Newspaper of Evening Star, September 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 26, 1860 Page 1
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' firming pSl ' | V-. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26. 1860. N?. 2573 P ' ???i+mmm?i J THE EVENING STAR ' u PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TUB STAR BUILDINGS, Com*r #/Ptnntylvmnia avenus and lltA St., 11 W Tfc ?v a in m *v VV JtliliAVUi rip* nerved in packaxes by oarrisrs ?t |4 a T?ar, or f oenta par month. To Mail sabsertbora the prioo la ?T?> a year, i? aJvaact, $t for six months; ?1 for three montha; and for laaa than three mouths at Ua rata of 13 oaaU a week. Smile oopiee, onb cut; ia wrapper a, two cbmts. tU~ AtTnrimwTi aaomld bo mat to tha oOoo boloro 13 o'e.ook a.; otherwise they may not appear an til the noxt day. * Tha Grand Lodge, I. O. O. ?? to Krt. Polk, the Htraita|t, fcc , Ace. Ctrrtrfondmct a/ Tki Star. Nashvills, T**5, Sept. 19. D**r Star; Th!a morning, In the Grand Lodge, after the transaction of aooae routine business. tbe amendments propooed to the Constitution were gala diacuaaod On taking a rote, the first amendment was rejected?yeas 40, nays 55 Tbe hour of l'i rr. having art 1 Ted, the Grand B Lodge took a recess for dinner; and on their way * Ao thetfAtels, caliod in a body upon Mrp Polk, tho sf.Msaed lady of the lamented ex-President Jamea^. Polk, where the members were indivldusllylntrodncad After an interchange of a few woras, during which I learned that Mrs. Polk will visit Washington City for s few dsvs In January next, tho body was invited into an adjoining room, wtiere tbo popping of champagne cork* and tho ring of the glaases seemed much to interest those present. Surveying the beautifully laid off grounds around 'he buildings, I found the tomb of tho ex-President on the eastern front. It .la kept la very good order, having a canopy erected over it, on the front of which la the inacriptioa, Jamta Knox Poik, 10th President of the U 9 D.... O 1-CkC. A i.-J f .. ? ? 1 C lOirv n ran ? 0U1 II IV* 4, II W, U ICU J uur 1.7, tolif ' roc 9881 side of tbe monument Is lmcribed, " The mortal remain* of James Knox Polk are resting In the vault beneath He was born In Mecklenburg county. N C , and emigrated with bia father, bamnel Polk, to Tennessee in 1**j0. Tbe beauty of virtue waa Illustrated In hla life The excellencies of Christianity waa .exemplified la bia death." On the north side?"His lifts was devoted to the public service. He waa elevated surreal vely to tbe first places in the State and Federal Governments. A member of the (ieneral Aasembly ; a member of Congress, and chairman of tbe most important Congressional committees ; Speakerof the House of Representatives; Governor or Tennessee; and President of the United States." On tbe south side?" Ur his public policy he defined, established, and extended the boundaries of hla rountry. He planted the laws of tbe American Union on the shores of the Pacific His influence and his counsels tended to organise the National Treesury on tbe principle* of tha Constitution, and to apply the rules of Freedom to Navigation, Trade, and Industry." In tbe afternoon the Orsnd Lodge resumed the consideration of tbe auendmsihts of the Constitution. Tbe tenth (referring to blenulal sessions) was rejected; the fifth ana sixth amendments/the mergement question) wer>* indetinltely postponed; u were slso the second. third, fourth, seventh, eighth, and ninth amendments. Nashvillb, Sept. 20. The Grand Lodge, this morning, paid a visit in bod? to the Hermitage, which 1* situated about thirteen miles from ihia city The procession comprised some seventy or eighty carriages. Leaded by a band wagon. and attracted much attention aa it weudnd iU way thither. On the way out ths old race course of Gen. Jackson was passed, nssr which is still standing the log house where Jackson and Gen Coffee kept s grocery store, from which Aaron Burr was furnished the rtvisloM and stores necessary for his expedition Mexico?so says the tesditioa of the vicinage. The house exhibit* the rsvsges of Time, the roof having ifclleh in, the chimney gone, and. altogether. presenting a very dilapidated condition. After a ride of about two hours we reached the Hermitage, the premises of which were examined with much Interest The house Is vacant; the relics, mementoes, paintings, Ac , having been removed Among the objects of interest examined was the eld olllce chair of General Washington, which had been used by him for thirty years; the carrtageof Ges. Jackson, said to have been built of live-oak from the " Old Ironsides" (Constitution) of our Navy; the fhmlly carriage of General Jackson. In which he jonrneyed to and from Washington city whilst President of the Uulted States, tne mantelpiece in the north room of the lower floor of the mansion, made of hickory wood, and containing (we were told) one thousand pieces, most of them not more tban one inch In length; and the tomb, a cupalo resting on eight columns, underneath which Is a plain granite Monument sided by two slabs On one of the slabs is Inscribed, -General Andrew Jackson. Bora March IS, 1T?7. D'ed June 8, 1X5' ?and oa the other?(said to have been written by Gen. Jseksssi?" Here lies th? remains nf tlx Rvh>l Jackson, wife of President Jackson, who died Sid December, ltris. Aged61 Her face was fair; her pe ion pUasuig; her temper amiable, and her heart kind, the delighted In relieving the wants ot her fellow-creatures, and cultivated that divine pltuare bv the moat lUwral and unpretending methods; to the poor she was a beuefactor; to the rich an example; to the wretched a comforter; to the prosperous an ornament; her piety went hand la hand with her benevolence; and she thanked her Creator for be lag permitted to do i;ood. A being so gentle, and yet so virtuous, slander jnight wound but could not dishonor Even 4eath. when he tore her from the arms of her husband, could but transport her to the arms of her iiod " An examination of the house and grounds occuCed the time until dinner was announced The bles were spread In the beautiful grove in front of tb? mansion, and were loaded with excellent fare and the neceseirv et ceteras, which were dhscuaeed with keen appetites After dinner, it was announced that Dr J. M. Lawreooe. (a son-In-law of Andrew Jackson, Jr,) the present custodian of the estate, w is desirous of presenting to the Grand I^odge of the t ailed Slates a Hickory Arm Chair, made of wvthes growa at the Hermitage^ and the attention of the company was directed to the balcony of the mansion where the chair waa formally presented, la hebalf of Dr Lawrence, by Mr. H. K Walker, ft Nashville. .Vddr easing the acting Grand Sire (E H. Pitshuiw ) he s ad He was deputed by Dr Lawrence to pre?*nt to the Grand Lodge of toe United States this hanu'some specimen of nts mechanical genius Regarded strictly with a practical eye, simply as M irB chaff, though lis rustic beauty will be irmly acknowledged, its appropriateness as a gift to the distinguished body which you reprea-nt, mav not be apparent But a moment's reflection will lmprem you with the fact that the idea of tfc? donor In oflVring it for your at C punce is by i*? means devoid of signlflcance. When you reeol 1**-t that thai* htckorv Wvthes. of Which it la ao Ingeniously constructed, were gathered amid the trrores of the Hermitage?Id An active lifetime Bit- coveted spot where the bero, soldier, and statesman sought repose, alike from the fatigues and dangers of the tented fleld?from ' the havoc of war and the battle's confusion"?and from the no lew trying ordeal of civic duty, to which the voice of bis grateful countrymen summoned him; ?when you remember that they were gathered from this spot, hallowed by kit presence during Ihe closing years of his eventful life, when his beloved country, blessed with victory and peace," no longer needed his gsllant arm In Its defense, and whea his great heart, subdued and eootbed by the gentle Influence* of i beloved family circle, and the consolations of religion calmly awaited the summons henco?when yea remember, too. that they come from tie hallowed retreat where his ashes repose beside theee of his toetoved Rachel?when all these thoughts are a*, aociated with this humble memento. 1 am sure fou will highly appreciate and warmly cherish it jaa * souvenir of your visit to the honored grave of Andrew Jackson. Another idea may be n&derstood as symbolised bytfcie giA ?t our friead. Asa body, sir, the orgaaiiatieo which you represent Is one of the few that amid the#ere* sectional contests which have so uafortunately dlstracsd oar beloved couatry, has preserved S pcrfisct unity, and regardless of the war of factious without, pursued the plain path of duty, dispensing Its blessings and lis charities alike upon a united brotherhood?in the fullest sense of the tdsa, knearlsg no North, no South, no East, no Wtet. if our political iMti. UtUerts are to outlive the present generation, and in tka future, as thev have in Lb* une put. ?a asylum for the opprrsard of all asiisns. and tbe only hope of friends of civil and Mrtiglees liberty throughout the world, tbe les??ls of our patriotic filhsrs, learned, remembered and practiced In the spirit Wlileh si tuates your s?rgsa.sat;eo, m ist preserve them. The tnaq in honor of whose uirtnory you are tu-day asssaoblsd was a leprssaiitative of U>?l spUU Iu that sentiment?"The Fr4?u llsiosnust b? preserved"?wss concentrated amd #pltoisUed Uist deep seated devotion to bis whole swciry. which so distinguished his long public sr. whether engaged la subduing tts wtkUrMM sad defending Its borders from savage incur its?in pursuing the hostile rod akin to a capituUt.uu. or iu srraagiug wttb tbeui treatise of one* s id anltf?whether In tbe H&ils of CoagraM Ot in tha EiaeaUra Chtlr?and which was lastly m eloqu.atly elaborated la that immortal paper, JtU fsreWeil addrrsa This chair, thaa, while U will serve to rsmiad you of yonr visit to this hallowed spot, will sl?o, W r?/resh ag fear recollections of the services of - iliuatrlous dead who sleeps here, of his devo* ties to his country, and hissacrl?c*a In its bebair, ' tgw\rc your own patriotism. sad stlasulate you to * preas o" io your great and noble work of lea tarX ?1a world _, Allow nr. thca, to tipiess the hope that yba frill accept ths gill, thai It be sdopted as tbe of fieial chair of yourself and your aucceaaora forever, and that In all future time, u bow. Its occupant sball be recognized as the head of a Brotherhood knowing oo sectional divisions and recognizing no geographical lines, but continuing To show the world an example of the Incalculable g< od which may be accomplished bv an army of Odd Fellows, warring upon vice in all Its forms, aid marching on, conquerlnz and to conquer under the glorious banner of Friendship, Lore, and Truth. TLe Grand Sire responded as follows: When, under the escort of our brethren from Nashville, we bad the privilege of viaittng the tomb of the hero of the Hermitage, we felt that we were all highly honored, but tnis pleaain? incident of the dsy?wholly unexpected and unlooked for?has greatly added to tne gratification which the visit has afforded. On behalf of the Grand Lodge of the United States, on behalf of representatives from every section of that Union which the great man whose memory we have met to honor to day loved so ? _S? B a i . a ?* ? * wen ana ervea bo laimruiiy, i accept tbe beautitul memento which ban been ao kindly tendered to ua We shall ever retain It aa one of tbe moat cherished possessions of our Order?aa tbe honored memorial of a great and good man, who, by conduct In tbe field and wladom in tbe Cabinet, baa contributed *o much to the substantial glory of our country?a man who was ao great and ao honored, that be needs no monument to perpetuate hia memory, one who llvea ensbrinea tn tbe hearts of his countrymen We feel proud that tbla opportunity has been given ui to vliit tbe tomb of tbe Hero, the Patriot and tbe Statesman, and gratefully accept this beautiful memorial of our visit. Dr Lawrence being loudly called for, responded aa follows: Gentlemen?You have called upon me for a sentiment 1 am no apecker, but 1 highly appreciate tbe bonor. I am Informed that there are representative* of your Order here from every State hnd Territory in tbe Union, who have come to pay homage to the borne and sepulchre of the ill jstrloos Lero 1 think tbe motto of Old Hickory tht lnaat innrAnrliLi I ?? ) therefore give you?"The Federal Union?It moit be preserved." This sentiment was warmly received, and responded to with three cheer* r?r tbe Union. Representative J. W. Dwindle, of New York, also addressed the assemblage, and eulogized the great and good man whose ashes now repose by the aide of hla beloved Rachel. Soon after tbe presentation ceremony, preparations were made for a return to Nashville, which was rear bed about 5 p m., ia time to witness an exhibition of the steam fire department of the city, an invitation to that end having been accepted by the (Jrand Lodge on tbe day previoua. Two steam engines comprise the department at this time, (with two otners In course of construction,) each one being allowed seven men and five horses The one on exhibition Is a fine Cinclnnatl-huilt machine, at acost of $5,500, and tbrowa a stream 270 feet. The citizens are much pleased with them, and consider the paid fire department system a great improvement. At 7 p. m tbe liraud Lodge again resumed business, and up to a very late hour was engaged in secret session. Opkxing or Stiiswat & Sons' N?w Maxcr actoby ?There was never a better Ulustratiou of the adage " in union there is strength" than that afforded In the career of tbe celebrated pianoforte manufacturers. Messrs Stein way k. Sons. The firm consists of the father and four aons. who by their united efforts, have, in tbe brief space of rmi yrmrm, uuiu up a large business, which, If not at present, must soon become the moat extensive of the kind Jn the United States The evidence of their extraordinary success la furnished In an imraeiise wareroom and manufactory, which U aix stories high, and comprises an entire block, fronting Fourth Avenue, and extending from Fifty-second to Fifty-third streets The front on Fourth Avenue haa a length of "All feet, with a depth of 4o feet. The wing on Fifty-third street is l(i5 feet in length and is 40 feet in depth. The principal building covers eleven city lots, eleven other lot* being used for the purpose of seasoning lumber, of which there Is a stock of about2.000,000 feet always piled up on the grounds. In the yard there are four drying bouses, each of which is heated by 2.000 feet of steam pipe, and contains atioultiu.uuo feet of lumber, so tbat there are about *240.000 feet of lumber constantly under the process of kiln-drying. There are about 360 men employed constantly; and some thirty square and Ave grand pianos are turned out every week. There are about 800 pianos constantly in course of construction, and mnr. iu cuDoecuoa wna we hardware, machinery, veneers. lumber. etc , etc , represent at least the turn of i360,0UU, exclusive of the building. The stock of rosewood veneers on hand Is rarely of Ua value than S8.0UU. Tbe coat of the building was about 9150,0W). A private telegraph has been established between the factory ana the salesroom in Walker street, thus bringing the two branches of the business into constant communication. That such should be the result of eight years' labor appears extraordinary, and such success could onlv have been achieved by unwearied industry and diligence, and by producing instruments of superior excellence. That this Is the rase, we believe, Is now universally admitted, Indeed so much are they in demand, that it Is, en with their unusual facilities, Impossible to fill the ordrrs with the promptness they desire. The opening of the new manufactory took place on Thursday afieruoon, at which a large number of luvited guests were present, comprising members of the musical, literary, and artistic professions, and, having visited the various departments, and witnessed the Instruments In every process of construction, the company partook of mi elegant collation, and two or tLree hours were delightfully passed in listening to toasts, sentiments, brilliant si>eechas, and exquisite music Among the pianists present were Messrs Mills. Wollenhaupt, Lasar,Trade!, and Master Denck, a youth of 13 years only, whose performance is wonderful?not merely for one of bis years, for It would be equally wonderful in one of mature age He has been studying in German for four years past, and will, we understand, make his debut in public during the coming season.?N. Y. Wttkly Programnu. Tn* Albxaudkia. Lornon* asd Hamp?hi?? Railboad.? Tii? Winchester Virginian says:' "With the approach of the completed rurt of tiit? work so important to Winchester, our citizens ought to manifest an increased interest and an Increased disposition to extend 'material aid.' The Legislature it will be remembered, has authorized additional subscription of 3-6th* of one million; *400,000 private subscriptions will secure *600,000 from the State, applicable to the immediate extension of the rosd to W lnchester. ' The following extract from a private letter from Mr. Johnston, secretary of the Company, to a gentleman of Winchester, we are authorized to publish a? of public Import The reference made to rumor* which have been here and there circulated. of an Intended diversion to Harper's Ferry, will be peculiarly gratifying to the reader: "OrnciA.L AH.R.R.Co. | " Alkxirdbia, Va , September 18, 1800 J "If weceuid raise the requisite private subscription to draw the last State subecri ptlon of *600 000, you would soon see us at work on the summit of the Ridge and beyond It, on the route already located towards Uerrvville and Winchester. The board have never hltered a moment la their original plan. I fear we shall not be able t# get the promised subscription from Georgetown of fJUKUOO. except upou terms which the Company will never agree to. This disappointment, together with the failure of the contractor, haa greatly checked our progress An effort la now making to extend the road to Its intersection a/ the Berlin turnpike, about nine miles beyond Leeaburg; which would not be the case If the Harper's Perry scheme was enterta'.ned." C7" W m Godfrey Young man. who murdered hla mother, sweetheart, and two brothers, at Walworth, England, was executed on the morning ef the 3d lnt, on the top of Horaemooger l-aoe Jail, | l.ondor. It Is computed that twenty thousand ptraoaa? maay of whom had taken up their position as early as eight o'clock on the previous I night?wltnesaed tue awful spectacle. All the windows i f the houses apposite the jail were crowded with " respectable " visitors, wbo paid aiimt vsrvlncr fr/\rr* .kiin * uiuiotc vo a sovereign for tba acoowmodatlon afforded to thetn. The mob boarltd. roared and iui, and la thia way aatar1 talaed themselves until the murderer appeared on the scaffold, la tha earlier part of the night a number of rallgloua enthusiasts moved about tha crowd, eaclalmlag la loud roicee? The ludgiaent la athaad! The lodgment la at hand f Pro v,,, to rneet thy God:r' Many of th?m also carrnd ooUa with placard*, on which tha latter patt j ' rr=. pjl.ted la large larfsrs Yoaafmaa died protesting hl? laaacaoca. ITT Mr Wm E Strotxr, of Wlscoosin, whlla exScMlag on high parallel!*? la thj fymnaslam at Aadovtr Massachusetts, last Monday, ww artzed with the cramp, lo* bit hold, ami fall to the -roonJ. Mrthln* apoa a roe*. braaklnR atwntl rltoMNl la)ur1ag him Internally, and It la feared fatally. Q^Mra. Gurney's famous, and also Infamous, confeaalon is now authoritatively pronounced to bean entireforgary The Philadelphia American baa bean sbown a letter from Mrs 6. in which abe aava "I know nothing whatever of the latter to which you allude, and hope you will let the world know it at once. It la scandalous of tboe* who have written it." The American add*: Toe attempt to drag into this affair the Society of Friends merits the severest reprobation The inisgnlded woman whoee flight was th.e basis upon which this romanee was built w.s not and never had a member of the Society. The family name which she bore, though in some degree tainted by her deed, is too justly honored for the sake of Joseph John Gurney ana l^ady Buxton to be now altogether dishonored. And, as any regards her, we may aay tha\, go far from entertaining any such disgraceful sentiments as are expreased in the forged confe ?ion, ahe baa repented and felt the deepest humiliation at her ahame. AMKS. fflMLOW, N Exjerien ed Norse and Female Physician, presents to tr.e attention of mothers, ber SOOTHING SYRUP, Fw Children Teethtaf, WfcUh fMV1 f helutitti U< ?ne*M ?f Mttfciaf, kv M(lu tag tb? S?"m, riaaeuf all inlaamatlaa?will slfaj ALL rata u? (punadie *eu?i,*nd u a vtiit tu hhu ulate tub bowels D?pi .4 a pan It, mathara, It will fi?a raat ta jnnilTH, tad relief and health to your infants W h?T? pat ap and (aid thia artiela far a?ar taa ytara, and CAW f AT, IN CONflOlKCl AND UVTH of It, what wa !>*? aavar kaaa akla ta a?y af an; othii Madieina? nbtbb mrs Has it pailid,in a 11 n s l if w,-,,,, .. ?ta.ic? to BrF?CT a CCII, WWSLUW'S ahia tmaly aaad. Ht'ar did ara knav muTHINfl u inaunca af diaaaiiafacuan by any ana wba aaad It. On tka cautrary.kllar* 8YR JP, daligktad with ita ?rtnatioiag, f-r la tanaa al mf haat enmniandntioa af tla at --teal afacto aad madieaj Tirtaaa. wi apaak in ;hia maltar " what vi do now," aftartan yaara' aipariaaca, AND plidol oob llruTATlon roa the or what w? hui Diet a* b. In alraaat a?aty inaunaa whara taa infant la tuf In( frain pain and aibaaatiau, raliaf ?ill ka fear.d in tftaaa r twanty rainuiaa afttr tka ayrap la i.miniatarad. Thia Talaabia praparatlao ia tha praacrif Uan af ana af tka M*al BirBBIBNCBD and tBILFCL Ifl'BIB* In Naw Knflaad, udku kaan aaad tvitk KBTaB-ritLift* ifccBU ia THOUSANDS Of CASES. It aat aaly ralia?aa tba ekild frara pain, kit lavtyarataa tka atamatk and kawala, earracta aeidity,and fi?aa tana aad aaarf y ta tka wnala ayatarn. It vill aliaaat mataaily raliava 6*iriit? m thb Bowili and Wind Colic, aad aTareama eamaliiana. whiak ii %?? ji.j ad to damh. W a baiiara (t the a bit 4VDIUKI3TIIV- FOR H? ID tha WORLD la *11 eaaaa of dts- CHILDREN WTiirud Dia imi m chil- TEETHING nam, wbatbar It ariaaa fraai taathing 1 or from an* Hhii ssaaa. Wa wosldaiy la arary raothar Wio hu a Sblld aaffanr.g tram ?sy of lkl fori(tin( complaiau?DO NOT LBT TOI.K TRBJUDICBS, NOB THE TKtJVDICMt OP OTHUI atand batwaau yaar a af a ring child and tha raliaf ih*t will b? ICRB?;h, ABtOLUTBLT IUBB?(a folia* Mia a*a af lb aadicias, if UTaly aaad. Pall diraeiior.a or aaing villa sampany aach bottla. Nona gaoaina anlaaa tha fae-aimilo C0RT1B ft PICKKIN8, Naw f ork, ia on tba aataida vrapps o.d by Urargiaia ihroagheat tha world. Principal OBca. Na. It Cadar ftlraal, M. T. Prill OOIt tS Canta par Batua. oa 11-dft wl? Eagle iron works, Coejckx Ohio Av. swd Tbibtm.ith St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The underatgned have been appointed aole agents id thia oity Tor the manufacture and sale of the above Engines. and are proparod to supply all orders with promp'ness and dispatch. These engines have lieon satisfactorily introduced, and are now practically employed in liakones; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; by cabinet makers; for drawing fan blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating grain; glass outting; ginning cotto-i; grinding quartz; grinding paints; Rrinding sugar ca>ie on plantations in Cuba; for oisting; for knitting machines; b? manufacturers of plaiea ware; of printers material, of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matshes; of hooped skirts; for pumping at railroad stations and on board hips; for sewing inashinus: for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; fot sawing aud planing lumber; for picking hair: for polishing ooiut>s; for shoemakers' uses; for sana sifting; turning; tob*ooo outting and pulverising; in tanneries and w re waking establishments; for soda water manufacture; for l?oue crushing; malt mantling; towing; grinding outlery, to. They are inexploaive; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; use no water; and consume very little fuel. Any person desirous of using tht*se Engine*, can by application to the undersigned be shown a large number of testimonial* from persons who have thetn in daily use, expressing their eiitire satisfaction in their operation and use Prices of the Engines as established by the Patentee: 12 in. cjl'r $35n il8 inches cylinder, 5.W Double 24 " 1,4Ui Si - " 1450 " 82 " 2,ii<>n;40 M " 2,3 ? " 40 " 4.500 48 M ** 3,500 ? 48 " 6^nn!i? " *' 5,(S*) " 60 " 9,500 24 **. " 760 We are are also prepared to furnish, at short notice, Architectural Castings, from any designs that may bo furnished, ax cheap as can be obtained elsewhere. Also. Steam tnnnuH luirtdKlo onli *rjr; high or low prexsure, saw and griat mill*; hydrostatic, or ott'er prennei ; boiler* for heating huildiuga, wrought iron water tanxa; nhafting. gearing, Ac., for flouring or otber mi.In, and forging of altkind*. a* 13 2av>3rn WM M ELLIS * PRO. PIONEERSTEAM MAKBLK AND BROWN STON E WORKS. The eulieoriber hega leave to inform the oitizens of \Va*hington, Georgetown and Alexandria that ne haa added to hia long eatabliahed buaineea the auxiliary of ate&iti power for aawing and mauufao taring Marble and Brown Stone work in (heir va noua branohea. Marble Mantels, Table and Waabatand Topa, Tile, Monoinents. Tomb and Head Stonea, Sia>s, Window Linttria, Sills, Step* aiid Platforina. Having puroh\aeda largeatook oflU'ian Marble in bloek.tVom fircthanda^tthe lowest ratea, he feela confident of being able to furniah Marble Work aa low aa it oan be purokaaed in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade auppliea with Italian Marble in bloek at alaba at the aame r*te aa formatted in >ew York, and on aonommodating terms. Alao, no hand, a large auppir of Fumioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hote and Polishing utty atNew York prioe*. Enooiirage the eater nee; it will be an aoautaition to the city. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. fituet St tain Marble and Brown Stout Worlu, Pa. av., ocr. Thirteenth at., aa tl-3m Waahingtoo. D. C. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. BE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oouduoted by the Spaniah Governmect, under the aapervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will tue place at Havana on TUESDAY. October J. IMA. SORTSO NVMBKO 649 ORDWARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. i prise of 91uo,?jo *o prises uL I do iO^OO 60 do lOt 1 do 30,000 148 do 400 i do aogaw ? appro x. a^oo I do ? io,opo lit ALL ?S8 PRIZES. Whole Tiekett, O-Hn.vss,?10-<J outers,??. Briiea oaahed at eight at ft per oent. disdonnt. ilia on all so! vent Banks taken at par. A drawing will he forwarded as soon aa the result ersforscheniea or tiokets to be addressed I to DON RODRIGUEZ, se 14 tr Care of City Post. Charleston. 8.0. 556 N?W *E?IAURANT- 55fi The uid?rii|neU have taken and entirely refitted the spacioua home No. 336 Seventh street, a few door* ennth of Pennaylvania avenue. They re pectfull* invite a ea I from their friends and the pbbiie who may desire a pure article of Brandy, Wines, Whisky, Ao? or Brown Stont, Porter, Ale* and other Malt Liquors, from celebrated brewers. Their larder at all times stocked with Pish, Flesh and Fowl, served by an experienced oook. This branoh receives oar peraoniu super vision. WICfiMmr. Mi eclw Proprietors. H. 8?A OF THE PEACE, ^ , AND COXfEYAbCER. Deeds prepared and acknowledgements taken, buying, selling a.d leasing Real Estate, Sea. Ofice ?S? Ust bet. 9th and 10th sts se 14-eoit* W PROFESSOR MORKTTI, HO Haajnst returned from Milan. Italy,(baring been in the Musical Conservatory there,) W* and who has been for a long time a teacherAJM Itoth of Vocal and Instrumental Music irt New York, (having taught some of the b.-st siegers there, such as Badiaii. Tiberini, La Orange. io.. &c ,) has come here, thinking to remain, and would > most happy to receive the patronage of this city. Pri?l. M can give the best of references in regard to his moral as well as his intellectual standing. All communication* please address to '464 F at. se 13-2w" NMORB NEW DRESS GOODS. OW Jteoaiving a large and beautiful assortment of rich Figured Merinos, C%shmeres and Mousseiines in new atyles; rich Plain and Reped Poplins in all shades: splendid Plain Blaok and Bavaders Milks; rich Silk Rob's and ftilks by the patterns, with man* new and stylish Goods, now dally opening ,to wkieh wea*k the attention of our friends and

nurohasera aanerallv. ' J. W. COLLEY * CO , ? ?1 6t Sovooth ?t, abov P*. *v. Hw. hamilton ? . painter. Illd DEALER IN PAINTS. No. ftS9 Tth Sum, tumr Odd PkUtmi' Hull. PeS-lf PUTTY~ia DOWN. FOR SAl.E.-A pur of COACH HORSES, >qudi and for no nult; . ?Jn?.f tor them. Apply W. H.. VPPERMAN'S Grooerr, on jiTMU* ITHM, bet woe a 3d mJ 4* tU. an S-tf EDUCATIONAL. G Fr MI38 JENETTE I- DOUGLASS, , ( A AS The pleasure of announcing to her friend# 'And the pubho that she will open "her S*minary, at _ tke comer of H and llth ?te ,rf Philadelphia Place," * on Monday, September lftth tn For term* call on the Principal. She will be a?- . iated by the following experienced and efficient M tear her* : ? Miea DOUGLASS?Higher Knglieh Branchea. ft Coinpoaiuon an<J Penmauahip. U Mis* Abbik M. Btiooia?Latin, Algebra, Engliah re Branchea. er Mi** Jct.iajta O. Mat?'Teacher of Vocal Muaio. ac Prof. (?ko. C. ?cH4BTFia?lecturer on Philosophy, Chemiatry. and Pii??iology. Prof. liamby fc Mirix-Teacher of Frenoh and ? German. J Prot C. W. Beki>mann?Teaoher of Piano and Science of Mu i c. . Mm M*it T. davroeo*?Piaro. ?J J. Madison VVAT*02i,0f New Y?rk?Lecturero? at F.looation rt Joskph O Bar rr?Teacher of Drawing. P1 , Teacher of Spanish. ** , Moral Science and Classic*. ?e7-3w d' T* FEMALE EDUCATION. _ . HOSE Parent* who wnti their daughters to re- ~ ceiye a thorough ami systematic education. where I their physical training wi.l receivo dail* anj * penal V attention, nnrior the most approved systemof Cilis- in theme* and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to u?j visit the Union Female Academy, corner Four* teeuth st.and New York av MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. *u 30-tf Principals. Ai I^KMALE HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, AI r ALEXASUHI 4. YA. Al Mra. S. J. MoCORMlCK. Peijictpal Ac The thirteenth annual session of this Institution a I will commence on Tuesday. September 18th, in the ai house recently eocusied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., A; No. 1*0 King street. B< The course of study pursued will eompn?e *11 Hi the branches requisite to a thorough English Kau Hr cation, and Musio, French, l>atin and Drawing, it hi desired. Bi In addition to day scholars Mrs. MeCormick is Bi Ptfpared toreccivea limited uumber of pupil? as Bi boarders, who. constituting a part of her own fam- iti iiy, will he order her immediate care and supervi- |t. ion. She will endeavor, as far as possible, to sur- Hi round them with the oomforU and kindly iniuenoes Bi of Home. Ki RtJ?rrnt*s.?Rev. Geo H. Nc rton, Rev. D*. Elias Bf Harrison, Rer. D F. Sprigg, William H. Fowle. Bi Esq., Edgar Snowden. Kso . Edmund F Witmer, Bi ilsq., Henry Marbury, K?q., L^wis MnKenSiS, BI isq., Robert M. Hun ton, Esq, \V D Wallach, Bi xlitor F.vening Star, Benjamin Waters. E*q.,Jas. B' intwisle, Jr.. Eee.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun. Br Messrs. Blaokloct & Marshall, Messr*. Corse B< Brothers. Br Thus. Ha Board, with Tuitiou in all the English Branches, Bi for the annual session?payable semi-annually, Ba in advance. ** Mumc and I.angnaces at Professors' prioea. {]KT No extra charges. au 38-tf Ba THE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL, 370 Riuhth St.. Hitwkin K I. Sts. Studies will be resumed in thia institution on ^ mo "> DA Y, SapUuntvr 3d. Circulars at bookstores, }v: auU ti A. C. RICHARD*. Principal. j^JETROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE IN8TI- Ca FOR YOUNG LADIES, Cu 464 E St., Biiwux 6th and 7th Sts. Co C ll The fourth annual session of the Institute will Co commence on the firat MONDAY in September. Co Application* should be made early, aa the number ofpupilsii limited. For particulars see ciroulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H AVENNLR, at the Institute. an 9 tf Ch MRS. M.E.KINGSFORDS SEMINARY, ca 4 16 E St.. wiibi!<?tox, D. c. ' i> The next session will commence October 1st, 1S8U. Ca Terms, &o., forwarded on application. au 16 tf Cli MRS. A. F.. BELL'S SEMINARY, Ccnur of L and Tentk us., Wa nington eitp. q. The next session of this school will commence cu September 3d, 1 <00. The youLg ladies of the Insti- r0 tution are particularly requested to l?e punctual in ?j_ attendanoe at the openiag of school, aud all others Xu who wish to become ineintwrs of the same to make q early application, as the number of pupils will be rv> limited. Terms, A c.. siren on application. n? au k.ootOot IS' K" T" * western academy. *>u TIE Exercises of this school, under the charge n 1 of Dr S. L Looms, and the primary Department Da nnd?r Miss A.nmib E Pact, will be resumed Sep- D". temberSd. Circulars can lie obtained at the book J?"' stores. (Int.i au 17-eo2m Do l>u MRS. BURR will resume the duties of her Dei School on Monda*. SnntomW 9A nn IS ) "? between ISth and 14th Ytreerta. s*4-eoim Du ? & FOR 8ALE AND RENT. Ka |70R SALE?A small FA RM of S?> aorea, situated v. a at the Little Falls, having a oomfortahledwell- p., tug-house, oorn-honM, tablet, Ac; wall-fenced pi and watered ; within four mile* of Washington ; 15 C-r< acre* in cultivation, the balanoa in handsome wood- ? land. It is peculiarly desirable as a country rest decoe, being perfectly healthy and most romantical- Cu ly.situated ^excellent finning and hunting. Inquire E> , of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper. Chain Bridge, ?>?. Little Falls. del 2awtf IT'OR RENT,?A new and handaorue FRAME Kr? a HOUSE will be for rent in a few dajs. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between ?"a Georgia avor.ue and K ?t., Navy Yard; has alarje J",u| narden lot attached, a pump of g ,od water n*ar, G.rl and contains 4 rooms, kitchen and w?odshed. Will J;11 be rented low, with or without the lot, to a good U-uant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK ?TJ HORSE: works well in anything Inquire of T. J?1' E. CLARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 6IW H st . between 4th and Sth jy 16 t?OR RENT-Three BRICK HOlT3ES-one r>n On Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the Gai corner of Twelfth and II sts. ; and one on H, be- Gal tween 12th and ISth sts. Inquire of JAMES W Gel BARKER, on H street, betwoen llth and 12th, No. Git 433. ma 30-tf >j at EH)* RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of tha buildF ing immediately opposite the west wingof tnt u f, City ifal~rooaatly occupied by Chaa. 8. Wa'.laoh u. aa an oKoe. Alao the front rooin in the aeoond story aiid the third floor of the same building, lor u, terms apjlf to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 4 Er Louisiana avenue. ja 13 ti 1 Hei WOOD AND COAL. |; WOOD Hi AND COAL. I Hy Delivered to *11 part* of the city, at the lowest H'l poaaiblo rate*. 9* T J. 4 W. M. GALT, gn Office Pa. av., between 11th and 13th ate, y ? ma 17 tf north aide. j?J The subscriber having on hand j?v an extensive atock of FUEL, ia prepared to Jai Mil at a very low figure for eaah. J at WOOD Sawed and Split any aisa. Joi Call and mo for yooraalL I v? __ R. W. BATES, Joi Wood and Coal Dealer, Jot aal* 8. K. oornar of Fourteenth and C ata. Ka l x. snroxa &co:s |j? IMPROVED ^ SEWING MACHINES, ? 188 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, O (Uxsn. National Hotkl ) a ai>. A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF por noi IftiltiM, ThrtUi) k TwUt, on ' 1 1 m KEPT ON HAND. re? ae Mm WM. H. CLOVER, Agent ?? TO SOUTHERN * WESTERN MERCHANTS. ant RODKWALD k SINDALL, lo? COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AJID DVALYBf riV H 3 invite the attention or Merchant* viaiting thia oity . _ to an examination of their atook, wkieh in variety * and pnoe ia not aurpaaa?d either in thia or any of frr. the Northern oitiea. , tu? ID-Order, reapeotfnlly aolioited and faithfally w eifpoUd anTTlw* jJJJ ?}chool and college outfits. far Youths' and Boqt* Clothing for School and owm jjrett wear. - ? J^fMU Mtd c?ardi*Ds wishing to firaMfc tk?r i. ohiiriroa ijmI w*rd? with School and ColUge Oatfita a f#r tkt awaiai aatioi, ?n i?nUd toiuaini oir Li WIStfJlEF* *nd MUwi** u?ortn*nt HOYS # i, Wh?r? th?y ?ai fit ait their MiMrii ffl ?* ? 5'P1?? ? 6w momiiu with areri dMcnpS?"2i * 4f i,,*d? GitmmU, ?f iibitutikl ud Ui d?r?bl?^(uJity,?t rr mndrrMoprio** (l? _ M WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. K ? *?- * iMPm. iww ? THE PLACE li 1 . TO GET YOUR the 8 C I 0 O L Bff O K i?c At tk* L+mmH Prtctt wh lALUNTYNE'l, Er 416 Skvititb 8t , ? ?-!? a how- Odd Follow' Hail. ft PHICKERIIfO * SONS' SUPERB PIANOS. A y.Now ? rivfci* Tsrj vm; Un?? wr?. MP J\ hi?heit pnoM paid f??r old Pimna .ifu >jt for uw. Pi&noa for r V t, L-r, S.v Ml* 906 bet, i^uaixh*.* 01 I (EORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS msnfc. ZZZZZ . Hu eoiwtantiy on tea* * 1V|? aaaortraent W ' ranch Near -eighted. Penaoopio, r*^i- r"WWl ed, and37other9PECTA^L^8, * m bee<?>ft.ity. uiaoid. biItt.ete?1.?d Q*r? ? War frftmea. N. B. Old Kiidm Ka paired \ad rw t mw aet m them to order. no It-tr ^ .f AS!*EY, COLLINS CO.'S PHILADEL* > J PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We ftre eonetftaUy e oeiving frMi. auppUee uf theftbovedeUghtfu be*- i u?,ud lOTitt tli perioM vhu want ft per* in 1 liiterftted Ale, to kit* it ft tnftl. p ARNY * 8HINN, A(MU, tot _ IT firwwp at.. Genre etovn, 0?. K HIRCH, UNDSllTAKKH, _ I Cor. JSrtdgt amd Jtfrrton its., OmnfnM. > Hftving (i ren my pereonftl fttftention to thu brftoeh ' mi bueineee, 1 am prepared to. ? _ . tAQd to ail oftjie with proiuptnese iMMap . sr?ona from ft diatftnoe oftn be ?np- * ted ftt a *ew mmatM* aotk?. u 1 h?n ft large h eortmect of CuFflNSfeiiraTa on hand. Partiou ar attention paid to the removal of the ? ftd from the -Mi! to the ne* burial ground*. r' Hearae* ftnti Uoraea for hire. ftp )0-6m tl ????? a 1ST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAG KS ftt the T 4 Offioeofthe Adam* Fxpreea Company, WaaA{ton, 11. C., to be eold for freight and oaargea, if >t immediate, j oftl ed for. ff FORGE H. BURNS, Agent. Z September let, I860. ~ shin, N Kirehner.M * lamaon, A ?rieairan, M V den, J R J Kooea, Mr* E idereon, J H Kennftn, W J lftir, O Lindley, Pref ibey, Wm L*urenoe, A B J ihe, W 8 Livingaton, H B aobrook, U R E?iieh.A irber. Her 8 Latrobe, H B k land, H Leonard, Kev C anoh, J \V Law?on, Sergt W T1 own, A H Loom 11, M J" 'inker, M D Lan?le*,uN ircUf.AP Long,8 B ' nt?, WniB Lambert. C O I" OWn^> ran U-n*.troU. K.v L L l' nnt??. Prof 8 M Lang. J 1,1 ler, Mr? M Laturre, p > *i?, K J l.enher, U H I'tiwio. BH Mott, Col C H * urd. Dr Mi*ri, Col 10 irti?, Mary Mofaerton, J A w irne, P Mac Key, J ?' Mkraore, B C MSP 11 owne, M Mo A bee, E .. >lan, E T Maeon, Hob C m owne. H F Montague, EL 1 ?se, Wit MoCreery.PA ~ own, A V MuLdooo.M , iniard. G C Mannyp?ncY, Col rler, J 6 Morgan, E B ? kker, Wrieht & Co Mukliomtrr. J anton, B H Martin, L> B a own. A H MeKeever.A K< mk?. K D McLean, W T G1 mnett. C W McUraoken, J run, Or J Miteheil. A 8 ao mer, AL Mead sr. J irk, BH . Meeke.iw j, lein&r., C \Y Morton, J B Vf ohrane, J A Markley, T Pi rter, C H Merrill A Pearoe. nnon, J M Morray, T tts, H L MoMurray, C H nuolly, FC Manning, Cataer .r,*, outeau, C P Mitchell, H a, leman, MraNB Merrill, ? H ki ni.oajr, J Mille.WC iby, PT MoKnnny.O in apinan, Wm Mitoneil, A 8 Beer. L Muziy, P \S amberlain, J McPnernon. C H H< oker, J L Mitohell, W F Di mpbeil, J H Mindeioff, M t oper, John Newbrongh, J B fl< inobell, T A Nailor, G 8 irke, Mi?J Nioholaon. G W I utohett, J Ou.di, J O 1 Ihurn. J O Patent, Com of rwipbell, Arohy Do do , uraad, C M Palmer, E Brad, C M Porter, W D 1 nninghaw, C W Parker, GAT by ok. A P pat-tit, Com of KWito t 2? " itfn. Pcii*- l>o 4? Tl WW* g \o ? ?ly.6COC" Fullook.KA vine, R J A Vn.ioot, Com of R? mnM, H >?t*nt, r*..m of UK las. MoU 'slant Otoe Wi wSm/WS ?'?. ;r w nnit, J P landolph, Col J J * vii, K W lod?er?, J nUm, E W Rutlinf.J wd, h (or Douna> Robeton. iC?pt J 01 wards, S Siohitv Do J 8 Rid?eway,W I ton, W Robinson. Mr? A PI ton, J Ro<d, 1mm u> ling, Dr Riduxdaon, F Irr nor, J L fhepperd Win toi rm?r, M O Stuart. Km 1> 0 of 'uoh.EB fculuvan.J an. id. 5i " Id, M ?ew*rd. J L or r??. J 2tfrpl,"ru uter. J "oloni1 D? H linon, 9 W Hohtnidt. F Nt rW,lrfr?J gotta*!. W? 1 >ip,Vrwi Sinitb, Lama Mt iir.GU g? ftouiftn, J U mil, J 5?:i?n?ftu, M iter. J W Stone, H ffinl F C Albert, 9 U ,mba?ti*n,e Wkiimer.AP HI raneer, 8 Sp?no?r, Both *aion.Nv Stuart, A ' U..BW 8a**. Ur sett. Mr? 8cranton,J H t iett? (ifhoe BUvmi. tt R J ten Pro' Q W 8uilt.-an. NS m<?, j W fem itli. W I ih dn?r,AW futton. O I tet, Mrs N ?b<?fflnakert B tjl, F gftmuur, J ant ?on, W Hi Ton?y, E bir ipair.O Do, F miin, B Hon Tyler, CN t* J? V t Thompson A Bush, out mmell, John Ttlw.tC U.ATt Co Thomas, U nlentt J J Thoitti, B M I tch.ED Thompson, W A tjo f?s- J I- Thraaier H oke 8 B Tcokar, Win ae ury, N ? Thompson, Elijah nkneoht.OL Taylor, Jaa pr, inmer.ji Turc*,\lr F aid, J T Trnn ball. DrC A Dn mnftoa, W H Todd, Lt J W wkea, Col j A T J in, B D Van Vlat, RF An [(ilia, A J Vough. H ^ rvey, H Wright. W r* ichea, N U Wallace, Mn M ,* rinao, 8 Whitoher, JB ?es,S Williams, J dan, 0 Wemmiji. I W ?m Wooster, )R nes, F I. Do. ikaon, T B Ware, W H T ,e*. A _ Wjkoff, W C raon. Ron 8 Ware, E T , ies, P Woodruff, J B _J inaton, Mrs S F Whit*ley. A ^ Kty & Anderaon Wella, Hon D Ider, BA Whipple, C I kup, EottaACo Waters JC thi by'J White, MM d* anarter, N R Wilatt, Miaa A W nai uuall, E Li Wood lay, D bu shier, O Watson, A 8 usanstrauoh, O Ztiilw. 8?o wt-lw Nc ffice o f^ ^"ga^SErreR? 8EALEI1 WMRimroH, Jnlr N, MM. 1 fOTICE 13 HEREBY OlfES. That,a?r?e D y to the pt onaiooa of tha otdiuanoe of the C?rati(>n approved May It. 1M. the undersigned is w prepared, "whenever reauired in writing, and W prepayment of the fe? of fifty oenta, to iaapeot. imiar, taat, prove, aad ascertain the aoeuraoy of ? titration of any gaa meter in aae in tut a city." jj|| ery meter, lffouud inoorraot, will ba condemned, 1 another, sealed and marked aa trne, will ba in ita plaoa. If proved to ba aoearata im its aaarement of gas, it will ba aaaled aoeordiagly. r IS-tf ln??eeU>r god Waaler of ttae Meiero. ^ATCHRE^LRINO A^DS^VRE WARE J hare one of the beat e?tabli?hm?nte, and far- _J hed with a complete eet of tooli lor repair- -*v every deeoripMoa of &ne Watehee, and #7|A ?1 ticalar attention give to the uuue, b> *4mK * rough competent workman .and all work cuaran1. AJ o. every deecrip ion of randud SII.VKR ARE. plain andornamental, manuffcctnred ne<ler own eupervinon, which my customer! will find superior in f eality and finish to northern ware i d by dealers la general and representee a* their bn n manufacture. H. O HOOD. by b 6 338 Pa. avrnue. near 9th ?t. to (It ,?. a. lajkao. ?. k. Hon. ?. k avnv. u UUt) MOW A AUTRY. 8? B A TTO?NM TS-ATLA? tfi ^jtWBerenU Jedig^l^^rtn| 2,000 ?52 * I attention of the p^bhe to oar jar?e and well ee u*i itook of OkupuM ihd Crab Appla Ctder, loh we gearoataeto be para taiea, and will b* < d M reoeonabla tar me in ordar to maAe roam ^sieti??fcL, ? o l N<. K ATfaad I.A! . eae-ad at ae II rii :<v. 4?0 9ereeu* etrva*? vwe;Ul?iel Kj aa? lis I THE WEEKLY STAKi TUi T*m*j h? iw ioiiii w mum ? ?rwm * " *1 ?f Irtwwu* iwiiaa Um uM to biK ia MI *tk?r?u r*bllaM M Mimr**y wnuM?>&?.* c ?y. f m"? tl ? By aalworitiinf la el aba rwnd ,Bnn' Jixlout Ura interre^a^a of ? jjl b* peroei T*d IP 9+T OUt. ?MV S**i5212lili? R**. It \mr*rv*bir ?MrtUH * *' w *." tfcat bM *J? TV iww? iMr MrHitM K> fanar*,.. j tkxoagboat tbe eoanU*. ITT Poatioaetora wbo Ml M l|?ali *111 H lowed koommitth i o(%> Mat*. MKDICIXE& Al'SR'S SARSAPAR1LLA a a foa<K?u?wJ ?ito?t*[ Ke-e 8e-?*aan'. ao ioaibin?l wiln other cebatMoea of btt ir??t?r vtte * i? fowrr MlaunnlMfC ?l ?? uutol* or (M tM ^r,\fxn .? it repeia4 tu Mir. lueb a !H?t f > or* j w&nud by taoa* who aa< ar from MrumuM oompiunta. u4 tMi oaa whiab rill IbOMMnaWah their ear- ntM pre*" ?f i? !>rTiM to tKu .art* otf*? ol l?i >*r tiisooa. M * cooop ettlj tiii? c m^ uud will >'o t tu heen by ?* m*ij ,4 lb* rmit OMM to to MrBCti IB ttoe (?. ilgr ill: Scrofula and ^crofuloea Cowp?*iat?, Kr??t>?na r.? F.raptivo i mMifi, libera l'ia?.ee. Mtoiua..*, 'uiu< r?, f-a t Kneaa., 8ra d H<a<<. ? ph.Ua ted iipailitio Af ?tiun. Vereuia! I i?*a*e. Dropn, t?un |.?nr Ti? Debility. D**p*t and rwiteetioa, fer??ip?.aa. Km* or St. A a h*uj'? Fit". aod, li ! *?<1, *he wh >1* Ha*a of 6 ir i%rUtntti? fi?a ImrsntT of Ite Hiood. Thia compound win loand t|rtti pruMtiln of eaitti, whoa UliC is the apriBXt to exp*i the fc>?, unorn wtveh f?>t?t id tk* b'ood at U*i -rmn of h* mr. Bi t??ti<B? j expulsion of th<nn man* n kh*( ill mi iteraare n<eeei in t'<* bad. hsKliidea oan. ty tiie at > of the theiaf|v*? from the *-vlB'?ii**<?ff<??i ervpti<>?a ar?d aieroa* norm, turoci ti which th* *y Wio will atrir* rid itae.f ol e.?rr uptiou*. if aot aaaiared to do Una trough tt * ataraJ ohar.nela o< th* bode h? an al >r*ti?e medioicr, Clear,aa oat tae vitiated Wood rbcuover job bLJ iu u.punue* harauim throu?n fie aiin in rimp'ev eruption*, or aor*<; c eanee it 'hen y? a 6'" tt la obat re*ted Mid alaraiah ir tiie in?: el**ri?* it whenever it u foa', aa<f j<?nr ft*!r? will toll you wh?c h>en wher? no particular . order i? f't peot le erjey better health- auu lira near, lor oteau?inc th- I. o.kI, Keep the Liood *anh?. and a i i* we!'; hut with tan aabalun or fe diaordeTe**, 'h?re can be no iaatfuc Health, ooner o* later eo'uvti.lna moat (o wrong, and la* roat machinery of disordered or overthrowc. I)uri< g l\te yar? 11* pul lie have been mlalad hjr ,rge holt * pr-ten^mr to cir* a*aart of Extraot " .-araapari.ia for oa* d >1 ji'. ht?>at of thea* ta?*? ?>n fraud* upon the *iok. for they not oal? eoataia Ble.ffan* *ar*araM la, t * often ro curative ?f??a tiea wba ever. Hence, bitter and paicla dkaapnutiuaut baa followed the a*e of the varioa< exacta cf Har*apar>Ma which flood the market, aaul ie name itaelf ta jaatly ueapieed. acd baa beocree 'nouymoaa of imp >a:tion and cheat, blill we ea!l >ia compound Sa'aaparttia, ai d mt<nf to aapplf teh a remedy aa a hail reaeae th* aaia* froai ta* ad ofobloaay which reata naoa it. And we think e haee ?mui d for belle?lntU h?artrfn*e which e irreaiatibl* by th* ordinary ran of th*4?**aaaa ia intended to oare l*repart?<l by Dr. J. C. AVER k CO.. Lowell, aa*. Pnee (1 p*r bottia; aix tattle* In one eaokr* ti * U-eoUa Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" roMPOl?Nl> PVXMU KXTRACT BUCHU PomtlV^ anil >~r dimkm ? "!r t h. 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BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. ierki;oru!*of thmnrvane a?YLl'lf? And tKr MrlaucAtlp lM*tk$ by ar with organic weakness *oir?? Uie ?i>l of flawtioiueto atrauxUME a nd ic vi?or*te ui# fly etna, \i*k HELMBOLD'a EXTRACT BUCBV ?Mri 11 * . TBI AL WII.L COKTWfVm HOBT IttrTWiL FEM A LE9?FEliA LE??FEMA LE8, .D oh *OLNtt. MAhnlAv, ON CONTEMPLATIM* MAKh 1 AOS. N MANY At FECTIONs CKW'LIAR TO JMALK9, the extract Rccho ie an?<oiia^led by r other r*?n*dT.fta in Chl?roeie or Retention ecu arity, I'lttLfuln^K, O' Saapresaioc u/Ou iiftry Evaountioee, (jioerated or fcirriiua* iuu lft? I'lerux, L<eucorrluE% or Whitee, Steri..ity, i for mI oomplainie lueideit t<? the a x 5 hether in*h from Indiaoretloc, Habita of Diaaijatjoa. U DECLINE OR CHANUE OF LIFE. is TMrrmia a*ovb. ? FAMILY UK \V ITHOt'T IT mo mort Balsmm. Mtrr?ry. m tMiNIMl 8KOR E?1M8EASK? all their Stacoa. 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