Newspaper of Evening Star, October 2, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 2, 1860 Page 1
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m w * / 0 -' - - , . ? ., .. - - J, ?? > > ' , Mkmx4 Jtel ' ii 1 ^ V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 2. I860. N?. 2.878. L ' I THE EVENING STAR / M PUBLISHED E VER Y AFTERNOON, tSUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT TUB STAR BUILDINOft, Corner of Pmntylvania avert us and 11<A T W. D. H ALL4CH. _ rifrt carved ia pMkHM by arrtara K|4i year, or Tt oonts for month. To mail sabeoribara tbe pnoo ta #3Ai a year, ta odromct; #3 for aLz month*; #1 far three months', and for leoe than three moatha at the rata of It oaata a week. Siacle ooeiea, t>.i? cb?t; in wraatere, two ckhtb. 1L7" AivunininTimoiM be sont to tba o?o? belwra Uo'oiook m ; otherwise thsy ur not appear ntU th* usatdap. Tk? CirtI War ia lyrlt. Tat Fiabftl RrrmiirTio.t at Dava?cvs? Detail ?d Discriptios or thb Haxoiko a.xd Stea^oliso or tbb Moslem*?Thbilunu Ijcidbxts?Fcad Pasha's Kubbuetic Mbasuaae [Correspondence of the Boston Traveller ] Bet bout, Syria, Aug 30, lSOu. Srrla l? tranquil bow, but the Moslem population lira writhing la the Arm grasp of Puad Pasha wbn is acting the part of a true patriot and a lover I of justice. The execotion on the "20th of August of th*?. Commander-in-Chief of the Bashi Bazoueks,w1tb lw?of fclaotteers and men. is a lesson to tbe na tive Modem Midlery thatth*v will never forget ?%?d the proud fanatical spirit of the intolerant Damascene must surely be somewhat hnmbled, if ??t eati rely brtken. by the sight of several of the chief EflVndis hanging dead before their doersou the morning of that memorable day. That they should be executed simply because tUey killed a few Christian dogs was doubtless a tremendous shock to their religious sens; Wtitles; but that they should be hang, actually strangled, was to the Moslem something terrible, for they never strangle any living creature. Fuad r*sha <Uuee Lb is mettiud of executiou Man additional means of bumbling the city. Beams were thrown across from window to window in the narrow streets, and the criminals were drawn up by a rope arouad Uieir rnx ks, and were left by the executioners to dangle and die in their agony,without any of the usual aids and appliances used In Auaerto* for the breaking of the neck ard conseoiient shortening of the death agouies of the victim. Never was the htughty city of the Mcwleirs so humiliated?never, in the daysof the Crusades was the pride of the Moslems brought so low. Hardly had the inhabitants of this Mussulman Sodom readied the full weight of their degradation. when the City was again convulse J with agony at the announcement that 3U? prisoners, among whom were many of the wealthiest, most tianirhtv.and aristocratic of their citizens.had been ondemned to hard labor for life In th? valley* at I'ouatantlaople. Intense was tbe grltf and rage of tbe follower* of tbe Prophet, and especially of the wivea aatl relatives of the condemned, who tore their hair ami re*t their varnM-nts In utter despair They were tncoosoisble, and their demonstrations of grief might have touched the hardest heart were tt not for the horrible rlroes they had com ultted 1 would not exalt over then lb their distress ; but as they listened not to the wall of the Christian womes and children who were buraed alive In their hoaaes or sold fur a few piasters to the Koordt and Bedouins. I turn avrav from thtm and with Fund Paths God speed in bis work of judgment and justice Ha?l I the power to pardon tte < rtmloals I could not do it; lor when 1 think of the 6,UUU victims of their merciless fanatic ism, aad the i.uuu women and girls sold by tLem into slavery, and worae tban slavery. I wooid not inter\xmm a breath between their ne<-ks and the aword of the executioner. A few da>a ago the 3uti consigned to the ga'.leys arrived at Bey root. handcufl'ad in ganga, guarded by Turkish soldiers, who were under bunds for their safe keeping. This extraordinary spectacle drew crowds of Christiana, rntny of wh1 in were I refugees from Damascus, who gazed upon the manacled criminals with sad satisfaction. Many vi ?uc vuuuviiimw ??nc as wruiuy merchants and eS'eudls, ud u they pa Med through the city to the m.where they were to be embarked for tbetr final destination, thev were seen to cover their fieei with their abackled handi to prevent recognition and a display of their agonized countenances to the widows and relatives of their victims During the embarkation of these Damascenes an Incident occurred which serves to illustrate the Iron-handed justice of Fuad Pasha As the procession was passing by the hill on which the barracks stand, and along the aids of which the Christians were standing as spectators, a Christian MBident of Beyrout suddenly recognized a Cbristtoa and a near relative, dressed like a Turkish sMier. manacled like his companions, marching to the sea. His cries and distress attracted Mr attention of one of the American missionaries; who upon inquiry ascertained that such was the Jk i.i? ? ?*- ? ? w_? ? caae, jiu ui? ?vinpuiijitai ueinx arousea, ne pro< t\lpd with all baste to the American Consulate, determined if possible to Induce the Consul to obtain the poor Christiana liberation, believing that by iuDii cruel accident the poor fellow had keen taken fir a Turk by Fuad Pasha and sent off flrum l)4in<*rw m a criminal. On finding the Oonaui be italed the caae. and the friend of the etlinitial was called upon lo give a satUfactorv ?kplanati<w of the appearance of bta relative in 00' b a place and ia a rurktah dresa W itL many teora and lamentation* he tried to fclas u*r feet of the Consul, and declared that his epfaew bad assumed the dreaa of a Tnrk to save t?!? life, and prayed In Heaven's name that be might be liberated Considering it a caae of humanity, the Consul made the net esaary inveatlSaatiuu. and lualiy ascertained that among this Tsrklsb ua?K ?r prisoners bound to Couxtantidtiple. and condemned to the galleys for life, wras a Christian dressed tii a Turkish soland that he had been condemned by Fuad with a full knowledge of this fact, upon round that, for a consideration, thia Curia a * > L _ J _e _ t t i > HAA LJU aaaumra ?ur urmi 01 a I uraitn (trlSOnt-r amk allowed hiu. la ?-a- ?{*- l>v takiug bis place, King to obtain Lit own freedom through Chrisiaflu?n<f Hut Lf was mistaken?Kiiad Pukx detained tbe substitute, ai.d coitdcuiurd him far the crime of tbe escaped priauaer. v The Consul ctrrled his investigation! uo farther, the wtasloaary wa? satisfied. and *U fell Umt i'u&d PmU waa a stern hut ju?t man. Kuad Pasha'a laat adminiatretive aeU la Daraarua have, report say*, hfou^m )iM into trouble Tbe people of DuMBua w#e frtently thrown into great amazement und iuditfnatum at an order from tbe Comaiisaionrr Extraordinary la Syria, requiring tbem to evacuate three qoax ten of the cltv for the beuetit of tbea?ytu or urfjt thousand Christians who are still unprdytdedTor The rage of toe Moslems knew no uouuds, and the Moslem woolen on teeing the '*Christi&n 4a7?m !n t nmm ?Inn of tiieir tlnp acrMbied" ?nd yeiied as if going to execution The foilowrs of tk* Prophet b?gaa U> fcei that tfccr punlakment wu (thai) they coliid | h?r and wtiru thry uw nlea of ?oidlrr? in every Met and ail their young R*n arizrd and borne <* to the raatle aa conacrlpta for (lie army, they t*came wild with excitement and gnaahea their with uncootrolable rage iBdlgnatlon meeting on the Oriental plau were 4Mw|fr? held and roport declarea that they 4*<ertr . >ied to cloae their Moaquea and auMfer-e Fuad Hatha aa an enemy to the Mcalem iyuf.un nud do true believer. To prevent thia, I Maru from the ume aou/ce. Fuad Paaha nat ourd aaidiera at the doer of evwy Aloaqite with ordera b _ ? aa _ ** ... a* a>o? aa lmiiumcu* baa received its quletuc, Hi Tunctoh troops will enter the l.eba:iou, with Ika >U p rt>jpa of the six tbounn J French sol* 4J?A-?u! liien we expect many thousand more of reteaaed from their prevent bondage, Wlee to Be wool What aball we do with tkan' Our Belief CoanuitUe la feeding over aMft thousand daily, at pmaent, aud la btwianliig them ? butwbea the a umber Increase* to ?^^Kauaod. bow suall we feed them* We heard frout Awrica yet; but we hope ttnlarii subscriptions frooa the huiuaoe, the UMM< and tb? benevolent of our highly proa jM?ewe. wealthy, aud Heaven-lathed Uud ?y New Yorkers will bar# enough of Haml*< MMmioii. Forrest. Eddy, Booth and Charlotte C^fcaa will each lutorpret it Hamlet by a mmmmamiel by a woman. Hamlet by a nu of ?wlM 4i?a?lrt by a man of twwly-lTt; H inIH >wer r, Hamlet at Nlbto'a, Haiulnt at (tHnHV (jllMM imi ?i Iui puriomt. ? to cut aowu any .ti>>?iciu woo aiu-mpted to cloae % door The abopa are abut, and th? city Ma the appeorhiM-e of a plague-at/irk-ii city No re la aren in tbe atreeta, aave the oJJJcera of ja?.e. and the :U?ru.?* la unbroken, ejrepf by tUe Wail of lomf Moslem wife or mother whjo haa discovered the absence of her husband H I child, who have become, aadly against their will, tjdiera of his 1 \1 tbe SuIUo. ? etroag measures of Fuad Pasha. How ceuld (he pride of that < ity be brought low more cocaphetei^ th*n by baagtng aotue of ita leading feelkhs, ihv'o'l^'g tta native aoldiery, unhouatng Jr arteu? rath? eathualaat to give place to ttu fhniliea ai hi* vioiima, *od the dragging off of ?be tower of their ydutb tot tb? degradation and dradjrrry of a/my life 8yru ia more tranquil aoW than It haa been for suaov months With Fuad Pub* M Damoacua. im kmcli cunp ia unr city, and the combined quadroa of the world (the United State* excepted) t? our harbor. vrr are more quiet than befur* th? wit That dread uncertainty and auapruse that yprte gnawing at our vltala ia over, and we know ?aw arkat to npcct. We do not anticipate, for moaUis. at least, any more Moslem mstirrecrtlaa, and wU,-n the Druse campaign 1? ended. we flAl! have quist tor a season Rev. J E Poad m the A B. C. F M has returned to bla field of l?hor, tfiiUxi. which ia now aa aafe as Br y rout, S,19 being new and trustworthy nfflc?-ra ?>f the vernuiriit pU< ?d there, and tfcete Alt; *Uo aev. enl men-of-war before tba town /"The Late Slave Marder CbhIi Mecklenburg reaaty, Va. _ Conviction of yai Muhdirkr?Skktexckd to thk i'bnITESTIABY ?affbctlm 4rh afhopiiatb kemabbs (wjirtwi gkoliox. At the term of theClreuttCourtof Mecklenburg county. Va., Cbaa. Hudson waa tried for the murder of his slave woman Jane, convicted of murder la the second degree, and serrteoced to tbe penitentiary for eighteen veara. The Tobacco Plant says very truly that It la eue of tkoee cases which thoroughly vindicate southern ? haracter against the aspersions cast upon us by our enemiea at the North It developa what la as true of us aa of any other people on th? civilized globe, that we utterly detect and abhor cruelty and barbarity, whether to wblW or blacks. The evidence In the caae was that on the morning of tbe 4th of JuIt last, at eight o'clock, one of the hottest days of the past summer, llu.lson stripped the woman, naked aa ahe came into the world, tied her to a persimmon tree, and whipped m?r tnree consecutive noura, with occasional intermiaaiona of a few mlnutea, until be bad worn out to stumps flftr-two switch**, and until the bark of tb? body of the tree waa rubbed araooth and greaay by tb? attrition of tbe body of the victim Tbe around around tbe tree for seven or eight feet, lough tt bad b??n freshly plowed, was -trodden hitrd One witneaa UatU^d that be beard diatinrtlv, at tbe distance of 61)0 yards, both tbe noia? cf Avifa-hea and tt>e acrearns and entreaties of tbe wom*n The poor creature was burled the same tfternoon only some ten Inches beneath tbe ground, in a rough box, without anv shroud. Th? ov*r. aeer suggested that the neighbors bad better be sent for to s?e the body before burial, but Hudson dissented Tbe body was exhumed on Friday, two dajs afterwards, but was in snclx a state of decompose tlon that the external marks of violence were well ai^h obliterated But the testimony of tbe physician who diverted tbe body, and of several other physicians, who were examined as experts. w*s dlstwlct and positive that the violence used was sufficient to produce death. It was also in vtdence that, after the protracted punishment, Hudson untied the woman and sent her to the creek, some 150 yards distant, to wash herself, accompanied by a negro boy, with Instructi'iM to bring her back to him; that she complained of great thirst, and was seen to go down to the water's edge; that she remained thereabout fifteen mlnntes; that on her return she stopped two or three time*, aud complained of Laving a severe colic; that finally she stopped and cwuld proceed no further, when the negro boy, at tbe command of his master, took bold of one hand and Hudtou of tbe other, and dragged her towards tbe tree The main argument of tbe defence waa based upon tbe id^a that the woman went into tbecre?k i remained there fifteen minutes, drank to great excess, and that this, In all probability, brought en a congestion of tbe vitals and produced d??th sum ii an imperrect account of this horrible transaction. The jury hesitated much between a conviction for murder In the tint and murder in the second degree But finally they agreed and ascertained the term of Imprisonment in the penitentiary at eighteen years, the longest term known to the Law Hudson is now alxtv-slgbt years old, and there is scarcely a probability that be can ( survive hia c ..nliuement indeed be italready ex ceedtngly prostrated On Monday morning, tbe last day of ths Court, J udg* Gbolaon pronounced sentence upon him. ? ? I foliows: 1 Charles R udaon?You bare boen regularly trird for tbe murder of your own slave. You have been defended with great ability, and a jury of your own country have found you guilty murder in the second degree, and ttxed the term of your Confinement io the penitentiary at 18 years. In this verdict this court entirely concurs. I will not go into the details of the shocking deed. You tied and stripped a female, who dared not raise ber band against you?whose only protector in this world you should have been For three hours did you, in one of tbe totteat days of the summer, cruelly whip and torture this Uelpit-M woman, until. In tbe language of counsel, "the angel of death delivered ber from tbe baiida of her k>rmenter.r' Von have tbua committed a greet crime against both human and divine law ^ on have outraged tbe feelingaof tbe community among whom you lived. Yon have enabled their enemies to fan tbe dame of fanatioUui, by cbarifing against them tbeeuormlty and cruelty of your hard and unfeeling heart, although that community < ordially loathe and condemn cruelty and op^resaion towarda black or white. Hut, if vour crime has been great, your punishment will be heavy. You are an old man. in all human probability, before eighteen year* have expired, you will be dead Tbe remnant o! your day* are to be spent wltbln prison w_ll* The ldbora of the day will never be followed by the pleasures of home and friends?but night afUr night, uutll the lait nit; lit of your earthly existence, will you be carried to your narrow cell, and near, a* tbe prison house kee|>er departs, the harxh grating of the heavy key that keep* safe the door of your dungeon. From man you have nothing to expect Vour doom U fixed. A murderer, you are now a couvict and prisoner for life, and your sentence is -just, nay merciful. Nor Is there hope for you beyond the grave, unless you truly and deeply repeut. If y?'U will sincerely repent yourself of this horrible deed and your other sins?If you will bow your head to tLls deserved punishment, and pray Almighty Uod t> pardon your sins, and soften and regenerate your heart, there is hope. Yes?if sour repenUuce is sincere, it is certain that Uod will pardon you?for rest juured that the same jtower which translated the criminal from the Croas to Heaven, can and will save alive the penitent couyict Ltaaolate aiid dreary beyond description is your present condition. With a hard aud unfeeling heart, human blood resting upon VAlir hmH anH vn?? Hmk. I ?.1*1 * ' * - j < ?> j?*?i iiuiu* ?r?wipu w l!U it IPlOll chains. wnenever wearv and tlted. you may ask When ?haii 1 be free ?" tbl? verdict of IS years will answer?'-Never"?"never." Then 1 trust you will with dvep humility and aloetire repent-moe, feet and co:>iesa crime andaina, and that tbj? sentence may prove tbe uieana of aiving your soul. Gxcitexkmt is thi Billiard Woeld ?There 1? a prudiglotia atir juat now among tbe lovers of bilUarda. f.roduc?d by tbe arrival of M. Berber from Paris, tbe most skillful player in Europe lie came la tbe Adriatic tbe other day. and bus since made bis appearance aeveral tunes at I'belaa's rooaM, corner of 11 roadway and Tenth street. M. B*ratr has not played a regular game with any if oar jTioertcan players, but he be lias given several private u-ai}c*f to members of tbe prtas and rorsooal friends, to ejhiblt bis proficiency, ilia fancy abota. as tl?ey are called, and particularly tbat executed by tbe cue when held perpetnllc.itlarly, are really wonderful. It la Impossible to miIIWahI *' * * * utiibfi, w uuui >mu| 1UI uur wu. lull Milk are repeble of kuch a variety of motion* from tbe ?tr?ke of a atick, a? tbta moat accomplished artist will glvethem with the grente*t ease All billiard player*, fur ibatance, are timlliar with tbe force ?r drew sbot. by wblcb a ball having been struck I n one direction, suddenly loee* lta impulse and take* a nearly opposite or retrograde courae. All good billiard player! cad produce the effect to a certain extent Such player* aa Pbelan, Kavnagb. XVLIU, A r... depend upon for a many of tuelr moat brilliant effects But }n the band* of Berber tbe force baa a new meaning. He not only drawa bla tali back, but be drawa it with aucb power aa to uke srvt-ral autbion* and execute tbe moat Incredible caroma at th? end He will play a ball round a bat or any other object, and make It carom on another ball to almost aoy part of the table. Ha will fore* a ball to jump over a rue and return beneath It, caroming on another bell laeide le abort, hia performance* are aa various as they are astonishing ?If. Y. Pnl fa?M a*Tte?a roa thk Phi&cs is Richmond. I Va ? it It t?o\v detlultely settled that Baron Renfrew, who but laat week waa tiie Prince of Walee, will cerUlaly be here. Mould tbe rallroada adhere aUlctiy to their time-tables, and raa|e regular rounectluM, tbe good of U ichmond will re him laud at the Fredericksburg depot Saturday v?. - riiiwiuio^ avn m Urt?Ui, which will be nunday. and afford him an opportunity of attending cburrti and hearing tome one or more of our eloquent divine* Our Council bare * > far taken no step* toward* giving hu Kovtl HJxfcyes# a formal f?*?ptloa,ai?da*theyaro pretty alow to move 1q sue b matters the probab 111- I tie* are tfcal grand Bail will be glyen In honor of the young Englishman, but It will be by private snbacrlptlou The Ball will commence at twilight la consequence of IU occuring on Saturday night. To dajkce after twelve o'clock would be aain that lomr of oar people never 'onld forgive. The ladle* are in a high state of excitement, and oar dry goods bouae* and dine* makers will reap a g olden barveet during the neat six or eight day* it If not known who will be the fortunate lady to open t?* ball with Haron Renfrew, but 1 hear it very strongly bulled that on* of our lullllonaira* ha* aaaerted that be will pay ba}f the expense of tb? entertainment if the honor shall be prefer^ to hi* daughter If this b? true, and the ball i* at al) comparable to similar entertalnruenta in other part* of Um country, the gentleman aforeeald will pay qnito dearly for tbe gpatifcatioa of bla own pride and bt* daughter's ambition ? Cor. PtUrtI tmrf Erpre f?, St ft *7. .. rann. >t*W (Nkw CA*'WALL, STEPriENS A CO.. 349 Pennsylv*uift A vwiue, have just received ? liit?T?n?l?W n-w Vul Qoqd _ to which they taviU th? ?tu?tiy? of thmr ffi?aa???< (m?ii<iq?n. DN (NCK OF WA.LF.8 Rh~NFK?W M-* Is , P*. a*.. 1 1 f? 7) N?fr ooraer Tl^rt^nth at. ti aiuuc. ae U 2aw3m WM M ELLIS k. BRO. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY 8. 861 C St.. 10?S?n4m*. i He Will to-day ut?a hia li>i;< eatabli'lud tul well known NORFOLK OvsTBR a. SHUCKING DEPOT for the leuoa fMJ . He ha? made arrangement* t ? reoeive^?\^Ef' regular auppiiea oT the beet NOR- v?Hf FOLK OY?TKR** on every Tuesday, I Thursday, and saturda*. He will alio keep eon mart.y on hand a large and varied assortment of FISH, iitoluding evei y sort known b> Washington 1 He returns hia Bit -are tl-anks to those who patroniaed his Eatablishment dansg the sa*t ?easoa, and la confident that his increased raoilitiee for teasing constantly on liaod freah anpplie* of OY8 TKhb, FISH. GAMK, Ao , to., will a?pl7 reward a eorUnuanpe of their patrons ice and ouatom. Sold at tft?TJ*esi market pnoea, and delivered at all parts of the otty free of cliargM. ae 10-lm T ft. HARVEY. j^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and Drest Wear. i Parents aa4 guard is-ns wiabiiif to furnish their children ana wa*da ailli Sohwolard College Ou Wite for the oominx aeason, are invited to eiamine oar 1 present larre and extensive assortment BOYS CLOTHING, where ihey oan fit out their children of all sines in a few moments with every description of U<>adr-made Garments, of substantial and *^a*'a,"#iKl.'?SF8?r? oo.. Miiiiaouvn iu moir optrUlvD anil u?? Prices of the Kimiiiee a? established by tho Faten tee: 12 in. ojl'r fSM 113 inches cylinder, $5&> Double24 " 1,*W 32 ' " 1,380 4 38 ** " 2AO ' " 40 " 4^f?|4? * " 3,5<? '? 48 " 6,?noifln " " 5(*m , " 6ii * ?^no|?4 M " 750 We are are also prepared to farnish, at short no- ( tice. Architectural CaitinRs, f otn any demgn* that , may he furnished, aa cheap a< can be obtained elsewhere. Also, Steam Engine*, portable and station i arjr; huh or low pressure, saw and grist mil's; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilers for htating buddings, wrought iron water tanks; shafting, gearing. 4c., Tor flouring or other mill!, too forging of hid inl< U Ciuu g? l?tui ll-iUvIt Eagle iron works, Coknkk Ohio a v. a xu Th rtkk.vtk St. ericsson's camjric engines. The undersigned have tieen appointed *ol? agents in this city forth* manufacture ami sale of the above Engines, and are prepared to supply all order* with promp'nosa and dmpatch. These engine* have txtMii witmlaotorily introduced, and are now practically employed in bakeries; by bookbinder**; for boxwood cutting; by cabinet maker*; for drawing fan blower* to ventilate buildings; for pifinping; for donieetia parpoeea; elevating gram; (flat* cutting; giuniiu oottou; .grinding uuartz; grinding paint*; grinding ?ii)tar car.e on plantations in Cut*; for hoisting; for knitting uiachtn"*; br manufacturers ol'pla Ml ware; of printers' material, of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hooped skirt*; for pumping at railroad ?tat on* and i n iKxtnJ snip*; for seeing machines: for job printing and printing daily newspaper*; for various ^Imitation uses; for Hawing and planing lumber; for pickig hair: for polishing com ; for shoemakers' us?*; for sane sifting; turning; tobicco cutting and pulverizing; in tanneries and wire making e?t&olishments; for bOda water manufacture; for bone crushing; ina.t iua*hin|(; towing; grindiug cutlery. Jcc. They aro in?xplosive; economical; easily managed; they require no ongiueer*; use no water; and consume ve-v little fuel. Any parson dosirnus of usiug these Engines, can by application to tie undersigued l>e shown a large number of testimonials fron. persons who have them iu daily use, expressing their entire Ml lirilllllClbiDil IIILrCL Rumil Ig N?w Knftaad, udkn km uid wuh n * II rti Line ivcclK la THOUSANDS Ot CASKS. It act aaly nlil'M tb? child fram jmin, hat lurifarata* tba iiair.ich and bawala, earracta yi*?> tan* and ?oar(7 ta lb* vbala It will alrutat lintanily raliava Uxinna in thk Bowili and Wind Colic, tbd ???r:oti? e?>.?aln?u?, which, U rp**di<T raintdiad and ta daath *'| | b*?ia?a It tba HIT id IVIItT him- fok i mj* iu ul? would lb ?lI CMta frf DTI- < HILDKES iVTIIIUid ?UI IKKi IN CM 11. TEKTIf IKO.I'" *" **'?thar it arit*i (rau laaibiKK ll?: from tut I'lm Mm. W? woal i *? ta t'lif iaeil.*r wlio ha* * child ?aflariuf (ram any at ihi lortgifg CompkiuU-DU Bu! LIT rori riuiDuii, son tHi rHtJi'mria or othiki lard batwaan J?t *af*riaf ibiid and Un ranaf that will ha ria-;ai, iiioi.i'Ttl.T ?un??ta folia* tha u.? of tb Badiciix, if tiiraly a*ad. Pall diraeuoL* 01 atin^ v>ll a tampan* *acb bottla. Nona cauaiua auiaa* tht Uc-aitMla CORTIB PEKXINS.Naw York, iaau iba aaulda wtappt oid by l>ra?n>ta thro?rhoat tha warld. Olhca. Ma. 11 radar *??l T Expert?n sd NurM and Femals PhT*lcl*n, pre??nU to th? attention of mothers. her SOOTHING SVRUP. Far Ckildm T*?tiling, IFklak f r*aily faeliitnaa tha piuaii ?l taatbiaf, k* xftu uif ik? (itm, r?amcir| all iiifamrnaiiao?wilt allty ALL fal* and apaarv#dif tcuati.aiid t? S UK E TO R KG PLATS THE BOWELSOap*nd ip?u it, aatbara, it will fi?a raatla ;HnilfH,u4 RELIEF AND HkALTHTO YOUR INFANTS Wa h*T? pat ?f ?l J ?el 1 thia artiela for a?*r tan jaara, tad Car iat, in csarioinci and tut* if it, what va b*?* aa?ar kaac akia ta ?ay af auy OTMII Maticioa? n ? la| MK8. MA? IT PAILBD, m a ii a ?l i '"iwfwbukw.a ,ta!*cb t0 r?t-t a CB*Itl"i!*BLUW'? whtn tircaiy and. Mtrardid va! e<tt>y;aa r*<l an iuatanca af diaaauafaciMn k7 an, " , ?na ?ha wad it. Or tha aw.iratv.ail atai SYR J I', daiifbtad witb iu, A' ' ] * ? in lartaa af kifbait canimandmau af >w tn.-ual afacia and wadical Tirtaaa. Mi apaak in .hia laiinr ?H?T Wl no lnuvr," af'.artan yaura* aiparianea, and PHI>?i #u? BBPl'taf ion foh t M it LMLHtllT OP %nat V* H BR PBCLAKI. In aliaaat avary inatanca whara in* Infant ia anSarInf fran pain and aihaaatiMi, raliaf vill tia foand it Iftii* r l?antj muatai aftar lha afrap la auminmarad. Tim valaabla : r? i - r < a i? t?a Draacriiwi** ' ?' ?w? is u> oe run on tbe Ksaex load, between falpm and Lawrence?but, according to common rumor. It la to lie placed on the track between Lynn and Boston, when the horse railroad ia put iu operation. We shall see what we shall see.?Lynn heven VJ- Tbe Brighton, England. Ouardlan records the death of a clerk named Hellrlncer. In that town, from sue lng his pen. A slight wound in hi* lip being open, the Ink produced erysipelas and death Clerks will please bear this In mind and keep their pena out of their mouths. C37" The Captain General of Cuba has Issued an order for the regulation of the slave trade He aires the strlct-st orders to all the public functionaries to use their utmost eff >rta hereafter to prevent tbe landing of African slave* on the island. \ titka. wiwluw, writes lusiory in gasconading." a Railroad Novelty.?The new steam pa?aen^er car spoken of last week, recently constructed for the Kasb-rn Railroad,and said to l>e intended for the road between this city and Boston, came over from Salem on Saturday, and attracted some attention at the Central station. It looked like an ordinary passenger car, with two stovepipes sticking through the top, and a bell susCnded between them. It stands rather higher >m the rail than an ordinary car, and the maehlnery is underneath, between the forward wheels. The boiler, firebox and watertank occupy about elvht feet of one end of the car. while the rem ilnder contains stats for some fifty passenters. It la said to use only half the fuel required i do the same amount of work with an ordlnarv locomotive, while the wear and tear of the rail is much leas owing to the great reduction In weight, which Is fifteen tons less thnn an ordinary locomotive. It is said to carry fuel and water sufiietent for a run of fifty miles, while the speed Is al>out the same as ordinary locomotive. The time between Lynn and Salem was ten minutes. According to the Providence Journal, this machine ! Th? Wat Histo*t is Weittkw ?a Paris wit, describing tbe French historians, sav? : "Mom. Thiers writea history travelling In a poatchaiae over the battle groonoa of Europe, with a map oa one aide of him and a cook on the other. Mons de Lamarllne writea history by clipping other folka' labors Moits. de Barante wriUs history by clipping others' works Mons. Vlllemaln writea history by clipping off, wee blta, other people's labors, but doing so in admirable style. Mons. Mignet writes history by drinking emollient infusions in a chimney corner and measuring his sentences with a compass, to take care that tw\na Ko au?. -A ** .?... .w..?<ri huoji iuc oiurr. i>ioua ACDlMede Vaulabelle writes history by shaking hla flat in the fare of Europe, and screaming at the end of every paragraph. 'I sav bere, look ye. France ain't frala nobody, nohow* Mons 'Lois Blanc writes history by being to Tacitus what Tom Thumb is to Jack the Giant-Killer. Mons. Mlcbelet writes history by drawing pen-and-ink portraits which are alternately English vignettes of an Ideal beauty, or caricatures which make bar-rooms roar with laughter. Mons. Victor Cousin writes history In drawing the women of the Fronde in bust likenesses, but he is entirely too fond of dwelling on the bust Count de Montelambert writes hlstorv in exorcising. Mons J.J. Ampere writes history a-travelltng. Mons. Troplong writes history In annotating. Mons. Capefigue ' A 1- I -A ? - EDUCATIONAL. Tbladrnsburg academy. HE Above Institution ?m rwpMMl on th# 10th instant. The oourae of inotruotion ia Claaa oal. Mathematical ard Commercial. Youa? centlemen can be pr? pared for college orany scientific pursui'. A limited nu>nb?r of boawrders will be received and treated ae members of the family. Early application ahou d b* mad*, aa there arc but few va-ancier. Terras for board: ?120 per aeaaion of 10 month* ; one-ltalf payable in a-ivance. Day pupils from ?5 to ?10 per quarter. PtAgt-a run twioe a day from Waahinjton to the Ac*den?y. Prof. J. FILL, Principa', ae 29 g,TATh3t* Bladenaburf, Md. Plain field academy. (Nm Caai.ui.*. p*v) Twenty ninth session (2U weeks) eom'i.enoes N<? vein Mr Mil. A family echool for Twentj-fire zood bojra, for wboie comfort and improvement the time and energy of the Principal i? a?vt>ted Entire expense ?75. Circular*, at Star Oifioe. To fill a few vaoancioe call at Kirk woods from 3 to 5 p. nu, October 18 and 19 ; or atldr-w R. R. 11UR Principal and Proprietor, Plaiofceld. Cumberland eounty . Pa. ?e *>eolm_ Academy of modern langauages, lWi?IIloOIO!t BCILDISO.) Pa Avenue, Comer <jf Seventh Strett. I Private Instructions ihFrknch AST) Spa.suh. day and kvknjng ('lasses ** 4 %rt'T 1 r* JX iT /I I i 1/iT A M. Dk MONTUIKRY, Profiteer of Modern I,jin*ua?os and Literature, ha? th? honor to an| nounco that he will resume hia Clashes and Private Lesson* on Wednesday next, the 19th of Sfplwnbor, in the above Aoadamt. Ha i? prepared also to five, in hoIiikjIs and privato Tamilian, a C<>ur?e of <ecture upon the Frenoh Literature, from the KarllMt Formation of the I,anjua*e to the Present Tnne,^ , I ui tvrm> hdu iurint?rp&riicuiara inquire at the 1 Acadeinv. where Prof. Do Momhurnr will be in attendance daily from 9 to 11 a. m and from 5 to 8 p. m. ae 18 lm PKMALK EDUCATION. J HOSE Parent- who wiah their daui?hteri to r?oei ve a thorough anJ ayatettatio education. where their phyiioal trailing wi.l receive dail* and apeeial attention, under the moat approved a r atom ofCnliathcnic and (>ymna*tioa, are reMpectfuily invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and \?w Vnrlr *? MK. Jt MKS. Z. KICHARP#, &u 30 tf Prinoipals. fcMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, r alexasdria, va. Mr*. 3. J. McCORMICK, P*i:?cifaL. The thirteenth arnual session of this Institution will comiiifiioe on Tuesday, September 18tli, in the house recently occupied by Sylve.ter Soott, Esq., No. 1^0 Kiiik street. '1 he course of study pursued will comprise all tht* branches requisite to a thorough English Etlu oation, and Mu.ic, K.ench, Latin and Drawing, it ><^.1 ri?.l In addition to day scholar*. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepare.! torecoivea limit.*) number of pupil* as boarder*, who. constituting & pan of her own family, * ill l>? u> tier h?r immodiate oare and supervision. She will onJoavor. a* far aft possible, to ?urround them with the comfort* and kindlv iufiuonoes of Home. Htfrr< *< *.?.?Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Enas Harrison, Rev. D F. Spring, William H Fowle. Esq., Edgar Snowdsn, Ksq . Edmund F Witni-r, Esq., H: nry .Marbury, Esq , l.*>wis fcfjlCen?i?, E*q , Roltert H. Hunt>>n, Esq . \V D vVallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Water*, E*q.,Jas. Entwisie. Jr., F.?q ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, M"**rs. UiacklocV * W*r?k?.li n...? Brother*. Tnvi. Board, with Tuition in all the Rngliah B anchea, ?2?>for the annual ?ea*ion?payable *?iiii annually, in advance. Mimic and Languages at Profoanora' pnoe? H_/~ No extra charge*. ail 28-tf the PKESCOTT high school. 1 37 u Eighth St., Ritv?is KamdLSt*. Studies trill he reamnod m tin* institution on MOv DAY,September 3d. Circular*at bookstore*, au 16-U A. C. KICHAKDe. Principal. Metropolitan collegiate institute for vovno ladies, 4?>4 e St.. BlTWOI ?th ? wn 7tii a<ra The fourth annual ses?ion of the Institute will oom:i:enceon the hrst MONDAY iu September. A aplioaMijn-ahould l>e made early, aa the number ui pupil* la limited. Fur particulars see circular* or arpiv to the principal*, Mr. and Mre. T. II. HAV KNS I'.R. at the Iriatitute. au 9 tf ]\| R?. M. R.KINGHFOR US SEMINARY, _ ?!t r- ST.. VV AttKINOTOX, D. C. The next moioii will commrace October 1st. 1869. Term*, Ac., forwarded on application. au 15 tf VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKI.IN, Tuchik of Mcur, 342 H, between 6th and 7th Strata. sel-polin ( 1tOR(!r;Tn\VN FKMALK SKMINARY, VI (Formerly Mis* L. ?. EMLIIH'i.) A ROAR DING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this liiHtitutien will lie resumed on the ! r?t .Monday in September next. The u?'ur?e of instruction embraces ail that is taught, Irom the rudiineuts to the most high!) f.u la'MHl edui'.ation. The corps of te&ohers, tnn in niiin)>er,are enunr*nll V uimlihcjl H*imrion/?Ail " -???.? ?I ^ ? ?? ?? w^irwa.wuvvM Hi HIUl I ?w Vlfti department*. I.eoture* Pri'lay evening on tho Natural Scienoea without charge to the pupils. Circular* mav boobtamnd by adiireamnn the Prin eipai, Mi&k W.J HAKKOVKK,Georgetown, D C. an 22 ooHiii YOU SALE AND RENT." CM>R IIKNT.?A uew and hand*>m? FRAME F HOUSK will be for r?nt In a few days. It ia beautiful? ltuatsd on Tliirt??enth etreet. l>otw??eu (janrgia avenue and K ?t.. Navy Yard: has a large tanl^n lot attached, a purap uf ( ud v&ti-r n sr. and oonraiu*4 ro?m?t kitchen and w. odshed. will l?e ret.ied low, with or without the lot, to a tenant. For tal* cheap, a eood.stronz WORK HORSK : work* well iii anything fuquire of T. E. CJ.AKK, Navy Yard; or of70HN PATCH, 1(19 H St.. between 4th aud 5th jy IS ffOR RKNT?Three BRICK HOUHKfr-onew Twelfth ?treet, between C and D; one on the corner oT Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H, he twwn 12th and lSth xts. Inquire or JAM K9 W BARKER,on H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 424. ma 90-tf I?OR RLNT-Tke FIRST FLOUR of the buildI i: i n;ii-iod:aU).y opposite th* vmi win< of the City Hal., recently ooonpied by ChM. S. Wallaol. as an uiboe. Also the front room in the second story and tus third floor of the same buiidiui. For terms apply to RICHARD WaLLACH.No. X Louisiana arena*. ja U U WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND coal Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the loweat possible rates. T J.4W. M. GALT, Office WSS Pa. av., between 11th and 12th st? . ina 17 tf uorth side. ooal! coal!! Kj wood ! wood :: 1 am daily reoeivinx lar*e kuppl ? of COAL from the very bx*t I'enns) lvauia miiiea, which I will eell it reasoi ah e p icoa Alto, the he*t quality of Oak, Pine and Hickory WOOD,cutanH split, alllengtha. Call and leave your order*. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ae 17 (Statea) Cor. C and 14th ata.. near Canal. N 0~T ICE! I wiah all gentlemen I^W \ to hear in iiun.l that ^ i^H tha plan which I ^ aix jMri ago, of eelling ^ ^ PliATS arul BOOTS at greatly re Uuoed prioes for owh ia in auooeaaful operation. Juft received a full Mipply of the lateat New York at)lea of DRESS Ha I^ The Tory fmext Hat t3&>; a firt-t rata Hat *3; and very good.faahio able Hat ?2 30. All of ??lateat at? lee of aou HATS and OAl*S,at th* very low eat pneee. I am oonatantljr nupp.iod with a very large atock of thoM fine DRESS BOOTS at ?3.75?which I have heeu a?liiog for many yrara?aa well aa the very beatqual t? of Patent Leather G A IT KRS at .faau Fine French CaJakin Gaitera from #2 to $2 5?. Ternia eaahiBo extra oharge in order to otfaet baddebU ANTHOllY, Agent for the Manufaoturera, Seventh atroot, aeoond hat atore from the corner, opposite Avenue Houee, No. *40. ?e 14 3m PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all CaptaiM and \ owueraof V??ael?, bound to the DUtrict >?gs. of Columbia., notice is hereby givou, that^MCfc Pilot? may be found at ali times if Sit George'* the mouth of ft. A|*o'a river, mil near Pincy Point, ana that it is not n'owurj to take Virginia Pilots from their boatf, when the *Miel 1* l?ound to Georgetown or wa?hingtou oitjr. MMafjriana Pilots can be found of at least equal I kill and reliability. au ll-eodau?* Mrs. CBCUJA^OUI^o'HMthe honor to aauoanpe the removal of Mr VooaJ Institute to No. 49* Eleventh street, between H and 1 >t?. ? U-eolm FD. L. MORRISON ft CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, , _ Aud wholeealo dealt* rslit MILL rRKD, CORN, tc? Corner of Uth aad B streets, Washington city. 1U~ Caeh paid for all kindu of Oram antl %m 0 NKW MSLOi?S?r? N.^.. 5"?LLIti M V 306, belwaou %Oi auu \UU ?U, . . V V V " *? U a L L OFFICK, ' ftUtt FA. A*., BSTW. Um aid ttr? ST?., " Nt.rtu h*. i Mill ^ ' ?rf ftv?t of S^venuei t h ?t, m> IT tf R*I"W W'tr m*ul> BAUTllfOKhei XTKK HOV8K. J Dull hn>^iviii< li t:i M:J ^*-.rJ,l*lin4?r rMI 0 ii#*. A'w?. ukio Dutu-c.ftt lirft a.-' l? < KLLltX h i * ?. v Mr ? il * HliDklw FI*o->. b?<ttiuwia. WATCHRKHA|KA,N1^D?,;VF.K XVARE ( I hare one of tho beat aiitabliali???eBts. and far niabed with a complete ?et ol toola lor repair Jtv inc every d*?oripuon of hae Watches, eixt f^u ft partiumar attention r>ve to tha urn*, h> * thorough oompatent workman And a work cnarau- n tied Al?o, evarv deaorip loa of a andard SlI.VKR o WAH K. pia in and ornamental. inanulVlu ediK.rte- : my ovn supervision, which my ou?t<mer* will Bod n liar superior iu auftlity and finish to northern war* E auid by dealer* 111 gaaeral and r*r-r?MiiW ? their fc nfn manufacture. II. O HOOD, ? C *3** P?. avenge. nirar Sth rt. TBAL/ACI* NKW novku * HK Gr?*tneeaai?d Decline of C?*??r Bir?lte*rd, j< from tea t- reuob of Hoaore 4* Halsae, tr.tMialml bj l>r.W WubtawlK ??. Hoodnab; I vn .:?ric? 91. BUNt'HAkDk MoHliS ?? 14 Kieventh ?? aw ' >?* | WH G ALTS' ~ ~ J Ik <1 II A M I? " " ' VVM?**I?| vtci; ?? ni/ ' i-m'41 I i**1 'II HI .>U D ate. St. Nicholas, ?v*ry SATURDAY,at6a m. For freight, to?apply to ? fttOg. W. RILEY, A cent, Ril?y'? Wharf, at lh? fixit of nttr tl-TtTfim llth at . W uhinr^ob National, soap and candlb 1 WORKS. ftmii SrtiiT, J Btlvtm Brutf* and WmUr ilruti, _ Qtorgitom, D. C. ? A larp* stock of CANTH.K8, Brown. Family, Caatil* and Facoy bfiAPS. Alto, TALLOW and GRRASE c for LooomolivM, Staamboata, ami ail ktwia of HMaiBMT. always on hand, , , A and for sal* at prioaa to auit tha trade J C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. i 1 10 antf - mippiea, Duma, t?c*iai, sore i nratt or tny inO am mitten ?r P"Uu, oo difference ho* ?i*rri or lonr the .it m? ? [>*t tmifl, McLF.A V'H CELEBRATED LIM.MKST J| ( certain remiilr. Tboueandi of human beinfe h??? been enved a life of die- T crepitude und many by the ue of Uiit luraluafclt remedy. 0 McLL'AX'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve paiu almoat luatanuuaenaly, aad II wiU clean, purify and kit! (la fooleat aorta ia an incredible abort utae. FOH HOKSES A\l> OTHER ANIMALS. ti McLEash CELEBRATED LINIMENT iatba only aafa v and reliable remedy fur tke care of Spavin, RmiVooe, Wmdfal'e, Sp'ibta, Uamiaral Lampe. Node a or Swellinre , It never foiled to core Bif Head, P"lle*il, Fit tula, Old * Running ( '?!, or Sweeay, if properly applied. for Bpraioa, Brunei, Be rat" bee, Cracked Heele, Coafea, Saddle I or Collar (Ulla, Cola, 8ore?, or Wouada, ii ie an infallible remedy. Apply it ae directed and a care u cartaia in every inataace J Than triile ao laufer with the maay worihleee Linunenia ?Itrred to y011 ObiMu a eupplt of Da. MCLEAN'S CELE- 1 BRATEl) LINIMENT. It will cure eon t, J H McLEAN, Hole Proprietor, Corner Third and Piae eta., Si U'.ia, Mo. CHARLES STOTT, 3!5 P? av , aale arent in Wxehtaffton; R. 8. T. C1SSEL, Ueorgetown. aeM-DAWly R NOTICE! KtiULAR STEAM PACKET LINE BE- . TWEKN BALTIMORE AND JT? ^ * WASH1NGT0 N.-Le?ve Com- WJ me roe at wharf, Baltuuore, aa C owa: The St Nichql a every WEDNESDAY, at 6 p m. colcmbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. ui tl heave K lley'a Wharf, at the foot of 11th atr?et d Wa*iiin* ton, aa followa : n pairubh u'un\i l'qr\a v uaduiiki r not i n.omim; trjr it, aad you will be coarincei It la de- J Ucioae to uke CA VTION. t Flew re of drngfiate or dealers who m*y try to pala apna you eooie biuer or airaapirill* traeh, which they tu t-u* a cheap, Lt aiem# it ii luat ? rood. Afoid each u.en Ask * ret Mcl.VlAVB 8TK ENuTHENINli COKDIAL. and take 0 nothiof et?e. It is the only remedy that viU partf/ the BlooJ ihoroafblr nuil ?l tht same lime etreagtbea the eyetem. Out teaepooiiful taken < ?* ty min n.j (uuaf U t ciruia * pre eratiee for Choltrt, Cbi I la u4 Feeer, T alio* Ft tar, or lur preealeut diaeaee It la pm up la large bottIra Trice 1 oufy fl per bottle, ?r t Lottlee for #5 J H M< I.CAN', Sole proprietor uI thia Cordial; also, NcLeao'e Volcaaic Oil Liaimenl Priucipnl Depot oo ike corucr ot Third sad Plu* eveete, St. I.oaia, Mo. { McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) The only safe aud certain care for C-iaeera, Pllaa, Taniira, Swellings aud Broacbile or Cottre, Pnralyau, NearMfia, Weakueea of the Muaclee, Chrouic or luB aumauiry Rheumatiani. Hufueaa of the Joint*, t'outractel Musclee or 1 Lifements, Ear rbe orToothache, Bruises, Pprains, Freeh ' Cuts, Wcunds, Ulcere, Fever Hores, Caked Braaat, Sara n-.Lon t? reatorad to IU priattna health and vifor. MARRIED PERSONS, \ or othere, eoeieeinBe of mahtli'r fr?wi ah<ir<er eauae, will tnd MI-LEAN'S 8TRENUTHEN1NQ CORlMAL a Iho- j r?Ufh re(?ner?tor of lb* eyetam; and all who nut have ia1?reJ thari.aelvei by improper ladalgtncea will ta ibu * Cordial a certain ai. 1 apeedy ren.edy TO THE LADIES M< LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL le eo?er 1 (i>n and apeedy cure for Incipient Conaaaptiuei, VS hiiea, OSatrortatl or DiBcolt Meiie'rmtion, liK-ontiuence of t rine I nr lnTolint?rr |)iwhtrp thereof, Palimf of the Womb, (iiildlneee, tymOnf. ana all dm?iii lueidaut tu Kimilra 1 THERE IS NO MISTAKE A ROUT IT ftnfer ua langar. Taka it according t j direction* It will tiraalaie, atraugthea, and inaigarata yon and caaaa the bloom of healtk to mount your cheek again. Keary bottle la warranted to gt?e aaliafaciioo. ( FOR CHILD REX. If your children axe aickly, puny or afflicted, MCLEAN'S , CORDIAL wt'l mat* them heallliy, fat, and roLual. Delai 1 Black Root, htupi- F BW*v rill*, Wild Cbitr; JBFB B-rk, aad DandeI'ob fXmI fJ nttri luta lU coat- M(l * W^fe pwiuoi. Bh IWn ] Tne enure active , ^^ C. sJjPg-^. y remedial principle of each mjredient is Before 50?5s;Sl'2SS*ilfter taking. distillmr, producing a ddictou*, c ibilaratinf spirit, tal iht aoit infallible remeiy for renoe-tn.j the diaeaaed eastern, and reetorinf the sick, luffinnj, ud debilitated utilid Id < health and streagth UrLEAX'S STRBNGTHBNISO CORDIAL j Will effectually cure Li?er ?'oapLiint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Chrouic or Nereoas Debility, Diseases of the Kidnsrs, \ aj.d all diss aca arising from a iliwfilirid Litir or Itomeh, : Dyspepsia, He\rttmrn, Inward Piles, Aridity or Bickitu of I ike Stomach, Fullness of Blood to the Head, Doll Pain or Svimtninf in the Heid, Palpitation of the Heart, Falluees or Weigt.t m the Stotnach. 8oor Kme'.itiooe, Choking or Suffocating Peeling when tannr down, Dryreea or Tallowueaa of the Skin an 1 Eyes, Niffct 8?a?u. Inward Fevers, , Pain in the Small of the Bnck, Oheet, or Side, Sudden ] Flushes of Hen, Depreeaioti of Spirit*, Frightful Oreama, Languor, Despondency nr any nervous diseatr, Bores or 1 Blotches on the Skin, and Fever and Ague (or Chills and Kirir.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES have bean sold during the last sn mouths, and in no instance haa ii failed in gmng euure satisfaction. W ho, then, will safer frw Wesvuess or Debility when McLCANV STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will car* yon * No laaruage can convey an s'lequate idea of the immediate and almost miraculous Chang e produced by takiaf this Cordial ia the dueaaad, debilitated, and at.aMered aervoua . systtrr, whether l.roken dowu by eicesa, weak by nature, or impaired by sicknesa, the relaxed and uaatrunr orwani. . ? ? ?*?? wui/iau AMU BLOOD rCRIKlKK THE GREATEST REMEDY tm the WOULD, and the moat /Jlk r?W it trteilv a ICIpftAI Mr eatifie ?nd Vfjn?HHrU Compound, pr?CSU cortd by th? duti.l*- Uj^^K tion ?f rro;?, htib?, *? All ST flrAAn it.. SMirc?t,ivn. J" OtJ. F. UIRCH, UNDERTAKEK, C#r. Bridand J'fmMi *?*., b>or|r>HM. Having riven iut krwutlattention to tku bianch of my huKio^B*. 1 an; prepe-red to .?-jj ?, _ attend toallo*.:'* with pr me?nets Per?ou? from adirtano* ean iie?upp!i?*! at a 'ov luiuuWn' notice. a* I have a large ageortiTieot of C? ?FF!NS a wave on hand. Particular attention paid to tue removal of the d* ad from the old to tne new burial f ronnda. Hearsee and Horaee (or hir?. ap l'>-6m 1>H. J 11 McLKAK S RTRV.WftTITTJWTVa rm> nnr GEORGETOWN LDVERTMT9 JUST KECKIVKD10 hhdt. prime Porto Rico SUGAR9, 15*> bbl?. i .Id Rt? TVHlrKY, 250 hbla B KR ft 1 N G tnd A LEW 1V F.S, M bb,?. CruikaH >.d .IT.t d J aobkca Rio and Java COFFEE. M hMa.ilow priced) MUL\^K3. For aala by JOHN J. BOGUE. ? 10 f^RANUKLU OPTICIAN, X, N*. 188 Bridtt st? BMHiliMi Hu cor.gtant on hacd a larj? aa?ortmrat of Frsnoh N?*r lighted. Panaoor.o. Otl-AAO, or?<L aL other 8PECTACLBS, of*-P the L??t qua.ity. ib cold. ?iIror. steel. and Of mat ilrer framea. N. R. OW K*&ra?a Repaired km ? w mm ?rt in them to order. no 1*1 j |V|A89EV. COLLIN? * CO.*? PHILADELL?1 PHIA DRAUGHT AL.E.?\V> are c"i.iit. t y reoeiviDf fre?h uppl??? of tieelH>r? deUsUtfui beverage, and invito all persons who want a pure an adulterated A)*, to tire it a trial. ARNV h. SH1NN. A(*nti. . THE WEEKLY STAB This (SMtlHt Ffcmlj tM Nrw? J?aml-?r *i'p'*f l (TNW vsf1**y of iktwwbii MAII Tn?-Ai*. <>nnrt?,fc *'"" ^-gsa^Bffiss o iMar&lly Uroukoit Um ?ni(ri. ^fluilttoilMiiivnwMlNaktrnnr . CTFoitiMiMr. vhoutu h?U will b* low#4 aeommtMtoD of* tnti MEDICINES. 4l'?? S SARSAPARJLLA Srar^r &.??s*rs ssrsswytt? . ?. ? far from Strumous oomplaint*. ud that dm whtoh w. aoc<>mp i*fc Uwr our* aiiittrmor >ki*>?bm Mrrua 1? Uii iarC* oly* of oar fcUov oiuxuu*. How compietalj thi* cuinpouadiri]] do it haa b?Mi prov*n t j xp*rim*nt ob man? of U.a worst owm? to W? loua n Um foiioviac ouapla>nU: Sornfula and fterofu'ott Comulaint*, RrupUon* and Kruptivo hiMMNlti?*ri>iniil?i, BI<>toh??, Tumor*, tait Rtiwn, Saad Huad. ?ip*uiiee3 Syphilitio AITetioa. MercurialDn*a*i, Uroauy. Noura |ia or Tie Douloureux. D*bilitf, Dr*p#p siaand indigMtioc, Krrn??ta*. or Mt * . isatcE&z*&?%&&?? S3?sfeSi iss^g^issrQSsSwJ? SxTSS? H*1'? u nou 01 owo^t Tiw> r*?U upon it. A?d w? think w*> h?v? *r?>u>.d for b*li?*in? it h?a * irtoM vkiah *ro liTMiatibl* by the ordinary ran of tk? diMUM ii i* mteuded to Mur* Pr*p?r?: Of Ur. J. C. AVER k. CO., Lov*ll Mm*. Pno? ?1 **r botti*; *lx bottl** in on* p*ok W? #5. m ISecln Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation.. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATEP" COMPOUND FLUID FX TRACT BUCHU A Ponttve and SpMific Rcmodr For Dimum oi th* BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVKLj *n:U>R OPSICALBWEiJ^NOft. y&M^TIOgj.J^.J^VtpJilJt. HKUMBOLD-8 EXTRACT ,!^i?obr:sSi-5**r * Easr fiSsEpsiSa* fcjZ?*fe;?[S ?. wSacss.* jot HAadt^^* ? the u?? ^? la Ui? jutt* "" *A thony a Fir*, Md. id4?~i. Ik* vbol* cIkm at *om ?" * * from Impvity of U? Bood. Thi? compound wiT b* fowl a rrwt promoter of h^lth. vfcm tek.a id U*, w,TbifoSl humor, wbioh fMUr in th? Ui it uif **..? *< " uf'j.8', th. u?my imllin oTtbem quit nirklin* <J..order. tr? "tPP^ in t.?d. Mailttnd*. CM.a. t>y th? Mi of tni. rwu4t,iMr? Ih.M elve. from tho *ndarti:oe of f.>s r*?tion. tMlTi arm aotwa, ihrou.h wtoek thr ???t'rr wiilUUEL. fc? rid itae f of oarrupttona. if not aaaiatad to da thia through tha r Jktarm.1 ehannela of the budr bi aa alterative medicine. Cleat a* oat the vitiated blood whenever jui fend ita mpurltiee baratiM throagh the at in to pimpea, erapcioaa or ao raa, eaaaae it whan you Ul<J it ia obatraotM %ad a ucciah it tha v<*in?: cleans# it whenever it ia to*1. ai*yoar fee! liiga wmll tall yoa whan tCren where wo partie*iar diaorder ia (V.t paoale enjej batter ji?a th. aud live ongar, for etoaneinr the blood. Kaea the blood health*. and ail ia wail; bat with thia pabaiuic of if? dtaordatV, theie can be ao taatiag i.?alui. Sooner or l?t?r aomethinr mast go wrong, and taa great machinery cf life .a diaorderador ovarthrowe. Durtbg lata yeara tha public have baas lavaiad bv ----- ?r W WMIOB nil dioine ic?%ri?bly mom, moon fo!,ow? Tmpotency. fatuity, epileptic pita. Is Oniot wiici m Patimt hat Etriu. Who o*o Uf t rut the; we not7r?>?ueiit.j ioi,ow?d yj tho?? "DIREFUL DISEASES^ -INSANITV AND CONSUMPTION. (ut are *w%r* of tM cmh of tn?ir tufVltix, BUTyONB WILL CONFESS. rUK RECURDS OF THK 1N HAM R ASYLUMS And tk* Mtlnncholy IM+tht by CmiwiKiwi l^nrti um aid of m?disiD? to trrartfeM Wkick Hilm kOLD'a AtiransiSFies*. A. TRIAL WILL COV\ mcU TUB lOtT IIIPTIClL FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES, )JLD OH incsa, a/yuLU, mahkIEU. am Um Hblmsolv's Extract Brcavfor a. ilto >" ""'"SKA'iv OEOANB. """""iffitoiFIIUU. rom trhatrrvr owe oruiLAUni and no MtUr of HOW LUNG STANDING -fflfiMisqgKamK" Llid is oert&in to h*r? U?e dMir?d it aji Ol?mm FOR WHICH IT IS KECOMMfcSDEOT ividence of tlu most reliable and rwpamtibU U*? *" SSSWric ATI??F"O?? ra. >Vwm m i *' poors' siamthmt, W"*N?K!SfE't"lSDF*ME. Prior f 1.00 *?r tolUe, or aix Ur ti.OO. Deliwed to any Addr*aa, Mourtuy pi?k*d ito > Imnwini. [)X?CE1BK STMFTOXa IK All CoKMVinCATIOM. . area OaaruUtlT Advice Gratii'.i AFFIDAVIT COPiTEMPLATINU MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS t'RCl LIAR TO 'EMALES, the eg tract Bucbi ) idnui:>ed by day other remedy, aa to ChUroeia or ReteoUoa rretculvity, Paiuruineaa, or Suppression ofCuomarv F.Tacaationa, U'oerated or Hoirrhoua etaia if tne U tenia, LeooorrhoeA or Whites, Hterillity. nd for a.! complaints incitfsrt to the hi. whether .nain^froia Indieoretlus, Habits of D seipatioa. 'r ln DKCLIMK OR CMAfTVX OP LIFE. iO FAM1I.F*HOBK*?wPfTH OUT IT Tmk* m mart Bmltmm, Mtrrmry, or 8ECRKT KsKASKt n all their IStagee. At little expeaaa; kittle or ao chAnjeh) Dial; No inooovMieaoo; t <<tu(?a a free Dent deeire am jiree atreagth to Innate, thereby Removing ubefrnctiona. Preventing anJ ouncg Mr;oturee of tAe l.'nrkr*. AUtying P&icarid luflainBiation, ?o fraaMnt m he OIM* or di*Ata?c. and expeiiiuj aU Pnrontmt Httaterf, and mm out Matter, THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO ?A*B I1IUI TBI ICTlfe&B 0? OFACK?, nd Who liar- MidliMty/wi to b? car4 IB a?kort S&aSwM0! UwoolTad, Md that Ui? POISON L?, Jit tAfl IN of"roWBBFTL U*T!W*hti, Uned gy in tfc? aygteui. to Imk Ut in an Befrarat?? forir.. and PSKHAPS AfTSh MARR1AVM. Pernonally appaarM t>oior? mo, an Alderman neoity of Phi ada!plna.H. T. Hr.MKiHi.wbn ?*< ( oly worn, doth My. hi? preparation* m>. tain bo arootio, no eroary, or o'fcar ii.j?rio?n Crvj*. v?i*UbW H. T. HKLMBOI.IJ. ftworn and iiutoriM bafora ow, Una ad day of tombir, MM. WM. P. HIBBKKD, AUUrm^m, Ninth mart. abova k -o*, PbOa. Addraan I attar* for information in oonfidane* to H. T. HK1.MKOLD. CUnuL Vko rodsavor to dupoaa of mmi* owr ud OTH**" ItTICLM OR Til KJOT7TATTOII ATTAUtlS ll.boU'n *mnim * ? m " Caa+anUa. ? la^roTMloM Wuk, Sold V.y *. B. Wait*. *?? Baranth rUaet, tad 8. !. pum.Jk . aornar t*aaa * w ^ fffiSSSUlh. M ?VW? >??-<OlT jrp.0. OPJN.^gp^ND^iii NOTICt 18 l>lf to tka froruioai of tW oidiMM* ?T tk#C??romUon &?pruT?d 1*. IMH, tua nder*ifa*ii ?f ow prepared. rM?ini le vriUet.M* n rrt-HTMot olai fee uflflj oeota, to Inepae*. lamia*, teettJpruve, ud wetrttii th? MM?r?<i) of ?*i?tr*tion or My iu ie?t?r ia in m Uia ' * * ',rery meter, if found inoorreet, will beeo?3e?M?d, oil auoUer, ee*ed u4 ?*Hwd ? tree be *U**riuumtZio?,Vt'vUI beeeaiCTi!eeordi??;>* (M kMr M wn. ~jj~ MA0NOL4A HA mi I nr E lr*HU| > rMMft of Urtkmr ?u ff ( I?m HMQ? lk#T Uv? l?u b* . " 1 M.a Coraw UU>?.u4 Yw^vu.

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