Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1860 Page 1
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w # $ ^^^5EfSB9#K2BBOfi!fiSBMSSSSSHBHHSafia&aBESSS55^ iiiij jsif " * * i i , . . . . > V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 27. I860. N?. 2.874. mmmmm?????gBPPjj???? THE EVENING 8TAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTBRNOOIf, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAft BUILDINGS, Comsr of Pennsylvania wmm and lllA St., it W. D. W1LLACH. aorvad in taakacM by o*rriara at |4 ft T?r. or r oonta fmr month. To nail abaartbora tha jnoa ia |iw * year, m advamct; $t for ?lx months; fl for three nontha; and for 1?M thui three monUi at the rate of oonU a w?k. Single eo?iee, osi c*jrr; in wrappora, two ran. G7*ADTnTiiumiT? sAonld bo eent to the oftM botoro 12 o'oiook m , othemae they may not appear nnti! the next day. fader the Kaapaack. tbi sfbisgi iv slftxxbxk ? thi vlroisla Riil or thx Ball comes off at the Swift otlpbt*?what I ?w at th* Rhdsclphc* ?th? salt svlphf*?moshok cocjitt ? " The Knots "? ^isi-holu ahd simiue Ciih?-Th* Qr**x or th* Sphisg* a*d its ' Happy Vauit"-Somi Populah D*lcmox? CoBBKCTKD?BoTTt !?8 TK1 WiTII. C<trr*tfO?dmc? / The Stmt. White Sclphb* Spkixss, / Greenbrier county, V? , Sept. 15. 1600 > Demr Star: I think I've met wncwtaere tome Tines commencing "Oft in the stilly night." and la which the writer goes on to remark that he feels like one who treads alone some banquet-hall dewrtrd wboar lights are tied, whose garlands dead, and all but him gone home to bed. Them's my feelings precisely, as 1 stroll through th* deserted grounds at the White Sulphur, and gase upon its cream colored hotel and straw-colored cottages, lately over-ran by some two thousand pieasuM-seekers, now tenantless, or much the same. Less than an hundred people are probably here at this date, and the o*ol nights and foggy morning* are ending tb>- remainder away by each stage. It Is, however, high carnival time at the Sweet Sulphur, sixteen mile* from here, where the crowd always goes to wind ap the season, the water there being held as the corre< t thing to tone off the other waters and oil ap the renovated clockwork of the system to ruu precisely MS daya and the fractional hours and uilnAt the Red Sulphur Springs (Monroe county) on my way here, I found myself In the midst of a company of consumptives. This Spring (Red Sulpbnr) ts considered to have some wonderful property making it efficacious In lung diseases, and the consequence is one of tbs most ghostly gather, togs Imaginable. Hollow cheeks, pinched nostril*, pallid lips, and those clear, bright eyes peculiar to the consumptive victim meet oneatevery turning, and the hacking and barking is terrible to hear. Alt sight long T was kept awake by the hollow, racking cough of my neighbors in adjoining thin-partitioned rooms The fare Is good at the Red, the vallev beautiful, (not unlike BadenBaden,) and Cowles is the most thoughtful and kindly of hosts, but the company la too spectral by half, and 1 was off on Monday morning. It yvas sad to see such hopeless cases clutching so at i 'fr, gulping down the water by tbe haif dozen v*. (or.e poor fellow told me he was averaging 3S glasses to the '24 hours,) and weighing themselvt-s daily with fevsrish interest to ascertatn if thev v.'ve on the mend. The Salt ?ulL,lur- midway between the Red and tbe White, it '?id in affecttonate remembrance by all who loye good eattng, and it? cuisine, rather than the virtue ?' lta waters, I dare uy, makes its popnlarity. . paused here long enough to simple the two spring* *nd ***** one ?? Krsk ne's dinners, aad then came on' this place, passing through the rich limestone iT>Ortion of Monroe county. The land in this fine r-o*nty, see ids to be largely in the bands of a few we.'.'thy men. After leaving Union, the pretty county seat of Monroe, our road was skirted for a long distdnetby the fertile acres of Oliver Burns, Esq one of the plantation millionaires of Virginia, and who ia also the proprietor of the fashionable Sweet Springs. In his pastures we saw some of the flue stork that attracted ao much attention at the Richmond fatr Oats, hay, and corn do well In Monroe this season. wheat but poorly, suffering from rust, and from being winter-killed. Those singular and picturesque eminences, the ? knobs,'' were in alght for a long time on tbia road We paused many of the caverns, sink-holes, and sinkingcreeks. peculiar to limestone districts; and beautiful park-like groves of wfilte oak, with luxuriant pasturag** of blue-graes. claimed attention in thia portion of Monroe county. Knterlng Greenbrier county at Second Creek, oar cearae was through an Interesting country all the way to the sunny valley where the Aimed White Sulphur spring rlaes In the midst of warutlnted verdure clad mountains l,?-t me tell you a secret?the White Sulphur water isn't white, the Salt Sulphur Isn't salt, the Red Sulphur isn't Ted; and, tnough 1 haven't been there, 1 doubt jf verily the cerulean hue of the Blue Sulphur, or It, the saccharine qualities of the Sweet Sulphur. But they are all sufficiently nasty. The Red Sulphar, the moet palatable, tastes simply like a last years' hen't-egg; the Salt Sulphur like a bad egg seasoned with bad butter; and the White Sulphur like the bid eir? and batter flavored with rancid castor oil It savors moreover of roai'od guttapercha The White Sulphur water tastes asT?auperance alley (oar city) smells. Sat. tap There has been a large attendance at tbe Virginia Spring this year, and apparently the proCetors should be coining money, but to short is i season and so heavy the expenses that I donbt much if owning stock In to make one a millionaire For Instance, the company owning the White Sulphur have invested t#50.UUl> in the purchase of I he property, and spent S3S0, UO in improvements, or a round million, the interest of which would be Mu,UOU to start with. For the mouth of August tbe receipts are perhaps *4,uuu per day, but in July and September the receipts will aot more than meet expenses Tbe Red Sulphur Springs are up for sale, though apparently the season has been a most prosperous one there No doubt tbe completion of the Covington aud Ohio Railroad to this point (White Sulphur) will have an important bearing w? the pras(Wtty of tbe Springs in a paying point of view, not only as liumeosely increasing tbe number of visitor*, but as reducing the expenses of the Springs establishments. It'jtfrlkes me as bad policy that this road has been commenced a patch here and a patch there over a long extent of gseand. whereas the same labor and money eoa.ceairated upon a continuous portion of the lower ?ead of the route would have already placed such pottle* la ruailing order, and it could be earning iiiooey while the next dlvlaiou should b? in prograw of construction, aad so on. I paid a visit, to-day, to the bottling establishment of the White Sulphur, where the water Is pat up and sent away for the benefit of those who caanot come here to drink it A quantity of corks were In soak in a metallic basin One nun was riailog empty bottles preparatory to filling tLem with the spring water, which was falling iu two t-War streams from faucets; while others were emrjofed corking the filled bottles and bearing tbeui to aa adjoining rooui. where they were wrapped In ha? and packed In boxes, twodoxen to the box, 4m be as id at ?4 toe box. Dozens upon dozens of .empty and Ulied bottles, bearing the blown mark, "Or?rnhrl#r White Sulphur U ster," plied up in ahe vicinity, U>id of aa extensive business dote In dhta line C. 8. N. >av*l Istkllioimt s ? An Instructive and anew bat interrstlng series of naval experiments ware made In New York harbor on Friday and j*aturday last Their result la rather au evidence of toundneas lu aa old principle than a discovery yf j *w one CspUin Ward, aacooipanted by OrSarl. Sergeant Lilly. Sergeant gteveuaon, and ,,MT ^jleat marlnrs attached to the North C troll as, embarked on the powder boat oftLe Navv Yard, alw^ proceeded down the Bay for the purpose of trylBv what malarial, such as sand, SakonT Ac., offers the greatest reaisunre to a discharge of shot Tu? weapons used were the t,?w (rile |mT(d| lllBla' musket, recently Introduced iete Marina Corps, and in order ta teat the ratability of conclusions Jrawn from their M )n the tr^l, a pretty thick botid was placed vs hundred yards distaat and flrad ?t. Every hall perforated It, without lenvtag any ?lgn of exhaostleo la Its track A tag of oakym, the compressed fibres of which are sap posed to possess resisting strength, was then suspend, el frotu a triangular frame 500 yards off, and the serines were ordered to Are. The shot passed through the ton* with rtmarksble precision, and tUtqifiy eaWrvd iht b?i/d j>ut?lde, which de inouiuauxi iw ineiBCieaay of p.nuui am*, urv* (active commodity. M-iod VII 0??t tried In a ai altar manner, at a diatanrt-of y*rda, b?t tbf coaaaqurncea were totally differ eat The ball# aoi only did not paaa through the bag, but vere, t a depth of tlx inebea, flattened Into ibapeleaa forma. aatiafactorUy taUblisbing the aaperi oritur of ?nd for the purpoee intended It la therefore believed by Captain Ward that baga of rnoiat atad are the moat effective guarda agatnat dnatrur Horn during a flra oa able or fort, an iufereoce not mt ait u#w. although frequently combated. A lafalar feet developed la the experiment via Aba eorta>*if vvitb which the t 11m b Wat Irupedlthrow a is the path of the ball, rendered It 4-omoaratively hwwieaa. A ahot pualng through . * brekM-wof k, bear lag the ante proportion to the *? wetrkl > ?**v?^ dtackargad a* aa inch board doea f to a three oOuPe mu^k* bail. wCa|4 twla- and ii-q tara la ita aouraa. ?ud ilmoat ia?irl*b*y aerwt tag arf to the reai obfeat tinrtl at ? ^ jrrft la tulM thatordeft hare bee?*i * en by ran tha ftpaaiab goearaaaat Cor the Imm^dlib con. Str action of ten war * Warn era deatibad toaappreaa the alive trade and for the drfeitke of it* coa*t of Cab* ? The L*4y Klgla Dlwittr. (From the Chicago Press. September 81.] Up to last night the coroner bat held Inqueeta upon one hundred and forty-alx bodies Beaides these, eight bodies have been recovered at Racine and sent to Milwaukie?aiz were men, one boy six or eight years of age, and one woman?two of which were Identified as James Mice and D. Weeks, of Milwaukie. A large nninber of the bodies aent to Mtlwankle from here aa nnknown, were Identified there. Two bodies were also brought Into Milwaukie on Wednesday?one. the body of Mrs Thomas Bohan, found by the Grand Haveit steamer; the other was Drought in by the schooner Bonesteel. and is the body of a woman about thiity-five years of age. TLree bodies have been found at Kenoaha MlSTAKXM IDENTIFICATION. A 1 I- _ a iiuui'/ci ui uji*wacs uaYc occurrea iq mc IdentiUcation of bodies from the wrack of th? Lady Klain, tome of which have been attended with no little trouble to the friends of the lost A atranee one occurred on Sunday laat, over a body aupposed to be that of young Comerford. of Milwaukle. Upon the arrival of the body at the cemetery from the tug, It waa claimed b-s the friends of Comerford, aud sworn to aa hi* body But a few minutea bad elapaed, however, before no her party, friend* of Mr Pearce, claimed it. believing it to be hia body; and later atiil another party, aa poaitive that it waa the body of a man named McAuliffe After a careful examination of the body and comnariaon wtth descriptions, the Pearce and McAulitt'e parties withdrew their elaiins. and the body waa delivered to tbe friend* of Comerford and taken to Mtlwaukle that night Arrived at that place, the body waa placed In a metallic c*ae, and preparationa made for tbe funeral. Every arrangement waa effected?the military, of which Comerford waa a member, were oat. and tbe corpse would aoon have been interred, wben yet another party appeared upon tbe ground, and proving almost beyond a doubt that it was the body of a man named O'Brien, triumphantly bore It away. Tbe clothing and articles found upon the body tallied very nearly with dea-.-.rlptiona furnished of Comerford. Pearce and Mr An litre, with tbe exception that ft was flualiy ascertained that both Pearce and McAuliffe had on aboea, while on the body were found boot* Comerford waa supposed to have on boota, aa he had worn a pair from the houae, and white aocka, while on the body were found two odd sock* The frlenda of O'Brien, however, to prove their claim to the body, brought the pair of boota Com rford had worn awav From home, and which he h?d left at a bootmaker'*, wearing away a pair of ahoea purchased at tbe place, ana also two odd socks mating tbe ones found on the body. Ma Luxadxn and Family. One of the editors of the New Orleans Picayune, who la now at the scene of the disaster, writes to his paper as follows: ' ft was a strange accident by which they were found in thia boat Mr Lumsden bad been in the Northwest, on a tour of recreation and for health, and had decided to go home by the way of New York. Arriving here early In the week, he had made arrangementa to go round by tbe I.ake Railroad, with no thoughts of excursions or tours further North On Friday, having gone with a friend to visit a public building In a distant part of the city, returning to tbe hotel, some business called his friend out of the direct course, and they came In sight of this steamer, the Lady Elgin. then up for an excursion A visit wai aUK<ested, and an introduction to the captain fuUoW^d; and in the courae of the interview an iDVltatiod was given to tbe whole party to join In tbe excursion, with the hospitable promise, to meet an objection as to the want of time, that (hey should be landed at Mackinaw, and aent by a nlMunt route to Toronto. _ r J ?w; V" c*unu lo visit, within a few hours ride of Suspension I Bridge and Niagara. It la related, aa a melancholy foreboding of evil, that Mrs Luniaden, when ronaulted, dial Iked to go, expressed her feara that it would not com* to good, and after getting uu board and finding auch a large party, instantlyproposed going back! On this casual change of the route ana the accidental Bight ot the steamer turned the fate of this whole family, two generatlona, parents and child, blotted out of existence. Upon what alender threads all human fortune* bang' ' Whatever of the property of Mr. and Mra. Lumaden baa been aaved Mr A dams baa in charge. He and the city authorttiea with him had great difficulty tn wresting it from the handa of those who rilled the trunka after they were thrown on ahore, and carried off the contenta In aome instances the resistance waa ao atrong that force waa ner eaaary; the plunderers made flgnt, but were severely whipped They were atrongiy backed, tin), by some 'long-shore rowdies, wbo aeemed to think the property of drowned peraous lawful spoil, and tnea to back up the ruffians in refusing restitution. The restitution, Indeed, is atlll very imperfect. The apoll had been distributed among Several ganga. in different hovels, and as it Is Impossible to know what is hidden and wbo has hidden It. the chance of recovery of a large part of the valuables which war* known to K? win. Mrs. l.umsden's baggage 1* very slight * A very small portion only of the jewels sbe la known to have bad with fetr baa been produced. Though not by any means so large as exaggerated XI here makes it, bar collection was ttne and ible. Little baa been found, and It ia believed that most of it has been stolen. In fact nearly everv trunk, bale, and package whicb came to shore waa broken open aud pillaged, and It la not possible to identify the rubbers It is not the regular or known inhabitants that are chargeable with this desecration, but transitory coast loafers aud unruly meu with whom tue community has been pestered. The real people of the city and country showed great sympathy with tbe sufferers, and nothing csn be more honorable aud generous than the conduct of the people In this city, in their personal exertions, and In the constant and unwearied aid they have given to the friends of Mr. Luiuaden in their searches. Tbe police, tbe authorities, and numerous citizens have done everything that could be imagined to make tbe aeaieb thorough, aud they share in tbe regret that It has been, thus far, so ineffectual. I 11 i ?-i- ?- '* . win ii wjiuiiu occurs u> give ui better hopes of securing s renting-place in consecrated ground for tbe bones of our lost friends " Herrtble Tragedy la the First Ward. A W1d-1w \Vo**!f stabbed and shot?15ibm or tub Assassin to Commit Scicidb?Hit AaillT amd imprisonment?JkaLULCY THK Capss. (Froin tbe New York Express of Sept. 23 ) Shortly before 1*2 o'clock on Monday morning* tbe lower part of Greenwich and Washlugto-i streets wai In a state of commotion, caused by the shooting of a woman, named Hannah Jones, by Henry Norrls Pierrepont. a shoemaker, living at 49 Greenwich street Since the 13th of July Mr*. Jones has been a widow, spd Pierrepont, as sLe was poor, took compassion upon and sided ber in every possible msnner. Having ?q sQV-ctiftnst# regard for ths fair widow, Pierrepont offered tp mirrv her, snd was accepted, although a day b d not been fixed upon for tue wedding. Pierrepont h*d on various occasions been slightly jealous of Mrs. j*ne?, and a circumstance occurred late tn Hunday nlifht which aroused the green-eyed mou?ter to ihe h ghest pitch of phrenzy. While sitting alone in bis room, an acquaintance desired Pierrepont to go with him sod Le wauii cknlv * !?>'? ?">* ? wv^.^ ???? ?mw? picavaai VO WlUim. The two accordingly started and went to tba rear of the preial?es o. tuplfd byr Mrs Josea, whe e, upou pushing aside tie curtaiu of an open wiadow a man who ia an employee of Adams' fitpicai ofice. aat beside the widow and bad one arm about her wi at. He turned from tbe scene In a t#v*rer? lug rage, fully resolved to call Mrs. J. to account for allowing such familiarity with another man when she waa to be married to him. Pierrepont returned home, bnt not to Bleep, bia feeling* being too much worked upon to admit of repose Karly 6a following afternoon, Pierrepont called upon f4. Joeea and qusstlo..ed her In regard to what be had yen* the night previous, when In exflan*t en the said the man talked of coming to hoard with her and Mje wished to apeure bim. She subsequently got into a Mission wits PMropont; aid sue waa miatreaa of ber own bousr^nd of' fered to pay bim back ail the money be bad appropriated for ber benefit, an that he would have ho elfttm whatever upon ber. TM# V?o much for Pierrepont to hew, and il a moment he drew a long-bladed ahoe knife, and thrust it through tip rlglrt forearm, dividing #ne of the large arteries I Tb* then fled to the houfe of Mr. Fits seraid.31 Morris ?Ueet. pursued by the infuriated Smb. and ft?<iing the door fhsfened against him. I draw a fl?n??twrwiM pwtoJ.and $r<-4 through itMl daar ?t random Mr. aM Mr? Fltjjfafald.aa ai*o Mra. io??. w?? at the aoor at Um tin#, tad eon??qa*?tl* w? MfW * placed in Jeopard jr. Unfortunately, the bullet took effect ' the bead of Mra Jonea. and aba fell lnaanalble to the loot. The door vm then op?ad. when Mr. Fttagarald grappled with Plerrepoht, who , hr(4 The pktfoi and waa about placing It to bla M?d I* hiffV b!? fcraloa out, aa U afu-rwarta Caufcaaed Pi#?r?N|nJ fe?lat?-d, and waa twice knocked down \ry Flt|pBr>lf|,Wb>>?glgfKecruwd collected :u<d kicked and beat Pkrr?po?|tt^r|iblr . fbout the bead, blacking both evea, kc I Py U?U Uma offlcer Rowland arrived and ar rested the man, who wis rescued from bis assailants and taken to the station bouse In the meantime the victim was conveyed to the Nrwr York Haapital and placed under tbe care of Dr. Weir, the Home Sureeon. On making an examination of tbe insensible woman. Dr. \Velr found that tbe ball bad entered a little above aad in front of tbe right ear, passing inwards and slightly forwards. destroying tbe vision of the eye from probable division of tbe optic nerve. A probe was extended several inches into her bead, but Dr. Weir found it impossible to locate tbe bullet, which la supposed to have lacerated and lodged In the brain. Last evening tbe poor woman was in a semi stupid condition, and the attending physician thinks It quite Impossible for her to recover. Late on Monday afternoon, Plerrepont, vrbo regrets not baring succeeded in killing himself, was taken before Juatice Kelly and committed to the Tomba. The priaoner Is a native of England, and has lived in the First Ward for twelve years or more. He was temperate and industrious, and much respected by all who knew him. Trk Diamond Robbzkt at Sakatooa ?It will be remembered tbat during the early part of September tbe wife of Joel White, of Connecticut, while at tbe Union Hotel, Saratoga, was robbed of diamonds of the value of five or si* thousand dollars. The robber, it was suspected, was a tlnely dressed and beautiful lady, assuming ali the airs of a dashing belle, and who managed to make the acquaintance of Mrs. White, and thns obtained knowledge of tbe place of deposit of her valuables. One day Mrs. White missed her acquaintance, and also her jewels, and a man. probably her accomplice, disappeared at the same time from an adinlnintr hnl?l A f'w days ago Deputy Chief Ham had information of the arrival of a man and woman in this city, of rather gaudy appearance, who exhibited a large amount of valuable jewelry. Thia led to suspicions. and a dispatch was sent to Saratoga for a description of the jewelry stolen from the Union Hotel The description was sent by ex?tress. Instead of telegraph, and before It reached his city, the parties suspected had left for Halifax, where they probably sailed for England in the Cunard steamer of Thursday. The description sent on answered to tbe jewelry exhibited by tbe suspected conple In this city ?Boston Traveller, September 22. rn?mmmammmmmmmmimmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmam A MRS. WINS LOW, N Kxperien ed Norse an?l Female Physlalan, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children T?ethiagi ITfctth fraatly faelutataa lb* prtcm af ttt'-ftinf, k* acfiaa tsf lb* fini, naaeitf *11 intammaUM?will allay ALL fain ass apaaraadis ael>?o,and la SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS Dapaod ap*o it, matban, It will f 1?? raat ta yaaraaWaa, aa< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INPANTS Wa ha?a pit ap and laid Ihia arucla for arar lan jaura, <od CAM IAT, IIV CONPIDBNCK ADD TSVTH ef it, whatira bava aavir bun ibl? t* ? - ? ?/ ?i auj v i n mm MadlCina ? RBTBB MRS. IT PAILBD.IN * imaLi <>?,. *tawcb to bpriCT A el-Hi, WllWLUW'l wh,n Baad Na 'ar did wa kr>aw inilfHI It CI m inatanea af dia- I HUilieUM by any wbi aaad it. On tha caaitrary.allar* SYRJt^, dalirhtad with iu ara*4TioRi, ?nd lapaiY m tirnt af klfhaat e?mmaud?tian of iu in, Ic* 1 afaeta and madical nrtaaa. W* apoak in Jin raattar ? what VI oo mow," iftartau yaara" aipanauca, AND PLIOfll OUB RlfVTiTIO!? FOR TMI Pl'LPILMBIIT or WHAT W1 Him DB* CLAB I. la almaat mrj inatansa whara ma infant la anfarlay from pain aad aihaaatioo, rolial wilt ba foand lu Iftaaa ar (wanly luinataa aftar tha ayrap ta ninimatarad. Thia ralaabla praparauon ia tha pra?eripuao af ana a/ tha ioaal IIFIRIIKCIO and IBILPOL HTBIBI in Naw Knflaad, ladbaa baao aaad with fiBTBB-PAlLlRe iwccui U THOUSANDS Of CASES. It a at aeiy ralia?aa tha child frfra pain, bat InTiforilaa tha laiaaeh aad bawaia, carraeta acidity, and (tfn tana and uaryy ta tha who! a ayataia. It will almaat initially raUara Okipino in the Bowili and Wind Colic, lad avarcoma aonraloioaa, wkiek, if iat ipaadiiy raiaadtad aad in daath. W __ _ fcaliara It tha a BIT A*D It'BBIT BIM- FOR BCVmtha VOILD In ill eiaaa a? DT?- CHILDREN -<*TIIT aad Diab rmka I fa cml- tkktuing ^atfN. wbathar It anaaa frora taalhiaj 1 or from in* oihat caaaa. Wi woald lay la a??ry mathar who haa a child akffans* from any of Un for again r compliiau ? DO NOT LBT TOfI raaJL'Dicaa, ?oa tub pbbJudicbi op otmbbi a tar d batwaao yaar aafarinf child aad tha raliaf that will b? IBBB? yaa, ABIOLI'TBLT aliBB?ta follow kba Baa of lb diciaa, if utril/ mad. Fall diracuot.a ar aataf will laoMar aaeh b?ua. Nona jaoalna anlaaa tha fie-aimtla CURT IB * PERKINS, Naw fork, ia an tha oataida vnyya eid by Drac f iata thraurboat tha world. Principal OSco, If a. UCadar Btraai, H. T. Priaa onlrtS Canta par BatOa. oa ll-dtwlv DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8, 261 C St., bttwie? lOtik ami l;tv He will to-oar opeu hia long established and well known NORFOLK OYSTER^. SHUCKING DEFOT for the season /_ J He ha? made arrangement* t > rfo^iye^^ \L.^> regnlar supplies or the best NOR- xOHr FOLK OYS rER? on every Tuesday, ^ Thursday, and Saturday. He will also k*ep eon stantly on band a large and varied assortment of FISH, inolnding every sort known to Washington table*. He returns his sinoere thanks to those who patronised his Establishment daring the vast ?ea?on, and is confident that his increased facilities for keeping constantly on hand fresh supplies of OYS I TKhS, FISH, UAMK. 4o , *o, will amply reward a continuance of their patronage and custom. Sold at th* lowest market prices, and delivered at all parts of the oity free of charge. se lrfTm T M. HARVF.V. ^HTRTINU COTTONS AND LINENS. I have now on hand a full supply of all the best brands ot BLEACHED SHIRTINGS, suoh as lh# NEW YORK MILLS, WAMSL'TTA ARK WRIGHT '* CONTINENTAL " DWITE * BOOT. Ao. Also, the original Never Wear Oat FamilrShirting. whteh I nave made to order, with my ntme stamped on them. A'so, one case <>f assorted qualities of Irish Linens a d Linen Shirt Fronts, of m? own importation, made to order in Ireland, all warranted pare linen HENRY EGAN, se 21-6t SSI Fa. avenue; 921 7th street. n #nrrma /\ ? * * w ?? * * ? * Kuno o ukicniAb n.MiSAldi A Cubs roa BALDNESS AND HEADACHE. This new disooviry has produced astonishinc result! in cnring baldness and st?>pping the nair from filling off It remove* dandruff and all eruptions of the skin; a certain out e for ueadaoh*, and ado1 ghtfm wash atd perfume. Pnoe 5?oent?. Foraae b> iViessr*. Nairn A Palmer, Ohas. Stott, L. M. Smith, J Schwarie and Kidweil A Laurence. ee ll enlm* ENEW FALL GOnDS. . OWEN St SOS, MERCHANT TAILORS, 2\-2 Penn. avenue, have just opened their^*4 first invoioe of ^41 GOODS* FOR THE SEASON, to whiah they invite the attention of their WIT friends and customers. se ao-soaw HC. SPALDING JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, AND CONVEYANCER. Deeds prepared and acknowledgments taken, buying, e?lliug a d leasinx Heal Estate. Ac. Office .13S list bet. 9tli and iwth sts ae U-e?8i* WPKOFESSOR MORKTTI, HO Has just returned from Milan Italy, (having been in the Musical Conservatory there,I ISL and who has been for a long time a teachertjBft both of Vocal and Instrumental Music in N?wW York, (having taught some of the b-?t singers there, suoh as Badiaii, Tiberim, La Grange, Jko.. Ae ,) has c?iue here, thinking to remain,and would be most happy to receive the patronage of this city. Pro! M can give the best of referenoes in regard to his moral ni well as his intellectual standing. All o mmuaipations please address to 964 F st, se lJ-Jw* r N? MORE NEW DRESS GOODS

OW Reoemng a la ge and beautiful assortment of tioh Figured Merino*. Cashmeres and Mousseiine* in new style*; ioh Plain and Reped Poplins in all shades; splendid Plain Biaok and Batadere Silks; rich Silk Robee and Silks by the eetterns. with many new and stylish Goods, now daily opening,to wnioh we a<k the attention af our friends and purchasers generally. ?*?, C?A^! COAL WOOD! WOOD!] 1 am daily reoetving large suppl ee of <COAL from the very best Pennsylvania mines, which I will sell at reasorrab e p ices Alto, the best quality of Oak, Pine and Hickory WOOD, ontaad sflit,all lengths. Call and leave your orders. R. W, BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer. se 17 (States) Cor. C and 14th ets.. near Canal. AbTEINWAY k, SONS'. NEW Aeaortment of theee nnrivalled Instruments Ts now on the way,and wtil arrive^cam in a few day e, from the piaioeet to theKf^^H in net elegant Ix>aie XlVstyle. whioh1' ? ?1 will be eold at factory prioee at the sole agency, METXKttOTT'SM??*>o Store. ee? w E Are again fn'reopi'ipt o?a^u?ther BVpfly of J theee Hams. They have been hangtif in the e*a?kehoeee thronga the season, and a e in tapual Oid'r. _ Kl.NU k BLRCHK1.1., ||000 LIBHT! I CHEAP LIOBT! I PA?AFMNIC OIL. from Co* I - KIN? * BURCHELL, I * Af**M for iu nu?, EDUCATIONAL. Hmiss jenette l. Douglass AS The pleasure of annooncing to her friends and the pubhe that she will open her Seminar^ *t Ue corner of H and 11th sts ."Philadelphia Plaoe," on Monday. September 10th For terms oaf! on the Principal. She will be aesisted by the following experienced an 1 efficient teachers: Miss DOUGLASS?Higher English Branches. Composition and Penmanship. M iss Abbii M. Bkooks?Latin, Algebra, English Branches. fliM Jcliaxa G. Mat?Teaoher of Vocal Music. 'rof.Gao. C. Schikvfik? Lecturer on Philosophy, Chemistry. and Physiology. Prof. H*nrt E MaEix?Teaoher of Frenoh ana German. Prof. C. W. Teacher of Piano and Science of Mu?io. Miss Maet T. DaviDaow?Piano. J. Madison Watson,of New Yark? Lecturer on Elocution. Joseph G B*rft?Teacher of Drawing. , Teacher of Spanmh. , Moral Science aud Classios. so 7-3 w T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where their physical training wi:l receive daily and special attention, under the mint approval ststem of Calisthenics and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and N"w York av MR. It MRS. Z. RICHARDS#, au 30-tf Principals. a ^ i> h 1 ? I r? n/i * ? ? ? r E..< nuAni)i.'\? AND DAY SCHOOL, ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mr*. 9. J. MoCORMICK, Pri?c:p*L. The thirteenth annual session ot thia Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 18th, >n the house recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., i No. 1HO King street. ' The course of study pnrsneH will oomprreall ) the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, and Musie, Fiench, I,at in and Drawing, ii I desired. In addition to day scholars. Mr*. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited nnmberof pupils & < hoarder*, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under li*r immediate cars aad supervision. She will endeavor, as far as possible, to surround them with the oemforts and kindly influences j of Home. Kejertnot.?Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D-. Elias Harrison, Rev. D F. Spngg, William H Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, fcsq , Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbory, Esq , l,?wis McKeni'e, Esq., Robert H. Huntnn. Esq . W D Wallaeh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas. Entwisle. J r., Esa .Col. John W. Minor. Loudoun, Messrs. BlacklooK fc Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. Tnm. Board, with Tnition in all the English B'anohes, for the annual sesaion?payable semi annually, in advance. Music and Languages at Professors' prioe*. ([7* No extra charge*. au 28-tf T*HE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. A 37u Eighth St., Bitwise K md L Sts. Studies will be resumed in this institution on MOV DAY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstores. tn 1K.II * r> n i.^i. " ' ~ ? ... .. v. nH tiAnua, rrinoipai. METROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE INSTI1T1 TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Bitwiki 6th a*d7th Sts. The fourth annual ion of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in September. Applications should be made early, a? the numl>er of pupils is limited. For particulars see circular* or apply to the principals, Mr.and Mrs. T. H. HAVENN KR, at the Institute. au 9 If MRS. M. E.KINGSFORDS SEMINARY, 416 E ST.. WiiHiSSToji, D. C. The next session will oommenoe October 1st, 1MB. Terms, *o., forwarded on application. *n 15 tf_ VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKLIN, Tiachii of Mreic, 642 H, between 6th aud 7th stre?U. sel-eohn pKORGaTOVVN FEMALE SEMINARY, VI ( Foimuli Miss L. S. English's.) A BOARDING A*'D DAY SCHOOL. Tho duties of this Institution will be resumed on tha firut \fnnH?? ?n --? * mmm^m v ?wt?l u i.v y 1 i 1 ur I UCJLU The oourM of instruction embraces all that is taught, from the rudiments to the moat highly finished education. The oorpa of teaohers, ten id iumber,ar? eminent!? qualified aud experienced in their sweiaJ departments Lectures Friday evening*on the Natural Scienoe* without oharge to the pupil*. Circular# may be obtained by addressing the Prineipal, Miaa M.J UARROVhR, Georgetown, D C. au 22-ooSm FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR 9*LE?A FARM ooataining lcoaoree. ait ated 6 miles from Georgetown, in Mn> tgome rg n?uiity. Md. Fifty aorea are in a huh state of cultivation; twenty-five aorea in wo 3d. Tut re ia a s:uail 104 house, stabling, sheds, oorn house on it. Apple orchard and some peaches: aprin an" a well ofwatar at the door: being aerfeotiy htalthy. Please inquire of BARNARD A. Bl'CKF.Y, Auctioneers, N<>. 114 Bridie street, Georgetown, or W ALL k. BARNARD, Washington. sel2-eolm 17?OR RENT-A three story BRICK HOUSK on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a twostory BRICK COTTAGE, garden, corner of Tennensee avenue and north F street, surrounded by a large common paature, and aoulu be a desirable location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. BIRGE, 446 12th at. jy l?-oo3m* FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOL'SK will be for rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K at.. Navy Vard ; haa a large gardeu lot attaohed, a pump of good wau r n-ar. and ooutam*4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will UVIOUIQU IUW, Villioi WliQUUl UIO lOl, W i I9O0 ' ton&nt For tale cheap, a rood, strong WORK * HuHSK; work? well in anything Inquire of T. ! E. Cl-ArtK. Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, I 61* H at between 4th ami 5th jy 1< I CQR RENT-Three BRICK HOUSE?-one?n r Twelfth street, between C ami D; one ou the corner of Twelfth and H ata.; and one on H, between Uth and 13th ata. Inquire of JAMES W BARKER,on H atreet, between 11th and 12th, No. 423. ma 30-tf FOR RENT-Tb* FIRST FLOOR of tte build ing immediately oppoaite the weat wine of the City Hah, recently oooupied by Chae. 8. VTaitaeh aa an office. Alao the front room in theaeoond atorj and the third floor of the aame baildinc, Foi term* apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. 8 J Louiaiana avenue. ja B tl ' WOOD AND COAL. : WOOD AND C O A L Delivered to all parta of the oity, at the lowest ' poeaible ratea. T J * W. M. OALT, i Offioe 289 Pa. av., between Uth and 12th ata . ma 17-tf north aide. | THE SUU8CRIBRK HAVING ON HAND an exteceive ftook of Ft UL, U to fill JLt? *WT lov i*ur? tor oaah. WOOD Saved ud Split Mr alii. Call and im for yoarMUL I R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Din er, I ma If 8. F, oorner of Fourteenth and C ?t?. l *7sihqek ft co/a | IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, j 3?8 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, < (UifozB National Horn.) 4 GOOD ASSORTMENT OF , Itchlui, Thread!) Ilee4lei, k TfW, KEPT ON HAND, , ? 1-lm ffM. H. GLOVER, Agent SCHOOL AND COLLESK OUTFITS. j Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and j Dress Wear. j Parent* and fnardiana viahini to farm A their ohiidren and wards withSobool ard Collcje Outfit* j forUeooiuiuj i?Muu,ar? invited to examine oar ' larre and extenaive aaaortineet SOYS' < LLoTHIwW, where tuejr caa fit oat their children ? or all lxea I a a law moment* with eyerj deeoriptionof ftradt made Garment?, of mbetantial and i THE PLACE i 1 TO OCT YOUR , SCHOOL BOOKS j At tk? trum , lALUNTYNE'B, e*-jm BYS&Mfe tow,' HaU. . {^BICKERING * SONS' SUPERB PIANOS. ' paymenfl^rnew. Ptanoeforreat. *~TllTn I ?W >06 Pa ar .Ut. nh iuSu>th ?U. BALT,MOREbijtteji h Dml?y reooivinc frveh and tweet. id Ooaken pack- j T. ,XSSSaSk : ?^?? ?^1 QEOEGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS CRANDHLL. gfrgyj* Hm eonitutli on aarwl a lane aasortaaiit ot FroiicL Nwar?n nteil, Peneeopio. ored, andal. otlior 8PKCTAOL.K9, of*?r tae bMt ^* *o*d. ulre% steel ,aad Ovmu ailver fraaiet. N. B. Old V'um Repaired and ? w t aswaa wt ib thwn la or?r. mJMt \|ASSKY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHI LADELr LU PHIA DRAUGHT A LK ?We are eouitaatiy reoeivtDg fraeh eupaliee o< the above delightful be*- 1 ra*f,aiid invite at] mtiohi who want a parewaadalteratod Al?, ? five ita tnal. IRN Y Jfc SHINN. Acanta, 47 Qrw? ?t.. ft?nrnton. 10*. P. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, * Cot. Brtdt* ?*d Jtfmon its., Georfttow*. u"""i r? "~t r*?*1 ??- w.. ??. | of mr bannee*. lam prepared to. , attend to all call* vith protuptneee Pereona from udistanoe can be tup tied at * *ew minutM' notin* u i ? ? >-? aaaortmeut of CuFFINB un?i on hud. i Partioaiar attention paid to the removal of tha i dr&d from the old to the-new burn grounda. , HMriM and Horaea for hire. ay 10-4U i LIST OF I'NCLAlMKD PACKAGE* at the ' Offioe of the Adams F'xprem Company, \Va?4ington, 1). C., to be sold tor freight and o?argea, it , not immediately oai ed for. OEORGE H. BURNS, Agent. , September lat, 18b". , Aubin.N Kirohner. M | Ariamnon, A Krioaman, M A den. J K J Kouea, Mrt K ( Andaraon, J H Kennan, W J , Adair, O Lindiey, Prof , Abbey. Wm Ltureuoe, A B Aahe, \V s L:vn,gaton, H B I Alaobrook, U R Ljneti.A . Barber. Rev S, H B , Ba laud, H Leonard, Ker C Branch, J W Lavaon. Sergt W Brown, A H Luomn, M Briager.MD lautley.oN Barulay, A P Long.S B Butta, Win B Lamoort, C G Brown. A l.< ugatroth, Kav L L Bemiaa. Prof S M Lar.g.J Baer, MraM L*l>arre, F Bowie. K 4 Lwlur, G H < Ka dwin, B H Mott, Col C 11 Baird. i)r M?era, Col Barna, Mary MePheraon-J A Bnrna, P MaoKey.JT 1 Bl&okmore, B C M P uiywuo.m o t\ UW, 1% Bninn. E T Mum. Hon C Brown*, H F Mont?*ue, K L Bosse, Wm MoCreery.FA Brown. A V Maldoon. Vl tiarnard. O C Mannypacny, Col Buier, J 0 Morjac, E B Baker, Wncht * Co Montgomery, J B anion, 3 H Martin, D B Brown. A H McKrever. A Banks, E D McLean, W T Bennett. C W MoCraeken, J Byrnes, Dr J Mitohed.AB Lamer, A L Mfader. J Clark, B H Meek., J W Coleman, C W Morton. J H Cochrane, J a Markiey.T Carter, C H Merrill 4 Pea.roe, Cannon, J M Murray, T Cutts, H L MoMnrrar, C H Connolly, p c Manning, Catherine, Chouteau, CP M itohell, H * Coleman, Mrs M B Merrill, I H Connolly, J Mill*, \V C Colby, PT MoKenny, 6 Chapman, Wm Mitoneil, A 8 Cruder, L Musiy, F Chamberlain, J MoPi.erson, C M Cooker, J L ? Mitofaall. W F Campbell, J H Miudelotf. M per, John Newbrougk, J B Campbell T A Nat Jar, u Clarke, Mi.. J Nicholaon,Q W 8 Crutchett, J Qalda, J d Col burn, J O Pau.-u Com of Campbstl, Arohy Do do Con rand, CM Pa irer, E 1 Conrad, CM P 'tw, W D Cunningham, C W ;>.rker, GAT , Cook,*!- Pat-nti Cora of * * Dougherty, J E Do do Dobyn*, Col T J So do Dnlhn. Fo:ix Do do p Dioieya, Mr Do do Dubois, Cher )o do Do Mom Do do Dn'y, 8 C Pollock, E A * Devine, K J A Pensions. Com of IWw*T, B Pnt?iit / * .?( 0f Douglae, MoG Patent Office, W 8 ferry, 1 W Deunia, J P Randolph. Col J J o Javis, R W Rodcers, J Junhnm, E W Keelinc. J >owd, fc (or Doina) Robeeon. Capt J Edwarda, 8 Rioh, G W D ? Do J 8 Ridgeway, W ?aton, W Robictton, Mre A Eaton, J Rand, l*sat having, Dr Riohardaon F Frai*r, J L Sheppard Wm Farmer, M G 8tuart. Rev D C Frouoh. E B Rul,ivan,J Port!. M Stone, N B m F ield, M Seward, J L Kurae, J Sempi.Dr A Foeter, J Soloui'n, H Ferguaon, 8 W Sohmldt. F Farley, Mre J Sohaei, Wm Kreip, Fred Smith, Lau a m Fuier OC 8-soman, J H * Farritl, J S?Uf'nan, M t- oater, J W 8tone, M Griffin, F C 8eibert,8 liiamtiastian, 0 Skir.ue:, A P Bivaneer, 8 Spenoer. Boah K reason, W Stuart. A gillie B VV ?Me, F bosaett. Mra Berantoa, J H >asette Offiae Stevena, h R ireen Pro- G W 8ul!i/an. N S Srimea, J W S""ith, W Gardner. AW button, C iatea, Mra N Shoemaker, K t?V? . K ftaam ,... I .i~' "* " ... , **y? iuuu' . ? jJjjj. w * Tonj,. E ass.'.W' ffis&r* [)o? ""mm,!! Jihn "Ji.T'ec P aVW :f?|? sj^ED itSSfcfJU uJ^tV JaLn >r%*?er H **oksr, Win tnk'^hj ui. . fttfrst**" gars* 1 Bynn, B D Van Vlu?. R p * BXS?r#,?J &n?h'^ SSGiX,, te"'8 vevsszi" ? ' w"-a % sri s Jam*., PL Do R Jackson, T B Wa,?. w H ^ fc'HonS #lfcV?C i oh ni't^n N't8 F SSSS&l B J ppST": sswfe : 1^..wsKis i Kectarts^ N R Wileu, Miss AW l5S?#b w^r-A0 MownalrtBdhiO 7??iw D?g ssl-Im V 0FFICK ?W?|,fD ?*<-" JFSBJgJBSZltSEggHRfe S registration of any [u meter in dm id this oity." F?3?7 m*,Jer? ^ro?nd incorrect, will heoondetnned, 1 121,J^thair' W """*** " tn*, will be tin its p.aoe. If urortd to be aooarate it its ffieSSSsfS* jylitf UirMtur ud Mr n(ttu Mtttri. b waicbre&a,r,7ojw?lve? was. <\ I have on* of the beet establishment*, tad far- I Dished with a complete set of tools for repair ti n* every description of fine Watches, and particular attention give to the tarn*. by aAla a ttiorouph oompetent workraanaod all work fuarTTi?d Alio, every desonp ion of atandard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, mftnuiaeturod aider my own supervision, which my customers wifl fcr superior in ?u*lity and finish to northers war* ? told by dealers in feneraJ and repreeented as tb?ir " jwajwauutactnre. H. O. HOOD, j ? ? >38 Pa. avenue, near wth at. ? fOid on reasonable tanni fa order to AUsrooa or our sprin* (took, Give ? & /?11 3 .?7^ i i * **r>,0""u s ilcr I lo5^ftooma!t!!o(l'orbMu! ** w? ** miscellaneous. the oily pe.epaxjltio* *#mit or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRON AO! ft)* statesITkh, judges, CLKHdYMEM. LAUlhs. tiU OKKTLtMKS ill ftll Hru of i??world tMtify to tk? eAotcy of PRO?. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, tnd fantlom*! of tfca Pr?aa ftra Hnaaimna* la IH prftia*. A few (Mtiwoaiftta oftiy fcara ^iva^ aa ?i for mot*. and it wki ba us|uu;Im fur f oa to doubt fi W?u SrtiiT. Ntw Vwt, D?e IM CrmtUmm: ?a?r aota ai tfaa 1M lutui tea baen rwini. fty n? thftt ?.>a had haftrd thftt i had baaa baeafitad hy tha dm of Wood'a Hair *a torftUT*. fto 1 rMiMtmi my sartifoftta of tfca IMt :f I hftd aaobjeetioa ta lira it. I award it tojaa ok^faliy. baotaaa I tkiU it iae. My M' > ft^-at SO ya*r? ; th* aol >r of my hft'.r a4r>arn. airf iao'inad to oarl. It* or nx iitii udm ,i I>mu to tvra jray.aadU* w* p an Ui? o'owa of my head to ioa? ita a*naibi ity ftnd dandruff tn form an-n it. nt ?k?? ? ibllltlM iMTMlMl time. u4 ttxMl 4 ??lkl ?inoe a fourth via added t > them, by Ualr W. iiu off the top of my head and threatening to Mifra mm bad J. In thia aapl'aaant prodn-ftment I waa i ad wed to try W ood'a Hair Jteetorauva, mainly to a. r??t Ue a in* off of rot hair, f jr I hal realty no npivUtion that gray hairoouid f?*r be r?iuir*d to iu i>ri?i' al color ?-*.-<pt froa drat. I *ai, hnwmr, ( i-atly turpr d to find, after the uac of two bot tie* on y, nat n?t only tai ti>e f% >ing off arreatoJ. r?ut tli* e >tor vm ?wlwr?d to Ui" (ia? hair a and lenaibi :ty to the ?ca p and <<andrufl "'aaed U form jn my much to the ??atifioatioa of My rife, at whoa* ecucitatioa 1 waa ladaoad to try it. For thu, amonc the mary obiigatione I ova t< aer net, I atrorg.y recommend alf ?t a at* tidewfee ra ue the ad mi rati n of their wivae lo profit by my ixample, and naeitif grow nc imi or ??ttin> ha a. Very reeeectfuily, K>n A. 1 ATaacs*. To ??. J. Wood A Co. 444 Broadwy. N. T. My family ar?ah?eat from tha ?tr. ull mm onger at No. U Carrol P.aoe. PiAKaaTon Ala., Jaly **h, llfl To Pmop O J Wood: Drar ttr Vovr "Hair Re?u>rati\?" haa dona m? hairao ruuah good etaoa I Oommei cod the aa* of it, that I wian to make mown to the pubic of tta 'ff-eta oa tha hair, which ir? treat. A i:iaa or woman ma* b? nearly d- pnr?d >f hair, and by a raaort to yoar " Han K^toratirehe hair will return mora beantita than rrer; at eaat thia la w? eipenenee. Be.ierei'all Youra truly, Wit. H.Kixict P. 8?You oau pub'.iah tha aSo*e if yoa lit" By pnbliahinc in ? ur Southern pa para yoa will gat nire patio:?afe Soatn. I aaa tavaral of yoar earafioataa in the Mobile Meraory.a atraoiMitkxni >aper. W. H kimih. WOOD'S HAIR RERTORATIVfc. Piny O J. Waon: l)*ar Sir - Havu a bad tha nialortune to ioac tha ba?t po Uon of mj hair, from he ttfe?ta of the yei at feter, in ."Sew Or eam m <S1,1 wi> in 'aoed to make a trial of ?mmr prepasa ion and found it to anawer aa tha va?y ttiutg ia<ded. My hair la now thiok and gloaey, and no rorda can eipreaa my obligationa to yo? fa rivtag o the ail i oted aaoh a traaaar* JoaaaoN. The Reatomtire iapat up in bottlee of three aita*. 'li: large, medium and aoi?U; the ana . hold haif .pint, and retain for ona dollar per bottle; the me fum hold* at letat ** per oent. mora in ernportiaa m niwr . main Iitr two D 'HVI (ND<IM; hi" large hoxiseauart, ?0 p?r oeal. more in propor ion, and ret*i!? lor #3 O J. W<X)D A CO , Proprietor*, 444 Broa4 ray. New York, ai.d 114 Market street, MLLoiii, Ho. And sold by tl) good Drtgglstsaad Patter Uoetfs Jeaiers. as TJ eoU^ w r PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZFNS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, A*. fkrw, At the pre?at ssasoc o U*rw 3HOLERA MORBUS, DU"HBib.ouc. JYSBNTKRY, DYSPEPSIA. DkBILITY. As., As., rerail to an ala-wiing ekteati And viertat. It msst he of tbe P?RST CONSBQUENCE ,.Wk?,l,wrWEnv at onoe 8*fn, Sp**ii*. ?*/f RJtoortevs, DR. VONTARDE, o? fun, ff#r"hMIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER t EM ED^ FOR TI?E A BoVlfCOAIffTR In order to satisfy tuv Pi'm ii? tfcat do imposition it intend^'t\n Uxait ofUM Groat Medicine, THE MONEY WIlX HE REPUNDBD M mil n**rt 'hen ttie mediom* to give eatlre Mtufcitiii ak, then at an? Drue Store for DR MONTAKDK'H MIRACULOUS PAIN KII LKR. take aa directed, and if aot perl*ctf? aatiafod tarn to oar Afent, D. B. CI.ARK. ESCf., 4H Street and P*n?i?y iw*c:a Atmk, who vijl refut.d your money. Price-'24 and 40 Cents per Koltie. Pot aale at all Drag Htore? every vherai J A3. MoDONNELU Cenerai Afect, Jyll-eotr Batimore TJ. O. T. JL. HrMIGWELL>g QHIVEESAL COUGH UKRDY, or all Throat and I.uug Complaints, from Common Cvufks to A rtual Com >tyiiw HUNNEWELL'8 JCITLY CILIIIATI! 'k* Natural and <burs KtmUf for mil Norvouj Complaints, From Nevraigia throuili a!' cum vbmOwu aa ?T?r iMd to that of lMiriain Tmw, Mi M >mnoiiobi?f?uiuo( l lMU* LOW OF SLEEP. Tha Tola A nod*ne. tnoufth aontainiec not a par oleof Opiuic, prodaoaa Mi Ue rn^uiraiacta of, aJ tnay I* used in all ou*l wherever On am wu ?d without aro^oaiog anything but Cerea, and nvinr the patient ib a perfectly natarai a*Mai. 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