Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS; U^Tbongh Th? Sta* la printed on the fattest tt.-aiii pr?-? In ise smith sf Baltimore, lta edltloa Is ao large na to requlr#lt to be pot to preaa at an early ooor; Advertisementa, therefore, should be aril In before 12 o'clock m ; ofherwla* they may not appear until the next day. Notiok ? District of Columbia Advertisements t" be inserted In * rm^atwmA Bt and forwarded from Tri Stii Office. Thi Bill *sd Evxbbtt CirBor Wash'xotoh ? to Rockvillb. Mb ?Last Saturday morning, about nin* o'clock, a large number or gpnt'.emen compos: ng the Central Bell and Everett Club, and others. tookomntbuassat the corner of Nlntb and D sts for Rockville. to attend a grand meeting of the maaaes, to b? held in the fair grounds at the southern terminus of the Tillage. The proceBstoB, aa It left the headquarters and wended Its way aiuag Fa aveuue, preseated quite bb imposing appearance, the several teams being gilly decorated with appropriate (election tlmea) banner*, and at tta head a carriage within which had been swung a large bell, which waa rung with great energy, at various times, as the procession moved a Ion* At Georgetown the procession receivsd I large acceaaiona to its numbers from the Bell aod Everett Club and others there. At the varioes stopping places along tbe road to Kockvillt the people of the country had gathered In large Bumtera to welcosM their frisnda from the Dialrict, aud cheer them on their way. Manv joined the fProcession, which in this wav swelled to more h?n l?-i? I i. <V. 1 1 _? ?..H . W*v? iw VTi|;inat *i4C UCIWIC *UC ttiUTOl II tb? place of meeting. The only irc-dei t of any note which occirredon tbe trip np, to-ik place oo the top of a MI! about half a mile tMs aide of RockvtUe. where the pioneer teams baited for the main body of the procession to overtake them Juat at the trow of this hill, on the left hand, there is a little story and a half ?hantv, situated at the rear of an o'd stone foundation and cellar, where there had been some time or othtr a dwelling of more spa<i?m proportions, and sttvrsaadtd by scrubby simmon' trers and tall weeds. The only "boa" ol this rural retreat appeared to be a tall woman, (withont hoopa) with a somewhat Amazonian cast of fac. and two decidedly disagroeaDle visaged dogs, of the bull breed. Two gentlemen of Washington, who had about their carriage the raw materials for a "snifter," sent an attendant to tbe door to ask madam for a small giasa of water, which high favor was snappishly and indignantly refused "But," said tue messenger, '-Can't you favor the stranger with a drtukof water?" "Not a drop. 'said the excitcd matrou, "I have no water for any such a t?artv." The m?-?vager returned ch( p-fallen with i?-r reply. "Well,' said the proprietors of the ajoitsnid raw material, "that is just a little < ool f^fi: A# a oliU rtf **?-? lo? - _ - -- ? ? ... ????v i uiiuv i runn'Oi any LIIrnic^nrM I,et*5 send ber a Bell and Everett docmnent;" and, no sooner said tban tittvtpted, infthrr and bolder m< MK*n*w waa dlspaU hed towards the honse. bearing tbe precious and patriotic argnment in a "yaller kiwr." with which ? it waa < onttdentlr hoped be would be more kindly rcctived than had been the first one. The old woman uw him coming, and warned him off? don't come here with that, or I'll set the do; on you p. The meaa*nger still persevered, and in a immeut the determined proprietress gave a sbrlll whistle, and the two savsue animals were bounding toward the bearer of dispatches, who, finding the neighborhood rather warm, leaped tbe fence, and retreated in pood order to the roed. So the raw materials Were taken without a qoalifier. Tbe carriage with the big bell having now arrivtd opposite the honae. the disappointed applicants determined oa a little innocent revenge.and gave order* to the ringer to exercise his function until further orders?a privilege of whteh he took the fullest advantage; and such a din as saluted tbe ears of the Amazon during the next ten minutes was never before heard m that quiet neighborhood Just as the last carriage arrived and as tbe party again set forth, tbe door of the dwelling opened and the gallant female appeared and cast her detUuce in the teeth of the p*rtv, in shape of a lust?hurrah for somebody; whether for Douglas, Breckinridge, or "Old Abe7' no one could tell, as tbe bend Jnst then struck up "Rally Whigs'' in tine style, and so the last opportunity of ascertaining the politics of that inhospitable house was Ioot for evei A? the procession entered the village it wu met toy an entnuaiastic crowd of people, wbo tilled tbe air with shouts for Bell and Everett The windows on either side were filled witb ledles, no less enthusiastic, as was evinced by their waving munikwchiefa and welcoming smiles. After driving through the village the procession turned b*ck to toe fair grounds, where preparations had been made for tbe reception A dinner which had been prepared at the spring ir. the rear of the grounds was discussed, after -wtrfeh. tbe company gathered round tbe stand to lltten to the excellent speeches which were to fillovr The people of tbe village and tbeaurround- < ing country were well represented, though the company was Ml a* numerous as would doubt less have bren had the meeting occurred at a period , ? snore ren>ot? from the late county lair, and cni any ether day than Saturday. The meeting was called to order by Richard J. < Bowie, Esq ., on wbOse motion Edward J. Hall, Esq., of Brookville, was called to the chair; J. Waters, George W. Dawson and Dr Sommers chost-n as vice presidents, and J. T. Vinson and F Miller secretaries. Tbe first nj raker was Mr. Richard Hagner, i Elector for the Sixth District, who delivered an < abl* ?4ftrrs Sf some length upon the subject of the momentous character of the pending canvass. Alluding in patriotic terms to tbe conservative element* now working throughout tbe country i with a view to allaying the prevailing fever of ectiooaiisia, Le dr< w an impawoned picture of the troubleeome times upon which the country baa fallen, and contended that neither the course f the two wings of tbe democracy, nor that of the republican party, is calculated to win the people ba< k to peace, and to restore harmony to a fanatical North and a distracted South. That the | questions which agitate all sections of the country upon which tbe disrupted democracy and the i republican conorta are Doth endeavoring to 1 ad the people astray?tb? questions of intervention and aoatatci wsation w'jk aiavery im the tfcrrita- < rlea?are entirely isreiavenl to tbe main issue, and- < j ( jto practical efltct to the country and to tbe 1 people In either eaae That the North in tta endeavors to disturb and agitate the masses upon the q ieetlou of keeping slavery out of territories where tte lawa of ali mate farbtd tie ?ver entertag, and the booth i a taking a similar course with raaprct to the protection ?f aiavery In these territories. into which they Lave no negroes to send, arc following an iga<? fatuus which Is fost leading both to destruction, unleaa by the Influence of a bealtf conaervative force they may perchance ha broagbt hack to the cooaideration of the tribute of Itwt and duty wtuch.aaary iaaa ?*f ail parties owta to the founders of the liberties wblah the people of this great country now enjoy The apeater dweH wits aeverlty upon the assumed wisdom of the miserable abolition party who proprw* to legMate apoa tbe domestic inSfittitloi.s of the South before Inquiring Into the etils of tbeir own tyrannical apprentice system He accrued the democratic party of being more answerable for the slavery agitation than tl? republicans, aa had reopened the vrhote matter t^y the repeal of tbe M laaourl compromise and the p4?s <ge of the kanaao and Nebraska bill. The c?fc>pro? ia'.?sa of 1-gU had killed oil' the siavtry question ft?re?er, and the vote of the r<publk&A psrty then waa a mere handful compared with what it has subsequently become In consequence of dctnocfarc y gi y "l"** .n..* t. . .1 -I rum nrnjitnj agiisiien oi aiavery it the Territories la a crying nuisance. We hate do Territories In which tbe aubject of alaYerf baa < not been aettled lor all time by the Compromlaea a, mm ad vsem Tbe iMkir 41?lad to the J atrorm arsteoa. characterizing the action ef the ' platform conventions aa unworthy of an latrlll- , gent age. auch aa that In which we live The t rvople don't war* to be humbugged with Diet- ! ferine. WMUn^tn a?d Jefereoo and Maoimm , had no platforma but the broad and cotnpirhaoaiv? o? at toe Constitution, which waa Oris and 3 stfoog enough foe all time* aod occsalo&a This ! la the platform of the Union party, and to the only out thai can now or at any tlnoe eeaurs prac* and' aafcty to oar country. The speaker . alluded to the record of the llalea candidates, and said thai there w* a* two men In toe boUt- , leal arena who eon Id allow a clearer or mfcn c patriotic one. Of the two candidate* of the double-boated < democracy Mr. Breckinridge waa the most dan- Tueatlon of the Umon j tuc other day by giving a atrairht forward answer , to an laiHTOgatury OSt??wlettoar, tf be was in the , Senate and Lincoln waa elected and any Htato i aooald attaoipt to witbdriNa* ffcom fce I ninti, he , would aaaiat tne President to maintain the Union , H ai^plMce m l*wy V|. f?itW?idge had had , u vpi'jriuiuty mi uiwvi uif *ame ijueniou. out \ Lad upt do ic *>; and ai/ianittcaut lact prseents j ft*If In connection emb this snbJeoV tha Are- , Mieri and disunloolsta support Mr. BrecKinr^g*. During bit remarks Mr. H waa frequently ap- ( plauded. < The oat spaeker mm Mt. G E Fear re, of Alio- i ghauy county, who addrwed the audience |n an i ,n,cJ?lue*tsJf*iA upon ih*. ^ueatioa ot the pdrtnaj * s??[? &? s? I democratic party with being the parVnTof Ikl t abolitlonpaAr. He wrlewA ,he course 4 ?e democMhr H** the adiul nistration of Van Hueda j down to the present ttme. and argued that tyerj , undeetr trlrati bed Id 4at ftsBa been aglfeted, which bad opened toe subject of alar err1 and , furnished feoa Mr H* abeUUon Ire, had a or vug | out of progreaai?e democracy He alluded * the . pouted career of J<*a Me* a?d Kdarard E?es?u during the years they have beeu la the political t areaa, and contended that their course had eew | beea eonaerratl <re end patriotic. The course ot < the democratic party waa drecautrd upon down te t ?* The plare where at Chartfrawa ftrt*y alvtded. a*? i ( aii going oae road a ad the other balf auotUer I" Lev were 1a the same peattlou now with ^hek i ofaprlng, the ahoUtioa party. All depend ppea i I the votes of a particular section to elect them to the rhtef ofllce in the nation. He held that this election la one invotTlBg the national existence, and that bow la the time for the conservative element of the country to come to the reacar. and, by electing a man who is sound on the Union, A- 1L x .? a jmh au cuu iwiotci w iuc cries oi sre^ionaiism ana disanioa. He wu followed with a stirring addreM from Hon. J. Dixon Roman, of HagerMown, who* remark*, at those of the gentleman who had preceded him, were listener to with profound attention by the audience He characterized thecourse of the sectional candidates in taking the ctamp to advocate their sectional views, and thereby to make sectional vote*, as degrading and reprehensible In tbe highest degree, and contrasted the same with tbe candidates of the Union party, who hold the office of President and Vice President more sacred and responsible than to be thus won. Want of space prevents a more extended notice of the addresses delivered. Suttee it to say, they were delivered in a truly patriotic and conservative tone, and were received In the same spirit by the assembled multitude, who soon afterwards sepaiated, well pleased with tbe events of the day. - OrrrcuL Visit?Tax Maxikk Babkacks and Navy-Yard ?Saturday last was quite a gala day st the U. A. Marine Barracks and Navy-Yard la this city, the occasion being an official visit by the Secretary of the Navy to each of those intereetine naval stations. At both places tbe distinguished head of the Department wu received with all the honors befitting his exalted position. Upon his arrival at tbe barracks the ifamous Dahlgren howitzer* poured forth volley after voUey, their load notes of welcome reverberating among the green bills that overlooked the beautiful Anacostia; whilst tbe ambient air of a bright autumnal morn caught up and bore away on Its viewless wings the sweet and charming strains of that great harmonixer of the public, (especially on W ednesday and Saturday afternoons,) the ever-popular marine band. The honorable Secretary was cordially received by the veteran Colonel Commandant Harris and stair, by whom he was escorted to the paradeground. Four companies of U. S. Marines, under the command of the gallant Malor Terrett passed ia review before the distinguished visitor, and presented a very handsome appearance Indeed. tbelr new and Improved equipments being displayed to great advantage In tbe bright sunshine through which the forest of bayonets moved and glittered The various maneuvers were admirably executed, and the entire parade was attractive and beautiful. Not the least Interesting feature In it was tbe cherished old flag which was borne by the U. 9. Marines in tbe Mexican war, and which was presented to the gallant corps by the ladies of Washington. Although Its once bright colon have grown somewhat dim in tbe lapse of years, its brighter glories never have and never will, for they are fadeless and lmperist# able. After the grand review, Secretary Toucey was esco'tfd by Col. Harris and his brother officers to tbe quarters of Col. H., by whom and family tbe distinguished guest was, we understand, very handsomely entertained. Thence the Hon Secretary nioceedcd to the Navy Vard, where another splendid reception awaited him, at the hands of the accna>plfih?d Commodore Buchanan and the courteous officers associated with him I'pon the entrance of the honorable visitor, all the officers of the Vard, in full uniform, were at the tnain gateway to receive him, whilst the whole force of v- 9. marines, accompanied nv the rull band, was drawn up into line near the flag-staff, and a salute of 17 guns wai fired from the battery?a grlm-visaged row of guns, composed of .41-pounders, which were captured by our gallant little Navy daring the second war for Independence Secretary Toucev was escorted by Commodore Buchanan and the naval officers of the station through the various departments of the Yard, and spent nearly two hours in examining their multifarious operations. He expressed great gratittcatinn at the aiany specimensof skillful mechanism which were preseuted to hiai, and also at the manif^t evidences of cleanliness, neatness, harmony and efficiency prevailing In every department, the results of admirable discipline and excellent system. At the close of this tour of inspection, the distinguished visitor, under escort of Commodore Bochinan and bis associate officers, visited the hospitable quarters of Commodore B . where a large company of ladles were assembled ?among them the estimable lady of the honorable Sacret'i/y. The brilliant dresses of 4he ladies and bright uniforms of the officers, combined with the exhilarating strains of the Marine Band,which kept up a continuous'concourse of sweet sou ads," in fnwjt of the Commandant's residence, Imported a degree of gayety and animation to the sceue which added much to the social delights of the occasion The amiable lady of the Commandant vied with the gallant Commodore In making the occasion one of unalloyed pleasure, and dispensed their elegant hospitalities with a genial warmth of courtesy which gave a home impress to the cheerful scene. After half an hour's pleasant converse, amid an Inviting discuaslofl of good things, which were outspread in elegant profusion, Commodore Buchanan proposed the health of the hon. orable Secretary of the Navy, which was drank with all the honors. Secretary Toucey responded by proposing the health of Commodore Buchanan, who, he remarked, was always equal to any occasion, and whose administration at the Yard had never been excelled. Commodore Buchanan replied by acknowledging the compliment from so distinguished a source, and stated that for whatever he was, he was Indebted to the gallant spirits of the Navy by whom he had been instructed?to the gallant Perry (Oliver H ) with whom li* had first tiled ; to Stewart, Shubrick, and other noble jiirits with whom he had been associated; and to the other gallant Perry (Matthew C ) with whom he was last afloat. The honorable Secretary then ottered as a sentiment "Th? gallant 8irlU of the Navy, not forgetting those of tfce i arine Corps." (looking significantly at the veteran Col. Harris, who bowed in acknowledgment | of the compliment). Capt Mc Blair pro]>osed a sentiment In honor of Commodore Tattnall, the glorious hero of the Peiho. Commodore Buchanan offered a toast In honor of the ladies, and Lieut Meire proposed one In honor of Capt Dahli{ren These complimentary sentiments were sll duly honored in wordless out sjiarklimg responrs. proving by expressive silence that bravery, beauty,and modesty were fitly associated In them. After this agreeable Interchange of sentiment, and with mutual expressions of kind feeling, the company separated, bearing with them ths most p easant recollections of the beautiful, animated, ind Interesting scenes lu which they had participated. Yom Kippck ? On to-morrow eve, until nlghtfall of tbe succeeding day, our Hebrew fellowcitizens celebrate their moat Important ftstival, that of Yom (day) Kippur. (atonement) or "Day of Atonement," the commandment of whlrh in foaod In Leviticus, 16and a^ain ibid 23 ^6, which aayi: '-And the hwd spoke unto Motet, laying, also, on tbe tenth of thia aeventb month," [called bytfee Hebrew# 'tishrl," from a Persian word, meaning bfinntng.) "There shall be a day sf atonement; it a bail be a holy convocation unto feu; and ye shall afflict your souls; and offer an stfertng Bade by ire unto the Lord. And ye shall lo no work In that same day; for it Is a diy of atonement. to make an atonement for you before tbe Lord your God. For whatsoever soul it be that shall not be afflicted in that same day, heshall be cut off f'om among bis people. And whatauev?r out It be that doeth any work In that same day the same aoul will 1 destroy from among his i?eople. Ye shall do no manner of worki it shall be k statute forever throughout your generations in all \ tour dwellings it shall be unto you a Sabbath . ->r resound ye shal1 aflict your souls; In tbe ninth lay or tbe month, at even, from even unto even, . ihnll ye Celebrate your Sabbath." The construction put upon tbe passage, "ye shall afflict your icul?," is we understand-, total abstinence from sating .druiktng, or any act calculated to refresh or , nvlPi?rate the" bod? -niek -HA > - 1 0 / f * "? ? >rayer, charity, and sincere intentions to avoid ransgresslons for the future, the Israelites trust rill Induce Divine mercy to mitigate the sentence irhich strict'juatlee prouounces on their sins; hough bom their sinsWfore (Jod only, It is held, alii this avail, t be wrongs done unto their fellownan intast ha atoned for by asking forgiveness tad offering reparation In the fullest manner posibln. The day Is strictly observed by all Jews hroughout the world. Oiiavctt lHpnovuiK?Ts.?Tha Fourth Fresbyariaa church, stinated on Ninth street, between G md H, ha# recently andargaaa a thorough renoratlon, estimated to have eost twelve thousand lollars^ Tha church has bsai tnlarged by an adUtion V the rear of IS faat la length, and to the fepj*b!|fea?, with a tower at tte southeast angle. rEe style of Jfcnnt is Byzantine. The material la Meh. uie front and tower being faced with Washington front brtek with dressings of brown (tone. Tbe opeaMfca have circular bends with Douldrd architraves, and are sat In pnnels in the Network, tbe whole crowned by a cornice with BodtiiloM. Tha tower, which u of brick to the aaln cornice, Is a square of 1ft feet at base; tbe ipper story being octagonal in form, and furnished' ?rlth a cornice a?d balustrade at tha height of 100 feV. The entrance is a door Ui fast wide, ren- , lered nnceesary by the clrcumstanccaof th? mm. rb? ascent to tbe audience room is by stairways , r*gbLeed left, each 8 feet wide, of easy rise, a MMipanelling brtn* substituted for the ordinary balusters under the handrail. From the upper reetlbule, the entrance is bv doors opening direct- ( ,y into the aisles. The interior will be ornamented i In fresco In a pUln light style. Tbe enlargement , rill give thirty new pews on the main floor, be- i tides materially Improving tbe convenience of i ntry Tbe pteerot interior dimensions of tbe i indience room are 56 by 96 feet. The whole improvement baa been cand acted with a vlenv to | isaisnrn and economy, rather than display, i ao more of the old building having beeorembved than was absriwlrly neceesacy. W. R. ilutton, irchitect. , . j ? * ? Was am#*?* Pwo?* Ctr?3^JtT .?White wheat f 11.4ft to ft CO-, red da. ! AS to fll3U; corn 79 ctnte; ! nais 33 to 3ft coots; rye ?S to 70 cenU, potatoes. 6a to m eents per boihd; hay OS to % cents; straw 90 lo W ct*ntr chic bens 2 85 to 3 50 per doien; tambs *2 25 to 3. veal calvee ?5 to 97; Welah's family lour, 54), extra ftiperune $7; super floe M ftu; CamroKA-no!* Advkkttsb*i*t? ?For the benefit of the thousand* of onr readers In the city, who never we any of the excellent political papers of necessarily limited city circulation, in whlcii the municipal powers that be, see tit, in their patriotic wisdom to do, and to hnv? done, the corporation advertising, we insert the following advertisements gratis: Matok's orrick, Washington, Sept 17. Proposals will be received at this o?ce until the 2ftth Instant, for putting up Iron railing around Judiciary Square, near the City Hall. The bids will include the haulinz the old railing from the Cspitol. its alteration, furnishing granite blocks, brick foundation, and completing the whole work, per lineal foot. Plans to be seen at this office. Jas. G. Bkkbkt, Mayor. Waiii Rkoistkar's Office. Sept. 18. Proposals will be received at this office until 12 o'clock m on Tuesday, the *25th instant, for the erection of the side-walk flre-plngs which have been or may be ordered by the acts of the Corporation during the current year. Of these thirty or thereabouts are Ayres's lire-plugs, and thirty-one are the combined lire-plug and service-hydrant of Captain Meigs's pattern, similar to that now erected In front of the City Hall. Each of the Meigs plugs will be enclosed below the pavement level, In a box of brick masonry, the walls of which will be nine inches thick, of best quality hard red brick, laid in full hydraulic cement. A waste pipe will be required'of Iron, live-eighth inch diameter, from each of these plugs to the nearest available point of discharge. Also, there will be required for each of them a drip stone of granite 18 by IS Inches, and not lees than five inches thick, cut according to drawing In this office. The arlp stones to be set fair with the surface of the pavement, and the curb-stone to be neatly and smoothly cut out, conforming to the outlet of the drip-stone. All the fire-plugs will be erected under the supervision and inspection of the Water Purveyor, who will reaulre the best and most accurate work manship. anil the work doue will be paid for on or about the lat of each month, on certificate of the Water Purveyor to its correct and faithful executlon, and the certificate of the Ward Commlsaloner In each case that the pavements have been relald and the street surface adjusted to his satisfaction. Bidders will state the price for the erection of each Meigs fire-plug, including and in full of every thing except the waste pipe, for which they will state the price per lineal foot, inclusive of all excavation, refilling, repavlng, and adjustment of street surface. They will also state the price for the complete and perfect erection of each Ayres plug- Tne contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. Bond, satisfactory to the Mayor,will be required for the prompt ana faithful performance of the contract, and 10 per cent will be retained by the Corporation for 6 months after the completion of the contract as security and provision for any necessary repairs due to the defective workmanship. Randolph Cotli, Water Registrar. Potomac vs. National ?The second or return game of the "home and home" match between iucoc tiuin wu piayru un me grounds oi ID? National on Friday. So great wu the interest In the match that, although there wm no notice in the papers, several hundred spectators, among whom was a very large proportion of the beauty of Washington, were on the ground. The Potomacs went llrst to the bat, witn great confldenre, which lasted up to the end of the 6th innings, when the score was?National 14, Potomac IS; but on the last three innings the Nationals gained enough to make them victorious ii^he moat closely untested and exciting game evlr played in thlscny. Mr Adamson acted as umpire in a manner that did himself credit and both parties justice The Potoioacs sustained their reputation ;is powerful batters, Messrs Camp, Robinson. Trook. and Wood making home runs After the game,Messrs Humphreys and Jueneman, in honor of the victory, brought out 'the best keg of lager in the cellar," besides other good things, over which each player '-shouldered his'' bat '-and showed how fields were won." The following is the score: Rational. . Potomac Outs. Runs.| Onta. Runs. Brown, 1 b....2 4 Wood, 3 b.....l 4 Hibbs, p 1 4 Trook, s 3 3 Gorman, c 5 2 Wise, c.f 3 3 French, 2 b....I 6 Hartley, 2 b.. .3 3 Dooley, 1 f....3 4 Roach, 1. f ....4 2 lieale, c. f.....2 5 Mitcbel,c 4 2 Wright, s 4 2 Robinson, lb . 1 4 Benner. r. f....4 1 Bigger, p 4 1 Hicks, 3 b.....5 2 Camp, r. f 4 2 Total 30 Total 25 Runs lit taeh trtnim/c. 1st. 3d 3d 4th Sth. Oth. 7th. 8th 9th. -VV* I'otomac .. 30313814 -i National.. 50 106457! Umpire, Alexander Adamion, of the Pythian. Scorer for Potomac, R. B. Irwin. Scorer for National, H. A. McCormlck. Tiik Will Cask of the late Miaa Ann Reed Dermott was finally disposed of on Saturday before Judge Purcell, of the Orphans' Court. 1 be will at produced waa supported by Gen. Walter Jones, and fully admitted to probate No evidence was produced that any other will had been perused by any person, or that there is any such in existence, but should any such be founa and proved to be genuine, and variant from the present will, It will override and supersede it. The conseqnence of this decision Is that after the payment of debts, the satisfaction of claims and payment of certain bequests to relatives an<W)thers, there will be a residuary fund to be devoted to the establishment of an asylum for destitute white female orpbans, and after its establishment for two years then to the equipment and transportation of free colored emigrants to Liberia. Two of the executors named In the will. Messrs John P. Ingle and Richard Smith, will probably qualify; the former has bonded already. Odd Fkllows' Hall.?This evening the Holman Juvenile Parlor Opera Troupe give their first entertainment, introducing four of the most talented children in the United States They will be assisted by their parents, Mr and Mrs George flolman. They are termed "Proverbs Musically Exemplified." a la Draytous. From the notices we have read of this Ulrnlni rnmiunv ih?? ?*. > ? prove * sure card in our city. "N^bere There'* a Will There's a Way" is tne opening opera, in which Mis* Sallie per*onate* Ave different characters, assisted by her sister, little Julia, and their two brothers, Alfred and Benjamin. Read the advertisement in another column We hope that this troupe, contrary to the practice of some of their late predecessors at the Hall, will have the decency to honor their own tickets of admission. Ckntrax Guarphoi sb Casks.?Sunday morning?Charles Cu tis, assault and battery; rulrd for trial George Wartteld. drunk and disorderly, line and coats f'2 15 Wm. Luckett, carrying a weapon; fine and costs Christopher I)oden; drunk and din"rdcrly; Hue and costs f 1 15. Isnac Martin, do.; dismissed W. II. Kvaua, do ; do John Moren, do.; tine and costs 01.15. James O'Connor, do ; do. S3.15. Sarah Berbn, do.: do. 53 15. Monday?Gilbert Custls, (col.,) insulting white female* ; floe and coats $5 15. Dennis Ragan, drunk, disorderly, and assault; do. S7 15 VVui. Cole, drunk and disorderly; do. Si 15. Frederick Nolty, stealing; ruled for trial. "Wide Awuii" Wajitid ?The acta of rowdyism which have been repeated night after Night In various jmrte of the city, where It waa supposed there were watchful guardians of the peace, and without an arrest being made, have been noticed by many of our citizens It cannot be said that tuese things occur when the watch are "off iuty"?the miserable excuse so often offered?for ihey occur when the officers ought to b* on their beata. In aome caaea the watch and police, If ou iuty, const have been drowsy Indeed not to be iwareof them. A few "Wide Awake*" would be an acquiaitlon to our city police. Police Mitthi?Rtrmr* Juxiir? rim-L ?I?K? Lynch, charged with stealing a quantity of old rags from Samuel Odenwald, wa? committed to jail for court. Callln Frailer, charged with gambling, waa lined 850 and coats. James Pool, harmed with permitting a nuisance, waa flneu 1166- James A. Wis?, accused of occupying stands la the Center Market In three oaae*. waa teed %i and eoata in each of two cases, at id the bird case wis postponed. . Wines and Lnjcobs ?We are Indebted to Mr. ; on over, agent, south side of Pennsylvania aveiue, opposite Wlllarda', for a sample of very floe >ld "Burnaida's Monoogahela Whlaky;" and to Mr. L. A. Del wig, south aide of Seventh, between G and H straeta, Navy Yard, for samples if excellent old Pert Wine and Glbeon'a Old Nectar Whisky, a brand well known and highly ippreclated in the latitude of Waahington city. The Revival at Wavoh Csapbl.?A meeting >f much Interest has been progreaiing at Waugh Chapel, Capitol Hill, under the supervision of Rev. J. R Efflnger, Several have professed conversion, many are flocking to the altar for prayer, tad there la prospect of a great revival. The meeting will continue through the week, services commencing at 7# o'clock. Fine ?Last night, a brilliant light In the di reckon of Kendall Green cauaed an alarm of fire that

brought out several companies of tbe fire department It proved to bo a stable belonging to Mr. Gilbert, situated a short distance from Logan's mill. We have not beard the loss stated,hut preiume it waa email. Th Bcdwoith Mikstbelb. It will be ae?i by in advertisement in another column, hold forth at Alexandria this and to-morrow evening. / MltlllO. In Philadelphia, oa the 17th iastant, m theChnrch tk* Evanfeliat, by the jlev. Samuel Darbiow, PRANCIS rnrfrirvu in i.ftii B*.wafi5SE?wSSBW?-1 4 ^ ... WANTS WWH. *?od OVSTKR SHUCK KR. 7" Appljrto J. I. IIOLBROOK, foot of the Cap K 2< 3'.*_ \V a respectable woman, a 8ITUA^j'^ar??r--Af"' ' s' "? A W?MAN "\VANTS A SITUATION I m. to c?ok, wash and iron. Can come well rec??m mennwq. Apply Box 10, Star Office. 't* WANTDD-A SITUATION as hou?ekeep'r, by an elderly person, who^onderstands 'hat bu*inai'' P?ff?oUy< For information inquire at the Star Office. If SITUATIONS WANTED, by two respectable S;,?ir : one at cook ; the other a* chambermaid. Will do fine washing. Good referenoe can be Riven. Apply to No. 377 New York av.. between 12tn and 13th sts. se 24 3t* WANTED-TWO GIRl S. to do the work of a private family : one to cook, wain and iron ; the other to nurse and do chamberwnrk. The hou*e js pleasantl* situated, one square south of th* t'apit >1, at No. 553 New Jersey av., opposite Gulick s. The highest wa*es will be paid for persons well recommended It* WANTED-A first-rate TIN and SHEET IRON WORKER, by C. SNYDER, next door to the Star Office. se a' 1 w A YOUNG LADY DESIRE* A SITUATION a* teacher of the English Branches and Music. Address Miss A., Alexandria. Va. se 20-4f WTANTED?A CLERK, who is acquainted with the city trade, for a Jewelry Store. Beet ol references required. Address T. II., No. 5, !*tar Office. ?e 14 \\T ANTED?By a steady and industrious man, a ? SITUATION as ooilector. Host of recom mediations Riven. Address M. C., Star Office. BOARDING. , J tO NINTH STR EET.?Persons returning to the city from their summer resorts will find vacant several desirable rooms, having the conveniences of gas, water, and lialhing closet*, at 4 53 Ninth st., one door south of F; suitable either for ' families or single gentlemen. Table boarders *c- < commodated on moderate terms. se5 3w* j FOR SALE AND RENT. , 1 [For otktr ">'or Salt nnd Kent" adrtrtiumtnit, *?* first rage ] ( Rooms may be had on vf.ry rea- i sonahle terms, furnished or unfurnished. with . or without Board, on 16th street west, wont side, between K and I,. se24 3t* ( FOR SA LE ?One or thr*e of the three new twostory BRICK HOUSES, with two *ton l.aek j buildings, with pross brick fronts, on 11th 'street, between O ami 1* "ts north. Terms?one third r cash; the balanoe in 6, 12 and 18 months. Inquire if JOHN W. KEED. on the premises. se'?M-:>t* t irORSALE OR RENT-A BRICK DWF.LI, ' r INr?-HOUSE, No 230 Sixth street north, between M a?'d N west, containing 8 rooms a"d a kitchen. The location pleasant and healthy. Possession ei von immediately. Apply next door north. , so 34 3t* If OR RENT-One FRAME HOUSE on Mary- , 1/ land av , between 4's and 6'h sfs , Island, with ( t;n rooms, with stable for two or three hors?*. To , a g?od tenant rent low. Apply to H. S.JOHN- . STON. Pa av.,No 37 3, opposite National Hotel, , between 4i-? and 6th sts. se 24-2t* ^ FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR REAL estate in Washington or Baltimore cities?5 FARMS in Virginia, between 10 and <? mil^s of the District. For particulars apply at No 64# Pa ??., i Capitol Hill, cornor of 5th tt..atG. S. MINER'S , Law Oflino. It* , T/OR RENT.-A cottage built BRICK HOCSE J 1 on Mass. av.. No. 357. between loth and 11th sts . with side lot, flower garden and fru;t treets. The house oontains nine rooms, beside bath-room, , closets and cellar. A pump of excellent water in the kitchen, and water and gas throughout. App y on the premises. se 24 3t* ffOR SALE?A n#w two-story-and-fcncement BRlCK HOl:SE, containing 5 rooms and cellar, situated on 11th st north, between U and M sts., . No. 'JTt*?within 5 minutes' walk of the Northern 1 i.ioerties .uarket. Terras unusually liberal. A pply on the premises, or to McKKNNEY tc. LAN?- r DALE, coruer of Ta. avenue and 7th st. -Whr* j STORE FOR RKNT AND FIXTURES FOR 1 SALE?No .V2d!%7th ?j'eet. under the A venue 1 House. It has been occupied for the last 3 years as * a tailoring store, and is well adapted as a clothing store Apply at No.5a.5X 7th st. se 21 3t* l/UR RENT?A HOUSE on 15th street west, 1 near 1. street north. No. 359 ; has 3 rooms, in rock! order ; a pump of Rood water next vard. The " rent 91250 per month. Inquire at No. 362 1. street north. se 21-3:* . 1/OR RENT?The STORE and DWELLING F formerly occupied by Mr. Pettit us a rrocery and provision store. on the corner of Twe'lth ami . F stiffi* west. The dwelling contains ten good \ rooms, dry basement and yard; below the store a capacious cellar, dry and suitable for storage of any kind. Will be rented low to a punctual tenant ? For further particulars inquire of CONRAD ; FINKM AN, No. 94? Penn. avenue lietween 18th , and 13tn sts., south side. se 20-1 w* J FOR RENT?Possession on the 1st of Ootober. 1 The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43* D street, t at present oocnpied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, and J next door to the residence of the advertiser. J.M.CARLISLE. 1 N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. se 18-tf J 17 O R REN T?A three story and basement t 1/ BRICK H<?USE on First st. west, between G and ,H sts. north, nea' St Aloysius Church, con- ~ tai?tng7 comfortable room*. For particulars applr next door south, or to WISE & CALLAHAN. * se 15 l?f FOR RENT?A threestory-and-attic BRICK 1 DWELLING, on H street, between 13th and S 14th sts Also, a three-story and-basement brewn I front DWELLING HOU&E, on 13th street, be- r tween L and Ma-saoliusetts av.; possession given I to the latter house some time in Octo!>er: the '1 house to be repainted inside and out. Apply at s WM. P.SHEDD'S Fancy Store, No. 509 11th ?t. I au 25-5 w* t A RAKE OPPORTUNITY-A magnitioent , FARM f>r sale or exchange for city piop-rtr, ? nuuUimu* .#4 aores, half mile from Fairfax k tion, Oranre and Alexandria Railroad. it is under i a hich state of coitii-atioD, veil watered, good , bui ain? and Uraber; ltoau be honcht low. Call ?n Q. W. BRAY A CO., at their Jewelry Store, ? 516 Seventh street. aeS-lm* Read! Read I Read! J THREE CENTS WEEKLY. ? 1 ( Fit for Every Family. The Best of Everything. ( THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL 1 or laformatlaa, Amusement, and Domes tic j Ec?a?mr> ' The llrst and Cheapest Journal ever published & eoutaios Evety Week: * POETRY. ? TALKS OF FACT AND FICTION. ^ ESSAYS. \ BIOGRAPHY. d HISTORY AND TRAVEL. CHESS. i PUZZLES, ENIGMAS, 4c. < SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. THE FINE ARTS. THE DRAMA. MUSICAL PIECES. LEADERS ON CURRENT EVENTS. j GARDENING AND HORTICULTURE. * RECIPES FOR THE FAMILY. RECIPES FOR THE WORKSHOP. NEW INVENTIONS. NOTES AND MEMORANDA. ? WIT AND HUMOR. [ LITERARY EXTRACTS. THE REST LESSONS IN 6ERMAN AND n FRENCH, WEEKLY. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. ? SIXTEEN PAGES. FIFTY COLUMNS. J SPECIAL ED.TORS FOR EVERY DEPART- 1 ment, | Forming a g&'&xy of talent oom timed in od? Jour- V n* 1, uneqnaled in the tna&ls of periodical 1 iterator*. TRY ONE NUMBER, . 1 and J SATISFY YOURSELF, ? That it ie the Beat Paper FOR OLD AND YOUNG READERS J Ever published. ^ JETPmblithad in New York every week, at \ Three Cents Weekly, by A. HARTHILL A CO., 1 90 North William street. E The Trade sailed by ROSS A TOUSEY, ?' DEXTER A COMPANY, or any of the Wkole aa'a Ne^hrfrgeaoy Hons?. ae |f eo4t | Felt anp cmiwui. J oat rfoeiredand for eai?>fc) roll# Felt Carpeting, C in exact copiea from most approved | Bruuala aatl Ptruia Carets at half prio*. D??.lrpffirrSrjr rich a?d haary Woolen Druj f?U, in all widths, a* to W-4 ?kU. jk. , CLAtiETTT* DODSON, Driers tn mil ktmda *f Furninrm Drt Good/, \ ?.0??, Ko"A&.%sv,,,;a .vi>h... Ssrirorawp' GEORGETOWN. Corrtxpondtnet / Th* Star. 6?unowii, Wept-mber Ot. 1MB Thw was quite a large and spirited meeting of the republican aaaocutioa at the ball on the corner of Hiijh and Gay streets. on Friday evening The applicant* for membership at the last mating were favorably rrported on by the committee, and duly elected It wsi moved and carried that able upealrers be Invited to adrireaa the association at the next meeting. (on Friday evening n?xt.) also, that the Glee Club attached to the WaahinKton association he invited to attend on that occasion, and that two data' notice of aald meeting be published in the Evening SStar Mr. Divine, luafew pertirent remark*, moved the appointment of a ways and means committee, which waa carried, and nld committee (of three) w*? ai? pointed by the President A list of those dt-nir.utj to become member*, containing eight or ten names. was submitted. and tbe sssor istfnn adjoarned until Friday evening next. at?J? o'clock. "Rock Spring," situated In tbe northwestern boundary of our city, and conta ning thirty Are seres of land, improved with frame dwelling, stablts, Ac , was sold at auction on Friday by Messrs. Barnard A Buckey, auction' ers. for SJ20 per at re. Our enterprising young townsman. Mr. Jacob Kengla, was tte purchaser A slave of Mr BUlinger. of Shepherdstowu, Md . while in a state of intoxication, fell from a boat in the csnsl. near tbe msrket-bonse, at au early hour on Sunday morning, and wasdrowued His body was recovered from tbe water before noon yesterday, and an iaquest was held, when a verdict was rendered In with the above facts. An affray occurred In a restaurant on Saturday n'.Kht, and one man was very severely Injured \\ h"*W*? nnt KuSP/1 *Ks? .. uv> wv UI \k v uv |mitivuiaia We bare beard of no injury to the canal from the heavy rains of last week The receipt! at the Collector's office here during the week amount to nearly ffi.OUO. By MissThomass advertisement, in our Georgetown column, it will be teen that she offer*, at Uer well-known stationery and fancy store, great Inducements to purchasers, being anxious to dispose of her stock. You are certain of a prize if ( ou buy, besides getting your money's worth We have the pleasure of recording another Illustration of the advantages of advertising in the *tar Tbe lost bracelet, advertised on !"?aturday :venio< last, was returned to the owner at six j'clock, the finder having read the advertisement in his evening paper. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other G?ergttorm n4rrrtisemtntf sttjirtt pagt ? 6EOI6KTOWW TATM 1st L ? heme the iiMial uin* for the settlement of Axes due this Corporation, the attention of all won>erned is earnestly c*ll?d to the same. CHARLES D. WKI-CH. jse 19. tOotl Collector. A SIFTf !-G|fT?! t\- RARE CHANCE TO MAKE A TCRCHASK AND RECEIVE A PRESENT. The subscriber being iWiroun of c'omikc out her wsine*s. now offers one of the most choice stoc s >f BOOK:-, STATIONERY AN I# I'ANtY iOOUS, iu ine (iistnct, for a d o t nine ouir- As in inducement, any one purciiaoing goods at the unonntofonft dollar ( !) will receive a. areaant rorth from 1.: cents to four dollars i 94,) at MISS* THOMAS'S. _se 24-e<3? High ftreet, near First. [j^OR NEW YOR K.?The packet schooners Arctic, Captain Hicks, Surprise. Captain Jole, and Yorktowu.Captain W<?el?in. hart irnved and will rail as above with dispatoh * ? ? r'or freight apply to MoCOBK A DODGE, sel8 t>3 Water street. |U?T RECEIVED? 3 1" hhds. prime I'orto Rico SUGARS?, 15i t his. .Id HveWHI>KV, avbbls HERRING and ALtWI VFS, 30 bbis. Crushed :iud Rehued .-UGARS, 9> bags Rio and Java COFFEE, in hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. For sal?? by JOHN J. BOtil'E. se 10 Rc. c. atzs ESPECTFULLY Informs his friends and the tublic generally that he has remored to No. .'>.5 Hich ,treet. adjoining Ma?onio Hall. He i? preparnd to ' the shortest notice. Dinner and Evening parti***, and feels assured that he will five entire latisfaction to tliose who may favor hi in with a ST All kinds of CONFECTIONERY and CAKE at he lowest prices. Best ICE CREAM at SI SO per ;allon. O. C. ATZS. se 4-lm 55 High street, Georgetown. N O T_l C E! Mhb I wish all gentlemen BspOBI to l>ear in mind taat the plan wh"*h I ^^E^^^^adopted. six > ears ar>, of selling W^HrHA i'S and BOOTS st dtieed prices for oa>h m in >n#>no<?r>,i Deration. Just recti veil a fuii supply of the latent t New York nt?l#i of DRESS Ha'I:S The very i ineat Hat JJ50; a hr?t-rate Hi! ; and very , ood.fasliio-able Hat #2 50. All of the latest st> let , if soft HATS and t'A lfS,at th?s v?rv lowest price*. ' am constantly supplied with a very large stock of ' ho?e fine UK KSS BOOTS at 63.7>-whtch 1 have >e?-n selling for many years?a* well as the very 1 lestqoal ty of Pat*nt I.eatherG AITKRS at 93 50. | "ine French Ca fskin Gaiters from ?2 to ?2 5>. Terms cash; no extra charge in order to offset j wldebts A.NTHON V. Agent for the Maoufee- 1 ;urers, Seventh stroet, second hat store from the 1 toroer. opposite Avenue House, No. 440. ne 14 3m ( HO NOT FAIL TO CALL ' \J AT HARVEY'S, < 2G1 C St., betir*em IOia and lit*. ' He will to-day open his long-established and i rell known NORFOLK OYSTER,^. \ SHUCKING DKPOT for the ?e?aon /_ J { le iia? made arrangements to recet LflJ> egclsr snppiies of the l?est NOR'OLK-OYSTER** on every Tuesday, rhutsday, and Saturday. He will also keepoontantiy on hand a large and varied assortment of i MSH, inoluding every sort known to Washington , able*. He returns his sincere thanks to those who pat- ? onised his Establishment during the sa?t?ea.?on, nd is oonSdent that his increased facilities for > eeping or hard fresu supplier of OYS c 'hRS, KI*H, GAME, &o , Ao., will amply rerard a oootiunance of their patronage and eastern. Sold at th? lowest market prioee, and delivered [ t all parts cf the citj free of obarce. se 10-lm T.R.HARVEY. i IA VA AND RIO COFFEE, Black and Graea !! ' TEA. Brown. Yellow and White SUGARS. 1 Received at L. A. DKLLWIG'S. v V-IVE OIL. SCOTCH HERRING, CHEESE ? J and BUTTER. At d L. A. DELL WIG'S. e )SWEGO STARCH, and Chemical Labor e Saving SOAP. Received at tl L. A. DELL WIG *9. V CHOICE I.OT OF OLD WHISKIES, PORT I WINE and BRANDY, received at L A. DELI.WIG'S. ? wo 21-lw Seventh St.. Navy \ ard. d /OR A SHORT TIME OTiLY.-DEAFXESS r . AND NOISES IN THE HEAD.-I)R. COLTON, member ot the Royai College of Surgeons f England, has arrivod,a"d is now freparedto pp y his naw and extraordinary treatment by b rhioh li? wax hiin?e'f cured af or eleven year* in- % ?nse suffern.g. I\\rticu ar? for self oure sent to _ ny address for postage; consultations daily front ?till 4 o clock free; reference t? hundreds of per ~ nns cured. Address No. ?1'J Twelfth etreet. ' Vasbineton, l?. C- Nervous persons should rend I Vila Statioe" for self euro. Sent free to anv ad- n ress for U cenU tu stamps. se II tw" t ")I LOTS' NOTICE.? To all CaptaiM and ? I owners of Ve?*elt?, bound to the District >. 1^ f C< luinlna. notice is hereby given. thai^JT 'ilots may l?e found at all timea at St ieore?'? m the mouth nf St M?ri'? n<1 near Pmev Point,and that it is nut n'eesfary ) take Virginia Pilots from their boats, a hen t.*a e?.?At isliound to Oeorgetown ur \Va*hmelon city. a K.M?rjlan<l Pilots can be toaml of at lea t e^ual kill and reliability. an Il^wx1?hi* fY'ASHING TON J ( INSURANCE COMPANY. ? Avtnut and Tmtk Strut. a J.lf MoGUIRE, PresidOTL $ >. n. HANSON. SaofMarv. ma 7-er>tr * N MERCHANT TA1LOMXV. EW FAI.I. STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSIMKRS. *NI) VK8TINO& s WALL. STEPHENS A CO., Stt Peunaylva- ' la Aver.ue, have just reoeived a larse variety of ew Fall Goods, to which they invite the attention " f thei r friends and ointo??r?. an 3Mf f ECONOMY IS THE ROAD TO WEALTH - ? i Bnrn/tiTlNKMETZ.i36 Pa svmh, imr * orner Thirteenth sUeet. Philadelphia maasisolre Boots <3.75. bp m ;UK s?ALK.?A pair of COACH HORSBBs 7 you a* and faet. sold for bo fault: the r\ wnar havint no use for thein. Apply at ^ .'ft _ V. H. UPPERM AN> Orooerv, on penn-^OSL * rlvamaaveimw. between M and *W * ? aa aMf " >IANO*?Oon trery uioe 6,'? octave Pano for a $?. Also, one very littl- ect. f?r RI75. At fl le Aluiie Htore wf W.G. MKTZKKOTl'.Sule (eat of bteinway A Sob's and Raven, Baonn A o.'s Piano< m> 1? |UST RKCKIVKD, a fine stock of FALL . ' CLOTHING, Prinoe of Wale* Hats. Japan*** * i at*, and all kinds of Hats, at the PEOPLE'S ^ LOTHING STORE, No. 460 Seventn street pposite Poet 0*"* an *'1 m |i NOVELTY MILLS FLOUK. ? .OU BBLS. Of this superior brand of Family and Ixtra Flour received this day. For sale in lots to ' lit by D. L. MORRISON * CO. sc> oorner of'Twelfth and B stft. ? MPBCTINE, OR PERSIAN AGUE <J CHARM A supply of this wonderfal Medimno i?>t ?_ MvW.' ? l?rre of frwh 'MfcDlINIW.t^lLKTAllTIC^h^tc At MCK?RK p I ? 19 Tm Wwt End Prut 8tef?, 111 "CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON (jw_> urly Six ft Cw fTOCK for mu? in iu??? to ?ir. JAt* C. McGVIRKkCO, o Aort'rt fcnc Corwniuioa MerrhMt*^ | ii o u di ~~ : " w ? ? ? = W O p,D ! STOVE tnd exs OLIN'G WOOtt,?tf i THE l-ATERT NEWS TfibKGKAPHIO. THREE DAYS L VTERf HOf lTEOPI. Arrival af til* 14rUtk Niw Yon. Sep* iN ?Tbo Havre m4 New York (team*hip Adriatic, rim cm tbe 1-itb. arrived bar? this moraine IraitGarlbildl ritmd NapJen an tbatlb, with hia atar alone A provisional ??w>nM> was formed I and the r I?r remaiaad tranquil. wtlfc lit aioep tion of lnteoae jotful demonstration* on the part of the inii >btaota. Garibaldi discovered tbat the I National Committee bad bwa illegally constituted, and oed'-erd tbe Prefect of tbe Paiioe to punish then.. Tbe araenal and flnet be en lined to tbe command of Admiral Heraano. and tben proclaimed Victor Km.nuel Kinn of Itnljr. A capitulation of tke foru vraa oxpactrd named:ately Insurrections bad orcarrad at Peanro. MonteF ilitrano. and l'rbtno. Poor bundrnd Inaurzmta revised tbe Papal troopa The inhabitant! of tVrj/oU, Slnie?Klia. and otber districts la tbo Pent:ileal fetal*, had ravelled, aad proclaimed Victor Kinaauel King. The te.egrapbt and bridge* had been broken up in I rhino, and freo insurrectionary movements in tba marches and Umbria were extending A state of ileife bat been prorlnlasad at Ancon* France, aa the Pope'a protector, disapprove* of an armed rt-aialaiwe. and ahouid Ptndmoot tbe accession (of tbe Papal domiaioa) Fiaaoe will withdraw from Sardinia her protection Hut France nevertbeleas I opea tbat Piedmont will preaerve tba mutual alliance.and truslt tbat V Ictor iimmanu?l will avoid a political fanM. which would, if roaainttird. be amlafortune for Italy. Uarii Mid found aighty million 11 vraa at tba Bank of Naples The The Sardinian flag la flying from all tbe fort* tn Naples Tbe State of t'rblno hat proclaimed, and ia to be annexed to Sardinia. A panic prrnlli at Rome The Kin? of Vardfnfa. In a nrorlaniHtlnn haa ordered a large body of troepa Into the Marches Rcmm tmAtiTKit. Rusaia deal res a perfect reconciiiaton with Ana tria?arrangements for a meeting between the two Km per or* were to be made Immediately, aud rnmaurea taken for ending the present Mate of things, which Russia canstders intolerable Tctut. The Turkish Amtwaaador at Parts baa race!red power* to sign the Svrlaii convention The Sultan tiaa ordered the Grand Vizier t? pro ceed to Locdou and Paris and negotiate a new loan. Gbemahy. The Cabinets of Vienna, Dresden and Munich have advised the King of Naples to take refuge in Germany. Miscsllassucs. The I nited States Consul ??eneral at Aleaandr<a has proUni' d against the creation of an later national tribunal for tbe settlement of foreign monetary disputes; tbe competency of which tribunsl be could not recognize unlets be had the same right to sppolnt members as tbe Consuls General of the grest Knropean Powers At l>onraster the St. larger prize was won by St Albans 4 iligu Treason" came 1b second, and Wlzzard third. Advice* from Melbourne sty the .troops Lad been repulsed by tbe natives, and reinforcements had been sent. There was a monetary crisis at Sldaey, end aev ral failures had occurred. Li VEtrooL, Sept L2?Cotton buoyant aad ^a * higher since Friday. Sales in three dsys ii.Otw bales The wenthT continued favorable for tlu c.roj*. Flour closing steady at 27s Adatls Wheat i cidy; red Kisliid slis, white idsa3Is Corn dull, mixeed 33s a33s 6d, white 35s3be Provisions ?Beef heavy Pork quiet Ba on steady. Lard Arm General Produce ?Sugar steady Coffee quiet Rice steadv Rosin do Spirits turnentinedo Mi Consols ffla'.U1, for money; 93 J?sKlfc for account. 111. Centrsl shsres had relapsed to 10al6 dis Msveastata ef the Prlaee ef Wales Chicago, syjw ai.?Uord Renfrew and suit* arrived by the Michigan Central Rail war. at 7 50 tbii evening, and proceeded to tbe Richmond Houae, where thev will atop daring their visit to Chicago. Nutb withstand lag the expressed wish of the party tLat they ahould be allowed to remain Id quietness a large crowd assembled at tbe depot long before tbe train arrived Although but little noite wii made, the crowd ao blorksd'd tb? street* that It waa with dllBcultr that the car ra ;'c containing tbe party reached the hotel Tbe scene from a distance waa very ftne. and the Illumination waa exceedingly brilliant Arrived at tbr spacious depot, we found a throag lnude numbered bv tLo laands, while outside the rmh was fairly- awful The police kept admirable order, and tbe party were enabled to walk alowly through a large open space, giving ill present a fine view of the Prince. la reply to the oft-rcpeated cheers, the Prises gracefully alsed his white beaver and returned the salutations of tbe multitude from aide to side Tbe Duke remarked that the scene was the moat ,m posing he bad yet witnessed, and they were all ttlghly gratified at the enthusiastic but orderly welcome. The Kveiilng Journal says la order to gratify tbe ladies and gentlemen who may wish to aee Lord Renfrew. Le will at aome boor to-morrow to be published In the morning papers i stand on be balcony of tbe hotel The party leaves tonorrow afternoon. Tbe Rlchiaend House la Unmiuated this evening la honor of their disingulshed guests MliMsri Brecklartdge < saveatlea St. Locis, Sept 21 ?A special dispatch to the *epubli<an. from Jefferson sCity, aayt the Breck nridge State Convention has hdopted tbe report if tUe Comniltte on Resolutions, which dec lares Whereas, Tbe fjilnre of the Charlsatsn Conrentlon to nominate, leaving to the poopie their hoice of candidates aud principles, TK'refere, rttoirtd. That we still adhere to the triiiciples jf coustltutionalgoveruuteat which tbe leraocratlc party has always upheld, and which, f faithfully adhered to, will perpetuate tbe Union, nd disseminate Its bleasiays equally aad benefl eatly throughout the borders of the coafederaLoa. Tbe resolutions also rr-aflrm tbe platform dopted by the atate convention held la April, declare a steadfast devotion to tbe platforfe adopt d by tiie Maryland institute Convention. and moli i?Ja? -..J ? - * p? wiwaiiniup-- ?nu |y?jir m uic cihmghcl u\ he democracy of Miaaourl. 1?lr Tbumtoo, delegate to Chnrleeton, spoke eiriyan Hour 1Lie u.o*t noticeable feature of lis speech was Utr expression of his belief in l-l 11 oln eiectlou, ud the advice to prepare for a lefeat after which they would be porged end eady for a democratic victory Tbe Prince ef Wales I'ii il<dkltmia.. Sept 2) ?A splendid new car, * louring to the Pennsylvania Railroad Ownpan v tarts from thia city for Cincinnati to-Morrow aorning, for the uae of Baron RenJh w, tbe Prince I Well a, in hie railroad trip te Waabington Ivery arrangements for the route time table etc , ina been settled The train > to be a special one, inder control of tbe Rojrtd party Tbe route will m via Plttaburi; to HarrUburg. thence by North ru Central Railroad te Bald more end Washing on The Barou will have tbe uae of tbe royal ar to Baltimore end perbapa te Weeblngton. Frea laitk A merica Niw York, Sept. ?3 ?Tbe atearaer Ariel haa rilvtd from A 14k a wall, bring lit* ?1>U0.(*? m p?rle from California Tbe lulled States aloop-ef-war Brooklyn, with lie Cbirique surveying party, arrived at Asptn1 a'I on tbe lltb Advicea from Tumace announce tbe capture of Urbecoes bv tbe governwneat forces, after two ctiona, in which tbe rebeia were deleted with onslder&ble loaa Order bad been eattraly reLored In tbe provlaoc. Pcaasylvaaia Politics. Hakbisbfao, Pa., Sept ?1 ?Tbe Douglas late hxecutlve Committee publiab a card sta ng that aa much has recently been published oa ae subject af alleged propositions for fusion in 'ennevlvanta. tbe public are informed that tbe uestton of fusion has at no time been entertained v tint rnianltl? rut 9mmt BxptMiM Sc&abtok. Pi., Sept. 41 ?A Iredampexploa'.on eeurred In Mfl? Buwkley'a aatae, at tbe opper ad of Pittatoa Mi mea were la tb? atM, ai. of rhom Rot out nt^John Howard. Jr , who. it la *rrd. is tufouWd The scene is one of wild iritofnent, (he pump beinr broken and tbe abaft Iliac "*'ltb water. * Heaatctdc la Qaincr. .n*am. Bcitos, Sept. t? ?Edward R Papa, farmer t quiaey, quarreled, laHwfar afternoon, wtth 'ranf-U U. Jertier, a yonnj; man la hla a?pl?>v, boi.t work, uid abol htm dead. Pecanad waa D ye\ia old, and a oat re of Hmadoo. Vt Oi? are 1b purault of Pope. St Locii, Sept *1 ? Hoa. John CJ^ebardaon, a ex member of tbe aupreaoe baach of Mtaaonri, lied tbti mural ag at | o'clock. Boato^'sepr ST^ndrew OldteW and John Pwraef, coaefeW of p iae ftgbuag an aa Island a Boa tea barber, ware to day sentenced ta 9<ata irlaaa fbr aaa yeer ALtxaxaau, Sent *t ? Plow?Pnmll? b? sua 15.75: eitreSMfcfl abj ?fi 00a6 K6. Wbant -wbltf. fair ta gemd. 41 3Jaf I 5U, red f I ?u? tl 3t. Uru-wh-v OOattrt : veiiew?latt5tt atxrd fie. H ve GAjC7 . (JaU sXutv Cnr? MtalJpaTa. . <er buabet Sonde 1 imetcy *- Xb>3 JiS, CL>v. r 16 7Jaf?Jt&; Flaxseed ?t 4ua?U3 Prewatoaa latter, roll, 10a Me., Bar wo il*al?r ; far* ?? ?a?a ti Si Lard I3el?c Wblaky bta*?e. .