Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1860 Page 1
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ft ^ 'Wit V**?-T%ii iff- r' r ir?i *y J^L Hi J^L* jfF ^L V H . ' ' ' ' ' T-^ .rV- vo.ii,* ;* ^ . . ' ;" 5 ' v~- XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. OCTOBER 1. I860. N*. 2.877. f THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED BVEKY AFTERNObli, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,} AT THE STAR BCILDIXGft, CoTu*r of re)>njjfiv*&x+migni<? and lltA St., ?T W. D. W1LLACH. Pnt?r* m**m\ in p?cka?e? br ?rrwr? at ? ???r, or ST Mate par Booth. To Mil MUonbm _ . ? -.w ?va ? ?vv tuc iii ilitu navy,and is hero Nelson, were unworthily devoted. This ttrst Klnj{ Ferdinand, with hi* contort, the Austrian Caroline, "unsexed and filled -with direst cruelty'' at ahe was. was twice cast out of Naples, and protected in Sicltv by her own fleet and troop* He was tw'ce enabled, by the forces of bis allies, to recover his peal nsular dominions Horribly was that restoration of the Ronrbon monarchy aimsed. both In 17SV. and in tts latter lense of power, especially when con#-med by the Austrian ariued. intervention of 1*21. The murder br a conrt" martial of Admiral s'arwclolo, in tbe guilt of wtitcb, Nelson, seduced l?y the Queen's minion, Emma Hamilton, was to have a seoondar y part, cannot easily be forgotton Ti c savage Ferdinand 1. wa* followed In 1K25 by his son, th? hvrucrlte and profligate Francis 1 i and he, in l&V), by the late Ferdinand IV., whom we remetnHer bnt too well, and who was succeeded last ye*r t>v the present Francis, last of the Two Slcllh*. 9o that four bad sovereigns in direct descent, with an ominous altMflatinn a/ nnm?n C*4 ?1 " " "i cciuiiianu soa f rar>Cl5, hare inflicted on the fair Italian province* they owned a dreadful course of maltreatment and tinmit'gated mlaerr. In Ferdinand II . of hateful metriorr. we have beheld the type of pure and absolute tyranny?that wilful, perverae exhibition ?>f the capacity of doint; wron,-, in defiance of all die la lea of equity or humanity, wtiieh haa been utiginattzed by Mr Gladstone aa uthe neirnt!on of tiod upon earth." Sach * tyrant is aimply the mortal tin personation of the Spirit of Evil?he re'una Dutlolt gr*ii?. Of the youug Prince who haa jtiat shown hi a ptjny back to Garibaldi it would he unfair to prouonnc* so harah a judgment He la not a toys! Satan; he haa not yet had time to be a ! traitor, probably the etT-ct of his court education bm been merely to make him a fool. The grota ignorance and Wutishneaa of Ferdinand I., his ureal grandfhtoer, were aacribtd to th^ e'rafty design of the retfenta or totor* of hi* lnf.taev J * -a ? * ? ine prtoe f3J0 a year, im mdvttu*; 92 for aiz mouth*, 91 for three months; aad for >ess than thre* months at the rate of tat oeuta a week. Siaft* copies, on cut; id wrappers, twto cmti, nZ^AtirsarriBMHiTsswrinld beaenttothe offloo bet>re 12 o'oiook at ; otherwise they may not appear anu! tfre r.pst The Beurbea Dynasty lm The dvnastv of Spanish ^0?rt?orKwb1ch is just now t^ng expelled sr> i??,on?inionsly from what ZrV* diplomacy the Kingdom t , j -?-kM afflicted the southern parts ? ?iL **? ialaiid of Sicily for more than a huadrin _trt u vra* In 173# that the child of v? th* ttr8t French King of Spain (l.o>iis * . tf'a grands >n) and of Klixabeth Karneae, hia Oue?n. took by force of arms the Kingdom of Naples from the HapsburR Emperor of Germany, ?ed in like manner appropriated that insular Kingdom of Sicily which tbe treaty of JL trecht an, miuwru on ms Mouse 01 ??avoy. 15iii itie reign of the first Bourbon sovereign, at Naples ?<hT Palermo. gnided by the enlightened counsel mf bis .Minister, the Florentine Tanned, was beneficent and popular compared with the previous dominion of the House of Hapsbcrg And it is not until 1759 that this century of miserable tyranny begins, which !*<*?. by a just and though l>ng <*-l*v?d retribution, brings to an end. ta that year, 1759, Carlo of the two Sicilies. by tte decease of his royal brother at .Madrid, became Jt?ng Sarins of ^pain, and being thus obliged to vacate the Italian throne, be left it to hts younger son. This was Ferdinand, then a child of seven, but who afterwards grew to be the coarse. Insensible blar.lvnard tn whim ?'? 1? u-i"-v ?uau aofira 10 tare aannta^p tfen If !ng'a future Incapacity to tcovern. A;,d (( ij at left * v?v plauaibla ^nj^ture PJ%t Kmncto 11. la in- ' deMcd for h? cU-fec tiv* dewfojwit to Ike aoUcitude of his *t#r>.nioU??\ now C| itfn Dowser (a aecon _ Ao,irUn Proline.) wlw , '" tlasa ?nV'*?. V> procwe Ike crown for her own sou, tb--^ coun< of Tr?(<4n1. *>r? already notorious \M hustaod'tUfetlioe ? iMily JVearj. 1 .iitn Krf>iw Throcoh tri Lobgsbttk or Yi5iH ??;?L ?A f*o?ton young lady, who has been enjov>iig her "first arisen " at the Clifton Houae, a iria^ the Prlnee'a tIbII to Niagara Falls, ctrra a ru"'ininjjiy * ?r? description of biui, Id a VilUbMotDe letter to friend, which the Transcript publishes Joat aa it catae from her: "On Saturday I aaw the Prine* walking tn the rliroAi democratic manner. He trudged aionj Jn the lrii.'d lie of the road with Sir I'dauuid Head, the Fuk- of Newcastle, aud othrf gentlemen. He wmt; light pants, very large, a blue Back ooat, ? ti.l white hat, and a turnover collar?and aucU Ick?pr'*gl9 big f>>ot be haa got! He went along In all th<-diat, and looka straight before him. He to abort, and looka no mm? li k?th? nWn?? ' ,v' _ ship windows of Ho* to a than I do; but very much "like tbat photograph wbirh l.tiilri uncle sent home frosw London. His e^ocrrie* followed - Witt, hor*? ind he went to see the Ml, while We %-aitcd on the tank till be tamed tisck. ai d Wt ted another splendid view. He then went u*4er the Fall*, bat soon came oat, and mounted m quick as a wink, with hi* caue under his arm Tbi people ciieered. ue railed Ui? bat slightly, and trotted o# il? ndn well. After dinner we got an >dd carriage, with hoi?-s In the bottom, to /o nnd see Blondin walk across the rl rer en stilt* The Prtuce was to be there, ar.d we took a stand on the Suspension Bridge, as being the best plaue to are tbe p^rforu.aaca "Blondiu's rope Is a quartos of a nil* long ai d two hundred feet above the river, which roars ai:d rushes Moog beneath with the most frightful noise. Ue had go?? about half wijr wnen hit foot slipped and Ue f 11, but sitting on tbe rope J It took hiu> some time to get up, first to his fret, then on to one stilt and then on to tbe other Crowds were watching kim. but weva still ai> could be He walked across without fntlher accident and the Prince left the place I ?vr hmi while talking with a party, aud he s-ullod oft-n His face Is beautiful when smiles, and laoks very rogaisk." Cm.?-Bloodid muidkt bi a Wisa?Singular . ?A horrible murder vti committed * In th? lown of BurrlllvtUe, about oar mile wnt < f Glendale, on !*aturday forenooa. Tb* mnrderer wui woman, about forty years old, named Lrdia A Phftteplar.e., wlo kllifd ber busbsnd, <Civ? PbeMepiace, by aearlr fteveriug bU bond from bit bodv bv a tingle Wiow with an ue, while be 1-ld eo the floor la a (tote of Intoxication. Another blow was afterwards given upon tha eollar-beiie. bot the first waa sufficient to prove fatal Aaotiof ? ike partial, a lad about fourteen yaars of age, - named Harr's, waa present when tbe do-d vrt> committed. and be immediately weat to tbe resid -n' eof Mr. Jamea J. Colby, about two miles distant, where his Sister lived and jra"ve 1 n for matt oo In the meantime Mrs Phettej>iac?dr>-w tbe dead body of her husband out Into tbe yard, and washed up tbe blood stains from tbe 3oor it ?tm aonie twu Lours ai'i-r the deed wss committal >wfore any one arrived at tbe sceae ?{the tragedy. The wotninremained?t home, and w*?apparently quite unconcerned, acknowledging the deed at once, and giving aa a reaaan tbe fact that ber husband was in the habit of Ill-treating her, and that be had tbat morning threatened to kill ber She did not appear to realize the enormity of the -rime er 11a consequences, expostulating somewhat at beiag taken from home by Deputy-Wherl IT Steere. who arrested ber, saying that there waa no it a.. k.lj ?? ? iioru *?. rtu woa UC1U uy .YJT. tOiO" } who Is a justice of tbe peace, and m verdict o. i icurder was rendered, wWnpon * warrant wh Hj? upon blacou.plaint upon which the woman *U arraigned, wbeo ate pleaded guilty, ar.d ?m tbereapon aent to tbe county jail to await tb? actios of the (Jrand Jury, which comruencea ita ' sittings on Tuesday ? Provident* P*m, SrpttmIwK. Coxclp?io:i of thji Tkocbles at thi " Abode 'at Lot*."*?AfW t %rlea of nnancrmfnl attempt* to rescue tus wife t*>m the Influence of the Arcb- < AgxpemoaiU, ffrother Prince, tbe perseverance of the Rev Lewis Price Use at lenutabe?n rewarded by tbe attainment of his hmg sought-foe object On FrUary last Mr. Price had intimation tint Mrs PriceWasntEfeter.and heat onee proceeded j ttltfcer to secure her But the bird had flown, *ad turn wa* agaia disappointed. His agent, how ever, followed up the search, while Afr. Price returned to Bridgwater in order ?o await Tirihtr -*> tntrOUSboe The former succeeded In traoln* r Mra Prtee to SaiistMrr, where abe aad Mra. tftarky, anr4her follower of Prince, wrre located 4* saw thus go to Wilton and retnrn to Salis?, new bonnets and wearlag sppirel in f wdw to eff?ct their disguise lie forwarded ai ? -Mtgraphic an|< to Mr Price, who lost im < ttne 1 a fat .owing ap tbe aceat* and on Tuesday mad? tb? brat of hla way to Sailabary, vb?t? Ue * *uoa after ?uccerd*d In capturing Ms wife at her, t lodglaaa, In company with Mrs Starky. B? and hit wife. with Mra Starkv. procaeded to QlaaH -Mac ba nr. where Mr Prkt w liinnonrUv Uktn fc1? abode ? M?*'**sr?r S/ar. I jM*Vl?*?uaTio* or PaiLADSL??i& ?a atatemeot aa^Mbaan U>? population a# tba ?*p*eoi w.rdi oftbat ct$r, aecard ag to ttoocauJbiMtlM, rooat of thrm ?m<-lal, but tbe rcat < in ill il Bfcfore publishing any table by ward* ' 1 '?W9 prefer to wait for tbe fall oAriai hhim Bat 1 tte* lutnu-nt makea it appear that the population 1 n*0( Philadelphia isabotit Ski HO Tbia fa Utotbait been geueraily auppueed. but it ahowa tbe "Wndaome Increase of about 173,0U0 in ten vearw." ' Wtf nuahar irf h?MH baa increaaed from 61.178 jlMafliJ, to about 55.000 ia 1(40, iniking on? houae __fKj^?ut buj aavaa persons.? PktlinUtfktm Buiu,Mh TTO ? i* m The Idlat CltHren at Randalls Island. | "Nor'wester" writes from New Vork city to tbe Boston Post of tbe 26th as follows: '-Among tbe thousands of children to whom this philanthropic p'mn supplies the lack of a better home, are necessari ly many whoeephysical condition is unhealthy and whose mental orgaulxation la imperfect 01 Impaired. Then are aasighed to appropriate buildings, distinct from tbe Refuge itself. A resident physician is charged with tbe care of these diseased and idiotic children, but with what success his practice meets doth not appear. Daring a recent visit to tbe Island my curiosity led me to look In upon the apartment allotted to tbe idiotic and insane little ones. In a single room?perhaps lb bv 28 feet in area?I found 37 lnbeclle children seated closely together upon benches and chairs armn^cu arouna me rootn, tome rocking themselves incessantly to and fro, some screaming at the top of their voic?s. some yelling out a laugh, Itself the token of a vacant mind; others of them moaned and muttered, or emitted an unearthlv nni**. Intended for music. Here they chaptered and quarrrlled. and grinned their gha?tly stnlltn, jeminglv under little restraint other might be neetfed to keep them gloed toone spot. Gaiing on vacancy and without the slightest external resting place or educement for theJlttle thought the* might be capable of, these children Hngef outtiueir fragment of life?'nib^'Hly becoming idiocy, idiocy flowing Into insanity, and insanity finally "?*duatlug into death. It is beyond dispute that ' * ho enters ber? leaves tope behind 1 It is a iiard thought that hopeful c?es of mere imbecility ?hould thus inevitably be cut off from improvement If not absolute cure, and by an error of management. or br a cruel, iroiltv car*l Mamas h* tr?r?A into insanity; but the connection of cause and effect, premise and Inference, cannot be more close or certain than that the misitianagemertt of this department of Intended phllanthrophy most Involve and does produce the sad results referred to. " Nor is the absence of all attempt to vary th* monotony, and draw out the tpark of reason, the ouly omission notireable. f he air breathed by these little unfortunates Is polsonously putrid. The very flooring reeks with a stench almost Intolerable to one who knows what fresh sir Is?a knowledge denied, alas! to these little captives Nor is it at nil remarkable that thirty-seven children?all imb-cile, idiotic, insane or cplleptic? should, by their offensive breath, their noisome saliva, and the exhalations from scrofulous sorts or saturated clothing, render unendurable by others the atmosphere whinh themselves are com f.?... .'ivcxuv- ?? *m? vrwnucr 10a i iof. tnm^ miasionera bad not been to vlait the ?po'. f.r wvera! auecenslve weeks, or that the salaried doctor 1 had made hla rails Infrequent and at somewhat lengthy Intervals? To be sure a now building is erecting for the occupation of tbia department? but are not the children likely to be past remov. Ing thither, or beyond the reach of remedy, when I removed to a more convenient structure? I havo I heard that tu application was made by a gentle- ' man who baa made the care of Idiots hiaapecl*lty 1 to the president of the Commissioner* for ptrruiia- 1 Hon to attempt Improving th? condition of tbeae 1 iittle one# at his own expense aa to time and ! labor. He received for reply, 'O, we can't attend to that now. we haven't got 'round to that vet ' Meanwhile the warden "looks sharply after the 1 profits of his store, tb? Commissioners stay away, the pbjrslclin ijjnbrw the children's wsnti, th? matron* labor hard lo keep them still on thtif mm Is, and the great acythe mows them, one afW another, into eternity ' HJ~The Charleston Mercury, in speculating 04 Ike probabilities of "secession" in case Mr. ' Lincoln should be rlccted, expresses the belief < that President Buchanan would uot resort to 1 ttcmive meattues, and adds: "if Mr. Liacoln is elected President of the 1 United Statu, the relations of the Southern States tow jrds hi* Administration must be settled by tiie Greh*ut AdmiuUtraLiou. Mr Lincoln will not be stalled in otfbefore the fourth of March ne*t ltong before this time the Southern States wiQ have determined their coarse; and if this course shall be a secesaion from the Union by one or more SvolLern States, Mr Buchanan will have to uuidc the course of the General Government to meet it If lie tlilnk* that a state has a right to ser.ede from ibo llnioii. of raUTM ht* P^niuil artier ->n\r nAtfioh of the United Slate* army or navy against a kteil- ' lug State. if he attempt* foercloa every Noutaei n , man In bis Cabinet and In the army and navy will i donblkss leave them. Congress has no power to < nnntrol the President's view* of the Con*tUutio? auU the duty It Involve* He roust, as the Chief J LaecuUv* of the United SUU?, act for bkmself, and enforce his own conscientious conceptions of the rights of the States under the Constitution of the laited States '' , Hoiitilk Tiioedt?wr bave Jnst l>een ad , vised ff & horrible murder whiuh occurred in < Fostervllle, Rutherford county, on ' nl.;ht list Mr Stovall, a gentleman who ba? J heretofore been highly respected by hi* nHglrbors , m it frl*nds, committed one of the most terrible ( and revolting crime* It has ever l>een our duty to ' chronicle We have no particular! further than that he killed his wife and four children, and \ afterward* killed himself by euttlnc hia own , throat and juim>lng into a deep cave sprtag. < wb?M bewn found next morrtlng. From cir- * mumt?n? It la supposed tbat an axe was the fearful weapon used, andwbl^.h caused a sceue of blood tbat lias cast a gloom over all tbat vicinity. , We learn that fors >me weeks past Mr Stovall has been discussing freely with fits neighbors upon the subject of t failure of the crops, and the Unsocial difficulties which he had to encounter, aud It , is bsllevad that his mind became suddenly im- < paired while oontemplating how he should be < able to meet the responsibilities devolving upon < hlin.?jV<w*ri It Gnzttte.26lk. ' ^ * > , < 1>*a ih o? old St. La.wrb.ic*.?The gallant old hum, St. Lawrence, with whose performances on t the trotting coarse most of our readers are fnoilltar. and whose stock has been In demand among i horse fanciers and farmers, died at Kilauiazoo. on 1 We4u?sday of last week. He waa eugaged In a trotting match and had concluded two heafe. , When on the third he choked, aud had to be with- < araw ne aira in a f?*w minute*, baring as Is i supposed, bjrst a blood v*?sel. The old Lorse was burial in a grove on the Fair Ground, in full 1 drew. ?7uu w.ts immediately subscribed by a number of gentlemen present to procure hi in a fitting monument. St I.awrruoa waabrpdauiosg 'he habitants of Canada Kast, and v?i rommon- i iy < ailed oort-horse. He was possaaseu of gr<*t misrular power aud endurance. Kftr a ton^ uwe he whs owaed by Joseph 1141. hut for the list tvfro or three jears be has been in possession of Leonard 1 Buckland, of Brighton.?Bmjfato Commercial ] MsiTUni Items.?'The detenatnaftloa ?f two i of the Stato Tobacco Commissioners (a majority) 1 to carry into efiect the law for the removal of the Maryland Tobacco Warehouse, passed by the J late legislature, has produced no little excitement , In the tobacco-growing rousties of the Stale \ Meetiags are now being held la all the tobacco- I growing counties to conaidei the matter I The St Mary's Beacon savs the body of a white man drifted ashore near "fcosry's Bluff," Modley's Neck, on Saturday last It wm Hor|ed on the Potomac shore, near the place whore it was found It was clad In a pa lr of Med caslaet I pants and two shlxta, but without shoes The race and neck were much disfigured, sud no ! ' 1 * * vi >? uwy lujiu uave oevti mnae irom the feature*, in the condition la which they were 1 found. Niv?utt But.?A correspondent of the Leav ] en worth ft me# writes (root Niagara that the Prince of Wales would uot obey the ihtkeof j Newcastle: 1 " 1 noticed the Prince at the ball, and the way i he went In surprtaed every one He danced every j Mt from about twelve o'clock until near morning It can or has H that ths old Duke put hi* Royal Highness in bis room, and then retired. When the old fellow had got fairly snoring, the Priace oawe out aad bade his attendanta go somewhere . else, while he slipped into tks ball room and wesrtln' wtthartgbt good will Hs is a good dancer, and has every appearance of a gentleman. If'turned loose1 he would be inclined to be a Uat boy " ' ? Tn Dow.iruL or a Oncm Dtimxs E^ru- ] Ttiiini-Aoviii the attraction* that Dan Rloa j presented lu bit circus, In days put. was Mad* j aioiaeilfl White,*graceful and daanlng aqu?atrieaae Jnr days aince she wm before Justice 1 Kemlnzton, af fray, N. Y., for latoxioatton and dsorderiy ooadact. The Troy Time* nys the of her rittr having aei. took to the canal i u rMk, aMM* brl ngs up War* the J ustlc? aa i ad>?p*nrtaiy vriahad and unraly tenna^aat. J Tbi Ots iW^*^Bllr Ireland, of Anne 4 ssarSSSiji ^a.-sr.'aas at tha ..Hi laws, aud advertlwd ttuup far ?*! Tfcere Waasee arc Virginia, Fuaaetaa. Mary Klleu and Cxuiaei. The oyster catehara of Aim* , a<>inaiSftf o? sixty la uaiuber, have frriaed tn>?*ulv<-e into aa asaoclation ta further Ifcs txe- , t cutjan'61 the laws agalast oyster pirates Jg&S&g: 85*?S?iS??|S!l' MViWI-' Ja . a?:t * tourrtQ 0>? .vt" t? '< | J? <5 Umtnf sonatMlir on hand frart of O Y8 rgfts; Fi*H. GAME. Ao . Ao., will am?lT rervl a oontiniaaoe or thf ur patronage and aoatom, SolU u u* lowest marktt delivered ftt""ggT HARVK*. , POK SALK.-A pur of COACH HOUSES, Sir T&'aSa W. H. TPPERMAN'S OrpMrvjOn ulvanieaventi*. brlvMii 3d aiid 4)? aU. >n 22-tf DRINCK OF WALES RENFREW HATS HI ? 7V1 if' .? * ,, *, } / > , M .tHojj>v i * w jW iu I ' u ?Ji *. SI nil- bill liLin E.I1 KlKIUIIDlil 1N?4 II* CHIL- TEfelTHIKS n**;*. wbtthar It Ukitt fr?m t?*tb>a( ' "T 'r8rn *p7 atbar MUI. VI iwili'j u ?T?ry iroiher wJit bin * cfild tuf nuf from any i?f tb? fertgtiog eampUiow ? DO noT LIT rocs nunuirii, non tki mtjuotct* or OTHtnt '1*1.a btwain jt?r uftrir.y child and tb? r* li*f that will b? if* ?y*a, ilntUtlLT folio* tn< CI* of th nadicina, if ttirtly c?*d. Pall dirieJoca" er mnr will a l?MDnny *?cli bo! II* N?i>* ??r??jr ?nlit> <h* fae-iinuit JCRTli PERKIK8, N?v fork, U an th* aauid* vrtpy* itid by Dr?frtitt ?W?Bft>*?lth* warW. Prineipnl (Mka, N?. I?* ?d?r (Mai, N. T. M?* aol? 13 U*nl* l>*?Battia. a? ll-*4?rlT v r\ \r w/-w ? r / * * * tt r m a ? *i ?* n m n *r t aa *-m ? i. <1| ." w lauw,.! I > i|iB?>uiaKViU-*WUl UitJ ALL r?l* ?? ipatmtlit nel'tn, tnd M SURE TO REGVLATB THE BOWELSritp*nd aptu U, rrt'.hirt, It w!!l gl?t r?tttt yttritlTtt, *a4 RELIEF AN D HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wt bt?t p?t ipudiiit Ibianrucla f?r??trlan yf.rt, tud can in, in cnprtrxnci ijid truth of it.vhatvt t<A?t ?t?tr etto itli i???? uj of an; OTHII M?1ien ? f?T?R MK8. MA? IT FAILBD.ia t >inci.i ?,!*, ,TABCB to lr* FB?'T A CURB, " IHSLW*T 9 when tlmtlj 4. Ktrtrdid kaa? MIIITdlKd *n ititltuet af dit>?ti.f?cn?fi t>7 *uy '**'" , ?? tm and it. 6a h* caMr.'rj, all Ait SYR'Ji'f dtlirhlad villi it* 9f attand l?r?'? lo ttriu* ( nfbttt eoaintndmiai. af n? mi-ir?l tftctt And n.Art'f*! r.rtatt Wt tpttk in U >1 matttr ' WHAT WB oo mow," ifttrttn yaart* aapananea, ANn PLlnul ol'l KfrUTAnort for thi n op vhat vb mbrb niclaB B. lr almaat tTtr j inttane t whtrt ill* infant it nfitInf tram pun and taktattinn. rtlial will t-t fnind in Iftttk ?r t tr n:? niniiii tftar tht tjrup it ai.uiiA!tttrt<1. That Ttlaablt praptrauati m tht j rtttni tian tf an* af ikt Ml BlPIRlBni.Bii And IBILFPL, Kl'llBS In Httr Enfui,udtu ?ttn wtd trilb NBTBH-FAILinS ICCCBII lR THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It sat aa'.y rtlltvti tht ehild htm pain, k?t InTlfamtt tfca ilaioath and kawtlt, carrtctt aridity, and f i*ta ttnt tr.d intrft ta tht vbala tftttin. It will > lintit InitAQtly rthtva tfRIPlNa IN THI UoWBLS A!fD WlKD CwLIC, ladtrtrennit canfRlnant, wblkh, if lot tcttdUt rtmtditd >ad la dtuth. Wt; . naiad A ifca BBtt HDIUilllT RBM-j ...... V >n tba VOILI be had a false top made to the box,' in which he placed a couple of rattlrsuakcs On arriving at the Custom House the keys were demanded, and jlven up, with a warning that the box contained poiaonou* snakes. The officer, being incredulous, r>nened the lid In an otf-hand, Aareless manner. Hearing the nrt'se of the key in the lock, and J ipfln^ asyllcrbt admitted, the snakes awoke, and began to hisa and rattle away with their tails at a grand pace. Down went the lid of the box in an instant, and the box. rattlesnakes, s>-?ars and all, were allowed to pacs without further examination A MR*. WI1WLOW, ^Vn Experieoed Norse and Female Phyalolac, preeenta to the attention of mothers, her SOUTHING SYRUP, Per Children I(itbli|, WhUk fr??llT hctilUUi tb? yr?c *f iMibjng, bjr MfUa intelligence from the Sandwich Islands: "There Las commenced a most interesting religious awakening among the natives on the Uland of <>ahu The first manifestation was witnessed ??Veri! montb* si ntie among thp people ofKaneohe The work spread along tue northern s'.de of the island, and aboutooe hundred persons have been added tH the church of the Rev. Mr. Kuala. Of late the inhabitants on other parts of the island have manifested an unwonted eagerness to assemble where tliev might listen to the preaching of the gospel. The enurches at Waiaiua, F.wa, and botti native churches in Honolulu have been crowded Kvenlog services have been held in the city churches This awakening accompanies preaching missionary tours, which have been made by missionaries accompanied by lunas or deacons One of the missionaries lately remarked that he had not witnessed scenes like this since the days of the great revival, more than twenty years ago " \rj" A traveler from America, (says the London Globe,) brought a quantity of segars with him in a large box, and not wanting to Dav dot*. r? ? .Miii viic miu j<11 uiriB, "wuai laaii we do with the applet"' They can't be marketed a fourth part of them. The market* are glutted, Manv firmeri are 'lad to take a dollar a barrel for picked frnlt. Thousand! of barrels can be bought at that rate la the vicinity of Boa ton. Fifty rents a bushel, at retail, would secure snips for more than four times the average annual tales of the last ten venr*. and doubtlen the price will come down to ti?at Shakers, those lnduatriout plodders in all klndt of money getting from the products of the soil and domestic manufacture*, will be up to tlielr elbows in apple-sauce and apple-butter?be sure of that, and "Shaker appletiitce,'' that rerr excellent product of Shaker kill and neatnvaa will be abundant tn the market. But after tbcae objectt have all been supplied, there will be millona of butheia of applet still left unappropriated. A Revival at Sandwich iflind.?The Honolulo Friend of August lit brln^t us the following / What Shall bk Dosk with th* ArrL*s?U a question naked by *11 the Kastern farmer*. Tfce Boston Courier, speaking of the immense apple crop In Massachusetts and other F.astern States, ?x?.: ipe una it full or apple#. Evety orchard has prtiauced an abundance. it has bees a year of plenty, and If apples would only krep as grain keeps, we should nave enough of this yew's produce to supply us through seven years of apple famine. But, unfortunately they parish with the Eear in which they were grown, and the question EDUCATIONAL. PLAINFIELD ACADKMY, (Mill clftlisls. Pa.? Twenty n*nth Minion <*> weeks! com" enoea November 6th. A family sohool far Twmtj-fir* good boys, for whoso comfort ami lrtlprcT?i!)?at the time and energy of tiie Principal is devoted. Entire expense $75. C roular* at Star Oflioe. To fill a few vacancies call at Kirkwo?d?* from 3 to 5 p. ni., October IS and 19 ; or addrr** R. K. BUR Principal and Proprietor, P ainfield, Cumberland oounty, Pa. ?<e2t>eolm_ Academy of modern langauages, ( Washiivoto* BriLDi*?.) f* Avenue, Comer of Sertntk Street. PRITAT* INSTRUCTION* in Frk.K H A M> STASIS!!. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES. THAXSLAT10SS. A. M. Dk MONTH LRRY, Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, has the honor to annonnof that be will resume his Classes anl Private t,esa?>ns on Wednesday next, the 19th of Sepfem her. in the at>ove Academy. He is prepared to five, in Scnools and private famines, a Course of .ecturo upon the French Literature, from the Earliest Formation of the Language to the Present TiUJe. For terms and further particulars Inquire at the Academy, where Prof. I?e Monthurrr will he in attendance daily from S to 11 a. in and I'ruiu 5 to 8 p. in. se 13-1m FEMALE EDUCATION. J HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to reoeive a thorough and systematic edncation. where their physical training will r*o*ivedailv and special attention, under the most approved syst?mof Calittneme* and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the I'umn Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, _au 30-tf Principals. piUULE SCHOOL. Mrs. S. J. MeCORMlCK. Principal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September lWh, in the hnllart ranonlli kmiiuwI h? ?S. I."? ... - - 1 J '"""" '?1'> No. 180 King street. The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough Erielish Edu oation, and Munc, F.eneh, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormick is Prepared to receive a limited nnmberof pupils as warders, who. constituting a part of her own family. will be under her immediate care anil supervision. !*he will endeavor, as lar as possible, to surround them With the comfort# and kindly influences of Home. A<^fffflc*.-FeT.Geo, II. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elia? Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H Fowlo. Esq., Edgar Snowden, E*q . Edmund F NVittner, Esq., Henry 'Marburv, Esq.. Lewis MnKenzie, Esq.. Robert H. Hunton, Es-j . W. D Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq. ,ias. Entwislc, Jr., Esq.,Col. John \V. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Biaekiock K Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Hoard, with Tuition in all tho English Branches, 4^uufor ihe annus! session-payable semi annual!), 111 AlIvftnAA Music and Languages at Profostort' price# QJ* Mo *x\ra nhargtB. ?u 2B-U I^he prescott high school. 3T0 eighth st., bktwsfn k asd l sts. Studies will he resumed in this institution on MO ? L)AY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstores, au 16 tt A. c. RICHAROS. Principal. Metropolitan collegiate insti tute FOR YOUNG LADIES.

464 e Sr., Bktwie* 6th and 7th Sts. Tho fourth annual session of the institute will commence on the hrst MONDAY in S*ftemb?r. Applications should he msdn ?n.rlv ilk tl ? ?nt"i>?' of pupil* is limited. For particular* *pe circulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mm. T.H. HAVENN ER, at the Institute. au9tl MRS. M.E.KINGSFORD*SSEMINARY? 414 E ST.. NVAdHjsoTOf. D. R, Tho next session will commence Octol>?r 1st. lHftt. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. au ll) tf MRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY. Corntr af l and Tenth ttt., Wrx ninntonrity. The next session of tin* school will commence September 3d, ItJGn. The youi g ladies of the Institution arf> particularly rini nested to Ik* puuc^ual in ait' inlaucc at the opening of school, anil &.'! others who wish to heootne members of th'i narno to make *<trly application, a? tiie numlier of pupils will bo limited. Terms, Ao.. given on r.pp.icatioo. &u <J6-d4tAe?>U>ot 15* T~i WESTERN ACADEMY. HE Exercises of Ihi* school, uuder th* chare# of Dr S, 1, LooMis,and tlie Primary Department under Miss As*ik E Pkcx, will bo resumed September 3d. Circulars raji be obtained at the bookstores. ^ 8n H-coap MBS. ULRR will resume the duties of her Soho'd oa Monday, September 24, ou U street, bet wen 13th and I4'h stiueta. se4 eolni FOR 6ALE AJS n RENT. nr\B u t i D> * - ? ii n A (i a* - ? - - ij un nAijci-n nuu rjin.ii 01 ivores,aiiuaieQ r at the Little Faua, liaviD* a oorafortablodwollnil?-house, corn-honse, atablea, Ac; well feucr4 *ad watered; within fonr nu!t?a r?f Washington; It acre* in cultivation, Uie baianoe in haiM*ionie woodland. It is peouiarly donrabie %* a oonntry real den re, being perfectly heathy and most romantically situated : excellent fishing and hunting. Inquire of Mr. MARHIOTT, bridge keeper. Chain Bridge, Little Ka' s. d?7-aawtf I^OK S * L.K?A FA KM ooateiniug 1"0 aorea, aitr uated 6 miles from tfaorgetowii, in IWo?-t?i>nie rg oounty. Aid. Fifty aorea are in a tugiiaUtaof onltivation; twenty-fiv? acres in wood. Ta<reiaa small iog hnnse, stabiing. aheds, c>rn house <>n it. A pple orahard and some peaches: sprin- an a well ofwatioratth'idoor; being perfectly Valthy. Pie*se inquire of BAKNAKD A BUCKRY, Auoeiuneera, No. 114 Bride* street. Goortetowu. or W A I.I. A LVU rv IV Jl?tR lillMVr,SI, ruHUHAB KRS OF CABINET FUKNI I URE. We have sow in store and daily re- /mm >?iving tha lareett, iiaudsomesf, and hespsst lot of Furniture ever j lerwi to the oitiz<Mis of Wa? hington,? Heorg*town wad Alexandria, which w(" lordiai y invite ail wno desire furnishing toe*!, ar d ixsmiae for themselves. Oar stock embraces everj 'iiuci vable article neoraxary to fnrnisha par,or, n%ilvdininf roo?, chamber, and kitchen. Our extensive stock is too numerous to particu ariz*. We only came a few of the leading aitioles, suoh u, Til: Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Suits, upholstered in a superior manner in Brooatelle, Hi k flash, Lasting and Hsir Cloth, Is lit Iraine Mantel, Pier and othsr <?iasses, Silt Base Tab es, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slabs, Irothio and other l.andsorne Reception Chairs, in BrooaieUe, Piuab. Uusn and Cane Seats. Et-feres, with Marble-tops and Mirror Baoks, l)o. Parlor Desks and Whatnots. Rosewood. Walnut and Mahofan* Bureaus. SVaehstande, B*<lst*ada and Wardrobes, very handsome and ?hea>, Cot'sca Chamber Furniture, in Oak , Imitatien Oak. Maple and Painted, witn or witEout Marble Tops, Marble-top Hatracks, in Oak and Wainut, Iron Hatracks, Hall Stands, 3 'cretaries, Bookoa?ea. Shaving Stands, Marble-top Center Tables, Hair and nhuo? Mat'resse*. feather Bolsters and Pillows, B'anket*. Comforts, Quilts, Towels, &o. In addition to our ?took of Fornitare oar first Boor oaiitains a large and well selected stook of l?hlna. Glass and Crookerv, Plated Goods, Japanese Ware. Table Catlaiv, Britannia War*, Block mi vooas, Haskets, Jirasnes, fee., altogether forsin? a complete variety of ever? thing necessary to tarnish a house in all iu apartment* C. W. BOTKLEH A. SONS, Iron flail, No. *1% Pen*, avenue, ?e 17-MjkThtf between 9th and 10th *ts. N O T I O K! HjflS I wish all gentlemen !^? \ to hear in mind that KB the plan which 1 six years ago, of selling ^ I^BFHATS and BOOTS at grtatly re duo<nt prioes for cash is iu sucoeaxful nperauon. J ust revived a full supply ol tha latest New Vork stylos of DKES8 HaIS The vary finest Hat fit50; a first rate Tint f3: and very (ood. fashiwi alxlo Hat 32 3D. All of die Jat-xt styles >f soft HA7*5ami CAPS,at the very lowest prices. I am constantly supplied with a very large stock of thoM hue DRESS BOOTS at #3.??-which 1 iiave ?e?*n selling for niaay years?a* well a*4hwvery i>eat qua! tv of Pat?nt LealherQAiTKRS at#3 5fi. Pine Preneh Catfskin Gaiters from 92 to #2 &>. Terna cash; no extra charge in order to otTiet had debts ASiTHO>Y, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh street, second hat store from the owner, opposite Avenue House, No. 540. se 14 3m l, rkO NOT FAIL TO CALL L* i AT HARVEY'S, a?l C St., betwun lot A and lit*. 9e will to-day open hie long-established and I known NORFOLK OYfeTLK SHUCKING DEPOT for the season (Rfc I.J Me has made arrange menu to reoeive^?\U# -egular so splies of the beet NQU- xSflr POLK OYlTliR* on ever* Tuesday, rhnrsday,and Satnrdar. He will alto keep con itantly on hand a large and varied assortment of OK including every eort haowu to Washington I He r?Uiraa his sincere thanks to those who pat onised his Establishment during the east teascn, tn4 is confident that hie increased facilities lor i am daily reoeivtn* larce *uppl e? orCOAI,. from the very b??t Penn?> ivania rrtin?*, which I will tell at reaaonab'e price* Al?o, the bent uualitr of Oak, Pine and Hickory WOOD, oat ami ?piir. all J?ng the. Call and leave your order*. R. XV. BATES, Wood and Coat Dealer. ?<1T (State?) Cor. C and Mth ?t?., near Canal. (^CROOL AND COLLKGK OUTFIT?. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School atui l)ress Wtar. Tar?ttta and median* wiahivf to farniih their ehildren and warai with (tohool ard Co!!**? Ottlti frr tbeeoming teaaon, are iavtted to examine our t'eeentjarae and extentiva anaortment BOYS' i/L.w i n!m?,wn?ri tn*?y o*n nionimeir co'ioren of all aizee m a few momenta with ever? description of K*ad*-jnad?Gartner, t*, of aabetantial and b> '" '"WK.TPfiKt'Jirt Co. an 30-tf Penn. avenue. PILOTS' NOTICE.-To ail Captaina and owner* of Veaael*, bound to the Dmirict of Columbia. notice n hereby idvaxi, Uiat^S? Pilots may be found ai ail timM at St George'* Inland. at th? nioutbofit. Marj'a n v?jr, and near Piney Point, and that it la not n?eeasary to take Virginia Pilots from their boat*, when the vee?el ia bound to Georgetown or VV'a-hingtou oily, a* Maryland Pilot* oan be [o and of at lead equal kill and reliability. fto ll-eod2oi* M R*. CRCn?F honor to ? nunnc? the removal of her Vocal Institute to No. 4'iH Kleventh atreet, between H and I *?, ?e 1g eolm ' y I Flour l* S&??.?mon MKRCHANT8, And wholesale deal? in ? MILL rSMU, conn MKAL.Jc., *?., Corner of lith and tf atreota, Washington eity. cr Cuk paid for all bads of Grain. an ?4* ' tlljni 9*iUui hi'M 9lU U> o '. | BARN ARD.Waihiui Ion. ?el2-eolm f|H)R RE NT-A thr^e story RRICK H(?l"SK on H street, between 4ih and 5th. Also, a tiro story BRICK CO I'TAGE, garden, corner of Tennessee avenue and north F street, Rurrouiuled by a larco o<>:uuion pasture, and would l>e a desirable locatun for a dairyman. inquire of C. lilRGK, 446 st. _ j^y 19-eo3m* FOR RENT.?A niw a:id handsoiiv* FRAME noV?E will be for rent in a few days.wit is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avernie and K st.. Navy Yard ; lias a large garden lot attached, a pump of g,.od waur n-ar, and contain*4 rooms, kitchen and w<.odsh?d. Will be rented low. with or without the lot, to ajr<ud tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE ; works well in anvthing Inquire of T. K. CI.ARK, Nary Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 619 H st . l>etween 4th and 5th. jy 16 FOR RRNT?Throe BRICK HOUSKS^ori7<rr. Twelfth street, between C and I); one on the corner of Twellth and H its.; and one on H. between 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES \J BARKKR.on II street. Dot ween Utli and Utth,i\p. 4 *Jd. _____ inn?i-tf F'Ott RUNT?T>e F1R8T FLOOR of tiio buii?in? immediately oppoaite the woat wing of tfc? City Ha>.,reoently oooupied by Chaa. 8. VTallaoh aa an offioe. Also the front room in the eoaoad atory and the thirii floor of the same huildicc. For termi apply to KICUAUi* WALLACH, No. 2 Louisiana aranae. ja U tf WOOD AND COAL, WO O D AND COAL Delivered to all parts oif the otty, at the lotraat possible rate*. T. I. A W. M. GALT, Offioe 383 Pa. av., between 11than4 12th at*.. ma 17 tf north atae. r?OAL! COAL!! V WOOD! WOOD!! I vwu wouiKtur*. n. \j mm u, M( P>. fcrenuw. n?>r ?th et. I 12,000 cVWi??L?H^!???N?f. ASS ! I the attention of tb? p?;h<ia to oar jarre and vatt * 1 .t-otad atook of Obampaxne ud Crab A pple Cider, vhiota we guarantee to ba pare iaiea, and will be old on reasonable tarns in order to raaJiaroaoi f?a No.Vt B>wit.aewiwomi. T BALZAC'S NEW NOVEL., HE Graataeuand Decunaof Ceaear BirolUatd. Stm the P'renoa of Honor? de U?liu, uuuaftd b,.W ? X. U <wrn?r Ft?T??itt< et. ?wi Ft K*. w ? ?D aXK. ? ? a < i ?? Pa. At., Bktw. Hjj aj?d Uth ?t?? :'Ss^^SSS^r"*1 ! I aaJS Caraar IMx *C aad Versont ?renua. < '1 - a v ,>i*J JSiV' /?v. 1 "**' l? * i v. | w. W1KBJlWW?1';a WAKE I I have 0110 of the l*?t estaHlinlintent*. and furnished with aoompiete set of toois lor repaid K in*' every doseripuon of fine Watches. and fX] rkrticuiar attention give to the r?ai?, by orour a eooipetmit w?rkman,and &. work ii.ariki tied Al-o,every Ueserip ion of atandard SILVKR WARE, plain and ornamental, insnufoctu'ed nnder my own mpennion, winch my un>t. mr-i wilt fend far superior in quality and finish to northern ware 1 sold by dealers iu general and reprrs*nt*>d y their ton; R. 8. T. C13SEL, Georgtyow*. >< 24-D4Wlj KOPOSAL.8 FOR IKON FENCK AND GATES FOR THE TREASURY EXTEN aioN. Briiiv or Coj??TKucrios,{ Tbkascst I)kpaktmk>t, Sept. w, isfr*. < Skalbd I'kopo*\L5 will l>?? rooeivoii at t ua until the l*;th tfay of October, A. D , !S60, a: 12 o'clock, noon, lor furninhine ?n?l fltt'di op com olete all the iron work of the tjat-1, F' , for th's app'oache* to the e<-uth wine cf the Tr?&tury Kxtention Building i'notocraph-o pianaand i pfcifii atioai ctn (w h?>l upon appuoatiwu at this oflioe on and after the 18th instant. . , i The proposal* should be plainly endorsed on tfce or.v?!opa ''Proposals for Iron fence ??<# G-itei /#r , the Treasury Extension," and thet witi be opeti*i at oue o'clock on the Gay last earned for reoemlg the same B>ds witlooly bereceirrd per lineat foot for Ion rtr of Feuoe. for *?oh kind of Fenoe. The ineaaurenseiit for length to be exo!uslve of t-.e Granite Pot ta aad the Iron Gatea Bid* will not be considered if made br the ponnd.or if made in gross for the whole. The bida most also etate a speoifio price lor each , don ble Gate of the different sixes. __ , 8. M- CLARK, Aotins Esfineer in chirje, Treasury Depart i meat ?e H Hvlncin It Q?>cr f-iUd to core Big Hod, Polle?il, I'niili, Ol) Rcnniiif 8or?a, or 8are*oy. if properly applied fa? Sprsn ?. Br1 .ill, Scratch**, Oarkad Heeli, Cb:<f??, 8idc,e or Collar Ga!l?, Cnu, 8oret. or Wooodi, uuu infa'liM* remedy. Apply It ae directed and a care it c*ria;n in cerj loauac*. Then trifle no longer with the many vortHleaa l.iainaota ntere.1 to you Obtain a aoppty of Da. Mc!,KAN"8 OKI. ITERATED LINIMfcNT. It will curt ?on. J. H. McLKAN, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third and Pine eta , 8t. Lowe, Mi. I'HARI FH IITOTT 3?s P. -- ?J. ? mr--i tnr prevalent >ti?e.i?e. it la put ap la large b^t'lee. only $1 p?r txrftl*, ?r t bottlee for #5 V H Mct.EAN, Sole proprietor of thie CutdiaJ; alao, MeLe*n'e Vutc*m? Oil Linimont Principal Depot ou tht earner of Third ??4 I'lae ureeu, St. Louie, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IK THE W ORLO ) The only eafe Uid certain cure for C?ucra, Pilca, Tu. more, Swtllinga and Bronchile or Centre, Paralrata, Neu. r?lfu, Woak.i?aa of (be Miaaclee, CtrouK w Uiiawiarf Rheumatiem, Stiffneae of the Joitita,Contracted Mnaclti or Lifarnrnle, Eir-irha or Toothache, Brrreee, (*pr lot, Preefi Cult, Wonnda, Ulcere, >"eeer S rea, Caked Bxeaai. 8>vt Nipplee, Eurna, 6wililit Sore Ttiroat, or auy inf -mmaiK.ii 01, no difference h?v ee?ere or lonr the diaeaee aa?y it* exiatad, McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT te a certain remedy. Tti.>na?r.da of Hainan betnfe have fcaan tared a life af diecrepitnde and nuaeiy by the aae of Una uivaluibie remedy McLEASS VOLCAKIC OIL LISIMEXT Will relieve p\in alinoat luttautaneoueiy, M?d i( will cImu, purify and heal tb? foulest aorta in an ineretibte short U it. e. FOR HORSES AND OTHER AXIMALS. McLEAX'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT it the only safe and reliable remedy for tba cure of Spavin, R nrboi.e, ?-.)!. Sn infa "I ( * I lainm. V *,. - fl - -.11 . uidGUKM, r *11)1111;, aua a 11 qikiki inciaoa to r emiit* THERE IS XO MISTAKE AEOVT IT SuBrr no Irujffr Take it according to 4trtc<i??a lc will i iini-lat?. atrenf-than, an4 m*i*orita yon and cart* tin bluuxi of health la mouct your check again. L? try totUc la warranted to fire titiifactioa FOR CHILDREN. If voir children ara aickly, puny or aSicled, McLEAK'8 CORDIAL will make them healthy, f<t, and roSnat. Delay not a moment; trj it, and yon will be coe?inc?d It ii deItoioaa to take. CA UTIOX. Bearare of drapfiita or daalera who nny try to palm vpoti yna aou.e Litter or a^raaparilla track, wbten tbey can bar cheat-, Hyaiymrit la tuat ra (nod Aioid auch men A?k for .V<-LF.AN-8 VTRENOTHKNIVO CO?DIAL. ard take IX thin," elae ll it tb? oaly reiredy ibat will purify the Eloou thuroaf Mr md at the earn* time eiranftheu the eyeiem. One tei.ap' tmfal takeu ertry morning f atinr M a certain pri>MU*a for Cholara, Chilli and I'ner, Telle* * a??r, or Luircor, Deapgndeuey or any nervosa diitiic, Sore* or Bleithea ?u the Skin, ??<1 r?'?r and Afue (or Chill* ud t'c*?r.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES have *ern ?rM doring (h* l?e' an montba. and in so lnatmca haa it failed iu emi'f enure a ualaciu-ii. V\ ho, ih?u, will anlTcr from WnlaeH or Debility wheu McLEaNTS FTRENOTHENTNG CORDIAL will c?re ro? I No UtifUAf c c*b Cuoeey au adequate idea of the uiiirediate and alinoarnmraculona eb?ufe produced by ulin( thia Cordial m the diaeased, debilitated, aod alattered Dtrtoii ayetem, vbaifcer broken down by caceaa, *eak by natnre, or iwp.tired by nckneaa, the reined and ui.atruiip orfmoi ntion it raatored to Ha prutme health and ?ifcr MARMED PERSOXS, or othare, conaciooe of inability from whatever cauae, will find McLEAN S STRENGTrtENINO CORDIAL thoronph re^ecer^tor cf the ayeum; and all who may have in)oreJ t)?en,*?>e? b) improper ludalfeucea will find la thu Cordial a certain M.d apeed* remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'SRTRtNUTHENINa CORDUL ra a ae>u eicu and apeedy cure fur lncipieut L'oraaoipucn, Whiiee, Ort'.ror!?d or DiWcutt Mereirnatioii, In'nn'.in'nce of nr Into!sultry Piach.irpe tber*<)f, >"al?Mig of tlie U ? Btfcre Ming. diialliuf. producing * Saticiem, etfcilaratiiifr ?r'nt, *nd th? Boat i?Uilible remedy fo* renoraunf ibe fiaea.ea iyn?m, and raatoririfr lb? aiii, auffenaf, anj debilitate d lurajid to health in4 etreujth MetKi.V S NTR EWrTHESISU COIiDIAL Will effectually cnrr Livrr Coaplaini, Drtptpaia. Jaundice . Cfironx et Nerrg u> Debil>;j. I)ia? nt? of 'h? Kidi.eya, ind all daeilef irtair.; fr<.?n i <ii :or4cr?4 Li?er or Rtoaaeh. Drapepaia, Heartburn, (award PilM. Aciduy or Sicknraa of the S'-mnach, Fullntaa of Blood to tnr H??d. Dull Paiu or Mw.inmmg in tti? Hud, Palpmuon of Falltieaa or to aiflit to the Stoaaeb, 6oar Erucuuoua, Oikinf or Sntfoca'ingr Ft'luf whan laring down,Dryneu or YelicViioi of the Skiu and Eyea, S'ight Sareata, Inward Ferera. P-<in in the Small of the Bxck, Cheat, or Sile, Muddan Fliahae of Haat, Oaptaaaion of Spirita, Fufbiful Dimui, fh m atrictlv a act- Mm 29 ciuftc and Vcgtiabla Compound, prorurtd by tha du*t4la- gyflW* uou of mat*, bcrna, KS, ^S; mid birlti Yrllnv bKL ^a Dock, Blacd Root, Click Roo'.Siraapa , JL rilU, Wild Oerrjr R?rk, aed Daadtlion ruiara into iu cca- JF j Tha tnura acti*a / ranjvtlial principle j*" r\{ ? ? r K invr?i4i?nt ia adu'teratetl Ale. to rtve it & trial. ARMY A SHINN, Atanta, fe 4T firwen ?t.. 6fc>nolown, J" OSTFT UIRC H, UyDEIlTAKER, Cor. Bruit* and Jffferton. tit., Ororrttmm?. Marine riv?n my persnnn attention to thia tnanaL of mj business, lam prepared to attend to all oallt with prompt!.eta 'Perrons fr^mi a distance can oeeup plied at a 'e* minute*' notiee. as 1 Uare a iarfr assortment of COFFINS aiwAjs oc hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the dtad from the old to the new tmriaJ grounds. iJeareci a..d Uorsps for hire. ap 10-6m Dr. J II McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING COEDIAL A>U BLUOl) ri&UtU. . THE GHEATEST REMEDY tu Ut WOULD, A and the IDost l)?i trjnr? * v n GEORGETOWN ADVEETHTS Jl'ST RECE1VFI>10 hhi?. prime Porto Riso SUGARS, 150b!..Id R\f \VH1(*KV. 250 bt?l? HKRftING and ALEWIVKS. / ? bhi*. Omahed and *UOARS, 9< '>A*? R iu &n,l li.ii'ul'l'Kk1 10 hhds.llow priced) ."Vto'LAS^feS. For mil* hv JOHN J. BOO! Yi. ?1? I^RANDKLL, OPTICIAN, v> ffi. its Bridrt ft., gwmma, Hm oonetantiv oa tiatnl a .arte aaaurtmeut of Freaoh Near aigtited. Perisc?\?ie. f~^ n fl orod, and al. other SPECTAfTLhS, o: ?_*" the t.e?t *uaity. 10 fold. silver, '.eel.aail German ilverframe*. N. 8. Old F'amea Repaired and new (.mm ?et in them to orior. no It-lj \IASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PH1LADEL[ 1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are eonntantly reoeiviuc ireaii tappliaa of the above deinntfu. t>evRN*iand invite aQ p>er?oa? who want a turean 1'HE WEEKLY STAK TkiftitMlAif&iBilvABi M>m laafl 9 MlBUX a cr<*u* v*n?tj of t?Ur??tntf rmAm iUa ?h wiween w a?j irt> u paUUMi ? Saturday mt'reiBf. T**.**?Otl*, J?insle co^r, p? miii?i???* tmT??H?* ~r~ ,! 2 Tweuty OOfiM. u a? ?rt*onMaf in Cim r?i?oa Miotic no?hbor? I witkowt tti<" int*rkonu >B t*4 m M*oi>o* wtll t?? poroAivod S? Mr c*ot. of Tht W?Ut St*r wiU bo I ??0<L U IBV?r.fttt.l oubUini th* blBftOB ' t&?t hn? mod* TV *r?'M 8tm ciroototo m aitliy Uro?i?oBi tM IE^9iB?looopi*o<in ooo bo pr?9' 02?.v^i-+r,tt?MW ""~"of O^PoitiuMtor* who let m a^OBta Will bo 1 lowml *<*omBit?te?on MISCELLANEOUS. PROF. WOOD'* RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMU BLOOD RENOVATOR U pnoiMif ???' iu ! ?? tor, vtiti* aie??a:.t to the a*t?. it is r*rirlf?iag,eitul*r%twi*. intifoifttihf and ?tr*ntih?rinj u> the ?it* powaia. aixi at tb? a*i*a time rMrivikM, rnr.iUm.aa4 r?i?vi the ifcood la & . ita oriair.*J pu it?. u>d tbua at ono<? rrsttrts <1** rmdrrt fM n*trm to mtlfk* * *?< ??. It w Uu praMtUu* aw otforou t<> the world. eo eh*nuo*. . t *** -k.ii faily c mbtned u t<> b* tnr n oat p,.werfal tonic. and at thr aatno tiro* ao prrfactlr adaptad to, m to Mt id parfoot aaoorUanoo with th? lav* of natarr. an I h?n?e will footk' the vfkrst tt?m*rk. and ton* ap thed!|r*?tiv? o'tana aim tfcaa a>ia? ail a?r voua a: ?t <?tn*r irritativm. It il f?rlMtil rxtinar* tin* and at tb? uim tira? it it oompoMd *attr*if of yet ao southland a* to prodcaa IM n?o?t thorough tunia tfteot, without pioduoin^ ar.y lajuriou* con*' queuora. Such a ramady ha* I oar tv?en fr.t to be a (le*i<t?ratani in the medical World, for it seeda ao medtoa. ?kili to that dabiht? followi all attaaka ot UiaeaM. aad pr? op*?i? a- d in ?le??d iaya tjif ijiImii up n to ti e inaidioua attar ka >f m\ny of the moat fatal, aue*. for exam p.*. a* ika following: tAinaUHiCtton. InditaaLuin. Imr??n? L?oa? ot jAip?til?, f?aiiitn?*s, Nervott* l?nt?V ily, Valtttati- n of th* h*?rt. Mnuiko ?, Night B*rf*U. I^angor, (iiMtent, k*lci<Uua oi. ? w? i a* Patnfn! nfiatruoled, t?x? profuoo, or 1?h? *a*nt M< n*.tcu*tion. a d of th# \K tMttb. Th?*?? a'l ?iepen?l ?ki g^nenu Iki'furf, littiUi; tMiu l orJiA aiid Ucm Renovator m *a >?rr tocurt u the tun it Ui r >? ?wl ?'l. Tk?? ti rnirtako ?^al if. Bitthii i? n??t alt If tfc# r?ts*i ia ?rrk?iwd w? air ofM |o h. I tout ?tt?ok?, th? Uror tk^jvxn** turpi", or w-t#? <ha???#<lf the kHre?? refn?* to p?rf >?tti ih?ir fun?tioo?, ao" wf are troubled with peaking an* tia?>> Ui^oo* e( urine, or .nro.uuiarj il.M-* t? o. n j aamo. yam iu iii" i/f*v , ?i r ami iwiinr-L iur pii^l fs oeedmicly liable to audit eoMa. ovvtb*. m.d if mm ou?cked. a<*?b ciaamalion loJio*a,a;d tiie pati?t oea down to a por.natwre e?*ve. flnt ?F*-e will not allow ut to ecuineiate the mativ ilia to wluoh mm are uabie mavrnkftinl condition <?| tua aratafn. Uut we will m-. in tfcia Cordial *dad U?'ud K?nova tor you have a perfect, ea'e, p.ea?ar.t and rtTeotn*! remedy for loss of App tite, Inlioumiaaa. Fiaftaleuce, weak aa<i ?iek Moaaoh. i,aoiour. l.iver tonif (uct, Chilla aad Fever .or am B aon attack, Cottiveneea, Acidity oftheht maoh, Net vowaaeaa. Neoraltia, Palpitation of the Heart, Uapr*.a,ou of &pi> tta> Sor<-a, i'iuip;*a oa tie I aca, or any la ease anting from impure blooa, ?uch aa Herofola. Kryaipelaa. Bn>nch>tf?, Coatk.diflicutt; of Br?atit tag. aud all tiiat c a*a ot diaeaae* ea ed femala weakuewa. and enumerated above. We wi 1 ai?o %y the traveler expoeed to epideanoa. change of climate ami water, find it a plta?ant. aafeai.d aure remedy, and no one ahonld ever travel wi?h out. Ke?d-r. try it. for we aasur* yoa yo* wilt find ir. it a friend iitd-ed.aa weil aa alriend in naad. All p?raona of sedentary habita will find it a pe feet p evectiveoi. aa we I a# a cure for ihoeeailm*nta which they are partionlarly exp? aed Haooa .iu>ut.tera. amdeuia, att?rne>?, .iterar? (en'leaaen, and ladies who are not aciuit med to much ont door exetci**, wiM fird it to thoir ad*ant*c* to kef p * UHt.e con* tenth on lin.d. uc above a<l m<'ther? ??r tno?? Oooonunc such. will to tb'ounh that moit dajuerona period iH only with ?J1 Ui?r Men oniM air* rth, but safe auJ free from itM? tiiouaa>>d Kiiiu'nta ?u prerainut among the femaie portion of the wo. Id. In short, it indeed a m"thw oordial. TiyitoW and )"?nr no l? ??r ran th* riak of deia*. it will relieve ard prore it?H? emphutioj-ly a Rtstorativt Cortitl a*4 B'.ocl Rimm (Of, U. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broad*aj. New York, and 114 Ma~k?t %Wt Lonu, M?.. and o.d br all good Dramiu. Fr.oa One Doilat p*r BotUs. PROF WOOD'8 R BS TOR A TJVE COR DIAL *xi> D r r\/~\ r\ p l \r/\ \r a ?r/^ d tf Lt\JKJ-U KO im 1? alw T proclamation! O the CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. GBOI0ETOWN, Re. Wktrtat, At th? present muoi o ?* jmt CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. Dyspepsia. k DEBILITY. Re., Re? prevail to an alarming ext*ut: AnA rnkir-??, II niuil CM <M IR9 FIRST C??N9RQU?NCE to ?rery family to ?n"w ->f A REMEDY at oaoe Sa/t, Spt*dt, atui EJUmeittu, DR. MONTARDE. or Pa.hi, offer* hi* MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m th?* moat CURTAIN AND KFFECTUAL KKMEDV FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to aaticfy Tilt PUBLIC that no impoeition it ii4??4?d ta the eaie of tfcu THE HOinvTlLI. H^kEFUNDBD It (til fHin when the medicine (aiU to give entire eatufkeOo Aak, then at u; Dm* 8tor? for DK MONTAKDE'8 MIKACVMtO PAIN K1I LBI, take m directed, aud il sot perfectly aatoaled Return to our Ai'ui, D. B. CLAR K. ESQ , 4h Street and Penr.?ylv*rua ineu, who will reftiiid your mosey. Pries?iJft lad JO Genu per BotM. Kar aaia ml aiJ Dm* iUium J AS. McDON/VELU Jyll-wotr _ OfLe a XJm O. R. <0 T. A . U RKICXD T, For a// Throat and Lnng Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED T4? Natural and Sur? Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, Prom Neura'tia tltroor li all cuti ?bw? Opiam ?u?T?r?M to that of JMtriara Trwnm, ufl Um oommoi chief eaus? of {.laeaae LOSS OF ttLKfil'. The Tola Anodyne. tlwa* h oonfauninc not a parUo 6 of Opiam, pri?iuoea all the reaniremabU of, tod may '> uaetl id til pm?i wuwef Opinni *w aa?d without prcuoicx anythinj hut Cure*, and laavinrthe patient in a p?rlcot ? natural ate. The l'niT*r?al Cough Kniwlj, (lra*l (Vow all tht commor ot??ctiou of t'cm? Rrntedi#*. wfeicii Sr.xiwee nau??a or prvat ration,; ran* & (HuatdwW le common euaroytoail Turnatr.nd I.nut Complaint*. and u?*d with perieot luipuuuy. Aaaiac all to court from proprietor* or frieada the mo?t era invMtiration or both Rrr?*"*i?f and r?Min( of oar p\mphlft? to h-. ]j?;nU with all 4*al?ra. and lira rartMHiMir 4? pt'*k*M vaif ?f Uom who S%'i rjr app'U'Trq IIMM. W WMI ' U BlfiAOVMl Wit KMiinii of Patieuta tad PIitkoiUI. "Prto* witiun mtorumf a! ** eUBil AMWHTB. J. W. HmiwuL ? Co., 7 ?U ft. CmmtwI Wn&ri,B??U*a, o. Hvnkiweia, 14f Water rt.,N?* YorA, Lnrter tb.(9*psc:?a lUf-r; 14:0a of JOB X L. El NBEWKlX.ChCTBiit Ltd Paanmosadit, Bortna, mr., *hoM mrnatrr# ?>r*>rt the oo>ka nf th? lennine oniy, and*0 whom address ail oa?mnidation*. Soid nr all r*???clable dealara rrerjw hare, and ill tue DragfitU in Wastunfton and Oaotf Mown. Mar Mwo.r QFFICE OF^NSiycgTO^^NDTKl^R Jmlr 11,MR. HOT1CX IS HXMMBY Gifts, ?*tlM?? fcbly to Ui? provision* of tM tidiii&nM ?f ike Cnrpor&ti"n t?prev?<i M?j 12. sudMutatd t? DOW prepared, " whenever required ir wril;uf.e??d on pre-pkrnjent of tbe ft* of ifty irii.t* runm?, te?t, ?rur?, to<3 uoerUin the toonrac? of Bgi?w*t:o? ofM? cm Meter iu m ie tett?4?" wj meter, iffoaoa tnoorraat, will b*e< u4K?r ?1. ud another, teamed fco4 n ?rk?-d m true, will be teliniU ?Im?, If proved to be eoourtle ia re mMaarement of tu, it wi'T be males) Moordtec ;. "*4?V?iKTUSfrSk.,** our-""" C1%WHT.. If l*-tf Lnepeator ud Seller of tru Me** . ' " I'm. man*oo.* IMPttOl'BZ> " ;*. SEWlNti MACHINES, M HJIHHLTAIIU AV&KI B, * rTnn Naiiohal Itm \ ' ( 4 hood Asaoimwr of Ra?kt??ii TlrtUi, & TvHt, 1o ?.*. m?pgn_B^. W ? ??* *?. Agbt VD* ** *???* \ 9*^* ? * -