Newspaper of Evening Star, 2 Ekim 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 2 Ekim 1860 Page 4
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THE BYENUSG STJHt. WE Hivmn miBNM TOtlfHIB W? h?T? been fmrwi# torether, irmulMi ud m iM W, - ? I &dm iuattttne&th th? cbeatasltreea In iv.mncr^ ~" But coelnwm wthi? thy be?rt, A. eUtiKl ii on tbj brow < W? h?re Imii IrMi U Sh*ir? !ifht word p*rt as now f W?Mn IMl I l?nn? Hnwnm, "v. have ImM ?* liu ? )*u ; F?r vb? l?u? ?Tnop" ??? ??"h^f W?rin ftwf jo,ou = in ooT&*.^; d ? ual|iur gov kttii D?i thj lipe, I?2in&en gloom on thy bfow ; W? Mive **T to*ether, Shall a'Hht worJ part aa ?ow! ' Wt have Uon muI together. We fcsve wept with b tter teara | O'er fl>e grans grown grave where afcpt T*i? hope of oftrijr y*ara. TM Vf?o? vtwh lllUMt there Would h??i tin dear thr brow ; We have been ead together, _ Oh. what ihall part u? now ? Uk*ju?? m Lakoi Catacaie?'The New York F?t My*: u I U? It ??w made u ?uy m In tb? Mualleat by tteneeeea of aa euerlment just completed 1b Trinitc Church, In this city It constats of I psrabelotdal reflector of sound placed at Um bark af Che pulpit, of which tbe speaker's mouth la Dm focua A beam of sound about tea feet In diameter it thus thrown to the most remola point of tha church, and by tta aide flow fills the whole body of tha building. The structure ia quite ornamental and In harmony wttli tbr general architecture of the building All great publie builalnirs, whether for singing or speaking, may have aaiintlar arrangement adapted to tbeir use The whole of the rear end of a building life* the Academy of Music should be one par?bnlaidnl surface. It ia particularly suitable for legislative balls, as It works both ways. A person standing at the farthest door In Trinity Church caa carry oa a conversation with oue in the ptiiplt In the lowest tones, even In a whisper Anv persos well acquainted with the higher mathematics and accustomed to make constructions in architecture t-ngtaaeriag or macbiuery is competent to superintend such >.n er-ctlou. The one in Trinity Cburch wai put under the supervision of P ofessor Hackiey. of Columbia College, In thisclty." I.o*d Bt*os's Boot 1.a?t?Mrs. Colonel Wliftman, of MeWitMfl. hxi nr?i>nt?.1 nnmlu>* of articles, formerly the property of Lord Byron, to the museum of the Nottingham Naturalist Society A men j these were the lists upon which His Lordship's l>oota and shoes were made The lasts are about ni ne Inches In length, narrow, blgti at the lustep, generally of symmetrical shape. They ware aerompanl<*d by the following affirmation from William Swin, shoemaker. Southwell, who made His Lordship's boots and shoes from MO to 1S07. atUrma that these were lasts upon which His Lordship's boots aud shoes Were made, and that the laat pair were made on the 10th day of May, lf07 He further says that His Lordslilp bad not a club foot, aa Is generally stated, but that It was farmed the same as the other, exce| t being exactly an Ineh and a half shorter The malformation was In the ancle, which vu very weak; consequently, the foot turned outwards. Te remedy this. His Lordshin wnr?i ? "> thin boot, tightly laced, under hi* stocking, fa bis early lire, be wore an iron, with a joint at the ancle, which pnsaed down the outside of th* leg, and was fasl? ned to the sole of the shoe The raJf of that leg was much smaller. It was the left leg. (SMgned) William Swift. To ladru who havb Damcid with thx Pbihch?What an event among criooilueduiu ? to bare danced with the Prince of Wales'?We are afraid be will have much to answer for Voung men who were formerly considered paragons of Cfaction by the same young ladies, will donbtl be snubbed Incontinently A hand that has been grasped by a live Prince, will not be bestowed on every chance comer, depend upon It. Have a care, girls! Don't carry your beads too high, or at least not so hlgb that yon may not have the pleasure of telling to your children "all about the Prince " lu short, don't be so patted ?p that one of three days somebody will point out 1 iai Jk -ia ? * - - wuuereu ota ma;a, ana somebody else will exclaim. Increduoualy. in your bearing?1"Wbat! the Prince dance with her: Well, truly, there la no accounting for taatel" Not the consolatory "Oh but abe waa very pret'y once"?will take the sting from tfle rejoinder?"f? '? v mM??" FiJWT FBI. f] f Another dismal story of the persecutions of the native Christians of Madagascar baa to be resorted Tbe blood-thirsty Queen, who has beea tbe scourge of tbe Island for thirty years peat, and baa in vain put forth all her power to root oat CbrisCtMlty fn m its soil, seems to have renewed ber enerciee In that bad cause within the laat few yeara?stfll without success By a strange self-contradiction she has pat to death such of her relatives and greet ofltcers as would have perpetuated ber diabolical policy toward* tbe Christians, and baa thus seemingly secured the success on of her ewe son. wbo. for yeera peat, has been aa avowed disciple of tbe peraecub-d reli?ri?n Several a muting aucedotea &re told cot" nerted With the Prlaces visit. At Chicago, while at the grai a elevator of Mr Slurgls, l<ong iabti: aaid "Biron, I raise pig* and pup* at my farm, The pig* are your fatuer's own breed: I'll aend you a rout, and If It lint'good, you most blam- thr o*ti t;?iitlra>*a for It.'' Mr Sturgis, who Is more wealthy than wis*, said when introduced. "Lord Renfrew, eh! But you're no better than anybody else Let me call you Mr.Renfrew," aud, to the Infinite amuaement of the Royal party, ha persisted in that address during the entire visit / fT^'Whv. John, uon't vou like liver"' l?r> yes," ta'd John, "I like it very Weil fur tt/lv or sixty meals, but I don't like it as ast**adv diet " The old lady cooked aoinething for the next meal ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?J i> Roman. Md; J T Humphrey*, i L Schoolfleld, Va; W Stoney, 8C; E R Koyd. La; T Huttnn. Kag:S D l4M. NV: A J Requier, A La: Mr Hogan. DC; W Hrowa, N . Y; T Poaice, DC; 8 Tate, Cal: W Wtalllldln.Pa: C fci Clark* aud lady, NV; H M Turner, Mo; W B Sbavr and fan, ?; U It Hitchcock, NY; Comr Hunter, U8N; L Z\mmrr, Va; T Bragg, NC; J B Raymond, P Brown, Va; T Bioia and lady.Ga; C 8 Hig^lna, Mr* Higgins, J W Brooks ana ly, * Mia* Breaks, Mrs l.augaKn, Ky; C Hugar. 8Ci J Welsh, A Mudge, .Vld, L> Ku^gles, Va; N Piae, L Mordet and lady. NY; W Devlin and lady.La; Mia* Reach. NV; C H Aa;kn#as, Pa; W B Randolph and lady. Fla; C Fowler, Miss Johnson, N V: H JniiMiixl 1 Ml? O??-?- * ?? .??, . annul may ?ui, tl tlUUl, <ia; J Fowler and Udy, Tena: Mrt Gen Grttiie, MJm Coleman, Mia Martin, NC. BftOWNS' HOTEL.?W C Yancey. Al?; J A L?H ud If, Ind; B A Selby aud if, J Jouvler. Md; J B Cummin*. Ua; 1 Clayton, kid. J WUmi, USA; W M I'uk.r and if. VVC: MuRoib. H Haroeon, Pa; W Campbell, NY: \V Williaina, J H Crotfon, Tana; Hon J HemphlU, Tex; U .Nathan audit, Mian Gordmon, NO; Mr* Fitigerald, Va: Mia K Them peon. Mlia I Thornton, Mlaa S H Smith, S A Sn.lth, Ala: J Come took, N Offeti, La; B H Baker, Va, J A Doane, Fa; C V Layay, La; Mlaa K Bovkin, Mlaa H Boykln, Miaa L Boykin, H Hunt, O; Mr* FiUaimmoua, Mra Vauxand eon. Mia Stone and children. Mlaa Leg are, Mlaa Matbaeon, P Fltxalmmona, S*?; J B Knetta, Ark. KIRKWOOD HOUSE?C E Sinclair. Va; A W Naaaa, NY; Hon J K Moor bead and daughter, Pa, H fe Putnam. USA; J Blahop, J Webb, N I. o %r * * * -* - ?, r *an oiuuw, is>; j vvuaon, V?j W Garret, j B Chad wick. NY: U M Spoffor4, La; W Hall, Cat; W Butel, KT; W McKotIm, NY. OC BAIT 8TBAMER3' SAILING DATS Fmqm tum UaiTB* Statu. Btuun*a. ftr. Dm**. Afpatm ... Naw York? Havra... Oct 6 K<l!ob?r*.. .flaw York..,Lnrarpool Oot Parai* Naw York._UTarpool Oot 1* Ar?o.. Now York_ .Harra Oot it eiMgov ?NfW York?.LivarjooL.,. Oot 13 -Nw York...Mouth*inpt*n.Oat 19 AtbiflL 1 1 M>*Bo4bJA> .LivarpooL, .Oot IT Mar York Now }ork.. braoaoa Oot 17 Btitaaaia Nov York. ?BoaU*aka?tc>iwNo* 1 Fmou Eurora Pnnoo Albert Gal way Now York-Baal if CKSLOaE lair.1-. SI I ? uirer?ool Borton^?_..|ipt5 V*?32fl5K_LL. ,.ttoutl?pton~. N?w York?Sept* C of Liverpool NryYork j* flS7 ftorii???...ASKgfc !n?w ^oA...Uoj.^ ?rMt%uier a'.\. M iTtVl furaahfi *v \otk.'.'.'.im " ?aitoa. SouU'oton.Naw York....Got IT Hfomt. fcu'.tt>toa ...N?v York.. ,.0?tlS Tk* U?n? Mil mmmmn mv? n?* York ot k>? M. UU, ITUi. ud mil of ?*ok niontk, tod sK?K!}Mi?S^ ?? t?? .. tb?nh maim* Pimm* ?otk. t"" K?3ZW ?? itliiifVMt Prut BAi^jf^Aij?Y^IE,8, gat-la Abor? dddi^a'Jow'H?1L V - ?SM MSIJfmWIW-. ? i jm. nutiv/ a i?n i mtw ryvri ft rAFER,? the cotakrMM Wilis of L?roeli?. Joub*rt, 1>? IU*"4U*',A,nME BLA A CHABD*"MOHUN. ! ? 24 Cor ?r 11U it ml P*. w. , HW. HAMILTON PA1NTKB. Mi DKALEE IN PAINTS. No. Ml 7 th SrftUT, Mtr Odd MUms' HmO. mmt-tl P1'TTY~U DOWN. ' A HK i*r PUH^K WHAT woe SHALT BUY I STINKURTZK CHl?A?tfCAWH HATSTOBK# # * !'?.?*., iiMcofiir lack rt. ? Oft/hU Vbt) WiUfkvof ma wtU > a*Tl ruhf 1 ? !* ttoftk of BOOT* kd n.r* ife^ LmUm'.GmiU , Boy a'.Mums' ?txj chiuir*a'a Ti|r. M l *oi* J. RoBKNTH AL. I,H?K 8ALK.-A Mr of COACH H0gttE8? | r jfoang ud feat. a?ld for so jkoli: Uia WWp'feiSilNtoSSSy. ytvM|iAftVMU?% MiVMB 4*aU. U a-tf r?TBitur?to ?* bost.Iflfo* oallattsnpOB to the Painting ofRoofs and Brisk Walls All of the above I will do u oheap a* t&s cheayMt I therefore solieit ths patronage of my friends and fellow oitiseo* or lbs District. Punotu*hty striotly obsorvsd, aad work doa? in tho bsst ntn. nor. You willplsasa mind yoar stop* an J stop at M. T PARKER'S painting Eslabltphmant. No. A3 43 !!a J If! Louisiana nr., north side, betwsan 8th and Ttk sts. P. 9 !?uns pat up frso sf charge, as usual. an ? Sin P R A N C 1 S^Jtf A^R PER, i FAMILY MOCkSV?j39PFEED STORM, Corner if New Yprk mmm and Tenth strut. Re?i??otAii!y solioits the patronage of those w mar bo ia want of *ay artiois ia the aoove lino. His ndoavors shall Ue to plea?e, aud by a *triot attoa; ti?n to th? want* of ths public, he hop** to me*U a shars of thsir tatroiHt, Hi* took ooksists of svsry arUol* usually to bs I ^<uad ia a ftrst-filsss Family Urooory sjofl^'eod | ^ ""^" wATCH-"I, 34# Pmm. 1??*im, ?M0r Sirmtk Strut 1 kaUre atteutiou givsa to tko Repairing of Chro nomatsrs, Duplex and Lavar Watohe*. A us JCv j Ssj&fcwtt?. I REMOVBD TO No. 16 MARKET WSS&.'w&.'rafr ttss. m. nc no*i y rawing or t^a Royal Utnni Lottery, oobduotod by th# Bumih Government, under ^lll fct H^ran* ?eoeral of Cuba, TUESDAY. Octobu t 1MB. BORTEO NVMRRO MS OMDINAMJO. CAPITAL PRIZE 4100,000. 1 prt*? of RlOOjOOO 80 friMB o? I>QM 1 do ?,000 60 do CM 1 do 30,000 159 do 400 ! do ^? ?.?? so mm, un PRIXSB. Whole Ttekeu, ttO-Ba.TW, 1 fr-Ouarten, |l. | Frii* oMhad st tight at > nr oent disoount. Bills oa all so. vent fiaoks taken at par. A drawing will fce forwarded a* aooa aa the retail "mas iorMlMMi or tiokau to b? addreeeed I OoiM^Kntlr I shall remain in Washington and t ioc in *.11 itM hnuAkM nw ? iid) I hereby oertily that the above named ?? art known to mi u men of propartf, tad able to make good their guarantee. U H. (To be signed by the United State* District Judge, United Ptates District Attorney, or Uolleotor t No proposal will be oonaiderM unless acoompamed by the above guarantee. (Nevinitri authorised to publish the above will send the paper o on taming the firat insertion to tbis ofi ie Tor examination.) PropoasUs to be endoraed ''Proposals for Rationa for 1861,' and addressed to the undersigned. wTb. Slack, ae?-l?w4w Ma*or and Quartermaster. T?? JOY*L ?AVA1*A LOTTERY. c,?mu i?uub u"obi8v oi une pound if.d ft ^uirter ?fresh Beef, or three quarters of a pound of iu*aa Pork; eighteen ounceso( Bread made of extra superfine nour, or sztra auperfm* Hour at the option of the Government; and at ths rate of ten poands of good Coffee, fifteen pounds of best Nev Orleans Sugar, eight quart* or beat White Beam, t1 fonr suart* of Vineiar, two quarts of Salt, four Canaa of go? d hard Brown soap, ami one ai.d a If poinds of good hard dipped (allow Candles to oue nm-dred rations. The Beef required a'-all b? dslivered on thi order of the oommacding office- of each ataiion, either in bulk or by the single ration; an I shall o.<n Mat <-f the bast ana most choioe pieoes of the onroaae; the Pork to be No. 1 prime meas pork; and theUiooeries to he of the heat quality of kinds named. AUsubjsotto inspection All bids must be aoooupaniad by the following guarantee. Form of (fuaranttt. The undersigned , of , in the State of .and ,of , m the State of . hereby guaranty that in oase the foregoing bid of for Rations, as above desoribed. b* aooepted, he or they will, within ten days after the reoeipt of the oontraot at the Poat Offfioe ntmed. execute the oontr?ot for the same, with good and aufBoi^t aureties; and incase tiie said shall fail to enter into oontraot as aforeaaid, we guaranty to make good the dilTerer.c.) between the oC?r ?f the said and that whioh may be aoMfted. A B, Uuarantor. i Wltnsss: C D, Gua antor. v u uuuiuiuiuDvr 01 ine urami LUd utaoe. Not*.?Under the regulations of the department, aa heretofore and now exiating, no payment oan be made for advertiaing proolamationa exoept to aaeh JuMiaheri m are srtrtail* author*ztd 10 pnbliah by ne Commi??iuner of the General Laud Office. aa ?latrMw pROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1961. Qcaktskma'tbk'b Orncc, U. 8. M. Oowps,f >Va?hinotoh. a>th Sept., l??o. ( Hbalsv Proposal* wit) be reoei?ed at thu nffioe until the 14m day ol November next, at 3 o'olook bm., for funnelling Rati on a to the United States arinea, at the following atatioua, during tiie year I'barleatown, Maaeaehoaetta. Porta mouth, New Hampehire. Brooklyn, Lone Ieland, Now York. Philadelphia, Pennayivania. lion port, near No-folk, Virginia. v\ arrirgton, Florida: and Wa?hingU>n, Diatriot of Columbia. eluded from the ?i>s. together with the traeta covered br ipr*' ideal hidian locHtioi.u, descriptive l:ata or wuich have been furniahtd tie local officer*. The offering of the above land will be commenced f>n the daya appointed, and wilt proofed in the order n which th-'v are advertiaed. nntil the whole ahall have been otfored, aud the aalea tliua cloeed ; but no a&le ahall be kept open luncer than two week a. and no private entry of any or the ianda will be permitted until after tne expiration of the two week*. Given under my hand, at the oity of Washington, thia Slat day of Auguat, anno Domini one thouaand eixht hundred aud sixty. JANfcSBUCHANAN. By the Preaident: Jo*. S.*, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Kvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lauds within the townahip* or (.arte of township* above enumerated ia required toeetabliah the same to the aatiafaction of the register and receiver of the Land Office, and mak? payment therefore ai toon as rrarticable nfter seeint tkt* notice, and before the day appointed for the oommencementof the publics ea!e of the land* embracing the tract ol aimed;otherwise auch claim will be forfeited. 4 __ ^ J OS. 8. .wIL^ON, in t >wuia:pt 24 And 35, and in the part of 3ft, of ran* <515 Th? tracti or paro?ls in the part of township 23. ui tuvnihipa 84 ar.d 25, and in the part of 26, of r?* *? 14. Tne tract* or paroels in tha part of township 33. in townships 24 and 2i, and in the part of 28, of rave? 13. Tho tracts or parcel* in tin part of township 25, in township* 24 and 25, and lu the part of 20, of ante 12. The tracts or paroels in tha part of tnwnship 28. tn townships 24 atid 26, and m the part of 26, of j rani* 11. Tne tracts or parcels in the part of township 23. in townships 24 aud 25, and n the part of ?b, of ranjre 10. 1 he tracts or paroels in the part of township 23, in townships 24 and 25, and in the part o( 28, or rar.?e 9. The tracts or paroels in the parts of townships tJ, 24, 25, and 28, ol range 8 appropriated by law for the use of schools, ir.iiitary fodian, and etker mr>o.i?i. will !> * range 24. The iraati or paraels in the part of townahi* 3) in townships 2* and 25, ana m the part of 36, of range 23. The tracts or paroele in the part of township 23, ia townships 2t and 25, and iu tha part oi 26, of ranse 22. Tna traoU or parosla in tha part of township 23, ip townships 24 aud 25, and ia tha part of 26, of ranee 31. i he traota or parcels in tlw part of townabip 28, in townships 34 and 25, a*td ia the part of 36, of raoc a ?M. Tbe tracts or paroela in thepart of towr.ahip 23. in township* 24 and 25, and in tha part of 26, of ranee 19. The trfU3t? or paroele in the part of township 23, in townahipa 24 and 25, and id the part uf 36, of ranee 18. The t aots or parcels in the part of townaliip 23, in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of-36, or range 17. At the Laud Ofice at Fost Scott, eoramnncinc on Monday, the J7th day of December n?xt, for tha disposal i?( auoh uf the publio lauds not oovered by ii.dividuai Indian locations as are situated withia the fol owing town?iupa and parts of townabiee in the 'ate reserve above-mentioned for New York Indiana, Tit: South af he ban line and oati of thi firth print pal ni-rtiiiaH, anil in tkt towmhips ani parts of to irnskips/alUnt within satd reserve. The t acta or parcela in the part of township 23. in townships 24 auJ 25, aud in tiie part of 2b, of ranee 16 The tracts or parcels in the part of tnwnah'D 23. i MISOBLLANBOOa ? ? ? ? " ? m (No. 66T.J r?OCLA?.A5t^JVg^iifK.,,?NT Por the Sale of Valuable Lands in the late New Yurh Rjmmm IB pnri>n*ne* of law, I, J?mr? Buchakaj*, ??rasiileut of Hid UnitM :Mat*? of America, do h?r b? d?clar? find i. ake known that public sales will be held at tk? Dnd?rraMiUon?d Und Office, in the Territory ot Kansas, at the periods hereinafter desig naud, to wit: At tka Land Office at Fo*t Scott, commencing op Monday. tba 3?1 day of Itooeaiber Mat, for tha disposal bf t.u?li of the public land* not covered by it.ii victual Iim>ian locations as ar? s; tented witkm tks following townekipe and H'U of tvwsskiss is tks lata reserve above-mentioned tor tka Now York ladiaas, vis: Sovtk af tkf bait Une and ?a.?< af tk* ttrth primeipml tn'ridian, nndin tki townships and partt of toirmiktyt/niiint wukin mid ??-?*rr?. The tracts or pamels in tks parts of tovnskifa 33, 24, 2V and 38, of rang* 25 rbe tracts or piro? 1* in t>e part of township 2S, is townihips 24 and ki> and in tha D?.rt of of TBUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTS AND SjYJKS, TO SUIT til We are now muifiwtariH ftli kinds of BOOTS ud 8HOK8, ?cd oxUAtlT ratMnii b apply ot (UUrn made work of everidei.onpGpi'. made expreaaly M>onler,andwillrMj| b? told at s maoh lower pr^thuhMtMn" heretofore charted in (hie tity for maoh inferior "PeiioM in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oitj made work, will ai ways find a jood Mwrtmu lo?1 ?p>-r T14 Pennsylvania avenue. Five hunpreo traveling trunks arrived this day, embtaeinc >11 <nMi-ana ?kjia MM of Sole Leather. UAh'HW w and Pnokinc Trunks. Onr truak^*** sales room exhibits at this time tbe rTWtMt nrittr of traveling requisites. at nodtrtie fnesi, to ho found this side of New York. Also, evehr description <>l INDIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CEB, CARPET BAGS. SATOH ELS, Ac. [or Ofd Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new onee. WAL^ 8TRpHBNe * C0^ Trunk Sales Room, marfl-tf M9 Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK ILANUFACTORY, 9 419 TTH Btiuti oppesitt Odd FtUowty Hull, WatkinUtn, D. C. Travelers will study their lutereets t>? exanaaia my TRUNKS, VALICE8 Ac, before M' Bn chasing eteewere. As I use none but th?M best material the market affords and emploT^HMi the beet workmen, 1 can confidently reootnmend my work to be superior in Strtnctk and Durability to Tmnks that are made in other eitiee and sold here. 1 keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one week's notice) every deecnptien of SOLE LEATHER, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND and otktf YALICES: TRAVELING BAOS; HAR| NESS; SADDLES; WHIPS,tc., tc. , Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notiee. TrnulfB riolivAr^ in v?w " ? _ .. r??vi ?iw !>), wwrsr town, or Alexandria. 4wmv?'?cuiias?" ~i,br*"d i de IH* JAMES S, TOPHAM. travklflks' directory. Daily link of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', forrytof th* U. 3. Mmii. The underaign?sd are now running Daily, (except Sunday.) Four horse Coachea bo- rf?^ tweenWaahingtonaud Upper Marl boro\ an followa: tB-tjn^P* Leave the Steamboat Hotel, oornor of Seventh atroet and Pa. at7o'oK?jk a. in. Returning leave rppur Marlboro' at u o'clook a. in., and arrive id W aahiugton at 9 o'clock, in time to oonnect with the 3.30 p. m. train for Baltimore. The Coachea are now and oommodioua, the team a Srat-oiaaa in the handa of oaroful and accommodating drivera. fare to Upper Marlboro. JOToenta, o !x>ng Old Ficlda 25 " ToCentorville .38 " Freight and package* in proportion. an 15 tf OS BORN i CO . Proprietor!. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WA SHI NO TON BRANCH. chan6i ot Hocaa. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, JuaalSU, 1W?, train* will ran aafollows: Leave Washington at6 Sfi an<l 7.4" a. m. Leave WaahinKton at 3 JO and 531 p. m. On 8u miar at 3 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 425 and 4ft a. m. Leave itottiraore at 3.15 anu 4.a0 p. in. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Paaaengera for the k'aat will take traina at 6J0 and T.V a. m aadSSOp m. For the Weat at 7.w a. m. and S^o p. m. For A nuapolia at 7.40 a in- and 3Jn p. hi. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. _ On Saturday evsninf the3JO p. m. train (OM to aum?ifiia <jutj . j? 1S-<1 T H. PARSONS. Acant. NEW ORLEANS XJST TZXR23B I3ATS win tk* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL^fjwS^Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUKe: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Chariest on, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jaeison, (ta \idur /\dt ?? * ma B V IVOfT UllLDAilS: memphTsTroute: Memphis tor Rail.thenoe by First olasa Packets to New Orleana. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Muntromery by Rail, thenoe to Mobil* by Firatolaaa Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steauwrs TWO DAILY TRAINS?SojinxTa INCLUDES. Lean Wuhinftsn at 6 a. na. aad 6 p. m. The Steamer GKORIiK. PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seventh street at a. na. and p. m. and

connects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe*t Ol6o?? Pennsylvania nvcnne, corner of Sixth at. CAStAtl CllOUt THBOUSB TO >JW OBLBASI. Lynohbarg ~#7 801 Memchia 931 06 Br;?to!__^ Atlanta.? .afi oo Kcoxville aooo MdOun . 5? 00 Chattanooga..... 34oo Coluinbna ... .31 SO Dait<in..?. 34 00 Montgomery SS oo Huatavi'.la .27 00 J viaMempliis.42 50 Grand J u notion <*" N.O.J viatt. Juno .42 50 Naahritte 25 So \ via Mobile, _4S TO THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL aud is #00 MILE8 SHORTER, and 114 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l ine?the Ljnehburt Ex on being now oomaleted, as aisu the ftiiaaiaaippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE *OK SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! ii is provided with Kirat ol&ss Sleeping Cara! {To New Orleana Til Hours, Memphis 84 do. Montgomery ~ S3 do. Neville 4* do. IC^The U.8. J4A.IL.Tnvi ADAMS' KXPUKK8 are taken overtnia New Lid*. Iioketa oan be obtained at the South Western 00, oorner of Hixtii street aud Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Linohburg, Bristol, KnuxnUe, Atlanta, ChaktKuooca. Quutsville, Brand Junotion, Maoon. Nashville, Dalton, Oo'uinbus, Mont,on?e3few^.,KA^niphi.. a*2 IDT THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS TIRQINIA SPRINGS. JO* Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the oflos at 6 a. m. aud 8 p.m. JAM KB A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, maas-tr Corner sixth at. and Pa. ?v. THE STEAMER JA~s3 6UY Will resume her trips on Tl'ESDAY, ast of Fsbrnarr. LWO. WUl leave W ASH > IN?iT'oS3 ??.. Ti'Jun. VWtON&W pro*.*... NATH'L BOUBH. At'U Alexandria. fa ? aKVf YORK AND WASHINSTO* YorVf^mmih^'^isi^ o'olook p. m.? And New York ror WMb-^"" mxtop every Saturday, at 3 o'olook a. m. PtuntHi M jao (L? .hip At AFbxjuidria Attn? tarn* beforo the notr of tne iUanier's departure. N. B.?In tUe vent of the gteauiers inability to oroaa tha bar in oonse^uenoo of low watar, all goodj will b* promptly uchtorad to and from U>? etaam*r bythe and a rug n ed. wmtamnrMX HINEFIAR1, aatt-B.MATtr W?Urn Wlirr^, piONEEES^MM^BLEANl) BROWN The eubaoribarnagt leave to inform tha oitisena of Waahingtoa.Gaorgetown and Alexandria that b? ha# ad<W to his long established business the aaxuiarj of steam, power for savior and maptfao tormg Marble ana ^rown Stone Work inyiAir vanons branches, Marble Mantels, Table aad Withstand Tope, Tile. Monuments, Tomb and Head Stones, 8l|H, window Lintels, gills, Steps and Satformi. Having purohaaed a large stook onUlUa arble in block,from firsthands .afthe lowaat raise, he fMs confident of Ming able to furnish Marbie Work aa low as it oan ba nrnli*?^ - ?? ? ? t" -- >u ilww i of!. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade aupplied with Italian Marble in blook o* alaba at tha same rite aa furuiahed in New York, and on aonominodating terms. Alao, on hand, a large ?npplr ol fumioeStone, Water of Ayr Boca and PolIaAing uttj at New York prioea. Encourage the ectar """ fionoar SUnm MarbU and Brown 8ton* Works, Pa. a*., cor. Thirteenth at, a?fl >i Waehiaaton. U. C. W OAS FIXTURES. i&fffifetaifcra and Piniaii. euprnor m atjrle to anything heretofore ETered in this market. We invite oitisena general to oall aud examine our a took of Gaa and Water b~ All Work in the above kne mtruated to oar oar* wu: b. ? ,c, 1 Me0HA(( mari-tf 3T? D atra*C f.?. a. uiui. a. x mot*. i. l imi. L"""' v'.'V?. piNE PIANOS POH RENT OR 8AI.E, M??ie received trf-ve*klr, at A* Kb! It* 2' *ml othor Instrument* ' r|UPONT? GUNPOWDER, ttHHunvi fiOOD LIGHT' ~ , CHEAP LIGHT.' ' PARAFFINS OIL. from AFE 1 . *Ba1Sfl?S4u.4i .. , u>.,_ u... .?v?, ivw uuun norm oi ra. | pua?^siWK?^ng asrm tilled, made by the raoit reliable diatillera in PenaaylTaaia, Mitt land and VUemia, wirrwud iur?, Alao, lmrort?d Hrandiee. Henneaay, Otard Dim * Co., Jaiei Kobina, io. Also, Peach and Apple Brandy, pure Hoi.aW Sin. old Juuutt and St. Croi* Rim, awl Winaa of "very variety, aU ol ?tand?rd brandr A ohoice lot ofCiiara and Totytfu, vj8re t^EiRST^ia-A. CLOUR. MEAL, MILL FEED, 4a. r Juit reoeived on ooniic nment? <70 bbla auperior brand of freah (round Family, Kstia and Superfine Floar, aobbla. No. 1 Ryado., Fiaah jroond Corn Meal and Mill Peed of ail kinde oona'antiy on haad. Car aale low la Iota to nut. an iS-fcn P. L. MORRISON 4 CO. ERY. Tnif Ale la mad* from malt and kopa oaiy and oaoinot c.^^LJN^AD .P^prietir of Ue?* It 4-'? wt??'? w V iikiWIH Hv. 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERER 0. Pihha. Anm, Between 10th aad 11th .trMi> *- ? ... WW WI? WW wuf mm ? ?!?'?< ???'? > I IIVOI aw BI1U lUVOr* fioial, but they are volunteered from the mo*f rp peotable souroe* aud ju?t;fy tl?e highest term* in whioh it u possible tu commend ao valuable s speoifio to pnb ie approval. We ni?y Udalso that the ourativo properties of the medicine are equalled on!jr by 1U reetorati ve elT?oU. the syaUm reoo verity fromdiaeaee with renew**! constitutional vie or. For sale by all respectable Druggists in this oitv, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, "one leucine unless her name is blown on tie bottle and her aeal oa the oork K-Priee 41 per bottle, aix bottle* for ?6. olesale Attnt. R. H. T. CI8SEL. Dragrist, Georgetown, D C., Wholesale A cent for the Dls trio*, and will supply the trade at my pnoes. aa Iltr 279 206~ Pa. At*., FORK<0NJ'RVITS, Pa. Ays., ?.?tntktu. oaNFficfjIQNB. VtiWi AeSei. l*clSraiMEN,li,*a.t ' Seta leave to oalt the attention of hie friends and e aubl o generally to his New Store, voder wit I artPa Hotel, jnat opened, in oonuexion with hia d establishment, where he Whl be happj U? receive any order* for aaperior Confections of kia owa importation. Also,all orders for Dinner*, Sapper*, Ball*, and Pnv^ Parties, which will be served ap in his inimitable stTle, with the same promptnaea and dia*?toh which he has hitherto iljnvn ?w> * A WM.T. DOVBkCO. ARB No w.p re pared to exeouU any order* with whioh they may be favored ?P the PLUMBING, OA^ og frTEAM PITTING IT-"^ flfAPA AM Mk # J- ? ?? - ? jot ly.r A taut, Washington. D. C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SM'FFKRlNtL LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED R RAD! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. /rHend, do you ?utf*r? Are too th? victim of any those nornwoui aliments which an*e ironi imSU'ity of tlie bliM.U? What are they, do you a*k' latuer a?>k. what are they not.' The blooil ia the ouroe ol I lie and health, and it is the brat element of oar being to respond to any oause which ?ffeots th? system, as the pulse infallibly attests The ever pre\ailinc Neuralgia, the irritating Krys:p? as. tt?e subtle Horotula. the agonizing Rheumatism, reervous Uebilitf. Dyspepsia. Liver Couflr.aiitt with tu toraor aril dejection, ana the nuinberleett ills that flesh ia heir to, derive 'heir hideous origin from the blood. Doal kindly thea and gently witn the biood. Usa the vitalizing resources of nature for its aid. and suffer us to oommend to your confidence ana use that traly valuable medicament known as MRS. M. COX'S INDIA* VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible seeot&o popular sentiunent has spoken in d-oidtkl terms, and the evidonoes of this great efficacy are aaatained by constant avowals of ourative r if.ots and th? happiest results from its uee are aft?r all other roru*dies and Uia best medical skill have failed. Let as say, in oonolusion, that certificates 011 rAa a rdk mil an?i from ?ta llt?*?? ? ?? us lit auuBiiiuiUE vnMB viiu&Bie v f^cwiiie HlUiri for th? mineral poisons and aduiieratid Lvfiiort with whio.'i the o<tintrjr la flooded, and thereby aid in ban.chics Dioejwe and DrvakeoeM from the land. _ CHARLES WIDDIFIELD A CO., Proprietor*. 78 William street, New York. J. 8CHWARZE. Aieut, Washington, D. C. PR. J BOVF.E DOW IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. For Diaeatee of the Kidneya. K Adder arid (Jnnnn Org&na, and eapeoiaily for Female Ohetruetiona, r.over foil to cure, and are warranted to (ive aatiatootion. CHARLF.S WIDDIFIELD & CO.. Proprietors, T? William at., New York. I^OHWARJtE, mini, Laaa af PrNiMtiTi Pivii, MirWu lriiuViUU Trambluif >a4 WukslH *r Ksbaaatiai ( Ika MM fum klad irmdtlr emi CNDOUIMUTOr TIB PR KM. TIB MART nOBIAHM tmd aitbia in.matlaa w\*tM Ibt laat aavaauao tiua, aud lb* uaitaraaa tnparuoi BaagtMl*r?rtuni ftrfmul kr Dr. Jafcaaaa, wiiuaaaad by Ua rapanara af iba ptpiti and iu>; Mhar aireatii, aatlaaa tt vhtcb h?*a appaarad agair. aad af ila bafara Ua aablW, b?aldaa fcta aiAuGtcg u a f aoUanaa af skaraatar aaa riiMU?LUty, la a aaSalaui furulu ia Iba al.alad. (aa S-ly K. J. BOVKF. DODS IMPERIAL WINE BITTBUS, Are now beinf uaed (ruin Mud* to the Great Salt ^ke, asl ttis universal verdict of all who uee ini either M a wuditin* or w i h$vran?, ia that they are unaurpaaed in the world. Dr. Doda uted thrm auooeaafallv in his praotioe for % yeari before we parohtaM orkitn the aole rirht to mannfkoture aad prvMai theio for usle to &e publio. For the onre of Iumpient Gonramttion, Indirection, Dyr pepki&. Pile*. Nerroili Dumim, Female Com piainta, and ail oaaee requiring a tonio, th?y are byroad don jt a moit invaluable remedy. Aaide from their medicinal properties they are a pure, whole eome and deligh tfni B rverage, producing all the pleasant exhilarating effeota of Brandy or Wine withoat their injurious reeulta. l et all fnenda of ha inanity and ail ad vooaioa of temperanceaaaiat vnvea in rait ?? ? uIm^i u4 if mi iu*4. ratidara ntrrufi Up?uikU,>ud iuu>;i kMk Bia4tl4 Mr, ahaald apply immadiaMly. Thaaa art aaaia of the aid aoa rralanckalj afacta prartatad ky aarlr kakita a/ vaaU via : Waakuaaa af tha Ba?k sad limka, [Vina ia Ua Maid, Uianaaa af li(6t,Laii af Maacaiai Pavar, Palpiuuaa af Ua Raart, Dyapapav, Narvaaa Irriual.lty, Daraof am act aftba Dig aaura FanCUaut, ttaaaral Dabll'ty, aymptouia of Caoaampnao, Ae. MKNTAIaLT.?Toa faarfal af acta an tka ralod ara naak ia ka draadad?Laaa af Maaaary.CaofMan af (data, Dapraaaiaa af ptriu, Evil Farbadiufa, Avaraaao af Haciatr, Balf-Dialraat, U'aaf laliwda,Tuaidu/i au.,ua aaaa al Ua aaiia yia daead. MERTOVB DERlkJTT?Tkaaaaada hi ar*]?dft ?Ut la lha oaaaa af Uair daciiniuf baallk. laau.r Uair aijar, ka iatamf araak, pala, aaraaaa aad aaaauatad,L??inf a aiagmla.1 ipfHiuaa akaalUa ayaa.caajb acaynptaaiaaf aaaiaaiaptlaa DIBEASEB OP IMPRUDENCE. Wkau Ua fciagaidad and liupradaot vatury af plaaaara lada ka kaa In^ikad Ua aaada af thia palbfsl dtaaaaa, It taa aftaa kappana Uat aa ill-timad aauaa af ahama ar draad af diacavarj datara kiia fratn applying ta Uaaa wba, from adaaatiau aad raapactaktlity, can aloaia bafnaud km. iia falla luta U? kanda af ignorant aud daaiguiog praiar.dara, vka, ii.tafak:* af cannf, lleh kla paeanury aabataaca, kaap turn triliD| aoU altar natiU, ar aa lot If aa Ua amallaat faa tan ka akU-iaad, and in daapair la??a him with raw,ad kaalU U awrk a* ar hia calling diaappa?nliaai<l; ar by Ua aaa af Uat data!* yaiaan, Marcary, haataa Ua canaiitatiaotl aynptama af Uu tarribla diiaaaa, aaeb aa Affactiora o'aha Haart, Thraat, Waaa. Skin. Ac., prograaatiig with frigtitfkl rapidity, till daatb paul pariad ta hia uraadfal aatarinra ky aanding kirctatkataa diacavarad CMiitry fram vbaaa kaanaa ua tmaalar raiaraa. DR. JORMBON-BREKE1) Y FOR OROAMIC WEARSRM AMD IMPOTEMCT. By Uia g raat aad imparUot ramady vaakoaaa af Ua unit ua apaadily earad and fail vifai raaiarad. Tkaaaauda aTUi aaaat oarraaa aad dabilitaud, vka kad laat all bapa, ki'l ktaa iaaiaadiataly talla?ad. All impad icaanu ta Marriaga. Pkyalaal at Maatai Diaaaatt- I VtlVQ IV ??WI7 1711, my till VIII rail I Ml *"" IUIU4.I HiUlU PBUORI,M TtU|MMu r?*fe.hetnC a ??ri af M;vul Mkuw, mjuIi 401119, I d*1>r<?>U*e, ft*-, epeedilr evil ll wka pUeea hioteelf ardai Mm un af ?. J. My ratlfi eaaiy ualdi la Ma kaaar aa a faatleaaaa u4 aaatdaatly rtlj IfM kta akiil u a ^r?(iu. urrioic tu. ? aovra ruHticiiruB, lilt kand fn? BalUaear* Hnu, 1 law dwri (na Ik* tarn*r. Fail oat ta ekeerre tad aiaiti, kitt*f? at ka hM u< aaalaia a iua). dl joiirroi, Hiakin af tka Eayal Callafa rtiifMu, kaadaa, miMM Ire .a aa* af Ik* aaaat anuau Celief ee la tka Rutted StaUa, 1 ud tk* p?u*i p*rt af vhaae life kaa ka*n apaat io Ik* kaa* ?iuJ? af Lecdeo, Puii, Philadelphia aad eleavbere, kaa affected aara* af th* meet Maaittia| ear** that vara a?a* kaava; many traabled witk riuftnf la <ka kaad aad wi* arkaa aeleep: ffraet aerreaaaeaa, kern* tit rased i| aaddea I **aad*, keabfaloeee with freqaem klaakiaf, attended eeaee I Haaa* vllk defaafement af mind, were eared maediawtv. TAU PAKTlCBkAJl NOTICE. Yaa.f Mea and atfcere whe her* tojared tbemeelr** ky a nam praetie* ladalf*d in vbaa alao*?a kaeit freqaeatly learned frem enl campaoieoe, ar at ackaal, tka affect* at A 09MM WARRANTED, OR NO CHAM9M, IN FROM ONM TO TWO DAYS. VMtawrftti Afii>mrfUaKMm^i u< !?< ?*. intluui; DiMfeajfM, IfT. *? ?! DimaM* *f Vifkt *r 4i44w?m, Ahui ?1 tk* ad, TkHM, IIMt ?r U?. imrfiti lanlUMCtN Ik MI Timbli OlMriMi UIMI| mat latitat? aba* 4 T?U?Jm?? Dniihl ul DmCtscuti Ptuucti vbnk r?? 4m M?rn?f impaatiVt. ??<! (?'tn tola My ul MM YOVNtfMEM B*attltl!v wW hart Wcwm mt rt?Ua*t af MMary ? Iktt IimM u4 <li?mn UbM ?U|t UtUllT ?M|) IB aa anlinaly p?? lfcin?d? af Taanf Km W ik? mm w tilad laltau aad krillaat mtallact, wka muwbi aiaarviaa ktM traaead liauauif Iiuim wrtk UiUudin afala^ataata* t 0 ????? MEPIOLNKS. I i' Ah Di*u+irtdjk* JMH Ctrtm\u. S?$?tf, mm* | n??7 M im woria, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DSL ICACT FH STENT. APPLY HOMED ATBLY. WA#""W r UMMMJ^CTOEY. c sasur^rS&SSf !ro?2SSfiS ofen^,^S?5H&iLjLts*at tii? pt7lM<Sr?MUiV of work Iki win ?.TT 1ST iMUoa, oanuuni lisfcteees, oaaJort limimtui ^RMMirtBi promptfr fad oar?tfulif attended to u'^rIEELE^Sl' ay Xt -dljr ' * rrt CARR1AOES. WAGONS of all kind? oancot b? wrpiiii|,M< from m? long nunnwtii ih? kiuiM, M MfH ?PAIR8naati7<*M,a?4a^anUrapr?a?t DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. R. Ml'NSON n?? returned and riaaaai km rofMi.on. O&oe ai.d hwuee at 463 K w../4C^ third door east of Sixth. In additioa t> m?v every o'har approved ?ty!e, Ur. M ha? '11" teeth on voloamta Baae tor the laat Ohm yeara, and, from exaenenoe, knove it exoela alt other*, ard ta one-third lees ta pnoe than gold. tot* old patrons of Washington. Aluu?!r(*- *??i fl? ? - town are rejpeotfally olio* led U> eoii. ? *e*>Tj DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Hun.uia<lLiiu?0? forth# m oa, and will to abeont, m utaai, daring the evm rner months; will roanrae prncttoe about the let of October, of whiob furtuar kuttM wiii to iivn. Jr lo-a D dentistry. ft. H1LL8,tft?r t irwUot. tMt of two ye?r? fools that bo mui with oon&denoe roooin mend the C hoop in?uo FroooMf?Kii.MriiiinHHHr artificial teeth It to* the adractnaee strength, beaaty.oleanlineu, ami bbeapneoa. Pal Spper aeta inserted for RM. Fartlai in proportion. iMlMPhtMBt*. BO 7 MISCELLANEOUS. HO WK'S IMPROVED WKI6H IN? SCALES Theee Soaloe ore offered to tno nMi? m tM I most wr pie. durable, nnd reliable utiiiever eat ta a?e. Firstclaee premiums tove toou awarded ttoa hy the United State* Fair and Virginia Ag-iou card Sooiatf; Virginia mate Agneoltnra! Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Ponnsylvania; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fur, Ito., Ac. In every *aoe where i exhibited tbej uave received ftrat eta as proc-inma For SA e at tS l.ont?ia.n* ** ?.?? wrvtvi ouiar | Cfci! ed I roc B&fea. 1 do I?-1t R- C. PATTIBON, A(Wt \l/A81tlNtf'iON BKWlNtt JtUUMB. tf km 3sk si., rme doors Ifmik t/ r?. 4m. I Nov m the lime to got 5FRINC tad 9UM.MK1 BH1RTV inula ?> tt> order. The eatecnbwie prepared to make BRlRTB, DRAWl'.H,toMi| Uu i.orteet nctipe. All deeonetiotte of Bevicz 496F BUIRT BCtSoMb, COLLARS, U4 WftlffT ? o entn f,M R E, F I R K. 1 POTOMAC WATER. ...'..S.T! .lt.''!.'?****<! ln the PLUMBlNtt ud GAB rivnntt hi m>k?h ?t t?y o'detand 10 Phi harmonio Hall. The advantage 01 bavin* a p let. t if* I aupply ?>( wkter wa? readily oi'Mf>*d at the kr* ? yeaterilay.aa I am well ?att fied I alma id Ware be? t urned out but (i>r tue bountiful aupfly apor my preiniaea and th?t of iut neighbor* All order* for the introduction of WaUr and Oaa will be prompt*? attended to. Terme aa reasonable aa any plumber in the oity. jy 3 C. 8NVDg?. i U^JJ 1","IC"1 X\? \1 v"tin the_Piccc*! At mt idtmti will mm 4m vdlmvlfMl fmmilits, it ia rwrj desirable to have ion* oh?M and oonreinent way for re?airin< Formtsre, Toys, Crockery, *o. SPALDING'S PREPAKED GLCI meets all each emerjencaee. and no hoaeekold oaa afford to be without it. It is always ready and ay to the smoking point. There is no Ion#er a neoeesity lor nm?i "t chairs, splintered ~?ueera, bead lew dolis, and broken cradles. It is inst the arfiele for cone, shell, and other ornamental vork, no pop star with iaaies of refinement sn<l taste. This a?lTnir*Me p-op* ration is n?ed aold. b?i?> oftMftiOAiiy hp <3 ib aniution, aad yoMMi| ai> tka aluabin qaahuoa of the boat oabtnet makera* time. It may l? i>i?i in to* ptaoo of ordinary WMBf*. beiag vaetiy more adheeiva. " USEFUL 1H EVERY H008M." & B.-llBruk ucobhum tuk botlia Wkeimlt D*pt. No. <8 Cadar street, Nav York. iiUm HKNRY C~8PALDING * CO.. Box No. 3,tOO, Naw York. Put ay for Daalara ia Cmoi oontaiaiac Foar, Eifht.and Twelve Posen?a beautifnl I.ithofrtpk<o Show Card aooompanytnc eaeh package. fTT- A ninrle bottle of SFALUlNfTS PREpTkBD ULVK will aave ten Oatea its aoal manually to?*?rr koaiakaW-jT Soid by all prominent btatioaaix DrmfjitU, Hardware ud FmratiiiM DftaJora, Viooara, ltd Kai.oy ^mrrtjaa^vt^ASSfit thflirTUt. 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