Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THLR8IMT....... . Weytuwfcer ?f the M*rninx Pr??? Tbe r?n<tiiMtion discusses what it considers the rfpuWtfa proclivities of Judge Douglas, and the lrrwtreuca of the Hell party for Ike decision* of the Supreme Court, tn holding that they are not final Tbe I?t?iiigmc*r gives the political record of the Hon. Edward Ewwtt The typhoid fever prevails to a consider. V>la aitan! in Anne Arundel county. Md E7* The Rocky Mountain Newt esiimates the population of tbs proposed Territory of Jefferson at orer 60,0tt) ffT A man named John Fry wu killed by the 'kick of a mule, recently, new the Point of Rocka, oft the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. ICTThewhite population of St Mary'a connty, Md , 1* estimated at upward* of 14,000; In 1830 it was 13,693. Number of slaves now, 6,000; number la 1850, 5,856. ILr An agent of Jeffrard, the president of the negro republic of Hayti, was in Mobile, Als , on the 18th instant, for the purpoee of obtaining emigrants among the free colored population; but, as free negroes are prohibited from entering the State of Alabama, the colored embassador was obliged to retire. Tas Qcestiom Sbttlbd wao shall Dascb witb tbs Pbibcb FiasT iw Naw Yob* ?It ia rumored that. In order to alienee all cavil, and settle the grent question, "Who aball open the ball with tbe Prince!" tbe New York committee hiH properly awarded that murh coveted honor t? tk* oldtit lady in the room Tub Nrara Loit by Lady Eloin ?The MUwaukle People's Press think* that the number of passengers o<> board of the L^ady Elgin, at the time of her loss, has heen underrated In ronieqnence of conversations had with several of the survivors, tbe T 'ess is confirmed In the belief that ther were full/ live hundred souls on board the Ill-fated vessel, and that consequently four hundred were lest TTf Dates to the 3lat of August from Great Salt Lake City state that the first part)- of hand-cart emigrants of the season had a/rived in very good condition, having suffered very little on the route Tbe wbset harvest was being rapidly garnered ?nd gave general satisfaction. thongb there were few complaints of smut. Corn was also very good. Surveyor General StarabaugL bad recently returned from a survey of a considerable portion of the Territory, end is reported, to be not very favorably Impressed In regard to the general character of the country IfT A letter from oee of tbe Professors In the University of Athens, In Greece, written lsst month, and pub! abed in the Boston Courier, says that the atat* of Turkey Is daily growing worse? that tbe recent massacres in Syria have only partlally revealed the moral and political condition of the country?that aecret hostility and rags against tbe Christians exist ail over the empire ud may break out into actual violence at any time?that peculation, extortion, extravagant expenditure, and oppressioc of the Christians have reached tfceir height?that two-thirds of tbe revenue are wasted In tbe Saltan's palace, and that, notwithstanding, bis private debts amount to one million of pounds sterling' Garibaldi, or some such man, is worthy to march into the "bowels of the land," and drive off the harpiea who prev upon the people?and, if necessary, tbe Turks themselves?so that one of the falest portions of tbe earth may be opened to light, civillcation, comparative freedom, and the blessings of Christianity. fT* The supper at the grand ball to be given at the Aoademy of Music in New York in honor ef Baron Renfrew is to coat Jli.OOO During tbe vealag a grand concert will be iriven hv th? Strakoech Opera Troup*. As yet the tickets have not bffn prepared, but the committee on Invitation* have already secured the disposal of the entire twenty-eight hundred, which will be giveil out through the direction ol the geuerai committee on reception. President Buchanan and Wis* Dane, the members of the Cabinet and their f^inl lies, tavs been honored with specisl invitations to the ball, as also has .Msyor Wood aud the Mayer of Montreal?to the Utter of whom the committee on Invitations are under obligations for manv eourtesies extended while they were In that city Complimentary tickets of invitation have or will be extended to the Ex-Presidents of the L'nite-i States and their families; Speaker Pennington, of the Hoase of Representatives; Governor Morgan; Gen Winfield Seott and staff; Gen Wool and staff; Gen Sand ford and aids, with the four brigadier generals, and the colonelsof regiments com prising the first division of the New York State mllitary. j[T The Hon Robert Toombs recently inade a speech at Columbus. Ga , in which, speaking of tbe encroar nments of the North upon the rights of the South, he said : " When the last disgrace and degradation shall or cuiiauuiiniiru rjv ine cieciloii or aChief Magistrate over the people whose influence and power will be wielded against the dearest rights of ray action, and the aacred guarantees of the Constitution; when he still stand at one end of th? Capital to take tiie onto of then my commission as ymir representative in Ihe Senate ts at an end; then will 1 return It to those who honored me wlUk it, then will I come to my constituent* and ask only one om e within their gift; then I shall be a candidate for the White House of the sovereign State of Georgia!" OmriT a* a SocTH**f Wats*!** Plac?.? The following, we are Informed, is a statement of the lending article* of consumption and equipment required at the Wbite Sulphur Spring*, Va , from June 3th to September 5tb, of the present year?a season of three months: Iqvipmtnt T*bUi.?Knives, 2,000; forks, 1.700; table spoons, 700; teaspoons. 1,300. dining plate*. 1,700; pnatry bread plates. 300; side dishes, 1,700; breakfast and ten plate*. 900 Supply / Provtjicaj?Beef. 53,000 lb* ; niutV>* an IJOO lb* ; ham. 20.300 lb* ; butter, 0,200 lb* ; cotfee. 6,000; <-gr?. 12.400 doi ; milk, 7,00? Sills: flour, 309 b bis During several week* in e fciu ht of the *eaaon there were consumed for the daily breakfast, and rooked to order. thecb*ps, cutlets. fir , of JO muttons, 400 lbs beefsteak. 360 chickens. ?ii doz eggs 1*< bains. ^ bbl herring? the supply of milk being 74 galls. For dinner?22 roast saddles mutton. 90 rmri* * k?? . w-.-? wv??, ?? uauis beU*d; potatoes, 'JO l?i?*b*ls, tomatoes; It do ; beets. 7 do; onions, 3 do . snaps, 3 do j squash. 4 do ; turnip* ft do : carrots, 4 do ; green corn, 45 do . cabhnges. (Mi brtdi Smyloyttt ? White; 104; colored, DUO its ? Highest number in Jun?, 200; July, 1.3Ut, August, 1.700 Dm**DTn CiTiWiomi Locis-Twmtpttra Frame BuiLdin^i Burru.i?Ovtr Forttr >kmiI'd m?d? H?>n*hu?A CkiU burned to biatk ? The !?t Louis Democrat, of Monday, aass: At about in m Saturday, two graceless juvenile* entered iUf atabM ui ImiM Mtilivaa. oa tbe alley between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth atreeta. and between vv asb atreet and Cwr, there lighted their cigars, throwing tbe still burning match among aom- loose straw, and then left. Tbe table wa* almost Instantly la dames. Alarm was at once given, but on tbe arrival of the supines Water was font id to be scarce, while tbe tfaaw* bad spread, aad were still spreading with appalling rapidity The adjoining bnl.d nga were frame, and consisted mainly of some twenty two small tenements, owned by a poor class Of teamsters All the building* ttandiac oa tt? alley, aad those fronting on Carr and Twenty-third otreeta together with the residences on the north side of Carr street, were de*royed. The wooden Struc. A Alii --"t * ?-?-%- - r '* 7 ? ? """ ?"KU1T eooot>u?tlble, a atroag wind vm blowing, and only a part ?f tbf force of englnea on the ground could be auepliod with water The total loaa la aatlmated at Kt.ouu on wblcb tbere waa little or no iaeuraaeo. Tbe Indigent octupanta of tbeae tenements lost nil the r bouarhold good?, and were turned houaeleaa i>U> the street We have aeldom recorded a re im which there occurred a greater amount at personal suffering and hardship. During the swift progreae of the flames, the -wife of Daniel O'Brien, a tenant of Michael Barlinger, threw her Inftnt of three month* out of the burning building upon a feather bed on the paveuic ut In the harry and confusion of the mo aerit. a Bother bed waa throws over the eh! Id, md before the parent could get to her darling both bed* had cau if hi tire, and the child waa aoAcatat ' burned in death. When tbla dlaaater waa **.the agony of the father ajrd mother were f, and the apeeUtoM (trunk fnHA The Ijeart-read) fcenc In dW"*7 WinmraTon ntwi ins oohip. : Tbi Opska ?Doatzettl's very comic opera of ?Ellxlr of Love," and the very musical afterflece of "No Song no Supper," waatbe attraction at the Theatre laat evening, and the applanae waa general. There can be no longer any doubt tfeat the troupe la meritoriona >nH ruuiaiu I the operas have been rendered In every praiseworthy manner. Mils Milner appeared in bolt pieces last evening, and to did the principal members of the troupe The performance did fiot close till 11)4 o clock. This to too -long, and It must be very trying to be singing and acting for three and a half mortal hours. The farce last pvenlng was unnecessarily lengthened out to one hoar and a half. Now If it was cut down to fifty minutes, or an hour at the most, people would go home fcr more satisfied that they were last eve. nlng. This evening Miss Milaer appears la her great r?ii of '* Lacrezia Borgia "?the rendition of which haa been pronounced to he far superior to any Italian artiste seen on the boards of the Academy for a long lime. She la Immense. Misa i..u ir.OT*. ?. ...... -i- * nuum V" ?' 1 vu?imiu( lugvr/ ptnOniWI the cbsrac.ter of "Orslni," aad u ?uch bu won golden opinion! froai the press of other cities in the execution of the pretty Brindier, "II s*gr$tt ptr tint ftlittV She ia vary fine. This lady bids fair to become a great favorite. Bowler appears as "Geaana," and Cook as the ''Duke.'' We hope to aee the house crowded la every part. Cosiditios or mi Blackfist Ixduns.?Tbe Indian Bureau has recently received an interesting communication from A.J. Vaughn, agent of the Blackfeet Indians,who are located on the MIssouri river, 3,100 miles from St. Louis. He reperls the conduct snd condition of the Blackfeet to have undergone but little or no change. They bad complied strictly with their treaty stipulations, and not a single party had been on the war path, nor had the alightest depredation been committed. as fsr as bis knowledge extended Tbe " Pegans'' and a portion of the " Bloods" had received their aunuity presents, for which they ex pressed tbclr gratitude, and left contented and happy A general scarcity of buffalo is said to prevail throughout the entire Blackfeet country. Notwithstanding the overflowing of a portion of the Blackfeet farm, the wheat, corn and vegetables looked well, and gave every Indication of an abundant yield. In fact, the writer adda, both the spring and winter wheat, corn, potatoes, carrots, pens, and iquaih, would rompare favorably with similar vegetables growing In any portion of the Union. The Oregon expedition left that country August 4. Movkmixts or Mi. Yaicbt ?It Is expected that the Hon. William L Yancey will arrivals Washington on next 9atnrday evening, from bis late northern tour, and agiin be the guest of ex. Marshal Heover. He speaks at Fredericksburg in the early part of the same day; and on Monday, at 9 o'clock, p. m., be addresses the citizena of Rich, mond. Before his departure for the latter place we hope he will be prevailed upon to address the citizens of Washington, and at greater length than, from the unfavorable circumstances attending hi* srrlval, he was enabled to do on the former occasion We know of no public man, either North or South.whom the citizens of Washington have expressed a greater desire to hear s]>eak than this distinguished orator. Aud regr ts have reached us from all quarters that, from his rather premature arrival in the city then, due notice MA..I/I K. ~< . ? > -?*? VWUJU inn ur |ji>cu HI lUt Citizens 01 IDe 111119 IIMl place he would sddress them If, however, be conclude! to speak when he reaches here thla week, we trust due notification will be given. 9ys0ptical rlpohts op 9rKVRT01SGXNMAL We understand that the Commissioner of tbe General Land Office Is daily receiving synopses of tbe annual reports from tbe surveyors general of surveying operations in tbe several surveying districts, foreshadowing tbe progress of the surveys which have taken place during tbe last fiscal year Tbe reports themselves,when received, are to be submitted with tbe annual report of the Commissioner of tbe General Land Office to Congress. From tbe tenor of tbs synopses It appears that the surveys have progressed fully to tbe ex tent of tbe means provided. Trk Pbixck or Walks.? Baron Renfrew and suite will arrive In this city on Wednesday next, at 4 p m.. and remain until Saturday morning, when they will take their departure for Richmond. A grand pyrotechnic display will be given some evening during bis sojourn here, on tbe reservation south of the Presidents Mansion. He will also visit Mount Vernon. TBI WBATBKK ?Tbe following rarwivt weather for the moral ng is made from the Amor lean Consolidated Telegraph L1m to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Sbptixbkb 27, 1800. New York, N. Y cool. Baltimore. Md cloudy, cool Washington, D. C cloudy, wind NE Richmond, Va. cloudy, 66? | Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 72?. Norfolk, Va cloudy, 67?. Wilmington, N - C cloudy, mild. I Columbia, 8. C clear, pleasant. Charleston. 8. C..... clear, 79*. Augusta. Ga clear, pleasant. 8a?annah, Ga. clear, 70?. Macon. Ga. clear. Columbus, Ga .... clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Jacksoa, Ala. clear. Mobile. Ala clea.*, 76*. New Orleans, La cloudy, 783. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30.257; at noon, 30.M#. Thermometer at 7 a m , 66'; at noon, 66?. .nammum aunng4M Hours ending I 1. to4a y, Gr*\ minimum 63'. PtrMul O H. Howard, U. 8.NE C Dora*, do : J. June*, U. 9 A..; J. B. Hood, do., are at Brown'a. Senator Dongla* spoke in Tiffin, Ohio, on Monday. Ho will apeak la Lontaville, Ky., oa Saturday. James Barbour, Esq , a member of the General Assembly of Virginia, from Culpeper county, la dangerously 111 M Berger, who Is considered the beat billtard player In France, arrived at New York on Monday It laaald he cornea to play a match with Michael Pbelan. Dbdid Hill Pa?k. Baltimoks ?It was gener- i ally underatood y eater day that the Park Commissioners had cloaed the agreement with the Mr. Ui?l v D^m ?? ?> - ?-?. * j_ <vi >uc imiiiruiiui MMMMlOn Or the Druid Hill property, and that the necessary legal papers were being prpared to complete the transfer. There ia said to barn been no change ( in the price to I* paid for the property, only that a portion of it la to be paid in caan. It la understood to be the intention of the Commissioners to throw the property open ato the public soon after the transfer is fully consummated. rf*?GR\Np BELL AND EVEHETT RALILjf LY.?Tna members or the Bfcll and Everett Club and all parsons friendly to the cause art respeotfuHy requested to meat at Thorn's Hall, on 7th street, 1 His EVENING. at haf-pastt oWck, for the purpose of joining their friends in Alexandria to alUnd the ma>i m jeti g at thatslaoe. U* CHA9. I CAN FIELD, 9eo. v^l. O. O. P.-WA?Hl\QTON LODOK. Lff No. 6.?The members of Washington Lodg* arf requested to meet at the Seventh at met Hall on TO-MORROW ?Friday) AFTERNOON, at* o'oi jck, to attend tb? funeral of their late brother, Joseph P. CosswgLL. Member* of sister Lodgee are fraternally iimtad. . ^ . It J. P. McKLAN, fee. 1 rr^l>KMP9KY * OTOOLE. , I ll3 wruoinq and visit (no . cahd fumrayers. Importers of fin* WEDDING STATIONERY, 1 WEDDING ENVELuPK*, the most beautiful styles. 390 Pa. At., between 9th and 10th sts , J au 57-6 m Washimyom. 6 "kw mel?deons jasfrw ' ae?T >06, between 9th and l?th eta. | I OOK TO YOUR 1n|kres|! corner of seventh AND K STREETS aa*7-?t l?sjv?v>e i^-^rnkr ?f 8bv15nti1 AND F CORNER OP SEVENTH CORNER OF SEYiyjTH ^ssssski , lm. Drear Va doim. eaS7 ?.3tn y i antmha ANltlull FirMp Wrw?, fcy tk* A?fV?flaxes at Qifbrr. Th? English political news ia unimportant The Herald says that the suspension* In Sidney will aot affect Lsndwi Anns The F-ngliSfa Slacking aarty at Mallard. New Zealf**d, consVt^d of 347 men The natives lay* down ea the ?rouiid aatll the men wern close npon them, whea they sprang up, fired their double barreled Runs and met the bayonet charge of tbeft adreisarles with the tomahawk, keeping tin flffhf TK- ?*t- - ? Uj, ? ?^ .. ? a uc icurai Ul IUO (Jill^* linh wii ? Bijjent that their dead and a few of their wounded were left on the battle field. It is alto repotted tbit the nfltWas took one gun. Great comf lal nta are made agai nit Col Gotild, tha coon* mander of toe attacking party, for not calling to hla aid an additional force, who were said to ttt within hi* reach. Italy. Tb? German garrison of Orlreto bad capitulated to the Insurgents General Gorjou leaves Paris for Roma on the 13th to take command of the French troops. General Lamorlciers bad concentrated his army st AMtsa Several powers had protested against the entry of the Sardinians Into the states of tba church, as an attack againat international rlgbta. Ruwla and Pruaaia proteated In the strongest terms, but would take no other (tep Cavour bad Issued a note explaining the new sttltude of Sardinia It was aascrted that the French army at Roma will be increased to 1,000 men. A Pari* telegraph to the London Post, dated Wednesdsy night, aavs, the Piedmont*** forces I are marching rapidly on Lamorlciere's army, and an engagement is expected to take place to-morrow. Tbe Emperor and the French government bsve used every exertion to prevrnt an Invasion of the Roman States. The relations of Prance and Piedmont are critical Fkaxci. Tbe Bourse was flat and lower; Re tea 67f. 95c It was reported that Prance refused to make the slightest concession to Switzerland In the Savoy affair Switzerland, therefore persists more than ever in considering the question one for the decision of Europe. Russia and Austria. An interview between the Emperors of Russia and Austria and the Prince Regent of Prussia takes place at Warsaw on the 1st of October. I.e Nord says that the statement of an alliance between England, Austria, and Prussia Is false so far as Austria Is concerned. Syria. Tbe French army is atill encamped at BeyrOut. No open disturbances had taken place. Tbe arrival of the prisoners at Constantinople bad excited tbe populace. China. The delays caused by the French were still a matter of complaint. Troubles were expected at Canton should tbe allies receive a check In the North The rebels bsd taken possession of tbe city of Sow-Ktsng, only twenty-live miles distant from Shanghae. India. All fears of famine In the northwest district of India bad passed away. Abundant rains bad j fallen, and there was every prospect of an average crop. The Assault upon thb Amkrcican Vici Consul at Damascus.?Our'Syrian correspondent, says the Boston Journal, writes:?"Five of the persons who entered the house of the American Vice Consul at Damascus, and assaulted him and his family (nearly killing the Vice Consul) and afterwards robbed and destoyed his house, have been arrested and Imprisoned, and orders have been listed for tbe arrest of the remaining tbree who were implicated in the matter. Indeed, Fiiad Pasha seems anxious to comply with all the demands, and to cultivate the most friendly relations with tbe American authorities Tbe s<*als of the Consulate at Damascus were lost on the day of tbe emeute, but on Monday last they were returned to Dr. Meshska, the Vice Consul, by some Christians, who said they were found in tbe streets.'' Mtstviious Endov a Lonely Voyagir ?Tbe Memphis Avalanche states that a gentleman whose name is not known, recently left St. Louis In a small skiff which he proposed to pull to Memphis. At Haile's Point Le stopped ana asked assistance as be was ill of tbe dropsy; but, unable to obtain relief, he resumed his journey. A few , days afterward bis naked bodv was discovered floating In tbe water Just below Ilalle's Point. It Is supposed that he wan robbed and murdered, and his body thrown Into the river to make It apCir he had been drownnl He was burled In uderdale county, Teno., on the 16th Inst. L?T A consumptive man In Massachusetts. while coughing a few days since, threw up a portion of one of iila lungs, two Inches in length and of considerable thickness So says a Boston paper. On NEW PIANOS, from ChiokeMns A Sons. 'XI now in store JOHN F. ELLIS, s 27 306, between 'Jth ard U*h s*s. DAR A BRO.'S NEW CLOTHING ESTAB s> LISHMENT is at the corner of Seventh and E streets Corner of Seventh and E utreete is the place to get good CLOTHES for little in no*. Corner Seventh and E street* is the plaoe to ?et the l>eat Readv-insde SHIRTS at a triHinn oont B?ar in min^ ir tou need a well dressed person that t< u can look just so well if you buy your outfits of BAR A BRO., oorner of Seventh and E street*. Washington. te 27 61 240 BB^L.NIKSTONKSMILUFAMILY 2r?o bb's. Extra Supe. fine FLOUR 40 boxes Vermont CHEESE M " Smoke-1 HERRI NH 3i bbls. and half bbls. No. 3 MACKEREL ? ? bushels W hite B**'ANS ? jn boxes Hearl 8 I'ARvJH 6,000 lbs. SOAP l.uoo bushels Msroer POTATOES, daily expected. For sale by se 27-3t* J.R BARK A CO . 406 9th sr. T SPECIAL NOTICE. HE Undersigned wonld rp?n#-nffnli* ?<?ii ?>..?? _ ? ? vwti ?nw ?Vterition of tfiitt former customer* of hia if ho have not, up to this d-j-u, aettled their reapeotiv* ?coounta, that their billa and balance* of bilia are ready, and have been ready for aome time, at l ie foriu?r plaoe of buaineaa, corner of Ttntb atreet and Pa. avenue. He deairea a settlement either by caah or not^a at ahort date before the 8tb of next month. Aft-r that dat? all open aeoounta, without regard to peraona. will he plaoed in the haoda of an energetic officer for collection. ae b-qt HERMANN H. VQ88. Tfall and winter goods. , IIE Subecrihera beg leave to inform eitiaena and atrangera that they are in reoeipt of a aelect asaortm-nt of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. -*? embracirg aome of the ohoiceat noveltiea and lateat importation to whioh we invite your attention. 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Our foods ?r* bought on the most favorable terms, knd will be sold a? the smaller advance above cost, Ibioh will be adlfferenoeof at least ten percent, n comparison to prioes oharged in other houses lor ,he same goods. AU gooie warranted a? to their oaaUtjr, aad no idrantage will he taken in eelinjr to any person I macquaiBted in the different qualities or goode. I Fair Dealing and Low Prioes is our 1 A (Ium at our (look, and oar way'of doinc bnaiieaa. will be atuntclorr to ail who will fcvor ua wwrji. notice of tha number1- 391?ths only I Store of the kind in that square. M 27 4t piPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER IAW BILL AID PIBIWOO* FACTORY, (Bios or m Blui Flag Staff.) Ultk a( the Crnl, Bear 7th atreet Bridge, Will fcr?iah,at tha ahortaat notice FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITY, Or Amy Kind, Out and Split t? aa* Dimmtimu. CHEAPER THAIf THB CHEAPEST! With full aMaaurenaeat guarantied. uaite the Ceatar Market.| GEORGE PAGE, Agent. ^11?,X?/.BLACKM4JTU1NG yciMikdfMMOTl# ??|y i| ? la ,&+?> ? t I it ^ ^ <j I An tnwiwmi Occvnanncn?'Tko Clnrke , Cotmty Conierrator mvi " An unfortunate occurrence took place In this county on Uw night of the 15th in?t . which hu reaulted in the death of a young roan by name of Barr. It appeare that he went to the house of Mr. Bennett RuMell at a late hour In the night, aomewhat Intoxicated, and made aooie nolae in the vard. whereupon Mr. R . auppoalag Batr to be aoiua peraon intending to iteM?- hiring recently loat acme of bta property < by depredator*?tired upon him with aabot-gun. ?pverai abet Striking him about tbe head, bat no erions reeultwaa apprehended until the morning of tbe :Md. He continued to purine hia dally labor from fee time be waithot until the morning of his dealt; and tfcednv before he died. (Friday.) he aaaicted In cutting off corn for one of our ftmn[ en. Upon a poat-mortem examination, made by ' Dra Kownalar and Nelll, it waa aarertalned that one tingle (hot had penetrated tbe akull between I tbe eyea. paaaed through the brain, and lodUted against tbe aknll In the back part of the head V I AMU8EMENT& | gg L ? Look out for the stewart hol l\NI) CLVB. H FIRST AND BALL ?tewart?hollandclur p| Will take p'a^eet Stott'? Hall, on TUE'DAY, OctoMr 16. Particulars in a future ad vertiMmeut. se 27-3t* QDD FELLOW 8' HALL. BY PARTICULAR REQUEST, WU.L OlVE THREE M?RE ENTERTAINlilKNTS THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDtY EVENINGS. Sept. TJtk, Wk and 2*4. TEE HOLMAff Juvenile Parlor Opera Troupe, Comprising the most talented children in the world. The uaines comprising this Troupe are the same as when at Palace Garden and Hope Chapel, Now York, a d now at the Continental Th.ater, Philadelphia, vis: _ Miss SAL LIE HOLM AN. Prima Honna Coinique; LITTLE JULIA. "La Petite Patti" Pianist and Comedienne; MASTER BENJAMIN. Batlatist and Oialectatist; MASTER aLt'RKl) Comedian, Baritone, Hutfo, aid Snare Bromiaer; Mrs GEORGE HOLAIAN, Prim* oik.a S pranoand Pianist: Mr. ti KU. Hul.U * N Tenor ami Tutor. Price or admission 25 cents; reserved seats 25 ct?. extra. Tickets for sale at J. F. Ellis', Pa. st., between 9th and 10th ?ta. ae 27 3t_ ASHINGTON THE A T R E. COOPER AMERICAN OPERA TROUPE, Unsurpassed by any Company, native or foreigiMn the United States, and numbering Twenty two Legitimate I,yn<- Artist*?. THIS (Thursday) EVENING.September27. lWn, Will be preaentod Domzetti'a Opera, LUOREZIA BORGIA! To conolude with the muaieal faroe of THE QUAKER! Supported by an effioient Chorus and a powerful OreUeater, the whole undnr the direction of B. C. COOPER, (Lat* leader of the Royal iUlian Opera. London.) ANNIE MILNER.f Prima Dcnna Aaaoiuta ) Doora open at 7H ; Opera to ootnmeuea at t o'olk. Prioea of Admiaaion : Dreaa Cirele and Parquet 5<> oenta ; aeoured *eata 25 eenta extra; Oroheater Chaira f 1 ; Private Boxea 38 each. Seata a?cured at MetteroU's Muaic Store. It YY ASHING TON THEATER. Sola Lessee and Manager S. W. Glim. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n for the rerular Fall and Winter Season on the night of THURSDAY. Novbmbkx lsr. JOSEPH JEKFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will oommenoe an angagementof Twe re Nights on MONDAY, Novemlter 5th, and will be followed bythe moat BRILLIANT STARS In th? Theatrical Firmamei t. ILT Communications if addresaed to 8. W. Gl*nn, "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. ail 18-tf WANTS. Ten good dressmakers wanted,?? No. 341 I atreet, near 18 h. It* WANTKD-Bt an indn*trioua and aober man, a SITUATION on a farm. Good recommendation. Apply Box 3, at this offioe. It" 1TAT ANTED?By a Tounggirl, a SITUATION aa ' ' nuraeand ohxnbermaid, or to do houeework. Addreaa Box No 4,9UrOfioe. ae?7 3t VVANTED-Bf a lad; in Alexandria^ WHITE T WOMAN "r UlRL, to cook, waah, and ir n. Apply at 463 .Sixth (treat, Waahington, for any informat 'on. ae Tl St * WANTED?By a r-apectable woman, aSITI KTION aa wt nurae. Beat recommendation. App'y at No. U09 Fourth atreet, between K and L. ae27-lt* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a young man, a? perter in a grooery atore. or any other bust neaa where he can mak* himaelf generally useful. Apply Box 4, at thia oflioc. ae 27 6t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A rood OVSTER SHUCKER. Apply at RODIFR'S "Wh.Ui Houae," on Huh street, near the Canal, Georgetown. *e37 It 1M7 ANTED? By a reapeefable woman. aSITUA TION in a amall family aa oook, waaher and irr.ner. Good recommendation. Apply No. 2*3 a I street Iwtwon g and II. It* IFANfED-A WET NURSE, in good health, ? of good habita, and well recommended. Addreaa to Dr. GARNET I\ Nicth street, between E and f. ?e n at nr u. -_.-i.I mi +m f m Mi is l?? S ICBpO'JlttUIO J UUHg WOIU1ln , & *? SITUATION fts nurae and chambermaid. Sheoan have an excellent recommendation. Plea?e app'jr at No. 437, corner First and B streets eouth, at the foot of the Capitol. ee 27 3t WANTED?Cooka. Chambermaids. Nurses. Seamstresses, Laundresses, and two Colored Waiter* for families just returned to the city troin their summer reports. Apolv, with ref-renoe*, at the Union Intelligence and House Ageucy Otftce, No. 13 Louisiana avenue, nearly opposite City Hall. Families can prooure good and capable Servants at tins uffioe on reasonable tortus. Hotels and boarding houses supplied as usual DUNCAN * FRENCH, se 25-eo8t* Proprietors. %J|7ANTKD?Six good OYSTER SHUCKKRS. Apply ftt HARVEY'S Norlolk Oyster Depot, 281 C street. se?5t WAN'TKD?Br a sober and steady young man. SITUATION as ooaohman, or *ort*r in ft grocery s'ore. Best of reenmmendfttio >s given. Pl?a?e address Q. H? Star Offioe. se ? lw* OWNElTwANTED.-Tftkeii from ft white man, on the24tb in'tvnt.ftt the Western Market, in this city, ? HIRTY SHEEP, marked W. W P.. ftr d supposed to be stolen. The anan made his eeoftpe. The owner will apply to WM. D. SERRIN, First Di*tnot Polioe, and prove property. se M St* WANTED-A i?od OYSTER PHL'CKER, *? Apply to jT I HOLBROOK, foot of the Cap itol. se|4 ? WANTED-A CLEHK. who is acquainted with v v the city trade, for ft Jew?lry Store. Beet oi references required. Address T. H., No. 9, Star Office. se 14 WANTED?By ft steady ftnd industrious mfto, ft SITUATION a.. mllM (nr Upe I nf raftfttn I B*nd&tions firtn. Addreaa M. C., Stir Otto?. Jr ia-tf WEDniNO INVITATIONS, 9rw CHURCH AND RECEPTION CARD?, New and elegant Mty ! ?, h?autifu'ly engraved by DKMPSEY k. QTOOLE, Enirarere, ?36 eo* 336 Pa. ar., betw. 9th and lOttyiu. Household 10 face*. Household Journal. 00 ciinuu. Jouraal. Thru Ctiu Wuklf. Fifty Calamaa. Pronounced the Cheapest and Best Periodteal of the Day. THE BEST WRITERS WHICH MONEY CAN COMMAND. THE BBS r AND MOST ELEGANT LITER A TURE. THE BEST MUSIC, BY THE BEST COMPOPOSERS. THE BEST WIT AND HUMt>R. THE BEST PUZZLES AND CHESS PROB IjBlfff. THE BRST GARDENING AND HORTICULTURE. THE BKSTRECIPES PORTHEHOUSE AND 'WORKSHOP. THE BEST LESSONS IN GERMAN AND FRENCH. THE BEST BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. THE BE8T HISTORY AND TRAVEL. THE BEST SCIENTIFIC AND ARTISTIC NOTE*. THE BEST POETRY. THE BEST TALES OP PACT AND FICTION* THE BEST ANSWERS TO CORRKSPON DENTS. . THE Bfr8T MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC CRITIC18M8. mtm THE PINE ARTS. NEW INVENTIONS. LEADERS ON CUKEKNT TOPICS. 4c , Ac, Ac? Ac. EVERY WEER-ALL FOR THREE CENTS tETTbe Trade eapplied by Roea ft Toeaey. and Dexter ft Company, er uy of the who esale Nm A?enU in New York. Kmblihere, . HARTHILL ft CO.. ? North William etreet, mm Chatham, New York * Order the ftrit Dumber from yoar NcvtAiMWtr ?t d a 1 hr*e Cent Stamp to tha pvbliehera for it. Sa'-eoription prioe ft SB a year, paid la Mwm M?*0? J. tU il??A ,#v? ' u iici. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On 9%turd?y. 2?1 instant. *appoM>d la (oinc from Dr. Pvne'a Church 9th a'd F (?.. o' from th?ro to th? rail-^?~v?y? rofc! depot, m Mir of jo'd f*PK?'TACLKS. A l'hera! rawr.i will l*?ir?ii if left At No. S?1 F ?t . b?twa? 9th and VXh. ? fl tl' f\OG LOST?It ?r r.aar LafajMt* !**nar*. * IF MBft'T <}%rk tan ooior?! T*rrier D>? :??. ) - - ui *_ &nu; nan fcii n*?k a blue ribbon, wiU a tax ticknt-^-?* With Qbubb entfrftrad upon it. A reward will b? |it*i II left at 1*7 H itrnt, k?tv*M lKa and Vth. w?t* 0?T?Sotuewhere between the No-them l.ibarL* flea ?nH C*l#rubiaOo!l*i?? on Fourteenth at . a MOROCCO PrtPKKT BOOK co t*iaii;( p*p ra of value to to on* but the iitnir, A ew*rJof f. wi 1 be uvea the finder if left att.a Star uftc*. or the reaidenc* of l?r. GARNETT, Ninth atre??,h? t\re >n K and F atreeta. ii^5t QTRAYF.P OR STOLEN FROM THE *UB acribar. ?booi the l?t of September, arv dark bay MAR K. four yaara old. and about jL-%^ 14 or U nandi hiih No ma'ka reoo'tocted,^^-5 except a'ar in the fo ehead Five dolla'a reward 5rill be fives for any information leading to bar ra ooverv HKNRY HARRISON. ae 86 3t Pomoalrey. Cbarlaa ooaaty, Md. QC REWARD.?Strated or atoien an Sand*?, ^0 asd.alaraa BAY HORSE, from /TV . reaervoir. near Georgetown; had aaorenaok *LnT* from the hurt of the >addle. black tail ain1 <"** *-* mane; (tepa ?hort when walking; a ao-e from th* i ? _ - - - - * * * nun oi rope on the hind foot. The *hoTe r?w? d will be Mid by returning him to RICHARD Di?.N NELLY, oorner Four and a haif a:d F streets. Island, W Milidcton. m S at* BOARDING. HOARD.?A fin* Front Room, with Board, mar D be obtained by a jentleman and ady fcr two gentlemen,at No. 44* fstreet,t>etween9 hand 10th treats w?) 3t A fTQ NINTH STREET.?Persons returning to +?iO the city frotr th>ir cummer resort* will fend vacant several desirabU rooms, having the eonve niences of gas, water, and t>athing eloeets, at 4 A3 Ninth St., one door south of F; suitable either for families or tingle gentleman. Table boa-ders accommodated on moderate terms. i?i 4w PERSONAL. NOTICE. HE Copartnership beretof >re existing between W. H Gortronand JameaT. Tu'r.turke ii this day dissolved. by mutual consent. All persons indebted to Mid ferin will peace My the same to Win. H. Oodron. who is alon?* ant(ioni?d to receipt for the Mine J^M KS T. TURN '.URKE. se 25 3t" WM. H liODRON. HTO THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.-Madaui D , so well known as the most successful explainer of the Past, Present and Fatn. e ?v*'in Washington, oontinues to be consulted weekly Vy hundreds anxious to know of things at srssert hidden from them. Her oonanltation fee. to both gentlemen *nH i. " -* ? .-tiw mvjri?tr, till M her houee. on the south ?ld? of M%s*aehue*tts av , between 17th and 18th st*.?the only house there. ee 17-1m PROPOSALS FOE MATKRUI, FOR THK AP^RUAnHK? op THE SOUTH WING OP THE TREASURY EXTENSION. TitiiPM DiPiiMnr, { Brute of CowiTKrrTioji. *ept tt, NT.) Pmopo?>Ls will be reoei* d at this 0?nrti???it until It o'clock m. on th* 2d da; of October, 1MB, lor the deliver* of ?h? following articlee, vn : Propered Stones fur B?l?ian pav<*m*nt swftoient to 'at down 6 Jfti superficial feet o? pav?ni*at. Bidder* must state th?ir price f?r tin store. d? liv< r&d, rrr suprrfcialftot, measured after it is laid, and a s-p&rate prioe for laying, if the? desire to lay the same Five Hundred and sixtr (56 1 lineal feHof Carb St?ne* fur sideea'ks, *e.. in length not We* than seven Oi f??et, and 8 mrh*s thiok bj 17iiioh?s drep; the top adge hammered straight and true, 8 i ochre wide, d? returned down 3inches ??i? one ?id?.6 inches on the other, and have their ends properly joint d Also, 6 quarter circle oorner ptrott in a sintle Biece of a radiaa of 2 feet outaide. a->d of the same tickiiets and d<>pth aud same returns down the aides ai th? straight one ; and alto another ? narter circle in rieoes of not leas than 5 fe*t in 1 ngth, of a radiu?of 3 feet outside, of the cA-ne depth and return down the aidea as above, and 6 inches thiok on top. 145 pieoe* of bine North river FIa<ginc,4 feet by 6 feet 6 inches. fin pieces of bine North river Fiacciaf ,4 feet by* feet inches. 42 pieces of blae North river PiacciDg,4 1 ?et by 6 fo6t 56 pieces of blae North river Flatting, 4 feet by S feet 5 inohes and less. Bidders must ttate the pnoee for drttttd jU? of each of the above ?es of the best qaality per perfcial foot, and it must be prepared ia a perfectly proper manner to be laid down, aad be 4 moose thick, with the edcee jointed a^aare down at leaat two(2) inohea from the lace. All tke arti ^ 1 -a - ? ? ?<c? iu i/o ucnvurw me i reuwry ElUffflOQ, where the* will be need u mar be aireoted by the proper authority. Samples of the quality of bus flagging stone and the style of dressing required ou be e?m on application at this office, and all the stone delivered will be required to b<? of the quality and style ot dressier shown in those samples. Bids will not be oonsidered unlees they are ?de in aooordaooe with this advertisement. vi?: at a price prr lintal foot for tkt , amd pm Tuprfirvti foot for mil tkt otktr materials, nor Will UT bid be considered unless it is aooomsanied with the rua anty of one or more responsible parties that th' bidder will execute a contract with satisfactory guaranty if his bid is aooepted. The proposal* must be eent under ?ot*t to the Secretary of the Treasury, endorsed " Propotaii for Mattrialfor tkt Trt+sitrjf Ertmnio*and will be opened at I o'clock p. m. of the last day nassed for receivinK the same, in the preeenoe of the bidders if any choose to attend. 8. M. CLARK, Ac tin Engineer se34-lw in charge Treasury DepartmentNEW FALLOOOD8. PAPER-HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD AND TASSKLS, Ae. Ths Subscriber would call the attention of hie friends and the publio te his fall stock of PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD AND TASt-EI.S. Ac., embracing aebeioe and varied assortment of Gold and Velvet, Gold, Satin, and lowpriced Goods, with a choice varietT oi warranted Gold Band Window Shadea, Picture Cord and Taaaela. Allowing no old stock to aooumula'e and purchaaing for oath, feraoaa requiring the above gooda will find it to their ad van Lac* five meaoal. Punctuality in fiiliag ordera aad aatiafaction guaranteed in workmanaltip or no aay required. Ordera for Pavernanginga or Window 8 hade a faithfully executed in citjr or country. Ptraee tire me a call. Don't forget the number. J. MARK M ITER. No 4M Seventh at, _ ae 15-eofw* a doora above Odd Fallow*' Hall. A WINDOW SHADES. <*?0 PICTURE CORD AND ^TAS- 4oO SELS. to. Just received, (all atuck warranted Gold Band Window Shadea. limitation Gold and Common Shadea. Shade Hollanda, Picture Cord aad Taanela, Ac., Ac Window Shades of any required deugn or aize furnished to order. Pap?r>ianglag executed ami Window Shade* furniahed in oity or country, Sati faction fuaranteed or no pay required. Don't forget the number. J. MARKR1TER. No. 4*6 Seventh at.. ae H eogw* 8 doora above Odd Fellowa' Hall. AH PICTURE COKD A M> TASSELS. Handaome assortment PICTURE CORD aad 'TALK'S, Crinitou, bcirlet. Green aad Blue goiora, from photograph to portrait aiae 1'io'are ord all ais -a and oo ora Also, Picture Ring* aad Naila. Juat received at J. M ARKRITER'S. N?. 4?* Seventh ?U 8 doora above Odd Fallowa' Hall. Don't forget the number. ae 15 ao*w* J^EW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. We are now in raoeipt of our Fall atoek of PAPERHANQINGS, "WINDOW SHAPES, SHADE HOLLANDS. PICTURE AND SHADE CORDS AND TASSELS. PINS, *o. Emhrartne all Qualtti** and Pnra*' All of which n*ve bNn poro rased direot froa DM afactures, aad with unusual cat*. We feel,therefore,that, with our large aad varied took, wo ah*11 1* aUe to present superior mdueameats to purehaeera A call ia ao.ioited wbetker {oo pnrchaae or not. AUVork in oer line executed t superior workmen ia city or ooaatry, aad warranted ia everrpartion ar. Call at FRANKLIN * ROTH ROCK'S. ee ?-4taw2w *0*. corner ?ch acd D ate. Academy op modern langauaqes, (WilHI??TO* ttl'ILIIIM,) Pa 4*iaw, Cwmtr of Swwit Si'tl. A M. D? Mo5liA'SRBf'i>fVfnaor of In Languages and Li erature. has the hoaor to announce that ho will rename hia Claeeeeaai Private Lessons on Wednesday next, the 10th of S*pre labor, ia the above Aaademi. He |? prepared aleo to gig*, in schools and private families, a Cuuree af fcture upon the French Literature, from the fcar* beat Formation of the Language to the Preeeat Time. Par tarna and further particulars inquire at the Academy, where Prat De Moatherry will be mattendanoe daily from I to 11 a. m ae 18-lm T? NEW HAT AND CAP RPORE. HE 8uhacril>er wiahae toinform his frieidsaad Black Ditto HVrs, aad all tntnel fcasr ^ erk at* las of Hate aad Caaa. ... . . . Persons ia want o/sueh aruolee ae are above mentioned will An I tr> ??J1 took of rood* before per* h^irjTleeer here, u 1 Sr" v.'iVSBi on, -1 w? *jfetaa,s?s?k u? Pkw^caar llUiau* L.>. " AUCTION SALES. Br WAiXfc BaNUD.AHtoMn. (sirs- rvyrrsrmn* ^M.K OF CHINA. OI>TI B*V. PHTPn AND UTKIB Co*TLI WiUl. PABIA* A \D liiQrir ?TiT?nT?? *?-Oi? I'Hl K ? I) A \ no K K I DA t MO?MNG?.auiu4ttkiMiuU, if %tli a#h by auction, at the atnre of C. K Grm, 7 4 Pa amtf.t?(?r?(i ilUaan IM ?., next tor to lh? Kitk??vxJ Hi>e<e. hiarnnre atook, ooa fiaina a larf# ar.d aixx'ci <?t a?? fin* Fr?rp? China. Pa iu, Bimim t. U^. Bob* itiian, ano Anj'riraur> i - Wv?, f ncliah end Ametieaa Cuti?ry. P.atr^ W?e. far'an and B J Ptametira, Pitcher* aid Vae- a. Card P *e?-iT?r?. CoWhm B<?u.e?. C jre?a. ??ta, Taiue aad w m* caetora, tlateu S?vMic?and fj>rka. Diner'. H'rakfaat, T?a a? d Toilet Seta. Ktae Prwit ?taaue?ad Howie, VV1U aiD? ouer % ml* aot hare eauaeraUd. T<> thoae tu wast ol each goods, a,, uf vh ek are of tba nawcat style*, latret imponat.**. ana beet ?aaltty, tbie Mueafo da tie iar? nfurtaaitf ef eb Uium be Miat at au?tiv" eri??* Amdt arr%<^( ?rorcta madeftor tbe aeeoweodaUoe itJkliina. Terse: |rr eaah: orer that aswnt. a eretfit ef D aad a> oar a. for appro red eadoreed aotee, bearing interest. v WALL * BARN AID. A act*. H^P?j'oh?aara at previous aa.ea are requested to aa'l and tafrs away their tooda _ wild By A. GREKN, Aaotioaeer. EXCELLENT HORSE. BUGGY. and PAR?j ases. reaairraa.Cams,Glass aas Caica bbt win, Ac., at Acctiox ?Ua 8A IURUAV, tb<> 9th lnatant. I abali aell, la froat of at atore. at v o'olook a m ? An sxeelleil I'aiM ? Horae. Baca* a??l M?? M. L "* * ~ n*a?iuj too ? nu,at fofaa, CUanraaaJTookara. IK). l)rM?iod uUtr BitrMui. UoukMM* w4 l.ourgae. I W?^fb?? Bedateade. WwMiidi, m4 Cm* I Pruh*r Bada, B?)dii| mm) Mniium, | Ikuiif. Side, Mid other r%u?a, Cooking m4 dMr I fttOVM I Rmmli. ingrain ud other P*rp?ta, M?d Olle'otV I Chin*, biui im Crocker? Wiriirftnrr toniftion. I With aWge ueortment of other Artiolet, vhloh we mam ??f to n?w I T>rn?? ottk. I ae i: 2t A G < KKN'. AaotI By J. C. MoGUJRE k CO. Aaetioaeare. I SUPERIOR FAMILY HORSE AT AUCTION. I ? ObSaTURDaY M?>WN|>liib?fMU. I M In e'oioek, ia Iront u! IM Abcimb Ki?m, ? I nail mIi s fcae oAeeBut toured Mar., aU>ut ton I yeare old. p-r*ctty kiixt a?<l (airtlr.ted worka vatt I ib ka'aaaa or wader th? aadair. t*ke ta the I'vytrtf I of Cait M. C. Meiga.aad ia vail kaoarn u t raff I aupe lor uimaU. I ? *""<* J. C. MetfUIRE k CO., A acta. By WALL k BARNARD.AaaUomeere I ^LOSING OUT SALE OK CHiNA, CUTLE I \y ?t, Phted Will A?? orvtc too?.?Oa I FdloAY M?d SATURDAY MORNIN4M, Baft. I St ai d 29, M C. K. Greece, ?o Pa. aveaue. betwaaa I ili a ad l*h etreatf, nezt to Kirfcvood I ?ilt l ava ia? ?toeing aaiee Air aereoua ia wmii I of goode of ttaia kind viil tar* a tare opportunity I of aarehMiac t^e nm?. Purehaaera at ^rmoaa I aal-a viM ta I a ad taka tWetT gJoda. I M21 ? WALL 4 BARXARD.AaaU. I Mr WALL k BARNARD. Aaatmaaara. I UOUSKJIOLD AND KITCHEN HIM I II TO?E7STOTKa.Aa..AT AICTIO*.?ObBATTRI DAY MORNING,?th iut, at ia|o'olo*k. va vili I aalt, ia front of tka Aacuon Kvom, a geaeral m I aortmant of and KitaAea F erwtare, tka I efeotaofa faaulj dac mine houeefcMeiag Alao, a laria aaaortmr ut af Storee, Re , Re. I T*rma can.. I ? r d WALL k BARNARD. A a ate By THOS. DOW LING ; Georgetown. I f^ENTEEL FURNITURE AT AUCTION I U Ob MONDAY MORNING aext. the 1st Oc I tuber. at 10 o cn?k. at iti? ">*?. ? ?J1 peat etreett. I *h* ' the Furniture end Kftru of * tentlemnn declining boeeelree|Mnf, ooaaietuu of? Mahogany Sideboard, Tablet, Cknire. OtfftU, Crocker* auC Umi W? a. Mirror*. Clock, Feather Bed*. Bednteeda, Bureau, Mattr-MM, Beddiag, Ac. Kitchen Furniture. Stovee, ?o Terma ofeale; Am nrn of aUnder eaeti , over $25 a eredit of ?' a?d eu .;???, for imnvm endoreed bo tee, beeriri l n*..-reet ST* TV.OB. DOWLING, Aaet THIS AFTEHNOOI* + TO MORROW By A. GKbEN, Auctioneer. ON MONDAY, September 34, IMA, we shall eall. tn front of the prmmiaee, at? o'aiwek p m', id oomphaeee witk the terma of a deed o' truat to ea Iron rhoa. A. Hrown and wife, dated Nth Septen, bar, 1W, aid recorded in Liber J. A. s*,Sc Hb, pt((U6 &o.,o e of the Laad reoorda of Wnekinr too MUty. parte of oUll and It ir square No tr, becwm?( for ike aame ?> l?t 3 mcbea from Ue eoatkweat aoroar of eatd tqutre, ruamni tkeaoe eaet un aline with D atreet south 16feet; thance north 7 Mat; thence weet 16 feet; tkeaoe eoutk w feet to tke piaae of becinunf, tojMher with tae impro^eiaauts. CoCsiatJa* of a two etory tram* hojae with on* etorv beak bvildias. Tenna: One-fourth oaak. ihf hewnea n6. Hand It swathe.. altar da; of a#, witk a "tee ecured by adeed of traatoataapremeea Illke temaof eaie are not o~uif. i?d with within fire daye after the dej ofaaeUie trueteee reaerve tbe rirbt to reoetl tke property at tke parekaeer'e ruk and ooet, alter *>vl n k one week'e UK?i. c. BKNNIVtt, <TrM-?. 0BO. ft. THOMPSON J TnwW"aaS StawAda * ,:kUr' *?' _ mm* VHUL. ?, BWk. C^TaE ABOVE SM,K TS PO?T1?ONED antil THL'KSDAY, th? 27th instant. M 6H o'okook ?. m., by order of tlM Trntm, M? A. eiEEN.Att Br J. C. MoSUIKB * CO.. Aaotisassrs VKRY VAI.UARI K IMPROVED PROPER f SETT I!) THE FlBST W ARB AT P IIUC AUCTION. On THURSDa Y AFTER NOON. September ?7iA, at % o'olook o'olook, on tha premises. we shall NO that desirable fir at olkaa residence at the oomer of north 1 street and To eatieth street vest, now oe oupied by 9. Fnrgaeoa. Eeq. The tot fronie St feet 1"H inches oa I street, at the corner of Tweatietb street, sad raas back IK f?et. and is improved by a hanuaoire three-story and basement buck dwell iag hoa*e. with large back baildiaga. bat't an^ fin ished throughout in the very best n anner, aad ooa tains seventeen rooms finished with ail the od era improvements THe location aad oharaeter of improvements reader this a very deeiraoie private reetdenee Immediately after we shall sell ths property two doers west of the above, !aU>ly occupied by M's. Bashs. The lot frrn s a' at It 'eeton I street, and runs baoW about 13r, aud i? im?rovr? hy a three storr briak dwelling hoe?eoontaiaibg l> rooaa Ths abovs sroperty will s sit voir be so d, as the owaer is about to remove from the sit) Terms: One third caah; toe realise in 6 and 12 mwuth*. with interest eeoured b? a dead of Uset oa t e p-eouaee. Title perpot and unenoombered. eeStd J. C. McGl'l K fc. A CO., A sets. ByJ.C McGUIRE A CO. Aaetoaeesa. X,Ht'8TEK>HALE OF l OTB EAbT or THE 1 Capital -"a THLRMJAY Al- lERNO??V September TTtfc, MOA at 4) o'clock, at the Aaeti a Rooms of Jas C. MoV aire A Co , by virtae of a deed of trust from Kraeet w. C?i.. dat?d Novem bersad.isy anddu y recorded is Liber J A. 8., No H7, fo.ios MS, Ac one o the iaed records lor Waahiagtoa ooanty. !>. C..I khaJl *?ii i B.1D No ljMQf u4 Lot N<kT{, n'ifurii No 1?">4. Ttrmi: "ae-'oiirth ouh; the re*itlae in ami IS moatha, vitk intareat, Mcin4 by daad of traat oa the trtmiMt. An oonreyanoaa at tk? eo?t of tha MrshlMr. HX.MUBL #NO\Vl)Kt. Trailw. wffioMi J.C. MtBlilKK t r? . Aacta. By J C. MoGl'IRK k CO. Aaotioaeara T\m RLSTEE'S 8A..E OF I.OT EAST *'F THE Capitol -OB TUtlSDAT AFTERNOON, at4S o'a? the AMtioa Roona ol Ju C. I MeWaira kO.tiy Mrttra of a dood < fti?M irm William Laaahea, dated P Wuarj 2J4.lMJ.aad daly raeorded waonctha iai.u rcowtda L>r Waar io?U>b a< unty. D. C? I a hall aell Lot No. 5. ia aoaaic No 1 ilS. Tarwa: One third oaefc;th? r?ataae laCaad IS mortha, wt?h intoreat, aacured by a deed wt traai on the pretniaea Alt ooBvovaMiaf at t*e aoal of Ua purataaar 8AMUM ^NuWDk N, risitaa. ael7aoAda J. C. McGflKE k. CO.. Aaata. By J. C. MeGUlRE * CO.. AaeOoTear*. SS&.'CUS: STtb, 1MB. at 4S o'etooi. at tha Aoaioa Roema of Jaa. C. Mobuire A Co . by virtue of a deed ?f ua?t l-?m WiIImmb 1 iliac to tea auhtf bar, datad February 234, >M?. aad daly recorded ajatoci t^a land reoorda lor Waata'.actoa County, D C., I hall ail. Lota No. 9 and If. ia <qaa'e No. ijm. and tha vaatern part of Lot No 4, in Pquare No. 1*4. front lag 41 feet on north D street, betsraea lath aad 19 a atraata weat and marine baok that width If) hat t taahaa, aad aoataiaiag ?,)% a* Mare toot, mora or ''Venae: One third cask; the remainder ia ? aad It months, with intereet, seoured by a daaiaf traat an eoAda J.C. HoWt'IaB A CO.. Aaoi J FVTUM.B DATE. By A. GBBKN. AmOmmt. lltk ibOmCi (Mail. at Io'M?kr.% U>t N?. tt. ;#*Mf* at. faanu (r??t mm aortii D it'Ht S7 11 iaehto, tnd ?a eImwU, atrmt mat 75 U*t 1>? afc rill to 5afes??^jsirw53ys 1^1 jf ?rfil<UM?*to pjrttfSfcltr ?SakTiTVoaJoTti* CoirtVHN 4*ror of uy wi?t; oa lONDAV, U? iat d?j of OotoUer B?(, IMu^t IS o'eloel *. ftll dtfmmi$mCt ritht, title, e'un and MM ir ar c to Lot N t. fn fl*nira?Il.ta U*ci? ?TWukInrtoB. D. C, tof ?U*r w th aJ m4 mbi ?i*r tka far Um ftiilntt ai^iawMlk MEW STYLE CLOAKS Jeat ??wwd t? w ww CijU a*swh&Wl w?? tara*?M Sa*?u(u. *Mt?rtio*ot of m? mm ateliak Ril ^to?kaMMl Hhawla. fi>br?rin| a* ^ S@F^5SB$Sr 4 m

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