Newspaper of Evening Star, October 2, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 2, 1860 Page 3
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I LOCAL" wgws," Tijoti^h Tm Stab It printed on the faateat team f rem *n uae atUtfc of Bait;i?op?, ite edMlcm t? ao Urge as to require it to be put to preas at an early hour. Advert Usmenta, therefore, should be m. a - ? ? _ ?_1 u ?- _ - ** ? rOMMITTKK 1IPOITI Bill to pay tbe expcnscs of a special election In the SrruM Ward; passed. Bill making an approprlallon to enclose tbe new central guard. Louse and pi pe yard wUb a brick wall; passed Bill making an appropriation for casual repairs Iii tte Third Ward; parted. Bill to grade and pave tbe alley In square No 121; pa*?. d Bill to' ta*- np and relav tbe gutter on tbe south side of I alre?t it?rib, from Teutii to Eleventh streets west; passed Bill to construct two gutters across <i street soutb. in the Seventh Ward; passed. Bill to rebuild a bridge" In tbe Sixth Ward; passed Hill to lay a wster main In Thirteenth street west, fiM K street north to Massachusetts avenue; p used _ Biil to lay a water main la K street north, from TUirUwuth to fourteenth street w?st; passed. BUI to erect a public hydrant. and for other purposes; passed. Bill to furaish the Ceo?M U a.kut ?s?*k A-? 1 a- 'I-*-* CI Wt%u pon uiiurt*. SIIU W UJgUl I {XJTtion of the toitir; pi ?d. Bill waking an appropriation to repair the TN'Mlera Market; passed Bill for the relief of Wm. Mwcf, passed. Joint resolution for the relief of F. S Walsh: referred. Bill to ^nw! F.lerenth street west, from Muyiand avenue to ths Potomac Ri*er; passed Joint reoolvtlou Of th? lower Board authorizing the '1 ruilari of Public fehooli to employ Mckn of vocal tnnalc ia the public ar.hoolt; paid. Jetet raaeluttoa authorising the Water KiyliMr to extend the time for receiving proposal* for erecting sidewalk Are-pluga; passed Adjourned Cvmmo* Count* t?The Board me* at the nsual boor, the President in tbo chair. A romiunnlratton was received from Jos. L. I^>wry. Mating tbst bis fire-plug bad bean pat dawn at tfce corner of Ninth aud D streets; sad that It would sffwrd bim mucb pleasure tf tbo board would be present to witness a trial of its merits, on Thursday afternoon next, at four o'clock. The invitation was accepted. laTSODCCZJ) A.1D BKVBXKXD. Bill to trim and gravel F street north, between Seventeenth aud Twenty-second streets west; bill to trim and gravel Seventeenth street west, fro in I street to Pennsylvania tvenne; bill for the relief of Wm M. i?bu?ter; petition of Samuel Meacham. for the abatement of a nuisance, petition of Daniel tjueen, for the refutation of a fine; petition of JJaniel Sullivan, for the remission of a tli.e RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED. H'foir < /. That the committee on improvements be Instructed to inquire into the expediency of tahiaa up aad reiaviog the pavement on tbe south side of C street north, Between Second street west nd New Jersey svenue, so as to adapt it to the grade on First street west Resolved. That the committee on police be instructed to iaqulre iato the expediency of providing bylaw for the appointment of an additional I olice magistrate, who aha 11 hold his office In the Central guardhouse. Retired, That the Water Registrar be. and he is hereby, authorised to exteod the time for receiving proposals for side-walk Ore-plugs. SILLS PASSED. Bill from the Board of Aldermen providing for the redemption of certain certificates of stock Hsued la la#4. Bill to lay a water mala on Tenth A west, from H to I st north Hill to lay a water m on L st north,from Seventh to Kleveuth sts. jAst BM1 to lava water main in the street odtx> rat in now* o ciwi moinenrue uxy may not appear until tbe next day. -q? u^- i Nortel ? Dtatrlct of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In the BiLmoti Sen are receired at and forwarded from Thi Htak Offlce. Citt Cocscus. Oct. I, 1860 ? Bo?t4 /" Ablermen ?Tbe board met at 7 o'clock p m , tbe pre?ldent In tbe cbalr. co**rmcATio?i?. On? frara tb* Mayor, trvwmittl ng Utt sUteeatfc annual report of tbe Board of Trustee* of the Public School*; referred to public acboola committee, and 300 copies ordered to be printed Also, cne from tbe tame, announcing bis having approved certain acta. Also, one from George Gibson, remonstrating against the erection of a private gas manufactory bv tbe Mttsrs Willard: referred. Also, one from J. L) Hammark. withdrawing his signature from a remonstrance against the erection of a private manufactory by the Messrs Willard; referred. Aiao, one from Jooepb L. Lowry, laviting the n,orr>,K-ra Af tK? tsrlfnco *K? flr*? nltiy lately put down tn D street. at the corner of Ninth at . on Thursday n*K(. at 1 o'clock, p. m ; a< repted. FITITIOX*. Of Tbompam N allor and others, for a water main; of J . J **bedd and others, for a water main; of P W Browning, in relation to an alley; of J R Houston and others, for grading and paving of an alley; of Jobn Wale, In relation to a claim?all of wnieh were rrfwred. * ' tb? Center Market, from Seventh to Eig&tb ?u vrnt Bill to pay for work done and material furnished in erecting a rombintd tire plim and srrvlee hvdrant In front oltbe Cltv Hall Bill for relief of George >1l.Nor ton Bill for relief of John H McCutcben IBIXCEOT WALKS RE'OLCTIOV Mr Jon?, on leave, offered the following resolution : Ursolved. (tbe Board of Aldermen concurring.) Tbat the member* of tbe two hoards unite wita .Mayor in paying tbeir personal respects to tb? Prince of W ales on Ui? occasion of bis visit to tbe Government, at sacb time as may be selected liy tbe Mayor for tbat purpose. Mr Jones?Mr. President: I will simply remark in connection witb this resolution, tbat I uivt oocrea 11 at tbe iustance of the Mayor, wtto consulted wfth the President of tbe Usited State* on tbe subject, and obtained his hearty approval Mr Lvnutond?1 trust, Mr. President, that I Would he the last person to refuse to bestow proper c*U' tesy wben ana where I thought suc h was due; M la this cur 1 think titer** would be great impMpriety In adopting such a resolution Instead at %^>prartj4^ as an act of courtesy on our part, it Wtmid seem to indicate that wr bad a disposition tftferce ourselves upon Lord Renfrew's attention, ^ nIc an expressed wish from his royal mother MM himself. In be received and entertained,while I kere. as any other distinguished foreigner visiting the President would be. without any unnecessary formality or display Hut bv this resolution we I are assuming that wbich 1 think we have no right I to assume. ThU resolution contemplates a visit <n ..Prl^ -* U.l? 1 V ' ? . .ipn ? ? ?im .iu?, f,euuciiicu know U*at tbls youui; man. when be arrive* In thla country, lay* aalde hla royal character, and it I to be received, apoken of, and addresaed aa Baron Renfrew limply I am prepared to receive htm aa a private el men; but lo come here and reoeive bw In uf oUmt li(bt i am opptwd toltii oto. *iar*m Victoria ia a very good woman; and no doubt her aon ia a f ne young geutlemnn; hut I tbink there are juat aa good bova here aa In England; and even if the Prtaee deal red it I do uot think to extend to* much eourteay. or lx?w tow to tal> power. 1 am wilitu# to baw to one?the Supreme Power, aud aoite other. Mr. Jonea ?Thia ia aimpiy to pay au ordinary e#tirteay to ttaia diatinguiahed young man, who ia effected to arrive here la such a abort time Ho HTM till i?ai?p it concerned. 1 always like to rail Ifetavk by their ri^ht names; and thla?tbe Prince aLJf/<iU?? I briieve to b? hia proper title The t@m of Lord Renfrew la a naiue that baa been Bbinl for particular parpoot-a; and If the ueutftaarn on my left (Mr Latnmond) will recollect, <W Duke of Newcastle stated tbat his lordsbip VWnld a mi mo tut tUl? of Baroa Kauffew eyeryelae. r*ceptln* tbe Ctty of Waahlu^ton; Oo tbat here, If be Uss any say In the matter, be is to be addrra?ed by his proper name, the Prince of ^Talea. All tbat la contemplated by tbta resolution Is nafely to have tue a^nbsri of this Board Visit him. and, on behalf of the citizens of \VasbMfton. trader bim a welcome to the city. Mr Larumond commended the prrua&l by tbe fentlrmao of tae letter of Queeu Victoria to th? reoiderf. Mr Borrows thought that If ever the expressed KjLm aI natly *r r^*?? a# Ua-? w ? ? ** tmmiwu v? uoiui4 Renfrew bsvs been, id rega d to bis visit to this ouur la revud to his rareptlon thus fsr not mil y IM people out tbc lord mayors, and even the n?l4?iU. bad^eemed to harp forgotten tbe ordinary rales a( propriety He was surrounded and f sird spoa am bU occasions u if U were some striate byeaa aa sjbfWtton. Hs was sorry that Mayor Berret had brought this subject before the t>?ard The mayor's lore for ostentatious display, on all ocraaions. vru a too prominent feature in that t;N9 m?*? charaetn, waisfi ha s?u?fa refcretwd. *" "* * Tba resolution was finally adopted; aad the adjowraed ' A Kvs 4itai tao lUctit I v/??kd?Yesterday 9ornls?(, about ten o'clock, a pair of horses winaeg t.? a uack aUodto* on VeocayUania aenne.tofteame frightened. and ran np9tifh atreet u far as Louisiana uvrniw, and thence turning turn coraer of HtrU ???*, k??44?g Imraidi Seva?uh street, whni near Seventh atrrei. oo? of tbe k?rsea fell, tbe otber borae drawing after him tbe ha- k aud the fallen borae about one aquare When ai-tpiM-d, tbe bora* waa aa badly Injured Olat it la thought he wlU die. flal UwUmi Pillows, actuated by aa Infl#Md leva of alnleaee. ae Uat Friday night rtHM the houae of Jamt-a Rt-adv, at tbe corasr ?? Seesiid and >1 ?tfeeta, breaking the wlnJovre. Md deti.g catw denH* di*i|? and again on ?aadf(Jk'Kbt l*et. attarked the pU trlBf pi*? tola ai*ti?h?h?wl?tUwB, *fd tfaKMm tba IJtH m the InmaUa Tli* -'model tort* ?rr.< M H*py, It U auyjweed, t? Interfere lu tbe AUdt Hcr? Beta Hit KtbObt -On M. Kl? last, aa a l&dr wu riding In one of the awtf '> jaca from the Navy.Yard to the Northern Lite r ties, abe pot both her ev?* out of the window ai|i- a OeanUful aeicf cottage r haail*r (oral.. ?0?W-Hr?vro'a atore. 3P> ^rrento ft looked at abe got oat and U>ug ht a act. A few MM Mt Alao ibe r he*peat place in the city to pmrtm+iuoudevpeu. It * ? ' % . _ ?' < pjjuv ui ry^?u?cu w ?un vuiuoenaua coal. Thay turned out 60,800 barrel* of Hour, 10,000 buabt-lf ro?nm?!, and 5,000 buabela rye flour, be idea a large quantity of cffil A mKTtsc of tbe National Executive Commit. tm of tba Couatitutlonal Union Party wa* be)d r? yeaferday. Among the nambera pfeaant from a dtatancc arwa Meaara. Malloryof Ky., Bill of U?m Biab.ip of N. J , Bryan of Ala , and ttotaiar of va Tbe bualneaa Uauaacted bM aot traaapirad, but Uaeania tbat tbe mambenof the Ci-ipp?ltlee >^ *0 good apiriM aa to tbair Presidential proaft 4 ' W ^ ??*# '. . .uunr river fJBWn, *nd emy variety of fi?h. all of which he keeps uu band for the benefit of hotel aad restaurant proprietor*. a* well a| for the convenience of those who wive dinner pw?ti }t U also worthy of note that Harvey It always ready to luppiy orders to any amtut at t4 hoar* notice. Call oq bilB hf all *> *?. C?s?v? RiTri^ii of the Second Ward 1 have last c*m# In. Tba re?l t state therein Is Staled at S6 UW.So-2; personal *651,060-total d It baa seven churches valued at ?1Wj0OO, and capable of seating 5.U*> persons; five ronsion schools. three fraiale ditto; two fenale I sr boo I*. AM tieimaa: five public school*. *3 teachers. with 897 pupils la the ward there art (iitr-ervMi naanfactorle*. in milling eperatlooa a rawlUl of 50.UU0 la laveaud. They bought last ?,?? hi?h?l? 01 ?f corn, and ^ ' ma r*~.? i Lave not nald taxed, and which wucoj>aequently returned delinquent at^d ordered to be sold, was exposed for Mle yesUrday by tb? sheriff The modus ftrand* vf Mil wm this; Tbe deputy sheriff, alt it ug at a table at the door ot the clerk's o.Ure, called out, In turn, tbe lot* for sale, tbeir U> atlon. amount of taxes, <Lc A mull number of persona only paid attention to tbe proceedings, and nearly ail tbe lota were bought In. by the Com1(1 on wealth. borne hundred lota wore dlspostd of, only about Wo of urblcb wore purchased by Brivate individuals. Tbe a^ou/omoat of ooyft rought tbe sale to a oloso at o'clock it wu, bowroer, to bo reoumed to-day. Dilicachs ?Oar aelghbor Harvey 561 C street, has jaat received a freab consignment of good thing*, wbleb tboee wbo require should note. Among other delicacies designed to excite tbe apC'titeo of dinoor given and diaera out, he M* lid turkey, pbeafant, grouae, duck, aalmon. aea Un hftlliKnt ? " f ' ue?ejr, V. v. Mgllia. Police Mattzhs?Before Justice Thompson Several pesowa have been fined at tbla office (95 each and cost!) during the last week for huckater' ing without liceuae; and a few market vendera have br?u fined (each 91 and eoata) for aaing unatamped meaaorea In tbe Centre Market On Saturday laat tbe keeper of a tavern In the fifth police district wa8 fined #2?> and casta for permitting card a and other game* of basard to be played in bla bouse for money, or aome valuable conaid ration in lieu thereof. The buaineaa tranaacted at tLfa office during the last month baa been of the naual kind, both as to tbe nature and number of the caaea diapo*?d of. B'/or* Justict Uoah ?Saturday, police officer Donaldson arretted a man named Daniel Moore, charged with tbe larceny of a coat and two paira <( paiita. valued at *lo; aeut to jail for court. Wm Col well waf arrested by polioe officer VV11Xlamaou for violating tbe city ordinance by kf?ping a dog without a license; flood 85 and coata, Tax Salm tw Alixakdrta ?The real eatate of Alexandria cmintv on which the aaaeaard n*rti?a .. . a vuuiai?r, *;iaggett ft Lkxlaon, Campbell A Son, C. 1>. Coltman, R P Dodge, C 3 Deltow, J W Dentv.W T Dove, J. Kdar, Knglisb ft Son, Dr L. A. Edwards, Thotnai Fillebrown, George Francis, Franklin ft Kothrock, H. S. FoWler, G.W.. Z D. GUmaa,Baron Girolt, (>. K . R M. Gallandt, Rev. J M Grandin. Gait A Bro , W H Gody. How, Bro ft Co VV H Harrover. B Haywood ft Co , H. W , VV Houston. Hartlv A Bro', I.. P Hoover, J /. Junes. B. 'Joat, A J. Joyce, F M. Jarboe, G. S. K . Karinan ft Co , A. Koch, Messrs Kirk wood. King ft MurcUell, l.ap'onib ft Knglisb, M. M. Llaboa, J. C Lewis. William 8. Mitchell ft Co., Wm Marahall, H Mercter, Myen ft McGann, McGregor A Co, Murray ft Sfmnm. M F Maury, J. \V. Morsefl, W Q. Metzerott. M. H Maack. Morgan ft Hbinebart, B. J. .Neal, K Owen ft Son,Pioneer Mills. Tbllu ft Solomon, Parker ft Spauldlng, Geo ft Thos Parker ft Co , Capt Palmer, I. P. Perry ft Co.. Riley 4 Bro, J. C. Rivta, C. Rupert. C H Kobey, i B Smith. Hmoot k Burroughs. Jo? 1. Savage, J. Skirvlw;, Paul 9ipoa, S. J. B Hirgel, C. Siott, \V M Sbuater ft Co , W P. Sevuiore. P F S>er, SpiUman ft Hunt. S. Sherman. Taylor ft Maury,Thompson ft Bro , Jacob Vebmyer, M A. Thomas, Wall ft Barnard, Jo!?ii Tretler, C. Vlllmay, F. Taylor, F. Tenney ft Co., Dr. Wheelan, Vv. A. C., John Wagner, C Wendell, W. A B..J C. A H. A Wlfiard, AVall, Ste^biena ft Co., Waterworks, C. B. Whit ?*VIH ai lUllOWB HI. Partlow, J 9 Emerson, R L. Wood. J Taeey, C. ScbatTer, P C Claughton, 0. McCletsb. I i.aphen T. Perry, J. \V Atkinson, J. Colton, J Fsdley. J Hall. ? The court thun took up and dispos?d of several civil cases The grand jury then returned Into court and Presented tbe following :?Commonwealth a^t ohn Fedden. assault and battery; not a true bill. Commonwealth agt. J. Clark, petit larceny; a true bill Commonwealth agt James Guy, assault and battery: not a true bill. The grand jury were then dismissed until this morning. The court then took up the case of John Clark, charged with petit larceny. C K Stuart. F.sq , for the Commonwealth, and David L. Smoot. Ksq , for the prisoner. Tbe prisoner was founa guilty, and sentenced to Imprisonment in the county jail for fifteen days. Ttie Court then adjourned until this morning. List or Coxsicxexs per steamer Montlcello, from New York: J Atlaius, Thomas Alcott,Alexander k. Cook, \V. Bsllantyne, H. A Barnard, J. L- Beau^uian. L. Bremmer. B. \V. Bartlett, Barnes A Mitchell,Barbour A Semmes A Bii' hly, Brown's Hotel, T P Boucher. C W. Butler & Hon, J. P Bartholow, Blancbard A Mobun, W. W . Corcoran. CHry A Oreen. W B B Cross.R VI/ p..*.. n r?? 1 * ~ Sleee of fireworks ever made. It being one hunred and sixty feet in length and flftv f?*et in bliiht. The piece will be surrounded with bomb*, ettding up their (bower of start, and everything arranged additional that will give more effect to tb? exhibition. Aa tbia la quite a complicated pieee. and tb*> letters of the varioua inscriptions but eight Inches In length, it may not appear to such advantage at the others, owing to In* great distance of the place of exhibition. N. B.?It may be worth while to preserve the above prolamine for reference on the occasion of ttie exhibition. The CorifTT Court th Alsxamdria ?The County Oonrt opened its October (quarterly) term yesterday Although the day waa rainy, the crowd in attendance was quite large Justice Fowle presided, and waa assisted by Justices Price, Beach, and Dawson. The follow! ng gentleman were sworn as a grand jnr y.and various indictments having been handed I to them, they retired: Tboaiaa Waters. J M Stewart. Joseph Broders, Gilbert Simpson, Wm Buckingham, VV. H. M'Knight. SWpheu Swain, W H Muir, W F Padgett, Mark Atankln. J K Marshall, J T Johnson. Gt-orge Dearborn. W. W. Adam, Michael German, and W. N Berkley Upon the suggestion of the Court, the Attorney for the Commonwealth entered a nolle prosequi in the case of Joseph Padgett, charged with assault and Iwttery, and continued over from last court The case of Richard Williams, charged with assault, left over from last court, was laid over tin til the Jannary term The is*u-> docket having been called the first time, lbc ?tlt inrw ?iu?? 11 * before the worda "good night." there la in progreaa a verr large piece gotten tip by the corpa of pyrotechnists from New York, wiilch we may deacribe aa follow*: A combination of the American and Engliah ivmbola, raottoe*. Ac . alt Interwoven with a masterly hand, and forming a work of unaurpaaaed beauty In the centcr of the piece are the figure* of Columbia and Britannia, while adjoin* lag the firat ia the American coat of arms, and the latter the Eugliab. On the top la a globe aurrounded by tbe American ana English ttaga wreathed together, and on each end, aeparate frc m the ma! n pleee,!? a large s'.ettmahlp, with lighthouse, Ac., representing tbe oomuierce between the two world*. Thi* ia said to be the iarvMt work*. Tbe Marine band will b< Ln attendance la tLe President'* ground*, and add to tbe interest of tbe occasion by the rendition of many of our moat patriotic ana stirring air*. Tbe following is a list of tbe various pleeea Id tbe order ii wbieb they are to be presented : 1. A MniMreat Flight of Rockets 5 Bengofa Battery ?dlsplaring the various p|it?, and lighting op the grounds for a considerable distance aronnd 3. "God Save Queen Victoria''?a large arch with a beautiful rose in the center, above which will be a crown. 4. "Welcome Renfrew"?lsrge arch. 5 Roman Candles?large Buchanan shells of variegated colors. 6 - Welcome Alfred Edward"?-large arch. 7 English and American Flags. ft Serpent Pot r 9 Fifty Small Mortars?variegated shells belli nd the Victoria Arch. , Itt Oood Night ? The symbolistic characters on these works will be three feet in length, of double rows of lsncc work, and can be seen distinctly at tbe distance of a mile and a half In addition to thmr nlw*a lii W* {no* m i.jgggggn t"HI fllA*? rt?OTMS]C EiHIIfnol M H#5o* or Tliriuci?Ob the eveniu^ of next Thursday. should the wmtfaer prove fiwiwtk, a1 grand display ?f *rework# will be^rlwen on the J ground* south of the Presid^nt'f Mansion In honor of Lord Ranlffw and hlsautte This exhibition, we aadorstaad, will exceed anything which has e*r been presented w-fore the public In this wintry. Tne various pieces have been arranged i and designed bv tnat efficient and akkllfcl otHeer, Major ?eo D. ftTniaey, mrmn^-dant at the If. 9. snd prepared by ?fr-. Tfeoiras B Brown, 1 o^ief nyrotecnnist, who hsa always met with is- , rnarkaible success in his displays of pyrotechnic Thi Botanical OaIdui. at the foot of tbe Capitol. we being iroatd in winter apparel,. Tbe delicate young planta and abrubberjr ?m 'being placed in a condlWon to wttfatanacold dav? and froety nig hU, by t*?!njr enwrapped In traw and other preservative material*, while the more aeniitlve exotica which have be n enjoying ! tbe warm sunshine of aummer In tbe open air are 1^.1.^ 4k^|. -* * - - * i wuLiug iurii nctunuiiini piaffl upon 1D6 IDflVCT ! of the giaaa houaes A stroll through tb<- ground* ai this season of tbe year ia intereetlng in many rapfcU lo the admirer of floral nature 1'be gardem kept in the inrat complete order. under i tbe superintendence of Mr. Smith, wb?ne whole energies are engaged in hia agreeable vocation, and who In alwaya on tbe lookout for n new plant oi variety. Thna, during the l&at yenr or two, be I has obtained from every quarter of tbe globe apeet ; uieus at iub Krapr viae, umu lie bu now growing tWo hnndr?>d varieties, amonij which Iter* are ho las? than thirty native American species Thev 1 are all arranged In pott and labelled, and placed In pcsitlon to undergo the process of hybridization next spria<. The object of Mr. Smith is to make the native American the parent vine, as possessing a more vigorous character and adaptability to our climate, and to unite with it the more sacsharine juices of the foreign varieties, and thereby produce for American culture a grape possessing all of the acceptable properties During the present fall Mr. S. has extended h's operations io the direction of foreign trees Indigenous to American soil, with a view to propagating specimens for exchange with aimilar specimens from other climates. He has procured from i the forests of the adjacent counties' of Maryland and Virginia no lea* than twenty-two species of the oak family. In the form of acorns, and has revived two species for many years supposed to be extinct, sanely, the Bartram oak and the Squamata oak. fie Informs us that there has been but one Bartram oak found In this country during the last century before this, and that one was discovered near Philadelphia many years ago. The leaf resembles, In form and color, that > of the Ifew Englind beechnut, but tb? acorns ( (Specimens of wnfrh we saw) are of the genuine ! form, though much smaller than the products of 1 the white or red oak. About two veara ago he procured from California tome seed from tbe world-renowned gigantic ?nes of the Mariposa region, which, as every<1V knows, grow to th<* extraordinary h ght of , fonr hundred feet, and whine trunk* are ao thick aa to admit of being hollowed out and convert<*d ; into commodious drinking saloons. This seed ' be planted in a warm corner of the grounds con- ! tlguous to the principal tiiorougbfare of the city, I and from it has a genuine Mariposa pine, two I fut I n kUkl ... V. I _ V. V. ?V. I I ?w. iu ui^u?, vthh.u iic fcun uojic may grow to ita fullest bight and size and be converted into a drinking aaloon (which at a moderate calculation will require ? period of upwarda of four thousand years) before the Union ia dissolved Good for Smith' In the hot-housM rare and beiutiful exotic plants abound iu all their interesting variety. Some divested of their summer bloom, and others just developing in all their exqnlalte loveliness. The stag's born fern of Australia, a singular and exceedingly rare fin America) plaut, is growing In all its native luxuriance, by the aide of the bell flower of China, the lovely Illy of the Kast Indies, and the plnmaria of Peru, and a thousand other curloua and delicate apecimens from all countries and clloiea Many curioua ahrubs and plants, brought hoine by the Ferry expedition from Japan, abound In vigorous grawih, and were hailed with the greatest delight and pride by the Japaneae Embassy when here The most vigorous and rapid growing hothouse tree iu the gardens by far is the tnut mpunttitn or | Ijuuuiia ?icr, spn^UlCII dl W O M il IB HOW lO IJC seen bearing severalchut*-rs offast ripening fruit,) j which during the lait eighteen month* hat grown to the hlgtit of thirty-three feci. Having reached tUr glass roof of the building inclosing it, which Ik twenty-live feet high, this curious and persever- i ing tree pnshed Its top bravely tbrongh tne glas*, destroying quite a number of pan*s by the way, | and continued iU> upward progreu no less than eight feet above the ridge beam of the building The late cool night* however, have put an abrupt veto upon It* vaunting ambition, and the gardeners have been reluctantly compelled to curtail Its proportions and repair its dannges in the roof. Tii* Rkttval ?pr*abino ?Tbe reriral which uss oeen progressing near a month In the various Methodist churches of the city, seems to increase in interest, and is spreading to other churches of that denomination Tbe protracted meetings beean at tbe central stations; but we hear that they Lave been commenced with successful indications in several of tbe suburban chapels. At tbe Methodist Church South, a very animated and interesting prayer meeting was held last night, Interspersed with exhortation and singing; and penitents are still applying at the altar for , prayer At the Methodist Prot. Church, Ninth st, Rev. D. A. Sheriner, of Baltimore, preached a brief but effective discourse upon tbe question, "What shall a man give in exchange fur bis soul?" After which tbe service at tbe altar was resumed, and one conversion was reported The meeting was very Interesting and anlmutcd. Rev 1111am T. j Wright, the eloquent superintendent of Frederick circuit, arrived this morn! nc* to *Mlat ?t thU n* ' At Wesley Chapel the evening wai spent In Ingin^, pruver, and eibortatlon. The pastor, I Rev Mr. McCaulv, though rapidly Improving, li (till uuabie to take the active part required of the pastor at such a time At Waugh Chapel (Rev Mr. Etflnger, pastor,) a very lively and interesting series of meetings are lu progress. and have been for a week Quite a number of fienlteuts present themselves nightlv. and a number of conversions have been reported. This ehnpel is located on Capitol Hill. At Fletcher Chapel (Rev. Mr. Sipes. pastor.) a series of meetings have been commenced. and are , now In progress with encouraging prospects ! This chapel Is located on the corner of New V?rk avenue and Second street. AtUorsuch Chapel, Four-and-a-half street, near the Arsenal grounds. Seventh Ward, (Rev Mr. Lemon, pastor,) a series of meetings of h very Interesting character are In progress; and we hear of very lively indications In various other churches and chapels In and arouud the city. Abskst 05 St'spicio*?This morning, at an early hour, Guardsmen Sylvester and Bright noticed a wagon containing three persons, who were behaving In a very au*pirfou? manner ; They bad In their wagon about *(*1 pounds of iteel, for which they were trying to get a purchaser, and offered to ?ell the lot to Mr. Young, coachmaker, for *12 or ?11, when iU actual value waa *00 or #T0 The guard* attempted to make an arreat, but two of the party escaped, and left i In their custody one man named J?me* Suther- i land. He waa Kilt to jail for a further hearing, by Justice Donn. Sutherland iay> they came from Virginia, and took la the steel from aome buahea la Fairfax couuty, near the Little River t...r.nlb* Ui. i 1-. ..... " * ?uiu|/i?v. ui? v?n?j.niu\nw, ur Hy*< #rc num. Owen* and Casstus Brenner They wanted to ell the ateel before sunrise He alio mentioned the names of Halae and Miller as connected with the affair, and the statements indicate an extensive operation of the ganu. The officers took the wagon to Alexandria to discover the owner Oca beades* will be glad to learn that the traina on the Alexandria and Washington Railroad resumed their regular trips vexterday. The convenience afforded by this mode 01 quick trnnslt between the two cities Is of such a nature as should guarauUe this road the utmost success, and we feel assured that the community at large will show their appreciation of lia merits by bestowing upon it a liberal share of encouragement. We passed over the road yesterday, and found it in excellent running order, and Captain ljoyenton, the geutlemanly superintendent, has spared do pains in completing every arrangement for the safety and comfort of passengers l.albam '* omnibuses connect with the trains at the south end of the Long Bridge, starting hourly from the corner or Louisiana avenue and Seventh street. A l.AKOH AND KSTHUMAtSTIC Mb>T!NG of tbe Jackson Democratic Association wm beld last nifcUt at tbeir rooms on Pennsylvania avenue. Tbe association wu eloquently addressed by the Hon. K. il. tilllet In an able speech of some lentitb, showing that Mr. Douglju waa beyond cavU tbe sectional candidate In the field. He repolled, with much warmtb, tbe charges recently ' made by Mr Dohglasagainst tbe Administration, ^nd W repeatedly Interrupted by loud bursts of pppiatat*. He also gave cheering news from the Out Dominion, from which State be has bu( recently returned. Not Acckftbd ?Yesterday afternoon, several of the friends of Wm. Sullivan,who was commit* ted to jail a few days ago for incendiarism, in the destruction of tbe little chapel 011 Seventh street north, belonging to Mesera Phillips and Hoover, t ropoted his release on ball, and offered a Mr. Welsh as aecurlty, In the sum of S5UU Justice Donn. the committing magistrate, after Inquiring as to the qualifications of tbe proffered ball, declined to accept. . Jamks Mom, tbe young man who wu so dangerously wounded in the riot near tbe Long Bridge, on tut Friday week, and who It wat supposed wu dying last Saturday, appear? to be improving tbia morning, and bit friend* entertain hopes of h:s recovery. But hit recovery is not eertsln aa yet. It ia wonderful that a man abould survive so frightful a wound, but a powerful constitution may endure, and tbe patient recover. OttTKa Mai kit ?The market-place thl? morning was not as crowded with wagons, 4c , as Is usually tbe case at tbe Irst cf tbe montb. The reason of this Is, probably, tbe condition of the roads preventing tbe attendance of tfce remote eonntrv dealers Tbe supply, however, was amnU --A ~t 11 ? '-' auu ui uixucut quuiijr, wnu au average o? mand,?nd iiIm la proportion. The price* vary little Croat tkoi* of last week. ayirttat CartKff Wharf, (foot of an^-a-half?U?*t),aehooaer BlftomHetd. ^hector, from Philadelphia, with ?j tun* of coal for Messr* Sherlfr * Dawaou Ms Hotipa |a another column of an auctlQa aale of U'jv.a Lola and kitchen furniture,by Mwra. tlcary fc yr^cn, or T^ura^ay ne*t AkTO8rT?BRE??l;CMtNE''OF gKiL*$V pSJpsM 1^4"! w I Corut*r Beventh and t streets is the slaee to i*t h? ln??t p#kjv-n?4e SHIHT* at a CrHhn? aost i?sr in miud if }uu ne?-d * veil dressed person that |?>u o*u JchA fust so v?il if you bay ?o?r outfit* of ?L l* P?0., Oi>m#r of SeveuUi sad E >tre*ta, W wlmmUu, m ,r?t W*B 1Q-U A RARE OPPORTUNITY-A mafniSeent FARM for ?ale or exchange for city pioperty. containing M aoree, ha if mil* from Fairfax station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It in under a high atate of onlttvation, veil watered, cood . bai'dinte and Umbor; it can he boncht low. Call on 0. W. HRAY ft CO., at their Jewelry Store, 616 8er??Dth street. eeS-lm* 460 garmth ?t. w 18 1 m T.OOK FOR THR CORNER OF SEVENTH AND E STREETS! ee?-6t I OOKFOR THE CORNER OF SEVENTH : L AND E STREETS! LkrafiKjfflfi CORNER OF SEVENTH mu uni?( i\ pinup ui riccroui waior in the kitchen, and water and gas throughout. Ape y on th? prtmim. ? 84-llt* FOR PALE?A new two-story-and-baiem?nt liRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rooms and o?ilar, situated on 11th ?t north, bet woen L and No. 378? within 5 inir-uten' walk or ihe Northern Liberties Market. Terms u"u?uall* liberal. Aonly on the premises, or to McKENNEY * LAN9DV LK^(junior of Pa. %venue and 7th ft. FOR RKNT-pos*e*sion on the 1st of October. The DWELLING HOUSE No. 438 1) street, at present oooupiod ny the Rev. Dr. Butler, and next door to the reaideaoe of the advertiser. j. M CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding honse. _ ib "u a n oiikj .iovviiu nvi rev i>VkWPCn I ft. AV'OniiO and I st ,t near the Circle.) Apply a.16 Pa. avenue, or corner K and 24'h ?t?. oc 2 ^KVERAh FINK ROOMS, with B ard an^ also several ( nt tm'o oan l>? accommodated with Meal*, m a very healthy portion of the city. Apply to No. 4Twelfth ?t, between (j and M ? ?. It FOR RKNT-rh# BUILDING known an the Farmer*' Hotel, No. 10* Huh street George t?wn, D C It has every convenience of a modern house. gas, water, and ample tables. Also, a license to keep public bouse. Apply ou the preniies oa 1 8t I^AKM FOR SALE?A highly improved Farm, P detaining 115 acres, witli tw??U>ry frame dwe.ling and ail convenient out house*; fine orchard, excll'n' spring, ito., situated on the Little ... _:i- - .a a_ ir- * ?.:i? *" MUtser <>rthe Fast, Present and Future ever in \Vat>lungton, continues to Ite consulted weekly l>v hundreds anxious to know of things at present hidf?1eo from thom. Hor consultation fee, to l*>th centlori) n and ladies, is extrameW moderate. Call at tier house,or> the south side of Ma3-aehns?Us av , between 17tli and 13th ?ts.?tiie only house there, e 17-1 in FOR SALK~ AND RENT. [hur otk*r u>br Smlt and Kent" a4vertxsrm*ntiy set Jlrst fagt ] L,H)K KKNT-Tliree story FKA.MK HOITSK, ap I v ate fomiiy, b? applying at'6U4 Sixth street, 1 siand. References reqoired. It* A CO NlNTfl STREET.?Persons returning to I*}*) the citr fmn> their summer resort" will find vacant several de.iirahl* rooms, having U?o conve nifiicos of ?ax, water, and Iwvtluu* closets, at 453 Ninth st., one door south of F; suitable either for families or single gentlemen. Table boarders accommodated on moderate term*. *e 6 4w PERSONAL. PA" '. PRESENT, AND FUTURE EVENTS I will he sAti?(ni'tonlf oip aiue<i bv a*. at he- residence, No :<M7 C street, between 1st and 2>1 Ktr. et?. island. Consultation fe- 25 oents. _')C 2-it* ?f O THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.-Madam * . D , so wall known a* the most suoo?s?fuJ ex [er, a-red 2 years tn i U mouths. Onthe 1st instant. ROBERT REEVES a rativ* of Trowbridge, lin* laud, but a resident of this city; aged 77 jreara. At th? residence of her parents, in this conntr, on Monday,the 1st instant, HATTTE BARKF.R, Oi ly cr?sl: of Hayles J. and Mary Botren, a<ed 5 years and 7 months * BOARDING. ~~ A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, or two unfle gentlemen, wishing to obtain B iard, in a ijuiet part of the city, can l>e oleasantli aeoomiiMvitfod in to THON S. WINFIELD, Lexington, Rookbndge county, V*. On th? 25th ultimo, at Wyokhff Church, Clarke oonntj, Va, by Rev. \Vm. Leave!, CHARLK* M. KOON' ES, of thi" city, to Mill MARY E? daughter of Samuel O. KnelW, ?if Clarke county, Va. * < Alexandria paper* oopy.) DIKD, Oil the Ut instant, PETER RILEY, aged S3 years. May ho rent in peace. Hi* funeral will take place from his residence, on H street north, between 25th \nd 2?5 h wt'eeU wert. On \Yedne day, Sd instant, at 3 o cloek p m. * On the night of the 1st instant, at minutes p*?t ?clock, in great p<ace,Mr. THOMAS ADAViS, in the Mih year of his are. Hu funeral will take place to-morrow. (Wednesday.) at 4 o'c ock p. in. froir. No 429 Eleventh st., b-tween (i and H. to whioh his frianda sad those of the famil) are invited, without further notico. On the >st i?ttaiit. RSTKLLA \VA' LKR, Kinnjpst Hftn^klAr < f fc'_r4ujbr?l ami *> W?l_ WistarV Balsam or Wan Chkkey, Curts Bronchial Af'tttons and all of the From tha Boston Evening Traveler, January 6"Iti* perhaps hut a simple act ofjn?ticeto the proprietors of IVYjf<*/ '* Balnnm of \Vtl4 ('lurry for uh 10 *?y, that our perronil rxrertenee in the n*e of thi? &' tiola. ha* impressed us favorably. One <Sthe proprietor* of the Traveler ?m entirely cured of a severe eoutch of four month*' continnince, by tfi? use of thi* Balsam,and ?cv(?t?I of onr friends and acquaintances, who have tri-d the artiele, have found it of rreat servioe in telteripj thetn of pi<v*re coughs and ?hortness of breathing, with which they had been nfflictod." None genuine unless signed i. Bctts on the wrapper. Prepared by S. \V. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for sal* by Z. D. Oiiman. 8. C. Ford, jr., S. H. \Vaite, 0. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn Jfc Palmer. Wash iDiiton; and by dealer* everywhere. ce38-1w,r MARRIED On the 17th ultimo, hr Rev. Father Knijht, MARY JiLLEN.HAILl'.of \V??hin*ton. D C.. lu jvmmni, miu rmiei ana n?tim to your tnlfcEts. Perfcetly safe in all oum. See advertisement ia another oolaran. Mll-ty Homeopathic Km jtc>i is All or Dr. Humphreys k. Co.'s specifics Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and BO cents each. Also, in oasss. ooutaimng Jo vials, frotn #4 to AS each, with hook of fall tilroetions. For sale by Z. L). Oilman, SftO Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail aK?nt: W. A Fitxssr&ld, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, comsr of Massachnsetts avenue anil Sixth street. Also, Pond's Ksr.trutt of H'i te\ aatei. for internal and axtarnal inflammations of lfctad* asalisss. - ma?-ly j the blood. Thar purify and onrich it-the* ?Uaiu\\li and invito-Me the v-d bj givig life to each ti??ue, aireagth to the muscle, eaerg) to tfca invalid. eiavtioitr to the apirita. anl tie bloom of health to thepallid cheek. Sold byali Drucgiati, at;So.,&to.,?ud CI par bo*. ae2b lw To m Afflict*? !?Be sure to read theadrartiaemert of Mcl^aan'a Strengthening Cordial and Blood Pnritwr, in another ooluma. ti Mil, W i its Low, an exparienoed nurae and lemaJa fhyaieian, haa a Stocking Simtrft Childtn Ttttkt?r, whioa graatlr faciiitatea the prooe* of taethiac bj ofteuiag the gaina, reducing ail inflammation? will altar all pain, and ia aura to regal at* tba bowel . Depend upon it, mothera, it will gira raat 4 Cnmui.tnt?MNi ci?* .-Thi??niM|, drunk and vagrancy^ 8n? co?f, 1*J3, - ?? . **--? ?? ?i?or?irru'; a*. *4 ut*?lorer. do ; do. S3 15. BiUMonkev. colored, de and fugitive from workhooeet do f#.I5 iee. l>'A-fa, tgbtinir; do. ?3 k? F.Hia Lewis, do ; de ?315 B I McArtr. dtunk aud disorderly; j d* M15. Richard Lee. do ; do. *3 15. Wm i Manyuua alias Bub Gun, do ; do S3 15. Eugene : l.rni.Lan, do ; do. $2.15. T?? cowthact for grading end graveling Third sttert east, from C street north to M?aaarbiiaetW avenue, haj been awarded to Hanson Brown,, ?q Hollowat'j Pills. i . Atffkv.?Discardnt* tkeefete theory adopted ?y It* modem physician in the treatment of ?ra< ual decay or waatiaa ol'the human body, ll?>< iwway s meihciao <? > " * r i vr*r uirnjMn% roauttA ouuny, v?. # Tillies irom Alexandria Terms: 94,i*J0; one fou/ih cash: tha balance iu i, 2 and 3 rears. Apply to l-tlt'lSA SO V1ERS. on the premuoa. oc 1 3w* FHOR RENT.?The new three-story HOUSE on New York avenue, No. 164, near the interaction of New Jersey avenue, oontaiaing iarse xaloun, parlor, dining and sitting room*, pantry, bod rooms, Vitohen with pump of wei' w?ter in it, and altosetl er one of the most convenient hoime* Pur /fcrtici.Urs inuuire u^xt door to the premises, or ht PO WELL SGrocery Store, oomar of N. Y. avenua and 9th street. se at-.jt FOIl RENT?The thr?e-?tor7-an<i-haaeinent Brick DWKLIJWG-IIOUSK. No 504 Her enth l*tw?*n I) and K *t? . Island. It oon taiui diiMitc-'oorn, kitohen, 2 parlor*. 6 chambers, aid wide pa*****; ha* a garden attached, with Krap?a and fruit tr**a. Possesion (riven on the lit d*y of Ootol>er. To a good and punctual teuant the pr ?e w U be nwderate. Appiv to GFO J. SEUF r'KRLE, at JajkMon, Brother At Co.'a, 333 Pant*, aventie. ae 27-tf FOR RKNT?Three new BRICK HOUSES, containing * room* each, in the haudsome r<>yf of brifjjs tuyitiinra recently erected on N.ntli ktreet, l>etwe*n M and N sts. ilto, os? for ?ale on very reasonable terms Appiv to E. W FARI.KY, 4'id Tenth street, or Mr 1RV1N 8. BARKER, the builder, or at the shoe eto e opposite ae X lw* PGR RENT.?A cottage bailt BRICK HOUSE 1 on Mmi, av.. No. 837, between l*th and 11th sta., with aide lot, fl wer garden and fm t treets. Tlie house oontaica nine rooms, beside bath-room, GEORGETOWN ADVEHT'MTS J I. ^ .I.i.I - - i JV etktr G??rpi*M Uwrtw?<MWi sit Jkrtt f*f'; np?? BELLA!* p?vitEETT ASSOCIATION 1L y UL0RuLT0iv>.?Th?"r* will h*a inaetiac of the Be!; WW F^rttt C ubat the hall. mri*r ttuh and Gar ?*r ??. on TUESDAY EVENING, Ocioh** Sd,*t? o'clock. Several addre?#? iuaj t* ipeoted. Th? public aie lavital ki atUuil. oil ? W. H. TKNNt\ N O T I C b:.-Lh'EIfSK9 -All a^raona *how lirwia? from the forponuion of O^Tcctown ejrpiro t?n Km 9?ih inatftnt ar? h*r^?r nouJiad promptly totak* out the Mm* andar trw near llceaaa tmm. itpprornl Jalj Tth, 1*0; otherwia* they will eubje<* th#mae:vaa ta a in*. Md tha law laoompulaOTT won Ih# proper oftoer* ? the ??*?.?'-vscf-.vs^r?" September 24th. 18ft'. ' 3-a??M Krt 10 rrs" R0ficp.-D0t> LTCTIfSKS-kllJot lL*f lic^naea in Georgetown ara due oathe Ui da* of October next, ana, if not paid at tha Clerk a (hfinf on nr huftlrn tli? Idlk nf miiI wm.nth fs? tboritT will then b? exclu?i^"lf Kiven to tie po loe to collect them, with as additional oust, by law, ot 29 cert? to the owner of each doc the license for wmoil he* not been obtained on or previous to the tui*e stated, and if not paid, together with the additional eharee. when <1enia-d?dhy tti? ponee, they are directed by law iiuoiediatelv to kill and lijspos* of tli- afcimal. and *re made subject taeraselves to a fine for neglecting to do so WM. LAIRD. Clerk. ?sept?tntifr24, 1W se^SeotOctlP List of letters remai *ing in the POJ?f OFFICE. OROR8KTOWN, D. C., forth* month mdiftc September *?. 1880. JUT"" P?r?oii? appljmx for ettera in ha foliowin { list will pleaae ?aj the* are Advertised; other vim they may not receive them. LAB1E*' LIST. Allen, Mill Mary K Duu, MnHT Pn't, Flora Barker,Mr?MMrs Aunt Pearee, Mre H C Booth, Mih A tireeo, Miaa Ado Pijm, MmJA Bren'-MieaCaroline Goiui, MiaaMirvC Ptietpe.MraRathel J Bflmii. Mri Hirtl't Mn Eif T Rnaa, Mr? Y. A Baker, Miaa E A Himtr, Mri E J Ke*g.n, Mn Brows. Mri Hnttau Jaekaau, Ret<?cea Ran. Raci.el Ba.uell, M M J Jewell, Mra tbit Rueeeil. Rko4a Br?in. lint Marft Kirtland. Miaa A K 1 flkilaa, Miaa Ellea B1 iXiMriiltrjAaii k unac a. M--a J fwfiat.Mri Eailf Barrett. MiaaMaryJ l.'i*a*d MiaaCec'a tlhaw, Miaa L Col burn, MiaaAlir.el McCutuky.&liaa It A Spoliiaa, Mary <><iwler. Miai M T Mittiiif Ir,MaeAiii* 8if iiiiuMa, Miaa Corby, Mre Maria Moorr, Mra C Tiuclitirt.MmUu't Cullett,Mi?aM*ryE Niehole-Mre W A Trimmer MiaaE.nn i Crown. Rsrali J Niton. Mre Jno W Tbuker. Mary Alio Ctlon, S r .h O'Snlliri-n. Ann Ttfhir.Miii b'lie Ciupbiset. MraTG Pmtlipa, Mi<a S C Yining, Mra Uatli'u, Mra A F GENTLEMEN'S LIST Adaaa, Capt R A H tuaen, Aufaata ProdKorame, KomiiI Brewer, GCocb?3 Hieaa, A Payree, T , Bilk, Wm H?3 Jouea. Wit, S Payne, CH Bairon. H'ui Jn??? In* n1? Bickaler. T J, Henry Rothocluld, W Bettly, >C )onti, Mr Rankin * Co Brown, R H Jouen, R Rs/nti, Mirk Broechue, Peny E Jo??*?, T A RilTel, Jacob , Booth. Matter/? P J?eob, VV Rtp'ty A Murphy Byi't, Jno?i J*cktou4C?ru*njh R?ord?n, D.??id ' Backer, H 1 Mara, Robert Ryoo. Brook en Burnt*, D J*>w.aan. TH<m *<.oqut?re, 8 W | Bit in, B C Johnoon, Wm Sutter, W Brown, Alfred Joyct, Richard lUaiidrra, W H Bowdua, Add km Heartbeat, Mr 8n>w Win K k Co Collin*. Jno H Ktrmmrh, Wm tinted. Will Curler 4 tuhim Keoktti, Jno Hhei wood, Ttn pltH t Coofdeti 4 Hatard, Andrew Bimpnou, Saint P ( Crii(, Wis H Lane.Timothy J Hiinmm 8 M CaT*i-,*orh, Win Lyoto&Bru Hchenofom, Peter Culrr, WA U. illmt?Jn>llwi8pnldint. M Useeil, Wm L L<n?dil?, Henry Snoden, tiij* Culir.Ricluxd Litti.?at? Kuoiuejei, Ch?e?I I Calvert, Gfo P McNeir, JH Shiraa, Re* Alti I Cowptcn,M*et'rGK MtDinul. J H Himpeor, A Collins, Kd W Mctilauektui, C?p< Ta?lor, Rial J Clerk. C M?1 T.lbot, Robert Ciueil, Mr McNuity, W Tiiropcl ire, J O>?io9, W ra Macomb. A E Terry, Jo* A Dytr, Ifuuni Mayes, Alfred Thornun, T Dufief, Juo L Morriiori, D I. k Co Tilphmau, E A I'Mmpetr, J no Muui.II, Master Ed Tut ,:ord.C?pt Mm; B I Darts, Oarid Minor, Cot Oeorje Turner, 8 ma?l I Erans, Master J D Murrjr, Henry Violette, Chas W Edvardi, J B Morr*n, H# Wilti <ms, W A Eog-lrdrre, A S Morris. Renrr J Woodward k Berry Feowiek, W A Morgan, )r.n T ffeiif .Lninii f n??r, Ctft Smith Mom, Nt'lun A Walker, Jacob B?t Flatlet, B?arney Mallou, R Wirtfl. Jtmei Faldy, Jeremnh Moore, TP WeM>, Joe B (iimiefi.Wmt Co Marfsn. MasterTG Whaler,MasterlCC Hrandfield. Wm May.Th'^e Wrod,J 1 ft rimes, Jo* >T<ij?,DrTT Ward, Hujrii . 4irren, Georjre?3 Morgan, W A Whaleo.Hrarv lirjhjiD, Daniel organ, V* iltor Wu!um<. H S ' Huh, Wm llt|w, Zrnacn Walteree, Geo R Hunter. Thoe Moig ntRliiuehart Wr Ich, Fr<n<na W Howard, 8 N.uou, R fel Jku Wh t?, k fe. 4 C? Herman, tj Newton. J Willi, ma, E H?nn, F Neuion, Henry Woods, K | Hlljli, L Nicholson, A Watah, Andrew Huhu, Jno Ufill.DrZU Vatea, Alien Heard. Jur H, Wa C Yates, Zackanati Hue, Jno F O'Neil.DcuniaA jr,8T.<snf Leah Hers, Jno Uuertr. Alien Yalpy,C?pt JuatahY ( lUuultou, Francis Peter, Robert You?.e, Francta , handler, k. H MISC*ELLANEOt'S ?8 D : ). C_; N G. at Gowenam ' Lodge I O. 0 V ; Ledfrer'i n~j- LXTTEKS IK A1.L Ci?I? MKT B* PREPAID. Oc2-lt HENRV W1RTT1LLEY.P M UARRIV IMPROVED Xl DOVBLK THREAD Boudoir Sewing Machine. Thi? Machine, An improvement on 6ro**r k. 61 ker'e, it simpler than tbeira. and for iu reliability r? 1 /iiif?kiii?* 1 m ??? ? ? ???J a -VilJ ? I * ? aa ? ??? ?V1U>/ ! HVb r UI paovnu. A VUIiU IWOIfO \<*ara old can ran it with Mir; yet it will ?* from the ooareeat oloth to the fined Swim. There ia so trouble of rewinding tie thread aa It ia taken from the apooia It ha* no bt lt? to give trouble, ted will run backwarda a? well aa forwarda,and till aewa t eq* !y perfect ai.d without danger of breaking u-ndfe'. It run* by friction, au<l by cloeing t?? box . over it. it ia thrown out of f?ar. lu raot we kave 1 no heritation in r^oonnieutliita it aa Uia Bft Family Snow* Mackrn* t? %ft Agency at 101 Hndjeat..Geore^town.wkere may 1 bafound L.ADI KS' UK KH? TRIM MlNHt*. HER t I.IN ZErHYR WORSTEDS, and PANCYV* t R.KTV GOODS of every deeoripUon. Our )>a- ( ?ortmeut ia a* compete and varied aaanrin the . Diatti ict. LAdiea conn3ctt^l with hanevalrat or otner aocietiea wrl find it to their advartage to call bef >re purchat>in< elae where. oe 3 eotf Mra. ?. K JARV|?. FOR BOSTON.?We are now Iga^tac the packet brie Isaac Carver, and ah<? will aall on jjn TUESDAY. October*!. For freight appiT^gfe>? tq HARTLEY * BROTHER. "* .a 29 2t 99 and 101 Water at. Wh E WISH EVERY ONE TO KNOW That til t PAft t\0 ? - L ? ? ' - * ? ? jjiv i can r?j 'M>ugiu Ciieab at BROWN A WHITE'S. ? No. 140(NoKTnSiDK) BhpsiSiesit, t Georgetown, D C. And to convince yourselves of taot, call aid see thoae . . _ . . _ . _ Black Sil':s, Punted And Plain D<-ia.nes, Poll De Ohevri'i, Merino Plaids. French Merino*, Valen- s cim. Black BomlAzines, A pac.cas, Ac.. Ac. v Cloak?; Tjru'i Electro and otliei Suawla; Blan 1 ket*: Men's n il B >?' Wear, a iood a??or:?eal; ' Meu a and P<>y?'Mem o Shirts and Draw#.*, L.a S ?li<s' and Misses' Merino Yesin; ItJ'ii'i Kid < J loves; Hooped Skirts: CVsets; P ajn. Bordered, \ Hems'itched. and kmnroidered Cambric Hand)cerahiefa, Embroideries, very ?h ap, a. d no li umbos; Hosiery aid Ul>ves; White (iood*; VanIrr* ? A- 1 : *"* * ar.B .^ubtuiio. fib IU I ltuc. LilliS Jt ' 'II IMtUTf L&ilOOkif and Servants' Wear in abuuilance ; and ui&uy other c thine*, which we will tell you of when vuu ca I at r the Brown ft White Post Store. All of whtoh we J will soli as cheap a* the che?peijt, "or ?uj other ? mtn." Come early, aad don't fort&t the place. ?e 29 2w ' FOR NEW YORK.-Tim packet *chooa?r t4tkte?Mia?, Oapt. Mott, ha* arrived and -rfc will fiKi t with dispatch for th- at>ove port.^^V. K?r f??ieh'apply to MoCOHB 4. DOL'GE,^ " ?>3 W ater *t ' tea <i rA ATPLKa-ArPLfc**! OU H'lLS. Prints BALDWIN APPLES, Zb do do. FALL da. 15 do. do. GRKKNING do. Daily expeoted per schooner Marietta Bnrr, aad r for sale ou or before arrival. Apply to HARTLEY ft BRO:. * ae 28 1w 99 Md 101 Water atrret. T^HK UN OKR SIGNED UMtl'KNTKR AND U UIL.DK R offVa kia sfrvioea to the put.lio of Gco'netowu, Waahiugton, and vioioit?, and vi 1 * oontraot for or auperi'terid t'-e oouatraotioo of u public and private t?m di g?, PUu? apc-oi- s< cati.tna wi I be farmah-'d at *k>>rt u?tio* <ffi-e d and ?h'>p on Cungresa at Georgetown, immediate i ly north of the Poat Office J au 27 Siom HENRY WINGATE a RC. C. AT^S ESPECTFULLY Uforuiai?a friend* and the EjiliUc i<<?flertiljr Ui*' he >.aa removed to No. ?5 High n ulreet, artjoimnr Maionlo llall. He i? prepared to a furnwiii. at the ahorfcust notioe, Dinner and Evening ' Partica, a:.d f#e!? aaaurad that ho will give euUra , Katiafaction to thorn who may tavor him with a ^ call. P Ail kindarrf <SOWJECTIgljEg. Yand CAKF. at . ui'1 ivwcn pricoi. ooav ivTj V/HIjAM il XI 3U par "T gal on. c. C. ATX*, J ?e4-lm 63 High ?tre?t, Georgetown. T~~ FALL AND WINTER GOOl*. HI-. SubscriWer* beg leave tQ ibfc>ru< oitixeae ftnd atringers th*t thej ?n r?WH of * *# *Fa"ITfcSrU'lNTKH ARTICLES ll \ GENTLEMAN'S WEAK, -?" embr&cu.( tome of the choicest oveltie* lad t?lMt T?ilcr?, 406 Petn. avenue, ? 27-Hr (SUtee.) b?t. 4H tth atr. ?t?. _ J^EW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. [ We ?r? now in r?eci?t of onr Fall stock of .1 SHADK COKHS AND TASSELS, ^ U1LT CORNICE, CUR-^ < tain bands, PINW, *o. Embracing all Qttalitit* avd Prices; All of which &?ve boen purot ated direct from ifactutei, and with onu?u?l ear?. We feel. therefore, that, wi^h our larpe and varied 1 itook. we u?ll he aule w preaent superior inducement* la purciiaeere A oall ii eolioited whether rou purehase or nut. All work in oer line executed b? superior workmen in eitj or country, and warranted in every partie?l?r. Call at o( FKANKriN ft. ROTHROCK'S, e g-*t?w?w 505, ooraat 9th aul D i>|. DORTO RICO SUGARS ft AND RIO POPTtT ? hbtfa. Porto ftioo *ad C?ba 8>f ara, fart'itnetiy 15h&'?P^rto Eioo aad Eniliah Island Molaaaaa, t 5>> h**a Whit* and t*f*en Rio Oofaa. foffu'&TO.. 4 BfcwALL. 1 ?A NOVELTY MILLS FLOUR. lOv BBLS. Of tkia auperior k. rand of Family and 1 MRS L. ALLEN Witt cyan . 2 rHfsrtav, the M of Octohar.aiarct imlflK aaodaoiw aaaortmoat of HON N cXPft, H1B BO % A, H EAD DR hSSB?, I-AuKS, ' I t^^?tt'o?'>0aui| ?i> ti ao? J? ml f all kia4,m%a?fkeui'-cd ( order, *ay leegt* or Wii% ?ri4&x~ .& "COAU fo&yg-ffigSHfcaia fa* vmmI, at > redu<*ip??Bc?*t* per ion. "^VdK^KW 4 HARLOW, eefMf Cerwer <aer??th tt. TnlTcSSkl 1 I . . COAL I>1U ' UST KM?ee4Iftwi wie Vidian OU "leiiir i ' LTTII l*t^fini1 f* 8 H^V' wU wtiMf jkj u u u: rV wooD': W OP 01 BTOVK Mid KINDLING WOOD, *t tii? io?? Mnbli iriM, ' T. J. * HALT* v* iv iiu mi uu X.. V* ** 11KW StVLBS FALL " "" \ AM> WINT^B CLOAK*. Wm thall r*?ei*f aM Jf l??p<-<rtma o*r Irt jpply (U K*JI and \* mt?r dnak* rtv to nnrrcv rWaradt) lw*onH?f. au*?mjM whtati wirt h* fatal U ta? aoraiuaa la UaA naa CaU and mm U? mww tyi??at MaX V\ ELL'S, ?e X in * SO P?M>. I?MH. q q q q q. union riRE-wooD mill, ia.aer aff rt M C?mI. .1 # ? v/v? i ?? nwifionf DQfTIv Aiiud Jainr* Partridge. while Vx-iag puraaei %y tcm. v?atrrd?v. jumped late tbc Punlf rtvrr, Ad In tlie MdNTor to awtm icroMVM drowned. Wnthiir at l?lti. boitok, Oct. 1.?Tb* thermometer la tbla rlinltjr tbia morning ?tanda at 29 degrees above ero. Ice of conrtderable tblckneaa baa fanned Baltbatr* ntrktu rttinaoii. Oct 4 - Floor active. with Urge Ire: Howard atreet and Oble #5 75 Wfcei lc. Igbt-r; red ?l JBatl 35; wblte ?t 3Sa?l ?. Cora teed?: mtxad 8ia<Ma ; veMow (jKaTbc Provlfloaa .all aad Ur*vy, mm pork ?19 75; n^roe !< 1%, .ard ISaUi^c. ColTae firm at 14^a!6fce Wblafry iuU- new V*ri >Urt*U Naw Yon Oct * -Fleer 5el*c fa?Mr aad ot active; *5 ?5a6 4U; Ohio ? 7MjM; outbern S5 K)at>. WbeU firia, abipprra are ?-* rlHtng to give any advanoe; wenWru rM fl ?. orn baa aa advancing tendracT; mixed Mr. revlrtont quiet. W hlakjr dull at 83^C [ ^ci FllJL. fROFWSBO* OF MVStC. ( Orgmmirt ai >'?*?? Ckwrth.l [MeeoUaltj info rot hit f tend* ?n<i me fohliti tat be ha* ra?ame4 tbe diitiea ef In* prole* ML ion AJ<lr?aa thnil h Om? Poet ORmm. jjKg ??l AITIOfll Omahv Ctty, Kansas. Sept ? ?A ywnnjr man iamed Kraatm L Van Vlelt wu accidental!* ibot about Ijffct < Vlork laat erenlnj. near fVuont.on the Fort Kearney road. In this Territory, >V the Lands af Jullm Kotbelm. of AtchtoMi, vinsds The men bulb belonged to a company >t returning miners. Tbe de-eased was from *iew York State, and about S3 years of age Ttao tall took fleet between the nerk and right breast, tnd killed htm almost Instantly Progress oi Harts Rislrsw. PtTTsarao. Oct < -Baroo Renfrew and SO (to irrired here last ntgbt. after ine o'clock He rasek .urud to tbe MosssnlirU House by tbo Mayor, a deputation of tbe Councils and the L?u|uesn? Greys. He lef< bere thl? moraine for Harnsburr, aad rill arrive iu V\ aahlngton to-morrow afleruooa lrytblicas Prtcet?*a Peatpeaed . Pnussmui. Oti. 1.?The Republican proeasion. whtcfc was to ootne off lo-nlght. baa Iwon matponed to \Ve4oeoday Tbe dele* at! en wkl< h ras to participate In the Wide Awake jabllee in >ew Nork.wlll, In cooeeqoeaoe, be obliged to enialn bere A Burglar 1 reword. M??u. . V f /V.* I A ?o - - ' tor* of tb' Seuate withdrew, Iravlag t ur body without a builneas quorum BoUt tiocM tbea adjournal to tte lTtu bubeeqoently the SsgtnUtirwM g?w la purruit of the delinquent Hen*ton,wti* wot* eap[>c*hI to hive se reted UwmMlTM Tkc Slave Tra4f, ttc. Bostox, Oct. I.?Thorn** J Morjraa. u?e capaiu. and Brron i. C bain b~r lain m4 Wm Dm am, tM mitn?rtb( bark Or.oa. wrre a tbc United &tatra Court tbis morning, ?a tb* barge of >>?ia<( -ups* ?rd la tbe aiavc trade At h?* rt^unt of oar go vera meat tbe Ilrtttsti smbor tire bave irdercd Paymaster Hay , and Mr Laaib, funner of tbe British steamer Plato, toattead tbe rial as wltnrsees tbe Pluto trivial captured Iks >rlsn oa tbe Coast of Africa Witt six boodsed leg roes on beard. ? 1 1 ITaft-i m. a * ? kuia cluaed at tiUjtatfiV Froa the Parifw IUtM 8t Joan**'*, Oct. 1.?The Overland Kxprcaa from San Pranciaro on the 19th arrived bare U>iay The California rtf*a ta nnImportant In the Or^on l^yialiture the political War bad -omm^od. Tie lotre- houa?- had organliod iir.d elected Doujflaa and Republican office a. indicating that a coalition bad boon effected Ixtwrta tboae two partie? for the pnrpone or electia* Baker and Nnamttb to tbe V S* S?nate Aa thU could not he effected exaept by the Jolat action "f tbe State Seoalr the Hwektaria? It wu reported that the Preach Papal army would be lncr?aaed to 40,(1)0 men Tbe London Tlmea a?y? tb?t tba Papal army ao longer exlata. for tbe 4O.UU0 men bceleged In Amr?nn may be already reckoned aa Gee. C laid La I 'a prlaonera Tbe London Herald aay? that tbe Papal arajr h?a b>ea defeated but not dlatoaored General l.amor!c'ere waa evldea'lj outnumbered. Hte forcea were 111 or<ran led and Ill-formed, aed ooeaaen'ly no match for a regular araay. led by * conrimandera Tbe London Chronicle asva th? reault of the ree-mt ba'tle !a to tranafer to tbe Rlag of drrdiala l ie whole of th- Koman Terr t >ry. except Rome, V iter bo, and CI vita Vaccina fft?IBTM There had Ik en no quotable cbaag* ia cottoe er )>rt jxtatuff* aln< e tbe Glaatfow'a report Tee M'eittlM1 roilti r* f?WA?*Kle Cm - - - -- ^? T ur attempt to lav a aubmarlaaeahl# MVl* Toulon and Algeria bad failed. LiVKnrooL.Thuradar.Sept 90 -Tha ateamih'.p Nova Scotia* floats off r> Hi liay. G+n Uainrtftftr and 'roopa bar* been MtUd With great leaa by the Sardinian* Latrr (ram Karapt Fajthkb Foist. Oct. 2 ? Th?-a>aji?htf> North Anif-rkaB. from Liverpool on the Wk, via Lcadonderry on tbw 21?t. paiia^d here thla m< ralac There uu considerable uneaalneaa felt at f'arU about a colllalou betwr*n tbe Kraach troop* at Rome, and the Sardln ana. Tbe Lope that mora a?rlcu* compilcatioaa would b? avoided were baaed cLiefly on tb? npec tat.. n thit tte 1'ope would abortly l?w>ra Rome. Tbe Sacred College were exerting turlr Influence to Induce him to 4o ao. aad if Auatrla ind France were to Joia la tbe mdaivor ha would probably depart If tbe Pope ahouldba Influenc d to lrava Roma, Ihe Sardinian f rcra would aatar and bold tha titw Tb* ontr forr i pfn mtntotera * n?n>?i wetf ttw British. Krritft, Sardinia* aa4 Ammti car The lataer w?a t*nr nw?ll General Seo?or1 wm appointed c*?bu4? of tbf artnr l? H* DlcUtof^ A Ruaalan envoy bad nnleed nt Vienna with n formal invitation to tbe F,?pmr of Mutilate wlatt War*w <*^*rrat efBeer* of blCb rHkbWbm^ t Dumch. An oAclal letter frona the Poretjn Oft^e mpa that Mr. L1nd?T baa no authority te na^ortnte with tbf American Gooeratteat reUtleo to nbtpDins' Interest It the attack on that plica There was an unconfirmed rumor that U* P?P* tad flrd from Room. The rraat wu gwraliy fieculatsd upon There were also uneaaftrmad rumors IMtf L?laorlrlere with *,?au men. was mare hi W towards the Neapolitan frontiers. with s Tlew at eRbcllag a junction with the Neapolitan troops It wu reported that GirlMdl was eieiMlnlf occupied la orgsalsln* sn army and navy, Uio former to consist of !*). ? m?a, tnilh tva huadred >tsm>s are to be mode for war por poors Thare were tadtcsttoas that he ti.Wafts gatag to Venetla. ' KoosnUi wwoe*nert?H THE LA-TE8T NKWB TEH SRA.PHIO. , ? iMitiml r?Tfigm PMw? fcy Ito fll?i|iw 9t Jo?k?,OH t.-Th? Iccwnli frta (Wnra Tbe Sardinia** took afW teat Airht, and iiitdr flfWa haadrwd pruoavt, < ir n era 1 Srbmldt The cttMlrl oT bad capMuUted, u4 tb? <db*r place* Om Caidlal wn advancing a^mlMt Amm. Th* late Neapolitan flrat had arrived ?bmM *! >

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