant For further particulars inauire of CONRAD r INKM AN, No. V5 ? i'enu. avenue between 1-th and 13tn su., mjuIIi tide. se M lir' F()R RKNT-Poiimhoii onth?lst of October. The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43"* D street, at present oocupied by tho Rev. Dr. Butler, ana next door to the residence of the adrertis-r. M ? . J. M CAKLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. j?o 18 tf FOR RENT-The HOUSE No. *41 F etreet, between I3ih and 14th streets, now o?vupied Dr. Liebei man. It contains 9 rooms besides kiteti bath loom and pantry. The whol? house is h<?ated by a furnace and suppled with ja* and wat r natures. A good brick stable is attached to the premises. To a good tenant the rent will be mod eiate aud possession may be had about the 1st of October A pp'y on the premises between the hours of 4 and 6 o'clock p. m. sa 18-?o6t* FOR REN T?A three story and baeement . BRICK H?>USE on First st. west, between 6 and H tt?. north, near St Aloysius Church, cn taininf[7 comfortable room*. For particulars ao ply next door sooth, or to WISE * CALLAHAN, se 15 7t? F19^.?RE^T?A thr?? story-aod-atUo BR1 ( DWELLING.oe H street. I w twees lath ami i'* ,AIBO.kinf?o-Mi)fT ium-i?iemrni orawii front DWKt.LlNG HOUSE, on l?h rtroot, bo we?n and Ma*sachu?etta ar.; possession girmi to the latter house some tun* in October; 4b* oouj0 to be repainted inside and out Apslf at w*. r.SHtDD'S Fanej Store, No. 409 llil ft. au 2S-6w* ina*nifioeat rope^t*. TcxWndria Railroad-. It ie aader ultiv&tu GEORGETOWN. -Correspondence of Tkt Star. < Oiouktawi, Sfptmb)* 23. Mt < Tbe procession of Bell and Evrvett iwi, in four-lor* oinntbuae*, from vour cltjr, *rb1eh mmmI ttroujtb our street* tbls owning on lta v?*jr to KockrUle, attracted much tUentlua Tl* "b'r wit. ai unnl on aucb occastoaa. a ' notices bla future. >Ve anppoae tbe tMar wlU baw full xcmiutof the sayings and dutn^s. n \r? nrtioed ' ?? reporter" la tbe ran of Use j*o rrMlott roafhrtiitUv m>im( a V:40 mm, and looking aa usual wideawake, mid reodv to "take not**' oi all matter* Interest ing to your readers. three or fonr lockcra were broken open In the market-bouae again laat night. and robbed of their eontenta Aa wp bave bad to report a~treral occurrences of the kfr d heretofore, we hope the police vrlil keep a look out, and try to prevent a recurrence of toe petty hut anixulng robberies There it much complaint among the rufferera Bv request we announce that Prof. Stemaon, President of Columbia College, will preaca in the Bridge-street Presbyterian Church to-morrow af ternoon, at 4^ o'clock. Our enter prialngfrllow-citlxen. Mr.T A New man, baa pore baaed the desirable property on Bridge street, on wbieh his store and tUe adjoin ing store on the weat are located, for f5.(U0. He has 41 front fteet, and It la hla Intention to tear aown tue old liuKdingsaiidertct Umtucw brick tore* at an early day. About I.009 beef cattle were offered at Drovers' Rett yesterday, of wblcb 4U) were aold at from ti '25 to ?3 45 per 110 Iba gran <U? lay over, and 40i? drove on to Baltimore. Sbeep scarce. Notice Crtndeil's advertisement la Georgetown column. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For other Ci?r(?fowa mdrrrtu>m*nt> ,'tr Jlrst p*gt (f5?GKORGKTOWN TAXFS.-Octobor 1st lk_3 I>ein? the u?nal fim? for the settlement of taxes dne this Corporation, th- attention of all coa ccrnsd in earnestly called to the same. CHARLES D. WELCH, se 19-tOctl Collootor. T ~ ~ vTh kh e cTnTg kt I UB V Sk? - - - ? - * nr. ?f? m^wiuc i*IjA ri".. ronno-oorMreu or plain. DRAWING HENS, and all oth?r Uiawim Materia'* : HINDI >? S I'C IH*. for !iwhh, ro?? ries.and others; SCHOOL H'-OKH. at JPoMuifc; or*' inwciit oa?h prices : STATION ERY, FANC^ ARTICLES, TOYS, Ac., Ac., *< ? Me , _ At CRANDKl.f/S. *e 3W-3t 15** Rddpe street, Georgetown. 1,M)R SAI.E-The two storr BRICK DWELL ING and Lot corner ol First and Frederick street*, Georgetown, is for sale The h"??e con - tains seven r< oins Uesidf s atiio Tie lot front* 't feet on First strf'L The fiweiing, villi pnrt of the lot Onlv. fllAv hA hftil il i*r. f-arrosl f*** i\?r < ? f J ?r? . ? m !> 1 VM VI ?M1 IV * 4 ' forn.?'ion app'.? on tli* p?-?mi?c? after 4 p. m., or to CHARLES SLEMMER. Ef?..3s Fir*t *tr?ot. e aKcii* VVAl. SI .KM M k K L^UR NEW YORK.?The packet acbooner* Aro P tic, Captain Hicks, Suipri?e. Captain >, Cole, and ^ yrk'own.Captain vV'VKlom. haveZj^jJ?" arrived and will *ail as above with dispatch.^^^ For freight apply to McCOBB 4 1X)DGE, Be 18 63 W ater street. JUST RECKIVKD 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGAR?, ISi bbU. ?i|d RrcWHtCKY, 290 Mill HERRING and ALEWIVF.**. 49 bb!?. ?"ru>hod and R^fin^rt --UGARf*, 3n hae* Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hli'Js.ilow priced* Mi?LAMJ?ES*. For sale b? JOHN J. HOOCK. < i? THik LNl?EilSltJNEI> CARPKNCKR AND DU1LUEK off.TB bit >o tha public of Georntftown, Washington. and*, *"<1 wiJ contract for or supfrr tond the construction of ynh!to and ?rimt<r htti dtnga. Pla&s a>.<] sp?< ifi oAtions txs In nn^",l *?. ?hort notici t'ffitt and *h->p on Congress st. Georgetown. immediate ly north ol tue foci Oftoo au 27 a.neo H EN RY WING ATE. RC. C. ATZS ESPECTFL'LLS Inform* bin friends and the public generally that he ha* removed to No. 35 Huh utreet, adjoining Ma-onic Hall. He is prepared to furnish, at the sliortest notice. Dinner and Evening Parties, and leels assured that he will five entire satisfaction to those who may favor him with a call All kinds of CONFECTIONERY an* CAKE at the lowest prices. Best ICE CREAM at S! 50 per gallon. .... . . C. C. ATZS. aa iugn ?ireet, ueorgetown. O T ! C E! 1 wish *1' *ent.'*men to bear in mind tunc the plan which I ?adopt?-d, six year* aro, of sellmi 'HATS and BOOTS at grietlj re duccd prices lor na?h ia in sncoessful operation. Just ree?-ived a full n-pply oi the latest New York styles of DKK!*S Ha I S. The very finest Hat %;> ji?; a first-rate hat US: and verj Kood.fiashio able Hat ?250. All of the latest styles of soft liATS and OAPJ*,at the very lowest price*. I am constantly snpp led with a very larire stock of those fine DKKSS BOOTS at 93.75?which I have been selliig for many yar?-?? well as the very bestqual t? of Fat lit I.eatlierGAITKRS at ? i F nie French Calfskin Gaiters fr< in ?2 to $.! *? Term* cash: n<? extra charge in order to ofTaet laddebts ANTHONY, Agent for the .Manul'ae lurera, Seventh sticet, second hat store float the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 340. e 14 Sin DO NUT FAIL TO CALL AT IIARVUY 8, 2G1 C St., bttic** lot* and lira. He will to-daj opeu his 1< ne established and well known NORFOLK OVSTRR^ SHL'CKLNG DEFOT for the season dpjti /_ } He ha? ma^e arrangeme .* f> rtcue^VlLW regular supplies <>f the beat NOR FOLK OYSTKR* on ever* Tue*dar. Thursday, ar.d s'aturd&T. He will also k**?p con stantly ou hand a large ami varied assortment of F?SH, including every tort known to Washington tables. He r"tnrim Ins sincere ts?ik? to th' se who pr.t roni ?hJ liia Fvial>??hni?:t dunni the ca?t tea?on. ami is c<)of.'JpBf iiint hu increased fici f-?r Ifcninn constantly on haiM fresn *upplie> of<>\ 8 thks, FI>d. GAMI2. Ac , Ac , wii! an ply re ward a continuance oi their p&tronage ao<i custom. Soid at th* lowest market pacer, aud de.irercd at all part* of the city free of chareo. elol.n T. M. HARVKY. I^OR A SHOUT TIMK ONl.Y?DEAhWRSS AMD NOISES /.V THE //E.1D.-HR.OUL STON. inemi>er of the Royal Coliese of t*argeop? ofKogand, has arrived, and is now r repared te app 7 his new and extraodioary treatment by which he was hinue f sored af er eleven year* in tense ?offV>nr^ Parti cu a^s for self care sent to any addrerui lor postage; consultations daily from 10 UK 4 o clock free; teferencetn t<anrire'a of per sons cured. Address No. ?14 I've.Oh street, Wanhiniton. ?. C Nervous persons should read Vita' Statics" for self oiire. Sent free to any ad dress for 12 cents m stamps. ae 11 8w* Am picture cord .on tasskls. Haatisorne assortment PICTURE CORD and TA?SK' S, Crimson, Soviet, Green and Blue Colors, froin photograph to portrait Mxe 1'ie'ure Cord all six tM ami co ors Ai.-n, Picture Rings and Nails. Just rfoeir<Hl_st _ J. .uakivki i'fcK ?, rso. 4***> Seventh ?t.. U tliMirs above Odd Fellows' Hall. D<->n't turret the number. *e 15 ??i2w* fV MERCHANT TAILORING. UW FALL STYLES or cloths, CASSl MK.RS. *NH VESTINGS. wall. STEPHENS A CO., Wt renntrlva ria Avenue, have jutt received a larce variety of n w Fall Goods, to which tkcjr invito the attention of tiioir friends and rMi?t?>n>#t?. an $utf Hokse shoes AND HORSE shoe IRON. We have row in store a large lot of the above, and will sell it at mauulaeturers' prices. JOS L. SAVAGE, Sign of the Gi<t Saw, ge 15 6t (Stafw.) Pa.av.,bct l*Kh and I Itli sts HC. 8PALDING JUSTiCE OF THE PEACE, AND CONVEYANCER. Deed* prepared and acknowledgements UktB, buying, selhiix a d leasing Real Efttate, Ac. Ofcoe <3* 1> st l*t. 9th ami 10th sts se H-eofit" 13'JONOMY IS THE ROAD to wealth - Id BuT"f^ri.>EMETZ.'iS6 J'a. avenue, near 'i?w,, ?k ? ' will"" f III! vrri.MI BWOVb. 1 il I llvUri ? " '? IllAfl U l*KJ tare Ko ts * 17.5. ?e V LH)? t>ALE.-A pair of COACH HORSES, r young and f&at, sold for no lauit; the fi\__ owner bavin* no uttn for thein. App!> at H ,T? W. I!. UPPERMANt? Grocery, on * s*Ivania avenn*. hrtvmn .11 and 4M *t* au 3S-tf PIANO? ?One very mo* S,^ octave P an.i lor Alio, one r?'y littl? u?ed. for #175. At the Mufie ?ur? of \V. O. MET^EROTT, Sole A*ent of Steinway A Son'i and Riren, Bacon k Co.'* Piano*. ?e 10 IU8T RECEIVED, a fine rtook of FALL J CLOTUlNt*. Priuee of Watee Hat*. Ja?an?ae Hats, and ail kjnie of HaU. at the PEOPLE'S CLOTH INS STORK, No. 460 Seventh atroet oepnaite Port O*"*1 an*<lm 1 ?A NOVKLTY MILLS FLOUR. 1 l)U DHLS. Of thia superior braid of Family and Extra Flour received thia dav. For *ae in lots to auit by D. L>. MORRISON ft. CO. me 8 corner ol Twelfth and B ?ta. ASK iky PURSE WHAT thoc SHALT BUY! OO TO STINEMKTZ'S CHEAP CABII HAT STORE, b<> 2i 236 Rfc *t., mr cornr Uili it. INFECT INK, OR PERSIAN AGUE v HAKJl* A supply of this wonderful Medicine just re 1 I. i_ _# ? L. *ftl 13 l\l M IV hr Wert End Dm Store. 113 Pi. av. aid at northern price#. JUS. L WAVAtf*, 10th JfdS&i wHB (ftutoe) P*.?v..h?t. 10th and tlth ?U. W on n ? yy ooD! THE LATEST NBWS TKLKOKAPHJC. 1 ' 1 ' Tl* Priiw ' Prraoit, Tburadar. *?P* of Wi)M rr*cb*d Wlndaor at ? .dock thla ra ring. bva apart ?1 train fra? Harolltoa After tk' prroJntatl.* of addrraa* by tb* Mayor ?4 tb ? rltif-n*. tb* royal w*** . aiaiU* <* mm* tkf im olt and Mllwauk* Ptrrr " w1** ear. which had be~a gorge?"?ly dnwiM oa the ore as" on. ()a board the ** the Gorer n.?rof Vlrhlgan, the Mayor and CotuK-Umeo. aad al-o-t 50 prowlnent rltttfix of DHwtl. who w?r? prraei.W to Ma Hlghneaa ?>? the y?fr had rr?rh?d the American vriUn Mayor Bull. Ii behalf of the CUv of Itetrwt, waicooaed Bnn Renfrew to the 1'atled Stair* ( Arranged Tw the rtw, and roverla* a apare af oes'lf a m le in length. *M a Large fleet of rt*?r and lake vewels, their rigging bolng hnac with heautifal variegated lamps and decorated with tanners and emblems laacribed with worda at greeting. A* the strainer fearing the Royal party m*de it? r.rrultoua postage through the fleet, aarh veaael sent forth a p?rfeet shower of rack- U and ire work* The wirffcwai* froatinc Um fleer wer? splendidly Illuminated; treworka war* let eff from the ptera. and the whole river waa me complete hlsae of light, making one of the grand tat dlaplava ever vtn? wd Detbot't. Sept 21 .?The Prince of Walas, with h s Rovai rompaniona. started for Chicago th a morning. Prevloaa'v ?o atarting the Prlace made an ln< ff < tual effort to drive Hrough tho dtr. but hla morrmrDti were ao hindered by crowd* of people blocking up tLe ?U<*ta. tbat the arc on. Biabment of Ll> object ?m rrndrml Imnoaalble. e waa compelled to return to hla hotel, whore ttio crowd w aa ao deaar that it waa aene time be f< re could alight. Freaa the Plalai. Fobt Smiti. Ark.,September 90 ?9tx hundred trnopa and eeventv w*(uai. from the Plaloa, Cap tain Storgla comaoanriioff. arrived here yeetrrday. OMtm. Nebraska Territory. September*)?fir a tD'wn^^f juat In from the Plaine. we born that the t^lejjrapb polea are aet within aln^tv oillea of Fort Kearaer. aod although they have to be baoled a distance of fifty mile* uu the wwVin portloo of the lln?. the company are p<itat?c them up at the rate of five aod aix ml lea per day. The (mire wlU be op to Fort Keoroey by the middle of october. and the wtrea atrelcbod about lk.lnlnrV.nnk- V. 1 ?1 i .wv hiv. ? ? *?? *_?rr i . m: v-'mfwaf ???*f Ibr conatructmn of tbe line thua for ao rapuily. In 1b crderto have It reedy to Wamaait tbe No*eaab?r electiona bv Hoar Eapwaa via Fart Kearney, which will Inaure a gain of nearly two day* upon the preeent time IMiaitrana Ceeflagratlee at Fart taltk Fo*i Smith. Ark., Sept 20?Tbla morn ng a Are broke out in tbla plate wblch reauttod la the dcatructtou of the City HoU and the garrlaon block of bulldlnga Tbe value of the building* wbicb were dratroyed waa about 9100,000. and of m?rcha'>dtae. furniture. Ac about S10U 000 more Tbe poat office, with 4,0U0 lettera, ta amwig tbe rulna 1*1 laaewri Breckinridge < eavesttea. St. Lotna. Sept 20 ?A. apeciai diapateh to tbe Republican aavt tbe Breckinridge State Conven tion met at Jefferaon City to-dav Flftv-elgbt countlea were repreeectod Col John W. llaarock. of tireen county, prealded. Nothing of Importance waa done to-day. Tba Convcution adjourued till 7 o'clock tbla evening. C. S Graad L?4|? I O O. F Naihtiili. Sept JO?Tbe (J. 8. Grand Lodge I O. O. F p?>id a complimentary visit to Mrs President Polk yesterday, and the nieabtn Til ited tbe Hertnlu^e to-day In a body. Rhode Island Kepablicaa imtmUm. Piovid?xc?, Sept JO?Tbe Repabicaw State Convention to-day nominated Thomas U Tsrt>e? and l.ottimer W Halloa etertara at l?ne, and David Buffuin aad L11 aba Harris district electors The Leataville aad Memphis Railroad l.oct* ville. Sept. 30.?The Louisville and M?ropb<* Railroad was opened yesterday to Cl?rksvll!e Tbe road will be opened to Men phis by the 1st of February next. Prfklt at Bnim Bo?to*. Sept. 30 ?Tbe U. 8 alocp-of-wmr Preble arrt vrd here tbta mormag M*Tfmr*ti of Ladj Prukltai. Torosto, C. W , J*?pt. 20.?l<adr Franklin ar rfred In thla city to day, and la atopping at tb? Hostile float". Htmain Markati. 8*i.tiwot*. Sept W ? Floor doll and baavr; Howard I rnt lod Obto tt; VVLeatdal', white rt?a69r Corn dull; Hlow OSaTOe. Propria toiia dull: nifii pork 919 7f; lard IStto Cof?a Arm at M|aU^e. Whtrtv dull at Ka? V*ra Narkati | Niw Yoke. 8?p( 22 ? Kioor beary. but eaaier; Stat* ?6 US*5 16; Oblo *5 55i5 65 ; Houtbarn %i ?S a i i?? Wheat b'avy.and lr-Je lower; W ?vtb red CI -JAai 27. Corn leaa irm; mixed Pork titedy. Lard firm. W tatak v dull ut VJjj.i% . THL WkULY klkk. That raluable and popular family journal. the Wkeklt Sua, full u usual of Metropolitan newt aud gossip, sad choice literary reading, Is now on our couater ready for delivery ta> the pub lic. Embraced la its entertaining contests are tha following articles: Both Sides?s poem; First Love, or Coastanry la the Nineteenth Century?a very Interesting story; Ambition for Show, Sensible Talk, A Soldier's Kstlmste of Glorr: "If We Knew"?a poem : A Second Attack oa the "Abode of Lsve"?the Again After tils Wife; The Great Croton Wi'rr Pipe; Tbe Masncres la Syria; What Coal is; Occupation of Emigrants; The Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame robbbed of fltrii.UUO, The Peculations ?f Pennsylvania Central Railroad Employees, A Shrewd dry goods drummer?Sharp Practice; The P red out ness of Littleness; Interesting DeUlls Concerning the Evacuation of Truxillo; Tbe Prince of Wales at Niagara; Tbe /.ousves Disbanded; Reconciliation at Torouto; Bursting of Lowe's Great Air-ahl r, Tbe Texas Excitement. 1 ha Ladv Elein Uiw. sstcr* Life on tbe Boeder?A Cold blooded Murder In Kaiia?; Afl-ilr* m Syria ; Horrible Fratrl rid??One Urvtber Kills Another with an Ai?; A Poisoning Case la Illinois; Sp-ntaal Convention In Michigan; Disgraceful Affair? A Woman Tarred and Feetbered; The Kate of Mr. l.umaden and Family; Movements and Lad of Uea. Walker; The Ancient Sarcophagus at the SeithwHar; Tbe Potomac Water Werka_tbe High Ser vice Keaervolr and Rock Creek Bridg*. Tbe Late Tournarneut at Aaatolaa Island, poru of Political Meeting*. Tbe MtaSAme K l> Will Case; A dwindle upon tbe 1. O. O. F ; Report of tbe City Health Commlaloner. In teresting letters from "C. 8. N." "Oh the Wing" and " lTnder tbe Knapeack," m Vlr gin la; Hiv i )r?Kt til Pl?r th> RmimI N>*<rai? D. newed; Whom tte God* would bestrov They First make Mad; Complicating tbe DlOciiltv; TteWr.^t F astern; I'tjnsphatic Guano; Mur der Will Oat; Department ?ew?; Editorial^ WasMngtoa Niw? and Gossip; Local intelligence, Ac., kC.; Late new*, foreign and domestic, by mail ud telejrrapb, Interesting l'eraonal Items: And a great variety of choice literary articles, bctb prose and poetry, too numerous to men tion. Tbla is just the paper abeve ail otben (or par ton* sojourning la tbe National M< ^ropolls to send W> their frieudi at a distance, r*rtoa oalr three cents per copy, or f 1 *5 per anmim; postage prepaid by stamps when ao arrested 486 NEW ^ALLGOODS. PAPKR-H ANGINGS, W 1 N DO W PIuTLSK CORD AMD TASSELS, Ac. Tkm ttatttoniasr won <1 cs.ll tk* sU?inlw?s ?rfbis frWidi *< d la* sahlic to kl> laii idock of PAPKK HANOIMil*, WINDOW ftMAluS. PlCl^lK COB Ik iVll Tiu-l'i u ?- - ? - -fc? -? wwMV ****** AO Cll.r-. a O., Viuu a?la|t ? VW??V5? jja vtritxl tmcL't or Cm?1 I m4 \X%#t, Goid, setm. ud low pnoed ?o<>'t%, witii * r.e?>i-:e \ M*tj ?f wfraat^il 0< M H?ik1 Wiodoo *ha.lim. ) li'vr* Cor.i and i'twli. Allowiu< iu> ]<! uvk bo ocoo mtilae and puicbaaiuc f??r rwnw rt^umi (h?< alwve guoda ?ill fin J it to their atl>auLa*e Vo ?Ive dm a re I. P?u<*t<t*Jity i* ft ! ?< ordere aorf ati?fa<rtu>n gnarantoari ?a vorkmaualiiip or no M* tr^oirro. OrtkT? for l?af>< rhao,. ia?.? er W aj ? States fkitlifu'l; oxeeoied in cat* or oo<r4ry. pwa'tfi'VOl ?!i# numiti. J. MAKKr ITLK, No 4M **reeth at . ee l*-fogw* ? door? a boy* Odd PoUowa* llall. 486 ?c^3.WSP-,?. 486 fJELS. Ae. Just ncrintl, .a t ~tock warranted Gold Ba?d IViedJV pKjd^a. In.:'aii''i Gold at <3 Cowuo. ?ha/tr?. 5 hart o Holland*, rir'nrf Cord atwi ru *e- Ac Ui.i?w **h?de? of My require I 4e*tgn or aisi fiTn'tkad tu onler CtrrkMfii; M'cuted a??i \\ ind >v MmmW iuraietMNi to cur or c^iiBtry. iSati fac u>a guaranteed or ao |>ay M

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