Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1860 Page 3
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team pww In iw aoutta ( Wltimore, 1U edition Is >o Isrfr m to require it to br pit to pr<>w at an early bWi. Ad wrV??M?tfc U>e*ef?e, should be mt 1b before lrotloft fu ; otter vcia* they nay act appear until tfcr next day. notic?.?Dtetrlct of Colombia Advertisements *o be 'seWed^ti 1b*t$i^rw?n iew>?id at and forwarded from Tms ^tai Office. u ITT coc NT i L*. \>i ? ' rif n ? the board iutl at Um wutl hour, the frt?idmt fn the chair A communication w?a received from the Mayor, transmitting a propani aad aoaempanylng specifications for building a brick wall around the new central guardhouse and pipe yard, from Thomas l<ewls. bricklayer; referred. ertiTios*. Of Kdward Clerk and others, in relaJUu to the aeration of the grade of Hoandarr ?trf*et. of B I.. Gettier, for Increase of pay; of John H. Noyea, a-klnp for Increase of p?y; of David Fitzgerald, for reinitsloo of a fine?all of which were duly referred coMMirrss m*e?aT?. Mr Brown, from the finance committee, to stfhom waa referred the petition of F. 9 Walsh Ak remuneration for a certain lot erroneously sold at auction for taxes, reported the same back to the f |toard. togftfaer with an opinion from the C or pots ti on Attorney, and asked that the petition be I laid on the table, and that the opinion be publiahed with the proceeding* of the board; ?o ordered Bill for lWoX-trMtles H Anderson, paved. Mr Browtrfrom the committee of conference ! upon the disagreeing votes of the two boarda upon the bill for the Improvement of the Northern Mar kH. reported a substitute for tbe wne, entitled an act providing for tbe Improvement of tbe Xortoeni .Market, and keeping the building and grounds in a cleanly condition;1' considered and uaswd. Kill to tike np and relay a .flitter in the First Ward, and for other purposes; passed Bill for * rrp^rs of 'UerU, alleys and gutters in the I Fonrth Ward; faasrd Bill t? take up and relay m portion of the gutters In front of square No 253; pnssed. Resolu'ion in relation to tbe improvement ?;f street*, avenues snd footways in front of tbe public squares; passed. Bill for relief of tbe volunteer militia of the dty of Washington; lnld ?v*r Informally until the neat meeting. Bill to . i Mr id at act entitled aa act to license aad regulate bockstors; passed. Bill to prevant cruaity to animals; pasMd. BUI to Uy a water main lltf'"k i at west, from G to H st north; passed. On motion by Mr Brown, tbe Board now took up the special order of the evening, namely, tbe t uM><lti*liaa of U>* report of tbe committee to which bad been referred tbe papery connected w'.th tbe award by tbe new Center market-bouse < itmnfMtouers of tbe contract for the erection of th* new Center market, to Gilbert Cameron. TV rertMrt 1? - Ul-* 1-"-? ? ? .? ? iu vuopv wi a juiui I IWlQUVir rtttapprevtRf the sward made to Cameron, ud juithortiiei: Ik*- cann> Us toner* to advertise for new bids, in order to make a new award, ai d bad >>reu laid over from week to week, until there sbonld t?e a fnll mating at the Board present We should mention here that at Ike tint* the < ommiUn reported tkr abovemeatioaod joint resolution, Mr Price, a member of tbe special comluUlr to whom the subject bad been referred, intr >dared a bill conAxuilng tbe contract with Mr Carneron, which was fatd over Informally. Mr. Price now moved ttast the fnr?ber consideration of tbe committee's joint rt-acl'itftm bel?dt flit tely postponed, and remarked that In case of s\i< b sitfon upon 'M. lie designed caTlias; up his liill ccnflrmni" tbe award made by the coinmisatnners tferessld ' * * Tm "batman of tbe committee opposed the Indefinite postponement at some length Mr Dvve beld that the law in rciilkea to tbe erection of the new market-bouw had not b*en ? omplied with; that tbe tn(iiis of tbe law are, that after the commissioners have made the award for the erection at the mm center market-bouse to tbe lowest responsible biart r, their action shall be reported to this board with a view to tbe confirmation or tbe rejection of the contract so awarded Instead of complying with tbe terms of thehtw. tb? como)Uiee bad reputed another and a different mitter. wlfb which tbe beard had nothing to de. After ?ome ducussiun. the question was taken upon Mr. motion in Indefinitely postpone; which motion was lost by ayes 5, nays 8. Mr Dove now moved that tbe whole subject be referred beck to tbe committee with Instructions to report baek immediately the action of the market-bouse commissioners, the award made to Gilbert Cameron; carried The board tbea took a recess of flften minutes At tbe expiration of tbe rece??, the commi t**, through tbe cbairtu.-n. reported back the award as per Instructions, and with it tbe Joint resolution before reported for the action of the bosrd. On n>o(lon, the report vras accepted. ' Mr Dunnington moved to poitjwne tbe further consideration of tbe sdbjeettonext Monday night; lost by ayes 6, noe* 7. Mr Dor* mured to adjourn; lost by ayea 6, noes 7. Mr. Magruder mc ved to lay tbe report on the table; lost br ayes 6. no+S 7. The question now recurred upon the confirmation of tM iwnrd ni*lr bf the cofntulmlcners Tbe Chair put tbe question upon the third reading of the resolution bereiubefore mentioned. Mr Dove contended that that resolution wai not before th? Byard, tjiat the Question wss, aim ply, ibaft the Board raakrm tbe award made by the connmisslonets ? The chairman of the committee held that the ouly way to get at the mMter was by bill or resolution It must be put in some fo in or other for the actio* of the lower Board a - .1 'i The Chair (Mr B?y!y) decided that the joint resolution having bern acr?*ptcd as a part of tbe rrport, vii regtjfarly befbre tWBoerd The question then warring upon the third reading of the resolution? Mr Magruder moved to strike out all of the preamble; carried by ayes 7, noes 6 Mr. Magruder then moved to strike out tbe word "iot," In tbe resolution, so as to make the phrase read, "that tbe said award be confirmed/' 1 Mr. Dunnlnvfon moved to amend by ssbatitut1n$? for tbe whole resolution tbe following: Wbeeess the present revenues of tbe Corporation sre laauAcleut for the proper Improvement of he streets, the ?upjx>rtof the public schools. the keeping of the canal In navigable order, and tbe meeting of\be legal engagements of the Corpora tten: and whereas t be assessment ai tbe property of be Inhabitants of the cttr ts already as high as the people sre able or willing to brsr, aud where-* any increase of the debt of the Corporation would necfsylly depreciate the value of tbe water and other stocis of the city; therefore That It Is'Inexpedient at tbis time to make sn award of any roe tract for tbe era lion of a new structure upon ths site of the prrseut Center market-boose; carried by ayes 7, noes 6. And the l?oard adj?urm d until next Monday night aj 7 o'clock. ^ Com mom Council ?Tbe board met at (he onal hour, tbe President in the chair. isiTaonucKD aEreaasD. Bill to (MM tbe Mstf u? be paved ted the curbsUhm sal an Uta north fcoal of square A46. JilU ?rciu the BourU of Alde'mri. to take up pty! ttUv th? pivmeut in a 10 foot tU^r In square IT, Mil in tnin a??d travel H itwt west. from l> t<> K wnu north; bill to tirade and gravel M street north, from Twenty-fourth to Twenty-s xth streets Wftt; blU t<> take up <uid relay the gutter on each aids of Slreath atireCeiit.VtWKn K and *1 streets south; bill from th? Board of Alderman to repair the paved Alley In aquare 102 bill to coaatrtxt a bridge on Boundary street, near Firat iti?rt weal; bill to establish the annual water feat for street waahera and for other purposes; bill to lay a water main on D street north, from Kleveuth to Twelfth atreeta west; bill granting permission to Wm. H. Arnold to erect a wooden a bad adjoin tag hla stone mill on the eastern branch of the Potomac; substitute btll for the improvement of the .Northera Market, and keep Jng the buildings and grounds la a cle?n!y condition; bill gramtng permission to !, & Pa?*tn rtse the frame btrlldtng conatr*e*rd br btmsetf on ttie Wharf Bear the southern terminus of blevmib street west, any law to the contrary notwltostaad Ing; bill to provide indemnity for an error of survey by a foraaer surveyor; bill to prescribe regulations and limitations for the collection of taxes Imposed upon goods and chattels and persona 1 effects in the city of Washington. II ^ ^watery approved A<tot>er 3lst. 1-4^. to license, tax, and regulate wholesale *nd rstoil dealers. Postponed until next Mood ay In accordance with a previous resolution the ho ird wtkL Wilt knnsfci at 7 o'clock ia tLe eve-' riinir t ?-?4 ? #*?? V?-Mlhal . i ?( qm m i tia ?uc hcibvuh, uca * ? *ut ; cwdwilxMiiuainHNpw. Adj4Mi^>?|4. j Tub Khlotcii or the Cmci.n ?The follow) .if awarda ban- berti naade bf Ma ti*?miew?ner of Public Buildiuga fur eucloalng the Circle at the inter**, li 011 of New liampahire and l>nn?>l anUa*enue?. with a auttable Iron railingF. k. A. >chn?-tdrr, irou raiUaj;. ?-i 10 per linenl foot; Seboepp k Co., granfte roping, 15 *?er lineal foot: Wiaa 4 Callahan, excavation and brick fomidntlM. H mu par lineal - v Wm J McCollimkCo. and Wtia JL bidding the mu* ?um. which waa arttled between tberw.*mA ?bo toutiM wm awarded to W lae * Callahan Cou.i$ofc in "VUkraday. about I o'clock^a^oUi?loa^ok plac? on tb? drla, between the aebr. Sarah Catharine, Captain Decatur^ fratn OJIpWM'1', wttb wt*#. bound up, nnd the pungy. Old Zark, Captain fillla, o< < 'aor^rtowa, f Mrt l 1 bound down Tbeacbooner waa much Injured, her main nftOt broken, aad a ?sr ??**?*. ? K M I fpLioibVi ?Our ettitenebave wot been hvond tfiSi a more plrnint Sabbath foe months past tftai Suaday It ?ii Just the da* to Invite the convalescent and aged. wbe have bee* home imprisoned, to veatare oat end eajoy the refreshing nreew, ad this opportnnlty waa not leet by man , whs Were able to prodt by It At an early hour the sidewalk* were lined with tbe young aad old. passing to aad from tbe various churches Tbe congrsgaUons at moot of tbe churches-were un nasally larfe, and the services peculiarly Interesting A large number of minlatera of various def omlnatloae are vlsittsg the city at tb* preeeat time and participated la the services on Sunday: St Paul't Luthtrn* Church.?Rev. J.G Dutlrr prsachcd his eleventh anniversary sermon In the morning. After stating that his object was not to pr?acb a statistical discourse, though to tbe praiae of iila gnce tiod had raised up a well nigh crusM church to vigorous, healthy life, there havtw been added daring tbe eleven years of his mlnta&y about *J? members, tbe present commsnlmt being about 190, with a flourtahinit Sunday School of more than SOU scholars He an nnnnced a* hi* theme "The bond of perfectness,'' as taaght in Coiossians, 3.14. He spoke of Uie renttfuKal and tentripetal forces in nature aa bavin** their correspondencies in tbe Intellectual and moral world?both wisely appointed by Htm who Is (be author of matter and of mind. Tbe signs of our times. lie aald. appeared to Indicate a prepondera nee of tbe centrifugal force?the cru mbliftg of tbe fabrlca of paat ages; the agitations in tbe East and throughout Europe; the state of the p?lUtc<tl parties In our own land; tbe weakening of parental authority; the recklessness with which tbe avriae tie is sundered; the multitudes of schools and divisions in tbe church, high and low, old and new, North and Bouth. symbolic aad anti-symbolic, often presenting unholy antagonisms, in all of which ne recognized the band of God and tb* marked beginning of the end, (iod having provided love as the bond of perfectness among all believers This bond implies the existence of that which needs binding. Here be Illustrated diversity in unity as the law of the universe?as seen ia the different planets of our system, in the land and water, trees, fruit, flowers, (Minerals, fishes, fowls and animals, noticing, especially, man, the representative of a single race, and yet among the millions of our globe, presentlag an eadleas and wonderful variety, physical, iifa-llectnal and seclal. Uniformity, be said, was not Beresaary to unity, wblch can be secured not bjp an Increase of knowledge, nor a fixed ritual, mi? uy piming on cnaruy?me fuence or iDe Divine nature, the motive power of redemption, the fruit of tbe Spirit.?as the bood of perfectness. Hs illustrated the power of tbU bond by applying It to tbe family, to the iiastoral relation, to tbe sanctuary and her privileges, to tbe Christian brotherhood, to our relation to a world lying In a-lckednes*, redeemed by tbe blood of Jesus. This bond had preserved our unity for eleven ?n? the unity of tbe great denomination of lch we were an bumble part, which required ntty only in essentials, granting liberty lu nonessentials, and enforcing iu all charity; presenting a platform biblical in doctrine, repuoilcan in I government, simple In forms of worship, and so catholic that all who love the Divine Jesus can Stand upon it. The pastor announced a aeries of services during this week, preaching every evening by Rev. Mr. Swnrtz, cf Baltimore. Tht luimWy'r Church.?This church is now Statedly supplied by Rev. G. W. Samson, D. D , President of Columbian College. Text?Col. 1^30, ' Ami. having made peace through tbe blood of his cross, by biui to reconcile all things unto himself: by him. 1 say, wnetber they be things in earth or things in heaven." Tbe angels are reconciled to God by tbe death of Christ Sinai impressed men with visible presence of God, and so the miracle* of Jesus. But nothing subduing?It was awe. if angels appreciate doctrines. now much more men. let?The beings Introduced. Angela Tbey united before men. Christ waa tb rr creator. Thev are superior to men There are ranks among them. Tbey are finite. Some tinned *2d?Wnat la It they need' To be reconciled Have full view of Goda attributes. How justice and merer harmonious in salvation. This ] he key. No angel haa fallen since the death of Christ. 3d?What it there in Christ's death (bat holds their attention? Christ led au angel's ife oa earth?he kept the law and yet suffered Its penalty This is the urand theme that reconcile* angeis. Not bla life, but his death. This 1* Ute chorus of the newsong. Application?How gltfriotia the anticipations of the future presented by Paul. Now this scene la witnessed. We are come to Mount Zlon and to an innumerable company of angels. The judgment will present it. What a lesson to the ungodly. At night, Kev. John C. Smith, D D . preached from the text? I'salms 7*2:17,' His name shall endnre forever; His name sball be continued as long at thesuu and moon shall be blessed in him.;> F<mrtk Prtfbyt?r\*n CKmrtK.?In the morning, the Rev. Dr Smith, pastor, discoursed from a part of the 7th verse of the 21th chapter of Zachariah?" But it shall come to puss that at the evening time it shall be light." After referring to the wkras applications of the term day," the reverend gentleman remarked that the term as used n the text meant to apply to an indefinite period of time. Night indicated the trials, sufferings and distresses consequent to this life, and the day the opposite?instead of the*; prosperity and joy. The eveniniz waa full of blttsrilm m and imth lie who crtated the morning also created the evening, and He wbo appointed the ami to rise and travel up to his meridian point appointed also tor ev*filng He was a wise m?n wbo properly understood these things tie indeed was taught of Cod who learned these lessons of every day duty and of every day life from the hlitory of the nl." The reverend gentleman earnestly exhorted nls hearers in this the day time of life to prepare for the evening, which was to be so full of bletvdnesa and J07 to him who properly Improved the opportunities presented In this the seed time 0/ life. yitlkndin Protestant Chmth, Si nth *t.?Rev. J. T Wa'd. of Alexandria, preached in the mornlug, (rem the text of Kouiaus, 7, -1: 44 Wretched iusii tb*4 I aoi' wbo shall deliver me from the body of this death? ' l'be discourse was very impressive, and was beard by a very intelligent congregation, composed of many from other churches as well as the regular vougregation,with wboiu this excellent minister has aiways been popular. At night, the pastor (Rev P Light Wilson) praached from Revelations. 20, 11 12: "And 1 saw a great white throne, and him that *\t on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And 1 saw the dead, small and great, stand before Uod; and the books were opeued; and another book wss opened, which is the book of life; and * * ? - - - - lue acau Artrc juagea oat 01 tboae tuinga which were written la tbe book* according to their work* " At thnae churches a kjrcat interest la apparently taken in the protracted meeting*. which will be continued througL tbla week M'tkodiit Church South.?In the morning, the |K\ttor (Rev. J. A. Proctor) preached from the text of Lake, 19. 14: "But hla cltizena hated him, and s.-nt a message after him, saying, We will not have tbla man to raign over ua.*' At nljjbt from L ike. 11, 41 Vti: ' W beii aatrong man armed keepeth kia palace, hla good* are In peace; but when a (tronger thau be cotaeth npon him and overcome hta>, be taketb from him all hla armor wherein he (mated, and divlde'b hla spoils'' Tbe congregation waa very large and tbe aervlce intereating. Several penitent* were at the altar. IYcthy Ckuprl ?The morning aervlce wa? conducted by the Rev Mr. Coombs, who discoursed upon ib* text of John 6, 47?He that belleveth on me bath everlasting life " At night, Rev. Mr Lemrron deliveredu.u able diacoyrae on tbe aubject of the atonemcut. Thi Magisterial (4te?tio5 ?Tbe appearance of several articles upon tbe question of the rlghta of police tnagialratea In certain cases, wUich appear* to taavs grown oat of a recent declalon of the laagtatrate of tbe Seventh Dlatrict, doea not eomidlt ua to either aide. If there la any controversy It ift between tbe police magistrates. The magistrate of tbe Aeventb Dlatrict desires ua to lUblla position <>f course be ought to be beard He says that no etbet magistrate la reaponaible for hUJhAeial acts; nor if be tbe model for tbeir guide ace. and when be la called In aueatlon for hla acts by proper authority, be will abow bia record, wttb all th? evidence He will, however, aay that b? dors not rona'der It to be hla duty when trying a cmswbiok tbe evidence falla to pruWjJvnt pointstp ? dtlterent offense not charged in tbe warrant, tndiamiaa tbe direct case and puniah far tbe indirect, wben tiiere la no positive proof whether the case had been tried before or uot lis la adk til (te kabit. be iaya, of allowing u?iKr niaiMBI wa Mrctag IM MCUWd Uj disprove f%. 4;wry aan ll ItUMceat till gui t ij pr?v0t," im4 A la for the preoeeutien in every < aea?e pre^e II* rlfmi ttia charge* atdi. it Is not for the magistrate, be bold*, to catch at any exprcMpe of a witness, showing that If the prisoner Ik not guilty now, he was once, and punish the prisoner for the offense not charged, witboet uavtag proof that It never waa punished. This magistral*, says be, is not concerned atxtyit the form of the warrant. It inay trouble those who af nppsatsss at Has Incorrectness of their own ~ U'taKtt Cakes?H-fmr / ??? Donn ?A oolSced tndlykdoel named Wm Smith waa arrreted by officer Yeatmaa for making uaeof prolMif and indeceat language In the streets. He wa0fl?d(MM. Jamea Fletcher, for assault arid hfttery W 40m. Bladen, was called up. This fVSsSSeSSSSS m?+wm awpSed ?*a?cer Chiplsy. for assault Md V*"T7 ?* m Ood4 He wm held to security for Psece James Wright m br officer Klnr for nrofanitv and disorderly con/act He was\ned 5TST K* ' M ' ' * < * - *' A. ? "* i *> ' [:*f?TOiir OrsTaas ? Orm Daw.?'There has beta left at this oBce, aays the Alexandria fr-i??\l|T a specimen of the oysters which used to r-vsle the gourmand*of this region centuiies ago. The shtU is ever nine inches long by a breadth of seven and a half inches. The oyster, however, Is now rather Indigestible, having petrified some ages aga, aad been hot jtsowUrauf from a mark U*nit ? Market Licihses ? Mr Editor: There are a | few Idea* that have au^eated themselves to nw. la relstion to our -municipal policy," which. If ri And worthy of nubile attention, rou ran give toe community in your widely-circulated paper. The flrat ia, the policy of the Corporation ahoald be to plve the largest liberty to free trcde aad competition, and for tb>s purpose abould abolith the license on all market tuff* Permit every man who may deal re to invest a few dollara in market stuffs for the purpose of snpplylng tbe tables of our citizens to do so. without requiring hlia to obtain a licenae therefor. This clan of our citizens already have to pay for their atails in tbe market, and their horses and wag us. which is of Itself sufficient tax By opening the dour to ' thit aperies of trade it wonld create competition, and families would not be required to pay a large bonus to licenasd hucksters for their produce; farmers would And a better market for their atuffs, as It would create a larger number of wholesale purchasers, the competition would make some of the hucksters more obliging, and compel tbem to deal with more HMrcy to their customers; the produce now rotting on tbe hands of the farmers of the surrounding country would be speediiysought after and bought up by thla class of dealers, and brought to our market. It may not be generally known that thousand* of dollars worth of market stuff never finds It* way to our market, beeanse tbe farmer Is mat willing to come to town and spend a whole day retailing his productions; and he cannot ditpose of his stock to hucksters, because under the present system It is a complete monopoly, being in tbe hands of a few who are able to pay tbe licenses Different would be the ease, were every man permitted to employ his little capital and industry in this kind of traffic. Again: Do away with tbe prohibition to buy in market hours to sell again. What possible harm can It da tbe citizen, if the dealer shall purchase from the farmer bia surplus produce during market hours'' None that I can ace. Tbe huckster-buys, of course, for less than the retail firlce. puts tbe articl* upon his stand, and retails t out for the same the former charged. I have never seen any difference in tbe charge made by tbe farmer arid that made by the huckster. Indeed. in many instances, market stufl* are purchased cheaper from the latter. I look upon tbe huckster as a public benefactor, and 1 cannot see how we could get alone without them In our markets, and am decidedly in favor of their havin# the largest liberty, and with that view, urge the repeal of tbe license Imposed on them oy our Corporation. A IIodsbkmpk*. Citt Oidihamcb ?The following act of the City Councils has been approved by the Mayor, aad Is now a law of tbe Corporation : An Act supplementary to the act entitled "An act previding for the assessment and valuation of all property in the city of YV asbingtou, or which may be owned and held by the inhabitants thereof, and for other purposes." approved May 30,1319. Be it enacted by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of t/u city of IFasAtngton, That in place of the returns and assessments required by tbe second paragraph of tbe sixth section of the act to which this act is a supplement, [see Sheban, page 43,] annually hereafter, commencing on the first Monday in September sext, the i?oard of Assessors shall make new ana complete aipnaneticai lists or ail persoua, firms, or companies, resident In each ward of the city owning or holding any description of property other than real property laade taxable and liable to Assessment bv the act to which this to a supplement, which said lists shall contain the Barnes of all such persons, Arms, or companies, with the number of the square in whlcn they reside or do busintsa, and the aggregate assessed value of stocks owned or poeaessed by each person, firm, or company> in any banking, insurance, or other incorporated or unincorporated company In this city, excepting only such stocks as may be held in any banking, insurance, or other incorporated or unincorporated company that uiay nave availed Itself of the privilege allowed by the proviso to the seventh section of said act, to have the stork held by the stockholders la such company assessed and valued In the aggregate, and so returned; of all bonds and mortgages, storks of all kind other than stock In any (tanking, insurance, or other Incorporated or unincorporated company in this city, which may be assessed in the aggregate; all public aud private securities; all household furniture and plate; all slaves, with the sex and age of the same, and every other d?,acrlptlon of property not included In the foregoing, except real estate, which may be owned by each person, lirm, or company. 8k 2 That so much of the fifth section of the act approved May 30, providing for the assessment and valuation of all property In the city of Washington, as exempts from taxation stocks which are exempt by the laws of the State or power within whose jurisdiction they may have been Issued, be and the same Is hereby repealed; and that hereafter all stocks of all kinds, foreign and domestic, held or owned by the inhabitants of the city of Washington,except such as are tax#?d elsewhere, and the storks issued by the linlted States or by this Corporation shall be assess?d and subject to taxation the same as other descriptions of property. Sac. 3. That the compensation to each Assessor for performing the duties required by this act shall be three dollars for each day of six hours they shall be actually employed in the duty. Sec 4. That all acts and parts of acts Inconsist mi wiiu tun act ue ana me uau: is titrcby repealed. Tbi Facts 1h thk Case.?Mr. El it or: The dismissal of Mr John Yeatman.who was charged with disorderly conduct In the market, having given offense to various individuals, and Induced ttiein to condeoin the magistrate's decision publicly, it is only necessary to state the following farts, and let the public judge : Mr.Yeatman was charged with dis-irderly conduct in the market, and the case was brought before Justice f)onn. The oniy person who heard the remark was the informant, and the counsel for the aconscd put in the plea that he was incompetent to be a witness; which is so. under a decision of Mr. Carlisle, ia these words : "That an informer,who is entitled to a portion of the penalty uudtY an ordinance of the Corporation. t.? not a competent witness to prove the off erne." In this case the officer wanted to be known and recognized as the informant; but the witness itcore that ke was the informant; and the case was dismissed for want of evidence. At a later period of the day, the iuformer and his brother went t.> the stand and testilied to disorderly conduct then; but the proof t>efwre the magistrate was that, if there was any disorder, it was created by the witnesses, and not by Mr. Y., those affidavits mentioued yesterday to the contrary notwithstanding. Observer. W ids Aware Drill ?Lastevening, the Wide Awmke Association, of this city, met in large numbers at the republican wigwam on the corner of Indiana avenue and Second street, for the purpose of a dress drill. After the transaction of some preliminary business, and the reception of a large number of applications for admission into tbeir ranks, the members, in uniform, ranged themselves in line, when under the direction of their captain they went through their various military evolutions with s remarkable degree of skill aud dexterity. The association will this week decide upon the invitation from the New York committee to participate in the grand Wide Awake demonstration to take place shortly in that city. ^ Ckktbal Gcahdhocsi Casks ?Joe Jackson, threats, drunk and disorderly; HI 15. Thomas Thomas, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Julia Gant, col,, stealing; for trial. John Connor, calllug for and drinking liquor and refusing to pay, aud disorderly conduct; fine and cost*, ?11 15. Jame* Clapg'ctt, col , disorderly; do. $3.15. Alfred Newton, col , fugitive from workhouse; do SO 15, aent back for (Jo days. C. R. Folkinton, drunk and disorderly; tine and costs. S3.15 John Collins, do ; do. S2 15. Wm. Daley, sleeping in the market; do. S3.15. 8tkali*o Raos.?Yesterday, a atout active boy named John Collins, about 14 years of age, was captured after a bard ra< r, by the |>ollce. Tbe running of tbe boy would have done no discredit to an Indian runner on pressing business; but be was at last captured by policeman CarU-r. Tbe oltence charged against him was the larceny of a lot of rags from 8. Odenwald. He was tiken before Justice Donn, wbo seemed to be officially acquainted with him, though the boy Insisted that their acquaintance was not lotluiate. He was committed to jail for court. Final. Commitment aku Requisition ?Yesterday. F. Harburga, alias l.aniar, alias LuiUy, arrested for obtaining goods under fnlse pretences in Baltimore, and committed to Jail for a farther hearing, was finally committed by Justice Donn. Chief Justice Dualop, upon the presentation of a requisition from the Governor of Maryland, released tbe prisoner, and gave him Into tbe custody i llm.?. v.. ?l i ? " wauci reo?l, MJ KUUIII UC VTU U1*CU lO IIUI1- 1 mote yesterday for trial. A Novbl Lbvt.?On Saturday, Officer Par ham | levied upon the menagerie, and all ita appendages, which baa been exhibiting; on Mnth street, oi>polite the Center Market, for a week or so. The property seized Includes a bear, wild cat, foxes, wolf, monkey, squirrel, white mice, a d>>n of snakes, &c , A.c. The judgments upon which the seizure was made were in favor of two of the employees of the concern, who began to desire a final settlement, and took this mode to obtain it Thit do sat that every young lsdy who gets married ia Washington, makes Uan express stlp- , illation wfeen the momentous qaeetioa to popped, ! that the wedding cards shall be engraved by Dempeey k O'Toole Who can wonder at It, after looking at tbe splendid specimens of their handiwork on exhibition in that beautiful new showcase. _ ? /. | T? UxaTVoaD " Pkal Aitx.Tkloaacioot and well dlactpUaed company will, we are informed, vMt tbls elty on the 18th of Neveenber neat, tor tbe purpose of paying their first visit to Moant Vernon. They namber on* hundred end fifty. Their dress is tbe "Old Continental " * * t j ji . O | Hit the iDvuitiMMT of Mr. J. C. Green, in another column; who baa just established a new forrfltare warerosna en Ifintb street, one door from Pennsylvania avaaoe. rvM Wit i sa iWU wwwH<i f * 0 hi?as--??-s-?pbmhh Tbi Jackson Dsmocbatic Amociavior held , Ik Miinhi m.kl. ??i. i?. -? ?? - I ? iumiin?\ iiikut ?* ??t?ir room, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Fouraad-a-h&lX and Sixth streets. The meeting wm very large aid enthusiastic. The president, Dr. Boyle, laid brforf the association a letter from the citizens of Belts?ill?* Inviting them to attend a mass-meeting to be held at that place on Saturday, the '29th. Ipon motion, it waa unanimously agreed that the association do attend. The commit fee have made aucb arrangements with the railroad company aa to secure ronnd-trtp tickets for thirty eenis. The president then introdnced to the meeting Mr. W.J O'Brien, of Baltimore. Md Mr O'H ap 'ke at considerable length. The speaker dwelt with <jreat power and eloquence unon the renewed ascendancy of democratic principles in his native State, and the certainty of her going for Breckinridge and Lane in the coming campaign. Mr O'B well kntw In days gone by Maryland turned her back upon the great democratic principles, although she w*s the first State that placed the banner of civil and religious liberty upon its borders. Be knew well that she had aeen the error into which she had fallen, and that she was going to extricate herself from that error by voting for Breckinridge and Lane In the coming campaign. ? Mr Radcllffe, of this city, being then called upon, made a few pertinent'and forcible remarks; arterwhichMr Wm J. Rose,of New York, being introduced to the Association, made one of the most powerful and eloquent speeches of the campaign In this city; after which the meeting adjourned. Scpbbciosc asp Dissolved.?Yesterday afternoon a prisoner, la chains, was taken before Justice Donn, where he attracted considerable attention. He Is a colored Individual, and though quite >oung. he is as thoroughly opposed to involuntary bondage as any of the adalts of ths class to be found He was bronght to this city in chains, and retained In a tent on Ninth street for exhibition. But his custodians failing to pay, the entire concern, including Per se waa levied upon ror neoi. ine company, however, managed to obtain superceders and dissolved, each one taking bit (hare of the birds, quadrupeds, snikea, Ac. Perse wu taken before Justice Donn, who, not finding any law by which he could b? held aa a fugitive from justice, and the facta clearly precluding the idea of a commitment under the fugitive slave law, and his quiet demeanor and [*-rfoct sobriety keeping him above the degradation of a ninety-days commitment, the justice, as fc matter of charity, committed him to bis back ?ird, to await a requisition from Maryland,where Is owner resides Committed ?Yesterday, Charles Curtis, an employee of the late show company which was exhibiting on Ninth street, opposite the Center Market, appeared before Justice Donn to answer to a charge of assault and battery on Mrs. Hassenraeyer, the proprietress of the lodging house where the company l>oarded. Curtis wa? one of the plaintiff's in the cases which resulted In the dissolution of the concern, and Saturday uight, after the performance in tb? tent, the officer who had the property in custody sent Curtis to get the quilts be was accustomed to use in sleeping in tbc tent. Curtis went to get them, and the lady disputed his right to take the quilts and claimed tbe one he took hold of as her property. A scuffle ensued, in which it was shown, by the evidence, that Curtis, while Mrs H. had htm by the hair, struck her In tbe side. The result wan that Mrs. H . who was in a dellmtn mriHltinn at th? tim. has slice been seriously 111. Curtis was committed to jail. Odd Fellows' Hall.?Our citizens have no idea of the wonderful talent displayed by the ''Holman Troupe,'' now giving entertalnmenUas above. Those tinv little creaures. Salile and Julia, are wonderful specimens of preoclty. They are possessed of delicate forms, graceful carriage, pretty faces, sw?et voices, and expression In their looks, which wins them to the heart of every one at tlrst sight Altogether, we have never cen anything like tnem, and well may their patents point to them with pride. The boys, Alfred and Benjamin, too, have beou tutored in a good histrionic school. Take it all in all. It is an en-, Wtainment that must please every one. Our citizens must l>?ar in inind that this troupe only remains for three nights. A matinee will be glv# n on Wednesday, at 3 o'clock, for the accommodation of ladles and children. Alexandria Items.?Rev. C. B Dana has sent In bis resignation as rector of Christ Church. LKpiscopal,) Alexandria,which has been accepted y the vestry of the church The reverend ?enllemau clothed his resignation in a very feeliug litter, to which the vestry responded in a series of resolutions regretting that they are constrained to accept the proposition. Urace Church, (Kpisconal,) at Alexandria, Is to be consecrated on the first Sunday in October next, liishop Johns officiating. The steamboat Phenix, which has been runniug as an excursion boat on the Potomac during the past summer, has been taken to Baltimore, where, it is said, she is to be disposed of by her owners Look to tocr Clothe* Lists.?Last night, some miscreant, not having the fear of the penitentiary before Ma eyes, entered the yard or Mr. 4'harles Cunningham, on K, between Ninth and Tenth siri eta, and stripped the clothes lines there of a considerable washing of linen. If he makra a similar attempt in that neighborhood again it Is said that he wlil meet with a "warm receptiou." Two very interesting letters from a COUple of the Star folks, abroad, may be Ibund ou the outside of to-day a paper. Chills asd Fbvik! Chills asd Fever!!-One r.ftfce greatest remedies that has ever be?;i laid hefore the public, for Fever and A?ue,an<l which have roceived th^ highest encomiums fr m tti* press and thfl DflnnlA. is fir T T-Jn * f*! * -.1 P*"-? who mould endure the torture arisilife from this terrible disease, when it can he so easily cured ? Who would endure sleepless nights, burning favors and icy ohiils alternately. when a remedy can Im> obtained for a mere trille? Aid yet how many families linger out a painful existence under this deadly blight .and do uothing but gulp down quiniue, natil it becomes as common as tlr ir daily meals, aid yet they are not re icved. None but t be foolish and weak would hesitate to procure these valuable Hitters, and save themselves intense agony. Hold by druggist* and dealers generally everywhere. se 25 (ok Rxadkk, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise inent in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. au 2u-eol j Homeopathic Rsmbdim All of Dr. Humphreys Jt (Ju.'s specific) Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and al? cents each. Also, in oases, containing 20 vials, from 4M to ftft e\oh. with l*>ok of full directions. For sale fry Z. D. Gilman. 350 Fa. avenae, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitzgerald. 333 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner ol Massachusetts avenue and Pixth street. Also, Pond's Eziratt of Witch Hazel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ioa 9- ly Mu, WintLOW, an experienoed nam and lemale physician, has a Srootkinn Syrup.for Child m Tettktng, whion greatly facilitates theprooaas of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammationwill aLay all pain, aud is sure to reculate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly eafe in all casea. See advertisement in another column. ooll-lv DIED, On Monday, September 24th, ELIZABETH RHOADS, a*ed Sri years. She died in lull triumph r i r_ : i! : - n i,. vi nor isiiu iii vhmvk Her fmiersl will move from her late residence,on K street, l>etwoeu 17th nod 18th st* , Werinoudav, iJttth instant, at 3 o'clock, to Mount Zion, Georgetown. The frieuda generally are invited to attend. (Intel, copy.) On the mornin* of the 24th instant, HATTIK, wifo of George W. Boirriman. of Missouri. ami daughter of Robert aud Alary Widdecora'ua. of this oitv. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to alfnd her filnrral, ou Wednesday,at 12 o'clock, f ont Triuity Church. * On the 2A1 instant, U1LWKRT B. M. SMITH, " of Win. K. Sinilh, atcd years, A months, an<t 25 day*. (Alexandria papera copy ) JAVA AND RIO COFFEE. Black and Green TKA, Brown, Yellow ami White SUGARS. Received at L. A. DELLWIG'S. OHLIVR oil,. SCOTCH HERRING, CHEESE and BUTTER. At L. A. DELLWIG'S. /ASWFGO STARCH, and Chemioai I^bor " Saring SOAP. Received at L. A. DELLWIG'S. A CHOICE LOT OF OLD WHISKIES. PORT A WINE and BRANDY receivedat L A. DELLWIG'S, we 21-lw Seventh at.. Navy Yard. Kj'OR SALE?A very good and autwtantial Brickie HOUSE?and Lot? with 8 rooms, in agoodaod improving part of the city, near Ha. avenue and tlie Center Market. Apply at No 'i*?C street north, or ?t ANTHONY'S Hat Store, 7th at. ae 14-tf CflAELES A. SHAFSS^^ S16 Ptnn. Av?MM*,mnr SgftrnkStrtM Entire attention gi ven to the Repairing of Chro nometera, Duplex and Lever Watches, fine Iv Clocks, *o. Also, to the Engraving oi la- ntj vitatiou, Wedding, Visiting and Profeaaiona'AK 1 Cards. ? ifc-Im OALT1MORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-l*o coepoaatkd 1830-J ohm 1, Dohaldsoh, Pre#; m. Coultsk, Seo'jr. rtBUYS I Descnpti* pamphlaU may be obtained at the Companj'a Ajeucy for the District of ColamNia. office of Lewis Johneon k C&, Bankeri. 1BU? street , ?nd Pena. avenue. 7. W. MAG ILL. AgenT Hissn. V. It. Mad, Kit l? ? wiff MERCHANT TAILORING. New Fv,'^4^Lu,v'^(tvsi8' oa8biI WALL. STEPHENS * CO., IM Penntylvni ma Avenue, have just received a lar^e variety of "J" r " ? "WMi w wmcn " ? isnw mo imu'ig J ' "> > r frWod HitAMri. ku *Mf WOOD! W O O OU WOOD*!.' ^TOVK Md KINDLING WOOD, U the low. m n T * MB????????? GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS ftr **k*r Wrrrtt??wM?i( *m JlrX ptfl fy-g? NOTIC tL ICK!fS KS-kU per**m. whoso 'icen?#? {r*m lit* Corporation of Georgetown aspire on th< a*!h mutant are hf>ret-> piotnptiy l?take out the tatne under the new license law. approved Jttiy 7th, !*??; ot>i?rwiM> they w?tt Knitted UiomsniTM to a in*, and the law iteomNlton npon the prof m oftoera of the Cor p*r?ti<>u to enforce ?M<1 hne asai net all deU^jaeau. WAt* 1jAlRD? CTl^rk. Septi*?rtw>r Jlth, IMS. ? aV-ootQ ua fvns. (vrifB BAII i irrvcPS-iti Z? , | ^ v > a -V .T \y ?'A# ? il H U< 'J. !L_5 licen?e? in Oeoiectowti are due on the Ut J?t of October n? xt.arrt. If ooi paid at the Ct*rk"a Olfice on i>r t?efo s the l(Hh of mil month, the authority will then he exclusively given to the po!io? to collect them. with an additional co?t, by law, of 25 oert? to the owner of each dog the lioeuse f<?r which lias not boen obtained on o' prerton* to tl-e time dtatinl, ami if not j aid. tocether with tiie additional charge, when 4e naeded by th* police, they aredirected by law immediately to kill and rtMpoee of th" animal. and *re t.iade subject thewsa* Irea to a tuio far neglecting to do eo. WM, LAIRD. Cl*rk. Seetemher24. 1961V ne a ootOetlo rt^g?OKOR(?KTO\VN TAXKK-October 1st 11 ? beinc the usual time for the aetUaraeutof taxes due this Corpora'ion. tse attention of all ovuoernad la earnest!) called to the aaiue. CHARLES a WELCH, ae 19 tOotl Collector. MH J&S^WATTS. FASHION A BLM MILLINB7J.(late of Philadelphia.* retorna her sincere tbanksto the ladies of Georgetown and vioinity for ttieir ver* kind pat roaage since sne commenced business here.*TT7_ ana informs tii-m she baajurt nttind a splendid a^rtiuent of Fan Goods of the newest and most approved ?ty l>*. which ahe will eell at a very moderate profit. Mo. 90 High alreet, opposite Forre?t Hall. se 25-31 TM1K UNOfcillMGNKD CARI'KMKK AM) . BUILDER offers his aervioea to the public of Georgetown, Washington, and vioiaitv, and vt I eontraot for or superintend the ooDatrnotion of public and annate bai dings, a id apecifications will he turniahed at short notio* Office aud shop on Congreaa at., Georgetown, i mated lately north of the Foat Oflioe. an 27 3meo HENRY W1NGATE. J MUST RECEIVKD10 lilids. prime Porto Ri<*> SUGAR?, 15^bbla. i"id Rjre WHIs-KY, 250bbla HKRftlNG and ALE WIVES. SO bbia. Crushed and Refined ^IGARS, aniiags Rio and Java COFFEE, IA l.L.l. . 1 _.? 1 J - ?" " " * ?" iv uiri>.uvw pncwll ^UJLi/*33l!.3. For ?al" hy J OH N J. IKXilK. ? 10 RC. C. *T7.S ESPECTFULLY Informs his friends and th? f oblic generally tlia' he Km removed to No. ii High st,e?t. adjoining Maxima Halt. He it prepared to the shortest notice. Dinner and Kvenu* l*nti's.ami lee!* assured that lie will give enUre satisfaction to tiiubo who may favor him with a call. All kindaof CONFECTION F.RY and CAKE at th ? lowest prices. Beat ICE CREAM at ?l 5D per gallon. C. C. ATZS, M4-lm ii High street, Georgetown. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For oiktr 11 For Sal* and Kent" adv*rtuiw**nt?, Htjirtt pag* ] * FOR RENT?Threo new BRICK HOUSED, on Penn. avenne. a few doors east of the Capitol ground* AppU to DA. WAThRSTON.No. 4fi? Jri st. cant, or ?20 Seventh st west. ae tS t?it* SEVERAL FINE ROOMS, with Board, and also several gentlemen can tw accommodated with Meal*, in a very healthy portion of th? city. Apply to 15** l<Hh street, between G and II sts. JM&-St? Kooms may he had on~vf.ryrf.a~sonatde terms. furnished or nnfuruished. with or without Board, on 16th street west, wc*t side. between K and 1.. ae 21 3t (?OR SA1.E ?One ??.* thr?e of the three new twostory BRICK HOUGHS, with two-story back bniMitic*, with press btick fronts, on llth street between O ?ud I* sts north. Terms?one thirS cash; the ItaJanen infi. 12 and ]R moaths. Inquire of JOHN VV. KKKD. on the pr-nn*es. se 2t-3t* F">URSALE ORRKNT-A BRICK DWKI.I.IN" HOUSE, No *.230 Sixth street north, l>etwt-ert M and N w?t, containing 8 ro?ins a*>d a kitchen. Tic location pleasant and healthy. Possession riven immediately. Apply next door north, se 21 St* FOR RENT?One FRAMK HOUSE on Maryland av , lietween + ; and 6 h a?a *li>laod. with t>n rooms, with ?Ulil4 for two or three ho '**. Tu ft good tenant rent low. Applv to H. S. JUH\BTON. Pa ar.. No 373, opposite National Hotel, betweenjOiand^bth ?t?. se24-2t* hl'OR HUNT ?A cittage iTuilt BRICK HOl^Ti on Maes. av.. No. 357, between l'Hh ani 11th sts., with side lot, flower garden arid fiu ' Uerlt. The Iiousj contains nine room*, beside Ittth-rooin, closets and cellar. A rump or excellent water in the kitchen, and water and gas throughout. A pp y on the premises. se 2t 3f IT'OR 9ALE-A new two-story-and-basement F BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rooms and cellar, situated on 11th at north, between I. and M ?ts.. No. 378?witl.iu 5 minutes' walk of th? Northern Litierties Market. Terms nnusualiv literal. Apply on the premises, or to McKENNKY 4. LANSDALE. corner of Pa. avenue and 7tli st. ?e24 2w* F'OR RENT?The STORE and DWELLING formerly occupied bv Mr. Pettit a* atrocery and provision store, on the corner of Twe Ith and F streets west. The dwelling cot,tains tea good rooms, dry basement and yard; below the store a capacious cellar, dry and suitable for storage of any kind. Will be rented low to a punctual tenant For further particulars inquire ol CONR*l> FINK*1 AN,So. 2Jt Penn. avenue between and 13th sta.. south side. se an 1 w* FOR RENT?Possession on the 1st of October. The DWELLING HOOE No. 43* D street, at prosent occupied by the Rev. Dr. Uotler, and next door to the residence of the advertu-r. J. *" CARLISLE. N. H.?It wtl! not be let for a boarding house. ae is-U FOR R K N T? A threa story and 1 Mfmcnt BRICK H'lU^KonKiritit. west, between G and II sts. north. near }*t Aloysiua Church, cnta.ii.ins 7 comfortable room*. For particulars apply next door south, or to WISE A CALLAH VN. we 16 )?f F'OR R ENT?A comfortable three-atory BRK.'K DWELLING Hill 8E, on Ninth iln et, oppo?ito Grac* Church, on the la!and Rent vary low. Inquire of G. CAMERON. next door, where the key can be found ; or of CHAP. 8. WALLACH, No. 7 Indian*a\'. se7-eo3w FfOR 8* Lb?A FARM containing 1?*> acres, situated 6 nulea from Georgetown, in Mu- tgome rg county, Md. Fifty acrei are in a hirh elate of cultivation; twenty-five acrea id wo jd. iioiena arna'l log house, atabiing cheda, corn house on it. Apple orchard ai.d aoinapeachea; aprin- au - a vail of water at the door; being perfectly healthy. I'leaae inquire of bAKNAKD A BUCK FY, Auoliuieer*, N<?. 114 Bridge street, Georgetown, or WALL A BARNARD, Washington. asU-rolm L'OR RENT?ROOMb Not. 2. 3,4. 5, fi. 11, r 14, 1.1. lh, 17 1M, Ml and 23, in ihe uew five story brown atone building corner 7th atreet weat and i'a. avenue, known aa "Washington Building." They are well adapted for Offices, having gas, water, Ac. For terma apply at our Store, No. 4(It fa. avenue,or to John H. Sewmea A Co , No. .123 9th street weat, corner Louisiana av. ae 13 2aw11a MliRKAV A MES. FOR RENT- A two-story COTTAGE, on M'th >tie? t, a?t aide, firat house uoith of H si., con taininc 8rooma.a bimimoT kitchen, wood house, store-room. A c.; lighted with gas, and surrounded by a large yard opening in the rear into a thirt>-i?et paved alley. Rent $21 per month. Apply at the Office of the Gas Light Company. au 17 colw OR RENT?The"HOlSE No. *41 F atrert, between 13th and 14th atreeta, now occupied hy l>r. Liobarmaa. It contains 9 rooma beaidna kitchen, bath room aud pantry. The whole house ia heated by a furnac? and supp'iad with gasamt wat r fixtures. A good brick stable ia attached to the premises. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate aud poaacaaton may he had abort the 1st of October App. v on ibe premises between the hours ..r m .n,ji r. t. . ? .. v?i * auu U " VIVVK J?. IU? iw-v?v? I70R SALE?Tho two story BRICK DWELLJT INGftnd Lot corner of First and Frederick streets, Georgetown, is /'or sale. The h'>u*e contains seven rooms besides attic Tbe iot fronts 96 ieet on First street. The dwell ng, with part of the lot only, may be had if prtferred. For further information apply on the premises after 4 p. m., or to CIlARLF.K&LKMMER, Es?.,3? First street. ?eanw3t* WM. 8LEMMKR. FOR RENT-A three story-and-*Uio BRICK DWELLING, on H street. between 13th and Uth st? Also, a thre?-story and-basei*eiit brnwn front DWELLING HOUfrK. on lSth street, between L and Massachusetts av.; pueaessiun Riven to the latter bouse ?oiue Ume la October: the house to he repainted inside and oot. Apply at WM. P.SHKDD'S Faney Store, No. 304 11th ?t. au 25-5w* A RAKE OPPORTUNITY.?A magnificent FARM fpr aaJe or Msfctus for oiU property. obtaining iU4 aores, na.i nine iroiu rurni via tion. Orange and Alexandria Hailroad. 1( k under a high state ol cultivation, well watered, good hui dinrsand timbar; U can be bought low. Gall nnG.W. UK AY k CO., at tbeir Jewelry Store, 416 Seventh itreot. ? S-ltn* ? tTc e7,Wv"7 BJ lifflf I wislial! gentlemen I.W ' ES 3e3 to bear in iuia<l tiial |nl the fin which 1 daced pnoeK for o&aii is in successful operation. Just reonved a full *upply ot the latent .New York styles of 1)KKSS 11a i s* The very tine?t Hat a first-rate t?at is: and very good, fashio- able Hat #2 50. AH of Am latest sty lea of sof? HATS and OA I S, at the verynveat prions. 1 am oonstaiitly supp ied with a vary large stock of those ton- DKFSS BOOTSat SM?-whioh 1 have horn selling ft* man; years?a? well as the verr l>e*t?nW tv ol Hat?tit l^aU.ev(}AITKR8 at ?*?>. Piae French Calnkto <i alters from #t to fx fin. Twins sash; s* antra charge hi order to otieet bad debts ANTHONY. Agent for the ManafeeI wers, Seventh street, aaeond hat More from the earner. opposite A venae Hease, No. *40. se!4-8m n, | fl?\ NOVELTY MILLS PLOUR lOU RBL8. Of this superior l.rarui of FMnfly and Rxtra Flwnr received this da*. For an'e in Ma to nit by D. U MOKKISON k. CO. ??? oornar of Twelfth and B sta. |NPfiCTfNR, OR PEBMAN AG UK A ??pply of this wonderful' Med umbo just reci'SBk. *2^ .Mfcol_ ZAt MOORH*? Wast Bad U57? *oro, 1l? Pn. nv. THE LATEST NEWS tklkgkaphio. f_* Bar** Itralrrw at U* Writ. Chicago.Sept 23-Mayor Woatwavthproaaead to change the Prince** programme He wWbed tbr party to Wve Chicago to day for a few boats' ehooiingat Kankakee, returtln# la tbe erauiag la order to attend church to-a*orrow He ale* proposed that oa Monday tbe party abould pea eeed to fM I ,oul*; tbeace to tbe M leeoari country, hunting prairie wolf and bcfak> turned lata a fenced field, with men to guard outleta, aad thee down the Missouri to **t Look* Tbe Ptiaoa, bewl ee#r, could not comply with the Mayor1* aogge* "fc Prince vintrd oae at tbe limoeaae grain elevator* thi* mornlag, and then drove through tbe citv At I o'clock a email crowd fathered la front of tbe bote], and. according to programme | published In tbe papers, the Prince came Wrt, bowed, and marched up and d>wa to exhibit himself, like a dwarf at a country fair?the people all tbe while cheering and clapping tbetr bead*. He tfcen took a drive to the hydraulic worka, and took a special train at Brighton for Dwlghtl Station.where be remains huntlug until Wodnradny. Karl St Herma n* aad tbe minor members of the suite atav here Ml Mondsv.aad attend >t James' Church to-anor'ow Dwioiit Statioh, 111 . Sept '12 ?Lord Renfrew and Miik arrived hf? at p at Lord Rnfttv Is tbe vunt of J C Spencer, at whose residence be will reman over Sunday Mr Spencer's accommodations not bring suflclently smple for the entire royal party. tbr others are tbr guest* ?f Mr Roadrigbt and Sir R P Morgan. The following la the route decided upon tor the Prlace of Wales la tbr I'nitrd ftatrs Sept HI, visits Chicago. Sept. 8, 'J3. 24, and 25, shoot in|4 expedition ou tbe prairies, Sept <6 and r, St. Loula; Sept 2*. ?. and 30. Cln< inaati, Oct 1, Pittsburg; Oct S, (larrlsburg; Oct 3, 4. and S, Washington, Oct. 6 and 7, R'.-bmond. Va.; Oct. 9. Baltimore; Oct 9 and 10. Philadelphia^ Oct. II, IS, 13, and 14, New York, Oct 15, Weel Point: Oct. lt>, Albany; Oct 17, to. and IP, Boston and Cainbridge^Oct 'JO, Portland, whence be immediately embarks Tbe Fair? Disattrsas ten flagatl? St fx>vis. Srpt.S3.?Tbe number oT entriesfor tbr great (air wblch commences oa Monday ban already reached (, about 1,400 mors than at any previous exhibition. At the opening on Monday morning 50.000 persona will be present, and dnring the day Lord Renfrew viaits the fkir, for wblch occasion a special programme has been arranged, which will probably double that number. The hotels are jammed and the streets crowded At noon to-day the stable of Daniel Sullivan. In 23d street, between Parr and Washington streets, was set on lire by lighted segxrs or burning matches thrown among some loose straw Tbe flames spread rapidly to tbe adjoining bo lid lags consuming over twenty Ave tenements rendering bonseles* three hundred people Durlag tbe excitement of tbe occasion, a little child was throws from s house on to a feather bed Other baddtag was thrown on to the child wh*cb took Art, burning the child to death Lo? ?10,000 Calamity nt *ew Orleans. Niw Oa Las us, Sept 22?The liquor stores ef Messrs Karatcsdlck A Co , and others, situated on Tchuopitoulaa street, between Latayetts and Girard streets, wore drstroyed by lie last night Tbe fourth story of Karsfendlck k Ce's building contained a large quantity of spirits, the explosion of which caused tbe liu d ng at the corner of l*afayette and Tchoupitoulaa streets to tail a 1th s heavy crash. From forty U> fifty persona were buried in the ralus. Fifteen desd bodies snd several wounded have thus far beea extricated TL'> I us* by tbe fire amounts to which it mn?lly covered by insurance A w?Ub'lilt square in the fourth district wit destroyed by fire this morning Loss from $70,000toSW.OOO; mostly insured. Hersthel V Jshnsoa la Pittsbarg PiTTiSL'SG. Sept 23 ?Governor Johnson. Democratic osndidate for the Vice-Presidency,arrived here yesterday noon, and was escorted W> the 9t Charles Hotel by the Democratic Committee of Reception. He was called upon by a large numl>er of citizens. In tbe aveniog an Immense num ber of tbe Democracy assembled In front of the botel, when be appeared on tbe balcony. Ob being Introduced to the audience by J udge Shannon, ne delivered an address of an hour's length In favor of non-intervention, whlcb elicited most enthusisstlc spplause. Several other speakers followed A Ulan Fsnad la J sues' Woods with his Throat Cat. New Yobs, Sept i>4 ?At aboat it o clock this morning,auiau was found In Jones' Woods with his throst and arms terribly eat He was still alive. and was taken without delay to fteUrvu* Hospital. His recovery Is deemed Improbable. It is not known whether tbe man attempted to commit suicide or whether there has been a diabolical attempt at murder, but tbe latter Is deemed the most probabla. His name is supposed to be Wllllsm Cross The Italiau Opera?Barss Renfrew PniLiocLrnia.Sept -'! ? Adelinw Pattl nuatud a Kreal cnsauon uere mil evening as vioietta in Travlita. Her triumph *m unprecedented, executing every portion In a style railing forth a furore of enthusiasm The season ends ( -morrow, and the company opens at Baltimore on Thnrsday. Baron Renfrew having declined a ball la this city, be will attend the opera, wber- a special entertainment will be given him for the purpose. The Mew V.rk Laien iicktt ngatast Lint-sin Nkw Yoax.Sept 24 ?The Union Presidential Electoral ticket a^aiust Lincoln Is understood to be finally arranged to Include six Breckinridge District Electors, via J . H B rower, Jacob 1. Weetervelt, Win. B Duncan. W. A Robbe, Mephen P. Russell and A. B Conger, and Henry 8. Randall for the Stale at large, Tn the Place of R. U. Walworth >lik?eari Politics St. Luct?, Fept 22 ?Before the leal adjournment of the Brei kinrldge State Convention, yesterday. resolution was offered, bat not acted upon, reqal'luv the Presidential Electors to vote for any candidate If neeeanrv to defeat Lincoln. Th- electoral tic et was revised and all vacancies filled. The Convention then adjourned ium dte. Base Ball Match Philadelphia, Sept 24 ?The bass ball natch which came off here this afternoon was witnessed by some fifteen hundred persons The Brooklyn bxcelsio s scored fifteen runs and the Phtlndalphlans four. The New Yorkers gave the Philsdelphlaiis credit for excellent playing. nr. Deaglas at Cleveland Cleveland, Sept 22?Mr Dong las spoke to-day to a large crowd. The andieace Erwuo the cocutry wns especially large, and the enthusiasm was great. Mr Douglas remains here till Monday, and then goe* to Tilln, Ohio. BalUnaors Markets. Baltihoeb, Sept. 25 ?Floor doll, Ohio Is lyld at 85 ?2. Wheat dull aad ile. lower, red *1 20al 3; white 91 ?>al 5? Cora dull aad lower; white Provisioned all and heavy, ... 1, ?IU nr<m> * 1 1 -\m I& l^rll l9l/> it tKrrm pin b V' ^ ^ ^ vCoffee flrm at 14 jfal5t%c Whlaky d?il ?t n^c Raw Verb nark'U Nrr You. Hr p< % - Floor firm; IMato S6 06* 5.15; Ohio *5 65*5 75, Southern %i 05a5Bi Wheat lc. higher; VVeateru red fl.-Jftai 'J6)f; white 91.38 133. Corn heavy; mixed 64 W . ProvUloaa qaiet aud unchanged. Whlaky doll al23^c. j ? EAttLE STOVE HOUSE. 1 vuh to call the atttiUon of the public to my NFW IMPROVED FEINOUR OAS COXbl'MlNG PAR LOR HF.ATF.H aa being tberer? boat awl mini MmnomKAi li?Hr mm *et ia?ee led. 1 will laara-.t; t hwn to heat from one to tour a tor tee of a house perfectly with al>oat the tame quantity of fuel aa m ordinary en to or atove would require, aiwl will furniah aaXiafitotor; reference* from reliable oitnen* of W aahioxton aod Gcorgatowa. who now hare them in uae.aa to the meriU of this heater over all other* which are offered for aale to the peblic. Please call at C, WOODWARD'S. 31# Penaeylnuua avaaua. Between 10th and 11th at*. P. S. Manufactured by ft. B. Sexton k. Co., Baltimore, Md. Par.or Heater* and all kiad* of Store* repair jA at *ho-t notioe. ?JM| C. W. 5O NOT FAIL TO CALL . AT HARVEY'S. 201 C St., burnta 1 ?to mmd 1 if*. He wit? to day ?pen hi* lonc-eatabtiahed and iwiims 4Y22fi& /o He ha* made arraueemeata to recrire^JV^BF taotly ou hand a large and verto* %>-_ twert of lucladim ererj tort known u> wmubcumi He rt?m ku kdoot* thmka |p th?ylwptwartMrgt/i^tivg^ jiato^r.n^T.^Mrutta " **'HiE V KY. C^7 COAL.. WOOD, WOOp,, I a?4*ilr rojwmoi larpo <u^l.OT oTCOAL fraw the wry h?? P*en?jh-?a*n mi am, w#?*TwuUwI at mmo fj? t ?c?? Alt?, the btfkMftkto mlOmk, PiMVCMt Hickory W OOD.cntMd Cell Hd l?or? your or^er*. R.^W^BA M 17 (Sutoa) Cor. C kad l?th ate., Mar OM?i. S^BBO?

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