Newspaper of Evening Star, 24 Eylül 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 24 Eylül 1860 Page 1
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4 % . - - r *M^? i???^? ~ , . m, mm - ? ? ^? ???^?? ' i ?? y % (Stoning ?ta. "*-'?1 ' " 1 " V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 24. 1860. N?. 2.871 i mMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmMmmammmmm^mmmam^^^mmamm^mmamamrn?mn . i i i i mi THE EVENING STAR M WBLISJIED EVERY APTRRNOOH (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,! AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Clrnf of rrnnsylvuM 9O0HWS mnd lltA *t , IT W. D. WALL4CD. ra^era rtltifl tii ftekifN by aarrtera at 94 * imr, *? ?amta ft month. .To mail aabeeribeT* he arroa ( fsjn ? year, m mdtmmc?; $2 for aix w>alha, 91 for three months; and ft?r lae? tb*n \hrim months at the rate of H oanta % week. Sin^e eopie*. aiicmt; w ?rim*rii two c?*t?. nTAi>viiti?i*iitT? eao*!4 be??r.t to theofioe before 12 o'o.ock ra.; otharw\a? ttey may not appeal antU the next day. GtrlbaMri te^and Garibaldi a aecofid marriage, of which racch haa been go*?if>ed in the ioaroaU at home and abroad, is tho* ventilated in the Pari# cornapondenoe of New Orleans Picayane : 441 dar? taj yoa hare heard a great many allurior 4 t0 Qaribaldi'a marriage, and hive M bean rather pwiltd to form an opinion wheth\ie was or waa not married, the whole oeins shrouded in mystery. I think I can tell tfAH *WAU ^ ? . ? mt !? ? ? ?!??/ u< WH (HIIIVU W IUI rrj Mia? Josephiao Raymondi, a ' daughter' (?o everybody Mid) of the Marquis RamoDdi, a we*!thj Milan landed proprietor. The Mar^uis Raymondi livee with Ronconi's wife's aister, and Miu Josephine Raymondi is the Ideet of fire children (all daughter*) that hare iaflaed from this union. She ia a tall brucette, with brilliant eyes, regular, but prominent featured, and a rather Hat face, rhe ia 22 years eld. Last rammer when the Italian campaign waa at ita height.the Marquis Raymondi ana hi* ftmily were residing at his summer residence. Fim> Castle, which ia some fifteen or eighteen miles from Milan, and ia situated en the weetem bank of Lake Como. Garibaldi and his band were at Verese. He had entered Como a few days before, and raad# the acquaintance of the Marquis of Kaymondi and bis family. The Aoatnara had marched forward. cut off all communication between Como and Verese. intending to ooncentrate their forcee by different roads c>n Verese in large number*, *o aa to rarr>und ind crush Garibaldi and his followers. The J'rodestat (Mayor) of Coero was anxious to communicate this intelligence to Garibaldi, and Taade a proclamation to his fellow-citixcna calling upon one bravu Italian to volunteer and risk hts life tot Garibaldi's safety. Nobody offered, " When Mise Joeephiae Raymondi heard of this she became indignant at the cowardice of tnen, and offered herself na a volunteer, saying to the Podeetat, " Give me the dispatch; I will go to Garibaldi &nd will bring back his reply." The {Vdeatat hesitated to accept from a vmm? gvr*. of one and twenty (who, bj reason of her ex, ran much greater riaka than a man would be exposed to) services deemed by men too hasardcus to be encountered. Bat Miss Josephine Kaymondi insisted so strenuously that the dispatches should be given her that the Podeatat yielded ; beside, whom else had he to send ? and the danger pressed. She got on her horse and in an instant disappeared in the mountain's defiles. She knew every path that lay between Como and Vurease, for from her youth she had trod all,on foot or on horseback. Fhe escaped the Austrian* and at sunrise was at Garibaldi's camp. She delivered the dispatch into his hands. She returned heme as safely as she had gone to her destination. Being forewarned. Garibaldi was forearmed ; he foreed Borgho Yico defile, and drove back the Austrian* beyond Lake Como. After the peace was made at Yillafranca, Garibaldi paid the Marquis Kayinondi a visit at Fino Castle, for the tair warrior of Como had made a deep impression on him. He asked her hand in marriage of her father. The Marquis was delighted at the proposition, and instantly gave his consent, and tne marriage was announced everywhere in the neighborhood, and was soon heard of throughout Europe. When the Marquis told Jovephine that he hftil rri van Kar Kan/I T*-l ? " ? n"w vnv Uiwiavvi Ui llftljj she appeared stupefied rather than delighted. She could not refuse to wed Garibaldi, for every Italian regards him as something more than a demi-god?beside, what pretext could she give? lier familj took the stupefaction for the emotion natural to her sex at this supreme hour of woman s life,and thej hastened the preparations for the marriage. The whole Raymondi familj were soon collected at Fine Castle Garibaldi came with all his friends, and a second marriage was soon dequated between Garibaldi's son and a joonger sister (said so be a beauty) of Jq^?phine Raymondi All at once, and Vne day before the time appointed for th^ marriage. Misd Josefhine fell sick, it hoped she would be etter the ne^t d?J. on the contrary, she be- I came wor?i ; two?three?four?ire days came and weTll j Josephine became worse. The Physician said it was nothing serious, and at last the father of the bride determined to make her drew and have hsr carried to the altar ; (he marriage was to he celebrated ia the chapel in the castle. It became necessary to take ?oae measure of this sort, for all th^ newspapers in Europe were making inquiries en the subject, and several persons from remote cities had quitted their ordinary avocations to act as Oariiaidi's groomsmen ; (among them Mons. Alexander Dumasj and they eould not be oxfected to wait there indefinitely dancing attendance upon a woman'a vapors. "The marriage ceremony took place in Fino Castle Chapel, but after the ceremony the bride deolared she felt worse than ever, and begged her friends to excuse her from taking any snare l? the festivities prepared in honor of the occfe eion, and took to "bed. The wedding party was, under these circumstances. gloomy, of course, and soon broke up. tearing Garibaldi alone with his new family, lie could not enter hi* naptial chamber; his wife's illness forbade that. He slept in an adjoining room. The malls nazt morning brought him a letter?an asonywMM letter?sent, so it is stated, by one of his friends. It acquainted him that Mis* Josephine Raymondi, or rather Mrs. Josephine Garibaldi (for such she was now) had long boeored her oouain. Count , with her favor*. The most irresistible evidence was given, and the names of witnesses cited Garibaldi rare the letter to the Marquis Raymondi. who hastened to the bride's room and gave her the fatal paper. There was no denying the chargo made. A distressing scene took place between father and child. Garibaldi quietly qiitted the house and went to his retreat on the bland of Caprera Josephine quitted her father's house next day, and fled with her aedueer to Switaerland. where they now are. Wbe sent the anonpmous letter ? It could not have been friend, for a friend would have cent it before, not after marriage. It is said that it was sent by sone Italian devoted to Austria, or some adherent of Massini, to fever Garibaldi with military frenaj, and keep him from the qwiet f home and wife.'* I T A wtx mtw IIwbwiw T n * Ut. XJ m A.1 u ma 1 * mm **-? aaj ? iBlf spsesh Gen. Lane Mid : " I h?? followed *11 honest vocation* of life, and ataong other things, I worked in the mines of California in 1*30, and dug gold for eleven months. I dug oat with these hands $6,000 that I took home. | A volee,'good for you "J While I was out there digging gold, I went out' prospecting' one day7*>ri waan' aatisted with dining 125 worth a day, I wanted be* ?r diggings7[ Laughter.! I went out to hunt?to 1 prusoeot,' aa we call it?and I met a very clever German who ad been - prospecting' alto. I hod never seen Tun before, nor he me. 4 Well,' said I, how de joa get on to-day* what hwk have you prospecting?' ?Not very good,' taid he, how are you doing?' I told him that I had not done meek. Weil,' aoid he, 'where are you from1' ' Oregon.' said I. 'Or*on?' Yea.' What sort of a country is that? said he Well, ( told him that it waa a good oovntry. Then be asked me about (ieneral Lane. 8sys he, ' I>o you . know Q as. Lane? He is a fine fellow.' [Laughter.] I give it te you in hie own lax.gaigc Oen Lane, he continued, ' came very near calching Santa Anna.' Well, I told him yes; I knew aim a liule. bat I never spoke of him ? Well,' said he, ' why don't you speak of (Ben. Lane'' I told him my wife fen ta lore with Ua oaee, aod I aever spake ef him." (Roars A t>t laughter | ... ,, ? / Tn Man Wio ?'Ca* Kii? a Horn "-Mr. ?; yunn Sevena la aaur proprietor ef the FWU? Avenue Hotel ef New \osta,tbe OmOmhW ef . Philadelphia, the Revere House ud tbe Treaaeut **** floeae of Boston, the Battle House, Mobile, u4 ?the Pet at Cleet House, PoiaJ Clear, Al?baa?,^,UiUiU tot alasa houers, tavolviag a csp,ui ?? and current eipeases of several mitlloas f . _ Tiiesa Je s cbep out West, with hair sored, 11 tfiatwhaa ha noes eat Wote day be is takes for auBflae, and the cocks begin to crow. % Cm We Iapr?tt the Sice aad Vigir at ear Htrie* I It i? a well known foot that English hctse#, a* a general thing, are superior in site ana igor to the American. This remark if especially applicable to tha dray-horses of the large cities, as well as to the farm-horses in the principal agricultural districts. To a certain exteet this superiority is perhaps attributable to the breed; but it Is manifest that there is some chief reason for it. It becomes a question, therefore, to what extent the else and vigor of a horoe is made to depend upon his food. In the United States, we nave a stereotyped system of feeding. Corn, oats and hay are the prineipal kinds of food ased for our horae*, and, from present appearances, they are likely to continue so. Now, Mr. Editor, when you begin to enume rate the kinds of horse feed usea in England, J. A m i - jtvju tin uoi ana a 1101 comprising two or three varieties, (fed, aa they usually are with us, in a raw and unwholesome state,) bnt suoh a one as this:?Oats, carrots, pulse, be?n?, parsnips, hay, mixtures of various kinds, raw ana cooked, etc. P?or is it an established principle that in order to develop fully the physical powers of a domesticated animal, not only a sufficient quantity of food should be given it, but that tnere should be an alternation and varvine of the kinds. The continual use of one Kind of food will not stimalate the appetite in nearly so great a degree as a judicious rotation. Let as apply the principle to onr own cases, and we Will find that an entire sameness in oar daily food for any considerable length of time clogs the appetite and renders eating an operation demanded by absolute necessity, and not the result of the demands of a keen appetite. Variety in food, on the oontrary, stimulates the digestive organs, and is almost absolutely e?sential to domesticated animals, such as the horse, etc. The partiality of an animal for a particular kind of food is generally regulated by its internal organisation. This, the lion feed3 upon flesh, and the sheep on vegetable matter. Occasionally we notice a slight departure from these principles, but they are the exceptions whi?h prove the rule of law. The domesticated animal being, as the horse, confined to certain limits, is compelled to eat suoh food as his owner offers him, or starve. On the other hand, the wild animal being wholly unrestricted in its movements, and guided by unerring instinct, travels where it pleases in search of the food which its peculiar organization requires. Beside this, the Creator has so arranged things that the food best adapted to the wild animals is always found in the regions of wincb it is a native- Now, the horse was originally wild, and not a native of our oountry. The food, therefore, which he receives daily from his master is not exactlv the kind which nature provided for him in his native condition. It bocomea a question, then, how nearly we are approximating his natural aliment, and whether we may not, oy varying his food more, approach it still nearer. We have the fact before us that American horses are not as strong or vigorous aa the English. Coupled with this fact is another one. We do not give our horses aa great a variety of food as the Englishmen do theirs. Now, is the difference in size and vigor attributable to climate, to breed.or to the food? If to the climate, we cannot alter his f tnilitinB ; if to krtod, then we m?T lUJDrOVP him by introducing better ones; but i^ as I believe, the difference is owing mainly to our wrong systom of feeding, then the remedy is a simple one. Let us try carrots and parsnips, etc.,more extensively?let us eschew ungrouod grain and uncut hay, whenever it is possible, and let us feed more cooked food [in a oold state, of course). It will not be difficult to pv*ke the trial ; acd in addition to this, there will be no risk in attempting it, as w? bave the mostindabitable evidence that a system such m tuat ?uggested has the great advantage of economy in coat, oven if it does not add to the size and rigor of the animals?D. Roberts in Farmer and Gardener. pancbllixa or Land iw Frascb.?The inconvenience of paroelled morsels of landed property strike the aye at once. They are most visible in the fertile regions, where the possibility of obtaining a living by spade labor has availed itself most largely of the law of equal partition The soil of the entire country is said to be de-parted into 126,000,000 parcels. Calculating the popalation at thirtysix millions, there are three parcels and a half to eaoh person! What is this but another phase of what may still be seen in Ireland, where, in the difficulty of apportioning a small farm equally on the death of the holder, his children have endeavored ta satisfy equity by allotting each other several pieces of various quality; so that no one's lot is all together, but scattered up and down and here and there. The French now seek Mome remedy at the hands of their Legislature against this indefinite process of morselling, and in the hope of seeing bow their neighbors, similarly afflicted, may contrive?not, indeed, to turn tho patched coat of their country into * new garment, yet to effect some consolidation of the patohes? they look eagerly for an initiative to the neighboring States of the Oerman Rhine, which are suffering from the same evil and are seeking to heal it .?Dublin University Magazine. Proportions or the He max Figcre ?Tho proportions of the human figure are strictly mathematical. The whole figure is six timed the length of the foot. Whether the form be slender or plump, this rule holds good Any deviation from it is a departure from the highest beauty of proportion. Tho Greeks make all their statues according to this rule. The face from the highest point of the forehead, where the hair begins, to the end of the chin, is ont| tenth of the whole stature. The band, from the wrist to the end of the middle finger is the same. The ohest is a fourth, and from the nipple to the top of the head is the same. From tne top of the cheat to the highest point of the top of the forehead is a seventh. If the length of the Am. from the roots of the hair to the ohin, be I divided Into three equal parts, the first division determines the point where the eyebrows meet, ~1 * A! UU LUD DWU1IU UIO (UHV VI III* 0001X118. I DS navel is the central point of the human body, and if a man should lie on his baeh. with his arms extended, the periphery of the circle which might be described around bin, with the navel lor iU oenter, would toueh the extremities of his hands and feet. The bight from the feet to the top of the head is the lame as the distance from the extremity of the other when the arms are extaaded. Theee are general measures of the speeiee. Tan Lady Eloix Uvsxawoktut ?The Teledo Blade nyi: "Had the Lady Elgin been built with water-tight compartments, like the Western Metropolis or City of Buffalo, we should not have been called upon to chronicle such a fearful loss of life. It would be Impossible to alak either of these boats by a collision, for cutting a bole in them, oc even dropping their engines through, would only til one compartment, leaving the boata still buoyant and in condition to reach the shore with their passengers " V>rv lfttl* h?a naan ? ??* -...* *a a-_a a* _ * - ?j -"iu iwui it. uih uir train U. the Elgin wm not a ftrst-claaa boat, and she was unfit for the Lake Superior trade, and every body familiar with our marine knew so. To ?w bow bualaess will "stick out," even at a eraL we wUl ioetaaca a private dispatch sent frooi Chicago to tba Naw Orleans Picayuna, anaon aolag tba loss of Cal Lunadaa. ef that paper, which eommencad by mylng that new* had just arrived of tba lossof thai ^ vorl te pleasure steamas the Elgin. Ac. ffthajrnth aver eoaaes oat It. jUl sppear^ fhat the Elgin waa uneeaworthy.? - ScaoL&BaRir ia Ha*va*? Cottaoi?We an derstand, says the Boston Advertiser, that a gentletnan of wealth and of large sc I entile aad prefesalanal aeeulremonta, has jast shown his Interest In tfca prosperity of Harvard Coli?K?, by establishin? sixteen scholarships, wtth an income of two hundred and Bfty dollars annually. Theaearbolarsbi p? are to be bestowed, )?sar by year, on young men of limited means, wha give proses*, by thslr cdadact mod devotion to their aladlea, of future usefulness and distinction. I Anns. WINKLOWi N SlMrMn ed r?ar?# tod* FhrBiol*n, piM?nU to tie ittantion of mothers. her SOOTHING SYRUF. F?r rhildraa T??thLnf, Tkkl (riitl; faeLHttaa tka prntii af taathtnf, k? nAm taj tka piu, raaacicf ali IctinMUtt-illl tluy ALL tAIH and ipaa madia ?ctiae,and la SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapaod a pan it, awtkm, It will ft?a rut ta yaaraalTta, u4 RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W? b?T< pai apandaaldtkta urtiila ter a?artao yaara.aod CAW iav, lit CONFlDBNCB and TIITH ?r It, what Wl h*?? a?ar oaio 1,1 to mm af any OTHBB IMMm? nm MRS. *a? it failbd.ip a iih1li h1- vtaatowia ,t*?ci * *r" fbct a CDII, winsljww'b ?ban tnaaly aaad. Ri'U did ti knaw anilTfU IIO AD inaunca af diaaatlafaetian bj an* act wha aaad it. Oa tha aanirarvallara SYRUi', dalirhtad with ita riAATiont, and I.j.A in tarma af kifhaat c?inmand?tian af ita m\-ieal aBasta and raadieal nrtaaa. wi ar**k in Jria raattar WHAT WB do how," aftartan raara'aifarianea, AND PLBDaB OUB BBFt'TATION FOB TMB FULFILMENT OF WHAT WB HBBB DB cm B. 111 almaat mrj iintuit wh?i tha infant la ?ofar? (of frara p?iin aud a|haaati<m, raliat will ba fosnd in Iftaaa r twa-fp mtnati* aittr tna ayrap u aorainiatarad. Tbia ?aln*bla praparatian ia thi priacriptian af ana af thi malt itpiriiilcid and IIILFCL RDIIII in N*v Erf laad, aodhaa bun aiad with n ?tbr-failii*o h'ccjk la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Bat aolp raliataa th* child frara pain, bat Inrifaruai tha alamaeh and bawala, eerracta acidity, and giraa tan a and anirgy ta tha wbala ayatara. It will almaat inatantly raliara 6mri!h> m thi Bowbls and Wind Colic, aadanreonii e*n?B!ai#na, which, If .lat apiidily ranadiad and in Wai ??_ | baiiara ft tha hit AKPlUKkiTklM- FOR m>v iii tha world to all eaaaa af DTI- CHILDREN k??TIRT and DiaR l??A iw chil- TEETHING. Whllh" ? anaaa fram taathingl nr front anr athir eaaaa. Wa woald a*y ta arary motDar who bai a child a?ffaring from any af tha foragainr complainta? do rot lit tol r rilljudicii, pi or thi prijl'dicis op othbri aUnd batwaau yasr aufarinf child and tha raliaf that will hi uri?raa, ab90lutilt ?pbi?to follow tfta Baa af th midicina, if tln-aly aald. Fall diracuara' araaingwtlla aampanr aach bottla. Nona ganaina anlaaa tha f*e aimila CDRTife k PERKINS, Naw York, U Ml tht oxuidi wrap?* rid by Draggiita throaghaat tha warld. Principal Offiea, Na. llCidar liraat, N. T. Priaa aalrtS Cinta par Batua. aa 11-dAwlr U*X TENSIVE AND ELEGANT STOCK m-? or Carpetings. We respectfully announoe to the citizens of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria, and environs, that our assortment of ALL KINDS OF CARPETINGS, in all the various trades, makes, and classes, is now oomplete in all departments, having just re plenisheo our stook from the niost recent mak?s and importations, whioh enables as to exhibit to buyers the most "recKtreke" styles known to the trade. We haveElegant Medallion, Tourney, 8*xony, and Yorkshire English Velvet and Wilton Carpetings, in triple, double and single widths, for drawing-rooms ana parlors. Also, noh and heavy Velvet Carpets as low as ?1.25 p?r yard, worth S2. Superior and heavy English and Bigeiow Brussels Carpetings, for drawing rooms and parlors, very eheap. The same makes in heavy and rioh Tapestry Brussels Carpetings, for drawing rooms, parlors, dining rooms, libraries, chambers, halls, Ao Kxtra heavy and entirely new designs of Royal and superior Three-ply Carpetings, some aa low as 91% oents per yard. Some makes in fine and supe'fine Double Ingrain | Carpetings, exact copies of Brussels, at from 95 to 25 oints per yard. Also, heavy and cheap Wool Dutch, for oflioes, basements, halls, Ao? very cheap. Double Twilled English and Tnompsonvill# Ve cetian, in all widths, for halls and steps. Also, a full supply of all kinds of Rugs to match any of our Carpet?. In Oilcloths for Floors Our st'iok is full and oompiete, embracing all the designs whioh are novel and most desirable, which we purchased under the most fa?orable oiroa?star.C'??. which will enafcl* "* ?* ' at less figure* In Curtain Materials We also have an entirely new supply, whioh only ueed to be seen to be appreciated?all being new and different from an) thing Heretofore seen la this ifousekeepersand others are respectfully invited to oaJl ?nd examine our good* and judge for themselves. .clagett ft dodson, Dialers in all kinds of Furniture Dry Goods, No. 4 Market Space, ? l('-eo6t 3d door east from 9th street. Proposals for iron fence and gates for the treasury exten sion. Bureau or Cosstrcctioh,* Treasury Department,Sept. 14,18fl0. \ Skalkd Proposals will be received at t >is oflioe nntil the 10th nay of October, A. I) , l?6o, at 12 o'olock, noon,lor furnishing and potting up com olete ail the iron work of the UatfrF, F?. ?es, fto., for th? approaches to the s^uth wing of the Treasury Extention Kniidmg Pnotographed plans and specifications can lie had upon applio&tionat this office on and after the 18th instant. The proposals should be plainly endorsed on the envelope ''Proposals for Iron Few and Gatts for Ike Tr>amrv Extension," and the? willbeop-ued at one o'clock on the day last na-ned for receiving the sauie. Bids will only be received per lineal foot for length of Kenoe, for *aoh kind of Fence. The measurement for length to be exolnsive of tje Granite Ports And the Iron Gate* Bids will not b? considered if made by the pound, or if made in gross for the whole. The bids must also state a specifio price lor eaoh double Gat* of the different niea. K. M CLARK, Acting Engineer in ohirge, Treasury Depart ment. ae 17 8awtoo.l0 Pioneer steam marble andbrown stone works. tw. i^..? * u- ? M UO OUI'nuuUDl in??C Ml 11(1 i~> I 111 HID UlllIOUB of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has add?d to his Ionic established bii>iseii the auxiliary of itMm power for sawing and rnannfac turing Marble and Brown Stone Work in their va rions Dranohee, Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand Tops, Tile, Monuments, Tomb and Head Stones, Sla*> , Window Lintels, Siln, Steps and Platforms. Having purohasadalargestook of Italian Marble in block,from first hands,at the lowest rates, he feals oonfid^ntof being able to furnish Marble Work as low as it can be purchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Th? trade supplied with Italian Marble in blook or s abs at the same rate as furnished in New Vork, and on aooommodating t*>rms. Also, on hand, a large supply of t'umioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hoce and Polishing Putty at New York prioes. Enoour%ge the enter prise; it will be an acquisition to the oity. ALKX. RUTHERFORD. Pioneer Steam Marble and Brown Stone. Works, Pa. av.? oor. Thirteenth ?t, au 21 3m Washington, D. C. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana lottery, oondnoted by the Spanish Government, nnder the sapernsioc of the Captain General of Cuba, will take place at Havana on TUESDAY, Octobbx 3, MO. SORTEO N'JBtEllO 645 ORDINARIO, uAriIALI rmiE. 1 prise o/ 9100,000 | fOpnseeo?~ 91.M0 1 do ? 50,000 60 do lot 1 do 90,000 1M do 400 I do ??,(*?) 30 appro*. ? 8juo' 1 do lo/jrol IN AJLL99& PRIZKS. Whole Tiokets, #40?Halves, 310--U uarters, $i. Sri sea oashed at si* ht at b per oen L discount, ills on all solvent Banks taken at far. A drawing will be forwarded as soon as the reeall becomes known. ^All orders for schemes or tic^^to^beiUdrossed ee14 tr flars nf ftrt. fl^snsXn. C. 556 N?vv RESTAURANT* 5l56 The undersigned have taken and entirely re|tted the spacious house No. fi&tf Seventh sttoet, a few doors south of Pennsylvania avenue. TI.eV respectfully invite a ca I from their friends and the pnbiio who may desire a pere article of Brand), Wines, Whisky. o., or Brown Stout, Porter, Ales and other Malt Liquors, from oeleSrated brewers. Their larder at all times stooked with Fish, Flesii and Fowl, served by an experienced cook. This branch receives our personal supervision. HENRY KUHL WILLIAM RUPP, se6 eoSw Proprietors. W._ PROFESSOR MORETTI, HO Hae just returned from Milan Italy, (having been in the Musical Conservatory there.) Ufa and who has been for a long time a teacherUn both of Vocal and Instrumental Music in New^ff* York, (having taught some of the b<*st siszers there, suoh as Bsdia?i. Tiberini, La Grange. Ac.. Ac ,)lias oome here, thinking to remain, and would be most happy to receive the patronage of this city. Prol. M. can give the best or references in regard to his moral as well as his intellectual standing. All communications please address to 964 F st. se 13-Sw* W . NEW GOODS. . ,< n H?TriMireonivM?largeato?k or Biaacnec and Brown COTTONS of PV^JfeSSLm^t?*A|rtvS' 8HEKTING8, TABLE OWEN!, N4PKJNS, iiip .?* ~ 1-T. gSVcmgQN. A VERY NICE 8BVBN OCTAVE PIANO ia. hat in* han is use a abort Una oul7*3i^ sa. wfartrF*m ftt-'rf^"mer Pa. avi.M? and Elerentn ?L a?:w_ Rwmamiggs^^ ms 306 p*. ?t? betwJi acdn*ii Me. EDUCATIONAL. Hmis!* JF.nettf i.. douolass AS The pleasure of announcing to her friends and the public that ahe will open her Ssminary, at tke corner of H and 11th sts .Philadelphia 1 lace, on Monday, September 10th. , ... . For terms can on the Principal. Sr?he will he assisted by the following experienced au4 eSoient teachers: ... ? . Miss DOUGLASS?Higher Englnh Branches. Composition and Penmanshia. , . , . Mm Abbie M. Baoon?Latin, Algebra, English Branches. . . i Miss Juliana G. Mat?Teaober of Vooa. Music. b,?r ? A ? * >w. usu. bcharffir?Lecturer ou Plulosophy. Chemistry, aud Physiology. Prof. Hrsrt E. Makix?Teacher of Frenoh and ! German, Prof. C. W. Beegscann ?Teacher of Piano and Science of Mutio. Mies Mary T. Davidson?Piano. 1 J. Madison Watson,of New York?Lootureron ' Elocution. Joseph G. Bruff?Teacher of Drawinf. Teacher of Spanish. I , Moral Science and Classios. se t-3w < T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to reoeive & thorough and systematic education, where their physical training will receive daily and special attention, under the most approved system of Calls- i themes and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to I visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av. MR. &. MRS. Z. RICHARDS. au 30-tf Principals.^ j I FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ' 1 ALEXANhKIA. VA. Mrs. S- J- Micif ii. ?? w w .n-iiV/lE, * aintiFALi , The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 18th, in tho house reoently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., Nq, 1*0 King street. The oourse of ?tudy pursued will oomprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, and Music, French, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCermiek is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her ow n family, will be under her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor. ?s lar as possible, to snrround them with the oomforts and kindly influences of Home. Ke.ferene'n.~Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. K'las Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H Fowie, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F Witm?r, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKenzie, Esq., Robert H. Hunt<>n, Esq . W. D Wallaeh. Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq..Jas. Entwisle. Jr., Esa.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blackiock i Marshall, Messrs! Corse Brothers. Tbkm*. Board, with Tuition in all tbo English Branches, S20fifor the annual session?payable somi-annually, in advance. Music and Languages at Professors' prices. ID" No extra charges. au 3B-H 17RANKLIN ACADEMY. ^ Cornkr Thtrtkkxth *??d H Sts? A SELECT SCHOOl- FOR BOYS, ( Formerly located in the First Ward.) This Institution will commence its Third Acnual Ses* ion, at its new location,on Monday. September I 3d. Applications for admission may be made on the premises at any time after the 25th inst. au 25 1 m R. B. DETRICK. Principal. TMIE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 370 Eighth St.. Betwskn K and L Sts. Studies will he nuinn?il ? ?? MO> DAY, September jid. Circulars at bookstores. < au 16-tf A. C. RICHARDS, Principal. J JYJKTROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE 1NBTI- < FOR YOU NO "LA DIES, 464 E St., Bktweex 6th and 7th Sts. < The fourth annual session of the Institute will < ooinmenceon the first MONDAY in September. < Applications should be made parly, as the number ( of pupils is limited. For particulars see circulars < or applv to the piinoipals, Mr. aud Mrs. T. H. HA- t yi*aabR, fttthw Institute. * * 0 " ' Hf RS. M. E. KINGSFORDS SEMINARY, 1*1 416 E St.. WmiMeTo.1, D. C. . The next session will oommence October 1st. lflBft. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. au 15 tf j VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKLIN, 1 TlACHll OI Music, 542 H, between 6th and 7th streets. sel-eolm Georgetown female seminary, j (Formsrly Miss I.. S. Kn?lish's.) j A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday in September next. The course of instruction embraces all that is ] taught, from the rudiments to the inobt highly fin- j ished education. The corps of teachers, ten in number,are emi- I nently qualified and experienced in their several j departments. Lecture* priday eveninsjn on the Natural Soieaoea without charge to the pupil*. Circulara mar be obtain*! by addressing the Principal, Miss M.J. HARROVER, Georgetown, D. C. au 22-eoOin FOR SALE AND RENT\ fr?OR RENT-A three atory BRICK HOUSK on H street, between 4tn and 5th. Also, a twostory BRICK COTTAGE, iarden, oorner of Tenneasee avenue and north K street, surrounded by a large common pasture, and would Ite a dotirable location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. B1RGE, 446 12;h at. jy lg-eoatn* 1 IPOR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable term*, one of the most deairable BUILDING LOTS in the city, ait-rated on the north west oomer of 6th at..and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 403 7th at., Wetween H and I ate. an JVtf FOR RENT.?A new and handautue FRAME HOUSE will be for rent in a few days. It la beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K at.. Navy Yard : has a large garden lot attached, a pump of g oo water mar. and oontaina 4 rooms, kitohen and woodshed. Will !>e rented low, with or without the lot, to a good teuant. For sale ohnap, a good, strong WORK HORSE ; works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CLARK. Navy V ard ; or of JOHN PATCH. >18 H ?t . between 4th and 5th. Jy 16 l/OR R KNT?Three BRICK HOUSKS-oue <in r Twelfth street, l>etween C and D; one on tlie oomer of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H, t><?twe?n 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMK8 W BARKKR.ou U street, between 11th and 12th, No. 424. _ ina 36-tf FOR KfiNT-Tkt PIR8T FLOOR of the bp::d ins immediately oppoute tho wm( wing of the City Hal.,reoeutly oooupied by Chas. ?> VTnliaoh u an effioe. Also the front room m tim second tory and the third floor of the same buildinc. For terms apply to RICHARD W ALLACH,%'o. fl Louisiana avenue. ia 13 tf WOOD AND COAL. W^? D A n D I SO a L the oity, at the lowest possible rates. ^ T. J. A. W. M. GALT, Offioe 9*2 Pa. av? between 11th and 13th sts.. ma 17-tf north side. T'HK SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND M. an extensive stock .of FU EL, ia prepared to J Mil at a very low figure for oaah. WOOD Sawed and Split any aize. Gall and sea for yourae'f. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, I ma U 8. K. oorner of Fourteenth and C ata, ? I. X. SiHGXBr&Gb/S j , IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, I 388 PINMSTLVANIA AVENUE, I (linen National Hotel.) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF luhlMi, Threads, lf?edlea, k Twist, i KCPTON HAND. 1 j ee 1-lm WW. H. BLOVBR, Agent TO SOUTHERN * WESTERN MERCHANTS. ] RODEWALDk S1NDALL, ] COMMISSION MERCHANTS, < INDIGO, SPICKS1! SOA"* PTAROH, SODA ASH, SAIj SODA, BI CARB. SODA.BALERATUS. and GROCERS' DHUM. x 8? CHKAPS1DK - BALTIMORE, , invite the attention of Morahanta viaitiD* this city ] U* an examination of their atook, which lr variety < and erioe u not aareaaeed either in this or afiy of ? f'f Northern cities. lL/" Order a reepeetfully soliottad and faithfully a?onted anTT-hn* , ftCHOOL AND COLLJMK OUTFITS. Vnut km9 rvt*A /n# rt tj ,1 ? -- ? tmrnmwm 4/WV? V y?" w"w Dress Wtnr. Pvnti and guardians wishing to furnish their ohildren and wards with Sohoo; ard Cell's*OtotfiU for the ooming imsob, are iQTlUd to KUlfoir i ?J,SSS KW or all SIMS m a few inonvMW with erer? deionsOon of R^atijr-made Garmeets, of snbstaaual awl co, I M 30-tl 393 Peon. avenue. ' GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS pRANDKLL, OPTIC I AN,~~ V, >' 1*8 2r*i** f*.. OmriMM, ? Has constantly on hand a large assortment of Frwnoh Ne?r-aicnte<i. p?n*coaio. Co!- ? p> or*i, !uiU al. other SPECTACLE:*, oiV ' the b**t in told, a! ver. at-*ei .and 6arMB iilmDMw. N. K. Old Fnunea Repaired arl i mibi ?t in them to order. tt V-lr JYf AHSEY.COLLINS * CO.'S PHI LA DEL i UI pHIA DRAI GUT A LE.-We are constantly , reoeivlnc fresh anp?lies ot the above deiiahtful bererare, ftnd invite *1, persona who want a pure unadulterated Aid, to fire it a trial. ARNY * 8H1NN, Agenta, f*l ftT flr?*n at.. Seorretowa. i JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, ' Cor. Bridt* and J'frrstm m., O'orietow*. ' Having given mi persona. attention to this b?anch ; of my bournes*, lam prepared to _ . attend to cl call* with promptness Persons from a distance oan be sap- I plied at a 'ew m:nct?s' n?tioe. as 1 have a large . Assortment of CoFFINS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of th? d'ad from the old to the new burial gronnda. Hearses and Horses for hir?. ap 10-6a J | 1ST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGES at the ! Li Ortioe of the Adams Express Company, Was 4 ngton, D. C., to be sold I or freight aiid o^argrs, if J not immediately cal'ed for. OEORUE H. BURNS. Ag?nt. September 1st, I860. ' Aut-m, N Kirohnar. M Adamson, A Kriesoiar.M ' Alden, J K J Roues, Mr< E , Anderson, J H Kennan, VV J . Adair, O Lindley, Prof Abbey. VVm L*ureuoe, AB L Ashe, W 8 Livingston, H B Alsobrook, U R Lynch,A * Barber, Rev S Latmt>e. H B tf&'l&nd, JH J/^onardf Kev C Branch, J W Lavion, Serft W J Brown, A H Loomii, M Brmaer, M D l.antif*. O N Barclay, A P ,ont,^U ? Butts, Win B Lambert, C G Brown. A -onaatroth, K?v L L * Bemiee. Prof 8 M Lan*. J t Baer, Mra M Laharre, F Bowie, H J J,en her, OH Ha d win, IS H Mott, Col C H a Baird. l)r Mvera, Col Burca, Mary McPheraon, J A ' Burn*. P _ MacKey.JT Blaokruore. B C MSP Browne, M Mo A bee, E , Bolan, KT Mason. Hon C Browne. 11 F Montague, KL 1 Bosse, Win McCreery. K A Brown, A V Muldoan. M Barnard. G C Alacny penny. Col Bu ler, j G Morgan, KB < Baker. Wright 4 Co Montgomery, J B; an ton, B H Martin. D B t Brown, A H MoKfever, A t Bank*. K D MoLean. W T ? Bennett, C W MoCracken, J tfyrnta, DrJ Mitchell. A 8 & Jamer, A L Meader, J 3iark, B H Meeka, J W {j ^oieinan, C W Morton, J H <y a)0hrai;?, J A Mark ley. T F barter, C H Merrill A Pearoe, Gannon, J M- Murray. T ^utta, H L MoMurrar. C H Connolly, F C Mannina, Catherine. ' hi.ii ttUMi. t ' P i. H m Holeiran, Mra M B Mfrrill, ' H } Connolly.J Milla, W C Jolby, PT MoKenny,? 1 Cnapnian, Wm Mitonell.AS Crucer. L Muaxy, F 1 Chamberlain, J MoFMrion,CH I Cooker, J L. Mitohall. F . Campbell, J H Mindeloff.M _ \ "ooper, John Newbrough, J B 1 Campbell. T A Nailor, ti Clarke, Mis* J Nioholaon, G W B Drutchett, J Oulda, JO Sol burn. J O Patent, Com of ? Campbell, Arohy Do do j D JuiiiHLtaauj, C W Parker, GAT b Book, A P Patent, Com of foogherty, J E Do do j DobTn?,ColTJ Do Qo Dumn, Felix Do do i Diokeya, Mr Do do Duboie, Cher po do Do Mont Do do 1 Daily, 8 C Pollook. h, A Devine, R J A Pennon?. Com of B Delaney, H Patent, r?.m of Douglas, McO Patent O?oe I Dunnam. W 8 Perry, 'i'W Bsnuia, J P Randolph, Col J J avia, R W Rodaera, J Dunham, EW Ruaing.J Dovd, K (or Douna) Robeaon, Oapt J C Edwarda, 8 51?*1' ? " ... Do J S Ridreway. W Eaton, W Robinson. Mra A F Eaton, J R??d, laaao a Kahng.Dr Riohardaon.F I Fra?*r, J L ghepperd Wm t< Farmer, MO 8wri,Rev DC o Fr-noh.EB ?u!:ivan,J a Ford. 1* Stone, N B a Field, M 8eward,J L o Puree, J Dr Foster, J Nwtti, H Ferguson, 8 W 8ohmidt. F ^ Farley, Mr? J ? Kohaei. Wm t,re,'P? Smith, I,au111 hu '?r.-? Seleoiuaa, J H I Jamil, J ^IUImd,M f" u?trir, J W Stons H ?fi?JPC ? Si&tTs I, j;aml)4?tian, 6 Skinner, A P ji vaneer, 8 Speneer Both I 1 j'mon. W Stuart a B W K I >os?ptt, Mrs Soranton J H I L Sazetto Office 8t eM ? ft iw*n. |?ro. G W Sullivan. N g j . iiimei, J \V b-nith, W I J X? Sutton, O I' m?:: &B s saspair, O Do. I f IgSW ??&?* Bu.h |awS'4ofi feas h ' I ii},?,V,P Thompson, W A ?; ?> f?|Fwh. J 8;Srl01- SssSiBUMk SJijd j't Turge, Mr I F ?r">^CA i SBffiW, SZflk" . BSE^" ?t.'& ? as?8 jjfe.' B fame., F r. Do**'' R !ouo ?A* T B War*,'W H ;??* ? 82sft?? '?f4. M;. S K iB t r ???!* AAn<,er*?" Wells, Hon D ?2lS%?s *lr|,y?J Whits MM If tears s? sb&ffA" Keehler, O Watson, A Kauyenstranch, O Zci?ler,-6eo ?11m p f\FFiCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER LF OF GAS METERS, W ASHIMOTOH. July 18, 1860. NOTICE IS HEREBY OirKN, Tba?.a?reeibly to the provisions of the ordinance of the Cor- 1 >or&U<>n approval May 12.I860, the undersigned la low prepared, "whenever required in writing, and v m pie payment of the fee of fifty oents, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and ascertain the aooara?y of ; * titration ofanj [U meter in nee in this ofty." I Every meter, if found mcorreot, will he condensed, * ind another, aeaied and aiarced aa true, Wi 1 he let in its plaoe. If proved to he accurate ii, ita measurement of gaa, it will be sealed accordingly, U)d again_pat in position for use. otfioe No. 410 Seventh street,(near Odd Fal- , OWi' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m.. to 5 p m. CHARL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, ir 18-tf Inspector aad Sealer of ??aa Meterm. W*EE i I have one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repair- >V ng every description of ftne Watches, and , particular attention give to the aaaia, by :norough competent workiiiau^ndall work (uirsT ;ied Abo, every descrip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured ander my own supervision, which my customers will find 'ar en per.or in quality and finish to aerthara ware told by dealers in general aad repreeent<?d as their >wn manufacture. H. O HOOD. ae 6 ?as Pa. avenae, aear W g aU MEW SILK MANTLE8 Ll , AND HOOPED SKIRTS. if the fall.atria of WOVEN WITTS of aapenor I Iiaucr. UUNM vui^MVMMAtOTiioodi Wu'jsas^T 8 ?,?&?? j Mfilm AboT?OMV*lloWIHii. W. HAMILTON *, PAINTER. and DEALER IN PAINT?* ? No. 383 Tth Stiiit, umr Odd Atiewf* ? & ?u 2-tf PVTTYlB DOWN. 111 m ?<.mm* *mm ?n THE WEEKLY STAB Tkii aeiUnt PlMily ud Nm JoarMl-MtOuuac itnmt y*n?y of imtmmtim* r?ft41nc Uxm-u om b? found ui ?oy otlwr?m HMUki4 os Safcrd** moraine. T**MW <*?. ggttgg-rL'rr.:?s Bl HWrikiav Is k' witkost ui? intervention ,?Tft ,TJ? bo ytrwi <-+J ?> ff-r ot-cl. of TV *? **?_3*o' fi" us? I^s:'!!a.'??5j!:?2,2ssis o |Mm.!; throrghout tw wiDlnSSSSsaCT' irrPottmMtcri who Mt m i(wti Wtll bo lowod ft oommisaion of >> o?is medicSTesT AYER'S SARSAPAR1LLA la a eon8?ntr?toU mrtot of Para fc*j?*p*ri so oanibiiiMl wiih othsr suUtanoos o| ,.Ji tor ?;tor?".irop w.?r Utotif "idMif ot ? ai.wdoto lor lti? iJi.rn*p? ^ftriapftri la rsputad to ear*. ?*noh ft ri?ms 'J is snr?ly wanted hy (iiom who sol f?r from f*lro ?<? oompiaii ts. ft ad UUom whioh will hoeuiuf lisb thotr our- mast pror? of imnm servioa to this lar*?? class or oar aOLoUd flsiiow oHtseus. How eofftp Msly this eo*o?oo?4 will dw it has t>oao prorsjB I >? * porim^Bt oimu} of lbs worst n>sn? to bs iobim ui tkf followiai woP'5wala ?Bd Sorolhloos Cowatalate. ErnKos. utu Krsptiso t isassos, L leow, rmslse. Hlowhas. l'umur*. i-o;t Rh*un>, SflSXpjW, aod i*?shi itio Af oti.'n. MM?anaI IMS-OSO, Props*. Veui ft sift or Ti<* l*??loarao*. D?hllitf. D?spep lift fttid tji<lig?stioB, Krjnp??ias. KosS or Ht. A? Lhony'a Kir*, and, indeed, the ?h >l? r ass ot oom plaints anaint from Impurity of the Biood. I his oo<apv?iHl will be foand a great promoter of fiea.ta, wli#u Ulito id th? strut;, u> *x??. the foal humors wh>oh fe?ter tn the blood at that a?uon of the ?aar. B? to a timely expaUioa ef them nuuir ranklm* disorders are i peud in t?<e bad Malti udes can. I y the ai l of ths remedy, spare them iel>es from tha eaduranoeof f<mt eruptions and ai -er<u? sores, through which Use system will stnve t1 > rid itseif of corruption*, if not assisted to do Una :hruuch the aiural ohannela of the body b? an alterative msdieiue, Ciiautr odi the vitiated blood whenever }<> tind its impurities baratins through .lieaain in pimpea. erxpttons, or aore?; c eans* it when you ftta it ta obstructed and alacciab in the r> ins; clean; e it wh-arv>r it la ioa and yoar feein?a wi'l t?H yoa when Even where no particular l.sTder is f#it peorle entey better h-a th aod lire oncer, for oit-an'inc the b'ood Keep the biood lea^h*. and a'l is w*K; but with this pabulum of ifs disord^reil, there can be no iasUeg health. k?oneror later aomethi .t maat go wron|.aod tae real ii.aohinery of life .s disordered or overtliTowe. Uurn k lUe year* the put lie have been mjeled by arge bott ea pr- ten- in* to give aqaart of Eztraot 4 rara%parina for oae dohar. Moat of tbeee ha?e een frauds upon the aiok, for they not eai* oentain ittle.ifany Sarsaparila, butoften nooaratiTepmpirtie* wrvever. Henee. bitter aad painful disapointmei.t has followed the a?e of the varioas exraou of S*ars*parilla which fluu? the market, antll he name iteeifia justly despised, and has become lynouymou* of imposition aod ehaat. t*Uil we call his oompoucd Pareapariila, and intra 1 to aapaly inch remedy as shan -eseue the name from (be uad of obioqay which reets upon it. And we think re ha< e grng d for fceltevmc it hasvrtnes which ire irresistible by the ordinary ran of ths dusasse t is intended to en re Preparec ay l>r. J. C. AVER k. CO.. Lowell, 4ae*. Price 91 per bottle; six bottles ta one peok*e f .5 ae lS-eolm Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. ' HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT RUCHU i Poaibve and Specific Remedy "or Dtrnaaaa of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, (RAVEL, and DROPSfCA L SWELT.fN9S. Thi? Meaioine iooree?e? the power of DmeaUoi, nd excit*a the ABSORBENTS into h?e th? ec ion,br which (he WATER V OR CALCKROl 8 epoeitione, and all U N N ATI R AI. R N L A R 0 E tENTS are reduced, aa well aa PAIN m41N'LAMM ATION, andtiefood for MEN, WobtEN. OR CHILDREN. HKLMBOLD'S ETTRAOT "jfTHO, Iriainr from Exoweee, Habtta of i/iaatpeXiao, iarlj lndiacretion or Abnae. Aittndtd with tkt /oUimimt 8?a?mn >ndiapoaition to Exertion, Loaa of Power, ?oaa of Memory, DUionltr of Breathing, ATeak Nenrea, Trcmburg, lorror of Diaeaae, Wakeraioeaa, )imu?aa of Viaion, Pain in the Baok, Jm?eraai Laaaitnae of the Msecular Srateni. 3ot Hand!, P.aahinj of the Body, Drynt>aa ot the Skin, Eruptioua on tfce Faoe. PALLID COUNTENANCE. Theae ??nipi.oci?, if allowed to (o on, whiofc Uua rwvlicin* invariably remo*?e, aoon foOwa T&*S&gTUITi' KriL*pTicfI*s% y Uim^DIRKLFUL w?Uwa4 "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. iany are awjye of the caoee of thetr fmfferinc. BUT NOSE WILL CONFESS. PHE RECORDS OK THE INS?an t aSVLUMS And tkt MtUmUoh Oemtk* fry C^tumpium Bear ample witneaa to the truth of u>e aaaaat oB. he Le^mrea the aid of m**dioir.e to elrectUtee r*a a>L>?Li>', AtiVSTftWTOfenbly dots* T1IAL WILL COIfVr>c* ThX MOST llimCAU FEM A LES?FEMALES?FEMALBP. )ld or young. slfiolh, mahhlalj, on contemplating harhi aos. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO 'EMALES, the extract Borha ia aneauwlitd hy tjt other remedy, aa in Chl^roaia or Retention rrejulanty, Painfvlness, or Suppression ofCaai>n.ary E vacuatioua, L'oerated or Scirrhoas itu? fthe Uterus, Lencorrhae* or White*. Sterillity, nd for a-1 ooinpiaint-s incident to the a- *. ? hethar risinj^from Indiacretlon, Habit* of Dissipation. ' decline or change of life. ecx symptom* abotk. iO FAMILY sliOL'LD Bfc WITBOL'T IT take no m<n$ bal'nm. mtr-ttry, qt mrimimi iuiiriw for **p.tnant nm<i raw* ihftm***. HKLMBOLDt EXTRACT BtCEU secret Kseases _ n a!! their Stable*. At !ittl? expenae; atti? or no ohacce in Dirt; No Inoonraclenoe; j n# f t causes a fr^?ucnt deetre au-i *i*aa straafth to inuate, Uiazaoj Ramuvioa Ubauuci u&a. Preventing: and caring Htrictnrea of thai'reihra. Aiiajit.* Paina:d 1c Awn mat ion, ac fraaeert ia n? otasa of diaxaaok. an< axpe:unf aU foutmoui hitaitd, and inn out mmtim. thousands ufon thousands who iiavi axsh tub victims Or qfactt. nd who bar-* pan icary/M* to oa cured in a ?hort me. hnve found th>*y ware deoeived. and that the POISON" haa, by ?he uae of "rowaarvL A8ai??*N ra," baea dried ap in the ay steal, to braafc at in an altera vatad form, and perhaps after makr1a9e. Uae Hilmbole's Extract Bucavfor a. afea ions and dite*M?? of tl?? L K11> AK i UHbA.^Js. Whether existinc in MAI.K OR FEMALE, 'rum whatever aause originating and no ntitar p( HOW LONG STAND ING >iaea??? of theseoriini respire tL?ai<3 ot%Z>t?r?ft HELMB?>L0'8 EX I KACT bl'cHU 18 THE uREAT DiTRETIC. kcd i< oertain to have lbs desired effect i* nljL>it U?i FOK WHICH IT 18 K ECOM M K.\1)FD. trident* of tkt mott rtiialle and ruptmjtlu timer will aconmpMT the fn?rfiOi"M CERTIFICATES OF CURES. Merm 8 to X' \*art ttmndmt. W,t"NJSf?MTO*DFAMR. Prkf SI.00 per battle, er six tor 9*.OP. Delivered to any Address, secsreiy packed fro beervation. DkkCBIBX StMPTOM* Id Ul CoMMDnCATTONS. rtt Guaranteed ! Aivica Gratis !! AFFIDAVIT. Personnel appeared iiaiurf rae,m Alderxrat be city of Phi iKle'pht?,il. T ^rupoLL.,*l|i he a? ?iiy sworn, doth say. hi# preparations oo.toii.' mo ureotio, no mercarv, or otier ir'unoas inii, t ar* por^iy vopMM. 1. T. HELM BO! 0. 8???" ?nd x'ltacribed before me. this 2*: r.?j of lonnbtr, 18M. Address letter* for information to convene* to H. T. HELMROLD. Chrnnimt. Depot-104 8o?tb Tenui sc. i*?i. Chesi-utj Phila. and r\pfcr?fciPM?b dealers. Vho endeavor to dispose * or theix own" aad otsx>" a&iiclm oh tbi *kfclatic? atyairks " 44 laproTM &OM Wul Said by H. B. Watt*, 8#r??Ui rtrwt, tad % Ford, J corner Penn. luA Llcvtau Sffciitk ezmsi KiSJZZKl*. Cat cwt th* *dv*?rti ??? ? nt at a w*d t~r It LND A VOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE |MPOtTANT TO HOUBEkEEFERR. K. R. DURRKK * CO.f 6uaot??l not only ABSOLUTELY AWHPitRreCTLy/WRIw, mt croatd from iretk ttpioM. *7 ** ?Ko*J? ft* ItM * <* >M w:tW? referwM a oo#t. They fcre Lmui.i. !y y?fc?4 Ob/oU? iir^&nc&c a^".^*gea IM ?i n j!?tr ta ^ tu aMsti 1 ftor*. F L0t? 88*"1M,ON Ar.d w Uvi^M <?e?icr? la |U-c~l. ??!>.? ?u ? of Gml?. ?? * If ?o? *Z?i.f"V; slM Fi. Ar.tlhirw. iith iinVra9n? North aid*.

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