Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY V-ytfbrr ?4, 1*60. pint of the i*I*ratn? frm." The rMudlnliM vantt to know why the wide spread report that the Hon. Wm. A Richardson made use of the expression that as between Lincoln and Breckinridge, be waa "indifferent,*? ia not denied either by himself or frlenda. Tbs InfihK'nttT, for the purpose of Instruction at the preaent time, gravely recur* "to those solemn declaration* and manifestoes which, at different periods, have formed epochs in our political history" |i rWe have received from Shilllngtoa (who has a few more left) Blackwood's Magazine for September, and Frank Leslie's Monthly for October. llT Not a single hand Are engine is now In uae In Boston, the last company having been disbanded a few days since The entire department ? wujpwm ut iiraiu macumei. ET'On the 29tb of July the Prince* Isabel of Brazil attained bet majority, and, amidst great rejoicing, took tbe oath of otllce, which conatitutea fcer the Empress of Brazil in the caae of tbe death of the present hraperor. Don Pedro II., ber fatherffyTbeCattK>li<*t of Boston have just purchased lot. corner of Washington and Maiden streets, on which to erect a new cathedral. The amount to be paid for the lot ia *57,000. The cost of the cathedral will be between #400,000 and ?500.000, mad tbe time of construction three to four yeara. C7"The Norfolk Argus says: 44 We are pleased to learn that the Hon. Henry A. Wise will shortly address bis fellow-citizens in Norfolk,Portsmouth, Petersburg, and Richmond in advocacy of tbe lection of tbe national democratic nominees, Breckinridge and Lane." person by tbe name of Kreig ha* been swindling some of tbe respectable German residents of Detroit by calling himself a son of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and representing bimsel/ as tbe possessor of immense weslth in Europe IP- Tbe funeral of tbe late T. D. Rice took place in New York on Friday afternoon, from St. Thomas' Cburcb, Broadway, and v.aa largely attended by merubera *f the theatrical profeaaion. Including flrat-rlaaa tra^ediam, coir.cdiana, supernumeraries, <1 inters and singera. in* The Baton Rouge Gazette and Comet learnt from a gentleman who came dowii from the Plain*, that on the 13th a Arc broke out in the town of Port Hudaou, Loutaiana, In the northern part of the parish, and the entire place, with the exception of one honac, waa reduced to aahca. jJT In New York tbe pipera are amusing tbeiu elvea with th? fact tt,at more than have been refunded by the committee of fourteen a? nt to Hostou la*t year to attend tue National Sanltvy Committee. Thia looka like aatrtak of conscience remaining in the heart* of public otticiala which feople are aurpnaed to And, and ex preaa their wonder accordingly. tp*An intensely exciting contcat la going on In Ban Franciaco over the local nomlnatlona. Tbe Republicans, who heretofore always united with tbe former vigilance committee succeaaion party la choosing the city aiid county otttcera, now propose to bring out a partisan ticket. Thia movement has called out "An Appeal to the People," signed by two thonaand cilizena, irreapective of party, urging a continued adherence to the reform 4 ?- ? -? ? -? * ? j ni liiuuicip<xi ciudira. ILTMr. Oliver Johnsou, editor of the New York Anti-Slavery Standard, having been summoned to serve on a jury, presented as an excusc for not serving that he Is held by public opinion to be crazy because he is the editor of a paper Which advocaU* the named lata aboIill?Mi of slavery, and the dlM&lution of the American Union as a convenant of death and an agreement with feell. TT~7*The address of the operative lumbermen on the Ottawa river, in Canada, to the Prince of Wales, was brief, and perhaps characteristic of a class of meu who live In the daily presence of the greatness of i ature, and to whom compliment is a strange tongue. It Is worth a repetition for its warm loyalty: ??Wa, the raftamen of the Upper Ottawa, constitute a bodv of 13,two men, the bone and sinew of Canada. 'We take advantage of meeting your Royal HIghnrsaupon a raft to offer you our hea t/ welcome and to exprras our loyalty, our devotion, and our affection for the Queen. God bUss her! M>y your Royal Ulghnea long remain the Prince of Wales." Personal. Hon. Joshua Hiil, of Ga., la at Browns'. Capt. Bradford, Capt Clzey, John C. Sherborne. U S. A., and Powhatan klllis, Mi , are at Kirkwoods'. The late Col. Lumsden.of the New Orleans Plcayuna, who, with his entire family, was lost by the Lady F.l^in disaster, worked nine years as a journeyman printer in the office of the National Intelligencer, in this city, before taking up his naiumtc in .i?w orieans. I. O. O. F ?Tha members of Excelsior VL5 Lod?e. No. 17, are especially r??ue?te.l to atler?d the LoJfeon TUESDAY EVENING, iSih inatant. aa hutinesa of crest importance vrl be aubmitted fur their consideration. By order. WM. COOPER, ae est Secretary. nrv? NOTICE-Members of the Fifth Ward 1J.Democratic Association are hereby notified to aiteni! a called meeting of the Association, for tl.a election < l "tfioer? for the cnsjinc aix n ootiis, at the Old Capitol, on TIHSUAV EVENINO next, at half rast 7 o'clock. W. A. MULLOY, Pr*a. GEO. W. HITZ, Sec. ss a ?' DEM PSE Y * OTOOLE. UJJ WKlfUlMi AND VISITING CAKI) KSO HA VEH.3, In? of ftna WEDDING bTATlONKRY, WEDDING ENVELOPES. the most beautiful stiles. 336 Pa. At.. l?ttre?n 9tu and Wlh eti, au 219m Wa*h?hoton. F'OR SALE-H RE CRAB APPLE CIDfR. Leaveorders at Heal! A Mathews*, Uciate town . ti at the Star Office, HENRY LOUGHBOROUGH. aaU M.Vty , lV->- * AND A PAT MACKEREL. IN St. joha'tt ALEWJVES, Halt lax IIKK MINGS. IjinrfiHg ud for sale br -.t-bt MIDPLETON A BEALL. T NEW SUPPLIES! * I AY LOR A HLTCHiSON. 43 Market Space, raaow re?aivia4 their stock of FALL GOODS, embracing aM tba new and dewrsbis atyl-s of the KSf u, U> which they cordially invite the attention ? generally. . ,-. M.M CALL AND EXAMINE G LA DM O N 'S ! Naw stouk rf ? HtT!) tui) I'?IWI " *n? */ v> AI i? . 296 rnxiYLrABii AVIMVI, Btiwu* lltk and 15HA tti.. Jtr24Jw__ Wwhi?|ton. | PORTO RICO SUGARS A^D RIO COFFEE j JO hh<1?. Porto Rico ?nd Cah? Sugar*, p?rt atricUj pr in#, IMtlwU Porto Rieo and E"*Ii?h l?land Sloi&tsoi, 40 White hod (irMn R io Coffee. Junt received and for cale hr >? MIDDLE-TON A BEAl.U i 1? DIRECT IMPORTATION. T RENC? LETTER AND NOTE PAPRR ? J uwt iMpoHoat from Frauoe l*rg? and eoniplote of fine letter and .Nolo Paperi. Jrom lli? i*lehiate?i MiF? ol l.aroc!>r. Jouberv, Du we que, Ltvrcii A Co .at An'oultm*. BLANCHARD* MOHIJ.N, ? Corner lith at it .d Pa av. Stevens* s?ockL?ra!ii*',a fancy goods ia MOW iaii *<! e?;mflete. Cai and m the new TrtM. R?*ectfujfjr, g. r. STEVENS. L\DtE* ARE MOST IIESPECTPULLV IN vi tad to o*ii a ad wo the (rest improvement* in STEVEN*** Fancy Store. m*-Iv 33ft Pa avenue. OU-R.C-.-^owjnd^U.K MOXOSUAHELA RYE WIIIBKEY, ?'iti.aei*aUoM)y di?*ilt#d by Mr J>mf* BuraaM*. Of a . *?M9 I'onmti, the old faafaiou** wi, fr??-? Uech?'?"#?t and most earafally a*<?rle?J Mr*, tod ia ao owe ?Y?r oflared /of ?)# umh adapteo to wkoioanflw aae ?* ? . I* i??t on?f tk* niokt p*iat*b>.?? it ia emphatically ooo w?? p*t?at bevniN ia t*? reach of U? ? * ?? To t>ie Invalid. a* w?i M to thoae 11 <t?aJf for rta "tinn vall? d ?u*'ttr*?aa a m .a f of th? !*(? t sorest, and mult >>en- |o?'t dlorluiw -?I ?? -y"? -i? * __ r.. ... . ..It, VI Iiw? nion ? " ?fc***Aaa?r ftr* a?m* it in their pr*ofio? with th? WTOCEDALE, Proprietor*, /--V^ j Jflfc:'? ?**'! I*" + "** !' * * WASHINGTON NKWI 1HD 60UIP. | Coorita Asebica* Opkk* Tbovpb. ?This evening tbis troupe of lyric, artiste*, (the only one, probably, which, in all its parts, is competent to produce a good representation of English opera,) will appear at the Theater in "The Daughter of the Regiment" and "The Quaker " Ther? is as much musical taste and knowledge of the science ?f? ? ? in thla city as ran be found 1b any other, and we venture to ny that thla company, performing, aa they do. choice operaa of that aehool, will meet with remunerating inrreaa. Mian Wiimer, the prima donna, ia a v*ry beautiful lady. Her voice la not only peculiar and delightful, but it ia clear, fresh, strong, flexible, true. She haa it entirely under her control, ao thorough la her cultivation; but it ia not her voiee, or her person, or her manner, that ao entirely captivates; it ia her sympathy with the aentlment of her author. She ting* conacientlously, with much feeling and expression Mr. H. C. Cooper, the conductor, haa had more experience in musical matters than any other musician this side of the Atlantic. At fourteen years of age he conducted the operaa for the Woods Mr. C. also led the orchester when the lamented Mendelsohn produced his greet work, "Elijah." He has been intimately acquainted in professional matters with Spohr, Pagaulnl, Meyer, beer, &c. When Verdi produced his "II Trova. tore," at the Italian Opera, Mr. Cooper led the orch?ster. During the week we shall have a taste of his abilities, for he promises to give sev. eral of his own solos on the violin. "Lucrezla Borgia" and "Cinderella^' are in active prepara 1 An ?* ws . Armt In'tilliobkcr ?The detachment of Company A, engineers, under S^pond Lieutenant H. M Robert, engineers, after having ojK-rfed a trail from the Kalama river to the Cowlitz Linding, W. T., aa previously directed, will march to and take post at Fort Vancouver, as before directed. Brevet Major E. B. Babbitt, Assistant (Quartermaster. has been announced as Chief Quartermaster and Chief Commissary of Subsistence for this Department. The following changes of troop* will have been made in the department of California :?Company I, fourth infantry, Ilaller;s, will take post at Fort Mohave; company E, fourth infantry, Judah's, at Fort Yuma; company K, sixth Infantry, (# : nett's, now at Fort Mohave, will proceed to Benicla Barracks; company F, sixth infantry, Armlitead's. to San Diego. Surgeon Charles McCormick h-w been dircctcd to proceed to Bcnicia and attend to the duties as signed to bltn by the Surgeon Ueneral. Major W. S. Kctchum, fourth regiment of infantry, baa been assigned to duty at Fort Vancouver, W.T Ll??t Col U J . Rains. fifth Infantry, has been directed to join his company. - Postage to Uruguay asd the Argentine Com sue ration by the Frk.ncu Mail?We are requested to state that cthcial notice haa been given by the French Foat Otflcc that a French mail packet will hcreaft?r run regularly between Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, and Hucncs Ayrea, connecting at Rio de Janeiro with the monthly line of French mail pack* ?a plying on the route between Bordeaux and Rio de Janeiro, by means of which letters from the United States for Uruguay and the Argentine Confederation may be forwarded via France, In tue French mail, at a portage charge of 3i> cents. the single rate of onrfourtb ounce or nnder, prepayment of whlvh ia compulsory in the United StaWs. Letters originating In Uruguay and the Argentine Confederation, and addressed to the United States, may, however, be prepaid or left unpaid, at IVi/* Antinn Af - - l?- * ** ~ ?. v* ?uc ciiuci*! me r rcucli n |i UIHi-e having appolutcd 1U ovu amenta at Montevideo and Bnenos Ayres, who are authorized to receive the postage In advance. rkskmatiok or the pre4ids3t'g private *?cr?tart.?We understand It is the purpose of James Buchanan, Esq., the gentlemanly and CllcifcUt PilwU lkM*?Urv to tli? i'realdent, to resign thla position, the duties of which he baa discharged with such marked ability, and return to Philadelphia, waere he design* resuming the practice of the law. The aumeroua friends of Mr. Buchanan, to whom he has so much entfeared himself daring his brief stay in this city by his urbanity of man ners, and many worthy qualities, will, we are are, regret this determination on his part to retire so shortly from Washington society. Adam J. lilosbrenner, Ksq., late Sergeaat-atArms of the House of Representatives, will, In a 1 probability, be his successor. The P*ixci of Wales' Visit to Wnii? to!*.?The Prince of Wales it expected to arrive in this etty on Wednesday, the 3d of October. Among other things, a grand pyrotechnic display will be given at the Arsenal in his honor, during his sojourn here. Thr W*at??*.?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about? o'clock. Szptkmbe2 '24, 19ft). New York, N. V clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md chear, 70?. Washington, D. C clear, wind S Richmond, Va. clear, 73?. Petersburg, Va.... clear, 67?. Wilmington, N.C clear, mild. Charleston, 8. C clear. #0". A ug usta. Ga . clear, cool. Savannan, Ga cloudy, 73?. Macon, Ga clear, pleasant. Columbus, Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Jackson, Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala clear, cool. FRO* TBI W??T Frederick, Md.... clear, pleesant. Grafton. Va clear, pleasant. Parkersbur^, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati. O cloudy, cool. Pittsburg. Pa clear, 63?. Cleveland, O clear, 66?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) JU.Ull; at neon, 'J9.971. Thermometer at 7 a.m., (?*'; at noon, TP. Maximum during lb hours ending V a. in today, 7? inlnlmnm 55 4". I J* LADIES, OR VOI R RONNET9, HATS. FLATS. FKA THERf, f k K N C 11 FLOWERS, au<l DRESS TRIMMINGS, to to STEVENS'. 33fl. Between 9th and 10th streets. A LL ORDERS FOR~ BONNETS. HEADA DRESSES, RISLETTSaetl SLEEVE??, and SET!S, promptly executed at STEVENS' Fancy Htore, we 2i-1w ?3ft. Iietween 9th and 10th st?. Notice. london gln9. M W. OALT A BROTH tiR haw. i.??t r?~ ? ' an mvoicft or T?f r superior London Bird Uun?. made by Greener, Jlno et Harris, AlauLon, Mi-rt,rn?r, and other distinguished makers. Ai*>t_''*fauo'"i,,x - Breech-loading Double Phot Gun. T is i? ? new article of French manufacture, very *upeiior ?n finish, ftnd supplies successfully ft de ideifttum to the sporting world. ? TIm above, with ft Iftrge assortment of the English Trfto**r Pistol, Ad?ms\ Colt's and Smith k Weneon's Revolvers, Bhftrp's Repeating and the genuine Jewellers, 334 Pa. av., ,e 24-3* 4 doors west of Brown's Hot*'. MOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP ?We, the H undersigned. hav? thin day 'nterfd nto co- I partnership to trsnitct he OKN^RAl* AlTCFlW.CGM MISSION AND FI R.NIT1^. BU?1 NEAh urnierlhe name ftnd style of CI.F.ARV A GREEN. F. D. CLEARS , * J.C.GREEN.' CLEARY A GREEN would. most re*peotfuily inform their friend? ami the citizen* of \\a*lliuffton that the? have npen'd a General Auction, Comminfion ami Furniture Hou*e on Ninth street, one door north of Fa. avM (adjoining Perry & Bro? ) Th#?y will p*y ntnct attention to any and ail o??iAltti ? ? n* ? ? ...... e?ro r?r"cunr aueation Mid to the ?'? of R<nl Katato. both at privata ami inMic aalo. We aarneatir aolioit a ahare of pnblio patronace. CLEARY ft URKKN, A notion acd Comnjiaai'm Merchanta, maeo3t 9th at., one door north Pa. av tPOR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPER, AND ENVELOPES . TO MATCH. attha METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP ft SOLOMON?, Af*ti / ? f auftnc ? ttlmlrrnnd Limtm P<if*T!, "MUtwliiou UUU," tc? fr. NM It >84 Pa.av., bar.wt and 10thaU. . *" ?. 4*'- * .y.*.'/v,r m V11 il i f " ? TjRomSALS MATKlfcl M, FOR TflK JT AP^RI'ACDKS OF THK SOUTH WING OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. TRKASITBT Der<?TMK5T. f Oussav <** C0?*TErCTI0??t #ept it, 186-M rnopot?L* will ha recei?*d at thm Department until U o'clock m.. on th? 3d day of Ootoher, 1890, tor the deliver* of *ho following artioiaa, ri? : Prepared Stocs* for Re.<i&n pavement to lar down 5 J00 vorfici&l >?et of Dftmnmnt. Bidder* ma at state their price for th" atone. de livfred, per twp*r*eial fool, meaaured after itia laid, a id a aeparate price for laying, if they desire to lay the taiM. Five hundred and sixty (56 ) lineal feet of Curb Stones for sidewalks, fto.. in len*t& not lew than even (7) feet, and R inohea thick by It inohe* deep; the ton ed*e hammered strauht and true, 8 inobes wide, rv? returned down Sinches on rt*eaide,5 inchea on the other, and have their end a properly jointed . Also, 6 quarter circle eoMier pieces in a sinsle p ece of a radius uf 2 feet ontaide. aid of the rame thieknee* ar<1 depth and aame rettirn* down the a'des aa tli* straiehtore'; and alao another quarter circle in cieoea of not leea than 6 feet m length, of a rvln? of 3 feet outside, of the sa-ne depth and return down the aidea aa above, and 6 inohea thick on tOP. 1<?5 piocei of blue North river Flagging, 4 feet by C feet 5 i no ii ea. lin piece* of blue North river Flagging, 4 feet by 6 feet 8 inohea. 42 piecea of blue North river Flagging. 4 tdet by 6 feet. V> piecea of blue North river Flagging, 4 feet by 3 feet 5 inohea and leaa. Bidders must state the prices for dritstd tm of each of the above ai*es of the best quality per au poificial foot, and it mnst he prepared in a perfectly proper manner to be laid down, and be 4 ir.chee thiok, with the edcs jointed squar* down at least two(2> inches from the_face. All the arti c ? to ne cienverea at me Treasury Kxtension, where the* will bs used as mar be directed l?y the pmper authority. Siinples of the quality of b'ue flagging atone and the style of dre*?ing required can he ??fn on application at this office, and all the stone d?liver<?d will be required to he of theeua'ity and ?tyle ot droning shown in these sample*. Bids will n^t h* considered miles* they are made in accordance with this adverti?eiuenr. viz: at a prio* vr lineal foot for the r.tubinn, and per titperjirxal f not for all the other materials, n"r will any b'd l>e considered unless tt is acoomoanied with the rua anty of one or more responsible parties that th* bidder will ex*cnte acont'act with satisfa'tory nu>vantv if his bid is aocepted. The proposals must be aeut under cover to the S?cr?ta-y of the Trex'U'T, endorsed " Proposali fot Mwertai for th' Trewry Ertejttiim." an1 will be opened at l o'clock p. m. of the last day named for receiving the same, in the pretence of the bidders if any choose to atterd. b. M. CLARK. Actinic Engineer se 24-lw in charge Trfasury Department Dr. J. II. McLKAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A1U BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in the WORLD, ftml the moat Dklicious and b*e DKLKiHTFUL + ItA ? CORDIAL fcW t jT It le tiricilT i ?eiaBJil \pr entiflc anil VfjmHHi bi? M|^^nr QBU cured by the dietilla- HjWjM H|H tion of rood, heibe, ?Hu ai.d bark#. Yellow Dock. Blood Roof, ^HBy. Flack Ron*. S^rsapa- aX'jflQ nlla, * ild Cherry nBM Berk, and Dandelion ^HjB cntere into ita comOf If T*. adirl jr^^B A V JC remedial principle of each ingredient ia Before takiuft'hor thlT'"vT,,fAit<T taking. by my new method of ? diaulling, producing a deiiciour, eihilxrmng ipiftt, *?d the rroet infillihle remedy for renoeetmg the dieneed eyetera, and reeuring the ttok, enffertug, and debilitated invalid to health ard etrtngth. McLEATTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effectually care Liver Complaint, Dyep'pem, Jenndice, Chrome or Nereo oa Oebiltty, Oieeneet'ol the Kitneye, , tid all d ?'tea arumg front a dianrdered Liver or S'omach, Dyepepeia, Heartburn, Inward Pilee, Aridity or Kickaeaa of the S'ooiTCh, Pullneaa of Blood to the Head, Hull Pain or Swimming in the Heid, Palpitatiou of the Heart, K ol curat or neigiit in trie B'o'nacn, Sour Ciucuiioui, Ckoking or Suffocating Feeling when laying down,Dryntts nr YtlioW nut of tht Skin and Eyes, Night Swuu, InwuJ Pivm, Psin in tht Small of the Back, Cheit, or Side, Sodden Flueht* of Hot, Dtprttaioo of Spirits, Frifhtful Dreamt, Languor, Despondency or anr nervosa dissast, Soree or Fishes ou the Skin, and Ferer and Ague (or Ohtlla and Feeer.) OVER A MILL I OX BOTTLES have been t4ild during the laat sis mnntks, and in ? instance hat it failed in firing enure satisfaction. M ho, iheu, will anffer from Weakness or Dehilit? when McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL care you ? No Imgu.'.ge can cotney an adequate idea of the immediate and almost miraculous change produced by taking thia Cordial in the diseased, debilitated, and shattered nirrotti .stain, whether broken down by txctse, weak by nature, or impaired by sickntss, the reined and unstrung oiganii tion i* restored to its pristine health and rigor. MARRIED PER&OKS, or others, coneciooa of luability from whatever cauee, will Bud 51. LtAA ii aXaJtNtaTllEKlNli COIUMAL thoroupl rtjffisMiiorcr Tn? llfo *11 vro raa* havf inlured then,ssl*es by improper indulgences will tnd la this Cardial a certain and speedy remedy. TO THE LADIES McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL is * sovereign and speedy curt fur Incipient Consumption, Whites, Obstructs I or Difficult Menstruation, Incnnt nence of Urioe r InToleiuary Discharge thereof, Falling of the Womb, Uiddiness, Fainting, ana all diseases incident to Ftmtlte. THERE IS SO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Snffer no longer. Take it according to directions. It will stimolatt, slrtngthtn, and invigorate yon and cavle tht Moon of htalth to mount your cheek again. Every bottle is warrants d to gi?t satisfaction. FOR CHILDREN'. If your children art nckly, puny or nlflicttd, McLEAN'S CtlRDlAl. will makt them healthy, fat, and robust. Delay not a moment; try it, and you will be coaviuced. It is delicious to t>kt. CA VTION. T? ~r ? - - * uswirr 01 arnir(iiu or a**ier* wlio may try u> pnlm open you *oine Lit* r or Mnnpmllt tt**h, which they cia Lojr cheap, t'Taavinrit u Joet a? good. Atoiri aucli intn. Aik for M<l.a.AVi4 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. and uki nothing (lit. It 11 the only rcrotdy that will <bntify the Biood.lhoroaghlTind altha mdk time (trtngtiidi ih? ayattm. Una teaap<<o>iftil tt-ken every morning fa?ting ii a efrUiti preeenli** lor Cholera, Chill* and Fmr, Y allow fatir, or iny privalint diataaa. It ia pn; up in large bntMt*. Price ?iify f I per bottle, or 6 hottlea for ||5. J. H .M< I.KAN, Sole proprietor of thia Cordial; alio, McLean'* Volcanic Oil Linimant Crincipal Depot on the Corner of Third and Pine itrttU, St. Loan, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, I (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD) The only a?fa and certain car* for Cancer*, Pile#, Tn" mora, Swelling! and Bronchi:* or Coitr*, Parity*]*, N*n. nlgia, W*akn*(* of lb* Mute I a*. Chronic or Influaiaatory Rhtamaiiam, N i9ne** of the Jmuli, Contracted Moaclea of< ligaraema, Eanch* orToo'hache, Brmiea, Bprauia, Fr**h ClU, Wonnd*, I'lcera, Pe?*r Sort*, Caked Br**at, Ninplte, Bor n, Hcalda, Sore Throit, or any inflammation or pttn, n* how ateere or long the dieeaa* may Si?t* mated, Mc LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* a nrtiia remedy. Thnocand* of human beinga hare Uren ?a?*d a lift at di?crapitv !e and nnaary by ih* u*? of thi* invaluable rtinady. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC Oil. Ll.XIMEXT Will rtlite* paui aliuoat ii.aUntaneoua.y, and it will clean, purify and heal ih* fooled aor** 10 au incredible abort unit. FOR HORSES AM) OTHER ANIMALS McLEAN a CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* th* oaly *af* and reliable itmtdy for Ult cart of Spavin, Rngbon*, Windgalla, Kp'icta, Unnatnml l.arep*. Node* or Swelling* It nt>cr failed to car* Big H*ad, Polleeil, Final., Old Konning Hot**, or 8w**ny, if proptrly applied Kor kpraina, Brmie*,fijrauhe*, Cracked HecU, Chafe*, Snddl* pf Cellar liajle, Cat*, Korea. or Wound*, it ia an tnfallihl* remedy. Apply it aa diractad aad a car* i* cirMin in e?#ry in at? nee Then trills no longtr with iha many worthlet* Luni?eai* offered to you. Obtain a iunnl> nf I)h Mi I l?' a 1 * 1 x* BRATED LINIMENT. li Vili enrtVoiu J. H. MCLEAN, Sols Pr<?pri?<a?, ? tt4-ilawly Corntr T)nr<t and Pint ?tt., St. Low?, M?. f^OOD LIGHT! VX CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE light: PARAFFINE OIL.from Coal. KING ft HfTRCHELL, eett Ageuts for its sale. W MAGNOLIA HAMS! E Are again in receiptor* further supply of these llains. The; have been hanging iu th? smokehouse through the season, ami a-e in capital oider. KING A BURCHELL. se 22 Corner ISth st. and Vermont avenue. J^OTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICED The opening of FRENCH GOODS, for tlioFall Trade, will be next Monday, September 24th. The ladies are respectfully invited to inspejt the novelties taut arrived from Paris. N. WILL IAN. h- Li I'm < Intel. A States) 39 Market Space. ~ MEDALLION CAR PET1NG8. FEW Very hand?ome VELVET MEDALLION3, in uew patter us, at verv low prices. For sale by L. F. PERRY k CO.,. Upper Rooms "Perrj Building,w s>&? Cor. Penn. avenue and Ninth st. A. STEIN WAY A SONS'. NEW Assortment of these unrivalled Instruments is now oothe way,and will arrive^CSfi^H SoXSM'CT xVWJMSffTfTl ELEVENTH STREET. 494 THE WASHINGTON INTELLIGENCE AS'D OK SB HAL EMPLOYMENT OFFICE" The Proprietor return* thanks for the patronage K?? liaa received, and statos that he can supply the !>ent help, with good reference. Several good S?rvai.ta waited, tins day, both male and female. Ho tela aupslied in town and country. ae2S-l? C. LEONARD, Proprietor. (view style cloaks _ .. AND ?HAWL8. J nit opened is oar now Cloak and Shaw] Depart mentalarcaaad beastiful assortment of new and atylnh Fall gioaka aatl Shawls, emhraciag all tls?, latest novelties of tha season. \V a in vita a! 1 ladies that wish a cheap and ttviish Cloak or Shawl to oall and examine our took, as wa offer them at the lowest prices. J. W. tOLLKY & CO., sa ZI-& 583 Seventh st, above Pa av, Tnew hat and cap stoke. HE Sahaoriber wishes to n form his friends aad tha public generally that ha has just opened tra new Hat and Cap Store, embrecing all the^L latest stoles of reatfaniena* a-id boys' HA Tfr^ murk DRKS8 HATS, ,i.I all I.Uit N.w f oik st>les of Hats and Cans. Persons ia want of such articlos as are above montioeed will do wall to call and examine ray stookof goods before purchasing elsewhere, ss 1 have adopted the systain of uuick sales and small proftta. _ ? M. O. <il.AD.VlON. No, 886 Paana. avenue, north auM.I seaiw between 11th and 12t| streets. \ ^ AMUSEMENTS. ^RAND COTILLON PARTY! Th* of the FRANKLIN FIR F. COM- 1 PAN^ t?k? pleacure in infirmnM U'CIr A I1 R*T COTILLON P * R JK TY.OF THEffEASuN will ho civen at thoir^B. Mail on i kpda V, the id Octobar, issn. MMR e?J6.29,Octl .2 J^IBERTY IIALL, A LEX AN DR1A! J TWO NIGHTS ONLY. MONDAY t TUESDAY EvraStStpt Hmrndlfr BUD\VokTH'S 1 (LATXTRB ORIOtMAL ABU OjILT G*HCI?1 WOOD'S 9IIIVSTREL81 THE MODEL TROUPE or thi PROFESSION. Admission 25 Cents Parquet 50 Csnti Doors <.p<?n at 7; performance to commenoe at o'o.ock. QDD FELLOW 8' HALL. FOR THRF.K~N7GHT9 ONLY. Cnminweisi MONDAY EVENING, 8ift. 34rn. THE HO.LKAH Juvenile Parlor Opera Troupe, ComprisinK the moat tainted children id the world, i The names comprising this Trout* are the same ae when at Palace Garden and Hope Chapel, New York, a- d now at the Continental Thcatar, Philadelphia, via: Nil us SAL LIE HOLM AN, Prima Donna Comique; LITTLE JULIA, "La Petite Patti," Pianist and Comedienne; MASTER BENJA s??* ?-H- *; ? * ? * >i i > . lift. a .1-1 ami Piaiec'Atist: MA-TKH al. FRED. Comedian, Baritone, Hutfo, aid Snare Erummer ; Mrs GEORGE HOLMAN, Prim* oniia S prano and Pianist; Mr. GEO. HOLMAN, ferior ami Tutor. Price of admisaion 25 cent'; reserved seats 25 eta. extra. Tickets for sale at J. F. Ellis', Pa. av., h?tweea 9th and 10th sts. 21 tf O O K A T T HIS! Thk Gkiatift Exhibition Now<l:x?! PROF. "BROOKS' Celebrated Lire and Trained ANI m Consistinzof Beirs, Mnnkevs, Snakes,Wild Cats, Leopards. Parrots, Eagles, White Mice, Ac. This.ereat Exhibition can be seen for ONE WEEK ONLY at Ninth at.,opposite Center Market. PROF. BROOKS Chall?nre* the world t* produce his equal. He will SWALLOW LIVING SNAKES, and defies any person to bring him a snake of any description vhich he cannot swallow in half an hour afterwards. He will also perform with a RUSSIAN BEAR, ALLIGATOR, WILD CAT,and WOLF Performance from 9 to 11,1 to 3. and 5 to 10 o'ol'k each day. Admi*?ion eents ; children Ma'.f-prioe. se 21 3t* WASHINGTON THEATRE. GRAND OP~KRA SEASON l'ab m COOPER AMERfCANn6PERA TROUPE, Unsurpassed by any Company. n?lire or foreign,in the United States. ana numbering 7'tetHty two Lrritimare Lyric Artistes, Will appear on MONDAY EVENING.September24.1?", W ill be presented Donizetti'* Opera of tlie DAUGHTER OF THK REGIMENT. , To conclude with the musical afterpiece of THK QUAKER. Supported by an effioient Chorus and a powerful Orohebter. the whole under the direction of H. C. COOPKR. lLat? leader of the Roral Italian Opera, London.) AN Nil - Ml L.N ER, i Prima Donna Assoiuta ) Doors open at 7'* ; Opera to commence at 8 o'olk. Prices of Admission : Dress Circle and Parquet 50 rents ; secured seats lb cent* extra ; Orcbester Chairs $1 ; Private Boxes $8 each. Seats may now be secured at Metzerott's Music Store. Polite Ushers will be in attendance. ?e 10 St T'HIRITGRAND COTILLON PARTY OF 1 THK MOUNT CLARE CLUB. The meinliers take pleasure in informing their many friends that their Third Grand Cotillon Party will l>e given at Stott's Hail on jQf TUESDAY EVENING, Sept. 25th, 19DU. They pledge themselves to make this CI ear ant evening to all who may honor them with tieir presence. Arth'i celebrated cotillon band has been eAgagej for the occasion. Tickets 9L admitting * gentleman and ladies. COMMITTSK F. Mohler, (J. W. Mines, J. E. Hilton, J. W. HilL so 1<> flt* YY A S H I N G T O N THK A T E R. Sol* Lessee and Manager S. W. Gun*. THIS ESTABT.ISHMENT Will op?n for the regular Fail and Winter Season on tno night of THURSDAY, Novbmbke Isr. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, Th* Comedian of the Age, will commence an en? V? Nights on mosi DAY .November stn, ami will be followed bvthe most BRILLIANT STARS In the Theatrical Firmament. fCT Communications if addressed to 8. W. Glixn, "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will M.wvi, WlkU JMl/Mipi tVttCUWUIl, ail 18-tf LOST AND FOUND, LOST?On Saturday nieht. in tin* last stape to Georgetown, a POCKET UOOK.containmr a mall sum of money. Th?< finder will receive the thanks of tlie owner, ami a rowan! if required. Ijt :?srinfi t at this office or at MOORE'SrlWest End Drug More. It* [OST. STRAYED on STOI.EN?A large white -A and Mack Newfoundland DOG; face and three white feet. A liberal re ward will b? given l>y leaving the *ame at J* No 39."i N street, between 'Jtli find l?>th ; or at tha Star Oilice. It* LOS'l?On Wednesday. August 2Kn. at tlt? 1'resuli-nt's grounds, a HAIR BRaCEiET, witli f;old clasp and broken chain attached, valued as the tair of a deceased relative. The (inner will o<>nfor a sreat favor by leaving it at the Star Office. Reward if reqiretf _ ?e 22 2t LI >ST.?Strayed or stolen on Mondar, September 17th. a small red ar.d white Bl'F FALO COW, with a slit in one ear reward will be given to the finder by Icav- AJk ing the same at the comer of II and Tweuiy-hrst ats? First Ward. s<- 22-3t* FOUND-A SUM OF MONEY, whieh the owner oan have by stnting the probable locality and th<* amount lost, and addressing Box 31** City Post Offioe. se21-3t* TM Porta NT Tn nmnititsnsi 1 THE PIONEER \ SAW HILL A*D FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Siss or the Blue Flag Staff,) Ik *f the Itatl, near 7tl? at. Bridge, Will furniali, at the shortest notice, FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITY", Of Asy Kijsi', ahd Cut and Split m any CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST.* With full measurement guarantied. VTT Remember, The Blde Flas Staff. west aid'* of Seventh street, south of the Canal, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Af?i(. U7- HICKORY ANDOAK PLANK or TIM BKKfofany giz?or dimension* > SAWED. POSTS or JOISTS R 11'PfcD, or LOGS HAWED, at the shortest notice _ i*mall job* of BLA0KSM1THING promptly ejtowited, as above se ZMaa J^TEW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. We are now in reoeipt of our Fal! stock of PA PER HANGINGS. AWN DOW SHADES. SHADK HOLLANDS, PICTURE AND SHADE CORKS AND TA!<*>EL?, GILT CORNICE. CURTAIN BANDS, ? PlNS,>o. Embracing all Qualities and Pricts; All of which have been purchased direct from man ufactures, and with anusual care. We feel, therefore, that, with our large and varied stock, we shall be aide to present superior inducements to purchasers A call is solicited whether Iou purchase or not. AH work in our line executed j superior workmen in city or oountry, and warranted iu everypartionlar. Call at .. ---3 K LIN A R O T H R O C K' S, ?uv,VurHVT7UikOa 11914. |\ew furniture ~ Call in and look throngh my stnok o^FURNITURE. M J. C GRfchN. e 19 euSt Ninth door from Fa av. Nhew furniture WAREROOM9. If you are m want or any article ui the Furniture Iin?s. you cau purchase cheap at J. C. GREEN'S, M 19-eottt N inth st . o? door from Pa. av. eagle stove house. gjg I would respectfully call the attention of the public to my new PARLOR VIOLET GAS CONSUMING R ADIATORS, superior to any that Ha* offered for sale heretofore. They have ?upor??'de<l the old foar-oolumn Radiator*, a? they are on handwrrner (br parlors, being fiiushed off with fine poroelain-Hltea uroa for evaporation, oomomee much leu eoal, and throw* out more heat that any other Radiator in the market Pleaee oali and satis|y yourselves, at C WOOOWARDf, No. SIS Penofyvaaiaavenue, M17 eoftt Between I6tk and 11th Mim M. F. Who ha* had several years' experience in teaehiuc, will now pupils, bhe wuTattaad them atUetr own reeidenoe, or bav?them come to her on Ainth street, between 1. and M, Wo. xaT. Terms moderate. se 19-6t* TsttiN'nE ni? wti.M ? m is c*.It '**w M SO 1 wlLbTZ'8' P* *-. J? ~. "Mr ooraf TWt?iBt(i ?L *?J3#?C2S&' , wrMM.A AUCTION SALES. Br WALL* B\KNARO. AactionMr*. (SALE rOSTIXVKD > CALK OF CHINA. CI'TLEEV. PLATED C9 aud Otan Costly Waii?. Paha* **d RWS" *Tat???tkii, An -On TUESDAY *n?t W K ON KSuAYMo R N' ING S, Utk and ?ik msta.. JT?MMtion. at the store oi c. t.^u. V* raaTri?s,betw*?u nth s.od 12th *t?.. next door totfceRirkvaod Houm, his entire took, oon.P'1*1* * raned assortment, ae? Fine Frenoh China. Parian. Bteeuet.Lava, Bohe mtan. French ana American G;a?s W*r?, Foc.iah and AaMrioan Cuti^ry. P atedWare, Parian and Bte*uet Statuettes, PitcHarsacd vsses. Card Reoeirers, Coloicne Bottles, Cordial 8eU, Table and Win? castors. Plated Spoons and Forks, Dinner, Breakfast. Tea. T/?.!?# ??? Fine Fruit StanUa and Bowi*. W i th mm ?Hl?er f. ode not here enamsratarf. T? those in want of aaoh gooda, all of whisk Are of the newest atjle*. lau>?t importation, mm bnat tua'ity, thi* ?ale aiforda the rare opportunity of obtaining the same at auction prioea. Ample armtnencaia madefor Um aeeoBtnodaooa of the ladie*. Terina: $S> caeh; over that amount, a credit of Cn aod *> day a, for appro red end oread nutea, bearing intereat __ WALL. A BARNARD. A acta. UJ~ Puroh?aera at previuaa ea.ea are rnnMiji to call and take away their gooda. ?X d Bt A. GREEN. Auotionear. CLANCY DRY GOODS AT At'CTIOK.-On a TUKSDAV. the25th inat. 'to morro?>I ah%!i aall at 10 o'clock a m , at my auction atora. a large I Jt of F*noy Dry ??</o?e. oonaiatinc ? ?I? l?aoea, Rihanda. Hosiery, Gloree, Hanakerohiefa, Bonn?>ta, Capa, Button*, Fringes. Edgings. And many outer artio ee too numerous to r?ia?erato, to be aoid without reserve. _ It A. (iREEN. AtoL By WALL A BARNARD. AocUot?aere. Auction sale of a large stock op Farct Good* at tui amn or J C. Giaeon. . No iiO ivixn. BITWtM *T? AM) ?TH I 8t? ?On THl"RS'DAY,8ept?mb?r2,nh mat, eomI m?[icina at 10 o'clock aod on aueeeadinc da/a until I a 1 ie diapt a <d of I will ae'l a large a look of? I U in brel la*. HikIwim Kmbroitierie*, Soapa, '1 rimminft. Extracts, Velvets, Cor*et?, Bonnet*. Caruhno*. Bonnrt Silkr, Shirt Ft'nit*. Nets, |iIn* ma*. Ladie*' ."lien no Vest*. Uandfcarchiefa, G*nt*' Uu<1?rshirts ana Drawer*, Flower*. Ruehe*. Silk Frin?*?. Barege Grenadines, Laoe*. r?al and imitatian. And all Jtner article* usual y kept in a Fanoy Store. It will he u? the il tor eat of ladiea and all other* to attend, a* the ?ood* matt be told to close, and bar* inns nay be expe<'t<*s7 Term*: a_I1 acua under 930 oaah; over f*> * credit of 3* and W days JNO. H. MoCITTCHEN. Trustee seU d WJ LL At HAKNARO. Anti. By A. GUEKN. Auctioneer. EXECUTOR'S RALE, BV ORDER OF THE oarhans' (;o5kt. or Uof?ih" Kitch em Frm^itr** ar Acctwb ? On THURSDAY, I the ZTth instant , I ?h*!l aell, at 10 o'clook a. in.. the p?rao al effect * of the late Reuben Hnrdine, on Sixth atreet, t> itween H and I at*, aorth. w.x : Walnut Sofia. Hair aeat Chaiia and Rookera, J>o Hide 'I 'atiles au<i Mattel Orratnent*, Mahogany T? ?!es and C*oe seat Chair*. Do Bur mo*. Waahs'ands and Bedsteads, Feather Beds. Tillowa and Bolatcra, Hair, Ilusk ar ,d Cotton Mattreace*. Refrirerator. Safe*. Clock and Window Shades, Brussels, Ins -am and o her i:arp*ta. Bra** Hand i mm, Tone* and Shovel, Chin*. blaas and Crockery Ware, Cook. Air-ti> ;ht and other Stove*. Lot of Kitch *n Reqniaitea. And many o' .he: siticiee too numerous to numerate. Term* : t >11 mm* of and under J 30 euh; over $r a credit of wan-iso d*?s. f?r approved endorsed notes besr in* iLteieat from day ot aaie. U J OHN?ON HELLEN, I ST iNISLAL'S MURRiY,| Kaeoatora. ee ^4-<l A. GtvKEN. / uct. B*y A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VAIA'ABLK CORNER LOT AT THE NAVY v V?i d 9 abt at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the .8th mat ant. I abaU sell. >a front of the pre<rl?es. it & o'cloo c p. in.. Lot No. 1*. in Square 9b3. having a front oi, north D at'eet fn f? et 11 inches, and on Eleven ;h street 7> feet The aa'.e will be worth? of any one wiahin* t> parohase pro pert? in that ae :tio > of the oity.a* it viil be sold without reaervi i. Tit'e good. Term a ca?h. e 24 a A GR KBN, A act MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fie ri faeiai laaned from the Clerk's Ofiee of the Ci rcmt Court of the District of Col sin hi* far the Co inty oi Washington, aud to me directed. 1 1 will ex pone to pab;ie s&Te.for cash, in front of the I Court House d? orof mid con?ity on MONDAY, . the 1st da? of October next. 12 o'clook na.. ail defend ant's rijht, title, csnn and interest in and | to Lot No. 6, in Square 411, in the city of VVaahinstor., D. C , together wth all ard Mni.ilar the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Willitm K.anot-ard. and wLI be sold to satisfy jndicia.a No. SI. to January t'rm ttOn, ia Jarorof Jesse B. Wilson W. SELDHN. U. 8. Marshal for the Dial not of Ootaabta. seS-dta PERSONAL. ^100 REWARD.?Ran away /rorn the s*b _ . _ iiiniK no?r uiyiaonl, JjM I (Jti&r'iM connty, Md . on ?*unda>. the lote in- 63E staot. NEGRO BOY l:*AAO NKi.WN, Jp & jed about 18 jears. aboutS leet 6 inches in height; light copper color; very ful. suit?'fJ"R? 1 hftir, hu a r?r on hi* upper lip; clothiftg r.ot ? ememliered. I will give SMi for the ?ppr?lifii?ii n ?f "*'d negro in Chun** county, or 8"* if taken f Imlwo-. in either ease lie must he delivered to or secure* in jail so that I get htro aj:vin. ? 19 1W SAM'I. H. COX. Anotick. LL Person* having claims ac?in*t the late firm of Hoiitz Jt Coombe are reqiiet-lt-4 to pre*eut tlwir accounts to me a* eai y as Also, a 1 per sot s indebted to tiie late firm will please ea'i and settle, a* I wish to close up the bu-im>??. b* the 1st of October. liWi. HENRY BONTZ, _*?. Survivi"? Parlnw r|~o~THE CI RIOl S OK AN X TO US.-.Madam I D , so well known at tli? most successful explainer of the Past, Present and Future ?ver in V'ashingtoa, continues to l?' cnsulted weekl* by hundred* anxious to know of thing* at preeent hid<l?>n from them. Her consultation fee, to both gentlenrn and ladies, is extremely moderate. Call at hor house, on the south side of Massachusetts av , I between 17th and 18th sta.?the only house there. se 17-1m Mauame morkice, thigiut a*t*oloSIIT ASP UoCTKBSS, just from Evrort-This 1 highly rifted and intelligent lady can be oonsnlted f ?o th?PutPrAMni*)iX '???? ' _ .. . -? ?. ?m > ? ? uTCuva* 0*ll III Mo. U04 T treaty ?tiond atreet, between H and 1, Waahington. je 10- Sin* WILL. BE Ol'ENBD ON SATURDAY. " ScrTEMBBH USD. ; NEW ESTABLISHMENT I CASH PRIHirLETRIl MrHAMt: AN 1MMWX&E STOi'K ur BOOTS. SHOES. HAT?. CAPS, AND UMBRELLAS, No. 34T SEVENTH STREET. T'co doors south of A art kirn. Libtrlirf Ukhivai.ku in Vakibty, qrautt, ani> Price' LADIES' SHOES. oTatnoat Ererv Gradej MR4SES' and CHILDREN'S SHOES Ol Evert Ki&4 ; MEN'S BOYS', and YOUTHS' BOOTS AND SHOES. \Yith the Fiueat and Ciie*ee*t Assortment of HATS. CAPS And I M ICR KI.LAS To lie Fonnd in tne City. Am v* pr?>r?.?*e hi establish turaelvoa perimnert I* in buainea* and secure the oonfidenoe uf the public. we arc HnUrmiMil ?? ?il -? ?k? ?? ??* .... . ? ??.' i at *no T*?ry HUM Ml possible profit and deal in candor and fairners with "who co.. ae 30 St&2aw/w No. 317 fWrstiA *?. rjIRECT IMPORTATION. RODOERS' CVTLIKY. J Bit received par eteamer from Enjland. another lot of enperinr T A B L E and POCKET CUTLERY, from U?. celebrated houaeof Joseph Rod|-?^^ ere k. ftone'. Shelield. />^^r RltS and FORK'S, POCKET and PEN KNIVES. BUTCHER KNIVES. SHOE KNIVES, RAZORS. SCISSORS. STKELS, & ..?.? Together with a welf eelected ttock of HOUBEVURNISHINO HARDWARE. l Porntoiow br J. IS. SHIELDS, . Hardware Importer, *39 Pa. ar., tetl-^t , opposite Browa'e Hotel. EABUSBTOVE HOUSE. , I wish to call the attention of the public to mjr , mrrasft sm, beat and aoit eoonoenoal Water aa yet invented. I will guaranty them to heat from one to War etorfee of a house perfectly with tbovt the eaaee quantity , of ftiel ae an ordinal crate or atove woiud reeuire. mm wtll femleh satisfactory references from reliahle citizens of Waehineten n.* ???? ? ovhava ton in ma, aeta tit* stents of this beater , over all others whioh ?r?offirml for aal?totke pab- , ho. PleaeeoaUat C. WOODWARD*. ' 118 PtmjlTuu tvtiiu*. _ a ? . , Between 10th and lit* ets. ( P. 8*.Manufactured by 8. B. Sexton * Co , Bait?- , mon? Mcl. i Parlor Heaters ud all kinds of Btorw repaired ( "jar1"- c. i ACADEMY OF MODERN LANGAUArfJM, j A. M. D* MMT^rrofaeeor of Modern I Lancnacee aad tat a rat* r*. h?* to mn- J U^?J!fw5SildrrS*t'tto mkVfw^m 1 her, the abovaJUiadem#- U*i* p re pared ajeo l<> . five, ut schools aSprmUe fawiUes, a Coiirae af bw?,i 4fcase6B!&BiaBg: i. AUCTION SAIJ5S. 4* THIS AFTERNOON * TV-MQKKOW W Mr A. GKKKN. ON MONDAY. Si. MS*. *re ?h* m?\ 1 mTroot of U?? yr?niiaM. *# ?> ?>ok f n< . m | omfitartoe with tu?< twin of a 4md of txatt u< ? I from Th? . A. Mrown and wife. d?lM *?Ui bor. l?*?. ?ixi rtoordod ib Lttwr J. A. > No l v. I Ao., o tofthi lti?l r*oonli nf Wwhn n ocvnty, tferta of oUUand II. IB MM>* No I buipMi mr the 9 (Ml ? ? * waw%mwm\ 9orvT of Mid ifuri, r annir.t tNnw I Mit ?> ft lino with D attest 1 k M f?*t. than.-. 1 ortk 7 fwt; U?no? n?t M far'. 'Iimii aoaU ? I fM( (o tha f aoa or t-ftlMr with th? I luroTMNrti. eoaatctinc or ft two ?tor? frfta.a I boui? witk?na tmry hft*k <li?f Term*: OB?-t?BiUee*h; ike wwee let, lifted I 11 months. ftTUr day of aftl*, witb n-Ua ?M?rod t?? 1 ?4?*d of trnat oa tha prMim U tha tajt? of ?. R ftr? tot ?nma!i*d with witMa I** daya ftft*r th# da* M of aftia tha trftataaa rftftftr?a U* niht to rjaai ?b. H roparty at lb* parchftaoi a ruk ftud ooat, ftftar giw r.,? UKO. *. 7 _fto i? stOTT*<if 'Li ft Mr WALL ? HARNARD A??uoD??r?. 1 SALE OF GROCKRIF.9.1-UK'ORP. CIGAR*, I kc.. AT Abctiow.-O. TbfcSDAY MORN* I IN?, ?ui inat.. at 10 o'e'.ook. wa viU Mil. ftt tha I Anetioa Rmm. mtm frna. avaru* ftftd Ninth I atraat. aouta aida. ft at??k of prima Paint'? Grooa-tMii^s&%K&ttaa*~???. 7l Baca J?TftCoff*?. I Chat'a Voting Hyaca. laipartftl ?a4 Btftrk T< ftft, I t,ft?tila. Brown ftad Fftftcy ?<*a. 1 Boxes Ground Cinnftmon, CloTaa, Git>c?r ftftd AJ 1 f if. 4b Nitacii. Por*. Fxtrftet * Boxea r*a-c*t Oil, ladle . Maataxd, A a. Kwa vill M< VinlAtt PiUi. ' ( Wkit* ly*d, Pfrmn RtdiallaifruM Vttmillion. Cigar* and Che vim Tobanoo. dtCerent heard a. Barrel* and <cta*ea Brandy and WhulLiw Cord % ?, Flavoring Kxtracta, 4c AMI mur nttxr Groeeriea not her# wmwulH Term*: fJPeaah, over that tmoiit a cred.taf jn and 6r day , for endorsed noma _#e ?8-d WAU A Ba RNaKI), A net*. I FUTURE DAY8 rpIfvjf Kfc*?!*A L$ O? V Kit ^"VA'M'AHI K 1 BtriLDina Lot oh kokti I t*r.. r> itwifa it* hp 5th Sti. win-On i'UtPD&V AFTKR NUON. 9?piMilwr ?*lk, tt ( o'? ook, ? the jrewi iaee, I aha'l anil part of Lot No 13 iu ?qua/e euatk of HMrr N?. Sift, froiitilit IS f??et inrh?a on awtfe I atreef. between 4th and 5Ui *ta. weet. rename t*ot 80 feet 8 niche* Term* One-half oaah; the re*?due in C and u month*. with intrreet. eeenred b| a daed of truat ua 'T . WM.f. P&ALE. Tllli i ?9-4 J. C. McGUlB K*_CO . A.?h. By J. C. MoGUJRK A CO. Aaol oaaara "I MPROVED PROPKRT ? NKAK THfcNAVY 1 Ya*o ?On WfcDNKSDAV AFTKRVtKitf. September JGth. a* 5 o'eloefc. on the preirnaea, ?e aha l a* II part rf bqaare BM. froatiag SI feet >!, Cerent h Street aaet. at tne earner of M>aUi L atree*. and raaning back ? feet, together with t*? mprorementa, nnnaia'int of a two atory br;oh dwelling containing s ttMM A portion of the huildiag b?e been ooenpied a* a groeeri a Lore. Trrm*. One third oaah . the raatii4f? la 6 and 12 month*, with internet, aeoared by a deed of u uat ^maum'j c McOVIKK A CO . Ancta By J. C. MeGtIRK A CO.. Auctioneer a. 'T*HCSTfcli't? tVALK OK I OTS EAPT or THfc , I Cafitpl ?On TBUWtDA V AFi'KRNOofr. September/Wh, IW". at ?*, o'clock, at the Anotr a Room* of Jaa C. MeGaire A Co , toy rirtue of a trad of trnet frm brneat W. Cecil, dated Nove? her 22-i. aud duly teoordad in Llliar J A. f*.. No 187, fo ioa JW, Ao.. one or th? laud rrc>>rd* fm Waahmctori oonn<y. D. C..I ?ha>' well. Lota a and lv. in tvioare fto. IJBU and Lot No. It,lh fSvaia No Term*: 'oortli caah. Pie rnjdn? in ?> aa"! 12 month*, with interest, aecnnd by derdoftraatoa the p remiae*. All oonveyanoea at the coat of theeurohaae?, "AM lb I PNOWDI.N. Tri?tt?. ae 17 eoAda J. C. McGVIRF. A CO . Aacta By J. C. MeGL'IRK A CO. Anctioaeer*. TRlSTEb*S 8A..K OF LOT FAST ?'F THK i Catttol ?On rHI RSPAY APTFRNOOV 1 at 4^ o'tiwk. at the A action Roopae of Jaa C. I ?ot*mre A Co , t>y *inaie of a deed ?f tm*t from | 'llliain l^anahan. daief lf?hr>i?r. 4 duly reoorSed anone the lend reoorda f ?r WukiiiKton chanty. D. C., 1 ahall Mil Lot No. S it aen&te No I ill Terma: One third caab.the r??:QB? intend II (norths, with intamt, aecured by a deed ol treat on the prenueea All eJaveyeao'Di at the ooet of th? pur0tae?r SAMLhi eNOWDKN, Trnatee. ae IT ?oAda C. W F. A CO . Au?t>. Br J. C. Mo(JLIB L A CO,. AuoUu #?r , fALFi.F ?:iT\ lAIT*-Oa I THL'B??DAV AFTERNOON, ^h?l#r 27th, Wfr'. at 41% o'oicofc. at the Aoc ion l?umi of iaa. C. Mcuuire A Co.. by rirtae of a deed oftrmH lr.?m William I anahan to th* aubeeubtr, dated February SSd.lKO. and duly r<-?orde<1 among the Land reoorda for Wa?aia?toe Coaiij, D O., I - bail Ail. Lota No. Saad 10 is gqaa'e No. 1.074. and tM , weatern part of Lot N'o 4. in t*euare No. 144. Iroet- ' ' io| 41 fori on north D between 1?th and 1?*? etreet* went. and runrint baek that width t?l feet Smoke*, and contautinf 6,iW aquare faot, more or leaa. Terme: One third eaeh; the rentaln4ar id C and IS montha, with u.tareat, aeoarrd by a deed of treat on the premiaae. All ootrerance" *t eorchvera ooat, ?A?CEL MIUWPVII, Traetee. ae 17 eoAda J. C. MotfUlKK A CO.. A a atBy J. C. MeSl'IKf. A CO.. Auctioneer* \TF.RY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPER *aTT iif th*Fiaar Waikt Pi atir Accrtoji. OuTHL'KSDftV AK I'KKMKlM.s.^wal- .-ti.. \ at So'ei<>ck v'oiojk, ud ttia pretniaee. we aha aetl m that daeiraw fi^et eleea rraiiienoe at the ourneraf i north i atreet a; d T* ealieth ?"eet weet, now e 1 ..... .J I u t? " uur<7u "J o riirisiot, I-.m. The l<<t Iropte SI feet I 1?S inchM on 1 street. *A the corner of Tw*rt *lt I etreet, cod rana back 135 f?*i, ?u<1 ta improved bj % I huilMDi three-?u-ry anl bMMtnt briok dwell in* hou*e. with*> back bandinga. bant and he- I uhed tb'?arho?t in the very beat n UHt.n.d eoa- I tain* teveBteon room* forr.iahed with all the wod- I era improvement* 1 be kooalioa ud character of I iraprorenieiiti tender thia a verj deairafcle private I residence I Immediately after ?-e *ha'l eeil the propwrt' two I doora VMt of the above, lately ooaapied by Mra. tfacbe. The lot fron a about iU leetoi. 1 atreet, aud I rune back about 135. and ia improved hj a throe- I at?rr brick dwelling hou?e ootUlnin* II roomi 1 The aitova irofij will eitive.y be eald, a* the owner ia ab?at to remove from the oit) V Term* : One third ca?h ; the naidne in C and IX (*. with mtereet. eeured 1?? a 4oed of truat I on tt>e premieee. Titie perfect and nnencaiiit-ered. I aegl d J.C. MebHWte. A CO.. A net*. I Bj A. GREfc>i, Aaouoaaar. I TPRUSTRK'S SALK OF VALUABLE Paor- I 1 *ETY BITWIII I Til ARIi ?T? ?t?. *A*T. aM( ak pass. avkstx. waahirkto* nt? ?h? *>r IU6 of a dead of trnet from Joa?pli Ca*n bar. dated V Ma? 13,1864,du'y raeurded ui Liber J. A H.Nn.TT. " folio* 17, Ac., of the land r?*: .r4? of Waabin*t' " I count?, D C , I ?ha", at the requeat of the owner a Mid in. ner of the aole th?ra*n ee^arad.oa TUfc..* W HAY, the IbUi day of Uotober o?xt, at 4 o'oloe* ? d hi., on the premivea, eeii. at puUio auc'ioo. the M* lowing ra!u&ble pr?>peit?, or no ranch aod mm rrU tlioroof a? mti he i*eeaa??rT, n*: l?ot? No*. 1 1,1 *>, 7,1. li, 13.14, 15, 14, IT, If, la m?ar? No. 1 it*}, I Term*: On* third each ; aod the roaidae in 6. t< 1 and 18 moulds with intaretf. D?od fr+n and a I dead of traal taken to ???-ure thedafarrad pa* menu. I All conveyance* at the parcaaaer'n '< (. If tn* I term* of eaia are not complied with aritnin 5 da>?. I th? traatee roaervaa rijht to r*a"Jl. at Mroha* f'n ooat and ri?h. after 1 WMk'a pahiic notiee. \VN. 14. WtfODWAKD, Xraatee. ??21 >UwAd? A (iRKEN . A art Hi A. ORKKN, Auati??oeer. IN TKRKfeTiNG KALB AT PUHLIC Al'C TIOJI or Hf*L BetATB A.ND I'SBtOXAL r*or?B t> - Onine ir?tTUISRUAY(th?td riayiof 4?o??? ber. %l It' o'elocB. t?o high]* calti*ai?*d Farm* nd ?oiuiuk, <onta>Mat al??ai 2 # acta* eaah, n<tu?"4 I mile* Lout VVa*Diajton oitf, 0. C^fijp HP*' nim roai. In *1 on Homer* oonntr, Aleo. Boaaonoid Far uitar-em4 ever; d??oripii?a of Fana Btuok, "onaiaUnc la pari of? Nine Iior?e* ana uat Colt. S?* r*?r of W c.rk mc 7Zw1?'-tT '"?r head of Cftttl*. o(n?f rmng? & . Vv!*V' L"mat *o71c. terWAflss"'Uo,fSM"' Ucht CAr iai?. new !>..abie NtreM. ?\T ??* B'iVo Bohoa. B enketr. ft?.. ft*. Family C*rr:Mf aou Doable Harueo*. / ?acl* fiirn?M, LmTm' and Genu'SadOlee. BridlM. M.mvii Baile.fto . fto. " Qm Four horee War oa. By?. Carta, Oftrrrai.. I Corn ud Cob Uli4*r. lund u tnr, 1 rhreetuug Ma?hin? and Uoree Power, Rookaway. Pan. Rea?rr and JlowAr, \ And mat other uwfWl artMiea too waaroae to I IBOBtlOB Urn lot of Clover and Timothy Hat, %+, Wheat. Kyean<1 t?at ?U?w.C'<n and Cm Fodder Ih* fa>m? will bo Bold At dm o*olodk7 wtthaat (ant modern nouae, replete with all ooaraaienoa* ofairat olaaa etty r*aid*Me, eoah oa hatha t?w o>oMta, raareand pin* u kitehoa, hriaai, ftaa dry cellar, Bot and ooid water ui had raoaia.ooaperratory, aod ft) fact every Ujnj r^nintf ?or aa eleyaat ooontry reeidenee. TBe kooae, with it? BUToa'OiBf a. ooaa abort flObiM - I Farm No.1 haa ahoai Stoaoraa Uahly iwrori^ land, rood farm hovoe, new com cut) andjkoan. l<x<d oara and atah'ii t for 12 kareaa. Eiildiai* vaJaed according to laaareaaa aom at a boat 05,'110, the whoia aador food feaci na* plenty of as oid toe eta or or ?aparaaa?at fcrrt perahaaar'a of?? I rmi 01 ??b : UM-Uin CM*; Tf*r to ks wkfwsaxsb?fe wak. Tio whoi* frofMtr. ml iM Mfwul will ieaiepwwd et -4-oogn A. tliU, I V si t?T iTftSC WHAT TW SHALT ICT~f mwmm ch^apvash^tmitoi*. s i i # ii

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