Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING stiRl LOVL'S DECAY. It ?aded from nw !?tike the wavs Beeedioa from the shore; A"*) like Ute wave, it swept away AU joy *od hope, that weary day. Trae-d on life's sends before: New hope* mat bloom on tim?rs dull shore? But these may bloom?ah, nevermore. Mj life is like that ?aody shore? Monotonous and *ray. Ai d every mark hope's ft n*er makes T*te v*t? doth w?ah away? Will hwrteer rolls misfortune's waves. In their re;entleaa play. Hope's last nod deepest mark is awept By uoma udo away. > Paor. AVisa'a Halloo* Collapses?A Per-, ?ie*j ?The aacenalon of Pror W iae, In bia beautiful balloon, the ?kylark. from Peter* burg, Va . on Thursday afternoon, came near ending aerlousljr. It appears be reached an altitude of about one mlle.croaaed Jamearlver twice, and wm seen from City Point. All thla time gaa was slowly eecaplng from a small rent accident ally idu< in UJr balloon before starting. The Petersburg Express *av? About fourteen mile* from Richmond, of which city hthad i fine view, he commenced to make for a large field of several hundred acrt*, and by meant of skillfnl management descended gently towards It. lVh?n about one thousand feet from the earth, and direftty ovrr the Held, the fissure In the balloon rapidly enlarged, attaining a length of between ten and fifteen feet Th* escape of ?as was now tremendous, and the desceut fearfully rapid and direct. The professor leaped np amidst the rigging, designing to escape the shock which threatened the car upon reaching the ground. The precaution was doubtless well, but did not avert the whole danger. The car struck th" ground with Wrlble fo'ce, tbe balloon, completely collapsed, fell, and the professor w?s thrown violently backwards over the car. his back striking the rim and nearly knocking h.ia senseless. A large number of persons who were following him below and saw him fall, were unable to find him until after a long search, the descent being mad" in a sort of glen, rankly overgrown with we*ds, where he lay, hardly able to move, for half an hour, when he was discovered Wuoh was the violence of the shock that his watch bounded from his pocket, and. b?tng torn loose, was thrown several yards away. Prof W lse was not serlouslv Injured. A IIoirid MrtDsi ix Philadelphia ? Late on Friday the l?>dy of an unknown uiau was found by a citizen at the corner of Diamcnd?aud Hanrock streets, with a pistol wound lu his mouth, that evidently produced death. From the fact thai there was no pistol found near him, it was supposed to be a murder, besides the deceased had tbe appearance of having been la a severe fi^fat. His tight eye was blacked and closed; his left cheek much braiaed, and a portion of his clothing i inm tk.t > i ? A li: 1 ?ij li. 1 1 vim. 4?oi it im a mvsi rcvuitiiifc; arm cuiu-oiooata murder there cannot be a abadow of doubt. Durlug tb? Bight and Saturday moraine a vast number of persona vial ted the station-house, but none of thecu were *blr to Identify the body. Saturday afternoon, however, the body of the murdered mm was recognU;d by his sister-in-law. His name was Robert Crawford, a Scotchman bv birth, residing In Second street He was a manufacturer of ingrain carpets, and he was in the habit of ending his goods to auction. Last evening he went oat after supper for the purpose of buying car pet-yarn, telling his wife that we would be at home at half-pa it It) o'clock. He did not return d irlng the night, and the distracted wife having heard of the murder during the morning, suspected thit her husband was the victim. Mr. Crawford leaves seven children. He was a temperate and steady man, and a member of the Presbyterian Church. Within a day or two Mr. Crawford bad a sum of money stolen from his house, and a boarder in the house was robbed also recently. The deceased seldom carried much money about his period The murder appear* to have b?en a moat attrociotis and unprovoked crime, and the authorities should leave no effort untried to bring the guilty wretches to justice. Flax Mixico ? By way of Vera Cruz we hare acconntsfrom the city of Mexico to the 29th nit. The liberal army was reported to be advancing rapidly on the city. That portion which had left yueretaro 1* said to number hi.000 men, supported by seventy-six pieces of artillery, with a traiu of five hnndred wagons of ammunition and bacgage. The forces nithe South, numbering 3 UUU men, were advaccing from Cuernavaea Ortega was also expected from Guadalajara Gen. Mlramon's army at that time in and about the city is stated at 7,1>W) inen. supported by sixty or seventy pieces of artillery and it was not thought mat ue wouia r>e aijl? to command, under nay c!rram?tan< es. more than 9.0W) men xni ninety pieces of artillery. A conflict wag expected U> take place about the fc>th Instant. The most vigoroua efforts ware making to defend the city, and amongst tboae most active in providing mnni waa sSenor Pacheco, the new Span Ian Minister. P real dent J uarex. of Vera Cruz, baa refused to sur reader the bark Maria Conception, wbicb was demanded by toe Spaniab Commodore The city, b)wew, bad not been bombarded. Coi. Rcdlsk.?Very little seems to be known of Col. Rudler, who waa shot with Walker in H >1 d'tra* He waa a native of Alabanta, and se sad with credit in the Mexican war as an *4 tov r ( the Louisiana Regiment In 1^40 be went t? California, and was at onetime Deputy Marshal of the city of Stockton. He was an active wLl^ during the Presidential canvass of la&i, and was nominated by that party for the office of Sheriff of San Joaquin county in 1S54, but was defeated. In ltv&3 be dlspoaed of bis property there and joined Walker In Nicaragua. He had profound regard and esteem for Walker, and has shared in all hla expeditions, and Anally participated in bis fate. STmrcs bt Lt6nTMi5G ?Tbe achr. Anna B Hays, of Philadelphia, which left Alexandria ou Thursday for Elizabeth port, was struck by lightning during the storm, about 4 o'clock that evening. wheu off Mount Vernon, whichaosplintered her mainmast as to render it unserviceable. Several of the crew fell momentarily senseless on tbe d?ek from the shock, but none received any serious injury. The vessel returned to Alexandria for repairs. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL-?TjMsbool, G Roberts, lid; LBolomon. ?; S Smith, Rl; G Guantieii, Italy; J .McConneii, La; C W Hintnan, DC; Jno AbendtaUl, Col C VV Levy, G U olio an and fam, NY; J P Sanderson and lady, FU; J M Biekel, Pa, N Davidson. NY; G Brooke and l?dy, Ml s Brooke. Mo, F W Higby, O; VV McDuffle. J R Hogg, NY; M Snyder. NH; E S Tappan, Tenn; E / Coleman. Ky, H H Lansdale and lady. La;H ( Timauus. Fla; Miss Timanus, Md; G W Humphreys. Dist let of Columbia; W B *haw, do; N uiuvurn, v .Mooav, J A tlarwln, H E Newell, N Y; W D McMillan, J Thomas. Dr W J Boardtii&u. Dr A M Dr oke, A Mlddleton, Md; J Wittered, Cal Col BaHev, Fla; J A Waahni^ion. Ji.o Miller. C Hunford. J Clarkaon, Va; A Trurabo. J Bolst O Buiet, Mia* Balst, HO; C Plebel, E Motry, Pa; J Barker, La; W Mllburn and fain,Tea; E Albro and ly, NS. BROWNS' HOTEL -H M Minor, J Brooks, Kv. 8 T Montgomery, Md; C Fitzhugb, Va; H ? Twiggs and ly, EY; J Mllner and ly.C Striking, Ala M Hall. L W Elliott, O, H 9 Harris. Pa; J E Taeton, V?; H S'ailey. J S Stafford. J E She 4oo, NY; T B Hadi<?y, Mra P H Skiff, T*z; W * Jefferaoy. ICy; J Greeno'igh. NY; J Stiewalter.|La; | W A Ske^rait r. Miaa; O Smith D A Smith. Va; J Rand* and ly, 111, J Samerack.On; R Kreter, Ga; H M Fuller, Maas, W Ilawkerworth and ly, 8C KIRK WOOD HOUSE ? R O Lindsay and daughter, NC; C Splngler, I f; F Shlndao, Eng; J H R' Ian, Pa; G C Taliaferro. V?; J Vcn Dttaen, Pj: J Flinuer and ly, NC: H R Smith. Va; Mlaa E SmHb, L E Havage. NY; Mra Dongh'-rty and fan. S ; J C Napln. Mlaa, J Miller, Mtob; C N CheTn?r, N J; T W Tldmareh and aon. A Nlr?m, RC, J M Hunt NY, J Buruatde, Va; Mra O ileaaan and child, NY. WASHINGTON HOl?E -J James. Mich; R B >wliag, Md, W Turner, W Jamra, NY. ^Hfc UNION W1L STAND. NO MATTER 1 W HO'S PRESIDENT! Cona??iien*iy 1 ahall remain in Washington and eontinae to jnraue my occupation "f HOL'SK. ?10N and ORNAMENTAL PaINTING. Gild ice in all >ta b aootira. Od Glazing promptly attended to. I'tunbng and Ornamenting Cottage Keraitere in the b?et style- lalao, cal" attention to the Punting of Roofs and Briok Walla. All of the abore! will do aa oheap as tAe cheepeet. J therefore solicit the patronage of my friend* aad fellow etUsens of the Diatrioi. Panotaality emot y obeerved, and work done in the beet man,Y'ob wiilalea*? mind roar sloes and atop at M. 7 m. i*^^ainUBg Eaiel^ialimeat, Na 99' ii .. 9i 51 Louisiana av , north aide, between 8th ard 7th ate. f. 8 SIIQJ But - f'? ? " uu*r?e'" Mm*1" VL'iiEELEK A WILSON'S UNRIVALLED Family towlic nachlMi, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, which reader then absolutely all that eaa be deeired, AT THE MEW AGENCY. Ku> 341 rsMMTLTAWU Avasc*, aaa* 7th street. With fnstTuoU(?M?fr?elofoharie. aia ii P. J. STEER, Aj?fc, | W" ?A? FIXTURES. -/tt. Mare ia ?to<<, kaa art <ia< j leceiTOM, Via P/JTf/iWofwtiwiT Pattern* and U?? |n? aad I* iUtah. ?upcnt>r m ?tj le to aaything heretv ora otferfd iu this market. We iimteeitisens ?j to oait atm! MMun? our atock of Ua? ami Water Put tare#, feetou* e?tt.d?nt that *? hare the boat W?ej>jrt etouh ia W??innru>a. AC Werk ia thealiuvs Ime intrusted to onr care viUWpraai^y au^.:.i?d to. , MYERS AMoGHAN. ?rfr-M 37W I) str?*. ^1N? PIANO* FOR RENT OR SALE, MISCELLANEOUS. | I>~" *" [No. 667J 1 PROCLAMATION, KV THK PRESIDENT OF THE I'fnTED STATES*. | For the Sale of Valuable Land* in the late iV#o Yorl Italian Reserve, Katisa*. In pnrsnanc* of law, I, Jams* Buchanan, Prf?ident of the Unito<l States of Araenoa,do her- by d#elareand make known tftat public sales will bo he.o at th" undermentioned Lkm Otfior, in the Territory of Iihh, at the period* hereinafter deaig nated, to wit: At the Land Office at Fokt Scott, commenoin* on Monday, the 3d day of l>e?ember next, for the disposal ofaubh of the pabiio lands not covered by individual Indian looations as are situated within |ke following townships and parts of townships iu the late reserve above mentioned lor the New York Indians, viz: I South i" Ik* bas* hnt an.I *mst oi tht firth principal I murtdiun, mit'lim the t<t>e?*hipt anjpmrti of ton* skip* filling irithm taid rtitrvt. The trseUor parcel* in tue parts of townshipa 33,24.2b, end 26. of ranee 25 the tracts or ptrocl s in the part of township 21, in townahips 34 and 25, and in the part of 36, of ranee 2t. The crvti or pnroola in the part of township 23. in township* 24 am! 25, and in tha part of 4>, cf range 2S. The tracts or paro?l? in th? part of township 23. in townships 24 and 15, and iu the part r>! JO, of ranee 22. Tha tracts or parcels in tha part of township 28. in townships 24 and 25. and in the part cf 2i. pi rangail. ... 'I ha traota or paroels in the part of township 23, in townships 24 and 2-S and in tha part cf 26, or rancoM. Toe traota or paroala in the^art of towpahip 23. in townshipa 24 and 25, and in tha part of 26, of ranee 19. Tne tracti or paroala in tha part of township 23, in townshipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, oi ranee 18. The traota or paroala in the part of townahip 23, in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of range 17. At the Land Office at Foxt Scott, commencing on Monday, tha 17th day of December next, for the disposal of anoh of the public landa not covered by individual Indian locations aa are situated within the following townships and parts of townat>ipa in the iatp reserve above-anontioned for New York Indians, vis: South of the bas* line and east of the firth principal meridian, and in the toienshirs and parts of townthips falling within said reserve. The tiacts or paroels in tha part of township 23 in townships 24 and 23. and in the part of 28, of ranee 18. Tne tracts or paroels in the part of township 29, ia townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 2s of ranee IS Tne traota or paroels in the part of townahip 23, 11 township* *4 and 25. and in the n&rt nf oi ranee 14. Tne tract* or pa-ce!? in the part of townskip J3. ia township* 24 and Jj, and 10 the part oi 26, of ranee 13. The tract* or parcel* In the part of township 23, in townships 24 and S3, and in the part of 26, of 'anee 12 The tracts or parcels in the part. of township 23, in tarwnships 94 and S6, and in the part of a>, of ranRe n. The tracU or paroels in tho part of townshi* 23, in townships 21 and it, and in the part of i6, of ranee 10. The tracts or parcels in the part of township 25, in townships 21 and 13, and in (ho part of 26, of ran?e 9. The tracts or parcels in the parts of townships 2B, 24, IS, and 28, of range 8. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military ludiar., and otk*r purports, will l>e ex eluded from tho sales, t?eether with the tracts covered by individual Indian locations, descriptive lists of which have been furnished tie local officers. The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which tbej are advertised, until the whole shall have t>een offered, and the Males thus closed ; but no sale shall be k?pt open longer than t wo weess. and no private entry of any of the lands will be permitted until after tne expiration of the tw<> weeks. Given under n?v hand, at the city of Washington, this 31st day of August, anu<> Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. dj me rresiaent: jo?. s. wllso*, Commissioner of the General Land Olio*. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any <>f the lands within the townships or parts of townships above enumerated is requfed to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the Land Office, and make payment thertjore a* toon a.t practicable after seeing tkts notice. and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. JOS. S. WILSON, Commissioner of tbe General Land OfRoe. Not*.?Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore and ni>w existing, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations except to such publishers as are srerially authorized lopublish by tlie Commissioner of the General Land Office, an m IOOK TO YOUR INTEREST, ^URCHAg ^ F.RS OF CABINET FURN1 fURK. We hare now in store and daily receiving the largest, handsomest and cheapest lot of Caltinet Furniture ever offered to the citizens of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria, which we our dial y invite ail whodeme furnishing to eall and examine for themselves. Our stnok finb aces every coiic lvable article necessary to furnish a parlort ha.!, dining room, chamber, and kitoheu. Our extensive stock is too numerous to partiou arise. Weouly na?oe a few of the leading a:tides, such as. til: Rosewood. Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Suits, upholstered in a superior manner in Brocatelle, Si k flush. Lasting and Bair Cloth, G'it frame Mantel. Pier arul other U lasses. Gilt Base Tub es, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slabs, Gothio and other handsome Reception Chairs, in Brocatelle. Plush. Rush and Can* Seats. Eteceres, with Marble-tops and Mirror Backs, Do. Parlor Desks and Whataots. Rosewood, WaUmtand Mahogany Bureaus. Washstands, B?drteads and Ward roues, vary handsome and ch?a?, Collate Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation ?>ak, M??!e and Pointed. with or without Tops, Marb e top Ilatracks, lu Oak and Walnut, Iron Hatraoks, Hall Stands, Hecetiries, bookcases. Shaving Stands, Mamie top Center Tables, Hair and shuck Mat'.-esse?, earner Bolsters and Pillows, 0 *;omiort?, l{ui!t?, Towela, ko. In addition to our ?w>ck of Fnrnitnrfe our firat Moor ooitMni a lar*e and well aeieoted atook of China, U at* and Crockery, Plated (iocdr. Japan? ? Ware. Tal?le Cutlery, Britannia War?, Blocktin Good*, Hasketa. Hr jahea, A.o.. altogether firmin? * oompl-ite wtefy of every thing reoeaaary to farr.iau a fcouae m all iia apar'menta C W. RMTBLER & SONS, Iron Hall, No. *1* P'nn. avenue, a* 17-MAT htf l^twu-n 9th and 'ftth *ta. "GET THE BE6T." TEOMSON'SCELEBRATED SKIRTS. NOVELTIES FOR AUTUMN, I860 The Eafeale Pari* Gtre. ?* Unilititlaa. ?? laatktra Qaeea. ? fratry. ?* ParUiaa Traia. ? Zephyr. Remodelled from the lateet Parisian designa. Manufactured aolely by ua from Thomaon'e Patent Improved CorragatM Springs and Inimitable Wedre SliH? ?*'-? -? J - - _ . ? , V>? immpru WltD our DUM j and trade intrk, the Crown. For ?a'e everywhere. The Brat la th? Cheapest. W. 8. A C. H. THOMSON * CO., 336 Broadway, Nrw Yoga, aa < M&ThtlsttepJtlawlm |\] ATiONAL SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, glllll stiiit, Bttwen Bruigt and Water struts, Ueotretown, D. C. A large stock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Castile and Fancy SOAPS, Alto, TALLOW and GREASE for Locomotives, Steamboats, and all kinds of machinery, always on hand, and for sale at prioes to sait the trad* c. b. jewell, Proprietor. ty lt-aotf Regular steaJT^acket line beTWEEN BALTIMORE AND W AS H I N G T O N.-Leave moroe st. wharf, Baltimore, as ?Tbe St Nichol- s every WEDNESDAY,at p. m. Colcmbi a , every SATU RD A Y, at fa. m. Leave Riley's Wharf, at the foot of lfth street, Waahiarton, aa follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. St. Nicholas, every SATURDAY,atta. a. For freight, *o., apelt to THOS. W. RILEY, Afant, Riley's Wharf.atjJiefootof nr.ar_! -T A T*m tlth at, Washington b' a n v l s h A K F E R i FAMILY GROCKRVA'nIjVEED STORE, CtntT of iV?w \mk (MM and Tmuk ilrtK. Reipaotfuily aoheita the eatronaae of thoMW am bt in wait of aay irtitfi in tto u?? liaa. Hit tmlearere ah* JI be to yliim, and by a tnot attention to the vtiti el the pablio, km hopee to merit ft l^?t.i'kWoo!Ii^unof every artieJe neaallj Job} fouatl la a ftret-oiaae Family Orooery and Feed Store. ma H-tf T??? BALZAC'S NEW NOVKI.. , HR Grtabwea&iMl Ueolmeuf Ceaear Birolteard, frv?? ta? Freueh ofHooore da Uaicao, tranalated ?M4 oomwr Riarwnth et- an?1 Pa. a*. W ? ? D aXK. 0 ? a l ; IM?? | TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE REMOVED TO IS<?. 16 MARKET Space, Penn. avenue, between *thaud^^a ! 9th streets. where 1 will be happy to wmIHM on all who will favor mo with a call vithf W Lfine ?tooc or BOOTS M;d AH< ?ES fur1 Gents\lioys\Mis&es' and Children'* wear. ant eotr J. ROSENTHAI>. gJOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT TMK D TIMES. Woaroaowmanii?ftcturin*all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and constant! v receiving laAa supply o( eastern made work of aver* d<-W| seription, made expressly to order, and willW Vw be sold at a much lower prioethan hu bw" Hk heretofore charged in Chia oity for mnok inferior Articles. Persons in want of Hoots and Shoes vf eastern or oity made work, will always find a food assortmen in storeand at tke lowest prices. Vivo us a oall, 6RIFF1N A HRO., apl-r HI4 Pennsylvania aveuue. tMVK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived Una day. emt>r&oiu? ail iu?li-eeeQe UM and sites of Bote Leather, Ladiee'Ktffll Dress and Packing Trunks. Our trunk^ ** sales room exhibit* at this time the greatest variety ol traveling re* amies, at moderate prices, to be found this side of New York. Also.eveW description of LADIES' 11*1' BOX KB, V ALICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao. Ip-Old Truuks repaired or taken in exohange for new ores. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO., Trunk Sales Room, _mar_SMf 38a Pa. iwwt SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 Ttb StEBIT, Orvositt Odd follow*' Hail, Waskitmton, D. C. Travelers will studj their interests Dj examimn my TRUNKS, VALICES Ao., >efore pur nm chasing elsewere As 1 use none bnt thrHMR best material the market affords and employ*****" the best workmen, 1 oan confidently recommend my work to be superior in Strength and Durmbility to Trunks that are made in other cities and sold here. I keep oonstantly on hand, and make to order (on one week's notioe) every description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME PKENCH DRESS nd WOOD POX TRUNKS; ASHLAND *md othtr VALICES; TRAVELINO BAGS', HARNESS: SADDLES: WHIPS. +t.. tte. Trunk*, Ac., Repaired and Covered, is a workmanlike manner, at short notice. Trunks delivered in any part of th? oity, Gaorjelown, or Alexandria. Also?Arent for Howe's celebrated FAMILY 9e WIN6 MACHINES. de 1S-1t JAM KB 8. TOPHAM. TKA V ELEitb' D1KECTOKY. Daily line of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER A1ARLBORO', " Mail. The undersign u are now running Daily, (exoept Sunday.) Four hinge Coaches hetweon Washington and Upper Marl boro', an follows : Leave the Steaml>na? Hotel, corner of Seventh street and Pa. at" o'clock a. in. Returmufc leave Upper Marllwo' at 11 o'clock a. m..and arrive in \V automaton at 3o'clock, in time to connect with thf 3.20 p. ra. t am fir Baltimore. The Coaches are new and commodious, the teams lirst-c'ass in the hands of careful and acoommodatlftK drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro. AO cents. To Long Old Fields .25 " To Centerville Jl ' Freight aud pacC^s^s in proportion. a<i 13-ti" OSBOKN k CO , Proprletoro._ Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Chakok of Hocas. . ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th. iw, tr&im win run umuowi: Lmn Wanhington at P 8>) and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington m 3^> and bJ0 p. m. On 8nmiar at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.2* and 8 4ft a. m. Lear* Baltimore at 3.15 and 4 JO p. m. On hu ndar at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for th? East will take trains at ftJO and 7.4?> a. m aud 3 p. in. For the West at 7.4't a. m. and &20 p. m. For Anuapolis at 7.40 a m- and a.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4<> a. m. On Saturday evening theSJO p. m. train fooe te Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS,Agent. NEW ORLEANS X3XT TaZtXIXI XXA.'VflI WITH TBM CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Vja. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis anA Charleston, Mississipjn Central, Nfte Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MKMPHW~RQUTE: Memphis by Rail.thenoe hp Pi rut class P&okftta to now unmuia, MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROL'TE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe t>> Mobile by First ciaj* Packets. Mobiln to Now Orieuis by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS? NCSDAYS Iwcludxd, Leave Washington at 6 *. m. mad 6pm TheStwanier GEORGE PAGE leav?? her wharf foot of Seventh ftreet at GM a. in. an<l 63*' p. m. and oounoota at Alexandria with tbe Oranje and Alex andria Trains for tli* Sonthwent. Olfioe? Pennsylvania a/onue, corner of Sixth at. MMA01 CBIOKBD THROUGH TO HBW ORLBAMI. Lynchburg ? v. Memphis .........>31 W Bristol ?? 15i*i Atlanta 2fi 00 Knoxville _ .?_H'00 Maoon 2S Go Chattanooga .34 00 Columbus ? ?. 31 fio Da! ton ... 24 uo Monteom^u SB o? Hu-.trvilie .27 ?jo ) viaAlemptvis.42 so Grand Jnnotion??30 no N.O.> naG. June. .42 50 Nashville 26 K>l S via Mobile...45 on THIS ROUTE 18 FHSTIRELY BY RAIL and is 400 MILES SHORTER, and 44 HOURS LBSS IN TIME than any other l-iae? the Lynnhburc Extensiou beir.f, now completed, as also the Mississippi Centra!, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars! I To New Orleans T8 Hours. Memphis 44 do. Montgomery ?.?...#3 do. Nashville ? 4? do. IDTThe U.S. MAlLaTd ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tiokets oan be obtained at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the folio wine points: Lynobburet Bristol, KnoxviDe, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Hnntsville. Grand Juaotloa, Uaoon, Nashville, Dal ton. Columbus, Montfom.RfcwMSMj.EA^.mfhU. ICT THKOVOH TTCKET8 TO THE VARIOUS V1KUIX1A SFRJNOS. fE7*Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the uAoe at 6 a. m. aud 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Agent, ml 23Jtr Corner Sixth ?t.and Pa?av. T*HF. STEAMER J AS. ?UY Will reeume hei I trip* on TUESDAY, ttst of JC0* ? Pebrnar v. I860. Will Mav* WASH INHTON ever? TUESDAY and^""^" FRIDAY, at 6 o'clock a. in..and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN arid the intermediate Landing*. On her return tries, she ill leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. ni. LUCIAN S. PA?E, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU8H. Ag't. Alexandria. fe? Passage, F^cOTd^?OKMEALS ami STATEROOM. ?T.*0. I the New York and Virginia bcrew Bteamshl) Company's new and elegant steara?hip f-f a MOUNT VERNON, Capt.T.C. Smith, will leave the Company's Dopot, Wes-*^^^^* tern Wharves, at 11'o'clock a. m. every WEDN ESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at I o'clock p. m. same day. Paeieoser* from Washington and Georgetown i oantake the coaches oonoecang with Alexandria steami>oats or railroad, whioh leave the oorner aj Tth str'eet and Pa. aveoae hourly, or they oan leave on the steasaer from the Western Wharves at II Stores??; fur" Inssranee will be effected on nil goods by thlsline at the oftoa of the Company at K par earn 'lThe>M?onimodatloaB tor paeseagera by this lias York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or paaeago apply to POWLE * 00.. AcenU. Alexandria. ... N?w v?fl;?itN9TON TM BumwMWNT VERNON *tli !?? !?^^rSa^wg^Hi?sa will be projujtly UEhUred to and from tt# wtmmm try the ?n<ieri>:icn?a. . . f QTS OF F1AWQ8 POR RENT AT LOW LI r?tM. Piano* for atle on the nofj^gaH re*aonabl? terra.. .flr?U t*r*?HiB?? otdWy^J Piiutoa ; *l?o, 10 Guittrt, VlolIM, M?-* * lodeota, Aocordeona, ?o. jqhn p E| | M >5 eoU> *f f nt for Chiekermt k. Hor.a' Piano*. Persons or tartar a auralua of hoaeefcold effoola cau find readr aala itf S'Ktf i/V.mi.h?oc Store, flffttreot, bo^Tmoi M *tT**to,Tw5?tPH BUCHLY. I ? MKDIOliVES. D* ,wusa:?i-e?? LOCK. HOSPITAL, H*i DiuturU Uu mat r?riat?. 9?irf|r.?U mU| Sgutnal JUwudf m t4< Wcrtd, FOR A LI- DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELFTACY PR STENT. APPLY IMMBD ATELY. A CWHS WARRANTED. OK NO CHARUM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VMliMKlki Itil.limiiiM aad llUdir, i???l?nurj Dwlttfii, lmcattnty, ( mni Ptkiln;, Harraaanaaa, Dyapapay, Ur f aar.La* Ipinla, Onf?r?j af Idaat, Pa! pi U nan aflkf Baari.^ivtdTtT, TraaatUafa, Dusm cf 8\fhi ar Jidd-raaa, Oniui af laa Maad, Tkrwt, Matter Un<,A(tuu?.i?ltlii Lmji, Iwaact h 4avaia? Smi Tambla Diaaruata uu?| (ram taluaIJ Bab'ta at Yaatii?ihaaa Draaiifal aad Daauaclita Pricucta vhtck mdar Htrmji lapaatikU.aad daatray kata lady a ad Mt*4 TO flit Mil Bapaaially wka kt?i kteatna tka riatioa af Mltary Tlaa, thel draadfal and daatraetira kakit which acaaall? a vaapa la an antlmaly graaa ibaaaaodt af Ymmmg Mau a( in a aaai ataltad talanu aud krtilani iiKiliaci, wLa mi*hi atharviaa baas antraucad liataniuf Saaataa with tka tkaiidara afalaiaanta at akad ta tattaay tka liataf lyrt, may aall with fall aaatMUIIA.I MIUIU Yaauj MaaaaataapUUat Mai rtaga, bawif awaraaf akyaiaal waakatai, arfaait daklUty, dtjarmiuaa, 4a.. ataadilt cartd. a wha alaeaa htmtali andar tka aura af Dt. J. say rallftaaalr could a in hrt hdatar aa a (aatiaaaa a ad aaaidaMiy iai) apati kia akill at a yhyataiaa. orriCB Ha. T lom FBBUKUC4 ITKKCT, I aft hand aida raanf fraaa Bai'itaan air a at, a fa? daara fraa tka wan. rail oat taakaarrt itai ud aaatn. kauan ail ka paid tad taatala a ataay. 04. jomnrt'jM, Mtaken af tka fcayal Callaf iflUfHu, Mn, fniuN frarn ana af tka mm aminaat Callaf in at Itiwl 1?m?t and tb* ftaatar MttrftliMi iif? ku Mm ifMtli tka ka? tuli af Laodan, Pari*, rhiUdtlchia mad iImvUn, ku f?ct?d aatn* *1 tb* matt aataMibiaj tun tbil wtr* l?tl knawn; wuxj Uaik'.ti with ringing in tb* btad ind mm vkin ultip; frttt mi'niMi, balaf ilanotd at kMn Mlodi, baaKMndit Wttb friqaaat klataiuf, attaadtd taiaaMatt with daraofaaaat af mind, vara aartd lantdlaltlf. Till PARTiC KOTKjr. Tn>( Man and all art wba haaa wjartd ibamaaiTta by a lituia praauet mdal j?d in whtn alaot?a habit frfjttatly taamad frtm aril campaniant, at at Khaal, tha afttu af Which ara nifbtly ftlt*??n whan trtttf. ?nd it oat tartd. randara marnaya tanpaaaikla, tad balk *4?d IM bad*, abaald apply inraadiataly. Tbaaa ara Mai af lkt tad and atlaathaly iflcU aradattd by aarli habita afyaath wit t Waaknttt af tha litck aad liaba, IV.q* in tb* Naad, Dirnna** of Mifht, Lata af Mucaial Pawar, Palpitatian af tba Niari,Dyipfp*/, Naiiiai IrrtuMii17, Diraaf (aantaf tha Difauir* Fanc'.iant, Sanarai Dtbillty, ymriomt of Conaamftian, 4c. M?MTALL Y.?Tn* fctrfal ?f acta an tk* aind ara matk u ki dr*ad*d?Louaf M*nary,Canfa*ian afldtaa, Davrtaaiaa af Spirit*, Erii rarhaduiaa, Ar?ra an af (aetata, tiif-DiKraat, kataaf o.itadt, Timidity, *ta., iia aaaaa af tka aaila *f? daead. NJCRYOM DCIlfcrTT ?Tfcaaitad* aaa aaw)adra what lath* eaaia oflhair daeliniof bialtb, iaainr thair aiaar.kaaaninf w*tl, pal#, narraaa aad amaeiatad. haTTf inn filar tppaarue* abaai tha ay??, caayb oriymptaaaaf caoaaapuaa DISEASE* OP IMFRCPEN^IC. Wk?n tha mitf?ld?d Mid impra^tn aatary af pt**tar* (ait mm hi iropioou ..? m | ;s IIMIM, It tos mil bappin* usat in ill-thriii tint* of than* or dried of dt?co?try d<t?n him from applyiag t? thooa wKo.fron iIkiUw u< ritpoetohiiity, cmi imm bofritnri Mm. fall* in'.o Ul band* of i|ninnt and dau|Din| prtiondar*, wb?, KiUMkll f carts*, llch hi* ptcamary *aMUDC*.ka*p blai irifiDf nwth iliir month, rr ? Ion* a* th* traolUit To* em bt obtained, and in daopair loir* fcim with rainad boaltk to olfb o>*r bio railing dioappctntmaoti or by (bo ** of that da nil* poioon, Marcary, baataa iba csa?eiMi??1 lyrrjptom* of ihu torribl* diataa*, aach aa Aftcuao* of ib* Start. Threat, Haai, kin,As., progr*t*irg with friftitfkl rapidity, tilt 4litb pat* a airiod to hu drtadfal aafariaa* by uMmy bint# tbat awiiKtrarid caantry from vbMiMUM n* intitir iltmi. DA. JOUHOMVAEMBDY ro* ORG A VIC ftAUM AMD IMPOT&NCY. By (blagrtu *ad lapmutraaidy waakaoatof tbaorgaai Ul ipaidlly cartd and fall rigor raitarad. Tboaaaafc of tbl oat nirroat and dthlliutld, vka had !aat all baft, bars btac Immadiatoly rilurid. All impediment* ta Marriage. Pbyataal or Mortal Dtaaaatt* leatioao, Lea* of Protiaailti rower, Riria Irritability Trembling and WitluHi 01 Exkiaouac of Ul MttMiW klad if uidily cartd. .. EMnnMEMurr or tee um. TEE MANY THOVBAKPt earid atlhii inotltattM wltEk I tko laot oe*enteen year*, oad tk* nsmiraao important *erat aleporauene performed ay Dr. Jehneon, wilneeeed by Ul reporter* of tho pnpere and aeany ?Uer piroooa, nati*** at wbrch brri ippiarid again and again before .be pablit, betUia hittunatng ri a fiTjinn of ibarattirtad r*imd lllty, I* a atom gaarantee to tJi aElaied. |aa LAly a. J. BOVKE DUD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being used from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, anl the universal verdict of all who use tnem either as a vudtci*4 or a* a bertmge, is that they are unnurpseed in the world Dr. Dods used them sa^eeetfully in his practice for X years before we purchased of hira the sole right to maenfaoture and present them for wle to the puhiio. For the cure of Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, Djs r vrw.?T * 4..7B, tig. ivua r OIUOIO VfUlU plaint*, and all caifts rcfcirin* a tonic, th?y are beyond doat>t a rnont invaluable remedy. Aside from their medicinal properties they aro a pore, wtaoje ome and delightful Dover***, producmr all the pieanant exhilarating etiecta of Brandy or Win* without their injurious results. l-et all friend a of humanity and ati advocate* of temperanoe aaslst un in substituingthese valuable Vegetable Bitten for the tninrrnl poisons and adwiteratrA Liqiw* with whioh the country la Hooded, and thereby effeo'ua.iy aid in ban.shinf Disease and Drunkeneas trout the laud. t'HA KI,Kf WIDD1F1KLD ft CO., Fro,rietor<, 79 William atreet. New York. J. SCHWARZE. A cent, Washington, D. C. OK. J BOVKK UOim* IMPERIAL GIN FITTERS, For Diseases of the Kidney a. Bladder and Urinary Organ*, and especially for Femain Obatmotiona, never fail to cure, and are warranted to jive satia taction. CHaRLKS WIDDIFIRLD ft CO.. Froprietoia, 7*? William at.. New Y'ork. J. 9CHWARZB, jeT ly.r Agent. Washington. D. O. JOV for TUKS1CK AND HIIFFKBINO. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED UKAP! APPLY THE REMEDY MUT) REJOICE IN HEALTH. Friend, do you suffer? Are you the victim of an, of those uumeroua ailments which ariae iroin impurity of the blood.' What are hoy. do you aak? KaUier ask, what aro ihey not.' The blood la the acuroe ol life and health, and it is the lirat e.ement of onr beitt? to respond to any cause which affecta th? syetem, as the pulse Infallibly atteata The ever prevailing N*uralgia, the irritating F.rva pe a*, the auhtle Scrofula, ?he agonising Kheumatiara. Nervoua Deliili'y, Dyspepsia, Liver Coinp'auit with ita torpor and d.-jection, ar.d ihe numberleas ilia tiiat flesh u neir to,derive 'heir hideous origin from the blood. Den' kind'; the* and gently with the blood. the vitalizing resources of nature tor its aid. and suffer un to oommend to yoar eonfidenoe and use that truly valuable medicament known as MRS.M. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this>st infallible epecific popular sentiment has spoken in d-cided terms, and the ?videnoee of this great efficacy are sustained by oonstant avowals of curative effects and tli* happiest result* from its um are af'er a:l other remedies and the best medical skill have failed. Let as say, in ooociusion, that certificates onrei are not mmkl from lb? illit?r>l* m.?iH .nur. fioial, hat they are volunteered from the in'-afTespectabie sources an-1 justify the highe?t teuns in which it is possible to commend so valuable a ?pecifio to pub ic approval. We may add alio that tne curative properties ofthomedioine are equalled only by ita restorative effects. the iyit?m recovering from disease witii renewed constitutional vigor. For aaie by all respectable Druggists in this oity, ana by tne proprietor, MRS. M. COX, >oce genuine unless her came is b.own on the bottle and her seal on the oork K" Pnoe ft per bottle, six bottle* for #5. ttlttaU Agent. R. H. T. C188EL. Druggist, Georgetown, JL? O., Wholesale Agent far the Dia trior, and will supply the trade at ray prices. an 18 tr 279 JKHKB"' 206 Pa. Av*., FOREIGN KRU1T8, Pi Avi, *.10 *11(4ju. CONFECTIONS, Wiilmrft k*uL Sags leave to call the attention of hia friendalani e public generally to hia New Store, nnder WUt8.r<Pi Hotel, jn*t opened, in oonnex ion with hia old establishment, where he wul be haper to rase! ve any ordara for aaparior Connotiona of his ova importation. Xiao, all ordera for Dincsra, Bappera, Ballp, and Private Parties, which will be eerred up in hia inimitable at* le, with the same arorap^aeaa and dis??.tnh whmh he ha< hitherto shown. oe ? AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to eaooate any ordara with which they may be favored in the PLUMBING, 6AgO^ S-JEAM FITT1NB fCT Store on 9th street, a lew' doora north of Pa, avnnuo, where may be found a oomRlete assortment of CHANDELlKRH and other GAB,STEAM aaj WATER FIXTURES. iayrw PURE OLD RYE WHISKY.?On hand aevera brand* of Pure Old Rye Whlrky, Copper Dietilled. made by the moat reliable diatillera in Pens* avlvaaia, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pare. Also, Imported Hrandiee, Henneeey, Otard. Dapay Branny ."pare Hoflwid ?6l?o!i Jamaica a?l^t! Croix Ram, and Wines of every varietyTaTi of standard brands. A ohoiee lot of Qigara and Toby?;,v We Havea?o^VAp%UU^5ion.. Readers I and Spell-rs that were damaged a little by water in the steamer from New York, which will be aold for ba f the uaual price. BLANCIIARD * MOHUN, 4 Corner lith ?t. aad Pa. av. LP LOUR, MEAL, MILL FEED, Ao. r Just reoeived on consignmentCD bbla- superior brand of fkraah (round Fatally, Extra and Superfine Flour, 90 bbla. No. 1 Rye do.. Fresh ground Corn Meal and Mill Feed of all kiada eons'antly on liand. for aale low in lote to salt. au 26 6.n D. L. MORRISON A CO. Jl'ST Reoelred f^oi^the Virginia OH Company Wbarrels prime PARAFiNK COAL OIL, wlitoh ia warranted equal to the Mew Y?kas Boetoa eaL The trade oan oe supplied on the same taring as % "" ... A L is: A. J?Jk Aisi 4N? XXX. ALB t! g?ft w&gaaiBl^igiiagir 275 ,ALkEN 275 acfioN, * L 1# T M * M M <? , Pnnu. Arm, ,t BKwm nth and UU rtrtik j? u CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WAHB1MUTON CARRIA9E FACTORY. D Sti ft, Hitwtm 9tk mud \Hk StttH*. We bar* j*?t ^iiiM ft nnnby of irK iltw ?lRRTage?, m Lvk? ifont, Park ^A'??u, famtiw Omr vRW rUtet, mmd Bmttut, ?ft.'* W? VlU T?r? amall profit. B?m praoitcai aMohaalaa ift difftrfnt ferftwsfcM of tho wuiBNft, wa flatier toa? k?*t LheatflM and quality of wort that v"fll Hf faotion, oorahitimi ligktnooa, comfort Mmbui Kopalrlnf nn?mptl? and oar?f?iiT m-M to *e M Coaohmaknra, avcooaaora to Wa. T. Hook. _ftf jW^llT T0AKI1A9K8. HE Saboaribor uarim rrada addition to U taolory. makio< it nov on? of the iart ib the Diatrict, vtier* iiia facmtea forv^^MK mai.BfaotnnrrCARKIASK A iJtiHT*S"^t WAWON8 of all kioda oanaot bo awryaaarl, u4 from tua lont asport^aco im too baainaaa, k? koyaa ft* #IM fArkAr&i aaii afla#?ll<w All kiocU of CarriagMu< 1*1 Ut WliMtktHM & MM r *n?, %mi ai: *rim% prmm? 5*ia"'wgr DENTlSTRrT ~ Dr. M U NScK^ b Hi^d* &i.d rctnMdkii profession. Office awl hoase at 463 K ?t. .d Vj Uiirt) dotn ?ut of l*txth. In addition t- MNv very ?'her approved ?tjle. l>r. M. baa seT**' 1 ,iJ tcrh on euloanite Bee? (or the last tliiee rears, and, from ex per tenoe, knows it exoels all others, snd is ous-thiid teas in price than goto Mis ola Ctroos of Wa?h ngton. Alexsnurla, ard Geor*?en are reapoctrnlly sotioltert t<? call. a?g eoiy D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOMlr* riaa closed his oftioe for the season, aad will Ik> absent, a*nanal. during the sum mer months ; will roaume practice about tl?e )?t sf October. of which further aotlps Will be gir?a. ir m D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a p-actioa tort of tvw ?safs feels that ke can wit/i ooohdence roooss /wa end the Gheop'satio Frooes* foi inserUncftflMM artifteial teeth. It nas the auvartagea oPri r nJ strength, heaatr.oleanltnoss^a&d ouotpnes*. Fal Offer seta inserted for #26. Partial .n proportion. Offloe 300 Fa. arenas. se 1 HU&J&LIjA W JKOU 8. OWE'SIMPR^VED WEIGHING 9CALW These Scales are offered to the public as th? most simple, dnrabie, atu 'eliable soales srer est IB ase. Firrtctaes prwmistns u>re be*B.awardMta?a k? tka I in L'sir Vtpsmia Aen.ia.faral Xfj WW fcTvot*-" rati BIN *i?.u?4Jk| ivBitmiw ; Vir*mia t*tate Aariauin.'rai.Fair; Franklia Inetitatc lair, I'eur.aylvar.ia; Ne* N ort fftat* rait; Vermont Plate Fair, Jfcc., Ac. Id pth^T eaae where zfcihited th*y aave reoenred first elm*.* prornxmrn* ror m??t Louisiana i*ibo?, Depot^ Buwra Chll ed I roc ttffi. da IS-It E* C. PATTIftON. A|.*0?. fE/ABHINGTON SEWING ROOMS. TT MM ??4 <ln iwe doors North of ra. Ave. Flaw la Ue time to set SPRING and ?UMNE1 SmIKTi* iwvie "f to order. Tae haonberla prepared to make SHIFT*, JiRAWFRB. Ae., at tka SWk"T' puta. ro'f0T0MAC WATtB, I Km still entered id the PL.I MH1NG and GAS FITTING BltelNKS** ?t in? oldataod ia Phiikarmonio Hall. Th?? advantage of havmr a pleptinL' aupply of water waa readily observed at the fire m Eeeterday.a0 I am well *ati?fied I ?How Id have beea nriifd oat hat tor the bnaotifal (apply apor Bf premi*ea and th?t of my neighbors All orders f<?r the introduction of Water and Gas will l?e prcinpi t Ktu>adrd to. Term* aa reasonable u any plumber in the city. > JyS C. SNVDEE. / ^ / EOONOMT ^Vx (:*&,'? DISPATCH! ^ v-/vSa?e the Pieeei! A? aectdent 1 will hmpjun, seen m iwU-rmilW< fomilus, it it very desirable to bare waeikMf and convenient way for repairinc F arm tare. Tore, Crockery, Ac. 8PAI,Dltfl'S PREPARED 8LDI meets all euoh emergenoiea. and ao hoaeehold eaa Effnrd ti) Without it. It ia tlwm rmm Am Ami mm to the lucxinc point. There ia bo loacar ft snnaity for nnpir* ehafra, phntcrrd reneora, headlaaa dofla, and broken orftdlea. It ia iaat the article for oCn*, a hall. aod other oraQnienta] work, m fOfmmg wit* l**li*a "i refinement ftod Hit*. Thia imirftL.e preparation la aaad aold, beiac chemioall* in olution, and poaaewinc all tJ? SlSbUaaaliw* of U>e b*gt c*!?inet makera* alaa. ftuSXa'pad in LK* * ordlaftry nae&ca. ueitt w-Llr more a?lhv ,'v?? ? VSSFVL IN S7*KY HOUSK." Sri'*, ft oenta. . . . U.--A tfrrah ao<H>mpaniea *:?h bottla ITMua?? |7*p91, No. d? Cedar atraat, N?w Tart. ?*n? * Put mp for Deal era in Caato ?8Em??!5?J2HB Kirht,mad Tw!?e Doaen?a beaut.'"1'wthogrftjftie Show-Caixl acoompacTiri each pa*. *** HT* A alncle bottle of SPALBIN**"8*** FAKED OLVE wt'l aire tep Qmaa lU .??* * ' una!!? U? ever? household.^Ql S<>!d by all prominent Stfttionara, Dra?ft?**T Hardware and turn ture Deftlera, Grooera, fta?? Kancjr Stores. . Country merchant* ahoa!d mak? ft not*of 8PALBINO'S PRFPAKFB Ul.VE. when mftkiaf a? tnetr I let. It wilt atand ani oiintaf. ft KMT 1 J) *j <a * nJ I " tl.. ii i -a? ? - ?' - r r /" war * ? " ??? pwrawnw ? I*' of VI V' M'* f' ' *" l'i< MrK ThtUlUt is VF ^rtY% Wlk* tilfoftkt Mmmmfkrim,) f~m J| 5 T ^ (J J *?r. > ?? J "90 <./L JL 9^ ?"*** Urn. ?^ '! #R8=l5? ?<m W"*>>rli /w1'*?dm. ft K?lf' jtl y<M?Tii<w<l)rrt< /r?? /V^i>M M\* ?_ 'p! w. *? {%? ? ?- * MtJicimmi M 1 ss**;';*- J || SoieRvp^tor.jL <> CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE\A11EY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ffionifmlir WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL AlL OTHERS ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WHJUUXT. SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YML fOX BALM IN WASHINGTON MY j T-IT BAjtBOPK b 9wmm ifeL >S OLD FAMILY MfM WB19KMY, rfr,~ 1 * * "* MB A A li 4 Mt w A v A ^ ftb *? *? 4 * "Tap**' rtrjt amd aon fcncMKirii* '* >,#> : >?r .. [ I _ 1 [' ' _ THE VTWAIf OOWWIIt llOK ?AT1? rao? wkbor. '! *w* *txr**rrrjr ijre nsntt>r * - rr -?r ~ i \ VfTMEUl TTMST AMD MttlOVt mill ^ ; ? 5 j ? 4 Cinim INSITRBD IN A DAT. ? I r. NATUEB1 9KAltD BPTOB ATI VK. . j INJECT ISM, IMP ECT1ME. I INfECTlNE. INFECTIVE. INFECTIVE, lirrMCTUrt. Tta tarrtfeio Mltor k*mn tto FETBft AND AOBB ku wittM ka?tra*a of r---of par out tkr?o?to?t^tto vorM l>W| ;?r. tea trial?t ttot tea Ml ptitoooo* a?voro m*4tmi MEDICINAL MNUflM, vkish aftot U* tko aptooo. tto Utot. tto fcaort, or ottor ^trte of tto haaoa orgMiaw. 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