Newspaper of Evening Star, September 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 28, 1860 Page 2
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- -fll ' .83B THE EVENING STAR. Washington OITT: FRIDAY Srptcaikfr 29. I960. lO" Tkulvalnahleand popular family journal, lh?* Wiiiit Star, full a* usual of Metropolitan n^w* and gosaip. snd choice literary reeding, it now uii our counter ready for delivery to the publie Embraced lo it* anterteialag couteuUare the following articles ? A Word to the Wise?a poem; A Mysterious f.od,<?-r?being au amutiug sketch by "Bluuder>ju?;" Anecdote of Stephen Ginrd; A knowledge of Figures; Reflectiona?p.->et1e: - % -- -- # U 1 ft.4.4. A.. r?.l? A i^nion ui ? v^rnaiiK'pts Plantation Life in the South?apicture of comfort; A NegTO Ceremony; A Human gsiorllcr: Verses: Garibaldi's Second Marriage; Terrible Tragedy?a man attempts torav su his daughter? attempted murder jrxl suicide; The State of Syria; Methodism and Slnreiy; Ihe I.ady Kigin Disaster?more oodics found; Genteel Pov-rtv; Can we Improve the Six*; and Vigor of our Horses; Proportions of the H'.man Plgui*: Gen.Luneand the German; A Slight Mistake; Scene? In >tr i; Sudilen Restoration to Life; Parceling of Land in France; A Severe Sentence; A Councilman Shot l>j a Uallet Girl; Horrioie i r i^edy in ^ ork?awicowstaooea and shot by a jealous lover; A Horrid Murder* in Philadelphia; Prof Wlw'i Balloon Collapses; The Jaffa Outrage; The Brazilian System of Government; Attempt to Blow up a Man-of-War; The Movement* of the Prince of Wales: A Lynching Case in Kentucky; The Lady Klgln Inseaworthy; The Prince See* Blondin; The Fate of Walker; Fearful Demons'ration of Lynch Law?attempting to hang au acquitted prisoner; Operation* of the Patent Office; The Bell and K?erett Meeting on the iiuth inat ; The Liability of the Corporation for Damages to Private Property from Mob Violence?opinion of the Corporation Attorney; Speech of Hon. Wm L Yancey on th? 21?t inst.; The Bell and Everett Demonstration at Rockville. Offi'-ial Visit to the Marine Barracks and Navy-Yard; An Affair of Honor Amicably Adjusted; Meeting of the Jackson Democratic Association, The City of Washington and 1U Future; The New York Aveuue Church; -? Two very interesting Letters from "C.S N." " nnaer tue knapsack" in Virginia; Meeting of the (irind l<odje. i O O F . In N;;sbville. visit to Mrs Poik, the l!< rnriitage, Ac . . Ac correspondence of " Kyi," of the Stir; Department News; Lditoiials; Washington New* and (iossip; Local Intelligence, Ac., Ac.; Lite news foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a j<reat variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. This is just the i rper above all others for ner ? mm ~ - f ~~ on* sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or f 1.45 per imuui, postage prepaid l>y stamps when ao arranged. Spirit ( the M?rala| Press The CoBJtitutioH baa a long article ?n the right of secession, under the head of "Threats will never bring Peace," alluding to the articles of the yational Inttlligrwtr, the late letter of the Hon a(qos Kendall, and the Norfolk speech of Judge Douglas. The Imtt'hgfn'er recurs again to 'the solemn declarations made la the years 1331 and 3r2 by patriots of all pariles against the renewed agitation of the slavery qnestian In any form/' CI?" Win 11 Welsh, Esq , Chairman of tb? Democratic State Executive Committee of Pennsylvania. Las issued an address in which be O'grs the democracy ar.d all conservative men to become a unit in support of Henry 1) roster, the nominee of the Reading Convention for Governor. JET The Hon Henry Winter Davis made a speech at the Aaaembly Rooms, Baltimore, last night, Id which he defined bis action <u a member of Congress, as well as his views in relation to the exciting political contest for the Presidency. He mired bis hearers that his whole course in the Hu ise of Representatives was dictated by a spirit and principle In opposition to the democratic pirty, and that he would advocate any measure t) elect Mr. Hell In order to defeat the democrats He asnured his constituents that what he haddone while a member of the House of Representatives be would do again if he ever had the opportunity. and further, that Mr Lincoln's sentiments In regard to slavery did uot differ from those which Henry CI .y had entertained. He thought that :f Mr. Lincoln's friends should be raised In power they would let slavery rest where It is. They were satisfied, and would not excite the question ry^?W 4SHI.NGTON GYMNASIUM ?A tip11 S cia! meeting of the Stocknolde-s will beheld oiiFRlLiA^ . 23tli iM-pteu ber, at 8 o'clock p. in. By order of the President. It* (rT5=?MUDIcTl ASSOCIATION -The semi ^3 annual rneetinr of the Mnlieal Auoeistinn oftue JJistnct of l<>luinl>ia. * i i l>s held at the WjMhiu*ton Infirmary, on TL'KSDAY, October 2'Lat 12o'clock in se St" J. \V. H. LOVEJOY, M. D , See. ryiF?'^ TO VICTORYS?Obako Rtiucii tljjf ar BEi.T?V!LL*.?B HECK.' X HI DUE A D x.^vis?s..- %ji me- iMBinci ?ro i' vueu to ui it-? with tne Jackaon Democratic Ansociation t-> att?r>i t!i-> ^iaii' joint di*cus*ion at Bmtsville <>uSaTI'RDaY, i i -morrow,) the 29th mat. The A?kOx.iatuin will ?-a\ e their rooms. No. 39* f*a. av , at II o'clock, for the cars R > ?nil trip ticket! Wic?nn. CORNELIUS BOYLE, Prea Tnn Powtli.Sm. It* [Yy* NOTICE.?t'nion Grano L<*l<e of the D. C. 11 Jt of A. Y. Maeona. having accepted the invitation extended them to lav the corner stone of the African M. E Church, on Twoutf-third street, between L and M ?treeta. on .MONDAY. at3'? o'clk, we hereby invite All our members and Irierds to he present and lend us their assistance in end-tvor in* to pn.niote the cause of our Lord. Several addresses ?.ll be delivered on tnat occasion. By or?ier of Board of Trustees. se 3-2t* fy-g?DEMPSEY * O'TOOIiK. LL3 WEULtlMi A.\l) VISlTlSli CARD FNVRAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONKRY, WEDDING ENVELUPKS. the most beautiful styles. 336 Pa. Av., between 9tn and lftth sts , au n 6in Washisgto*. V'OU TAN CUV AM- KINDS OF GENTS' I UND?- KG-A KMENTSaithe Peoples' Clothinc Store, No. 400 Seventh lU opposite Post Office se S im (VJ J I/'ST KECEINED l^lEW And beautiful style# of A\ ALK1NG CANES, in rich and pieasic/ variety, at I.ANK'S Gentlemen*7 Furnishing Store, ?cit Ji i con, i 4 .-4 I'll av.. n??ar?S at Mfai.i. opening. 1?S THOMPSON Will introduce our new ntj.ejoi FALL MILLINERY on Saturday, ?j'.b infant. La^iea are. renaectftilly lnvited^Ki) toai'< <1. HI TCHINSON A MTNtO, a? 23 3t 310 Pa av , between 9th and loth tU. I^OK RALE.?Patent ri<)ita for counties in the Stat- <>f Mar? iand an.I Delaware ol VaN DEM ARK'S PATENT PORTABLE FENCE. To any ncn v: p "ri< nil who would canvass the countiea and sell ftultvtdual farm righta ol litis valuable tstent it c>tfc a unutnal inducements. AddreM R. I ATKINS. (J. orxetown, U. C. ae j-.Ktt* xm FELT HATS-FELT HATS. \X . AND CAPS. gy ^^For ( "> ?, Vout ha and Boys, in great va net*, of all colore, now opening at LANE'S Fashionable It at and Cap More, ceai-St 434 Pa. av.. n?*r 4<jj at. THE LADIES MUST NOT FORGET THAT 1 the? will lind the l>e?t aaaortrnent french flow BUS, RIBBONS. Straw^Dj) bonnets. jockeys, and all kinda of^^ or Fane* Oooda, at shedd'S, a 5' Eleventh street. JEVEKYBODV'd INTEREST. _ USf K<v>?ivwl aar Fa LI. and WINTER i'I <'TtM ??;. t > which jour a.tection ia called.** J a.:. i.u '?ut mat I baa axil ?in?d CLOTHING, Fl RNMIIIN?; GOODS, HATS a d CAPS at ! w" puo*a thai, aar oth ?r h uae in the ??t*. 1m SMITH. No. 4t?0 Seventh at. INTER UNLlERSUli*. TS anil * *y \ r r ir yottlH% ami hoy , f .ilk, I Unin4!, I .a*i htvtot, Jiteriuo CJaii^gi FiSHnri Set. a <1 Twijlcd Chiton! K \*t?'?a CGl-pi*t* aU?cL i'j*t riHiciv*! *t 1 ANK'S T*i? Maaa&t a ad C?utk X.amady ha* l>*? n so lone k'.ovuud ?xten*ireiy a?ad, that muit l>?r* n? fc *?? Laooma fami'iar with iU extraordinary ?if.o*"y. J4 (mo b? had at *11 tho prinoaa! dru? ? *t y>ar>d3?oanUahcttJ>. aaM damA?MB? H ONIKY H HONEY!!! Tha of waaitiagiou oaa baauppliad with lh? very iwi Hon*). m any quantity from oaa halt found up to (>o? u>n wf i<ht. at 6<H? Bavaiith atraot. or in Center Market, batvaaa 8th aodMh atraat*. ? *?2t* CANF1F.LD. B1CKSL&R A SON. .M R CHA9. IIFPBUmN Sloat raapaotfolly beta J-?V^ t ? ra'tua tuaoka u> tu (ntnda and tha pnbfio luii * hl? tin- in hiiaines*. H* n?w ha* oi ''"V^ a lar.ea ao.tu.fc it oi (filuua'M XXX WhiakV. Alao. it? Xf.t> c* l-?r k<> d Ac wbica can ba finuaMai atr>. ?. .*t 'iT r.?>- <> ; arui a !*r<?> at<>ok ?f Cic^W i i At No. $1 Louisas* av.Toatwten }K IlJ ! tl. ft/, to a Si* - - ? WA9HINBTOFI NIWl AMD OOMIP. Tn? Revolctios i* Eckopk ?1The newt rereived vesterday In New Vofk, from Europe, settles the question of a general wax on tfce Contl. nent. apparently Victor Emanuel ar?d Garibaldi are believed to be by tbls time In full Mr h upoa Rome, from different directions; while Russia, Prassia, and Austria, as well as France, probably by this time drawn the sword against the revolutionists, who are neejatly aided by Ragland . that does not dare avow any such purpose as being her governmental policy. Without active knulich rnnntpnanr* th? r^vnlntlnnUfa muM n/.l I * ) ?- " ~ "" " "v* raise (i t?nth of tbe money nK?mry to csrry them to the prmnt point of their succtss ; war In these tim*s being little Du re than tLe measurement of ti:e depth of national or party purse* Victor hmanuei unm well, ai.d so does Garibaldi, doubtless. The first desires to secure needed re. forms for the people of Italy; while the second alms but to aid him to the same end But, alas, they both bid fair soon to And themselves In tbe toils of red republicanism?tbe element of political and fcoclal evil of modern timet, lritlnitely worse in its effect upon society than the direst existing continental despotism, as bad as that may be. Everywhere throughout Europe there are at tkis moment secret political clubs actively at work in all tbeir attributes tbey are similar to the clubs that worked the destruction of the pros^ .i_n tiv. ?? a? ? ?a as? % ?? * ui civil notrriy id rraiice m iue Deginning 01 this century, while originally aiming to secure it for tbe people at large. It la utterly impossible that their interfereace In public attain can fall to operate & disastrously for any good cauae as In France In time* past. From this time for aotne montha to come we may almost dally look for ne .va from Eur?pe of Intense interest. The Opkr a ?Last evening, "Lucrezla Borgia" was given to the best house of the season so ft", and we doubt very much if a more select and fashionable audience could be fonnd. The music of '< Lucrezla,'* like all of Donizetti's, require* a master mind to phrase it, but Miss M liner surmouuted the difficulties, and repeatedly received the hearty cheering of tbe audience. Nothing rould be better sung than her cavatina, " Comee btllo quale lncanto," nor anything more exqnisite thin her dying srer.e, M odi, ah M'odi!" Mr. Bowler as Genarro sustained her, and divided the applause. His beautiful aria, ' D1 pe*c;itnre ignobile," was admirably rendered Mr Cook at Duke Alfonto wat very good, lu tbe tirtt act be tang an aria In fine ttyle, and received a bearty call betore the curtain. Mr Bondinot at tiabetta wa? most bippy. M ita Kemp at Ortiui displayed commendable talent ata vocalitt. InLer opening aria, " Nella fatal di Kiuiinl," tbe wat warmlyapplauded throughout. Tbe execution of tbe pretty brlnditl, " 11 tegreto per etser felice," wat very tine. Tbit evening bat been aet apart for the benefit of Annie Milner, on whleh occasion will be pre tented Auber's beautiful opera of " Fra Diavola " At it baa been many yea.-a ainco tbit opera wat produced here, It will doubllest attract a large audience. Naval Istelliokttck ?Tbe Navy Department hat received intelligence from Commander C. K. Stribling. In command of tae Kant India tquadro:i, dated ?hanghae, July V, I860. The country around Sna.ighae It reported to h&ve been at that date in the bandtof rebels, with every reaton to tti^pote that tbe place would be taken at toon at they could do to without fe*r of encountering tbe French and Rnglitb forcen ttationed there for tbe protection of tbe tettlement. Mr Ward, our Winl.lo k lk>t ..k? ?._J 1 1 ? ? i-m inmKi iun? CWUIIW J y uau t'liiuarKfQ Ofl Illf? ft.ig-ibip Hartford for protection, which wai to proceed with him to the Gulf of Petchili. Tuk Ck5*cs Bubiac?Thus far about fifty appointment* have been mad- in thia Vureau. Among others appointed to clerical positions yesterday waa Mr William J Delano, for a long while a resident of thia city, but more recently connected with the pre** of New Orleans. Trassfkr op Mail Sikvici ? The present mail service from St. Joseph to Denver City Is to be discontinued, and the malls sent round by wav of Council Bluffs. Iowa Kditok Sta* :?Why not the Prince of Wales be invited to viait the Naval Cadets? Are the Cadets at Annapolia In any way inferior to those at West Point. Navt. Appoijitxkst.?Jas. Thayer has been appointed a Gunner In the Navy. Thi Wiathh.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the ttailthaoulan Institution. The time of observation Is boat 7 o'clock. OirTVMBKB IB, 1900. New York. N. Y cloudy, cool. Philadelphia, Fa cloudy, cool. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind NVV Richmond, Va. cloudy, (MP Petersburg, Va. clear, G??. Norfolk, Va cloudy. 64?. Riilel^h, N. C clear, 7ST. Wilnuni<ton, N.C clear, warm. Columbia, s. C ....clear, warm. Charleston, S. C.. cloudy, 7i?. Augusta. Ga clear, pleasant. Savannan, Ga clear, 76'. Macon, Ga clear, pleasant. Columbus. Ga...... clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 30,0ft?; at noon, 30,090. Thermometer at 7 a in., 63*; at noon, \ Maximum dur!ng 24 hours ending 9 a. in. to*?y, i-'i minimum 40*. ! Amount of rain yesterday, twelve-hundredtbs f an Inch. Ptrtsisl Hon M. C. Mordecal, of S. C., is at Brown's. Col. Ruggle, U. 8 A., and Capt. il. R. Hi 11. IJ. S- N., are at the National. The report that Madame Gazzanlga has married her former mu*U teacher turns out to be false. j g \ V KRCOATS. u"a1.i uimto' lmiimio..."" _ _ -- -t - ?>^vi ?o r uiiiilcillilU ' ' GOOHS, HATS and CAPS at my ueral low SMITH'S. 1w No. 4?>0 Seventh at. ( ^OAL,, WOOD. LIME. SAM), CEMENT, J HAIR, AND Fl.ASTER. Now afloat, and will be discharging on Monday, Tu-a4ay, and Wednesday n?-xt, 2 car^oeaof Coal, of the very boat quality. Baltimore Company Whit* Anii and Froe Burning Red Ash Coal of all aizea. Alto, one cargo NEW YORK CEMENT All oi which wili be told on the moat accommodating U-rnu to caah or prompt ouatomera. C. M. KFYB. Office?No Sis Itth and C atreeta. 23-3t v^UNION r EST A1' R A NT, few doora south of Fa. av.. Farm's old stand, Washington. Ilia bar is constantly supplied with the onoioeat Liquors and Cigar*. The best Fried Oysters in Washington can Families supplied with Oysters in every style, and at reasonable price*. se3n eo6m Royal Havana lottery*?the following uuiiitfers drew the principal prises in the drawiag of SspUmbar 13th, IM>: Noa. rmea. I Nos PrizM 4 31*. flO'.OBO 28^66 9?i.uoo 13,136 11JCT 10,600 ao &*. at.oea J No.. 161, Wl. 644. 1445. 1446. 1738 4471, 5045, 6118, 64SS 6&aw, rjw.a5aft.aaw, 107*3, imiu, 109*6, isms, isna, 14)08, 14489, 14995, IMS, 14678, 1?MB, 16821, 18183. 18568, j?4*,ai?46,?f7?.a?(M suu. mat. ?is?, 22231,22349, AJ64.S4U7* 94152, 24* 2. MOM. asuro. 2&33W, X7&9, 7r*?, am. tain, oas% Mui4?#1,000 each. 1 The next drawing of this celebrated Lottery will takeplaoeontheSa of October. For particulars see advertisement in another coluina. It* DON rorlqt'EZ. Furniture WarsrAAMfl WALL * BARNARD 6L arc now receiving, on consignment, M their WviMomi. corner of C 11 I " "and Ninth streets, (in the rear of their kEV;PIN6 GOODS gen-rally, which they invite the attention of persona furaiihmg to examine be| tore pm ona*tr.f? am?ng which way be found: Parlor Sort*, in Hrocatelle, Repeand Hair CI >th, Ma^otany ?nd Walmt Sofaa, Tetea-tetee, and Mal^ranV^n^ Hvalfnot Ma-Me-top an 1 other Tables, in great *arietf Marb'e-top Oak Minted Cottage Pete Walnnt and Mahogaaj Marble top plain and _ other Bureau* Caneaad^Wood seat Rookar, Dining, Ofioe aid Ml some SUtaaJ Mahogany Looking G aaaes oney and Walnut Cottage aad other Be?l rabfnau" Etagerea, Whatnots as4 Deeka "Soli P'J. Ingrain and other Carpets; Oil Mar Me jop.^Walnnt. Mahogany andjothar Washm KSi Sttajei Au.tion* r? outh aide of Avenae, 'm 2 J-tolm ov fa. a*, and 9th street. ?. . : 3<ae?#* "amr +&** w Additional Foreign Now* by the Peril* at !*?r York. The fWllowing telegram. dated Naples, the 11th Instant, give* tbe petition of affair* In that capital: The tranquility of the town h*a not been disturbed, and tbe same eathutfaum still pre valla. Tbe Klmo and tho other forte have surrendered. The English admiral baa paid a visit to Garibaldi, , who afterward* weat oa beard tbe Hannibal, tbe Kaulish ambassadar being present On that eccaaTon tbe Sardinian fleet tired a salute of teen kum in honor of the dictator The Neapolitan fleet bas been delivered by (jarlbaldl to fee' Sardinian admiral. The Sardinian troops dlavntroetKn *- ? -* A VC.AVW j^wiuaj uy 1'iun U4 *ut UlCOHOF. TM whole army of Garibaldi will arrive at Naples ! four days, and, with tbe revolutionary banas, the total force will be 'iO.UUJ to 30,000 into. Tbe revolution i? everywhere triumphant. It la said tbe dictator isabout tc uiarcb toUmbria A proclamation of Garibaldi to tbe Neapolitans, issued vesterday, baa be?> published. Garibaldi, tn this proclamation, b.ijs that "the annexatiou will be effected when he will be able to proclaim it from the top ? f tlf Quiriua." The Paris Patoie announces that the King of Naples left Gaeta on tbe 12th Inst , In a Spanish steamer, for Seville. The entrance of Garibaldi into Naples was celebrated at Milan in tbe most enthusiastic manner. The whole city wrs illuminated, aud decorated with fla^s The verv name of thedirtntnp imnim electric enthusiasm A number of illuminated drum*, fixed on long pole*, were carried through the street* Them- drum* bore significant inscriptions, as follow*: "To Rome! To Venice! Rome, the Capital! '' Most cities of Italy celebrated the annexation of Naples. Sardinia and Home The Sardinian troopa continued tbelr march Into the Papal territory, but no serious collision had taken place. Gen. Fantl bad been appointed commander-in-chief of the two mobilized corps d'arrnee. General Cialdinl had entered Fano, making DUO prisoners. Gen Lsmorlciere Lad concentrated 8.00 > troops at Aucona It was expected that his line of defence would be attacked by 45,000 Sardinian*. He had declared Pemeia in a state of siege, and had Issued a proclamation threatening death, oonilscation of property, aud a heavy tine against the inhabitants for a mere fracture of the telegraph wires A dispatch from Rome of the 13th says :?"The Papal government is about to address a memorandum to all the Knropean power*, protecting against the Sardinian invasion of the Roman territory. This memorandum explains that the enrolment of foreign volunteer*, of which Sardinia complain* in her ultimatum, was principally due to the counsel* of Austria and France, tbe latter power having, after the Parts Congress in 1S56, insisted on the foundation of a Papal army." The semi-official journal of Turin?the an article on the intervention of Pkdtrtniit in thp P mn.nn * t ! ??* ... .mv B?vuK>(i ??*.u, tunt nii? in um an act of aggreialon. but one of legitimate drfrnse. It it undertaken with a view to combnt foreign intervention. conformably to the policy laid down by the Emperor Napoleon. At Parts they are probably Ignorant that the insurrection In the Rotnau SUlts is simultaneous and general. The grand desire Is to shake off the theocratic yoke, to uroolaim the sovereignty of Victor r.inariuel. una to constitute Italy. The fruit Is rlj>e and must be plucked The government of Piedmont will know how to assume the responsibility of these facta in the fact of Italy, of France, and of Iturope. Europe is cnlied upon to elect between Victor Emanuel and revolution, between constitut onal anarchy and monarchy, between the national flag of Italy and the red flag The alliance with France will not be ulteriorly damaged. The official Gazette of Turin publishes a Government memorandum, addressed by the Kin^ of Sardinia to Lis repn-sentatl ves abroad, and dated the Wth of September. The memorandum explains the state rf things in Italy since the p ace of Villafranca. It adverts to the refusal of the Court of Rome to accede to the demand of Sardinia to disband the foreign legions, and justifies by Imperative reasons, the step taken by Sardinia. Tbe Sardinian Government c.ntM not allow the Italian movement to disnipate itself in anarchy and disorder. The memoraudum f outiruis the ait irance already given, that the royal troop* will acrupulcusly reapert Rome and the surrauuding territory, and makes an appeal to the Holy Father, who some years ago inaugurated the national movement. The memorandum t'lus concludes: 'When the Pope shall recoynizc the regeneration of Italy, which enters among the designs cf Providence, he will again become the father of the Italians, as be has never tx-ased to be the august and venerable father of all the faithful." the WITHDKAWAL or thk Frkxch Mi.iistkr. The l.ondon Tluie* regards the withdrawal of the French Minister from Turin an a mark of the Kiuperor's displeasure, extremely menacious to the Italian liberty, and implores Garibaldi not to rush upon Austria unsupported by France. If the contest Is allowed to last long th^re is d&n^er of the Catholic powers being drawn into it with the certain result of the extinguishment of the new-born liberty and Independence of Itily The Chronicle says that the withdrawjl of the French .Minister from Turin is compatible with an absolute identity of the policy between France and Sardinia. The Kmperor strenghtms the plfdg? he has given to the Pope, itnd so to speak retires within that portion of the Roman territory which he originally declared to l>e sufficient to maintain the integrity of the PoutitT. The Post says that Victor Kmanuel's occupation of Papal territory may lead to serlouscuinpllcations The Emperor withdraw* his niirlster from Turin to avoid the ap|?earaiice of all direct complicity with the Sardinian policy. The Italian journals express regret on account of the recall of the French Ambassador from Turin The Deretto siys they must rally around the King in order to assist him iu overcoming the prt-sent difficulties The other Turin journals publish articles of a similar nature The Opinione says: k,ltalv does not desire the responsibility of France, for neracU should shield. Great liberty of action it necessary for our goverument. Those States who are In friendly relation! need uot, u;i that account, be responsible one for another. The policy followed by Sardinia is Imposed upon our government by the state of things In the Peninsula." AtSTRIA Preparations were being made at Vienna for the eventuality of a new war in Italy. Additional troops were constantly being sent to Austrian Italy. It was rumored that Austria had notified France of her intention to concentrate 50,lXKJmeu on Manfit* asn/4 H?- n? -- * .um ?tiu ?u? iiuv *?* %uc r u aa a uurps ui uiwr* * tion, but with oo inWntlou of intervening between Sardinia aud Home. THE LATEST. Toais, Sept. 15.?Oen. Fanti, at tLe head of the Sardinian force*, entered Perugia v?*aterdav. after a hot fight. The l*apal troop* retreated to the fortreaa, which aubaequently aurrendered. One thousand soldiers were trade prisoners, Including Gen. Schmidt. The Sardinian losa wai insignificant. WFALL DRY GOODS E Aro now receiving a beautiful assortment of Fancy and staple Goods of th? latest styies, embracing all the :ateat importations ; auob aa? Poplins, Valour Ottoman* in variety, French Mooss?'line?, Kigartwl anil Plain Satin finished Me* rinoa, Cloakint Cloths, Arab < ioalrt> in great variety, Fancy Silks funn 50 oeiiU to $2, piece* Cal ioo. a, from6^ to 1'2X cant#, Fail and WmtcrShawia m great variety, Mousaelinca aud Plaid from 12 to 5) cant*. Vaientia Engli?h Mohair* aud Bro^atellea. Hooped Skirts, Hosiery, Gloves, Gaum lata. Shawl Bordering, Family Blankets, HUa-hed and Brown Sheetings, Toweling*, Talne Linens, Ac. Onr stock is now very complete, ana we offer it on the inostaooommodatnc terms. se 28 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. pROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1S61. QcaSTBKXASTKK's Ovrics, U. 8. M. Court,I WanHlflHTOM, ?th Sept.,l??0. < SaaLKD Proposal* will b? reeai?ed at this oaos until the 14th day of November next, at S o'clock p m., for furnishing Rations to the Umtad States Marines, at the following stations, during the year 1861, vis: nhRrlAirtnwn M * ?! ?" ?** - - HW. .www- W oanav II uaOViSt Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Brooklyn. Lous Is.and, N?w York. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gosport, near Norfolk, Virginia. Warrington, Florida; and Washington, Distriet of Columbus Kach ration tn consist of one pound ard a quarter of fresh Beef, or three quarters of a pound ol mess Pork; eighteen ounces ol Bread made of extra superfine floor, or extra superfine flour at the option of the Government; and at the rate of ten pounds of good Coffee, fifteen pounds of best New Orleans itagar, eight quart* ol best White Beau*, fonrauarts of Vinetar. two quarts of Salt, fOUr Couudsof good hard Brown SJoas.and ouaaad a a!f ponnds of good hard dipped Tallow Candles to on* but.dred rations. The Beef required shall be delivered on the order of the commanding officer of each station, either in balk or by the single ration; and shall enuMst if the best and most choice pieoes of the c\r<ass; tWe Pork to beNo.l prime me?s pork; and theG-uceri? to be of the bunt quality of kinds named. AM subjeot to inspection All bids must be aoompaaied ly thd following guarantee. Form uf Guaranty. The undersig ned - , of ?In the Biate .?nd ?-,of , in the gtate of . her* by guaianty that in oase the to egoiax ud of ?? for Ration*, as above described. bj accepted, he or they will, within Un days after Uie recoptof the oontraot at the Po*t Office named execute the eontr*at for .th? same, with good and -uffioi<w>t sureties; and incase the said ?? shall f?il to fnter into contrsnt as aforersid w<< I guaranty to make good the difference butween tLo offer of tha and ? and that winch maybe accepted. > A B, Guarantor Witness.- ?;f 0 1), Guaantor*. inu I hereby oei tify that the at??*? named are known to me a* men of property, and able to "sttssb areuscn dawsLT' nt?<J by the above {it'intw aathorited to fubluh the abova sss safe1msskt* * ?e a-i&w4* Major aa^Q'irtSSlSif. 4 A Pepaler Pizzlr. Mr Jirtt la what we iR ahouid be, From every wrong and error free, Our best for mankind doing What aM foresee, lomt future ttme. In sotoe^fcleat land?eooif iuuj dlM, Forffcosetbe rlghi pursuing. >lv we should like to do, Whatever object we pursue, Benialh the eye offceaven: Tbe all, w* hate to mtaa, In <'hastily a?v future bliss Hope wxifpers miy be given. julMy tteond we would fain succeed In doing to my Jirtt, at need :? Tbe first not our* without it: And if we linger, 'tla berauae We mlsa tbe acopeof nature's law*. Or fail to aet about it. * 1 | J My vhole diaplayi a hnman name Not all unknown to pleaaant ftme,? That will be known the better When pleaaure-saekeri. through tbe land, T-K- I...? ?? ' us w?> vi ucoku mail uddmttqd, Once freed from errw'? fetter. What we should alwavt be, Is Goon,

And wn la what we always would, If Hope would let us track ber: And 6oo?wir is my whole?a man \V bo MkM-wbat none betide him can The PansT Prssskd Tobacco. The pnreat, best. man eve: chewed, In company or aolltude,? Tbe fresh, tbe bright, the healthy! Give ine the Patkst?take the rest? Goobwi.i'*?that makes the rich man's zeal, A ud want'a worst hours see in wealthy. AMUSEilifiNTo. yy ASHINGTON THEATRE. COOrER AMEKICAN OPERA TROUPE, Unsurpassed by any Company, nntive ?>r foreign, in ihe United States, anil numbering Tir.Hty tiro L'rittmMf Lyric Artirtet. THIS (Friday) EVENING. September i8. 18?). BENE F IT OF ANN IE MILKER, WiU l<? presented Auber'a Opera of FRA 1)1 AVOLO ! To oonolude with Uio muaioal faro* of THE IjlAKER ! Supported by an efficient Chortia and a powerful Oicheater, the whole under tiie direction of H. C. COOPER, (Lat* leader of the Royal Julian Opera, London > ANNIE MI LNER. (Prima l)i-nca Aasolnta ) Poors opon at 7>? ; Opera to commence at 8 o'elk. Prices of Ad mission: Dies* Circle and Paiquet 51 cents : secured eeats ?5 cents extra; Orcheater Chairs f I; Private Boxe? 98 each. Seats secured at MetieroU'a -Vluaic Store. It i |^OOK~OUT FOR TnE HICKORY BOYS! FOURTH 6RAND ASSEMBLY ot the Hickory Club Will take place MONDAY EVENING. October lat. At THORN'S HA LI.,7tk St., bet D nmd E. Tn** memlKsra plouge thein*e vea ?o spare nopaina i to make this the most agreeable and pleasant ?% n^rttf ftftK* Mrtajn. r_. ..... "iwoi win ijv preserved. Esputa'a Oitixen?' Band has b?0n^^B engaged lor the occasion. Ticket*,admitting!?? & gentleman and ladies, SO cents. By o.der of the Committee of Arrangement* ee 2M-3-.* Look out for the stewart hol L\NI> ?:LUB. *% FIRST GRAND BALL Jl of the M*m STEWART HOLLANDCLtJB Will take picokt stott'* hall,on tur'day, October 16. Particular* in a future ad vertieement. we a-3t* Q I) U FKLLOW81 n A L L. BY PARTICULAR REQUEST, THE aOZjMANB WILL GIVE TBRKK MORE ENTERTAINMENTS. THURSDAY, FRIDAY tnd S ATURD tY EVENINGS. Sept. S7IA,28fA and&th. THE HOLMAN Juvenile Parlor Opera Troupe, Cotuprksiiig the most tainted children in the world. The iiameN comprising this Troupe are the same a* when at Pa ace Garden and Hope Chapel, New York, a> d now at the Continental Thtater, Phila- ' delphia. viz: Miss SAL I. IE HOLMAN, Prima tV>nna C unique; LITTLE JULIA. "La P?tite Patli," Pianurt and Comedienne; MASTER BEN J A M 1N, Balladiat and Dialectatiat: MASTER AL FRED Comedian, Baritone, Buffo, a d Srare l)ruiiii?' r ; Mr* GEORGE HOLMAN, Prima Dom aS pranoand Piauut; Mr. GEO. holman, Tenor and Tutor. Price of admission 25 cent*; reserved seats 85 ct?. extra. Ticket* for *ale at j. F. Ellis', Pa. av., between 9th_and 10th t?tit. ae 27 3t_ t irr \?rt i ? m.? r? ?. . ?.? ? - yy ?. 1M Ub IlWiiLI u AU& HU LOMGbR ! FIRST COTILLON PARTY 1 of thi HERNDON CLUB. 1 The membera One p ea.ure in informing their irany friend* that they will *ive their First #4 Cotillon Party atST^TT'a Hall, on TUES- a# DAY EVENING; Oct 2. They pledge Uiera-JjM aelvua to ?p%re neither pair.a nor cximido make thia tke Party of the xrason. They neediio re, oineiu!ati<>n. Wither*' celebrated baud ha* been i.kagtxJ for the occaaioi Ticketa centa, admitting a cei.tleman and iadiea. Committee. E. Piggott, J. S. Rider, S. B<ady, J. Murry. ?e 26,?,Oot1.2* NIXON'S ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE, or 1 IVib/o's Garden. New Yorl\ Astley'.i, T*on- . don, ami the Philatlelphia and Boston Academies of Music, On its Southern Tour by Railroad. TIIE COMPANY. M lie ELLA ZOYARRA, The renowned (Oration Lady Euueatrienua. The SIX HANLON BROTHERS, The Mighty Acrobat*? THOMAS, ALFRED, , tiEORuk. EDWARD, WI LI I AM, and FREDERICK. Rig. SEBAS 11 AN, The Daahing Italian Equestrian. Mona DUVERNEY, The Man of a Thousand Forma. Herr CHARLTON, i The Comic Aerial Stilt Performer and Danoer. Monx. DE BACH. The Kquei>tri*n Revolving Orbit Performer. Mr GEORGE ROSS, Tue Baring and Giaceful Principal Rider and Bridge Leaper. 1 Mr. JAMES WARD. , , Tin great Rope Suapenaionut, a la Blondin. 1 ai.d Profoaaor of the Art Ma?iqu?. Mr.JNVlLLlAM KINCAIDE. 1 The l>c?t (ifneial Performer in the World. Maetoi FRANK STARK, The Keuowned Double Bomeraault Thrower. Master VVILL1K. . The Juvenile Petite Equeatrian, iu hia Doub'j Actof Obstacle Leaping on hia Twin Poaiea. 1 Mr. L. SAMPSON. Tne Ilerculeau Acrobatio Artist. The Troupe wiP be accompanied by the Brass 1 Band, led b? Herr K?>pp. The world'* favorite, the Mare Zaidzk, tlie in- 1 carnation of ??aii"atrian beaety and lntellig noe. , Tne beautiful Twin Poniea,CuDid and Diamond. 1 A superb ?tud of Ruuniul Triok Horsea, in aplendid condition, freah and tigoroua, a* railroading ' savea it the fatigue of traveling. Admission 50 cents ; children under 10 yeara o , age and aervantt 2-> centa Seata are covered, and of a width to make the in perfectly oomfnrtahle. Uahera in attendance The Company will exhibit upon the ground tor : ner of 12t)i street and Ohio avenue, near 12th atreet , b'ldte. on MONDAY and TUESDAY, (Oh and 9th Octol>er. i860. ! lJoora open at 2 an 17 ; performa ?oe to eommeaoe at 2lt ami p in se28 w.r.M.wAa 1 yyAaiiiNGton theater. Sole Leasee and Manager 8 \V. Glbnn. this estarlishment Will op n for the regular Fall and Winter Seaeoa I ou the night of THURSDAY. Nnnmn JOSEPH JEFFERSON, Th* Comedian of the Age, will cominenoe an MKM?iuent of Tw?iw Ni*ht? on MONDAY, November &th, and will be followed bvtrie mo?t B K I I< U I \ N T 8 TAR8 I In the Theatrical Firmainer.t. (17 Comniunieations if addressed to 8. YV. Glknn, "Old Bowery Theater," New York, wul ' meet with pro apt attention. an ll-tf 1 IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! , THE PIONEER , 81W MILL III FIKCW06B FiCTIII, tSiv?m or ths Blcb F(,a? Starr J ' Sen til *1 U? Canal, near 7th street Bridge, \ Will ftirnish, at the shortest notice, FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITY, i Or Amy Kind, r?f and Split to any Dimmsiim*. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With foil measurement guarantied. ir7" Rameaiber, Thb Ulc* Flu St a ft, vaat sillp of bereath htreet. south of tha C?, and o^p jsite the Center Market. dGOKCIE PAGE, igeit TO* HICKORY ANDQAK PT^K or TIM ; horteat aotioa I XTT Entail job. of BLACKMMTHING prompt- | ly^ykwed.aaebere ea yr u m&fflfffzsissts&sKift1 streets Corsar of Savaath and K straata ia tha alaoa to j get ffooU CLOTHES for little m?ner. Corner Seventh and R tragi la the alaoa to ?at tha beat Ready-mule SHIRTS at a trifling eoat. Hear in min<1 if you need a vail draaaad par*" that ynu oaa look just aa wall if you bur your outfits of 1 BAR A BEO., eoriier of Seventh and E (treat*I Washington. a*S7-at i , p*- m m***9 *. ? mm AUCTION SALES. *s OBt A. CRtEN, AioUoa**r. N MQN DA V, September 24, mn, w ?h*.i m' 1, wfroetof the pnw iri, ftt 6 o'oiook p m,in oot?plifca*p w^tfc U? term* of d?tJ of truit to ua fno? rkM A. Hro?n aa-i w:f?, d*:e?i 24th !?>ptfm o'Vtni*! 1'1'b*r / f A'r*\\?*lL 1(^ too cot.My. part* #f oti 1 & ' li. m square No b**l nnlH f<icth?-um? t-i M 3 inches from iye ?o?llirt?outi?r<if said saaare, ru>.Mnj t!i*i/ce *aat oa a Lin* witt D ?treat south ? fe*t; the,<e nortfcT fe*t; th%aoe v?t 16 feet; thence sotO * feet to the pace iif^iffnniDf. tfether with the impro?em?iit?, ccn?uunc if a two iUr; ftaiue hou?e with one *tor? back bMiidtn*. Tern.s : On* fourth o*-h ?h* r?a ai e? ir. t, I? and 18 month*. %fter d%T < f ** e, w th n ?*?'eonrtd L? adoad oftrnitonthe premises. If lb* la ks of sale ara not onmp.i?d within fiveda>saft rtheday of ?a.e the truit'-'s reserve the rubt tores-II the Co^ertp *t he purchasers risk ana oast, after |irC one wa.-k's i ot c . GKti. V. BFNNVie. eKO. R. THOMPSON.< '1,11X11 an*3taw&ds A.GRKF. , Auct. UTTaB ABOVE BAI.E IB PO*T-rq*RD antil THURSDAY, the 27UI lastaut at lh o'alook p. ?.fcb, or u,. T^ty Gt EK>, i.?. IT7-THE ABOVE 9AI.E IB POBTPONET) on aoo<??nt o( th? rain, until BATUftnA\ , Us 39th inst. same iiour aadp.aoe. By order of tha Trustee*. ae S<> A. GREEN. Anct. By WALL k. BARNARD. Aaetioncara. I-OPAL VARN'?H AT AUCTION.?On BATV/ (jRDAY MORMNii, September Mi. at M o'aiookt we wi!l sell, in front ol our aaotion room, one keg No. 1 Copal Varnish. Bala poaiuva. Terms amK t"t~ WAU, A BARNARD. Aeo'a Bf A. GREEN, A??tli?M*r. TRl'HTEE'tiSALE OF HORBKBava CAR stalls.? By virtu* of a ?Jeed of ttuat 0-1 iamea Henry to me, the mderaigned, lejorded in ,iber J. A P., No. 1?, at foltoe 4<4. Ao. < tall, on TUESDAY, the Id of October, at in?'el<?k a. m . a<>t up for sale, belore A. brwi'i A action Kooin*, oomer of Seventu and D etreate? a liorcea a?4 3 Carryall*. Tar mi: Oa?.hinJ in oa*h, an 1 tha reaidee in tl?e pur<>( ae?r'a uotea, aatiafaatortly enJoreed. at S>aad60daya, with intereat. The Truabee raaoivaa tht right of raaala, up>n one day'a not ee, at the nek and c ?at of tha puroha?<>r md-faait, if the terme of sale are not o onp'ied with day ef ia ? W. A. MAI'RV. Traatae. ae? d A. GREEN, A at. By BARNARD k BITCKEY. Anctioooera, OiowtoiM, D. C. DOSITIVE ?ALE OF VALUABi E BUILDL ii? Lot is Gxjroktowm- D. C.?Oa WED NKJitMY AFI Kit NOON, 3d October. at half paat 4 o'oicck. we will ?e!:, ia Iror.t < t tbe premiaee, p%rtbf Lot ?2>, fronting 2 faat oa the north aide Water (treat, and ranging t>aok 90 feet, between J?Hereon and Waahu *ton streets. Title perfect, and aale without reoerve. Terms: One-third ca<h; the resides in , 11 and 18 inoijtha, beanux interest, eecured by a deed of truat oa the premtaea. ae? d MaKNARD k BUCIEY, Aaota. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN Prnmrra* at Acctio*.? <?n THl R9DA Y, the ?th day of October, | shall eell, at the reaideaoeof Mrs Beok, No. S70 t*ixth atreet, next to tte oorner o' H at., at 10 o'olook a in., an exoetieat aaeortnaat of Faxniture. Tlx: Mahogany and Wa'nut Softs. Chairs and Rookera, Do Dreea in<t other Boreaaa, Marble-top and other TaM?a and Btaoda, Three Painted Cottage Chamber Sets, one Ma*blatop, Bedateaaa, Wardrohoa, Waeuatanda aad Cane Chairs, _ _ feather Bedi, Bedding ard Mattreaa, China, 6 a?a, Crockery anl Stone Ware, B naeel* and other Carpet*, C<>oltiog and other H?ovea, With a litod lot of Kit shea RjqjtutM. Terms: Ail a"m# o< *n<i uader oaik: over .$ 25, a e r adi t of ? 0 and 9>. <lay a, for ap proved endorsed note*, t> annt interest. a?23 d A GRKKN. And. LOST AND FOUND. TAKEN I P AVTRAY?A WHITE HOI. an?posed to b? l<>?t l?y eome drovera The own r la requested to come forward, prove property, par chargea. and take hert&aMlM away. JOliM ROCHK, Ridge ?t., ? Between >1 and N street* north. It* and between 4th and 5th atreeta weat COST- On Saturday. 22.1 in*tan<. auppoaed ia 4 going from L>r Pyne'a Caurcli r*' > Wh ai.d F ale., o- from ther* to the railroad depot, a pair of go'd SPECTACLES. * I>be;?! reward will be given if left at No, 1 F at, between 9th and 1'Hh. ae27 2t* IO?T-S.ini?wbcre 1. tw??n the Northern IJb?rm ti.->s and Columbia College, on Fourteenth at . a MOROCCO POCKET BOOK co taming pap. ra of raloe to no one but the owner. A ewarlor ?S wi I be riven the finder if lelt at t e Star Office, or the residence of t?r. GARNET i\ Ninth strew'. between K and F atr?eta. se 20 St CTRayed or stolen fromthk sub C? roriber, ? 1k?ui the lat of September, ao dark b*y MAR K. four years old. m ~i ?Ti\ I \ r \ ? " " ' ihm i3 ntni'i nitn .~\oina<k? reco lecled,^^^3 except star in the fo ehead. Five dollars reward will be Riven for any informvion leading to h?f recover? llbNKV HARRISON. _m38 St Pomonirey. Charles county, Md. C*C RF,VVARD.-Mr?v?d or stolen on Sunday, V*' 23J. a larje BaS' HORSE, f'oin the rv reservoir. uearGeorretown: had a sore hack nXfk from the hprt of the *addle Mack rail anH^CZX mane; *t,>ps thort when walkinc: a so-e from tli* hurt of a rop* on the hind foot. The above reward will t>? paU ny r- turning him 10 KICHAUD Du.\ NKI.I.Y, corner Four and-a half aod F atreeta, Is'and, Washington. se2G 3t* PERSONAL. 0~THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.?Madam I) , ho well known a? tne m->st stiocestfal ex. plainer of the Fa?t, Preaent and Future eve in Wasliinrtoo. continues to be consulted weekly ! ? hundreds au&ious to know of things at present hidden from tlieiu. Her conaaltatio:: fee, to both ?entlem n and !a!i<?s, it extremely moderate. Call at lier house,on th" iouth aide of Massachusetts ar , between 17th and 19th sts.?the only hoaee there. ee 17-1 in PROPOSALS FOR MATKRIM, wr tbk AP RHACHKS op THK SOUTH WING OF THE TREASURY F^XTENSION. Tksascit Dkhaktmkmt. { Bcusau or CoNsTaccTioM, *ept 2a. lft&\\ Paopos,U< w;ll bo receiv <d at thie IWartmeat until 12 o'clock in. on the 2d day of October, I960, lor the delivery of *h? following artioles, vi? : Prepared Stones for H- ?ian p*vrm?nt rulfijient to 'ar down 5^no superficial feet of paveramt. Bidders must state th?ir price fir the livered, per tuprrfirtal Jo of. measured after it ts laid, and a separate price for laying, if they desire to lay lb" sauto. Five hundred and aixtv (SB 1 lineal feet of C?rb Stones for sideva'ke, fto., in length n?* lees than neven (1) feet, and I inch"* thick b? IT laches deep ; the top edge hammered straicht and true, ineh*e returned d<>wn3tnoheecn one sid*,ft inches on the other, and have their enda properly joint?d Also, 6 quarter eircle oomer pteoes in a single r'aea of a radius of 2 feet outside, and of the same biokn* m and deptn and ivre returns dove the ndea a* th? atrairht one ; ard alao another turur siro;e in pi?n?a <>f not leaa than 5 fMl ia length, of a radiu < of 3 feet outaide, of the aa?ie ilepta and reLorn d jvn th? aidea u above, and 6 iccheathiok oa top KS pnvse* of b'oe North river Plugging,4 f<Mt by feat 6 inoa??. lio pi*??a of blue North river Flagging ,4 feet by 6 fiesta luchea. 42 piece* of blue North river Flagging, 4 leet by < feet 56 pieoe* of hlae North rirar Flagging, 4 feet by I feet 5 inohee and leaa. Bidder* most tuu the trieea for drum J At of each of the above a>*?i of the beet ?aaiitr per an perioial foot, and it muat he prepared in a perfectly pro??r maaurr to be laid down, and be 4 inehca thiok. with the edcea jointel eqoar* down at leaat two(2) inoliea frotn the fae?. All the artioiee to t>? delivered at the Treaaury Kxtenaipn, where the* will be uaed aa may be aireeaed by the proper authority. SMitplea of the quality of b ue flagging atone and the atyla ofdre?*iug required oan be a*ea on application at tlua offioe. ana all th?> atone delivered will be rcqitirrd to b.? of the auality and atyle of dre?a me ahowa la tlieae earn plea. Bida will ant b? eonaidared unleaa they are mmda ia aooordance with thia adyerUeeaaent. rig: at a price par lineal foot far tkt curling, amd par tupvjic? ol foot for *11 tkt other material*, nor will any bid be conaidered unleaa it ia acoomeanied with the raa amy of one or more reaponaiola partiee that the bidder will execute a contract with eatiaf?*tory guaranty if hia bid laaoceptad. The ptopoaala muat be aent under oorer to lk( Recr?tary of the Traaaury, endorsed "PrcponUt far Mn'-trimi for tkt TV?aj*nr Enmitm.'* aad will ba .* 1 . ? ?* ~ * *- - ? ubvuou at t v viw* f. m. U4 Hi" >W W VBM TOT I receiving the un?, in the preaence or tko Mddora if My chooe" to ? 8. H. OlJlRK, Acting Bi|ii?r io?4 iw in c> true Traaeury Department Tm new hat and cap store. H E Snbeoribor vmhM to inform hu friend* ni Dm dolilio (enor&iiy that ho kM juat opened new bat Md Cat Storo embracing oil |Jm\& saM^ffftnteS fewMK OK WAlW HAT. Ofn lemont* F ench HATS. Black DRF.H9 HA l*?, and all tatoot New York ?t?le? of Hath and Cape. Peraoua in want of enoh artioien aa are above mentioned will do well to call au<l emoiuiae mr utook of good* before parohaainjg tleewbere, aal have adopted the ayatem of uuick atlea ami a mall profita. M. O. GLADMON. No. 886 Prima, avenue, north aula, ao ? Iw bo?won ?Uh Mfch etro?ta. A CADEMY OF &LODE&N LANGAUAGES, IX. (WilHlMlTUl BCIUIMJ T* Attnw, Center qf Seventh FtfWf. P?ira^tytaT^tgT^?i^pwcyjt?g^aJuaM. TRANSLATIONS. A M. Db MONTUURil Y> Profeeaor of Modorn Line uaaea and Li erature. baa the honor to announcethat he will reesme bia ClMeoa anlPrrrate Leaaonunn Wedneed^y next the 1Kb oMSe??em ^ysasgnssfc fiaarssss vsssrwB *35 ^E5^WiBS"lt^ay6UUC HdMM <J*ity from 9 to U *. m ami from to f. m. |7>0R 8ALE?A iM TOUM GRAY HOB9K r work* we'l in hftrnrn. A?pfy f r\ CLBMMTNG ft-rOYY W*W?, Cnitm?.*U2?k jetween Four-aad a-halfaoti Six h itf?iti.An 1 111 " 11 1 ' "' i 'I'HIM A FT ML T\'OH* A TftMUKKOW t H> A. G&KEN. V' A L.U AH L% COR N t'.R LOTAt THF NAV\ ? VaKA (4?T at lie Ii"*.-? B i'(ilL>A \ , u.? Ktll in?tfcntTl ?S? 1 'I, 1 r front >1 It* pf?- , ? %t .So'C'OOkp in.. I_.ll N.i .. r *>1 h%v V, ? fro*t o'- rorth O at #<H W i?at Ji iNdo.M i Klwanth ?tr?M Hit 7* f*-t T:n aa tH U worthy <>f Ui| ?-n wtafc.ut t >?? ? im? ia th%t aroU? i oriha citj . *? it ?u! b? ? .U ?:Uo?i rM*rt?, Tit ? rood. Tarma < *? h M#?? _ _ A ?RKKN, Aid. Bj A. GREEN. Arctiofiw. iitrri r * v -r _ n v ( . uu u u vn * * *? 4* ' ^' A WD 1^ A R * i J!j !T**n jFr?wm rm*i,Uii*? aw C*n I SKT ?ai.*C..lT AtCTMiJ-UlfArtMMAV, LfaaVfttiilotU 1,1 akftli Mil, ta frotil of hit tor*. ?t H? o'clock ft. m.? _ _ Aft Ftapiir Horaft, Baccy wl Mftm*#.. Mftruit ftno WftiOftt Poffta.< hftir?ftu<t Koefters. iX?. Or?ftaAt^ftf M?*?ftaa, UooAaam >ui Wftrrfrob^i, Be4?Ufttls, Wft?iHftuda, ftutt Car# Chftirs, Bfttfcar IMi, iMiu ftMt MftttrMH. ftiag. stft*. fta4 outar f ftbiaa, Cook 104 ftftd utter 8ttm, frftftMla, irgrfttn ft id otter "ftrM" ftftd Otlc.offc, hlnft. OiftM ftad CrooAory V\ ar? ol ev? r# 4**o< i>tMHk With ft ftrge ftsaurtBftiit of othar ftrticlaa, Whloh da?w aaeaoeaaary to McnirftM Ta-tna oftth. mtt U i UIKKN.Aml By J. C. MaUUIK * CO. AaaCumaara. * CjCTt'RIO* FAMILY HOft^K \TAti?TU)\. POBS*TrR!?AV?OKMM; ? 1 at 10 o'oUM-k, m front of tfta AMouon K> on??, w * aitfti aoliftfcua fotorad Mar*. ftl?>?l tot **ftra otd. p?H?oty fcinO ft?0 B?:jt.*.ftM v<> ka v* . I in h*"1*-* "* "attar ih* ?' "- *(> " ' of Capt M. C. M cin, an J i < mo.. I n w t m a v*y tuM loruiiul. I ?r*i? sun. _*JTd J. C. 1RF ft CO., Aact! r?. WALL A BARN aK D. Aaobuaaara CM LOSING OUT ?AL.K OP CUlNA. CI* ITLIi. it, Pl.ATKU Willi OTIlt Ou hklHAY a<d 1?ATL'MI>aY MO*Pll,V(i8, ?Upt. to at d at C. L. Gr?*ti ?. or l'? a??ni?, Mww nth and UiA MflKt,??x1t?i kirfc?<-<>d |{<>n?*. w* ?111 bava IM aiOB<nC aa Ant ??ra??Ba i? wait of *o?hJ? of thi? hifHt *i,. hftvo a are < pportur tv of putcaiwi tha mum. l'urrkf?ra at i>r*t uk>? ?ai ill ?.a I acd tak<- th*ir "wtU. -n >t * am. a hah makp. *acta. Br WALLA BAKNARO.Au3ti.cM??, HOL'&KHOLD AND K ITCHt.N PI KMlC?*,5ro?l? Ao . At AiCTIO^r-Ob teATL k D* Y MOKNlNd./tU io*l ,at 1 o'?ioa*. Mil. in of the A action K '<>??, a in aia i> orlmont of Hoa rhdu a.U KiUihac F sruitare, tha ef^ota of a lam i f rteo ininf ti<>nM^Mfibc Aiao. a Ia-f.- aaaortiu* ul ?f P.orra. Ac , A a. a/W-d WALL k RAKNaKU Aao'a It WALL A BARNARD, AaetionMra. A I'CTION SALE OF A L\RGL STOCK OF A. FAHCTGOOM AT THg O? J ?' G'MO*. No *i0 Ki>s a\irTWvm ?t* awi> ?th Wts ?Ob THURM)A\ .t*pt it.Wrnk wt ,??a nKi.oir| at is o'?''< ek aadon aiicBMKiiac 4ara aabl 11? ditpca id of. 1 will a? i a larga soak ?4? Uinbrallaa, Ribbon*. Il ^itrj, Kmbroidariaa, Soapa, 1 rimming a, Kxtraeta. VHrata, Corarti. Buun?U. Caasbnai. B<nn?-t ftiika, 9fc?rt Fioat*. Na*a. Ilia iona. Ladioa' Merino Veata. Handka<okiala, Barege Grenadines Laos r. a: and iro.tAtion. And all other artie'es ? ??! y kept in a Fan?y 8tor?. It will be to the iitereart of iatiee ail aJ ottoer. to attend, as the good* utt bt mM io?1om. aod bargains soar he expeot^d. nrai: Ail u n under #90 oasb, over ?M> a ored it of 9 and 9" day* J NO. H. MoO'-TCHEN. Trustee Mt4 d WALL* BARNARD. A acta. FUTURE DAYS. By THOft. IK)WLINO ; U?or(?toTii. ENTEEL FURNITURE AT AUCTIONt Ua MONDAY MORNING ne*t. the let OcU.l'?r. at 10 o elook. at theeoraer of Firet aad Poto 1 anao streets. 1 aha I sail U? Fur&itare and Kflacra i ofa gsntlemaa deoltaiag housekeeping, oonstattt.g Mahogany Pidebocrd, TaNee, Chairs, j Carpet*, Crook?r< aud G*u \Va ?, | Mirrors. Clnok, Feather Beds. {edeteads. Bureau. Mattr*seee, Bedding, *o. i to hen F arm tore. Staves, to Term* of sale: Am sams of aad noder eask ; over %?> a eredit of >< auU fr> daya, lot a#provetf I endorsed notes, bearing interest ae ZT St THOA. DOWLINO. A net. By A- G K KEN, A not Kinder. INTKRKRT'.NG teALK AT PUBLIC AUCtiom of Real K?thi and Pbrsosal P*?-r?a ?T-Oo the feral TUESDAY (the 3d day) aI Oct* I her, at lo o'clock, t?o highly cj'Uvated >arms ad joimug, containing atont 2 acree each, stuated 1 milee fron *Va?hin?ton city, D. C., on tka Brr nth street road, in MMtfomer* oounty, Md Aleo, Houaer. Md FVuitereMad even deeortpta^a at Fmrm Stock. consisting in part of? I Niue Horeea and out Coi?. Oie pair of Working Meera, Tweuty four head of CaUta, ennaniini* * Milan Oowa, y?ua| Waari froTfto. gbout thirty Hogs and t*h<<ua, lot of feheep, Light Camac*. new Houhlr Hume**, F j Nets. Buffalo MukN. U.**h?U. * e., Ac. Alto Family farr uatiu! uuUe Hum**, Hacle Harnrae, Ladies' and Saddle*. Bridle*. i*iei?b Bella, Ao . 4 o. Um Fo?r horaa Wa.oti. Hkdi.i, Carta,Carryall. Corn aad Cob CruaL?rs*ow? a* uew. Threading Machine aid Heine Powar, R ckavat. Fan. Rwaprr and Mower. And filter other uaaTti> article* too aoiMroai to ( Mtlon r ' Larce lot of Clover and Timothy Hay, I Wheat, K je and Hat btraw, Coraauo Cor* FvXkiar The fa. ins will be aoiil at one o'e nek. wiliioat rea^rve. No. 1, ooctaimay about 3nu aorea, title p?rfeot aad frae from ail wisaint'BPoe. ha?an elegant modern house, replete with a!' oor, veneroee of a ftrat c axi oil* re*<denoe. site* a* haths. water aioaeta. rang ? and pu"ip in kiicken, furnace, fem flrj cellar, hot aud ?old water la bad rooota, coo ?rv*ton , and in fact ?-v??ry thing requisite lor aa elegant oountry reawieno*. The Loase, with IU mr eandinr*. coat abcat $1*.' <*' F\rm No. 2 ria* ahottt 80"aore* lirhly iwiprevad land, good farm huaae, n. w corn ?rib aad granary. tui.d ttarn and etAbltiig for 12 horaee Buimnte valued according to ittaoraaoe aurvey at aboat %S, 00, the whole t.n.ler rood ttnoiug. plenty of ex oei #at water in every direction A'ao, euftcient woo* land and fine mead wa. T>>a fa.-ma wiH aold toe ether or separate, at firat pure baser'* option. Term of aaie: One third eaah; baiaaaa to aait the purchaae'. aecured by a dead of trnat on the property. All the peraonal property will be aold oa a t dit of S montha for all aima over |l* and ? to 2S, a>i over that aam a credit of 6 month* will ka 11 van for note* aatiafactnrily end oread, bearing to teraat Irom the day of aa.a; all aaaaa under ?10 oaah. The who e propcity, real and eereona., will bi aold without reserve oa the firat Taaacay in October, aad the aMe wilt be oontn aed daily antil the whole of the propaty is disposed of. The proparty can ba viewed and every oeeiraMe imfoi ma tion tiv?n by calling oa the owaar, WILLIAM A. UATCHKLOft. about 3 mi.ea beyoad the tanas of Mr. Claget and F P. Biair, oa the Seventh atraat road. Addraaa, if by rUar, Cottage Poat Oio*, Montgomery ooucty, Md. u **?eoAdpe A. GREEN. A act By A. GRfcLN, Auctioneer. npB.UtTKK'8 SALE OF VALLABLB Paor a kbtv bktwk1k iitu a wd 12tb htb. uit. axd nut fill, avisr*. Wabiujwto* CI*T ?By rtr^ tue of a deed of trnat from Joaejan Cuvillier. dated May IS, 18.M, da y recorded in Lfb*r J. A 0 , No TT, folio* 17, Ac., of the land reoords of Wafbigten I oounty, D C , I shall, at the raqoaat of the owaar and ha. Jer ol lie uote ta?re?fi ? DAY. the 16lk day ofOotcber n?xt, at 4 o'clock ?. m.,oa Uie ircmiMi, aeL. at public auction, the fo! owin* *a?aaMe pn.peit?, or ao much and facti Mru thereof u ma? !>? neceanary, Tlx : 1/flta No*. 7,8, ti. U, M, 15. It, 17. U, M Mo. "W Om third Ntk; and the raatdaa in i. 12 ard 18 montha with interaaL Dead giraa aud a deed of truat taken to aicure the deferred parraeota. At! oonveyaLcra at the ac-ohaaer'e oat If the term* of aale are not eomplied with within idara. the tmatee reeerraa th? neht to raaall. at r *? ar'a ooat and riak. After 1 w?ek?a puUic notice. w?. R. WOODWARD, Traalaa. aetl StawAda A GRKE>f7Auet. CUt T. M. MoCORMICK; Alexaadna O.MM IHrlOlN KR*** SALK OF A *ALIABLI T1ACT or 1.ASD IK THICOtMTT ul ALUaaoaiA, Va., on the A , U A H. R. K.-Bt Tirtaa of a decree or the Oirourt Coart of Alexandna ooanty. in lite nit of Hooc, Qaardiin. r?. Hardia j aad othera, the aaOeraifned will, or 1 tKSDAV. I t"-a 2d of Oet >l>e', I860. At '2 o'clock, in front of Ua Maaor'a oAoe, in tba e tj ot Aieaat dria, anil at Bbuaaaation. awalaaUa tr?ot coutaioiM boat , aoraa of land m the oouaty of Alexandria, of Wbl'h I B Hard In Kt? .tlied aaitad. TV la A aroat-rtj uca about7 iriloa fraan Alexandria aad J ??wr w111ii mum n>r [h im(. rv imprownanit coo?nt of a rood two-otory fraa? Dv?Uini Hous* with haok bunihcc-apriuf mom.* bmuisll BteMnryoothMM* Th* promiouty of Um hrn to Um thrao MrtfU ol Aifiwuin^. Washington and Georgetown, th# ohtrwUr of tk* i?bd aoJ tw baaUtfuiooaa of Um looofcrfc. raakae rt % daatraLls rsaidetico. Th*t*rM?rMoriMktlN<f?rNir? On mtt of tbo h^Ium MMf to aash; Md Uh ro*tdu? is four equal instalment! at C. 13, il awl 24 Us Ss?rtriKs& JWrESUWCtf ? wJtfrfm th? d?I or aliTlM r?KMta. ofkl Utl" Ball. raid 11 Jwirt^ by pore hater* tk?r*farty ?**?M b? dteMad into two or novo p?-o?.> JiMlwnfX'. ^tSBBttlJSgP" au an ttawtri C? niwiiwofcT JVfABSHAL'S HALK.-la virtoa of a writ of in I?1 lao.SB iMMdfroBi tt? Clark'a OftM N M? V\'WIVI ?? WMIUB H'i.. Mri W inc ?|AI WMHI ?r^Sfea(c teW/vi tk? l?td?? ofOetoker BWMWM6 |t o' i<ie* ell defiMid&nl'a nght, bites *(IW Mte tefrtl a m4 ?5385 S^ruyeme' U tteroon, *?ised and !#nod m i ?roB?rtr of IViUUm tr?noh?rd, ard wri d toV*U?fr jadtcml. No. SI. to Juterr ^ag,wrv -H-2 < <J. ft. Mar?k*i far DmCtm* of <BBK ?M4h, W0<,B! w o o WOOD ^ . fTOTBuri ?IflDLlPI? WOOD,ill*? *?