Newspaper of Evening Star, September 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 29, 1860 Page 3
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i t.OTALi NEWS. * J?/"The St** publishes the List of Letters. innaininR in the Washfugton City Post Office under the provisions of the law directing them to he rflufc-d i a tl)e otmpsper haTtng tbe largest circulation within the delivery of the office. Its t?t4 daily circulation ta more than double that of any other Dally printed In the District of Columbia. > ^ ?:? i/w ; v |?7~Ttoough Thi 8ta* Is printed on the fss'est st<-am pre* In uv south ef Baltimore, Its edition I* so large as to require it to br put to preaa at an arly hoars Advertisement*, therefore, sh?nld U ent ?n befote ?* o'clock motherwise they may not appear until the MtJ d*y., Nr>Tic? ?District of Columbia Advertisements \o be inserted In the rULTMORE Sox art received at and forwarded from The Sta* Offlce. Riklti of a Riot ?A Wwk ago a riot occurred near the river, in which a number of voung men were engaged, all of whom were "known, but none were arrested until yesterday, when It was ascertained tbert one ?f the parties, James Moran, would probably die Moran bed been struck on the bead with a stone, which tiroke the skull and pressed the fragment* in lie vr?s taken to his mnthrr'i in tte Second Ward, where he lay several days; neither himself or hia friends anticipating a Altai result. At length hi* physicians found it n-'eaaary to remove the broken pieces of the *kt?H. and a large piece was removed from the aide of the head near the temple The condition of Moxan leaves his recovery very donotfiil: and yesterday Dr. Jno O F Holaton and Cbas J . Donoheo made oath before Justice Clark that to the beat of their knowledge and belief, a man named Wm Bayliaa waa the per son who inflicted the wound A warrant was 1 sailed, and plactd in the hands of police otScer J K King, who arrested Bayliaa in the markethouse yesterday afternoon The prisoner fearing to no Into tb?? Second Ward, it is mid. King took hi'ii before Jnstice Donn, who committed him to ull fur & further hearing at noon to-day. Fenring Ihat Monin nrgbt die Tit the course of the night without making a statement on oath. Justice ttarin went to Lis hoirse to take his statement of ^be affair Upon asking Moran what be knew, be Ntid he knew nothing bat what be bad been Told, and Intimated tbat they were all drunk There are other witnesses wno saw the affair, nd will be examined to-day. We axe informed that Mxran's frieads have as little hope of his rerr>v?ry this merftiug as yesterday, thoush he is till alive *Vbc pvidence in theraae againat young Bavliaa was not taken at the aaine hour, tbe witnesses not b*i?? aoaituated u to be brought together Their affidavit* were taken at different times Not all who were pirwnt have teatlflrd a* yet. We give he otrttement* of f apt Jantea H Blrrh, Jainea **kldimm?. and Thmuraon R?g*n? inade before .Jn9tlc*T>omi J H * *< ?. aworn ? Was present or near com log U> kia hooae when he beard a notae. Mr ^l'?raa and Mr Faunre talked to thorn about mak) ?g a nniae H?ard Faunce aay he could whip ?? rran 6m went out and Fauoce followed .ivTiarrn iviorrTiea market tMtnae; for general repair* rf the lame; grading xnd draining the spaces hot prosnd between the north tine of the present iarke?-house, Seventh, Eighth, and (the center of) K streets; renting by the year convenient f round and other convenience* and improvements n andnraund said market-house- Appropriation < afo? made for cleaning in and arotma the same 'Itiring the present fiscal year A bill punishing cruelty to animals renders it unlawful to send milch rows with calves to the city for sale or therwise. to have the mouth of the calf or calves tied, muzzled, gagged, or confined in any way or manner whatever; penalty not less than tea nor mere than twenty dollar* for each offense. Witterutains are to be laid alon^ 1J street north, frotn E ictffatk to TwiHW streets Vest, and on | Fifth street, between G and H, In the Navy Yard Ward. Annual water rents for street washers. mat oat tMinctuiri be could whip him. Guan ?w?id fee did not want to ttybt. I caught Fauuce He theu made at Guhd. I went in and looked through the window and ?aw tbem fighting Saw Moran st;ike Henry Halliday. who afterward appeared to be dead, and observed Moran about to V'fk btm w*? stopped by Mr TwkT and harles Keller !*aw M<ran about to strike Skid more; then saw Moran falling Don't know who ?r>ick blm After this hw Mr Faunce, C. ! aunce, Thomas Simpson. and Ja< k Bannicter H^htmg. Jim Moran.Charles Keller, Ragaoand 1'iirker didn t partake. 'iifM Skulmort, sworn.?Wai on the wharf, ?nd iawtOgbt brewing, and ran into Captain March*!- Siw Simpson. the two Fauncea, and Bannister have Gumi down, and beating and Virkin^ him I asked them to desist 1 railed >'ii Mr >tewart to assist me to prevent it They then all made a rush at me to strike me I don't know who struck Moran, but I saw him fall >aw Wm ??- i? ? * ?* ~ - - ... aovui *unc, oui ciia not wt Dim throw. Tkonifitom *worn ? Was near Birch ?. w?? talking to Moran. Hwd Mormn ??jv "You are a big man, and I can whip you '' M'ran *k!dm?re by the arm ana turned >nui droHud Skidmore said he did not want to M-ht At that time Bsylrsa came up and struck >f n??u with a stone on the head, which knocked Moran ?Uwu. Baylea?th?n ran to the wharf. Saw rrancc and Bub Giinn lighting. Bau APTBorio -rThe following bllis. passed V?y the City Councils, have been approved by the .Mayor.?For Introducing Potomac water into the wnere water is not :ritroduced into the premise*, shall be93, subject to all existing regulation*. For dra ning tii >reeff-*~tuallra P?rt>?o of Seventh street, in the Sixth Ward, and a bill for casual rej?a;rs in the Fourth Ward. Sudden Dxath?Mr. William J. Bradford, residing on r*ixth street west, and doing basin^w on Seventh street, n*Xt door to Odd Fellows' Hell, died very suddenly last night. Yesterday evening b? toid his daughter that be felt unwell, and she catted In a doctor, who prescribed for Jaim About 14 o'clock she administered to him m portion of the medicine prescribed, and about f 3 o'clock ile went to his bedside for the saine purpose, wa-n he remarked that he could not take it, that he would die; but she not thinking him ao ill, retired for a short time, and on returning to hia room at 4 o'clock, foond that ha was dead. A fewdarsago lira. Bradford waa summoned to tbe bedside of her father, and on parting with her husband bid him an affectionate) adieu. A few momenta u. D ~-1'?1 --4?t . uiouium remarked to a friend that he had juit parted with h'? wife, and that Ue felt at If something would happen that they wooid never meet again. Rivivm. ?Th? meeti 114* which arc being held ?t the Methodist Churches appear still to increase In interest Last night th<*n- in the rentral station of the c:tr Were peculiarly *>.;| At the Meth<><llst ' Ohorrh *ou<b, Rev Mr Proctor preached, and th* retuatarier of tk? evening warspent in alngl iig and prayer ?t toe altar, where a number of penitent* presented themselves; ow conversion was r> purted ^t tue Method ?t Protestant Church *"T?'1nth afreet. ftev. J J*- Ward, of Alexandria. *p?eaehed a very toOehlns? discourse. after which the aervirea at the alUr were returned, several y> , panties ts pres?MW"i ihcM-sUves a4?l one c.ol v?rsiqr. .-v^i faporicd. At W??ley Chapel, nlto the meetings are in progress, and the lntere?t it lively TLe services will be suspended to-ntght and resumed to-morrow, at most or all of the Church*. I.ADias. 4o>voi know that Mrs B G. Etchlsau has just returned from the North with her usual splendid assortment, of fancy goods, which In point of beautv, style, and richness of quality, and great mrletp, Is (m superior to anything that hat ever been offered to the ladies of this city A call at her store, No. 14 Pennsylvania avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets, will convince you of the fact. We advise you to go at once a*d HI#*1*1* r < - i; , Fv^^aai..?WasbMgJon Lodne. I. O. t). K . headed by Prbtperf'i^band of muiie-fart* tb? Columbia Typographical 9*r1<4r. MfcrtifaMr* noon a%nd<MtBP ronml of Mf )w^h I*. O) '* " w*M I ?U fetf*?raieiab?r erf tfcaaa4rx*aiaationi The Rev. Mr. Wilson conducted tfce Miiylout aerricea at tha Liouae, and the rite* of the Oda Fallow*. at the grava la Oleawood Cemetery, w^rc performed by Chaplaia John T. Clements. ^riakino abovt Boot Jaces. did any of 00' :acass. dp::a \XX, self adjusting, alda-revolvlng tight-boot ' aMi fellaVor, far aaie at SiMey * :m I It was perpetrated bv Mr. Smith. (who also got It pat?at?d,) and la renatkabla h>t Ma never si Iprtng-off propensitlea Just look at thein aa you Jiasa the store, o?er the way.. ., - ,. . * 1 T' rT k*J _ J > I 31 | imcH ov% coll mxs, to-day. for every ?pcc|f? .m atwartiaeaieat, aud don t iergel u> uoie jtnat of the Metropolitan Club No. I, In which It will ftt cen that a ipleodtd entertainment ia on the Up'.i for next Wrdnead.iy night, at Thome building. All who delight la tfceaociai quadrille are invited to make a note of the time " * fmm Holm am *4 <-T?->igW ia the laat appear 1 ,r am* W this Mtereetinu umikf of juvaniUa at Od l K?Uow* Hall, and the programme la rich ira' ptvtn *e Thoee who have not yet witnttoea their MaUeol nrfanxiiiin ah*uld uot fail to en.braoe lk* .pporWty ^ f ?!*&** HoiIi/AAAfrrffciTifan Odr citl>4iw wtft be 2lad U learn that ihia magnifli eut eatftb lahMn.t wen ittwavt# tfclaetty and will exhibit 1 "I I Monday utd Tuwday, tUe Srth and iHh of OKHet . . I ! ?J J ? I Immii at Car'er'a wh?rf. foot of ThirWo. na-a-half ^reet, art.etoaer flflrtou", Ktoite, frem l*yj with Iilnety-fmu tana cf co?l for MH&emea tr**f Ot? H?\y*iey. arre*t#d on luettnt for the larceny of a quantity of ' from the tpot, and yet wu not heeded, if heard, by out model watch. Allow me to ask after this, wby It Is we are so heavily taxed? Surely there should he something afforded the law-abiding citizen and taxpayer for the amount annually demanded at his naadl Surely his life and property ibsnld, to soma extent at least, be protected as a consideration for this onerous taxation. If not, then repeal tbe ordinance imposing fine and imprisonment fur carrying concealed weapons, and allow every man to carry the means of his defense about him, for surely these repeated acts of violation of the peace which pass unnoticed by our police force exhibit the fact that we are not to expect protection from them, and that every man, in order to secure his family from violent intrusion, must himself stand sentinel at his door tbe night long with uplifted dagger. Akothkji Taxpayer Mr Editor : At a meeting of the members of Kast Washington Library Association, held on Wednesday evening, September 26, the following named Bentlrmrn were dulv rlrr1*ti fnr th? on. suing quarter: President, Donald MrCatbran; Vice President, F.lmnn A. Adam#, Recording Secretory, James B Peake; Assistant Recording Secretary, Andrew V. Robev; Financial 8ecr?? Urry, John W. Cross; Treasurer, S A H. Marks, jr ; librarian, laaac II. Whitt e. This association, situated on Seventh atreet, East Navy Yard, is composed of a number of young men who have formed themselves together for mutual improve* mrnt, Is now la a very prospering condition, umbering thirty active members, with a number of contributing members, and aa tine a library, taking Into consideration the time that they have been organized, as can be found in the city of Washington. I understand that it is their Intention to build a hall as soon as a site suitable for SMt h a purpose is agreed upon, and judging from tue plsn whichl have seen. it will be an ornament to that section of the citv As they are now soliciting subscription!, it is to be hoped that the citizens of Washington will aid them, so as to encourage tnem in their noble and praiseworthy undertaking May much success attend them. Proorxss. Wati.h Chaptl. a&ain?An article in the SUr of the 2rtth instant, from Minority," drew a note from ine, the following day, to which several of hit most respected mem ber? take exception Alter taJklng with them freely 011 the subject, it gives me pleasure to submit the following. In my reply to Minority," 1 did not design calling in question the veracity of anybody. 1 simply aimed to correct what appeared to me an unintentional misstatement of the case Nothing more was intended. The explanations that haVe followed assure ine that, from their understanding of the mooted point, they (the minority) spoke out truthfully and honestly, just as I did from my understanding of things We drop the subject now, and unitedly turn attention to a most interesting revival of religion that is progressing in our midst. All are cordially Invited to come up and help us. Joh* R Lfvikger. Washington, Sept. tP. Editor 5*tar : Will you allow me to ask through the columns of your paper when the East Washington Quadrille Assembly intend giving their cotillon party* for I was one of the many who were present at their late excursion to Glyinont; and i will venture to say that a more pleasant tune has ii"t been bad on any excursion or picnic tbirf season. and a more obliging set of managers I have seldom, If ever, met with, and, If 1 inay judge by the pleasant faces of the excursionists. tlieir eft'orts to n\fxf wrrr nnlt? itirru... fill. The managers promised their friends that they would give a party on or about the 9th of < >ctober Now 1 have been a constant reader ot your paper tor sometime and 1 have not seen their advertisement as vet. I hope they have nalglvra up the notion Not knowing anv other method of obtaining the deal red information, I adopt the present one. and by inserting this yon will oblige Sept. 29, leflo. Tbkpaichokx. JtPiMii Ccriositiev ? Among the many beautiful articles of Japanese manufacture, found at McLaughlin s, ther- is a rosewood cabinet of rtre workmanship with silver mountings. A work stand, which is a gem, is of laequtr work, inlawl with silver and finished with silk trimming. 11* has a number of articles covered with bainboo, such as cups and saucers, bowls and waiters. Carved picture-frames, ivory chessmen carved by hand; back-gammon,solid ivory,and tops. Violin cas-s. inlaid with shell arid pearls; fans, coins, and a variety of cnrlous shells. Crowds are daily calling to examine th?se novel and handsome articles, and they are well worth a visit Remember that thev are at McLiurhlin's N'n :i.* Pennsylvania avenue. ? ' % Ckntkal Guako-hocskCasks?Wm Gumbleton and John Fitisferald were taken up for vagrancy. and toeing unable to give the security required, aud pay the legal costs, they vrere sent to the workhouse for 90 davs eacn. George Griffin, Kltetbeiii Johnson, ar.d Auua Uuuter, (colored,; were arrested for unlawful ??setubla;;e, and fined 15 each. Rose Kelley and Sarah Stewart, two young white girls, were f>und with the aforesaid negroes They were taken to the guard-bouse; and as this was not their first Introduction to the magistrate, who desired to save them from their friends, they were ordered to pay the same fine each, #6 15; but being able to do so, they escaped a trip to the farm. PaoBABLT Fatal Accident ?Yesterday aPernoon. while tome men who have been digging a well on th* farm of Mr Joshua Gibson, near (be city, were taking a short respite from tbeir work, a person by the name of James Goings stepped Into the bucket, supposing that the ropn was fast, wbeu be was precipitated to the depth of one hundred and ten teet, and, though not instantly killed, as Would have bwn ?ni>ivi??t rI J "WiVUMJ injured that be la not expected to recover. Psbsoiis desiring the ?er vices of a praetteal and a K??d upholsterer, should not fail to read tbe advert)Mriuent of Herman Hiau, in another col urn a. We t*ke pleasure In commending blm to tbe patronage of .the public Bell k?d Evbkktt Clfb I.ast Night.?There was i crowded attendance list night at tbe Club room on Seventh street, and eloquent and powerful address^ from Messrs. I'earrc. of Hagerstown, Md , and Hon. Mr. Hill, cf Georgia. ArromaitT ?The Governor of Virginia haa appointed Jos WcLean 1n*pector of fish at Alexandria, John 8?mimei? ianp<rotor of lmnber, aid R Taylor Inspector at flotir A \ HOLIOWIT'I 1'ILLt. Attork* ? Discard 11*4 Uie ?lftU tlioorj adopted by the inadwm plijrmojan in the treatment t>f gradual <Iof waating of the ltmnaa bod/, Huifowaj'e nieaiciiwa (MM on the direct cMMM thedisrase? the 1>i?ml Ti?ej ouriij ami earioh it?the? stimulate and iavigomto tie ex nausied ?y?teinfiy givitg life to each Usui a, strength to the mflftole, energy gi?U,at??x.Sc..a:.d 41 per box. ' , ?a.? lw T<t TVS irnieTiD!?Be ?ur? to read the adv^rtiaentMr of McLean's f tr?nKttoaiaf Cordial and Blood Pontaer. in another coin inn. tl Mat. WintLow.aa experieno?Kl nuree and ieinaie fjijiioian. haa a S?o?k%?* Syrup for Ckxlden Ttttktnt, wrjoh ureatly facilitates Uie iroMM oftoethiar by awileiua* the tuna, reduoing ill itfUmnaUoi-" will tiky ail pun, lod ia aure to restate tke kshssh another ?oluu. _____ _ 11-1* Wi?m'? Bauim or Wnn Cliin, C|?? Broju\mi At truant ami all lJufttt of tk* PtOfi the Boaton Evening Traveler, January 6. "It la per hap > but a umple aat of initios to ths proprietors ?-r IVittar's BnUam of Wild CKtrry for u* ?o tar. that our personal nrperiemtt m the ate of thie artlel^. has unpre*aed ua favorably. One< f the pi<>pf??t<ira ??r the Tiavelei ?a? entirely cured of a ever* ooucli ol four lauuths' continuance, by the U*w U?? a baiaa*u> ndf e veral of our fr i end* an d ao luabitanoea, who hav j tried the artieae, have found it of great aervive m relieving tnem of novey* ooa^ao and ehortoes* of l.reaUiinc, with wbioh they had >?*eu afflict*'!." Noat genuine unleea aigMdl. Bum o* the I'yt^i ?aid by daalawf every whara. ae lHvj EZSIS??' ornTor 13th and II ?U., on Monday ?h'uwtant after a abort and painful tfl- I kImap1?IN? (Kux^tw of Darid and Margar* ^ A^?dlinc!uitn?Hh Jra af bar aaa. KA?Ij M wS h?c departar^r^a^liaTUd .h* rr,Luuu> rel'ion of TafchTul rcalera, "praf a'? to m?at thr God . for thou loo it.*f it t* cut dwwa \m lh# ui*rBia# of Uf*- { ) H* oLme^Mrgan:, WILLIAM J.BRADFORD. iau?<sw,?*f ..r aiaafa. ,..A? (? Mil : As your paper seems to have became ike reliable medium throuuh which epr ?r*rf ky police or "AralllarrGnard" errfciade acquainted with theTarioua acta of lawlessness and mldalght violence which are transpiring ocea. HonallV, if not frequently, In oor city, allow me another caae and a word of comment. About the hour of oa? o'clock laat night, on Sixth street, between Fand 0 afreet*, the residents generally were aroaaed by a tremendona notae at the door of a quiet citizen !n their midst This prorwd to he a drunken aon of Erin, who, with kicka and ( knocks, accompanied by oaths and threats hurled at the whole world and the "rest of mankind,'' Seined determined te enter. If not otherwise, rough a broken door. The Inmate*, male aad > female, upon appearing at the door were India criminally mailed and a ssvere battle ensued bt twwa a young man of the boo* and the intrudor, resulting in a severe hammering to the latter. During the pendency of this affair, which lasted from one 111 half-past two, with slight Inter missions of violence, a person from the Douse went to the watrhhouse for aid, and was told that the men Were all out The individual went in other directions in search, but could And no watchman. Now this disturbance might have been heard bf any person awake and sober easily four squares j TWO liAH^ REPLETE WITH WXW V:|^-T rbduo: " vY > R. BRIC HAS r<?t<?m?d ftom the Northern cities? bu i NEW YORK AL'CflONi* at an IMME^jr. and customer* a 8H A RE of the advantage* by WOOLEN FABRICS SI (10 French Metlttoet at 7ft cu. SI.23 Bomtazinea at St. ? cent Vatenetn ? n ?* ? 37 cast PpU de Cbevres *t35 ets. 6 (10 gtelU Sbawla at 14 ?? 5ft Black Cloths at S1.75$3 Oft Blank Cloths at *sl 50 cent Cassinets at 97 cts. t& cent Kentucky Jeans at 18 eta. '25 cent Flannel* at 23 eta. 16 ent Flannels at 12 Cta. ?5 60 Blank eta at S3 75. In addition to the above, we have a largre stoc' other DRESS GOODS, of NEW AND DE&IRA 1 paid to the selection of these goods, ao as to comb I we think the assortment cannot be surpassed in 1 hundred STELLA, BROCHE, and PLAID 9HA homuti FBicm, cannot be sorp?sd la this e Shawl Bordering, In choice styles; Ladle* B 0LOVES at 87 cents; Kid Gauntlets at 02 cents; Swiss Collars, Cambric Bands, Ladies Vests, and which we will sell at about balv the usual price FOR GENTLEM Ws have TWO HUNDRED sad SEVENTEE? CAS9INE I S of the most approved styles; the o) aence of color, good style, and LOW PRICES. all qualities. Theae go<>ds were purchased at AUG CARPETING, RUGS This department Is s prominent feature of oui U who wlsn to cover their floors, to these goods, i LiaacY o? color, and low pkicx*. We have? Elegant three-ply Carpeting* at SI, SuDer Lnsraln Onrnetlnw ?t sn r>t? Good Chamber Carpeting at 20 eta. GENTLEMEN'S AND BOY In thla line we are well supplied in all the var choice in style, and as we get tbem direct from tl ASTONISHINGLY LOW PRICES BOOTS XJ\ We have an entirely new stock from the best i to secure such goods as will carry their own recor nameLadles' Gaiters at SI | I JlHiM' M AfATOA Uiwvt* ? 1 Ladies' Morocco Slippers 50cts. Ladles' Lasting Shoes 50cts. Childrens' Shoes 25 cts Also, a foil and complete stock of Rubbers am DINAR ILY LOW PRICKS. We would.lnvlte all who wish to study econo and compare it with the prices they have heeu In i then >{lve w? a call, and we GUARANTEE To' THEIR PURCHASES. se 22-lawVwS I |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIOyBER SAW HILL AND FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Si'?n op thb Blub Flag Staff,) Saath ol the ( istl, near 7 th street Bridge, Will furnish. at the shortest notice, m r? n'nnn m. IMEiTf UW( OF THE BE8T QUALITY, Of Any Kind. fnt nnH &r'it to finv Dimension*. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST.' ' With full meAntuoinent marantic*!, fCT" R "member, The Flag Staff, west eid<* of >eventh atreot. ?>uth ol tue Cot a!, an 1 opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. Ip- HICKORY ANDOAK PLANK or TIMBER<efany *12 > or dimensions) SAWKD, POSTS or JofSTS RIPPED, or LOGSSAWE&. at the shortest notice ?*ma.U toUof BLACKSMITHING promptly exec^ed, aa above bo 27-il i 1KT YOUR CLOTHING, FURNISHING \I GOOD?*, HATb and CAPS at SMITH S. No. 4t>0 Seventh at. a?as lm 6 NEW MELODEONlBNow in (.tore JOHN F. ELLIS, e Z1 306, between 9th and lith ata. I~OOTTO VOI R INTEREST! j v t\r\it Tr? vrifn ihhi.'o oj'W" u' >un iu i vi n in i rinr..1*!: I.OOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND F, STREETS' ae 27-ftt On NEW PIANOS, from Chiokerine & Sons, Oil no* in itors. JOHN P.ELLIS, s? 27 3Q6. between 9th a- d lot h sts. | OOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH Li AND E STREETS! LOOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND F. STREETS! I.OOK FOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND E STREETS! s? 87-fit 240 ^|B/)^RL,ME8TONESM,LLffAMiLT 211" bb'a. Extra Superfine FI?OUR V> boxes Vermont CHEESE 50 ' Smoked HERRINA bW?. and h%lf bhle. No. 9 MACKEREL 01 kii.k.i. WI.W. o w ? ua u uuminn T? ill uO II ' 'rt .1 O 50 boi*? Pearl S l'ARCH 5,nno lbs. SOAP 1,ko baahela Me'eer POTATOES, daily expected. For sale by ae?7 St* J R HARB ACQ .4 96 nth ??. SPECIAL NOTICE. T HE Unrteraiined would respectfully call the at tnition of ik?se former custom its of bia vho Kavf not, up to this dn?. settled their reapcotive account*, t^at tbeir billa ami balance* of bill* are rea<lv, and have bepn [?ady for gome time, at hi* former place of bnainefa, oorner of Tenth street: and Pa avoane. Hedositea a settlement either by I caab or noUia at short date before the 8th ol? next mouth. Aftir that ilatn all open acc >untj, without regard to p*raona, will be placed in the hauls of an energetic officer fur collection. _ae /7-3t HERMANN H. VOS9. I' r Alili,A.lll WirVTKK (iOODS. Hfc Subscribers bog lrave to inform citizens an<l stranger* that they are in receipt of a select a=?ortnKnt of ' >U FALL and WINTER ARTICLE9 JJ GENTLEMEN'S WRAR, JaC. embracing some of the choicest novelties and latest importation to which ire invite tout attention. HINTON * TEEL, Tailors, 406 Per.n. avenue, S027-2W tStAtns.) hpt- 4>-? Hurl fith q.q q Ej EJ rinON FIRE-WOOD MILL, C?rwr ( bereBth at and Cutl. w r? d of all kiwi, manufactured to order, any length or ise, ready for uu. COAL?COAL. We hava io? on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White A?h, different aiz* IL^W*are now, and will be receiving Cea1 for the next ten day*, which we ?elI, delivered from the \-e??el, at a reduction of J5 oenU per ton. Houri voar ord*r? earl v. I.' I, A DIES, I4 OR YOtR BONNETS, HATS. FLATS. BKATHhR*. FRENCH FLOWERS, apd RESS TRliiMINGS, *o to STEVENS'. 33?. Between 9th and loth alrfets. A IJ, ORDERS FOR BONNETS. HEADA DRESSES, RISLETTS tod SLEEVES, and SETTS, promptly executed at r ' STEVENS' Faney Ptore, H 34-1 w *8ft, between 9th aniHflth eta. 1? DISJECT IMPORTATION. FRENCH LETTER ANI) NOTE PAPER3B%t import**! from France a large and complete annortment of fine Letter ud Not* Paper*. Irom the eelehrated MiHa of l*r?ch?. Jpubert, Uu merque, Lac[?tx4. Co .at Atgouleme. 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Corner Seventh and E street* i* tho place to get the best Readv-made SHIRTS at a trifling o??t. Hear in mind if yea need a weM dressed person that j?a can look just so well if roa bay tout outfits of BAR & BR l)., ouraor of Seventh and E street*. W??hinfton. ?eT7 6< ENBWFAlX-?Of*I>i*. OWEN & ??N. MBXCHAMT TAJLOR&, tl'4 Fmu).iv?om, U*y* i?ut rat invoice iif . . . . j OOOMfO* THE SEASON. tn which thay invite *e mention of their \fjf_ inenda aad Mutom?ra* ,t; me 20-ao3w , I Onion, frum photograph tp poUuut I'wut* Co-U ill linftwl co ort \A?o, Picture Riu^s Mid %smmm I | , GEORGETOWN. Correspondence of Tits St*r. 6kuitowi. September *? 1991. Thfff wm a try large and interesting meeting of tfce Republican Association at thetr ball on tbe corner of High and Oay streets last evening, and aevernl applicant for membership were eleeted and signed tbe constitution. Mr Jaa AWiss of Washington, then pr-nested to tha Asset is tiss a piece of the ' Occoqoin pole;" after which, I) was annonnted that a lint of applicants far meatbrrship, containing th'rty bad jnst been bended io. The secretary (Mr. Divine) then read the ooiwtilutlon of the Assoc iatt on j after which It was announced that many membera of tbe Washington Association would go to New Vorfc on Tuesday next to be preaent at tbe demonstratk>n there, and that any numbers ?f tbe (ieortfetown club desiring to participate would be furnished with Wide Awahe uniforms by the club in W ashington, and that tbe fare had been reduced to ?7 50 Mr. Henshaw, of Washington, said tbe fare would be S10, as the railroad companies had refuted to reduce it below that. Mr. Kellogg, of Naw York, wai then introduced and spoke at aome length in opposition to th? present Aministratioti. quoting largely from the "Covode Report." and announced that he would oppose James Bucbaaan aa long as be lived After citing alleged Instances of Intrigue and corruption, he touched upon the Kanaas roubles, bearing down on the pro-slavery party, and relating several incidents connected with tbe aack of Lawrence, Ac. While thus enraged, he w?a interrupted by a voice from tbe back of tbe room, exclaiming, '-Howabout John Brown, old fellow' V 1 si -? * -- - ? 1 uu ft now an aoom 11 W t.ue Mr Kellogg wu peaking, a delegation from the Washington association. with the Glee Club, entered the room, and were received with applauae At the conclusion of Mr. K .'sspeech, the Glee Glubenlivened the proceedings with a lively republican song; after which Mr. Coombs, formerly of Ohio, waa Introduced and delivered an argumentative speech.oecupylntl nearly two bours in the delivery. We have not r?ce'for even an abstract of h'.s address, which embodied all the arguments in favor of his party, and he was frequently appiauded by the republican portion of his audience. He was rather severe on the opposite candidates, and did not apare the Bell nud Kverett men. While he waa speaking considerable disorder prevailed in tbe back part of the room, Kiid Mr L>t*rble appealed tsrswUf ^jentlemen In that part of the ball to preserve order, and if any of them wished to address the meeting in opposition to Mr Coomba. be world have an opportunity after that gentleman closed This appeal was answered by applause from the front part of the room and hlaars from tbe rear portion. Tit* same voice which interrupted Mr. Kellogg asked - How about Mabala Doyle lft Kansas'" To which Mr. C. replied that he did not know the clrcumatancea attending her eaae. At the concluaion of his speech, two more son^s were rendered by the Ufee club in a Terr spirited manner, and were well received by all present Thanks were returned to the speakers and the Ulec Club for their attrudance, after which the Association adjourned. A revival la in progress in Dnmbarton-at M. K Church, and very iutereating meetings have been held there every evening this week Rev. Mr Landstreet preached to a large and interested auditory last evening, and four secktrs of religion were at the altar The Mission Chapel in the First Ward of your city will be dedicated on Sunday week, at three nClock ti in A meeting of tbr Sabbath-school Tcachert>' Association will be held at tbr \Ve*t Georgetown M E Church oa Monday evening nex . Tax payers will find it to their advantage to attend to the notice of the Collector, in another etMuriin He will, as usual, give a f>w days" grace, we presume to those who are suffVring from the bard times The attention of the ladies is called to iVleasrs Brown A White's advert btiuent. in the George town column. From tb? large and varied stock which these accouuitodati ng yoinj; genti^meu have received and " piled froai floor to ceiling w? j id?e they Intend to do an extensive bus ness A Wat 850 beef cattle were off'-r-'d at Drovers' Rut yesterday, and all were sold to speculators and butchers, at fi !0a3 50 per 100 lbs. gross. Leave your advertisements at Dr Barnard's, af's, or at No. lit Bridge street, and they will be promptly attended to. G EORGETO WN A D V ERT'M TS * VT v?i??r uB'n^tunrn iMmrmimiiiii id fJfl rr^=??} EORGETOWN TA X K-C-October-1M IL x bsinr the u.ual time fur the ??ttl?in?Dt <4 taxes dn? this Corporation. the Attention of all eou cerned is earnestly called to the same. CHARLES D. WELCH. _se 19-tOctl Collector.^ (Y^? NOTIC K^LICENSES -All person. U_3 whose licenses from the Corporation of Georgetown excire on the an h instant are hereby notified promptly to take oat the urn* under the new licease law. approved July 7th, 1S6<>; otherwise they will subject themselves to a fine, and the la a i is compulsory upon the proper officers of the Corporation to ecJoroa aaul kneuaiust ail d*Hi?uiicnts. \YM. LA IK D.Clerk. September 3<th, I860. se 25-eotOotn Yy* NOTICE.?DOW LICENSES-Ml do(t L_5 iioea**s in Georeetowu are due on the 1st dav of Octolier next, and. if not paid at tha Clerk's Office on or befo e the l<tn of said month, the authority will then l>a exclusively given t> the po ioe to co.lcct tueui. with ?ji aiidit.u'.sl !.? !*w m 25 c?iit* to the owner of each dug the liienae fur which has nut Li>-en nbtainod ou or previous to tl? time Rt&ttxl, and if not paid, together with the additooal charge, when dema: d?-dby th? police, th "y are directed l>y iaw immediately to kill and ditpoce or th animal, and ^ re ma'io subject themselves lo a lute itx neglecting to do so. WM. LAIRD, Clerk. 8eotember 24, lRffl bb 2S eotOctl" FjV>R BOSTON.?'We are now !oa -in? the packet brig l?"ic O-rer, and the tail on TUESDAY, October 2d. Fur f eicht to HARTLEY A KBOTHER. tTi *? 2t 99 and 101 Watf >t. WE WI?n EVERY ONE TO KNOW That DR"\ GOODS can be Honght eheaj? at BROWN A WHITE ?*, No. 140< North t?:n? > Riidgi Stiiet, Georgetown, D C. And to oonvince yourselves of the faet, rail and see those Black Si!*?. Prints and P'ain P^iaine*, P^il Do Chevreg, Merino Plaids, French Merino*. Valeqcias, Black Bombasines, A paceas, Ac.. Ao. Cloaks; Ty riaw. Electro aa>i other Shawls; B'aakets: Men's a>Mi B >) s' Wear, a good assortment; Men's and Bora' Mem o ^hirts and Drawers; La di-w' aDd Misses' Merino Vetts; Baku's Kid Gloves; Hooped Skirts: Corsets; P ain, Bordered, lleius'jtched. and Embroidered Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs; Embroideries. very cluap, a: d no liuinhux; Hosier; a idGljves; White Goods; Yaa k-e Noitaas.a fuM Una;* r, Osi abur* Calico*, and Servants' Wear in abuiuiaiice; and uianjr other things. which wo will t*II >ou of when ?? u ca 1 at the Biown & White Poet Store. All of which we will sell as cheap as the cheapest, 'or any otner iB*n." Cone early, Anddou't forget the j'laca. se 29 2w FH OR NEW YOR K.-The packet Sooner Statesman, Capt. Mott, has arrived and will mett with dispatch for the above i? For T lo MoCUBB A DOi/GE,*^* 63 Water st se28 APPLES-APPLES! OW B**LS. Pnme BALD* IN APPLES, J5 do do. PALL do. 25 do. do. SRfc^NING da Daily e!tpt-o*?tlj>r*r schooner Marietta Burr, and for sale oil or before arrival. AppJr to HARTLEY* A BRO? ac28 Iw 99 and lt?l Wstrr street. Fl 9 H! P I 8 H !! _ FISH!!! 1^0 bhls. No. 1 Hot-ton HERRING, izS ha!f-hbls (to do. 75 bbla. St J oh li ALE IVIV F.S. :?M> a.Na.Slarge MACKEREL. 25 No 3 medium do. 25 bbls.No. 3 email do. Now landing from brigs New World a:id !um Carver, and It sal* in lot* to suit. HARTLEY" A BRO., 99 fcud 101 Water ?treet. MISB WATT8, FASHIONABLE MJLLISSR.i J&to of Pluladriphia.) return* her ttaoere thanks to tha ladies of George- < town and vicinity for their veer kiad patronsro siooo ane oommenced business berf.wi and informs th*?i aha haa just reoeived a pi end id assortment of Fail Goods of tba newest and most approved style*, whieh she will seU at a vary moderate profit. No. 90 High strrat, opp<?iie Foafbt Hatl. ?a 3-3t THE UffnERSIONED CARPENfER AND HITILHIlB h4T 4ra hi a aArvin** tn tki* niihhn G eo '7 ?t o w n ,*W mTi fnVto na nd~ Vi o fni t yW'wfl (xtRtrMl for or * pan "toad lS? construction of publioand priTiif bnit<l]i?t?. Placa and 4&tlMU Vitl t>? faraiahad it abort aotio* i?pioe mmhop on Con#'** ?t. Georgetown, icimediateWtftSLo" lMt? HENRY WING ATE. RC. C* ATZii ESPECTFUIjLV l??Kirmi fris friend* andtha pubue generally tti&tbo Has removed to No. ft."t High street,*ljoininc Masonic Hall He u prepared u? th9 notice. Dir.ner and Evening Parties, and feele a?*ure?l ibat he will jitb e.iiii-e *ati*fiotton to trtose ^rho may ftivor turn witn m C All WW* of CONFECTIONER Yand CAKE at the lowest prioes. Best ICE CRfcAM at jl 50 per gallon. C. C. AT2S, se4-lm , 03 High ttreet, Ueoreatown. . i^n novelty mills rujvm. " I OU BBLS. Of thj? superior Iraud of Family and Jjjt-r.ou, w. eornw of Twelfth and B%U B^UTICEJ NOTICBJt^NOTICKK of FRENCH GOODS, for tfa? K?ll Trfrf*. will b? n?xt Monday,&rpt?inl>er vtifc. Thai Itdiea aro r??p?ctfuJ.j iin iiod ts iufoeot the apvolftfiavoL < ""1 J T.snflinf iSJTbr uJa tw - ?- -- - ?fr a?fflwj?I ?><Y ?ebn )tu?k I ; |NPBCT^K. O A?~VU A mippl? "f Ihn wunderfill UMittM iatfr m muaaaumSCSJS!^ _~"? ? -> >" <*?.'?-??w? ? ?ygQ' iiyittio^F|iu^ - " * W <? twmteri not only ABSOLUTKLY AND PMt KKCTLT FCRfc, bat n round fn.? ? pi?*a, Mlwtad and i( n? for the purpose viUtout raferai.c* i oott. The>y er? hawitifc'.Ty p%31r*d i? tmfcil, me?i Trf.h Mipnr. i to ?r?rent nuaxi by kMfiaa. ad are railwnutjt, while tJw ir?3 nom are almost ir variably ehort. We nmal *l mk*T rror*. f? I^UWK'8 OUKNT4L BALAAM, BALDMEIM AMU MLAAACII. Thie new dico- very Ua? produced aataiiiftfcinf r?*?ae? haid^a* and ?ttM aalr im>m Ti i;is "(1 It .-ectovw <.a*4r?c an? aii w>m ? u. ifea *k .a. a ?atlaincu-a fur i ade I fWh' ??? aw? ^?f?m* t'nf* **e*t?. rtrrn* t?y mm?(% %*rn A Paiat*r, Cka* Mott, L M. feutu*. J Bc'?w?;?eau<l Kuwali A Liarnt ** : t ? '* A SK rturU*^ WHaTtm?? HHALT BV V i STINEAIFTZ'S C UK a ?#C ASH HAT STORL, e 51 33ft Pa. av , ?ar iw?r UU> at. UALT1MORK LIFE INSURANCE 00.-JBD cparoaaTED^f.?Jo?m I. ix??at?aoii, nw; Mift*^5^iNSU^LyvE6 1UYB Wmfesm suntiy killed here this evening, by a railway train pnslog over them. Baitiasre Markets. H*-LTi*oaa. Sept. 28.? Floor quiet but firm, with bo sales. wheat doll and anchtntfrd. Cora steady, white sad yellow 08*TO Provisions dull and nravy; mesa pork S19 7ft; prime 015. Co See firiu at 14)jal5j{c- Whisky steady at fc?c , Aew Verk Markets >tw Yoai. ftrpt 54 -Fioor quiet and favors biiyw State|t5 '2015 35; Ohio ?5 ?5a9 80, Southern IjHist. Wheat quiet; Western red f 1 *?; white SI 33 4y.Com firm; mixed88. Provlaioasdull. Whisky firm at SS^'c. T'he place 1 to gkt your SCHOOL BOOK* At tkt Ltnr*>l friM , . Is at BAI.liNTYHE'g, 498 Sxrarra 8t ?_ ? ft-lm AN?v OddWliows' Hail. |m.fuhl'ant to uuvmkh.ll lp lit*. i ' r. i. durkblib co.1 ~ > tiww laimiin idiuii cll^ i uf'l Is a numerous allrndtner of ciwiy ud ormbm of that denomination The object of the Convention Is V> orjfuriite a Northwrrtrrn Conference. A c*?Mrt&ttit1en w*? *d? v?-?ie*?lair ns a basis of organization. The Conference Includes Ohio, Mlfkjnii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Arrivals nf Gold Patt. On aha. t T , Sept 27 ?(Void dint Is coming in more freely Ninety five hundred dollars worth was shipped* Last U>-day hy rho l*n.ted Statea Lxpr<ss. Bankers at Omaha air purchasing aa average of 820 000 per day from the leTumlng min< rs, besides which large amounts art received daily by the merchants for dry goods Railroad lasaalty ftcRTiSGboa. Pa , Sept 27.?Threa person*, named P-isr McCarthv, James McMahon. and Francis Kaue. a'l of tbl? conntr tiwf ?l?nml la. r!? and Ess?x Railroad depot last nlgbt, and died in an hour from the effects of hia Injuries The Fitr ef Hen Walkrr Uaiiraud. New OtUUl, Sept. afc ?Tke st>smbip Madia tor. from Havana at the quarantine atation, con tin 11* tbe report of tb* execution of (iea. W in Walker. Ten snots were Bred into his body amid loud cheem by the Hcnduraoa \Valk?r bodv waa decently interred by the foreigners at Truxlllo, bat tbe natives would lake no part In the ceremonies Col. Rudler la seuteuced to four yean1 lmpria0 oaten t. n CaiwrialUt CsarsatlaB ot Cbicege. Chicago, Sept 27.?A Cr.nv?Kioe ef VVrdirn ? wu vpvi t ? a iuM4ir y utr ibe probabilities are Uiat the BnU end L ?eret' lueu will support the Demo.-ratic <judidate Tbe Douglas Convention meatsat Kliiabeth to-morrow, | and tbe Breckinridge CoanuUou la tbe uim place on Monday Tbe Douglas sioa a?v tboy | '-vUl make a airatu Ltout nomination, while the Dteckiaridge u?en declare they are in favor of a ualon of all the partita, ao aa to defeat Pennington | If a onion 1a effected against Pennington, It Is predicted the contest will lie very cleat Peai[ nington majority in lclb waa l,70U, wbtle tbe ma1 y ritv lost year In tb? district of Wright, tbe candidate for Governor, over O.den, tbe Republican candidate, waa3>JU. Fall of Roof of a Kepabllraa Wi|aaai, fee. Nkwars, N JSept S* ?Tbe roof of tbe Repnblj<~an Wljwam in tbe Firat Ward of thte rity ffell at II o'clock thii morning, wvereiv Injarlag rwlmm. Two are not expected to llv* A boy fell through tbe hatchway of MaiHaM'a rag warehouse in Market street, yeelerdav after, noon at two o'clock, and was Instantly killed A bov nxnipfl PfnnlHu ura a run preparations are making for a grand demonatra tion ?c morrow ???????????? Hrw Jersey Palitki. Ni'vaki. N J , Sept. 2? ?T lie Bell and Everett Convection vi tbe F;rtb Congreaaieual District aa a? nib led tc -day. and waa Weil at leaded O S. Haul/- d pr*-*;ded. Spofcbei wm mad* uilai' Lincoln, and a resolution ex preattd lo defeat Peelugion. tbe Republican cand'.daU for Congress. No nomination waa made by toe Coorent oi A committee of fifteen. Uowevtr. w*a appointed to l>r|f t M. t'mnti 1 a ?- * ? *- * -- 4i ? wwv vo pi>?nc w>i nf couia of Dftrfl t>T tti<m onlv wbo were nenr to htm He descended tb* pTmtform. re-entered hi* carriage and wn drl vea rapidly to the Burnet Houaa The demonatratloa wu the rrcitffi ever wltunrd la Cinetanatl. Mr. D , left for Indianapolis this evening, aad ta ' to apeak at Leolaville on Saturday. akapoli*, Hep* VT ?Senator Itouglaa arrived h*re at ? o'clock to-night l?y a apee 1 al trill from Cincinnati. He vh received at the depd i bv a very large crowd of citiiem and aacortod ta tbe DaUi IIuuk He apeaka here to-morrow at I the Stele Democratic maaa meetlag. At Lawi rencehnre. Greetiburg Shelbyville aad other place* alou.' the route be made abort apeeebaa to f h# rrnwiit " - u*. %. .t*niiiig -ii*cr ?n uour II TBf U.irnHi Rnnae, h* ?u m?rt*d to tbe Courtboaa* aquae. Tbe prorraaton reached tbr courtbenw a boat 10 o%l<y-k, and tbr aolar hid xmrvkti abated. Hon G^orjre K. I'ufffe aaueur???d that Mr Douglas bad mud* twelve speeches la three daj-*. and b?w fonnd himself without role*. ??d unable to apeak to the crowd that bad aaai?Wi< tojrreet blm Mr. Deuelas followed ?n eer* few words He - i a" -* a. _ ? ' ? ? ? At tbrM o'rlock the orrlagea enteral the areaa to convey ttie dl?f.ngulabed ' 'ton {tmb the ground!. After soaking a complete tour of tb* area*?the Karon ark'iowiedg.o* the war lag ' handkerchief* of the Udiea br railing hit hat? tbr pnrtv peeaed twice aroand tb# track on the outside. and then returned to the city, rcrelr\ ng everywhere demonstrations of reepect. !tn tb*allg htes: Incident occurred to mar the harmony of the occasion St. Louis, Sept 23 ?The Prince of Wales inaugurated the " tVeetern Academy of Art" venterday afternoon, aad was serenaded last evening by the entire lire department The royal part) left this morning la s special train for Cincinnati, highly pleaat d with their view of tbe groat father of waters nod their vlait to St. Louie. Harearnt* of Jadge tteaglaa. Ct*cij?*ati, Sept 27 ?Judge Doagtaa apok* yesterday at Dayton and Haftitoo. anS a rl*?td , turned to the centre of the arena aud the content inn hones L*n:u? entered tbe rh?g, tbe awmrda Were made 1 Tbe anipblthe*trawaaim?dtooTer?owlr?f. and 1 1 every part of the ground*, comprising y< acre*, covered vr'tt The bora an gathering There vera not !< than III) f?a. ??*-?? entered tt?? J?*?* loud cheering. to wLlrh too Bar** ytocefulltrm1 ??i?ded bv rmntog kw IX Aftof jpoMlaft * around VLr arena, the p*rt> 1 agd aacrndod the second ?U>rT oC tbo Pagoda J?* band plarlot -'God 8tvt tb' Q?*Wj" Columbia," and "Yank** Doodle." he^partr tfcen defended to tbe graaa plot undor tb* ltd wttuHMd i iliplif ( cMIlt aad * coatot W 1 tkr fdoo prtzw between IB aplendtd boroeo At W ' a m. tbe royal i*rty lunched wlto toe cfBcora of tbe Agricultural AwvlMion ?n?? ?"Kl'K THE LATEST NEWsj , TBLBU KAPH10. " ' The Prlot f ! W?U?M St. L?? .? Pr I.on?, S?pt tr ?Tk? tetr ?roiadt dmI roared filling ?t an ^ i wbo wrr* antToua to tee thf Prlnc* of warn, who hxl accept*! an lnrltaUou lo rtott tba Iktr Tte ' rajral party arrived at aooo, Utrlag pr0*l?oaly dr y,? tbr^h tht ?? ? of tw city. li (M|Hf >?1th tke eayw and a tow piwulewl ctUieoe Aa

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